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260: Case 218: The Blackout Killers (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 2] In Berlin, Germany at the height of World War Two, a man took advantage of the Blackout orders at night to frighten and assault women in an isolated garden colony. Soon, he progressed to attacking and killing women on the S-Bahn train by throwing them from the carriage door while the train was in motion. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jess Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn This episode's sponsors: SimpliSafe – Claim a FREE indoor security camera and 20% off with interactive monitoring DashPass by DoorDash – Save money, access members-only offers, and get 50% off your first order up to $15 value with promo code ‘CASEFILE2022’ when you spend $12 or more Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free Allbirds – Discover your perfect pair of sneakers For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-218-the-blackout-killers-part-2
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port place, say the shine aids for this episode on your app or on another website the s bahn commuter train ride along in the darkness, towards the eastern side of berlin slowly. gave gave way to the sprawling suburbia refrigerator photo. It was. He in the early hours of august, thirteen nineteen, thirty nine- that Lena, would seem to be disembarked walking alone. She. headed towards the nearby alumni garden, located throughout Berlin. Allotment gardens allow city dwellers to embrace a quasi rural lifestyle. They could purchase rent, a modest plot of land on god and grants to cultivate thereon crops will re small livestock During the day the gardens were peaceful, narrow paths.
Through the ornamental fruit trade sent fields of homegrown vegetables. Garden has tended to their little patch of countryside to the ambient sounds of the resident chickens, pigs and the goats. The friedrich Velda goggins also provided a direct route from the train station to the nearby tenement housing. Servicing local residents, like Lena boots in ski as night fell straight lots, lanterns and would fly studs cost of the gardens in a warm glow. Yet Fear within the grants had changed in recent times the nazi party. had issued regulations that prevented the illumination of public spaces at night. It wasn't an official blackout, but more of preparation for things to come to help, navigate the darkness and avoid collisions citizens, p phosphorus
some badges that absorbed sunlight to the front of their clothing, making the badges glow green at night. As we know, good seen ski wondered aligning through the fredericks felder allotment garden movements were highlighted by the path it will grain glow of her badge. lena was almost home when she heard footsteps approaching from behind. They started gaining pace, Lena panicked and started running towards her house, prompting the person behind. Two to speed up as Lena pushed through her front gate. She was hit hard over the head, causing her to crumble to the ground momentarily can cast lane I could only watch as a manly figure repeat repeated her. He was breathing quickly and heavily trying to catch his breath.
The man didn't utter a word before shoving a knife into line back. He pulled it out and stabbed delay. Three more times before flame a knife wielding assailant was active in fredericks photo and local women needed to be warned yet he's actions didn't make the papers and would soon be superseded altogether by naval biggest story that broke awakes later on fraud ice amber one nineteen, thirty, nine siege of the dome capital of poland. The city under bombardment lasted an burning for three weeks. One of the bravest defence,
in history, the hopeless resistance of devastated warsaw, the hitler visits the besieging army during his tour in the conquered poland, which is subjugated and partition. The defending army shattered by the lightning strokes of the blitzkrieg, The nazi fear has the air of a conqueror, as he surveys the artillery bombardment of warsaw, which still resist but cannot resist much longer, a capital city wrapped in flame unharmed, dancing hitler in the city, the dispute over which led to the european war. This nazi demonstration was stage the day before hitler flew back to burn, em and made his way to speak, suggesting piece which great britain and france reject. It were faced with the prospect of a long, relentless war.
Unbeknownst to Lena she was not the first one to be attacked in the free filled, a garden in recent times alone, the trade. I had been working around it, not using the prey wore black out preparation to he's advantage. Hiding in the shadows of the looming trays or makeshift sheds, he'd wait until We saw the familiar green glow of a phosphorescent badge if it was pinned to alone woman, the man would leap out from his hiding place and shine a torch directly into the woman's eyes her momentarily, blinded and disorientated. He then duly bombard her with the volga sexual remarks or threats he's behind here s a lighted over time and the verbal abuse
soon turned physical. He would grab grope and punches victims, sometimes even choking them to prevent them from calling out for help. In one instance, a woman managed to let out a scream before the perpetrator gripped his hands around her throat, hey On a that, the woman's husband and one of his friends were waiting the boy and other third, the commotion day, russia, and managed to tackle the assailant to the ground, while yelling for the police feud I fear the man manage to whether them and break free fleeing in the surrounding bushes seemingly learning from this mistake, the man took to disabling his victims first by striking them over the head with a heavy object so that they couldn't call out for help He also began carrying a knife so far.
and thirty other women had been targeted, but none had been able to get a good look at the perpetrator. As he hadn't, yet seriously harmed anyone. The case wasn't treated as high priority and within is dominated by the ongoing actions of the german armed forces, most local, the remained unaware of the looming threat. wasn't until lena boot, since he was stabbed outside her home that police, realised that they were dealing with a serious offender healed. low for awhile, which kept the police at bay. unable to resist his urges. The assailant eventually continued. He spray reverting back his scaring women with these flashlight and verbal torrents to avoid immediate reaction from police. It took four months before his desire to kill returned.
