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The weekend of December 16 2000 was shaping up to be a good one for Tallahassee man Mike Williams. With a romantic getaway planned to celebrate his sixth wedding anniversary to his wife Denise, Mike got up early to sneak in a couple hours of duck hunting on Lake Seminole. When he failed to return home, Denise quickly raised the alarm. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Matty – New podcast from Casefile Presents BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist ShipStation – Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Notion – Take the first step toward organised, productive work and life today. Get started for free today Noom Weight – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-227-mike-williams
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When twenty year old matthew, levison failed to return home after a night out clubbing in sydney, he's loved ones were worried, sick, so Bishop soon fell on mats partner, forty five year old Michael atkins after it was revealed that the pair were fighting on the night of matt's disappearance, but was that unfortunate timing or deed atkins have something to hide Mattie is the latest podcast from case file presence at ten part series raided by lauren, ok from the missing since advocacy, network maddy from case file, prison, Is available to strain furry right now only on spotify stateroom
and until the end of today's episode to hear the trailer, arabic I still with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential. support. Place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website jerry, Michael Williams, loved to things above all else he's family, spending time outdoors, the thirty one year old, who went by mike, the long hours as a real estate appraiser to provide for his wife and the eighteen month, all dada, while he.
Six figures: salary afforded them a comfortable lofts doll in florida is capital city of tallahassee mike worked for his money, blaming him the very little leisure time whenever did feeding some time for himself. He headed to one of nearby legs to go decanting he'd, taken on sport during his teens afforded marked the orbit unity to enjoy some fresh air and pace in the surrounding woods number two thousand was shaping up to be another busy month for MIKE. On the evening of broader december fifteen. He volunteered to collect money for it, salvation armies. Christmas appeal we outside of his local walmart store mike, was always willing to let others a helping hand. It was a boy proud of having been raised by upstanding and selfless working class parents who sacrificed a lot to grant mark, and these brother equality upbringing
the following morning of Saturday december. Sixteen mica work well, before sunrise that day, hey and his wife Denise would be too king offer a romantic, get away to celebrate this sixth wedding Three had a boot, take hotel in say, saw town of Apalachicola, but first mark wanted to in a couple of hours of decanting had like seminal, which was roughly sixty miles north west of his home. The into a hunting season was short lived, so he wanted to make them. the vote while it lasted mike loaded he's You're into he's grain and turned ford bronco and detached his small motorized boat to the toolbar. He drove away.
From his spacious two story, home and in to the prey dawn, lied. The Warren merrill's phone rang around midday on Saturday december. Sixteen on the other line was his daughter, Denise Williams. She was worried. Her husband mark was due to return. For their anniversary get away, but there was no sign of him It wasn't like mark to be light, especially without getting in contact. He wasn't credibly devoted husband who, when, above and beyond, for denise
even when he was under the pomp at work mark, would lay fees office in the middle of the day to fill Denise. His car with petrol will bring her lunch while she cared for their infant daughter at home, he'd by groceries after work and go home to make dinner only to return to the office after the nascent eduardo wearing bed mike been looking forward to his wakened away, so these unexplained apps, was highly unusual. Tenacious father contacted the florida efficient wildlife conservation commission Known as the f w say, do you organization was the first point of contact when it came to managing the public warders and initiating search and rescue missions, they also worked firstly, with the various law enforcement to investigate any critical incidents. Offices from
he s w say arrived at like seminal within ten minutes of Warren merrill's coal locate, on the border of florida in georgia, like seminar, is a large reservoir encompassing run off from the chattahoochee flint and Apalachicola rivers with tense parkes, dotting chores, it's a popular location for fishing hunting and bird watching The surrounding woodlands, attract campers hawkins and nature lovers thought with. the thirty seven and a half thousand acres to explore feeling, of isolation, palpable sure where to start the search for like Williams, a helicopter was ready to sweep over the area, but a cold snap in the weather forced the aircraft to wait until the conditions improved in the meantime, f, will you say, offices set out into the wilderness on food. They failed.
The one cover mike he's, bowed or he's car deputies The jackson county sheriffs department were also brought in to assist. Hissing on the areas mark was known to contact in the past would quickly spread amongst marks friends and family that he had failed to return from his hunting trip. They didn't hesitate to head Two like seminar to join in the search. As the hours take by without any breakthroughs anxieties. Heartened that something terrible had happened to mock at nine p m. The helicopter was finally clear to fly. It was granted by mid not having found nothing of significance. This didn't
to the ground based search party. Nor did the stormy winter not that had arrived. They bribed the code and continued to track the swampy foggy to write their only source of war, was a drum via that served as the unofficial search headquarters. Brian Winchester had been like williams best friend, sent ninth grade, the two lived parallel lives h marrying their high school sweetheart buying their thirst, homes, having children around the same time. They remained close into adulthood. Going on hunting troops together and planning double dates with their wives, who had also being friends since high school. So, when Brian received word that mark was missing, hey didn't hesitate.
to join in their search at two thirty. I am Brian and his father, Marcus ventured around the western side of like seminal reached an area colloquially known as stump like due to the many dead trace dumps. That judges out from the warders they shut their flashlights through the raids in trees, while calling Marks name marcus, then noticed something in the water. Approximately seventy made is south of a boat ran, it was marks boat And if w say officer was notified and quickly secured the vessel. it contained all of marks. Hunting equipment, including his dark day, coils laughed jacket and shot gun. There was no sign of my core any indication that anything untoward had taken place. As
shot. Gun was still in its case and there was no more in about it didn't appear as though he had in mid hunt when he suddenly became separated from his water craft marks forward. Bronco was found. Roughly seventy made is away. Likewise, there was nothing in the vehicle We indicate marks whereabouts, the only possible clue, lay in the boat although the motor was dead, the engine was switched to the young position. They suggested that had been in use when it was abandoned. Stump, like was filled with roots, weeds and trace dumps, some of which were visible for The surface offices speculated that mark could have been out on his boat when it hit a submerged stump and threw him overboard.
