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On January 26 2009, defacto couple Bob Chappell and Sue Neill-Fraser spent the public holiday working on their yacht, The Four Winds, in Tasmania’s Sandy Bay. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Jessica Forsayeth Writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Allbirds – Discover your perfect pair of sneakers Peloton – Learn more about Peloton ZipRecruiter – Post your jobs for FREE DoorDash – Get 25% off and FREE delivery for your first order of $15 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Truebill – Take control of your finances and save money Catalina Crunch – Get 15% off your first order of keto cereals + free shipping The Detective's Dilemma – New podcast from Casefile Presents For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-203-bob-chappell
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Hated immediately south of Hobart Central Business District, the affluent waterfront suburb was home to some of tat mania, is most expensive, real estate and was a hot spot for sailing Timothy parties, car and stepped out. sod to admire the views of the city and nearby Mountain Wellington, as he looked out woods towards the rowing shed, he noticed some I bobbing in the water against the rocks. He moved closer and realized. It was an inflatable dinghy, the blue and What vessel had the brand name Quicksilver printed on it as I mean the dingy must have come on down from its mooring point. Timothy in
and two noticed that the dinghies robe was sitting within this was odd. Had the right back sedately come on down, he expected it would be trailing in the water, regardless Timothy used the ripe to secure their vest go to a rock. He pointed at at two he's daughter's rowing coach Darrell, but they didn't give it much more thought He joined the Darrell when he's aluminium speedboat and follow the row is out for their training session, just before seven a dot m. the two men where approximately two hundred made is from show when they passed a fifty three foot double masted. The yacht named the four winds. was sitting unusually low in the water, especially at its bail, worried that the yacht might be sinking. The men called the police.
Two officers arrived at the shore fifteen minutes later to assess the situation Darrell took off, have them out on his speedboat and pulled up alongside the four winds the office I stepped aboard the yacht, the deck leading out from the wheel house, the small enclosure that house the boat steering wheel. He noticed a small splat as of blood. There were also drops of blood on the wheelhouse floor and carving knife and blood stained torch near the door. The office I rented the cabin and found it flooded with Shin date, water, the yard was fitted with water pumps that should have kicked in automatically, but nothing was happening to drain the rapidly feeling water at this right
was inevitable that the full wings would sink. The police, moraine and rescue services were called by that time they arrived, the wheelhouse was significantly flooded. The bell was only one foot above water, the Tasmanian fire Service and a salvage agent were called in to try to pump some of the water out to stop the four winds from sinking authorities phone The yacht sign is fifty five year out soon. You'll Fraser was at home when she received a call about the situation unfolding in Sandy Bay. She was shocked her de facto part now, sixty five year old Bob
apple, had spent the night on their beloved yard and Sue hadn't heard from him, since the four winds had been nothing but trouble for soon Bob, since they purchased at two months. Prior both experience sailors, they intend
to use it to go travelling when Bob retired. In about a year's time, hay was the chief physicist of radiology had the w pay home and clinic in the Royal Hobart Hospital, a Korea he'd proudly spent decades building, while ball beloved he's job. was looking forward to his golden years and the mini trip, stay and sue plans to take it, sissy. At the recommendation of their your broker. The couple had travelled to Queensland in December to take a look at the four winds. data mediately fallen in love priced at two hundred and three Thousand dollars it was a bargain for a yard of its type, a dignified and majestic vessel at featured a double masted catch construction. it was perfectly suited to Tasmania's varied weather conditions. It had
what hollow with dark timber, accents, Navy, blue sales and the name for wines written along the rear and left hand side in Navy Kirsty Font at fifty three feet, long with approximately fifty square meters of walking space above deck The yacht was much larger than Bob and Sue were used sailing. The interior cabin was split into two levels for steps, load act led to the wheelhouse, which held the steering wheel and control panels. Three farthest sled to the lowest saloon level, complete with three bedrooms: a bathroom kitchen, laundry and engine room. The bog and price reflected the fact that rests durations when they did but sue and Bob what ready for the challenge that I hired two crew members to help them silent down from Queensland to Hobart
This allowed them to familiarize themselves with the boat and test its performance while having professional guidance along the way. However, the voyage was tainted from the start that after they set sail the engine failed as they need the Gulf Coast and I had to be towed. Near by Marina. It turned out that annoys de fungus, known as black death had closed to the engines. Filters while repairs were underway, Bob was plagued by increasingly severe blades He was admitted to a local hospital where doctors determined the nose blades were caused by Bob's red. you consumption of aspirin, which acts as a blood thinner after some deliberation, it was decided that Sue would continue on
the high at a crew members, while Bob flew back to Hobart once the engine was fixed, sue under the crew re commenced, their journey. Numerous other mechanical problems forced them to stop at various ports for repairs along the way. After sixteen days at sea the four winds. Finally arrived in Hobart Bob met the crew at Sandy Bay, where the yacht would be permanently moored. Despite the complicated journey, Sue was excited by the trip and I looked forward to many more in the future. over the following ways. The couple continued to work on the yard in their spare time, Bob was somewhat jealous of how well Sue had gotten to know the four winds during the trip
from Queensland and was eager to spend more time on board to gain a better understanding of how it worked Monday January, twenty six was the Estrella Day public holiday and the couple spent the morning on the yard. But think about in the engine room while Sue tidying up at around MID Day, she used their blue and White Quicksilver Dinghy took, Bravo back the shore to have lunch with Bob Sister Anne who was visiting from Sidney when Sir turned to the yard. At around two hundred Bob thirty was a bad mood it do isolated in engine lake and wanted to stay on board. I not to continue working on it. Soo didn't think this was a good idea
It was a windy out of a cast after noon enter. The water was choppy, so the more she would have to take that dingy to get back to shore, meaning bulb, wouldn't have access to a Nova, not Bob to reconsider, but hate checked the charts and was confident wind would subside eventually a grade. After all, the yacht was stocked with food and emergency supplies. So surely Bob would be okay if something unforeseen, is. He was also a strong swimmer who would have no trouble swimming to safety in case of an emergency. Bob didn't have a mobile phone, so Sue gave him hugs in case he needed to contact her on their Atlanta lawn throughout the evening. She then took the dinghy back to shore
tying it to a ladder at the Royal Yacht club. Just after seven the following morning: sue Cold mobile to check on Bob there was no answer moments later. She received a call from police to inform her that the four winds was sinking Sue immediately, drive down to mere avail last one out which overlooked Sandy Bay and met the police on the shore. She was soon joined by her two daughters and Bob saw and they watched on as emergency crews worked for over an hour to determine the source of the yachts lake. It turned out that a seventy five millimeter pipe near the toilet had been caught allowing allowing water to flow freely into the vessel. The sacred was also open. This is a avowed.
That permits. Ward ought to flow in and out of the boat. Its typically left closed when naughty nous. Whoever had cut the pot and opened the say, cock likely had intimate knowledge The yard, as they saw them, is what he did in a way into that function wouldn't be cleared to another s. With days problems finally identified, the four winds was successfully salvaged. The question remained: where was Bob Chappell police conducted a full search, the yacht and quickly determined bulb, was not on board. Agreed search of the surrounding waters also failed to uncover any signs of the sixty five euro while examining the four winds police noticed, more blood
what is on the land swayed in the saloon at the lowest point of the hall. The automatic build pomp had also been day activated. These pomp is this want to empty any excess water into the ocean to prevent a vessel from sinking the four winds build pump was fitted with an alarm which was supposed to sound. If ward outraged a certain level, this too had been deactivated with all the These factors combined. It was clear that the yacht had been deliberately tampered with. A local man was walking his dog along Maryville Esplanade when he noticed a already yachting jacket with gray trim, it was hanging on a low brick fence outside a residential property on the corner of Margaret Straight.
