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238: Case 207: Suzanne Armstrong & Susan Bartlett

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In early January 1977, residents of Easey Street in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Collingwood noticed they hadn’t seen the tenants at number 147 for several days... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Peloton – Learn more about Peloton The Detective’s Dilemma – New podcast from Casefile Presents Truebill – Take control of your finances and save money The Jordan Harbinger Show – Learn the stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most brilliant and interesting people For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-207-suzanne-armstrong-susan-bartlett
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Arab asides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support play, say the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. One for seven easy straight was a typical semi detached there is higher than opens in a city suburbs. Its front door opened to a narrow whole way, with three bedrooms laying off to the right, a bathroom set at the end of the hall, which also double. Does the laundry
another door, led to a living room and a modest kitchen which opened to a small backyard encased by a fence from the yard. A gay granted access to a saw at laneway that separated number one. for seven from the neighbouring property and lady out into the street. Thursday January thirteen nineteen, seventy seven next door, neighbor JANET waited aims firstly, in the lane way at her side was a german Shepherd Cross Poppy named Misha. The dog belonged to the two young women who lived at one for seven Aisy straight Suzanne, Armstrong and Susan bought lead. Janet and her housemaid alone had found may go, wandering the straight two days earlier, but Knox and calls to one for seven had gone unanswered.
Janet and alone had kept Miss gas secured in their backyard waiting for the too soon to come. Looking for her, but no indeed at one stage alone appeared over the fence into the back yard of one form seven and to notice the red door leading into the kitchen was open and a light was on. Her worries increased the following day when she I've heard the distressed sand of crying through the homes shared wall. It was Suzanne sixteen months, our son It was unusual for his cries to go ignored as Suzanne. the very attentive and affectionate mother at their wits end loner and JANET headed next door to investigate they bypassed the front door.
note date painted their days earlier, informing the women that their dog was loose remained untouched. seeing the sideline. Why JANET waited with me, while alone I entered one for seven's back yard and disappeared through the open kitchen door short while later a loner rushed from the house in a panic call the police she said, they're dead.
It took two calls to triple zero and over twenty minutes before a single police officer finally arrived at one for seven aisy straight alone. I met him outside and led him into one for seven's backyard via the sideline way along this root, she had taken almost half an hour earlier. Misgives vacant kennel said under the kitchen window, need the open back door. The officer stepped inside into the narrow kitchen, with its Bric, a Brac filled, shelves and onwards to the living room. So far, nothing Same debt of the ordinary there was a catch television and record Playa. Everything. Paid Nate and in order, the officer Rachel,
the dimly late, hallway and geared towards the front door at the end of the whole lying face down next to the door was the bloodied body of Susan Bartlett. She was fully clothed in a night dress, with numerous stab wounds to her arms hands legs and up at all, side alongside her, the walls of the whole way was made and splendid with blood moving toward Susan's body the office I glimpsed into the front bedroom Inside Suzanne Armstrong lie on the carpet. She was naked exam for a red and white night dress that had been pulled up around her head. Her arms chest and Chin were riddled with knife wines, and her legs were spread wide. Apart, Grasping the enormity of this situation, the attending
facade radio for back up a swarm of police cars, descended on easy straight. The boy lead family hadn't. Being too pleased when Susan announced that she was moving to calling would, in October of nineteen seventy six located four kilometres from Melbourne said by day. The semi industrial area had attracted paused even though it was gaining popularity with students and young people looking to take advantage of the chamber, and it still had a reputation as one of Victoria roughest suburbs, chrome rights. Hi and drugs and gangs where an ongoing problem, but for twenty seven years, Susan thought led who went by Sue Collingwood offered everything she needed,
There was a milk bar on the corner, reliable public transport near by, and it wasn't far from the high school where she worked as a not teacher. The house at one for seven Aisy straight, was basic big cozy and their rent was. More affordable than the place in nearby Richmond, where she had been living previously. Furthermore, Sue was looking forward to living with her and twenty eight year old, Suzanne Armstrong Who knew one another from high school having both grown up in the country? Town of banana, the women had a lot in common. Both were intelligent, creative and sociable, and they shared a love of cooking and travel. They'd recently explored the greek islands gather, proving they could live alongside one another without issue soon we also had a great affection for Suzanne Toddler, Son Gregory.
by January, nineteen, seventy seven sue and Susan and had been living in Collingwood together for around two months, Monday January ten started normally for both the women. they rose early. I breakfast together and then went their separate ways. Suzanne bathed Gregory and the two took off on her bicycle to visit. Some friends sues mother was in town and the two met to go shopping in the city. Afterwards, Sue went home to work in a dress. She was in the process of sowing. She was a talented same stress. Who made most of her own clothes and she intended to wear the stress on a diet she had planned for Wednesday night after working on the dress for awhile soon began to go dinner in preparation for company sues. Brother Martin was a regular visits to one voice
the Navy straight, having also made the move to the big city from banal he enjoyed helping he system with tasks around the house in exchange for a home, cooked meal. Sue Stereo had recently broken so Martin a great to come over for dinner and then have a go at fixing. It Martin got the stereo working and they all listen to some records, but then sue and Suzanne said they wanted to watch television. One of their favourite shows the solvents was about to start and they were came to say it one, Susie and put her son dance for the night at around nine p M Martin bid the women farewell with the Bartlett siblings, making plans to catch up again the following wake It was an enjoyable obey. It uneventful, leaving Everyone was in good spirits and nothing same data the ordinary. When Martin.
aft, Suzanne and Sue were comfortably settled in front of the television. Hey would become the last person to say he system and her friend alive given there were no further sidings of either of the women after mountain laughed and the dog was found wandering the straits the following day, it was determined to thy had left They ve been killed some time in the early hours of Tuesday January eleven neighbour, You didn't hear or say anything out of the ordinary, although next door, neighbor alone recalled hearing Gregory, trying for a prolonged period on Tuesday morning. This meant that the bodies Susan Bartlett and Suzanne Armstrong lie undiscovered in their home for three days, while the young boy light distressed and alone in his cod.