The boots he'd been wearing when he left home, we're inside the boat, meaning he to likely been wearing white is said, the time he went missing made using waterproof fabric such as rubber role, pay, they say. Wait is consist of boots that a permanently attached to a pair of ivory roles it by fishermen and decanters. They allow the wear out to stand in waste high water without getting wet for all that, that wages are also known to carry some risks. If some falls in the water while wearing white. Is the weight of the ward outcome, pull them down, while the pressure of the water can close the fabric to sanction onto their skin? This can make it incredibly difficult to remove. The white is thus dragging the wear off.
further down. Although the lake was only eight faint day at its deepest point with mike's waders quickly, filling with water offices believed he could have being dragged under the surface. He's boat could have then continued on without him until he came to a stop once hitting the muddy bank, one official remarked when we find the white is we will find mike at first laud on the morning of Sunday december. Seventeen F w say offices and The war is over and above that was specially designed to navigate the heavily vegetated warders of stump like a thorough grid search was conducted across the lake with offices. Toying robes from one traced. To another to mark h area that had been examined. They used Paul
was to poke around the murky borders, every six to eight inches, knowing from experience that it was easy to differentiate the feel of a human body from other underwater debris underwater more is capable of monitoring. Any movement were also mounted along the grid lines. In case anything was missed. Divers scale at the waterway and cadaver dogs were brought in while helicopters and fixed wing aeroplanes continued to search from above marks, family friends and other volunteers braved, they called whether to weigh the search this continued on for the next wake. Some were initially optimistic. That mark could have made it to a nearby island and was waiting to be rescued, but this was quickly daintily unlikely. The unfolds in truth, was that he'd, most likely drowned
f. W say officers had learned in previous drowning incidents. It could sometimes take up to seven days for a body to rise to the surface, especially in freezing temperatures, but a week in nodded Single trace of mark Williams was uncovered by christmas day. Anyhow of finding mike alive, had vanished and it had become a search for his body. The search was scaled back to just one s, w say officer. Patrolling the warders and one flooded day. Checking overhead on this number twenty seven vfw say officer, noticed a bit of fabric floating in the shallow water amongst some grass and trees. It was a distinctive Camouflage hunting had the hat was shown to marks wife Denise, who confirmed, looked just like one owned by her husband,
an exhaustive search was conducted of the shallow waters where the hat was found, with the expectation that marks body would likely be under the surface. But there was nothing. In late january marks mother, Cheryl Williams hired a private search and rescue teams to count the area they too. Failed to find any sign of mark which supported a theory that had been gaining traction Like seminal was full of alligators some of as large as thirteen fate long and weighing a thousand pounds up to twenty of them Had been spotted in the area on the very first, not of the search alone.
To explain why marks body still hadn't surfaced authority speculated that alligators had likely gotten to marks body before the search party. Did a report prepared for the head of the private search tameness They did with the wildlife around. I would guess that the alligators have dismember and stood. There remains in a location that we would not be able to find days and then wakes passed with no further developments. on Sunday february, eleven, two thousand one the search was finally called off by this point. My conveying missing. forty four days and an area revive a five acres had been thoroughly inspected. A report written by the floor, a boating accident. Investigation, concluded nothing
investigative or search and rescue efforts has produced to any definitive evidence of a boating accident or a fatality. As of this died, mister Williams is still missing. With no clear answer as to what had happened, the local room, a mill, ran rife. In every other drowning incident on like seminal. The victims body had eventually resurfaced with no body to prove that MIKE had passed away. People began to speculate that he could have fight design death Given the bizarre circumstances, even officials working the case thought this was a plausible possibility. It just seemed so strange that market bain hunting alone, as he was known to almost always hunt with a body. It was
even stranger, that he gone on a sallow hunting trip with only hours despair before he's romantic wakened away those The mark and media lay shot the idea down that he could have stage design death to them. There was no way would have intentionally run off. He loved his daughter, More than anything with one friend noting he's back The girl was the lot of his life. Friends believed mark, would never bail on his responsibilities, marks. Father had also recently passed away and more I couldn't leave his widowed mother or intentionally cause her any more pain, though the more mark and Denise had some exciting plans for the future that coming spring that we're going to take a cruise to hawaii and later a bit
This trip to jamaica they'd also recently told their families that I intended to start trying for another baby. Max mother cheryl wasn't prepared to accept that her son was really dead. On christmas day, she had visited like some at all for the first time since the search for her son was underway. Some, immediately told cheryl that mark wasn't there he'd recently mention two cheryl that he'd love to get his hands on fifty thousand dollars and take a year off the nearest greyhound bus station was only twenty four miles away and older what would have been widely out of character. Cheryl wondered whether mark could have stage to the whole disappearance before flying town
but another more grisly thought had also been gnawing away at her. What if MIKE had been the victim of foul play, this possibility, hadn't been explored by the officers involved in their search, as was no evidence to suggest that mark was anything other than a missing hanta cheryl Van that she'd uncover the truth and bring my com the matter was a friend of marks, a lighter told the new york posed Whoever did something to MIKE messed with the wrong woman case file will be back shortly
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set out on like seminal as made his way through the water of stump alike. He splendid something floating on the surface. It was a pair of wages, aware of the mystery surrounding marks disappearance. The fishermen contacted the florida fish and wildlife conservation, commission offices. Are I've done the same, accompanied by deputies from the sheriffs department. After retrieving the white is They noticed there was a small bag strapped around at the waist inside there were a bunch of shotgun shells and a hunting license. It belonged to MIKE Williams. A diver was sent on the water on the money. Bottom of delight, found a lightweight hunting jacket with a small flashlight in the pocket. This was
major discovery as a final. solidified, the area where MIKE had drowned, but The F w say officers were flabbergasted. They'd scoured this particular part of the lake as thoroughly as possible during the search for mike and had found nothing Despite their rigorous prodding of the bottom of the like, neither the white, I know that jacket had any pope calls in them, nor were there any alligators teeth marks. The white is in particular, wherein pristine condition with not even slime on them. The warder inside of their wages, forensically examined. There was no sign of any human remains, nor anything to conclusively indicates that mark Williams had ever been wearing them, it
didn't seem right that the immaculate waders would suddenly pop to the surface of the six month. Submerged in eight fate of muddy, wait written waters. Surprisingly, the flashlight also still worked. A question was raised was Possible these items had been planted according to tell her hussy democratic newspaper, the diver, who founded the jacket and flash lot, didn't think so on the board Of the like, where these items allay he'd, also same torn way, send to alligator excrement evidence that supported the theory that might drowned and he's remains were written. diver, remarked, And say that it seemed planted, but that's anybody's gas, contrary to popular
belief. Alligators aren't necessarily the savvy chanters their painted the bay when they want to the force of thereby can be quite delicate. Therefore, reptile experts confirm to was poor. Simple, that an alligator could have gently removed marks remains from his white is without leaving any teeth marks. The discovery of the white is served as proof that something life threatening had happened to mock williams and full wakes light up. A judge officially declared my Legally dead, the cause of death was listed as accidental drowning. This removing a case without a body in florida, a typically took five years for a person to be declared dead when there was no proof. Mike's mother cheryl wasn't happy with the ruling.
