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Case 109: Belanglo (Part 4)

2019-04-13 | 🔗
[Part 4 of 5] At 6:36 am on May 22 1994, a team of heavily armed police surrounded the Cinnabar Street home of Ivan Milat and instructed him to exit the house with his arms raised. Dumbfounded, Ivan responded: “Okie dokie. Just let me put me pants on…” --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-109-belanglo-part-4
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anytime, you need support. Please contact your local cross. The center for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place a destroyer nights for this episode on your app or on our website. At six hundred and thirty six one thousand nine hundred and twenty two one thousand nine hundred and ninety four police negotiator detective Wayne, Gordon Dog, through to the telephone located inside the home of oven. My life the early morning. Coal stood Ivan for me sleep and when he picked up detective Gordon introduced himself and advised Ivan that he said, boss straight street property was surrounded by heavily armed offices, enacting a search warrant in relation to an armed robbery bother
was instructed to exit the house via the front door, turn left and then walk through the front gate. With these arms raised, dumbfounded Ivan responded, okey dokey, just let me put my pants on five minutes ticked by, but there was no sign of arson. Detective Gordon called the house once more. Of its partner, chilling Durant's it before handing the receiver rather to her boyfriend. When asked why he hadn't, followed orders, often expressed his disbelief about the entire situation, certain and negotiate. It was one of these workmates playing a prank detective Gordon responded night on from the police, no joke. This is real, still onshore, Ivan queried.
Why didn't you knock on the bloody door or something Gordon informed him that it was standard police procedure to first make a call to ensure the safety of all concerned Ivan Chocolate, still in disbelief and told the negotiator he couldn't see. Anybody outside these window golden once again ordered him to walk outside and turn left at the gate. but this command only amplified Ivan Step, as he didn't have a gate on these property. Nevertheless, he announced or on a play your little game, but I'm not real keen on this. offices covering Vena perimeter of the premises. Radio through today come on post advising naked. He movement inside the garage, including what sounded like a car door. Opening and closing they expressed concern that eleven was planning an escape
By six forty, I am the suspect, who had emerged from the house. So Detective Gordon found for a third time She leaned rancid, again saying we are coming out now he's just trying to find these case. He always loses them in the morning. A few Slight are often allow walked out of the house with his hands up.
I've been complied with orders to get on the ground as too heavily armed police officers placed him in Handcuffs Chile for exiting the premises soon after and was escorted to awaiting police car detective showed off in a copy of their search warrant, informing him that they were making it worries in relation to the ninety. Ninety armed robbery of English, Backpacker Pool anyone's adding that they would also be asked questions in relation to the seven murdered backpack is discovered in blank low state. Forest often responded. I don't know what you're talking about
superintendent cloth, small was ever seeing the raid from the police command post. Once organs house was cleared, and it was confirmed that no one else was inside. He gave the go ahead for offices to proceed with the next step. Ivan was lifted his fate and taken in Saudis home to give detectives an impromptu to us. and explain the purpose of eight room, he was then left in the living room under the dutiful watch, watches two detectives. His other office initiated a full scale. Search of the property police were equipped with, this device, or one hundred items to be on the lookout for ranging for weapons and ammunition to the various items of clay. In during into camping equipment. The seven belong glow victims were in possession of at the time of their disappearance. As the surgeon, bedroom, commenced, police discovered a driver's license displaying Auden's photograph
alongside he's brother, Marco's name and personal information. There was also a post God written two of indicted just days after the disappearance of british backpack is joining Walter's and Caroline Clock that began with the words pie bill the false name he had given to pull onions an envelope in his bedside drawer contained foreign currency. looting museum under dollars and indonesian grew pale with print dates that didn't coincide with the time. and was known to be, living outside of Australia, german backpacker domain Schmidl turned from a trip to New Zealand. Just before her disappearance and german couple Gabor, Bella and Daniel have shade had travelled to Australia via Indonesia. Often denied owning any firearms, were keeping any on his property, yet
a large array of ammunition, was discovered throughout this ass, a cupboard in and begged room contained a tin. Storing thirty eight twenty two caliber Let's and an unused twelve gauge shot gun cartridge. Similarly, for it is obviously brand. Twenty two caliber cartridges were uncovered in a spare bedroom featuring the same batch number, as those recovered from the area right location in the language they need, the remains of Gabon. I get our and Anna had shade were found. All the time
