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Case 09: Jonathan Luna

2016-03-05 | 🔗

He was implicated in a case of missing money from a courthouse evidence vault. He was facing allegations of misconduct and illegal handling of a witness in a major drug trafficking trial, which lead to the judge ordering a federal investigation.

One way to stop that federal investigation would be to come up with a quick plea deal to end the case. One problem, there was no way to do the plea deal without violating federal law.

And unfortunately, for US assistant attorney Jonathan Luna things were about to get worse. Much, much worse.

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What has evidence fault, though, allegations of misconduct and illegal handling of a weakness in a major drug trafficking trial which led to the judge ordering a federal investigation? One way to start that federal investigation would be to come up with a quick play deal to end the case. One problem knows no way to do to play deal without violating federal law and unfortunately, for U S, assistant attorney, Jonathan Lunar. This wasn't even the worst of it, not even close housing projects in the South, Bronx New York City, described as some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country, came JANET
despite the non stop violence, shootings gangs and drugs that he grew up around Jonathan, somehow managed to avoid at all and become a broad, well read, tune rating and learning to better himself was Jonathan Struggle choice. He dedicated himself the school saying that to be successful, it had to be educated in Scooby also develop the love of running and keeping feed. If he wasn't studying it was running Teresa. Hard work and determination. Jonathan lunar, I became the poverty stricken drug ridden fallen housing projects. He was brought up in and went off to college. He was lighter accepted in the University of North Carolina School of war in order not to derided from law school and when a clerk ship with a? U S, district judge ingrained Barra North Carolina soon after it would go on to be hard. As an associate at arnwood importer of affirming Washington D C, he then married the lovely
laughing Angela Inornate only three from ninety forward and only seven. He worked as a stop attorney in the Federal Trade Commission Councils office, but, Filled a cooling towards prosecution, any naughty naughty seven. He took the assistant district attorney's job in Brooklyn
in writing on he was hard as the assistant. U S attorney in Maryland, a federal prosecutor, anyone these job heinous was made the Baltimore whether you s, attorney's office, was like. I did Baltimore. The time was a city with a population of the six hundred and fifty thousand people. It is estimated that about ten percent of the population were addicted to aid a crack or heroin. On average, the city had over. Two hundred mood is HIV. There was a tough fallen city with a large drug problem. There was also a widespread delegations from residents of corruption amongst the police and other city officials. Assisting. U S attorney Jonathan Luna handled tough cases be prosecuted. Drug dealers, bank robbers pitfalls murders, but it was the investigation of to drug traffickers down Smith. The Malta Poindexter and the starving
It's against them Warren Gryce, where we begin this bizarre story at twenty one years of age. Warren grace had already said five using prison on heroin and gum charges. It just so happens, He was selling drugs for Walter Poindexter when he was called Walter, locked, worn and make sure he was as comfortable as possible when he was in prison. He visited him regularly and was away sending in mine and when one and was eventually released from prison. He went to live with Walter and I didn't take long for him to get straight back into the drug trade. Also Poindexter was a straight level deal. He had very
his run is working a corner for him, he's my man being Warren Grace, but Walter had to source his drugs from somewhere too, and that's where day, one Smith comes in Dan Smith's was an independent, rap music producer and an aspiring rapper himself, who was also a mid level supplier. Heroin. He had access to the high level dealers, the organised crime gangs in New York. They would get he's drugs from New York, Walter would then bond drugs from day on which then he would answer to the street on a bad day.
