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Case 109: Belanglo (Part 5)

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[Part 5 of 5] Accused serial killer, 51-year-old Ivan Milat sat motionless before the court dressed in a navy suit, white shirt and grey checkered tie... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-109-belanglo-part-5
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The shine aids for this episode on your app or on website, On March, twenty six 26th ninety six long queues of onto the street outside the New South Wales Supreme Court as they desperate. scrambled to gain entry into what was expected to be one of the longest and most highly anticipated criminal trials in the history inside light in the damned ceiling flooded. Natural lie down into the century out courthouse illuminating the colonial architecture, mahogany Paneling and in trim that it onto the cream, colored walls, thirty journalists, added in the press gallery, yet the rear of the courtroom reference getting media outlets from all over the world, including
Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Upstairs the public gallery contained enough sates to facilitate fifty members of the public, a small section of It should be reserved for the family members of the seven victims to show their support The New South Wales State government offered the family's financial assistance to help cover travel costs to attend the trial. From an initial pool of over one thousand potential jurors. Eight men and four women had been selected. They were braved over what to backed into that wanted? They were about to be exposed to a lengthy graphic. and emotionally distressing trial that was expected to last for up to six months. a wide the senior crown prosecutor, who would have the same? The committee hearing had since taken a leave of absence and deputies.
You found prosecutor marked a dusky was appointed in his place. The trial was ever seen by presiding, Judge Justice David Hand, while the team of task forces detectives we're on content stand by to manage the evidence and to conduct the follow up on it. questions that may arise, accused serial killer. Fifty one year old Ivan my lad, sat motionless before the court, dressed in a navy suit, watch shed and gray checking tie he sported a fresh, Nate Haircut and his face was only shaven. Above he sate a small purse. Back screen had been fitted to breathe acting from anything that may be held towards him from the public gallery. He kept his gaze averted from the gallery at all times and expressed no concern with some witnesses.
Detecting a hint of a smile on his face. At the commencement of Ivan Molasses trial, a royal commission was underway into corruption within the New South Wales police force, leading to the expected I share his defence. Dame would use this to their advantage and allege police had planted evidence to frame their clients. Surprisingly, chose to forgo this tactic and instead,
and stated that a male member of the MILAN family was responsible for the seventh backpack in those days and attempted kidnapping of Poland, but that person wasn't eleven this strategy relied on the lack of direct evidence implicating or than in the death and to thus asked to speak. Bodies, brothers, Richard or Wally, as the culprit, who both Adam well, he denied the allegations in his opening address, prosecutor mocked dusky to the crowds uncertainty over how many perpetrators were in the forest at the time of the murders and admitted They were unable to prove whether the accused acted alone instead, Arafat was centered around proving Ivan Mallette specific involvement in the crimes believing he was still legally responsible for the deaths of whether or not he had an accomplice or accomplices to dusky exe.
Blind to the murders were quite killings for killing psych with And an acting purely to fulfil his own saga, logical gratification, the prosecution case was circumstantial to established. Their strategy was the home in on the discovery of key pieces of evidence that linked Dobbin to both the victims and their deaths. Over the following weeks, a total of one hundred and forty five witnesses were called to testify, including many members of the mellat family expert It's from a variety of fields and members of the victims' families Joanne Walter's mother Julian broke down on her way to the Witness Box and was unable to testify her emotional turmoil, clear to all observers except the accused, who show Goodnight no reaction at one stage,
The jury is worse goaded into political. I state forest to inspect the remote locations where the murders took place in an effort to it. Able them to better understand the evidence presented in court. at the advice of his legal team Ivan committed admitted that the camping related autumn ceased from his home, and the homes of several of his family members did indeed belong to some of the deceased backpackers accepted the tenth sleeping bag and sleeping bag cover. Fannett he's property belonged to surmount Shmateo, as did the located at his brother Wally Time and the backpack handed to police by his brother Alex and his wife John here. So admitted that to sleeping bags, a sleeping, Matt and attend to recover from his brother rigid time, belonged to Joey and Walter's and Caroline Clock. While we know
that testify that at the heart of task forces investigation he allowed or even to store various incriminating items on he's property disengage. we did several illegal firearms and Wally, lighter land after I've into rest was the main stay back. In Richard my lads court testimony he maintained the camping equipment recovered from his home was his even though often had already conceded a belonged to Joey and Walter's and Caroline Clock. I've and bill friend to Linda was called to explain how she came to be photographed wearing along slaved Benetton brand shirt, She won over by Caroline Clark. Cylinder said she had taken the shirt from a pile of aligning at Ivan Zayigo Vile Property one morning in ninety, ninety four wearing it to the page that They were even took the photo of her blinded
but after noon she returned the shirt to the clothes Paul and hadn't seen it since. During chilling. This testimony cramps Unlock Tedeschi presented the photograph to the court review, Handwriting on the back of the image that displayed a date naughty naughty too the time when I was still living at his mother's house in Guilford prosecution was also able to connect the defendant to James Gibson's, backpack and camera, which were found on ghost and gorge Road in North Western Sydney Records by all means former employer, the roads and traffic authority conferred. He worked. The construction of a round about in the suburb of Durrow, just a few weeks before Jane and his partner, Deborah Everest, went missing. Else than good road was along the route I haven't had taken when driving to his work, citing drew indicating
Was familiar with the area where the evidence had been dumped. Several leviathans former work. Colleagues and relatives gave evidence regarding his known habit of carrying knives and guns with one of these nice is stating he once asked her security God boyfriend to supply him with a pair of hands COS his Ex wife Karen testified against her former husband, referring to four separate occasions throughout their relationship where he took her to belong Goliath, state forest during nice visit. He didn't request The use of a as an app to know his way around the area. Karen professed to saying Ivan use. Paces of such cord is robes and when shown a pace of blue and yellow right were covered from a bore? No Gabelle and Daniel had shades crime scene. She recognise