Aware of the chaos on the waterfront, he left the jacket on touched and walked to the baby to inform the police officer went to question the occupants of the property. Who said the Red jacket was And there's they derive time at around six the previous evening and hadn't noticed the jacket then so it must have been placed there recently when Sue returned to the same she He was shine the jacket and tossed whether it belongs to her. She said she didn't ever seen it before, stating it wasn't from the yard. Offices began door, knocking hives along Maryville last Plenary for information. They also checked records of nearby pay, fines and contacted local boss and taxi companies. But no useful leads emerged, Bob
the whereabouts remained on nine. Just before MID Day an office. I visited sue at home to take an official statement. Sue described her relationship with Bob as healthy. With no major problems, the couple had met in nineteen hundred ninety nine through mutual friends and had immediately hit it off. they had a lot in common, both had migrated to Australia from the EU. Hey and grown up in big Torreon before eventually moving to ties mania. They were both divorced with that all children from their previous marriages, both intellectuals. They shed a love of books, My food and the outdoors, as well as an interesting in current affairs,. Join having deep conversations, hence a lock to debate dead, differing opinions.
all died. I had contrasting personalities, Sue's extraversion, complimented bulbs reserved night job. Call the officer about Bobs Racin, ill health and recurring nose blades. She explained that Bob didn't have access to that dinghy, If needed it to leave the yacht in the nod, but jeez due to his age. He was able to get in and out of the dinghy on his own anyway? As for the Secaucus in the Bilge, Sue wasn't aware of any problems. Shae and Bob checked them both. Often too, everything was in working order if anyone had deliberately tampered with them in an effort to harm Bob Sue, couldn't think of any likely culprit Bob had no known enemies,
if there was no one who would want to hurt him when asked about her movements. The previous afternoon SU said she arrived back to shore sometime between three and three thirty. She then drove to the local Bunnings Warehouse Hardware store where she browsed the aisles for several hours before leaving without buying anything. By the time the she got home, it was already dark. It was a relatively uneventful evening until just after ten, when the phone rang. On the other line, was Richard King, a friend of one of Bob's daughters, for the sake of clarity, please file will refer to her as the Laisser Richard was worried, LISA suffered from mental hell, issues that included paranoia and delusions.
So she hadn't seen her father. In a year she had recently become increasingly concerned about his health, as well as the safety of his yard. Richard told Sue that LISA was convinced something bad was going to happen. to Bob she wanted to go down to the bay to check that he's. Yacht was safe, LISA had also three to take her own life, and Richard was worried. She would go through with it. Although those suits will concerns seriously, she remained calm. Lisa had threatened suicide in the past I said never acted on it. She also didn't know the name of the four winds or, where was moored. So what was unlikely? She would go out on her own to try and find it. After speaking, around half an Richard and Sue was satisfied.
LISA would be Bay, okay still To lie awake that not worried about what Richard had told her she eventually doze. off and when she woke up. She discovered that later Concerns about Bob were right. Detectives took sue on board the four winds which had been towed to a dock in Hobart. To save she could identify anything out of the ordinary she started. noticing things right away, the switches on the baseboard, where in the incorrect position a green rope on the deck was in disarray and not, in its usual spot, significant lengths of right Who are also missing, especially from main a red winch handle which is used to adjust the right tension and was
usually stored in a locker at the back of the boat had been inserted into the We shall not make mossed a rope around the wind had also been cut, and another, was lying out of place in a pile on the deck. The wood around the yacht's rear entry hatch was marked with rope than they were so some loose carpet panels in the main saloon sue explained these couldn't come loose by accident, they could only be lifted by removing many screws. Entering the main cabin Sue saw that a heavy fire extinguisher was missing from its bracket outside the your house, the emergency position, indicating radio bacon known in a pub, was also missing. Part of its bracket had been snapped off and fallen into the ground.
And Bob knew the ape her was easily removed from the bracket by simply pulling it up, so it was unlikely he was the one who broke it. The device was found, I was by a passer by walking along the beach several latent fingerprints, I dunno Fahd honour and ran through the national database, but there was no match, and the item reveal, nothing else of significance, although who had been advised not to touch anything. She began playing with switches on electrical panel until the Bilge pump alarm sounded, she pointed that the alarm was so loud residents of the neighboring suburb. I have woken up if it had gone off the previous evening. She also pointed out a torch and empty juice. China, which didn't belong on the yacht, but these were confirmed to to have been absent. Mindedly
behind by police, police divers searched Sandy Bay, where the yacht was initially moored, covering a circular space, approximately one. made as in diameter. Although visibility was good, they still didn't find any sign of Bob Chappell the search continued. The following day, January. Twenty eight police are they re entered the warders, but dialogue to disability upon reaching a depth of twenty three made is. Unable to say the ocean floor. They abandoned the search tests, can and the blood on the wheel house, floor steps, torch and land swayed had come from Bob, although
It couldn't be determined how long the blood had been there. The two crew members who had helped sail the yacht from Queensland had cleaned I, by thoroughly upon their arrival to Hobart, they didn't recall, seeing any bloodstains at the time daming it unlikely that the blood was left over from Bob's nose. Blades fingerprints were Sorry, one covered throughout the yard. Most belong to two recent passengers, including the two crewmates who traveled with Sue down from Queensland and the Bulbs son Timothy. There were also several other unidentified fingerprints. And a female hair was found near the skylight hatch and another at the bottom of the wheel house steps. Then there was a dinner play. Sized staying found on the yacht believed to have been vomit year on. Also laws are.
It tested positive for female Diane. I neither the stain nor the hairs were found to have originated from Sue or her daughters. whoever the source was. She was unknown to police, a small blue face, Washer and to wet rags covered in brown? Stains that appeared to be vomit were also recovered and taken for further analysis. The possibility that Bob took his unlock was ultimately ruled out. He had a the any behavioral changes recently, including showing signs of depression. It was the opposite. He'd been saying a major project at work that he wanted to complain and was excited about his plans for the future. based on the evidence so far on covered. It was much more.
likely that Bob had met with fair play. The most. I play scenario was that the assailant had used the Quicksilver Dinghy Sue had tied up at the royal your club to get to and from the four winds once on board. They might torn the heavy fire extinguisher from its bracket and used it to bludgeon bug to death in the saloon. Several carpet squares were missing and it was possible days had being removed from the boat to destroy evidence, Bob's body which weighed sixty four kilograms. Might have then being tied with rope and dragged up the stairs using the winch before being dumped overboard. Kyla, then used the dinghy to return to shore dumping it on the beach, without tying it up in ass, a guide is conducted various experiments to test their theory, although their approach
it wasn't very scientific. They confirmed that the winch was kite pull up. Hoisting a man of bulbs, white from the side of the missing carpet squares based on the yacht hence, and the volume of water flowing in when it was discovered sinking A naval engineered determine that would take approximately nine to twelve hours for the boat to sink, had both the pipe and say cock being caught. At the same time, then that the yacht was at its lowest point. In the water had around eight o clock on the morning of January twenty seven, it was estimated that the four winds had a likely being sabotaged around midnight. Investigators were left to determine, who would want to hurt, bug chapel and why, outside of work Bob mostly cap,
to himself a typical evening for Bob Involved, a relaxing drink, cooking, a nice meal and settling in with a good book. This not the routine of a man who saw it trouble Sue, was of the opinion that trouble had instead found Bob. Just thirteen days before Bob went missing, Sue believed someone had tried to break into the four winds. She had boarded the yard to find that the electrical switchboard and fresh water pump cover were open and they charge table had been accessed. It wasn't the first time, while the four winds was being repaired in Queensland. The mechanic had advised sue that the yacht had been broken into and several panel said Dane Open, tend to move about.
Sue, had noted that a similar looking yacht had recently been used to smuggle drugs into us. Dryly are consequently she wondered whether someone might have planted drugs in the full wins during the journey down from coal, his land when the smuggler or their cohorts went to collect the goods in Tasmania. They would have unexpectedly found Bob on board and could have killed him to cover their tracks. Su seems convinced this was the likely outcome and had been urging police to follow up on this line of investigation from the very beginning. Within minutes. arriving on the scene to find the yacht sinking. She'd mentioned at this possibility to a constable. She told police that Sir, All other boats in the sandy by area had recently been broken into war tampered with prior to Bob's disappearance. She knows
the vessel on the water with the license plate, beginning with pay. They soon were mediately noted. This says suspicious. She believed this indicated that the boat was from Port Villa a homicide. City in Vienna was too that was unknown hot spot, the drug smuggling sniffer dogs taken on board. The four winds were unable to detect traces of drugs are due to severe the damage to the yachts interior police were also unable to confirm whether a boat from Port Villa had recently being in the sandy by area weeks passed without any sign of Bob Chapel. He did and accessories bank account so make contact with any of his loved ones. Leading to the conclusion he was likely to save the limited forensic evidence, Rick
On board the four winds had to lead nowhere. The Red Yachting jacket found on the corner of Margaret Straight and Maryville S. Plan out wasn't thought to be relevant to Bob's case has soon said she had never seen it before invent The guide has had it tested anyway, if anything they hoped forensics might point towards its owner. And to give them a solid delayed as to who might have been in the area on the not Bob went missing, swabs taken from the inner services of the costs and a collar. What tested for dna and returned a match. The jacket had been worn by none other than Sue Neill Fraser. This wasn't the only law that Sue had been caught in hand.