the two caliber ammunition found in Ivan's home was suited for use with the Ruger and Dan rifles fired by the Bell: Anglo serial killer, a plastic bag carried thirty two and forty five caliber Winchester ammunition, the latter of which had a copper, Tibbs matching the bullets Paul onions soldered in his attackers revolver the bag also contained a spent twenty two Winchester cartridge with a unique outboard indentation, a marking caused by a known firing, pin fault in Ruger rifles manual. Between one thousand nine hundred and sixty four and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the exact same indentation, was present on cartridges recovered from two of the Belanglo crime scenes. I've in bed, room draw, Rosa held a receipt for upon faction, shot gun, urges from a gun shop in the western Sidney suburb of Hoarsely park during
in search of the laundry and office? His attention was drawn to the washing machine where he noticed the substantial gap between the base of the appliance and the floor underneath he got down on the floor and discovered a thirty two Browning pistol, which appeared to have been slid under the washing machine in a hurry. Subsequent inquiries would reveal the pistol had been stolen during a break in at the office of the roads and traffic authority Campbelltown in August, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. You know Evans Holway contained a pair of these work boots, one of which had a Ruger, rifle receiver, stuffed inside the receiver, is the frame of the fire on that houses. The internal components such as the fire mechanism and the ball. In addition, there was a map, the southern highlands region, including the language state, forest plus maps of Newcastle and worn down,
ass, if he had ever been to belong glow Ivan claimed to have any other bypassed the forest damage dirt track during the mid eighties. In response, the weather, he ain't of rigour, firearm Ivan said I've told you before. I don't own any weapons. The group of attending police officers conducted the most thorough search possible, ensuring nothing in the house went untouched by the time they were through. interested been recovered, including a foot long Bowie, not three magazines about shooting a homemade silencer, multiple rolls of black electrical tape; cable ties, Telescopic, sights, camouflage coloured people Mass. and the police, radio scanner, with other mulatter naming brave donor, the illegible type and cable toys matched to those used to construct a laser strength develop,
that had been found at one Belanglo crime, say scene, I found an olympic brand true best model, thirty five millimeter camera, which resigned available for sale in the United Kingdom and match the camera around by English backpacker Caroline Clock stuffed inside again. Each backing orphans sister show these bedroom police found a green and purple saliva brand sleeping bag, but then a five is belonging to german backpacker, Simone Schmidl, in addition to the sleeping bag. A mark, your brand cooking, certain cops banned in the kitchen pantry were confirmed today. The same talk carried by Simone, as was carrying out and grain water bottle found in a cardboard box. The surgeon. Gara revealed more items of camping equipment similar to those bus persons, including among
t, colored, honour, strap and a blue, so I was sleeping bag cover other contained a green VERDI, brand Hogan model, ten toyed with a compact him at band the same as the one found toward around some minds Upon the discovery of her remains the second agreement. beige sleeping bag was identified as the one that's driving backpack a Deborah Everest and borrowed from her brother before her trip to Sydney in nineteen. Ninety nine, I found a striped green pillowcase with five lengths of sash cord inside one of which appeared to be stained with blood. A red, hot and Jack rueful will draw wheel. Drive was parking organs carriage though he climbed he had known
for the past six years and that the vehicle belonged to one of these brothers inside the vehicle was a british twenty pounds coin with a print date of nineteen. Eighty nine, perhaps the most bizarre of all, was the sticker on the back of the vehicle which promoted occur on prevention service crime stop is with its motto rating put the finger wrong crime, a man was used to access the roof cavity of orphans home where police found some Christmas decorations and other boxes containing miscellaneous items.
But upon removing some shades of insulation that were able to peer down into the wall cavities where they spotted a plastic bag resting behind the living room wall, a steak was used to try to reach the bag, but in doing so it caused something to dislodge and fall further down into the space. A hull was cut through the wall to retrieve the item, which was revealed to be a ten shot, Ruger Rifle magazine inside the plastic bag itself, police found of a twenty two caliber Ruger Rifle a trigger assembly and a breach bout assembly when presented to often he denied of assent in the firearm parts. Before saying that, Nobody had ever been in the ceiling space, except for quote you likes, and disabilities.