As there is the same type, her ex husband once used to tie her sons go card onto the back of the trial on what question about the ancient rifle founded, he's property that it since being linked to the area array, chrome saying while he Mallette testified. the gun belonged to origin unprompted, while leaving and to have borrowed the fire in the past to shoot rabbits in angular the prosecution suspected suspected Wally was fabricating evidence in an attempt to explain how, when, Why Ivan's weapon was discharged in the forest? but he denied the accusation to spot the prosecutions, understanding that, while he was falsifying testimony to protect these out a brother, the defence so instead argued Wally had an incentive to frame their client for murder. Takes diamonds, romantic history with Wally's form, wife, Moraine, some fifteen. He's prior, though,
We do know I'd harbouring any bitterness about the affair he confessed. knowing the security along carried too often has a rejected allegations that he had planted the Ruger rifle parts inside the property. The sense of unwavering loyalty ingrained within the MILAN family was further evident during the testimony provided by offering sister in LAW Carolyn in which, offered an alibi for Robins whereabouts on several key dates that some of the blame glow victims were abducted. Carl took the call back to boxing day of naughty naughty one. The day Gabor, noisy Bella and Daniel have shade disappeared from Sydney she claimed eleven was present at a family, get together at his mother's home in Guilford. couldn't have left the property at any time because her car was blocking the entrance to the garage where he's vehicle was parked inside the seller. I was backed by Wally's. He why
to remember seeing eye than playing with her son had the same gathering depressing teaching question the validity of these crucial accounts as Didn't appear in any photographs taken at the get together and today, at four he's events at the event couldn't be proven. Carolyn offered another rather boy for her brother. In law, claiming to photographs evolve. Another family trip on the east the long weekend of nineteen. Ninety two, the time Joann, Joanne, Walters and Caroline Clock went missing. The photos with stored in an album that was originally marked naughty naughty one, that Cairo And claimed to have changed the diet to the following year. After realizing she had made an error in The trip occurred in nineteen. Ninety two Carolyn was asked to inspect the backsides of the photographs in question.
Screwed in handwriting, whether dates March, twenty nine and March thirty one. Ninety, ninety one The guiding the photos were captured a year earlier than Caroline testified, like other my lads Carolyn was suspected of deliberately providing false evidence in an attempt to protect eleven. following this accusation, reporters Caroline outside court. When a photographers, to find out her husband, Bilbil, launched a violent attack, smashing the fatigue his camera. He was absolutely charged with malicious damage and assault. Occasioning actual bodily harm and a lighter faced court for the attack where he defended upon the light family lawyer, John Marston Bill was conveyed, but received no punishment with the judge declaring
There is no doubt in my mind. He felt his prophecy had been invited to a very gross the gray. The defence relied on the fact that Wally into Richard also matched descriptions of pull onions attacker. all men had a Yugoslavia and Father and lock eleven He had been divorced and had at one time worked for the roads and traffic authority. In nineteen. Ninety rigid also supported in their views, horseshoe stall moustache and was now into how to racist abuse similar to those expressed by poles attacker. Both Wally and Richard denied assertions, they committed the botched abduction, while rigid also rejected allegations. He had made several disturbing comments to coworkers, implying he knew information about the murders bridges It then a demented he might law to protect himself and winked
I'm prosecutor mocked dusky ass. If he would lie to protect a member of his family breaches, responded possibly probing further to despatch question Is it possible that you would lie about anything which Richard replied is possible. the prosecution's star. Witness Paul onions took the stand, scrubbing the horrifying moment. He escaped the gun wielding a silent, suspected, debatable Angelo serial killer in an attend, To discredit his testimony, the defence revealed the Silver Nissan Patrol four wheel, drive driven by often at the time of the botched abduction, was not fitted with bear tire rag contradict Ding information provided in polls police statement,
admit it. He may have made an error regarding the specific data when recalling the incident ease after it occurred. Nevertheless, he never forgot the face, if he's attacker and when to a dinner for him. To the cord pool pointed directly and I live in MILAN. After thirteen wakes up proceedings them it's highly anticipated moment of the trial came on June. Seventeen when Ivan Miller finally appeared on the stand, the packed public gallery, He watched on in strange silence as the accused, calmly maintained his innocence for all charges Took a day for Ivan to provide his full testimony during Which he denied having ever interacted with any of the victims and claimed not to know how their belongings came to be in his possession.
During cross examination composed Ivan rebounded. All evidence presented to him offering vat vague and questionable explanations for everything, from his use of fake gun licenses to his ownership of the two firearms linked to several of the crime scenes. When confronted with the vast collection of evidence attesting to his guilt off Followed the defences established tactic of attempting to pin the murders on someone else, relying on the theory that he was being framed but we need to name another suspect. denied fitting the description of the man who attempted to abduct Paul onions, telling the court. he didn't sport, a mustache in January. Ninety ninety, this assertion, courtiers tension of one of avoidance, former work. Colleagues who was following next intensive media coverage of the trial.
He immediately contacted police and provided for photographs of off and on at work saw it in January. Nineteen ninety in which the accused killer had a thick horseshoe shaped mustache. in court, the following day, the prosecutor, confronted Ivan with the photographs asking Do you see in that photograph? Would you the jury. Have you got a mustache to wait should have faded, Ivan replied, yes,. even was questioned about a grain rubber, surgical glove that had been discovered in the council of his hold and Jack O roon during police raids, when asked that he wore the autumn during the crimes in order to prevent, leaving any fingerprints. Often bonded responded. I wore know before cutting himself off mid sentence and quickly, following up with
I never seen the glove before crime prosecutor marked dusky paused, then asked He wore know what I have and answered well, I never wore that love to desktop Prescott about why he caught his original response short suggesting. He, intended to say he Warner gloves at all in the forest, to which I have explained always to say are war no gloves at all in the car. Following this exchange, the court immediately adjourned for the day. ten days later, describing the palpable tension remaining after Ivan slip up it was a major breakthrough for the prosecution. With many concerns ring whether robins, fumbling explanation about the glove would be the closest he would come to making a confession.