Investigators spoke with people who had been at Sandy Bay. On January twenty six. It became clear that something wasn't adding up. Before, for that afternoon, a group of men arrived at the Royal Yacht Club Marina, the noticed the four winds offshore and recalled a grey need. Sized dinghy tied to the vessel. It was bobbing up in In the choppy say taking in some water, they recalled the dingy is worn and faded with scuff marks and a great lake cloth, a pace of fabric that acts as a safety net another Witness who had been sitting on a nearby jetty at around five p m, also recur the dingy alongside the four winds. Store saw an elderly man pottering about on the yacht, which struck them as odd. They wondered why someone
choose to be on a moored boat in such turbulent waters. These recollections contradicted the statement provided by Tsuneo Fraser. She had told police that she had travelled from the four winds to debate. Sure riving at the shore between three and three thirty p m according to witnesses, Genie was still floating along saw at the four winds between four and five p dot m for the more. According to his son, Bob was very safety conscious. It was there for strange that he would choose to stay on the yacht without that dingy in case of an in can see Sue had told police that Bob was unable to get in and out of the dingy without assistance anyway. So
was now wish you in leaving him without access to it. Bob son disputed this he'd seen his father operate. They dinghy before, without any problems. Following up on sues claims that she D visited burnings warehouse after raging land police checked the stores, Cctv footage at no point was soon or her car captured on the premises Suit claimed to have arrived at bunnings around four hundred and forty p dot m and spent several was browsing the aisles, but this was impossible. given that January twenty six said: Bain the strategy a day, public holiday, the story, Headshot up at six p dot m, rather than its usual closing time. No nine pm sue me
ain't she'd, been home. All night police checked her fine records and confirmed she had received a call from Richard, the man who, boy These concerns about Bob Stordahl LISA at one thousand and five p dot m. As stated Richard told police that Sue's did relaxed and normal during their phone conversation not like she had anything to hide Sue said she went to bed after her cool with the. At one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m a man was observing the ocean from he's parked car. I need the Andy by Royal Yacht Club sheds he'd stopped by the bay to one one and found the area completely deserted. All of a sudden, his attention was drawn to this the end of an airport modem.
on the water was an inflatable dinghy. It was too dark to confirm the color, but man could make the outline of a person piloting the vessel based on their silhouette? It looked to be a woman The dinghy was heading in the direction of the four winds and the man soon lost sight of it. Almost an hour later at twelve fifteen, I am Cctv, footage from an atm surveillance. Camera eight hundred made is from the Royal Yacht Club captured a gray Ford Falcon station wagon. driving past the area. This was the same kind of car that Sunil Fraser Drive. when showing the footage Haven, Suze, daughters can say dad that it looks like they're not as car the vehicles number plate wasn't captured in the footage. So it couldn't be said with certainty who the car belonged to.
Then, at three our white- I am another- call appeared on sues home phone records. It had been placed to start again hash. An automated service that identifies the law. the unanswered call received by a landline, it only had Sue lied about not making any further phone calls. After speaking to Richard the star ten ass call raised a more important question. Why was soon you wanting to know. If anyone had called her in the middle of the not wasn't there, but she had left the house and wanted to make sure that nobody had cold and discovered. She was out during this time frame. At seven. I fall on the morning of January. Twenty seven sue.
I called her mobile phone, which she had left on board with Bob when questioned Sue said she was calling the yacht to check in on Bob. As for the star ten hash, she had no recollection of ever placing the call sue had been very quick to push the drug smuggling theory, claiming that several boats in the area had recently been broken into police, checked their records from the previous three months and couldn't find any evidence to support this. No other bright KEN said being reported, including the one that allegedly took place on board the four winds for the more when an officer had first gone to sue's house to take down an official statement on the day, Bob was discovered missing. They noticed something odd
left wrist was strapped up and there was a band. I don't know if Thumb Sue explains the wrist injury it's from an old boating incident which flared up occasionally the officer asked Sue to remove her bandaid, Sheikh implied revealing a laceration approximately one hundred and twenty two cm long suit claims she accidentally caught hisself. But didn't elaborated further at the time, the interviewing office, I hadn't thought too much of it. That was until several weeks later, when he happened to catch a glimpse of something that sturdy. Memory. On January, twenty six Sue had left the full.
Windsor Random MID day to have lunch with Bob System in during the meal and had taken some photos. The office I chanced upon them hate took a closer look at sues, raised there was no bandage, nor was there any sign of caught or bandaid on her thumb, this man Sue had sustained the injury sometime Twain having lunch with an and when the officer interview, in the wake of Bob's disappearance less than twenty four hours later. Could it have Bain drew in the course of an attack or an attempt to dispose of bugs body. The truth was police had been viewing sue with suspicion from the outset of the investigation,
when she first arrived at Sandy Bay on January, twenty, seven after being informed that her yacht was sinking, she didn't appear overly distressed about this situation. At no point did she asked about Bob's well being when speaking about Bob in subsequent Palais seem to be, Is she kept referring to him in the past tense, as though she already knew he was no longer alive? Sue apologized for this explaining she'd already come to terms with the fact that Bob was most likely deceased investigators. One convinced. With all this in mind, they paste together app
simple scenario based on Suse guild. After her call with the Richard Sue, drive her forward to Sandy Bay donned the Red Yachting Jacket and took the Quicksilver dinghy out to the yard she the bludgeoned or stabbed Bob to death before using ropes and a winch to transport, his body out of the saloon onto the deck and into the dinghy. From there she used a heavy object, most likely the yacht's fire extinguisher the way Bob's body down and throw him overboard. It was some time during this process that she injured her wrist and caught. Her thumb using her knowledge of the four winds in a workings sue than cut the pipe turned on the sea caulk and deactivated the bilge pump and alarms in a bid to sink the yard and destroy evidence.
A mechanic who could worked on the boat in early January confirmed that hey Ensue had specifically discussed the sea pipes and valves on board sorry. That was no doubt. She was aware of that functions upon returning home Coldstar ten hash to make sure there hadn't been any unanswered calls that could discredit her alibi at seven hundred and four, am she called her mobile phone, which she'd intentionally left on board the four winds. If the phone failed to ring, it would tell her that the yacht was submerged. Although this was all circumstantial, the pieces began to fit together all that
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and said that she and Bob had separated when he expressed his sympathy. Sue said something along the lines of being quote tired of having to do everything. the two high it crew members who was scolded Bob ensues attire mania noticed there was no affection between the couple at one point soon remarked that her relationship with Bob had been strained for some time and was coming to an end. She was thinking about borrowing, one one hundred thousand dollars from her mother to pay for Bob share of the yard when the cup were re united in Hobart Sue, stood back and ignored Bob when he tried to approach when he went missing, Sue told one of her yacht mechanics that she and Bob had broken up
Bob's children weren't aware that the couple had intentions of splitting, but he son Timothy had noticed some obvious tension between them in the weeks leading up to his father's disappearance, hey attributed it to them wanting different things from Yacht Sue hoped to go on long overseas voyages. While Bob wanted to set sail on smaller trips. It was clear that purchasing the four winds said introduced some conflict into the couples relationship, but this did and explain why sue would want to kill her partner of twenty years. Five years before he disappeared, Bob amended he's will to ensure that soon would be well taken care of in the event of his death. She was set to
hair, it he's West Hobart Home Car, personal possessions and fifty percent of the residue of his one point. Three million dollar estate Sue hadn't been present when Bob Night days changes and he's Loya couldn't confirm what the Sioux knew what she stood to inherit. Yet Sue had spoken, so one of Bob's daughters about the will previously remarking that Bob had designated a fair amount to everyone. Sue had since visited Bob's Loya to discuss what needs to happen to release Bob's state. If they couple were on the brink of separation, has several witnesses had described it stood to raise, and that soon would lose what she was owed from Bob's will, in addition to
generous inheritance, Bob's death also meant Sue would acquire he's half of the four winds without having to buy him out. Philip Patricia had helped to work on. Soon, you'll phrases previous year during the nineties nineties, Philip claimed that Sue had once mentioned. She was feuding with her mother. She was worried that her brother, Patrick Would that boring hair at all of her mother's money when she passed away according to fill up sue said she wanted to get rid of. Straight, but throwing him overboard and two point four Philips assistance in doing so, her plan was to wipe Patrick down with a toolbox and then sink the yard, but tampering with the bilge pump later
Sue told fill up about some problems. She was having in her relationship with Bob Chapel. She claimed that Bob was Kind with money and had been exhibiting some troubling behaviour after drinking one, not Bob, apparently I became convinced there was an intruder in their house, and stuff that running around with a knife. This worried sue. She was concerned that Bob was dangerous and wanted him gone. She suggested to fill up that they do to bob what she had only a proposed. They do to her brow. Only this time they would also wrap a rather in chicken wire before throwing him overboard. Philip had been taken aback by sues plan and tried to alert Bob.
