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280: Case 237: Rena & Danny Paquette

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In February 1960, the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, was rocked by the violent murder of teenager Sandra Valade. Three years later, another teenager, Pamela Mason, was killed in the same manner. A quiet housewife named Rena Paquette confided to police that she knew who murdered the two teens. Just days after coming forward, she was found dead under mysterious circumstances by her son, Danny Paquette. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: DoorDash – Get free delivery plus 50% off your first order of up to $20 value with promo code ‘CASEFILEPOD’  ZipRecruiter – Post your jobs for FREE Hello Fresh – Use code ‘CASEFILE65’ for 65% off and FREE shipping *USA only* Babbel – Get up to 50% off your subscription In the Shadows – Listen to a new podcast from Casefile Presents (available exclusively on Wondery+) For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-237-rena-danny-paquette
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Arab besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents, if you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence the support, placing the show notes for this episode on Europe or on our website. February of nineteen sixty was a cold a month in the new hampshire city of manchester, and I think a blanket of snow covered the ground. On Tuesday february, to an employee of manchester waterworks, headed out to like him ass, a basic taken, doktor, routine search of the area four square mile, like required, close monitoring as that provided the city's drinking water, the employ I noticed that one of the draining charles From the reservoir wasn't flowing properly, they got close.
To get a better look and discovered the drain, was partially blocked by a red back into gray, snow booed, onshore what to make of the items play, turned them over to the police. Around the same time, police received it From a local couple named charles and arrange a lot egg there were concerned, has their eighteen year old, daughter, sandra hadn't, returned home the previous evening sandra hats, part of the day at a local factory where she worked as a secretary afterwards, she visited the library, saw a movie and attended a swimming clause. Around nine p m Sandra boarded a boss to her parents, yes and disembark at the closest star. Approximately one mile from their property.
The journey required her to walk down a dimly, late path me like massive basic. She never made at home. Charles and Irene Woloda was showing the red bag and snow beard fanned stock in the drain off like a massive basic. They confirm the items belonged to their daughter. A large scale search for sandra woloda commenced immediately. Two hundred volunteers and sixty troops from the nation, oh god, braved the phrasing conditions to search the heavily wooded area surrounding like massive basic as a patrol plain, flew up ahead. They were on the look out for the color red among the snowy landscape is Sandra had been wearing a scarlet colored blouse on the night she went missing near the lake The basic canal, they soon found another item, sandridge code,
the garment, was stained with blood. With the drop it's littering the surrounding snow and trailing to a nearby road. by the time Sandra had been missing for nine days, warm weather partially thought some of the heavy snow The blanket at the area on one Day February ten motorist was Driving along a quiet road, ten miles south of sandra home, all of a sudden. He noticed a flash of scarlet sticking out from a snow bank on the side of the road.
The driver pulled over to investigate the other side of the snow bank. Just a few fate from the road Sandra Woloda body lay on its side, has severely bruised face buried in the snow. She still wore the scarlet blouse, but was naked from the waist down in to guide, is confirmed that sandridge body had been concealed into a passing. Snowplow had disturbed this now around her earlier that day, Hold conditions had preserved her body enough for pathologist to conclude that sandra had been sexually assaulted, violently baden stabbed and shot four times with a twenty two caliber rifle Police believed that Sandra had a likely accepted a lifetime from the boss stop. She was And taken to the woods,
sandra was attacked and ultimately killed her he was then dragged to the snow bank, where her killer attempted to bury her. He then discarded her belongings into the lake. in the woodland, approximately two miles away: investing it is uncovered the knife used in the attack. It was surrounded by bloodstains, send clumps of sandra his hair, the twenty. Caliber rifle was nowhere to be found policeman If the perpetrator was a local who was familiar with the quiet back, roads, west Andrews body was found. On the night sandra disappeared, a witness had been Driving neither can now when they saw a dot college, shiver alike. Car driving along the icy road. Equal swerved into a snow bank, where it got stock momentarily before speeding away.
The police appealed for anyone who had seen this shabby to come forward. horrified locals rallied around charles and arrange a lot I there, his funeral was held at a local church on Friday february, twelve two days after Her body was found office. It and to observe the large crowd on the look out for any suspicious behaviour. One officer scanned the cause pocketed the church. And noticed a black nineteen. Fifty to shove rely. The owner was a young man who was attending sandridge funeral. The man was questioned in the back seat of car before being arrested and taken aimed for interrogation. He was later released without charge. All other owners of black shiver lies in the area will looked into, but clear Of any involvement
Attorney general called sandra holidays death, a barbaric slaying that could only be the product of some kind of human monster he promised the no stone would be left unturned in finding Sandra killer. Then and girls of manchester were warned disdain doors at night school day. says and social events were cancelled, One of centres, friends who often accompanied her from the Boston pine, received a fine call. This threatening voice on the other line simply said your next. Two weeks after Sandra woloda went missing police when I close after finding her killer. A fifteen hundred dollar reward was offered by members of the community, but it didn't later when he breakthroughs.
