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"I AM THAT B*TCH" (ft. Rickey Thompson)

2021-04-27 | 🔗

This week, Father Cooper is joined by actor, comedian, fashion icon, social media personality, and co-host of the "We Said What We Said" podcast - Rickey Thompson. The two sit down to discuss the impact of careers in social media and the pressure to remain relevant... all while protecting one's private life. Rickey discusses his experience growing up in North Carolina; a story that began with bullying and isolation, and ended with him as prom king. The duo discuss moving to LA and Rickey's dating life... spoiler alert-he is recently in a committed relationship! They continue on sharing best and worst sex experiences, Grinder vs. Tinder, playing games in and out of a relationship, and so much more. TUNE IN THIS WEEK. ENJOY.

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what is up Daddy gang, it is your single father Alex Cooper. We call her dad dad what the fuck is up daddy gang. It is your founding father go for it episode of call her daddy we're back bitches. Daddy Gang its April, which is shocking, Do you know what that means next month is, here like no fucking shit and then let me guess the next month, his doom soup Abed now. I know that, but do you know the importance of May may marks us coming up on a full year of this single father era?. Let's fucking go
literally feels like we blinked and it's been a year, and it really has exceeded my expectations, and I hope you guys feel the same. I know the show has been sometimes comedy, sometimes more intense, like we've had such an unbelievable year of trying different things with this show, and I've had so much fucking fun and thank you for all supporting me through that but as I am now looking like your support, to do at what the future holds guys? What is your five year goal? What's your ten year plan write it for me, tell me now: okay, that's what I'm thinking about recall her daddy as this season is wrapping up, and we are shortly going to begin a new season The question is: where do we want to show to go? What do we want to show to be, and what I do know for certain is I want to come. And you to see this platform be a place that people feel come. Herbal and excited to come on the show, tell us about their personal journey in their lives, so this week,
Daddy Gang, I'm interviewing someone amazing and just like the last few weeks, MIA Khalifa, Holly, Madison Madison Louis I've been, excited and nervous, as I'm trying to push both myself and the show to help my yes tell their stories and ask all the right questions about you. Guys are both entertained and he guessed has an amazing experience. So, on that note, daddy motherfucking gang don't stop now bitches, because we ve got another fucking. One on the way in do sing today, his guest here, smart, he is entertaining. He is funny as shit. He is six a school and it was an ab, pleasure, sitting down with him this week. Here is Ricky Thompson yeah. I am motherfucking honoured levies with you right now seriously
daddy going. We did a little arm, zoom conversation just before they like to do that, get to know each other make sure your house, I go, I'm not a psycho whereby both good and I think we pass the test we did. Not crazy. Maybe a little like it's gonna be fun, but I like, though, exactly So so we were. We had a good bye and I think that today is going to be so fucking yeah? You are actor comedian internet personality, but on top of that, the dancing, the I tore the motherfucking fashion icon that you girl, Ricky literally, I was looking. I was like that's why I was dying so daddy going before we got here. I was looking at some of your videos and I was like freaking out because you do Oh your video on Youtube. Where you look at people what there yeah and then you kind of like dissect like hey. No, the look or shots look and I'm kind of known for literally wearing the same thing every day, sweat, pants tshirt and I can
came here today being like destroy me greatly of horror at all, either how awful elegantly rip my outfit apart, not bad. I was almost others lobbyists about it. Let me impress you owe you you are present, you have the Bell bar has so so. Thank you. Ok, thank you. So it's not that bad. You exude confidence in every fucking way. The fact that beyond say sent you the ivy part collections YO like where did not take you in your life. Like how did that make you feel, like literally I just literally was just I wanted to die, because I couldn't believe it right because okay, so when I got the package into me, I I was like okay like it's all this pr. Whatever you know, you know people get your address whatever NPR and then I As someone who worked in like the Adidas sexual, what I vanilla comedy now she actually since it before rightly she hand picked you so inhabitant, Ricky went away the committee on fisheries watching said yeah have you ever met her no, never I met her, but I know she knows why anthology only
Go to sleep happy on no matter the bullshit you over you're like but beyond, say knows who I fucking parry Oh ok, let's get into number one I wanted to do is get into like I used to have this saying- and I haven't said, a while, but I would always say like knock it off, not get the fuck off here in the cakes. I think khakis and cargo shorts are the most disgusting so fashion trends. They should, though they should only be one on the golf course. If that- and I want to hear from you, because you're iconic into fashion space of like what are some go to knock it off transfer you that you can just like, breathe and share to everyone's, they never do it again. Knock. It off was, as you know, it was very cute and the moment- and I think the girls and get mad at me by saying Myth- I'm sick and tired of the bag genes in Jordan, I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it unthinkable that has become.
So be girl everything, unlike ok girl, would we we may end up if we get into cropped up with about you lot girl and then the Jordan get that it is there anything else for summer that I don't want to see any one, and now I've Aragon. I mean that literally the bathing, Crop top, I would say, like I just want to see like something different. No thank fucking God. I didn't wear crop a everything that you post, yeah, so positive. I literally go to your page and like smile, and I feel better about my fucking. When I go to your page- and I think everyone does- and I think you know that, because I'm pretty sure I read a quote that you were like, I go to my own page yeah, you. Let your own shit, I'm assuming you obviously have bad days like to most of us. Have you made a decision to not post your bad days on social media like? Has that been a boundary you set for yourself or like do you ever put?
