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278: Case 235: House of Horrors (Part 3)

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[Part 3 of 3] More disturbing secrets are unearthed at 25 Cromwell Street as the investigation into Fred West leads detectives into the remote English countryside. Fred steadfastly asserts that his wife knew nothing of his crimes, and tight-lipped Rose maintains her innocence... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn This episode's sponsors: SimpliSafe – Get a free indoor security camera and 20% off your order  DoorDash – Get free delivery plus 50% off your first order of up to $20 value with promo code ‘CASEFILEPOD’  Smart News – Download the app for free and get the news that matter most In the Shadows – Listen to a new podcast from Casefile Presents (available exclusive on Wondery+) For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-235-house-of-horrors-part-3
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Please say the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse at won't be soon Well for all listeners, rose west set stiffly in the police interrogation. I like her chatty into boastful husband rose, was kurt and cautious. She rarely answered a question in full. Instead giving vague monosyllabic responses. She expressed the little concern for her daughter, heather, maintaining that she hadn't heard from her since she left home several years prior, then, the interviewing detectives cut
The chase there has been a major development. One said calmly: Fred has confessed to motoring heather rose, responded immediately. What Several seconds of silence, followed before she asked so you know where she is. The detective replied fred has told us where she is whose tilted her head back and wild in a manner later described as sending like being. She then, she snarled friends at dead man. If I ever get my hands on him, her cross grew louder. The detectives where incredulous, if was one thing data wide. It was that rose west was a code cruel. Woman who cared a little further. Children when speaking too Neighbor about had this disappearance rose at sea
She was not bother, you heather was alive or dead sure enough roses. Wailing abruptly stopped whose, though nothing had happened by the time the detectives informed her that had this bones had been found in them garden. Her emotional, theatrical were well and truly over. Why have we got to through this again rose, replied before complaining that had that had given them loads of hassle, those was questioned for almost as long as the law permitted. Unless you investigators were prepared to press charges, they would have no choice but to let her go, that came at a risk The last time rose was under investigation. She intentionally overdosed on medication. There would you genuine concerns that she might again attempt suicide to avoid prosecution. As that deadline to release rose approached investigators.
Todd to extract a confession or uncover a floor and her husband story, but they were unable to conclusively tie rose to any of fred's crimes they had no choice rose was released word of this situation unfolding on cromwell straight was spreading across the country, news crews. Send on number twenty five, as report is bombarded police and passes by with questions with all the press activity out front and police efforts. In the back, the house itself was eerily. Quiet inside rose west, settled into a quiet stasis. She stood at a rear window watching the dig in the back garden from behind a mesh curtain. She just been informed that she had to leave the property
Following freds lightest admissions investigators had been granted permission to extend the search into the west's house. They were keen to examine the grant full bathroom, wet Fred said he dismembered. Heather the longer rose remained there, the higher the risk that evidence might they destroyed. Police organised for rose this diet, a safe house on the outskirts of gloucester. She told her eldest children may and stephen. on spending one not here and then, where off and whenever coming
two cromwell straight again, the use of the discoveries at twenty five cromwell straight rage to junk off a senior officer of the gloucestershire fire and rescue service. The Dress was significant to John and his wife june, or twenty one years earlier in April nineteen, seventy three june golf returned home to find a note. From her nineteen year old, daughter, Linda it read,
de mom and dad. Please don't worry about me. I have got a flat and I will come and see you sometime. linda was a cheerful, happy and friendly young woman. She accepted advice bud She grew louder. She started to repel in a typical teenage away while in june, cared for Linda deeply. They also respected her desire for independence. Although her letter didn't indicate where she had gone all what she planned on doing her parents discovered that she'd found. Work as a seamstress, they seized their concerns There were certain Linda would eventually return home of her own volition, ass. She wouldn't have the funds to support living independently for long bought. Days turned two weeks with no word from Linda her twentieth birthday.
And went without any contact. John in june, garth grew anxious by the third wake of silence in june, went looking for her daughter She visited the same stress where Linda worked and alone That Linda was residing at a house a short distance away. She working as a living nanny for the family, yet twenty five cromwell straight. When june laid eyes on the blake and quiet three story: residence a chill ran through her body. She knocked on the front door and was greeted by the high minors fred and arouse wes. June recognised rose, she had stopped by the gulf house a few weeks earlier to take lindore out for a drink. When june asked about Linda, the west said they didn't know her. As they traded on the doorstep june golf looked down and
how does that rose was wearing her daughters, slippers. Her blouse also looks like one of windows. Jean Pierre past fred and rose and into their re a garden. Several items of clothing belonging to Linda were hanging on the couples washing line june pointed this out. rose admitted that Linda had stayed with them briefly, but it since moved on leaving some of her clothing behind. According to the west Linda had mentioned going to a seaside resort called western superman. John in june, Gough were upset and confused that their daughter had left gloucester without saying goodbye. They went to western superman, but found no trace of linda there. They followed with the various welfare organizations and discussed the situation with a neighbor who was a police officer, the gender
consensus was that Linda was an adult seeking life experiences. There was little her parents could do to make her return. Because John in june, never suspected that their daughter met with fair play. They hadn't, formerly, report and her missing. They just lived every day. being she would reach out old, come home but whenever june golf passed twenty five cromwell straight she, the same uneasy feeling she'd experienced when she first saw the house More than two decades laid off Linda gulf story was of interest to the police, investigating fred and arose west. Like heather west, Linda, had vanished from twenty five cromwell straight, never to be seen or heard from again,
the explanation that Linda had gone to western superman, was remarkably similar to fred and roses, claiming that heather was in torquay another seaside town. When detectives asked fred about Linda off, he denied ever mating. Anyone with that name. He also accused the gulfs of making up the story to quote get on the bandwagon and make money from the press Investigators weren't sure, where Linda golf feed into the case, if at all, the dig of the west's back garden had failed. One cover any further remains after great difficulty. They convinced fred toward it. May I add that Linda had actually stayed at his house wants. However,
Fred still insisted that she gone to western superman. Meanwhile, twenty five cromwell straight was stripped from they added to the seller. Fitted cabinets were dismantled by since sinks were torn out and carpets and linoleum were rode up. Thirteen hundred items belonging to the west family were removed, recorded and put into storage for further examination The only thing left inside their residence was a large fish tank that was too big to remove. Exposing the homes bare bones reveal that secrets can see behind hanging day, was small paypal's drilled into Several doors and walls days when
doubt used by fred west to engage in active for your some maven looked into his daughters bedrooms into set rooms. Police found a small and a jaw both on display inside them. Where rashes, forensic testing revealed the contents were burnt, underwear. according to fred, the underwear had been warned by rose when she had sex with other men after days encounters. She right, there date on the underwear, then burnt them and collected the ashes. It was fred explained their way of remembering past sexual experiences. Yet there was no visible evidence pertaining to the death or dismemberment of heather, west, surely robinson or Listen changes, nor
was anything found in relation to Linda gulfs, disappearance, no traces of lot were found in any significant areas. If there had ever, bloodstains in their house. They would have I did away over the years military grade ground, penetrating radar was brought to the house while the right I couldn't detect human remains at a an electrical pulse that identified disturbances or abnormalities, six feet below the earth. Fred where stars often about the condition of his home. When he That special equipment was being used to search for additional graves. He said and rattled and decided to speak he's. So I said our alone afterwards, detectives handed a pace of lines paper torn from a notebook on it was
Hand written message that began, I frederick west, wish to admit to a further a proxy nine killings. this confession came at five: thirty p m on Friday march for nineteen ninety four, eight days after a policeman, and searching twenty five koromo straight, thing uncovered had indicated that fred killed more than the three young women investigators were already aware of, but whatever rayson he had given up his efforts to out with them. Once the initial shock of friends, admission wore off police were faced with the severity of Situation, there were at least annoying more victims to locate and identify, meaning many more loved ones, to break terrible news to a man
