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290: Case 246: Grégory Villemin (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 2] *** Content Warning: child victim *** After grieving father Jean-Marie Villemin takes revenge for his son’s death into his own hands, the investigation into Grégory Villemin’s death takes a series of unexpected turns. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn Subscribe for ad-free episodes and bonus content: For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-246-gregory-villemin-part-2
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double for listeners. It was one fifteen p m on march twenty nine. Ninety. Ninety five, when jean Marie velma approached fellow russia's front door with a shotgun in hand had just arrived time with his wife, sun and father in law. Jean marie raised he's gone towards his cousin taken aback Bernard said: don't do anything stupid. He urged his cousin to put the gun down. I swear. I didn't hurt your kid bernard said it wasn't me: he invited to show moray to come inside said. The two could talk Jean Marie demanded answers. He hadn't come. with the intention to cause harm, but the The nod tried to placate him, the more
the wound to jean Marie became the words the cries, let our haunted him. I hope you die of grief He ain't the gonna at bernard's chest and pulled the trigger. Jean Marie real man had been astonished that the man he believed killed. His son was allowed to walk free. While suspicion fell on his pregnant graving wife Christine he had
the press that the investigators we're doing everything they could to push her over the edge He made no secret of the fact he wanted bernard Laroche dead. telling one journalist of these plans to pull off the assassination one month prior if the police were capable of getting justice His son is jean Marie remarked I'll. Do the job myself. For the shooting, Jean Marie was spotted loitering around bernard's work and time on several occasions. Marie orange Laroche feared they'd be targeted and requested police protection. Her requests were denied. and now her husband to lie in a pool of his blood. The shotgun blasting, a hold me his heart and killing him instantly.
He's your moravian man jumped in his car and rice to the hospital where his wife was still being cared for. He screamed, as he told her, what he dawn. He then turned. Himself into police and was placed under arrest for the murder of. la press Gathered outside the la roche, home and snapped photos has bernard's body was wheeled away. Four days later, on Tuesday april to nineteen eighty five over two hundred mourners gathered for the nods funeral, the family warned the press to cape die but photographers still assembled at a safe distance. The night was laid to rest, enormous, say an inscription on his grave stan rating. here lies Bernard innocent victim of blind hatred in accordance with french law. If a suspect passes away before it,
fiction is secured. Any legal action against them is terminated this man That, even though the murder charges against bernard Laroche was still active at the time he was shot in his death. He essentially benefited from the presumption of innocence. There would be no further investigation into he's potential involvement in gregory veal, minds, model. while Jean Marie and Christine philammon believed their sons. Death had now been avenge, many others disagreed The eyes of the authorities, the public and bernard's anguish to family members, The killer was still on the loose and Many believed they knew exactly who that killer was. In late april, police conducted an extensive search of jean Marie and christine time.
It was no longer occupied with her husband now in jail, Christine had gone to live with her grandmother in a small town, roughly an hour's north of la paunch as police. our the shall I there were on the lookout for one item in particular in the cellar they came across. Some shades of metal that had been tied together with rogue. It was exactly what they were looking for, Forensic analysis revealed that the rope in the film on time was identical to that which was used to toy Gregory's, hands and faint together. Jean Marie tell police, the rope came from his father who had helped him with some work a few months prior to gregory's death. Jean Marie said, rope from the same bundle had also being used to fix the roof of bernard la his car. He's father denied this.
Although the discovery was compelling, it wasn't exactly the smoking gun. Investigators were hoping for. The rope was a. And household item in the region and most residents purchased their hardware from the same supplies. But when combined with the handwriting analysis and the reported witness sightings have christine film on at the post office on the afternoon of gregory's abduction. The circle, The actual evidence against Christine was starting to mount. All that was missed, was: a motive with bernardo de la Roche, out of the picture tabloids ran wild with the possibility that Christine ville mon could be Gregory's real killer, a room that gained traction that bernard and Christine had been having an affair. Someone that, if Gregory found out about it and Christine, killed him to ensure he silence or
what if Bernard was really Gregory's, biological father may be Christine had killed gregory because. He could no longer stand the living breathing proof of her adultery, Stain told reporters, it wasn't her job to convince the public. She was innocent. All that mattered was what the authorities believed the public scrutiny became sewing. Hence that she avoided going out altogether. A thought are you still haven't manage to uncover any evidence that Christine had been on faithful to jean Marie bought their will whispers that their marriage wasn't the solid united front. They presented to the media christine had met John Moray when she was just sixteen. He was her first, timely love and died, bain inseparable ever since Were whispers about domestic violence christine
claimed Jean Marie had slapped wants in nineteen. Seventy nine she got to stay her mother and to their reconciled quickly after that investigators. One whether Christine could have killed gregory to spot her husband for miss trading. Her in the past. The possibility was also floated that Christine could be mentally ill and had killed gregory during some kind of psychotic episode. Maybe she did want to spite jean marie at all, but was jealous of his love for gregory and wanted her husband's attention over herself. A month after Bernard Laroche is murder. Jean Marie le Monde participated in an official reenactment of the shooting. Although it was standard police practice, it was a media spectacle with hordes of press in attendance. Fees of
further vigilante justice was so strong that jean Marie was required to wear a bullet proof fast. he remained in custody awaiting trial. Chris I visited him several times, awake, never budging from her stance that the husband and wife, where anything other than completely united. But the start of July nineteen. Eighty five christine was six months pregnant. for eight and a half months herself. Unsolved murders and the subsequent events had dominated national news, as journalists go dobbs road in the washington post who killed petty gregory. Wherever you go in france this summer there No escaping the insistent question it screamed at year from the front pages of newspapers and the covers of news magazines.