I have in my lad, was taken to Campbelltown police station for further questioning where it became apparent to interviewing detectives that this aspect was intentionally playing down, often claimed to be hard of hearing, and that he didn't understand their questions. When asked the corroborate, the record of conversation that took place between himself and the detectives during the raid Ivan refused saying,
We never had a conversation, he climbed, not to know where any of the camping equipment fanned in his house came from suggesting police may have planted the items there in relation to the blind girl. I know it is often said. I don't know anything about them. I haven't got a clue. As superintendent small observed the interview from another room, he got the impression Northern was enjoying himself and he knew exactly what was going on appearing confident. He would soon be going home. According to the book fight by New Mercer, a former colleague of orphans explained quite often said to me once if you ever get into trouble I'll give you a saloon about that, can get you off another wrap. This blog is the best. You just have to deny it if you are prepared to take a haughty just annoying
because they have to come up with the proof, just flatly deny it and ring for solicitor. John Marston, following orphans, arrest he's just a surely did exactly that. Contacting the lawyer, who had helped her brother get off his rape and armed robbery. Charges back in the seventies John Austin arrived at the police station soon after and informed his client, not to speak of word, while the raids were taking place at 11th property. multinational, you closed in on several other members of the MILAN family. They arrived
small rural southern Harlin's Township of hill top located forty kilometres nor the balloon glow to conduct a rate of the property belonging to wines brother forty two year out, Walter Maillet, better known as Wally display level. Brick dwelling was surrounded by scrub and failure to secure underground workshop more than forty boxes of evidence. who are collected from Wally's residence, including a paintball gun engraved with the initial as I am in the blue card, high Sierra Branda, a pack matching the one carried by Simone Schmidl. This was in it Isn't this a minds larger backpack, which had been handed to police the diet prior by Alex my LAD and his wife join a total of twenty four weapons were seized, including an insurance. Twenty two caliber raffle modified to fit a silencer, numerous other firearms to machetes, to buy
that and a hunting north accord, a ton of ammunition, fanned onsite included six boxes of Winchester Brand winner model, twenty two caliber bullets and twelve boxes of really Brandt ammunition that featured the same batch numbers as the dish gotta boxes, Evanna, recovered at Berlin, glows area, right crime, saying the bulk of the insured rifle and several other firearms and packets of anyone Sean were found inside a yellow, have a sack marked with islands name. In addition, five huh. grams of marijuana was also long covered, resulting While we know that being charged with firearm and drug offences They saw so descended on the property of thirty eight year old, Richard them a lot better.
Who allegedly told coworkers that there were more bodies in the forest, including those of german citizens? Prior to the discovery of Simone Gabor and Daniel? Richard also lived in the southern Harlin's town of he'll talk just one amateur away from Wally residing on a one and a half ago, rural property, which contained two caravans with an adjoining at minium sheds and two vehicles, as the search commenced including a dig the surrounding dense Bush land. Richard was asked at the contents of two wouldn't cupboard stored in his garden shed. He said Nothing of interest, just some electrical equipment and nuts and bolts Basing stead found a large amount of camping equipment, including a blue, when the Lilac Kirby brand sleeping bag, a blue, ultimate brand sleeping bag and
at brand sleeping mat, matching items, longing to Joey and Malta's and Caroline Clock. In addition, a blue three person tent was found that features makeshift repairs in exactly the same patient, as the one that had been given to the british backpack, is by their travelling companion, Steve Ride. A red hair brush with the Word England, Gunnar was found in each vehicle identified is similar. the one Caroline too, with her when she departed first Strata when asked to all day Saddam's belonged to Richard replied aren't numerous weapons and firearms were also recovered as well a driver's license featuring Richards image, Betty shewed under a false name, and the like. the blue and yellow robe, similar to that in the language of Negro born I get Ella and Danny. I have shades remains police.
so found marijuana or on the property. Subsequently, charging rigid with firearm and drug offences. According to Richard and Wally. They came being possession of some of the firearms and ammunition seized from that properties. In March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four then, in listed their health to store the items elsewhere, had of concern that, while the police, my coming to investigate often also stated their sisters. Shirley was upset about the items being kept on their property and wanted them gone rigid and widely agreed storing the items, in any case at Wally's house, Margaret the Mallette family. Seventy six road matriarch still lived at the Weather Board, Housing Guilford, where Ivan rigid and another of her sons David and lived during the time period. The blank alone motors had occurred.
spot, her eyelids health Margaret remained, is peisly protective and defensive. Over her sons is ever refusing to assist police in search of her property inside the guy Raj police found a yellow shirt sold exclusively in the New Zealand City of Christchurch by fashion retailer Helen's dime brothers that matched one of four purchased by Simone Schmidle. During her travels, there also found was a next branch shirt that matched one English backpacker Paul onions claimed to have left behind in Ivan's vehicle following he spout abduction. In addition, a rag torn from men sure bore similarities to the strips of material that are being used to gag Joanne, Walters, idle. Locker inside the house was padlocked shop and Margaret
refused to hand over their K police force that open and found it contains several firearms, including a twenty two caliber lesson, Joe Hornet rifle with Ivan Name engraved into it and to canadian five dollar bills. Elsewhere inside the house. They also sees the sword and several photographs they believed could be of a system to the investigation. rates were also undertaken at the border residents of violence, brother bill and his wife, Caroline, where two firearms belonging to their son and some books about murder and cannibalism were seized. the caravan the couple were holiday in that light to bury was also searched. His authority, suspected the pair may have taken some of the backpacking camping property on the trip
They found. Nothing dreamed of key importance to the balloon: glow investigation on May twenty, Ray the day after the raids police conducted a second formal in a view with Bill and Caroline during which bill produced a photo album with the eastern noisy. Ninety two written on the front The album contained images of a family trip which they claimed took place during the time period that Joanne, Walters and Caroline Clock went missing. One photo showed Ivan alongside the vehicle he aimed at the time. The silver Nissan Patrol four wheel drive. according to Bill and Carolyn. The photos prove was away with the family when the two young women, when that it, however,. Obvious to the interviewing detectives, daddy start. Nineteen. Ninety two was not the original date displayed on the album
It appears that the initial day had been crossed there with the new one written in its place when asked if they were attempting to create a false alibi for often Caroline insisted she had made the change a long time ago explaining I wrote it when doing the album, if I wanted to, cap, another boy- I would have done a much better job of it. It was during further inspections of the album that police realized Carolyn had overlooked. One crucial detail: the date that age photo had been taken was written on the backside of age image Flipping over the photo reviving with these Newsome patrol revealed, someone had sprawled the words Mack truck ninety ninety one MAC being one of violence nicknames.
