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277: Case 235: House of Horrors (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 3] By 1992, Fred and Rose West were raising their children at their Cromwell Street home. At first glance, the Wests appeared to be a model family. Neighbours viewed Fred as a modest, kind and soft-spoken man. Rose was a dedicated mother and housewife... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Noom Weight – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today Babbel – Get up to 50% off your subscription BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Article – Get $50 off your first order of $100 or more Subscribe for ad-free episodes and bonus content: For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-235-house-of-horrors-part-2
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besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse at won't be soon for all listeners. on the evening of Sunday august to nineteen ninety two gloucester constable, Stephen burnside, but trawling he's logo bade along cromwell strayed had Around six p m. He was approached by a thirteen year old girl called Sarah her real name era asked the constable. What would you do friend was being assaulted. Sir,
had been tormented over the past few days after hearing a harrowing confession from her best friend visibly upset and feed, feeling she had no one else to turn to sell. His friend had divulged. That she'd been right. For legal reasons. This victim could not be named. first attack, happened inside the victims home her father had summoned her. To an upstairs room made her sit on a couch and ordered her to keep her eyes fixed on any by television. He then write her cat during the entire ordeal one. A video camera he'd, set up near by lady He took her out into the back garden. He explained do that he quote: hadn't done it properly and it would cause the victim medical problems if he didn't finish the job
He then took her back to the same room. Is the initial attack and write her again afterwards, the victim? so it help from her mother who was at home at the time changes told her daughter, oh well. What do you expect? You were asking for it. The next morning, the victims father took her to a warehouse that he was painting is out of these job. The building was deserted when he took her inside and write to her for the third time when was over. He patted his daughters, thigh and remarked, Leave it alone. Now he warned her You mustn't say anything I'll go to prison for five years. Will obese HU it up, and you need a moment dad at your stage of life wakes later, the victim confided in her school friend sarah about what she had enjoyed
Sarah agonized over what to do with the information she didn't want to I did the police, but felt there was no turn it. If constable burn it was a familiar presents on koromo straight, so? When Sarah saw him she shared what she knew so I listened carefully as he jotted down notes. He then returned to the station and reported the information to the sexual offences unit die Laid off on the morning of thursday Auguste six, a team of two detectives and for police officers. It's arrived at a residential address on cromwell straight most buildings in the area retained their original red. Brick exterior is this house, had been rendered with sand colored concrete, giving it a bland flat and featureless appearance, h of it.
Three stories were defined by a sash window with a pay grain colored frame that overlooked the straight. They were perfectly aligned, one on top of another net curtains hung behind them. The house itself had seen better days with leaking God is laving doc, streaks of rainwater round. The walls like a neighbouring homes, which had front doors that opened directly under the straight. The front I was on the right side behind a low black metal gate with godspeed tips. It spanned the width. a narrow driveway that separated the house from the seventh day, adventist chapel next door,. Second, doyen gate, had been installed several fate behind the small black one. The swine wasn't one night and six wait tool
and made wrought iron plaque was affixed to the wall by the house's entrance. out in white letters was the properties address. Twenty five cromwell straight, the home mister west family at four, the glance the west's appeared to be a model family neighbours viewed patriarch fred as a good man who was modest and kind, he was Ways willing to help out without jobs around the neighbourhood soft spoken he now
raised his voice or showed a temper. He rarely drank and didn't do drugs One neighbour said: if you ask anybody in the street you couldn't wish for a better fella another remarked you have invited Fred west into your home with open arms. He So nice, Perhaps the worst anyone could say about fred west was that he was territorial. It was in a casual unassuming why buddy, seemingly knew everything about everyone who lived on koromo strayed. Yet he was fiercely protective of his own home life whenever he had visited he'd, follow them around his house and into he's back patio guy and never permitting them to wonder about on their own. It gave them the feeling
that they were always being watched as his family's breadwinner fred were todd, although he bit between jobs, he was never unemployed and often worked on construction site in the local area. He's wife rose, stayed at home, running the household and caring for their children On the rare occasions that she ventured out, she was described as presentable and attractive. By august. Nineteen. Ninety two the west said to live on cromwell straight for over twenty years. During that time, fred and rose had grown their family to include eight children deal This was anima re, who was the daughter of fred and he's fine. my wife, raina. bread and roses first. Child together was heather, their daughter may was born within months of the west's moving to koromo straight.
The couples long awaited first son, Stephen came the following year: over the next decade rose rosebush, five, more children, torah away. He's very rosemary, junior and lucy Anna, give and how many children live today. Twenty five cromwell, Straight was known to be surprisingly quiet the west word entirely unknown to police over the years offices, Visited the home to inquire with Fred west about stolen goods. Additionally Some lodges who lived upstairs had been reported to police for cannabis, possession twenty five cromwell. Straight had been raided by police in search of illicit drugs. On at least three occasions,. The west's remained composed during the rights and nothing incriminating was ever found as for rose west, her criminal wrecked,
It was almost entirely clean. She had it single conviction from nineteen. Seventy three that she shared with her husband. It was for the invasion. assault causing actual bodily harm of their former living nanny carolina ones. When police arrived at twenty five cromwell straight to investigate the allegations that Fred west had raped one of his daughters, he had just left for work. life arose. Answer the door. Was informed that detectives had a warrant to search the premises for pornographic material following a serious allegation of child abuse. rose immediately lashed out? She began kicking and screaming and had to be physically restrained. As it was the summer holidays. The five youngest western Children were all at home there
ages ranged from nine to sixteen still their pajamas, the children sat in front of a television in the living world. They were does. Their mother was placed under arrest for aiding and abetting ripe and for obstructing the police as rose was led from her house. She yelled children, don't you dare say anything. Fred was arrested on a building site later that day, online keys, wife, Fred, didn't resist a toad onlookers. nothing. You need to worry about. It was placed in a police car and informed of the reason for his arrest. Absolute rubbish, Fred scoffed, lies all lies. I never touched her.
Fred west was interrogated by police for hours. He talked unknown, stop in a manner that was described as a verbal diary. didn't seem at all concerned about the situation he found himself in. Instead, he trotted casually presenting himself with charm, confidence and humor He had no internal filter and spoke openly. Two detectives about his private life, saying quote:. Me and my wife laden active sex life. We make love, every not a main, perhaps twice it just depends on what happens. you'll, find harnesses you'll, find bloody god Knows what in my home that we make up and things that we do you find types where we Being making love and when not frightened to shower We enjoy our sex life, but not without children.
