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297: Case 253: Aarushi Talwar & Hemraj Banjade

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*** Content warning: child victim, sexual assault *** When Rajesh and Nupur Talwar went to wake their 13-year-old daughter Aarushi on the morning of Friday, May 16 2008, the couple were shocked to find her brutally murdered in her bed. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-253-aarushi-talwar-hemraj-banjade
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Please say the show notes for this episode on Europe or on our website the Body mandela had only worked for the tell while family for a week, but it already settled into a rhythm, the thirty of your own housemaid had recently re located to the indian capital of delhi in search of work was soon hired to clean the home of rush and new portela. Why a husband? and wife who lived in the south delhi suburb of noida Josh and new poor were both dentists with busy schedules and needed amanda, cover for their usual made, who was only lived in an enormous one thousand, eight hundred and eighty six apartment complex, that was to almost ten thousand people
Party would visit there three bedroom home twice a day to dust clean the flaws and washed the dishes. the tell while, as also employed a live in servant named him raj ben Jardine. Every morning and evening he would let body into the home after she rang the doorbell installed by an exterior mesh security door. At six am on friday may sixteen two thousand and eight he arrived for her first shift of the day He rang the doorbell as usual, but hemorrhage didn't appear. body rang the bell a second time and when she was again met with no response, she figured hemorrhage was just taking his time. She walked up a set of stairs where the families bucket and mop was kept and carried them back to the front door. Still There was no sign of ham, raj
body rang the doorbell for a third time and peered down the whole way inside. There was The second dimension door, at the end of the hall immediately behind, did in the same frame was a wooden door that opened to the apartment. The wooden door. Finally, opened and body was surprised to see a woman standing there instead of ham mirage. It was new poor. Tell why one of bodies- employers, newport or ass. The body wareham raj was and body said shaded and no new poor said he. Probably going out to buy milk and must have locked the security door behind him. There were two sets of case to the How was apartment hemorrhage had won and the couple had, the other?
body ass to new poor. If she could throw down her case from the balcony new poor, a great body walked downstairs to stand beneath the balcony. When new poor appeared. She mentioned that the door might not be locked after all body stir to throw down the case anyway, and new poor did so case in hand body handed back upstairs to the apartment. This time she pushed The exterior mesh door and at swung open body walked down the hall to the second mesh door, which was latched from the outside. She Both the latch and entered the apartment through the wooden door, which new poor had left open inside body, was met with chaos. She could hear newport tell wire and her husband, raj s, shouting and crying newport reappear
and threw her arms around body. Still weeping loudly when body asked why she was crying newport, replied go inside and see what has happened. They lead to body to the bedroom of the couples, only child Eighteen year old daughter, named, reshape state in the doorway of our regime. Room body saw the girl lying in bed. Her body was partly covered with a white flannel blanket and her throat had been slant.
After newport tell why had answered the doorbell she'd picked up the family landline phone and dialed haemorrhages mobile to say where he was coal was answered, but the person The other rand said nothing after a few seconds. They hung up. At the same time, rushed tell awhile was getting out of bed when he walked into families living room. He immediately noticed a bottle of ballantine scotch whisky sitting on a dining table. It was two thirds empty neither he nor his wife had been drinking the night before and the bottle and being there when they went to bed at eleven thirty, most troubling of all there were several bloody fingerprints made across it run. just pointed out the bottle to nepal, then the two of them went to church.
On their daughter. irish. She always slept with her door closed and a lot from the inside, but that morning the door was slightly open, went home, Parents walked in thy immediately noticed the walls was spotted with blood. Irish. She lay on her bed covered with a white flannel blanket her head was partially consumed by a camera tote bag. She owned, The pill, I wonder her head was blood side and the blood had drooped under mattress, and the floor below newport lifted the blanket and both parents or alive, Cod across their daughters throat, I she's head hung to one side, her skull crash to just above her left eye Strangely, there was no blood on the blanket and bag covering our regime Nor was there any on her stuffed toys that surrounded her, including above
rabbit on the beds, headboard and a large bought simpson doll on the mattress. It was though these items had all been placed there. After the attack, raj ash tried to straighten he's doin his head, though what was clear she was deceased. Then he started pacing back and forth to and fro marriage he's bedroom one moment he would sit on the bed beside his child. The next he stood and started hitting his head against the wall. Nepal, repeated today in a state of shock. When party returned to the apartment to start cleaning, a crying new poor
Her to irish she's room body stood, stand ass. She took in the violent saying. Finally, she managed to us the tell laws if she should tell the building security gods. They said yes and body hurried off Meanwhile, the tell was began calling their closest to loved ones, all of whom lived in this same large, complex, these included new pause parents rochester. His brother and his wife and their friends that guarantees a married couple who were also dentists. Soon, all were gathered at the time was apartment word, spread throughout the tight knit community and the full couples where eventually I end by natives curious passes by and members of the media, About an hour after hour, issues body was discovered. The first police officers arrived
they made no attempt to coordinate the crime scene. Has people wondered through? apartment, examining every room upon sure, of our issues. Mattress was cut out and taken off a forensic testing, along with her blood stained shades, pillow and clothing. There was no blood in any other part of the home, except for five bloody fingerprints on the bottle of wine. ski on the dining room table. It appeared that enough it had been stolen from the tail was home, then, two friends of rush tell. Why noticed what looked like a blood on a set of stairs that led to the rooftop terrors, the door to the terrorists? closed and a lot on closer inspection, the locks seemed to have blood on it too the men pointed this out to the police raj ash,
said he didn't know where they came to the door were as their servant. Hemorrhage was responsible for looking at. He and his wife new poor, kept begging the police repeatedly to find him. Raj find him raj There was no sign of hemorrhage Ben shoddy in the adjoining servants quarters where he lived. These quotas were accessible from the main apartment. Or viruses door in the whole way whether security doors were located in the kitchen. an uneven played a food that he'd fixed himself for dinner the night before he's about phone was missing and it looked like he's. Bed hadn't been slept in. Tell was tried calling his phone again, but it now appeared to be switched off roger should newport tell while were convinced that he had killed their daughter, the fact that he'd vanished without a trace and hung up,
new poor when she found earlier pointed to his guilt. Forty five year old hemorrhage was originally from a village in nepal and had moved to india to find work as a planned suburb of jelly lloyd. I had far more job opportunities. Hemorrhage sent the money he made to his family back in nepal, He'd been employed by the tail was for about eight months and it was fairly standard for middle class professionals in Been parts of india to hire domestic servants emerald did the tell, was grocery shopping, prepared their meals and was responsible for it. Leaving visitors and other employees to the home. The tell was had never had any problems with him at all. Until now, certain he had fled back tonight. All laughed and murdering a reshaping, the tell was offered the police money to pursue him across the border.