News of the serial attacker spread slowly through word of mouth, but who were aware of the working danger, one able to do much about it with the world. or on the airport needed from germany's factory, It was more demanding than ever. Women were forced to continue working well into the light hours producing industrial material saw the weaponry necessary to sustain the nazi war machine. There was little could do accept, hope they wouldn't cross parts with the attack are on their way home. on thursday december fourteenth nineteen year old factory workout, he had tell you blink ski finished, a light shift and devoted the s bahn, headed for her home and friedrichsfelde off, it was around one. Thirteen am by the time she disembarked outside of the local allotment gardens and began on her path home as
made her way through the dock. She heard footsteps closing In behind her yet her paused and looked over her shoulder. While she couldn't say anything but darkness, she could feel If someone else's presence panic washed over her purity broke out in a sprint, desperate to get to the safety of home, but the footsteps started up again, increasing the spade until she could feel the person right behind her All of a sudden, he had felt a heavy thought to her head. She, fellow and was immediately I've, come biased, stabbing pain. A man stood over her silently forcing a knife into her neck over and over using All her strength here
to let out a scream. It worked to spook the man and he quickly fled the saying. The friedrich felder attacker had struck again, just like he had done after lena boot, seen ski he kept a low profile, Several weeks until the police investigations dissipated once he Felt like he was in the clear he returned to hunting ground and aged back into use bray with minor confrontations. Getting a kick out of sight during the women who passed the bar. Occasionally he elevated into physical assault, but nothing that would provoke police. into an active manhunt. This time it took eight months before his urge to kill, returned.
At around one hundred and thirty, a dot m on Saturday July 27th, one thousand nine hundred and forty twenty five year old gertrude and you spawned, walked quickly through the Fredericks Feldick gardens. But soon dawned on her that she was being followed girdle. Didn't live in the area but had taken the s barn to visit her parents who lived in nearby. Although she hadn't heard anything about the spate of attacks, her instincts at least sense. The danger gertrude picked up the pace. the person walking in the shadows behind did the same Adrenaline soared through gertrude's veins and everything in her body told her to run. She reassured herself. It was likely just another train passenger, making their way home and managed to remain calm.
She finally reached her parents home relief washed over her, but as good. It made her way to the front porch. She heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and came face to face with a man. She didn't recognize he's face, barely visible through the darkness. Although gertrude realized, the man had been following her she assumed, had relatively innocuous intentions. Yet It seemed genuinely taken aback by how calm gertrude was she stood there. Silently staring at him, eventually, the man felt compelled to break the awkward silence Are you going in there? He asked indicating towards the house. Gertrude replied. Curtly, of course She didn't think the man was dangerous, but wanted him to
leave her alone, she won't leave. or else I will yell The man raised his arm do not cry yet. He said he, then he gertrude hard forcing her to the ground. As she lay there incapacitated the stood over her and stabbed her in the neck he removed the I've been stabbed her again this time near her groin display. the deep, wounding gertrude neck. She many To let out a scream, it took the man completely by surprise, shocked. He fled into the darkness, in this vote, was the first victim who sustained in injury that appeared to be sexually motivated. Adding in you layer of complexity, to the crimes. This time the perpetrator didn't white months,
for the trial to go well and truly called before striking again. Three weeks later, on the evening of Wednesday August twenty one, forty year old, Hughley schumacher was walking on the line through the friedrichsfelde at gaudens, all of a sudden, a flash of light stopped in front of her You really had become so accustomed to the darkness that brought lie caused her physical pain realizing the lot of come from a flashlight wielding man. U, angrily yelled at him to stop. He didn't respond. Instead struck uli over the head, with a heavy blunt object. Render her unconscious when you he came to. She realized she'd, been raped. There was no sign of her attacker and police belt,
if he might have fled the scene after falsely believing Bewley was dead, she wasn't the only one who survived one of these more serious assaults, Lena woodsman ski here to your brains. And gertrude. A nice font had oil, also no rackula slate survive to their ordeals. Despite the offend his best efforts I didn't manage to kill anyone having Now carried out a rape, there was no doubt the attacks. Sexually motivated police, Again to suspect the assailant might have intended to write the other women too, but had been forced to flee made at tack after some manage to scream out. Once again. the severity of the attacks diminished in the wake of ulysses ripe, but they didn't stop completely.
At least a dozen more women reported being harassed by a flashlight wielding man in the fragrance photo gardens with police, but Being there might have been more, who chose not to come forward on Sunday august, twenty five nineteen forty an explosion, rocked berlin, craft. Under the command of uk prime minister winston Churchill dropped a bomb on the city in retaliation. a similar attack carried out by and planes over london. It was the first It's time bombs had ever fallen on berlin and All the only thing destroyed was a garden house being on. Morale was immense up until this point the pay, full of berlin believed their military leadership when they said the british would never bomb germany. Now anything was possible. Fearing another more deadly attack
and citizens continue to live h, gnawed in perpetual darkness, hoping to prevent british aircraft from hitting their targets. Berlin's official war induced blackout mimicked the one currently in place in london to discourage german attacks windows were painted, black straight lights were deemed And the few vehicles on the road had their headlights blocked within Days of initiating the official blackout, the nazi disability, severely increased punishments for those who took advantage of the dark and conditions to commit crime. A few months in prison for crime committed during the day became a death sentence. If it were committed at night, this didn't deter the friedrich felt garden,
dhaka with more areas now consumed by darkness? He's hunting ground only increased. By Friday september, twenty nineteen forty one month had passed since the attempt, murder of Uli Schumacher, maha cargo was riding the s bahn home after a long day due to blackout matches dies, was operating with only one quarter of its usual lighting and all The windows were covered, the dim lights, coupled with the motion of the trains. lowly loud good off to sleep when she childhood awake. She realized she'd accidentally slept through her intended, stop Gerda quickly disembark at the next station, where she waited in the dark for the next trying to take her back in the opposite direction,