The one year anniversary of the murder, came and went with no arrest. In fact, The wary nineteen sixty one local authorities published an artist sketch in a newspaper This was collided from a couple who had come forward soon. After us, Andrews body was found to say They had seen a man and a woman struggling in a car on the night Sandra disappeared. This guy Depicted a young man in his twenties with a narrow face and a long hair the day, this guy who was published centres mother received a phone call from an unknown male eight told her. So you got the picture in the paper her your next. Five months later in July, twenty year, ronnie jenkins, not he's real name Was receiving mental health treatment at the new hampshire state hospital in manchester.
ronnie walked from the hospital grounds to an unattended office need by their histology. two caliber rifle and water a mile to the state prison being the gun at the god, taylor runny, fired several shots before dumping, the rifle on the street Nobody was injured and running again was picked up by police and returned to hospital. When being questioned, he made an unexpected confession. He killed sandra aloud. According to ronnie, hey new sandra from school on, the of Monday february, one nineteen sixty, he said her walking home from the bus stop and pulled over to offer her a lift. when Sandra refused runny became furious. He forced
sandra into his car, where she resisted his physical advances, enraged runny, assaulted, sandra before shooting her with a stolen gun and dumping. Her body in the snow in Investigators probed ronnie for more details, but he couldn't offer any this discounted him as a suspect conclude He was a quote very disk. individual who had allow. Clean made up the story to attract attention. The homicide investigation was back to square one. Four years later, fourteen year old manchester attain PAMELA mason was eager to make some extra pocket money. early january. Nineteen sixty four. She visited the local laundromat with her friend Barbara. The girls
placed a flyer on the bulletin board inside offering babysitting services to the local community. I worked. Days later. On the afternoon of Monday january, thirteen barbara receive. They call us off They spoken man on the other line asked if she was available to baby she that afternoon a blizzard was approaching so Barbara turned the job down on account of the poor weather The man replied, I don't blame you, it's an awfully bad, nor for baby sitting. Barbara told the man to try asking PAMELA mason instead. PAMELA mother, Joan answered his call. The man asked to journeys her daughter was available to baby sit for the night. He did And introduce himself but said he live
up the road and promised to draw hammond I am by no one pm Joan did and allow PAMELA a baby sit for strangers betray a grade. The PAMELA, Do the job as long as the man's wife picked her up, however, PAMELA had yet to return home from school, so Jim until the man to call back a bit later. Jain And got ready for work as a waitress. As she laughed she ran into PAMELA and told her not too late for the job unless a woman showed up While I replied, o mummy, don't worry, When join returned home from work at three, I am payment, wasn't there. She often spent the night Friends, house so Jim, and was an overly concerned. But when PAMELA
didn't show up for school, the next day join became worried. She called the police to report her daughter missing telling them about the baby sitting. Call She also reported receiving suspicious phone calls in the lead up to PAMELA's disappearance, the data. Elzevir. These calls weren't publicly released a massive search commenced. a neighbor, had seen a cop lab at the masons house around five forty five p m Well, I got in given the looming blizzard, they didn't get a good look at the driver or the vehicle name, PAMELA, mother, Joan nor her friend barbara, could provide much information about the mysterious cola joan described. Jim s, standing between twenty and thirty years old braun had asked for his name, but
gave a weed sounding laughin response. Police appealed to the public to help identify the kola, but two days passed with no sign of panama. Her mother pleaded for her safe return. So whoever you are, for god's sake, don't how my baby, Her come home to me, Have no money, but if you want money I'll get it somewhere. god, let her they alive. on Saturday january eighteen, five days off PAMELA mason went missing a postal workers. Was sorting mayo when he came across an unstained empty envelope? Written on where the words pay mason pie ireland, amusement park. Recognising the surname from the media coverage, the postal workers, reloaded police officers
visited the abandoned, amusement park on the outskirts of manchester they now at the area, walking among the rides and empty stalls, but there was, no sign of the missing tang. two days later. A truck driver was travelling along manchester into state rule. Ninety three, when he noticed a blue while jack to lie in the snow he can tenue downwards, but the following day he passed by again and noticed the object was still there. This time he pulled over to investigate it. Was this who book belonging to PAMELA nation. In the snow nearby. He found examination papers belonging to PAMELA, as well as her and bag walking through the melting snow, about twenty feet from the road. The driver then discovered panel as body she
was fully clothed and lying face down an order. see determined she being savagely baden before being shot twice in the back of the head with a twenty two caliber rifle she'd also been stabbed four times in the back and once in the chest, Her throat was cut severing her jugular vein and windpipe when no stab wounds on PAMELA clothing, which indicated that she'd been naked when she was attacked and then re dressed by her killer. Her underwear was missing, making it lacks, that is sexual assault, had taken place. Forensic. investigators estimated that PAMELA mason had been killed between seven and ten p m on the night she went missing. Was likely she'd been killed elsewhere before her body was dumped in the snow on the side of the road.
the similarities between PAMELA murder and that of sandra woloda for years earlier, with too striking to ignore to crimes were according to a medical examiner, nearly identical. the manchester chief of police told the associated press on. Very suspicious. It could be the same person involved despite the full you're interlude. Locals were urged to be on the lookout for abandoned cars or buildings that appear to have been recently disturbed. Desperate to solve both kay This is a ten thousand dollar reward for information was offered by the governor once again, residents of manchester, were clothed in terror. The Simple a panel as high school told the students. I hope that these terrible
tragedy will be a warning to all of you to be doubly careful in your undertakings. Fifty three year old, raina paquette lived on a farm in manchester with her husband, author and their six children. Like many other locals, she'd been this pondering over the news about PAMELA masons murder, shortly after the teenagers body was found, raina turned to author and said I think I know who killed PAMELA office scoffed. How could she now rina replied? The killers mother told me. Green, I worked at the laundromat where PAMELA mason and her friend Barbara had advertised their babysitting services the floor.