Fred said that hey and rose had everything said they did. It To mess with their kids, he accused his children of ganging up on him and making the accusations are saying, There ain't one blade of truth in it. As far as I'm concerned, Fred remained, in custody overnight. By the end of friday, his demeanor had changed. his eldest son nineteen year old, David west paid him a visit, fred looked as though he was scared to death. He had worked himself up into tease making it the first time stephen had ever seen his father cry. Fred admitted tat. He saw tat. He had done some stupid things at night when every one was in bed, then, in the same breath, he's war. He hadn't done anything and claim to the police were setting him off.
They're going to have me for it, he told stephen Fred, begged his son to take the blame by saying It was actually stephen who carried out the abuse stephen refused freds face hardened. He made a comment that implied to Stephen. You weigh the do it or I'll kill you reluctantly. David did ass. He was told, but investigators immediately knew that stephen was lying to protect his father. They charged fred with three offences of right and one of bugger and he was remanded in custody rose. West was enough, and held overnight, but released the next day. Twenty eight year old and in the re west no longer lived on cromwell straight.
On the morning of Friday august, seven, her phone and a dog Though rang simultaneously as the phone, was closest animal. He answered that first, it was her stepmother rise west. The very sound of her voice sent a chill through an american rose. Why There's no time with gratings or preamble, she demanded, if you. Anything of may. Your dad, especially dad, you say nothing and keep your mouth shut. She then slammed down the phone. Aunt EM array gathered her thoughts and went to answer the door. There was a woman in plain clothes standing before her. Her name was hazel savage and she was a detective constable for gloucestershire police.
described as one of the most tenacious female police officers in gloucester. Constable savage was a veteran of numerous major inquiries, many involving women and children. When Fred ass was accused of abusing one of these days. Constable savage was assigned to the case her prince. Job was to interview members of the west family constable savage had a history with it emily that data to all the way back to the maiden nineteen sixties. Her first encounter with the west's was through freds, first wife, rina. At the peak of the couples tumultuous marriage at the time, Fred had custody of their two daughters. Charmaine animal re, raina, worried about them all the time and constantly battled fred over the matter comes. Both savage was a sympathetic listener and rain
Soon, divulged that Fred west was violent, sexually deprived and quote, probably quite mad,. She explained that her husband was pursuing a relationship with a teenager named anaemic for two weeks later. Constable savage met Fred west for the first time She thought he was rather strange. Looking with a face, she d never forget. constable savage had no further interactions with rain, aha charmaine west. Yet she came to know fred. well, when he moved into cromwell straight with his second wife rose, this was due to his proclivity for theft and the minor offences carried out by the lodges who lived in his home.
I suppose savage, also new animal re west. She had come to the attention of police in her maintains for being uncontrollable, she'd, run away from home, becoming. Oft with gangs and was known to carry a noise. But I m a raise alive had settled since her time, cromwell strayed she had moved to the white city. I stayed in some gloucester, where she was raising two young daughters as a single mother. Suitable savvy jost anna Maria, if she knew of anything in proper happening at twenty five cromwell straight. Anna Maria, with sickened at the thought that someone else could be suffering the same, why she had it was a fee she'd carried for many years, but she reasoned that buying during the abuse, she'd prevented others from being harmed. Now, faced with the problem
back to that. One of her youngest sisters was forced to leave this same nightmare animal I was determined to put a stop to it off. Nearly two decades, anna maria finally opened up about her experience of being raised by fred and rose west, it was the First time, she'd made these admissions to anyone ass, she spoke She was so overcome with shame that she struggled to make eye contact with constable savage. One some day during their first year at cromwell straight for And rose led eight year old, dynamo re down into the cellar. It was a dingy, damp and sparsely lit spice that had been split into three interconnecting rooms. In the central area was the staircase the front rooms
does apply area for the children, while freds workshop was at the red Anna Maria noticed several large em said being laid out on the floor, including a mattress, some adhesive type and a sex toy I am a re was an overly concerned. She didn't know what the sex toy was well. What the collective item signified she asked what the objects, what for fred and arose just died. Each other. rose had a strange smirk on her face, which look. To one of my re, as though quote she was really going to enjoy herself, but wasn't going to say why the couple locked in cellar door behind them for ad explained that what he was about to do was his duty as a father just do
As you are told, he said, as animal re was ordered to remove her clothes when she didn't move faster, off rows of wirelessly, tore anime, raise, dress off and threw it aside, bread and rose then pin denham array onto the mattress where she was restrained and gagged. as I am a re lighted, described in her book out of the shadows was absolutely terrified hours eight years old and had no understanding of what was about to happen to me. But I knew what was something awful and that it was going to heard my father said A little but rose was encouraging him to get on with it. She had this evil. Look in her eyes There was no emotion at all just that all consuming look of pure evil
Rose sat on her stepdaughter his head to stifle her cries. She laughed as fred proceeded to write banner marie. Fred told his daughter. It is going to Hope you later in life, he said Would prepare her for her future husband and having children when they attack Finally, over fred. and rose left. I m a re alone in the cellar, restrained and naked. Her screams and sobs attracted and no attention fred had sound proved the space in preparation. later fred and rose reappeared and resumed the assault afterwards, they sent him a re to the bathroom to clean up. It was, the us that she was in paying rose, simply laughed,
acting as though Anna Maria was making a huge fuss about nothing rose, told her everybody does it to every go. That's a father's job, don't worry and don't say anything to Wendy body had something everybody does, but nobody talks about. After this fred and rose sexually abused, humiliated and tormented anna maria on countless occasions, Fred sexual remarks about all of his daughters? He told them that I know did a good man to saw them out and that he do the job himself. he'd single one of these girls out and say it will be your turn. Next, despite days.