Collectively, the young women had been stabbed a total of eighty two times with Sue sustaining fifty five stab wounds to Suzanne twenty seven. The wounds were deep, having likely Bain inflicted using force or the thrusts with the two and a half centimeter, why the blade soon and had also been raped. Post mortem, however, at didn't appear that any great struggle had taken place other than of oz of flowers that they knocked over Sudan's bedroom was in relatively nay daughter. Blood had poohed on the carpet above her head. Several drops of blood stained her bed, and a pair of her underwear lay beside her the same index. did that Suzanne had been reading in bed when she got up and encountered her killer. Who then launched a brutal and frenzied attack
There were also Smith of blood on the land and alarm clock next to the bed that's Suzanne, had reached over in an attempt to grab her bedside fund and to call for help or the killer had reached dive. to turn the lamp off. Location of soup, Bartlett's body in the whole way just outside of Sudan's bedroom, suggested she had a likely confronted. The killer after Suzanne was already dead. Sues hands and arms were covered with defence ways, which explained this means of blue on the whole way. Walls invest. The gate is believed that, off that killing sue, the perpetrator returned tissues, Ann's bedroom, to write her lifeless body. The attack had been so quick and savage that neither woman had any time or rapid trinity to say
Co. Gregory was discovered in the middle ruin between the two women's bedrooms. He was found lying Hungary in his caught, his skin pile and nappy soiled. Other than having being dehydrated and distressed for some time He was alive and unheard he's. Room which doubled, assume selling room was relatively tidy and didn't appear to have been touched during the attack, Susie bedroom at the end of the hall was similarly Nate and there was no blood. Smudges of blood were discovered in the bathroom, specifically in the bathtub blood pooled around the plug hall and small bone splinters were found in the crook. If their drain, they suggested that the killer had showered after carrying out the murders with the by
fragments having likely being washed from their knife. The knife itself was nowhere to be found small spots of blood were also found on the lid of the washing machine. The killer might have used the machine, or at least consider doing so. The living room revealed further evidence of the killers attempt to clean themselves up a small bloodshed. Tat, tell lay on the couch a second blood sort. Tat was found at a playground. and three hundred metres from number one for seven on Wellington, straight. As dna testing wasn't available in the light seventies, they couldn't be determined whether any of the blood belonged to the killer. Sues blood talk was taught bow and Suzanne was type. I both common blood groups,
I only Taipei blood was found in Sudan's bedroom, the bathroom and on the blood soaked Taos, while lonely taught PO blood was found Smid in the whole way. They say the man that the killer wasn when did during the attacks or that shared a common blood top with one of his victims. However, he did leave one indisputable piece of evidence behind. Salmon was found on Suzanne Armstrongs body as well as on Bedroom, carpet, bed shades and one of the Taos. There were no signs of forced entry into number one for seven and when people They arrived both the front and back doors. we're unlocked if the women had purpose They left the door was unlocked which they were known to do things
allow might have let himself in Non invited, walked into Suzanne, Armstrongs Bedroom and launched an attack. Yet the top shade of Sudan's bed was neatly folded over and a book was face down on the corner. It appeared as though she'd been rating in bed when her killer rented, if it was a strange, ah Suzanne, would have scrambled out of bed in a panic leaving things in a far more disorderly state than the way that were found. Maybe they killer had knocked on the front or on Suzanne Window, and she had led him inside or perhaps she had been expecting aghast and had left front or back door unlocked said they could let themselves in. They might have exchanged words Well, maybe Suzanne rejected he sexual advances, which had enraged him. Susan's family didn't believe she was expecting a visitor shoes
and always wore decorative hearings, but at the time of her death she was well in plain gold, sleep is a family said she would never wear. Sleep is if she was expecting Mayo company. Sue was likely in the back yard kitchen or possibly doing some laundry at the time, which would explain why she hadn't heard the tack, right away she realised what was going on. She likely confronted the assailant who turned his fury to her. Sue had been stabbed almost twice as many times as Suzanne, There were wounds all over her body, including Her robotics in the back of her thighs, the killer continued his attack fave enough. sue light incapacitated and face down on the floor. However,
The level of overkill suing do it didn't necessarily mean that she was the killers main target, the fact that Sue hadn't being sexually assaulted, whereas Suzanne had indicated that Suzanne was most likely the intended victim. Sue might have been killed in such a vicious way because she took the perpetrated by surprise and he wanted to India. There were no witnesses Question remained. Who would want to hurt these two young women and why case file we'll be back shortly? Thank you for supporting Us By listening to this episode, sponsors the k to a motivating and fund fitness routine is the Cape things fresh, so you
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the detectives dilemma is available to stream for free from March fourteen only on Spotify stay tuned to heed. official, trailer at the end of today's episode and be sure to follow the detectives dilemma on Spotify When investigators initially examined Sue Bartlett's bedroom, nothing appeared noticeably out of place. However, upon closer inspection they realized. Something wasn't quite rod. Susie bed set directly under a window which looked out to this, Though the lame way, the blind, the window had fallen away at the corner and underneath was a dirty shoe, preying on sues bedspread.