It turns out in endless conversations on trains in working class based rose on the beach at dinner parties. But the press were running out of new angles to cover relative of those involved in the village locals, had a long grown weary of the incessant media attention with some disk seeing signs on their doors that red we have nothing more to say, the public wanted justice and investigators were a year to close the case once and for all On Friday July, five christine environment was arrested and charged with gregory's model. Christine was unwavering in her claims of innocence. After six days in custody, she asked He was going on a hunger strike unless she was released from her news of the story
great her husband, imprison and hate to stop dating five days into the struck. The court's grade there wasn't enough evidence to warrant holding christine behind bars. She was Placed under judicial supervision to await trial in her grandmother's care by this point, Several media outlets had labelled christine ville among the most hated woman. In france, adding fuel to Fire was a controversial article published in the popular daily newspaper liberation. Titled, sublime necessarily sublime christine vague. The article was written by marguerite, do ras a fake. Miss rider known as one of france's most important literary figures. Duress was convinced of Christine's guild, She reported that jean Marie had once hit christine because she ethical to some stakes.
duress road that Christine lay awake at night fantasizing about gouging out her husband's eyes. enjoy russia's opinion Christine felt trapped in her marriage and I wanted to be a mother killing gregory and encouraging jean marie to avenge his death by shooting bernard Laroche was away to free her of both traps. It was the perfect plan giraffes right. no man in the world can know what it's like for a woman to be taken by a man. She does. Desire marguerite do Ras had never met Chris thing she based her. union, mostly on a feeling that she had upon saying the vehemence home in la paunch. though the article was prefaced with a warning that the work was purely the view of the rider it had a huge influence on public opinion.
Wanting to avoid another bernard Laroche situation, Christine was put under police protection. a month after Christine's arrest, a six, Adg letter arrived at the office of case magistrate. Judge, jean Michel land bear postmarked from a town, six hundred kilometers west of la paunch. The letter began my name is karim. I'm sixteen He is out. Friend of muriel ball then, De La sister in law. I can no longer keep to myself. What Muriel told me corinne explained that she was from below hans bob was sending the letter while on vacation shake. I'm too, that Muriel had confided in her that she had indeed been in bernard russia's car on october. Sixteen nineteen eighty four the day Gregory
The man was killed. Muriel had retracted. Her confession, out of fear of her family according to korean mirror, oh said that bernard was madly in love with Christine philammon Christine had rejected his advances, so banal killed her son out of revenge. Shortly before the crime, Christine allegedly tall bernard, she was glad she didn't marry him because he son was flawed, whereas hers was perfect. bernard was said: to have responded, don't worry, he won't be perfect for long. The mysterious karim couldn't be found. It was possible. This was a fake name. In order that the letter was a ruse written by one of christine supporters,
Staying denied ever making such comments to bernard aid, the way investigators didn't put much white on it instead proceeding with their case against christine in light september christine gave birth to her second child. A son is recognised as an opportunity to change her public image at their advice, Christine allowed photographers from paris match today photos of her and the new born in hospital. She was Hey generously for the exchange. Instead of showing her as the loving doting mother. She hoped it would. The public accused Christine of explore in her new child and profiting from the crime. Regardless, she can t you'd, making paid meteor appearances gracing the cover
major magazines and writing a book about her experience. Pay who interpreted her willingness for the spotlight has a further sign of her guilt and her lack of remorse. She was slow and for making money off the back of her dead son, but with mounting legal bills? Christine fell, she had little choice. Even her in laws turned against her gregory grandparents Albert and many film man who had also been victimized by the crown thought the pieces of the puzzle all fit together. Wednesday october. Sixteen nineteen eighty five marked the one year and over three of grigory veal minds, death, invest,
Guided was still gathering information to determine if there was enough evidence to proceed with Christine ville trial. The case against Christine was entirely circumstantial unless. They could find evidence linking her directly to the crime or exposing an indisputable motive. They had nothing. the argument that Christine had killed. Gregory due to some kind of mental illness saw post. Pardon episode was quickly losing traction Christine had been subject to psychological testing. In her time in raymond and nothing had been found to indicate, she was anything but perfectly sound mind, close friends, family members, coworkers neighbours and teachers had all been question. Bout Christine, they all described her as a doting, divided mother, who loved her son and husband dearly.
One could provide a valid explanation as to why she might want Gregory out of the picture. Jean Marie was also indisputably confirmed today, the boys biological father, regardless judge Jean Michel went there, remained convinced of Christine's guild ray Instructions were held to save Christine could have committed the crime during the purported timeframe. Christine and movements were unaccounted for between picking Gregory out from he's nannies house at five three p m and a loading her neighbours to Gregory's absence shortly after five thirty p m. The location indo cell, where Gregory's body was found with six kilometers, from the veal mannheim in la paunch. The timings didn't fit, however, The day after Gregory was killed, tire tracks and the importance of a woman true had
found in the river bank had a clearing in the village of desi maun. This was only two point: three kilometres from the vehemence home. Although it would have been a stretch, authorities concluded that Christine was exceeding the speed limit. It was possible that she'd killed Greg We had her home and then Dante's body, does he mine in that time frame. On saturday December six, nineteen, eighty six just over two years after Gregory, veal, minds, murder, the cord agreed there enough evidence against Christine mine to warrant a trial, the decision floored Christine, fearing it meant that baby Julian would be taken away from her. She overdose On tranquilizers and had to be rushed to hospital. Christine survived the suicide. A and her lawyers appeal the decision they
argued that the biased press coverage guaranteed. There was no way Christine would get a fair trial. One of her lawyers remarked that the media had distorted christine's image so severely that there was no hope this could be restored in cod. Furthermore, the circumstantial case was just too flimsy. The circumstantial case was this:. there was heightened activity on christine and jean Marie fine line during the pig times when the crew was active, several of Christine's coworkers believed they same christine at fell upon post office on Tuesday october. Sixteen around the time the letter was sent by the crow claiming responsibility for gregory's murder. Some experts believe Christine handwriting was the closest matched to the crown of all the eggs.