was negative staff liquid urge struggling. Ah, I tend to really keep that probably to myself, because I accommodate birth. I hate empathy. I really do away with all that. I feel so bad for you like. Are you sure you're? Ok, let's do you need something I think that the applicants fake am I like, so I keep my private share to myself and then, when I feel better out of sight posting again, but, like you have you ever had moments where you're, like I'm kind, I want to be done with social media yeah me too. Yeah honestly expect you right now. Really during this social media world in time. Right now, I just feel like you have to be careful for literally everything everything everything and that scares me because there'll be one thing you do wrong, could really in your whole entire career and I'm like I'm always trying to make sure I'm doing everything right. I've been look back to my old shit and I was like okay, that's anything that was offensive, but it was okay during that time and I've gone back. Obviously, videos and I don't think that joke was right. I feel bad, but then I was
my french spouse, like Ricky, that wasn't really anything serious, but I'm terrified because girl, everyone is getting cancelled for everything. Everyone are getting canceled for things that they said in their past. Comedians are having me a joke that now they're getting cancelled for those jokes back in the past. That may have been socially acceptable at the time. But now aren't it is fucking scary. It is have said to my parents even some days like I wish I could delete my instagram and literally fall off the internet, face of the earth and be like where did Alex go? Does it get so you're right? It's one! The criticism, if you say anything wrong, then you're canceled you're done and also just like the pressure. I think, can you talk a little bit about the job of being on the internet because I think sometimes people think it's so easy. Oh, my gosh kind of the complete opposite. It's rough, I would say like the most hardest thing, is staying relevant like
the thing like that right there, that's, my biggest fear is becoming irrelevant like what, like you know, you did all this work and then all of a sudden people forget about you. Don't you also feel like I had this thought all the time I will be laying in bed and you can work twenty four hours a day nonstop. I always feel you're, never doing enough with social media. Someone's posting another Youtube, video someone's posting another vlog and you're behind in the game, and so it's like the constant stress of like I got my relevant doin, you drama you I need, but what can I do to move the need also to people dont forget about me ended. I is psychotic essentially looking for not our validation, but we're getting reinforce invalidated by likes and comments. You have those are to dry up there. It's like our self identity, drive on and that's it, and we forget about you, and I also hate that the fact of our jobs- you can never take a day off you take a day off. It's like if you take a day off in social media, is like you miss like a full year it's crazy algorithm goes down everything down yeah, it's just a breed, this constant neurosis of like I might
enough. Why am I doing enough? I'm like how do I stay relevant? That breeds some psychotic thought it does I don't love it. So, let's kind of dive into like who you are where you're from I know you were born and raised in North Carolina can you walk me through being born and raised there and your experience growing up there like who you were back in the day. Okay well back in the day, I was not this person at all. Like literally, was not this person. I was a shy kid. I didn't talk to anybody at a very small group of friends. Like literally I was not a social, but if I was such a loser, like literally star yeah thing, I was shy eyes. I would though sky like I literally, would be. So afraid to talk to people like if I knew somebody them all and I thought about high we. Why do you think you were shy? I mean I guess, because off
we believe that with Billy delights, I feel like that really took a toll on me up the like. If I didn't speak, people think that I was not here so then I wouldn't bullied satellite yeah, who do that is correct. That is in deep shit. Yeah. If I dont speak, I won't get bully. Who do you think you are where you are today, because of now being able to turn the Boeing into a positive force to be like fuckin what people call for short but like in the heat of the moment. I know in middle school. I got boy to shit time and I know that it is still an insecurity of mind to this day that I won't talk about a lot, but it does drive a lot of the things that I do in the way I act, and sometimes I don't know, I think I think it does fuck with you at a young age if it does may be put down to you, didn't have a lot of friends. Let I okay so when, when did you, Like when did it turn into who you are today? Well, I was hosting Instagram videos. Videos like right before vine out came out when Instagram. I first got those cute videos, ever out. Ok, acute ten fifteen second allocate everything, ok, cool, but making video.
In high school and my friends and family, I'm God we love you so funny, and then my best friend high school, you should really get in a vine. I was like girl, like no. I was very scared because I'm like this is to the world, and I was like right like am. I gonna do that so then I start. Posting on vine and then like literally like over the months like in junior year and of Juno year in high school, then SEN year after getting real big, I became like the most awkward kid in school. You went from being. Try to then posting videos on buying. How did not? How did that transition of energy? I guess by yourself. Yes, you get in with it in my home, in the bathroom, whatever I just felt like, I was like you know it hey, and then I saw that other people around the world have a that. One thing about it too: okay maybe in like manner whenever I will believe, but then thing people like from Australia. The UK, I'm be love you. We love you MIKE wow, like these people here who are built
me. I don't give a fuck right all around the world you, but you know I am regulate motherfuckers on Australia. Think I am that big valeo. You can talk about the people in exactly exactly to what I was to another ok cool and, like literally, like maybe middle of senior year. I was the most popular like. I was a bit like I want prompting because of it. Yeah Success story, yeah you're, like so bow down she's Valla me you're, not
compare your doctors out. How do you go to college are now you ve got right into the guy world. I got to get right and create a word. I, like literally moved to allay rather high school. Ok, that is amazing. I I applaud you and I'm inspired by you for admitting deem getting bullied when you were younger. Do you have any advice to people that are going through that, like right now, listening in their rooms? Could I know I had some hard moments of one and I didn't really have done much social media like people weren't talking about bullying and mental health back then I feel like on social media, and I feel, like I love to use my platform, whether its encouraging people to the therapy or whatever, but like when you think back to that younger self getting lead like what do you wish? You could have told yourself. I wish I could tell myself to really does not give a fuck, because these people in school, literally don't matter in the future through little enough, can see them. Probably ever ever again like why people live Ahmadi, going your tenure, clasping united, the fuck.
But that is just what am I do people do that way I'm like, no, that's it. They can follow me on Instagram, that's it and they all do. I love you bitch fuck. You isn't that so fucking, it's rewarding, but also it's like so annoying when you see people slide in we're fucking asshole you about. I remember this one guy that boy me so fucking harder and worries us all the time liquidity would physically hurling try to hurt Oh my god. It was bad and I would be like I saw it. Then he went to the same college as me: All of a sudden, I had a glow up in college and then he tried to fucking common like try to hang out with me. I'm like I remember what you did to me and middle school and you know what the fuck the thing is they don't they don't. I did that right. Unlike are you fucking theory? Is that ways with us for life mean early progress, wrong girl? okay, so you're not going your high school or your elementaryschool. I love to see it. Okay, so North Carolina
Then you move to allay. Did you know anyone and allay? I did oh, how I like I wasn't France people I provide, unlike our mine, if they like that so, this really may like a really close to her friends, because the people back home, I don't talk to anymore, like the people I made friends with online, let my best friends or whatever the reasons why Move to allay so am I had a really q click here, so I was really within scare to move here, and that is the positive. They also show media finding your niece communities that, except you exact where back in the and then of course, everyone wants to now be friends. Do you because you have the six people that were like? No, we fuck with your regarded with you, even when you didn't have all the success, but they you guys are found each other through social media. This is call her daddy next podcast Brennan taken up an ox. I know we already have this conversation before filming, but I wanna transition into the conversation of sex. What are your pronouns lash? How do you actually have I I'd advise he home and I'm gay
yeah wow yeah. You are the moment fit you. Are you literally an icon Ricky? Can we talk about you coming out? Oh my god yeah, because I think it's educational for people who haven't had to come out that can now listen and learn how to be a better ally, and then people that are listening to this podcast that may be struggling with. How do I come out? How do I gain the courage someone's sitting here like you, that has this confidence? Can you kind of walk us through when you knew that journey and what it looked like fruit. From your personal experience. Yes, I think I've always knew, but I didn't know like what the fuck was wrong with me, like amber leg, growing up, I today girls, all the time like all the time, but I just a cover up like that feeling I will take. Why do I feel this way about a girl like ok, like she's, cute whatever, but I feel like more like a best friend when I feel like guy. The way this whole from feeling or whatever so I mean I played the straight row all through high school and I moved to allay wow.
