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hello, hello, Daddy gang lie, tat, good new talk, don't God is the fathers back, get it again for another episode of call, her daddy, daddy is Alex and Sofia back at it again. So how are you guys doing today? Good okay, great, let's move on you guys can definitely answer that. Okay, so today we're feeling spicy were feeling hot, we're feeling sexual feelings extremely hot cuz. I thought this was just like a cute little like kind of jacket, but like I also, but it's actually a jacket and its scorching in the studio, but she doesn't have anything under the Jack railways. Do you like the sweat coming down her chin and link, dropping into Hell Ya'Ll so guys, or do we begin this week? Well Alex? I think that we should give them an update and update yeah, because we had a scary weekend but furs, yes, Alex's kind of been sliding around in the best way possible. Tell us
I'll recently I was laying in my bed one night and I was on Instagram and I was thinking about how you know I'm on dating apps right, but for some reason, eyes of recent, like I haven't, really used Instagram together, Dick Toto, I realise that so stupid re, Instagram, Amis, a second form of attaining up, and we ve told the daddy gave out. So why am I not taking my own advise yup so one night, when I high in the clouds I start Ivy League, a lot of things happen when you're ohotny here room how they do every morning Alex is like dude I got so highlight and like these are, my dear MR wrote them down. Ok, so what started doing. Is I started de humming, a bunch of dude so with blue check, Mark somewhat, not equal opportunity and equal opportunity, and what happened is they started to
answer what an idea right. So they started to answer me and I was think I was just shocked because I like holy fuck. That was pretty easy. That was so easy, probably easier than the whole dating and infirm it'll be. I was like, oh my god. What am I going to say? Or do I slide in width, but once I started getting on a role, I was just copy and paste in my side and what was this light? I am not going to tell you. I want to give it a second, because anyone out there that I'm sitting in their dia ray I just like one leg. I write I but anyways. Sorry, a damning these guys and theirs. Not to flex its more so to give the damaging information like a decent amount of check marks were answer share and I'll fix is not. Nobody was one of those moments where I was lying. There remember text you being like why the fuck haven't we ve been doing. I can tested out be. I have never right into a guy's DIA
Neither have I ever saw so high. I've slid and on dating I was, but I never saw it in the dm so guys so I started sliding in I am talking to to specifically new guys, I'm a pretty excited about, and I M very excited about, because guess why not awfully ah That is a bad thing. Guy shocker, so I guess girls, it's not just guys hiding anti. Like hello, twenty twenty girl slide, the fuckin yeah. Just a reminder: everyone go right in their ok, that's I've been like what we want. No ground. No, that's like the beginning of May yes. If anyone follows us on Instagram, you should Sophie Frank land to get enough fringed with why Alex Cooper Alex with the nice Cooper display more so Yeah yeah go for how long ago, but also falling Alexandra so anyway. So if you guys eyes this weekend, it looks like we were in the fucking nowhere which Gower yes, so one of the guys that I've been talking to is
now think noticed my no no. He is an art dealer. Yes, Alex has been done. Is defying not for more and so he's in successful art dealer you like, created this up annually, wrote a book. Darling. Why? I don't even know what to do. I saw I like I don't know I was sex pod cause, I know, but it's cool its direction and although not just stereo type athletes virus, like imagine that you can have conversations about their. So how do I know you now covers a re yoga, so he's extremely intelligence. So anyway, so we ve been going on a few dates. The first day we actually went on, he like gave me his book and unlike Jesus Christ, the different world turn on or turn it was high. I it was hot up eagerly, so
I was just. I think I don't even know how really came about, but I was talking about how Sofia and I like never get out of the city together and the art dealer cause a other houses in upstate New York and he was like a war no one's using the house. Would you in Sofia could go to my house right and I was like that's so cool like only get the city like venture forward, so I threw the idea to Soviets if he was like absolutely: let's do it yeah, so we started we by going to rent a car- and you guys know we live in New York City Sophie and I rarely ever dry of so we had to decide who is
DR and I regret it to this moment- I led Sophia Drive. The thing: is I'm a good dry or not? Yes, I am driven and no are, and how long I don't know, but I rather old rusty, so Sophia get behind the wheel of three minutes in we almost hit twelve buses. Sophia is swirling gliding until lanes, and I see this as she's drama, always Sophia's. You didn't even check your rearview mirror anyways. We saw a safe and so fast early efficiently. No, we get, though ok as we drive up there, we get to the house to house whose job it has all these windows in its yeah cool and yes levy or if it was cool. So let's explain the ok This is not a regular house and I think we need to establish to get to the house. We have a kind of like off road a little bit. Swerving winding road rail of fire. Yes, it was, so little creepy. Looking there as a a ban,