And it will relatives are reconstruction had shrunk. Spain would have had enough time to commit the crime had gregory's body being thrown from the clearing in des him on thin rope, Later found in her home matched that used to blind gregory's body, however, each of these points could easily be refuted. The heightened phone activity could be explained by christine calling others to alert them of the crows. Her spend it was possible that her coworkers were mistaken about the day they saw a christine at the post office. This could be proven by the mail order she sent the day before Gregory's murder, as well as the descriptions of the outfit she'd been wearing at the time. Questions were also raised about the robe found in the veal man's home, so
Neighbours who had watched the search on followed, accused the police of incorrectly handling the robe by not placing at ensued evidence backs is also dane Dodd that prior searches of the you'll Mannheim hadn't revealed this rope. accusations arose that police had planted the evidence in a desperate bid to get a conviction. Others blamed vigilantes, some citizen was so convinced of Christine's guilt, that it was possible. Someone had snuck into her empty home and fabricated evidence against her. as for the handwriting, while some experts believe that matched christine's others pointed to not laroche. As the author of the crows letters. Furthermore, the timeline presented for christine to commit the crime was implausible. Not
only was there no proof of where exactly gregory's body had been thrown into the water. Even if the timeline did fit, it stood it improve that Christine was guilty. The court of appeal ordered that further investigation they conducted they want, can Instead, there was enough evidence to charge christine and had also identified some procedural errors that had been. Along the way, It was yet another in a long series of roadblocks. The fact that so much time had passed without a conviction was a major sore point for authorities, something needed to change the criticism against the judge, Jean Michel land there had been escalating he's design.
the media spotlight had led him to disclose information that impacted the integrity of the investigation. Accusations of a conspiracy continued along. Claims that judge land bear had become enamoured with Christine dick. I needed a fresh set of eyes. The disk Jim was made to start the investigation from scratch in a new district with a new magistrate taking charge, the job, went to judge from a race Simon who was aged in his sixties. As an odour and much more experience to judge he had a form double reputation for being level, headed this great and impervious He also kept a safe distance from the media. The original investigation file had amassed over three thousand pages of information. Judge saw him until
over the file in march of nineteen, eighty seven after painstakingly trolling through each detail. Four hundred, fifty of those pages were immediately deemed invalid due to improper handling. various co workers who had allegedly saint Christine velma imposed a letter on the day of gregory's death were re interviewed it quickly became clear, that date all gotten together to corroborate their stories. When pressed These witnesses admitted they may have been mistaken about the day they saw Christine at the post office. Judge, Simon ordered full reconstructions of all the possible routes. Christine could have taken me if she was indeed responsible for gregory's death. It was a major operation.
The original reconstructions had been done in just three hours: judge simons, meticulous reconstructions, lasted three full days A similar model cards Christine's run. I was driven from the veal home to the various locations along the walloons river that had been pinpointed as the possible launching sought for gregory's body, the roads, were narrow, went windy. Nature scenario that was deemed impossible. That Christine could have completed the round trip in the designated timeframe. Not only would she have had to have the skills of rice car driver. There were many other cars on the road There was no way someone driving at the required spade to commit. The crime would have gone unnoticed. And a mannequin of similar proportions to Gregory Mine was thrown from various locations to try and determine the
It was a launching point when discarded from the cap hearing in d c mon, whether tired tracks and women. True print was found. The American passed through protruding rocks got stocking branches and big covered in river slime get to the area where Gregory's body was found. It also had to pay ass, an area of shallow water, only fifteen centimetres dave, the clean Bring in des him on was ruled out there. simply no way Gregory's body could have made it downstream without sustaining a single mock plastic costs of the thai tracks were compared to that eyes of christine veal minds, ran out, they didn't match, nor did the shoe print match any it found in her position at the time of the crime. This low haitian was eliminated from the investigation entirely there
reenactments determine there was much more likely that Gregory had been thrown into the water behind the fire station in dough, sell the same place. His body was discovered for hours after he went missing the problem with this. Theory was that various multi level, buildings and residences overlooked in this area there no trays or anything else that obscure with the river bank. Many people had been in syria on the night Gregory was killed and no one had witnessed. A single thing to new forensic experts were appointed to review the findings. based on the condition of gregory's body at the time he was found, they determine. And there was no way the boy had been in the water for four hours much more likely that he'd been held somewhere else for a period of time before being Thrown in the river shortly before he was discovered,
I only did this explain why there were no witnesses this scented, a new possibility entirely. All this time I'm investigators had been working on the theory that one or two people had been working in conjunction to pull off gregory's murder. It explained the two voices that had been during the calls from the crowd. But if God gray had been held elsewhere. It was possible that whoever had adopted him had then handed neither to another accomplice! This raised the question: what, if a third
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They concluded the most likely scenario was that the four year out had been a name. The ties shortly after his abduction. While chloroform or something similar could have been used, the voice levine children found near the crime scene, couldn't be ignored. The two millilitre vile was six times higher than the recommended dose for a four year old diabetic. If Gregory had been injected with the So am, I would have taken about ninety minutes for him to fall into a coma the killer. ro killers could have therefore held him unconscious for several hours before tying him up and throwing him into the river under the cover of darkness there he would have drowned peacefully within minutes. Tying his limbs together might have simply been done to add another macabre element to his death without toxicology testing to prove. If Gregory
had been dragged. It was only a theory, but the judge ray Simon, it was the most credible theory so far. It also Andrew bernard Laroche and muriel bow back into the fold MR alleged presence at the crime saying had always been a big question mark if bernard hiding date killed Gregory Why did he involve he's teenage sister in law?. the insurance theory could explain this mirror. El had access to the drug via a mother and purportedly knew how to administer at the next when two year old muriel was interrogated again The five hours judge saw Simon used all of his expertise to pry information from Muriel. She claims She could no longer remember any details of tuesday october sixteen nineteen, eighty four as
reported in the netflix documentary who killed a little gregory job Simon believed Muriel was on the verge of confessing multiple times he got the feeling she was terrified of her family In one instance, thereon. It's locked, Simon felt, like Muriel, was trying to convey a message that said. Don't you understand, I can't talk? I tried everything and I lost. Judge Simon scrutinised every single data of the case for over two years, determined to leave no stone unturned when the crew had been active manner Cavell man had kept a note book of the time and dates of all the coals. She and her husband were saved.
