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[Part 1 of 2] As midnight approached on July 1 2002, the German village of Owingen was disturbed by a deep rumbling from above. Residents assumed an unforecast storm was brewing, but seconds later a thunderous explosion roared as a large ball of fire illuminated the night sky. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-106-peter-nielsen-part-1
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China needs for this episode on your app or on our website. Located at the northern foothills of the swiss alpine region. He's like Constance, the third largest freshwater like in central and Western Europe, at sixty four kilometers in length, like constant stretches across three countries: Northern Switzerland, Southern Germany and Western Austria, acting as a watery border between eight nestled on the lights, northern shoreline he's the german city of rebuilding in an industrial harbour city that operates as a central point for the outlawing semi rule communities. six kilometers north of a is an inland village code, Coto Vegan Home to a population of around three thousand people. farmland, grassy meadows and fruit orchard surround the small Tangier framed by Roy
wearing heels covered in dense fur and oak tree forest It fell on July, one two thousand to the quiet straits evolving and were disrupted by a deeper rumbling from above prompting locals to assume and an unfocused storm, was fast approaching seconds later. A deafening explosion, unlike any typical roll of thunder or crack of lightning roared across the landscape. Houses, trembled startled residence rights, the windows balconies and the streets to determine the source of the frightening noise above the distant forest, a large Well, the fire illuminated the night sky. offering an resident, Stella, Vague, Mueller, described the side quite. The sky was orange red flaming and we saw detonations again and again.
and we realized it couldn't have been a normal thunderstorm. It was something we had never heard or seen before watch dinner at what they initially believed was an elaborate fireworks display. It wasn't. The burning fragments started to rain down when the chilling realisation dawn they were witnessing a catastrophe. I think alike. I had just finished entertaining gas jet in her patio garden when she was startled by the lad banks from above within seconds club. pieces of metal crashed down under her tears smashing through and warning and melting her outdoor furniture shrapnel split. did the exterior walls of her high and shouted its windows hula a partner.
Today, young daughter rushed out onto the streets where panicked voices shouted around them. The plane fell within minutes. Overman's picturesque countryside was on fire. Huge columns of black smoke rose up into the night sky searing the throats and belongs of locals, who
and into the fields to death the spreading flight. They immediately recognized several pieces of debris, an aircraft towel chassis in turbines, landing gear and a copy it with a cracked bloodied wind shoe lying, amongst the wreckage with dozens of small bodies.
As daybreak the following morning of July to two thousand to the sheer extent of the tragedy that has befallen the german countryside, the not prior was fully realised the once lush and vibrant rural landscape now resembled a battlefield. Forests and agricultural fields were charred and deleted with twisted fractured pieces of metal. The error rate of burning few and heavy gray snivelling it down to the other costs. Skyline Representatives of the german Federal Bureau of Aircraft accidents investigation arrived to the same following reports of an incident that seemed too unbelievable to be true. According to witnesses to planes collided in midair over Lake Constance. These reports were confirmed when there
means of to commercial aircraft were found throughout an area of approximately three hundred and fifty square kilometers K Rex she had fallen over seven major sought. In an hour a card or twenty kilometres long and two kilometers ward. The area was cordoned off to keep onlookers and media at bay as thousands of firefighters, police officers and the rescue workers surveyed the debris trying to comprehend the devastation around them. As they searched desperately for survivors helicopters equipped with infrared cameras sword. Above while the depths of nearby, like Constance, was gained by boats using sonar equipment. officials considered it a miracle that no one on the ground was killed or injured by the falling debris and that damage to surrounding towns was relatively minor
his plane was identified as a passenger. Jet luggage was strewn throughout the sought and contained clothing travel necessities and children's belongings statements from witnesses, coupled with the distribution of the debris, indicated that this plane had broken up amid fly. Its paces bowling across the land below the right wing was located in a cornfield and to the left was found two kilometers. They are resting in the garden of a golf course. The plane's fuselage informally referred to as it's body was split in two with the pieces landing three hundred meters apart,
the forward section, including the cockpit, had crashed into an apple plantation? The recession, including the engines, had a narrowly missed an ovum in boarding school for disabled children averting what could have been an even greater tragedy. The aircraft's title was found sprawled across a rural road between two crop fields, visible on it side, it was the yellow. What and blue logo of Bacteria Airlines, a russian airline, company. The remains of the second aircraft identified as a cargo jet were discovered in a forest fire. Kilometers ace, devolving and indivisibility of the village of toys is thought. Its nose was embedded too made his deep into the forest floor, strapped to the pilot Sates inside the cockpit with the bodies of the two men crew.