After news of the murders hit the press that tobacco salesman named collins- fella, not he's real name, showed up at the police station, claiming he was the one who left the shoe print Call unexplained that on Tuesday January eleven he was grow worried about the fact he hadn't heard from sue. In a couple of days. The two had met the previous wake and had a date plan. for Wednesday evening, color Had been trying to call sue to confirm that details, but no he was answering the phone. He wondered if she might given him the wrong number by mistake, Cullen locked Sue and was eager for their date to go ahead. On Tuesday night he had a few too many drinks and decided to stop. Easy straight Cullen was familiar with the house. Having spent the night there, he had
Down the sideline way and knocked on sues bedroom window, there was no reply, not thinking Dry on a can of being inebriated Cullen decide. To climb in through the window and check sues phone to make sure he had been calling the right number, as he clambered through here, the window blind off in the process before long he's, dirty shoeprints, tonsures, bad cullen crept up the dark, way and into the living room, lot was on in the kitchen, so he managed to find the phone which had its number displayed on the dial. It confirmed that he'd been calling the right number so, where, with Sue Call him didn't pike around any further. He was came together
in an out as quickly as possible? So he hastily left the house the same. Why he daunted. Had he looked down the whole way, he would have noticed sues bloodied body lying by the front door. Whether it was the fault of the alcohol will the darkness culling claimed he never saw sues body. Colin found out about the matters after a friend read about them in a newspaper and recognised sues photo. He was horrified discover he'd been in the house, while the two women lay undiscovered here, Also realised this didn't look good for him, enlisting help of a lawyer colony. Immediately went to the police station to clear his name investigators, one convinced.
It seems highly unlikely that colleagues could have stood me made is away from sues body and not seen her nor heard Suzanne Sons, awake cries for attention. Colin had also been one of the last people to spend time at one for seven easy strayed having slept diver with sue two nights prior witnesses recalled saying he's car parked at the front of the time it was a white Messiah ease and hard to miss. Was it possible that color had sneaked in through the window killed both women washed himself claim Then quickly fled the area. He's story about checking soon find number could be a ruse used to explain away he's footprint at the saying, according to call on a friend accompanied him on his light, not track two ways: strayed hastily.
watching the lane way as colon broken tissues bedroom the friend vouched for Collins Entire story, confirming he was in an out of the house in a matter of minutes and no mention of saying anything out of the ordinary inside, yet Cullen fail I wasn't the only person prowling around one for seven aisy straight in the kitchen. asked the guy does discovered an envelope talked under an ash On a table, a phone number. Was written on the back of it, along with the message to ring now it was an urgent request. Does the work Now was capitalized and had been followed up with an exclamation mark alongside The fine number was the name bury wooded.
Thirty one year out bury wooded, was thrilled when he was set up on a blind date with Suzanne Armstrong Lighting. Nineteen. Seventy six, though introduced by Suzanne Sister, who was going out with berries brother. Erin Suzanne got along great over they had only been on three days. Barry could feel himself falling for Suzanne and he even began considering marriage. On Sunday January nine nineteen, seventy seven Suzanne and joined the berries. Had he sees this house in the suburb of Northcote. Where bury was staying at the time they were. Does a roving shiro, which meant he was constant. moving around, but he typically stated he ceased his house on weekends. After dinner, he dropped Suzanne back at Aisy straight.
Berry was invited inside for coffee and Suzanne suggested. He stay the night that, as he was ex Acting a coal regarding a shearing job early in the morning buried declined the offer he drove back to north cut at around midnight. The next morning bury didn't get the job call. He was exe, Acting he called Suzanne to let her know that he wouldn't be working after all, but nobody answer the phone, two had already discussed. Another dinner died for Tuesday evening and bury was keen to locking the details he kept calling Suzanne, but the fine continued to ring out. By Tuesday evening, he still haven't heard from Suzanne to confirm what time she wanted to be picked up, that not berry tried calling her several more times, but with no success.
By Wednesday afternoon, Barry was really starting to worry over he hadn't known Suzanne long. It simply wasn't like her to flag on their plans without being in touch. He shared these concerns. With these brother, and the two decided to drop by easy straight to make sure everything was ok. They arrived at around eight thirty p m on Wednesday. It didn't clock, anyone was home now what's whereon inside There was a note pinned to the front door, the two brothers today, the sideline way and through the reigate into the back yard. light, was on in the kitchen, and the back door was slow lay ajar. He knocked at the door and the yellow doubt Suzanne name. There was no reply. He Did she couldn't be too far away, but the thought of
entering the house without permission made very feel uneasy. The brothers decided Digest Doc inside. Equally to leave Susanna note they went into the kitchen scribbled back. is number down on the back of an envelope and left it on the table. Berries brother suggested, I checked the bedrooms, but bury didn't, feel comfortable going any further said they left via the back door and returned to their sisters here, had they headed down the whole way they would have encountered the dead body of both women on Thursday morning very cold one for seven easy straight again. Finally, someone picked up the fine. It was a homicide. Detective who break the news about the murder is very, was in shock when he had done
find himself the detective recognized his name from the envelope on the kitchen table. He immediately sent authorities to bury ceased his house, the bring him to the police station for questioning, bury insisted. He had nothing. Hard, he hadn't noticed anything unusual led one for seven Aisy straight when he visited on Wednesday. Not nor had he heard Gregory crying Bury said that if he had he would have gone down the whole way to say if everything was all right. As for the night If the murder very tall Palais police, his brother went drinking at a pub before returning to their sisters home whether by staying They ate a late dinner, had some more drinks and watched television, berries,
said he went to bed around midnight and didn't get up until early the next morning. He system verified this alibi. She had stayed up until two. I am and didn't recall, saying, bury leave the house at any point. When she got up at six thirty, I am, she brought bury a cup of coffee was nothing unusual about his appearance sought. The main on bury was hot, broken by the news of Suzanne death. He declared his love for her via the press, saying he was very fond of Suzanne Sun and would happily adopt him. investigators, weren't, so sure berries. Own admissions had placed him at the scene of the crime before the bodies were discovered, and it seemed a bit strange that he wouldn't have checked the entire house if he was that worried about Suzanne
They also couldn't rule out the possibility that he had snake dead if he sees this house during, not without anyone noticing, given he was dating Suzanne at the time of the murders. He was an obvious suspect. Investigators, one entirely sure what to make of this situation while was highly unusual. That two men who were romantically involved with the victims had entered the crime, saying it didn't mean either of them. What guilty, as police, began, questioning friends and associates of the two women They learned that bury wooded, wasn't the only man that Suzanne Armstrong had recently been involved with describe, does quote very attractive, with a personality to match
Suzanne had several admirers, some friends described. Her is too trusting and said she'd recently by spending time with some questionable paypal. On occasion she had invited them to waste straight, which had made sue feel uncomfortable. One such person was a form, a police officer who had been kicked off the force for sexually assaulted, female motorists, while on the job he had attended a house warming party, the too soon had thrown just two weeks before the murders and some guests recalled he'd, been watching Suzanne very closely. Investigators questioned the former officer who gave contradictory statements when asked about his whereabouts in the wake of the murders, something about her his behavior seemed off. Then there was an ex boyfriend that Suzanne's family believed could be involved.