Judge Simon discovered. This note book had since been tampered with. Various pages had been torn out and details had been altered. Among the missing pages were calls that took place at times where Christine veal mine was at work and unable to use the phone. An audio expert listened to all the recorded types of the crows phone calls and concluded that there were in day to different people responsible for the cause. One was a male likely middle aged between forty five and fifty years old. The other initially sounded like a woman of similar age, but the more the Expert listened, he concluded the second voice. was likely a younger male aged between thirty and forty, Who those individuals were remains unknown.
they had never been any doubt that the crime has been committed by some one in the family or with a very This connection to the family ouch Simon, considered all possible motives and room is investigated, claims of blackmail, extortion, affairs elect you and children, and generational grudges. Despair These monumental, lefferts, hey uncovered No evidence of any sinister family secrets. Every k, member of the extended vehement family was re interviewed and subject to another handwriting test. Most were reluctant to talk gregory's grandparents many can and that were taught lit, judge and got the feeling there was something they were trying to hide. over. The years question
said being raised as to the potential involvement of gregory's uncle Michel veil. Modern, no doubt They did Michel have a close friendship with bernard laroche and harbour a david jealousy for his brother, jean Marie he was the My family member who'd been alone every time he d allegedly received a phone call from the crowd some one day if he made the calls up entirely to deflect attention from himself. If Michel prison to himself as a victim of the crowd Surely no one would suspect him as being involved. As part of the rain act. Minutes investigators, Michel veal, mine re play he's movements from the the noon of october. Sixteen nineteen eighty four. michel was visibly know that says: hey ray lived, the phone call he'd received from the crow announcing that Gregory had been killed. Michelle
said that after receiving the call he ran outside and yelled for his twelve year old brother, Lionel, who was playing outside with a friend decree, Had told michelle I'm calling you because there is no answer next door, michelle Therefore told alone all to go and find their parents, and let them know what had happened- police had questioned alone all about this just days after Gregory's death in nineteen. Eighty four, at the time line, oh said he didn't hear the phone rang. Judge Simon re interviewed olano. This time llanos said he did recall, hearing define ring. The four And he was playing with outside, did not Michel's reenactment raised some concerns, some view these movements Strangely formal and precise, as though he'd rehearsed things in advance.
There was also the question of why Michel had sent olano to notify their parents, given the Urgency of the situation michel, was oda faster and had a car. Why not do it himself? The call from the crowd had come through at five thirty to pay, and this was the same time that Christine had just noticed that her son was no longer playing in the front yard, the crow Who told me show that Gregory's mother was out looking for him at a time She'd barely registered that he was missing. The crow also said that Gregory had been strangled, which was an accurate There was one possible explanation for these discrepancies, michelle I hadn't received a call at all, but was simply repeating what someone had told him to say.
By ninety ninety judge, maria Simon, had arrived at the conclusion that Christine philammon had nothing to do with Gregory's death. All signs pointed to bernard Laroche, possibly working. in conjunction with one or two accomplices, however, bernard now, deceased and unable to defend himself judge Simon, had to be incredibly careful about publicly implicating in a great to a meeting with the report from the magazine new detective, under the presumption that any thing he said was off record. However, the magazine published the story complete with the judges theory. Lawyers for the Laroche family filed a complaint against a judge sun and for violation of confidentiality
he was automatically removed from the case, thus on doing he's years of hard work, but the worst was still to come. On tuesday january thirty june, from a re simon, suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma he regained consciousness, could no longer remember anything about the gregory vilma case the curse of the vw. As these instigation came to be known, had claimed another victim prior to John moravian mounds arrest for killing bernardo arose hand Christine had said their home in la paunch eager for a fresh start. A woman named charlotte, eventually bought the house. As charlotte, became close to her neighbours. One of them made a confession.
there was a detail about the day of grigory ville mounds adoption that the police didn't know. Marcel claude on was a farmer who kept her cows grazing in a field near the villa man's home. In the evenings, she would go to the field to hurt them back to their dawn. When quest and by police. In nineteen. Eighty, four myself that on the afternoon of october, sixteen she was light to retrieve the cattle at five fifteen p m, Her husband, a driver down the road to collect them, they didn't say agree playing outside, nor they notice any other cars or people in the area. However, must had since told her new neighbours charlotte that this was a lie. Marcel hadn't with her husband that day at all, but with her my old friend.
when driving down the narrow road to collect the cows. They passed. A green card had to stop and reverse to let Marcel and her friend pass. There were two occupants inside one looked at like bernard Laroche, after judge, moray, simons heart attack in ninety. Ninety charlotte reported this information, The new george in charge of the investigation myself, and whose name was claude column was tracked down. Hey confirmed the story: Oh claude, couldn't remember the color or make of the car. He recalled that the occupants report, we man and a red haired woman descriptions which match to bernard Laroche and muriel ball once claude, doubt about gregory's death. He asked
sell to lie about he's presence in the area. Claude didn't want his wife to find out here. They now, as it was rumoured that marcel and claude, what love is he was also supposed to be at work at the time and feared that he d lucy's job. If he's employers found out faced with clouds, can russian marcel claude on admitted, she'd allied to police not only to protect claude or the status of their relationship in the wake of Gregory's death marcel claimed sheet. Saved anonymous threats from someone saying they burn her house down. If she spoke about what she saw, this was a huge revelation. One of the main reasons that suspicion had been cast on christine vill man was that
Of her neighbors had noticed any one else in the area around the time of gregory's abduction, it was a close knit community and neighbours were known to protect one another with this new information in the gate is considered. It was possible that other neighbours also saw a vehicle in the area, but had lied to protect Marcel claude on the nineteen. Eighty four confession made by muriel bow that implicated. Bernard Laroche in their crime was put under the microscope. Mary had claimed that the local police had threatened and intimidated, into making the false statement. But at the time He was being held in custody, she was visited by her family doctor. He knew her well. The doktor reported that Muriel was visibly happy and relax when they are
if the police were trading, her well Muriel rip Did they responded that they were really nice? She had been given food, adequate breaks and was allowed to watch television. after muriel made her confession, her father had been summoned to the police station. the police wanted to know. If he's daughter was a reliable witness, not Only did materials father say there was no reason to doubt her story, when he asked Muriel. If she was ok with being questioned further, she allegedly said it's no problem the palais some friends Muriel claimed that a police officer had drawn the sketch of the rude shamed bernard supposedly took with Gregory further. best negation revealed that an officer did indeed draw a map of la paunch, but only because marianne couldn't described the village from memory.