but soon denied he's allegations. Consequently, at marked the end of their friendship. Although investigators had been suspicious of sue from the get go, they withheld this information from her They wanted to rule out other possibilities when no other stuff, backs immediately came to light Diner, Guardian d known and with the circumstantial evidence mounting against her. It was time to act Just over a month after Bob vanished covert, listening devices were planted in home and on her phone investigator discovered that she had hired a lawyer who advised her not to speak to the police regardless the next day sue voluntarily agreed to her first video interview. At this point, the police
swiss, still gathering information for their investigation and didn't caution, sue that she was considered a suspect that therefore She didn't ask to bring her lawyer. They asked sue help. Things had been between her and Bob when she left him on the yacht. She said: they'd Bain squabbling Bob was frustrated about the ongoing work that needed to be done to the boat. He D given sue a lecture about how awful it was to work full time while dedicating his spare time to the repairs, Sue repainted a story about visiting bunting after she got back to shore, adding that she had felt guilty at the time, because wouldn't be able to reach her if he called their land line. This was the big chance fur investigators to catch
sue in her eye and why they made the big, reveal Sue hadn't, been card on any cctv food aid and the stores opening hours that day did in a line with her time line. Sir replied that she was pretty sure she had Beynon banning sown the afternoon in question. She maintained that she didn't leave the house again after returning home. When asked why she didn't report, the alleged break ins on the four winds Sue said, Bob was reluctant to do so because they didn't want to give their boat a bad reputation. She claimed to have called the drug quiet at the time to inquire about having sniffer dogs search the vessel, but Bob had requested she didn't pursue the matter after the interview
detectives code every drug investigation unit in Tasmania. No one recall receiving an enquiry. Has this nature over a month after Bob vanish Sue sat down with the radio journalist Felicity Ogilvy, having agreed to be interviewed about the case as they try prior to the interview official play starting soon made a revelation. She spoke about the phone call she'd received from Shit on the nod of January, twenty six regarding Bob's estranged, daughter, LISA. As LISA had expressed concerns for Bob and he's yard Sue wanted to check on them both to see if all was ok. Sue then admitted to felicity that she didn't stay home. The entire nod of January twenty six she drove
two Maryville Esplanade we're a few homeless people gathered around a fire around the base, but they didn't appear to be anything suspicious going on on the full winds doubt it's a having put her mind at ease, sue return time. Assuming this was a detail. Police were already aware of felicity Groovy mentioned in passing during subsequent, in a view with detectives, it was the first they heard of Ed, given that sue had staunchly maintained to them that she'd never left the house on the night of January. Twenty six, her comments, placing her at the scene where huge.
Investigators would soon discover that felicity wasn't. The only person Sue had made this admission to in a phone call with Bob Sister ran over two months after he disappeared sue. Once again, And spoke of having driven dancer, Maryville less blend odd. In this it can, She added that she had left her car there, so she could walk home for exercise by MID April, almost three months ago, passed with no sign of Bob Chappell till I still have is once again and to the waters of Cindy by using advanced. Sonar equipment, they searched an area measuring one nautical mile, long and half a nickel mile wide from where the four winds had been moored. They found the various items, including
dinghy's moorings, discarded, wheelie, bins and concrete blocks, but nothing relevant. So the chapel case. Investigators remained certain that Bob's body had been dumped in the bay and was hidden in the murky depths or had since drifted outside of their search sign. on May five, two thousand gnawing sunium fries out once again participated in a video interview with police. This time she was cautioned that she was officially being traded as a suspect in bogs disappear parents sue admitted she must have been mistaken. When she initially said she'd been at bunnings on the afternoon of January twenty six she explained she must have gotten her days mixed up due to being in a state of shock. After Bob went missing
Sue and Bob visited Bunnings, frequently to buy items for the boat, and she simply had trouble differentiating One day from the next week and told about the witness reports that place that dingy at the four winds between four and five p dot m SU completely changed her story. She claimed she the state aboard the yacht later than she initially thought. After returning to shore and tying the thingy yeah, but the Royal Yacht club she left her car. Rite aid on Maryville Esplanade corner on Margaret straight. She couldn't be sure exactly. She then walked the two. Point seven kilometers Route Heine, which took about forty minutes later that not after receiving the
all from Richard about lay saw she became concerned. She didn't want to coal bob in case she woke in instead Sue decided to walk down to collect her car incase. Bob lighter called her from the yacht wanting to be picked up When Sir raged her car, she realized she brought the wrong said of case. She walked time got the right said and walked back once she returned To her Vigo, she drove along the rowing sheds on Maryville last Plenary, part their car and walked onto the beige. It was pitch black and too dark to say the four winds in the dish. sense, but she noticed that there was some homeless people sitting around a fire. This made her feel better, so she drive home.
Sue said: she'd initially lied about going to the esplanade because she didn't want to upset Bob's other children. If they found out about the phone call concerning their sisters, welfare, the police told sue that The Red Yachting jacket she denied owning had tested positive for her day and I she conceded that the jacket belongs to her. It was a spare kept on board fake However, she had no idea how it ended up on the trade for investigators who was only digging herself into a data hall. They believed She had a conveniently selective memory wherein she changed her story. Whenever she was presented with evidence that disproved her previous statements she had denied the jacket was hers until dna testing proved otherwise.
She'd stuck with her story about being at bunnings until security footage showed She was never there. she was adamant. She had never left her house on the night of January twenty six until a car matching the description Of the one she drove was captured on, say, say, tv and after she slipped up by two. the radio journalist that she'd driven to Beige. In early August, two thousand and nine Sue Roadrunner. Visual led out said the commissioner of Police and the officer in charge of internal affairs to comply about the way she was being traded concerned that the police were targeting her and not considering other possibilities. She requested that an independent review be conducted into Bob's disappear. since her request was denied. Instead, investigators were
confident they had enough circumstantial evidence to war. It's an arrest on August, twenty soon you'll Fraser was charged with the murder of Bob Chappell. Seven months later, in March, two thousand and ten or fifteen. You're all homeless girl named Megan to was arrested in Tasmania, as per standard procedure, Her dna was run through the police database. Hate returned a match that nobody was expecting. Macon's dna had been detected at another unrelated crime, saying on board the four winds. a forensic examination of the yacht had uncovered a dinner plate. Size dna profile thought to have come from such bodily leaf.
word as vomit IRAN or saliva testing, confirmed that didn't belong to soon you'll Fraser and its source had remained unknown until now. in vast had no known connection to Bob Chapel soon, you'll Fraser or the four winds So there was no reasonable explanation for the presence of her Diana on the yacht. Fingerprints workin pad to those found on board. but none were a match. Police searched for any other evidence that placed the a on the or wins at any time, but found nothing. Police set up an interview with Megan vast I could question her about her whereabouts. On January, twenty six, the previous year. She never showed up, they scheduled a second interview, but she didn't
Send that one either she was a minor with no adult guardian. They couldn't force her to speak. Megan was. free to go about her life, while Sunil I, as illegal tame, scrambled to prove her innocence. They believed that police had tunnel vision on soon which led them to carry out any, not equate investigation. The dingy saw did robed up to four winds. On the afternoon. Bob vanished was described as charcoal gray, Bob and Sue's Quicksilver dinghy was blue and white. one witness or alone, seemingly female figure traveling on a dinghy towards Bob's yacht at one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot M police were quick to conclude that this person was sued. Yet it could have been me, vast or it might not have been a woman at all.
