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Case 107: Lucie Blackman & Carita Ridgway

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In early 2001, 21-year old Lucie Blackman left her job as a flight attendant for British Airways in search of new adventures. She embarked on a working holiday to Japan, where she secured a job as a hostess at Club Casablanca in Tokyo’s bustling Roppongi district. Lucie struggled with the transition, writing in her diary: “I’m not coping well here. I can’t pull myself out of this hole I’ve fallen into… I just want to disappear.” --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Catherine Seccombe Episode edited by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-107-lucie-blackman-carita-ridgway
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with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local crisis center for suggested phone numbers for confidential support. Please see the show notes for this episode on your app or on our website in early two thousand and twenty one year old, Lucy Blackmail and her long time best friends will always Philips devised the plan to spend a few months living and working in Japan. The pair had lived seemingly parallel laws with both working in an investment bank before commencing Work is flawed attendance for Uk Airline, British Airways Lucy's, previous ninety five corporate job in London had left her board and her expensive spending habits had led her into debt. She cried the loss of adventure where she could travel internationally and experience different cultures, but couldn't afford to travelling style and the concept of backing
king held no appeal in nineteen. Ninety eight Lucy impressive customer service on short haul flights. promotion to the Intercontinental Circuit note they did her new role, take her to exotic and glamorous destinations. She also received a healthy paying craze with bonuses for longer flow. And generous daily meal allowances. Despite these perks The initial appeal of her jet sitting Korea quickly faded Lucy. Monotonous of in flood meals and generic hotel rooms, her health began to decline as she was constantly jet lag and she had fallen further, the debt by spending more money than she was earning her best friend, Luis Phillips, was equally disenfranchised. And both women craved a new adventure. The ways is all the sister Anna had previously been on a working holiday to Japan where she was
played as a hostess, although Lucy wasn't clear exactly what Emma's, japanese job heading tiled she knew Involve buzz waiter seeing entered the petition, to learn. A lot of money should be. I am convinced hosting presented a great opportunity to pay off her debts while seeing more of the world and decided to leave, a job, a British Airways to pursue the idea. Lucy's, family and friends were confused about her sudden decision. Tat had ever says and by what exactly she planned to doing Japan. Lucy's mother Jane had a particularly ominous feeling about the trip and and considered hiding Lucy's passport to prevent her daughter from leaving before she departed. Guardian angel God and Healing crystals into Lucy's luggage for protection She was seemingly unfazed by the concerns of those close to her in early two thousand 2000s
Ways obtained ninety day, terrorist vases and departed for Japan arriving in. okey o one may for neither spoke japanese into that were quick. Yeah the wound by the enormity of the foreign city. prior to their arrival Lucy the ways had arranged accommodation through the ways his sister Anna no longer living in Tokyo booked for the girls through a friend. The room was in a garden house, inexpensive, hostile stuff while accommodation rented to foreigners known for being cramped dirty and unsanitary, with Constantly rotating roster of inhabitants to sake house place, Lucy into the ways were staying, was now exception. They quickly need. And their undesirable home away from home the sheet house and to try to beautify this. No dingy room in Boston.
before Lucy and the ways headed straight to the world famous party capital of reporting, a district popular with tourists and back packets the throbbing, entertainment district, faded, many social horns and hang out with organised the japanese crime syndicates the accused. Nine to have a large presence in the area, although with it Not Robin Geiss lazy reputation were under way when loose into the ways arrived. Still very much a melting pot of sordid bars, night clubs, strip clubs, massage parlors and brothels. within a few days of their arrival, a japanese a man approached the young women on the street and tell them he can help him find a job. This house, that's has. He introduced to the manager of a hostess bar called Club, Casablanca we're both Lou. Angela ways were hired on the spot, Casablanca was an odour slightly run down club with no another
Our hostess is working at the bar. The concept of what exactly hosting entails is complex but stems from the geishas of the seventeenth century, highly. Killed women trained in the art of dancing, music costume, conversation and ceremonial taste, Elvis Modern day hosting using bodies sophisticated but locked, the geishas before them a hostess, his job is to entertain young women menu whom of foreigners working illegally on tourist visas are paid to smile Providing male clients with company flattery, Often carry Oki while serving them drinks and snack, said over inflated prices. Hostess bars, are hugely common in Japan and are a popular way for the. What color male workforce to entertain clients and relax in this lazier clubs, the host
sing service can also include stripping and sex acts. But this wasn't on the menu at Club, Casablanca. There. The hostesses were expected to appear available for the client, oh, but would lose their jobs if they ever crossed the line into providing sexual services, regardless the nature of the job make conversation with intoxicated clientele. Often turned intimate and was degrading to the host. S is one for my hostess described the work at club, Casablanca as follows: you what the men want to hear and you bay what they want you to bay. Sometimes you have to play psychologist. other times. Men come in and totally just want to get drunk and party and want a girl to join them. Earning decent money was based on a hostess, his ability to gain as many regulars as possible. In turn earning more money for the club owners when clientele return.
to the club and exclusively request to say a certain woman. They pay extra for the privilege, resulting in a bonus for the hostess, I stress is, can secure an extra bonus by organizing a private dinner date with customers known as dough hands. Although foreign visitors are not legally entitled to work on a tourist visa, it was knowing that japanese authorities typically turned a blind eye to the act something club managers often used as a bargaining chip for exploitation in terms of shifts and wages. Lucy until a ways learned the ins and outs of the job, it quickly became clear that any hostess who didn't start accruing personal request, From regulars or arranging multiple do hand dates per month would lose her job within her first two weeks, it club Casablanca, Lucy gained a doting regular named KEN who visited her. Days but the prey
It again more private requests in Doha in weight on her heavily and accessible. Insecurities she constantly compares herself to Louise was getting far more attention from clients and adjusting today are increasingly hectic. Social life outside of work most I saw finishing Casablanca. in the ways would descend into Ripon, does not live dancing and drinking with other experts and travellers until the early hours, the circle of working, partying and sleeping for doing it all again. The next night began to exhaust Lucy. King holiday to pay off their debts wasn't coming together at all love she had planned and the press more at the club, through bonuses was starting to become overwhelming. On May twenty six, two thousand after three weeks in Japan, Lucy
In first, her feelings in her gory rising on not coping well here, ok Who? Myself out of his whole of fallen into our future Ugly and fat and invisible in there are constantly hate myself, I'm so fucking up to my neck in debt, and so badly need to do well, but on a crap hostess DES Moines so exhausted, with feeling this shit and feeling so lonely.