Scattered in close proximity were parcels bearing the red and white branding of international courier company. They hbo most of the cargo jets wreckage with central laws. The rain, the forest indicating that unlocked the passenger aircraft, it did not break up in midair. Instead, remained structurally intact during the cen before crashing into the ground, notably the planes vertical title structure used to provide direction. Stability was missing only a stump consisting of torn up metal remained by now. There was little doubt as to the identity of age plain to flights at since disappeared from radar, their crews, falling radio sullen and both failing to reach their final
destinations in the week ending June. Two thousand to the final bell of the academic he rang out across schools in Russia, signaling the start of the summer holidays for forty four students from the city of roof in the countries, where the sound of the bell heralded a sense of nervous excitement, for recognition of their excellency, not athletics or academics. The students had been rewarded with a two week holiday to Spain to attend a festival organised by UNESCO, the United Nations Education, science and actual body, the accolades of those who had earned a spot on the exclusive trip, varied fourteen, you're out career deck. The area was a prodigy artist. His water cut enjoy your paintings were faded into public exhibitions. Skilled tennis player, sick,
then you're out, Corina, who were slain ah was accepted into the school of the Olympic Reserve. The train is for saying a God. Meddling in future passionate environmentalist fourteen you out of Soya FED toga lectured The subject of heavy metals is polluters at the Small Academy of Sciences and designed to make a logical clothing on made from garbage bags the Father of Eleven year old, to a of promised his son could attend the student trip to Spain if he and high academic great Arthur, excelled at school and even won first place at an international mathematics competition. When his father I returned home from work one evening at a rush to him with his report card in hand and said dad look I'll kept. My word his father proudly responded good. I promise you can go
several of the students were the offspring of affluent high ranking russian officials with wealth derived from there. Will reach homeland for others coming up with the money to fund their essays travel. Wasn't a simple fifteen year out ass master goods opted to forego the trip proposing the money be spent on his father's important dissertation work. Instead, Austin's father politely declined the offer urging son to go and enjoy is well deserved holiday to Spain in the weeks leading up to the trip the students eagerly practice. Speaking spanish and saved up their spending, their artillery, included a visit to port of Inter world a theme park featuring state the art roller coasters and water. Slides along with a visit Ass, the writer, a strip of mediterranean coastline known for its com, shallow waters.
I join. The students were counting down the remaining days until there ever sees adventure. awaiting their arrival was the warm weather of Southern Europe. A welcome change From the cold, a frigid temperatures experience they knew for fifteen years the answer to fear for their turnover hoped the spanish Sun and see, would ease the severe back pain that had recently forced her to miss many classes at school. For some of the children, this would be the first time travelling abroad. Fourteen year old, danish gagging, mocha metal was looking forward to the floods as they hoped to one day. daddy ideation and become an astronaut any spare time. Constructed model airplanes out of plastic bottles and toothpaste tubes using
Batteries, avowed toys is makeshift engines prior to leaving for Spain, Dana right to friends, expressing how throaty was to finally be taking to the skies. The group is shootings, accompanied by force out chaperones departed due for report on Saturday June. Twenty nine two thousand to twenty minutes later They landed in Russia's capital city of Moscow, where they Did it shut up ass, the Dama Deva International Airport for their connecting flights to Spain. after arriving to dominate Davao airport. The group soon realized the travel agency Responsible for organizing their trip had accidentally sent them to the wrong airport. Their flight actually scheduled to depart from share a matter of our international airport, drive to the opposite side of the city unable make a daring. The group missed the Florida.
Who for based bacteria and airlines, was quick to come to the rescue of the stranded students Arranging an urgent charter flight, they elected one that you believe one five four ram series airline is for the flood a medium range narrow body to passenger aircraft designated flock code beta, say to nine three seven. The channel It was said to depart from dummy. The Deva report on the evening of Monday July, one arriving Barcelona, El Prat, International Airport, on Spain's EAST coast, less than five hours later as Bashkirian Airlines rust proof lot, events, Sunday June 30th start saying in Moscow visiting colorful landmarks and monuments that defined the historical city and domestic
a collection of photographs to show family and friends upon their return home in two weeks time. Fifty two year old Alexander Grass, was at her and preparing to last time path through the garden when he received an urgent call from bacteria and airlines. They requested he's since a dumb at a diver where poor to captain the unscheduled charter flight beta, see two nine three seven dispatching decision, the cap had flying for many international airlines during he stood a year career winning numerous awards for Visa, VHF achievements and doing more than twelve thousand credited flawed hours across Asia, Africa and many parts of Europe. Yet Alexander didn't have much experience with the flight route to Spain or the trooper Olivia Croft there for that. Yada presented him with the opportunity to further develop his skills. Alexander accepted the job and hastily prepared
lay from Moscow. His wife noticed he was unusually nervous that day even struggling to do up his tar. Best carrying airlines classified Barcelona, so proud airport as an arrow dream in mountainous terrain. As such, pilots making their initial flights to this hazardous destination were required to do so under the supervision of an instructor for Alexander Grass BT two two nine three seven would be his second disarm piloting a flight to Barcelona meaning. He was required to be accompanied by a qualified instructor to oversee and evaluate these performance. The task was handed to forty years although your Gregorio, with the chief pilot of best cure and airlines, into the deputy commander of the Tupolev aircraft squadrons. Or leg had years of experience piloting for international airlines all over the world, including Spain, and
Recently been crowned best air transport, employee. due to his superiority, in charge of the cockpit assuming the future role of pilot in command Up to now examine the grass was assigned piloting control. A leg took the seed alongside the captain to conduct these assessments. Typically, they say was reserved for captain grasses, first officer or CO pilot Forty one you're out more rat it cool off, but without it Gregorio finnish Chair Murad, was considered off duty and had no official function during the flight. He would spend its duration seated directly behind his superiors, observing per se, is it was worthwhile experience from Europe who is set to be promoted to captain in due time,
regarded as a level headed professional pilot, Murat, had recently received a thank you letter from the commander of the best carrying Airlines flight department. Acknowledging he's flawless actions during complicated flock conditions. The three pilots were supported in the cockpit by flooding. Have a greater and flood engine need. It was their job to ensure the plane remained on its designated flight path, whilst monitoring the aircraft systems and rectifying any faults that may arise back in the aircraft cabin. The team of six flight attendants service, all the passengers due to the sudden and unscheduled nature of the flood most of the aircraft. One hundred and sixty six seats would remain only seven other tickets were sold the last minute to other travel, travelers willing or needing to depart for Spain immediately.