Damned house shed and like fuckin want our tower on the way there that to get to the house it was a journey. May I didn't feel like we had passed civilization. It was a journey through the Blair Witch projects movie acknowledge it looks like than we think he hadn't warned us about relic, really look. What's going on, we finally get there. We drive up to the house, it looks beauty we're like roaming. This is exciting, were us and are retreating retreat, so get in the house, and it set up very differently than a normal house. Though, for example, there are multiple levels yeah, but on the different levels. You can look down onto the lever, but we there's like balconies attached Room, yes, there are windows that look into other room ass there was. He, the eyeing. This was maybe the most interesting. There was a
jacuzzi and I'm using quotation, marks, has ended up being a bathtub and that was located on top of the master bedroom that you access to a spiral staircase and with the jacuzzi. It was on kind of like a balcony that you can look down, even the bed room, yes, and then you can go down the spiral staircase and from the master bedroom. You can enter a library which down into the art gallery. It reminded me of the Winchester mystery how no idea what that is, because you know, if that is it scary terrify? Why would I ever knowing about it? Let me talk about what it is quickly go out and you have to go with it air. I know it's this house, it's locating California, the northern California, bill so long ago by this crazy woman. Her husband like invented the rifle and killed like an insane amount of
Cans- and so she was so paranoid that their we're gonna be like spirits coming after her, because her husband did that she built this house. The wind has whom as you can go visit it, we should I'm not think Yahoo killing we're gonna, who actually never. Alex is why do you I am I getting nervous. There are stare ways that just lead to a wall. There are lay. There are stairways that will just lead to like a room that goes into a room. There are doors that open to a wall that can tear construction workers building it had to carry a map with them, so they wouldn't get lost in like its crave zoo. Colleague, where we were saying so guys at Winchester, Ms Mann, so anyway, but basically we get to the house and in the daytime it was super cool I thought so confident and wrong. During the day I was like, I've got that I've got. This is fine. Even me, I was like this war Ben come nighttime, nightfall nightfall,
all I go into my room Alex's in her room and then a yellow I like Alex. You kind of scared and Alex all of a sudden can show that either match supply routes I was sitting in my room guys, like I don't want her to know, I'm scared and if a verbal eyes, I'm scared than all of a sudden it real friend, I'm sitting in my room and it's time to go about it. I'm freaking the fuck out and I just knew, there's no fucking way, I'm going by myself. Nine we have asleep over and I just want to point out that the door to the master regiment we were saying ass had a full time ass on top of just a regular loggia, and I dont want to like you know, justify our paranoia about why the wiser Hawaii bolt yeah to a bedroom door, a huff, so we left early, we left early and we booked at home and I am ashamed, but also not ashamed, because I saved our lives. That day, when I decided that we should go home,
As I know, something was about, and then we barely made at home and Sofia decided to go up and exit round. We basically almost crashed and burned and die. We're Zeiner and that's not fair, I know a little rusty. I d, DR. Yet I also not fair to put the passenger in harm's way, like you did too. So I got us back to the rental place in one piece we got back to the city, we went home and then Sophia ventured off to suit man's a plan and the terror continue. The terror continues and not in the way that you guys think. Front way, we didn't have service while we were up there. I am. I am sure that added to why we were scared, outshine, absolutely islamic, go ahead in saying that was just now. I agree anyways we have service, so I barely spoke to suit man. While I was there and before I left for the trip, was in a way which is already an issue not innocent
every way, but in a scary way, because the girls now lay our so hot and rights are all finest suck his gigantic hon. I don't know about inhabiting. Well I just work than my right right, so I seen suit him in forever and we haven't been talking is regularly right. So I came home and I had anxiety nose like will. Why do you have exile about that right? he couldn't get a hold of you. Swine! Aren't you know what I went on the trap re, but I think it's because in the past, when my boy Friends have gone. Am I a its cause? They ve been balls deep, in another, close pussy cheating. I me so or has they like there be did a little too much dm tee and maybe heroin and lay like would go into a coma for a few days, ray and like all, while, probably cheating to yap in that committee, right so also, naturally, well you're, the one that goes out my eye, you still feel uncomfortable about cause. I met my. What are they do
while I am. I ask because my trust issues, I don't not been resolved. Three yeah and it's not fair. No oh, I got to suit man's and I was already just having a little bit of anxiety. Nothing to do with him. Only to my trust issue, I walk into the bedroom and I'm like something different something different in this room. I couldn't pinpointed, I text Alex and I'm like I just got to suit man's. I think his bedroom just looks a little off in hindsight, guys. His bedroom was exactly the same. His bedroom, everything was well. Maybe you know he moved to saw from one job to another, but I'm just trying to point out that, like that wage me and my head and my crazy neuroses, because I am an erotic person. Would trust issues like his room was the saying the same, but I just