A man named grant had also been moored in the same area as the four winds on the night of January. Twenty six, two thousand and nine. He was described as slim with delicate features and away be, showed a length hair. It was possible that the witness said Saint Grant and confused. He silhouette for that of a female, Then there was the assertion that Sue had lifted Bob's body using a winch before placing it in the dingy, anti dumping at say several witnesses confirmed Sue couldn't used the wage without assistance due to a backing jury. The Quicksilver dinghy was tested with low and all the chemical used to detect a blood, and several areas had reacted positively. However, as luminol cannot be one hundred percent relied on another
screening agent and microscopic examination were also used. This time they retire, and the negative results. There was No forensic evidence to conclusively prove there was sore had bain any blood in the. Me at all, other witnesses who had contact with Sue the morning after Bob's disappearance recalled seeing a bandage don't her wrist for band, I don't her thumb the interviewing
Facade, who noticed the injury said. He told the detective in charge of the investigation about what he saw, but he didn't take any photographs or notes about the injury at the time. Nor did he requested to be examined and inverted latex glove uncovered on the four winds led investigators to assume that Sue had endeavoured to clean the yacht prior to sabotaging add the glove contained fingerprints, but they match the Bob son. Timothy he said he'd recently been on the yacht as a guest. Although financial gain was a common motive for murder, Sue was not desperate for money. While she no longer worked full time. She owned three investment properties and Bob had
when providing her an allowance of five hundred dollars a fortnight for living expenses? If she hoped to inherit Bob's half of the four winds, it didn't make sense that she would then attempt to sink the vessel in the process Although her story changed, Sue willingly spoke with the police and aided in our investigations, she even pointed out the things that were missing or out of place on the yard, but these the actions of someone who had something to hide Suse trial commenced in Tasmania's Supreme Court in September, two thousand and ten with no body no weapon, no witnesses and nothing to conclusively prove that Bob Chappell was deceased.
The case against her was built entirely on circumstantial evidence. The prosecution, cold sixty witnesses to the stand among them was paid are one of the crew members who helped sail the four winds from quaintly. And tat mania. Hay was one of several people who claimed that suit told him her relationship with Bob was over in earlier police interviews. Sue claimed that paid, I drank heavily during the voyage, implying that he might have gotten things make stop on the stand paid out took offense to this. He stated that the most he ever drank was one or two glasses of wine. During dinner, He was nowhere near intoxicated at any time on the journey. The Cross Examination Sue's layup, put it to paid off that someone. with intimate knowledge of the four winds would know that
Asia, ways to sink it than by cutting the seventy five millimeter pipe near the toilet. Peter agreed it would be quicker to sync. by opening the main engine inlet valve. However, Aid are also noted that the slow, a method might be the best option if the person responsible wanted to get off the yacht and out of sight before anyone notice that was sinking sues, form a friend, Philip truth. It took the stand to repay he story about Sue, saying she wanted to kill both her other and Bob and throw them overboard. They set are legit it happened in the nineties when the defence asked fill up, why he didn't report There are of these conversations to police. At that time he claimed he didn't think the threats would ever eventuate, the defense wasn't buying it.
They argued that he Philips claims were true. It was absurd to think that Sue would have carried out the plan at DEC after the first mentioning it has. The defense pointed out Philip, had passed convictions for physical assault traffic infringement and unlawful possession of a firearm. At the time Bob Chapel went missing, Philip was on dial and had asked lace weather, providing information about Bob and Suze history would help with these current charges. The defense urged the jury to reject these claims on the basis that Philip trip it was a dishonest man who was hoping to gain a personal advantage from giving false evidence. Instead, they criticize pole
for not seriously investigating sues concerns that someone might have used. The four winds to smuggle Drugs James, a marine mechanic who had conducted repairs on the yacht Waller, was in Queensland and gave evidence that, while working on the yacht, he raised concerns of a break in, James had noticed that on two or three occasions the boom cover, which is a topical one that covers the cockpit to protect it from the elements was tied down differently to the way he had left. It. Several items on board had also been moved around, as the four winds was kept on. Two key arrive and not James suspected someone was accessing the yacht. From this say. Rattled he had found suits are voiced his concerns, including that he felt like someone was watching him, However, during Cross examination James,
revealed he later found out that an electrician had been working on the boat after hours, which accounted for this suspicious activity. He had informed sue of this. This implied she knew the boat hadn't been broken into yet had still use the days incidents to bolster the drug smuggling theory well. They were compelling arguments both for and against Sue's innocence One giant question loomed how had Megan Vassal Day and I got on board the four winds. The cases dna profiles confirmed that the dinner plight saw Today, in a profile belonged to Megan Vast set a probability of one in one hundred million. Although rare he said it was Entirely possible that Megan's day and I ended up on the four winds through secondary transfer without her
ever having been on board speculatively speaking, it was possible that, the day and I had vain, walked onto the yacht from someone shoe. Although he you don't recall an instance in he's Korea, where such an incident had occurred there had actually and some other items found on board that also appeared to have been covered involved at a small blue face washer and to wet rags. They said being bagged as evidence and appeared on the forensic report. Didn't cod thought they were never forensically tested, nor mentioned to you. the trial by this point, Megan Vast, said being tracked down and was called to testify. She told the jury that, in light January of two thousand and nine, she was living in a complex in Lenna's valley, a suburb six and a half Ahmed as north of sandy by she had never been on board the four winds and couldn't.
Cool, whether she was anywhere near Sandy Bay. At the time of Bob Chapel disappearance. Explaining why she refused to be interviewed by the police when her day and a was first to link to the case. Megan said she was intimidated by Lauren Forcement and by the magnitude of the situation. After giving her testimony, Meghan was free to leave However, something she said raised a red flag before jury had been summoned in Megan, told the court that been living in a women's refuge in Montrose. At the time of Bob chapels disappearance, not Lenna Valley, like she told the jury, the two suburbs were roughly six kilometers apart and not easily confused, though the mall
one of the detectives who it looked into Megan after her dna was identified, told a completely different story during his inquiries. He discovered that in January, two thousand and nine Megan was living at a woman's shelter, Cool Mara House in the inner northern. Of new town shelter policy required. Anyone who intended to spend the night off grounds tell the staff where they were going. On the night of January, twenty six staff recalled that Megan spent the night away and had given them. the address of a unit in Mount Nelson, a suburb just above sandy by the detective, looked into it and discovered her was a fake address. This was the first time this information had come to live, but by these point, Megan Vast had already been dismissed.
from court. The judge decided not to re, call her and simply instructed the jury to ignore this information from the tat, as it was only he say, as the trial progressed sooner Fraser was called to the stand as the sole witness for the defense. For four days she was subdued text to intense questioning Sudan. Ah Deb is saying that her relationship with Bob was over on the country they had planned Get married on. There are becoming twentieth anniversary, she's, Strongly denied ever telling her former friend, Philip Terrific, that she wanted her brother and Bob dead.
She claimed the real raising. Her friendship with Philip deteriorated was because he was stockpiling weapons and it made her and Bob very uncomfortable. Additionally, Philips partner at the time had told them that Philip had burned her house down for insurance money and that he had once killed a man soon stuck. by the story that she sometimes strapped her wrist due to an old boating injury that often flared up. As for the bandaid, the interviewing office, I recalled saying on her left thumb the morning of Bob's disappearance sue claimed to have no recollection of cutting herself. She said she must have been scratched by her cat. She admitted it was quote very silly that she'd kept a word of her trip to Sandy.