bringing the number of passengers on board the aircraft to fifty six. The russian student group accounted for forty, nine of them. with luggage secured in the cargo hold and personal belongings sturdy. Neither had compartments passengers took their seats. Pre flight preparations were completed and air traffic control gave the aircraft clearance to initiate takeoff. the jet engines, rumbled to laugh and the plane, was slowly taxi into position by eight forty eight p m. The Tupolev began accelerating down there. Why? Upon reaching the right ass, Spade Captain Alex the grass pull back the control color, causing the nose of the plane to tilt up words and onwards into the endless night sky. Best Korean Airlines flight Btc, two nine three seven was officially underway. Earlier that afternoon, a cargo stop
American Boeing, seven five, seven jet airliner was completing a standard. Intercontinental Fraid of Solomon at the controls were pilots, poor, Philips and brand Campi Ernie the path Louis, the team for doing your post courier company. They hide your world Why express flying is a major part of forty seven year old, poor Phillips alive, the British, Nor joined day, I'd show in nineteen eighty, nine clucking upwards of eleven thousand nine hundred in flat hours in doing the rank of captain has one of the company's most senior. Pilots pull ran a professional cockpit, doing everything by the book, a colleague of pull stated as a pilot. If you picked up the plane from pole- and he said it was okay- he knew it was ok. He was meticulous, but he also made you enjoy your job. If you looked at the roster and saw you were flying with Paul, he knew
would have a good time, pulls CO pilot thirty four year old, canadian brand can't be any he joined today. I Jill Squadron in nineteen ninety nine taking any opportunity to jump into the cockpit Brandt had amassed over six and a half thousand hours of appalling experience, including eighteen months as an instructor. Passion and dedication for his chosen career was acknowledged in a letter of commendation from his employer honouring branch. Yet standing polity work. at eleven. Fifty I am Pull Philips and brand can't be any checked in Bahrain Airport for routine Fraser.
Today I chose international based in Brussels, Belgium, a flight route to pair had taken many times before at one hundred and thirty p dot m. They entered the cockpit of a Boeing aircraft designated flight code Dhx six hundred and eleven after departing from the Persian Gulf Nation, the Paraflu Westerly for five hours and forty minutes before landing for a scheduled, stop in the northern italian town of Bergamo, where they re asked, was re fuel and its cargo unloaded and re start having Ready completed the longest, the leg of their trip, the remaining journey nor with the Brussels, would only take a further ninety minutes at nor no six p m the Hygiene Flood Day, Ajax six, while one took to the skies once more flown by first officer brand, can't be ony.
Shortly before ten p, DOT M Vegetarian airlines, flight btc2, nine hundred and thirty seven, oh cargo, fly day. Hijacked six, while one collided over southern Germany becoming the worst civilian aircraft disaster. The country had ever seen the catastrophic said Anne had climbed to the last of all sixty nine persons on board the troop alive, including the forty four school students remover, and therefore at out chaperones. The two pilot aboard the Boeing had also lost their lives. There were no survivors The event would later come to be named after the closest major city to where the incident occurred. The two thousand and two. And media collision, the age old pay tribute today to ask pilots pull Philips and branch can't be any in a written. Men penned by the company Paul Phillips, was remembered.
a true gentleman without a vindictive bone in his body. His career, led him to Bahrain International Airport, where he had a chance encounter with a woman selling raffle tickets named Dany. didn't win the raffle Grand Prize of a car, but did win of Aimee who later became his wife and mother of their three children, when he wasn't in the air pool if the leisurely life on the ground tending to his vegetable garden or fishing in his boat chill statement also commemorated the loss of happy go. Lucky branch can't be any sports fanatic, passionate about ten sympathy to all
voted to life. In the same way he was divided. The flying Brandt fanned amusement in the smallest of joys from a good meal too little treasures he'd find on the beach next to his home was the dilapidated tennis court, where Bryant would first players of high school level than his iron enthusiastically welcoming the challenge is positive energy drew in others, including his wife, denying a friend remarked ever the optimist.
