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Semper Fidelis – which means ‘Always Faithful’ is the motto of the United States Marine Corps and a nod to the tight-knit culture the corps is known for. At the Parris Island recruit depot in South Carolina, new recruits undergo a gruelling 13-week training program that determines whether they will become Marines. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Matty – New podcast from Casefile Presents SimpliSafe – Claim a FREE indoor security camera and 20% off with interactive monitoring DoorDash – Get 25% off up to $10 value on your first order of $15 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Upside – Download the app for free and get $5+ cashback on your first purchase of $10+ with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-225-raheel-siddiqui
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When twenty year old matthew, levison failed to return home after a night out clubbing in sydney, he's loved ones were worried, sick, so Bishop soon fell on mats partner, forty five year old michael lacking after it was revealed that the pair were fighting on the night of match disappearance, but was that unfortunate timing or deed atkins have something to hide, mattie is the latest podcast from case file presence at ten part series raided by lauren, ok from the missing. Since advocacy network maddy from case far prison. is available to strain furry. Right now. Only on spotify stateroom.
and until the end of today's episode to hear the trailer era, sites do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the show nights for this episode on Europe or on our website, The marine corps is the smallest conventional military force in the united states. As of twenty twenty two and has approximately one hundred and seventy seven thousand active duty members and about thirty two and a half hours personnel in reserve. The moraines motto, simper fidel us, is a nod to the taught me culture there
Core is nine for me, being always faithful. The latin phrase refer to the loyalty moraines have to their country to their work and to each other in Twenty seventeen new york times, journalists, degenerate rodman, describe to them as having a thought bond grown out of the codes, traditions and reverence for offering that moraines believes set them apart from civilians and all the military branches, only Listed female recruits and male recruits to reside aced of the mississippi river, undergo their training at the parasol and recruit, thereby located port royal island in south carolina, this military installation is where roughly seventeen thousand moraines are trained each during
the thirteen wait. Long training programme recruits are cut off from the outside world and undergo a physically and mentally gruelling. Regimen there a full battalion. at paris island which recruits are assigned to according to their platoon and company. The third recruit I mean battalion has a particularly imposing history. It spain described attracting drilling structures with taught I personalities who weighing to build the most today. the planned moraines, the third battalion Reputation is so notorious that it has been nicknamed the thumping third.
Nineteen year old, Jake waiver was following in a family tradition when hey enlisted in the moraines he's grandfather, heads I have done the korean war in the early nineteen fifties in early twenty fifth dane Jake and his fellow recruits boarded the bus that would take them to paris island for their training, as soon as they arrived at their destination. There were met by a drill instructor who bought in order at them. get on the yellow footprints. A long line of footprints had been painted along the asphalt nearby marking a pathway, to the entrance building following struck disorders. The recruits made their way towards the building. To begin that training scenes inside the building work, chaotic drill,
instructors bellowed at the recruits from all across the room. Is they filled out therein tight forms and find their families recruits were permitted. One call time no longer than force. Seconds and residing a strict script after I dunno find themselves, they were to say, I have arrived safely at paris islands Please do not send any food or bulky items to me in the mail. I will contact you in seven to nine days by let out with my new address. Thank you for your support goodbye. For now, over the next few days there were given uniforms. Their heads were shaved, physical, fitness tests were taken and then the real training could begin
waiver was assigned tippler two and three thousand fifty four in lane that company, which was assigned to the third battalion when hay and his fellow platoon maids met their drilling. Stropped is the young recruits, whereas the question You want to be trained like moraines right, not like crappy, individual moraines. It would soon become clear. What the day eyes meant by this. While some drill instructors were out, others were closing age to the recruits themselves. The majority of them having served in combat, but instead work for the moraines as air traffic controllers, mechanic, sore technicians, amongst other roles in all
to become a drill instructor, also known as a day. I am a rain, has the complete one term of englishmen and pass the psychological exam to make sure they not suffering from patty s day, if, given the clear. They attend and eleven wake programme where they learn how to teach recruits in jail. Wave is experience at paris island. There were essentially to training probe. Rams that ran parallel to one another by day recruits attended classes and completed technical missions. They can played a gruelling, physical exercises and other tasks that saint pointless like dangling raffles from their pinky fingers or sitting still for hours at a time by not an unofficial kind of training took place, sometimes recruits weren't permitted to slap drilling structures would pour detergent shaving, cream and other toiletries.