It was a miracle herself who then used the map to pinpoint the k locations they visited. miracles, mother John name, had since passed away. Private judge, Moray simons removal. From the case he questioned as your names form a nurse she had taken care of your name for several years and became her clothes confidant occur. It to the nurse janine had made a death bed confession she below. If that Muriel was telling the truth about having accompanied by nod to kidnap Gregory, although miracle, adored, children and Have never gone along with it if she knew the young boy was in danger
inane, also refused to believe that the nod was capable of murder. She thought it much more likely that he'd handed the child off to an accomplice. To finish the grizzly dade. The nurse confirmed that, while trading janine, she had left the insulin and syringes at the ball residents. She had also toward muriel how to administer rynch and injections, but she recalled This happened in nineteen eighty five a year after year, grieving man was killed. Judge Simon, had also spoken to bernard's art louis it Jakob, who lived next door to bananas And his wife, louis that had a mild intellectual disability, but was considered sensible and incapable of lying on three
a separate occasions louis that told judge Simon that shortly after gregory ville mom, was killed. Aerial approached her in tears. She confided that she had been in banal car with his son Sebastian and too little greg. worried bernard had left with Gregory and returned shortly after alone. Miracles, classmates, who claimed to see her get into a car on the afternoon of october. Sixteen nineteen eighty four were re interviewed. Two of them were shown a photo board containing several vehicles when asked to Jennifer, the one they saw muriel get into the witnesses both pointed straight to a green persia, three or five, belonging to bernard Laroche. By february of ninety ninety three eight years and three months have passed since greg
reveal mounds murder. His mother, Christine had spent seven and a half years trying to avoid facing trial for the crime. On Wednesday february, three, the criminal court released a ninety three page judgment relay, two Christine villa minds: possible involvement in her sons, death. The findings were unprecedented. After reviewing all the available evidence, the report concluded that Christine had been a victim of years of judicial misconduct. Multiple factors had contributed today the shortcomings of the initial investigation prison. Rural areas. Rivalry bids, in the various law enforcement agencies. Disagreements between experts. And the violation of confidential information. The cold also ruled that the extreme and media coverage had influenced witnesses. Leading some super
I'd unfounded information and others to withhold vital details out of fear. Their own personal lives would be exposed because of this law I had been blurred to a point that the ongoing investigations could no longer determine the truth. any theoretical motives for wanting gregory dead were officially quashed the court declared Christine vehement innocent of all charges and ordered that her name, be cleared entirely. Their report, Colluded that the immense efforts that have been put into the investigation since judge Moray Simons takeover placed an overwhelming amount of suspicion on bernard Laroche. The original investigation had ruled it implausible that the nod could have kidnapped gregory without the little boys screaming or fighting given. He was very wary of strangers. But, as the report pointed out,
bernard Laroche was no stranger. The two had met several times gregory had no reason not to trust him. it had also been deemed on realistic. That bernard would have kidnapped gregory in the presence of his young, sun and sister in law. The court disputed this although Muriel bow didn't recall ever mating, gregg reveal man. She had actually looked after him before Gregory had also played with Sebastian on several occasions. Therefore bernard could have purposely taken the youngster, with him, knowing that it would put gregory at ease. Moreover, if Christine did come out of the house, while bernard was made abduction, he could have you used muriel and Sebastian as an excuse by explaining the trio were passing through and had simply invited gregory to join them for a walk.
The most questionable part of bernard la rochelle story had always been the forty five minutes window between four forty five and five thirty p m on october. Sixteen nineteen eighty four that was unaccounted for hay claimed that he d, driven to his friends house after they had failed to arrive at aren't. Louise, that's for a pre arranged mating to go by wine together when, interviewed by judge Simon, the friend had no recollection of making this appointment. He also said it was doubtful that bernard would have driven to his house, given that none of his neighbors recalled saying Anyone pull up the reported. It'd that although there was no physical evidence, tying bernard Laroche to gregory's murder, it was still possible that he'd been involved in the kidnapping.
It also pointed out that, because bernard didn't immediately come under suspicion, he had plenty of time to destroy evidence. As for the possibility of laying charges against muriel ball, the court found it was likely, she did indeed attend the kidnapping of grigory, reveal mom and had inadvertently facilitated the abduction by reassuring gregory. With her presence, however, was entirely possible that she was completely unaware of the purpose of the expedition It only realised her involvement upon rating of gregory's death the next day in the alps, of any criminal intent, saw physical evidence. The court found it impossible. When dot muriel ball for any charges. The report concluded autumn. lay, there are very serious charges against bernard Laroche on
other hand, the underlying reasons for the hatred which seems to have dictated this crime remain uncertain. It is impossible to affirm that Gregory philammon, whose death remain shrouded in mystery, was killed by them not de la long as the witnesses who claim to know nothing or give versions of the facts. Apparently, contrary to the other results of the investigation, no new hearing, confrontation or other investigation. Wilson seed in overcoming their stubbornness and dissipating the thick mist, that still remain. For these reasons, the court he bought, I reject the requests for new additional information and declare as there is no reason to proceed further against anyone. The media had been quick to stigmatize christine philammon as her sons killer, but with the court's officially
solving her of the crime and barely made the news. The announcement brought mixed emotions for christine and john moravian man, although they were thrilled that christine had been officially exonerated. They still hadn't received closure about their model. There were some. so many unanswered questions by killing bernard Laroche jean Marie had him any further investigation into he's involvement. In an earlier interview with the journalists to Marian orsini, spain was asked if there was any one she would never be able to forgive Christine replied muriel. Bo is the one I hate the most right now. If she hadn't recanted Laroche would be in jail, he would have
tried and jean marie would not be in prison. He would always be by my side- and I I wouldn't be wrongly accused, but we'll have to know the truth. Some day. Jean Marie had been released from prison in nineteen eighty seven and placed on judicial supervision awaiting his official sentencing he's trials, Finally went ahead in december of nineteen. Ninety three, all the K. Individual in the gregory film case was scheduled to appear including witnesses, family members, police and experts from various fields. The presiding george sword, as the closest the court's, might have it get.