Still remained pinned to the bulletin board. The owner of the laundromat, had recently called rain to say that she suspected her son Seven year out, edward coolidge was responsible for the murders of both PAMELA mason and sandra the. The two women want, particularly close, but really I believed Edwards mother confided in her because she didn't have the heart to turn her sunny into the authorities. Author question. Why Edwards mother would single her out. Specifically raina splendid, it's because he can. One of the girls in our pigsty, the pigsty on that day farm had been built about half a mile away from the farm house said the residents didn't have to endure the smell. However, in recent years the pigsty had been empty.
After I found the idea preposterous he didn't want brain out to get involved, but. For the following days: edward. ledges mother kept calling. She told arena that edward was unaccounted for on the night of PAMELA moto edward visit his mother, at the laundromat, often and believed he had seen, penalize details and copied them down. Able to deal with the mounting pressure rain up a cat called the local police to pass on what she knew detectives visited rayner at her farm to interview her. Two days later, on Monday february, three, nineteen sixty four rain is fifteen year old son danny that cat awoke with a fright at ten a m rain was meant to wake him up early for a dog disappointment, but danny had overslept he
climbed out of bed and went looking for his mother, the file Ass was empty with danny's, father and siblings. Having I left hours earlier. Danny ran outside in the phrasing called and over to the barn. There was no sign of his mother anywhere on sure. What to do. Danny cold police officer uncle who lived nearby together. They searched the house in Bonn when they reached the end of the barn danny noticed something in the distance. Smoke was coming from the back of the packet farm about if a mile away danny his uncle trudged through the thick snow until they reached the area that was on fire. blake was coming from the interior of the pigsty, too
ugh, said being propped up against the door to prevent it being opened from the sod danny's uncle kit, the logs away and pooled open the door, danny fall, ignoring his uncles instructions to stay back In the center of the pigsty raina pick, Was lying on her back wearing a thin dress and slippers, her body had been set on fire. The ground around rain, his body was blackened, but the fire hadn't spread to the surrounding building. a coroner concluded that rina had danced herself in a flammable liquid before lying down in a bed of straw and setting it on fire. The local newspaper reported that rain of a cat took her life because she was depressed over the murders of PAMELA mason and president John F Kennedy, who had beynon
fascinated three months earlier, attorney general acknowledged that raina had made a recent tip off about PAMELA masons killer, but clarified quote. there does not appear to be any connection between missus pett cats case and the murder of PAMELA mason. There is a basis for any of her suspicions which were made in a rambling way. In numerous tell us Calls to the police, I am satisfied the evidence that she suicide. It is conclusive, ray his family were outraged. They refused Believe that raina was the press tool would have taken harangue life, not. Only was she a devout catholic who considered suicide a sin. There was simply to Many unanswered questions. If arena had dust herself inflammable liquid, why wasn't
container of liquid found at the same She d voluntarily walked the half mile from the farm house to the pigsty. Why would she only wearing a light, dress and slippers in the heavy snow. Furthermore, why had to log spain propped up against the outside of the door. It was vain impossible for rain it to do this from inside the pigsty. It also seems highly suspicious that raina have voiced their concerns about the pigsty being a crime scene only to be found dead there herself, Days later, the picket fence, We believed that rain was already deceased when she was set alight. He was found lying flat on her back in a position that indicated she wasn't suffering. Has the flames burned her body range? husband, arthur, told reporters.