The vehicle had a bull bar on the front and what appeared to be widely aims will say covers just like the car used in the attack on pearl onions. Another photo album recovered from eleven Ziegelbauer Home contained more images of he's missing patrol, along with photos of the accused killer, as he It's done an armchair wearing a cowboy stall had armed with a Winchester rifle in another photo ovens girlfriend to Linda stood in front of the ocean wearing a white, long, sleeved sure, with the brand name Benetton printed across the front, which was an item of clothing that had belonged to English, backpacker
I want Clark, a search warrant to lender's home was issued, but the shirt was not recovered. Furthermore, a photo taken from Wally my lighthouse dated March twenty nine nineteen. Ninety one showed Irving carrying a green and beige sleeping bag identified as the one previously carried by australian Backpacker, Deborah Everest, who went missing just they're very ye before the photo was captured by that same day, even the lad appeared in the Campbelltown local court. For the first time, warehouse motionless as the formal charges against him, with detailed idiot on Paul onions. He was charged with robbery, kidnapping and using revolver within, tend to commit an intolerable offence, not entering a plane. He was presented by Jim Marston, the brother.
this long standing, why John Marston, who was unable to appear in court that day, as he now held a position on the New South Wales Police Board and was attending a police association conference. Jim Marston asserted that he's Klein was a good candidates. The Bible, as he had a solid work record, had resided in the same property with a system for the past fifteen months and had maintained The clean criminal record over the past twenty years, mostly justified Ivan's decision to flee the country following his nineteen. Seventy one criminal charges for rape and armed robbery by explaining that at the time Klein was a young man, frightened by the prospect of facing trials for crimes he didn't commit citing the serious nature of violence, mice, racin offences, the strength of the prosecution case and the post.
ability that often my re offend. The magistrate refused his request for Bio got started. the gathering, crowd, shouted abuse, insults and death threats at eleven has he was driven the long by jail where he would be held until his next scheduled court appearance. Eight days later, in order to lay charges for the seven backpacker murders toss Bossy,
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purchase of one hundred dollars or more. Various Ruger rifle parts discovered in presented task with the best opportunity to strengthen their case against him. In particular, the. Bout Assembly had the potential to leave a unique mark on spent cartridge cases akin to a fingerprint. Therefore, I was, a man to determine fathers, Breach bout assembly, produced the same markings found on the cartridge cases recovered from the balloon: glow, Chrome things ballistics spur. Gerard done inserted orphans bridge bald assembly into a router raffle obtained from the Ballistics firearms library. He then five, ten Winchester cartridges, for examining the markings left behind on the casings In an interview with true crown, television series crimes that shook the world Dutton said
The hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. Extraordinary sensation individual marks, which always serve Amelia waste on the Carolina Clock murder case always. Saying on my testify cases, always quite happy that component that we were. from the wall cavity of my as was fitted to the murder gun that was used to kill Caroline Clock, the markings produced by dozens test, also matched to those on the cartridge, is recovered from the language area. Right crime saying Negro born we get, there always remains the. Number on a Winchester brand Ammunition Box recovered from area array, was traceable from factory floor, to store shelves and was determined to have been supplied to fifty five guns. Throughout his striving in nineteen eighty eight prior to the blank alone. That is one of those
was was located in the Western Sydney suburb of Horsley Park. The significance the horse they pop stool was highlighted. After ever, save for the purchase of a pump action shot gun was found during the right of orphans home. In fact, more than was found to be regular customer having bought several firearms from the. store using a faint licence issued under the name Norman Charm The serial number on the rifle receive our founding organs work. There was also traced to the hoarsely Pox door, which came to me in possession of the Ruger rifle after its original lineup appointed to the shop in nineteen idea? There was no record of the gun having been sold to oven thereafter and for which The store owners would lie to be fined, however, Ivan it visit the shop using his fake licence just days before the router is traded in their ballistic tests.