the barracks floors and order recruits to run across. It will also scrubbing the floor with brushes Jake, were delighted. Till journalists degenerate ride men that the drill instructors referred disparagingly to what they called the new call. They felt the moraines had become too lazy with the train, being done by the book and no real struggle for the recruits in jake's. Experience de eyes. Sword is they're all to make moraines of them through hazing, a process degrading and abusing recruits as a form of initiation devils a tacit understanding that what happened in the barracks stayed in the barracks as budget Its own senior drilling struck tat. He was an erotic man who could be encouraging one minute and aggressive. The next jake fanned the speed at which he lost his temper alarm,
Under no circumstances were drill instructors permitted to touch recruits, yet this rule was then ignored. If a recruit would say, to be smiling all laughing de I might hit or truck them overexertion from the light, not tasks, they were forced to perform, led to some recruits passing out or suffering a breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, but none of them complained during the first week of training. Drake wave is platoon, listened to a talk by one of their drilling structures that focused on the fraternal connection between moraines. All of them were brothers. The instructor said regardless of their faith, ethnicity or rice. Then he asked age recruit what their religion was. One of jake's put
The inmates was a young man from brooklyn new york contained a me boy mash when he was asked which fight hey, followed. A me replied: islam, sir. The majority of the recruits were white men from christian backgrounds, many of them had never met a most long before prompting the drilling struck that to reassure everyone that there was nothing wrong with amazed faith but from tat day on a may seem to be singled out for harsh treatment than the rest until june and hard working. He always performed well on every test. Yet the instructors made him undertake particularly gruelling training sessions on at least two occasions. he had to go to the medical unit after these incidents. One
The drill instructors from another platoon seem to go out of his way to hustle. Let me he repeatedly called him a terrorist and asked him Where are the w and days will you out of nine eleven days, questions where a reference to september. Eleven, two thousand one terrorist attacks on the united states by militant islamic group. Al Qaeda following the attacks, the? U s had gone to war against Iraq under the guise of looking for weapons of mass destruction, despite. The ongoing harassment, Amelia stuck with these training- and you know in july of two thousand fifteen, hey into the other recruits completed their final task. officially became a reigns.
Late at night, on July, fourteen twenty fifth day, the recruit simpler to thirty fifty four was sleeping when the silence was suddenly broken by several men entering the squad by it was a number of the drill instructors, including the one who become fixated. With a me bore, mash hay was gunnery sergeant. Joseph Felix sergeant, Felix Andy's friends appeared to have been drinking making his way through the squad by feel exhaust where's that terrorists, As he drew closer to amuse bank, he asked you a terrorist. No, sir, I me replied you muslim said felix. Yes, sir answered me. Feel exhorted him down? hey and another day. I much to me towards the bathroom.
Turning on the showers, they had a mere lie down on the tiles and to push ops and other exercises euro obediently did ass, he was told getting so does water from. Shall I heads poured down on him. This sort of active He was known as incentive training on the spot. Physical training, intended as a form of punishment, avenged de the day. Eyes told him to stop and took him to the laundry room? getting the dry felix ordered he was. varying to an industrial sized clothes draw a big enough to fit a grown man, a mere who was six feet tall climbed inside I'm going to find out who you really are said felix before closing the dry adore, who are you working for? He asked,
nobody, sir, was amazed reply displeased with this answer. Felix turned the dry IRAN emilius body. Tumbled inside, as its drum began. To turn back in the squad by the other recruits could hear the bang of immediate crashing again the bottom of the machines interior. After about thirty seconds, Felix stopped the dry and opened the door. What's your religion, He asked islam, sir, said to me felix closed the door or and turned the dry iran again you're going to kill us change. You get. Aren't you terrorist? What are your plans the inside of the dry. I was starting to Haydock, burn Immediate showed aren't neck. He began to cry once again felix
stop the dry and demanded to know if a knee was still muslim. When he said he was, The driver was switched on again, eventually after the dry. I had been turned on and off three times a mere gave in and told them what I wanted to hear, He was no longer a muslim. After about thirty minutes, Amir was taken back to his bunk still damp and visibly upset fees They send his accomplice laughed and another day I went up to a me. It's pretty aft up what they did to you back there. You're not going to tell us senior drill instructor about this right. No sir, said to me.
The following not sergeant Joseph Felix, returned to platoon three thousand fifty four squad by He made me handover he's martial arts belt and toilet and to me his neck. He also, Taught me is shoelaces together and looked the belt through them. Sing, a mere to bend double. Eating a mere around the bay is, though he were a dog on a leash. Felix asked him: are you a terrorist? Are you a spy? No sir, cried a maid who was in pain from there a strange yell la la who whack bah felix demanded a meal did ass, he was told then felix used a flag paul to push down on me. His toes, crushing them before taking a different approach.
Felix handed Amira, scrubbing, brush and told him to the head of fellow recruit with it? Show us you're a terrorist. A me hit the recruits neck several times with the broad while crying out a law who lack bar arabic phrase that translates to god is the greatest. They seem to make Felix happy. Amuse anxiety, island increased in the days that followed the old, I struggled with the loss of motivation at not. He was plagued by nightmares that featured felix killing his family. a mere wasn't, the only recruit who was troubled, jake wave, our struggled with some of the things hate saying during training. And although he hadn't being targeted in the same way, a me had. He found himself grappling with me straight men as well
On one occasion, a drill instructor pushed jake's head against the wall. Another day, I had mocked him being religious jake had high expectations of the moraines, but was going increasingly disillusioned about serving his mental health began to suffer and he wound up bang Hospitalized Judah having suicidal thoughts. He does I have to leave the moraines to jake's dismay? He found it He would be receiving and other than honourable discharge. a few months earlier in may of twenty fifth dane, an email had been sent to the parasol and recruit Debbie. There was no name attached to it. With the author instead son, Not as a retired, moraine and concerned parent, it read in part.