then why John and two june garth, while friends note, was brief. It did name three of his victims. One was the linda, Gough with these confession out in the open fred west went back to being his talkative cool, headed self. covering the secrets of the alleged additional killing said. Put him back in control. The subsidy. interview, was his painstaking as ever detective constable hazel savage pushed on, knowing they were at the mercy of freds mood swings one minute. He was cooperative and willing to divulge details of these crimes. The next he denied everything and started waffling on fanciful tangents. Whenever Fred appeared to be in a helpful
stay. Constable savage worked quickly to gain as much information as possible. Fred sad that the When he killed were mostly hitchhikers runaways sore sex workers, he'd picked them up from very this places in and out of gloucester before taking them back to cromwell strayed. Sex acts had occurred, but Fred insisted, day's work and central in all cases, Fred strangled the women to death, then cut up their bodies to me. them easier to bury fred, didn't know, he's victims, name, sir, exactly how much there were, it was Decided that he should be taken back to twenty five cromwell straight again to pinpoint where he buried them as night descended. The police present at the west has dwindled, Only a small crew remained to stand, guard
a night. Reporters camping in front of the property took this time to return to their offices saw head to the nearest pub to gossip with the locals. Once the coast was clear, Fred west was brought to the same disguised as a member of that digging crew was this greatly ushered inside the empty shell of ease home fred, went into the cellar where he became noticeably stressed. He kept staring around the space as if he was lost holding a can of red spray paint fred moved to the area of the sell. That was once used as he's children's play area the those were adorned with scribbles and odd painted by the west children. Fred
in an alcove and spread a red circle on the ground below Lucy. He said in eight the timber stairs that led out of the seller, frederick another circle girl from new, and he remarked moved in front of an imitation, fireplace sprite, a third circle and said the dutch go at the base of a war all covered with wallpaper featuring actress, Marilyn Monroe, frederick Another circle by an open, fireplace announcing a wooster go The final circle was, on the right hand, side. Bread explained that there were in fact two girls from stop buried in the cellar. He lay
investigators into the extension he'd built at the rear of the grand fool he entered the bathroom and drew us than circle on the floor there, linda Gough, efforts to identify lucy, the dutch go, the girl from new ones and the two girls from Mostar commenced. Tracing, all the women who had encountered fred west over the years was a massive undertaking. Most of the one hundred and fifty lodges, who'd stew, at twenty five cromwell straight were young women. They had drift in an out often run and I don t buy, nickname, swore limited physical descriptions. Then there was a hundred of other people who had visited the property over the years from the party, guest and friends or partners of the lodges to the many men and women who met with fred and rose for sexual relations
Investigators sifted through the records of regional police, social services, local care homes Charity organisations to find the data of any young women who had vanished in the last twenty years missing persons. Helpline rang off the hook, as callers sought to find out Their absence loved one might have crossed paths with fried west. Whenever a new name emerged, investigators tracked that person down and confirmed their identity to ensure they were accounted for. Anyone who wasn't was highlighted and looked into further. It took to me to drag the grand penetrating radar equipment along the bare concrete floor of the west's sela abnormalities. Detected in the earth below the red circles that friday painted.
Large pneumatic jewels were used to bright through the concrete filling the confined space with dust and sending sharp fragments ricocheting off the walls. Yeah earth underneath, was then carefully removed by hand the holes contained the same black clay lack sludge that plagued the paid in the back garden soon, the seller rate, with the stench of day composition, the first set of remains were uncovered by the imitation. Fireplace twenty one year old sociology student to raise Sagan taller had vanished in April nineteen. Seventy four, while Fred had referred to her as the dutch go to. raise was actually swiss. She had been raised in the german speaking burn area, giving her a distinct germanic accent.
To raise was last seen alive at a party and south london, where she spoke of her plans to hitchhike to wales and then take a fairy across the irish sea to visit a friend in dublin free. said. Warned her about the danger of accepting rides from strangers, but to raise was confident that all would be ok. She jokingly remarked. I can look after myself on a judicial wax bird raise had informed her father that she would return from dublin in a week's time. She never did and the police failed to find any trace of her. Almost two decades later to raises: skeletal remains were on earth in the cellar at twenty five cromwell straight, there was no history between to re, sagan, taller and fred west terrain he's had a likely accepted, arrived from Fred who was known to
drive around offering young women lives. After burying too, is he seller fred build a fake chimney over her graves as a disguise. Like the young women found outside to re, say in tala had been dismembered with her legs and head separated from her torso. I would love to mud site scarf was retrieved from her grave. It had been taught. Into a bow to raises brand hair was nodded inside indicating the scarf had been taught around the back of her head has a gag. By the open, fireplace on the other side of the seller, whether remains a victim number. Five. One of this I called worcester girls fifty
your own shirley harboured had been in care since the age of two described as pretty and spirit it. She was also vulnerable and had been taken advantage of by older man. In november nineteen, seventy four shirley was living in the city of war star twenty five march I north of gloucester. She was completing work experience behind a maker canada and seeing a young man whom she had met at a fun fair one. Not the couple met for died along the river seven, where they shed a bag of hot chips. At nine thirty shirley boarded a boss home. She made plans to made up with her boyfriend again the following day: but didn't show up. I never saw her again. Fred west had a likely
spotted shirley hubbard, making her way home after her died and offered her a lift. Like friends, other victims surely had been caught into three parts as pathologist professor not extracted, surely skull from the west Sela he paused. Something was stuck to it. What the sludge off the skull to get a better look! It took him Moments are realised exactly what he was looking at Early entire skull from forehead to george had been encircled in multiple layers of a light. Colored doctype. A seventeen inch plastic. True was stuck day in one nostril. Another was fine and in her grave, the tubing had been inserted into shirley's nose to enable her to breathe through the duct tape, mosque.
Professor night was lost for words. Not even the season detectives in the room had ever seen anything so horrific, but there was more work to be done. Professor noise was led to the archives of the children's play area here in another, a friend's crude graves, right laid. The remains of the victim fred had referred to as lucy. in late december, nineteen. Seventy three twenty one year old, lucy parting turn was visiting a friend in Cheltenham, which was a thirty minute, dr northeast of gloucester. During the course of the evening She and her friend discuss today shared interesting mediaeval loud. Conversation motivated to lucy to write a letter of application to london's quarto institute a college spare
living in our history. The school would soon Lucy well, while she was a typical youth who enjoyed parties sports and spending time with her family, she was just is content to sit in front of a fire rating literature she's friends mother, gave her a stand. So she could post, though, on her way home. Lucy laughed at around ten fifteen p m and headed for a bus. Stop a three minute walk away. Next: a marble hill park. She caught the boss from their before, though, what was a dark quiet? spot, and she was often the only person around in the past some boss, drivers had driven straight by Without noticing, Lucy waiting. Lucy, never made at home and extent
search commenced, the largest and most publicized for one of fred west's victims. Thus far police used sniffing dogs, televised appeals and rain act. Man of Lucy's last known movements to try and determine what had happened. They fly. to find any answers at the time, but now believe to Lucy parting turn had also been coast into freds car, while on her way home. luck. Shirley harboured Lucy skull was tightly wound with light. Colored doctype also found with her remains, was six inch knife with a black handle and a makeshift restrained made from two paces of cord Fred referred to the victim he d buried under the cellarstairs, says a girl from new went. He event Chile remembered her name when needed.
In the spring of nineteen seventy five eighteen in when NATO mart had left her job at a bottling factory and was staying with a family friend in the town of new ones. in early April. She left him. He chalk. The roughly And my journey into gloucester to sign up at a job santa she had travelled to study, swaying many times before, accepting It's on the side of the bay for two one: five, our role. Road that lead to and from the city when needed, I must have baby sit her friends, children the following day, but she They showed up. even though her personal belongings were left behind when it is fear, I believed she had run away possibly to london. Two sisters regularly travelled into the city spending all that money at the registry office to sift through records and phone books to try and tracked down
I had no idea that when NATO was actually a straight away from one of their homes, buried under twenty five cromwell straight. We need a more had unknown history with fried west. She is Souci. I did with people who had lodged at the west time and stay there herself on occasion, because the rent which trade bought The day when NATO went missing, she hadn't mentioned any plans to go there. Investigators deduced that fred had the likely spotted when a direct. She he chart and recognised another opportunity when pathologist professor Burnett, nor did tease hand inside when NATO muddy grave to retrieve her dines. He was met with resistance feeling around. He said, realized the bones were connected by something he meant.