had a moment where I freaked out. You know absolutely so I brought it up to him that I mean that another story for another day. He's probably gonna. Leave me fuck her any moment you like your constantly thinking, I'm cheating got even when I'm here you're like take that blanket off of your lap either grow under their sacking your day. You are out of rational re re, so I text Alex, though, and say, Alex I just got to suit man's ion, I went into his room. I just think it looks different and tell me I'm being crazy and Alex response, and I'm thinking you know she's going to like tell me if you you're crazy, stop and she goes yeah. I'm sorry, but I think it is kind of weird like if you feel that vibe rumours little shifted that I bet it's fuckin shifted people don't get over, say. Oh I laughing, because at the
The reason Alex answered that way is cause she's, fucking crazy to because, while Sophia was in the heat of the moment, feeling paranoid trust issue levels being like hey I'll, hang big out. I'm feeling a little and secure I would dealing with it on my own ed, Selwyn, Sophia texted me, I'm like absolutely right. Disgusting could listen to this. I said you absolutely have every right to something shift in that room. Also look at this picture of the sand You gotta started Joe still. No use you Alex does responding acts. I think it is weird and then she sends me a picture of famine and I'm like a girl. You cook and
e coli like she's, going to tell me the coronavirus. It was so I can spread by salmon and not so I'm like what all happening. But Canadian is back in full force and the Canadian and I were very on and off some weeks we don't speak the next week. It's like marriage, the Canadian and I are back on. Canadian is being all like. Oh, my god, I'm coming to the EAST Coast soon like this is amazing like joking that he wants to come eat my family, like lots, is happening. He sent me a picture of SAM and yeah and I look at the plate. A and there was too much fucking salmon on the plate. People for one person and he said he was cooking yeah for who for him. For he's out, he was alone and he said he was cooking for who else? So I then it too so and I said- and I just kept it big tits this way of salmon look like it would be for one person to which you said no, I said he's meal
I said, has I was really for a second gonna, be like be the voice of reason. Alex cannot right. I said is he meal proudly, I said median, does not meal prep out that pointy? I looked at the salmon I did it go around and I was like, even if you worse, Darwin there are tube it is there that are just fucking acts, there I don't hear you have the money cheese. I don't care what the green was doing too. Salmon, Zammit overflow flow, and I am sorry there had to have been a girl with and any thing is you guys, like you, Bitch There are so crazy and, yes, we are justifiably yeah. Why well, no guy, though it was in the salmon, it wasn't suit me on your own being different. It was thrust issues rhetoric carrying over for impact.
Relations into these and we were has annoy got for no fuckin reason. I literally like suit man. Go ahead, rearrange your entire fucking apartment, I'm out We had an argument. He was like. I feel bad for you. You literally you're issues? Are this bad you ride down, and I was like our life You'll buy anyway, to analyse our going in therapy. You already girl. I already got you, but I'm not really just bring about a little yes, belittles stitch fix guys. We want you to look amazing when you go in your dates: men and women. You don't wanna be showing up in fucking khakis. We don't want you showing up at the pirate boots. Women is not a good luck. I know- and it's not like alex- and I are you Know- fashion niece does by any means- that's wasted, fix, helps so much if you dont have
stylish and you can't afford one like most of US stitch fixes the answer. You guys basically you're getting a personal styling service that delivers your favorite clothing, shoes and accessories directly to you, there's a bunch of no brands on his website, guys after you complete your style profile online? Your expert, personal stylus will send you a ham, pigs box of items based on your style preference or you can look hot as shit. There is no subscription required shipping exchange, and returns are always free. I far III and the twenty dollars styling fee is automatically applied towards anything you keep from the box guises available in the? U S and now the UK? Ok, you guys are going to go to stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy for twenty five percent off again, that is stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy, so we have not done in question
that pursued in a very long time. There's a lot of people reaching out. There's a lot of us going on in the World Corona virus shits on my upon the off. Everyone live on earth S. Skin New York just have been raised here. By remembering leave our apartment thing is, is everyone is asking questions recently more than usual and we're like we gotta give to the daddy gave it that give back, give back that advise that people like. I will never take that away, worried vices, usually so no this week I swear like I feel like there's shit, that's gonna come out, I mean that's, can Young healthy? I agree so with that mother, fucking, being sad chalk, dad you re not de la its bother in questions of the wooden dear on mobile. Today question some guys, I'm actually going to do.