Glass was always half full with brand three days of official mourning were declared in Ufa with flags flying at half mast across the russian city at the domestic airport. A message of sympathy from best korean airlines was displayed alongside pitches of their deceased flight crew. At the same time, tributes were pouring in for the forty five schoolchildren regarded as roof is best and brightest flowers covered their school desks as grieving teachers collected pitches class and report card lamenting the student short bit impact for was a photograph shied. Several of the female students dancing in pink satin dress is too marked world war to victory day. One decision, students report card displayed rise, a farce, perfect results, parents and families were united in grave is they came to town.
With the tragic news. Many of them had presumed the children had arrived safely in Spain. Only to learn of the disaster over the radio they went to bed at ease over the yield, faded circumstances that lead to their children onto the doomed airliner culminating from they missed fly. Days prior to the mother of eleven year old, bull I'd be glove lamented to russian media. He. Finally, they had flown on time. Nothing would have happened just days before her Trip to Spain, twelve year old, Alina China, Nova purchase stole had textbooks in anticipation of starting the seventh grade lighted at YE, the books remained wrapped in doubt, read on her shelf. Her mother told reporters. I don't feel like a mother anymore. I feel like I've lost my heart
The sister of fourteen year old Hilda resolution would never received a souvenir teddy bear. He had promised to bring her back from Spain. The music box given to fourteen year old Veronica, such for her birthday, held a few of her sentimental belongings across an old coin and a small sylvan necklace. These items now reached by her suffering. Family lawyer who were slain are lost her two children in the disaster. The corona aged sixteen and son, a russian aged fifteen degrading mother asked. What do I have to leave for now. Alexander lost his two children. Thirteen years What a daughter, Veronica and twelve year old Son, Vladislav. in an even crueler twist. His
Four Raina was one of the four at our chaperones who involuntary to accompany the students to Spain. The disaster had claimed Alexanders entire family. Emergency visas were issued to the families of victims to allow prompt travelled to Germany. There were asked to bring anything with them that would help identify their children's remains, including dental had many. records. Bacteria best korean airlines varied the relatives abroad. In one of their true believe aircraft circumstances. They bore chilling similarities to the doomed fly nights prior. Upon arriving to Germany, the relatives were transported to overrun, with many still holding onto the impossible hope that their children may have some ass a virus
The father of Eleven Year old daughter, Camertus, stated: we still hope that these children would running appear from somewhere. and probably every parent believed in some miracle hope faded when the Greek raged the expansive and confronting crash on. Although the bodies of the victims had since being recovered and taken away, the wreckage still remained painting a grim picture of what the passengers into it in their final moments,.
the imagery caused several mourners too faint, makeshift shines, made up of foreign rates and candles were built around the debris and flowers brought from gardens in Russia, but planted throughout the german countryside. Some graving relatives dug up handfuls of the earth and picked up stalks of corn from the surrounding crop yields as a somber keepsake of their children's temporary resting place after a press service and the hour of silence commenced. His morn is wandered through the devastation burden, The unanswered questions. How and why? One parent told the media. We have very many questions and I think it's the duty of every parent to find out how it happened.
Inquiries into the cause of the fatal crash were fronted by the german Federal Bureau of Aircraft accidents investigation. They were assisted by representatives from both Russia and the United States, as the incident involved planes built in their respective countries Initial considerations as to how such a rare catastrophe could occur, centered around the presumption that one of the pilots must have somehow lost, control, mid flight and directed their plane into the other. Post mortem examinations of the cheap alive and bowing crew members rude each person's cause of death as a direct result of the collision. There were indications that any suffered from pre existing afflictions, physiological impairments or psychological illnesses that may have contributed to the crash tests. Workin
for the presence of alcohol, medication or other drugs, but produced negative results. In all cases, the possibility that exhaustion played upon was ruled out. His crew members had sufficient time to rest and relax prior to the floods. The german meteorological service reported the weather on the evening of July. One was unremarkable characterized by scattered cloud coverage with slight to moderate rain. Five other aircraft flow above southern Germany. That evening, their crews reported seeing stars clearly indicating visibility was good however, they record a lack of moonlight around the time of the collision. These days, how was it by german military J, AI physicists, whose astronomical Dada review Bolin.
