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Case 109: Belanglo (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 5] In the late 1980s and early 1990s, backpackers from across the globe flocked to Australia in search of sun, surf and adventure. Although hitchhiking was frowned upon, it remained a popular option for those seeking a cheap, convenient method of transit. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-109-belanglo-part-1
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anytime. You need support, please contact your local cross, the center for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, place a destroyer nights for this episode on your app or on a website. The hymn freeway is one of the busiest into state wrapped in a stranger blinking. the country's two most populous cities, Sydney and Melbourne stretching for eight hundred and forty kilometres. The heat is part of the os linked national network, providing a vital connection for frightened transit between the two Major EAST Coast cities into tears, Thirteen. The creation the whole broke, a bypass marked the completion of an extensive overhaul of the roadway with Sidney Melvin now linked by continuous Julian freeway unrestricted by the traffic. Watson, speed restrictions of passing townships, but it wasn't always this way price.
The upgrade. The Hume Freeway was the away those navigating the Hume had to drive through a vast number of urban and rural townships traffic lights and intersections But the bypass upgrades that occur throughout these one aspect of the year has remained the same, it is the only road providing access to the balloon Gallo State Forest. Located. One hundred and thirty kilometers South West of Sydney in the Southern Harlin's region of new shaft wiles Belinda estate forest stretches for forty square kilometers, and prizes. Seven hundred hectares of commercial point plantations boarded by several thousand hectares, native Bush land Entrances gained only by driving or walking through the seemingly endless rows of dense pine trees, the forest
to a plethora of ninety flora and fauna, including koalas, Wombats, kangaroos and many species of birds, providing a popular recreation spot for camp is trial, bought riders, push workers, picnic is and photographers. Many parts of the seemingly endless rugged terrain has so remote that can only be accessed by a four wheel drive or on foot entrance to Bolingo he's gained, avoid the human sixteen km staff that the Southern Harlin's town of Barrow, where soon road quickly gives way to rocky dirt, roads, steep hills and creek crossings impossible Navigate without an off road vehicle, fire trials and a complex network of tracks and paths, criss crisscross throughout the forest, which so large and isolated that it's rare to encounter another person whilst a visiting their
no signs are obvious landmarks to signify ones location within making it a very easy place to get disoriented and lost. The forest is thought. we've been named by an early eighteen, hundreds settler, who was and chanting by the untamed beauty of the area that he christened at Langley Low, meaning good angel. Despite its, and distinctively australian landscape, which continues to attract nature lovers from all over the world. Those who venture to the secluded forest note. The vast space is enveloped by eerie silence, as visitors turn to the forest entrance
a german assign, surrounded by a wall of tearing trees, warns welcome to Berlin Gallo State Forest. Please be careful. The in the nineteen nineties, over two hundred thousand young travellers ventured to Australia, Richie attracted by the sun, serve and, I get natural beauty of the country's very de landscape. Travelers were exotic and exciting adventures,
lost, or was it the young people the opportunity to develop their independence, Jane New experiences and interact with a wide range if new people from all over most backpackers, who arrived Who was try? There were eight d, narrowly timid, twenties and data taking time off between studying or securing their first professional jobs or wanting to figure out the next step in law. The majority travelled alone, or with one other person, stayed in the car. Three for an average visit of six months and data lived frugally, they hotter and savings or funded their trip. They went with fruit, picking jobs by ships, nanny, we'll casual farm work. Forty percent of backpack, his came from the UK and another thirty percent ventured over from Continental Europe. Backpacking accounted for a major
part of the country's tourism industry, contributing approximately one point: five billion dollars to the australian economy annually in the days before the internet backpacker, is released, on word of mouth playing their troops. Knowledge was passed from one traveller to the next, the best destinations to visit the areas to avoid and the cheapest way to get from place to place notice. Boards on display at hostels provided an invaluable resource to tourists, seeking travel companions or looking to share the cost of transit with many backpack is partnering up to cut costs and make new friends. trains into bosses where a common form of transport, the many buddy. Travel is also purchased shape. He used cars, so they could cover more grain. At their own pace, although was often frowned upon. He talking provided another popular method of transit
Hitching provided a cheap, convenient way to move around for those on tight budget, while alone visitors to mate logos and were in all about the area they which reversing by the people who lived there. Although this risky pact was strongly discouraged by police, and many employers advised truck drivers against picking up. Each hawk is in the north these. It was a common way for travellers to get around afraid book totalled the budget travel as guidebook was available in hostels throughout New South Wales. Providing information written by backpack is for them is it listed. The humor way is an ideal and popular hitchhiking spot for those looking to travel south from Sidney. Melvin noting the live, all train station as a good starting point. The guide book advised
He tracking is generally safe and illegal. If you stand in a sensible spot, so oh god, into couples, have a good chance of a lift, make a destination sign and have your backpack visible women should not. He checked alone. nineteen year old change. Gibson was one of many young travellers who faded he talking as a mode of transit, described as friendly, free, spirited, impulsive and somewhat Added James was most passionate about two things in life, art and the environment. He took conservation issue seriously and was dedicated to saving the planet by attending wilderness walks. Volunteering in the country, fire service and participating in anti logging protests.