We are also carried out using dna and shoots raffle owned by eleven that was found on his brother Wally's property, analyse as the term and that this exact gun was used to shoot the early brand cartridges, fanned at area array concluding that both the route. Indian shoots raffles belonging to widen the lad, were discharge simple angular, We live in custody for the attack on pearl onions. Police were given strict instructions, not to mention a word to the press about the blank, allow in order to avoid any media attention jeopardizing their efforts in building their case. One may twenty nine just two days before Ivan Second scheduled cord appearance, superintendent cloth, small open to the Sunday Herald a newspaper to find a story
which began alone. Investigation by a young detective has led police to believe the Belanglo Glow forest backpacking that is motors could be linked to a rape case more than twenty years ago. The problematic article went on the detail: the investigation into all the knowledge for the backpacker motors, but with many incorrect specifics in particular, despite the large Dedicated team working on the superintendent small. Sunday Herald article inaccurately credited credited Ivan to the solitary work conducted by detective senior constable pull Gordon a member of task forces who had been investigating Ivan since he had been handed the file on them. A lot brothers small was convinced that was detective, pull Gordon, who late the story to the press, after initially denying the accusation, Gordon
actually admitted he received a phone call from the journalist they claimed he simply verified some facts about his history within the police force He refused to comment about the Mallette investigation. When the rapporteur suggested he had single handedly cracked. The case Gordon responded, I was just lucky- As outlined in his book inside Australia's biggest manhunt superintendent, small Dane wary about some of Gordon's investigative work prior to publication of the article, including the detectives, initial failure to look beyond the computerized. The records of the mullahs, brothers, criminal backgrounds, something that small, considered a basic era
Small was also critical of Gordon's in this great and overzealous questioning of Ivan's workmate, which may have tipped their suspect to the fact he was being investigated for the Blanca, like killings, small explained quote, always furious the article posed a significant risk to the investigation. It's a camp. Of Gordon Draw was both completely untrue and a betrayal of the team effort behind the arrest and contraband. My explicit instructions about not talking to the media. After all era,
It's too convinced the media that everyone would be treated equally and no one would get the jump on their rivals. The heroin story risk starting a free for all scramble for scoops. As a result of the Lake Detective senior constable Pull Gordon was removed from taskforce there. The publicity put the task force in an awkward position and small was convinced that gave them no choice but to charge often MILAN for all seven of the blind girl. I notice when he appeared. In court two days later on make anyone naughty naughty for a clean cut, smartly Rest time in my lad, sat expressionless in the Campbelltown local court as senior crown prosecutor An Lloyd publicly disclosed for the first time the details of the violent crimes committed against the seven blank allow victims, Lloyd, proceeded to outline the evidence that had so far been gathered against Arvin before formally charging him with the murders.
Of nineteen year old James Gibson and Deborah reverenced twenty year olds, nine schmidl went on you have shade one year olds, Gabor, Noisy Bella and Caroline Clock into twenty two year old, Joann Walters outside. opens lawyer John Marston told the gathering media that the allegations against these client what they still nothing more than circumstantial. We new windows, quiet. A client denies the serious allegations that have been made against him in court today, but do nothing, and in any way to minimize the serious and her Riddick nature of the allegations against him. However, in fairness to my client, who is stated quite categorically that he is not guilty of the allegations and who is not there, proved guilty. The media should allow my client a fair trial. News
that often had been charged for the blind glow cereal killings came as a shock to those who knew him with many refusing to believe he could be responsible for such brutal crimes. Former employees and coworkers described The accused killer has a model worker who was reliable, honest and hard working, my next door. Neighbor labeled him as the perfect neighbor, who had always been friendly and courteous free to lend a hand by helping fixed their cars or learning he's lawnmower. Alex Maillet. Believe me His younger brother was innocent, insisting there had been and miscarriage of justice quote. I know you might think that because he's my brother always defend him, but I'll tell you right now that if I thought he was guilty but shoot the Bastard Even girlfriend termini also refused to accept the charges. Saying I think the police a covering something up. I have no idea what
often is a very calm person, not Marlon, and he doesn't lose his temper and he's not a fool. I mean if he were. Person he wouldn't leave incriminating stuff lying around. He would never struck a woman, let alone ripened murder. He has a great respect for women. This eleven is more likely to walk away, then have an argument. Then there are those things that are hard to explain the things you just know about a person. This is the worst crime imaginable. I'd rather be dead than be connected to someone who would commit this. a week after Ivan was charged. He's image appeared on the cover of celebrity NEWS and Entertainment magazine who weekly accompanied by the headline Backpacker cereal killings, the accused
The five page article included an overview of the murders he was accused of committing, along with information about the Mallette family, ignoring the magazine story, Hindi Dauphines chance of receiving a fair trial, the New South Wales the journey general immediately charged who weeklies publisher timing with contempt of court winning a Supreme Court injunction preventing further sales of the magazine unless the photos of the accused were covered with removable stickers. The court found who, play guilty with the magazine receiving a one hundred thousand dollars fine and receiving a ten thousand dollars. Fine. investigators and the prosecution had until law. Then the later committal hearing scheduled for the end of the year to produce enough evidence to argue that the murder case should proceed to trial according to the book sins of the brother. By mark.