I apologise for writing an anonymous email, but I do not want the drilling structures to mock my son, for they say mile essays. Aware that I am sending this. I am fraid. I am going to be one of the parents who is very concerned about the treatment that the new moraines underwent at third recruit training battalion. I confirmed with my fur and who would day eyes on paris island, and they agree that you need to be aware of what is going on also went on to explain that his son had told him about his recent experiences, while training hay- and these fellow recruits had been told by the drill instructors that they didn't need blanket said not, as they were only fed decoration in an attempt to stay warm in the phrasing called barracks. The recruits slept in extra clothing and kept their hands talked inside their shirts. One drilling structure
In particular, seemed to enjoy pushing recruits against a wall while chugging their necks deal with his son had been shoved against the wall wants and dislocated he showed up. Their recruit new, not to complain, having being told what happens in third battalion stays in third battalion. the author of the email clarified that had been trained, a parasol and several decades earlier, as had his own father before him, but neither of them had ever experienced the kind of hazing that current recruit seemed to being. During quote, we both hard core day eyes, but not once did I ever touch us. Their style of leadership was already intimidating enough to make us move and feel as if we are to the title. Moraine, the third battalion
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twenty year old or a heel said davy was an unlikely. Moraines recruit the son of pakistani immigrants. He had always been academically gifted rather than athletic in his home town taylor michigan. He was a star student at Harry S, truman high school. Where he'll worked hard and barely socialized, so that he could maintain perfect too great, he consulted. He said was guidance counselor on what would be the most challenging clauses to take his dream was to study engineering at college, where he'll saw how hard he's parents were his father at an order, parts factory and his mother, picking up on jobs. He wanted to help support them too
when he graduated high school, where he'll was valedictorian and non thing he's class overall, where he'll Was accepted at multiple universities and was even offered a full scholarship to michigan state, then, in April twenty fourteen he found out that he'd been accepted at the university of michigan born a college with their robotics engineering programme. Radio was particularly drawn to day when providing a full scholarship about were offering a two thousand dollar one as well as financial aid. Dismantle parents wouldn't have to pay expensive college tuition as long as we're he'll kept these grades above us say, average. We're here was ambitious since decided to weigh, may even higher. he enrolled in the college's honors program, which would require. him to maintain a b average.
Well as studying hard real work, part time on the service task of a home depot store a home improvement franchise when he finished high school. decided to work longer hours, so he could provide he's parents with financial support regime. he'll, wanted there to be enough money, so his youngest sister could one day guide to college to he started working time yeah. I was awake. juggling work and study was hotter than re he'll had anticipated. He began to feel stressed about the amount of pressure he was on that to maintain top great by the end of these first semester were he'll started getting c c. Instead of the eyes he was used to In July twenty fifteen the summer after reveals freshman year, he surprised these parents with an announcement
He was leaving college indian listing with the moraines. His mother, goose, Zappala and father masood was shocked. Re he'll had never expressed any interest in a military, and they couldn't understand why he was abandoning he's a long held dream of being at college. Here: show them that this was a way that he could serve his country and would also Now him to achieve these dreams, recruiters had told him that he could continue. He studies, while serving. Plus he'd already chosen a technical specialty king on marine aircraft, which man she probably wouldn't have to fight. Unless he wanted to down the track. He's experience could even opium pursue a career with the fbi, were he'll described the chance to serve as a golden opportunity, adding
after three years in the marine corps. I can do anything we're here Courage, he's worried, mother to visit the marines recruitment office in thailand, so she could speak to the recruiters herself gazelle. I did so and was reassured by the moraines that her son would be entirely safe. Recruiters were prevalent in the pot of michigan, where the CD family lived located about fifteen miles. South west of Detroit taylor was known as one of the day river communities and there were three military recruiting stations in the area. When this lights order, manufacturing, industry declined so. Did the areas socio economic standing in Thailand? Fifteen percent of residents live below the poverty line
The young people in need of a career, the military, convey an appealing option and for the moraines, highly intelligent pod working individuals such as revealed said davy. A raw deal recruits. By july, eight twenty fifteen were he'll, said: davy had signed, he's englishmen papers and began the moraines delayed entry programme. The programme would introduce here too, the moraines culture with meetings every saturday embracing he's new path wholeheartedly, were he'll, begin preparing for training, He woke up every morning at four: I am to work out at the gin highlight how to swim installed, exercise equipment at home, so he could also work out there and he began drinking protein shags We're heels family were astonished at the changes in him he had always being academically driven, but now he was physically.