his dedication to the course had recently led him too. He charged from his family home on Victoria's morning ten peninsula to protest in the New South Wales town of named in upon his return home. James happy to be reunited with his family, of whom he was very close to yet the nomadic lifestyle called to him and he soon found himself hit the road again. He decided to defer the sculpture course he had enrolled in at Frankston and to have one more adventure, although he was happy travelling alone invited his girlfriend Deborah Everest to join him on the trip. The two had met earlier that year at the beginning of nineteen, eighty nine, where they had hit it off immediately. Despite that many differences Deborah Everest was a bubbly innovation. Nineteen year old noted mischievous sense of humour a humor
writer and avid reader, she was studying. Psychology at Melbourne's Ass universes he while working part time for charity Organization, the quadriplegic society. Bearing tended to eventually make the move into journalism. She had been living away from home while attending uni, but as Nineteen eighty nine drew to an end. She deferred her studies and returned to her family home in suburban Frankston to help take care of her father after he was diagnosed with cancer Deborah planned to return to university the following year, but with her study temporarily on hold. She was free to join James on his journey. Although she didn't share the same nomadic hippie traits as her boyfriend and much preferred home comforts We had never troubled before and thought it would do that good to take a break and broaden her horizons.
Jameson Deborah made a plan to travel north to Sydney whether would catch up with some of James, his friends before the group would head back south together of all breathe Juno City on the New South Wales, victorian border there that make their way to the small, well Riverside, town of Walworth to attend confessed, a Bush camping festival that celebrates alternative lifestyles, offering workshops live music and vegetarian on the morning of December twenty eight nineteen, eighty nine James endeavours. Parents, respectively parents respectively, dropped their children off at the train station. James told his mother, the pair intended the he talk from moment to Sydney via the humor away, and she was unhappy about the idea Although her son was a gregarious and experienced traveler she was aware of the dangers of hitchhiking and warned her son to be careful
James reassured his mother that he tracking was perfectly safe as long as you didn't travel alone, so she had nothing to worry about, considering Deborah would be by his side. Unlike James Deborah, didn't tell her mother, they planned on hitchhiking instead explaining that were catching a trying to mobile and would then begin. Left to Sydney with some friends at around nine. I am Jameson Deborah Farewell. Their parents purchased their tickets and boarded the train to Melvin. James, had packed his red with blue trim, Berghaus brand backpack full of clothes, as well as a small camping, stove, Thirty five millimeter Rico brand S allow camera his parents had given him only that Ye Deborah was. Quipped with a green nor long sports bag packed with clothes and personal luydens. Agreeing.
a sleeping bag that she had taken from her brother without asking and a sixty dollars in cash. barked the train in Melbourne City and quickly succeeded in obtaining a ride northwards to Sydney. There was the summer holidays, so there was plenty of traffic on the roads and it was easy to get a lift. James and Deborah made the long journey north without any hiccups and arrived in Sydney is planned.
upon their arrival. Let James is Friends house in the inner city, suburb of sorry hills. They discovered the group that was supposed to be meeting there had already left for confessed without them. Their trip to Sydney was now pointless, as James and Deborah had specifically travelled an additional sixty hours north to join up with the confess group, a little frustrated that accepting this situation, James and Deborah decided to stay the night in Sydney before making this sixty hour journey back South confessed in the morning. James is friends flat made invited them to sleep on the lantern floor before they departed for ordinary the next day that not December twenty nine Deborah found her mother to say we ve arrived safely on you. You would be in a panic until you heard for me. Why fine, don't worry I'll, send you a postcard and will
You, tomorrow, James and Deborah, set out for all breathe the following morning of December thirty at around ten. I am they intended to follow the well worn, backpack, his path, which involved catching a train to either Liverpool Boca Sula in Sydney South West before heading towards the HIM highway on foot and then attempting to heed your rights here from a passing motorists. However, the exact react thy ultimately decided to take his arm that day, Deborah's mother, Patricia Everest, waited eagerly for a phone call from her daughter as promised that the evening came and when- and there was no word from Deborah- even though it was unlocked Deborah not to be in touch Patricia
The re ashore herself that the travelling couple were probably just having such a great on the knife. I got to go home as the days went by and still she hadn't heard from her daughter. Patricia became increasingly concerned, she contacted James is mother, Peg Gibson, who advised she hadn't received any contact from her son peg. Wasn't too worried, though, she was used, the James adventuring off to remote locations, There were limited means of communication, so she assured Patricia their children were probably just in an area with no telephone access, but as the days continued to pass by- and still there was no word from James or Deborah Peg began to share, Patricia concern the to mothers kept in close contact, save the other heard anything, but when no news came through
They soon became frantic on January fifteen nineteen. Ninety two wait since Debra is the last phone call Home, Patricia Everest and Peggy Gibson made their way to the Frankston police station together, where they reported their two children missing An officer entered James endeavours names into the missing persons register, noting that, although James was known at times to live, a somewhat nomadic lost all. He was also a responsible young man and it was out of character for either of them not to be in contact with their families. Police took the report seriously, but it wasn't saying as a priority as the office is deemed it likely that nineteen year old said simply gotten swept up on an adventure and would call home soon Patricia and Peggy knew. Such behaviour would be added
for their children. The trot defined comfort in the possibility, James is Sisters wedding day was fast approaching into the Gibson and diverse family, held on the hopes. The pair would return home in time for the occasion and his sister were close and his family knew there was no way he would miss such a milestone event. But the big day on January, twenty one came and went with no contact from James or Deborah their families had No doubt now that something was horribly wrong. Friends and relatives gathered together to help with the search wearing t shirts asking for information. They stopped at all the towns truck, stops service stations and rest stops up and down the Hume highway. They distributed posters featuring James and Deborah.