We're still some aspects of the case that didn't added. She still couldn't comprehend that mike had been hunting alone. That he's body had never surface. and that he submerged belongings were run damaged, but with mike declared a legally dead, there was little she could do, given that he's disappearance had never been. Considered a criminal matter. Cheryl Williams took it upon herself to look further into the case and cross check all the details. She researched the weather patterns, winds, spades and currents from the time MIKE went missing. On the first night, of the search for mark a storm had a blind through the area, the wind, were blowing hastily, which meant marks bout should have blown to the eastern shore of stamp like, on the contrary, it was found on the western side, the boat, which was fitted with a
horse power motor was also found with a full tank of gasoline if MIKE had fallen either. Bored, while out on the water. The manufacturer of the boat said it wouldn't have come to a stop at the bank. Instead, it would have kept running in circles until it eventually ran out of gas. the location where marks board bronco was found, also structural lazard rather than being part, neither conquered by ramp. That mark was known to use. It was near and undeveloped makeshift landing. This meant mark would have had to drag he's both through the mud to launch it Why would he go to this unnecessary effort and inconvenience cheryl also spoke to reptile experts to learn more about the habits of north florida alligators. At the time, of marks alleged drowning the warders
like seminal, where a crisp, fifty eight degrees, Fahrenheit or fourteen degrees celsius two days later, they dropped further to just forty six degrees, Fahrenheit or seven degrees celsius, and dice eventually formed on parts of the lake. According to reptile experts, these kinds of temperature is the last thing: alligators arranged her steady and is fading. Instead, they hibernating with that focus on maintaining their body temperature. They do need to wait during this time, as they are capable of surviving on just one large meal per year. Not only did reptile experts think there was no way mark was eaten by alligators the one seen around to the lake. At the time of marks, disappearance were mostly
small ones, not the kind capable of aiding five foot. Ten men who weighed one hundred and seventy pounds without leaving a trace. experts were ass. If it was possible that marks body could have been held under water by wade's, only to be consumed by alligators, once they came out of hibernation, though all this out too. If my body had been underwater other creatures, such as crayfish catfish, inter rules would have found his remains long before the alligators did on the high improbable chance that other creatures didn't eighties remains. First, it was simply to one Visual that not a trace of marks body would be found,
darrell compiled all of the questionable elements of marks, disappearance into a twenty seven page document and contacted various law enforcement agencies, urging them to re open the case. She was tired Alice in her efforts, refusing to take no for an answer, but as the months and then years past investigators slowly stopped returning her calls. While they felt the cheryl there was little, they could do. Sheriff had a friend with connections to the florida department of law enforcement officers, making therein port in two thousand for they. Finally, a greater Open an investigation into marks disappearance After examining all of the peculiar elements of the case, they agreed that something didn't seem quite ride, invest
God is changed. The status of mark williams case to a suspicious missing person, which men was a fish delay considered a criminal case. Carol was relieved that she was fond way being taken seriously. For years. Many had thought her refusal to let the case, go was just the result of her grave bought with Lord foresman on her side approved. She was right to question. The facts when marks widow Denise found out that a criminal investigation was going ahead, she was fun way against it. While she understood cheryl grave, she wanted focus on the future. Instead of dwelling on the past mace was moving on with her life and had racism. he started dating again The nice sworn cheryl that if she proceeded with the investigation cheryl
would no longer be able to say her grand daughter the thought of losing access to the young girl devastated, cheryl, but finding justice her son, was paramount as family friend delighted, told CBS news share took the energy she would have spent loving on that child and tried to find her daddy That's the guy is examining the case began. Questioning marks, family and friends. The nay said that mark had no enemies, and there was no one who would want to harm him. She described her husband as a great guy and family man, a sentiment that was supported by everyone who knew him. marks. Boss, described him as an unbelievable worker, with incredible energy who was quote as clean as anyone comes.