Yeah? I was like I'm not telling anyone anything about me at all and I was like what the fuck like why so when I moved to LA I had this best friend at the time and he was out and proud of ever I was like wow. This is so cool and I was just so scared of being myself. I was like I'm sick, entitled how to go on a date with a girl and groan, feeling that, or whatever I like one a day, guys salmon one day I was economic over as I tweeted I was coming. I like I like eyes whenever, and there is no God Ricky, we knew bade like congratulates in and then and the next day my family call me if you put on twitter referring to your family. Yeah, so my mom called me she was like. Did you tweet something, and I was doing what you know about what she was like yeah. Like you know, your dad was working, my dad's a barber and somebody walked in like, oh, my god. Congratulations to your son. He was like what are you talking about. He was like. Oh, he showed him the fucking tweet and I was like oh my god, and she was
you know why I like I'm, not mad that you're gay, because I'm always know your guy. I've always known, but what hurts me in the family is the fact that you felt you were more comfortable, coming out online and set a biased and then, when I think about it like a like over the years, I feel bad because that is true. Like I bet there was a slap in the face like I felt comfortable telling the world before. I can until my parents like they knew me since day, one or whatever. So you know they took a moment away from me for a second was like I get it whatever a week later, it was like all fine like I was just so afraid of telling, like my sat there and christian family that hey like I'm gay growing up, I didn't feel out of gay people in my family. I think I'm gonna be the fourth one cause. You know cousins, talk, uncles, talk on financing at a hotel for that, but I will like you know what I'm going to come out and move to LA. I have my own money, so I don't have that horror story because, like some kids who come out the parent kick them out, they end up the tree or whatever don't want that happen to me,
so yeah. I really wish I came out earlier, but I'm glad I did it on my own. I think one, that's commendable that you decided to go forward regardless of what you thought. Maybe your family was going to say and then it's amazing to hear that they eventually came around there. Like we love you, we knew that. Did you ever think that your family new, oh yeah, I know I, like I remember growing up. My mom was like. Are you gay like now? No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No, like I remember, oh my god. Oh third, grade year my parents found gay porn on my computer. Oh my gosh, I was like damn You're like where did that come from I'll say what I didn't there's a virus. I like what, because I knew how to clear the search bar, but not the history. That's right! Yeah! I was like. Oh my god and I was say, yeah girl. Did you think before you came out on twitter at all? Should I call my parents you're like, I'm stuck in doing nothing to do with it. I'm tired of fighting it like that after a day of the Dublin Tender
lying there out and one day now, God with did I like you'd yeah stuff back than the humming further back in ST hey the suit of parliament's aim? Now, ok! So when you dated women in high school dating girls, so with your I'm assuming your first sexual experiences with a woman- yes, yes, yes, yes, it was. Was that you can you explain to us so fucking, weird honestly, like we like making now and then she's like I'm ready. I was like you're like oh, no, I'm like oh okay and, like I remember like I went down and like you know, give her a little something something and I was like. How did I do this I'll talk to my hands like what the fuck do? I like wait I'm sorry to guys that you know up and down with a good having a giant growth, and so do I do that so come off. Your leg is sky cannot evade too, but you had with you at last you're, beginning to a woman a hundred your guy like full on Motherfucker.
I guess I lost my hookup virginity to a girl, a girl, but then you lost your actual virginity to us, yeah, okay, that makes sense. I also commend you so much because I think so many people listening the way that you talk about when you spent all those years- and your thing is one thing I regret- is maybe not coming out earlier. Your internal battle that you dealt with with yourself. When did you ever tell anyone in those years that you were gay? Do you ever say it out loud? That's like such a something so serious within yourself, like an identity thing that you would want to probaly share? Oh my god right I did. I did. I tell my best friend, Kelsey she's, still, my home girl love her shout out: Kelsey, Hey Kelsey girl, girl, but yeah. I remember this before I moved to LA. I was in high school and I went to this social media convention or whatever in like New York, and I saw this guy who I liked whatever. But I didn't tell anyone I was gay. So remember I was the drunkest, a young teen. I was singing my bad. I was like Kelsey she's, like what Ricky
I'm gay she's, like oh bitch, I know I was like. Finally, it feels so good to say I was like okay cool and then remember that I told my sister after that and she was like. Oh my god. I love this. I finally, the gay brother, whatever. And then you now I just worked out all right, Do you think that advice for cassettes helpful to know my you telling someone? Do you think that helped along? I don't?
begun. Your experience with ya know: oh no, it actually really did help honestly just really really coming to the truth of this thing. Okay, just say it Ricky, it's really not of a big video. That was my biggest fear of saying it. I always never had this feeling, but I never wanted to say I am get right. I would love to hear you talk about. I think a lot of people, the biggest fear, is their family yeah and that I think, if you could quickly touch on like the dynamic for yourself of deciding. I love my family so much, but I gotta make this decision for myself like anyone, lessening that is listening in their headphones right now, like oh, my god, I wish I was Ricky. I wish I could do this. Do you have any type of advice of how to handle that family dynamic? Yes, I honestly feel, like you have to think about yourself, like you actually have Do you like your family? Is amazing, you loved them, but figure out like if it were to go laughed you're, the only person you have like that? It's like you know, a lot of people don't have a great support system, so you have yourself like you're the persecution,
every day in the morning. You the earth, like really like, understands how you feel would ever so. You really had thing about yourself early in the day. I like thought about that for a long time I felt bad, but in a way I was like I was happy because I did my own terms. That's got to do a do. You think we ve progressed in a way that someone Why do I feel like it were getting there but were not fucking thereat oil, because I feel like which such an archaic thing to think back to like why we live in such a heterosexual. Hello normative world. Now that it's like you're supposed to go to college, have a family, have kids and then do everything in that. In that lean, do you feel like it's getting a little bit better, where you feel like kids, now that you were in your age of high school may feel a little bit more it to come out or like how do you feel I do like looking back on it? I wish like the world was. How is is now? I feel like now everyone to overhear trying
whatever, like you know, you hear stories, you watch Youtube videos, you see on tick, talk everyone she's like being out and being free yeah like that's the thing that I wish it was normalized back in the day like back in the day, it was like a very articulate type thing like you know, you'll watch tv shows and you'll see like gay people get beat up or like You know they have somebody the house like on the show whose Trans they get murdered or whatever, but like now it's its normal like it. That thing like it's like, ok get is justice. That will happen. We don't you also feel it gets like social media, regardless in general, when you are struggling, there's way more of a community yeah, although the fuckin Haters