a violent alcoholic with a criminal record. This man was reported. Drinking in calling would pop on the night of the murder is just the blocks away from Asia Straight his girlfriend vouched for his whereabouts say. The two were together the entire night work being on the theory that Suzanne may have rejected the sexual advances of a former lover. Who was someone she had recently been spending time with several other men. Were added to this aspect, pool. investigators also had to consider whether the killer could have been motivated by revenge. Soon, There was a romantic at heart, it was While she was visiting the greek islands that she met a local fishermen name to monopolise the who fell in love and Suzanne stating grace for a while. She soon became
Agnes and shaken to monopolise decided to get married forum, bureaucracy complicated their plans and they also met they felt it was too much hassle after giving birth, Suzanne was homesick for a stronger, but monopolise didn't to leave knowing that he wouldn't agree to let her take their baby boy away for good Suzanne monopolise. She was simply returning to a strategy for a visit when she reached the mobile with Baby Gregory she sent monogamous a letter saying she wouldn't be coming back to grace. Monopolise was heart broken. He thought so. and was the love of he's alive and he struggled to come to terms with the abrupt separation. While this could have given monopolise emotive to want to hurt Suzanne police confirmed he never left grace. Some space
delighted whether monopolise might have had time to the strong great community in calling wood and sent someone to pay. Susanna vengeful visit on his behalf. there was no evidence to support this theory. While evidence indicated that the killer targeted, Suzanne Armstrong, this couldn't be said with absolute certainty, it was passed bull that the crime was a random opportunistic attack committed by a dangerous product to pubs where, within close walking distance of one for seven Aisy straight, both of which closed that not this gave a reason for men who didn't necessarily live near by obeying the area late at night, police couldn't discount Napoleon ability that someone unknown to the victims had committed the crime in a drunken rage. Detectives got to work.
gathering the names of all known sex offenders both locally and into state witness says who saw anything out of the ordinary. In the early morning, hours of Tuesday January eleven were urged to come forward. Dry cleaners who may have alluded bloodstained clothing, were also told to contact the authorities. A police spokesperson said, kill a kind of washed off all the blood. Someone must have seen him a friend or a relative, probably or maybe someone in the strait just so long as that some One tells us this. Man is sick, very sick, and unless we catch him he will strike again then came a promising discover.
very shortly after the double homicide, a police officer was searching a car in relation to a separate matter in the mood of the vehicle. He found a leather sheath that held a bloodstained knife. It was twenty six centimetres, along with the small curve at the Tipp of the blade that could have been caused by hitting something solid like buying. The vehicles owner strongly denied having anything to do with the easy straight murders. Hey insist, He had found the noise from the platform of the Victoria Park Railway Station four hundred Fifty made as northeast of the murder saying he'd come up Ah said, on Monday January ten, some time between ten twenty and eleven p m. Although these same highly suspicious, the owner of the vehicle was quickly ruled out
Not only did he have an alibi for the night of the murders, others also vouched for he story. Finding the knife invested, it is ultimately discounted the knife as the murder weapon, given that Was found only ninety minutes after soon bought, let's brother Martin left Daisy straight, it didn't seem possible that the killer could have conducted such a frenzied attack spent time in the house cleaning himself far and then made it to Victoria Park Station in such a short time frame, respected journalist to test Lawrence covered the Armstrong and bought like K set the request the police. She attended one for seven. Eighty straight when Suzanne ensues loved ones were permitted to enter the house to collect their belongings published in the herald. A newspaper tests.