To get a good grip on an arm and to lift the entire massive remains with it. Great Oh it's line. Rope was nodded around when ate his arms, torso and legs and had been fashioned into risk sized slick knots. news was also found, along with a light, get your made from various items of clothing among them was abroad. and too long white nylons socks similar to those fan worn by rose west pro. S not believed that when NATO had a likely Bain hog tied and suspended from the ceiling baines above while I was believed freds other victims, Daddy, the by strangulation or asphyxiation when needed, skull featured a depressed fracture behind the rider. It was a heavy blow. Cool The a circular object similar to a bull
added hammer grew, but I couldn't be ascertained whether injury was sustained prey or post mortem. Only one read circle remained on the seller floor. The alleged grave side of the second, the girl from wouldst extensive digging of this space failed to uncover anything. Yet because Fred, west's information had so far proved correct. Investigators were reluctant to give up. They dug wider and deeper, eventually three feet below the earth. They found more human remains. Fifteen year old carol, cooper was last seen alive in november nineteen. Seventy three after spain in the evening at a cinema in mostar with her boyfriend and their friends from their car
was heading to her grandmother. It's where she intended to spend the weekend. It was a rare change of scenery for the teenager who had been living. a children's homes since the death of her mother at nine fifteen carol, boarded a boss and waved goodbye to her boyfriend. She was a bait and looking forward to their net died, but she was never seen again. Fred had the likely picked care. cooper up her, she was on route to her grandmothers. The lower out of her skull was found wrapped in an elastic hated cloth band, while le loup fabric, with a half inch not was tied under her for arms. clothesline ripe, was recovered nearby, along with a headband made of surgical type, that contained strands of carols hair.
Excavating Linda gulfs remains from the bathroom in the ground. Floor extension presented a challenge. It was the most physically demanding excavation so far, and the bathroom at so. was small and cramped. Only a couple of people could digging there at any given time. Additionally, the large peered in the back garden had put the structural integrity of the extension at risk. Police did their best to secure the building, but this was difficult due to. Fred shoddy craftsmanship excavation of the rio garden, was slowed to prevent a catastrophic collapse onto the crime, saying drilling through the concrete floor revealed a layer of earth, stone, household rubbish and construction debris eventually, Linda gulfs remains, was spotted,
Professor not carefully removed one bone after another, mindful that the hollow could collapse said any moment. And had been dismembered and decapitated, lengths of cord and elastic hated cloth found with her remains indicated that she too had been bound and gagged Each of the grave sides were widened to facilitate a fund, save search despite this, none of the victims remains were fully recovered. H was missing a variation of nay caps, fingers toes ribs, vertebrae, shoulder blades and other smaller bones. Aside from the extreme sexual torch, other women had evidently endured, though signs of further suffering had his finger.
Oh said, being forcibly ripped off and scattered in her grave cromwell straight and surrounds had been completely shot down due to the huge crowd trying to catch a glimpse of what the media had dubbed the house of horrors. Reporters from all over the world flocked to gloucester to cover their case life. Would each of the home was broadcast, stone twenty four hour news channels, the west's neighbours charged paypal money to stand in the garden. Pierre out from their windows or to use their toilets, several turned their facades into shop. France, where they sought food and drinks, Some news, crews erected scaffolding around twenty five cromwell straight to get a clearer view of the dig in the back garden. Police I've never seen anything like it. Witnesses quickly sold their stories to the
ass and unsettling reports about strange encounters with the west's was splashed across tabloids. Spoke about roses. Tendency to answer the front door wearing lingerie ought to go out in public without underwear. Others mentioned Fred performing lewd acts while driving young women around some visitors to the west time had reportedly found bread and rose watching pornography with their children. Rose allegedly told someone that Fred had been having sex with these children. The witness claimed with anonymously reported the comment to welfare agencies, but apparently nothing was done. Lodges, had heard thumps crashes, whales and shrieks emanating from roses room where she conducted her sex work
been recalled screaming emanating from twenty five cromwell straight late at night and set a terrible smell, Lynn get around the house plagues of flies hovered around the seller, which fred had once referred to as he's torture chamber, despite all this? The killings themselves had seemingly gone unnoticed. Over the fourteen year period spanning nineteen. Seventy three to nineteen. Eighty seven bread west had killed. young women in his home, eight of them parish to during the first six years he lived there linda gaff was first, he then murder to carol coup Lucy parting tend to re, sagan, taller, surely hubbard, and when NATO marred
after concreting. Over the cellar floor he started filling his back garden with bodies beginning with shirley robinson and then alison chambers. There was an eight year break before he said he saw it on his own daughter, heather west. It was clear that fred wasn't being truthful about the murders He offered no explanation for their restrain saw weapons found in any of the graves, except in Linda gulfs case. He claimed that her death was accidental. A bondage incident gone wrong. He dropped her up in the cellar and Linda enjoyed it then Fred went to answer the door and when he returned and Linda had hung herself never killed anyone out right, you're trying
make out that I just went out and blatantly killed. Somebody fred tell detectives. He also claimed that he had never write anybody enjoyment turned to disaster were his words. Fred told a lie after lie when attempting to explain a motive for rage killing. He said that surely Robinson had sexually abused, his daughter and a then he said he killed Surely, because she was jealous of rose. Finally that was because surely had called Rosa quote: bitch slag and a cow As one detective said, freds work Was worthless accept to confirm that now thing he said could be relied upon as anything near the truth. He thought
there was still the matter of freds written confession in it. He had named three of these victims. One was Linda, got the other two You weren't found at twenty five cromwell strayed case file, we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening, to this episode, sponsors that I am class, seemed like a good idea at the time, but by wait three, you realized you needed your bacon egg and trees and an iced coffee to get you through. That's when door dash can save your morning, get them back to school savings. You really want and get unlimited free
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From his childhood home in the village of much marco sixty miles north west of glass. Stop The familiar isolated countryside stretched around him four miles: in his younger years friend had walked to this very spot. With these siblings collecting wall, flowers that they would like sl as attain. He cried These motorcycle nearby, resulting in a week long coma and Sylvia, had injuries. It was also where he carried out a lot of his farm hand work around that time. The area was known as the letter box field named after the sting Red mail box that was attached to a surrounding fence detectives crowded around fred. Has he trudged through the thick maud of the freshly cloud field,. The topography of the area had changed a lot since nineteen, seventy one back, then fred.
Had climbed a small inclined towards a cluster of cut back, you trace in a spot. Next to that DR, that was unlikely to be disturbed. He dug a hole rate visiting What a box fielding! Ninety ninety four fred placed a piece of wood where he believed he had dug the hole all those years ago. It was there that he said he had buried his first wife, raina fred. the gave conflicting stories regarding raina west's murder, whatever the truth that seemed to have started when Fred met rayner at a pub one evening in August nineteen. Seventy one By the end of the night, raina was heavily intoxicated fred took her to his view and and driver towards a letter box field, which was one of rain. His favorite spots. In one version of history, Fred
at raina was quote absent, Willie paralytic to the point of unconsciousness he her out of each van and slander, hard against the gate, killing her. in another statement fred said the pair guardian, an argument that ended with him strangling raina to death. In any case,. Claimed he used a large cyber knife and a long size to dismember raina. In what became his characteristic way. Removing The legs from that also followed by decapitation as to why he killed right now. fred had been pursuing a marriage. To that then teenage rose. fred and rose had just had their first child together, heather fred was a constant battle with rain out over the custody of her two children charmaine,
and I m a re. He explained to detectives. I had too many people to watch at once. That's what went wrong. A trench was established in the vicinity of freds wooden markka. Soil was carried along a motorized conveyor belt to be thoroughly saved and examined after that it was a fake carried away by hand or placed into wheelbarrows to be added to a growing pile by nightfall. The trench was full faint day pen, spanned ten fate, either side of the market. There had been no significant discoveries. Digging regime to the following morning. Under the watchful eye of the journalists who had gathered along the sites pyramidal, the trench was expand,
to almost one hundred fate, but still nothing was found. One days passed with no bright thirties detectives considered the possibility that friday last had allied to them. by Sunday April. Ten, the letterbox field dig had reached its thirteenth, fruitless day. A mini mechanical dig. It was brought in to remove the more solid soil near Fallen tree slightly further uphill, from where Fred had placed these marker, that iran earth what looked like part of a human skull before long More skeletal remains what found pathologist profess burn it not lowered himself into the tranche to examine the barnes. They.