The photographs with the bold title missing, advising anyone with information about the duo's whereabouts to contact the police. Despite these efforts days turned into months and still there were no sightings and no word from James or Deborah. On March thirteen nineteen. Ninety, a woman named Wendy was driving along ghost and gorge Road, a narrow, picturesque stretch of asphalted road that runs between the chance of Hornsby and he drew in the north West. The outskirts of Sydney Wendy noticed the Red Backpack, with blue trim on the side of the road and stopped to pick it up, throwing it in the Buddha her car. When Wendy arrived to work. She had a look through the backpack. They didn't find anything of interest and contained a black pen, a tin of sardines and simple
NATO's, which she noted as odd. Considering there were no pine trees in ghost and gorge. She also noticed the your data. Could bang Caddy out of the backpack meaning there was no way of identifying it's owner, so Wendy put the pack aside and went about her day. The next day she had another look at the backpack and noticed there was a name address and telephone number written inconspicuously on the bottom of the pack. Alongside the phone number read, the word, Gibson Wendy called the number and the pig Gibson answered, advising the backpack belonged to her son James, who had been missing along with these girlfriend Deborah for three and a half months. With this information, Wendy immediately drove to Hornsby police Station intended the backpack in after the discovery of the backpack James Endeavours.
Appearance started gaining more attention. Local newspaper, the Hornsby Advocate, ran a story about the missing couple, advising that James is Backpack had now been located, but he's Rico, brand camera and debars belongings were nowhere to be seen. The story sparked the attention of a local cyclist who had been riding he's back on ghost in gold rode on December thirty, one nineteen, eighty nine the day after James and Deborah will last seen in Sydney the cyclist found what appeared to be a need: new, thirty, five millimeter recovery and camera on the side of the road Considering there was nothing on it to help identify it's owner, the cyclist took the camera home and didn't give it much more thought Now realizing the camera might belong to missing backpack at James Gibson. He immediately did it in the Hornsby police station.
members of James is family, flew to Sydney and formerly identified the backpack into camera. As belonging to the missing nineteen year old, there were confused about the local in which the items were found James into Deborah had plans. They had set the confessed near Aubrey, so it made no sense that their belongings had shown up on the North West outskirts of seed. ghost engorge Road was about forty five kilometres north west of sorry hills. The last place. The couple were saying: police appealed to witnesses who may have seen or picked up the couple to come forward, but to no success in April an extensive police search of the rugged ghost engorge Gorge Area was conducted with police divers. during the river, while one hundred and forty offices and emergency service personnel conducted a foot search along the wanting ghosting gorge road in vain,
the gaieties remained open to all possibilities, including the hopeful that the pay had run away together have to dumping their belonging to the sinister that they fell to their deaths, while climbing the cliffs enacted a suicide pact or had fallen victim to fair play, given the fact to James and Deborah were both close with their families and had no prior history of self harm. Accidental death, so fair play with deemed the more likely of the worst case scenarios, despite the extensive search, if it's no other items belonging to the couple were found for Patricia reversed. The uncertainty of not knowing what happened to her daughter was the most painful aspect.
Quiet this is one of the worst thing that can happen to parents. You can't brave. The worst thing is not knowing you lie awake at night and imagine everything the months continue to pass by and no new information came to lie. James endeavours, disappearance quickly, faded from the news and had very little impact on other young travellers. Has the backpacking India continue to thrive. Twenty one known to friends as bitten The travel bug early when she was eleven years old, she traveled with. A family from their home country of Germany to Canada, which sparked hurricane sense of adventure, after finishing hospital Simone headed to Yugoslavia, remarking to a friend
if I could afford it I'd, spend the rest of my life traveling around the world. It was a passion well suited to her fun, outgoing and trusting personality which made her a confident jet set Two years after her trip to Yugoslavia, Simone visited, Canada and Alaska for a camping holiday, wishes The number of fellow travelers, including several Australians, It was one person in particular. She hit it off with a young woman from Sydney named Christine Murphy and I decided Australia would be her next destination. She considered it to be a safe and friendly country, much like Canada and was eager to see the striking colors of the great barrier reef and the Angeles Desert HORIZON of the are the outback. returned home to Reagan's burg at the very
city near Munich in Germany working hard as a bookkeeper save money for her upcoming adventure once trip, she went shopping with her father to items required for I mean camping holiday. She purchase the blue saliva branded backpack adorned with a lilac Patten, a green and purple saliva brain sleeping bag. A day pack and cooking said. The vat I brand Hogan Model attend. She wanted wasn't in stock, so the sales assistant had the Oda one. In from the manufacturer, the tent arrived to waves lighter and Simone returned to the store to collect and so on. For the autumn.