Man's anna maria believed. She was the only one of her sisters who was being sexually abused by fred and rose. continued on a daily basis throughout her childhood and well into attain teenage years. Fred would say I made you, you are my flesh and blood. I am entitled to touch you if an american, Wind, she was severely baden and the torture rightly increased over time. The abuse became more deprived. Fred was obsessed with the idea of producing the perfect a child with a view to be dark. Skinned began saving the used condoms from roses liaison with black men, sawing off the condoms to secure their contents,
He then for cinema re to store them inside herself to keep them, in quote optimum condition once ready, Fred, combined to the same end from different men and injected the liquid into rose using a homemade device Ice rose ultimately bore for children that word biologically freds tahrir le ways. mary, junior and lucy anna much to freds dillard. Three of them were mixed rice. He referred to them as he's love, children, Fred and rose constantly assured Anna Maria, that what she was enduring was normal. She did it hell, others about the abuse, partly what a shame and partly be. She was under strict orders not to reflecting on childhood anima re west said I
Used to look out the window at children playing in the strait laughing running around and wonder how they could look so happy when they must suffering. As I was. I could only think that day. Were stronger characters and that stepmother was right. I had a difficult wimpish nature and always inclined to winch. these other kids obviously just got on with life. So why. Should try and do the same. When I m a re was twelve years old, she was initiated into roses room the bedroom inside twenty five chrome. Straight, where rose carried out sex work. Anna Maria was forced into the trade, sometimes fred watched from the doorway while rose was always in the room as though
making sure Anna maria wouldn't say help from the mayo clients. Anna Maria did what was expected of her too scared to disobey. She lighter. blind fear was enough to keep me under rose and freds control I've inside the west time was like a prison the internal and external doors, were kept locked, as was the tall iron gate that led out onto the straight rose what Case on a necklace or a big ring clipped around her waist. no one was allowed to visit without her role. Freds permission, the west children were confined to the back garden or the seller and with a dead from playing in the street They were permitted to go to school, provided they had no visible injuries and came home
immediately after if they were light, they were saved debating. The children were only taken to say relative, Sir fred and rose went to fred, told his children We don't want to have anything to do with people outside. We don't need them. There are people out there who will hurt you, your with people who will protect you. One day at school teacher noticed bruising on animal rage legs she, asked aunt em array to roll down her socks and he chopper skirt for a closer look, the teacher gasped in horror at the extent of the injuries the teacher ass than a moray. Did you have an accident or did someone do it to you? I am. I right desperately wanted to reveal that her stepmother had cause to be.
injuries. She opened her mouth in preparation for the truth, but her fear of rose was too great. Instead, I am a re lowered, her head and said: I fell over this. I just fell ivan privately. The teacher contacted the welfare department. later that day, as social worker arrived at twenty five cromwell straight to investigate the matter. Rose answered the door and was informed that there were concerns about animal ray I remained cool, headed and invited the social worker inside she told the in a story about Anna maria falling down. The stairs A re ever heard the social work. I reply. Oh well, that's fine, mrs west! Then she laughed. Never to return again once she was gone
a re received one of the worst beatings of her life all of the west. Two children experienced abuse to some extent. but I m a re was singled out, but the cruellest of treatment. She explained that rose, inflicted pain with they there a detached indifference or occur. He lighted and controlled excitement. Anna maria suspected rose resented her for being the only child in the household who wasn't biologically hers. There was a competitive element. Two, as animal re was freds favour. In contrast to this, a district domini Ring and cruel way that rose, traded on a moray Fred was affectionate. Heedful Himself onto her then say he loved her anna maria
That her father saw her more as a girlfriend than a daughter, yet fred witness to the abuse from rose first hand and never step deemed to defend and I'm a raid. On the contrary, he chuckled at what is what who is doing whenever anima re told her father how rose traded her he'd reply you is doing that because she loves you it's for your own good. Fred, eventually developed a violent streak of his own he's I would refer to the back of his head and he stopped heating kicking and throttling road cindy's children. Or while spitting out death threats he and left Anna maria bloody after kicking her in the face with still capped boots. Road
just the laughed and said, serves you fuckin ride. In the summer of nineteen, seventy nine rose took fifteen year out animal re to say a doctor and a moray was visibly nervous and gave quiet answers to the doctors, personal questions. The doktor then told her to lie on an examination table where he began poking and prodding her stomach. He's expression, was stern, as he engaged in a private conversation with rose, animal rate was pregnant, the pregnancy was act topic, meaning the fertilized eggs had implanted outside of the uterus. topic pregnancies, can proceed. Normally. Solana Moray was taken to hospital for a termination.
Despite being under age, none of the hospital staff reported Anna maria situation to authorities. She suspected they viewed her as a quote. fifteen year old slot who had got what she had been asking for and didn't deserve any sympathy. The truth was the man who impregnated anna maria was her own father, Fred west. He had a saying that he'd were paid to his daughters. Your first baby should be your dad's. Days after the termination rose. dynamite. Re perform housework, despite her still bang in recovery and bearing stitches from her surgery. Anna Maria kept her head down, like always avoiding anything that might ignored roses wrath yet ass. She dusted polished into vacuumed. She could sense tension
rising anna maria explained, something had upset rose. Nothing I did would be rod. suddenly rose his eyes filled with rage behind them. Was the family the strange deadlock. She pushed anima rate to the floor and kicked her in the stomach ride in stages in immense pain, Anna Maria fled to her room. When her father returned home lighted I'd die, he told her. You shouldn't, provoke And upset your mom like that that am I re wets quietly into her pillow. She had reached her limit one night shortly after this, and am I right put a long, considered plan into action. She took one
last. Look at her sparsely furnished room then grabbed a bag of belongings and made her way to the front door. Her bag heat, a chair and the full or create in her haste. But I m a re manage to slip through the house without waking, her parents, she got past the locked gay And ran along cromwell strayed. She hadn't put much thought into what to do next. She had too little money nowhere to go and was terrified that her father would come. Look. She was also regretting leaving her siblings behind, none of whom knew about her plan to flee, bought an mri focused on the fact that she was free telling herself quote. I would never go back. No one could abuse me again
what happened from now on it couldn't be any worse than my life. So far,. I am a raise harrowing statement added validity to the accusations that fred and rose west had a history of child sexual abuse and incest rose was chow. Urged for causing are encouraging the commission of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and cruelty to a child. She was granted bail the condition that she not communicate with her younger children the I she returned time road. Was rushed to gloucester royal hospital to have her stomach pont she had taken forty eight painkiller pills washed down with alcohol. The under age, west children, torah le ways, Barry
rosemary junior and lucy Anna were put under emergency protection orders. Fred and rose were forbidden from contacting them and weren't told where that were being held. The couple were eventually allowed to see the children, but only if the child themselves requested the mating and a social work. I was present. Fred and rose refused to see their children unless they could say them alone in the late Up to the couples trial fried west was sent to a bio hostile in Birmingham sixty miles North of gloucester rose, visited him two or three times awake. Sometimes, thereafter children? May your stephen during visits, fred and rose one did the grounds and had sex in view of passes by and their own children
rose road fred, a letter. During his time away. It was a dog with their names and a drawer. A large love heart with an arrow through it. Remember I will always love you. She road and everything will be all right in costume friends. Behaviour was described as exemplary. He was consequently transfer to another bail, hostile with even more relaxed conditions. Star finally checked on him every three days, which gave fred time to go to gloucester and back without anyone. Knowing he had gone The younger west children began sneaking out of their foster homes and meeting fred gloucester park. He eventually coaxed them back to cromwell straight fred worked taken
in these children that the authorities were wrong and naval. He warned them to keep their mouths shod, otherwise,. The police would take them away from those who loved and protected them. when fred and rose went to trial in early june nineteen. Ninety three, the west children, had been prepared to give evidence against them. When asked, if they were ready, the children all declined to proceed. It was a complicated case from the outset. the west adored are at the centre of the allegations denied that her father would have do any of the things he was accused of. Furthermore, and a moray west retracted. This statement, she'd made two detective constable hazel savage, making this state
And had brought up a lot of repressed trauma per annum array and she was left shaken and anguished. She was still terrified of rose and feed. What would happen once rose saw her stay. and I m a re sort police protection, but they couldn't understand why she thought it was necessary. To win a moray had felt like everyone. thought she was making a fuss over nothing. She, What about roses tampa all those years, a vicious beatings, abuse and the man she was forced to have sex with. Wanting to forget it all. Anna Maria Claimed the whole story was a figment of her imagination because she didn't like fred or rose when come. The bill savage learnt about this. She confronted item array and said- tell me to my face. This isn't true. Unable to meet them.