We're extremely brittle compared to those he'd recovered at twenty five cromwell straight and they broke to pieces during recovery. Still, professor, nor was able to identify the remains as belonging to we know west. When fred was showing detectives the burial side. He drew their attention. So an adjoining thirteen acre cornfield cold finger post filled. It was now- and, after the shape of a sign posts that its entrance fred said, he had a feeling. That was where anaemic full was buried. And I was a friend of Uranos who had vanished twenty seven years earlier. In July, nineteen sixty seven at the time of her disappearance
and I was having an affair with fred and was pregnant with he's child fred told detectives that raina killed at all in a drunken jealous rage Fred denied being involved, who knows How can I died? He did, however, feel that anna was in finger posed for old buried among some vegetation next to a pond upon uncovering raina west's remains the police moved their excavation equipment into finger post field to begin searching for anaemic fool. since nineteen sixty seven, the area had been covered in soil and the pond no longer existed in The guy is used all council land maps and sought help from enough eulogist ta to exactly where the pond had once Bain dig. Efforts were hampered by frequent downpours that pelted across the
out, the lay of the land meant the rainwater kept draining downwards into the search area. Turning the tranche into a ball gov, red mud and clay palms were brought in, but did a little to update the flooding. Investigators were forced to wait until the weather cleared. the land hardened. Even then, it was no easy task. The out pond was filled with a large tree routes that was difficult to shift. By mid may, the third month of the west inquiry more than four hundred tons of earth had been moved from finger posed to field But only half of the designated area was searched. Fred west refuse to offer any further ringside into anaemic falls whereabouts instead gloating that she would never be found.
Dig was given until june eleven to be completed when the Deadline arrived, the trench covered six hundred square made is, and was too made his day, but nothing significant had been found. The decision was made to wrap things up A last ditch effort to dig tame handed over. a small area of woodland that locals had pointed out to them shortly off. The seven twenty that nod diggers working less than two metres from the tree line on earth skeletal remains, they had found, anaemic fall and I had been dismembered and several other smaller vines were missing. Her wrists would ban together with chord in her grave, with different lengths of one of which was nodded buried with,
and I was her and friends on born fadus. Was around six to seven months in gestation. The third and final name included in french confession. Letter was that of her stepdaughter charmaine last friday. claimed that on the night he killed Raina he returned to his van. Only to remember that rain, his eldest daughter, eight year old charmaine, was fast asleep in the back seat. sure what to do next fred held charmaine by the throat until she stopped a breathing. He drives champagnes body back to twenty five middle and rode in class. Star warehouse. rose what living at the time after wrapping charmaine body in a taught him blanket fred, he'd her in a cold seller under the kitchen. He left her there for years before
chile bearing her under the house. Diggers was sent to twenty five middle android marking the faith active, dig side in the west kay Champagne west was discovered, buried six feet deep in the back yard, by the red or of the flat her name caps pot of her breast. and a number of her wrist ankle finger into turbines were missing. when asked about their whereabouts, Fred stared in silence. He delighted say he removed the smaller bands of these victims to prevent identification, invest guide is believed that france had actually kept them: asthma, cobb keepsakes. If these crimes, the only time Fred showed a hint of emotion was when investigators charged him with charmaine murder. He's
as world up witnesses thought it possible that fred was overcome with self. Pity, rather than remorse wealth red gave no indication that shines. Death was sexually motivated. A witness recalled a disturbing incident From whence charmaine was just a baby, they will dean on fred. To find him grinding. A naked charmaine against is growing, claimed that charmaine had been dressed when he killed her, but not. Single piece of fabric button. Zip thread or elastic, was found with her remains like all of freds victims, It appeared that charmaine had been buried naked when presented with this discrepancy fred said he would no longer answer any questions or assist with any searches
I'd claimed he killed charmaine on the same night as raina. However, based on witnessing since school records show me west disappeared around five months, but for her mother in late march, only early April. Nineteen. Seventy one at that time fred was serving a short dainty imprisoned for theft, charmaine. Was actually in the care of her stepmother rose. fry to use the rose to justify all of the murders hey committed, he client he's victims had threatened. He's marriage in some way, prompting him to remove them from his love permanently fred. West quote All these girls did exactly the same thing. It was made quite clear.
That all was married to rose, and I dont want nothing to do with them. Nothing serious. It was just thank you. Ma am and in each and every one of them did exactly the same thing. I love you, I'm pregnant I'm going to tell rose, I want you to come and live with me, and that was the problem. Fred also said that at least two of his victims threatened to accuse him of ripe. If he didn't give them money quote, she said that'll be ten quid. I said if you'd have said that in the first place, sort of told you to get Just then she started shouting and said you are the sort of power then, who goes with slacks and just lost my head with her, because soon, as she said that I thought of rose And rose is no slack. As far as I was concerned,
red accused these first wife arena of constantly disrupting he's and roses home life. So she had to go. Charmaine was disrespectful child who caused rose a lot of grave, prompting fred to dispose of her too. Whatever story, he concocted bread made it clear that ray murder. He committed was for roses benefit, yet he insisted. Rose had no idea about any of it the evidence indicated otherwise. Road whose had once told her parents that Fred was capable of murder. She knew reggie joke about had our being buried under the patio in the past, She had restrained her children with objects similar to those found with the bodies of freds victims. She was also known to drive around with fred when he picked up young women.
Rose rarely left home so it seems absurd that she hadn't seen or heard anything how could fred dismember and bury so many victims without rose, noticing a single drop of blood. Rose maintained that she hadn't known any freds victims except charmaine, but new earth witness accounts proved at the very least. She knew Linda, gough, shirley, robinson, Alison chain is an arena. Last of the pair It was more violent and sexually insatiable, while Fred preferred being the passive observer. Most signal frequently rose had unknown history of working alongside fred to abduct young women for her round sexual sadism. Then, nineteen. Seventy two rape of carolina ones had twenty five cromwell straight predated
all the murders committed there in freds words, that attack was, Quote roses idea, We insisted that she couldn't even remember the incident. A search of the west sadie can covered a box of mementoes. They couple had saved over the years from outside love letters, two photographs, among them was clipping from a local newspaper, titled city pass, stripped and assaulted. Go it was published. The day after frightened arose, walked free, from court for their joint attack on carolina once they had kept. The echo has done. What was a soothing ii
Thirty year old Catherine holiday was one of many people who engaged in a consensual, three way: sexual relationships with fred and rise west. According to catherine. it wasn't really human contact that rose wanted. She locked pain, I wouldn't Well, that making love. On numerous occasions, Catherine was tied up and blindfolded. One time the west's abound catherine with another long cord so tightly that woltz were left on her wrists and ankles. When catherine asked for the court to be loosened, rose, replied what if we left you all day and just came back and tormented you every so often.
Bread and rose once showed catherine, a pornographic video filmed inside their bedroom. It featured the couple performing sex acts on a restrained woman who was clearly in pain. The forty two left, catherine feeling uneasy grey julie. The west's became more violent with catherine fred bade her head. As rose slatter. Catherine holiday quote, felt fred and rose were trying to take me to my physical and emotional limit. It all came to a head. During one progressively extreme encounter rose press the pillow into catherine, suffice and whispered in her ear. What does it feel like not being able to say
The pillar remained in place as fred and arose proceeded to ripe Catherine rose mocked. Her asking can't you breathe. Aren't you woman enough to take good catherine? felt something cold and sharp against her stomach. When he was finally released. There was a half inch caught me her naval. After this fred, rose, pressured catherine to move into twenty five cromwell straight, but shame saying that couple altogether seizure, she, Sri credited with saving her life, me say, was only thirteen years old when she met the west's may say. Identity is suppressed by a court order. She came from a deeply troubled. Fan,
and was a survivor of child sex abuse. Consequently, she was sent to Jordan's broke house. Care how vulnerable adolescence. Fred and rose had befriended several girls living there, including alison chambers, who was killed at cromwell straight. One of the Oda jordan's broke. Girls took me say to meet. The west's rose, came across his pleasant understanding and caring She told me say she could visit and crown her shoulder any time miss I took rose up on her offer and dropped by every few wakes, the to establish The trusting rapport shortly after me say: turned fifteen. She visited twenty five cromwell straight rose. Who was twenty three at the time
answered the door in her underwear though this made me say uncomfortable she entered the house. Me say, began to vent about her problems. Looking for advice and sympathy, instead,. Rose placed an arm around her and started kissing and fondling her body mason pushed right away and left. She was too embarrassed to tell anyone what happened. Six weeks, passed before me, say returned to twenty five cromwell straight again, seeking support this, time rose was wearing a say through blouse missed I went to use the bathroom and could he rose speaking to fred outside the door. When me, say, exited, rose, stir into a room towards the front of the house to other
Girls were there one on a bed and one on the floor, both when naked Me say later identified the girl on the floor as aunt em array west, who vain around fourteen years old at the time may say called Anna maria appearing dazed and out of it. while Anna Maria had no recollection of this incident, shaded endowed had happened. She had memories from around that time of rose drugging. Her cereal mason I didn't know the other go, but she looked slightly oda.