And with everything she needed. Simone made her way to the region's bird train station on September, twenty nine. Ninety ninety, where she planned to catch a train to Frankfurt before boarding her flight to Sydney. She was fair world by the Father who urged his daughter to be careful that Samoan was more concerned about her fathers well being than around telling him take care and became For that nothing happens to you when I M in a strategy a wiping out what I hope. If something happens during her flight to Sydney Simone struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger and backpacker named Jeanette more into the two became Instant France has neither had any solid plans upon their arrival to a stranger. They decided to travel together. Their first stop was a visit to Christine Murphy, whom Simone had met on her trip to at last,
Simone into a new companion. Jeanette arrived to Christine tasks in the western Sidney Suburb Guilford, which they used as a base, while exploring the city after awake spent saying Simone and Genetic code, a train to Liverpool and set out on foot. Then the humor away hitching a ride to Melvin from there I bought a cheap car and drive nor Factor Queensland before drawing back to Melbourne, to meet up with some friends in Melbourne, the women saw their car and decided to hitchhike back to sit they had become very familiar with the Hume highway during their travels and felt confident accepting rods along this well trodden round in Sydney. They stayed with Christine Murphy again before flying Tunisia. on January nineteen. Nineteen. Ninety one
Simone and Internet returned to a stranger when they crashed Christine Murphy Sidney. Based has yet again. It was there that Simone announced the next leg of her trip. She planned to hitchhike on her own back down to Melbourne, to meet her mother, who was flying over to join her on a camper van trip around the country. Simone friends expressed worry over her plan to hitchhike alone. Christain felt Simone had already taken. too many risks and should quit. While she was ahead, Jeanette had done her fair share of your checking with Simone Than she agreed that her travel companion should adopt a more cautious approach from here on out but living there, reason their previous efforts were safe and successful was due to the fact that were traveling as appear to net into Christine urged surmount to catch the Boston Melbourne instead offering to buy her a ticket.
Having Christine's mother warned Simone of the dangers of he talking alone, but Simone shrugged. It off showing her a page from her trouble, God that detailed, a stronger as a safe country to hitchhike Simone It already made up her mind, as Christine Murphy described quote. Simone, had a relaxed attitude towards hitchhiking and told her friends not to worry she'd always found people to be friendly and helpful. Her argument: when we tried to talk her out of it was don't worry about it on quite safe Had I said he I am on January twenty nineteen. Ninety one summer,
Schmidle left, Christine Murphy's house to begin her solo journey to Melbourne. Janette walked her partway to the Guildford TRAIN Station, where the two said their goodbyes at a nearby news agency. The trains weren't running that morning, so Simone caught a bus from Guilford to Liverpool, where she began the walk to the Hume Highway at nine am some minds. Plan was to hold up a sign displaying her final destination of milk. And in the hopes of catching a lift from a friend who a truck driver she set off down the Hume highway wearing a bright, yellow, singlet, green shorts and hiking boots carrying her backpack tent sleeping bag and a twenty dollars. Cash. three days later on Wednesday January. Twenty three Simone's mother India, a rise in Melbourne Airport eager to see her daughter half the four months apart. However, Simone was
waiting for her mother in the arrivals lounge, as expected,. Video assumed she wouldn't be too far away and continue to weigh wonder.
whether Simone had been confused about their plans? Perhaps she thought that was supposed to made at the house of a friend where they would be staying her Vinny caught a taxi to their friend's house. Presuming Simone was already there, but when she arrived, Simone was nowhere to be seen, and nobody had heard from her. The worried mother sat by the phone waiting for Simone to ring, but no calls came through her video called Christine Murphy's house. The last place, her daughter stayed submerged friends Christine and Jeanette had already begun to worry. Even before receiving a vineyard phone call. Simone had promised to make contact upon her safe arrival to Melbourne, but days had passed since she departed
and they still hadn't heard a word from her Christine said by Monday nine, when we hadn't heard from semi, we began to worry but choose day. No logic began to hit on the fifth day is sometimes disappear. having made her way to the Russell Street Police Station in Melbourne. To report her daughter missing. Officers on duty, weren't, overly concerned Simone was inexperienced young backpacker, and there was every chance she had made a spur of the moment decision to change her travel plans that are having a new such a thing would be completely out of character for her daughter when Simone's father that was notified of his daughter s disappearance. He sought assistance from his local police station. In Germany. The german offices told him there was nothing they could do as it was an issue first, drawing the employees,
I bet explained he couldn't speak English and wanted their assistance gaining some more information, but the german police advised him to find an English speaking friend or relative, who could hope instead Herbert contacted the german embassy in Canberra and higher authorities in german law enforcement, but they advised him to contact foreign affairs, Tom and Tom again. His attempts say help lead nowhere made all the more difficult by the language barrier, impacting his ability to communicate with astronomy and authorities have any. I stayed in Australia holding
Hopes that her daughter would show up over wound with fear and anxiety ovine. I began suffering regular bats of noisier after six weeks of searching with no sign of Simone. She eventually returned to Germany alone during a public appeal for anyone with information to come forward. Sometimes travel companion, engineered Mola, said people in Germany want to come to withdraw the because it so far away the great southern land
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start all of your shopping traps at rack, attend dot com or get the racket and apt and start saving. Today, like the thousands of Bacchus who drew to astride Erigena twenty one year, old, Gabor nor Gabelle was eager to say as much of the world is possible. Boning stood Guard Germany, his father's job in the air force when the boy had moved around a lot throughout his childhood, so he felt confident venturing to new places, even though he was quiet shy and liked to came to himself. passionate about nature and the environment. Gabor had a particular interest. In geology and volcanology. After serving fifteen months compulsion. Service in the german military he applied to pursue these interests at university, but when he failed to gain entry to