With the train exterior is void of lot. Certain spots had been covered with phosphorus paint soda give me the snow, glows white not eventually Gerda saw the glow of the indian train, followed by the click it clack sound of its wheels says it slowed to a stop. She border it and guess, sayd, with the train continuing onwards until gerda was the only one left in the compartment. with men away at war. The trains were often only populated by women by nightfall many women were at home looking after their families, leaving the load trains near empty, with only light shift workers and transportation staff on board. It was around one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m by the time the train departed valhalla station
barreled onwards towards fredericks haagen, a man approached again. I once you was within arms rage. He sudden He launched himself at her wrapping his hands at her throat add struggled against him. Attempting to drive. Can a white towards the sliding door on the side of the train. or could be manually pulled open. Even when the train was in motion so get out recognized this as an opportunity to save herself. Managed to make it to the door with the man's hands still wrapped around her throat, but she lost consciousness Before she was able to slide it open by this point, the train was only minutes from the next station, fearing a boarding. Passenger would realize what he done get it. tat our opened the sliding door with the trains
Dil stating along that roughly forty to fifty miles per hour, he pushed to get her out. Her body was swept up by the fees wind fly, find through the air. But several moments before hitting the ground with the hard thought. The following morning, a possible I was walking near the train tracks beyond avaux hottest station when they heard screams for help. They went to investigate and fair to get a cargo lying in paying her attacker had mistaken her for dead when he pushed her unconscious body off the train and as luck. would have it good had landed on a soft pile of sand. She landed on the rocky surrounds. She would have most certainly died from impact. Instead, Yet I had only suffered a concussion and multiple abrasions. Again
it is personal belongings were discovered a little further up the track indicating her attack. I had three them out the door immediately after pushing gathered around yet when good I reported her ordeal to the police. They were skeptical. Given there was no sign that gerda had been sexually assaulted or robbed, police were convinced that a crime had taken place at all I felt a good story that a random stranger would strangle, went push out of a train for no reason was too far fetched. When god admitted she had had a few drinks before boarding the train and had fallen asleep during the trip police believed more likely scenario was that good I had been drunk and accidentally fell off the moving trying in the dark. She then up the story about the assault to cover her own missteps.
Train related accidents and fatalities were not uncommon. During the blackout, with numerous passing is falling off of trains or platforms. Due to the lack of lighting. It was a what's. The nazi party was willing to pay, as they were at the heart of their power and enemy bombings. Continued in berlin problem, the need for the blackouts. Two weeks later, twenty year old gertrude did I stood alone at the rumours borg train station waiting for the Yes Bonn. A man soon approached and struck up a conversation good. read was charmed by him and gave him her hyundai dress when tossed it faced the allotment gardens in the neighboring suburb of frederick's photo
And around midday, the following day, a member of the nazi party went to gertrude time to speak to her about some personal matters. He knocked on the front door, but there was no response. He tried the door handle and was surprised to find it on locked. he pushed the door opened slightly and to look inside blackout. Drapes were drawn across the windows, making it difficult to sing march through the darkness The man lit a match and, as the flicker of light cost across the small dark kitchen, he spotted gertrude body propped up against a tight, with one of her hands resting on a bench. Gertrude's eyes were bloodshot and her long black hair was talked behind her badly bruised neck
which also bore a deep wound. A fractured hyoid bone revealed that she had been strangled with intense force before being stabbed and dying of blood loss. Gertrude had no defensive wounds and her house wasn't in disarray, which indicated she likely knew her. yellow and had willingly led him inside before he launched a swift and unexpected attack lying on the ground underneath good right hand was a kitchen knife: it didn't any blood or foreign fingerprints, making it unlikely that it had been used against her. Instead, it had probably they knocked about during the skull or gertrude might have wielded at in defence. The The weapon was deemed to be a pocket knife, which was nowhere. Be found. Gertrude
I didn't been sexually assaulted and nothing was taken from her house. Gertrude two infant children were found asleep and unharmed in the living room, oblivious to what had taken place. Given that most of gertrude's neighbors had been asleep at the time of the attack, no one seen or heard anything suspicious, the black I would the man had moved through the area completely unnoticed. Gertrude's injuries, matched the friedrichs felt god and attack his ammo to what t, leaving no doubt for the police that the same man was responsible. Given that this was his first successful, What are the efforts to identify him dramatically? Increased women who had survived the previous attacks were re interviewed and by piecing together, their small recollections police ascertained that the perpetrator was
between thirty and forty years old, around one hundred and seventy centimeters tall and with a quote body. Facial expression. Some record he had been wearing a short leather jacket, sports shirt with an open collar, dark pants and a blue flies that cab. Some had seen him riding or pushing a bicycle. posters containing these details were displayed throughout the friedrich folder a lot, my garden and surrounds, along with offer of a one thousand rocks marks reward. The posters read. for a long time in colony, goodland and Granting area so Three women have been immorally morally harassed and some have also been wounded with a knife, especially in the dark by an unknown offender. It is
to be assumed that the murder of gertrude did our concerns. The same offender. It is the duty every citizen to actively participate in identifying these damon. By this point, the friedrich sphere that got an attacks had been going on for over a year, but most of who women still won't fully aware of the lingering danger, even though the one the post is mentioned. Gertrude did is murder. They significantly downplayed the thread and failed to detail the offenders history of sexually motivated violence and right One newspaper encouraged for known sex offenders to be looked into, but the newspaper was published for the rock criminal investigation depart. and was only read by law enforcement personnel. Given that p
Said disregarded, gerda cargoes account of being strangled and thrown from the s barn as fictitious a connection hadn't being made to the train line. Similarly, no one knew that gertrude did. I had met her killer had the room I spoke train station hours before she was attacked. Therefore, the stops along the train line when highlighted as significant areas in the police, investigation and women. Continued riding the s barn alone at night, with no additional sense of vigilance. On the evening of november, the elizabeth bender, finished her late shift, selling train tickets.