Fred west was also in the room sitting and watching silently rose took her clothes off telling the other girls. It's all right to touch to feel enjoy and to show affection, me say: felt helpless as fred and rose stripped naked. She was then forced to watch. Has the couple bound the oda girls wrists and ankles with brown packing type then write her. The girl was frightened tending pain she clearly when did help. Let me say was frozen in fear, scared of what the west's would do to her if she intervened. Once the assault was over rose he's late or their type off the girl. He began sucking her hair for comfort.
Me say was then raped in a similar manner. Throughout the attack. Roses voice changed constantly one minute. She spoke aggressively the next. She sounded motherly. she kept asking fred. Are you enjoying this now and is that noise at one Plain rose exclaimed happily, this is fun. It's great afterwards may say retreated to a bathroom to clean up. She put her clothes back on and left cromwell straight bedford, andean, too. yes, miss. I didn't report the Assad believing she deserved it for being a bad child who had to be put into care cloud.
I felt so ashamed. I just felt sick and felt stupid. I felt height but rose. I felt I trusted somebody and she had used me. Six weeks later me say, went back to twenty five cromwell straight this time. she was armed with a can of petrol and a box of matches. She wanted revenge. Her plan, The poor, the petrol through the letterbox slot in the west's front door and said, building allied, but the two front gates were padlocked shod mason, I found herself frozen again. She couldn't bring herself to go near the house.
When investigators accused rose of having an active role in her husband's crimes, her trademark tampa surfaced. It's a lie. She snapped told detectives that Fred was a maniac, that there was quote something wrong with him altogether. Police bugged, the safe house, where rose was kept in the hope she d, let something slip in total. Eight hundred and eighty five recordings were collected they worked in rises favor, she was recorded, denying any involvement in the murders and making threats against fred for what he did. She told visiting family members that he hated fred and didn't want to know anything about him in The guy does remain sceptical rose had once told someone that there was nothing for it could do.
would make her leave him. Even when he gave a black eye is remarked to a family friend that she was lucky. Fred stayed with her. A criminal psychologist theorized that the west's had hatched plan, wherein Fred would admit to all of the murders while rose, would deny everything and bay exonerated Fred west was ultimately charged with the murders of anaemic full, linda Gough, carol, Copa, lucy parting ten, the re sagan taller shirley hubbard, when NATO maude early robinson, alison chambers and heather raina and charmaine west no choice Just what brought against him for the killing of anaemic, full and shirley robinson's unborn children, as there was no such crime I'm on the british law too
After the police, first went to cromwell straight in their search for heather road, Was arrested, season had been made on what charges she my face. Other than possibly a soda kay winning actual bodily harm and indecent assault. The fact remains that It was no concrete evidence linking rose to any of the murders invest. The gaiters had a long list of questions to determine once and for all. If rose, played any role in fred cereal killing and were eager to clarify who was the more dominant in the west marriage. To every single question rose, replied no comment. She was held for three days during.
The time she was charged with the murder of a linda gough. Only then did she offer at different response. I am innocent. Rose was ultimately charged with all the murders committed at cromwell straight. letters, she had sent a fred while he was incarcerated in nineteen. Seventy one also secured a child for the murder of charmaine west in one she road. I think charmaine main likes to be handled roth but darling. Why do I have to be the one to do it. I would keep her for her own sake if it wasn't for the rest of their children, You can say charmaine coming out in Anna Maria now, and I hate it.
This led our included that date Fred was to be released from prison, There was no record of him being paranoid any earlier. This proof proved that when charmaine vanished, Fred was still incarcerated and arose responsible for it. Believed she was also involved in raina west death somehow, but there wasn't sufficient evidence to charge her. Rose was thirteen years old and wasn't infrared west's alive when anaemic full was killed. prosecuting rose west was going to be a challenge. They had over six thousand pages of interview transcripts with enough evidence to ensure Fred would be put away for life. but throughout roses. Seventy three interviews: she did nothing but assert her innocence.
The charges against her relied on circumstantial and similar fact evidence witness testimony From those who enjoy roses, abuse would be vital. But there was a risk that witnesses would become a non compliant to avoid the publicity some It also solve their stories to the media, which would no doubt come under fire from the defence. Given the entire case was a media circus, it was questioned whether affair. Trial was even possible in the court of public opinion. Both fred and rose west were already guilty. With his wife now facing trial, it was hoped Fred would stop, protecting her and
Finally, offer rob some crucial information; instead, he retracted he's previous confessions and denied committing any of the murders. However, he, did give detectives another interesting hand, written note. It read. I have not and still not told you the whole truth about these matters. The reason for this is that, from the very first day of this inquiry, my man son has been to protect other person or persons, and there is nothing else. I wished to say at this time fred refused to name the other person or persons involved in these crimes. There was doubt who he was referring to.
During pre trial court proceedings rose west came face to face with her husband for the first time since his arrest upon saying his wife fred offered her a faint smile and patted her on the back. Several times says he I rode past into the dark. How are you rosemary? He asked as rose responded with silence. She turned her back on him, kept her head, bowed and didn't acknowledge him at all fred It became terry, she lighter remarked that being next afraid made her feel sick, fred faced. Of motor charges to roses, ten, both pleaded not guilty and were held on remand in anticipation of what had already been dubbed the trial of the century. The couple appeared in court.
together. Several more times in the lead up to their joint trial rose it is abundantly clear that she did not wish to speak to her husband or for him to touch her. Whenever Fred did reach out, he was put back by gods. He would watch rose while she stubbornly looked at head. on the rare occasions, she did glance at him. She said Now, a no affection, but a length of wool threaded through a button hole of roses caught again and tied in a large bow came to police attention. When Asked about it after cord rose said it's to help me to remember something. Allay suspected, I was assigned to her husband that she had not betrayed him and remained faithful.
The couple were known to communicate to one another by sending signals. As the months war on fred appeared, tired and stressed. While rose looked healthy, She had actually gained way while imprison Fred had become the thinner, His hair was shorter and he had a hearing aid fitted, as he complained of deafness,. Fred west passed his time in prison by drawing and playing billiards, as he had a fair aptitude for both. He also made an attempt to improve his illiteracy skills. he seemingly enjoyed reading about himself in the tabloids and Boston Notoriety he's case gave him fred was kept segregated, but still worried that other inmates would harm him for being an accused child abuse and killer yet
were mostly ambivalent towards fred, who they nicknamed diego when he passed by. They shouted build us, a patio fred if he did have contact with fellow prisoners. He asserted he's dominance by flashing, a demented, green and warning them to go away. Fraid, so this children and a moray may and stephen were almost exe. lucidly he's only visitors, Fred, was. permitted to make phone calls and did so. Regularly to chat with the three children he still was allowed to contact. He apologized for what had happened and maintained that he loved them, he urged them to sell twenty five while straight and start a new life together. Fred to pass on messages to rose via their children, but she never rest.
bonded. It was clear to the west children that fred loved and missed his wife. He sent her letters, which was no easy fate. Is he struggled to read it right he's, entire life rose didn't Knowledge of them a despairing fred, began accusing rows of trying to break up their family while he never not to writing letters to her. He did stop sending them. Fred, had also started taking notes for an order biography. He intended to ride. He said each chapter would be dedicated to one of the women in his life. chapter one had allegedly already been written and was about his first known victim, anaemic for fred had taught or dead
I was loved by an angel. angel was the pet name. He used for anna in time. Freds children sensed that he was falling apart. He would ramble at them incoherently his eyes filled with tears, as rose west's birthday approached in november. Nineteen. Ninety four fred Write her letter, but never centred it read: well rose, it's your birthday and you will be forty one and still beauty Full and still lovely- and I love you- he wrote that the imo. The wonderful thing in his life was when he met her before adding keep your promises to me. you know what they are. The letter concluded
You will always bay, mrs west. All over the world I haven't got you a present, but all I have he's my life, I will give it to you my darling. When you are ready. Come to me. I will be waiting for you at the bottom of the page. Fred drew a grave stein. It featured the inscription Fred west and rose west rest in peace swear, no shadow force, imperfect pace, he waits for rose. His wife a few weeks later Fred depends Another run sent a letter to rose. I loved you forever. I made mistakes, I am so upset about you being in prison. Please keep your promise to me. I have kept to mine.