article daytime delay out of the house and the items within shortly after it ran tests were saved, a phone call up work from a man whose voice she didn't recognize, hey. Began dissecting the details of heretical line by line and criticised tests for not being very observant. I said mentioned. There was a record player in the living room. The one Martin Bartlett had stopped by to feed on the Monday, not, but she didn't the names of any of the records. The cooler pointed this out. He then mentioned the name of one record, claiming it was on the turntable at the time. During the early days of the media coverage, its believed that police intentionally fed journalists several incorrect details,
said they'd be able to identify any misinformation or false confessions that might come through now. only was it falsely reported that suit bought. Let had also been right but alive of the murder saying published in newspapers, purposefully included a few minor discrepancies. When test law and says article about the crime was published, shade, delay. Brightly emitted, the name of the record that was on the living room turntable at the time the murders were carried out. Tat was left stand when the mysterious cola correctly named this record. She's girl, too quick note to a colleague asking to try and have their call try. while, simultaneously trying to keep the cold or on the line, he refused to identify himself but claimed to work at the Victoria barracks. The call us said: he'd phone back before abruptly
ending the coal tests immediately reported the incident to the police. This was just one of thousands of tipoff received in the first two weeks of the armed strong bought. Let neither investigation at the time big tories. Homicide squad only had sixteen Detectives in the first twenty one days of January alone, eleven As had been committed throughout the state for an average, of one murder every second day it was the lodge number of murder cases on record since nineteen fifty five resources were stretched incredibly thin While the aisy straight murders was one of the most brutal sex crimes in victorious history, investigators had several. their unsolved cases vying for their attention owner of a massage Paula was shot to death. The Saudis time well
the man had been stabbed in the throat with a broken, be bottle. A husband and wife wash during a home invasion, the woman survived, but the man wasn't so lucky. None of the other murders were thought to be linked to the deaths of Sue and Suzanne, but those critical of the investigation believed the sparking crime meant the easy great case wasn't getting the undivided attention at deserved show.
Only a case of that nature, which had terrified young women all over the city should be top priority. What the press and public didn't know was that investigators had already set our sights on a promising person of interest case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode sponsors how many free trial subscriptions end up costing you hunt
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gee are on Apple podcast Spotify. wherever you listen to podcast. Thank you for listening. to this episode dad's by supporting it Wants you support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Twenty one year old crime report, our John Grand work that the same newspaper has easy straight resident alone. All, although the two colleagues weren't particularly close by had gone out together on the night of Monday January eleven alone, I felt sorry for John had been having a tough time Lee there was some rumours circulating about him at work and he had to do go home life. I ended up back at one for no uneasy straight having drinks and playing poor.
when alone, as lantern until the early hours of the morning by two I am. It was too late for grant to make his way home. So he decided to sleep on the couch the next morning. He got a lift to work with alone are Two days later alone, I went next door where she discovered the bloody bodies of Suzanne, Armstrong and Susan bought lead. When John Grant was questioned by police, he maintained he hadn't heard anything next door on the night. He slept a daisy straight while this wasn't suspicious in and of its off. There was something about John Grants presence in the neighborhood Would that immediately raised a red flag, eight Months earlier, a nineteen year old american woman named Julianne Garcia, allay, went missing from the flat she shared with her sister in North Melbourne on the night she disappeared
id Julianne invited three men whom she had recently met over to her flat to discuss the possibility of opening a restaurant. The men claimed that Julianne left that around ten thirty p m to make a phone call from a public pay phone and never returned. They eventually got sick of waiting and decided to leave police want convinced this story not only with several items missing from the flat, including one huh and twenty five dollars cash and carving north, but a blood soaked tail was also found, and air of Julian's underwear was on the floor. Furthermore, one of the men who had visited Joe the end that not was unknown Korea criminal named Joseph John Payola, who would face the poor I am murder allegations
of the other man who was John Grant Grant. was the kind of crime report out who mingled, with both police sources, hand criminal contacts, whatever it took to get a good story he's gifted the gap and hard drinking wise men, he could work both sides. But this time he's close connections with the criminal world had left him in hot water grant claim TAT left Julian's house before the other two men. He remembered it specifically because he called he's at it out and asked for permission to take a taxi home that could be reimbursed as a work. Expands. Police didn't necessarily think that grant was involved with the Julian's disappearance.
They did. However, I suspect that Joseph John Power had something to do with it. The problem was that power had recently made allegations of misconduct against the Victoria police after they accused him. Another murder and Quietly into his complaint was currently underway, because, if this police we're wary of investigating him for Julian's disappearance and they didn't pursue the matter any further jungle. And claimed. It was an unfortunate coincidence that he was the Julianne on the night she disappeared and next door. two Suzanne Armstrong and soon Bartlett on the night. They, what killed police interrogated him an entire day, but he staunchly mind and his innocence Ilona said she didn't He grant get up or leave the house after he went to bed her flat night.
Janet was reading in bed until four. I am and didn't hear anything EVA when Liner woke up the next morning, grant at all and he shall attend was wearing the same clothes ass the night before they were killed. And dry with no visible stains. There. is nothing unusual about he's behaviour that day or the days following. though there was no evidence to suggest a John Grant, was involved with the easy straight murders in any way that didn't stop this speculation. After all, what would the chances one crime report. I could be in the wrong place at the wrong time on two separate occasions: police source. I believed the easy straight killer had knowledge of forensic procedures which grant did given here the line of work. Furthermore, both the easy straight.
I'm saying and Juliet Garcia delays Flat chaired a similarity. The presence of a blood side to tell and hair of women's underwear left on the floor. given grants Association with the Joseph John Power, some one day whether it was possible that power had followed, grant two way straight on January eleven for an unknown reason, maybe he'd quota, imps of Suzanne Armstrong in her front bedroom and acted on impulse. Power was known to be a violent, dangerous criminal and he was physically capable of over pairing to unsuspecting women. It was a bit of a far fetched theory, but every possibility had to bacon it now that the investigation wasn't shaping up today as straightforward as initially anticipated. The maid
your hindrance was that nobody had witnessed anything suspicious around one four, seven eight straight on the night of the murders or had day Gladys Coventry was a veteran as easy straight? Having lived in number one? Four five, since nineteen sixty three according to book a murderer uneasy straight by Helen Thomas, the Oda the Gladys made a habit of sitting in her kitchen laid on some and not to take advantage of the cool evening. Breeze. Tuesday January eleven nineteen? Seventy seven was no different, but as Gladys enjoyed fresh air on that hot. Not she peered outside and noticed something at number one for seven.