divided as well he's recruited, told them how impressed he was by re heels, work ethic He was definitely the most driven recruit of the lot final, after right month reveals time to attend to boot, camp at power soil and arrived he's parent remained a nervous we're here. Never even stayed away from home for a single night before and now he would be spent several months into state with total strangers. Khazar lesser had a nagging feeling that going away wasn't the right thing for her son, though when she asked him one last time if he was one hundred percent sure he replied, no mom, it's ok, I made up my mind. I'm ready to go worry about me. He promised to adhere to the teachings of their islamic faith. Wallet
I and follow muslim dietary requirements as best as possible. In february twenty six and were heels colleagues at home data through him, a good bye party they all knew a heel. As someone who was highly intelligent, but not the most straight smog Some were worried that he's outlook was too positive. He was a kind person who couldn't conceive of anyone being unkind. One of these friends warned him be careful. Just watch yourself, you don't know what kind of people down there you don't know, However, people think on sunday march, six, twenty sixteen re he'll said goodbye to his parents and system missing, too cool when he arrived at paris island for the next
I guess I learned masood waited patiently for the fund to ring. Finally, lay not on monday march, seven, it rang gas. Allah quickly answered it and was met with a very strange. Sounds it soon, Lucky indecipherable grunting and shouting set against a noisy background. After less than five seconds, the lawn went dead Gazelle said her son's name, but there was no reply. Gonzalo was worried. The coal, and sounded like re he'll. Let all the next morning she contacted reveals recruit our shared. Her concerns stay. in no one knows my son's voice better than may that didn't sound lock. My son. the recruiter reassured her that all was fine. He'll had arrived safely at the bags. He just said
that strange because he'd been rating the script that all recruits had to follow when they first called home and only had a few seconds to do it. But Gonzalo said davy couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong when were he'll sedate. He arrived at paris, ireland, alongside around four thousand other, recruit slide on Monday march. Seven, he followed the same. Instructions that all new recruits followed after forward eyes of administrative tasks and strength test. He was signed tippler two and three thousand forty two on saturday, much twelve platoon, three thousand forty two sat within kilo company in the third battalion Kilo company is known amongst the drill instructors and recruit, says, kill a kilo, a nod to its intensity.
Bresil wendy's. Fifty eight platoon made were taken to their squad by it. Sat on the third floor of its building and was sixty yards along and fifteen yards wide two long rows of bunk bed, flanked two walls with wide aisle down the middle, the recruits were instructed to sit cross legged on the floor, their senior drilling struck down introduced himself. It was a sergeant. Joseph Felix, who had been aside from the platoon he'd had the previous year. Speaking in a harsh authority of tone, felix promised to treaties new recruits with firmness, fan s, dignity and compassion. Under no circumstances would abuse be tolerated.
Then the real training began recruits had the job For each other, in adult pile then run back and forth, they were made Do hundreds of birth, a full body exercise Where they dropped to a push up, then Jumped in the air they had to dangled their rifles from their little fingers. Even the extremely fit recruits founded excruciating One later told journalists degenerate right, men of the new york times that authority would pass out. Another recruit had a panic attack and started. Vomiting at first offices was supervising from the back of the room after they left. The drill instructors only intensify their training. The next move at seven twenty. I am the recruits
ready they not been training for several hours. When re he'll said, davy reported that he wanted to die. He's instructors pushed back against this asking him. What he's mother would think you ve left before finishing training, we're here I applied until my mother, good, bye and kill myself. The future does not matter. This recruit is going to kill himself. He David figured out how he would do it. He would jump from the squad bay window. Realizing that they were dealing with a suicide threat, the drill instructors confiscated ratio his when the laces from his boots tree police were summoned and arrived within minutes. as it was an unusual for recruits to threaten self harm in the early days of their training. The moraines had a strict protocol thy followed when the military police spoke with
Radio, hey elaborated on what had upset him, he couldn't handle drilling structures yelling at him and hitting him the instructors dismissed, reveals claims. They hadn't hit they had only touched him when they had to provide corrections such as fixing his uniform or position drilling structure. Were barred from touching recruits in all situations, except a drill corrections. It was dead, meant that re he'll should remain on the base under suicide watch recruits were only transported off base for treatment if they had actually self harmed or attempted suicide were he'll was moved to another place.