but sometimes really can't be bothered to wait and find out what happens. I just want to disappear for by the start of July. The two months in Japan, Lucy, was finally starting to feel more at ease with her new foreign life. She had recently began dating a young Us Navy Marine stationed in Tokyo named Scott and her spirits lifted as she began to fall head over heels,
The improvement in her mood seemed to have a positive impact on her hosting ass. She gained more regular clients at club, Casablanca and secured several more Doha and dates. Lucy, seemed to be in a far better place and was starting to become more comfortable, on the afternoon of Saturday July, one Lucy received calls on the shared pay phone that society has were heard. The ways were still living the coal, from a customer. She had a pre arranged the dough hand launch date with who was calling to advise. He was running light and would bring back when he was ready. To meet her at the train station ashore while later he called again to advise who is now ten minutes away Lucy didn't mention the man's name or say where they were going for that day, but she was excited because the customer promised to give her a mobile phone she's. The waste I said the knight off from work, so they made up
into made up after Lucy's Dight lighter that evening. After making her way to send a guy station to meet her day. Lucy The ways from her unnamed customers mobile phone at five p m to let her know That were travelling to the seashore shoes showed the way she would still be home in time for the night air as planned. Just after seven p m the ways were saved. A second phase go from Lucy advising she would be home within the hour. She was in good spirits, as this tom? She was calling from her new mobile phone gifted by her date along The bottle of champagne, She then called her boyfriend Scott but when there was no answer, she left a message advising she would meet up with him. The following day, two hours went by. And Lucy still hadn't returned home, causing
ways to become increasingly worried. She went to club Casablanca to report her concerns to coworkers, but they suggested we see had simply decided to stay the night with her customer the ways felt strong. That her friend would never do such a thing. So she had japanese speaking, coworker call around to some of the bigger hospitals in the area to check if anyone matching Lucy's description had been admitted, but there had been no sign of her unable to sleep The way spend a not wandering around rapidly visiting the clubs and asked that she and Lucy frequented to ask if anyone had seen her friend, no one had anxious about their illegal working status. The waste has, Excited about going to the police growing, more and more panicked, didn't return home or make contact during the remainder of the way can buy them.
King of Monday July, three, the ways who was so stressed she had barely slept we followed a missing person report with the as a boot police station. In rapidly she didn't Jim, that Lucy had been working as a hostess and was attending a Doha mandate. Instead saying she had simply gone out on a date. Trip with a japanese man, she had met The police didn't same overly concerned about the missing westerner after all, Lucy an independent at all. He may have decided to continue travelling and had simply failed to notify anyone decide. And by the lack of action LA ways than one The british embassy in Tokyo and admitted the whole truth telling them ass, console about Lucy's, illegal, hosting work into the fact she had gone to meet a customer on the day. She was last seen. The embassy official was alarmed that the club would encourage such outings divorce council.
Cold as a police station to advise the embassy was extremely concerned about Lucy's well being, but despite telling police they Lucy had been abducted. The Palais still didn't same overly concerned at approximately five thirty p m after noon. The ways were saved a phone call on her mobile phone from an unknown man, with a strong japanese accent and a good command of English. The kola to identify himself as a clear at a copy said he was calling on behalf of Lucy. He told the ways that Traffic had been bad on the night. Lucy went missing, so she decided to take the train home instead. excepting a ride with her died at the train station. She met a guru and, on the spur of the moment, decided to join
he's cope. The newly reason, religion in the city of Chiba bewildered the ways asked to speak to Lucy, but Akira said she wasn't feeling well and didn't we to talk to anyone for though she might want to talk later in the week, he hung up abruptly the call back moments later, explaining that Lucy had started a new life and wouldn't be coming back. He said she was now paying her debts back in a better way and wanted her, Friends to know she was okay Akira, then the ways for her address in Japan, as he needed to send some of Lucy's belongings back the ways avoided this request and in a bid to gain more information, asked if she too could join the call, she pleaded to speak to Lucy, but a cure rendered the coal.
Stating I'm sorry I just had to let you know that you won't be seeing her again goodbye terrified He returned to the british Embassy, where she was advised to go back to the police station and admit the whole truth about Lucy had been doing when she vanished, lighter that same, not a tyranny and distressed the ways. Finally worked up: the courage to call Lucy's family in England to advise them, the disappearance, Lucy's mother, Jane Steel, had been preparing a care package descend to Japan, containing some of her daughters, favorite, sweets and cosmetics. When she answered the call.
As she began to absorb the bizarre news that Lucy was missing and had allegedly joined. The Japanese called a group of Lucy's friends and her two youngest siblings Cistus, Sophie and Brother Rupert gathered at Jane Time to offer their support and figure out what to do next. Lucy's father team, black men who had not spoken to his ex wife since their divorce several years earlier, was also notified. Those close to Lucy was certain the story. Tat she had joined called. Was it plate fabrication. They feed she had met with fair play. Lucy's twenty year old sees the Sophie and Ex boyfriend Jamie decided the flawed Tokyo immediately to begin searching for her.
Lucy's mother Jane didn't want to leave her teenage son rooted alone in the U K, so she made the tough decision to stay at home on July for three days since Lucy had failed to return from her dough end date, Sophie and Jamie departed for Tokyo, where they spent awake, paying multiple visits to the british Embassy and the Abu police station in reports, be none of the visits proved helpful as the police traded their concerns with the same indifference they had showing the ways faced with the inaction of local police. Sophie spoke with her father team, black men, in the U K and disgust going public with Lucy Story and in listing the help of the media to gain interests than help for her disappearance, although they all health concerns that going
public may, have an adverse impact and cause Lucy's abducted to panic and harm or kill her. In the end the decision was made for them is back in London. The ways is sister. Emma Philips had already taken the story to the newspaper, the daily telegraph with the media notified Lucy's disappearance, was quickly plastered throughout UK papers. Despite the public attention, Tokyo police continued to show little interest in pursuing an investigation frustrated. The Blackman family decided to embrace the media attention to its fullest in the hopes their efforts would compel someone with information to come forward. On July, twelve eleven days into Lucy's disappearance, her father TIM Blackmon, made the overseas journey to join the search.