We re going to these guys are largely dive. Getting icy early, fucking, love, ok, questions of the weak bitches was gonna, know fur. Maybe me, ok can I just feel like I have a lot to offer: urges ready I'm ready, warmed up without question time, ready. Okay! This is a really fucking God, one! Ok, fathers would you ever consider fucking a guy but you're not attracted to he's a good friend of mine and I'm in a dry spells. So judgment is out the window to paint a picture. He is five five and I'm five, seven he's balding and just overall, not good, looking, but there's nothing like breaking a no sex curse like easing into it with someone familiar and that you don't really have to be insecure. About am crazy. I covered
answer. I love when you say that I can leaned back relax. Let you get so. One of my friends in time has been hooking up with a guy that she is zero, attracted to ok, He was kind of in a dry spell out. She decided to do the same thing got it. She's shown me pictures and he's not regard pet right, he's Archie, maybe a for herbal. Ok, thank you! Anyways wavin fucking and He told me it is the best stacks of her shut, the fuck up ass sacks of her life. Oh my god- and I was like oh like He'S- got some moves like isn't that dig, J, amazing and she said no, I think it's because I go into having sex with him feeling zero pressure whatsoever. I don't to worry by look Hon. I feel so fucking comfortable with hand like My innovations are out the window and she said I have an orgasm every single time. I have sex with him when usually she's like
that's not the cave and usually we would call girls out there. I have an orgasm every time you ve done that fucking lying to you, and I know she tells me she's like oh. I definitely don't come every time, but with this for locally ass, big ugly, ass, vain nasty guy ass, the alleys coming all the time that is- and it makes sense we, I think Daddy Gang- listen the fuck up, because I think this is actually kind of a brilliant break there. Right now we have talked about. And episodes what how guys like, sometimes to fuck a five or six, because they can go in there, consumer mash, her head through a wall at Lake You corrode lacking, become rag onto her belly and be like I'm an attorney. Ground and like Abracadabra, you better, be gone climb out the fucking window and yes, we're on the fourth floor. Bike picture it out, so we have talked about men wanting to fuck
less attractive in their mind, girls, because they can be just like so filthy, like disgusting, and just go for it and just get there not and not worry about the girls narrowly and we ve never talked about the opposite of girls, going to fuck less attractive guys to them to get there not, and I think it's because, women are different in a little bit and obviously now are women, but most women need to be a little bit mentally stimulated by a man and physically attracted to the man in order to get off no longer, no longer hold no longer daddy gang. If you're a girl and ya wanna come fucking pick the ugliest of the litter the little grind and really like did you discussed all like I like you too? You could go down by just give him a chance. You know that attracted. I agree our.
As soon as help daddy's the guys, I'm the guy's, an insurance that guy I'm currently fucking loves by holes, ha ha ha ha. I think I can take a hot nude front, shot ass, shot bent over rubbing my clear shot. Anything, but he wants closeups of my asshole, which I just fine so unsexed see any new tips on, but whole shy and how to make them high fuck. What oh. This is a first that I have not heard this before. I did ass suit. Man he's dead person. You wouldn't find it hot. So I dont know how common it is, but pardon me could kind and see how its re, like, especially the guys that Like anal, I agree actually something just came to me. I agree with said: Europe, like oh, like that scary, that hot is it not,
this man light is a telling you he like gas, so almost pretended your fuckin pussy, like you, would be sending normal news of your pussy yeah to the Asshole sue you be. Timid, don't be he's literally saying that deserves thing. So fuckin take pictures of your husband as way they are holding back upholding the Asshole lunching pledge release it should go and a wow what a metaphor for life nobody arriving embrace it because I know guys are grows and when we think we're being dirty, they are even thinking dear? I M going to assume he wants her bent. Over or like ass cheeks Brad yeah. Do that you could put in your ball, you really love that and if you really like wanna hit him with something different view so obsessed with assholes, maybe get your ass hopeless I thought about my of we should talk about that, but also don't, if you dont want dream, I'm not
Moreover, an idea I agreed: don't you want why here being likely go, get it every girl go get your ass night? No, I think that's a good point. I think, give a little bit of the whole crooked Holger ok onto the next. This was written in by a man who, what's up daddy, I'm going to get right into this girl and I have been on seven dates are, so how do I figure out if she just using me for a meal ticket, we have hot sacks she's offered to pay once don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem paying, but not to even offer. I think is odd, maybe also I think we ve had sex yet because she says I be her. Second, she broke up with her eggs a year ago, Twenty two and twenty nine, so I tend today older women, so I'm an uncharted territory. Please feel free to have this on the podcast, whatever help a brother out. I like this girl too, but I need No I'm getting played Y. All