Walter Warum would make a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars, but that was a bad day. Good days can be anywhere from three to four thousand dollars and, of course, the best days of trade. With the two days of the month that government assistant checks were issued to spot business being good Balto Poindexter kept getting himself arrested. Nine major drug supply charges yet, but enough to keep him out of action for a little while. in a way. This is good news for worn because he Malta's absence and then he got around the corner and make more money. studies into worn himself came on stock and got arrested on April seven, two thousand and two Baltimore police right in this house to foreign scales, heroin and two guns. He was also charged with aiding and abetting. This is bad news for worn, very bad news giving his history and what do you just bank? Always he faced at least forty
he's imprison thirty. Without the possibility of pearl. He was facing the very real possibility that he wouldn't say the streets again until he was in his mid fifties that wasn't a very exciting prospect born, but had been keeping I shall be slaving: Casey ever found himself in a bad position such as this. He had information, the motor evolving drives a murder committed boys, good friend, Walter Poindexter in two thousand and one the full Walter was arrested. One of his John Jesus was but I got back to an Arab enjoins was the main responsible. Falters retaliation was swift and brutal. He filled in full of bullets. So not only was it a murder, there was a drug related motor bringing also Poindexter would get a prison without a change of ETA getting out and could even face the death penalty
Not only was worn, grace happy to give up his friend for murder. He was also more than happy to talk to the place it at the drug syndicate. It was a part of Baltimore police, contacted the FBI and I couldn't resist the opportunity looking up a rap music produce if a drug supply and clearing a drug related shooting they were in this field. Agent in charge of the case was agents Dave Skinner from the Baltimore Futile he quickly filled in assisting? U S attorney Jonathan Lunar about what they had Luna quickly arranged but were to be brought into his office along with agents keener to discuss what he knew. Weren't, you have worked here information, but hiding from she wasn't going to pay for free, so in order to show just how cooperative low willing to be Lena drop the aiding and abetting charge that war was facing, and just like that is forty. You turn drop down to thirty, but I was just the beginning. If you work,
The government cooperated with the FBI and testify truthfully. He would be granted further reductions in sentencing the F b I took over the case and followed warns charges in a federal court where they had control on myself. First, two thousand and two were employed duty to the gun and drug charges, and he was relates to a half way. He asked to work under cover with agent, Skinner and the FBI. Whilst he was awaiting sentencing how well the cases build against Smith and Poindexter and how well he testified would ultimately lead to a greater reduce sentence, and even go paid for his trouble as part of the deal Warren Grace had to agree not to use a firearm not to use drugs and not to leave the half. I asked without the approval of the FBI. He also the where monitoring divorce they didn't. I learn long right, you every one of those rules. In fact, you a guy, rob drug dealing and a shooting up the neighbourhood. Heaven It is monitoring divorce. At times the agent Skinner effectively
And a blonde order, all this and even took active steps to ensure warns, release wasn't revived. He knew what he was up to, but he left him yet the stray putting the community at risk anyway. He just wanted him to get some Poindexter and Smith. That's all he cared about. Warren Grice was basically free to do what he wanted with the blessing of agent Skinner. To build their case, the appeal award Warren up and recorded these conversations with their space. They got plenty a conversations, nailing sneeze for drug trafficking, and it was a long before Walter Poindexter was released from his car and sentence either And I got plenty of incriminating evidence against him on tight to thanks to warn the F B. I would also conducts the violence and observed some drug transactions taking place. they give more money to buy the drugs. The dew was required
Then he would end the drugs over two. They appear to be ended up as evidence of the F B. I use one grace to build their case. Jonathan lunar was busy prosecuting other cases in September, two thousand and two he prosecuted notorious bank robber, Nicole Brown Locks Graham, is being defended by Kenneth Revenue. It would also lighter represent day on space on the sixteenth of September. Two thousand and two sixty three thousand one hundred and twenty three dollars was wheeled into the courtroom. Shielding two three separate bags. The money was saved from the site for brands accomplice, it was wheeled into the court shine to the jury and judge and ended in evidence, the conclusion of the court day. The money had to be taken to the evidence fault in the courthouse. The moon and the FBI agent in charge of the case, were responsible for supporting the money to the vote on the twenty six September. Ten days later, once the troll was concluded.
The judge Rude, all the evidence could be returned and it was here that it was discovered. A bag of money was missing. The bag missing contains thirty eight thousand one hundred dollars and what was significant about it. Bag was that it contained all of the money that the F b I couldn't identify or couldn't traced back to bite net. It was stolen from agents in charge of the case from the FBI. Baltimore field office were officially the ones responsible for the money and to ensure safe keeping. Socrates, was handed investigation to find out what happened to the missing money: the Baltimore, if your field office, of course,. that's not knowing if the money ever made it into the vault, if it didn't, that would indicate the Jonathan Linda, played a part in its disappearance, but a small impossible. The money was stolen from the vault at a later time. Ten days had passed before anyone had noticed at missing. That's a lot of time for somebody to arrange to take it and many people came and went from the vote.