rough as fuck like getting the hate comments like what are you that, for me, was a journey, I remember my brother helped me so much with it, because people are fucking ruthless like when you have people being like you're, not funny, kill yourself like you're fucking stupid, like you don't belong, it is it's a choice that we decide to put ourselves on the internet and I think that you are helping so many people. I try to tell people, I try to empower women men who ever listen to the podcast, but it also is like there is the negative side, regardless of whether you've one hundred always or thousand. What is your go to mentality? When you see the hay comments, I mean, first of all, if your profile picture is like a celebrity or like, or to blame, something or yeah, and I see you have zero followers, whatever you're a troll, a fuck like I don't care like it, took me a while to get that way, but I mean that's laugh at it. I'm like wow, honestly something to laugh at he comments like wow. You came up,
with that clever clever that found my while you're also my paid yeah you're, not you're. My page would give my views you make any money, yeah love it honestly! I'm ok is the biggest thing. You should really do not give a fuck and another like so like difficulties some time, but you just had a really keep telling us out that, because, like these people, don't do shit for you like they're, not wiping her ass are not paying your bills there are literally just trolls its literally it has hitherto. Where do they keep your head of honor like ok, you hit me or whatever. I wish they like. If you're heading on me I'm doing something right, commercial, I am terrified. I constant. You think someone is gonna break into my house and then my mind wanders and I think of all the horrible things that come with that, and it is good, pulling at times and I'm sure a lot of women listening to the spot, gas or even men are listening and you have the same Pierre. Well guess what have no fear guys simply safe is here
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Gatt Sixty Day risk free trial, so there's really nothing to lose again guys. It's simple Lee safe, Dotcom, slash, daddy ass, I M p l, I safe dot com, Slash Daddy Stacy, Daddy's hours; they like, if you're heading on the ongoing something right. That is such a good fuckin point if, like the more that you're causing any one to talk about any day like whenever, I see people being like this fucking sound sacked like this was one like. Will you listen? You listen and I see last week you also said it out, but you keep listening, yeah, clearly doing something right, you're on a listing you, the fuckoff, I'm on something right. Oh I love when I pissed them right. It gets me going. Yes, do you see yourself staying in social media, your whole life? No, not at all Why am I actually alma that I'm actually like I'm gonna still be
air or would ever be glad I'm really trying to cross like that path? I'm really China be like an actor and be like in that real live celebrity sms shit. I don't want to mess around and having to oppose all the time like I'm. I feel like I've done for seven years and I'm so happy with all the support, and I love it, but I'm I fuck em at the point now, I'm too five? I'm tired of yelling at my phone that girl I'm tired, dude, I'm tired, I dont think people realize, like AIDS exhaust, you have to act so animated and it's real, but it's like it is draining. It really is barely around, like I've reached a peak in my life where I'm like. You know what hey I'm ready to something else, but I really am I'm really ready to Emma S out of my house. I should be a journey to become an actor. That's I need to get my name out there so hop on social media, but for doing this for seven years. You know yelling at my phone, letting you
y'all know y'all all bad bitches. Whatever Ricky needs a break. I need a break. I respect that, though, because I do feel like a lot of people burn out because they don't know where to go, and I think, like we talked about earlier we're in this like whole. It's like a black hole once you get into this world like I've, had friends be like oh, I kind of would want to try and like Please prepare yourself yards your signing up kind of for a little bit of hell. I guess show many perks. Don't get me wrong, like eight is unbelievable, be putting yourself out there to get scrutinised by millions of people and you're. The opinion of others is what drives your success. Yeah, that is kind of fun. It's very fucked, it's very scary, to its vague, literally created so that flag with me when I look at em like wow, my career is ran by all these most people of Otto give them what they want their down with me. Do us to have a career, and that should, at their scares me that such a good point I I always, I think, people think it's crazy. I still.
You have your dms open yeah. Are you too, and I have had to find a good rhythm of like reading them, but then also knowing like you're gonna come across hey, usually, and then you gotta dig up not reading that one year, but when you open when you, I think that's. I do think its profound that you're saying like you're going to try to move out of it. Can we talk about Tik Tok four issues again begin. I had on I take soccer last week two weeks ago, and I don't have you know about all that. You're gonna. Oh yes m, but not added figure that so I do sympathise for those young kid, not kids, young adults that are trying to navigate that journey on social media. I feel it do you put that much about your personal life on social media alone, just doing more positive, I would do more positive. I feel like, like literally when I see like all these younger people
on Tiktok or whatever I feel like. Y'all have to keep your business to yourself. Like literally, I know you feel like oh yeah, I'm on social media. I gotta give this to my fans. No, you really don't like honestly, I feel like would that all happen. I was like that should be left behind closed doors, one hundred percent. I would just never like I struggle with that yeah my show at the inception of it was exploiting my life and my story, and I felt one side of it. I do love because I felt like if me being vulnerable and sharing things about myself, will help anyone out there. Then I feel like that's a win, but I do think I've had to rewire my brain a little bit to be a little bit more protective of my personal life, because this should
has affected some of my relationships like some of the guys that I've dated have been like. I can't do this like. Yes, I just go fuck to you, but I don't need the world to know that yeah. I was still fucking you last night because my job is gonna find out like oh, so it's like you've found a pretty good balance. I did, I think ok, I can let you know about, like my personal experience whatever, but I dislike, you know I just wanna take fully like. I was afraid to let people know about my boyfriend. I was so terrified. I mean people know about it, but it just like you never post with him. I feel, like I told you I was like. I would like away like a fool like maybe here Valentine. Thank you. Are you serious? If we ask honesty, you don't understand, like the life of social media, once you open that can up got as it. Everyone now has an opinion on your relation german I've thought about that too. I've a boyfriend right now and I will never posting on social media here ever yet ever I've done it before and I ve seen
it's a nice on Google and now even and are not actually come like this big fucking deal, but when you it regardless, whether you have a thousand want whoever yeah you open yourself up to posting you're significant other people are going to have opinions literally. It is also bad because, like now live in a world where people they trolling his fine, so you'll have trolls who try to get which isn't it can other or try to dig up than most low with dirt. Ever these about their some, like all God like, and then you George, you try to maintain your that we did. He do that yeah and then use article insane and it's it's so it it's so unhealthy here. If you can try to keep your relationship separate from the job, I think that I think that's the best, but it took me learning like. Have you ever posted a significant? I bet I did my first boyfriend I did and the car