I still believe that she was murdered and that her death was definitely connected with the PAMELA mason case. Even some of the officers who worked on the case doubted that raina had killed herself one. I told the new Hampshire union laid a newspaper that they were rewarded to forget their suspicions, adding they and threatened to those who questioned the autopsy saying would being very deep trouble if they press that further rina was laid to rest that a simple ceremony attended by her close friends and family when the pickets returned to the farm house noticed another cloud of smoke rising from the back of their property,
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Wage was already a person of interest in the PAMELA mason case before she found in her concerns on the night The teenager went missing, two men had this than nineteen fifty one pontiac sudan parked around one hundred yards from web hamel. His body was eventually found. They approached the vehicle dr aside window, to save the occupants needed any help, a man was sitting in the driver's sake. He appeared nervous and refuse to look at them. Instead staring straight ahead and saying he didn't need assistance When PAMELA masons body was discovered, the men reported this incident to the police. In case it held significance Is of pontiac sudan's were looked into lading police to twenty seven year old bakery delivery driver edward coolidge was married with an infant daughter
the night of PAMELA disappearance, colleges, about visited to play cards with these wife coolly, was absent from five to eleven p m. When he returned time he's trousers will wet to their knees coolidge offered no explanation. Only saying I feel lousy. He then went to have a bath. The following day, coolidge told a coworker he'd been out having an affair and needed an alibi when, analyze body was found, coolidge told the co worker. I really need that alibi. Now, edward, age was questioned on tuesday january twenty eight nineteen sixty four just days before in The gate is visited the picket farm to speak with a when us
about his whereabouts. On the night there PAMELA mason went missing. Coolidge first claimed that he'd been out shopping. He then changed his alibi and said he'd been having an extra marital affair. He then changed his story again say he was out playing cards police ass, college to hand over any firearms. He out, he presented the officers with three, but a search of his hand turned up one more than twenty two caliber rifle. What college reluctantly participated in a lie? Detect a test, but the results wearing Clues without enough evidence to charge him. He was free to leave the station. The following day. Rina paquette was found dead in the pigsty
Investigators refuse to entertain that theory that coolidge could have killed raina. This was despite the fact the day before arena died, coolly. had allegedly cornered her at the laundromat. where that she told the police of her suspicions. The two had a hated argue and and rain I left in distress. She also received threatening phone calls in the days before her death. Although the contents of these calls not publicly known. Still suspicious of edward colleges, potential involvement in PAMELA, masons murder police conducted a search of his car inside they found a pair of blood. Stained underwear confirmed to belong to PAMELA. Two weeks after raina paquette death, a grand jury,
indicted, edward coolidge for the abduction and first degree, murder of PAMELA mason given the similarities between the two cases. Coolidge was also indicted to stand trial for the murder of sandra aloud. I uh ballistics, spurt confirmed that bullets used in the attacks against both PAMELA and sandra were one hundred percent match to the twenty two caliber rifle taken from coolidge home Trial for PAMELA masons case began in may. Nineteen sixty four edward coolidge took the stand to proclaim his innocence. When asked why he had changed his alibi so many times he replied as I was scared and that's the truth I was so nervous that I did not know what I was saying it talk just over
four hours for the all male jury. To find edward coolidge guilty. He went visibly pile and began trembling. As the verdict was delivered, this Being eligible for the death penalty, the judge- and hence to courage to life imprisonment outside A crowd of one thousand manchester locals had gathered, asked. Wage was led from the court ran angry citizens call him an animal screaming that hey quote, should have been hung. a reporter ass if he had anything to say coolly too, looked at him a cigarette hanging from his mouth and muttered Talk to my lawyers as detailed in the book out little sacret by Kevin flynn and rebecca Lovejoy, the attorney general didn't
forward. The indictment for sandra valadez murder when asked why he explained we already got coolidge for one no need to get him for two. while edward coolidge served his life sentence. The pickaxe family struggled to come to terms with rain is death and the feeling of injustice, were convinced that coolidge had killed rain for implicating him in PAMELA, masons murder and that authorities had downplayed it to avoid further public hysteria Danny cat who had found his mother's burning body continued to be haunted by the case here, to move on with these alive chile in listing in the military and marrying a woman named Denise Any officially adopted Denise is one year old, daughter, Melanie, and the couple went on to have
more children, by nineteen eighty, their marriage had fallen apart. Nay prevented danny from saying his children, which sent him into a fury of physical education, shewed, prompting the need to apply. A restraining order and file for divorce. Danny violated the restraining order and threatened to kill, denies at a subsequent hearing, he attempted to attack a bailiff, As a result, he was sent to hospital receive mental health treatment there he was questioned extent. if only about his mother rain as death and underwent hypnosis terrain visit the morning that rina died. Danny suddenly recalled a previously unknown detail. On the morning of Monday february, three nineteen sixty four he'd woke into the sand
these mother arguing with someone danny, went to investigate. rina was standing at the bottom of the stairs with a man in a white uniform, the same kind that edward who war on his bakery delivery. Word scared. Danny and back to his room. Although there was no evidence to support this repressed memory, it strengthened their paquette. Am I believe that coolidge had killed rain up danny plant to ride to cool? Jeanne prison and later confront him in person in the hope. He would finally admit he's involve when danny was discharged from hospital in nineteen eighty one, his ex wife Denise feed for the safety of herself and her children. They fled to alaska without telling danny where they were going and he lost contact with these children altogether.
Things didn't get any asia for danny shortly, Tat he released from hospital. He was riding a motorbike with these new girlfriend on the back when a car poorly out in front of them. Danny was lucky to walk away with minor injuries, but he's girlfriend died in the crash. Boy: nineteen, eighty five things had taken a positive turn for Danny paquette. The thirty six year old welder by trade, was living in hook, said a small town less, Then ten miles north of manchester, house, was on an eleven acre property surrounded by woodland, which allowed To run his own welding business and restore cars and motorcycles in his spare time, scrap metal spare tyres and other car parts related the yard, along with large welded sculptures, danny
A talented artists and passing motorists, often poor out to take photos of his work. He had plans to one day so he's out and donate money to the boston, children's hospital. On the morning of Saturday november nine. Ninety ninety five danny walked down to the last. Shared on his property to begin work for the day he was joined by a friend who was darting, some car repairs, He also employed a local seventeen year old, named court to help him without jobs. At eleven I am court showed And began helping danny to world a metal played on a bulldozer which was located outside of the shed d, He then send court into the shed to make some paint, while he continued to work on that.
who does shortly after court was heading back outside when a large cracking sound appeased. The air danny pay cat was lying flat on he's back in front of the bulldozer he's welding torch still on in his hands, panicked core grace the back inside the shared and summoned danny's friend, thinking that danny, had been electrocuted court ran to call nine long, one danny's, frightened than commenced, say pay ya. as he pushed on danny's chest. He noticed the blood beginning to say, bowed under his hands, He opened danny should that when he realized danny And being electrocuted he'd been shot.