The story was late to the media. Soon after the media reported that more than thirty six thousand dollars was missing, they didn't have the exact figure. So from that point on, it was reported and became public belief that thirty six thousand dollars was stolen. The case came to be known in the papers as the missing thirty six thousand dollars. The f b I conducted their investigation, Diana viewed, everyone involved. Everyone from the judge Dam was interviewed. The F B. I was eager to dodge any blame for the missing money. They had to try the blind somewhere else, this creative tension between the Baltimore. If your field office and the Baltimore- U S, attorney's office,. Meanwhile, the appeal as investigation into day on Smith them Walter Poindexter continued. It didn't come too
and until my settings, two thousand and three when I write it down Smith, stash ass records and arrested birthday on and Malta, both be charged with trafficking heroin Walter was also charged with murdering Alvin Giants. She would be conducted separately down and Malta were to be tried together on the trafficking charges, and if the murder, evolving changes brought up, that would be unfair to day on, as they had nothing to do with it, and it would mean- Well, then likely result in a mistral, so the prosecution had to be careful not to mention the murder in the drug trafficking trial. Jonathan Luna still had to fall paperwork to the court about the murder and he made sure to include just how much information I had to prove the murder was drug related. He threat model with the death penalty. The had tail conversations detailing the murder, they had warns testimony and I also had other witnesses. This is important because.
the drug related murder now play deal could be negotiated. Jonathan Lunar was required, and a federal law to prosecute the joint troll for Diana Malta's trafficking charges began on the first two December, two thousand and three, Jonathan Luna failed to mention that Warren Grace had repeatedly violated the terms of these play agreement. They also failed to disguise he was a painting foreman. This information should have been provided in discovery, but it wasn't and it would have serious consequences. Warren grace was called the disdained to testify the first. I try. Any funding the witness box mumbling using its is being unclear things. It was a bad witness. In fact he was so bad the judge an early in the day to allude to work with him over nor beside them will you be a little more useful in the witness box the following day, despite learn and others,
Rising any of the information about warranted the defence somebody had to them off and before the day, did the defence to raise the issue with the judge that they had information suggesting Warren Grace had repeatedly violated the terms of these play agreement by dealing drugs, engaging in violent behaviour and that agent Skinner had effectively turned a blind eye. It was an even more hot topic than usual, because at this very moment a congressional investigation was being conducted into the FBI's criminal mishandling of informants. Imagine you're nervous the FBI agents involved in this case agents, gonna being the main one and Jonathan Lunar himself were feeling when the defence tame rises. That was career ending stuff, especially when the judge ass to say copy of the violations report. That was a big problem. because there wasn't one surgeons, keep our heart beating. They do the amazing.