The previous night had been normal newport. Brenda, reshape had arrived home between six and seven p m Roger Had the work light so was taken home by he's driver had about nine. The driver had gone up to the apartment to drop off the case after parking the car in the garage and saw new poor. Irish she and her raj getting ready for dinner. At nine thirty, the family said Down to aid the meal that hemorrhage had prepared. Roger S and new poor had a surprise for irish shea. In nine days time on may twenty four she would be turning fourteen. Her father had ordered a sony. Digital camera is a gift for her and it had arrived at that day, new power persuaded raj ash that they should give every shade the camera. That night has an early birthday. Surprise I received
They party was being held in three days time, and this way she could take photos of the occasion Her parents presented her with the camera, had about ten o clock irish He was so excited that she immediately started taking pictures of herself and her parents. And around eleven irish, she went to her room. Her parents also. I went to their room where raj ash sense a me miles the internet, connection was slow, so he asked newport to switch the rat off and on again new poor. Went next door to irish she's room where the rata was cat and saw her thought our sitting up in bed. Reading a book. new poor went to bed shortly after this, while raj ash stayed up here,
the internet until just after midnight, neither of them had heard any disturbance during the night New poor told investigators that she couldn't remember if she had closed our issues: bedroom door after going into rate boot thereafter,. normally she would and the door would automatically locked behind her. I wish I could open the door from the inside or could be unlocked from the outside with a set of case new poor cat on her bedside table. But that morning the case were found in the drawing room. Later that day, Irish s body was autopsies. It was s demanded that she had been killed between midnight and one. I am there. no signs of a sexual assault; as well as a fourteen centimeter wound to her throat. There was so
Ro smaller carts on her face. These injuries were all sustained after she was struck in the head with some sort of weapon that left a u or they shaped scar. It was this first injury that killed her. Brutal attack like this in a quiet, middle class neighbourhood was shocking and new. it's very she's murder made headlines across the country, a police spokesperson. Talked on camera, with the media naming families, domestic servants, as their prime sauce, backed and adding that he was now on the run quote: he's close relatives have been taken into custody and soon we will arrest him. It was believed. Hemorrhage had decided to my last hour, reshape after consuming some whisky when she resisted a mirage her in a violent rage, the police
bugs person asked for the press is helping sharing haemorrhages detail, so he could be arrested as soon as possible. Photograph so both irish, shea and hemorrhage were given to the media and broadcast on news programmes that same day, our ward of twenty thousand repays was offered for information that lead to higher mirages catch up. Mainly All the tell walls were preparing to farewell their daughter in here do tradition. It is generally believed that a loved ones body must be promoted within twenty four hours of their death. Having gained the pathologists ray assurances that irish is autopsy, was complete and nothing further was needed. Her parents made, necessary arrangements that evening a she's loved ones gathered at the tell while residents to pay their final respects to her before she was created,
the apartment was packed with people and still nothing had been cordoned off. Upon saying he's, daughters, school friends, rush tell why burst into tears. He cried out look at what they ve done to your friend. Irish chaise loved ones gathered around her small slender body, which was wrapped up in a white cloth as part of the pre cremation ritual. Only her face was exposed. She looked pale but peaceful friends remembered a regime is a fun, loving girl who was often the centre of attention at social events. But someone who Very shy, at the same time, it all Took her a little while to feel comfortable opening up to others, Though she had a playful sense of humour and liked to tease her parents. every she was a serious student who will
is ranked in the top three of her claws he also loved attending parties and going on holidays and had particular We enjoyed a trip she'd taken to singapore and malaysia the year prior. She being happiest when surrounded by her family and friends. Just four days Before she was murdered, a regime had given new poor a card for mothers day that red in part mom. You are the best after all, You are the one who will always be there for me. the following morning, raj ash and new poor tell why left with irish she's ashes for the city of Herod wa located about two hundred and seventeen kilometers northeast of annoyed. Why is a hindu pilgrimage sought in this way the river ganges exits, the foothills of the himalayas, the
Very soon, as a gateway to Heaven following death, it is believed That scattering loved ones ashes in the ganges will help them resting paix. Meanwhile, K k gotten a retired debt The serbian aunt of noise police, who was something of a local celebrity handed over to the couples apartment to offer his condolences. Relatives of the tell was had cleaned the residents the previous evening, while police note about the term was made by raja his brother Dinesh, who complained to him that the lock to the terrace still hadn't been opened. The tell was had given permission for the lock to be broken the day before but investigators had been unable to find a locksmith. Looking at Staircase that led to the terrorists go to him saw what looked like spot of blood
Hey immediately wondered if I receive killer had escaped via the rooftop or hidden them. A weapon up their gordon cole, superintendent of noise police and demanded to know how officers had missed saying the bloodstained. The day prior, the superintendent rushed to the apartment with a senior officer and the terrorist doors lock was broken Got him and danish tell why headed out to the terrorists, along with the superintendent. They immediately saw that the cement was stained with an enormous pool of blood further way where some bloody drag marks that led to a corner of the roof top.