Guy and a less Kennedy. Preliminary forensic testing of over one hundred items of evidence seized by police from the various my lap properties, including tents, sleeping bags, clothing, rope, a green water bottle, a sharpening stein, blankets, shades and a sword revealed possible traces of but none of the items returned to match for human blood, except one a one and a half made a length of such cord recovered from a pillow case. Fancy northern garage, the bloodstains were tested against today in a simple, was taken from the parents of all the blame glow victims, using what's known as a First, paternity test: forensic examiners concluded that the blood on the sash cord, what's seven hundred and ninety two thousand more likely to come from a truckload of Caroline clocks parents, then The other parents in the general population when the body
If joint, Walter's and Caroline Clock were discovered, investigators found traces of bodily fluids, they believed may have come from the peers killer. Swabs were taken from the victims remains and given to a forensic scientist who was new to the method of testing employed at the time. Given he's inexperience, he produced a different Zol said the conclusion of h analysis. When re visited after robins arrest, the dna samples appeared to have been severely damaged by his use of chemicals and equipment and, unfortunately, more experienced forensic experts were unable to reverse the era. Therefore, the source of the foreign DNA could not be attributed to
any individual as part of the forensic examination process. The green water bottle found at Ivan's property believed to belong to Simone Schmidle was put under infrared lighting to determine for certain whether something had been scratched off it's bottom. There clear as day was the gym and backpack his nickname. See me, given the personal Adams belonging to the deceased backpack is that had been discovered, a properties belonging to various members of the mullahs. Family police were not discounting. The theories previously put forward by criminal pro follows The more than one perpetrator may have been involved in the current. However, they had yet to uncover any concrete evidence does suggest. Anyone other than oven was responsible. The pub
city, centred on Ivan prompted a close friend to his brother, David to come forward to police to report a suspicious incident that allegedly Kurt over the years. The long weekend in nineteen naughty too, when Joanne Walter's and Caravan clock went missing. The witness Philip Paul Glaze claimed he was asleep on the couch at the melody family property in Guilford when he was awakened by Ivan and rigid my lad, who both lived at the helm. said, set the time the two brothers were allegedly carrying guns, a blood stained north machete, backpacks and passports. Rigidly jokingly said the blood which even before, allegedly remarking often could catch your head off with one blow of seeing him do. It I've been allegedly responded, rigid accounts that anyone who has the shoot them, Philip told authorities the jury
the time period that the seven blank alone it is occurred David, my lad, told him that his family was worried. Ivan was up to his old tricks when Philip ass. If this man robbery, David, allegedly responded no worse and we think he's taking a brother with him As detailed in the book sins of the brother by less Kennedy and Mock Whittaker, Philip Paul glazes allegations prompted a judge to give approval for a covert listening device to being stored inside Richard Malacca Caravan, we'll talk bridges, behaviour indicated he may have already suspected. He was under police violence. Only mating with friends, outdoors and making phone calls from public pay fines. Consequently, the device file to capture anything of interest,
during subsequent policing views. Philip Paul glazes statements changed significantly as he suffered from short term memory loss as a result of a previous car accident in an attempt to them If there was any validity to his claims, police obtained that allowed them to covertly record a conversation between Philip and Richard It was arranged for the pair at the crossroads. Hotel in Castilla police officers were on stand by intervening party outside the premises where they listened in. On the recording little of the conversation between Philip and rigid since, as the latter repeated to be under the influence of alcohol during their meeting, Philip growed up. I know at where I live and allegedly returned to the Guilford Home with a bloody knife that Richard told him to keep his mouth shut about. That Philip have voiced concerns that he could be considered an accessory.