It had been less than a month since Goodtree did. I had been murdered just a short walk from where Elizabeth now stood at the s bahn station in Friedrichsdorf ota. She boarded the train just after eleven p. Dot m and sat down across from a male passenger. They were the only two in the compartment and as the train moved away. The station. The man struck up some small talk. by the time the train raged hirsch garden station, he stood at the door of the compartment and looked out to the platform No one else boarded debt compartment and the train took off once more. As soon as the train started moving, the man walked out to Elizabeth. He removed a thick piece of lead piping. He had up his jacket slave.
And brought it down hard on Elizabeth had she was temporarily, can cost but regained consciousness relatively quickly and began screaming for help. her cries were muted, but the loud sounds of the train as it sped along the tracks shoring no other passengers. Could he her man hit Elizabeth with the pot over and over until she eventually slumped down onto the floor. The attacker then opened the compartment door. With the intention of pushing Elizabeth body into the rush of cold air outside he turned around to grab her but to his surprise Elizabeth was still alive and had started inching away from him. Once again, he beat her repeatedly with the lead applied Elizabeth clung.
The consciousness, but was no longer able to scream all fight back. As her attacker dragged her towards the open door, he continued pelting Elizabeth's back and kicking her body until the train to send it towards the next station. He then started molesting her. Just before the train lost momentum. He pushed Elizabeth through the open door and out into the darkness. Like a cat, a cargo before her elizabeth Elizabeth Bendorf, oculus we survived being thrown from the s bahn. She suffered a severe concussion and extensive injuries, and it took eight days of treatment in the hospital before she had recovered enough to be questioned. police, while Elizabeth could describe her attack, she couldn't identify the man responsible, regardless
police. No longer doubt it a gut a cowgirl's story. Neither the nor Elizabeth got a clear look of the offender's face and the small descriptions they could provide conflicted one another. Still police now had a new crime scene to examine for clues. They searched the s bahn and while it was difficult to single out the attack is fingerprints in the compartments due to it being such a high traffic area, they did find something of significance behind one of the saint cushions police uncovered the lead pipe that are being used to bait Elizabeth Ben doth. The bloodstained pipe was two inches They can't twenty inches long with telephone, cable inside and numbers printed on, the exterior it was
oakley it why the perpetrator had two left it behind, but he did have the foresight to wipe down the section he'd been holding onto to remove his fingerprints while any old piece of lead pipe would be near impossible to trace. The numbers on this papa allowed police to identify it as having come from cable that was laid alongside the s bond tracks. Around romas bore a year and a half prior police I looked into the workers who had originally laid the cable and ruled them out as suspects one by one. There were only two other ways in which the piping could have been obtained. One of the workers could have How has it lay tossed aside with the attack our later stumbling opponent? The problem with this theory was that we Germany at war, scrap metal was valuable, It therefore unlikely to be willfully discarded. Alternatively, the piping could have
stolen from the warehouse where the scrap pieces of cable were taken after the job was done, thousand of people had access to the warehouse, meaning anyone could have sworn to investigate is determined that the same pace of part, had been used against uli shoe ma, thus confirming the friedrich felt a garden and s attacks were carried out by the same offender, but they Quick to realize the weapon wasn't the smoking gun they had anticipated. Given that no one had been killed on the s bahn. News of the attacks didn't spread. and no increased safety measures were put in place, for the most part lie. if the s bond continued as normal. Just like had with these attacks in the friedrich photo gardens. The offender waited until police it
tension had waned and was focused elsewhere before striking again, on the night of tuesday December three nineteen forty one month after the attack on Elizabeth bendorf, the puppy Try to ride the s bahn with a fifteen inch lion rod concealed b's jacket, slave Given that Elizabeth had survived, he decided would no longer engage his victims in small talk. First, the chance of them getting a good look at him was too risky. When he spotted twenty six year old, inner self ray defranco, traveling alone in a compartment. He walked right up to her. pulled out his iron rod and struck her in the head with that. Saying a word learning, from his previous mistakes. This time he hit harder to ensure alfredo would be completely in capacity.
did and unable to scream or try to escape. Alfredo was struck with such force that her skull was shattered and her brain dead. Killing her instantly then pushed body out of the train before it reached the next station. less than half an hour later. Nineteen year old image, god Fraser was walking alone along a quiet straight half way between the cows Horst and rumours borg, train stations. On the nearby tracks. The s bahn came to a stop within minutes. It was off again the sound of its motor fading into the distance M god didn't have a moment to acknowledge what came next. Suddenly, fox figure, silently launched from the shadows rays.