I know from an echo, had been torn off and clumsily placed on top of something that was slump in the corner. It was a human body, clearly deceased and badly decomposed due to india's hot summer, sun. The body appeared to belong to a middle aged man case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening, The this episode sponsors with you a cellular, it's just twenty nine, ninety nine per line for one two or three lines. So you don't need that robot daughter, you built to get a fourth line for family glamorizing, rope, rope, Elizabeth she's, not going the road isolated prevail boy get the low rate If twenty nine ninety nine per lie, we were cellular built for us terms, applied visit, you are cellular dot com, pretty damn we value
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the danish tell while called his brother to tell him another body had been found at his residence rights. josh into new poor hurried home still carrying irishers ashes rush was asked if he could identify the body, but the man's face was too swollen and disfigured to recognise. However, Roger s, thought the shirt he was wearing looked familiar, as did his hair after checking with these was roger said. He was fairly sure. The body was that of their servant. M raj ben jawed aid. the number one suspect in that case had turned out to be a second victim. Like every shea hemorrhage had been killed with a weapon, left a u war, they shaped scar. He's wound was to the back of the head. Then his throat had been slashed. It was estimated that both of it
had been killed between twelve and one. I am. It turned out that the blood on the bottle of whisky belonged to both hemorrhage and Shea, indicating the killer, the bottle after the murders. However, now Why then prince? Could they collected from the marks left on the terrace was a bloody footprint me. by a size, eight or nine shoe this hadn't, but and want to hemorrhage, as he was found wearing his slippers, so on a terrorist war was a large bloody handprint made with haemorrhages blood. Multiple porters and others who were permitted to wonder about the crime. Saint touched it before it could be forensically examined. Therefore, will they subsequently decided that checking it for dna? Your prince was useless. for unknown raisins. The actual a panel that are being placed on haemorrhages body was never
examined data with their power. I suspect route out of the case. Investigators had to start from scratch. Technology used by the family seemed to confirm the timeline they tell was had provided The photos on areas chaise new digital camera showed a happy family enjoying their evening together at around ten p m. Asked photo, was shot. A very shea, smiling shyly. It appeared to be a selfie. She had taken in her bedroom based on the numbering of the photographs, however, police realized that some shots prior to the last one had been delayed. They thought this was suspicious the town was said. It was due to a rashid deleting pitches shaded. Unlike computer and internet records confirmed, rushed Hell. Why had been active on line until around twelve? I am,
hemorrhage ben Johnny's. Fine was missing, but record showed the last call he'd received that not had been just before. Eight thirty, whoever hold rang from pay phone about one kilometer away and had shouted with hammer for around six minutes. The next calls the fine were saved by the ones from new poor the following morning, the phone Think of a cell tower in the vicinity. Carrying that whoever had defined was still in the large apartment, complex when a regime body was discovered by her parents, her black nokia. Here Seventy two mobile phone was noticeably absent from its usual spot on her bedside table. Investigators had been unable to find the missing device, but they could access its records. usually areas. She stayed up until after midnight texting her friends, but on thursday may fifteen her phone had been switched.
At nine ten p m. This was highly unusual her parents said that she had complained about the phone not working properly and to thy disgusting getting her a new one poring over the records police saw that from the start of April, until her death in mid may, Had been six hundred and eighty eight text messages and calls between areas, she's, fine and another number, number belonged to a fifteen year old school friend of ours. Chaise named on have here Known to have a crush on irish shea and was said to be her boyfriend amongst our she and her friends having a boyfriend was attacked to describe a special friendship with a boy. There would be a mutual traction between them, and they talk a lot on the phone and at school, but it did imply any physical intimacy
on mall was the last person who tried to contact irish stay on the night she was killed at about midnight. He tried Let her know ball, then. The fear ways landline NATO coal was answered. Roughly half an hour later. He sent arusha text because her phone was switched off. This message didn't go through police decide. the question on more to see what he knew. a week after the motors police picked up on mall and took him to the station for questioning he's. Parents won't play and for this and nor what I asked for their permission. Investigators grew down mall about he's relationship with our regime, Molly said that hey and areas she had a disagreement on the night in question, which was why she turned off Phone so early, it wasn't because
She was having issues with the device, as she told her parents according to one mo aru. She had also complained about her father, who she said had become stricter over the past two weeks. Under intense interrogation on mall, added that he wasn't. The only boy aruji was in contact with she'd been a pretty and popular girl who had lots of boyfriends. When the police asked if arrows she had. Bain quote easy with whom she locked on The great that she was that same day police called the tell, was and asked them to come down to the station supposedly to identify us aspect. the couple got into their car and detailed a police vehicle to the destination they in turn and were followed by more. Apple tv news, crews, all of a sudden
tell was turned around and abruptly headed back home without ever making it to the police station. The following day was friday: may twenty three exactly one week after Irish, I tell ya and hemorrhage Ben jolly one noted investigators. to the tail, was home and again ass to rush into new poor to accompany them to the station. The couple a great once at the station were taken into separate rooms, new evidence. to come to light that had taken the case in a new direction. investigators said, was related to a woman named doctor, a nato derisory. Doktor dorani and her husband were close with. The tail was like they tell us that they were by the dentists and the two couples worked in the same clinic.