After the fact, the Richard reassured that there was nothing to worry about as police would arrest him before they ever went after Philip Philip asked when he should say to the police. If he was questioned about the past. I bought into backpack. So I then allegedly showed him that night to which Richard responded just say. Nothing just tell them of saying nothing, absolutely nothing! You ask. Are you arresting me officer and when he says no, just tell him to fuck off in regards to the camping gear belonging to Joanne, Walters and Caroline Clark, police seized from his property should explained he had obtained the equipment from quote all over the place and had stolen some of the items. Whilst in the city he then rambled about serial killers, not stopping unless they get caught, quiet
Where are we gonna stop only when we get caught you're not going to stop two years before we're not going to stop, because we think the police will be hot on our tail once you get that sort of fucking thing in ya, but figure it's just like having a b. When are you going to stop when the pub closes boy do we buy take to take home in case where thirsty, when rigid remarked that Philip was asking the same questions as police, the informer sense, these cover was a risk of being blown. The same, less conspicuous, Philip quickly remarked, thought me dead. Maybe I should have been a fox
Copper, as the conversation dragged on Philip mentioned, is disbelief that one person could be responsible for all the languages killings to which rigid replied. That's what we're worried about one of these fuckin, big german counts. He supposed to be about six foot for and a Dane nor named Stein here, is, with a broken jaw. Broken arm, broken fuck him back. Why one bloke do all this to him and if you can do that to him, How come some skinny Fuckin palmy backpacker, get away from me. This comment immediately stood out to the police officers. Listening in on the discussion as pool onions, physical stature and the full extent
of Gabon nor give outweighs injuries had not yet been released to the public. Rigid remarks were compelling, but would not enough to warrant he's arrest and the under cover sting came to an unsatisfying conclusion. Following the failed sting rigid, Mullah taught friends, he was convinced, Philip Paul glaze was working with the police and assertion that compelled the informer to go into hiding then just before Philip could test before I die the MILAN Committal hearing, he was involved in a fatal car accident declined these laugh Richard heard at the somber news he offered no sympathy. On June twenty eight a visibly agitated eleven reappeared in the Campbelltown local court, where he surprised those in attendance by sacking he's long standing, Loya John Marston.
the man who had helped him evade serious ripe and armed robbery, charges in the seventies Marsden believed the dishes. Was based on him, encouraging eleven to play the guilty to the blind, glow murders on the grounds of insanity, allowing them to argue for diminished responsibility. Other members of the family stated his dismissal was due to and strong strong belief that mozdzen was in Cahoots with the police. Despite the the magistrates that he reconsider this decision Ivan declared. He would be representing himself that day. Instead, he criticized the maid
for the way they were covering the case and continue to declare his innocence, arguing that he was being framed and the police were quite making it up as they go along. Many high profile barristers came forward willing to take Mostyn, splice and representatives in wanting to take advantage of the immense exposure in what was set to become one of the most high profile and publicized criminal trials in a strictly legal history. The mullahs felt lawyers from New South Wales, maybe too close to the police and therefore deigned to them. Untrustworthy leading off into higher Queensland by
So I said I am drew Bow Ivan appeared with these new solicitor Campbelltown local court on July five, where he was remanded in custody until these next cord appearance. Meanwhile, his Ex wife Karen was placed in witness protection amidst concerns for her safety. John Marston continue to represent other members of the MILAN family, including rigid, and while we Mallette on August twenty, the pair appeared at Campbelltown local court under Marston representation to face charges against them. Brigid quite guilty to possession of five prohibited weapons, unlawful possession of a driver's license and possession of cannabis while he pled guilty to illegal possession of firearms cultivating to cannabis plants and possession of cannabis. Both men were sentenced to a good behaviour bond and issued with a monetary, fine, plus court costs.
On October, twenty four nineteen ninety four five months after his arrest, in my last committal hearing, commenced at Campbelltown local court to determine whether there was enough evidence for the backpack, a murder case to proceed to trial and maintained a relaxed and calm demeanor, as Crown prosecutor, an Lloyd outlined the case against him, but he's open The arguments were cut short when the court was forced to evacuate due to a bomb threat which was later determined to be a hoax. As the committal hearing continued, summary of all the available evidence implicating or than the lad was detailed. When the backpack belonging to Simone Schmidl was presented with the initial was, I am written on. The inside flap Ivan yield from across the room, accusing the police of riding the initials themselves.
This assertion was contradicted when Ivan sister in law, Joan testified that the initials were already on the back back when he gave it to her in light. Ninety ninety two over two hundred witnesses were called before the court, including stave ride the british backpacker swapped tense, with joy and waters and Caroline Clark, other former travel companions and family members of the deceased backers were also called. They were able to formerly Then a body items recovered from the MILAN properties as those belonging to their loved ones. Englishmen pool onions made an appearance to provide details about he's attempting. he'd mapping that the time he was only referred to was witness. I, due to a suppression, Oda granted to protect his identity. Ivan Ex wife. Karen also took a stand.