real yeah. That's really interesting, so the whole thing about paying for meals on yeah. I think whatever you think is writing you should do. If you think should be as the woman yeah, because I know some women are like it's twenty twenty, like we're going lady, that yeah you and I are so fuckin lulli, not as a how I feel you pay and you pay and they'll, give you a pussy cat no change merges. We are moving, but, like tell me, you and be turned off of a guy in a first. They wanted to split the bill. Oh, my god on it, first statement they ve been on seven, even even yeah. I would on his name he's saying that they haven't even I'd, say yes, so it's not so much about who's going to pay for the meal. It's like they ve been on seven days and she hasn't fucked
yeah, I can prove this. Actually, this my piss girls off, but I kind of think seventy AIDS is a law yeah, and I think that that is strange and is it fucked up? I think he should be like our rethinking or not. Nah nah, like that, following the weaker yeah or not we're, not right yeah. I actually totally agree here is one thing: if she's blowing his dick and she's like showing signs that sex is coming and yes, because I've gone past in days with a guy, not fucked him. This is different, but I think I ve put a dick in my. I think, I've I am sure I have so. I think that I dont think its we're that she has offered to pay. However, if she's younger and you're like worried that she's using you, what I would say is stop taking that bitch to fuck
dinner. Oh that's great of a sudden, now you're done with the day that I need to wine and dine this, but you're not getting late, you're, literally, not getting laid. Why do you keep going on dates? So what you should say to her next time, she's trying to hang out with you perfect, Yakima, now the legs and chill, I was about to say obviously, don't ask her- are reflecting or not now, but I think that you should set up day, that's out home angry guys are watching a movie tat. I think you should try to make the moves on her here and if she tries to stop you, I think you should have a cumbersome two, and maybe, if you like, you can come over legal order and, unlike watch a movie view literally pull up your goober Eads and, like you, oh I'm gonna get like italian tat. Were you gonna guy like. What are you doing on Europe over there? Could I'm not fucking paying for your share that worthy so amazing,
obviously I don't do that by how good yeah yeah but make a move on her and if she's, like known, I think you should ask her yeah, I aren't we ever now. Are we actually don't ask? I shall say yes dear, I think we ve had a moment in time where we shouldn't you need to I can take your pick up by claimed that kind of I mean as a girl. I was on seven days in the guy, wouldn't fuck me idyllic. What are we doing? What are we doing that? I would never happen in the history of America, probably disguises had to sit aimed at helping ok, girl ravine and was leg aright Ivan issue. My gynecologist told me to avoid having sex with people who have big, dicks whites. Apparently I have small reproductive org
ends and it'll cause damage. Although I love a little got rearranging, I don't want to fuck up my organs. How should I go about telling guys this? I want them to be a little careful when pounding me. Is this real guys, Dick Fuck, your organ old I, but maybe I don't even want to give it my new like receiving medical advice or our true, but that sound strange. First of all, I would love to ass. A guy called is what is big weak Yeah you're gonna go and tell me that Gimme inches you're the guy knows like every time that guy whips he's fucking dick out. You got a fucking measure and make sure he hit. That requirement has baby girl girlfriend. If it's a in above tell him, you can medically medically. All right. You're done May I please you go there with a doctor's now like tonight. I'm no Thank God. I really really interesting
anyone in the medical field. Please write in tell us. If that's the thing is, I think, or just be like yeah fuck me, like kind of with just like tat. The Argo happy way, because never how we always talk about small dicks for the wind, sometimes because they can hit Europe yeah in a different way, maybe just make sure they're not going fully end except when he gets super excited, and also he worlds in there and it's like oh yeah. A girl. I think that's a great point. Having do just the tip, I think that can be caught, and then you know it's only he's gonna fuck up or throw savage for shriek, hum savage enemy. Take that shit to the back of your throat we heart well, while that's really interesting, we're didn't do a little swerve, ok swerve on them hose, and I think this can help alot of people, including me. I like social media, and I, like my friends on social media,
they also terrifies me. I never take a pick that is good enough for the ground and I I myself getting so insecure when I go to pose I'm. Seven on a scale from one to ten ivy coupled decent looking pose. I just don't get a lot of good pictures. What's the bare minimum, I should keep on my instead, if I'm not a regular poster wow coming, Obviously some one that does not regularly posts? I actually should not be getting advice on it because I suck at it too. I totally know what she's talking about. I do get anxiety when I'm about to post. I think that is really interesting, because my entire life, I have not thought twice when I'm posting, like you see me, I post all the time- and I don't know if Y think you notice, but maybe other people don't notice, but like as of recent months, I feel like, on my actual
Page posting pictures I haven't posts, it is my job and I guess I just is it. You started to get anxiety. Yeah, oh well, and I think that there is some thing about today's culture with social media that everyone is expected to have this like, instead, ram phase like we literally see girls getting surgery to like literally change their face look like re alter, I hosted an article, it's called be Instagram thing. I think it was published in the New York Times or something you should check it out. Yeah, Girls specifically have this, like overwhelming per sure to look exactly like the girls they see on social media and it can be crippling.