and that he would get were honest. The awful it was. I've won, I like gotta, lotta followers and then I'll be broken up. Those idea you have that whatever area, but it was, I remember, unopposed him and I was so excited our postmark all the time and their people go to his painted monopolising Ricky enough. Are you cheating what the fuck? What about your royalty what's up with up and he was got scared about who they Ricky, that this actually scarcity like their people like no about us, but their overhear like threatening me a mighty answer? Thank God knows what the fuck I didn't had like. Oh, I can't stand it. I've had other guys like if I posed by man and his finest fuck I've had other people who support. We will try to fuck him. Yeah I'm like I'm like bitch. Look, oh my god love your videos with your boyfriend's side. So what's that yeah? Where does your brain go in that hope? I go to war for it. Okay, I literally I'm, like you know, don't let this cute face for you honestly don't mess with my man period like if you know we're good over here, don't try any shit with me, like I hate that I've messed around I've had
I admit that we have a comma guy lagged originally Ricky liked fuck my friend last week, thou and they would like what we did get together. Lastly, o o o hottest won't. Let you know about that. I got happy politeness. And how to tell I tell lies yeah another fuck, you talkin about like death, oh he but lastly, but literally in reality. I thought that I let me like two years ago wow, so you ve had a lot of people. Try to break relate because they're jealous they say, oh Ricky doesn't deserve a guy that fine. I do so they'll. Do that. Oh yeah girl, yeah, that's yeah! I don't fuck with that. If you ever try mine, I'm fucking you up like period like I have like. I feel bad people come my guy, like I don't like. Confrontation like, I don't want to talk about bitch at that bitch. No totally like stop. I agree with that. Have you ever cheated on someone? Never never I've never done it yet about what never
girl. That's pharma! I've! Never! But like a thing is I've been cheated on before, and this is what this my boyfriend he's so great, I'm all I'm like. Would you ever cheat on me he's like Ricky? I would never do you like. I know what you've been through. I'm trying to build this trust trust with you like. I want to show you, like, I'm gonna, be the guy that you've always wanted. So when he told yeah, but you ever get an like. Do you think, because you ve gotten cheated on, like I find myself sometimes like acting a little fucking Psycho Exley, I'll have a dream. Oh yeah me and I will have a dream about. Like I wake up and I'm like, I had a dream about him and his ex girlfriend flirting in front of me and I wake up and I'm like mad, I'm like I'm, not we can either, but what did it? That's why? I don't like I just some. I dont know something kills off and he's like literally I love you so much. Nothing is off I want to hear you like what the fucking me yeah. I don't know I don't know, but can ever be too fucking sure you gotta be ready, or do you think you're a little because of the past. You think you're, a little like
always on guard all the time, and I feel now I feel bad for him. I'm like really do and I'm like. I know I'm fucking crazy and I'm so sorry, but that's just something that I've been dealing with where I have been through. So much shit with guys and they put me through Hell, so I'm like I'm always just have my guard up, but I feel like now I'm learning to really just breathe and relax breath breathing. I decided I do you feel like at times, because I actually sold standby. I do think in my life, when I'm dating men love the crazy, like, I think, a little bit of crazy. Fun, yeah, but do you think you are you someone that plays games or no okay? I don't I don't play games, but I will say sometimes I love like a little confrontation I a fight with me a little bit like on like I like. What would you fight over lie? Oh, my god, like our member,
time? There was this girl that was trying him, and I was like this bitch. She was like, oh, my god, you're like so attractive and she put her hands on his face and he didn't like swat it down. So I was like bitch, I got so mad so like we got back to my room or whatever, and he was like you're good. I was like you know what no I don't like how that bitch touched you like. What's up, he was like Ricky you're right. I literally was you right now, I'm not about to diversity of like, but I'm pissed thrives like you need to calm down. It's fine like final would be because you know it's not gonna escalate to the point of like him. He didn't cheat into any on there, but it is fun to get a little bit of friction. I love it. I'm like I'm trying to calm down on that, but I love, I think, it's hot when he gets angry, I'm like I do to end? I think when people are like Alex your weird, because people will it, oh, my god, you're in a relationship now. Are you boring like how do you go from going from the crazy typing I'm like? When? Did you Linda
I declare that I haven't gotten. I never said the game. Stop the games, maybe a little bit more men, less manipulative and a little less like ending of the world. I typed shit, but I'm still always playing a little bit of a game in reality, because I do think it helps spice shit up today, it does it does okay, so yeah, it keeps it like the ball rolling or whatever right I mean I don't do anything like too crazy or whatever like spin like damn. I want to break up with you and also I'm somebody. I need reassurance a lot. Okay, a lot like I need, I'm God that you love me. What are your love languages? I think I love the tides and, if the quality time ok, so if there is like physical touch, if he's like being more affectionate towards you and the holiday time for you, I'm waiting for the person that shows up inside gifts
anyway, what that live like where's, my fuckin working in my day, I will. Might I thought he, like you know our telling men that, like God, is my love language, they gather biking, hello, Emily Quality Time words about information is great and then I'm like a book. I should, as it gets hey, you know a little something I never like, I'm not like hungry than I got my autonomous angle on shared area. Like a little some thing. You will be Q, I'm ok, but ever I told him that now he gets me flowers. He does, and I love that I'm like what the fuck. I love it when I saw him in New York this past week or whatever he came to my hotel and he had flowers for him. I was like oh my you're, so rancid anyone listening. If you get someone flowers, it really does she really died so little and it does so. My ah we do you like morning, sex or nights ex better.
Or days axes that, like all grow, it's like all around the clock on Bulgaria's viruses? I love it. I love I love before dinner. It's kind of fun that you're saying that, because I will never get my mother they're like. Are you bringing your mom into this? So my mom, I remember said when you have kids, like my mom said when we had kids, we started to realize that sex before dinner was it because then one you're going to fucking dinner and you're eating a shit ton, but with kids, then it's like you're gonna be too exhausted, so they would fit it in before dinner, and then I start to realize that, just because of the amount I eat at dinner? I dont, like I, don't feel Saxo, look upon that all like bowling a exacted o literally, let my I feel like pre dinner sex offenders. Also, like you, don't have to likes the rest on a yearly review too tired after oh, that's kind of I love it orally. I love like before, like if you have dinner plans like somebody else whatever and like we're a little bit late, I'm like I'm! So sorry I was just a little. You know sorry, I'm like,
year that actually is encouraging me. I haven't had Predinner sect in a while, and I'm thinking that I need to like re, engage with that one. What do you have? I actually do like warnings ok mornings, Cuba and I was in I wasn't as into until I met my boyfriend, whom so into mourning sex and at first I was always like unto fuckin tired I like sleeping, but now it is, kind of a great way to start the day. Oh, it is like. If I have an orgasm, I can do anything literally. I am that bitch I love it. I'm gonna have the best fucking day, I'm gonna be so productive, because then I'm not fully thinking about sex all day. Literally you later tonight, if you have a two in one day or three in a day, but at least one in the morning you know like art. I got my shit done literally everything. I love even woken up by to my club. Here we go Oh there, it is you like shower sex. No me either fucking hate, okay, I was in London and I had sex and I don't know what it is, but something about the soap that I've been washing my body with, and then we started fucking and it was like one of those that, like it's a tricky one, because it's