Their daughter had also been one of the areas she's best friends, the police said they had until that russia tell had been having an affair with unaided dorani during on malls interrogation. The previous day, he had supposedly said that irish she knew about the affair and was unhappy about it. a social work out who had known him. Raj had also told the police that, five days before he was murdered him roger said he was in danger and so were his loved ones, based on these claims. Good and seeing the inspector gender I noise police had a theory. He believed that thirteen year old irish shea had been so devastated by her fathers affair that she does I wanted to embark on an illicit relationship of her own with hemorrhage, her family's forty five year old servant.
Laid on the night of thursday may, fifteen roger She went to irish, is room and found him raj in there with her inspected. And rule. Seeing would alight aside the pair had beynon quote and objectionable, but not content. Missing position, enraged, reject tell why two camera job to the terrorists and brutally saluted him. Then he went back downstairs. And drank some whisky before making his way to irish chaise room he's daughter, lay in bed, russia she murdered her in an honour, killing a crime in Your family member is killed to supposedly protect their families. Honour such care. Things have been reported from the northern parts of india, which was where raj ash was originally from. Yes was confronted with video footage that seemingly bolster the police theory I showed him and new poor the previous day. Suddenly
turning around when they were supposed to be going to the police station investigated said this was evidence they had tried to flee. Roger explained that the reason they had turned around was because the police, a coal and told them not to come down. After all,. He denied having an affair or ever doing anything to harm he's. Child After getting married, the tell was had tried to have children for five years without six. ass and had finally used all the f taken say very shea. She he was there. Only child and a much loved daughter. Nevertheless, rush was informed that he was suspected of committing the double hull. Myself. and placed under arrest up. His conference was held to update the media and the public on this twisting the investigation, the case
who is receiving an exceptional amount of media attention. This was partly due to the fact that high profile middle class professionals, such The town was wont, usually sane, as victims of crime inspected, general who dash and sing told the assembled press how they believed the murders had played out according to him. The way Athens used to a hammer and a surgical scalpel, though neither of these items had been recovered, see Seemingly forgot array, chaise name during the press conference and repeatedly referred to as shrewd e he also detailed. suppose it affair with him raj and said that the thirteen year old had bain quote characterless a slur Indicating that she was promiscuous after these briefing news coverage the murders went into overdrive, so late
stories about the tail was was splashed across tabloids all over the country. Tv pride rams, add reconstruction of how the murders with thought to have gone down too many rush. Bang. The culprit made sense I receive bedroom was right next to her parents room with their beds between seven and eight fade upon it. An intruder had killed irish shea. Then why hadn't her parents heard anything some report is believed. Raj ash hadn't seemed emotional enough in the wake of these toward his murder and organised her cremation too quickly. Josh's initial insistence that hemorrhage was the culprit, was deemed suspicious, as was his claim that didn't have a k to his own terrace wareham ross was lighter found. Perhaps he had planned to dump haemorrhages body somewhere, but never had an opportunity because of the constant police and media presence.
Russia she insisted that he was being framed while some who were close to him off their support. Others turned against him. Although he and new poor retained the dental clinic, they earned rush was fired from a position: hey how about a hospital. A few days later, police, the erasures laptop, handed the hard drive from a chaise computer. They wasted no time in relating irish hazy. Emails, social media interactions and, what's out messages to journalists, select motions are very chaise. Messages were printed and shared by india's media emails, she'd centre. France was said to confirm her promiscuous tendencies as they referred to boys and contained objectionable
Words, there was also one email to her father, in which she apologized for having gone out with friends without apparent chaperonage them this was seen as evidence of the father and daughters, fraught relationship, even though the email had a light, hearted tone newport tell while felt the name. speak up in her families, defence, despite police, recommending she avoid the media on sunday may twenty five new poor guy the one on one television interview with the english new station and day tv looking exhausted, but composed new poor, said the tower well, like any other household There was no way her husband would be responsible for the murders she told the interviewer I was living in that house always sleeping next to barrage ash that night, it's not even possible.
When asked what she believed had really happened, new poor said she had no idea when she had discovered her daughters body that more she immediately thought hemorrhage had done it after realising. He was murdered. Two she suspected the culture with someone who had some kind of hostility with him. Raj. New is composed: demeanor had the opposite effect that she had hoped for instead of saying devastated mother, many in law enforcement, the media and the community saw code and calculated woman. but others were siding with. The tail was irish. Classmates organised a protest march in defence of their friends, reputation. India's minister for women and child development expressed her concern that the noise police had slandered murder to go. She also
used to them of blatantly ignoring the nations press council regulations The police's inflammatory statements prompted that then chief minister of attire pradesh the state when Noida was located to suggest the case. handed over to the central bureau of investigation or say bay, I the c b, I use india's national investigative agency, and was originally created to investigate government corruption. Eventually, heads jurisdiction was expanded to include murders, kidnapping, send a terrorist activity In nineteen eighty seven especial crimes branch was launched which led to the agency best negating many high profile offences two weeks after the murder of irish. I tell ya and hemorrhage been jockey noise, police inspector general was demoted and the safety I took over the investigation
Although rush tell why remained in police custody, then you investigative, tain, began looking at their case through fresh eyes, at saint to them that noida police had overlooked some potentially crucial clues, Three glasses were recovered from haemorrhages quarters the morning after the motives. Two had remnants of alcohol in them. also in the room with three bottles which, respectively contained wine, beer and sprite it appeared as though hemorrhage had some guests over the night before. Depressions in he's made a bad indicated up to three people might have sat on it. It also looked like the servants toilet had been you. by more than one person. for some reason. All of this had been ignored or overlooked by the noise of police.