Its anxiety driven and you don't want to look to think, but you want to look. Naturally, I look to natural because then you're not hot enough. First of all, Photoshop of the reason girls are constantly posting pictures where they look beautiful is cause they're, really good, with photo yeah there. So good at Photoshop. Girls can take a picture where they look glee and because they're using vote, shop. They will upload it. Looking like a tat, literally attacks, so it's almost like. Well, maybe if I was Superman Photoshop, which I'm not sure I would pose more, its literally like what we are seeing on the internet is just the gas. So it's hard to like one opposed to selfie, where I'm like. Oh, I do have a blemish there, like do policies or what so. I think they thought say ass. The thing is, is I think, because Instagram has become so fuckin failure. I have noticed this thing. Were girls are now posting picture? with a blemish yeah, we're cellulite, whereas Dr Marx, because that Is almost more attractive now because guy
an girls can tell when they go to a girl's page and every single picture. They look perfect yeah! and I am totally one of those people that I've never poses a picture like a blemish re right, so, and so I think, for what she's asking is how many I dont think you need to be posing regular, de. I mean to have, though, an amount of pictures that when someone goes to your pay out there not like, why are there five, and also in the last when she posted was like in twenty fifteen, what the fuck do shit like now, think try once a month, I think once a month or even you could do like once. Every two and then just make sure your page has enough pictures that you don't sciatica catfish. I agree Ok, this girl wrote in- and she said How do I stop being a complete crazy bitch to my boyfriend when I'm drunk Ella well Here- has cheated on me before, and I think I resent him.
That and it just comes out when I get drunk. I have major trust issues and I got a tone it down on the drinking. So I dont black owl, but I could, but I just don't know how to fix this. These questions are hitting home and I dont like I don't I it at all or so there is a couple things happening here, but let's first address the fact that her boyfriend has cheated in the past. She decided to stay with him and she's trying to have a healthy relationship, but every time she's getting drunk every time coming out of the bottle. Like remember cheated on me and he's like you, promise you, let that going. She said, but I just want you to like remember like, let's, whose, like shit, I'm not even fighting, I gotta dividing. I just think like. Why did you do I'm just saying. I just remember like Memory Lane Bay by Gorgeous Rehman essay on the times that you my best by me. I saw you so from a basic level.
The drinking and getting mad at a guy- I can so fuckin relate, oh god, I live. I will save five year of my life to rapidly tying guys? It was like a fine if I had to us in the iron and once I hit the third, it was like. Oh wow, we are about to talk about every single fucking. You ve ever done yeah, let's go like I'd, get ready. It is- and this is the reason I think why drinking you re have to mature in your drinking, because I remember in college and the very beginning of college, like I was so trigger finger, fuckin happy without ending text of the guys. I was talking to we drink and it was like a Alex and when I would wake up, I, like you, just fucking ruined it all. A piece of shit. Why do you do that It is hard work, you drink, to not get in your feels into knock and emotional talks with your emotions. Obviously I so what
I was going to say for this girl is and really for anybody that gets cheated on yeah. If you decide that you want to forgive the per San Yom. You gotta give yourself a lot of time and maybe therapy or whatever you want to do, and really forgive that per se before you get back in the asian, Sir totally you have to let it go. If you decide you rent, ate them yeah as fucked up cheating is but also like for the wind, but also for not the wind like if you get cheated on this shitty thing is if you stay with that person, it is hot, really fair, too and keep bringing it up throughout your relationship, you're deciding to stay with that person you're deciding that. Okay, even though you completely broke our trust and even though you completely went- and you were shady behind my back and you broke my heart- if you're gonna stay with them than its on you to decide that you're gonna leave it in the past and move forward. So the fact
hey you're, going out you're getting drunk in your bringing this up me is a bad sign of like maybe you can yacht Mimi ORB right. Maybe you get over it or you really easy? Give yourself tie you know and the locking out like the month before you know that's true the drinking and blocking out we like make jokes about it all the time. If this girl, every single time she drinks, is lacking our turning and like an angry dry. That could be a sign of a problem. Who am I to fucking yeah, maybe go to therapy about it. I was gonna, save your constantly blacking out. That's not a great sign and high yeah. It was me and I are going to therapy I gotcha under control, yes, and it's like There's no shame behind now, but a guy are constantly blocking out you're fighting with your boyfriend. There's a lot more issues. I think that you need to look at.
Dalai, maybe take a break from during during yeah guys, I think their legs and everyone in college and everything like obviously drinking is a part of the culture. But if you're constantly waking up in the morning and your fucking up your life. Why relationships gas you need two fuckin settle down got. I think there are a lot of people out there that have a really hard time with knowing their limits and are not taking it too far. There's some people go I'll, enraged and party, and literally it's like you didn't have to. Go that far and did you even have fucking fine re ray, and I am pleased for the love of God. I do not want people to think we're preaching beak.