and I m wrought in the year before bringing it down on em god's head, knocking her out instantly. She was hit three more times in quick succession. The rod crushing her skull. God's body was left out in the open straight where it was found at Thirty, I am the dishevelled state of her clothing, confirmed she'd been right shockingly, despite her extent we've had injuries him, god was still alive. She was rushed to hospital with a detective by her side. In case she regained consciousness. and revealed any key information about the attack. Unfortunately, that never happened in god,
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not public speaker every word. Every gesture is coldly calculated to hit its mark propaganda is an art best achieved by a genius doubles, as retired hr. Grubber roper tells how he doesn't. He had absolute control over the organs of propaganda, the press, the radio everything so they were centralized and what he wanted to say could be put before the german people without contradiction. What he did was to create the image of the party, the image of the pura One gumbo speaks to the german people, who are strictly forbidden to listen to foreign brought gas. Radio warden see that they listen Joseph goebbels was well aware that a serial killer was active in eastern berlin. He knew that Yes, bond murderer as he'd come to be known, had an extensive history of offending with ease,
actions escalating over time. Now that the purpose. I was striking multiple times in one, not local women in great danger and the the steward that there was little, the police could do that. Resources were already stretched due to the war and the blackout induced crime wave. They were also vastly inexperienced to tackle a case of this magnitude, regardless, as the minister of propaganda gerbils didn't want any word of a getting out as date out in the book a serial killer in nazi berlin, goebbels one. The german citizens to feed the nazi regime and not think they could get away with. committing violent crimes here also didn't want the german men who were fighting in the war to think they'd be better off protecting their loved ones at home. Consequently,
the s bond murderer was kept out of the press. A few posters request information about alfredo franco's mode outward dotted around train stations, but they imply was a one off crime, not the work of a serial killer. Not only did they censorship put more women at risk and also prove Did anyone with information that could be helpful to the investigation from coming forward? Police did what I could, within the limitations set by the government, offering Reward of ten thousand iraq's marks for information pertaining to El Frida's murder. This was a nick and a man of money at the time with a smile, home in the area costing around one hundred and fifty rocks marks common caning matters was the unpredictability of the killers behaviour. While he had it
Clear and now he's crimes weren't always carried out in the same manner or location. Sometimes He struck in the expansive allotment gardens on the s body. or along the surrounding straits. Sometimes he interacted with thought taunted he's victims other times he struck without any word or warning. Although the s bond murderer had only committed a few sexual assault police below The all he's crimes was sexually motivated. Whether or not right tool. Molested he's victims depended if he thought he could get away with it in time, without getting caught I was of the essence, with the attacks occurring more frequently. It signify that the thrill was wearing off quick off at the yes bond matter, or he would likely.
Can you distract more often to satisfy his desire? Ada Schmidt. Not her real name was dressed in her nicest clothes. When she border yes s alone, and At an area known as the second class compartment, it was the same sex. ocean, where women had previously been attacked and thrown from the moving train. The compartment was empty when ada took her seat, but her peaceful journey, It was soon interrupted by a lone male passenger. Slowly he approached data. although she couldn't say he's face due to the poor lighting, she could tell that. He was wearing a buttonless black jacket and a hat that together looked like some kind of uniform. Suddenly the man stopped in his tracks, he could tell that ada didn't appear afraid. Instead,
Her posture suggested she was on heightened alert as though prepared to defend herself. ada thought the man looked confused as to what to do next. Suddenly, he rushed to the side door before forty could react. He yanked it open and launched himself out of the moving moving into the darkness darkness. without causing significant injury. Ada watched is. He ran towards the nearby rumours borg train station before loser Thought of him completely, once train came to a stop aid is compartment was swarmed by police. She was an undercover officer posing as a civilian hoagie, to lure out the s bahn. Although it couldn't be concerned with absolute certainty that the man who approached a dog was the killer
His behavior was suspicious enough for police to strongly believe it was additionally, while the an attack dressed in casual clothing survival of the yes bomb attacks reported that the perpetrator war, some kind of uniform police I the tracks and nearby stations, but found no sign of the man. No one who had crossed paths with the s by night, or I was able to accurately identify what kind of uniform was their accounts differed with. Some describing it as blue, while others said black. said he wore a hat with an emblem on the front. many civilian and military uniformed organizations existed within the nazi regime and some of the uniforms, were very similar, making it difficult for police, narrow the suspect down to any particular group. They can
if whether he could be wearing the uniform of the elite german paramilitary organization, the shoots staffel, widely known as the s s. while the latest iteration of their uniform was grey. There had been a black version at one stage: members also wore a distinct peaked cap with an eagle and skull and crossbones insignia on it. The puzzle, really that the yes bond murderer could be part of the ss had major implications. Police and this theory discreetly, while continuing with their efforts to catch the killer. More Mccoy's road on the s bahn, including mile police officers dressed in feminine closing, it was hopes that kill. I wouldn't notice roots in the dock and conditions.
they lingered on the trains at not waiting for the killer, to strike. The wintersun was yet to rise on the morning of Sunday december, twenty two nineteen, forty one thirty year old, Elizabeth bungan are boarded the second class compartment of the s bahn at six, a dot m. She was alone, but excited she headed to see her military husband, who was currently stationed outside of berlin. But the two would Never be reunited. Six hours laid off, Elizabeth's body was found lying on the railway tracks between friedrichshagen and two ronsdorf stations. She had been repeatedly struck in the head with a blunt. Instrument likely annoying rod raw lead pipe. A list
that survived the savage baiting but was killed when her body was pushed from the moving trying. Elizabeth boom was the fourth killing carried out by yes bond murderer and the first two have been targeted in the morning. It was clear to police that whoever was responsible was changing tactics as if they knew about the decor. Is monitoring the s barn at nine p m, Race resources were far too stretched to have undercover officers manning the train round. The clock. Laid on the morning of Sunday december. Twenty nine just one wake. The murder of elizabeth boom gonna, another body, was discussed On the side of the railroad tracks, forty six year old, Gertrude deceive art had been traveling alone in the second class compartment of the s hours earlier when she was struck,
the head and thrown from the moving train between the cows Horst and rumours borg stations. By the time she was found, Gertrude was barely clinging to life. She was rushed the horse it all but died later that day. Twenty seven year old, head vague, a bow, was targeted the following sunday, this time the S. Bahn murderer used an old tactic. He choked her until she fell unconscious then threw her body from the train head. Who was three months. Pregnant was found alive by the railroad tracks naval hata station, but laid it down my from the injury she sustained upon impact. seven women had now been attacked on the train, five of whom, what killed, despite the government's best efforts. News of the serial killer under wraps room
If he's actions was spreading across berlin, the police requested permission from Yossi girl. was to print an article in a city wide newspaper to officially address the crimes and warn commuters. Gerbils, reluctantly agreed, but on the condition that It said was that a person was quote making. Trouble on the yes Bonn the article, Divulge that women had been thrown from the vehicle, but it didn't mentioned, how many or that they As a result, good It was also permitted matching flyers to be distributed to the public, but kept the amount at two thousand. He forbade an announcement from being broadcast on the radio, as he didn't want word to spread outside of berlin.