scaring the case file destabilized. Lady investigator noticed something else, a twenty two Your old man, named krishna ted awry, had been held by the noise of police for ten days during the course of their investigation. It turned out that call snow was another employee of the tail. Was he worked at their dental clinic while also completing he studies. Krishna also lived in the same complex with just a few apartments between he's residents and they tell was he knew hemorrhage well and lock him raj. He was originally from nepal. The case file documented what krishna had tall police during his time in custody. To the cb eyes surprise, it seemed that he was one who had informed them of roger S. Tail was alleged affair with nato dorani christian
said that when new pull was working at another clinic every tuesday and saturday, roger should a nato would close up early and give krishna the afternoon off. Although he had never actually seen them together, he said that hemorrhage had told him about it. It was so krishna who claimed areas she had been devastated after discovering the affair and sought comfort from him. Raj. According to rush tower, he had reprimanded krishna two days before the murders after krishna made an incorrect, a dental cost stressing down had taken place in front of other employees, including ada dorani. russia's driver, had supposedly later heard krishna say to him raj that he was going to deal with rush. Realising that the police's original theory had originated from this alone, witness
cb. I knew they would need to interview him again. On Thursday june twelve krishna tat, her was taken into custody. Wellbeing in harry guided. By the same, be I he confessed that he had been in the town was apartment on the night of the murder. Is chris was hanging out with him raj into other domestic workers from nepal, rush kumar individual, a rash mom was a little younger than krishna and worked for the town was good friends. Had the dhahran ease People who knew him said he was likeable when daisy going. They J Mandela was also in his early. Twenty cent lived the garage below they tell laws residents as a child. He had been physically abused by his parents
and had anger issues as a result. Consequently, he struggled to find work. It had been a driver in the noida area, late. On the night of thursday may sixteen, the four men were drinking beer together in haemorrhages quarters, krishna told the other three How he had been humiliated at work by rush tallulah and wanted revenge, mary. She would be the most obvious way to her raj ash If and to kumar, headed to irish s room The door was unlocked that night. They entered and roger tumor began trying to sexually assaulted the thirteen year old. She fought back, prompting christian to pull out a curved nepalese knife, known as a coup and kill her. They knew hemorrhage would now be a danger to them. He had been very
the very shea and had him wanted anything to happen to her the tomb until a camera shop to the terrace, where they killed him to cover up their crime. Krishna would go on to amend he story about the essential facts remained the same in his second aversion. He said it had actually been raj kumar and vague J Mandela, who had gone into irish s, room and both intended to write her. She had resisted so vague J had hit. Her the head before roger to mark out her throat with a coup craig, they walked off the coup cray with a tissue which was then flushed down the toilet in arusha zones. The two men and krishna had then taken hemorrhage up to the terrace, locking its door behind them the murdered him raj to ensure he silence krishna later reverted to his original admission that he had.
To irish S, room and caught her throat hammer he was murdered after threatening to tell the tale. Was the three culprits wanted to kill? The tell was as well but gave out after finding their bedroom door locked. On Wednesday june eighteen christian, his apartment was searched turned out that he's rooftop terrorist could be raised from that tell was all of the terraces in the block were connected and it was possible to walk across one to the other. While searching christian is apartment, say, be I agents found a coup created that had small spots of blood on it. They all recovered a pair of trousers and a pillow case stained with blood over the following wakes right. two more individual montel, where interrogated as well, both it It is that they had been with him raj on the night of the murders.
Told variations of the same story krishna had shed. There were some. Differences though they, J said a fight had broken out between hemorrhage and a drunken krishna right before a regime was killed, roger Ah was more resistant to confessing and said he hadn't committed the murders. He pointed the finger at krishna instead, the men, said they had destroyed the irish sea and haemorrhages mobile phones. All three were arrested for the double homicide and russia tell law was released from jail by this time. He had spent fifty days behind bars. Despite having obtained three confessions to the crime, the seabed, I was left with a major problem. All of the commission
france had been made under what is known in india. Has the narco analysis test this testing? of the subject being injected with sodium pentothal, which some refer to as truth, serum This drug renders this aspect sedated in a trance like state, its belly I believe that in such a state there donation is neutralised and therefore They are only capable of telling the truth. He also exhibit no resistance to being questioned Or enforcement agencies in india have been permitted to use narco analysis as an investigative tool similar to a polygraph test bought block. A colleague Ass, a result of a narco analysis are not permitted as evidence in a court of law. This is because the altered state of consciousness experienced by this aspect, to render them more susceptible to influence, sending.
capable of judging the consequences of what they're saying this science behind narco analysis is dubious and the results from such tests are often inconsistent investigators had filmed the suspects being interrogated while london narco analysis and today's video what light lighter late to the press, I showed, the men barely conscious and mumbling answers to questions that were often lading krishna supposed motive of wanting revenge against his employer. After being told offered, work also seemed a week compared to the brutality of the crimes. He's family said that krishna being forced to undergo narco analysis against these will and was also beaten by investigators. They believed was the victim of anti nepalese prejudice.
three men also claimed to have alibis for the night of the murders. Christian is Emily and landlord said he'd been at home vision my dolls. Employer said the same for him, needed the ronnie who was right to mars. Employer and the target of the original annoyed at police investigation could vouch for roger whom I also bang at home until at least twelve Thirty I am, he might have said god after everyone went to bed, but it would Came at least twenty minutes to rage the tail was residents and that didn't fit with the investigations timeline. say be, I agents hoped they would find something tangible that tied the trail to the double homicide such as fingerprints, saw dna from the crime saying. but nothing emerged, think of the blood on the coup. Cray founding krishna home revealed that it wasn't human though I couldn't be determined,
what kind of animal that came from either the blade also seemed to belong to have resulted in the cards to the victim's throat. In any case, it no longer seem that the savings I had found one of the murder weapons enduring early september. All three suspects were released from custody due to a lack of evidence. Case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors. I'd university, the phoenix your experience matters. That's why we, created our new savings explorer tool for you? see how you work. Life and school expired, and could help you earlier degree faster and for less gets started at phoenix daddy to you, MR wild, here about to take.