As Lear earlier up until a year ago I was out of control yeah, so I feel you guys without, but yes, look contains yeah boom gray, guys Numa. It's that time again time to reflect on the year that you ve had and focus on your goals for the new mother fucking gear, new, numerous, a habit, changing program that uses psychology to teach you your mind works. You can understand why you make the decisions you make little degenerates noon can be used for any goal that you have established for yourself. Ok, if you want to eat better, if you want to feel better and have more energy self care feeling confident, literally whatever you're goal is yet new, helps you have healthier habits and put them in place. Home is based in psychology. Ok, new teaches you why you the things you do and empowers you with the right tools to break the bad habits and replace them with better ones over eighty percent of numerous
finish the program and over sixty percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. If you guys are interested, you are going to go to new dot, com, slash daddy and is in the on c o is an orgasm o is an orgasm Amazon moaning noon, Numa, dot, com, slash, daddy, ok, a boy wrote in a boy, a boy, a baby pool. He said hey hard to write this, but I have a question when I was a kid I used to ride steers. I don't really know Tommy Meter and got stepped on and ended up losing a testicle. I've always been self conscious and try to always leave a girl satisfied studied commas sutra, but I want your opinion.
I need to get over myself consciousness, or am I justified we? So it is missing a ball, but he can so calm and everything yapping that's great. I think we, I really think really give a shit on girls give should at all because half the girls don't even like look at the ball. We're tired. All are like the balls you doing women with balls, yes, and have you ever hooked up with a guy that only on one? No, I have, but I we don't need girls give a they, but I really want to know, but I dont girls give it all. If I were you, I think I could almost be like one of your lines that you use. Day earth. No, like I'm not kidding like that. Is it it's a classic, not defend smacking. Some, but that period or insecure about things. If you're the first one to throw the joke, then you own it yours and no one can feel countrymen when she goes down on you and it's not dislike unsaid thing like I were you what we always a fake it till you make it like.
Something to be buried alive, Alex, I totally think you're you have a point right has First of all, if a guy has something going on, I would rather he too me, in the beginning, been when I'm about to put his dick and rye and then like lieutenant scary and also with likewise there is there. I am, I missing a ball where I was going out yeah and also, if you bring it up- and you are a funny about it and be confident about us. Great goods are ok. It's one thing if you like my dick, doesn't work right, so you have to without sacks more. Oh, I never ejaculate like it's like others. Let one less by great girls. Don't care! That's perfect! Now she can put the whole thing in her mouth and it will be easy K, gray. There we go okay. This is going to be really quick. I just need to address a cap. We have talked about highway Sid, the keys men, don't like them disgusting, an girls Hogan really upset so easily
He does fry in their little fucking ugly. The high wasted bikini now like I can see why you wanna get me outta, throw us good guy that guy what you're wearing right this question, so the high wasted bikinis an pants thing, doesn't apply to underwear. I was her not with this guy for awhile, who thought high wasted. Underwear was absolutely the hottest thing that might have just been him. Though, because he also liked looking out of windows during sacks. Is that thing I love your input, also love the show, Hashtag Daddy gang I think we can get rid of the window. Thing have never heard of eight haunting gimme does ignore
the window throwing me, although like I've, never had a guided like no. I can't log industry Roma. Why he's like at the windows not accessible? I gotta shift. I know you lost your phobia. Does he think is how our just look just see like their needs? Just people window. It takes an exit like I'll. Let us forget that ok, the highway sitting now, ok I was sitting next to suit man when I was reading this, like I have a guy right next to me, I'm a fucking. Send this question his way. I am I asked about the high wasted bikini, because I just needed confirmation and right. He said there disgusting gusting. I brought up the high wasted patterns, which I wear regular. We re, he said, discuss such sure? You're, like I like, look down and I'm wearing pants up to my tits, I like Why didn't you ever offering not one all either so touch you like?