In his closing arguments for the prosecution marked the dusky announced quiet. The evidence suggests a very real possibility of more than one person being responsible for at least some of the deceased. Backpack is, however, He remained steadfast about Ivan's involvement. Claiming the collective weight of evidence found at the murder site couple daddy's home it was almost as though he had left a fingerprint in the forest here, The jury not to be influenced by the defense's theory that a different my brother could have been responsible for the attack on on onions. As the case Hence, diving was overwhelming, quote It is more submission. There is only one person in the whole of striving for matches all of those descriptions, the man, the car, the equipment and the place, and that is the accused.
As to why eleven would keep the incriminating evidence at his house if he knew the police were making inquiries about him to desk, he explained used to never dreamt that there would be a bullet this is a man who had the utter arrogance, the firers shot during an attempted abduction of MR onions on the Hume Highway with cars, whizzing boy that was the All of confidence and he got away with it. Nothing happened. Nobody came knocking at his door a few days later. the incredible arrogance and the unbelievable self confidence that the murderer had is exact, The kind of arrogance and self confidence that led the accused to believe that no one was going to come to his house and come right in and search it on
His barrister, Terry Martin, spent two days delivering his closing argument, reiterating the defense's position that another member of the MILAN family was the real killer, people did the finger a rigid claiming He would have no hesitation in framing his brother as a person, capable of committing serial murder would do anything to avoid a conviction in conceded that he's client had allied to the cord about having a mustache at the time of the attack on pool onions? The reason was enacted, driven out of desperation rather than guilt. Martin told the jury that the accused is facing the worst possible charges imaginable in Australia's history People have currently got the worst job in Australia. I'm putting you under pressure the crane putting you under pressure, The community's putting you under pressure taken
absolutely no doubt that whoever committed all light offences must be within the MILAN family or there very closely associated to it. The question is Who is it in the MILAN family that his committed days? I defences. do you have a reasonable doubt that it was Ivan Mullah as opposed to some one else in the family, if for whatever reason you have a doubt that lingers with you. You must give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. As the trial drew to its conclusion, do I received a phone call from an unknown man who threatened quiet looking If you find him guilty, you're dead. the Jura, believed the cool I was about to say. Look at If you find more, but quickly stopped himself the call was traced to Queensland
to avoid in MILAN brothers resided, but the coup I could not be identified. Given that the jurors names never disclosed justice HANS believed they may have been followed home from court there were concerns. Other members of the jury may have received similar threats, but were too afraid to come forward. As I've been legal counsel attempted to have the entire jury discharge, fearing them. Missing behavior would cause a media prejudice against the accused and jeopardize the verdict the four hours of deliberation justice has decided to discharge the Jura, who received the threat. Whilst not, disclosing the reason for their dismissal to the rest of the jury. Justice. Hon, told the remaining members of the jury to focus their concentration on the circumstances directly. Linking Ivan MILAN to the crimes brother
and considering the involvement of other family members quote. The experience of the criminal courts over the years, is that a witness she may reasonably be supposed to be criminally involved, may have a motive to shift the blame away from himself. the play down his own part and to play up the path others such as the accused. Under New South Wales law at the time the jury, was required to reach a unanimous verdict with failure. Do resulting in a hung jury with the option of a Rachel in a bit Ensure the integrity of the jury members were sequestered Hotel for the duration of their deliberations. Whilst waiting averted members. If the MILAN family were interviewed by journalists for the Sydney, Herald newspaper who asked how they would
they father was found guilty Richard my lad responded it's hard to say. My are they going to prove it or they going to say he done it? It was a con the thing what happened to Ivan, but it was or account of a thing for those people in the bushes they're dead. That's over for them. It's just that. add thing whatever happens to anyone now rigid expressed no fee in relation to accusations that he was the balloon glow serial killer, saying that this would have arrested him by now. If they thought he was responsible. The latter told the journalist his family had been treated like shades underlies claiming their words had been distorted by the media. Maintained his belief that Ivan was being framed by police saying would never know the truth, regardless of the verdict due to the list. In court. You'll also
breast he's devastation for the victims, families saying There are no words that you can say to them. They had kids it's not my son and daughter who were enjoying life and were murdered. That's her renders. Molly Miller refused to comment. Ten weeks after the commencement of Ivan MILAN trial for the murders of James Gibson, Deborah Everest. So Shmateo bore no gebauer and yet had shaped Joanne Walters our long clock and the attempted kid being of Poland, the jury The verdict. On the morning of July, twenty seven nineteen. Ninety six, the name major victim was read aloud in court with just as hard times. Being the jury. How do you find the accused.