This letter ended. I can't hell what I know you are all ray to go on with whatever you want to, but think of what I did for you all and it never complain. I love all my children, they were all mine, All my love and kisses to you, my darling fred. On the morning of Sunday january, one nineteen, ninety five fred scroll another letter to his wife, happy new year, darling All my love Fred west, oh, my love forever endeavour. Just after eleven thirty, I am, he collected, he's launch and returned to his cell to wait. This activity.
Typically bought him at least an hour of privacy as it was a public holiday, fewer staff, whereon Judy and had kept busy imprisoned by volunteering to many other prisoners shirts. Through this work, he amassed a collection of fabric scraps and cotton types. He had also been stealing narrow strip of material from the hands of ease prison, blankets. Over time he twisted and sewed all the scraps together to make a noose fred threaded the nurse through the bars of an event directly above that or, if he so, he stood on a bag of laundry secured them
noose around his neck, then kicked the bag away. The case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode, sponsors in bakersfield, california. He nineteen he wants to boys stumbled upon a grisly discovery, the murdered body of a young woman in the shadows is the new punk cost from one to reply, send case file presence which follows the issuing thirty two year old deal to uncover those responsible for the crime and bring them, justice during the investigation of in the shadows several individual
Revealed a shocking information previously unknown to authorities. Ultimately, this new insights turned everything on its head. The first episode of in the shadows is available. Wherever you get your pod, you can listen to the rest of the series. free, only on wondering plus joint wondering class in the wonder, react or on apple punk costs and take advantage of their seven day. Free trial stay tuned to hear the trailer at the end of today's episode. Thank you for listening to these episodes adds by supporting it, sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Fried west didn't die straight away. It took several minutes
Him too slowly strangle himself to death. His body was. Discovered almost an hour later. Efforts were made to resuscitate him, but it was too late Anna Maria west had visited her father shortly before he died. He had told her I want you down, as my next of kin rose down, me, no more, she d. Want to know he added. Your dad's had enough love, I'm going to finish it myself. I've had enough three ts, fred, explain that he wanted to be buried in his childhood village of much marco. He raged across the table One stroke, denmark s face saying I want you buried there to one day with me. I am a re, was unnerved and poured away. She informed.
In authorities of her father's suicidal ideation. Fred categorized as a vulnerable prisoner awarding was tat. With the checking in with him every fifteen minutes. He was all I forced to undergo random cell and body searches for implements. He might use against himself for others. But after a while Fred his demeanor seemed more upbeat he was Put back on a more relaxed regime with gods checking on him at the same intervals as other prisoners. This guy Fred more alone time and allowed him to plot and carry out he suicide Stephen west, sell their rights to their fathers funeral to a tabloid the sir, This was described as being like a scene from a dark comedy, as wretched is fragile arrests. Life had bang photographers from various
blades left around fred. Simple pale would casket as it was transported from the hearse as they snapped. those in a frenzy scuffle broke out between some of them. The ceremony only lasted a few minutes during which no music was played. The presiding, reverend red briefly from the bible beforehand, In a moment of silence,. The only mourners in attendance were freds children may stephen and Torah. Fred had always wanted to be buried, as he found the idea of being burned terrifying. Despite this wish, he was cremated. Fifty three year old friend west took many cigarettes to the grave he never
Investigators about the sexual torture inflicted on these victims. Giving no explanation for the mosques and restraint found in their graves he never revealed where he had stored, he's victims missing dined. Then the murders he was charged with fred and never confessed to any other killings. when rose west was informed of her husband's death. She didn't shed a tea. She took no part in planning freds funeral. I didn't care to hear anything about it. She kept busy by crushing baby clothes for her grandchildren and making teddy bears in the prison workshop. Despite showing no intention of harming herself rose, was put on suicide. War as a precaution.
Speculation arose that fred had taken his own life as a sacrifice for rose in the hopes that it will somehow ensure her freedom. One per secured, I remarked If it was wrong to charge mrs west with the murders, it was all is wrong. Never relied upon evidence provided by her husband has been no loss of evidence against her by he's death. Nevertheless, roses, solicitors sought to have her trial thrown out they filed. as roses trial approached she befriended a fellow prisoner named Myra, hind leg. The pair had a lot in common and bonded, while cooking and watching television IRA had recently been denied parole in relation to the child, killing shape perpetrated with her partner ambrady decker.
Arms are covered in episode. Forty nine of case file, the moors murders. Rose west and Myra Hindley were referred to in prison as the gruesome too soon, rumors spread that the pair were romantically involved They allegedly had a falling out over who was more infamous. Rose, west's murder trial commenced in october. Ninety ninety five every day he wore a variation of this same conservative, outfit and navy suit. With the grain waistcoat a white blouse and a small black leather boots, a gold crucifix hung from her neck, Rose was scolded, recording a triple locked police fan that had a steel in the capital and a bullet proof glass. It was surrounded by a com,
Of police, cars and motorcycles outside court now. Crews jostled to catch a glimpse of rose. She was hastily yashiki inside the pro Occasions, opening statement took over a day to present they describe tat Police arrived at twenty five cromwell straight to search for heather west, but instead found secrets more terrible than words can express, For many in accord, it was the first night heard what fred and rose west allegedly did today, victims aside from killing them. those seated in the public gallery war. Expressions of shock and horror rose, watched on him. Passively, showing no emotion, except when had this name was mentioned earlier.
Did she dab her dry eyes with a tissue? The prosecution told the cord. The core of this case is the relationship between frederick and rosemary west. What they knew it. At each other, what they did together, what they did to others and how far h was prepared to go. much of what follows can be explained in a context that both were obsessed with sacks. West shed a knowledge of each other which bound them together. In total sixty four witnesses were called the star Testimony came from fred and roses. Survivors among them was the couples former living nanny carolina ones, whom the media dubbed the on that got away carol I'm broke down in tease, saying I wanted to get you.
Asked us for the girls who didn't make it, I feel like it was my fault. catherine holiday- and me say he also testified, as did Elizabeth dangers: bread and roses form a neighbor run middle and road. She spoke of how the couple had drugged and write her anima ray west's anxiety, pate and laid out to her stepmother's trial, haunted nightmares of her childhood. She couldn't aid or slave and start well to maintain a relaxed front for the sake of her daughters. She attend two went her life and started drinking to calm. Her nerves, police will work, that the pressure would deter random array from testifying altogether one, not animal.
He was driving while intoxicated and crashed into a stationary vehicle. She was fond two hundred and fifty pounds and banned from driving for eighteen months. It was the wake up call she needed Anna Maria re hope help to ensure she could testify in court for the sake of everyone who had suffered at the hands of red and arouse west. There was an x backed and harsh. As animal re entered the courtroom ass, she took her seat in the witness box rose. I've heard half smile of acknowledgement. as Anna Maria gave evidence she played with the gout. Look at round her neck. It contained the ash if her mother, reyna and half sister charmaine wearing it may dynamo re feel as though they were with her and that she was testifying for them.
Anna maria described some of the most frightening and intimate moments of her life, she spoke of being baden and stabbed by rows of being right dead. I is odd and delight are forced into sex work. How fred impregnated her when she was fifty. in her testimony was regarded as the most dramatic of all and left. Many observers in tears rose west. The struggle to listen. as Anna Maria described several times, When I said roses name who told of what she had done to me, I faced her. I based my fear and she turned away and could not return my gaze. JANET leach, was a voluntary social worker who had attended every interview between detectives and fred west. With concerns about
mental health was JANET's job to ensure that he was of sound mind to participate in questioning this way He couldn't later allege that police had taken advantage of him. Janet spent more, then four hundred hours with fred, during which they build a trusting rapport fred, sometimes called janet from prison to spain, privately Due to her job and janet legally bound to secrecy. The stories fred telegenic contradicted everything he said during policing, tvs, hey, tell janet, he was protecting rose and that the victims found a cromwell straight, were quote roses mistakes, Fred said: hey and rose, had made a pact that he'd take the blame for everything when fragile. and that rose had been charged with murder. He became distressed heat,
janet, that quote, the police were getting too close and that they would find out. That rose was involved. Fred confided that wasn't good at sex and rose was very demanding, so he did anything for her. According to JANET fred confirmed that he was in prison when Charmaine west was killed. He all Oh asserted, that rose was the one who murdered and mutilated shirley robinson, including grimly. surely fadus from her body for eventually accused arose of committing all the killings he claimed. She told him where the bodies were buried, but she didn't commit them alone. fraid, allegedly tal, JANET that other people were involved in the murders, including roses father bill. Let's.