so sad because those are the moment where you, like, oh wow, legacy, so happy, I'm bringing this out because he's been trying to tell me not to wear the hands and he's acting God. He's fucking asking those sky unimaginative he's sorry. His answer with, I am so glad you, like I'm gonna, take them off right now. Ok, so He thinks ok and rising to write, but like our love can prevail. Ray of light through every pair re re he's had a highways pants gross again girls, I am just relating the info. If you want to keep dressing like I do it. I probably was right where we are right now with the bikini, though, whenever I ask about the underwear he said, is it a song in the back? I said I'm going to go ahead and guess no, he said well then fuck,
no? I was like hold on hold on hold on hold on using high wasted to a guy. They don't even know what highways and re wrote. I gotta show like evident. Show pictures right, pull a picture. Ok, he said I guess if they are completely see through or lays an like kind of the, but cheek is heating up Oh it's fine, but that was still him pretty much being like. No ok. So I I'm going to gas most men do not like the highway. Did trail. Blunders literally said get the fuck out of my face. Fuckin shit, like those show, shakes those shit disgusting, so high wasted gas. If it's a full blown thought in the bar I buy aside from that, most guys, don't like it. Ok, I just want to say that on call daddy, we are now. Sitting here telling women, because I know we're gonna get dams of people being like I dont giraffe
spur men. I feel confident on the beach with my high wasted bikini, so fuck you guys. That is fine. If you are going to the beach and you want to have fun with your girlfriend, you know you're fine with every man on beach. Looking out, you like, hey, there's a girl with a diet, IRAN on then fine, but What we are saying is men do not They are at our active now. If you don't care about that, then, where them till you die and rock them and post guy then but anyway now celibacy for the rest of your life. You lot Algeria, but now we just here too lightly Owen body is possible and what is not- and I am telling you, girls from the bottom up hard, I have had days where you think I'm gonna get in a fucking low wasted. Little song bikini get the fuck out of my face now, high
on peace and whiting, people's fucking high one. You can have side boob one pieces. You can have a storm. One piece like you can look so hot an fuckin one PS, so fucking come at me and tell me that high wasted is harder than one pieces, because every man in my life that I have asked has said where peace over I wasted. Diaper, yes cry! I just went off, but no that's gray, and this last stamina guy. I talk to I really good friend, whose again and I asked him why not only do guys think it's unflattering on the US here. Said, I assume those girl We are trying to hold in their fuckin belly
Can I use this soon that all of that is them using it till I keep it singed and suck die. It's almost like high wasted caught us two men as a catfish, even less, even though it's not like you know you could be wearing. I wasted you can be got like totally fine, incompetent with your body. Men for some reason see high wasted and they think oh she's waging high. What does she hiding? I have been bloated before and been like not too, where some high wasted dry right. It's fine we're just willing the message: worrying, yeah relying relates remedy and good night good night. Ok! So if you I remember the most one of hiding. It was one of most iconic stories. You just told last week was of the NBA player telling the girl to shut the fuck up after they just had sex and calling his baby mama, Pretending like there was no one in the room last of his story, more of a nightmare nightmare yeah horrors nor we have another kind of like updated version of backing grey,
great girls and men, listen up because now I want to fuck and try this. This girl wrote in and she said I was dating a guy. Who did that dreaded face time thing wants to. It was three a m and he faced timed me to tell me that he was going to bed, but I knew something was up so instead of hanging up, I covered the screen, so the face time would appear all black on his end from there. He thought I had hung up and just through his phone down, but I was still very much watching and listening. He started talking to friends in the room about how he was meeting up with some girl to fuck. Her literally right after I had cordon quote, hung up horrifying, ok,
vat is sought, hair or filings dude, it's kind of like when we ve talked about like leaving your airports in the room and in walking out and listening through them, like, I think, a lot of people's biggest fears is like hearing what's being set about you when you're not supposed to write a book and voice mail. I heard from those people like shit is fucking scary. The fact that she was brilliant enough to discover the screen. I am really at a loss for were right, because I could see that working right, especially if you're the one that, like you, usually do the hanging? or if they do, they hanging. I, u dont, really pay that much a dry. Unless was literally going to go, use his phone, right away and he's a guy I see, I'm so unfastened, but if you just put this phone down is like you're, gonna fuck, this girl re. Oh, my god, this thing is, there is no harm in trying. No harm no see if he things up or non violent you're in it to win at, and it becomes back to us
and he's like you, weirdo you're gonna, be like being what you and then you got your phone. You, like, oh my god, I had no idea this thing with almost no clue. I mean I'm gonna try this, even though I know suit man is in doing anything. Absolutely it's not our fault. We are slots, a girl, Rodin speak for years,. There is apparently a slut, Jean called the DE r d, forging a determines how our bodies respond to dopamine, which makes the person more likely to have more sex and more likely, to cheat. I must I knew about, Must G g down right, we can't help it, but we whores x x. I love Ya'Ll so guys baby ever get caught, cheating or the thought that there is
one thing for her to say that this is what makes you like. Slutty horny needs, another think she's like and that's why we that's its. We achieve that. That reason we change because we have sower were horny as vodka has gene. Is this a thing a well it's all get tested of all get test augur and we hope we get or has it very positive that we have an explanation as to why we chee and why we are whores and also, if you do tests for negative just say your fuckin and that's probably the only time I ever tell you to get tested and lions. Your positive view, comeback, working, negative the show for those we call her daddy another episode, another time and another trail. Trail and the trail is you know just chugging along and it's getting close guys yeah. We can really say much, but the trail is the trail and
trails at Raven you'll see what it is. So we love you guys so follow us on her personal instagram to trail Pereira, be Alexandra Cooper, Sophie Alana Franklin. Why we love you guys. We will see you around by.
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