The verdict was the same age. Time guilty Ivan showed no reaction, as these verdicts were delivered one by one family members of the victims, gasped, clapped and began to cry when by the judge. If he had anything to say, I've been responded, blankly on not guilty of it. Just as HANS told the court I agree entirely with those verdicts any other. In my view, would have flown in the face of reality. He went on to condemn Ivan for cruelly and savagely attacking each of his victims with more force than necessary to cause death for no. Reason other than to satisfy his own psychological gratification. He called Ivan's callous indifference to the suffering of his victims and complete disregard
for humanity as beyond belief, he's voice quivering. Has he explained Day, seven young persons were at the threshold. What of their lives? With everything? look forward to travel career happiness, love the only and even old age, they would obviously have been absolutely terrified and these are likely to have been swiftly applied. These mode must unhesitatingly be labeled, as falling within the worst class of case. Whilst he clarified, I would have no impact on he. Sentencing hunt said, In my view, it is, Double that the prisoner was not alone in that criminal enterprise. He said another person was involved,
Impossible to determine whether Robin or his accomplice was the one responsible for inflicting the injuries that caused the deaths, regardless Justice Hunt concluded. I am satisfied that have Ireland is just as responsible for that behavior as the person who did inflate the particular injuries which caused the death of age of the victims. Often my lad was sentenced to spend the remainder of his natural life in prison. during a subsequent press conference? Some family members of the victims expressed their hopes that the investigation into possible accomplices would continue with Deborah forests. Brother team, stating, I think, they'll be more to come. Caroline clocks, Father rayon question how a person as insignificant as having my lad could have wrought such havoc. He said
His family would attempt to wipe the slate clean and get on with their lives quite well. going to give him a lad. The pleasure of ruining our lives as well as Carolines we ve got out children, that we are responsibility to. Explaining why his family felt compelled to sit through the graphic and upsetting trial. He said, It was the last thing we could do for our children. All we can say is that we would I for our children. a statement written by James Gibsons, mother Peg stated we d like to the people who have helped us through the last six and a half years since your son went missing, of James, the gradual unfolding of hell, hay and the other young people were killed and being the focus of public attention have all been very traumatic. We have been helped by
Many people how relatives and friends out the Salvation Army, various support groups and, of course the police we would like to thank all the police involved, Equally, the members of task forces whose kindness, has far exceeded, that of Judy from Germany Gabor Nagy about his father, Manfred said that while the sentencing wouldn't bring their son back, it was a huge victory for justice, Joanne Walter's Father Ray agreed that justice had been served, adding it can never repay for our children. If you a child in circumstances. It's there forever. I want people to know how much my lad has destroyed lives like ours,
several members of orphans family told journalists that the mother name had been your apparently tarnished to the point that was struggling to find employment. While we may lots life told the Sydney morning, harrowed while he's a nervous wreck. We all laugh that day After the papers ran the story with Wally and rigid speeches on the front hostile to that, as well, have had murderer tattooed on his forehead, She expressed sympathy towards the victims and their families. She stated that, the anyone suffering quite We are too, you know we have it. As well During the last said, his family was tired of the persecution following orphans. Conviction quite well the boy scouts, but when The mafia radar
day after receiving his sentence, often my lad, told a journalist from the Sydney morning, harrowed newspaper, he remained positive that he would soon be going home quite why would not be optimistic? Of course, I am done nothing wrong. If everyone tells the truth, I'll, be free he admitted it would be a challenge stating His belief that the police were determined to convict him even The guilty person walked into the station and confessed to the crimes, since his arrest. I told the journalist he had been sent letters of support from all around the world, including photographs from female admirers, but was advised not to respond in case. Anyone was seeking information that could pass on to police or so To the media here
say claimed to have received a phone call from a british relative of one of the balloon delay victims during the trial, who asked why he wouldn't just played a guilty and get it over with either Responded played, to what done. Anything lighter that day Ivan was transferred to Maitland maximum Security prison in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. To begin his life sentence the arrival of the infamous serial killer was hotly anticipated. As impossible of new prisoners pulled up to the jail one inmate down to the fresh arrivals and asked, which ones my lap When someone pointed towards the convicted killer, Dean made approach, diving punching him in the head several times and knocking him to the ground. Before saying, welcome to mainland you can't
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being a brief of evidence to the director of public prosecutions looking to charge him at the very least, the bang. accessory after the fact evidence relied heavily on this statement provided by Philip Paul guys. He told me that Richard and diving allegedly came home with the bloodstained. An off backpacks and passport. on the same weekend. Joanne Walter's and Caroline Claw went missing Phil, who had agreed to assist police by wearing a wire had since passed away, leaving unable to use his statements. If police had been able to use Philip statements, historic, it changed during subsequent police interviews. casting some doubt on his version of events. rector of public prosecutions decided there wasn't enough evidence supporting rigid, Mallette involvement in the Koran and ultimately decided not to prosecute
Doktor Road Milton the forensic psychologist who created profiles on the killer long before robins arrest, by his initial theory that more than one killer was involved at the lake He continued to hold well into his retirement independent newspaper. Milton said the nature of the crimes suggested. The accomplice was highly dependent on organ and would have therefore and in Andis cooling spray following ovens. Arrest one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the to kill a theory was uncovered in area array. The blank chrome, saint me, where Gabor nor give Ella, and then you have changed, remains, were discovered Sergeant Gerard Dutton, the world's relating ballistic experts tone Roger may not quote that to me. He's suggestive of two people with two guns and two differ boxes of ammunition. Whatever,
I would do and whether they were I'll get shooting at that time suggests. There were two different people, that's not definitive proof, but it's more probable. In addition, the contrasting methods of murder between paired victims indicated two four and six are colleges, the dock in Milton that more than one perpetrator inflicted the wings quite. When you look in the lad he's a called distant person he might have. wide shots into the head hey was more deliberate. He was much More rigid, as the other one gave, the impression of being impulsive and suggested the name you're. The actions suggested to Paypal Since the outset of the investigation, anthropologist doctor Richard Basham had also believed the crimes were committed by two men expressing
He steered in the criminal profile he provided to task force air in the book. written by Neil NASA Doktor Battle, explained. The main reason he believed another person could be involved was the decapitation of one of the victims: quiet. I can just imagine one of these guys cutting her head off for the shock value, for a real statement of dominance to support it. The other killer of always The odds are in favor of at least two being involved in some of the lighter crimes. Others supported the multi perpetrator theory, fearing to the difficulty alone. Attacker would have faced when confronting restraining and controlling the pit victims, while striving and deleting them into the forest. Gabor, nor give our father Manfred was not convinced Ivan acted alone. Stating