This was a significant accusation. Fred had told store is about rose and bill being in a long term. Incestuous relationship, hey claimed he had caught them in bed together and that hey joined them. On at least one occasion who's never accused her father of such abuse. But after shea and fred rights, panama, re west rose, told her quote: everybody does it to every go. It's a father's job Gino late had never encountered any one large Fred west. He called he's my friend knowing that was speaking in confidence, JANET didn't know what to do with the information he gave her. It put her under severe mental strain. She couldn't sleep at night, haunted by night.
about the girls in the cellar, but Janet felt she had a duty to keep talking to fred. Otherwise, The families of he's victims would never know the truth about what happened to their loved ones. Janet subsequently had a stroke. She believed her work with Fred was the cause. However, now that fred was dead, JANET was permitted to testify about their conversations. In The defence tain put it to JANET that Fred might have just been using her. She replied I suppose he was on the stand. JANET, suddenly turned pale and was unable to move or spake. She suffered Another stroke away,
Week later, she was deemed well enough to return to court. Janet looked at Leon well and anxious, so she was brought enviro wheelchair she met it. Another shocking admission, Fred west had claimed that there were at least twenty more victims and maintained that other people were involved. He said that some big gems had been killed elsewhere and abroad two cromwell straight others. He buried on farm land, the prosecution and the defence agreed that a lot of what fred, allegedly tall, JANET lage, was fiction from their joint pissed Active there were many reasons: Fred might concoct such stories from shifting blame onto other people too, Assisting janet's loyalty to save so he stories to the papers.
There was also the possibility that fred was lonely and hoped that by keeping janet in trade, she would continue to see him after three weeks of court proceedings, there was the defences turned to pursue Their case calling the prosecutions, evidence undoubtably, harrowing but ultimately irrelevant the defence ensue did that rose west knew nothing about the crimes committed at cromwell straight. They ignore, age. There was normal to assume that a wife would be aware of her husbands activities in their home, but that, in this case, quote number twenty five cromwell straight was not your typical, suburban household with two point: four children. It was the refuge of the flotsam and jetsam of modern life,.
They climbed arose was as much a victim of her husband. Does anybody else? Anyone who professed otherwise I swear exaggerating said they could sell their stories to the media at a high price. No one expected rose west to take the stand being cross examined, presented to greater risk. Besides, she had said nothing but no comment or I'm innocent since her arrest. But in a surprising twist, roses council announced that the court would soon roses own version of what happened at twenty five cromwell straight. She had insisted on testifying, because, in the words of her solicitor, this was her family, and this was her home.
Rose west slowly made her way to the witness box, her voice, faltered, ass. She took the oath and she missed, When providing her age, she then sat down to face the jury. Describing how she met Fred west. ro, said he promise made the world cause. I was so young I fell for he's lies he promised to care for me and a love me and I fell for it. Rose became emotional when speaking of her children. When asked about her feelings, further rose said she loved her very, very, very much her answers seemed well rehearsed and she spoke delicately and politely, but sometimes as is familiar, nastiness peaked through she chuckled to herself. After me,.
Get a derogatory comment about linda gulfs, appearance and upon cold, surely robinson a silly flickering go speaking of her sexual exploits rose repeatedly said that everything she did was one hundred percent can sancho. She claimed to derive no thrill from bossing others to do things and there will she blamed fred for manipulating her into seducing carolina ones. When she realized caroline, wasn't a willing participant rose claimed. She stopped. She also stated that she and fred led separate lives. Hey often locked himself in the cellar where believed he was working on his day. I why projects.
Rose was asked how she felt when she saw fred for the first time after he confessed to killing their daughter, heather. ro said. I hated him I didn't say the man that I had: none are no those years. He was just a walking figure of evil. I know it might sound. Daft, but I saw him with horns and complete with a satanic grin because he never looked sorry for he did or anything he just used to green light. It was all a joke or something. Had gone from avoiding answering questions to provide, dramatic and worthy speeches in an effort, to terrain herein, her council kept asking questions that required single word answer, but rose about on when asked if she play Any part in the depths of her ten alleged victims. A simple, no was expected.
rose instead, replied no had no party murder whatsoever. I am not a murderer. I can't take somebody's life away from them, wouldn't want it down to me, and I wouldn't do it, when anybody else, especially My own daughter, she continued on ability is that she was actually damaging harangue case. I just feel like such a fool. I just don't know how he managed it too. Actually get those poor girls in and out of the house. I don't know how he did it without being seen The houses were always full around our house. Anybody could have seen him at any time. Ass, if she suspected fred was a murderer, rose answered, not for one minute. If I thought that I could never have lived with murder
I would never have known when it was my turn. I would have been too scared. I would have had to have gone to the police. I couldn't have lived like that during cross examination rose. I stumbled over her answers much to the amusement of the press gallery when given a difficult question, she replied with a the I don't remember, or I don't recall, rose blamed everybody but herself for what happened she denied that she and Fred had contrived a story in which he would take all the blame. Every so often she seemed to deliberately start crying to give herself time together her thoughts she Third to her husband does Fred west as though try
to diminish any emotional connection. The pair once had after three days of questioning rose the left. The witness box The defence relied on witnesses who presented fred as capable of adopting and killing women on his iron at rises, request extracts from four tight police interviews with Fred replied. She wanted the court to hear him protest her in innocent rose, sat in the dark with her head down as the court room listened in shocked, silence to fred's descriptions of his lurid sexual fantasies, the vivid and dispassionate details of his murders.
and he's constant reminders that rose knew nothing about any of it. However, he stories kept changing and with full of contradictions and outright lies. All the tapes did was highlight that fred was a path Logical liar and therefore his insistence on roses, innocence couldn't be trusted. The defence maintained that there still wasn't a shred of direct evidence that rose killed. Anyone they can say That, as a woman and mother rose might have One below the standards required, though, so accepted that the jury might not like her or believe everything she said. But none of this man she was a killer, the defence cold, fred, west, depraved and morally bankrupt
man by murdering anaemic fool. He demonstrated that he was willing to kill before he even met rose. In closing arguments, the prosecution called fred and rose perfect companions. The experiences of all the couple survivors with a template for the murders that followed, they demonstrated how fred and rise west, statistically abuse to young girls and women. For their joint pleasure, And by taking his own life fred had given rose the greatest gift of all. He couldn't be cross examined and thus prove her involvement. The jury was released to deliberate at midmorning on november, twenty by three p m the following day
had reached a unanimous verdict on two of the ten charges, count one and count ten four count. on the murder of charlemagne. West rose was found guilty on count. Ten. The murder of heather west rose was also found guilty. Rose closed, her eyes. For a brief moment, she was helped out of the dock and for the first time real teeth streamed down her face. An hour and a half later the jury, rage, another verdict for them. Or of shirley robinson rose, was guilty. Just before mid day, the following day, the jury written the seven more guilty verdict for the remaining victims. Linda Gough carol, cuba, Lucy paddington to re sagan taller. surely hubbard when aid a mud and alice
chambers. The judge ordered stand up rosemary west on each of them. and counts of murder, of which you have been unanimously convicted by the jury. This centre This is one of a life imprisonment. You will now They released. Rose was led out of their cod. Her face stone, cold. in the year two thousand rose, Made an application to appeal her conviction before change. Her mind and with the drawing it as February twenty twenty three rose west is still alive. she's in her late sixties and still in prison. Where she is known by the nickname anti rose due to her. Age and love of knitting,
the west is considered the most hated woman in britain. Yet she has. master called lock following from strangers and supporters. They continue just one per with letters Especially on mother's day rose keeps us of busy by selling dresses. She is also known for her baking, which he uses to seduce other inmates. She, being overheard talking to fred in her cell at night and singing a song to herself cod When will I see you again? She said to offend religion and claims. God has forgiven her and will be sending her to Heaven. According to sources close to her rose west make change hope of being afraid, woman again some day to this
A speculation remains that fred and rose west may have more victims than those identified. Rumour has it that fred client, anywhere from eighteen to sixty few place credence in the fig is fred, provided, as he couldn't remember, exactly how many children he had, or even their names, regardless some gloucester logos have looked at the foundations and other structural projects fred completed for them over the years and can't help, but wonder. Of the hundreds of young women known to have visited twenty five cromwell straight when the west's lived there all were found safe, except one. An american woman named Donna. More was the only person who couldn't be located. During the west inquiry in nineteen. Ninety four: there was one.