Preferred course he enrolled in a philosophy degree. Instead he promised his parents. He would transfer to something they considered more serious once he scratched Travel Travelodge It was around this time that Gabor men and yet had shade a shy, kind, hearted twenty year old, who shared his love for the environment, Anya had recently completed a drafting course and was eager to embrace the world beyond Germany before she recommenced her studies. beyond to their shared passions for nature and travel, Anya and Gabor had a lot in common, neither smoked or drank, and both priced and easy going attitude towards life. The two said if, on their first adventure together IRAN to Europe at the start of nineteen, ninety one at over six feet, tall, Gabor, towered over potato tenure and he's fit strong physique ensured she felt safe traveling.
he's company. The couple enjoy today. European travel experience so much that upon their return they begin planning their next trip right away. Google in Ecorse was scheduled to resume in the early one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and up before returning to the books, hey and Dania, decided to set off on a two month to Junie Backpacking around Asia. there were mostly looking forward to visiting the temples and volcanoes of Indonesia, and offer Indonesia in light naughty one, but one there, the weather, took an unexpected turn for the worse and the couple made a spur of the moment decision to head to strive year. Instead, Gabor and Daniel landed in Darwin in December. Ninety one before venturing to the tropical city of gains in Far North Queensland, with Christmas, faster
Jeanne. They met some other travel as along the way who told them bonds. I Bayesian Sidney was the place debate during the festive season. As there was a large backpack. Is Christmas Party put on their every year entreat by these Tipp? The couple leaded Sydney to their itinerary with Anya writing a letter to her family. In Germany saying she was really looking forward to this leg of their journey upon their arrival in Sydney Gabor and Daniel checked into a hostile and kings cross and in a city district which at the time was a hotbed for drugs, crime and safety. Not love but was popular with backpack is due to the cheap accommodation available, not locking the vibes. If the city and unable to sleep it during the hot sticky summer night, Gabor cooled his family in Germany from a paper
in the hostile card, or at four I am on Christmas morning. Although the international connection was poor, the boys mother could tell Son, wasn't in good spirits, Hey Indonesia, much preferred Asia, River, stranger and we're looking forward to leaving before the final Disconnected Gabor told his mother. He wanted to lay the strata as soon as possible the next day December 26th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Gabor and Daniela settled that bill and checked out. If it came across Faustel telling stuff that we're heading North They had booked flocked to Indonesia departing knees day and worry
the regime that portion of their trip before flying from Indonesia to Germany. On January fourteen, however January fourteen came and went, and nobody back home heard, a word from an Europa bore nor had they returned to Germany has planned their families clung to the possibility that they may have simply missed their flood or had decided to extend this day and want. I would arrange a fund to let anyone know, but fees for their well being were quickly exacerbated when it was revealed. The boar and Danny I hadn't touched over. Three thousand dollars worth of travellers checks since checking out of their kings cross hostile, knowing they would be returning to Darwin after Sidney the boy
and Antonia had let their friends and family know to direct any may offer them to the Darwin Post Office. It was common practice for backpackers who had no fixed address to nominate a post office where they could collect mail, while passing through the boy's mother had sent the couple a Christmas package containing cookies and other traits, but the package remained at the Dublin Post Office and collected indicating the couple may have never made it there on January 13th over a month since January and Gabor, but last saint checking out of the hostile in Sydney their disappearance was reported to german police. The report was forwarded on to the austrian federal police, who immediately began into the case, yet they uncovered very little information to suggest what had happened to the couple,
the boar and Daniel Families hired a private investigator that they too failed to find any trace of the two young backpack is after months of searching and no laid. There was this, though they had simply vanished into thin air. Frustrated with the fruitless investigation, the boys parents and Manfred, nor your Bela along. with annual brother Norbert decided they had to withdraw. It to initiate there, I search they were convinced. The couple may have been involved in an accident and were able to increase the media attention to save anyone came forward with information
Montford Intronova arrived in Sydney in April, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two meeting with the New South Wales police force and conducting several press conferences should know that his sister's disappearance was completely out of character, as he knew she was looking forward to returning to Germany to resume her studies. he told the media, we decided the only way to know what was happening was to come here. To look for yourselves. For us, there are only a few possibilities if someone is murdered. The first thing you do is steal their money, but no checks have been cashed. They could have had an accident fallen over cliff, but nobody has seen it. We know they would contact us if they could
the media attention was helpful in generating public awareness with the police were saving over two hundred tip off from witnesses who believed they had started. The couple every lead was followed by H, went nowhere with the Saudis believe to be a case of mistaken idea, de on car Manfred and know that decided to follow the trial? I knew and took a boy had taken, but were faced with the problem that no one knew one hundred percent, which way the couple had troubled after leaving Sidney. although their flight from Darwin to Indonesia, had been scheduled to leave. Just six days later, Gabor had told his parents, they were heading south down the Hume Highway, making their way to Victoria, specifically Mill Jura, a historical country, town on the banks of the Murray River