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Sensationalist story still ran in the media, but from an investigative point of view, it had reached a standstill. Then, one year later in september, two thousand and nine there was a bright through. Irish tell was black nokia and seventy two phone was traced to a house in the city of Valencia had located sixty kilometers esteve, delhi. a man by the name of rum bull, was using the device with a new sim card when police. I spoke to wrong. He said he sister had found. Phone in may of the previous year show worked as a maid close to where they tell was had lived a few days off the noise motors. She spotted the phone on the track, a few kilometers away. She pocketed the device and gifted it too, brother, but he hadn't started using it until the following year. After purchasing a new sim card, neither of them had any idea.
That it had belonged to the murdered teenager, police were able to verify the sibling stories and ruled the mad, as suspects an examination of various she's phone found, no photos, text messages or dada The discovery of the knocker alone seemed to disprove the say, be ice theory that haemorrhages three acquaintances committed the murders. All three men had said both funds were destroyed. There was evidence indicating their admissions were unreliable. this development seemed to result in a shake up at this say, be I that same mountains about two thousand nine cases lady investigator was removed with the agent deciding that he's tenure had simply ended. Then
The investigation into the murders of irish, I tell ya around him. Raj Ben jockey was handed over to a new team. Right away, the second to say, be attained took a very different approach to their predecessors. The new investigators focused fur done, arrow she's, autopsy report. Doctors who kneeled, though, Hooray, had completed the post mortem and found no evidence of a sexual assault or injury, stating tat. There was nothing abnormal about irish she's, genitalia swabs taken from her vagina had no trace of seamen in accra. over two thousand. Eight doktor, though hooray given a second statement to the original say, be I attain this time He added a line that red during post mortem examination. I observed that the vegetal cavity of the deceased was dilated.
This sentence call the attention of the second say bay. I came. Doktor die her. I was asked to provide them with another statement which would be his third. This time he went into greater detail. Riding On external examination, the virginal opening was found prominently, wide open, virginal, cavity and cervix was clearly vision, Hymen was ruptured and healed old. The doctors observation seemed to imply that reshape had a likely being engaged in sexual intercourse around the time of her murder. Later he wouldn't Or explicitly side that hey thought, her vagina had been washed to remove If any evidence of such activity here reference to her hymen was an allusion to her having lost her virginity well before the attack, despite the fact that a hymen can be
ruptured in other ways and he's no indication of sexual experience, doktor dough hurray said he hadn't bothered to mention these details in his original report, because the findings were quote non specific and very strange. He had also never completed an autopsy on a female body before so he didn't realize. Such things should have been recorded, Doctor who completed haemorrhages autopsy was also called upon again soon. Came to the new lady investigator, hey noted that the cut to haemorrhages throat was consistent with a very sharp edged light instrument. When asked about the significance of a mirage and irish she's matching neck words. The doktor added identical position of the injury and the skill with which they cut was made clearly point towards a surgically trained person.
Investigators concluded that a scalpel had most likely been used to slash the victims throats and noted that, as dentist, they tell was had surgical experience, Examining the crime scene photos investing is also came to the conclusion that the weapon used to hit both victims in the head was a golf club. This was, They had you or v, shaped injuries as it happened. Irish his father. Raj ash was an amateur golfer and don't set of clubs which were kept in haemorrhages quarters. A forensic experts was asked to analyze the crime saying based on photographs and a visit to the apartment which they tell was had long since vacated
after studying pitches, very chaise, bloodstained bedroom. He pointed out that there appeared to be two distinct impact spotters on the wall behind the bed head. He believed this meant they come from. Two different victims, meaning arusha and hemorrhage were attacked in the same room. At the same time, this supported the theory that the pair, what to do the rain bed when they were murdered, then the killer. Dragged him haemorrhages body up to the terrorists, to conceal a blog found on the staircase leading to the terrorist, was seen to confirm this. The fact that the stuffed toys on irish is bad. Had no blood on them pointed to the kill addressing the crime scene after the murders. The way they had covered irish she's body with a blanket and her favorite bag also suggested a personal connection to the victim.
To the new team of investigators, all the evidence was pointing back to a theory that noise police said sided from the start. She tell why had been having an intimate relationship with hemorrhage ben Johnny and the two were victims of an honour killing. On monday may twenty four two dozen ten, which would they nourishes sixtyth birthday, an article The new investigation was published in english language newspaper. The pie need quite, in several unnamed say be I sources. The story hinted that right just tell why was again being considered as a suspect. brush objected to the article prompting this. Maybe I to deny ever speaking with the publication seven months later, in december, the agency concluded
their investigation and released a final report on the case in it they official a clear, krishna totter I rushed through MA. Am v J Montel of any involvement As well as pointing to the trio's alibis investigators said the servants wouldn't have done, drink alcohol late at night in the home of one of their employers The cb, I also ruled out the possibility that an intruder committed the crimes citing the lack of force entry automotive. It was poor, into doubt that an intruder would have no reason to hide haemorrhages body or stay jerry she's room. Ultimately the c b. I concluded that circumstantial evidence pointed to rush tell why committing the murders in a fit of rage. After five hi mirage in bed with these daughter, his wife new poor, was accused of helping to cover up the crime
Only those who lived in the apartment would have the time and access required to cleaner, reshape remove. Any trace of hemorrhage from her room and stage the same. However, there was a total lack of physical evidence. Jew in part original investigators filing to secure the crime scene, While I was suspected that russia used one of these golf clubs and a scalpel to carry out the attack, there was nothing to prove this. They had no blood stained clothing Fingerprints saw dna, confirming rush was the killer. Consequently, The save I recommended that the case be closed. Without charging the tell was, rush and new poor tell while were devastated by this turn of events. Though they were not being charged. The report made shock.