An autopsy determined danny, had been killed by a single gunshot wound fired from a distance of at least two hundred yards. The bullet had entered through the centre of danny's chest and exiting from his left shoulder indicating the shooter had from a low point to wear danny had been standing eva. They had a fantastic game and could hit a very small target from a great distance or it had been afraid. Freak accident. Then he had been killed on the first day of the hunting season, The area around his house was a popular hunting spot. There was a a quarry located one mile from danny's home, where hunters were known to fire test rounds into a gravel peered desolate detectives ticket sit on that done. He might have been shot accidentally they urged anyone who had been hunting in the area to come forward.
a neighbor reported saying cause part that any by hiking trial on the day danny was shot and unidentified footprints found a leading into the woods eighty yards from danny shed, but it could be ascertained whether these held significance to the investigation. Detectives scoured danny's property with such a vast area to cover they were unable to locate the bullet. They killed him without it. They had a very little to go on. Coincidentally, a local man had been traveling over head in a hot air balloon had the exact time denny was killed and had been filming the journey he provide the police, with a videotape, giving them a complete bird's eye view of danny's property detectives watched the type with interest
No people were visible enough footage and tall trees obscured some of their view. As promising as it had seemed the footage, I didn't know laid. Three days after danny pickets death, a telephone maintenance work, I received a call out to check the fine line on the street where danny lived. some other residents, had complained that airlines had been out of service over the past few days. The maintenance worker hasta, the telephone pals. All working, except one, which was position directly at the front of danny's home. The maiden. worker climbed to the top of the power to get a closer look contained in the plastic Covering of the wise was a red and white to seventy caliber bullet. A ballistics expert determine to eat was the bullet that killed danny per cat
the red and white colouring was caused by blood and bone fragments. Over the following days: detectives interviewed hunters in the area, many of whom turned over their guns for testing, where a match to the bullet. Some doubts, whether a hunter would choose the area around dennys house. It was surrounded by mud, sand and gravel and wasn't known to attract much gain a conservation. in office. I said I'd, be very surprised to find anybody their hunting. If I. going hunting in that general area. That problem The last place I'd go It became more likely that danny's death had been the result of a homicide, but twelve days passed The very few lades leaving investigators scratching their heads, danny's brother, victor cat remain doctor
mistake telling the conquered monitor so Here some day we will have an answer as to what went down on the day he was killed. Year after danny pickets death detectives when no clothes, to solving his case, They followed all sorts of late, but tonight resolved victor, refuse to give up hope. He told reporters of being out there to danny property of bain up and down on my hands and knees. I was looking for anything that didn't grow. There shall casings a piece of paper. A cigarette bought anything. Victor had a growing suspicion that he's brothers death was related to the pigsty fire that killed their mother raina nearly twenty years earlier. In october. Ninety ninety he appeared on the popular television programme. Unsolved mysteries to raise his
In signs that both rayner and danny paquette had been murdered, a ballistics expert grey, saying it was impossible that danny had been killed by a stray bullet. While victor continue to search for answers, convicted killer, edward coolidge setting a jail cell, he time in prison had been eventful. seven years into his life sentence. He appealed he's case on the grounds that the search He's vehicle that uncovered PAMELA masons bloody underwear had been unconstitutional, the search warrant had been signed off by the attorney general, who later Became the prosecutor had coolidge is murder trial. Constitution maintained that whoever signed off on the warrant needed to be a neutral and detached magistrate.
in june nineteen seventy one the supreme court, a that the search had violated the fourth amendment a landmark decision. Edward coolidge was ordered a retrial hell several k witnesses in the panel amazing case had since passed away this day, it offered coolidge addio instead plead guilty too. Second degree, motor and thy downgrade he's a life sentence. The twenty five to forty years jail, including time or He served coolly your grade. Although edward coolidge was still behind bars at the time, Danny paquette was shot, victor paquette was convinced he was somehow responsible, perhaps cool. Age had taken a hideous on danny to keep him quiet about what he saw on the morning. His mother was killed
After serving twenty seven using jail, edward coolidge walked free from prison in march nineteen. Ninety one at the age of fifty three the anger from the community was so extreme that coolidge was released on the condition that he never return to new hampshire. Allah, masons father told the boston globe wherever Who reach goes I'll find him? Then? All such the community said I know what kind of guy he is. They say time, heals all wounds, that's baloney I am going to make his life is miserable. His hey is made mine The unsolved mystery segment didn't generate any worthwhile lades in either of the picket cases, but authorities did agree that rain his body could be exhumed to allow for. Another autopsy topsy debate conducted
twenty seven years had passed since rain deaf and they hoped this would put her families. Concerns to rest once and for all. It was Bid us moment, victor paquette, who told the associated press, for every member of this family. This was Wanted thing we didn't, want to have to go to this extreme. on Wednesday november, thirteen nineteen, ninety one, the paquette family. Why does rain. His coffin was exhumed from Saint Joseph cemetery convinced further testing would one day be necessary? Her spend arthur, had insisted that raina be placed in a black body back inside a sealed, casket and then into avowed. Because of this, her remains was still in fairly good condition.