holding a trial for gregg, reveal minds killer, recognising an opportunity to publicly dissect all the circumstances relating to the young boys death. The judge declared that no topic would be off limits. Stated this abominable affair has being made of suspicions and gossip. We must take advantage of this trial. to wash out only the truth can bring a bit of pace from all this sadness. on the first day of the trial, hordes of people gathered outside the courthouse, hoping for a seat inside Jean Marie veal mom was placed behind a bull approved barrier for his own protection though he openly admitted to killing bernard Laroche, jean Marie raisin, that he's actions were warranted, given his firm belief that bernard had killed his son and manage to get it
with it. Jean Marie told the cord I regret what I did The time I was overwhelmed by grief, but don't ask me to beg for forgiveness the crow said I would die of grief, maybe, but I wanted to have him first. Bernard's widow, Marie orange, was also present outside court. She told report is that shaded and blamed jean marie for killing her husband, as he too, was a victim instead Placed the blame on the media and the botched investigation for fuel jean marie rage. cases, original magistrate judge jean Michel land. There was called to testify on the stand.
he answered a barrage of questions regarding the failures of the early investigation. He sleep gave evasive answers responding. I don't remember or simply it's possible, Judge lambert said he regretted giving inappropriate interviews to the press say He was influenced by the media madness at the time. He admitted that it was an error to release bernard Laroche, stating I certainly made mistakes. I recognize them, but I refuse to be a scapegoat. On the stand. Muriel ball stuck by her story that the police had intimidated her into making a false confession. Gregory's grew mother make philammon strong. Denied. She was lying to protect the family sacred, her husband,
and conceded it was possible that he son, Michel veil man, was behind the crow, an accusation that michelle. Strongly denied some of them, accorded phone calls from the crowd were played in public for the first time, The fear they involved in many members of the veal non family was obvious, move this recognition software had recently been developed, but the court had denied a request to have their recordings of the crow analyzed on the ground, the testing was too unreliable. Aside tick, advise us of the software company was put on the stand to explain that. Unlike a fingerprint, there is no you naked voice print that can be attributed to an individual. The recordings The crew were also a very poor quality hindered by background noise.
The voice over legs, making testing even more difficult after six weeks Testimony the jury deliberated for four hours before declared jean Marie real man guilty of murdering not laroche. He was sentenced to five years prison, taking into account time already served Jean marais was released in secret two weeks later, to avoid the inevitable media onslaught. Once again, Emotions were mixed, visual, moray and christine film on on one And jean Marie was free on the other, the trial had made very little progress in identifying their sons. Killer. Dean
Irradiating mystery of the crow remained case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to Set aside, sponsors spring is basically a second holiday season. Mother's day, fathers day, weddings, the list goes on and what better way to celebrate them than with drizzly the go to add for alcohol delivery. Drizzly is the easiest way to shop local stores and compare prices on a huge selection of beer. Wine and spirits Think it them delivered to your door, download the app or good at drizzly dotcom, that's d, I see well why dont come today must be twenty one plus. available in all locations, patriotism.
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who had been unwavering in his quest to find answers. The couple stopped doing any media appearances, but they never wavered from their determination to get justice for their son. Although agrees case white called jean Marie and Christine continue to stay abreast of any technological advancements that could lead to a breakthrough in two thousand. Sixteen years after Gregory's murder, the couple requested that. Investigation be re, opened to examine any possible dna evidence. The letters from the crowd were all looked into. Only one still contained a postage stamp. This stance on. The other is having since disappeared. an analysis of the remaining stamp revealed traces of dna.
The dna was unusable. The letter had simply exchanged too many hands over the years and hadn't been properly stored. Undeterred, jean Marie Christine requested that the dna be re examined in two thousand and nine. This time day. nay was found on the final letter sent by the crowd. There were two separate dna profiles, one below to a mile and one to a female. dna was gathered from over one hundred members of the extended film on family and tested against the profiles found on the latter, but no matches Were found the Following year, the letters sent by the crew were tested again Save any day, and I could be found on the seals of the envelopes, nothing of use was detected in two thousand
and the case was discreetly greatly reopened after pressure from the attorney general, they request. that that a full analysis be done of the clothes Gregory was wearing at the time of his death, as well as the pace of rope that had been used to tie him up. No dna was found on the road, but a strand of her Was detected on Gregory's pants there, Was tested revealing traces of modern country old dna hopes were high, that this would finally bay the breakthrough that determined to killed Gregory once and for all but the day, and I didn't match anyone on file. the vile eventual on its packaging and the syringe that were found in it. Crime scene were also examined. No usable dna was found. Several Fingerprints and traces of dna were also found on the letter from corinne the mysterious friend.
Two claimed muriel ball, had confided in her about her involvement in Gregory's abduction. The fingerprints belonged to a magistrate and to police experts. while the day and I couldn't be linked to anyone there. Voice recordings of the crowd were digitized use. advanced audio recognition technology and they were compared against the voice. Of the various protagonists in the Gregory vehement case, as had been recorded by journalists in the early days of the investigation, once again, the vote says of both a man and a woman could be detected, but it was impossible to identify a specific individual. in two thousand and thirteen, the iter The general announced there.