both had his own idea about how to ensure the safety of the city's female passengers. Hey requested, That men volunteer to shop around loan women travelling on the s barn at night. The only man who could apply for this raw when members of apparel military wing of the nazi party, who, in full The regime through physical violence these Men were referred to as brown shirts named after the color of their uniform. To be given. The role of a brown shed was considered an honor reserved for trustworthy men with no criminal record. The minister of pro again. This strategy appeared successful as insane female passengers were scolded on the s bomb by brown, shirts. The remainder of january passed with no further incidents.
mother of three thirty nine year old, Johanna voice to the loan at the rumors spoiled train station. It was ten p dot m on tuesday february eleven and Hannah was nervous. She knew Who about the s barn murderer and given she was pregnant? You have hunner feed for the safety of her unborn baby. Her worry must have been palpable because an experienced brown approached having spent the day assisting women on their travels. Typically, women had to checking as part of the programme and a brown shirt would then be authorized by use of himself to personally, I scored her. Yo Hannah had made any such arrangements, but she asked the brown should if hey would be well to accompany her to call schwartz station. So he'd already clocked off costco
It was only one station away said the man a grade. The pair entered the empty second class compartment and took a seat as the train took off. It gained momentum. The brown Suddenly pulled an iron rod out from his jacket slave and a media, they struck Johann are in their head with it. He then dragged her unconscious body to the door of the train and pushed her out. Your survived the initial attack, but by the time she was found, she succumbed to her injuries. There was nothing amongst here, honey belongings that hinted towards her kill us our density. Rather it was the alps so the certain items that gave investigators pause like several of the other victims, your heart
avoid had been traveling on the yes bond without a ticket, an offense punishable by fine. while measures were in place to prevent people from writing the s bond without a valid ticket. It was to be expected that the odd Cynthia would slip through without pain, however, had struck. investigators as odd that so many of the murder victims were riding freely given. It was highly unlikely that all of them had managed to avoid crossing paths with a ticket inspector investigators developed a theory. If the killer was a current or former s, bahn, employee or posing as one he could approach his victim Without causing alarm some of the it could have been lowered onto the train with the promise of a free and safe journey. Alternatively, the killer could have confronted
Women, under the guise of checking their tickets before launching an attack curious I get a cargo recalled that her attacker had approached her shortly before she boarded the s, barn and directed her to the second class compartment. Considering he was dressed in uniform, she assumed He was a railroad employee and I begged his command without question. Elizabeth Ben doors had also being told to board the second class compartment by a uniformed men shortly before her attack. Yet both women clarified that he wasn't impersonating a ticket inspector dear bon was stopped by employees of the national railroad road whose uniforms include it had a dog with an eagle clutching a swastika, given that this, matched witness descriptions of the killer police had
initially considered whether the offender could be a railroad worker. The problem was that there were over five thousand uniformed employees of the national railroad spread across twenty eight departments, so narrowing down. The suspect list would be no easy fate. hopefully a quota were eliminated immediately, based on survivors descriptions. The rest had to be questioned in addition to having their work schedules, collided, checked and verified. Get a cargo and elizabeth bend off wish and dozens of photos. Men who worked for the s bahn, but neither woman. recognized their attacker, eight thousand people who lived around the friedrichsfelde at gaudens, where all sides looked into under. shot from yourself goebbels to solve their case? Hunt
it's more under cover around the uniformed police officers were tasked with riding the s, barn and manning the K. Trains stations along the way with no distinguishing features to be on the lookout for they questioned man, they came across every train platform and kampala, Was diligently searched for any evidence of the kill, as presents which sometimes works I entire sections of the train line to be shut down, Place were finally able to publish a more detailed newspaper article about the case this time, revealing that multiple women had been killed with increased the reward on offer to thirteen thousand rocks marks for information pertaining to Johan, avoid murder or any of the previous attacks. While warning women against riding in the second class compartment, the article also,
the possibility that the offender was wearing a national railway, uniform or something similar. Police were inundated with roughly one thousand five hundred tips from the public, while none of the two pops to the identification of the perpetrator, the heavy handed ass had seemingly brought an end to his killing spray. by thursday July three nineteen forty one five months had passed since the bond murderer, had lost struck with the increased police presence and the Public now on high alert commuters were. than ever before,. In the early morning, hours thirty five year old, Frida coxey all right. The s bond with the odd incident.
She disembarked room was borg station, along with nine other women and one man, as they left the platform, the group's guided to take their different routes home. Frida headed alone down a path towards the nearby allotment gardens once she reached the quiet and dark into grounds. She was struck in the back of the head with an iron bar, debating continued once she was on the ground resulting in freedom skull Caving in her attacker then tore off her clothing below the waist and proceeded to rape her before fleeing the scene. Fraid is bloodied and partially naked body was found shortly after making her the eighth fatality at the hands of the es bond murder are freed, his death was blow to investigators.