Her home, was on the opposite side of the lane way to sue. When Sudan's and from her vantage point, Gladys could say directly into the kitchen There was a man standing at the seeing washing his hands repeatedly. It also I looked like he was scrubbing on a piece of clothing. Gladys had never seen the man before or if she had, she didn't recognize in. She didn't think any Of it, after all, her neighbours often had visitors and from the casual unhurried way the man moved about the house. Nothing right used any alarm. It was only when Gladys heard about the murders several days later that she was reminded of deciding she approached the homicide detective to report what she had seen, but hey did in same interested at the time the homicide squad had a reputation for being arrogant.
And it wasn't until the case started to go code that I realized they might have been too quick to dismiss Gladys society detectives. I that the elderly women again, but she was offended that I didn't take her report seriously. The first time and she no longer wanted to speak to them. Detectives was interested in deciding that I have been sent a doctor to Gladys, his house, funded the guys that he was performing a welfare check in the hopes he could get her to talk. But there was no fooling Gladys who quickly sensed that he was with the police, The detectives realised that I had missed their chance to get a description of the man Gladys claims to have seen in the kitchen of one for seven, but instead of persevering, they accepted it and moved on had died, taken Gladys,
Coventry citing seriously from the star. They may have been able to get a physical description of the killer and an identity kid could have been drawn back. She wasn't the only neighbor who was overlooked by the police, Twenty one year old pages sellers lived with his family had won three nine Aisy straight on them. of Monday January eleven he had a friend Darius Stiva, while the rest of his family were travelling into stay according to book murder uneasy straight at around two Thirty, I am both. Aid or and re thought they heard a front door slamming moments later they heard what sounded like two car door slamming before the car quickly took off. when police do not to the area once the murders were discovered paid. I wasn't home
whether his mother was there and she told them that her son. Had information that might be of interest police too, note of his name, but never returned to ask paid out what he had seen paid just assumed they want interested so hated an attempt to follow it up. The failure to interview K witnesses was just one problem in a long list of failures in the invest Geisha in one of the overriding issues was that the case was ever seen purely by the state homicide Squad and Collingwood criminal investigation branch was never brought into assist had of local police Bain involved this best lies knowledge of the area might have led to more possible persons of interest. It didn't help that
I had already passed before the crime scene was discovered. This gave the perpetrator plenty of time to dispose of evidence or Flee Melvin Secondly, although the crime scene was secured as soon as offices descended on the property, things were done differently in the seventies police were free to move through the crime scene without wearing any protective. loathing one officer had even washed his hands in the bathroom sink value. to maintain the integrity of the crime. Saying many crucial evidence might have been missed. Complicating matters further was the fact that several detective seemed convinced they already had their killer within. Sides many believed that John grants connection was too coincidental would be a matter of time before evidence linked him to the crime. Others had the same feelings about bury. Would
the man Suzanne was dating at the time of her death. This tunnel vision meant that the persons of interest where potentially a lot during the short amount of time that suit Bartlett and Suzanne Armstrong were living on. Eighty straight major construction was tat. in place in the area, not I was nearby huddled, straight being widened in conjunction with the new freeway, but in Community Health Centre was being built right behind the women's home construction workers and others. Ideas were in and out of the sought constantly. Was it possible that one of them had a glimpse into the back yard of one for seven, eighty straight and cold side of Sue or Suzanne lounging in their backyard. Perhaps they taken an unreal
the interest in one or both of the women and returned to the property after dark. Similarly, com creating work had only recently been done outside of number one for seven could one of these workers Peering through the front window taken note of Suzanne and returned to approach her at the property light on many of these work, as we're employed short term and moved around, often so with police chasing the revenues. In the early days of the investigation, it would have been a for any of them to fall through the cracks on top of the list. Lost or investigation. The Armstrong. and bought. Let families want happy with TAT. They were treated by the authorities. They were called Stanley tracing updates themselves, rather than being captain. The loop without things were progressing Suzanne fan
I was never Raven interviewed by police. They had to make their own appointment to go down to the station and provide information. By July, six months have passed and police when no closer so making an arrest an inquest. into the murders was held at the moment, coroners court, but no new evidence was presented. The coroner concluded that Sudan Armstrong and Susan Bartlett had been brutally killed by an unknown person or persons and shit no dunno on who that person might Bay, Suzanne Sister Gale was given custody of young Gregory and, in December, her family applied for victims of crime compensation on Gregory's behalf. This was a standard payment of up to five thousand dollars issued by the Victorian Cry
Compensation tribunal for dependence of victims who were injured or murdered in a crime in another Low to the Armstrong family, the tribunal rejected the application on the basis that Gregory was like delay considered an illegitimate child because Suzanne hadn't been married to his father? words spread about their rejection, the people of Austria, were outraged the day leave behind Gregory with the victorian prayer hang he'd make sure Gregory received compensation, even if he had to try the laws to do add the following year, the law was updated and Gregory received five thousand dollars compensation paid into a trust that he could access on his eighteenth birthday. The one year anniversary of the murders, paused with no breakthroughs in the kegs, despotic
Fifty thousand dollar reward for information being announced the public and in The guide is alike, found it difficult to believe that the perpetrator continued to go one detected. Surely there must have been something in their behaviour after the crime that tipped somebody off. Perhaps these person had been a heavy door car who avoided alcohol abruptly following the crime. Maybe their mental health had taken a sudden, downhill turn. It was also hard to believe that someone would commit a crime so brutal and then never re offend Suzanne System, Gale told the media. never really get over this until the fellow is cord walk around, not knowing who did the murder, it could be the bloke next door.