While investigators agree that the circumstances of marks disappearance was suspicious, they would between a rock and a hard place, given that case had never being treated as a criminal investigation marks, bowed vehicle and white had never been preserved as evidence all of his belongings had long since being returned to his family Likewise, the area where these items were found was never considered a crime scene meaning members of the search party had been allowed to freely trample around no footprints tie, marks or other friend excessive urbane examined door preserved with no body and no evidence, investigators have their work cut out, for them I attempted to find any witnesses, but came up. A dry
Cheryl Williams continued to do whatever she could to draw the public's attention to her sons case. She appealed to journalists to cover this story and used her retirement savings to have billboards erected around town and dad's published in the local newspaper appeal. going directly to the rate is the ads began with the heartfelt line. I haven't seen my son, my king, over five years. Will you please take a moment to read this and help me find him after date telling her plied cheryl last. Will you hunt In like seminar on December, sixteen two thousand: did you see my call he's vehicle? Did you see mike with anyone. With some one else driving his vehicle did, you say
anything unusual. Do you know anything that would help criminal investigators find out what happened to my son in the lead up to the sixth anniversary of mark's disappearance. In two thousand and six, the tallahassee Democrat published the first ever comprehensive coverage of dimmock william case The article revealed for the first time that law enforcement when now considering marks disappearance as suspicious and were trying to make up for the future that wasn't initially handled as a criminal case? One investigative commented, my gut feeling is markedly not die in like seminal, which is the shared feeling of all law enforcement working this case We know we are role at a brick wall and a pounding our heads against it.
investigation soldier on slowly by two thousand seven. There were enough technological advance as to warrant a new search of like seminal, but it was at another dead end and the case eventually went code Cheryl Williams refused to let it go there. Another major factor that had always bothered her about her sons, disappearance MIKE had met dna marrow during the ninth grade. It had been love at first sight, for the quintessential american couple MIKE was a talented football off and student counts. President and a nice was a cheer later and student council secretary after high school. They both attended florida state university. The couple married in ninety ninety four and had their daughter. Five years later,
MIKE vanished on the weekend of their six. The wedding anniversary, Cheryl Williams, could never understand why Denise was so quick to accept the drowning explanation and move on dna said kept a low profile. Throughout the ordeal and had refused to speak to the press,. she wanted to morning private and move on with her life, yet her hostility towards pursue being an investigation concerned, Cheryl then these after like vanished denise re married. The union was a hot topic As the nieces new husband was none other than marks best friend Brian. Winchester. When the couple first went public about their relationship,
were adamant. Their romantic interest in one another was a recent development. Regardless people began speculating that they could, it saying each other when MIKE was still alive, giving them a motive to want him out of the picture. The nascent brian had declined to speak to the tallahassee Democrat, but the ride up about marks case study, in an email love. My can to miss him terribly and would ask that our privacy bay respected through what continues to be a very difficult time.
The nay said previously returned marks hunting equipment to his family thought. When marks brother nick was going through the weapons in two thousand seven. He noticed that marks. Twenty two caliber Aruba pistol was missing. Mike had inherited the gun from his father, so it was important to nip that they got the gun back The nice claimed shade, lost the gun and had even claimed that on insurance, nick didn't believe her. He contacted the police, the reported missing weapon and a court order was filed. The nace eventually returned the guy. two marks family. While they were relieved to have it back at raised the question. Why had she tried to hide this weapon.
Cheryl Williams had reason to be suspicious about her daughter in law. From early on my cab, three life insurance policies, valued at roughly one in seven five million dollars, of which the niece was the sole beneficiary? Having my declared illegally. Dad had allowed the name to claim on nature within six months of him going missing. She'd applied too save the pay out just nineteen days. After marks, disappearance law enforcement, great, that these elements were suspicious and in two thousand eight called case invested, It is re examined the case with a focus on these factors. His desire to promptly claim on marks life insurance, wasn't necessarily dubious. After having her baby, the nay said quit her job as an accountant to be a full time. Stay at home, mom,
Mike was the sole breadwinner for the family and after he went missing the bills piled up quickly. the nice had been so strapped for cash. That she'd even resorted twin listing help from my friends to sell some of his belongings bought timing of which mark had taken out the policies did struck investigators as on the largest policy Valued at one million dollars had only been put in place a few months before his disappearance person who sold him. The insurance policy was brian winchester.
in florida. Charges relating to insurance fraud carry a five year statute of limitations, but in special circumstances that can be extended by three ease marks case. Now, eight years old was taken on by state investigators from the insurance fraud division. given immediate priority. Brian Winchester was brought in for questioning in the year two thousand brian worked for his father's financial planning company hey told investigators that MIKE had discussed taking at a higher level. Insurance policy ever since he had become apparent. Brian had simply helped him facilitate this. This was supported by marks boss, who said he'd also encouraged mark to put higher coverage in place once he had a family tissue.
Brian firmly denied, having anything to do with much disappearance. In December, two thousand brion said was still happily married to his first wife kathy. On the morning of december, sixteen he was supposed to join his father in law. An early morning, hunting trip, but he overslept and had to cancel at the last minute. Brian's ex wife kathy verified his alibi, but she said their marriage had been far from happy. She voiced her suspicions that Brian in today's could have started an affair well before they went public with their relationship in two thousand. For possibly when my. Was still alive if this was the case and added further white to the ground
in theory that brian and Denise could be behind marks disappearance. The problem was there was nothing to prove the pair had been romantically involved back in the year. Two thousand phone and credit card reckon from the time when no longer available, laving investigators, with no way of linking the two. They were now convinced that mike had met with fail plague, but they still had no evidence having exhausted every possible laid with no breakthroughs. The case was reluctantly clothes. The only way you could be opened again was fresh and compelling evidence emerged. Cheryl Williams was undeterred. She picketed in front of the charge that the nation
Brian attended, holding up signs with her sons face on them that red help solve marks disappearance and bring my car. she continued posting flyers about mike around town, and in January two thousand nine she began in letters daily to the newly swooning governor pleading for a special prosecutor to be assigned to marks case all love. She wrote two thousand six hundred letters. My story was eventually covered on a segment add on the investigation. Discovery channel leading renewed public interest in that case, but no further, It emerged, shy,
Continued writing to the governor every single day by day to request, fell on deaf ears, but two thousand sixteen mark had been missing for almost sixteen years. The morning of fraud. I August five started out normally for the now forty six year old. The names. at nine. I am she go. Into her chevalier, suburban s e bay to drive to her accounting job, but florida state university pod Denise his morning, routine was to speak to her sister. She, too, tat, her cell phone to dial her sisters number when she glanced in there.