Constables, gaze, Anima RE responded. It's not true. I made it all lab constant. Savage wasn't convinced she, worn dinah moray that she could be charged for wasting police time and making a false statement but I know my re remained steadfast with her. Get siblings, now safe from fred and rose in foster care and a moray had the safety of her own children. To think about. the only piece of physical evidence that could help secure a conviction. Now was the videotape that allegedly contained footage of fred raping his daughter, said caused thousands of pounds worth of damage tearing twenty five cromwell straight upon trying to find it.
It had been no easy fate, given that the inside of the property resembled a building, sod tools would sand cement electrical cables, water mains line, I copper, pops carpet and paintings were piled throughout the police broke furniture sifted through vacuum. Cleaner bag, and searched behind skirting boards and on the floorboards Diane uncovered a large amount of sex paraphernalia, some of which was crudely hand made with scrap wood and metal. Police also uncovered a large collection of hard core pornography: magazines, sex toys, bondage gear, whips chains, buckles, straps and fly. rules as well as rubber suits, and mosques there were does. the photographs that rose and fred had taken of other people's genitals in total
lay some covered. Ninety nine pornographic videos, both homemade and commercial. The homemade footage was captured on eight millimeter film by fry, the west it depicted rose, performing explicit sexual lacks with quote just about anything. She could get her hands on from damage the implementing to further the footage also captured, rose having sex with multiple people. Sometimes it was in central amateur pornography. Other times it was filmed via paypal is, though, a sacred. There was footage of rose urinating on her bed, a sofa and at the kitchen table she was captured, getting dressed in preparation to made other, men for sex then later showing off her stained underwear
Fred also recorded himself performing gynecological examinations on his wife with many gratuitous closeups, but none of them He contained the alleged child abuse with no physical evidence or corroborating witnesses. The judge made the decision not to proceed with Trial as a result, fred and arose west officially saved verdicts of not guilty the Bull hugged each other in the dock and for the second time
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All laid to locate and now twenty three year old had the west had resulted in dead ends. One of the last confirmed sidings have had occurred on Wednesday june seventeen nineteen eighty seven when she was form, the shy of turning seventeen witnesses recall the exact died That was the day that animal re west head hosted a birthday party for her three year old daughter. The party was Oh, that animal raise home in the wide city state, it had been a pleasant some day and the house was at boughs with children, And a moray was surprised when her typically anti social, father and stepmother showed up. She it's even more shocked to see that the broad the younger west children with them. Family outings, where incredibly rare. heather worst had always been quiet, but pie.
guy was noticed. She was particularly distant that died. She spent most the afternoon alone in the back garden, looking sad and lethargic. If any one option. Which tour fred or rose, would be by her side in an instant rose, explained to the other guests that there had been problems with heather before they left for the party fred bullied heather throughout the event, saying: don't fucking stand there like a lemon, a derogatory word. He used for lesbian. heather retorted angrily. Why don't you just fuck off and leave me a fucking line. Anna Maria tried to find out what was going on, but heather was taught lit she delay avoided being in any photos or videos taken during the day. One foot,
Captured her in the garden ass, she was mid term trying to avoid the camera stand. In nearby was fred with a big smile at the time. Had that was making arrangements to move to torquay essay saw TAT one hundred thirty miles from gloucester. She had applied for a job as it enough for a holiday camp. There. The prospect excited her and the night after Anna maria daughters birthday party have I received a phone call The woman on the other line, apologized saying that had this job application hadn't been successful, heather was devastated. She kept. Her siblings up all night with her sobbing.
The following day of friday june nineteen, the west children returned home from school to find that had I wasn't there. fred and rose explained that heather had received some good news. They job in torquay was back on she'd pact a bag and got a lift with a friend laving. Twenty five cromwell straight for good Fred was calm ass. He spoke about heather's, abrupt departure. Then he approached he son stephen and asked help digging a hall in the back garden. Fred explained he wanted to install a fish pond stephen did ass, he was told, but a couple of days later he noticed that the hall had been filled in no one heard from had the west again. over the years fred and rose, gave conflicting stories as to her whereabouts. To some they said,
that had had run away or left to start a new job. They told Those that should become a drug dealer was involved in credit card. Fraud will had fallen in with them wrong crowd. rose mentioned having our quote A row with heather before she laughed overhead. Being a lesbian. The couple constantly provoked heather about being I, even though there was no indication that she was and rose herself, had numerous affairs with women. Didn't matter anyway, as fred laid out. What are those that heather had run off with a boyfriend at one stage, Gee Anima RE west travelled to torquay in search of heather. No one she spoke to had ever seen or heard of her half sister stephen.