From there, the couple would visit at a light in the neighbouring state of South Australia before heading north through the back on the steward highway to their final destination of Darwin, that these contradicted reports from the kings cross, hostile staff in Sydney who were adamant Gabor in January, said that were taking the nor throughout via Queensland towards Darwin, as they had asked for hostile. Commander shins in that direction, aka Montfort ended nor that spent the next five weeks travelling through a strategy or in a camp event. They decided to follow the advice from the kings cross, hostile staff and head north from Sidney going to breeze, been Chansu Manto other Darwin Alice Springs, Port, Augusta and broken hill. They visited every hostile, cafe and local store. They could
asking if anyone had seen the missing backpack is after covering over ten thousand kilometers, without finding a single trace of annual woke aboard the desperate tree. I visited a clairvoyant on their final dying, a stranger who told them your children are no longer alive. Your son died very quickly, but he's friend Daniel suffered terribly before she died. The boy no gebauer and anger had shades disappearance came almost two years to the day after James Gibson and Deborah Reverenced were last seen in sorry hills and just eleven months since Simone Schmidl was lost, Saint walking down the Hume Highway Need Liverpool, Although all three cases involved young travellers disappearing in Sydney there was
whether it is to link them in any way and nothing that made them stand out for police amongst all the other active missing person cases. In Australia. In the early nineties, twenty four thousand people were reported missing each year. A majority of those reported missing a the reappeared who were found within the first two weeks, but three hundred missing people remained unaccounted for each year. James In Deborah Everest, Simone Schmidl, the boy no you're, Bela and Daniel had shade joined the thousands of names of persons who have disappeared without trace. During a missing persons. Wake appeal for information, the spokesperson for the New South boss, police, missing persons unit stated we just cannot ever give up Hope We are constantly reviewing and array reviewing our files.
Twenty two year old, Joanne Walter's had always dreamed of visiting Australia and New Zealand destinations. She considered far more Then her home town of Maesteg, near Cardiff in Wales, Joanne had a humble love growing up with them who he worked as a shop assistant and father who worked in a paper mill factory. She was a model student at school and home warm nature. Others were drawn towards her having recently traveled through Europe. Joanne was looking forward to her next adventure ass. She foot through a newspaper she noticed an advertisement offering to return flights to Australia for the process of one excited by the offer. She contacted her scottish friend Pullin raid and she had met the previous year while travelling through grace. the two decided to venture to the land down under for an extended working holiday with Joanne promising
Cole Android home regularly. Napoleon arrived in Sydney in early June, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one spending the next few weeks, traveling north to Queensland before deciding to part ways and made up again for the damn that truck. Joanne returned to Sydney where she rented a flat in kings cross with another backpacker and applied for a job as a nanny she was one of one hundred applicants for than any position, but for the Jensen, family Joanne was the ideal candidate, sensible, independent in the outgoing they. Happily, I had her for that. Job, Joanne love being in any for the spending her spare time visiting the source of Sydney and me. Lange with other travellers into local, said various bars and cafes throughout the kings Cross area. It was during this The jelly and crossed paths with another young female backpacker ended.
To immediately hit it off. Twenty one year old. Caroline clock was a well educated, determined young woman who enjoyed an upper middle class upbringing in the county of Sorry in England, where she loved coin net, bull and talkie and socialism with her wide circle of friends. Wise up for a laugh. Caroline had a knack for impersonating teaches family members and celebrities to the amusement of others. Caroline was driven to make a difference in the world applying for a job as a police officer at age. Twenty The recruitment offices at the Sorry police Department thought her qualities made her a great candidate but felt she was a little too young. Advised her to go out and gain more life experiences then come back to see them again. In a couple of years,
Caroline recognize. This is a great opportunity to travel the world and started saving money for an extended backpacking trip. her own brother had recently travelled to Australia and spoken so highly of his experience there, the Caroline decided to add the destination to her bucket list. Caroline got a job as an assistant manager for a pizza restaurant where she was well liked by customers and staff. After saving enough money. She spent a month travelling through Europe before making a way to a stranger wish. You plan to work and travel before passing Indonesia and Thailand on her way home. Eighteen months later,. Joanne Walter's had already been in Australia for four months when she met Caroline clog. The two became instant friends and decided to embark on their further travelled together,
although Joanne enjoyed many for the genuine family word from other back package was fruit. Peeking presented a great opportunity to see more of that country, while learning a wage along the way, Joanne ran the idea past Caroline, who agreed fruit peeking sounded like a great idea and the two decided to make their way to meal Jura in regional Victoria, known for its great action. The Jensen family was sad to say, Joanne leave, but were understood. And supportive of her decision. In early If you were a nineteen. Ninety two Joanne Caroline city of Famille Jura with two other backpacking. They had met catching to Liverpool before walking towards the humor away the force him to. I did have more success, hitching a ride if they split into pairs and the planned paid off. Oh for women,
made it to move Europe safely, where they ain't got to work. Picking grapes in a local vineyard. Who is in mill Jura that Joanne and Caroline struck up a friendship with an Englishman named stay for? I entered the town. Decided to head to Tasmania together, as I'd heard, it was a good spot to get work. Picking apples when their job in New Jersey was complete. They made a break return to Sydney before once again hitching a ride in the human rights to Melbourne where they caught the fairy to Tasmania The North sea entire mania were much colder than the women expected so Joanne, urges the blue and orange ultimate brand sleeping bag. That was much originally brought in Tasmania, But ass, he didn't plan on doing any more camping. He offered to swap his blue three person. Ten.