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of affairs on both perhaps had led brian towards made. He was a sex added and the pair had separated in two thousand twelve, while Brian hoped that good work things there. The nay said recently filed for divorce siding. Insoluble differences on the morning of august five, two thousand sixteen the couple were scheduled to have an appraisal. Thus antonio loques, on whom, as part of the divorce proceedings instead after launching at the nice from his hiding place in the back seat of her car brian grabbed the sulphur. From the nice. His hands and demanded that she stopped driving Denise refused, but brian threatened to hurt her. If she didn't comply That's when Denise realized Brian was holding something in his hands a pistol. He ram, the weapon into Denise his ribs and once again demanded
she start driving this time she did ass. She was told by. She didn't take the route Brian was telling. Her too There was a pharmacy me, her home, that was under constant video surveillance, so dna strive air. Instead, parking is close to the door as possible, so she could attract help if need be. Brian told the nay said being forced to do this because she refused turn any of these coals email saw messages on top of the impending divorce. The past few years had been a struggle for Brian His mother was suffering from terminal cancer and he'd recently lost shared custody if he son after the teenager, fanned explicit photos on Brian's phone of brian engaging with sex workers, Brian told denies that if she went ahead with the divorce, he'd have nothing to live for,
hearing the her laugh deny sauce brian you planning on ending both of our lives. Today he replied. Just mine denise did everything she could to calm brian down. If he let her go, she repeatedly promised she. And tell anybody about this incident, she reassured Brian, he could turn he's life around. You ve just tried and invited him to come to her ass light. Around said, they could talk properly. After about forty five minutes, Brian seemed to snap out of it he told Denise to drop him back at ease truck and when they got there, he started apologizing A few sleigh he's demain had changed so much that the name found it hard to believe this was the same man who had violently threatened her Just a moment said earlier, brian
out of the car and went to retrieve some of his belongings from the back of the suv dna watched as he gathered the items up: a large pace of fabric, a plastic shade spray bottle of blake And a small hammer sized tool of some kind. As soon as Brian was out of sight. Denise drove straight to the county sheriff's office. Offices took dna to an interrogation room where she provided a full account of her ordeal. A warrant was immediately issued for Brian winchesters arrest. Police believed The items Brian had stashed indonesia's car showed that he had intended to kill the nice and dispose of her body. They commended the nice for her brave actions, saying that her quick thinking had saved her life.
however, the police who interviewed Denise were well aware of her connection to the mark Williams case and her kidnapping story raised some eyebrows They immediately wondered what raising Brian had to want donation dad. Was it possible that she'd threatened to talk about what happened to MIKE. Dennis was scared that Brian would come after her again and shame immediately requested to fall a restraining order against him realizing just how bad their marriage had become. Investigators. Acknowledged. This is their opportunity to get the name to turn against Brian. At last they took turns grilling Denise. One officer put it to her bluntly, so hang on. No Brian did it, and you know, exactly what I'm talking about. He held that over your head forever.
Fifteen years ago, Brian walked in and told you he done something didn't he he killed MIKE I'm pretty sure the reason he was going to kill you tat. I was he was afraid you were going to say something. Dna strongly disagree Did this allegation. She said she believed that market drowned in like seminal and she had no reason to think otherwise. When an office at all, this was impossible. Denise responded! Plainly, that's just what I believe as the office is continued to press her about marks disappearance donation she was starting to feel uncomfortable, shifted, awkward in her chair. Looking down at the papers in front of her. She said she only had until the end of the day to file the restraining order, and that was her priority. She acted confused.
Two why that were bringing up the marks death when shade just banged kidnapped the offices pressed on about Brian's potential involvement with marks disappearance, but Denise can t u s, lay switched the subject back to the events of the day. What, The name was being interrogated: brian winchester that was arrested and charged with kidnapping, domestic assault and armed burglary. Realising they weren't about to extract any information from denies the interviewing office. I told her. I was hope you could fill in some of the pieces of the puzzle. You haven't brian, might think about what I said Brian denied that he had any intention of harming Denise, hey claimed the so called spray bottle of
age, was actually a bottle of water. He was using to mixed up her car window, so she couldn't say he was hiding inside the hammer, lark, to deny said spotted him carrying was an empty clip for the gun One week later, Brian appeared in court through tears. Denise bagged that the judge refuse Dial for the safety of herself and her daughter, the judge, your grade, Brian pleaded, no contest, and he sentencing went ahead Sixteen months later, in December, two thousand seventeen in cod, The nice read an emotional victim impact statement. Your honor. I am here today to ask you to send as brian winchester to the maximum. in order to allow for the crimes that he committed gets me on august. At first, when sixty. It's been sixteen months says he broke into my car,
in the back waiting on me. There, the life of me jumping up while I was driving. Shoved, a gun in my ribs and kidnapping. I really lived it every single day. As always with me. He made the choice to plan and act out the crimes of August He is the reason he is sitting in jail the past sixteen months he's the reason that he loves me little children. Since august twenty sixteen, I have been diagnosed with post, traumatic stress disorder and with extreme anxiety, I started to stay with him. memory of him jumping out of the back and I m each day.
Feeling the gun shoved in my ribs internal, my rights, traitorously each day I get in my car and go to work. I look back and shake the back seat. This is my life. Now we all have the right to feel strong say, and he took my sense of security and safety. For me he stole it from me and I will never be, He stole it for me and I will never be the same as each day with their feet His retaliation for my decision to tell he will vanish waiting list. no matter what age he has when he's released. For all of these reasons, I am asking you to send its kinda like a present for the crimes committed.