However, after had since passed away without receiving any answers about his wife's mysterious death. State medical examiner conducted an autopsy and compared to the original findings, hayek I did that rain is death had been caused by fire? However, he believed that raina was unconscious when her body was set alight. The original autopsy report also contained a detail that rain his family had been unaware of. At the time of her death, traces of salmon were found on her body. brain is husband. Author was never questioned to confirm whether the two had been intimate around the time of her death? Was it possible that raina had also being right. The medical examiner found their case deeply troubling. He told the new
and show union later. I cannot. Spain suicide? As a matter of death I do not see any way these can be called a suicide. He changed arenas official cause of death, indeterminate the year after rain pickets body was exhumed the picket fence He appeared on a new hampshire torture, hosted by local media personality. Cathy Burnham. they were joined by richard baron, a family friend to it. Aid for rain, exhumation. they reiterated their belief that the deaths of rain and danny were connected and played for Anyone with information to come forward awake later richard baron received to anonymous Letters from two different north is. as detailed in our little sacred one right.
in pod, something it has been eating away at me, but I have been afraid to step forward seeing the pain the family suffering persuaded me to do so. the family is wrong to conclude that danny by death, his connected to his mother's death case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us. I listening to this episode, sponsors one of the most exciting things about the new year is that you have no idea what adventures are in store for you from new travel experiences to new jobs. So picking up new skill There is no better way to prepare for twenty twenty three By learning a new language with babel,
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An example to the many young people who know the facts about this matter. it is common knowledge in Hopkinson that a young man named Eric winters shot danny paquette with his father. Two. Seventy rifle Eric way Turkey has misled the police very successfully. said that he keeps his friends quiet on his dealings through charm, through intimidation and through threats. the new hampshire state police went about verifying the accuracy of the letters time, Danny paquette was killed. Eric winters had bonus, Seventeen year old horse go stooge, any hope, north Hampshire,
was a small town with a population of around four thousand people and located approximately fifteen miles north of danny's home eric was a popular and friendly tain, with piecing blue eyes and doc. Wavy hair. He came from a wealthy family who wind property throughout hop, contain. In the years since graduating high school Eric winter studying listed in the u s marine corps, but he was a medically Is charged due to being severely allergic to aunt bites, move to colorado in nineteen. Eighty, nine, where he was arrested for second degree, burglary, hafta, stealing some cases of be it from a restaurant. He received Six months, probation and a fine other than that his record was unblemished.
investigators tracked eric winters dan to question him about danny paquette shooting, but under it Ass from these lawyers, invoked user To remain silent,. Police interviewed Eric father, who handed over he's route a rifle. It was compared against the bullet. Taken from the telephone Paul ass I had done. The cat time, but it wasn't a match. There was still one laid worth pursuing. Both letters implicating Eric winters in the murder of danny Paquette gay. The reason for the shooting. after dennys ex wife, Denise relocated to alaska, with their three children they never saw danny again. They didn't even attendees funeral. unbeknown to danny in the year, but his death he's fifteen year old stuff
dora Melanie had been living just fifteen miles away Lenny maternal aunt and uncle lived in Hopkinson and they had invited Melanie to stay with them for some a vacation. The if were financially well off with distinguished career is this was in stock, Contrast to milanese life in alaska, where her mother Denise were todd just to make ends meet. Melanie loved her vacation to Hopkinson so march that when she returned to alaska, she asked Denise. If she could move there. hopkinton high school had a good academic reputation and it would provide her the opportunity to make new friends Nice a grade and in light all guest of nineteen. Eighty five three months before Danny paquette death, Melanie moved in permanently with her aunt and uncle.
Melanie hadn't, seen danny for four years, and she wanted nothing to do within the move was kept. Sacred that Melanie Indonesia worried what danny would do if you found out regardless. Melanie adjusted fairly well to life in Hopkinson. She met friends easily and was proud to become the only girl to plan the high school soccer team miller. Particularly hit it off with a fellow soccer player, so ten year old, eric winters. Hey and Melanie started spending lots of time together, and it wasn't long before Melanie developed romantic feelings for a new friend Eric really cared about Melanie but told his friends that Thought of her more as a little sister star. He needed to protect at all costs.
Melanie paquette had since lost contact with Eric winters. She had done married and move to california, investigators tractor down in ninety ninety two. She said she was to be looking after her young children to answer any questions. Instead, officer sent her a series of questions regarding danny's death Melanie returned her answers. Awake laid out in response to the question of whether Eric winters had any reason to shoot danny Melanie road my opinion he did not have any reason to shoot danny with out any physical evidence to corroborate the room. The police couldn't press charges Over a year later, in october, ninety ninety three and you have.