One week later, the Armstrong family were again devastated. When Suzanne Father died from severe burns. He had recently sustained from battling a Bush fire It was yet another life tragically lost within the Armstrong and Bartlett families. In the aftermath of Sudan's ensues, murders, sues father, had a fight. All heart attack upon learning that he's daughter had been killed The next day one of Susan's also had a heart attack and passed away, invest The guy does kept an eye out for similar crimes that could potentially be linked but easy straight. Maintain a league of its iron. Some thought the killer might have already passed away, perhaps by suicide, or had been jailed for an unrelated offence with
new information and other cases demanding attention. The case white called cursed lights reputation. As the murder house number one foot, Seven aisy straight remained empty for six years as still and silent ass. The investigation itself. The house eventually sold at a discounted price and the new owner renovated it extensively tearing the old wouldn't floorboards decades, The double homicide the case was reopened, the new did actives casting their eyes on it for the first time were expecting to have boxes of information to sift through. However, when I asked for the document all they were given The skinny Manila followed containing a few flimsy statements.
by the light nineties. Forensic technology had improved to dramatically and cold cases was starting to be solved. Using DNA Victoria police were hopeful. These advances would reveal the identity of the eighty straight killer once and for all. There was still a case us back on their list, including bury wooded and John Grand and each one of them a great to provide a blood sample. Dna from their blood was tested against the semen of the killer. None were a match. The. The outcome was a major blow for years investigated. Send the Armstrong and a bottle of families had held out hope that DNA would be the clue that finally held the answers. New Lades had long since dried up and now that the busy
Collected and eliminated the major persons of interest, it seemed increasing way unlikely that the case would ever be solved then. Instead, Amber ninety ninety nine, a postcard arrived at very Yes, media outlets across the city postmarked from the town of bright. He Northeast Victoria, the writer of the postcards claimed to know who was responsible for the murders the cods were forwarded to the homicide squad, who write them off as a hoax. Then, in early two thousand for a series of lead as right at the home of Suzanne, Armstrongs, mother and step farther written in scrolling cursive, there were from the same person who drove the post
Cards four and a half years earlier, his name was paid a collyer and he openly criticised the police for not taking his previous claim seriously. As reported in the book murder uneasy straight paid, I had been a patient Opens the Randall Psychiatric Hospital in early nineteen. Seventy seven- light January, his friend thirty year. Old, Anthony Thomas Christie was also admitted. After attempting to end his I live, Christy spent ten days in a coma before regaining consciousness. Three weeks later, Paita was sitting in a group therapy session with seven other patients, including Christy when Christie made a startling revelation after having sex with women
he felt an overwhelming desire to kill them with the carving knife paid out was stunned, hey started to put two and two together. He knew Christie had a criminal passed and the timing of the suicide attempts had him questioning whether Christie could have committed the easy straight murders and then tried to take his thy life because of it in one of the letters to Suzanne family paid a road, this is only guess work, but I knew Christie and it's the only thing that makes sense to me. I don't believe for a moment that Suzanne was right, that's possible, but highly improbable if you'll cape full of butchering two women, you'll capable of making out that one of them was right.
A far more likely scenario is that Suzanne and Christie were involved in pillow talk, he's told Suzanne that he's killed. A couple of creams. He'd hinted that to me. The women have decided to get rid of Christie and they have threatened him with the police. He's lost, control, they're dead what would have made him lose control his hatred for the police paid or explain. And that he didn't speak up at the time because he was suffering from poor mental health himself. He couldn't believe that The staff at La Rundle had failed to pass the information on to the relevant authorities. It haunted him to this day, bolstered by the fact that Christie had since passed away without facing any consequences. in another letter paid a road.
There is one way to get the truth out, and that is to put dad on the internet that Anthony Thomas Christie is the easy straight killer. That would put some pressure on the crepes covering up the truth. Susie family report at the information to police who dismissed paid a colleague is theory. Apparently this wasn't the first time he made these kinds of claims to bereaved family members, It wouldn't be the last time either in November. Two thousand five easy straight was buzz when several residents found a letter in their mailboxes from paid are written in black textile. He no capitals Red La Rundle Hospital, protected, Anthony Thomas Christie for the easy straight murders for years,
While it is clear that paid, I had an ongoing fixation with the case, there was no evidence to back he's claims. All, though, if the killer being held in a mental health facility. That would explain. One knows Similar crimes were committed off the Suzanne Armstrong and Sue Bartlett's murders. That's one element that continues to baffle investigators. It just didn't same plausible that someone could commit such an extreme brutal murder. then go on to live a normal life without ever killing again. By January, two thousand seventeen for decades had passed and police was still no closer to making an arrest, if anyone other than
that the killer knew who was responsible. They had a that taken their secret to the grave or continue to live with the knowledge in the hopes of interesting someone to talk, What Victoria police announced a one million dollar reward for information as well as possible indemnity against prosecution for anyone who came forward. A police spokesperson said. We believe, after forty years someone There are no something, and it is time for them to come forward. Days, unsolved murders have been extremely devastating on these two young women families and, after all, this time we would like to provide them with closure pursues Suzanne Armstrongs family. It was too little too late. Suzanne sister Gale was still disappointed about the way the case
was handled from the get go, but she was grateful that the investigation was still active. After all, daisies she told reporters. This reward should have been offered thirty nine years ago and it'd be solved, and we wouldn't be doing all this. Now I hear the miracles that police do solve cases and I think Suzanne will be next. They will do it. They will find this person. There was still one hundred and thirty persons of interest on the list and attain was tasked with going through eighteen, David, so in a bid to eliminate them once and for all. This was no easy task, given how much time had passed Thirty one of those individuals had since passed away, while others had re located or changed addresses those who were able.