Squad by and was told to sit on a mattress in the middle of the room. He sat death at twenty four hours while other recruits took it in turns to watch over him when night fell. They shone a torch into his face. In order to keep an eye on him eventually were heels. I woke up and said he changed his mind. He didn't want to die at all. He wanted to continue training and become a moraine. The next morning were heels sinew. Drilling struck, dumb, gunnery sergeant Joseph Felix took re heel to recruitment, on services to discuss the previous days, events with a higher up julie, drill instructors waited outside for recruits for meetings like this, but Felix died in the office throughout about ten fade away from her heel reveal explained.
that he had no intention of killing himself and had no history of mental health problems. He had only said that Because he wanted the training to stop quote this recruit thought it was the only way to quit. The recruit, never meant that and regret it. We're here was dismissed as a low risk for self harm and returned to his platoon over the next few days. The recruits continued training they had to perform. Sprained send cross country. Runs. They were taught mixed. Martial arts, bayonet techniques and close order, drills. during one routine focused on punching recruits was split into pears and instructed to punch one another repeatedly Many of the larger stronger recruits with teamed up with smaller individuals. They were told not to
Listen to their day eyes, instructions, just the cape punching many recur its were hidden. Their jaws one suffered, broken ribs. Another broke down in tears. Drill instructors would refer to that request it's his maggots policies and a variety of success than homophobic slurs. Sir what's targeted for their personal attributes, such as their ethnicity, drill. Instructors themselves, when immune from abuses are You d eyes would often yell at their subordinates who, in turn to their anger around recruits after gunnery sergeant Joseph Felix shouted at one day. I he began screaming at he's, recruits to the extent that he became sick and vomited across the floor.
Whenever a heel, sedate keys, platoon mates noticed that re he'll seemed baffled by being asked to follow, orders. following orders was crucial to being in the moraines but rehab. Seemed to query why he was being told to do certain things. He's platoon I wondered why he had enlisted and delighted the new york times. That re always looked like a scared animal, two I am on Friday march. Eighteen, the recruit who shared reveals bonk was woken by re heel. He wanted to talk to him blinding that he was in pain. Where rolling paying his bunk may replied before. Turning over to go back to sleep. Two hours later. There was time for the recruits to get up by full. Fifteen
that were lined up to go to breakfast. A drill instructor told them to sound off before they left a turn. Used for the coal moraines are required to give in response to an order all like after a heel obeyed who day I've noticed and began to yell at him. For this, obeying orders when one approached he'll and demanded he sound off real, pointed at his throat and silently passed him a note it read. This recruit has to go to medical. This recruits throw It has been swollen for three days and he's getting worse. This recruit also call the blood a few times last nod and today's recruit completely lost his voice and can barely whisper this recruits. Whole neck is in a lot of pain. The drill instructor, told
he'll died, sorting out after breakfast in the meantime were he'll would have to go to. Mess hall with the rest of his platoon at breakfast, drilling drill instructor aroused for heals help, passing out cops Were he'll ignored him? He sat quietly has the rest of the boy to night staring into space. By five thirty, I am, the platoon was back at their barracks. Doing some cleaning. He'll was ordered to the front of the squad by so he could fill out a form to go to the medical unit. When re he'll approached senior drilling struck, the Joseph Felix Real did an address him as was required, presumably due to his sore throat Instead, he stood there silently feeling
became angry and demanded. Re he'll run get back across the squad by these involved, sprinting back and forth across the length of the room until told to stop exercise such as this was known as incentive. Meaning where he'll did ass. He was told, while holding his throat as felix continued to shout said, davy run get back run. I don't care what's wrong with you, you're going to say something back to me. The other recruits kept cleaning quietly has re, he'll ran back and forth across the squad by dense, not only were he'll clutched his throat and fell to the floor crying. He lay there emotionless his hand, still wrapped around his neck, get up said davy on no you're fighting. He owed felix get up.
He walked over to radio and slapped him across the face reveals head turned to one side, but otherwise he didn't move felix slapped him again. Did it so forcefully that the sound echoed across the enormous squad by. we're here stood up holding his face. Began running again, one of his platoon might thought it was the fastest he'd ever seen. Anyone run before. It looked as though a radio was complaining that get backs he'd been ordered to do, but then he kept running to the back of the room where a set of double doors led to an external staircase where he'll pushed to the Was open and hoisted himself up on the railing of the stairway, then he's fine.