and Mae west also made various attempts to locate heather, including reaching out to television, shows that sir, Shall lies in finding missing people at one stage the siblings told fred that were going to report have amazing fred talk to them. Out of it. he said that heather was involved in some illegal business and if they alerted police they'd be snitching Who said that he had wanted to contact them, she would. Every so often fred claimed to have both seen and spoken to heather. At one stage he said she was Working for community centering gloucester and Marie looked into this claim. But tonight Resolved fred can see did that heather must have quit and moved on whenever fred
Told any story pertaining to saying heather rose would warn him to shut up. Whatever the explanation, fred and rose were adamant, that heather was fine. They Others that they filed a missing person report, but this wasn't true fred, would say: heather's left us she's disappeared and, to that end closed. I don't want to hear any more about it. We want me Turn it again, once you coming round in future. If you do mention heather. Prior to have this disappearance. Mayo guest was spending the night at twenty five koromo strayed. In the early hours of the morning, he woke up to the sand of something. rustling around the house, a young
woman cried out. No, no, please This continued on and off for the next twenty minutes in the morning rose western formed the man that it was her daughter heather who suffered from nightmares Anne had noticed that had the same debate shy and down in the dumps the night before rose, exe ain't, that heather was just quote backwards and didn't talk much. On a separate occasion, a female lodger at twenty five cromwell straight heard, screams coming from the seller, a girl, closely shouted stop at daddy. The lodger didn't investigate or report the matter, but she believed the voice might have been heather west. Other visitors recalled that heather would stand in the corner of a room more in the doorway wearily watching her
father, she be her fingernails until they bled and rocked herself and back and forth for hours Able to sit still. I had a very close friend at school, cold Denise Harrison shortly before had a went missing, donation just heather was more morose than usual one day. Denise was walking me cromwell straight when she spotted and upset looking heather sitting on a wall. The nation, ass to what was wrong and heather started to cry. Had confided. And denies that she had been sexually abused. Her father would come into her room at night and force himself on her. He also bade her denise asked haven't you told your mom had their experts,
I ain't that rose refused to do anything about it rose, though. What had? I was a quote: little bitch, who deserved the buildings. Heather said she hadn't told anyone else, because she was too frightened donation. And doubt head off for a second heather rifts These two shower at school and war along slaved blouses, with her socks, pulled up to her knees, but Denise had one it's called a glimpse of heather's bear arms and legs. They were covered in seville, bruising. Denise, his mother new friend west, and when Denise told her about they say great. Her mother, refuse to believe that fred was capable of such horrible things. Three weeks later had finished her last term of school. Dennis Harrison never heard from her again.
By nineteen ninety two had the west had been missing for five years: detective concept: hazel, savage believed that had I could provide further insight into the allegations that fred and arouse west abused their children. She worked diligently to track had that. Damn by the time fred and rose faced trial the following year. Constable savage had failed to find a single trace of her, but her suspicions were group When she had been informed of the west family. joke that the younger children had repeated to their foster parents whenever they were naughty. Their father would tell them to behave or quote. and up under the patio like heather those
february? Twenty four nineteen. Ninety four marked almost a year after fred and rose west's not guilty verdict that morning, cousin both savage arrived at twenty five cromwell straight, accompanied by four other offices. Forty year old arose. West answer the door. She was informed that quarry had been launched into the disappearance of had the west, and was and a search warrant. Rose and media lay started screaming profanity send calling the mrs offensive names. At that moment, Stephen west arrived home. He read the warrant. It specified that the police, his purpose, was to dig up the back garden to search for the best We have had the west stephen asked the officers to wait until his father returned home. They told him. There was no time.
the officers marched into the house armed with tools in spades, staving, his father and his mobile phone and informed him what was going on fifty two year old, Fred west without a job, saw it highly thirty minutes away. It was almost threatened, A few hours before he arrived time, he never explained why it took him so long at fred maintained his composure while rose whet. The couple spoke quietly in the kitchen before retraining upstairs to talk in private. Shortly after Fred went to gloucester central police station. rose, remained at home to take part in a recorded in view. she was belligerent throughout giving short, sharp and evasive answers.
She said she couldn't remember much about the circumstances of heather's disappearance telling the interview Officer, if you Had any brains at all, you could find her a copy that bloody, difficult. when asked if she used to punish heather when she misbehaved rose explained. I just sent her to bed As for whether she thought heather was alive, rose, replied. Well. Why not? Unless something horrible has happened to her. The police informed arose. They were aware of the family joke about, had a bang buried under the patio in the re garden of twenty five cromwell straight, Consequently that were going to dig up the entire area to look for. Her rose, responded. There's nothing, you will stop add. Is there look?
The house is yours, have it do. you're going to do a glass this ro police station fred west Internally participated in an interview with detective constable: hazel savage in this situation, hasten And unusually com and affable unprompted, he announced that he had not murdered his daughter. Fred claimed that heather was alive and that he'd recently seen her in birmingham a sin. Sixty miles northeast of gloucester, he said Her hair was expensively styled and she Two more ladylike fried claimed that And heather were very close and that any He's family members would attest to that. for reasons he didn't understand had that had something against rose and was problem. Two insulting her for
I maintained that neither he nor rose reported had the missing, because I didn't want to get her in trouble. Hey imply that heather was involved in illegal sex work and changed her name frequently. As a result, the boy sat age ass, the outright There is heather fred, Fred, replied you find her and I'll be happy. That's all I can say. The garden at the rear of twenty five cromwell straight was less than thirty feet. Long and twenty feet wide fred had done extensive renovation that impacted the space over the years. neighbors had heard him banging scraping and digging long into the nod earning him. A reputable sure, as the man who couldn't stop working. He had them.
Polish, the garage and replaced it with the ground floor extension that consisted of more rooms and a new kitchen in the back garden. He tore out their fruit trees and chicken. leaving just a row of tall thin leyland pine trees. That block tease neighbours view he, then Completely paved over the garden with heavy stones slabs to form a patio. Searching the small area require great effort and cost just as the sun again to set had started terrain search was called off until the following morning with a uniform constables. Standing guard in the patio of annoyed that not fred and rose for a walk in a nearby park, which was completely out of character when they returned french howard and sat down to watch the news. It was the
only thing he ever watched on television, never missing the one. Six, nine ten o clock or midnight broadcast. He's an aid to watch it and know what was happening, bordered on obsession the following day, a small excavator and mechanical digger were brought to twenty five cromwell strayed attain fifteen men in boiler sewage crammed into the small patio and started going beyond the shame and hand. Rain drizzle on and off throughout the afternoon has assumed will shed and a high made barbecue were dismantled. The stones We were then lifted up and stacked to one side
under the slabs was across the layer of solid ground and gravel about a foot down was thick doc maud that rate of sewage, underneath the sludge was dancing pervious great clay officers doug six fate down and made a discovery, small bones and bone fragments. It was quickly concluded that day what from dead animals the further they dug, the more liquefied the mud became, Humph was brought in, but as soon as the sledge was pump out more safety back in and flooded the hall. The larger the whole became the worse. The liquid smelt it developed a thin costed like consistency.