Allegations against them the couple I did to file a petition asserting their innocence and demanding that the case remain open. on Tuesday january, twenty five, two thousand and eleven as the pair made there way to a magistrate court that exclusively looked at c b. I cases they were followed by crowds police and tv news crews public. Dressed in annoyed. I double murder was as strong as ever sudden a young man rushed from the crowd towards russia? Tell why, was carrying a make clever. He swung The clever at russia's face slashing he's right, Jake. Roger s raised his hands to protect himself and the man swung again this time he broke one of russia's fingers and badly wounded his hands. The perpetrator was
quickly overpowered and russia was rescued but suffered a sliced artery cut, tendons and dissevered facial nerve, he's right, shake was permanently scarred. The perpetrator was a twenty nine year old vigilante named would solve sharma, who had previously attacked a form of police chief, Sharma said he was angry about the slow progress in the noise. I case. While rush was recovering from the violent attack. The court case proceeded. After considering the tell was petition, the magistrate dismissed it and went a step further she turned the savvy eyes closure report into a charge shade declaring that There was enough evidence to charge the couple for irish sea and haemorrhages murders run
ash and newport tell why were ordered to stand trial. The tell was appealed the order first at the states, high court and then at the supreme court. They lost both appeals and their trial began in may two thousand thirteen five years after their daughters, murder,. As well as having to answer to cancer murder that were charged with destroying evidence, the prosecutor presented the court with serbia s theory of how the murders had unfolded while russia was still up and using the internet in the early hours of may. Sixteen two thousand and eight he heard a noise and went to investigate. First, he went to hemorrhage his quarters and was surprised to find them empty.
While there he heard another noise and realized. I was coming from areas she's room rush, grabbed a golf club from the bad weather was stored and ran to he's doin. His bedroom finding areas she and her mirage in bed together, russia lashed out He hit him raj in the head with a golf club as he went to deal a second blow, hemorrhage moved to avoid it waiting the club to hit a regime instead. Meanwhile, New poor was welcomed by all the commotion that was going on just seven fade away. The safety. I believed it was impossible for her to miss when her bed was one room away and less than eight fate from irish chaise. She went to her daughters, room and saw the two victims lying near death with severe headings These new poor and rage Asher grade to cover up their crime there,
rattan hemorrhage in a bedsheet and dragged him to the terrace where they cut his throat before concealing him with the cooler panel, the plan was to dispose of him. Properly later to ensure the crimes looked identical, they dang cut their daughters throat before cleaning her body to hide any sign of sexual activity. they also claimed haemorrhages blood from the floor and disposed of any bloody clothing, as well as the scalpel or similar weapon used to cut the victims throat afterwards, rush sat in the living room and drank some whisky to calm down a k witness for the process, She was body man. The maid who had just started working for the town was at the time of the murders. She was the first person to arrive at the same and said that when she I tried to open the first of three doors to the apartment it hadn't barged.
The city, I argued that the tax laws must have alleged the door from the inside. This proved that day, with the killers as an intruder, wouldn't have been able to do such a thing and still flayed. The apartment body had ass to newport authority on the case to her, so she gonna let herself in the save ii I suspected while body waited below the balcony new poor rent, the whole way and unlatched the first door, so body could open it after she threw down the case body returned to the first door. This time had opened when she pressed her hand against it. Other residents to say be, I called on was the lodge palmprint made with haemorrhages blood on a terrorist war, and this made bloody fingerprints on the whisky bottle. They said that rush tell why had been wearing surgical gloves while carrying out the crime which,
after larger than usual handprint and made collecting fingerprints impossible The defence set about trying to refute all of these points, Cross examining body montel about attempting to open the door to the town was apartment. She told them. Stating whatever has been explained to me. They took is to mean that she had been encouraged by the save ii are innocent, Subsequent interview with a documentary film crew body said she hadn't pushed the outer door until after she had the case, which was contrary to her statement in court. The town was driver also testified tat. The outer door had a habit of sticking. If someone John press that lightly and might appear to be latched, but you had to hard to open it up.
being charged, the tell was had requested that more evidence from the crime same they submitted for dna touch testing, including the bloody palmprint left on the terrace. The gulf club believed to be the murder weapon and the whisky bottle found in the living room, these requests were denied The defence still try to argue against the whisky bottle, evidence pointing out that it didn't make sense for regime to leave it out. If he was the killer, he could have simply stashed it in the bar, which was concealed inside a cabinet, a killer outside the family was more likely to leave it out, as they wouldn't know where the sacred by was As for the saviours claim that the town was must have heard the crime taking place being the middle of summer and no The air conditioners were running in both bedrooms.