who was one point, eight six made his tall and very strong. When we sometimes went into the forest to cut firewood, he would cut huge log, Perry Hall, Trey Songz, taken two men to kill him. it was a sentiment shared by Jura, forever, Malacca trial, Peter The Herald Sun Newspaper- they too felt they must have been another person involved in the crimes. Again, making their assumptions based on good boys physique. Quite would have been difficult for someone. Even a strong is often the lack to move someone as tool as no get. Not everyone involved in the balloon gallo serial killer investigation was convinced that in my lad, operated with an accomplice. Explain how often could have control to victims at once. Those critic
theory suggests that the victims may have been drugged to subdue them or render them unconscious. if the victim spawns had been severed, leaving paralyzed, which some turn my lights white to maintain control of two people at once. Head of Poor air superintendent cloth, small staunchly believed while some members of the mullahs family may have suspected Ivan was up to no good. None of them were directly involved in the crimes. Small believed Ivan would not have trusted anyone else to assist with. The note is quite Ivan was a loner determine, to be in control of his own destiny, an accomplice would have been too much of a risk in his book toddled insider strategies biggest Mannheim cloth, small exe. Find the various reasons why he believed Ivan Milat acted alone,
The nineteen seventy one right charge that Ivan was lighter, acquitted off as proof that he was confident and capable of attacking to hitchhike is at once. Detectives also believed Ivan was responsible for the nineteen. Seventy seven incident reported to the task force a hotline where to Female hitchhikers were picked up by an unknown dark haired man who drive into a remote area before initiating an assault. the women managed to escape and although widen was never charged. Fifty attack, it was believed. This incident served as yet another example of his confidence in confronting two people at once. small data out Ivan's predatory process using purple onions incident to establish the patent, would lower his victims into his vehicle by offering them a ride, making them comfortable with small talk before holding them at gunpoint, under the guys, he was conducting a robbery
in relation to victims traveling in pairs. He luckily instructed one restrain the other reassuring them. This was simply to prevent them from doing anything to jeopardize the hold up. Although so believed Ivan kept the backpack camping equipment and personal belongings, as trophies for his crimes, giving of the items to members of his family to the derive gratification from watching them wearing and using them. This allowed him to relieve the killings in his mind. Over and over attaining play, from the memories of the violence he inflicted. as for the incriminating comments Richard my LAD, allegedly made to co workers about the crimes small cited, the. Area of media reports about missing backpack is that were circulating at the time quote, the comments were made. It is likely that since they were, the comments were not
based on any specific knowledge of orphans motives, but were perhaps simply a crass attack, by Richard to draw attention to himself based on things here read in the media, smaller given that the mood is becoming more ritual listing over time, coupled with the evidence suggesting the killer spent more time that each new crime saying did not Decades, an accomplice was involved quite suggest the opposite at the more often Ivan killed, the more so Absorbed and self obsessed, he became asking himself what Would I do to make it better to get more satisfaction. The answer was to make the killings more ritualized and, to take more time, carrying them out. I suggest there is no compelling argument for any person other than Ivan having committed the crowds,
as the debate continued over whether or not Ivan Mellat acted alone, the question was raised as to whether he could be linked to any other crimes. Despite I have been banging behind bars task force. Continue continued to investigate the convicted killer. sing on other unsolved, missing person and murder cases involving backpack. Isn't he talk is as well This ball and crimes that involve data at twenty two caliber rifle or hunting knife They focused on persons aged between seventeen and forty who would subpoenaed in New South Wales, between one thousand nine hundred and seventy and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, but then applying for teeth. Missing person, cases and stayin unsolved murder cases. They believed fitted Ivan Muleteer. Now, ok, to class Moors book Further investigations revealed there was no concrete evidence directly linking off into any of the missing people, but three of the
soft murder cases were cause for suspicion. Eighteen year. Old paid Alexia was last seen alive on Friday November 13th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, when he intended to hitch, are the one hundred and eighty km journey west from the Sydney suburb of a Busby to his hometown of pacifist. Months later, Bush what is in the journal and state Forest were tracking through the remote wilderness, twenty kilometers away from the popular to no one caves tourist attraction in a shallow, ditch Underneath the palm of forest, the brain, they came across a heavily decomposed body that was later identified to be paid on lecture pages. Sure, had been used as a blonde phone Had been shot several times in the back of the head through three, Twenty two caliber bullets confirmed to have been fired, A Ruger rifle were located nearby.
According to the book sins of the brother by less Kennedy and Mark Whittaker Alex Model Had made a strange comment to police following his brother robins arrest in She allegedly said there's lots of strange deaths around the southern islands. You have a check dead. Any unsolved murders in the genuine state forest following ovens, conviction and investigation revealed the convicted killer had started maintenance work on Jenolan Caves road on Monday November 16th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven three days off the page was last seen alive. I've and form a coworkers confirmed it was possible. He may have travelled to the area review dies earlier in India. dissipation of beginning work on the Monday morning, as was common for employees,
I've injects was current, recalled her former husband took her on a trip to a forest, and neither do not one caves in nineteen, eighty two, where they drive around their tracks of upon plantation any four wheel, drive getting the area with apparent familiarity Task force their detectives, the location, burial storm of paid alleges remains the manner of his death and the murder weapon used both fit Ivan. My lads Emma Twenty year old, Karen Rowland was four months. Pregnant went on Friday February, twenty six nineteen, seventy one her car and of petrol along the den rugged Pox way, road in camera She was last seen walking towards a car driven by an unknown male who appeared to have pulled over to offer assistance.
The following day off in my lad, who was working nearby at the time, allegedly boasted that colleagues that he had killed someone and buried the body in the Bush Three months later, Karen Rawlins body was discovered. Ten kilometers away in the fair, then Pawn plantation, a short distance off the fire track, It remains covered with branches, The exact cause of her death could not be determined effort. examination indicated she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. The location method of attack, the manner in which Karen's body was disposed police. The crime may be connected to live in my lap care. Adoption and murder occurred. Just two months before Ivan was charged with attacking two female. He chagas and he raped one hundred on that is away, make Alban.
Twenty nine year old, Diane Pinocchio was last seen, leaving a pop in the suburb of Bung Bungendore camera. Friday September six naughty naughty. One She had informed friends. She intended to hitchhike the thirty kilometers journey home to Queen Ba two months late. Diane remains were discovered in the tallow Ganda State Forest. Approximately one hundred and twenty kilometers South West Belinda. she had been sexually assaulted and repeatedly stabbed before her body was, concealed behind a log. Her short distance from the closest fire trial and covered with forest debris. Detectives remarked that Diane's body was left in an almost identical position to belong, allows them Caroline Clark, We also acknowledge that the similarities between Diane's crime sane and to those associated with Ivan Mallette, including that
Role of Diane's personal items were missing as they. Held a no monetary value police suspected the killer, likely the mass mementoes mementos. as with paid a letter and Karen Roland occasion, timing and circumstances of Diane Pinocchio, death alone With the rudimentary burial of head remains, as led ass, the gateway to suspect even my lad. Maybe responsible. However, With insufficient evidence to proceed with charges, none have ever been filed and all three remain unsolved. than the thirty nineteen. Ninety six just over three years since its creation task force, formerly formally disbanded.