To be tracked down were encouraged to submit a voluntary dna sample. The original eight suspects who had previously been cleared by DNA were also rate tested once again, There were no matches the spot The age of the dna evidence that still holds the key to solving the easy straight murders, investigators in Victoria haven't yet turned to genealogy testing to solve called cases, but hope remains that the perpetrator could finally identified via an ancestral link. veteran journalist test Lawrence, who visited Aisy straight family members, packed up Suzanne and pursues belongings, has never revealed the name.
the record that was on the table in the living room at the time of the murders. She has this information safely stored away on the off chance. It might never be useful to the investigation. Calling would today is not the suburb was back in the nineteen seventies. It's now considered one of male he passed areas old terrorist times remain, but the warehouses that once defined the area have since been converted into trendy offices bars and cafes with its neighbouring house having since being demolished number one for seven Aisy straight now stands alone. The house has changed hands multiple times over the years. when it sold in two thousand and eleven, the real estate agent responsible for the sale found themselves in hot water,
the describing the house in their marketing campaign as part of moments. Folklore, a spokesperson for victim, advocate group, support after murder, described this campaign is absolutely disk. Lasting and accused the real estate agent of trying to capitalize on the tragedy in their defence. The joint claimed they would just trying to fulfil disclosure requirements as this greatly as possible. At the time, victorian law dictated that real estate agents only had to tell a perspective by our about any violent crimes that occurred in property. they were asked since then the laws have changed so that agents must disclose these details, and I met a wad in two thousand seventeen one for seven easy straight so again, the real estate add. This
fraud to the house, as quote enjoying a revitalized identity with the contemporary mica, while retaining its period lost, style, the years after Suzanne and see what killed, curious onlookers, drive down Aisy straight wanting to catch a glimpse of the infamous murder house. Teenagers would hang out of car windows while pointing and laughing which upset the local residents, who continue to be haunted. By the crime. The notoriety of the gruesome crime itself often overshadowed the fact that, at the heart of the tragedy, Innocent young women lost their lives in the most brutal way imaginable and their loved ones never received the closure. They desperately sword Sue ballot was well locked with both students and colleagues said the inner city hospital, where she worked dedicated to her job
she always went the extra mile to organise out of ours advance for the kids, such as schools, dances and other activities faculty member was leaving Sue, was the one who hustled funds to buy them a farewell gift in the wake of the murders of former coworker of sir. Whose rallied to raise funds ensues honour them He was used to buy a painting of the australian Bush which hangs on the wall of the high school in memory of the popular and dedicated teacher. I work. I remarked. Everyone loved sue. She was all night. To larger than life. when Suzanne Armstrong, Son Gregory turned eighteen. He was finally
able to access the five thousand dollar compensation payment that had been put into a trust. The money had been invested wisely and by the time Gregory Access that it was worth almost twenty seven thousand dollars. He used it to complete his education Gregory doesnt spake publicly about his mother's murder. Buddy eighteen, ninety six, he formed a friendship with crime ride out Tom prior who penned a book about the case toddled. They trusted man speaking to Tom Gregory, said Everyone loses out on something: I've lost their because my man that was murdered. It has taken me long time to realise how much I missed her from all accounts. The last thing my mother could be done God does was ordinary. I miss her. I wish
good. Could my mother again, even just once Susan's vibrant inquisitive personality is forever captured in the letters she wrote to friends and family during her travels, while visiting Florida he nineteen, seventy three she wrote to a friend back in Melbourne. I think they're a base, exactly two ways to live your life, yours at home and mine Neither is really satisfactory. One hundred percent- it is just what you make of it happiness, Can only really come from inside you and you have to know Paypal. I haven't found such happiness but I am getting to know myself, and that is an interesting experience Life is really crazy, but I do believe there is a purpose to everything
whatever it is, I can't say, but also is that we'll find out soon enough in two thousand and sixteen case file covered the disappearance of twenty two year old Sean Callahan. All you can see the headlights of a car flashing. It's blatantly obvious that she got in the car. Whoever it take it? I'd done it for criminal purposes. Now he burst hand from loved ones and laid investigator state butcher as way unravel how the case on followed it and the Monti,
I would have a legal and ethical dilemmas encountered along the way. Therefore, there's only one way to do this: it was at that point that stiff fortune decided to take an extra ordinary gamble. Her life is my responsibility. All I could do was plead with him for her life when a killer confesses. Do you listen? He said you and I should have a chat. The fact these It was unequivocally, but what? If one interpretation of the law says, you shouldn't accept the confession when he got taken Swindon, he got work conversation is vital. Confessions disappeared of no value what they were doing. What were they do? What happens to the cop who believes he's making the right choice Reason we were there, was losing sight Paul. Wrong in getting the confession from it,
a murderer. You Don T rehearsed this line. The ended with which was it was a pleasure to ruin your career bastard if it had been your loved ones? Stay outta was looking for? What would you have. wanted him to do so crucial Somebody for trying his best get closer to families doesn't make a lot of sense, case file presents the detectives dilemma available. Afraid on March fourteen only on Spotify.
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