It comes down to my wife and I ask you please to think. What a nice didn't know is that just too much solely earlier in october, two thousand seventeen prosecutors had approached Brian. Florida law dictates that married couples aren't required to testify against one another record but denise and Brien's divorce had officially been finalized in may that year. This meant that, the two were no longer protected by spousal privilege. Recognising an opportunity. The prosecutors presented Brian with an offer, tell them Truth about what happened to MIKE Williams and not only when they provide full immunity for any charges relating to that case
they also remove that potential life sentence for donations, kidnapping by this point most seventeen years had passed since MIKE went missing. Finally, Brian started talking he said it all started during a double date night out between Brian Cathy, mike and denise in ninety. Ninety, seven, the conversation took an unusual turn and somehow they started talking about sex. Brian and Denise had known each other since preschool and he'd never thought
her in a romantic way before, but the conversation sparked an attraction that Brian felt was mutual. In october that year the two couples went to say a concept together, while mark and Cathy whence a park. The car, the nascent brian kissed for the first time later, that not after the couples returned home, brine and dna spoke on the phone for hours. They talked about everything, including their desires, and it eventually lead to them having phone sex after that a full blown affair in shewed, Brian internees began sneaking around intimating up regularly for sex, sometimes up to fifteen times awake. They'd rendezvous at hotels in public places and sometimes at mike and tenacious place, while MIKE was at work.
Sometimes when marking Denise went out of town for one of my ex business trips Brian, would follow them and spend time with the nace while MIKE was busy with conferences. Things continued this way for years and Brian felt he had a pretty good. He said I had a good wife. I had a kid and I had Denise on side. In contrast, the name was unhappy in her marriage to MIKE the two full constantly and hadn't had sack. Since the name was pregnant. Regardless divorce wasn't an option for Denise not only did go against her religious beliefs. She was worried that she'd loose full custody. of her daughter. The nice also locked to present herself a certain way and she was worried that leaving mark would affect her public image as Brian
I would like to remark that are to be a rich widow than a poor divorcee Brian and Denise wanted debate together full time, although Brian couldn't in point exactly who brought it up. First, they started discussing ways they could get MIKE out of the picture they can. fitted staging a robbery and marks office while he was working light but ruled that knowing that a full investigation would insured. The option was for both couples to go in a boating trip which ended in a fatal accident that only Brian and the would survive. Brian did until the nay said the time he was against it. So I did because he didn't want anything to happen to kathy while he no longer wanted to be married to her. He didn't sure any harm
given that mark was making good money and had a family to support. In early thousand brine encouraged him to apply for a new life insurance policy through his father's financial planning, company MIKE already had a five hundred thousand dollar policy with another provider, but he figured he could let that one lapses. Strange for a one million dollar policy set up by the winchesters. What he didn't know was that the name planned on continuing to pay the premiums on the existing five hundred thousand dollar policy, so that too, would remain active Brian told investigators. The plan was quote, we would better get out and live happily ever after and as a side, no we'd have all this money. and enjoy a wonderful life together, During this time, MIKE and Brian remained close friends, one
I there were on a hunting trip when MIKE suddenly walked into some deep mud. It him up like quicksand Brian had to use great force to pull me out of the mud which seemingly had no bottom, mark Bain alone. There was a high chance. He could have drowned. That's when it occurred to Brian. This could be a great way to make mark disappear. He could lower mark to an isolated spot on alike, making sure was wearing his white is o Brien had to do push him overboard, and it's you his market, the ward, his white is, would fill up in drag him down to the muddy bottom The nice locked this idea, bro And said had sat well with her because she could almost to justify to herself than it was a tragic accident. They
discussing ways to make it happen, but time is of the essence. Mark was getting increasingly unhappy with these laws. And wanted to make some changes. He talked about Adding a new job relocating west. With these family law, when Denise trying for another baby law, MIKE had no idea about the affair. He suspected that something was going on with the nice during an inter state hunting trip mark confided in Brian that cash had been Appearing from his account, he was one worried that the name might have a problem with the drugs Brian had two bodies Tom knowing that the nay said actually used the money to fund the out of town trips for the two of them more. I voice these frustration to brian about their lack of sex life. He hoped there upcoming weather.
anniversary would be a chance to rekindle the spark. I wanted to act fast. She didn't to go on the anniversary trip, let alone get into another fought with mike when she rejected he's advances, was also a matter of time before MIKE noticed. The premiums for his old life insurance policy bang deducted from his checking account the problem- was darkened, Say that only ran from around mid november too late january And only on selected days, furthermore, the light surround. Tallahassee were mostly shallow and not suited to a drowning accident, but and would have to lower mark to a further location with them. anyone else knowing that Brian was with him. Hey indonesia needed was so
but alibis slowly. The plan fell into place. invited marked to join him on an early morning. Hunting trip to light seminal on saturday December nine, two thousand. Brian also arranged to go hunting with his father in law lighted that morning, so that someone could vera, by his whereabouts. Denise would make a few comments. From her land line. So she could prove she'd been at home all morning. Ryan and Denise would have very little contact both before and after the incident so was. not raise any one suspicions. Several hours before things was supposed to kick off, Denise panicked and made MIKE cancel he's trip. Brian was equal parts, relieved and concerned, while he d
at putting the plan into action. This was something they couldn't afford. The bay indecisive about. But with mark indonesia's anniversary, triple looming the following wakened, the name was, I decided to try again straight away on the night of Friday december, fifteen brian, turkey's wife, Cathy to a concept in downtown tallahassee. He encouraged her to drink as much as possible, hoping that she disliked scantily when they got home and wake up light. The next morning, brine woke, before dawn with Cathy still fast asleep. He quickly snuck off to make my at a gas station neither I turn highway. Brian had simply told mark that were going to a special hunting spot where they denied their wages. to ensure nothing good to link the two of them together. Brian told my
These phone was dead and not to bother calling him for any reason, mark none the wiser. Met Brian as planned. Just like died down on countless other hunting trips and the two friend headed out too, like seminal in their respective vehicles once they reach to stump, can't headed out on the water Brian waited Till they were in the deepest pa to put the plan into action when mark stood up. Brian pushed him overboard. but things quickly when awry mike managed to remove his hunting, jacket and white is leaving Brian in a state of panic, not knowing what else to do. He picked up his twelve gauge shotgun and shot mark directly in the head. Everything from that point on was a bit of a blood in it.