Joanne and Carolines to person tat. They were grateful for the exchange as the tent they had been sleeping in was too small for the both of them They even overlooked the fact that stage ten had a hole in it, as he had patched it up. In Haiti for label after Apple picking job came to an end, and terror line departed, Tasmania and returned to their Sidney based hostile and kings cross from there they plan to develop The western Australia has died. There was a coming work available during the melon picking season. They made a rough went slowly make their way there by driving along the same two great Ocean road in Victoria to wet allied then proceed north the room in the northern territories desert before finally reaching the western Australia in town of cannon our one April, sixteen nineteen
what he too, but Joe IN and Caroline called their families back home to let them know their plans that were both happy ending good spirits. Looking forward to the next portion of their adventure, which was set to begin the following morning. The next day they received a visit at the hostile from Poland grade the friend to Joanna had originally travelled to Australia with they filled pull. I need on their travel itinerary advising her they intended to get around by most of the way each to many rods already and had nothing but positive experiences so far, seeing it as a great way to make friendly logos does but their plans, Joanne and Caroline, were quite on organised and the day quickly got away from them as the
afternoon descended into twilight. They decided to put their trip off until the next day, as the idea of hitchhiking at night held a very little appeal at seven thirty, a m. On April 18th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two Joanne and Caroline spoke with Steve right. The backpack up with United, previously travel to Tasmania with. they advised him that were taking the same route down the him or why they had taken previously when heating Tamil Jura and Melvin, they planned to catch a train from kings crossed the Cosu LE the station after Liverpool then make the short walk to the human way from where they teach their first lived. There was a beautiful day and the sun was shining his stay farewell these friends and
Wish them lock two weeks later, joins parents in Wales felt uneasy when they hadn't heard a word from their daughter Joey was a judicial child who called and wrote letters hi, I'm on a regular basis, keeping her parents in the loop of her next contactable address. It was very unlike her to be out of touch, but they gave their daughter the benefit of the doubt, hoping she was just having too much fun always currently traveling through a remote area with no telephone access in England, Carolines parents, were becoming equally concerned. Is they too hadn't heard from their daughter They assured themselves. She was probably in the outback with no access to a phone or post office, and surely be in touch soon. the alarm bells, really started to ring when Caroline Sister's birthday came and went on. My eighth with no Noah
from Caroline, a few weeks later on, may twenty four when Caroline filed the contact her father to wish him a happy birthday, the family started to get incredibly anxious a few days later, Caroline, clocks family were saved a phone call from Jones Dad Right Walter's, advising them of his concerns. Regarding he's daughters, silence Ray had recently been digging around and found that Joanne had Howden Exeter Bank account since April fifteen, which was the day before she had lost cold. He had also been in touch with Joanna former employees in Austria, the Jensen family who share these concerns. They, expected to hear from Joanne over restock but the holiday gone by without them hearing a word. Realizing almost six weeks had passed since a the family had heard from their daughters. They report
Joanne and Carolines disappearance, the local police, who then contacted the australian federal police, the genes, family also made their own report to New sat, whilst police in Sydney Ray Walter's stayed up later not making international phone calls to fruit, picking farms, backpack of hostiles and drool police station. Scenario Joanne and Caroline had already visited or intended to visit, but no one had seen or heard from them. Carolines father, a clock was well connected due to he saw a level job at the Bank of England. He contacted an associate Philip Corbett, who was a former commander, has Scotland Yard and was more than willing to assist the clocks with
The search for their daughter, Colbert made contact with Caroline and Joanna Format travelling companions to get a better insight into their movements. He also put pressure on New South Wales police to treat the disappearance as a priority. Corbett's intervention attracted media coverage in the United Kingdom, prompting striving authorities to treat the missing person report with precedents with New South Wales police now making inquiries that, Appearance of joy and Walter's into Caroline Clock was headline in the israeli media as a nation wide search commenced. A police spokesperson explained both women were in the habit of telephoning their parents about once every two weeks, but neither family has heard from their daughter since MID April. Their failure to contact time is completely out of character, and it is for this reason we hold fee
for their safety within the first day of launching the appeal over one hundred witnesses came forward to report possible sightings of the pair one witness reported seeing two women who Joanne and Caroline's description, getting into a coma van with a male driver which received strong media focus and generated hundreds of fair that tips. The police weren't convinced that had an inaccurate. So I didn't either complicating efforts. Was the discovery
two young women with british accents were travelling a similar wrapped. The one Joanne and Caroline plan to follow, meaning witness sidings could be confusing. This separate set of travellers for the missing pay over the following two months calls continue to come through, and police followed up every laid, but none of this sidings were proven to be Joanne or Caroline in August, naughty naughty to Joanna's parents Ray and Jill Walters apple to Australia, to assist the search for their missing daughter. They participated in press conferences, making an urgent appeal to the public for anyone with information to come forward right Lt is told the gathering media Joey didn't do anything on the spur of the moment. If, turned right. Well, she turned left she'd. Let us know.