In order to review a number of unsolved disappearances that occurred in the New South Wales City of Newcastle will ever the past two decades and new task force. Dot old, Strikeforce Fenwick was established. it was led by detective inspector wind, Gordon. Negotiations who had facilitated the phone call with Ivan on the morning he say: go. Vile property was right. It. Wine, Gordon, along with thirty seven other investigators and analysts, Pod existing police records and relevant documents into a modern computerized system to facilitate efficient management of the available information, a monumental ask made even more challenging, given that some exhibits, what unable to be located, while others had been destroyed due to wage extra. giving quarries were carried out with government agencies to ensure there was no evidence that any of the missing persons in question were still alive. While blood
samples were taken from their families. The store for dna profiling news, start. Voiceband weights work generated a large amount of public interest and investigators, with information within the first few months calls place, from members of the public led to one hundred and thirty different locations being named as potential burial saw its victims with many like Haitians, visited buffer anti again through poligized cadaver dogs, police, divers and botanists. Some areas were searched using ground penetrating radar. But despite these efforts, no human remains were uncovered exist. witnesses were also re interviewed. Ninety witnesses came forward before long force. Fenwick had narrowed its focus on ten specific missing person. Cases dated between contains seventy eight and ninety ninety three,
generating a list of forty potential suspects. Ivan Malek was considered a person of interest in the unsolved disappearances of three females, Leanne Goodall, Robin he and Amanda Robinson But, during subsequent interviews, he denied any involvement. After having exhausted all investigative inquiries into these three disappearances, Strikeforce Fenwick presented their findings: To the New South, while State Carnea, Joan Abernathy, given cases shared many similarities to one another. The coroner agree to conduct a joint inquest. Twenty year old, aspiring artists to lean. Google was last seen by a friend at the STAR Hotel in Newcastle at four p m on Saturday December thirty. Nineteen. Seventy eight wasted some belongings behind the counter and never returned.
Ivan Milat was known to frequent this hotel during trips to the area. months later on Saturday April, seven, nineteen, seventy nine hundred year old Dental nurse, Robin Hickey, was dental nurse standing at a bus, stop opposite her home in the opposite. Her suburb of Belmont North. She was on her way to meet some friends at the Belmont Hotel, but never Odin, and was never heard from again. Often the lad was believed to be working for the roads and traffic authority on the Pacific Holloway. At the time, just a Kilometers from where Robin was last seen, in addition, witness believed they saw arriving at the Belmont Hotel the night before her disappearance. Thirteen days light on fourteen year old Amanda Robinson failed to return to her home in swampy after school dance. She was Last seen in the early hours of Saturday April, twenty one nineteen, seventy nine as she walked,
what's her house from a bus? Stop as such forced Fenwick investigators were unable to account for rather molasses whereabouts, on the dates Liane Robin or remainder went missing. He was does a person of interest in all three cases. Ability to verify and alibi for Robin was not particularly unusual, given that twenty years had passed since the disappearances. Yet he confirmed to have worked in the new council area several times throughout the seventies and eighties. Where he's, stayed in local hotels, motels and pubs. The inquest into the three disappearances, was no easy task. Consider the amount of time that had passed and that so witnesses when they are deceased. It was made even more challenging by what car near Abernethy noted as dysfunctional and a lazy police work during the original investigations, which included
a complete lack of record gaping. The coroner label that efficient effort as a complete failure of the new chef wiles police force. associated personnel. approximately one hundred and sixty witnesses and six persons of interest to a to during the inquest, one of whom was Ivan my lad, He denied any knowledge or involvement in the disappearances of Leon. Robin are Amanda, although he did concede often stayed in the new council region around the time they went missing. Coroner Abernathy stated that often the latter known propensity for violence he's habit of picking up he charges dating back to at least two nineteen. Seventy one his position of firearms and other weapons and he's gonna into the new council area for work and social reasons. made him a major person of interest in all three missing person cases.
Especially in regards to Leanne Goodall Nessie presented these findings, concluding that, despite their bodies, having never being like aided, please Robin and Amanda will luckily old deceased. As there wasn't enough evidence to proceed with criminal charges against the suspect. No one, held responsible and all three Cases remain unsolved. I have in my lap, has since been named and remains a person of interest in a number of other unsolved missing person and murder cases throughout a stranger. The validity of the connections vary with authority. he's hesitant to directly implicate. Often in these matters do today, degree of uncertainty and a lack of evidence. despite all the lights on, welcome to rival, to mainland maximum security prison. He soon became a mini celebrity within the complex autograph.