State of shock, Brian dragged marks by to the shore and a loaded out into the back of ease vehicle. He then pushed marks boat back out onto the warder Brian sped home. dismantling his shock on as he drove and scattering the pieces out the window at one point: a highway patrol office apart. Next to him at a red line, but didn't suspect a thing. When Brian arrived time, Cathy was still asleep, so he snuck into bed beside her. He then pretended he divers slapped and missed the hunting trip. With her father, he called his father in law to explain what had happened and cancelled the trip, hoping that fine records would further solidify his alibi with mocks body. Still in the back of each vehicle.
and drive to Walmart, where he purchased at top and travel. He drive to a quiet location in car like ten miles from his home town. shallow hall and buried marks body. While he was there, he ran into a deer hunter, but was. But to make small talk without raising any suspicion, after that, he thought lay washed his car and then assume the role of worried friend when he's father called to say that mark was missing. for the accusation that the white is had been planted in the water six months later. Brian. That noise is a good and explain why they taken so long to rise to the surface. Brion said he'd, never told the name the full truth about what happened and she never asked
Light allow for as long as possible, waiting for an appropriate amount of time before brian entities, marriage with kathy only years later, when they fell thing said well and truly died down. Brian and the name finally went public with what they pretended to be their new relationship. They agree had never tell another sol about what happened to my no matter how much power sure they were ever put. Nanda the nascent brian were married. He felt somewhat, I feel like they were living given they'd be protected by spouse or privilege. at all changed when their relationships thought at the full upon in two thousand and twelve.
Brion said they both became increasingly paranoid and would often pat one another dan before they talked about anything serious in case the other was wearing a while. They started to feel that were being watched. by the time Denise filed for divorce. Four years later, Brian was convenes, She was going to talk. He's paranoia at its peak he broke into the natives, car in the early hours of august five, two thousand sixteen and waited until she climbed behind the wheel. After making in confession: Brian led police down a remote, heavily vegetated stretch of road to overgrown area rough car like in the north, overlay on county? This
it has changed significantly since Brian last visited there and he struggled to identify the exact location, he was looking for pointing to one of the trees. Brion said the best I can tell you is, I remember digging a whole need this type of tree. A specialist team was brought, the un to excavate. The area is delicately as possible, which was no easy fade, but eventually Neither muddy dirt slope that acted as a makeshift boats ramp. They found MIKE Williams, remains just as Brian had described. Brian Winchester was sentenced to twenty years in prison for the armed kidnapping of his ex wife mark william, Mother cheryl was disappointed by the results later telling report is.
Twenty years is not much for my son's life, considering they ve been free for seventeen years, but we did not want Denise getting away. I guess we have to take what weaken gad. She may not have pulled the trigger, but she killed mike, and I want her to pay for that. Meanwhile, investigators behind the scenes continued building their case against Dennis. Although bra Hence confession: was damning prosecutors had to convince a grand jury that the nay said banging on the moat applaud all along the best chance of doing this was to uncover proof that the nascent brian had started seeing each other long before they went public with their relationship. Police records revealed that, when MIKE Williams was still alive, Brian's car had been
port. It has abandoned in a church parking lot not far from the william time. When asked about this Brian admitted he used to policies car there before walking the back straight to visit the nace, so that no one would say him coming or going from her house. At the time police had contacted. The winchester has to inquire about the seemingly abandoned vehicle. Brian's wife, Cathy, had answered Brian, had told her. He was out of town on a hunting trip, so she Was immediately suspicious that he'd gone to say Denise. Kathy had always suspected that brian and denies had started their affair while she and Brian was still married regardless. She maintained a close friendship with the nice over the years, but a nod
Phone call she received from dennis one week after Brian's arrest for kidnapping raised some red flags. The nace told kathy. tell Brian's father to get a message to Brian that I'm not talking sis. She says that what this met cathy agreed with police to covertly record her found conversations with the nice in one call the pretended that she'd been so painted in relation to the charges against Brian. She said she was worried that marks disappearance would be brought up. She told the nice. I've, always just pretended like I don't know anything and I do know the nice cut her off quickly. What do you know. Kathy, told dna, she knew about the affair and that she
regretted, not saying anything to my king case. It meant he'd still be alive. Denise pressed cathy to elaborate but she didn't deny or confess to anything to investigate It is her emotionless response further served as proof that she'd beynon, On the murder plan. On tuesday, my eight two thousand eighteen sixty were enforcement officers gathered outside Denise his office florida state university and placed the forty eight you're out under arrest. A grand jury had indicted her at first the gray murder conspiracy to commit first, the gray, murder and accessory after the fact. The nay said nothing, stared straight ahead, as she was led out in handcuffs and into awaiting patrol car unbeknownst to investigate,
Is it was the nascent marks, daughters, nineteenth birthday. Cheryl Williams heard the news she told reporters on thankful. She is arrested, but I have a granddaughter and that her mother. My heart goes out to my granddaughter I cannot. I join where that babies hetty sad got her in my heart, Denise Williams pleaded not guilty to all charges. Her trial commenced in December two thousand and eighteen almost Eighteen years to the day since mark was killed, the defence maintained that Denise had never known the truth about what happened to mark and that she had nothing to do with brian winchesters murder, claw
They argue that brian was bitter about the failed marriage and was essentially trying to take denise down with him. Jury was urged not to believe the word of a self confessed murder errand kidnapper, with the necessary stating there is no tangible evidence or physical evidence, tying Denise Williams to this crime. All you have to go on is the word of the man who actually committed the murder. The issue you're going to have to decide is whether you believe him for the pros The commission. The challenge lie in proving that brian and denies had started their affair prior to going public about their relationship. In two thousand five. All day, had to go by was the testimony of a few witnesses. Brien's ex wife, Cathy testified that, while