Still hope in so far that the file is not closed but from a scientific point of view, hope he's fighting while re examination of the crows letters had an led to a dna breakthrough, they had revealed something else of interest. Investigators kept their findings. Quiet thus surprised, Everyone went on Wednesday june fourteen two thousand and seventeen. It was announced that multiple arrests had been made, Earlier that morning, police descended on all mine, say and knocked on the door of seventy two year old, Marcel Jakob and his wife. Seventy three year out, jack alain must So was the younger brother of gregory's, grandmother, naked philammon and therefore Gregory's great uncle
Although Marcel was technically an uncle to bernard Laroche, there was only A ten year age gap between the two they'd grown up together and mind close in adulthood. Marcel Jakob had been looked into in nineteen. Eighty four, mediately came under suspicion ass. He was known to have a strange relationship with gregory's grandfather albert as well as a majority of the veal mind sands. the only one of the family marcel was on good terms with was jack. Evil man illegitimate son who the crow seemed determined to defend. When John Moray received his promotion to factory foreman Marcel was particularly scornful. He accused jean marie of sucking up to his superiors, sneering, don't shake hands with a boss. Some
members of the family had suspected marceau, Jacques of bang, the crowd for various reasons. Albertville man believed he'd once heard someone walking up a staircase in the background of one of the crows coals. Marcella home phone was situated at the top of a staircase. A letter The crow had also referenced an altercation between family members that marceau Jakob had witnessed. Marcel and jacqueline, had a teenage daughter and some thought recognized her voice, says the female crow bought most significant was the The fact that marcel and his jack Elaine lived next door to bernardo la Roche in a house perched on the hill above the home of gregory's grandparents. The jakobs were close friends
with declarations, but when bernard and myself were questioned in the wake of gregory's murder, both tried to downplay their friendship. bernard and Marcel also vote remarkably similar one. Witness it even come forward to identify the compass. A sketch of the sauce back does marceau Jakob at time marcel schedule on the evening gregory was killed, had being looked into But hey and jacqueline worked at the old ones. A spinning factory they debate ass, the door for the night shift, which ran from on pay em to nine p m sell claimed they both attended. A union mating from approximately two p m. Until four forty five p m police had contacted the factory supervisor, who confirmed their presence at work that day
with his alibi, established Marcel jacket was ruled out of the investigation, when judge Moray Simon took over the case years later, he requested a meeting with the jacqueline Jakob who had never been questioned before she refused to attend. Then in ninety ninety one handwriting exe, That's re examining the letters from the crow noticed some striking similarities to Jacqueline's handwriting. She was normally summoned to a police interview jack, a lane was reluctant to answer any questions which only served to cast further suspicion on her and her husband. Marcel and dejected alibis were looked into further. While they had indeed been rusted to work that day, investing I d learned that factory employees often swapped shifts or took
from one another at a machine. It was therefore pay. About one or both of them had temporarily left work after the union mating finished at four forty five p m. If they'd conspired with their close friend banal laroche, he could have been tasked with adopting gregory, while the shockwaves were tasked with finishing their job. the factory in normandy was approximately seven ten kilometers or a twenty drive from the location in dough cell, where Gregory's body was found, witness had seen a couple in a van driving towards does sell at four forty five pm. It was simple that one or both the vision package could have driven there and taken Gregory off binocular russia's hands before killing him dumping. human, the walloons river and returning to the factory before they shift and it at nine p m
By the time, this theory was properly explored, seven years had passed since the crime was committed, the factory whether jacques jobs work too didn't use. Locking machines, so there was no record of their working hours on the day of the crime. The court's determined that too much time had passed to pursue any charges. In the absence of any sufficient evidence against them any further investigation. marcel and ejaculated Jakob was dropped in two thousand see dane the creation of new software allowed investigators to upload information from the hundreds of testimonies that had been gathered in the grech reveal mom case over the decades. The programme then used this information to establish an extremely detailed chronology of the day that Gregory was killed.
this allowed for the alibis of various family members to be cross, checked aerial photographs of, kay locations in that case were also analyzed to say, who's movements. lined up with the crowd and who had access to the information divulged by the crab over the years. Based on the findings. Investigators, generally, Yet a report that concluded to different scenarios. One Bernard Laroche had kidnapped and murdered. Gregg reveal man with the complicity of muriel ball too. Bernard Laroche had kidnapped Gregory with complicity from several accomplices. Someone other than bernard had committed. The final act of murder in this scenario, all of the accomplices, would have shared the same jealousy towards jean marie Vilma, several Names were highlighted. One of those was gregory sancho,
show shell real man. While Michel's confirmed, presence at home on the afternoon, Gregory was killed. Road he may out, is being directly involved in the crime itself. The report's speculated that michelle played a key role as intermediary. Why is she net was also known to harbour intense jealousy towards jean Marie and christine film on their report concluded that michel and degenerate had fed the crow gossip which allowed them to her as various family members for years, the other accomplice. there were determined to be Marcel and his jacqueline Jakob. The report concluded on toby. Sixteen nineteen, eighty four marcel and jacqueline Jakob were able to satisfy their hatred for the veal minds by carrying out The assassination of little gregory.
In two thousand seventeen, the decision was made to arrest the couple for complicity in murder. Failure to disclose a crime and failure to us The person endanger the couple. Now aged in their seventies, were taken into police custody and interrogated. Jack, Alain mostly evoked her right to remain silent. Marcel was tight lipped at first, but eventually began to spake, hey ma contained he'd, been at work on the evening of october. Sixteen nineteen, eighty four and he and his wife had both attended a union mating. Marcel said he d learned of gregory's abduction at around nine p m from he supervisor the police. Is asked why he didn't participate in the must responded that he died ever met. Gregory wants and didn't want to. Involved in things that word of concern to him how
ever muscles daughter, valerie tall police, that, in the days following Gregory's death marcel, had called her from work seeking updates on the case This not only proved that he had an interest in the investigation, but also that he was able to make personal phone calls from his work. This detail was significant. Some of the calls from the crowd had been made during a time marcel Jakob was confirmed today at work back And noise heard in the phone calls could potentially be explained by the factory noise. According to valerie, her mother had twice tried to leave. Her father should only come back after marcel threatened to reveal something about her Valerie also tall police that her parents had permanently kept a pair of binoculars in their living room during the early nineteen eighties and constantly used them to look towards. Many
can doubt that vill man, time. Police conducted a search of the Jakobs house they found multiple items of interest. Cleaning minutes from the union, making that marcel into jacqueline claimed to have attended on the afternoon. Gregory went missing. These and written minutes listed both of them as attendance. This was odd, marcel had been questioned about his alibi back in nineteen? Eighty four, if he had proof he was at the mating, why not handed Over then or when he was interrogated by judge moray Simon years later,. A letter written by marcel to gregory's, grandparents, manichean talbot, was also found. It was dated Monday December. Fourteen two thousand nine around the time that they do
in asia and gregory case was starting to come under. The microscope. Must sell road. Regarding the Gregory philammon affair, I am one hundred percent innocent. swear on the lives of my mother, my daughter, my grandchildren and all my family. If you don't believe me, life no longer has any meaning. For me. This raised some significant question. Hence Marcel Jakob had never been officially dangerous aspect, so why did he feel them? nay to write a letter to his sister declaring his innocence, but perhaps them Interesting discovery was made in the couples basement sealed cardboard. File containing newspaper clippings relating exclusively to the veal. My case sell, explained that he'd written a letter claiming his innocence. Just in case you
as ever wrongfully arrested. He said the timing had nothing to do with these dna being collected as further. mating minutes he'd held onto them in case they have approved a useful one day. Marcel said, it was impossible to leave the factory without a written permission slip signed by a supervisor when questioned other coworkers disputed this Saying that Marcel had been known to come and go on occasion. Marcel into Jacqueline weren't, the only ones arrested on june. Fourteen two thousand seventeen me Shelving man had passed away in two thousand and ten, but he's ex wife is Jeanette Was also taken into custody, during her interrogation. She was mostly evasive, saying she couldn't And the answer to most of the questions, Jeanette denied
I did that share your her ex husband harbour jealousy towards jean Marie and Chris day she claimed they were happy for the couple success. Jeanette was released, Gregory's grandmother the now eighty six year old man make you feel man was also questioned. Nineteen. Eighty nine judge Moray Simon, had received an anonymous. Let our encouraging him to investigate christine ville mancha sons, death there Opening of the case had identified there in writing as belonging to my make veal man well make conceded to pull Is that the handwriting data look like hers? She said she didn't send the letter. She still believed that bernard Laroche was innocent but denied that He was lying to protect any one minute.