copies of the who magazine that fisheries photo on the cover one in May who had previously shared a cell with Ivan, described the blank, allow the killer to a journalist, for Sydney morning, Herald newspaper as Typically, average that he stood out from other prisoners only would tone about was his family, his loved ones, when he ate straight out of the suburbs. Ivan Milat was suburbia. In March nineteen. Ninety seven Ivan was just eight months into his life sentence. When he formed. The bond with a fellow in my name to George Service. So This was a major figure in Sydney, criminal law under world, Sir a twenty five year sentence for drug importation and trafficking along With an additional eighteen year sentence for attempting to import heroin whilst serving his time in prison,
although there were under constant electronic surveillance. The pair concocted an elaborate and far fetched escape plan that involved them over warming. The gods tying the mob, stealing their uniforms and today Scaling the eight made a high rise, a wire talk to prison wall, half the slip through the gates and passed the armed guards and account would made them outside the jail and draws them to freedom. two prisoners made it clear they intended to kill or injure anyone who stood in their way. months later on, May sixteen. Ninety ninety seven they put there is a plan into action. However, God said already caught wind of this game and knew exactly what the pair were up to prompt replacing both inmates under arrest later that night Sarvis took his own life
Ivan Malek was relocated to the segregation unit at Long Bay jail in Sydney. for being transferred to govern correctional centre where he was placed in the notorious supermax wing. As a prison within a prison soothing, acts is responsible for housing, the estates worst criminal offenders, the decision by Ha Perimeter, wolves fitted with sand and emotion, alarms and is kept the strict surveillance at all times. His fellow inmates, often dressed in an orange jumpsuit shackled and regularly rotated between different cells to mitigate the risk of hidden contraband in November nineteen. Ninety seven, a few months after the thwarted, escape attempt with George Sarvis Ivan to represent himself as he lodged an appeal against these murder convictions wants
and he challenged, pool onions. Witness testimony accusing the englishman identification of his vehicle was under a liable due to his error in describing a non existent spare time Iraq. He, Also argue justice. David Hunt did not fairly present the defense case before dismissing the jury to deliberate and inflammatory and prejudicial evidence. Such as these nineteen, seventy one right charge should not have been admitted during the committal hearing New South Wales Court of appeal rejected the application stating that Ivan had received a fair trial in the eyes of the law, and the meadows here complaining about did not exhibit any miscarriages of justice. in two thousand for islands request appeal to the high court was thrown out. The following year, he submitted a de page hand written request for the court of appeal asking too much.
Which an inquiry into his case and reserve for when dad exist, server proof. If the convicted persons guilt. A review of the evidence you know I've been the last case confirm There was no such doubt and he's application was rejected. In two thousand seeds contract seeing shewed when media reports revealed often had been rewarded for good behavior in prison and was allowed to keep a toaster and television in any. So. The news angered the homicide victim support group and family members of the seven murdered backpack is with Caroline Club the father expressing his displeasure by remarking that Ivan hadn't, given his victims, any privileges and should def. not receive any himself. Within hours of the story hitting the press, new software was Premier Morris, yet ordered a full review of the reward system in involving supermax prison. And as a result, ovens
Erin television privileges were revoked. I've been launched his next appeal that same year, criticized Injustice, justice, David HANS conduct during his trial, alleging here The jury to act on evidence that hadn't been established by the prosecution they suffer she was also rejected following this I haven't launched yet another appeal time, noting televised interview featuring superintendent cloth, small in which the detective said there was no police evidence to suggest the second person participated in the murders. in the same segment The Kyoto marked dusky stated it was not part of their case to prove that anyone other than other MILAN was involved in the killings Ivan used these remarks to argue that he had been denied procedural fairness during his trial
pressing justice has made an error by ruling the crown didn't have to prove whether he acted alone. He debated then he shouldn't have been convicted if the prosecution couldn't prove whether someone else was involved. But once again his appeal was rejected. In January, two thousand and nine eleven use the plastic I deliberately cut off the little finger of his left hand. He placed this the digit into an envelope addressed to the Supreme Court Judge, who had twice denied his applications for appeal. He was taken the Golden Hospital for treatment, that medical staff were unable to re attached. A finger. In a letter to his brother Bill Ivan explained, the act was an attempt to quiet highlight the difficulties of a prisoner who wishes to appeal his case.
It's viewed the mutilation as Ivan's desperate attempt to obtain a transfer to a medical facility as part of an escape plan. In November two thousand and ten often launched another application to appeal his convictions citing unease over the reliability of the crowns primary evidence given the ability of new evidence and the fact that DNA evidence did not located him in the crimes. This application was rejected. over the years, Ivan self harmed by swallowing foreign objects. Breaking hand and initiating numerous hunger strikes in in two thousand and eleven after serving fifteen years of his life sentence, sixty six year old Ivan requested to have his Sony Play Station Video Game Council allowed any cell arguing It would provide him the opportunity to exercise his mind
on the refusal of this request, often stage non day. Hunger strike losing twenty five kilograms before eventually giving in correctives. Services. Commissioner RON Wooden told the Sunday to Graph newspaper There's no wine made on my watch. You would have it get anything close to a play station. Australia's worst serial killer, A leading to wines missing finger, commissioner, wouldn't added in stages. Many protests as a lark's bet there'd be no point difficult one because he needs two hands to use. It. In two thousand and five Ivan Form lawyer John Marsden spoke to a news, limited journalist, stating his opinion quite I've into Ouida. I don't know whether he did it or not. Yes, you probably did it I don't think there was a brother involved,
is. Definitely a woman. Marston, suggested that I haven't accomplice was actually in the lad system. Surely, who might and was residing with at the time of his arrest pro to her death in two thousand three show visited, dive and imprison during She informed me that he had buried a forty five called pistol in the backyard of their lerigo veil high and needed to dig it up and get rid of it. He climbed police had missed, uncovering the weapon after deciding not to excavate the odd given. It was clear he made a very little attempt to hold at any evidence surely did, as she was told, and often Recovering the firearm enlisted the hope of her brother Wally to sell the gun for eight hundred dollars next time she visited dive and imprison, surely reassured him everything had been taken care of
though the gun in question, was never linked to any of the blank alone. It is surely was subsequently charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm to which you played guilty and was fined one thousand dollars. Following the publication of the room is about Shirley's involvement in the murders, Superent I'm cloth small, contacted the man who originated the theory, John Marston. Marsden, who was seriously ill at the time, told small It was so heavily medicated that he didn't recall making the accusations at all long after small visit the goblin supermax prison when he happened to cross paths with even my lad, small tell their interaction in his book inside Australia's biggest manhunt, describing, much dinner Oda, and More fragile man than the one he had arrested more than a decade earlier,