It has like the perfect bench like Joe, you think through. Not only did the soap literally give me a yeast and but my knees were on like the concrete things and my knees, I look like. I went fucking like sledding on common I look like a fucking loser for literally two weeks straight. I was Bruce and then I had I was scabbing and it was a fucking disaster. It's awful, I don't think I think I shower sex kind of fucking stuff. It's awful and it's like all the water in your face is yeah, really all the type of like drowning or whatever. I was drawn in the com, not in the water. Literally, let's switch to the bedroom, exactly okay, so you're on the same page, because I think some people get really annoyed. Do you like sixty nine? I love it. I think it's so hot, I'm like! Oh, my god. I love it. I never! I could it until I started looking at recent really because I think I never did for me, I mean I was always on. I it always on top of it, and I now like being on board
automobile. Yes, girl. I know and yeah. I didn't realize the difference, because I always felt that I was on top. I wasn't getting maximum opportunity and I just felt like something was wrong, but once I started doing it opposite and he's holstering himself up it's way, fucking, now, oh ok, see you like me are you I love is that your favorite go to like for play situation. Is my favorite I don't know. Okay, it's not my favorite. I love like before, like I like to build up before the sixty nine mo. Yes, like the whole, like dry, humping type thing. Oh, I like you just the early dislike it getting men. You know what it seems. So I remember my look back, I'm like I. I think it like. I one point, but it was too are not immature. Blake was to middle school dry. Humping are like yours,
making now you're like rubbing upon each other, a! U. I cannot answer, I'm like wise how to take my pants on one, oh, I'm so fucking. Why am I a clean up on I'll meet? You guys? I have great hope you will give us the tablet, your foreplay, because do you like to start on the dry humbly I'll they love it like less in the morning vague. My boy from this omitted grab me like for my now. Yes, and they start like dirty talking to me inside just like just body on body, I turned around and start making out. You know our legs like intertwined with each other elements. For this so fucking, do you love dirty talk. I love it. I might give it to be disgusting like or your super vocal, oh super vocal. Have you ever had someone that you're. Like can you please speak the buck up yet a big mutes yeah you in bad MIKE hello. And how do you have you ever said literally like like? How do you get someone to try to speak? I think a lot of girls and men right and like my partner is fucking Mew the fucking. God is her and because you never know if they like it or not, yet ass, they
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so daddy? I check out for fifteen percent off site wide pitches. We all love truffle, okay, hook yourself, the fuck up. Okay, what is least annoying way. Ok, first straight women to be like living for the gave about gave us I like I know, they're gets no right raw thought about that. I regret the fact. Leaved stone yes get tell us! I don't hear us, ok you! What do you want like what I hate about it? Yeah? Ok, I cannot stand like ministry girls. I come about its Yeahs honey, I'm living for you. Oh my god like who are you fucking said I like what you alma got. My best friend he's gay you wanna hookah ray Aha augur girls at all. My guy, like I like watching guys like that for me like. Would you like girls say that yeah, oh yeah, for sure I'm like what the fuck am. I promise
show what you like what like. Why are we talking about a real I'm like what the fuck I not like asking you like? Oh, I want to watch you far yeah, I'm like weird like what the fuck I feel like with straight girls, like the reason why they do it is because they're afraid of offending us. That's the thing like. If we talk like y'all, maybe we can be on the same level, but I'm like no, because I like gays and girls while they were here right. We're Nathaniel, like all my God, Minnetaki annoying when ratified, like behaviour, can share whatever, but yet that were not one in the same. No, no! No! No. What do you think would be your ideal world to be like this is how you would like it to go like bitches that are like, oh well, my best friend is. It's like shut the fuck upside down, yeah, so you're, just saying chill more like friends and stop you it's like you're, saying they're, almost using it as like a little trophy yeah. Like, shut the fuck up yeah, I'm not asking to watch you fuck your boyfriend. So don't ask me like. Oh, I like watching it like what? Oh my it's weird, I'm like but try. I just really just wish a lot of girls street like guys like regular leg, you'll, also the common
bet you down like all the like. You know that I'm a guy like with tee girl. What am I didn't? You like hey like like how girl their girlfriends chaotic right. They were like. What's it to you, able to hide behind the past back in five cent, literally religion soothing there almost over heightening because they're afraid nervous feel nervous, my god, I god I don't want to say the wrong you because you know people like they look get eyes in a way. Look I gotta get kind of thing. You would ever likely worthwhile straw now, like honestly, alot of people really Dorothy me like I'm having already everything in the book someone you know yeah. What do you think if you could educate anyone? Unlike what do you think they're afraid of saying to offend? You know I mean like I know what you're saying they're kind of walk on eggshells. They try to wrap it up like I did like shut little. I think they did it because it will make us feel comfortable. They felicity's talkative,
I really like we're uncomfortable whatever about Mcnuggets Lily humanely? Where does the chill, literally on my hey, without by right, the glassy up like apple I'm a guy girl decided a growl, I gotta go if I don't do it out by, but you that's also. I think how you talk. I get we are saying, is I don't just the way that you would normally talk with a friend when Ricky comes out with a girl, tea don't be like. Oh, I got the t like yeah like I, I got the t, I'm like enough. Actually I don't want any of that year, money. I'm ok! I think that clarifies the lobbying and I do think, like you said back in the beginning, like it right now. I think a lot of people feel like we're. Walking on eggshell meetings are changing times are changing and I think it's good to educate on that's really helpful way. I will
take that moving forward? I'm not the girl that I give. I can, but I understand what you're saying so. I appreciate you clarifying that so your first sexual experience, hookup girl, first sexual experience, though actually losing your Virginia, was to a man. What age were you? I was eighteen, oh yeah, so you were in la what was that like? Because I was going to ask you were sexual experience best sexual experience on ahead. Ok, I got out- and this is my best such was ok. Go though what this wish. I tell like my first time unless urgent, whatever ok, I've, Are there I will they came out whatever I like download a tender and MIKE I met the like, literally hottest guy ever like this. Like my dream, and we ended up dating or whatever he was like from. He was like this football type, guy so girl. I will have the wound coming out. Look with idea where they get from. Oh, my guys
Minute or so far I'm getting on girl, oh my god, so yeah like we met up and then we tried to hook up and then it was like okay, cute and then like we started dating and he came back and then like we find like actually fucked, and I was like. Oh my god wow. I was like wait. It wasn't that bad, but I was like this is like you know it's the first time I gotta know what's good whatever right later down the road girl the way. You just said it later down the road later down the road so like now, I'm not a single man anymore. Thank God! Yeah. I got a man girl, yeah we've been talking for okay, I've known him for like two years we've been talking for a year and we started dating in March of this year. Congratulations kill he's really everything. I've always wanted him like I've, always won him. How long have you known him? I don't want to fight twenty nineteen, I met him in a bar, it's him for me. It was either the best when you meet him at a bar little because it's like the heirs theirs.