Granted. The relationship between Marcel Jakob and her family has very good. The police asked monastic. Are you sure you Said absolutely everything you know about this sad affair to which Responded? Yes, after forty in custody, marcel and a shaka were released due to their age but hold on the judicial supervision. News of their arrests immediately made news cat upholding the case back into the headlines. After thirty three, these members of the media continue to blame the drawn out unsolved case on the failings of the original investigation, led by judge jean Michel land there Sunday june eleven, two thousand seventeen judge alone bear took his own life.
A suicide. A letter explained that he no longer had the strength to fight. Over the years, Muriel ball remained steadfast in her claims of innocence, but in may two thousand seventeen parishioner of a church in LA paunch, made a startling discovery church had a register where individuals could sign in no allay the message scrolled in the book from it. Recent visit on where words indeed benadryl, who killed Gregory. I was with him. the message was signed by muriel bow and dated may of two thousand and eight this didn't make sense. The register Could only being in the church for a few moments, regardless, the page of the book was forensically tested
the dna profiles of six individuals were detected among them. Muriel ball. In late june, two thousand seventeen muriel. WBO was indicted for kidnapping and forcible confinement, followed by death, holding costly, maria went on a hunger strike to protest. Her innocence. re examination of the dna on the notebook determined it wasn't a match for muriel. After all, how about one of the dna profiles did belong to a magistrate who had been involved in the gregory film on investigation leading to the possibility they'd written. The message has a hoax. Muriel was released on judicial supervision just over a month after her arrest, due to a lack of evidence in two thousand and eight,
they? Now forty nine year old, released a book Todd oda, breaking the silence. Miriam told her report often that parisian newspaper, that it was the only way people could hear her side of the story she said Her involvement in that case had ruined her laugh and heard her family. A until the end to prove my innocence, she said. I am innocent in her book Miriam described bernard Laroche as loyal protective kind and generous. She wrote. Who can still believe today that, if bernard was the culprit, I would cover for him? Would I have covered up? The murder of a child is Not had anything to do with the death of a child, I would have said it without hesitation, whatever the price to pay.
Later that year, another surprise announcement was made handwriting Experts analyzed the led off from the mysterious korean and determined yet had law. Finally being written by gregory's grandmother mundane. Avail mine in maybe twenty twenty the eighty eight year old, matriarch passed away due to complications from corona virus disease. A lawyer for the family, told paris match magazine. I think that men making new certain things regarding gregory's crime she could have made Revelations, but she did not do so for reasons that belong to her. A swiss expert install amatory was tasked with examining the case stall. Amateurs he's the study of a linguistic style rather than focus on that. physical handwriting itself that focuses on,
the words vocabulary sentence, length and grandma used to a tribute authorship to disputed documents. The stall amatory expert released and intricate one hundred and seventy four page report of their findings. They concluded that the letter offer the crowd had been written by as many as five different people, one of whom was jacqueline. Jakob. While the stall amatory findings were compelling, the merits of this technique unconsidered infallible, especially when it comes to criminal cases, A lawyer for Jacqueline Jakob told reporters. Previous handwriting reports have offered totally different conclusions. If we want to oppose these quackery, we can do it, but that will bring us closer to the truth.
As a valley, twenty twenty three greg Veal man's murder remains unsolved. The case has been subject to at least fifteen box. Multiple documentary send tv series. As explained by journalist, Michael Dobbs, for the washington post, the gregory case continues to give the public has. It quote. Has been the story with everything: a murdered child blackmail raw, Marie between different police forces, a second matter, family hatreds and doc, suspicions that some terrible injustice has been done. Back in ninety ninety three, a lawyer for the Laroche family, told the allay times that stupidity was the reason the case hadn't being solved. Hey commented on
Mistakes in an investigation that could have been made have been made here. his sentiments, which shared by a lawyer for development family who added. The institutions only function if the people in them function. In this case, the people didn't function throughout. Investigation, various pieces of evidence of being mishandled all gone, sing entirely expert testimony has been nullified. Gregory's water She has been declared inadequate, investigated. have been blamed for being biased towards certain persons of interest, with their lack of courage all allowing the media to railroad everything. The media fast can't beyond the stated, as one academic explained from an ethical perspective, these cases disturbing nada,
because if the gruesome details, but also due to the negligible morality of the media coverage, it is being questioned whether the prince, agonists in this story were merely observed by the journalists or whether The journalists pushed them to act. A lawyer for bernard Laroche once told the press, perhaps if from the beginning, Everyone had remained silent report, wouldn't have stayed here and it would have been just than other ordinary crime in france. Over the years, Miriam ball and marie Angela roach have both received financial compensation for the way they invest. The was mishandled. Jean Marie and christine veal mine also received a pay out for being served a miscarriage of justice. for many years. The same. Tree in the pond was a tourist hotspot with paypal flocking from
love to visit the grave of little gregory eventual jean Marie and Christine had their sons, body experience and committed in a private ceremony. They kept half of his ashes for themselves, something private. After all, the years of extreme public scrutiny, They are still married having raised their three children in the suburbs of paris where people Longer recognise them. Christine and Jean Marie say, they only managed to survive through the ordeal because of their love for each other and that children, whom say restored the balance in their lives by their first born son. Gregory will never be forgotten. In the days following the child's death, a sob Jean Marie told journalists.
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