It was in the waning phase below the horizon and had not yet risen. This meant the night sky was particularly dark. Limiting visibility from the cockpit to less than ten kilometers ahead. As inquiries continued in Germany investigations, I wonder why in Russia, ITALY and Switzerland countries that doomed flights it reversed during July, one at the time of the collision Both planes were under the observation of Swiss based their navigation service provider called Sky God, which was tasked with supervising airspace over like Constance. the multi million dollar company operated from an area control centres located inside a tall window. Detail on the grounds of Zurich International Airport in the country's nor based investigators spoke This guy got stuff on duty, the night of July, one
reported an unusual occurrence at around nine hundred and thirty p dot m. Ass, it control. I was observing a navigation radar screen featuring a basic gridlock display of swiss air space and surrounds small blips indicated aircraft positions in the scar, along with their fought, number designation attitude and approximate traveling Spade to control. I noticed the blips of floods beta, say to non three seven and de hijack six. While one were rapidly approaching the same location Nova like Constance, both soaring at thirty six thousand fate, to control a presumed. This situation was one of loss of separation. Wearing aircraft, incidentally, fly too close to one another. These aviation near misses are more common than most realize, but very rarely end in disaster.
remedy the loss of separation between flights. Beatty said two: nine, three, seven and d hijack six one, one: the control of followed established procedures and radio through to the trooper left the cockpit ordering Captain Alexander Grosse to descend these aircraft by one thousand feet no radio communications were initiated by air traffic control to the Boeing aircraft, the only one environment to secure safe passage of both flights was simply for one plane to move out of the way of the other. Strangely, there was no response from the Tupolev crew to control a repeated. His demand this time with the. more emphasis Captain Alexander brought his voice finally came through the radio clarifying the order to descend, which the controller confirmed.
The controller was under. The impression that you believe crew had followed through with the descent into the crosses had been averted. It wasn't until the blips of floods, beta, say to non three seven and day hijack six. One one suddenly disappeared for navigation radar screens. The sky guide staff realized something what Wrong. Attempts to re establish radio communications with the trooper left copy crew were met with silence. Sox socks are the number one most requested item in homeless, shelters, underwear, whereas the second church or third at Bombas socks were first was comfortable details for everyday wearing, then underwear, in short to all, designed to perfectly thin at bombers ever
damn you purchase, means you're, donating and essential clothing item to someone in need one comfortable clothing item for you, one donated to someone in need: Bombas comfort for all get twenty percent off your purchase at Bombas, dot, com, comfy officials could offer no explanation as to why the two planes had collided. According to the company, the Tupolev was ordered to descend about two minutes. Before the crash, giving the airliner ample time to safely move out of the Boeing's flight path presented from Sky God informed the media. Quite the problem was that the right complain, did not immediately respond for reasons that are entirely clean. These comments led to specula. what's the weather, the trooper live crews. Initially, action was to blame for the tragedy and whether it was in internal or not Curious korean airlines were quick to come to the defense of their crew, insisting all
Staff on board were highly qualified and experienced in the russian federation. Crews are awarded performance classes based on their qualifications and flights go. There are four in total club one being the highest people s, crew members were class. One furthermore can Nl example grass was experienced in navigating difficult flock conditions that required last minute. Maneuvers during one particularly problematic flocked to Budapest. Predictable weather had him descending onto an airstrip that had been flooded by an overflowing river. He successfully brought the plane down safely receiving applause from his relieved and grateful passengers decision, the captain was known to abide by a single rule when flying he referred I used to relax as there were one hundred and fifty people behind his back depending on him. Nevertheless
Alexander, immediate inaction, prior to the? U billing and media collision raised many questions: the theory, that the russian crew was at fault, gained, momentum with room is spreading that they may not have fully understood the english commands given boss guy gods, air traffic controller, despite it being the de facto international language of civil aviation wanting to dispel the accusations directed towards her husband, Alexander, his widow came forward to present a certificate he had been issued years prior. Acknowledging his extensive knowledge and understanding of english flight language blame and criticism where further spotlighted on Russia. When ideation officials labelled Tupolev aircraft is careless, Boeing airliners had made it's name as one of the most reliable aircraft with a generally good safety record. However,
Russia's aging domestic work horse, the Tupolev had a chicken history. Although a popular aircraft, it had been involved in about thirty eight disasters since its inception, Months prior to the EU in MID air collision, achievable ethics loaded in MID air and crashed into the black sea, killing seventy eight passengers and crew months before that, the Tupolev Asked in Siberia, killing one hundred and forty three people on board additional costs Namibia,
yet records showed the Tupolev involved in the U billing in midair collision had received a technical inspection on June. Twenty eight two thousand two just two days before the fatal crash. The plane was determined to be in fine working order, with no technical. They facts and received authorization to fly similar inspections. were carried out on the Boeing. The last occurring just over two months prior to the crash. It too was given the old key. The head of Bashkirian Airlines stressed the trooper laughing medal metal requirements set by the internet
no civil aviation organization and dissipated accusations mounting against the russian crew he insisted to report is there were no reasons to say that the pilots didn't handled the plane properly. Switzerland's President Casbah Village was scheduled to attend a public memorial service, Hildy Nova, to honour the victims of the crash. However, he was forced to cancel plans when russian authorities were unable to guarantee safety. Emotions were running high in proud and nationalistic Russia. Local language was directed towards the Swiss, who had failed to send condolences, immediately following the crash in another perceived transgression, swiss officials and media had defied ethical standards by immediately placing the blame on the russian pilots and aircraft display.