erase meteor awareness, the next day TIM and his daughter, Sophie held their first press conference at the british embassy. Tokyo imploring anyone who to contact police reports that loose suddenly abandoned her life to join a cult same down likely to her family ass. She had never demonstrated much interest in religion. They. I rejected claims, she may have run away to escape her credit card that describing out of money. She owed is manageable. During a subsequent press conference team issue, A passionate plea to Lucy's of to release these daughter. Quite we rules
nodding to feel very desperate and upset that Lucy's kept somewhere in difficult conditions where she will be extremely upset herself by therefore ass, her father beg of them humbly to please just released her to us again. I just can't begin to describe this person nor these people, the devil adding sorrow we bain through entail we're being torn apart by Lucy being held away from us, After this emotional display media interest in a story intensified and british report Is it right to Japan in droves, to interview team and Sophie defined. Wherein daughter appearing on multiple tv shows in both the UK and Japan, with the increased media attention, putting pressure on the police to act. The Tokyo, metropolitan police Braided Lucy's disappearance to a criminal investigation, out to dinner one night Jim and
Feed black men were approached by a wealthy british experts named to shake off who recognise them from their many meteor appearances. Does he had been following Lucy's disappearance closely Hugh generously donated a one hundred thousand pound reward for information and offered to blackmail the you So these business offices, in responding as their operational base and Sophie used this opportunity to set up the Lucie Blackman Hotline, where people who were hesitant about going to the police could call in with information office of assistants poured in from the UK with a virgin Take a long conglomerate financing. The advertisement of the hotline number virgins found, Sir Richard. It's an also offered financial assistance in the search. The hotline, which was stopped by experts. began operation. Twenty one days into the search for Lucy calls came flooding in with me,
witnesses reporting saying the missing twenty one year old, but they had simply mistake. Another blonde western women for Lucy The answering machine for the hotline also recorded many bizarre messages, including laughter, strange rants and incoherent mumbling. Police interviewed Lucy's. U S marine boyfriend, Scott as a person of interest, but he had been aboard, enabled on the day of her disappearance. Lucy's reg LE customer at Club, Casablanca. Ken was also interviewed that hey too was eliminated as a suspect. between July twenty one and twenty three, the twenty sixth annual g eight summit was, on a Japanese, Ireland, a Vulcan our way delayed is from a different countries, including the United Kingdom and Japan, came together. to discuss a range of global issues prior to the J, Ai Summit, british Prime Minister,
Honey Blair agreed to meet with team black men to discuss Lucy's disappearance and gain and understand of the issues the family were facing in their efforts to find her. This conversation a tiny Blair to discuss the case directly with japanese Prime Minister, yes, Shiro Marie, which propelled the Tokyo metropolitan police into further action a large number of detectives were assigned to the case and thirty thousand missing person posters featuring a photograph of Lucy sitting on a sofa wearing a black dress with distributed throughout Japan. The poster used bilingual taxed in both the Japanese and in relation to describe the twenty one year old and urged anyone who had seen Lucy or had any information to contact their nearest police station. A police spokesman, and told the media quiet
We are involved in a very difficult investigation, since we have yet to obtain a single tape that has led us to a major breakthrough team and Sophie with assistance from generous volunteers walked. The streets of Turkey are handing out the missing persons flies urging passes by to come forward with any information on August one one month after Lucy's disappearance, Tokyo police were saved the taught the letter allegedly written by the missing twenty one year old. The letter insisted shoe
Vaughn Urgent care family, not to worry and to return to England where she would Kohl's and lighter. However, it appears that whoever write the letter was no denied even Gleesh, Beka as it was filled with all kinds of linguistic and grammatical errors with police promptly dismissing it as a hoax on August for an exhausted TIM Blackmon return in time to the United Kingdom, leaving surgery in Japan to continue the search for her sister despite police increasing their efforts, they continue to leave Lucy's family in the dark about any progress in the investigation. Soon, after TIM Arrive time, he received a startling phone call from a british man named MIKE Hills who lived in HOLLAND and claimed to have contacts in the japanese underworld. Mark said, these figures had a vested interest in finding Lucy, as the resulting police pressure was impacting arms dealers and other your cousin,
this from effectively conducting their unlawful business to ensure their dealings resumed to normal. These gang members were willing to try and find Lucy, but their assistance came with a price. Jim arranged to meet with my kills the before the mating Moscow. Back with the news that one of these contacts had discovered Lucy was alive. She had been kidnapped and sought by a group involved in the trafficking of foreign women. This contact could find Lucy and by her back for the process of fifty zero,
dollars, team was deeply unsure about marks, claim that was willing to take any chance to find his daughter. The two men, men and MIKE explained team would have to make an on the spot payment of twelve and a half thousand dollars to secure the deal. He would then need to travel to Japan to hand over an additional twenty five thousand dollars, followed by a final payment of twelve and a half there. To be paid once Lucy was safely returned team paid the twelve and a half thousand in cash as instructed and quickly made his way back to Japan. upon his arrival. My story took a turn. Lucy was no longer in Japan, but had been smuggled out on
ship and was on her way to Hong Kong, the ship could be intercepted, but it would require an additional payment of ten thousand dollars. Desperate to save the Lisi team handed over the money following this transaction, much story constantly changed. He continued to ask for more money, despite seeming to be no closer to retraining Lucy. Eventually, the calls from mercury stopped entirely in the team was unable to contact him leading to the stock realisation that the vulnerable father had been count.
TIM reported his experience to police who discovered my kills, had an extensive criminal history for deception and theft. Having also scammed another english family, who son had gone missing in South America that he's lost by families. Modules was lighter, charged with obtaining property by deception and sentenced to three and a half years in prison of the scam team. Black men writer said it produced a huge strain on our family. There was a terrible, terrible thing that he perpetrated on us he's absolutely evil. He was preying on your family's misfortune and you cannot get more able than that throughout our guest team and safety black men continue to travel.
back and forth between Japan and the UK, meaning the hotline in spending time in their hostess passive, reportedly seeking any information that might lead them to Lucy the dark side. Japan's hosting industry soon came to, as they heard. Any harrowing stories of foreign hostesses who had gone missing or experienced island said the hands of customers three years prior to Lucy's disappearance, twenty seven years canadian hostess Tiffany Fordham disappeared after she was laughing with a customer in the elevator of a report nor club. She was never seen again with police conducting no efforts to find her other How's, this is reported incidents where customers had taken advantage of them during dough hand date with reports of drink, sparking violence and Right most hostesses were working illegally, a majority,
These incidents were not reported to police and the ones that were were really taken seriously September. One marked two months since Lucy Blackburn left for her dough handy ended, never return. back in the U K her mother, Jane and younger Brother Rupert released one thousand balloons over the cricket grand of Lucy's home town to commemorate her twenty second birthday. As the Monk war on Lucy's family became increasingly despondent. They boosted the reward money for information in an attempt to generate new late, but all these did was increased. The number of while sightings placed in a hotline despite all their efforts. Nobody seemed to have information about Lucy's last movements or her whereabouts. Tensions began to rise between the Blackmun's and Tokyo police, who insisted technical difficulties
And complicated laws regarding the disclosure of private information was stopping them from obtaining phone records from the love you wrangle ways on July, three advising that Lucy spontaneously joined a to. They eventually said they were obtaining a court order to gain access to the records, but advised Lucy's family to be patient, as it would take some time in light of timber Lucy's mother Jane travelled to take here and gave a press conference in which she implored Lucy's captor, to release her daughter and begged anyone with information to come forward stating its the worst nightmare and never goes away. I feel as if my heart has been ripped down as a family. We will never give up looking for. Lucy, and we will never take no for an answer. Italy October Lucy's family,
we're overwhelmed with all kinds of challenges they make. If the operations centre at the office is provided by Hugh Shade shaft had fallen upon, his shoe felt him. Black men had abused he's hospitality by disrespecting he staff bordering expensive dinners. On he's tab and constantly inviting members of the media into the office for interviews, despite specifically being asked not to the relationship between Lucy's parents was also under strain and their visits to Japan Western tangibly timed to avoid one another. This discord between the divorce. The couple spilled out during meteor interviewees, putting increased stress on the family, having spent tens of thousands of pounds flying back and forth
between Japan and the United Kingdom. They were also burdened with financial pressure, exhausted and tide of feeling like to take your police were intentionally shutting the mayor, Lucy's mother, Father, insist. I felt I had had a brick wall when their efforts, reluctantly they age, departed, Japan and returned home but on the nice to the family, the heavy media presence had actually paid off. Two witnesses had come forward to police, offering information. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct ticking she met company combines the curator of a blue, take furniture store.