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They sweeping the violations under the rugged works. I Luna decided to come. You swing, he decided he wanted to show. jury. He was not trying to hide anything. Lunar is described as a shop attorney experienced in criminal trawls, but in this case he seemed anything but He was scolded by the judge on more than one occasion for things like inappropriately trying to get evidence in and for forgetting to bring evidence to the court, forgetting all the falls the same like it was last There was a very on Luna locked performance with words, violations now on record. It created the opportunity for the defense. They followed a motion to have all charges dismissed. The judge refused, Barnes, credible but he was shot. I learned the f B. I we're in trouble for trying to keep it quiet, but there is still the issue of the hours it takes they telling Diana Malta's drug trafficking activities. The judge wasn't ready to dismiss just yet, but the defence kept up
doing the issue, then lunar ended outlawing. He said he did in fact in the documents over detailing the violations and can explain why the defence of saying I didn't get them defence won't having any of it. They kept hammering the point of mister idea and a cover up by lunar, an agent Skinner, the defence and try their luck? For me, straw and the judge said he would consider it over not a mistrial wasn't as good as a dismissal with a mistrial. A neutral could start over again at a later date and Walter and day on would have to stay in prison. until that neutral started. Later that no one's day two of the trawl had concluded the defense was tipped off with further information and the next day December. Third, two thousand and three day three of the trawl. They withdrew their application for a mistrial and argued for a full blind
so they me, I had information Luna and the FBI had can spot with the judge to blocking issuing a warrant for Warren Grace ivories play deal violations. Despite these allegations, the judge refused to dismiss the charges. There was still the types After all, the troll continued along grace go back into the Witness Box and I now goes through the type recordings when he finished his testimony: the defence selected to delay their cross examination The judge ordered warned not to talk about his testimony or he's violations or any other issues. In the case before the lunar, Well, the FBI, or until he had been questioned by the defense agent Skinner then took the stand. in another kind is letting out of the bag. Skinner admitted in the box that warm was a painting, fallen, the defence, the one aware that they couldn't boy
what our hearing I made another objection yet more information that wasn't disclosed to then they should obey, but the judges. I just wanted to get the troll moving forward. Skinny and went on to detail the violations committed by war and trying to avoid any blame or any knowledge before getting into the actual evidence, stay on and Walter and the conclusion of skin his testimony. The defence successfully argue for a federal court in court into the mishandling and cover ups involving Warren Grace the judge, or does it lunar and the. U S. Attorney's office be investigated. Anxious for that matter. Happen. Luna came up with a play. Do he discussed the deal with the defence attorneys in the lunch break? The lawyer,
the Poindexter demanded the murder charge be dropped. As part of the deal said, a deal offered was about ten years in prison for Smith, who was facing thirty and fifteen years in prison for Poindexter it was pacing. The possibility of the death penalty or lace lost without the leather defence had expired. Some serious issues with the handling of the case they knew it was a great deal for their clients, as though still the issue of their clients being recorded on type but the drug trafficking. It was hard to make dies recordings go away and the judge had already done order. Dismissal twice both of those types. When the deal was taken to Smith and Poindexter. They couldn't say yes, quick enough. They knew how lenient the deal was. Lunar agreed to the request to drop the murder charge, but the problem was he couldn't. It was against the law. The murder charge was drug related and no play deal could be negotiated. Federal rules. Luna must prosecute a drug related
but learn his neck depended on the play. Grooming going ahead cited the necks of a few of these were colleagues in the: U S: attorney's office and a few. Next, at the F b I Baltimore Field Office as well, and the next one judge But Luna had already placed too much in the court fall day telling just hear related to drugs. The murder of Alvin dreams was, it was too late to my guide disappear. lunar grated ideal anywhere link Resumed after launch lunar inform the jobs that I've come to an agreement. They approached the bench John said that he wanted assigning riding before he sent the jury home. That's he that Poindexter Loya questions. If Luna could even make the deal given the issue of the motor charge. Balloonist says to the jobs that it will be able to take care of it. until it was in writing, I, the judge, wanted to move forward with the travel at the conclusion of the third day is evidence that
Dodge instructed lunatic either have the play agreements signed off in writing or to come to court the next morning, with his next witness ready to go article included. Luna got to work on the deal trying to work out how to make the murder of elven giants go away, so it could cover up the scandal and impending investigation in a federal court. Luna couldn't approve the deal himself either had to be signed off by his superiors. Four handed Luna might be evidence that it was a drug related murder disappear. Will he couldn't? I was too there's no way. Luna Goodnight display agreement awfully unless he Lord said, there was no evidence, The drug related motor PLUTO would be badly so If you went down that path, so that wouldn't take much digging that it was a lie. It was called lying on, an official court document that would manage career would be over. It would never practice law again. Luna, obviously struggled back and forth with this.
Where the afternoon and into the north, he stating these office working the deal very hours. He saw the help of his work colleague assisting. U S, attorney change worry. He then made a quick trip time for dinner before turning to his office to keep working on the deal. He walked all the way up to just before midnight. He completed a deal for down Smith easily enough, but he couldn't complete the deal. Walter Poindexter shortly before me, not Luna left his office with Walter Poindexter Deal still unfinished only half completed on his computer Luna left his saying, glasses and mobile phone. His desk, it is unknown. Lunar was alone or, if those somebody else with him, despite being a federal building security, wasn't that high? Actually, it was described as being virtually non existent at the time there were no security cameras inside to show what happened.