The ongoing investigation. Having drawn no such conclusions, hundreds of Citizens greeted the coffins carrying the remains of the forty four schoolchildren upon their arrival to move a rapport. There were taken to go steamy divorce square for a public memorial, the usually vibrant, plaza serving as a gathering spot for the heartbroken community to come together and If the german deputy foreign minister attended the service and told the crown, we will never forget our compatriots german people, trying, together with Russian, said the side of a charge Whitefield He promised to erect a memorial at the crash site to serve as an eternal
remembrance. After the service the coffins were placed on the bosses and taken to a cemetery in southern Nova. Portraits of eight students were displayed in the windows has moon is framed. The procession rout tossing flowers onto the road is the vehicles approached. The students were buried together. They headstones placed in rows resembling they seeding patent on flight beta, say to nine three: seven, the local, I'm an organised, a special fund of twenty eight million roubles for the families of the victims, but it came with the understanding that no amount of money could compensate for the immense loss, condolences These were rough it on behalf of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, who said.
Your pain is immeasurable and your loss irrecoverable no matter who's followed at finally will bay. We ought also to be blamed. The way have not save the children and they left us his angels for Heaven. Ongoing searches of the extensive crasser resulted in the discovery of two distinct red color devices, the flawed recorders of by aircraft in formerly known as the black boxes. Engineered to withstand conditions arising from aircraft destruction? They imitate the investigation of aviation accidents that can This is a single unit made up of two individual devices. One is the flock daughter, a corridor which present the racing history of the flights. Internal electronic systems include, In control inputs and engine information, the other
is the cockpit voice recorder which records the audio environment within including conversations between crew members, as Ex began the intricate process of her trading, the data stored on the floor. Reporters K patient if the Tupolev and bowing were transported to a specialist storage, hang out for further examination To determine how the collision transpired by reconstructing the aircraft's were hampered by the she's state of their destruction, with many fought open having been completely destroyed and never recovered. Nevertheless, the wreckage coupled with the flight recorder, data would provide an invaluable resource in understanding how the rare catastrophe transpired, on the fifth day of the investigation examiners collided the information gathered from the wreckage with the data from the flog recorders and presented their findings
revealing the sequence of events that led to the you belong and media collision on July, one two thousand and two following their intermediate landing in ITALY oh cargo flood Day hijack six one. One was traveling north towards Belgium, at nine twenty one p m the plane was flying over the snow capped alpine region of Southern Switzerland when Captain Pull Phillips initiated radio communications with air traffic control, requesting clearance Long to a high reality as the scenery era provided less resistance and preserved few he's pissed Weekly requested to rise to thirty six thousand feet by this point. which was in sky gods, jurisdiction and Captain Phillips radio message the companies Zurich based AIR Control Center. Where he's request was granted
Fifteen minutes later first officer bring can't be any lefty, say to attend the laboratory and stored in a cubicle at the rear of the cockpit leaving Pull Philips alive At the controls, fourteen seconds later an alarm began emanating from the control panel. It was a indeed, by monitoring water mated automated voice, repeating the words traffic traffic The automated voice arose from the aircraft's in built traffic collision avoidance system informally referred to is take ass. The relatively new technology listened in on the constant stream of radio signals, radiating from commercial aircraft and calculate whether Rennie we're on a collision course if they were System when issue a warning and if necessary info. Pilots of what action to take to avoid one another, when they take ass, issued this course of action known as a resolution advisory. The pilot
been trained to respond immediately and maneuvers indicated, unless they you doing so would jeopardize the safe operation of the fly. The triple have entered the Boeing had take ass, install expert understood that had the system worked as it was designed to do you building and media collision should never had occurred. This raised the possibility that a might have malfunction or issued an era. Fourteen seconds after captain Paul Ups was alerted by take ass of nearby traffic. This a resolution advisory, the automated voice directed the pilot to descend descend remaining calm, Captain Phillips. The control column forwards.