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the catch many hours later wearing nothing but her underwear. with no memory of anything that had happened. Koji explained there had been a gas leak which had caused her to lose consciousness, but the woman suspected she had been drugged She reported the incident to the as a boot police station with help from her employer, providing a description of colleges, appearance, the location of his apartment and he's mobile phone number, but her report was met with indifference, she later described her ordeal in Richard Boyd, Perry's book people who wait darkness quiet the officers showed no interest whatsoever to help or take any further action, that could not investigate my incident because of a lack of evidence, always to feel as if I were a nuisance and waste police Tom, Three years later, the woman
still living in Tokyo when she heard about Lucy Blackmon's disappearance, of her ordeal ensue. She easily up. She immediately returned to the as a boot police station to report concerns that the same man who attacked her could be the customer Lucy had been on the day she vanished the american woman. Wasn't the only former hostess who provided police with information in nineteen. Ninety five, the Scottish next that went on a series of extravagant dough hand, dates with a wealthy customer who called himself a huge Andand one night Gee took his hostess to he Seaside apartment, where he asked her to drink a rare. Why more twelve hours later. She awoke in his apartment. With no memory of what had happened, she decided not to report. The incident to police held onto Youtube mobile phone number, just in case five years later,
When this woman heard about Lucie Blackman disappearance, she tried from her home in to the as a police station to report her concerns that the man she knew as Honda could be involved She felt her statement was met with disinterest. Several came forward to report similar experiences police could no longer ignore the similarities between witness accounts, police were I finally branded warrants to access telephone records and were able to trace to cause The one made by Lucy's customer to the society has pay phone on the morning of her disappearance and the cool Lucy place Her friend the ways from her customers mobile phone on the afternoon she vanished both calls were traced to another I find that had been purchased to using a fake name, further analysis
fine records determined both calls were made from those you. She Marina Report and complex the same light I share the american former hostess had identified as the building where she was dragged back in nineteen. Ninety seven point and she identified as Koji. Several other hostesses also identified as you, she Marina as the location. They were drugged and stripped naked, but none were able to remember the exact building or apartment number. The incidents occurred, police searched, the criminal records of all apartment owners within the complex. Looking for anyone who had a history of sexual offences, they made a startling discovery.
Forty eight year old, J G, a bar was a wealthy property developer and a business owner who had been arrested in ninety. Ninety eight for attempting to videotape unsuspecting women in public toilets. He played guilty to the crime and was issued with a small fine. When police showed the judges mug. The hostesses, who had come forward claiming to have been drugged and assaulted. The unanimous, The identified a judge your bar is their attack on police trained cctv footage. The revealed a luxury vehicle registered to judge Barra had travelled the Tokyo on the date. Lucy Blackburn went missing. Police now felt confident they had identified their prime suspect that needed concrete evidence before they could make an arrest
Further investigation into a bar revealed, he also aren't property in the blue, say upon and complex on them Europe and ensure a rugged coastline. Approximately thirty two kilometers from zoo. She. Five days after Lucy's disappearance, the apart, manager of the blue, say: building had found police to report. One of these residents had been making unusual sounds in his apartment. Local police visited, carbon and found a shortlist Georgie, a bar, a dirty and covered in sweat with concrete residue on his hands. He allowed the offices to enter his home where they noticed chunks of some men were strewn about along with the two resembling a garden her and a sack containing a large autumn. Ibarra refused to let the officers inspect the rest of his apartment and as they had
I warrant to proceed with a search. They left the property had the time, Lucy, blackmail, disappearance, hadn't, even made the news. So it's ending officers had no reason to be overly suspicious of a barrel, but now that. He had become they prime suspect, in Lucy's abduction. This bizarre incident became highly suspicious. Records revealed that Obara had recently purchased the boat which stood out to investigate, Is this unusual considering he had never owned one before and had no prior history of boating. Although there still wasn't enough evidence to arrest him in relation to Lucie Blackman disappearance, investigators became increasingly nervous that he may use this new boat to dispose of evidence. On October, twelve,
police placed Joji Obara under arrest for five charges of ripe for the reported assaults on other hostesses intending to build their case against him, but Lucy's abduction once he was in custody. With a bar I now under arrest, search warrants were granted for his many properties threw out Japan heading largest property had decaying neglected mansion. In a addition, trophy district of southern Tokyo police were confronted with rubbish strewn yard containing several disused luxury cause, including a measure Roddy classy curly. Nineteen sixty ass, the man and Bentley, the house held decades of accumulated Clodagh, broken televisions, how car batteries and dust
Covered furniture, a large Fraser contained the frozen body of a dead dog which I borrow lighter explained, had been his favorite. He had frozen the body in the hopes that text, logical advancements when one day allow the dog to be restored to laugh all climbed in did impulsive seized from evidence, This trophy imagine and other properties were piles of doors. Notebooks documents videotapes rolls of film Audio Cosette and Photographs The doors and audio recordings dated all the way back to our borders, teenage ease, outlining and meticulous detail. He sexual vanishes fantasies and experiences in what he referred to as conquest play. Her bar is record revealed a privileged sexual predator. His method of assaulting women was always the same. He would pick up a hostess
occasionally a woman who advertised in Langley HOT, classified ads and wood. presently administer some sort of tranquilizer within her food or drink. If the woman had concerns about the strange taste, he would explain that drink was rare or the food contained a special hers. Once the woman was rendered unconscious, he persuaded the writer. In one diary entry a admitted, he had no sexual interest in women who were conscious. he's diaries detailed, the various drugs he used to render women unconscious, along with a writing of their effectiveness. A dozen different types of drugs were recovered from his properties, including chloroform sleeping pills, arbitrates rohypnol and did you
baby Georgie BAR is prolific history as a violent sex offender was further resident within a large collection of video tags dating back to the nineteen eighties, many of which faded a woman's name written along this point. The were recorded using a tripod mounted camera with brought lots capturing the full extent of the bars deprived attacks off camera. A television monitor display dsl, so I borrow could watch it as it was happening while another played a pornographic film. on camera and naked Obama wore a mosque that matched that warned by the fictional characters. Zora streak of black fabric with holes caught for the eyes put across the upper face and tied at the back of the head,
He would carry his unconscious victim to bed before subjecting them to repeated acts of sexual assault, with many attacks lasting upwards of twelve hours. In the event, that a woman stirred or awoke during an assault obara would administer a chemical soaked rag over their mouth to once again render them unconscious When the woman awoke after the attack feeling disoriented and sick, often vomiting and unable to stand Barbara would provide a vague explanation for how they came to pass here, including that there had been a gas lake or that the woman drank too much alcohol. Exact number of videotapes recovered by police, is uncertain. With reports ranging from two hundred to one thousand, the recorded names and video tapes footage police identified by the american
and scottish women who had come forward during the Lucie Blackman Investigation, and they were we're also able to trace many of the other survivors. Many of the women refused to cooperate with the investigation, preferring to forget their ordeal. However, several were willing to proceed with pressing charges despite on covering a long list of women who had been violated by Joji Obara, These were unable to find anything any stories or video tapes to confirm. Lucy black men was one of these victims, but they did find strands of long blonde hair in the bathroom of hope a regime she Marina apartment. They were tested for dna and came back with a match. The dna sequence match peers taken from Lucy's Tokyo apartment and samples that had been provided by her family.