But we do know that eleven thirty eight p m lunacy cars recorded leaving the booting Medina it was aligning the car or not but interesting. Luna. Neither these gases, the drive an hour up on his desk in his office plain his car started the head out of town, in fact that actually headed out of the state. This was the beginning of an extremely strange journey that would go through four states before the north, there he headed out of state and driving the Delaware at twelve fifty cents. I am lunar or somebody using his card, withdrew two hundred dollars from an atm at the rest, stop in Delaware, as luck would have it: the security camera working at the time. This withdrawal was made. This Delaware stop was about half way to Philadelphia. And Philadelphia prisoners were worn. Grace was being held that may have something to the boys had it in that direction. Lunacy trip.
where was recorded on his electronic toll tag, but after the withdrawal of the two hundred dollars, the remaining Tarzan. Blueness journey were paid with cash. Two thirty seven. I am leaned. His car entered the New Jersey Term park. This is why, They are and forty minutes since the idea and withdraw, but this journey would only take a forty five minutes said: there's closer now missing. Shortly after hitting the New Jersey, the car headed west towards Pennsylvania, Lena's currencies, the Pennsylvania Turnpike at about two. Forty seven aim: black is a tall road for those who might be unaware. at three twenty I am loony. Debit card is used again this time, the boy petrol at a rest up on the Pennsylvania temper And wouldn't you know it, the security cameras failed to capture anything yet again.
At four flora, for I am lunacy. Car left, the Pennsylvania term pocket exit to eight six Toby's ticket was lighter, found to have a small spot. A balloon is blood on it. This journey was bizarre and made no sense at all, but somebody, liberally trying to make a confusing to throw investigators off the bat emails from the Turnpike leaned. His car was found abandoned in an isolated area of a dirt road, near warehouse used by drilling company drilling They were still in operation, but it wasn't open. At no time saw was a quiet area. Nobody was around till I tracked shyly in his car. first behind the warehouse- and this is where we thought the lunar was left a dead. He had been stand thirty six times
stab wounds or Larry's body, including his back and extensive defensive wounds on his hands. There was a large pool of blood on the floor in the back seat of the car, but there was also blot on the drive aside, what so. This is where it was thought Luna may have been left for dead in the back seat, but he managed to get into the driver's seat to try and get away Drive from the warehouse a short distance over to a nearby Craig and that's her. So Johnson, the car to try to run his body was found faced young in the crate right next to his car. Despite his extensive wounds, the actual cause of death was dreaming. Jonathan Luna was still wearing his courtroom, business suit shirt and tie the coat and his court shoes. His courthouse all day badge was still hanging around his neck. A cow was still running and it was about thirty dollars scattered throughout.