A sound simulation test ordered by the city. I had even found that it was possible to tell laws might not have heard what was happening. One room over experts also refuted the assertion that the victims, neck words, had been made using a lot scalpel lock weapon with surgical precision due to them large size of the injuries, it seemed that a bigger blunted weapon was used. I got an ecologist, gave evidence that disputed that of the doktor who had performed aerospace, autopsy The amended report claimed that irish chaise vagina had been so dilated that he could see her cervix they're. Gonna colleges testified that this was not possible unless force had been used after rigour, modest set in such force would resulting noticeable injuries which were absent from our shea's body.
none of haemorrhages blood or dna, had been found in Arusha s room. Notion that the tell was had somehow identified, which blood was he's and then succeeded in waning it all up, while leaving era she's on touched, was labeled absurd, defence argued that hemorrhage had been killed on the terrace originally agreed. The blood on this. In case leading up there haven't come from, the town was dragging he's body bought from She's mattress some acquaintances of the tower who had been given police permission to clean the apartment initially took it up there to dispose of it when they found the terrorists door locked. They left the mattress on our neighbours terrorists instead. The defence had an alternative suspect in mind when
They had gained access to the prosecutions evidence during preparations for the trial. They discover If the forensics report dated november six, two thousand and eight related to what em belonging to the town was former employ a krishna todd awry. The original say be: I team had collected the items while investigating krishna and two of his acquaintances for the crime. One of the items was the to create knife with blood from an unidentified animal on it that was a purple pillow k stained with several spots of blood. According to the report, Dan, Testing revealed the blood belonged to him, raj ban jadi, the defence couldn't believe if that this evidence had somehow they nova looked for five years they presented at during their tail was attempt to appeal that charges
say. I said it was simply a typographical error. The pillow case with blood. don't I had actually being recovered from haemorrhages room, but it had been made. Labelled as belonging to krishna, with further evidence to support one claim or the other. The defence could not use the polite case. Evidence at trial. In late november, two thousand and thirteen six months after the trial began, the judge was ready. To deliver a verdict. I that it had been proved beyond reasonable doubt that russian newport and newport had murdered, arusha and ham raj. He also found them de of destroying evidence to cover up the crime russian ash and new poor burst into tears upon hearing the verdict.
The say be: I had asked that day were saved the death penalty. The judge sentence them to live in prison. the tell was continued to maintain their innocence, as did their supporters defenders of the couple pointed that the murder weapon was never established and there was no forensic evidence tying the couple to the crime. So how could they being convicted beyond the reasonable doubt. Less debbie roque San who wrote a book about the case. Titled irish shea accused the judge of deciding on their verdict before the defence had finished, presenting their case. The tell was found purpose in prison by setting up a dental clinic there with permission of the authorities. They traded their fellow inmates while waiting for their first appeal to be heard by the ala. Her bad high court, the highest court,
in a state of utter pradesh, almost four years, After they were incarcerated, the high court found that evidence presented by the say be. I was not sufficient to find them. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in aceh the two hundred and seventy three page report. They said this. Maybe I had miserably failed to find evidence to support their theory of the crime. raj newport tell, while both acquitted of all charges and allowed to return home. Some were angered by this decision, This say be. I announced their intention to challenge the ruling of the supreme court, the supreme court, a great to hear the appeal, but there have been no further update. And the case remains unsolved, as I've made twenty twenty three.
In the nepalese village, where hemorrhage band johnny was from many of his family and friends are certain that the tat was what guilty hem his wife concludes, Ben job, a has spoken publicly of her conviction. That regime tell why killed her husband. Who else would do this? She asked in a two thousand seventeen documentary series tide, would every beyond a reasonable doubt, concord believed the initial theory of the case that raj ash had been having an affair and killed a roget after she found out. Hemorrhage had witnessed the murder so rash, killed him too. According to current cooler, hemorrhage had cared for irish shale. She was his own daughter, others had known him, raj also vouched for he's kind and loyal character.
a woman who employed hemorrhage for fifteen years prior to him joining their tell why household said he had Ways bain protective of her children to the point of intervening. If shale husband where angry with them come cool. I told the filmmakers how difficult her life was without him raj. He had move to india to find work and provide for his family, but he made sure to return once or twice a year. He would stay for about a month before going back to india. Almost a decade after his death come cooler, still missed him constantly and found it hard to believe he was gone to make matters worse. It felt like her husband was the forgotten victim of his own murder quite there's an emptiness in everything how I put it in words. They tell why has money so
Everyone only talks about his daughter's murder. We are poor so who stand up for us. others say that tell was as victims of corrupt policing agencies. A flawed justice is and a media circus journal. Stand cousin of new poor sri parada road and nickel about the case for toronto, star she'd, explained that data shoe to the sea, be. I was independent of the state police who botched the first investigation, but it doubt the c b officers who charged the tell was what colleagues of the noise police shoes of class and social mores may have contributed to the tower, was prosecution. The couple the middle class professionals who spoke english and where university educated die, had fairly liberal values and a real
friendship with their daughter that was more open and daisy going than many indians were accustomed to irish she was permitted to talk to boys, go out with friends and could be cheeky with her parents, most of the police officers and say be. I investigators responsible for the case came from more conservative backgrounds element Of the tell was lives which were quite normal for middle class. Indian families appeared foreign and travelling to them there Cosmopolitan lifestyle led to allegations that the couple had affairs and engaged in swinging. the fact that russia and new poor didn't cry and public after their daughters, murder, also saint suspicious, when confronted by this, They argue that no one saw how much they cried every day in the privacy of their home.
When journalists heavy ropes and visited the tat was at their home, they showed him keepsakes thy head of their daughter. These included a letter Arusha had written to santa claus for what would turn out to be her final christmas, it red deer, santa Merry christmas to you. I know you will be tired from running here and there giving children what they wanted, but I want some totally different. I want them well being of my family want no harm to reach them? Please fulfil my wish. My second wish is I want my parents to always be with me, and my friends to my third wish is a bit silly. I wanted dog not from you, but from my parents. I wish they d grey. reflecting on the latter rush said in us
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