So much more romantic, so I shall so hot about it. It's so much better than on sorrowed eating up. I've met, allow my boyfriend containing out, but there is something not meeting in person and that lay ahead that are likely to know nothing about. Surely it's like like yeah with that Michael were sexual experience or worth sexual experience are again: oh my god girl. I've had so many awful sexual experience. I feel like it was like this moment in Copenhagen. Oh my god. I feel so fucking bad about this. Oh, my god. If he's whistling a hoop he's? No, hopefully he was like oh yeah. I remember that. So, basically, what happened was in Copenhagen. I was like you know, I'm really just trying to find some international dick. I was like okay, who am I gonna, go to whatever. So I went on grinder and I met up with this guy and I was like okay, he was kind of hot muscular or whatever I was alright cool. My best friend in was like, if you want to do it, I just do it. I was like well, we don't have any different room. He like just go in the Ahoman. Do it I was like all right, cool whatever that is. I fucking amazing, for a ride. I let him I love my love, my love, my weight Alfie. Well, so, basically, I'm the guy
and I'll, say: okay, come go in the bathroom and you know we we start making out whatever he's filling me up all right, like I'm ready for this, I pull his pants down, no girl. No, I have never smelled a dig smells so fucking bad. I was like I was like trying to hold my bomb in. He was like what's wrong, what's wrong? What's wrong! I was like food point of me. I was like oh, oh, my god, I'm freaking out he's like why. I was like look. I have never hooked up with a guy before the I was like, I'm so scared. He said. Oh, my god seriously. I was like yeah. This is my first sexual experience like I don't know what to do like what I I suppose the bike grab aid or whatever you think you ve never has executed. Never was okay, like you will enable we sat on the bathroom for four alike: acute fifteen minutes disgusting, like what gateway. Ok like I don't want to. I take your Virginia away from you
You should find someone you're in love with. I was like yeah. I regret this. You know you should probably leave yeah and take a mother. Fucking show literally like what the fuck you're coming to my hotel room and you want to mess around and fuck me with a stink. Dick is on my face. That is it's so odd. Rated yeah, because it's like- why do guys not know that they're Dick smell, that's like when a gir doesn't know her vagina smells I'm like how do you not know? I'm a bitch. I know where mine staying throughout the fuck right. I know when something's are yeah so like how does someone know anyone listening to you that I in such a picture shit if it smells, there's, usually something wrong literally, that should checked out exactly okay, so best worth love that so you're not single. Now what were you before? You met him? What do you know you're looking for in a partner? Oh my god, girl. I was in or anything I was like damn I just people gonna be wiped up like I'm sticking to the streets for my home girl. Literally. I was like I'm there. I am. I was running now
And I got sick and tired of it. I was like honestly, you know I'm done with this. I remember this friend of mine, I tuck this warehouse party and when im gonna wear else party girl, I'm looking I'm like alright ho, am I going home with it's like a game like what the I'm ready- and I remember he pulled me to tie he was like. Do you do this every weekend I was like. What do you mean he's like I just feel like you're, always in the prow? How does that feel for you, like I was like, oh my god do. I look like that like from the outside. Looking in so, you had like a come to Jesus moment like oh fuck, I was like. I need to keep my legs closed, so you were just like, but also Who do you kind of thing that those moments like even safer myself? I had moments where I was like living in applying going for anything that I wanted. But then I think that those moments allow you to then settled down here and to appreciate a relationship is absent. Flows that girls I get out of religious gotta, get a relationship like then you go to active street yeah, but it's like this like ever flowing thing, but you're right now excited to be in relation. I itself Buckingham summing up always want to combat monetary developments on the guy Ricky. Finally, I'm acting on
no I'm congratulation Do you like? I have you do you think in relationships? You are healthy, like what are your relationships in the past like tat, I not talk, oh my god like this. Like the best ship I've ever been in, I have been to some fucked up relationships. I fucked up I've messed guys who am meaning using to the tea I'm like. What's the fuck, like, I remember one time I was talking to this guy. I flew him out and he was fucking into a guy In la staying at my house, yeah girl, how did you find out? I saw him on grinder. I was like what the fuck you're like I just pay for you to come out here. I was like yeah. He was all. I really want to be with you Ricky whatever, and I saw him on grinder I was like. Did you kick him out? I did I said you got to get the about a year. Actually, you ought to know their yeah that part about it before I could oh, my god, ok, let's go so basically have worthless guy, whatever we're talking, he was here that it adopts,
and then I caught him on grinder. I didn't say anything about it. So I was like you know if he's on grinder, I'm right here. So what's good after you got on grinder, he goes in the bathroom. Was there for like a cute thirty minutes, I was like okay, he comes to the bathroom, I'm like it's very hot in here and he was oh yeah to a shower. Look at my show the showers dry. You know exactly what he was doing exactly yeah. Was like what the fuck so then, after that he takes a shower, actually come sex to my room. He's like E. Everyone doesn't nderstand what you're saying what you're saying or he was jacking of in the bathroom. He had to really get off that bad, that he wouldn't fuck me. So he was like I'm gonna jack off in the bathroom I was like. I was like what the fuck the shower was dry. The room was hot. I knew exactly what you why you in the bathroom thirty minutes, why the fuck I fly you here and make that I'm fuckin bath for best I thought in, but before he was only Emily you're back out he never days. So when I try to hook up with him, he would like to say something. I don't like you like that. Like your friend I was like. Ok, I kicked him out and our bottom, a plaintive
that's so nice of you, I was so nice. You know a me girl. I was telling that we'd be not never again, I'm not that anymore, just a weak ass between now it's okay, so I bought him a flight back home and he like blocked me and then I found out he was like in LA like another week like some of the guys. I love how he blocked you. I know like we that should be you blocking him exactly no you're, like sir. The actual the shower is completely dry. It's completely dry. I don't know what your definition of motherfucking child lifeway, but it didn't go down. I knew it's actually doing having blond hair, it can become a bit of an issue. Can become a bit of a mother fuckin rats nest, but you don't have to have a rat's nest when you have function of beauty in your mother, fucking life guys function
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yeah yeah. I know that this is not your burden to bear, but I think there is huge misconceptions that I think this platform is a great place to debunk them via the concept of being topper bottom of that I would be interested to hear from you on. I think people love to put things in boxes year, and so, when a lot of people think that D D More masculine is always going to be top more. Sam is always bottom and I think that it's clearly a spectrum, and I would love for you to kind of walk us through that and like break that down. Oh wow. Okay, so, first of all, I feel, like everyone is everything honestly everything. I've met like the most math guys.