On the night of January twenty six, a secret. She said she hadn't been thinking clearly, at the time the prosecution accused sue of planting red herrings to direct the investigation away from herself, sue disputed this, explaining that one of the reasons she withheld information from police was that she began suffering acute mental blackouts. A few days after Bob's disappearance. She stated it was as if every the thing was receding, and then I would basically not know where I was just for a few seconds or a minute soon. You also claimed. It was stress that it caused her to give incorrect recollections of her trip to Bunnings warehouse hindered further by the fact that her days blended into one, because she typically followed the same routine. Every day
the prosecution label, today's as false memories, and suggested that suit all So many lies she was unable to keep track of them all the prosecution. Also. Cute sue of exaggerating stories about the full winds being broken into two laid police towards that line of him? the geisha in her to day The nine diary in which she had made out of a break in that occurred on January ten was presented to the cod The centre had been written using different colored ink to other entries from the same day. The prosecution alleged this was because Sue had made the entry later on to give her story about the break ins. More credence. sue denied this allegation pointing out that most if her diary entries were written in different colored ink
Bring her time on the stand, sue often gave I could not committed responses. The judge caution terror against this, but Sue ignored. The caution and continued giving past events is some perceived today is being uncertain and deceitful when the prosecution blatantly accused sue of killing Bob and dumping he's body at sea If a financial gain sue responded, there is not a grain of truth in any of this case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors. Do you find yourself constantly signing up for subscriptions that are impossible to cancel
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sent off your first order, plus free shipping. Thank you for listening to this episodes dad's by supporting us once is you support case file to continue to deliver quality content. After three weeks, sooner phrases trial began wrapping up. Her lawyer reminded the jury that the prosecution's case was entirely circumstantial and Tasmania, Landlord dictated that an individual couldn't be convicted of a crime when the evidence lies purely on suspicion. Hey said the prosecution's case: oh, you know what the evidence that clearly proved to sue was innocent. telling the jury you hold miss no phrases future in your hands today and you have a seat.
One duty to discharge in accordance with the oath that you took at the beginning of these proceedings to decide the case. According to the evidence that oath says nothing about suspicion the judge Ray you to write to the jury that telling a lie mustn't be traded as evidence suggesting guilt. Hey clarified, quote you may find Miss no Fraser guilty of murder. If your satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of all the following things, I she killed, Mr Chapel, they the physical act or acts by She killed. Mr Chapel was voluntary and intentional say at the time of the killing she intended to cause Mr Chapel's death day, her physical act
Well, acts were not justified under the provisions of the criminal code. jury deliberated for ferreting hours, but the murder of Bob Chappell they found Sunium he's guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Sue was noticeably shocked by the outcome she had been so convinced that they do Erie would find her innocent that she'd barely considered. The alternative sentencing took place twelve days later, Bob's family chose not to provide victim impact statements in order to preserve their privacy, the judge stated he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Sue had murdered Bob on board the four winds and used the dinghy to dump his body at sea for the purpose of
around financial gain. Quite she seems to me to be clever, very cool headed and well able to control her emotions. This was no killing that occurred because of a loss of self control. It was not a crime of passion. It was, intentional and purposeful, killing. Acknowledging that Sue had no prior convictions. The judge stated that her refusal to plead guilty or assist with locating Bob's body coupled with her lack of remorse, warranted a heavy sentence than most murders. He therefore sentenced soon Fraser Phrase out to twenty six he's with a non parole period of eighteen years, backdated today, Eight of her arrest sue appealed against her conviction straight away, and in August two thousand and eleven
case was heard in the court of criminal appeal. The appeal was quite washed immediately, but the appellate judges are great. That given her age and previously good character, her sentencing was excessive. Sues sentence was reduced to twenty three years. With a non parole period of thirteen years, meaning she be eligible for parole in twenty twenty. Two sue wasn't satisfied with this outcome. Six months later, she applied for special leave to appeal to the high court of Australia on the grounds that the case against her was purely certain, statue. She argued that the dna evidence belonging to Megan Vast found on board. The four winds should be given further consideration
her application was rejected that same day riding to a friend about her experiences. Sue said it has been a pretty horrific few years. for us. No one in the family had ever been involved in the criminal justice system, and we would for naive when it came to interacting with police. We had faith that if mistakes were made, there were checks and balances to address them. Now Well, in L world view has changed and of necessity, we find ourselves tumble about in the eye of a turbulent fought for justice, as or time goes by since Bob disappeared. The more clearly I say what has happened and to you how outrageous the claims made by police and prosecution actually were.
Pursues appeal. Lawyer, Barbara Rata One. Particular data continued to play on her mind in the weeks following. Bob's disappearance, a man named staving Gleason, had gone to the Hobart police station wanting to report. He siding some Night of January, twenty six, two thousand and nine Gleason had living in his car in Sandy Bay at the time, and then you Bob and sue as he occasionally helped them with that dingy. He expected that police would follow up with him to provide a statement, but they never did Barbara right. I wanted to know why she contacted the police and insisted they can doctor formal interview with glaze
The police, reluctantly a grade staving Gleason, told the interviewing officer that he's friends. Pole row should be viewed with suspicion. Ro lived on a boat which had been more alongside the four winds on the nod of bug, chattels disappearance, and he was now to invite homeless people aboard a month prior to the four winds in. Ro had allegedly told Gleason that Bobby Chapel was quote, how condescending out can't and on the lock to repeat teeth out of his head with a pair of olive pliers, glazing claimed that he'd been
sleeping in his car overlooking stand Ebay on the night of January, twenty six, two thousand and nine. When a homeless teenage girl knocked on his window, he suspected that she and her boyfriend had boarded the four winds and might have something to do with Bob's disappearance. It was curious that pull row had never been questioned. After all, his boat was the closest one. More to the four winds on the nod in question. Ro also had a long criminal history, which included serving prison time for stabbing a man at the persistence of sues, Loya police. Finally, question time in two thousand and twelve, road denied knowing sooner Fraser, all Bob Chapel, but remember the full wines because of its distinct double mast.
He admitted to having a violent temper that worsens when he was intoxicated but the Nar having anything to do with bulbs, disappearance or assisting Sue with the murder. he said he didn't know anyone named Megan Megan's. According to rule on the night of January, twenty six, two thousand nine he had been drinking with staving collation before returning to his bowed row, claim he kept his boat there until around November two thousand and ten, however photographs I, during the investigation into Bob Chapel's disappearance, proved otherwise. There was no sign of coal rose vessel in any of the images. In reality, Rohan And left the day after Bob's disappearance, rail,
creating he's bow to Constitution Doc on the other side of this city, police, never queried this inconsistency. while the public remains divided about whether or not soon you'll Fraser was guilty. Her family and supporters can, He knew to rally around her. They felt there were the possibilities that weren't explored due to investigate is having cast their suspicions on soon prematurely. What about making acids. Dna in the rare chance that Maidens DNA was walked on board by somebody else. It would have a lock LEO Kid in multiple places, rather than in one single puddle. Furthermore, secondary transference of and I his extremely rare and it.
it's been nearly impossible in such a large amount. There were so some unidentified fingerprints and human has found on board the four winds that didn't belong to sue, then there was bugs daughter, lay saw who had spoken of her father coming to harm on the four winds, the very night he disappeared. Despite this LISA wasn't questioned by police until four months into the impact. The gation. There was also the issue of a police log recorded on January 27th, two thousand and nine that have been withheld from Sue's defense tame and do that for resented at her trial. The lug stated that at some time, between seven forty, five and eight thirty on the night bulb went sing, a woman who lived in a large house overlooking Sandy Bay had looked out over the water she seen any.
vital dinghy leaving the area where the four winds was moored. She believed the dinghy was being driven by a male aged between forty and fifty years old, with thick wavy, ready, brown hair and I quote: weather beaten sailor. Look underneath the woman statement. A detective had written person fits description of soon you'll Fraser. witness was some distance from dinghy and presume that was a neo due to the way they did was sitting low in the water at the rear that a was entirely subjective, yet investigators hadn't bother, Looking into any other possibilities in actuality, the woman might have in fact seen a male as she told police.