Blueness vandeveer for thirty. I am that morning, the fourth December, when employees from the drilling company started to arrive to work that morning was also day for Poindexter. Since me straw, Course started at nine thirty. I am There was a nine by those involved in the case that lunar had been killed. Assistant US attorney James Warwick, who Lunar had spoken to the north for about the deal appeared in court on his behalf. He apologized to the judge for Luna's absence and said they didn't know where he was. The office was still trying to track him down. However, I had some knowledge of the case and was prepared to act on Luna's behalf where it rushed ahead with the plea agreement, the spot Lunas absence where it ran out to Luna's office to triumph on the play deals he found Smith's completed, but Poindexter was still unfinished on the computer, so work took it upon himself to finish it
And returned to the core, with the two completed signed off play deals what Luna couldn't or wouldn't do the nor the for change work done in about an hour or so nobody saint concern. Luna was missing at this point. Rising all this was allowed to go ahead and was rushed through the why it was the defence on the deal and it was done. Poindexter was not pro, for the murder of Alan Giants. The murder was essentially swept under the rug. that wasn't long after the recent news of lean his death broke the coroner immediately ruled Luna was the victim of a vicious homicide. The coroner was quoted as saying you think, they'll, perhaps after information from the God, when you say something like this. You said this because some of the wounds were only very shallow and it looked as either an office maybe just being held to his body what you would do trying to get information into somebody equal threatening them. Given that was a
the blood online, is told you get when the call of the Pennsylvania Term Park in the large pool of blood found in the back seat. That's quite possibly was being tortured. During this bizarre journey, the car took. only days later, stores were linked to the media from unnamed federal law sources. From morning everybody about the missing thirty six thousand dollars, then those information like suggesting land was involved in affairs and posting on internet dating sites, the story I'm having a large amount of debt that he's wharf didn't know about, and that is having problems in the workplace, so seems as our public sphere, The campaign was well underway, quite obviously they are trying to make it clear. There were plenty of mighty for his motor, none of which was to do with these work and they have to work with it. El the media they believe balloon is death, was not related to his work, and it was more than likely the result of a personal relationship turning bad. The best
Six weeks later in January, two thousand and four a pen notwithstanding the creek right next to the spot that Loon his body was found. This was interesting as it was banned in a spot that had already been extensively searched. How was it that it wasn't found prior to this The next month, in February, more unnamed law sources light to the media that our strongly considering the possibility that Luna committed suicide. They also like he was due to face of polygraph test over the missing thirty. She says in dollars just prior to his death, that combined with his debt and the other allege problems linked to the major and leaned his love for the reasons given for suicide, a pretty amazing theory. When you consider the blood on the tall ticket the pool of blood in the Black Sea, the defense he went to his hands and the wounds on his back Also there was genital mutilation involved. So Jonathan Lunar, DR himself, through four states, stabbed himself thirty. Six times which would have had
Start while I was drawing because those bought on the tall ticket then jumped into the back seat, this type himself, some more then ringing the crate Adrian himself F B. I try to get the coroner. The ruling is death was a suicide. The coroner. Originally ruling is death. A homicide had moved on. Then you coroner refused the F B. I request confirming the original ruling not learn. His death was a homicide and years later, a third colonel. but also confirm when his death was a homicide. To this day, the investigation is still ongoing. there is a one hundred thousand dollar award for any information leading to the case being solved. There are nine aspects and no no motive. At least On that are being made public anyway, wants a poindexter was laid a sentence to fourteen years in prison. He was
I have a prosecuted for the murder of elven Giants Day on Smith's got just over nine years in prison and Warren Grice was sentenced to seven years in prison with credit for Tom already served. And there is an interesting saw, night alone. This doesn't have any thing to do with Jonathan line is death, but it just goes to show what sort of a city was working at the time just prior to his death others in his office were close to handing down an indictment against former Baltimore police. Commissioner, and now the merryland state police, superintendent, Edward Norris, along with these former chief of staff and others, took her up, and fraud in the handling of police accounts. They were caught using police funds to pay for sexual favours escorts too funny structure I tell swayed the boy girls, lingerie pay for expensive dinners and so on.
This is all going down at the time of his death. In fact, the charges were followed within a week after his death. So that's what the people in charge of the place for up to. The shameless Ghana was uncovered around the same time involving police and other officials in Pennsylvania, as I said, does not suggest this is in any way related to learn his death. There just provides a north snapshot of what was going on in Baltimore at the time. One of lunacy, closest friends, has a theory. What he experienced usually well prepared. Intelligent prosecutor, the bumble and families way through the troll, Poindexter and Smith, making look as though he had no idea times. Ultimately, he's actions would lead to the dodge ordering a federal investigation, the moon, his friend, theory was that Luna knew exactly what he was doing and what he's actions would lay two and it's exactly
we wanted to happen, and this is what is close friend than you Rivera had to say. You have to understand Joey, he was sly, an extremely small. He didn't always do things straight on. He was smart enough to sometimes work below the surface Joe. He couldn't have liked best. Skinner and the others were pulling for no Joey. But what was he going to do about it that stuff about leaving things back on Easter, not knowing how to introduce evidence come on obeying showing court. He was sharp, that's no jelly! Don't you see he was trying to expose them.
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