And their only bottoms, unlike other girl. Now my little as the fact that there are huge word like a mother by you know who you are you now you re so yeah, I know a lot of like them. Guys were like mass top site. They like. I don't want to do that when we look at some idea, it's either or honestly. That's why I think it's also a fluid incentive like you or I also you're back like I know some girls and that are like the quietest in the room you wouldn't expected in and they fucking get on that dick and bounce around me out of its everything or theirs men who like to be these sub. You wouldn't there like the sea of a company, but they really aren't gonna be DOM in the bedroom there. Yes, it would like that it's kind of similar near Nada, its sexuality um. There was a guy that road and yet he actually did right and he made a video for me and he is identified as gay of her. He goes to Pensee University and I know he wrote in and basically told a series of story about me:
multiple times going on grinder yeah and having a relationship with men and then going and finally finding their instagram and finding out that they publicly, where identifying as straight and had full time girlfriend oh yeah happens. Oda. Has this happened to you slush? Can you give advice and like walk through that situations, as I feel it? He was like this happens all the time to be, and it is so fucking hard, because I feel a most like, sometimes an experiment that it's like not fair to me that I'm getting treated as like a secret and then he's publicly at a party with me like with his fucking girlfriend. You won't talk to me. Yeah, I'm gonna happens all the time, like literally in the gay community, like we have a lot of
like men who just want to experiment, and I feel like we're honestly fucking tired of it, because if you want to experiment, okay, do you, but just don't pick me honestly, so yeah I mean it happens. All the time. That's happened, a lot of times. I've mess around I've talked a straight guys who, like oh, I like you, I like you, I like you. We hook up and it's just like Bro. I don't roll that way. I'm like what the fuck. Why did you? You know right, how, then, how do we just got off the ground? I I feel like the key things you will yet did like no like, if they won't say their instagram devotee greatly. Yet I could not get if fully like up front with you, whatever you have to do that before you hook up with them, we're like stock the fuck, I'm yeah see with up them. Whatever is checked, a twitter ticket Instagram be fucking, crazy, honestly, its it. You have to. I tell girls to do that. Ok, if you are dating a dude, if you're dating a girlfriend, whoever the fucker dating look through their ship for ITALY, because he may have
friend she may have it like it better than I had the same everywhere. It make sure you do your work, you had the will it look at it in another, keeping it if they're only like hitting you like around, like swell the M wine got at two w. I d, you know you're, not the main bitch, honestly, all right. You are they not gonna hate level if they don't, let's go out to dinner I'll admit now so have you say you have experienced? I have you, do it wouldn't usually be in you found out through Instagram, I found up Instagram. Or I like I'll, find out like a party like a volume talking, this guy would ever, and I see him with a girl like what- We have. I owe yell broiler like a video, the MIKE you also like my
I can dig why am I what the Magyar wound? Okay? So because I do, I could see in college situations it's hard to because he was like, I feel just so uncomfortable, then he's left to feel weird at the college party when the guys with the girlfriend in your like we were. I was with you like it s. The worst feeling ever could build disgusting and, if, like omaguas, I've had situations where, like the guy, will have a girlfriend Tacoma God like you'd, help me out through so much like literally like when he put me down, you were there for me, like you, I am so I love you so I and I also think that again, regardless of whether sexual orientation like when you find out your basically getting use yeah, the feeling is crippling because then it does affect you. Moving forward in a relationship. Can you walk through dating apps became a bitch?
we need to talk about grinder culture because can you break it down for us bumble: ass, bitches? Yes, how are you sliding in what your sliding when you're on grinder like tell us at? Oh, my god, when I was that garage? Oh my gosh, while back in the day when I was like a grinds arguer all you know you just go on and make you see audited tab guys in your area. So like ok, honesty, First of all, go on grinder you're go going on grinded to fuck people. Here my a I want to date. Don't go date grind a like. It doesn't work like your so yeah I would like a bunch of picks. That's different body with you now summer, like unknown profiles like the deal guys, what have they don't put surveys? They don't like their anonymous okay because, like I feel like, if I saw a guy just posting his body like, I would be like where's look: what's your face, Norman grinder yeah no place no case period, yeah! Ok, Hey when I was on grinder, I'm like YO yo. What are you into I'm into this? Can you host meaning like? Can I
You cannot come your dry and yours. Whatever Danny Oh you meet up with them. You do the deed and that's it. Okay! Ok, my best friend one of her best friend identifies as gay and he was like grinder. We are so much his experience on. Is it how do what you're saying like we're way more straightforward, like we ve, I'm on bumble or whatever dating apt like if someone slides in even tinder like if you slide in sexually it's like four ex girls out it's like nope, not not know. Why are you so you're saying like it's? Usually you just go in and, as you know, you're too. Ok, like anything, although just thing you dick pig like you into this new, I almost hailing wish like that at least are more straightforward. Yeah he's the fucking point, half the time, girls, writing and they're, like I have been on this dating app now and we've been talking for three fucking weeks about his goddamn grandma and his fucking apple tree he's like she like what the fuck like, let's get off the dating up to at least two years in its way: Morrison,
for yeah, like literally it is. What do you think? What is your because for my slideins? That's interesting, because it's obviously different like different my slide ends. Usually I would try to be funny with it. I'm assuming that's, maybe not the way you slide in like what are you? What was your go to slide in? I was like you're hot. That's all done love, oh wow, you think so I'm like yeah he's like how hot and then I'll go into a girl. That's like yeah! Okay, that I really, I think, every girl's like hey we're systems. More straightforward for us like half the time I'm like, let's just get to the fucking point. Sometimes it comes off creepy. So it's not creepy on grinder, it's like, let's get to the fucking, that's it like grinders literally just meant to fuck. That's it. What do you think is next for you in terms of like? Are you secret projects like five girls online, like secret project. What is next for you in terms of like things we can look for, Ah you now, I am like my acting grayer like ass, a thing like that, like a lot of like positive things coming for that want like audition, oh yeah, girl, I've got this I've gotten the callbacks would ever and I'm like. Oh my gosh, I feel like now like I'm really ready to its time
like during, like two thousand and twenty, I like really had like a realization, okay, Ricky, like how much more can you do yeah and like I'm, really ready to go to the next level, like I think, it's time I think, that's inspiring, because I think a lot of people from the pandemic actually felt worse and less motivated. So it's nice to have someone on that's like I actually took this and I'm like ready for twenty twenty one, and I am going to like sees the fucking moment literally, I was like you know what I need to make some changes like honestly, I'm like this is cute or whatever and like I love it, I'm so thankful for, like everything that I've accomplished, but I'm really ready for the next. I want nothing in like I need to change. I need it. I think that anyone listening if you needed that little extra like ump- and you were like thinking you wanted change. You were looking to change something in your life. Do it do it? You have to take the risk, do it or whatever Ricky, hey girl. Thank you
So much for coming on call her daddy. It's been a pleasure. I can't wait to see what's in store for you for your career. Oh my god, girl, I'm excited for both of us. Hey! Thank you! So I live for you daddy gang. That is it for this week's episode. Thank you again. Ricky. I had such an amazing time interviewing him and I hope you guys enjoyed go, show him love in his dm. Next week, God I'm so excited. We have a lot of fucking people lined up, and I just found out that hunting that I've been recently extremely passionate about. If you follow me and ensure em, you probably don't I'm talking about there the chance that I may be connecting let's say with a guest that I never thought that I would be able to get on this podcast and they will be coming on. And spitting fucking facts and wisdom in our face, so the next,
Few weeks are going to be fucking amazing, and I am so excited next, weeks guest. Just say professional athletes are a fan favourite and have benefited braver, not only on this podcast, but in my heart and in my life, let's just say next week is going to be a nice mother, fucking, surprise, Daddy gang! You know the mother, fucking drill. I will see you fuckers next Wednesday.
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