The plane downward says per instruction to take ass, then advanced increase, descent increase descent, At this point, Upon hearing that take ass, a word Brandt tell the captain to increase And the Boeing's rate of descent was escalated. Pair were unable to make visual contact of any nearby aircraft due to the sheer darkness beyond the windshield Captain Phillips attempted to establish radio communications with Swiss air traffic control to determine who or what was in their proximity. But just went on he answered. several kilometers away basket
in airlines flood beta, say to nine three seven with soaring towards the Germany switch one border at cruising attitude of thirty six thousand feet as the tube eleven approached airspace like Constance. Its take ass, issued an alert warning that another aircraft was with in close proximity. Seven seconds later, the crew received radio communications from Zurich based air traffic control, ordering them to descend Judah crossing traffic. The message prompted discussions between the crew members, they observed: the night sky for the other aircraft, although no one virtually responded to the controller. Lingering accusations that kept analogy Andor grass did not understand the commands given to him in English. Were dispelled his instrument Dada indicated he followed through with the descent
Suddenly take has generated a resolution advisory commanding the pilot to instead climb climb off duty, first officer, Moretti Pool of acknowledge to take ass, telling the others it says climb
he's unease was brushed aside by all Agar Gregorian, the most senior member of the crew and the piloting command only indicated they should follow instructions provided by the air traffic controller. Saying he's guiding us down more at disagreed. Certain I should adhere to take ass and descend debate erupt it in the cockpit between crew members as they disputed what course of action to take the confusion, prompted captain Grass to halt the said, but then air traffic control radio, through a second message repeating narrowed to expedite the said, Captain Grass tentatively recited the Oda back to the controller who quickly replied. Yes, we have traffic at your two o clock with this confirmation. Captain growth
committed to the descent. The cheap alive crew nervously observed the North Korea in the two o clock direction, waiting to spot the approaching aircraft or Legged Gregorio fast frantically. Where is it depending to voice of more ready cooler responded? He on the left side, Dean beyond aircraft was not in the two o clock position, as advised by air traffic control, but on the opposite side of the true believers in the ten o clock position, the trooper lives flawed navigator explained its going to pass Benito.
as take ass, issued another resolution advisory. Instructing the pilot to increase climb increase con. It was too late. The Tupolev was in state descent above the Boeing, where pilots brain can't be any and kept him pull Philips, where a bang the orders, if their take ass. Suddenly the pair caught sight of the tube left right above them causing brand to remark in shock traffic right there. He desperately wanted to captain Phillips to descend. There was insufficient to on for razor aircraft to maneuver out of the others way, and at nine hundred and thirty five p dot m
a lot in the airspace over Southern Germany, the Boeing fluent in eighth, the tube alive. It's real vertical title clipped the left wing of the passenger airliner before slicing through its fuselage and severing I didn't have an explosive decompress next boat, all oxygen within the cabin rendering all those on board unconscious within seconds. Diego I continue to break up in midair raining pieces of fractured metal onto the ten evolving and below the impact she'd. Eighty percent of the Boeing's vertical tile, leaving nothing more than a storm and closing the aircraft to become a ride. Dynamically unstable brawling about its long ago, you know lacks is the Boeing, then, must use the engines due to the high lateral forces unable to control their aircraft, poor, Philips and brain. Came he any
you're an agonising three minute dissent as their plane plummeted to earth. The findings. clarified that neither the aircraft, crews nor a faulty traffic collision avoidance systems were responsible for the collision. They take us at work, just as it was designed to upon calculating the flights day, hijack six bomb, one and beta say to non three seven were on a collision course. The system issued prompt resolutions to rectify the problem, ordering the bowing to descend into the tube left to climb. Had the crews follow detailed instructions, the collision would have been avoided However, sky God, air traffic control issued the Triple S crew with conflicting orders, instructing them today send instead and subsequently bringing the passenger playing down on top of the Boeing.
Staff had initially informed investigators that orders into the you believe, two minutes before the collision. This statement was deemed false when transcript of radio communications between the tube eleven scar, God revealed the first. The aid would. I was given a me forty three seconds before impact in into In time frame for them to adjust their attitude for safe passage, still, this didn't answer the pressing question as to why the ETA The control provided the Tupolev crew with misguided or miscalculated instructions. Investigations, are od'ing on the air traffic controller, who gave the fatal directions the his ten year career history was scrupulously studied. Reveal a worker conceded by workmates and supervisors is competent and knowledgeable with the professional went
What positive attitude nothing in these records indicated deficiencies in his skill or experience. However, in May of Sazen one a year before the billing and media collision. The control, I was involved in a similar loss of separation incident. No one, armed in that instance. But a subsequent investigation attributed the incident in part to the control. Is error in judgment in evaluating this space required to safely conduct an attitude crossing maneuver following this scar, God conducted a thirty minute daybreak with the controller, but the contents of this session would not done invented and didn't laid the company to form any serious concerns about the control is ability. There was Isolated incident in an otherwise unblemished career the morning following the ability in media collision investigators