A detective standing on a wooden plank that framed the edge of the dick saw it identified the unmistakable louder it was the stench of decomposition, The west was becoming increasingly ride over by the police work fred settled her upstairs and then approached detective constable hazel savage. can we go to the police station he asked as soon as he was in the police, car fred said, I killed her. It had all happened on Friday june nineteen nineteen. Eighty seven had the west was sixteen years old and had just found out that the job in torquay had fallen through give.
Her reagan ass to leave home had that was crushed. Fred said died toll I have often most of the night before had retired to bed in tease. the following morning rose, told fred. Let her go I will go drawing out six hundred pounds and give it to her and to lead ago. Fred, replied all right, then don't hurry back. Give me a chance to talk to have our hey, how take persuade her to stay. Rose left for the shops. The younger west children were already at school. Had this school term had just finished. She
impact, her bags and left them by the front door. Fred called out to her head. There appeared looking smog with her hands, talked in her pocket. Brad asked, what's this about you leaving home. Told her that she was too young and being a lesbian meant she would catch aids. He told heather on going to, let you go shape responded arrogantly if you don't fucking let me go I'll, give all the kids acid and the low jump off the church roof and be dead. On the floor. Fred lost his temper. He went to slap had his face, but quickly stopped himself.
He had once slept arose during an argument and subsequently dislocated her jaw. Instead, he grabbed her by the throat and tightened his grip. I just wanted to shake her fred told detective constable hazel savage. I wanted to take that smack of her face as fred throttled heather she began. Turning whew he quickly let her go. She fell back against them, washing machine then slid down to the floor. When Fred realized that heather was no longer breathing. He tried to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions but he only ever seen it performed on television and didn't
Surely know what to do have this body turned cod and friday noticed she had white herself. He thought to himself What the hell's gone wrong! I never intended this. He dragged hazard to the bathroom stripped her naked and placed her into the top. He then das, her in cold water, in an attempt to rouse her fred west, recalled I can remember standing there and thinking How do you know when someone's dead he took heather's body Out of the top and dried it off, he intended to dismember her, but didn't want her to quote, Suddenly come alive during the process, so he tied a pair of tights around her neck.
he also closed her eyes ass. He didn't want her looking up at him. While he worked fred then caught had those neck with surrounded, saw used for cutting off blocks and frozen made heat that off had his head. He did the same thing to remove her legs. He then stuffed heather's body parts into a been laana and he hit. Behind the patio shed, it was being day so he can Liked it had their possessions and took them to an area where people disposed of rubbish, confident that I'd be taken away. Rose came home and now rossa later she asked didn't persuade hazardous day. Fred said no. Heather decided she wanted to leave that not under the cover of darkness, Fred, buried, heather's body. In the background
in about four feet. Under the leyland pines. Not long after he extended the patio to cover the burial side with stones slabs by the time fred tall, policed story. Just over six and a half years had passed, he appeared com when this associated as though he completely detached himself from the incident. He maintained that it was an accident that he didn't intend to kill. Heather but he's version of events was full of contradictions. He kept backtracking and revising he statements. It was clear to the police that he wasn't being entirely truthful as I am a re west once explained with my dad, it's a
So we need to listen to what you say and then, if you cut it in half and then half again, You were somewhere near the truth. If there was a sexual motive for the killing fred said no, nothing like that, Did anyone else no heather was under the patio fred said: nobody, that's a sacred of kept to myself for you, Yes, and never told anybody. Fred was taken back to twenty five. Almost straight in handcuffs the point out exactly where he had buried heather by this point, the
Innovation of the patio was well under way. Friend marked the search change efforts, saying that were going to damage the roots of his leyland pines, but ass. He was led closer to the day. Parading peered he's code, indifference, faded away. He Came dazed and on steady he kept sliding in the mud and slipped on one of the wooden planks. Fred told the officers my head hurts and are cape saying stars the gay friend as safe and some water fred announced. had. There is not in the garden had there is alive and well she's post the blame at this moment in the Middle east, she works for a drug cartel she's got no identification. That's why you can't find her. There looked after, like
wanes. I have no idea what her name is, because I will not let her tell me she contacts whenever she's in this country whether you believe it or not, is entirely up to you as far As I am concerned, I d like to see them all still live at their digging, my god and they can dig forevermore, nobody or nothing's Under my patio. Later that afternoon, digger was so Jeanne directly below the bathroom window of the single story extension that Fred west had installed at the back of his house. It was a significant distance from the main search side, neither leyland pines as he dog. He noticed something sticking out of the ground just below the surface.
It was another bone, but, unlike The smaller animal bones found previously this one was large and dirty and old. Looking the bone was placed in a brown paper, exhibit bag and taken to pathologist professor burn at night for examination. Within seconds of viewing, the barn not confirm, and it was a human face. Estimated that it had him painting in the grand for long its curvature and lengthy index I did. It came from a young woman between the ages of fifteen and twenty five as the day get twenty five cromwell straight progressed The pit became structurally unstable. The sides kept crumbling, resulting in cave the stench had become unbearable. Yet the shifting exposed more
bones. Neither leyland pines compelling the diggers to persevere at seven p m professor burn not arrived on site and crouched down by the appeared. He noticed. Traces of, Soapy off white liquid in the dock mud, another telltale, sign of day composition. He observed the freshly on earth burns and immediately confirmed that they too were human Professor not worked by touch inserting his hands the slimy earth and feeling around until he felt a bone. He slowly and methodically remove date, one before wiping the mock off to identify what pod the body it originated from several leg. Bones were recovered first
they had been removed from a torso which was found next. The victim's decapitated head was then pulled from the sludge. The unique conditions in the ground had worked to preserve the victims remains a thick dark. Hair was still intact. The body belonged to head the west Her burial saw it was almost directly opposite. Freds barbecue this man he had cooled, tend to entertained for his family and gas Knowing his daughter was buried, just a few fade away like paula thing been liner was, and I had this torso along with two long paces of rope, change. Green and brown fathers were stuck to it, which matched tufted carpet from inside twenty five cromwell straight.