There had also been a report from a woman who lived on the four shore who said she had heard a distress, the males voice, in the middle of the night, lay said, largely ignored this report, even though I could have been What in identifying the timing of Bob's attack, then That was the only going argument about Sue's drug smuggling theory. Suse trial was taking place. The australian federal police seized four hundred and sixty four kilograms of cocaine. The street value was one hundred and sixty million dollars from a yacht. In Brisbane three
Strangely and men were arrested after Loring Foresman agencies in the United States tipped off a strategy and authorities, while the prosecution passed off sues. Drug smuggling concerns is ludicrous and unfounded. Some argue that this past showed the possibility wasn't without merit. During sues trial, the police had told the court. There were no nine break ins to yachts in the Hobart area in the weeks leading up to Bob's disappearance. However, this wasn't true. Several locals had in fact had their dinghy, stolen and boats broken into, but the police never followed up these reports in relation at Bob's disappearance. Instead placing the blame on the local homeless population. On the night of Bob's disappearance. Another
A soul north of Sandy Bay had been ransacked in a similar manner to the four winds with the power turned off at the switchboard and the alarm system, disengaged, with mounting pressure from Sue supporters and various media lads. The hate was gone for the state car not to announce a public inquest into Bob Chapel death. But in January, two thousand fourteen coroner Glenn High confirmed that there wouldn't be an inquest, as he supported the findings of sues murder. Trial and didn't believe anyone else said being involved. Car Hey believed. A formal hearing would be a waste of court time and resources, while subjecting Bob and Sue's loved ones to unnecessary stress.
given that Sue had exhausted her appeal options, an inquest was her last chance to have their case re examined. Then five hundred and twenty two years later in November, two thousand and fifteen, a new whopper Unity, a rose and a man was made to the Tasmanian Criminal Code ACT that allowed the right to appeal to the courts in circumstances where fresh and compelling evidence had become available. this meant Sue could launch another appeal, providing she could present evidence. That was compelling enough to convince a judge for her appeal to be heard. Sues supporters are did billboards in the Centre of Hobart and along major roads, offering a forty thousand
a reward for anyone with quote true facts that lead to sue's release. In two thousand sixteen formatted Active turned true crime, Rider Cullen, Mclaren started investigating the Bob Chapel case himself. He was convinced that Megan Vast held a vital clue to solving the mystery of what went down on the four winds that a strategy day, while Colin didn't think Megan killed Bob, perhaps Had been on the yacht that not and witnessed something terrible happen by this point: Megan VAT, it was twenty three years old and running with a motorcycle gang in Mclaren managed to track her down, and she eventually agreed to speak to him in person
They met at a hotel in Hobart. Megan was accompanied by her boyfriend with the council on standby to provide support Megan was visibly apprehensive. It was clear that she was highly stressed and on edge. She didn't want to talk saying. The whole situation had haunted her for eleven years, but her boyfriend urged her to. It wasn't your fault, he told her. Somebody did the wrong thing by you, you're the. Carrying at all Megan paced. The nervous lay around the room unable to sit still. She then begged her boyfriend to lead her leave. Colin Mclaren urged her to think of Sue Neill Fraser. Who was spending her?
Elderly years in prison, in a wheelchair, he told Megan how grateful Sue would be if she just told the truth destroyed with her head in her hands. Megan responded. I know this and I've tried so hard. It's draining me for fuck sake. I can't do it today. Megan said she thought about sue every single day and that if she could, she would go and unlock her cell door herself unable to cope with the pressure of the situation. Megan ended the mating. However, before leaving the hotel. She was presented with a statutory declaration that Colin Mclaren had prepared in advance it
I stated I was on the four winds yacht on the night of Australia Day, two thousand and nine. I was there with people that I won't name. I don't want to give any details Except that always on the yard, the lady Suno Fraser was not on the yacht. I have never met her. I don't know her. I just know she is in prison. I don't want to say why always on the yacht- and I don't want to say any more Megan sign that the document the statutory declaration was given to the director of public prosecutions. But no further action was taken. Megan vast is boyfriend was eventually charged with perverting the course of justice after Palacio.
that he pressured her to sonnet against her will sues lawyer, Barbara Rata remained committed to proving her client's innocence, was another detail that had been bugging her. It related the Red Yachting jacket belonging to sue that was found on the esplanade on the morning of Bob Chapel disappearance when Saddam was forensically, analyzed a twenty six send a maid a long doc hair was found on it. However, the hair was never tested. Barbara urged the director of public prosecutions to test it again stupid and I doubt Abase ending April of twenty seventeen they finally agreed the head did not belong to sue
stead. It was linked to a woman who had been taken into police custody at eight p m on January twenty seven, two thousand nine, the night after Bob Chapel disappearance, Barbara. I discovered that when police first found the jacket it was thrown into the back of a police car without being properly bagged as evidence, The hair made it's way onto the jacket when the woman was taken in the car for reasons unrelated to the Bob Chappell Investigation I later when an officer went to retrieve the jacket for forensic testing, he found that lying in the dud in the police car park. During that time, the jacket had been exposed to both the rain and sun, with many people passing it by the police log submitted at Sue's trial had made no mention of this.
The soused legal team that they'd amassed enough new information to finally present their case to the Supreme Court of Tasmania. They had to start deck from Megan Vass, the witness statement from Stephen Gleason that named Paul row various experts who were willing to yen on the elements of the investigation they believed were handled incorrectly. In October, two thousand seventeen, Sue began. Her leave to appeal with the aim of convincing the judge that there was enough new and compelling evidence to warrant re trial. Nineteen witnesses were expected to take the stand over the course of the hearing, the first being Megan vast. However, when Megan appeared in cord. She retracted the statement made in her statutory declaration
saying it was quote, not fucking. True. She did not being on board the four winds on the note that Bob Chappell went missing and claimed that she had been pressured into signing this deck and offered payment to do so. Meagan became aggressive screw I had been made to sign that statement out of fear, always was threatened to be put in the boot of a car. She eventually ran from the courtroom to avoid the media waiting outside Stephen Gleason had since been convict, instead of causing grievous bodily harm. After repeatedly bashing he's neighbor over the head with an iron and was currently serving nine years in prison,
Aloia r, acting on behalf of Cullen. The Claren had visited glassing in prison and presented him with a photographic line up to see if he could identify that teenager who knocked on his window on the knot of Bob chapels disappearance, Gleison had singled out a photo of Megan's ass, However, because the Loya had presented this line up to Gleason without permission from Lauren Foresman police claimed that both the lawyer and Gleason were perverting the course of justice. They also left the lawyer had strongly influenced Gleason to identify Megan vast. Both men with China, within two interfering with sues appeal bid, regardless of the hearing. Gleason maintained his belief that pull row was responsible for Bob's disappearance and maintained his identification of making.
Vas, as the teenager who knocked on his car window on the night in question. To complicate matters further Gleason admit it Heyward alive to help sue, prove her innocence. The leave to appeal concluded on February Sixth, two thousand and nineteen, with the verdict to be delivered at a later date. Around this time, Colin Maclaren published he's findings in a book. So I do too then? Just this a firm believer ensues innocence. The book sought to highlight the various mistakes made throughout the course of the investigation. Mclaren also teamed up with filmmaker a batch to present their case pursues innocence in a six part documentary series for the Channel seven network, titled undercurrent.
Both the bull can the series explained Maclarens theory as to how Bob Chapel was really murdered. Hey buddy, even the more logical possibility was that two or more people broke into the four winds not expecting to find Bob on board caught off guard They killed him in the saloon and then attempted to let water into the yacht to destroy as much evidence as possible based on a length Rob that was found dangling from the rear entry hatch. The drops of on the land, swayed Honda, knave and scuff marks above the lounge. Mclaren theorized. The attackers then tied a rope around Bob's body and pulled him out the saloon via the skylight above as Mclaren explained in southern justice.
The rope is visible in police photographs, its presence teases, the astute investigator This clue is vital to understanding the crime scene and cannot be ignored, but it was a long gated vertical blood drops are evident on the lounge, their shape, indicating that at some point his body was above where the drops fell. This is detective one hour, one off. Logically, I can see no other solution with the release of southern justice and the undercurrent documentary Series Suno phrases case was back in the spotlight. channel. Nine sixty minutes secured an exclusive interview with Megan Vass, which promised viewers, explosive revelations.