caught on the metal rail and he tumbled over the side at five. Thirty, five, I am a marine who happened to be outside passing by saw, reveals body full from the third floor and hit the concrete ballade. the marine called nine. While one and reported I go to recruit that fell from the third dec Meanwhile, helping the squad by were heels shocked, platoon knights, were ordered to fall into the bathroom and face the wool. While radio was being given first died, they were taken to complete their usual training schedule. Drill instructors warned them not to talk about what I'm saying where he'll had suffered severe blunt force trauma but was still alive,
air ambulance was requested to take him to a hospital. Forty miles away due to heavy fog. Can airlift was impossible said the moraines driver, a heel to be fed memorial hospital. For an hour emergency room. Doctors worked on radio They realised that he needed a more specialised form of care, so he was transferred to another hospital in charleston case file, we'll be back shortly. Thank you. Supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors now a word from our sponsor better help when you are faced with a challenge in life, stress and anxiety can make it difficult to think clear, The training, your brain to stay in problem solving mode is a challenge, but once you learn how to
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gazelle us a degree hadn't stop worrying about her son, since he left time the boot cab. She didn't they. One bizarre phone call from him and hadn't been able to talk to him at all. seven p m on Friday march eighteen awakened half after that call. There was enough on the front door of the sedately residents gazelle our answer, the door to say two moraine standing outside Gonzalo resumed, they must be there to share some good news about her sons. Achievements at training. The thought was a relief She had been worried about re he'll since he'd gone away to the extent that she'd struggled to sleep at night gazelle, are invited the moraines inside the two, Officers stepped inside and asked if everyone was at home
Gazelle I said that she and her daughter sidra were there, but her husband masood was at work. One of the officers stepped back outside and made a brave phone call. as he was talking. Sidra rather heard him say. Dad's, not home. Now. Should I still side, Sidra was confused and couldn't understand what was happening. The officer returned and said to MA. Am I have bad news? son passed away in I disbelief gazeta replied: no, no, no you're wrong, you're wrong. Something is wrong Don't she cried out procedure article, her father before fainting
when Gisela work. She was in the hospital being traded for shock, despite the best efforts of death Does in south carolina rahim had been pronounced dead at ten o six. I am four and a half hours after he's for his death, was ruled a suicide most awake later on thursday march. Twenty four reveals body was flung home to michigan in a coffin draped with an american flag When the sedately family viewed his body at the funeral home, they were horrified by what I saw there were ligature mocks around his neck and most of his body had a purple issue When the family red repeals autopsy report, they noticed that in Dishes to the blunt force trauma the forensic pathologist found evidence of particular hemorrhaging. This could be caused by heavy coughing
well vomiting or even strangulation. despite the current, his ruling of suicide, the cds couldn't believe he'll had taken his own life. They felt his devotion to his parents would make it impossible for him to do so. as well as his islamic faith, which considers suicide, a sin certain was more to the situation than met the eye? There find a lawyer to advocate on their behalf, when officials in Viewed the cds. They confirmed that re he'll had no here. three of mental illness he had is being well behaved with a mischievous sense of humor. and their memory of him was as a son who smiled all the time upon hearing. The story of how reveal had died. The city, these and their lawyer whereon settled they could
and understand how so many witnesses in the squad by had seen re he'll collapse and be slapped by Felix. Yet one individual had detailed how he had fallen. An investigation into reveals death began. Was coordinated by the paris island office of naval criminal investigative service? Also known as and say I ass. While they were adamant that there were no indications of fair play, they still wanted the gang of food. Understanding of the events that led up to re hills death, although the investigation would look at parris island as a whole, primarily focused on the third recruit training battalion. Much of the investigations focus was on gunnery sergeant Joseph Felix, who had been re here, senior drilling struck dumb age dinghies thirty's
exciting, listed in the moraines in two thousand to during, he's fourteen years of service, he had worked as an air traffic controller and was deployed to the eye iraq and afghanistan wars. His time their left a lasting impact on him, Felix would read. Two other moraines about how he hated muslims, blaming them, the killing friends who served alongside him While it is unclear whether Joseph Felix suffered ptsd following he service in war zones, one officer all the new york times. He had a reputation for being quote pretty freely So I go one of the more save drilling structures in his company haven scared recruits to weren't in he's platoon
One recruit had been training in radio, said dickies cohorts so Felix push another recruit into a foot, blogger others would choke door thrown against walls. on one occasion, felix forced to recruit too widely eight jelly and mashed potatoes for several days, and it appeared that felix had a history. Singling out most lumber kurds, in particular in twenty fifteen year before a heel, sedately began training felix had repeatedly, Well, mentored a young muslim from Brooklyn named Amir me bore mash as well. Less, accusing him of being a terrorist spy, Felix forced them. Into an industrial dry off, then turned it on and on. It wasn't the only victim. That same year, Felix hounding on a nineteen year old named reckon how was required.