Although Fred hadn't mentioned the rope during his confession, its presence suggested that had that had been restrained prior to her death, the carpet fragments indicated that she d likely being held against the floor in the press. Says during his excavation work. Fasten not put a second broken fame off from the mock completing the pair The other that had been found earlier that day, professor, not then noticed another bone as he pulled it out, He realized there was yet another fame up. Well, he announced to that
tat gives gathered around either. We have found the world's first three legged woman or there's another victim around here somewhere case file, we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supper. Warning us by listening to this episode sponsors the start of a new year's when most people get stuck into cleaning and day cluttering their home, and if you are anything like me, It's also your annual reminder that you need more storage space. Article has everything you need to organize your bedroom living or amend dining room with the dresses night stands sideboards and more. Plus they ve got all the other furniture. You could want to get your space looking at best article believes in beautiful design for every home and
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Listening to this, episodes adds by supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver. Quality content after being informed that human bones had been on earth in his back garden. Fried wes was taken in first second police interview. detective constable. Hazel savage got straight to the point she If anyone else had been buried in any other part of freds garden. He sat in silence for a long moment before responding. That's a peculiar question to ask: isn't it. Back backtracking from me story about heather working for a middle east and drug cartel, Fred admitted. Heather reason there and there.
No more there's nothing else. Constable savage informed fred that three human thought balance has been found. Again. She asked if any one else was buried in his garden. Only heather fried maintained. Constable savage pressed on. You ve never said to us that you scattered heather roll over the garden and heather didn't have three legs. the room, fell, silent. Fred was asked. have you any knowledge of where this other bone might have come from four The conduit for a moment then answered softly, yes, surely show
who constable savvy, jost, robinson fred, elaborated the girl who caused the problem. fred, west, spotted, surely robinson in gloucester in nineteen, seventy seven thin undernourished attain asia was in the care of social services and performed sex work to get by. described by a social worker has extremely withdrawn and sullen surely was also linley. She had few france and was known to latch on to paypal for companionship. So when france offered, surely a place to stay at his home on cromwell straight she gratefully accepted. However, Fred waited until shirley turned seventeen, and it was no longer supervised by social services. Before the move took place.
shirley, was settled in a small room towards the back of the first floor in time Three way relationship began with fred and rose west. It wasn't a sacred affair, fred in Joost, surely to gas, says he's lava here. open openly affectionate towards her playfully announced That she was going to be the next mrs west. Within it, you're of her stay. Cromwell straight surely became pregnant with friends, baby. rose was excited about the pregnancy she cheerfully That surely is growing belly and tell neighbours its friends. Surely organised to have a professional photo taken with fred during her pregnancy, hey dressed for me, Occasion in a suit and tie the pair hold hands.
While smiling at the camera. Despite the age gap, they looked like a loving couple Surely sent the pitcher to her father with a letter that red this? Is the man on going to marry? What do you think of him? Dad I have never been so happy in my life. The west children loved shirley Robinson she was silly and care free, which was a welcome change. Their violent and abusive, a mother. but, as is surely due date approached her demeanour changed. Became emotional and a nervous and no longer wanted to live at twenty five cromwell straight chance had risen in the west time rose, became jealous and increase. Legally, antagonistic and fred seemed to enjoy provoking on one occasion
rose lashed out violently chasing fred through the house with a carvingknife rushed into a room and slammed the door shot behind him just as rose Brought the knife down the blade sunk, a deep into the door and almost took seven fingers off roses right hand, leaving them hanging by the tendons whose rapporteur wounded hand up in a tail and simply told fred, broad fella you ve gotta, take me down to the hospital. The resulting damage prevented her from ever fully closing her right hand, she was told to return to the doctors to have this teaches removed, but rose just plucked. The matter self While freddy enjoyed watching rose fight for him, he felt that shit early robinson was coming between them. He told a friend
Surely once rosy out so she can take over and take her place, I'm not having that she's got a fucking go. Surely grew fearful of the couple in an effort to ways the hostilities surely spent some not sleeping on a friend's catch by this. Of may nineteen? Seventy eight, the now eighteen year old shirley was eight months pregnant. She attended a pre natal appointment as she readied herself for the birth. On tuesday may nine shirley met a friend at a cafe for a cup of tea. Her friend noticed that she saint fatigued and depressed. after that, shirley was never seen again. Fred and rose, told others that surely had gone to live with her father in germany and probably wasn't coming back freddy
Katy that surely had bailed without paying rent and implied that he didn't care about their baby. rose was seen rummaging through the clouds surely had left behind, keeping the peace Is she locked and tossing out the rest now? body, reported shirley missing or went looking for her. After all, the conflict that had arisen during surely time at twenty five cromwell straight fred and rose were noticeably happy in her absence. Thirteen years later, upon, the discovery of a second set of human remains in the west backyard. Fred admitted to police that the bones belonged to shirley Robinson. he claimed that surely had been supplying drugs to his children, so wild I was away, he strangled surely to death. then the whole way of his home. He then dismembered her,
and buried her in the back garden. Fred was taken back to twenty five cry Most straight and led out to the patio he paused looked around and then pointed to the ground directly in front of the back door It was a small area wedged between the doorstep and the wall of the neighboring chapel. This was where he'd bear It is surely Robinson police. Had been walking back and forth. I've in this very area. Since the search began, a de group is that the grand wasn't as liquefied here as other areas of the garden professor burned it not squandered by the edge of the hall and identified the back of a human skull, Professor, not retrieved some vertebrae, followed by us in the leg bones they feature distinct to date, marks indicating
That, surely is body had been violently hacked with a heavy clave. Our horror acts. as professor gnawed uncovered other larger bones, he also removed several match. Dick sized ones with the skeletal remains of a newly full term fadus when fur West was asked what he did with the surely on baby. He responded frankly without a hint of remorse quote I packed her up. I didn't have much room to put it in so it had to be. act just pushed around. With a spade. Discovery of Shirley Robinson's remains raised. More questions had the west found by the life and pines, surely was buried by the back door. The third unidentified fema that lead to france confessing about surely
was found in a different area are entirely under the bathroom window. Fred didn't hesitate to clear up the confusion he pointed to the bathroom window. Tal police. This is where they find surely quote mate. fred, acted as though he couldn't remember the name of the third victim he just kept referring to them has surely might or her lesbian lover. All he knew was that she came from Bristol fred claim That the woman had shown up cromwell straight looking for surely one sane form
that surely no longer lived there, the woman laughed only to return a few weeks later. This time she accused fred of killing, Shelley and threatened to go to the police. Fred persuaded her not to and offered her alive to back to bristol. As they drive out of gloucester fred stopped in allay by on the side of the road he per se did to strangle the woman with his bare hands afterwards he took her body back to his home. Dismay the dead, then buried. There remains in the back garden in a bid to identify the victim investigators scoured records of young women, who had been reported missing around the time that surely made crossed paths with Fred west, one name in particular kept cropping up.