On the day, Joanne and Caroline were last seen in Sydney. Only four months have passed since then Oh no you're Bela and then you have shaded disappeared from the same area into their case, was still gaining media attention has been devastated. Families travel the country searching for clues. Given The path of international Bacchus had vanished from the kings Cross district. The press were quick to link the two disappearances New South Wales, police, refused, to confirm whether there was a connection simply advising they were considering all possibilities. Joanne and Caroline's case continued to gain an increasing amount of media attention, leading the press to look into water racing incidents where international tourists are gone missing under similar circumstances. The mysterious disappearance
Schmid or to use earlier, was mentioned from time to time, but very little was said about James Gibson and Deborah reverenced given they were striving citizens travelling within their own country can thus articles debating the safety risks involved with backpacking in future. King were published with the hostile industry coming and the scrutiny hostile alone is maintained. Australia was a safe country and there was nothing for travel was to worry about, but the negative press was threatening to tarnish the throbbing backpacker tourism industry Despite this, young travellers were not deterred from hitchhiking many private it intervenes to the media, stating they had never encountered any issues while he talking across the country and had no intention of stopping defending it as an affordable mode of transport
police called for the establishment of a central registry to record the names and contact addresses for all foreigners travelling in Austria to help keep track of their movements. Although that may have been a useful tool, but was too late for the families of the seven back backers who mysteriously vanished in Sydney between nineteen, eighty, nine and ninety. Ninety two, on September, nineteen nineteen. Ninety two eight members of Scrub IRAN historian tearing club ventured then they humor way passing the kilometers of applying plantations before reaching the natural Bush portion of blank allows state forest, From the ranges, hearts the tame, separated into paths and ventured into the thick scrub as part of a training exercise to members, Kate, silly and Kay
up and began navigating the steep rocky terrain west of the long acre fire trial heading. Words in area known as executioners drop at four fifteen p m the tune. Tracked into a shallow gully and made their way towards a large Oda, as they walked close up that were hit with a knife. A welcoming stanch, which day soon was emanating from a dead animals they edged closer to the border with. I noticed. The polish sticks and branches on its western side forming a mound. Approximately two made us along and sixty centimetres ha out of the debris. They noticed the tuft of dock fur, I figured. It must have been a dead one, bad or a kangaroo, but upon closer inspection they noticed a thin bone sticking out of the mound
along with the heel of a shoe and a patch of clothing. Casey Lee quote What I thought was the Kangaroo Lake was an oboe, the one that was the hair on the back of the head Men hastily made the two kilometers track back to the closest arranges. Hot weather, contacted police and escorted them today. Human remains a crossing was established as twilight descended with floodlights illuminating the disease the area is police on covered the heavily decomposed body of a young woman face down and gagged. With strips torn from his shirt The search of the rugged terrain was put temporarily on how to do to the pitch darkness, with police commencing a thorough search of the side at daybreak that next morning, just thirty metres from this
hello tour remains discovered by the large border in the shallow gully police noticed a similar amount of sticks and branches part alongside a full on long hidden. Underneath was a second body when news of the gruesome discovery, symbol, Angelo State Forest hit, the media speculation. Randrod as to whether more bodies would be uncovered at the site. In response, a police spokesperson said There is nothing to suggest that it's a mass grave,
keeping an open mind about what might be out there to be continued. Next week, the and now a best fiends affirmation, air husband, brags that he recorded two hundred One thousand steps in the last month, but you're at level, three thousand eight hundred and thirty, two on best fiends, who deserves that bragging rights now, with over seven thousand brain boosting challenging levels bragging, never felt so easy, so download the best beans
free from the app store or Google play today. That's friends without the our best feats, when twenty two rod, Shanna Callahan, goes missing after a night out in Swindon a suspect in her disappearance offers to lay detective state voltchok to her body. The suspect, then takes the detective by surprise I buy asking do you want another one case file presents the detectives dilemma at ten: series narrated by me that dives day pinto case thirty, five operation, mayan patron interviews with family members and the late detective state full chow, When a moral dilemma arises, you'll have the opportunity to put yourself in the detective shoes and ask yourself what would you have done
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