A journalist named Michael man's. I was writing an article about a murder trial. Case was only solve too, because a witness had given police the name of their killer. The story had a profound effect on Michael once finished riding the article he called the police and told them that melanie peg cat was he's college girlfriend in September nineteen. Eighty eight. She confided in him that she and Eric winters had killed danny cat I call offered to coal Melanie on a tapped line to safe. He could get her to confess, it had been a long time since the two had spoken after exchanging pleasantries mako broached, the subjective, danny's death. Melanie denied ever having the conversation telling me that she was in a dark place when they were dining and often made
stories for attention. unable to get any information out of her. The case went code. Once again, Eleven years went by before the new hampshire state police were awarded additional funding that allowed them to re open the case July, two thousand for two office Has knocked on Melanie door by this point she had re located to wider. Her had five children and was devout mormon. It had been almost twenty years since Danny paquette was killed, Lenny a great to accompany the officers to the station to answer some questions when I asked her to take a polygraph Melanie's face went pale She nonetheless a great as the technician hooked her up to the machine,
She became visibly anxious she asked if she could have a moment to say a prayer. The technician agreed and left the room when he turned Melanie was crying. She said, she was finally ready to tell the truth. as a new student had helped contain high school. Melanie was relieved for Eric winters. Friendship, as the two became closer any confided in Eric about a sacred she'd, been keeping since she was nine years old. Her stepfather danny paquette had sexually abused her repeatedly until her Am I fled to alaska when Melanie was eleven. Melanie told Eric that, after danny writer, he would hold a gun to her head and pull the trigger. She never knew
with the gun was allowed. It or not. Danny use is to Kate Melanie quiet threatening. kill her. If she spoke out, he also forced her to hang from china bar and threatened to burn her with these waters torch. If she let go, sometimes he forced Melanie to watch while he killed small animals. eric winters was outraged and devastated for his friend. Melanie suffering. Also heat close to home as erics father had sexually assaulted. He stepped sisters when Eric was just a child. Too young to act on the abuse at the time Eric channel levies, anger onto danny paquette cat early november. Nineteen. Eighty five Eric was sitting with a friend in the
Cool gymnasium, when he called Melanie over in a harsh voice. He said Been talking about the situation with your step, father, do you want him dead. Melanie, replied yeah. I want him dead. days later on the morning of Saturday november. Nine eric winters phoned me Any with an announcement he was going to danny paquette time to kill him. Melanie pleaded to go with him Eric, I didn't know what danny looked like, so he a great. He drove over to milanese house in each volkswagen rabbit mellow He told her aunt and uncle the pair were going to a high school hockey game. they then drive the fifteen miles to danny's house.
on the way they stopped at a gas station. As detailed in the book out little sacred, the attendant who topped up their gas, no the rifle in the back of Eric's car. He remarked to Eric than it was a good day for hunting. Once they arrived on danny strayed, Eric parties coffer that day, in an area hidden by bushes and covered his license plates with mud. hey and Melanie then walked through the neighboring woods. They are arrived at danny paquette property. They sat on a stone wall concealed by woodland, Melanie could say danny working in his yard,. She pointed him out to Eric Eric popped. Her stick Chewing gum into his mouth and the pair sat silence as Eric chewed. He turned to Melanie and said
When my gun runs out of flavour, I'm going to do it. Eric laughed Melanie and walked to the tree line on danny's property, this Hell of an old car said a few fade away. Eric crawled up to the car rested his rifle on the hood. say danny working on the bulldozer, approximately three hundred yards in the distant eric two again. He was an expert marksman, he fired and watch this danny fell to the ground. The pair ran back to where the car and drove past daddy's house trying not to draw attention to themselves. They went to a nearby burger king restaurant to kill time. If anyone light aroused the plan,
was the say they were at the hockey game friend of Eric, said, promised to verify their alibi over the next few days, Melanie expected the police to come looking for her, but days turned into wakes and nothing else. And seven weeks after danny was killed, detective Finally, interviewed Melanie and Eric they both stock to their false alibi, which Eric's friend corroborated. Meanwhile, room spread throughout Eric's group of friends that he had killed. Danny paquette, hasn't Active vigilantes em for abusing Melanie. Some wrestled with the idea of turning Eric in, but ultimately No one went to the police with many believing that danny pay that's murder was justified.
after finally revealing the truth to the police, Melanie a grey To call eric winters in a bid to corroborate her story. Although they haven't spoken in many years, he seemed pleased to hear from her. as detailed in our little sacred Melanie. Told Eric that investigators were on their way to wider her to speak with her. she didn't know whether to cooperate with them or not. Advised melanie to get a lawyer and said he didn't want to speak about it over the phone. He but to get on a plane and speak to Melanie in person Melanie said I'm really sick of this. Eric replied yeah! Well, I m too I've tried just to live my life every day and delivered as well as I possibly can not a day,
guys by. I dont think about all this not a day Guys by, I dont think about you and tell your doing. Melanie said, she was going to tell the investigators that Eric had killed danny when he reacted calmly she asked why he wasn't freaking out Eric explained of being. scared about this, my whole life. Maybe I've lived, This so long on that pace with whatever happens, it's out of my hands. Melanie called Eric a few more times. Despite her terms to elicit a confession, Eric winters wasn't talking. Investigators would have to use. Another tactic travelled across the country to speak with those who knew Eric in high school. Once
former friends land that Melanie had confessed. The walls of silence came crumbling down. The fact that Eric had killed danny paquette was an open secret. In fact Eric. tell new friends and love is about what he done. He allegedly told a girlfriend that, after shooting danny, he chopped the gun into pieces and scattered them along a drive to colorado. Others who knew admitted they hadn't come forward out of fear that Eric would retaliate violently after danny, was killed, Eric confided in his friend thea, About his role in the matter, there wrote about Eric confession in her personal diary unsure whether to believe it.