Jordan's broke house was a gloucester institution that house the vulnerable adolescents who had been removed from other forms of care and who typically had severely unstable and abusive childhoods. Jordan's brewer kind to rehabilitate the troubled youths by providing stability and training that would help them find employment. It was a strict institution, And therefore it was an unusual for residents to abscond until and to be brought back by police became common knowledge among jordan's broke a girls. That sanctuary could be found with a local couple named fred and arouse west. The path are offered a girl's lives and would sometimes invite them to their home on cromwell straight for juice and biscuits. Fred and rose were considered to be fun and lovely road.
established a rapport with the girls. She had spent a part of her using care and could relate to their experiences. She listened sympathetically and with understanding to their store, These words spread among jordan's, broke residents that twenty five cromwell straight was a safe place. sixteen year old, alison changes had been placed into Jordan's broadcasts. After her divorced parents were unable to care for her Daydream off with an active imagination Alison escaped the difficulty of her daily life, by imposing romantic poetry and drawing peaches. Although the home had helped to secure a train, a position at a solicitors office son was unhappy at jordan's broke ass. She was and marked by her peers, Send began retraining to cromwell straight where she would talk to rose
the squash and biscuits over time. She Ganz spending denied Alison soon began telling others that she'd fallen in love with an older man. He given her various gifts, including a gold necklace with her name on it, He'd also promised to take her to his farm in the countryside, where she could alone The grass and write poetry. Alison even had a picture of the farm which he stared longingly, it was clear to others that the image had been cut from a real estate brush off, they thought The oda man was a figment of alison's imagination created as a coping mechanism. However, they also noticed that Allison had been given her very young k to twenty five cromwell strayed.
On sunday, auguste five nineteen, seventy nine allison- Is packed up her things and absconded from Jordan's broke house it was the the eighth time in nine months. But this time she didn't come back. Alison was reported missing and because you, under rage and had been in care police were le guided to search for her. However, she turned seventeen two weeks after us he went missing, meaning she was automatically released from care and no longer considered vulnerable. even though her whereabouts was still unknown police. Were no longer required to actively search for her too much after Alison went missing. Her mother, saved a letter in it.
Listen explained that she was living with a very homely family, whom she was helping by providing child care and housework. She APOLLO guys for causing any concern and told her mother, that she would write again soon, but she never did despots This police took the letter as evidence that alison was alive and well and no further inquiry these were made. fourteen and a half years later. The third famer baron found under the bed Through a window at twenty five cromwell straight was identified, as belonging to Alice and chambers. The garden space was respectfully quiet, as professor burn, it not begin the process of uncovering the rest of alison's remains. The
ariel saw, it was too small for the pump to be used, so black salon continuously saved back in as professor not trawled through the mark with handheld tools. The tipp of alison's head became visible, her hair style attached. As professor not worked to excavated. He noticed something was and under Alison's chin. He real. I said that it was also wound around the top of alison's head in shame, Lay professor not scrite the mock away with these fingers until he revealed the item to be a wide about though Fred hadn't, mentioned a restraining, o gagging allison. At any point, the way the belt was positioned meant it had been used to prevent alison from opening her mouth by. That I'm professor knight had retrieved alison's remains. He was
I around in to fade a filthy water. Despite freddy creating that alison chambers was surely robinsons made and the lover no connection between the pair was established. It was clear to police that Fred west was a compulsive eliah They had to trade any information he offered with a high degree of caution. obtaining information from Fred was an arduous and time consuming task. He kept me in ring and telling meaningless a long, winded stories, many of which were obviously fantasies as the hours slipped by into doing offices became increasingly impatient, fred
west was a masterful manipulator, and it became obvious that he was controlling the interview. A smug green, often spreading across his face. So far friend had confessed to kill Three young women, shirley robinson in nineteen, seventy eight alison chain, busy nineteen, seventy nine and his own daughter had the west in nineteen eighty seven, While the level of detail he offered about h incident varied, he was adamant about one thing: Fred told investigators The thing I d like to stress he knew nothing at all. She, and done anything wrong West was in the words of her husband, the purpose
to mother survey. Continued next week. On a chilly night in nineteen, ninety one, a group of teenagers gathered in her usual, hang out a barren stretch of desert next to a busy highway near bakersfield california, a dismal spot littered with trash and shelter since by nightfall it turned into a sort of lover's lane were high school kids drank and smoke. When two boys left there Headed into the darkness, they came upon a horrific sing. The body of a young woman murdered just hours before,
she had no enemies. He says girls at school teenage stuff now any kind of trouble that somebody model, this. Ninety ninety one martyr made news headlines. For years as it shocked and divided, a quiet working class community. Of course I knew about maria escape. Everyone in bakers shall knows about maria pay people, wouldn't they were glued to their tv sets and the paper every day. There was a lot of speculation in Lasco that, It would not be all around athlete that people thought he might be He lied about being her boyfriend. Diaper like he had something to do with it. Justice took its course in a twisted and controversial case that captivated many, but what is the real killer were yet to be discovered because he wanted me. He told me that the double decker when he was here when he was a really near. If you ask the sheriff department- and if you ask the prosecutor's office, they would say yeah, we solved it, some just unfortunate how things
ended up in this series? We will hear brand new claims in every people that have never spoken publicly before in discover family secrets that shed light on who may have killed maria rodriguez and why I kind of want all of her family's hidden secrets and all the dark past. I want it to come out. Tonight, I'm having a mechanical forecasts are present in. This In the shadows, the story, of marie ever treatise.
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