Having narrow dean on the Yes Bonn, they'd overlooked the perpetrators, previous hunting grounds and hadn't thought to puts safety measures in place in the allotment gardens. The police felt partially responsible for frida cuts, y'all's murder, as it was clear that the killing you the police, had taken over the train Is done instead of changing tactics to flashy may not data fine action said was the killer away from the very spot they might have otherwise caught him still The gardens provided evidence that the s barn did not. A set of fresh prints were pressed in the dirt surrounding frayed his body and lead. Fifty made his b beyond indicating that someone had knelt down next to her body and inspected it before run from the same plus, the mouths of the prince revealed the shoeing quick
she was a size. Thirty, nine and a half with an extra thick rubezahl and distinctive tread patton. They matched shoes manufactured by specialist podiatry company. As luck would have it. The company kept a well documented records of all their. The measures, including those who had purchased the size. Thirty, nine and a half shoe armed with this last investigator. began tracking down and interviewing each of the customers most were fighting in the war or lived too far away, and what prompt we ruled out, but it was one man that could investigate is interest leave too near the rumours bore train station right by the allotment gardens where dozens of women had been attacked. He was a carpenter named v hymen a check.
These police records revealed that hymen had a criminal conviction for voyeurism having previously been caught spying on a couple having sex. It was the only blemish on an otherwise clean record. Hymen was taken in for questioning, During which he denied involvement in any of the s bahn murderer crimes the main time his home. searched for any evidence that could link him to the case offices. Found a pair of custom, podiatry shoes and compared to the maldives, taken alongside frida conceals body. They were a match. When hymen was informed of this discovery, he admitted that he'd stumbled across frayed his body and had knelt down to inspect it. Once he realized she was dead, he fled the same.
I didn't admit to this earlier, because he was scared of being used as a scapegoat was also mindful that the penalty for sex based crimes were severely amplified during the blackout in his history as a convicted sex offender. He feared that he'd be handed a death sentence despite his innocence. Just so, authorities could close the case. Police were forced. To drop the highwomen laid when they discovered that he had solid alibis for a large percentage of the s bahn. Murderous attacks, thus rule How does the puppet write off weather
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Does should give the green light to the most nervous, passing following the murder of frida caught seo police extended a covert surveillance to the friedrich felder allotment gardens also observing the s bahn more discreetly vanity. Measures had previously deterred the perpetrator temporarily, the police, They were unsustainable in the long term, once officers were forced to return, two other duties. The s barn Thirdly, I would no doubt resume he sprayed. Meanwhile, in Thus, the guide is was still making their way through the long list of employees from the natural railroad questioning every one about the murders, One so far had raised their suspicions and the ticket inspector laid was a dead end police consider the possible
Letty that they kill. I wasn't a railroad employed at all, but had been wearing a fake or stolen uniform. There a week after the murder of frida conceal, as they were wrapping up close to six months worth of railroading. Oh yeah interviews, there seem to be a much needed breakthrough They concluded the interviews with a standard question: have you Just anything suspicious about any of your coworkers one man had he'd spotted a colleague twenty eight year old. Call lucas off leaving work in the middle of your shift by jumping over a fence when confronted Who said he was off to say a woman, he returned and some time later, without any of his superiors noticing he's absence will off. Worked for the railroad for six years. Having worked
these way up from a temporary role as a manual labor up to a permanent peace soon as an auxiliary signal men, he Stationed in detail, I knew the room was borg station where he worked. Actually I'll, learn monitoring signaling that Should the trains ran efficiently and safely, despite having worked at the company for a long time, we'll gives off wasn't close to his calais, Many didn't even know his name. Pull august off had already been questioned in relation to the s. Barn murders records show he had been working at the time of the attacks and he's wrong I positioned in a signal tower, building along the railroad that was independent of the stations, he was not, a quiet to ride the s barn as part of these duties or interact with passengers offices
ubisoft, assiduous and industrious, and he was praised by his superiors for his unblemished work. History He was ultimately ruled out of the investigation. However, when his colleague, Reported ubisoft history of disappearing mid shift he's roster. no longer provided him with an alibi. while ubisoft didn't have a violent criminal record or history of sexual deviancy, he had been arrested for burglary. Some years prior. Even with this conviction, There was nothing in yugoslavia, background to suggest he was capable of the s bond murderous crimes. He was a hard working german, national and married father of two, most importantly, was a long time and upstanding member of the nazi party.
ubisoft relished, being a nazi party member and he's lloyd, It was rewarded with the highly regarded position of sergeant in one of the groups. Paramilitary offshoots, equally known as the brown shirts. This role saw him tasked with safely excluding women to and from the s barn, during the height of the killings august of dismay, The allegations that he'd previously left his work post, saying whoever accused him of It was lying or mistaken. It took some time before he finally confessed that it was true. He explained that he was having an affair with a married woman who lived nearby. He didn't I lied to avoid getting into trouble with these wife for employers.
And confirmed she and august off were having an affair, and while they supported who deserves claims, it didn't clee him as a sauce backed all that day. It was proved he had a habit of abandoning his work post on the sly. Upon re, examining who resort to work schedule for the knots of them, that is investigated discovered that the killings had occurred. At times when no trains had been passing through. As always off worked alone. This man, he could have left his signal tale without anyone noticing his absence or lack of input. Search of ubisoft of time need the friedrich felt at garden uncovered several uniforms and matching caps. putting those he wore while on the job. At first glance, the clothing appeared clean, but a microscope. Examination of the fabric revealed bloodstains
including a large amount around the crotch area of his pants bogus claimed the blood had come from his wife. who had been sick three days earlier, shake a rubber. I did this story. Who gives off added that he'd also recently cut his finger and had what the blood on his pants testing confirmed? The Claude was indeed human there wasn't enough to establish what type it was and as dna, testing didn't exist at the time, nothing else could be ascertained. Bloodstains were also found on august off work. Jacket, forensics concluded that this blood spat out was consistent with a violent attack.