Several roles of film found on Obama's property, well lighted, developed and also provided concrete evidence that Lucy had entered his apartment there, amongst the images with two photographs of Lucy, smiling ass. She paused on the balcony of easier she Marina apartment. Furthermore, the fine Lucy had used to all the ways phillips on the day she went missing was also recovered. Providing another direct link between Lucy and the accused. Proceeds from multiple stores
revealed that on July three days after Lucy, vanished by Bara had purchased several suspicious autumns. That would assist with the disposal of a body including cement. Large camping tops gloves a shovel and axe, and a chainsaw police never felt confident that Lucy had been drugged, assaulted and subsequently murdered by Aybara, but without locating her body will they could prove that the two had met in November two thousand one month after his initial arrest
bar as Loya issued a statement in which he denied any knowledge of Lucy blackmail disappearance. He also insisted the assaults captured on video where consensual acts of conquest play which each of the women had entered into voluntarily. In exchange for money, Obama said he believed police had set him up ending this statement with, I hope they catch the real criminal. Soon in the United Kingdom, Lucy's family were provided with no information other than the fact that an arrest at bay made they had the source information about a bar as predatory history and he's many survivors from media reports rather than police Lucy's father expressed these frustration in an email address to the Tokyo metropolitan police, reproduced in rigid, Lloyd, parries book people who wait darkness team.
right. I am very upset and traumatized that the police do not give a single consideration to how the family feels as victims, and it is disgraceful and inhumane that you do not provide any news or information to the family to help them cope with this terrible and tragic event. Tim blamed, the fear of being deported for young hostess, is not reporting crimes committed against them during their work, duties and questioned. Why the reports about Joji, Obara from other hostesses had not been investigated in the past quote. This makes the police guilty of the disappearance of Lucy and when the next girl is abducted and raped or murdered, the police and the immigration Department will be guilty of that crime too. As reports of her bar as disturbing curl
spread across the world. There was another family that had a strong reaction to the news in ninety ninety to the family of twenty one year, old astronomy and courageous Ridgeway were left devastated when she died under mysterious circumstances, while working in Tokyo curator a model waitress and aspiring Acta, who had many friends, had moved to take yo in December of ninety one to join her sisters, a method for working holiday, hoping to save some money for the acting classes. She was attending back home in Sydney. So recently gotten engage to her boyfriend Robert and was eager to put some financial savings towards their loft together. Having spent the last few years travelling to Nepal, Mexico and he nodded states. Correia was a worldly and confident traveller in Japan, cheating Did you find a job teaching English, but when that and was an immediately successful. She responded to a job
bad in the newspaper for hosting, were club a cosy in the market, Ginza District, nine for its exclusive restaurants and dishonest stores. her stressing at club. I ecology, involved the same task that Lucy black men had undertaken at Club Casablanca chatting with customers whilst fetching their drinks and wanting their cigarettes although courageous didn't, enjoy the work, she was making good money and it didn't expect to be doing that for long before she could return home with their savings. On the night of Friday February fourteen ninety ninety two courageous, along with several other club courage, hostesses accepted an invitation from a customer, the dawn externally, on a group dough hand at a nearby restaurant, courageous is thus Amanda had spend that wakened out of town
when she returned to their share house on Sunday morning, another housemaid informed Samantha that her sister wasn't at time. Someone had found the house and left a vague voice message. Saying Correia had gone away for the weekend with friends. on Monday morning, courageous still hadn't turn time and submit that was becoming increasingly worried. and received a phone call from the local hospital explaining her sister had been admitted with severe food poisoning?. A japanese man calling himself a cure. A negotiator had dropped greater off that morning, providing hospital staff with to me this phone number, according to a shady who left abruptly without providing any identification, Korea had developed food poisoning after eating bad shellfish. Corina was known, responsive and slipping in and out of consciousness, she was diagnosed with acute, live a failure.
by the time her mother, a net father, Joe and fancy Robert raged, Japan She was near unresponsive. Samantha attempted to communicate with her sister, but all carried could manage was holding out her hand wanting it to be held. The doctors were out alive to explain how the twenty one year old had become so ill so quickly, they performed and expensive blood washing liver procedure, but with no success. The toxins in courageous body soon over won't system. Turning her skin, yellow courageous, fell into a coma and was placed on lost support as her devastated family stood by. And watched on helplessly as courageous lay unresponsive in hospital persist as a man received several calls from a cure NASH Ada who, provided this I'm story about courageous, falling ill after rating shellfish. He refused to provide
phone number or address redress sesame. The reported the phone calls to the police and urged them to investigate the cola. Two detectives eventually interviewed Samantha, who described her interaction with law enforcement as threatening and hostile, and felt nowhere was made to find a cure in initiated, in the hope that better the cities not improve her chances of survival. Korea was transferred to the Ago, women's university hospital lynching duty, the pronounced the bread dead shortly after arrival on Saturday. February, twenty nine, just three days before her twenty second birthday, courageous family made the difficult decision to switch off hair loss, support with doctors ruling Hepatitis A as the cause of her death. Caritas body was dressed in a
two hundred and ninety and covered in flowers before being taken to a buddhist shrine in the hospital is basement where the intensive care starfleet incense sticks in her honor Carita was cremated two days light up traumatized rate is unexpected death. The Ridgeway family made no request to have an autopsy conducted prior to the carnation. However, the small size full of her liver had been taken. Was the doctors were attempting to save her life and was still retained on file the hospital shortly after sisters, death, Samantha Ridgeway was once again contacted by the man or dinner fine himself as a cure. In a shady when he learned The Correia had passed away. He insisted on meeting with her parents to offer his condolences and explain the events of their daughter's final weekend.