and had immigrated to the united states from kurdistan with his family has a baby felix nicknamed recount terrorist isis and kurdish. Like me, Reckon was forced into a dry by felix, although he did switched on this but the ethos of what happens in third battalion stays in third battalion. These incidents hadn't gone unreported. When recruit, Jake waiver was told in twenty fifth dane that hey would be were saving and other than honourable discharge from them are rains. He's father decided to step in troy ways. I had been told by his son about the abuses that have gone on at paris island. It seemed
Incredibly, unfair that jake would be were saving a bad discharge after what he had seen and experienced, troy wave our contact jake's commanding officer and shared what he knew. This got the ball rolling. A code of silence had prevented recruits from speaking up earlier, but after troy, weaver reached out. The marines opened an investigation into the allegations on november five, twenty fifteen jake wave out provided a statement as did a mere boy mash, two months later, the findings were submitted. The training, regiments executive officer, fanned the evidence compelling enough for the drilling struck this involved to be stood down from their duties, including Joseph Felix thought. No action followed for months,
lighter Joseph Felix was given the role of senior drilling struck down for platoon. Three thousand forty two were he'll, said davy a pakistani american muslim, was assigned to this platoon. Despite felix, his history of abusing islamic recruits. on thursday march, seventeen, twenty six dane and individual? were involved in the twenty fifteen. Hazing investigation contacted the investigating officer to suggest more witnesses, be interviewed. an email had just arrived from someone corroborating, some of the most serious Allegations the following day was the day that re he'll died. Many of the recruits firmer here, platoon notice, tail gunnery sergeant Joseph Felix, seemed to single rate. He allowed some hurting
Cholera he'll, let terrorist again and again in a completely serious time. One work fruit, estimated that in just a few days of training felix addressed re as a team. arrest more than ten times one mating, he told revealed that he smells like a terrorist. Add another felix us the recruits, if any of them knew what a bazaar was. Re he'll said that he did. Of course you do you goddamn terrorist felix, replied He also asked him if he needed he's turban. At least one of Other recruits noticed that re saint, reluctant to obey felix his commands after being spoken to this way, just that I after joining felix, is platoon we're here. Mentioned wanting to kill himself feel
ex attended a meeting where re he'll discussed what he said even though it was usual protocol. Four drill instructed to wider outside such meetings. All it says to what exactly occurred in the immediate laid up to re hills: death when mixed some of his blood tune. My tooth witnessed felix reprimanding him said Felix had ordered re heel to run wild shrugging his eye and throat. Others, though, what real was holding his throat, because it was saw one witness, said, he'd saint Felix through I re heel to the floor, The other is all believed radio had collapsed on his own. Everyone agreed that felix slaps, re heal Some thought he did so only wants to revive, in others said: felix slapped him hard, two or three times.
after that were he'll, had a laptop and sprinted out of the squad by and diverse stairwell he died just five days. after being assigned to feel exists platoon on Thursday September right. Twenty. Sixteen. Six months after his death, the moraines released a one hundred and thirty three page report about the matter and other allegations of abuse. Much of it was rejected with forty pages completely black down. Nevertheless, it was clear the moraines had concluded that the actions of Joseph Felix directly lead. ray he'll, jumping from the building, also stated that felix should never have been assigned to re heels, platoon. and he was already under investigation for harassing another. Most lumber occurred.
it was recommended that felix be charged with assault fast, slapping re heal. The report also focused on incidents involving other recruits being chopped and forced to engage, gin, unauthorized incentive training it found moraines working as drill instructors had been operating with impunity without proper supervision or ladyship. Twenty moraines were relieved of duty in the wake of the investigation, including three teams. If drill instructors and the deeper regimental commander for were charged for incidents Of abuse unrelated to re he'll, said davy Joseph Felix was charged. Failure to obey a general order, cruelty and maltreatment, making a false statement and drunk and disorderly conduct. We're family were disappointed with the charges they did.
I understand why felix wasn't charged with assault, as the report had recommended Joseph feeling was ordered to face a military trial which began in november. Twenty seventeen. The trial would not centre on the death of radio said davy, but foe. There are numerous allegations regarding Felix its treatment of the kurds. The prospect fusion cold. Almost seventy witnesses to the stand. Other drill instructors testified about behaviour died witnessed from Felix. Various recruits spoke of him charging them hitting them against the walls and forcing them to her one another. the prosecution, also detailed, how felix said seemingly targeted muslim recruits describing his actions as hate crimes.
A mere boy, mash and reckon hovers spoke of her feelings had abuse to them being most long with both of them being fully First into industrial, dryads amelia said felix tumbled him in the dry for up to thirty seconds. At a time, an expert on industrial dryers, confirmed that a model such as the one in the third battalions, laundry was large enough to hold and tumble are recruited weighing up to one hundred and sixty eight pounds. The defence suddenly called one expert witness a burns expert. She said that in thirty seconds the dry would have reached temperatures. A three hundred degrees Fahrenheit or one hundred and forty nine degrees celsius. This would have caused third or fourth, the great burns within one second Yet a me, I had no physical evidence of burns. However, the expert did ignored
which that shorter durations could still cause pain without leaving visible injuries, adding I wearing a draw three seconds would seem like an eternity. Although some said felix spoke openly about his dislike of muslims, feeling His lawyer insisted that his client hadn't, specifically targeted most lumber kurds, pay finally discussed these lemming faith. With a myriad of curiosity and had chosen reckon have as to be squad leader after discovering pay was most lump sum. Mrs suggested that felix had only called muslim recruits terrorists as a joke and hadn't men, anything by it at all. the eight person jury made up of NEO moraines spent a day deliberating before reaching avert it they found Felix guilty
The council violating training orders regarding multiple recruits, including slept where he'll and forcing him to sprint lapse while sick, but he was found not guilty. of referring to reveal as a terrorist felix was also convicted for them. Drunken disorderly and making false official statements. But he was cleared of obstructing justice for supposedly telling recruits ticket Seal information about what happened to raheel during his sentencing Joseph Felix addressed the cord apologised to his wife, stating thank you for standing by. And being as wonderful as you are, I can never ray pay the disappointment. I feel you have in me did not apologise to the sedately family or the other recruits. He had abused
what did he acknowledge? Any of the charges he'd been convicted of felix His attorney asked that his client only serve thirty days in prison, while the prosecution asked. For seven years, he was sentenced to ten years. he's rank would also be reduced. He would have to forfeit all pay and allowances and would subsequently be given a dishonorable discharge. A total of five moraines ended up being convicted or plating guilty to charges relating to hazing of recruits of paris. Ireland were hills. The davies death wasn't the first time a recruit died at the dead in nineteen. Fifty six, a drill instructor What did he's platoon to march across a swamp seeks recruits drowned.