The episode aired on March ten, two thousand nineteen Megan now aged twenty five, was still tormented over a sacred that had now haunted her for a decade she became Incredibly emotional, as she began to reveal the whole truth of what happened on the night of January. Twenty six, two thousand and nine through cheese me claimed she and two others. and whom she didn't want to name had been in the sandy. Bay area breaking into boats to still money to buy alcohol, they entered the four winds, thinking it would be vacant and were caught off guard when they found Bob on board. One of the men started, arguing with Bob and the confrontation escalated. The man launched an attack that lasted for around twenty minutes, kidding doll, Baby
I had multiple times with an unknown object. Megan said she urged the man to stop, but he was much bigger than her and she was helpless. The side of the blood eventually caused her to vomit likely account For the dinner plight size, the dna samples found on board, as well as the vomit Stained rags and face washer she refused to name either of the attackers will reveal what they did with Bob's body, but stated quote: whatever has happened, it's been horrible making a play knitted had taken her so long to speak up because she had been living a hard life on the streets and was afraid to come forward.
when Interview Offlane thoughtless, asked why people should believe her. Now Megan responded, but don't have a good reason, really had a lot to say, sue home with her family. That's the right thing to do or suppose as to whether she would retract her story when put in front of the court again. Megan said. I can't give a legitimate reason as to why anyone should believe me and, given my track record, Maybe they shouldn't on he now and I'm doing all I can. I I don't do any more. The episode It's banned in Tasmania, due to sue's, pending application for appeal, but on March fourteen two thousand and nineteen Megan signed an affidavit. Can
Running that she was on the four winds on the nod of Bob Chappell was murder. These carried more power than the statutory declaration she had previously so unfair, calling the Clarin In the affidavit Megan named the two men she was with and said that they had accessed the four winds because there was no dinghy attached. Leading them to believe it was on he applied. She said she couldn't recall the events that transpired after the attack on Bob or how she got back to shore. One way, collider a job
rules. There was enough brush and compelling evidence to warrant soon you'll phrases lave of appeal. This was excellent news for us too. Since her arrest, she had missed the death of her mother and the birth of four of her grandchildren. If her appeal was successful, it was possible that she could face a retrial or that her conviction would be overturned. and if it failed, she would be able to apply for another leave of appeal. Only if both a fresh and compelling evidence came to lot outside the courthouse, Sue's daughter, Sarah commented this is Josh
One step in what's going to be a very long journey for us as a family, she's, an innocent woman, and it's time she came home and to with her grandchildren factors. I want my money back soon. Appeal was scheduled to commence at home. what Supreme Court in late May two thousand and twenty. However, it was delayed due to the global Covid nineteen pandemic. It finally took place at the start of March two thousand and twenty one, but which points had been in prison for eleven and a half years. Megan vast was the witness for the defense, while Sue's lawyer acknowledged that Megan had been an unreliable witness and had changed her story several times over the years. They explained that the issue of her credibility was
secondary to whether or not her dna had arrived on the yacht by her being present on board soon. As the lawyer said, there is an anchor that is fixed, and that is the point. Ding of DNA of Megan vast. If that Ankara HALT, it will produce a compelling case that there's been a miscarriage of justice on day. One Megan paid via video link explaining she had recently. I become her drug addiction, but remained most play homeless. Once again, it was clear. The situation caused her a great amount of stress
She became visibly emotional as she admitted to being on the four winds when Bob Chappell was murdered. It was the first time she'd made this admission before the chords in a similar story to the one she gave to sixty minutes. Megan said that she had been drinking in the suburb of Goodwood with her than boyfriend and two of his friends, one of whom was Stephen Gleason. These six. Banda, don't stave in Gleason's previous comments in which he said, Megan had just knocked on his car window. At the beige. According to Megan, the men came up with a plan go to Sandy Bay and Rob boats for more. Alcohol money, Megan hadn't been involved with the
when but went along with it because she was drunk in Sandy by they found a dingy on the beach and used it to enter the four winds not expecting to find anyone on board when they encountered Bob Chapel Megan said her boyfriend started quote flipping, he attacked Bob and I was the sight of blood that caused the Megan to vomit. She couldn't recall any thing that happened after that things were looking promising for sued until Megan took the virtual witness stand again the following day: the cross examination. This time Megan said she'd been mistaken. When she said there were three men on the yacht when in fact they were only too. She then changed her story. Again saying there was only one man,
been caught her in a lie. The prosecutor ass to make in I remember being on that boat. Can you Megan responded? No, she said she'd been harassed into giving evidence and that someone had threatened to harm her. If she didn't provide one of the men's names she had given, it was a major blow. if pursues defense, they requested that Megan vast be relieved as a witness and her testimony abandoned. Instead, they focus on what they saw a residual with the original trial. Mainly the dna evidence linked to Megan. A day and a expert for the defense had contradictory findings to the prosecution to prove
Set Megan's day, and I couldn't have appeared on the four winds of lie. I s re transfer. They argued that if the jury heard from there would likely be enough to exonerate sue on the basis of reasonable doubt. However, the prosecution explained that, on the day, the four winds was found sinking. It wasn't traded as a crime scene It was eventually transferred to a marine facility in Goodwood the same suburb Macon Vasque Lane twenty two have bane on January 26th, two thousand and nine at least twenty one. Other people, including insurance, assesses police officers and civilians, had entered the yard before forensic swabs. What taken any one of these individuals could have transferred Megan's day and I on board the prosecution can,
Did that it was highly unlikely that Megan Vast was involved in Bob's death while there was quote over whelming evidence that Sunil, I was after five years in the making, the appeal came to an end. After just two and a half days outside court, Sue's daughter, Sarah said she was optimistic that the judges would realize that a miscarriage of justice had been served. Sarah said mom is innocent, and this needs to be rectified said that she can get out and be acquitted the true puppet rate as of this crime, need to be held to account and justice at shaved. For the sake of Bob.
For seven months sue and her supporters whited anxiously has a panel of three judges rage to bear decision. On November thirty, twenty He won the judges. Announcement was finally handed down. While one judge accepted sues appeal and welcome the re trial, the other two dismissed, the appeal with two against one sue had lost. Bob Chapel family, have remained tight, lipped about the case over the years, while sunium phrases, supporters Remain unwavering in their belief that she's innocent among them Miss Stewart tipple, though Well, yeah that helped exonerate Lindy Chamberlain, whose wrongful conviction was covered in episode. One hundred and thirty six of case file,
Another lawyer has called the case against sue the greatest miscarriage of justice in this country, since Chamberlain. Sue supporters have made numerous requests for a ride commission into Bob's disappearance to now a veil. In January, two thousand and twenty to thirteen softer bulbs, presumed death who launched an application to appeal to the high court over the dismissal of her case. It's unknown whether the court will consider her application. Haida way, Sue will be eligible for parole in August, two thousand and twenty two to sue and taffy clearing. Her name is just as important as her freedom to quest and of what really happened to Bob Chappell continues to polarize the australian public
Some wonder if Bob had fight design death, others question if it were an accident, perhaps the toilet, water pipe brow of canned Bobby injured himself, trying to fix it, accounting for the blood on board. He might have then attempted to Use the YE pub to call for help the full fulling I've aboard Andreani. Others remain convinced of Sunil phrases, Guild, noting her a string of allies and the constantly changing story Susan conservation has being viewed critically, not necessarily because people believe she's innocent, but because she shouldn't have been convicted.
On circumstantial evidence alone. Whatever the case Bob Chapel was outcome remains unknown, the full wins was sold at public auction to one of the salvage agents who helped stop it from sinking they plan to take its sailing once they retire, Justice Bob and soon had planned to do.
in two thousand sixteen case file covered the disappearance of twenty two year old China Callaghan. All you can say a headlines were: com flashing is blatantly obvious that she got an caught, whoever it take, it had done it for criminal purposes. Now he burst hand from loved ones and lead investigator state vulture as way unravel how the case unfolded and the minefield if the legal and ethical dilemmas encountered along the way. Therefore, there's only one way to do this. It was at that point if a state function decided to take an extra ordinary gamble. Her life is my responsibility. All I could do was plead with him for her life when a killer confesses do you listen peace said you and I should have a chat. The fact to these guilt was unequivocal, but what if one interpretation of the law, said
as you should and accept the confession when he got taken to Swindon. He got a lawyer. What conversation, those vital confessions disappeared, have no value what they were doing. What were they doing? What happens to the cop who leaves he's making the right choice, The whole reason we were there. Was losing sight. What was wrong in getting the confession from A murderer you Don rehearsed. This line that you ended with, which was it was a pleasure to ruin your career corrupt bastard, if it had been your loved ones? Steve Fulcher was looking for would you have wanted him to do crucial? Why somebody for trying His best get closure for two founders doesn't make a lot of sense case file presents the detectives.
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