A net inaugural Ridgeway met in a shader in a hotel near the Tokyo airport. He was immaculately dressed, although sweating profusely, as he explained, he had brought curator back to his house after dinner as she had fallen ill from eating oysters Her condition soon deteriorated and he called a doctor to administer an injection for the nausea. When the injection didn't work, he drove her to hospital. A net inaugural noted Machina, seeing the desperate to convince them. He had tried to care for their daughter. He expressed his intense affection for her saying he loved corridor and had wanted to spend much more time with her. He presented the net knowledge with a diamond ring and de gold necklace that he had planned to give to courageous her birthday and insisted on paying for her funeral. Transferring the funds to submit this japanese bank account after this bizarre, maybe
courageous parents and Fiance Robert flew back to Australia with courageous ashes. There was no further investigation into her death, then nine years later as reports of Georgia bar as crimes made their way into the israeli and media. The ridge ways noticed chilling similarities to the circumstances of courageous death and I saw a pitcher of judging Barra Day we recognise them as the man who had introduced himself as a cure unashamed following this revelation curve, It is for my fiance Robert immediately contacted the striving embassy in Tokyo who were loaded police as it turned out that japanese authorities had already made the connection between courageous Ridgeway and judge you amongst Paul's paperwork ceased from.
bar, as do she, Marina Apartment was a receipt for courageous hospital admission. Additionally, one of the video tapes for my bar as Ex save collection, faded and unconscious Pereda ass. She was right by Barra during which he dozed her with a liquid psyched round, to ensure she remained unconscious. The assault in one of these Dorie entries rotting. Beside a courageous name too much chloroform. The pace of courageous live out that had been removed by doctors prior to death. In ninety ninety two was recovered and tested. The sample was found to contain traces of chloroform. Highly volatile organic compound intended to be used for anesthetic purposes when administered in excessive doses. To draw the poisons the liver and can lead to death,
although the presence of chloroform had not been tested or detected by doctors. When Correia was still alive. There was now No doubt that her death was due to chloroform poisoning the funds. this demand to reach way had received to help pay for her sisters, fino what traced and to lead directly back to Georgia, Barbara in January two thousand and one courageous A net Ridgeway travelled, the Tokyo and formerly identified a bar as a cure in a shady the main she and her husband had met with following courageous death. admitting to posing as a cure in a shady and confess to being with courageous. The naughty was hospitalized, though stuck boys, sorry that he had tried to help her after she became ill dropping her at the hospital, the out of genuine concern with the evidence. Indisputably linking I borrow to correct a rejoice death for more choice.
His were laid against him for her murder. In January. Two thousand and one intensive search for body commenced matter bar as numerous properties when the search proved fruitless. Police concentrated on the beaches, caves and coastline around our bar is blue, say, apartment building on the Mirror Peninsula, where police had been called to investigate strange noises in the days following Lucy's disappearance. The area had already been searched following a bar, his initial arrest, but this time the search was much more extensive, employing the use of sniffer dogs and ground penetrating radar Approximately one hundred and eighty natives from the blue say, apartment building was an isolated, cliff hidden from view of the nearby houses a portion of the cliff had eroded and collapsed. Creating a small cave that could barely be seen to pass by
On the morning of February, nine, two thousand and one police discovered the cave and found an old rusted bathtub within partially buried, face down in the sand. They dug it up and turned it over finding a plastic bag buried in the sand. Underneath there was no mistaking what the bag contained human body parts the dismembered body appeared to have been caught with a chainsaw, the skull then encased in cement. The exhumation took several hours in which time the media learned of the discovery and quickly gathered at the same police, constructed a makeshift marquis around the cave entrance. The camera crews, hovered about the shore longing helicopters and photographers boarded fishermen's boats to get the best angles of the same from the Water
Lucy's family in the UK were not notified by japanese police that a search was under way or that a body had been found. Only learning of the discovery is, it was broadcast on television. A post mortem examination of the body compared the victim's teeth against Lucy's Dental records revealing a match. Seven months Since she was last seen alive, Lucie Blackman had finally been found: the deterioration of her remains was so extensive that no cause of death could be officially determined at least these remains were discovered. The family travelled back to Japan to bring her on March nineteen slash two thousand and one almost a year since you departed for Japan, a funeral was held for Lucie Blackman, that Saint Nicholas Church in her hometown.
More than two hundred and sixty friends and family members attended the service with a large media presents gathering outside inside the church, incense burner too long start a framed photograph of a smiling Lucy, a gift from the Tokyo metropolitan. Prime Minister Tony Blair and the japanese ambassador in London had flowers delivered to the service to express their condolences. Many. Bonus were moved to tease during a touching performance of the ballads windy beneath my wings. And I will always love you reverend. I'll walk, I told the congregation loose, He was a glorious girl who can light up a room with her presence, her vitality, sense of life and fun. Her laughing face a warm heart and concern for others. He read from a letter sent by japanese family who had lost their daughter while she was traveling in Europe. They had been planned
That Lucy would be found alive and well and stated We are so ashamed of ourselves as a nation outside the church, This is another change, the told a journalist I am paying by the thought of what happened to Lucy before she was killed. She was a tragic victim of a perverted psychopath and I cannot get a terrible thought of how she may have suffered out of my mind as a mother. I hope her death was paying less and that she would have felt no fee. On April, see two thousand one, whilst in custody for the other allegations against him, Giorgio BAR was formally arrested for Lucy, Blackmon's murder. His trial commenced three months later on July. Fourth, two thousand and one with a public got that first thing. So I didn't to the accused,
I bar was born to korean immigrants in the japanese city of a soccer in nineteen. Fifty two, although he's Errors were poor when they arrived in Japan. His father gradually build a fortune. Investing in taxis, car parks, poker machines and proper de ensuring Obama lived a privilege to laugh, he attended an exclusive prep school. Togo before moving on to the prestigious Kayo University, where his father purchased him. The den intervene mansion and hired a maid to take care of him while he completed his studies. When I borrow was seventeen years old, his father died in Hong Kong during an overseas business trip, which many speculated was at the hands of the accuser with whom it was said to have business dealings. His vast fortune was passed on to his children and widow and Obama becoming
credible wealthy after receiving his inheritance, Hobart trucks, internationally for several years before obtaining degrees in politics and law,. He lived lavishly in Tokyo and also purchased a multiple proper. All over the country which increased in value during Japan, bubble economy of the mid nineteen eighties, leading him to form an investment company and purchase several property development businesses. He frequently drivers luxury cars to high end hostess clubs, where he spent large sums of money to secure the company of western hostesses who served as a status symbol. It was during this time that he established sexually predatory behaviour and began keeping records of the women. He assaulted, when the economic boom
burst and the japanese economy collapsed in the early nineteen. Nineteen O bars investment company folded into many of these assets with decimated. He was pursued by multiple credit, is and reportedly used to one of these companies as a front for your coups in money laundering operations to stay afloat financially By ninety ninety nine o Barbara was being sued for unpaid lines, yet he still owned multiple companies and several residential properties. This allowed him to continue is the lavish lifestyle where he frequently spent large amounts of time and money at hostess bars living a mostly nocturnal existence, cruising back and forth between The coastal and central Tokyo Apartments O bar, I had an apparent dislike for his own physical appearance. He reported he underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to make his eyes appear more westernized and
she lives to disguise. He's five foot five inches high. He also took a regular doses of human growth, all night large quantities of which were found on these properties during Palais searches following his arrest. He avoided cameras, his whole life refusing to be photographed wherever possible Very few photos existed of a bar away. He was not intentionally looking away from the camera who wearing sunglasses in Havening lay smug shot. He kept his eyes cast to the ground. As far as trawl commenced, he faced charges for abduction, eight cases of rape and right resulting in death for Lucy black men and create a region. In the japanese legal system, the charge of rape resulting in death is similar to voter, in that it doesn't carry the full weight of a murder charge defend.