Describing her former husband as a strong man who lifted weights every night of the week she testified. They often took her to belong glow state forest numerous times over the course of their twelve year relationship and that during one visit he shot a kangaroo before proceeding to kick it and slid its throat prior to their divorce being finalized. In nineteen. Ninety nine Karen said the only camping equipment known, was an orange and grain tent, current fan diving owned several firearms, including a rough and a revolver quote Ivan was gone crazy with these firearms. He would shoot at anything he could find. There was a target on a tray cans. Anything he could say
When shine the pistol that was found under robins, washing machine carrying confirm that belonged to her ex husband and that he kept it wrapped in a sock under the front seat of his car bloated at all times in organs, defence he's legal, saying, presented, reported sightings of some of the backpack is after the date they were allegedly lasting alive in one siding. A witness claimed to have picked up to british backpack is named the Joe and Caroline on the southern? Yes, goods of Sydney between April twenty one and April twenty three. Ninety ninety two: this was five days after joining Walter's into Caroline Clock, departed Sidney too. He chalk along the him. Highway a timeframe in which are then the lad was confirmed to have been at work. However, the power,
the commission had already disproven all reported sightings of the seven back back is beyond their disappearance died and the defence counsel declined. The magistrates all thought the cool any witnesses to the stand, to try and prove otherwise. The defence also attempted to cast doubt over whether Robin was then the lap brother responsible for the crimes they highlighted. Richard MILAN also fit the description of Poland's attacker naughty naughty as hey supported, a distinct move, you stall mustache at the time alluding to the cigarette thoughts Banda at Walter's, Walters and clocks crime scene. Brigitte was a heavy smoker, unlike Ivan who had quit the habit eleven years prior in ninety one was put on the stand and questioned about the ten sleeping bag and hair brush found on his property that had belonged to Joanne and Caroline, but he did not knowing any
about the items or how they came to be in his possession superintendent. Claude Small, was the final witness to take the stand at the committal hearing. He emphasized that often not only fit the physical description and personal background of Poland's attacker, but also drive the same vehicle used by the Asylum under cross examination for Marvin's defence tame, the superintendent agreed that other members of the family also fit the perpetrators description to varying degrees, but concluded If any other members, the Silver four wheel, drive with a white talk and red stripe down the side. Seven weeks after a bit, Again, the committee hearing came to an end on December. Twelve, with the court's had his fired enough. Evidence was presented for I've in MILAN to stand trial for the seven blank alone. Murders
The trial was set to commence in the New South Wales Supreme Court the following year. The allege the killer showed no emotion as he was led out of the courtroom. Lloyd, Andrew Bow fronted the media to express concern that the extensive coverage of the communal hearing would make it difficult for his client to receive a fair trial, as it would be near impossible to find an impartial jury. Injury bow. Quite I think these case will be test for had these community entered the criminal justice system in Austria. Deals with such a public airing of allegations that can middle prior to live in MILAN trial renovations were undertaken at the new south. Wales
I'm cold building to ensure the amenities were more accommodating for the perspective juries during proceedings, which were expected to last upwards of six months. The wolf way between the cells in the courthouse would also be covered to prevent camera crews from capturing the daily journey. If the. accused. The trial was initially scheduled to begin on June, twenty six nineteen. Ninety five, the disputes among starve and legal tame regarding finance is delayed. The commencement day, given the trial, was expected to run for a considerable length of time and deal with complex legal issues. Organs, legal tame, felt the phase being offered to them by legal aid were insufficient. Ivan refuse to work with any the silliest it is demanding legal aid pay his team and, above average right. The commission refused determined That would only pay the initial base right and dive and wood
to cover any additional costs at his own expense. After a lengthy appeals process, which delayed the trial for nine months three, a pellet judges unanimously Dane Dauphines request to be unacceptable effectively, leaving the defendant with no legal representation unless he was willing to contribute the difference in cost with Other revenue of appeal Ivan the legal tame, eventually accepted the initial lower offer, with the trial scheduled to commence in March nineteen, ninety six Speculation continue to run raw as the weather Ivan MILAN acted alone prior to his capture, various criminal profile is hit, indicated their belief that the killer had an accomplice with several theorizing the crimes give me the depart robbers.
FBI agents and some task force. Air investigators were less convinced based on the fact pool. Onions was targeted by a single perpetrator and that Known serial killers rarely deviate from their established demo. They were certain that I have enacted alone, Dr Pate of Broadhurst, the forensic pathologist from the New South Wales Institute of Forensic Medicine, who had conducted the post mortems of all seven Blanco victims joined. The group of people to suggest to kill is maybe involved. During the final days of autumn, alas, committal hearing doktor bread, Hearst testifying corps that, for one person to be responsible for all seven murders, the killer would have had to incapacitate one of the victims before dealing with
The other when asked whether he's forensic expert taste could determine whether more than one killer was involved. Dr Broadhurst responded with age of the pairs of backpackers that were killed. There appears to be two different patterns of during which Caroline Clock enjoy Walter's. Caroline clause had predominant injuries of gunshot wounds to the head, and only one step, weren't being apparent with joy and Malta's. She had a multiple stab wounds. Similarly, with Gabor nor Gebauer and Daniel have shade Gabon We give Ella had a gunshot wounds to the head evidence of strangulation and gagged. decapitated Everest patterns of injuries or would attend to think it more likely that more
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