Inside of you so of time, investigators also found a sport, sure, doc pants and a blue visor cab, similar to the outfit worn by the flashlights wielding menace in the friedrich filled again. And it was an area who gives off was familiar with, as he had to pass through the gardens in his way home from work due to his shift work. This often took place late at night and sometimes ogres was on his back. Deserved a nod doing anything wrong, but after intense questioning he event well relented. He, made it to bing the black rotting flashlight wielding man who had harassed women the year prior, but maintain and the worst offence he'd committed was once grubbing. A woman who deserve was taken to the friedrich felt a garden to pinpoint
Exactly where he had carried out the minor offences he had confessed to, it soon became clear that bogus I had committed far more than he was willing to admit to over the next three hours. He struggled to keep track of where everything had taken place. At one stage. He pointed out a railway underpass as the location where he'd scared, a woman by showing he's flashlight at her. This was actually the place where a felony assault had reported, lay taken place, bogus off pointed out too, more spots that he claimed were the setting of minor altercations when, in fact they were the sorts of two attempted murders. Out of all this have love is only gertrude. Niece font was able,
a positively identify pull who goes off as her attack on after seeing him in police custody hate. Confronted her on her parents, doors and the pair had a brief interaction before he had attacked. Once the garden tour was over. Who gets old fast to speak with the officer in charge, of the serious crimes unit. Commissioner, bill, helm, looked com. Investigators suspected this was a tactic and august off was perhaps to use he standing in the nazi party to influence a senior member of police. He's request was granted but when ubisoft was led into the interrogation room, he was confronted with five skulls belonging to the yes, bond murder as victims, they were placed on the center of a table with a what shining directly on them
Hola wise, aimed in august direction. bogus of looked at commission allured car and immediately remarked you gotta help me. He began to insist that he was a loyal member of the nazi party and went on to the the violent acts he had committed against the jewish people in the hopes it would indeed him to load car. Commission allude, car had enjoyed the highs and lows of the s, bond murderer investigation and one at the case more than anyone. He would later remark rail, Has the work of the berlin criminal police, particularly aside been of such strong public interest.
look and knew the longest citizens lifting fear of the thread. The more they would question the abilities of those tasked with protecting them, pretending to be sympathetic, commission allude caught, told pool who gets off that if he wanted help, he would need to tell the police exactly what he d ubisoft next move was unexpected. He admitted, To committing the murders but described them incorrectly saying he had stabbed the women to death. He was trying to muddy the waters, so it would be difficult to convict in. commission allowed cup press the august off to reveal the truth by methodically going over the evidence, including skulls that was sitting before them large holes wick
clearly visible from where they had h being struck with a heavy blunt object, injuries that couldn't have been inflicted with a knife. At this point, the blood drained from exhausts face He said the injury must have occurred when the victim fell from the train, even though that possibility, had already been excluded by forensic experts. Commission, look. I asked august off point blank. What did you bait days, women to death with, reaching the end of the line and ashen and trim? off replied with a I, the cable. The floodgates had opened and pull who deserve confessed to everything incorrect detail. He spoke of the attacks in the garden and how he did justice.
These tactics with each mistake eventually committing his crimes on the s bahn, which he was he nightly familiar with. He knew the second class compartment had the fewest. Passengers send was empty more often making it the ideal spot to strike. He approached the lone female passengers while wearing he's, were cool brown shirts uniform as he knew that would trust his authority. After eight murder he returned home. His family, who, when none the wiser. He also revealed that, upon pushing one of these victims off the s barn, he had tracked to decide where her body landed here That would give him a second rush, but instead he felt sickened upon saying what he had done. He didn't re visit any of these crimes. Sayings after that in written confession, ubisoft provide
that an insight into how he's murderous urge developed but it was really an attempt to use his political ties to sway public opinion. He wrote. A few years ago. I had sex with a stripper and then went to a jewish doctor. the jew, who knew I was a nazi party member, has out of hatred for the nazis, me traded. My going to Raya, the consequence of which has affected, a state of mind. I would like these considered for sentencing purposes. There I am not responsible for my actions. Also. please bear in mind that, on that party member, I tried to pin his behavior on head injuries. He sustained in his youth, though. he showed no evidence of brain damage. In fact, in their report,
the investigating police, described ogres off as having a completely cold and calculating nature with the any nerves or innovations when it came to satisfying his sexual urges. The report added that he had Willingly and consciously exploited the blackout giving greater opportunity for he's attacks and facilitated he's escapes. Pulgas off trial commenced to just two weeks after he's arrest. Any hope that he standing then the nazi party would absolve him. If he's crimes was short lived as he was found guilty for the murder of eight women and the attempted murder of six others,
Calling always off a based in human form, deservedly eliminated from the national community, the judge sentenced who deserve to death. Seemingly accepting that he's previous explanation. Said failed when always off was asked why he felt compelled to kill women he. Finally, revealed because I hate them. There was no death row within the german criminal justice system. A death sentence was to be carried out within Ways of being handed down pull guess off was executed by decapitation. The following day. He's remains, was sent to the institute of anatomy and biology to be used for research purposes, a few weeks later, a letter was sent to ubisoft wife. It was a bill from the prison.
Bogus zeal of sex education had caused the wear and tear the guillotine blade and his wife would have to pay to service. It Two days after who deserve sex, Florida's miami herald a newspaper printed, an article that read strangely A berlin court sentenced a railway worker to death because he killed eight women under the circumstances it would seem, that the man would have been placed in the army or better. Yet in burma, then he could have bombed and killed. women during blackouts in england, in dead of being executed. He would have been reward with metals. A monument might have been erected to him government is peculiar. It would punish one man because he murdered
It organizes armies and trains them to murder on a wholesale scale. Who gets off is sentenced to death for killing. Eight women adult sheila he saluted and cheers because he has killed thousands of men, women and children.
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