and Sir also invited to respond to the charges against them with a statement as opposed to a simple play of guilty or not guilty in a bar statement, he denied being responsible for the death, May the woman, alleging hay and courageous Ridgeway had engaged in consensual sexual relations and that he had tried to save her by dropping her at the hospital laughed ass, she became ill. He alleged Lucy black men had invited herself to his apartment where she had trouble. The issue in they drink alcohol and watch television together, but didn't engage in any conquest play What did he administer any drugs without her knowledge, according to a bar Lucy left his apartment the next morning alive and well in the indictment, Felicia's death the prosecution, put forward that, on Saturday July, one two thousand
Barbara had invited blue sea to his you. She moraine her apartment where he provided her with a drink laced with sleeping pills before you. In chloroform to render her unconscious. He then writer. At some point, during or after the assault she passed away due to a fatal overdose of the drugs he had administered. Two days later, a bar called Louise Phillips and provided a fictional story about Lucy joining a call to halt an investigation into her disappearance and deflect any suspicion from him. Off on Tuesday July four he went to hardware store to purchase a variety of materials, including hammers, caddies, sleeping bags, tents, a shovel, a chainsaw cement and chemical agent. The speeds up the setting process of cement.
The next day he drove to his blue, say apartment on the mere opinion sure where he dismembered Lucy's body with a chainsaw covered her head in cement, put her limbs into plastic bags and buried. Her remains in the cave, covering them with the bathtub. A neighbor had seen him on the beach carrying a shovel while a ten tonnes covered from the cave match. The one I borrow had purchased the marks on Lucy's bones were found to be consistent with the same topic of chain, so he had borne, despite the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence against him. In the japanese justice system. Everything must be proven through concrete evidence before connection can be drawn between one event in the next, for example,
just because I borrow purchased a particular make it model of a chainsaw that matched the marks fanned on Lucy's body. It doesnt prove without doubt that he was the one who killed her due to the deteriorated condition of Lucy's remains and the fact that no evidence was fond of her being sexually assaulted amongst their bars possessions, One questionable physical link was established to prove without doubt that Obara murdered Lucy situation where the accused denies any wrongdoing. Japanese, No trials can be exhaustive in two thousand and one Japan not using a jury system, and the court hearings did not run over a continuous period. Georgiana BAR is trial, was ibis same by a panel of judges over a series of monthly hearings that continued for several years with the trawl held up
When I bought his initial legal team resigned after the first, he has The prosecution strived to prove every aspect of the indictment. The defense exploited, the lack of physical evidence, They argue that not a single trace of Lucy's blood had been found anywhere at a bar as apartments brand. The notion that he had dismembered her body with a chainsaw has highly unlikely. When Obara eventually took the stand for Lucy's death. He outraged her family by alleging she had willingly consumed a large amount of recreational drugs and alcohol leading to an overdose he claimed he had contacted a distant acquaintance, who had since passed away to take Lucy to the hospital, and he didn't know what happened to her after that.
He explained he purchased the chain sore and other tools used for dismemberment with the intention to dispose of the body of his beloved pet dogs. The one police had found frozen inside his dennin chafing mansion. a few days after Lucy's ivy dies, he spent the night walking around looking for a place to dispose of his dog's body but was beaten extensively by bugs forcing him to cancel his plans. Hospital records confirmed. He did indeed seek medical treatment. Bob bonds for the charges relating to correct a ridge way. Her bars, the fence, maintained the conquest play between their client and the deceased had been consensual They argued that the video where curator was unconscious had being filmed months prior to her death during an established, consensual relationship on the night of her death. Engaged in consensual sex before Karita fell Ill
Ibarra did everything he could to ensure she received medical care The trial dragged on for several years during which Jabar returned his soul into a makeshift legal office. He had a team of ten lawyers. the king, for him in relation to the criminal trawl and further litigation involving debts to credit at his across these various companies. During this time, a bar was declared bankrupt with debts exceeding twenty three point: eight billion yen do you quit, to approximately two hundred million a strictly in dollars. the only visitors I borrow received during his incarceration were his mother and his lawyers was well behaved with one God, commenting million russian. Is that is totally saying? There's nothing here.
Is he about him except the way he treats? Women he's very, very clever, but very selfish, totally convinced that he is raw and he never listens to the opinions of other people. He's a very lonely person when Lucy's father TIM Blackman saw a bar in court for the first time hate to wish boy. I borrow sense of loneliness later commenting. I see somebody who is the same age is me, who has, by his actions, produce the most terrible situation for himself, but doing something so heinous to somebody else's life and in a very strange way. There's a pathos that neutralizes the more natural language fulfils Sorry for him in April, two thousand and six straw entered it's fifth year season, play Jane, Bobbitt, Jim and curry
Rejoice, mother and net provided evidence similar to a victim impact statement. They each expressed the emotional freeing and laughed changing trauma caused by the death of their daughters. With TIM black men telling the cord of the devastating effects Lucy's death had on her sister Sophie, who had since attempted so far, a barren who had studiously attended every hearing beforehand to take comprehensive night refused to let he's. So on the days when the families were speaking wedging himself into a small crevice, so he could not be physically removed by the gods. As the trial continued Lucy's parents were contacted individually by an associate of borrowers who wanted to discuss the possibility of an atonement payment.