two decades later. Another recruit was beaten with training sticks and subsequently died. We're hills, death had a ripple effect throughout the united states. Then present Barack Obama, had he's attention drawn to the case. A democratic congresswoman from Detroit reached out to this day geese and petitioned the moraines on their behalf for an unbiased inquiry into Hey. seeing in the wake of her heels death marine corps coming. Two general robert Noah, the highest ranking. Visual in the moraines stated We mourn the loss of recruit, said davy, and we will take every step necessary to prevent tragic events like this from happening again.
One of her heels. Platoon maids told the new york times that, despite some changes to training hay and the other recruits was still traded badly, even after a heels deaf. Let's say you did report something He said they changed the day I and what happens after that. Another day I Who presumably was friends with the prior day. I is going to make your life hell. Several months after every he'll died. A new commanding general was appointed to the paris or london. Deborah Austin rent was the set about making changes, including having offices supervise drilling structures. More actively and updating up policy ladder to emphasise the moraines. A zero tolerance approach to hazing
in an interview with the new york times, he admitted that he thought about contacting rails parents, but decided quote, I just didn't feel it was my place. This addiction struggled with the silence they received from the moraines after radio died. His sister Sidra Told the detroit free press newspaper that she now had difficulty saying the pledge of allegiance a patriotic verse that students at most american public schools have to recite her faith in that country her parents at emigrated to for a better life had been broken. The sedate ease chose not to speak to most report is, as they were, disappointed with the Their son had been portrayed in the media as though he were way. Cool unprepared for big can.
in order to be accepted as a recruit he'd had to pass a psychological exam, none of them to ever, witnessed any signs pointing to Rahel having a mental illness or suicidal thoughts they main convinced that raheel would never take his own life and believe There unanswered questions relating to his death Emily lodged a civil suit suing the federal government for one hundred million dollars for their sons, death. Their lawyer was arguing that the moraines had been negligent when recruiting radio in failing to tell him that had been allegations of abuse against most One recruits at parris island. At a time when the marine corps was eager to attract recruits for a more diverse backgrounds at saying Did they had a duty of care to ensure those recruits would be safe from possible hate crimes.
This data is also wanted. Reveals death certificate amended a coroner had marty's cause of death as suicide, but he's family thought it. be listed as undetermined. because of the way reveals fade tripped over the stairwell, causing him to full awkwardly. It wasn't clear whether He had truly intended to take his own life. Perhaps it I've been trying to escape Joseph Felix. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed due to a federal precedent that prevents the? U s: government, from being sued for harm to military personnel. Judge who made the ruling said he had no other option and expressed strong reservations about having to do so. The sedate everett
Ain't reveals bedroom as a kind of shrine to him. It is being kept perfectly clean. These dotted with the words that real one that he's academic achievements and hanging a closet is a reminder of what he wanted to achieve. The perfectly ass. The dress uniform that re he'll would have worn upon graduating from training with the moraines case
Far presents a noose, butterfly exclusive podcast maddy, no one is eta prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing nervous, When someone you love vanishes into thin air everything only that experience is. It has to figure it out for themselves, we started ringing round match friends what the hell was he doing your work and why hasn't? He even calls at all. I just said Oh my god. Oh my god, something wasn't right. The levison group, more worried by the minute he's walking up and down like a cage line in its waiting in his clammy. The moon has now motions little towards the. They wouldn't. Let me out of his side no right, by law. Our cave, the founder of the missing persons advice Is he network and host of case file presents podcast? What's macy police informed mark and say levison. They no longer considered MA am missing person I told by non cash, been transferred thomas on any said,
call. The police are found a great this american, the bush, the receipt showed that two items have been purchased ducks hype and a god and master and matic. I think we were in shock for ages after that the world just seemed to stand still. He how a family took on this system to try and find justice for their son. The very first time might feel like the poor. is an ass when no longer on the same side, and then he sat there and said to me it was mets livestock that had a murdered. Now I just said the bullshit stuff, yeah, that's the truth. Some people in this world never take no for an answer especially when their fighting for someone they love. Nothing is perfect. We thought near with children, only met by one of the main one intending it wasn't zero. So we gotta give it up He was never gonna win against us, not the funding Mary Mary, the latest podcast, for case file presides
the september nineteenth only on spotify? It's not a justice system. It's just a system,
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