I thought I knew him so well. How could he live with himself? She wrote before conceding. I want to take the only way out and just forget about it: a let's just a room up, but what? If it's true. Eric winters was arrested in December two thousand five too I laid off a grand jury formally charged him with first degree murder. He pleaded not guilty but changed. His mind went off at a play. Bargain. By pleading guilty to the less a charge of second, a grey matter, he avoided going to trial Eric winter. Was sentenced to serve fifteen to thirty six years at the new hampshire state prison at the hearing, Eric turned to the package family and said.
I have no words to express how sorry I am for what I've done. I just Some day that you can forgive me a victim pack statement read on behalf of Danny sister said. Worried in my power I would have everyone that was part of this twenty one year, sacred, some would say, cover up peace standing beside mister Eric winters to share in his guilt and sentencing. The question remains: what to do with Melanie induced about two thousand six. She faced a hearing to determine and appropriate punishment. Throughout the investigation. Melanie had maintained that she didn't believe Eric with serious about he's plan to kill danny despots, looking at the scene of the crime and withholding the truth for almost two decades, Melanie
two no charges relating to the murder of Danny paquette. Instead for lying on the written questionnaire that was sent out in nineteen ninety two. She was charged with felony, hindering apprehension. Dennis family were outraged A majority of them refuse to believe that danny was an abuser Melanie had admitted to making up other stories in her teenage years, including telling people that she had cancer. Some of their pet cats believed her claims of sexual assault where another false fabrication. A victim impact statement read by one of danny's nieces, said well, here because you convinced a human being to murder, another human being you you, twenty one years of our suffering to build a life. You walk straight at this murder. Without you,
there would have been a murder Melanie pleaded guilty to the charge Her attorney requested that any sentence basis suspended due to the emotional and physical abuse Melanie had suffered at the hands of her adoptive father. The presiding judge, doubted melodies claims that shaded no eric was going to go through with the shooting. He said. I guess I have real difficulty in accepting the idea that, at some point, the lights didn't go on. sentenced Melanie two three to six years in prison, adding. my heart goes out to your family. It is clear, you have done some tremendous things with your life since this tragedy in october, twenty twenty
eric winters was up for peril. After serving fifteen years, victor pics appeared in his own per all hearing in which he held up a photo of danny fat. Eric to say, look familiar. He said It is this the man you soaring your rifle sites. Let me help you with this loving brother respected and while large business man, and most of all, a loving and caring father. To the anguish of the cat family, Eric winters was granted parole. he eventually resettled in his home town of hope contained new Hampshire, where he was generally welcomed by the public. Many thought he had served enough time, while others continue to believe the crime was justified. Eric father died in July. Twenty six dane note:
Obvious, wherever brought against him, but the alleged sexual abuse of he stepped orders. As this statute of limitations Hence had run out before the allegations were brought to light. When writing he's book out little sacred author, Kevin flynn visited eric winters imprison Eric showed great remorse over his actions telling flynn. every adult. Every Sending in alive failed her from the moment she was born until the day. I met her I do the right thing, of course, not for me always rescuing a friend stepping up to that, When no one else would- and I until you enough it was the biggest miss day of my life, eric winters involvement in danny pickets,
death proved once and for all, there was no connection between danny's death than that of his mother raina. At the time. Arena died. The prime sauce back to edward coolidge was under such intense police observation that some believe there was no way he could have killed her to this day the truth about raina paquette death remit.
it's a mystery, the on a chilly night in nineteen. Ninety one, a group of teenagers gathered in their usual, hang out a barren stretch of desert next to a busy highway near bakersfield california, a dismal spot littered with trash and shell casings by nightfall. It turned
To a sort of lover's lane were high school kids drank and smoked. When two boys left there grew and headed into the darkness, they came upon a horrific sing, the body of a young woman murdered just hours before She had no enemies. Me says girls at school teenage stuff, now any kind of trouble that someone will mark This. Ninety ninety one martyr made news headlines for years as it should and divided a quiet working class community. Of course, I knew about Maria's case everyone. I shall now about maria pay. People will judge they were glue. To their tv sets, read the paper. Every day there was a lot of speculation in the lasco We would not be all around athlete that people thought he might be when he lied being her boyfriend. Diaper like he had something to do with it. Justice took its course in a twisted and controversial case that captivated many. But what is the real?
Killer were yet to be discovered. Is he warned me many for me that the dublin data, when he was here when he was a really near? If you ask the sheriff department, and if you ask the prosecutor's office, they would say yeah. We thought that some fortunate, how thing ended up in this series. We will hear brand new clues in every people that have never spoken publicly before and discover family secrets that shed light on whom they have killed maria rodriguez and why I kind of want oliver families, hadn't secrets and all the dark past I wanted to To life I'm octavia mechanically for case our presence in this in the shadows. The story Of marie ever dress.
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