Based on the japanese owner system, this kind of payment is offered following a wrong doing to avoid dishonor being brought upon the wrongdoers family. The typically occurs when the party offering the payment admit skilled. However, in this case, a bar was admitting no guilt or responsibility for Lucy's death, but offered the financial compensation as an expression of his condolences lost, Lucy's mother, Jim, In turn, the payment down unbeknownst to her her ex husband accepted one hundred million yen. Approximately one point: two million australian dollars in today's currency would be paid to TIM Blackmon on the condition he signed. A document written in poorly phrased English, which called into question the cause of Lucy's death as alleged prosecution thinking the risk of jeopardizing the case was negligible, Timmreck
the money would benefit his family and be vital in the ongoing running of the Lucie Blackman Trust and not for profit organization, hate established to help young people be more aware of their safety. When travelling overseas, he accepted the payment and sign the document stating to me it was just a meaningless piece of paper. Lucy's body was so decomposed. None of this new, the cause of death for certain After signing it team wrote a letter to the prosecution categorically stating he believed, Obama was, guilty of all charges and that accepting the money in no way signified any forgiveness towards the accused
Creative rejoice, family were also offered a similar payment, but turned it down. Sophie black men supported her father's decision to accept the money stating daddy use that money to pay back his family, who gave us thousands of pounds so that we could afford to fly back and forth. Japan over the last seven years. He has also put a lot of it into the Lucie Blackman Trust which we said, in memory of Lucy. During this emotionally exhausting period. A public scrutiny judge you bars trawl, which had now been in the courts for six years finally drew to a conclusion on April twenty four to them Seven, a crowd gathered in the public gallery of the Tiger District Court has judged atonement, Tortuga with the unanimous voting to raged by himself and the two other judges presiding over the case for the right.
Waiting to death of courageous Ridgeway and to the rights of eight other women. Judge Tortuga declared Georgie a bar guilty and imposed a life sentence telling him quote. He treated these women as sexual objects, to satisfy your last. An opinion might be that these women were careless, but I believe that they could not anticipate your deviant behavior. He repeated the same routine over eight years. Treating their laws and their bodies carelessly. It is rooted in your self centered attitude. You have to hold on the dignity of women judge Tortuga than shocked the courtroom by enhancing Barbara was acquitted of the charges relating to Lucy Black means death. Citing a lot give evidence linking him to Lucy's murder and the disposal of her body. Judge, torture, geese.
While it is clear that Lucy had being with a bar a prior to her death, the prosecution had not been able to approve, without doubt that he was responsible, Judge Tortuga made particular reference to the lack of evidence around the circumstances in which had body had been moved from the sight of her death to the cave where she was buried. For these reasons, the court was unable to fully discount the possibility that someone else was involved. They made it clear that document signed by TIM, black men for the condolence payment had nothing to do with the acquittal. Lucy's family was devastated by the verdict in a subsequent press conference. Tim blackmail said, I'm afraid to say. The lack of justice for us today has been a failure of the process. You should take to develop their case adequately. There is nothing that will change that Lucy's dead, but in many respects Lucy has been robbed of her justice.
We believe your family deserves to get proper justice for Lucy and that prosecutors should strongly consider an appeal. Lucy's mother, James T said on heart, broken absolutely heartbroken? I just can't believe this third it. My worst fears have come true: the region, I fear my stuff did they found a comfort you know bar as last sentence as it ensured he would no longer be able to harm innocent people, both the defence and the prosecution appeal divert it with the defence. Maintaining our bar is innocence on all charges and the prosecution seeking another opportunity taken victim valise black man's death. After the appeal hearing in two thousand and eight,
Judge here she caught, and I ruled that Georgia, Barbara, was guilty of kidnapping Lucy with the intention of dragging a driving her before dismembering her body. you she moraine her apartment, however, due to the lack of physical evidence,. Upheld the finding of the original trawl that declared a bar or not guilty for causing Lucy's death. Judge card, and I quote: the court recognises that the defendant is responsible for damaging and abandoning the body. His action was ruthless and did not even give the slightest consideration to her dignity. The court believes the defendant kidnapped her with the intention of drugging and raping her. but the court could not prove he made her out by using chloroform or that he carried out his intentions. Judge card, and I was held a bar is life sentence and root out the possibility of any further abuse
While the ruling didn't provide Lucy's family with the outcome, they hoped for team black men told the press. Oh bar, is now starting a last sentence for his terrible crimes against the women over many decades and that it was Lucy, who finally brought him to justice, is a Saturday. Factory overall result, and I feel justice, has finally been served. Lucy's travel, companion and best friend, low ways, Philips struggled in the years following Lucy's death tormented by guilt. In an interview with a journalist, rigid Boyd Perry for his book, people who wait darkness she described the crushing eight of Lucy's debt, as ever present quite a felt guilty on my wedding day so guilty always getting married and she wasn't, I feel guilty for being happy guilty for getting older.
It seems like it was my fault that always here and she wasn't in two thousand and eleven Korea, at Ridgeway, his mother and net broke her decades long silence about the death of her daughter. In an interview with australian magazine, women's weekly during the interview and neck candidly spoke of her fear that Obara would elude justice, cooling, the convicted killer, a abased with a human face and NED thinks about her daughter. Often quite I'll, try to be happy or no Corrado would miss her smile. So I cling to that and try to be as happy as I can, but it's not easy Korea had her lost stretching out before her, and then it just stopped almost my daughter and everything would have a share with her. I'll, never know the grandchildren she might have had her future disappeared.
Because one man wanted to satisfy some weird sexual urge, no closure, not for me. I won't have closure until that man is dead, but even then I'm not sure that will hope nothing can bring curator back. In the end, That's all you're left with that immeasurable loss, the Lucie Blackman trust- is still in operation today. Providing the poor to british nationals in crisis. I've essays. The organization helps those dealing with death, abduction, sexual assault, incidents of serious crime and missing person cases and has assisted thousands of families facing international law deals
Tim black men is currently in the process of rising funds, for a project totalled Lucy's, for a trade which aims to provide a safe, peaceful setting for the families of missing people abroad to take rest by and to receive support. The retreat will offer therapy logistical problem. Solving lively, cops between courtrooms in the UK and around the World Satellite news channels. Later in the moral garden where visitors are invited to create a pace in memory of their loved ones. That can be re visited over time. in August of twenty nineteen as what would have been Lucy's 40th birthday approached TIM Blackmon, reflected on what he's doing his lost not have been like if she was still alive,
he's convenes, tease, bubbly and ambitious daughter would have built a successful career for their self and be raising a family of her own team Lackman quite every day. You think about what should be doing now. Whether she would be married, whether I'd have grandchildren by her, it leaves the cost. in cases of emptiness. When you lose someone young, like that, you heed this word closure, but it just doesn't exist in a sort of cases
The notion that you just shut the door on that part of your life just doesn't happen as a father. You don't want to put that burden down
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