other name that kept cropping up in french. Private conversations with the janet lage he said. One of these victims was a fifteen year old waitress named Mary bass. Time. Mary had vanished from Boston upon gloucesters, bristol road. In january, nineteen sixty eight according to fred son stephen, fred, also told him. He killed Mary he'd bragged that he would only tell the police about it when he was good and ready. If this was true, Mary bastard May very well have been fred west's first victim. there were several connections between the pair mary was friends with dynamic fool. The bus stop Mary. Vanished from was a short draw from cromwell strayed. One way saving claimed to have saint Mary. In french car fred
was also a customer at the cafe where Mary worked later. He did construction work on the building, where the cafe was located. at one stage, police drove fred tool of the locations relevant to marries case in the hopes she'd be compelled to open up, but he saint unaffected and there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. Investigation remained open for fifty three years. It was widely spread. delighted that Mary had been buried under the seller of the cafe where she worked in twenty twenty one. A television documentary Aim uncovered blue material in the cellar he was wearing a blue coat when she went missing, kadavu was led down into the space where it
had a reaction and excavation commenced with police spokesperson stating we hope this is a chance to finally get closure for mary, but the dig to uncover Mary best times remains already other evidence the suspicious blue material had in fact come from a broken pop. Despite this result, Police staunchly believe that fred west was involved in Mary's disappearance. Mae and Stephen west wholeheartedly supported their parents following their arrest stayed with arose while she was living in the safe house visited them both in prison. And stood by rose during her trial, while they comprehended their fathers guilt may, instead
Van steadfastly believed in roses, innocence bob. and I heard their fathers confession. Types during rose trial. They were transported back to what may describe. Does another world a past life. Suddenly, she and Stephen recalled many instances of physical, emotional and mental abuse that ensure that their parents hands for twenty years died. Suppress today's memory says are coping mechanism. May reveal that after a moray ran away from home fred said he saw its on her and heather. He made sexual comments about their developing bodies, watched them shallow and barged in on them, while they were getting dressed. Fred was. Trying to groping his daughters at any time in
any area of the house. Sometimes he wrestled them to the floor to forcibly assault them when they fought back against sexual abuse. He accused both heather and may of being lesbians Once Fred was so frustrated by maize refusal to give in to him that he threw a vacuum cleaner at her which splintered her bedroom door, the two sisters would stand watch for each other, hoping that by working as attain that could prevent their fathers. Sexual assaults, however fred ultimately bodies way and the abuse was constant, This prompted head out to trying to escape by seeking work in a seaside town, far away from her father when the job fell through at led to have his absolute devastation and ultimately, her death.
May wrote to her mother imprison seeking straight answers about her recovered memories rose rope. Claiming she would tell me everything she wanted to know me Subsequently visited rose, imprison and asked about the one subject that troubled her most of all heather after Ro stopped writing to me and removed her from her visitors list. Stephen west, recall that, as he seventeenth birthday approached his father winked at him and announced that stephen would soon be ready to sleep with rose. Stephen was modified. His father and mother, just laughed
and also recall that he's parents held parties where guests openly had sex throughout the house during one such potty, heather may and stephen, where restrain while these activities carried on around them when heather fell, asleep rose barked at her wake up. He stupid bitch, She then had a male potty go a ripe heather, while she herself fondled stephen fred. Was there too. At one stage, hey united on both heather and stephen stephen disk did the ordeal as the most degrading night hay and may have since cod all contact with their mother. Many of the west children have altered. The spelling of their names were changed them all together in an effort to distance themselves,
Their families notoriety in another shocking twit several other long time. Family, friends and relatives were also implicated in the abuse of the west children. other than rose the person Fred was closer to was his brother John. Anna Maria west alleged that her uncle john writer on more than three hundred occasions, fred and rose were aware of this and allowed to happen. John west was charged and pleaded not guilty in cod While the jury retired to consider their verdict, John ended, his life the same manner as his out brother during the Fred west's unknown. Offending John west visited twenty five cromwell straight every other day.
Some believe John must have had some awareness of what fred was up to behind closed doors or had possibly being involved. The west inquiry ran almost a million pounds over budget at its peak. Eighty full police officers were assigned to the case. They questioned more than one thousand people and pursue two hundred, and fifty action saw lines of inquiry. Others accused for crimes against the west. Children were found guilty and said tend to several years in prison as a direct result of the west case. One hundred and and girls who'd been reported missing were found. Since then, procedures have been introduced in an attempt to prevent missing, or Honourable individuals, from slipping through the cracks
it has been given to all of the people involved in securing rose west's guilty verdict from the case detectives to the survivors who bravely testified. detective constable hazel savage, was recognised and honour for her determination to find had the west, which ultimately on raveled free. and roses house of horrors to this day The west inquiry remains a helpful source on how to manage criminal cases of that magnitude. It forms part of detective training course. This is and has been a racehorse investigations across europe Far away as australia. I m a re may and Stephen west have all written poignant those shocking memoirs about their lives growing up inside twenty five cromwell straight
Marie hoped that by speaking out and letting others know the warning signs of abuse, she might be able to help us children she road. I have lived all my life in the shadows. Now I have being forced into the spotlight and, as the shadows fade, I can say light at the end of the tunnel and die will reach. It appears was divided as to what should happen to twenty five cromwell straight there ass became a macabre tourist attraction in gloucester. while many locals, were appalled by its presence, others, recognized that historic importance and suggested a bay converted into something to commemorate the girls and women killed there. The more
Commercial minded suggested that gloucester's economy could be boosted if the house became a waxwork museum, but the victim's families didn't want any of this. Like the police, they wanted the city council to buy the property and to knock it down. Then they would determine what to do with the space left. Behind the council agreed to this plan and purchased twenty five cromwell straight, along with the attached property at number, twenty three for around one hundred and twenty thousand pounds. It was hoped that the house's destruction would have a cleansing effect on the city. The demolition began in october. Ninety ninety six and like everything else associated with the west it was a media spectacle fully. If the demolition was broadcast live on, television occur
sing machine did the bulk of the work before the rubble left behind was reduced to dost timber. and other flammable material, was placed in an incinerator The seller was back filled with the bricks from the walls and sealed with quick, drawing cement. then began the long consultation process over what should become of the side. A commemorative Clark can memorial garden, work and seated, but ultimately rejected. No one wanted a permanent reminder of the atrocities that had happened. There a decision was made to turn aside into a walkway connecting cromwell straight and saint Michael square to the north block Having was laid upon the concrete that encased number, twenty five so avoid small trees, Are planted on the sides of the path we
Was illuminated by glossy black straight plant shortly before childhood home was destroyed. Several of the west children went for one final visit. And a Moray west was permitted to enter the sell out where a raw deal began may and stephen left flowers by the front gate, along with a card that featured a poem for their sister heather. It read in part The side memories of this house will go with it, but the memories of you,
while away stay the the on a chilly night in nineteen. Ninety one, a group of teenagers gathered in their usual, hang out a barren stretch of desert next to a busy highway near bakersfield, California, a dismal spot littered with trash and shell casings by nightfall it turned into
sort of lover's lane were high school kids drank and smoked. One two boys left there grew and headed into the darkness. They came upon a horrific seeing the body of a young woman murdered just hours before she had no enemies. Me says girls at school teenage stuff, now any kind of trouble that someone will martyr her. This. Ninety ninety one martyr made news headlines for years as it shocked and divided a quiet, working class community. Of course, I knew about Molly s case. Everyone and baker shall make about maria people will judge, they were glued to their tv sets italy. The paper. Every day there was a lot of speculation in moscow It would not be all around athlete that people thought he might be he lied about being her boyfriend, diaper like he had something to do with it. Justice took its course in a twisted and controversial case that captivated many, but what is the real?
Killer or yet to be discovered is eagerly many for me that doesn't take the valley was here with you. there really here. If you ask the sheriff department- and if you ask the prosecutor's office, they would say, yeah lethal set its importunate, how thing ended up in this series. We will hear brand new clues in every people that have never spoken publicly before and discover family secrets that shed light on who may have killed maria rodriguez and why I kind of want all of her family's hidden secrets and all the dark past I want it to Not tonight, I'm octavia mechanically for case our presence in this. As in the shadows, the story, of maria rodriguez.
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