blood and urine samples from the sky, God staff who were unduly did the prior, including the controller in question, subsequent testing of they samples for dry alcohol and medication produced negative results, confirmed The controller was not under the influence of any substance that might have impacted their capability on the night of July, one actions of the air traffic controller were released to the media, reliable game, a mass murderer, safety, his name and identity when never released to the public hate mail flooded sky gods, corporate offices, The company refused to offer an explanation or apology for the crash. It has opened an investigation to determine whether the controller was indeed responsible and whether it was enough evidence to charge him with seventy one cases of negligent manslaughter during
interview with german press shortly after the disaster, the control Red Mitted too. He is wrong in the catastrophe explaining quite on the night of the accident. I was part of a network of people, computers, monitoring and transmission devices and regulations all it must work together, seamlessly and without era, and they must be synchronized. as an air traffic controller, it is more asking Judy to prevent such accidents. so many children lost their lives, and so many hopes for the future were erased. When these comments went to print, the air traffic controller was referred to simply as paid a IRAN. Although the job of a pilot is to get airline, cargo or passengers to their destination, it is the work. after by air traffic controllers that ensures the planes arrived safely. Dear
these two monetarist base from Control TAT was on the ground. Having right radar screens whilst providing direction and assistance to pilots via radio for the safe, efficient and orderly flow of air traffic, such traffic control is regarded as one of the most mentally challenging and stressful professions involving real time decision, making, based on changing flight plans, unexpected weather conditions on schedule, traffic and emergency situations, For the most part, it is the often non recognised work performed by air traffic controllers. The makes flying such a low risk endeavour and one of the safest modes of transportation. H controller is carefully selected, highly trained and rigorously tested before being granted with a licence to conduct their traffic navigation,
In March nineteen, ninety four paid a nuisance successfully completed his training to become an air traffic controller and was granted his since by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Administration paid a what worked within his home country of Denmark until nineteen. Ninety five before moving to Switzerland, with his wife metre, They settled in the leafy suburb of Clayton about ten kilometers north of Zurich, where they raised three children matters: thirteen year old teenage son and the couple's younger children aged four and two The nuisance time, suburb overlooked Zurich, International Airport, where Pater began working fiscal guide in their area control centre by MID two thousand to thirty six year old paid a notion was highly competent net aviator management with nearly ten years of expense
and send a his bell. There was a challenging and stressful career pay to channel the pressure he faced the work into recreational fitness, he loved to run and swim pennies favorite sport was ice hockey every Wednesday paid. It would made with a group of his work. Colleagues who informed there was talk eating and together they bluff skating around the rink in the early hours of July, one two thousand and two and a right to work and settled in for a quiet. Nor by day, centralized airspace as Switzerland was one of the busiest crossroads in Europe. Yet the lady Alice Sore dramatic reduction in a number of imbalance in doubt, beyond flat, with only a few way across moving through the sky at any given time. This reduction was due in part to an imposed curfew that forced the Zurich Airport to close their runways to incoming or outgoing flights overnight.
Later that evening, when used fridge God Syria control centre that to commercial airliners had collided in mid air within their jurisdiction. Staff were left shocked that were Raven More surprised to learn the accident occurred whilst the flotsam obeying monitored by season than to well regarded air traffic controller. Paden Nielson. when Peter learned he was under a criminal investigation. In relation to the crash, he suffered a mental breakdown that required hospitalization and psychiatric treatment. He claimed that, due to the immense trauma he had suffered over the incident, he couldn't remember anything about the moments leading up to the catastrophe: invest geishas into his conduct continued for months as authorities carefully pieced together what evidence they could to determine the extent of paid a nuisance called the ability.
A year after the, U billing and media collision investigations were still under way to determine painting Nelson's role in the crash. His mental state had since improved and after taking months off a treatment he finally returned to work he had since retired from his air traffic controller position and had taken up an office job at sky gods corporate office, where he was involved in the development of air traffic projects. A vast containing a single what rose was on display its former workstation in the area control Centre as a show of support from his own colleagues, Tuesday February twenty four two thousand for marked one year and eight months since the you believe in television. It was approaching five forty five p m in the swiss town of clothing and getting dark outside as the remnant
have recently fallen snow slowly, melted away. Peter was at home in a street level, two story pink washed, suburban flat with his wife matter and their young children. You're and matter were lying on the sofa together watching television needing to do some whining matter prepared to stand, the painter verged her to stay put and enjoy the cosiness. Eventually matter dragged herself away to do housework. Fifty one p dot m pay to look outside and noticed an unfamiliar man sitting alone, only God and stays on that front. Terrace the strange it was unshaven to be to be aged in his 40s or 50s, with a Billy physique and dark hair with gray streaks. He was dressed in black with a long coat holding a brown
hello, Peter TAT Matter of the man outside before making his way to the patio to greet him as he had idea, Peters youngest daughter ran towards him. Then he shut the door behind him, causing the two euro to burn in the teeth matter, led her daughter further into the house to comfort her the voices of her husband and the men were barely audible from inside the house. The matter could hear the strangest speaking in broken German with an eastern european action. A minute later she heard him shout, I am Russia. A scream then erupted from Pater mater heard. Her husband, yell, don't kill me. telling her children to stay put matters right outside and,
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