it was still married to Brian she'd, once found a receipt for an item of jewelry adorned with the nieces nickname. A friend of the group, nine angela, recalled that when MIKE was still alive, he started drinking here. elite during a night out, because of how affectionate, Brian and Denise were to one another. Angela told the court that in two thousand and four about a year before Brian and Denise, publicly became a couple shea and Brian had a one night stand. And, while Brian and Angela were in bed together at Brian's house, a woman suddenly burst into the room before running off. brian apologize to Angela, saying it he's ex wife kathy. Angela new, without a doubt that the woman who to burst in was Denise Williams,
Brian winchester, took the stand as the star witness. He spared no detail as he provided a full account of his affair with the nice and their eventual plot to kill her husband He broke down in tears on multiple occasions. Has he spoke about the foyer drowning attend, saying, mark daughter to yell- and I didn't know how to get out of that situation. I had my gun in the bud. And so I loaded my gun and I just one or two circles around, and I ended up circling closer towards him as I passed by. I shot him brion said he never wanted to be the one who found mike's bowed, but he's daddy insisted on searching the area through strained, tease, Brion said my dad didn't want to give up a loved mike
during cross examination, the defence tried to cast down on the duration of brian and donations affair, questioning how they could go so long without anyone. Knowing Brian said, Denise was a very small. The defence put it to Brian. That hey was actually obsessed with the nice. A response the nascent. I would best friends, we were Bonnie and clyde. We were partners in crime. Were we obsessed with each other? You could say that The defence asked when you, short mark williams, like seminar with the twelve gauge shot gun was done, william standing there with you brian shrugged, hey, admitted no, she wasn't, but he added
she was in my head behind me. After four days of testimony, the jury deliver I did for idea hours before returning their verdict guilty on all counts. Dna stay Straight ahead in the mostly silent courtroom, as marks mother and brother shed, quiet emotional, embrace at the sun. Frequent sentencing, Cheryl Williams, delivered a powerful victim impact statement about her seventeen year campaign to solve her sons, disappearance through tease. She said There is no manual to tell her mother what to do when her child goes missing. I am marks mother, and I did what god told my heart to do. She urged the judge to give to name the maximum sentence
saying she has already leave to eighteen years longer than my son. She got to watch marks daughter, grow lab. We didn't for the rest of my life. When I try to sleep at night, I will say my son clinging to a trace damp in like seminal in the dog. Knowing daddy's best friend was trying to kill him. I he he's voice screaming for help. I wasn't there to help him. It will hold me forever. For her involvement in the murder apply. The nice williams was sentenced to life in prison. In twenty twenty denise appealed her conviction, on the grounds that there was no evidence to prove she was involved in mocks, madam page, gee overturned the conviction for first, a grey matter and accessory after the fact, but maintained today
Conviction for conspiracy to commit murder and the thirty year sentence that went along with it. Denise appealed. The sentencing and a hearing went ahead in september. Twenty twenty one. Mike indonesia's daughter claimed that brian Winchester was solely responsible for her father's death, saying he was physically abusive towards her mother And that she never once saw him consult with the nice about anything. She asked the job. To consider the minimum sentence of just two years. I'd. Cheryl Williams asked that the maximum sentence bay upheld saying, if you will make tonight, serve every minute of her thirty year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder. Then
and only then will I believe justice has been done. For my son, the judge agreed with shiro and Denise was re sentence to third years, including time already served. Denise also faced charges for insurance fraud, but these were eventually dropped. After she agreed to sign all of her assets, including the remaining pay out from my life insurance over to their daughter as pod. The conditions their daughter agreed that she wouldn't use any of the funds to pay her mothers illegal phase. Cheryl always maintained that losing her grand daughter was one of the most painful aspects of the hall ordeal cheryl had posted a birth
A message for her in the local newspaper every year, in the hopes she knew her grandmother was thinking of her at the ices sentencing cheryl, told the judge not only did Denise, kill my son. She stole my granddaughter. but her entire life. My grandma I was raised in a house with the murderers of her father while being done the love of her fathers family. She was told Grandma Cheryl was crazy and would hurt her there is no amount of prison time that will bring mark back to me. I don't know if Oliver have my granddaughter in my life again because of the damage her mother has done, whether two were able to re kindle their relationship after Denise. His conviction is unknown, however, the marks remains were recovered, his daughter, a greater
hand them over to cheryl said that she could finally organise a proper burial for her son cheryl welcome, any of brian and tenacious friends and family to attend. The funeral saying I want everyone to come, who loved Michael, even did the convictions that was important fitzgerald that marks memory be kept alive, On the twenty year anniversary of marks death, she holder, member and service for all those who helped to bring her sons killers to justice, including members of the press and law enforcement. Speaking about her tireless commitment to uncovering the truth, cheryl said
I just did what any mother would do case. Far present Send new spotify exclusive podcast maddy, no one has ever prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing this. When someone you love vanishes into thin air we family that experience is. It has to figure it out for themselves, We started ringing round match friends what the hell was he doing your work and why has need and call them all? I just said oh, my god. Oh my god, something wasn't right. The levison grew More worried by the minute he's walking up and down
page line in its waiting. Any clammy the moon has now motions little towards the they wouldn't. Let me out of his side no right it by lowering our cave, the founder of the missing. since advocacy network and host of case file, presents podcast. What's missing The police informed mark and say levison. There no longer considered, matt and missing person. I told final coachman transferred thomas on any state call. The police are found a great this american, the bush, the receipt showed that two items have been purchased ducks hype and a god and master brand matic. I think we weren't shop for ages after that, the world just time to stand still here. However, family, took on this system to try and find justice for their son. The very first time might feel like the play and ass. We no longer on the same side, and then he sat there and said to me. It was metzler.
Stop it had he murdered now. I just said the bush stop here that some people in this world never take no for an answer, especially when their fighting for someone they love, nothing's, proving rethought near with children Funding that by one nineteen million- but it wasn't zero, so we gotta give it up It was never gonna win against us, not The funding Mary Mary, the latest podcast for case file presides over double September nineteenth only spotify, it's not a justice system. It's just a system
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