as soon as all other light eyes on small. He started. Protest, engage innocence and asked why The police were trying to say, Shirley was involved, small town Ivan you're, wrong I never said that. Shirley was involved. In fact, No, she wasn't you killed them all yourself. Ivan allegedly hesitated before responding. Yes, So why are you telling them? She was involved in his book small explained: It was as close to an admission of guilt, as I'd ever heard from Ivan as soon He had finished speaking his whole demeanor changed as if suddenly realised that the significance of what he had said. On November twenty one, two thousand ten New South Wales Police-
six periods, the chilling moment of data when local teenager chase arrived to the pick them police station sat western Sydney to report, a murder in bangalow state Forrest Chase police into a clearing in the forest, revealing the recently deceased body of a seventeen year old male covered crudely with branches after acting police to the body chase was charged with an accessory to murder after the fact Anti provided police enabled them to promptly arrest the do responsible for the murder itself. Matthew, Newman had a relatively uneventful childhood before personality took an unexpected turn during high the other. Wise, passive and sociable, Tain suddenly develop a darker and poet aside, he began
distancing himself from friends and carrying a flick north wherever he went at age. Fourteen you decided to adopt the surname. If he's extended, family thought it bragging two friends about he's great uncle Livin. He Saint to take pride in being the nephew of a serial killer, making free When visits to belong glow, where he would hang out in the bush and smoke cannabis, November twenty two thousand and ten. Matthew, his girlfriend that he and a friend had plans to kill someone later good afternoon, the will lend another friend eighteen year out of College Klein was sitting together when Matthew, excitedly rubbed his hands together and said we're going to belong Goliath, some it's going to die. After making a few phone calls Matthew come on collective chase before PIG
Another may David North Carolina David, was celebrating his seventeenth birthday and had been lowered out by Matthew, who had suggested day go after blank allowed to have a few drinks and a bit of fun The four young men drive a short distance into the forest before pulling over to smoke some cannabis and to listen to music, few and colon exiting the vehicle where the latter activated the audio reporting feature honeys mobile phone catching him whisper yeah go it. To which Matthew asked can you feel the adrenaline One then coached the birthday boy out of the car, under the guise of needing help, looking for a bomb bong it worked around to the back of the vehicle. Columns holding, find out the window to record the events that were about to unfold armed with an ax Matthew. David off guard swinging,
his torso and hurling verbal abuse and threats as he bled Usually and begged for his life. After ten minutes bessie finally administered the fatal blow. Cohen, remained in the vehicle recording audio of the murder on his mobile phone, while pacifying chase who was unaware of the July's molded plan. The three men then dragged David's body into a clearing and covered him with branches, as they may The fifty kilometre drive back to their home town of bargaining he remarked that way such an adrenaline rush Cohen, said. I told you that you are going to go down the same path. Is your uncle the next day Matthew Gloated about the murder to several friends and was quoted as saying you know me, You know my family, you know
last name Mallette. I did what they do. After chase, let police to David's body and Matthew and Colon were arrested for the murder. They both play the guilty, but mine Ain't the crime had it not been premeditated, their defense was that mess you only intended to injure and assault David over room, is he had allegedly being spreading Whilst awaiting sentencing Matthew for insects are colleges that there was no special meaning in the location where his victim was killed insisted. The intention behind changing his surname was not to bask in his uncle was notoriety, but to distance himself from his stepfather Boston, casting Matthew will serve wrote a number of disturbing palms that appeared to re, lived, the Meda, which were intercepted by authorities and I don't believe it to be used as evidence against him at trial.
Matthew remarks about these plans to kill someone prior to inviting David to belong below, coupled With the audio taken during the murder in which he and Cohen excitedly encouraged one another to proceed with the attack, provided proof premeditation. the Supreme Court sentencing in June two thousand and twelve acting just Jane Matthews rejected the defendants claim that the decision to conduct the murder and Berlin glow was not significant stating she was convinced that Matthew was trying to emulate his great uncle oven. Judge Matthews described the death of David off the lining as falling within the worst category of murder. the currently sentencing Matthew MILAN to forty three years imprisonment and current climb to thirty two years. Prior to his death in two thousand and six
former lawyer, John Marston released a book titled. I am what I am. Which he wrote there no doubt that the case against often was a strong one, but the damage his family has been immense. They are a loyal family and, of course, they believe if the allegations are untrue, Margaret Miller went to her grave believing her favorite song was innocent, but eleven is including rigid and Wally, whom are still represent, have told me, that boy than is indeed guilty, he deserves To be locked up for life my husband had lamented to a news, limited journalists about what may have happened. Had he not help, I'm a latke void a prison sentence for the rape charges against him in nineteen. Seventy one quote do I think those laws would have been saved Might have been helped by so maybe maybe not.
Do I ever think about it? Yes,. Martin, who had relied on a jury prejudice to attack the sexuality and credibility of orphans, ripe survivors left part of it sizable estate to various gay and lesbian organizations, Many members of the mullahs family still maintain their loyalty to widen continuing I support him by attesting his innocence in two thousand and five, his sister in LAW Carolyn, who had previous, play been accused of trying to provide him with a false alibi for several of the meadows told ABC documentary Series, australian story supposed love would be Asia. If we could accept that he has been found guilty and has done this crime, but that is not the case in our eyes. He's not guilty of it and until the day that we find different. We will support him
we believe that eleven was framed. in a two thousand and ten interview for television programme, crime, investigation, Australia, greeted me that was asked how we felt about eleven defense team, naming him as a possible suspect in the backpack in that is Richard, replied. often would do anything and I blame him. It was Kay by me on that path, because I knew what word may so. What? no worries, no matter how much implication you can say, knew why he was dragging me into it. Trying to say himself however, you believe he's guilty Your brother George believes Ivan murdered for pleasure and would never have stopped if he hadn't been cord bars
knowledge shares they sentiments and claims. He has since been shown by the rest of his family for expressing his belief in his younger brother's guilt. Quite Ivan is a completely completely evil person and I would say if you never got caught Went on to do more rival things, I'd say: ten thousand and eleven store before I'd say. One of the backpack is door. for what he's done. When nineteen year old James Gibson went missing his mouth a peg worked tirelessly to find her youngest son, hunting the media to urge anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward where But she went, she would look twice at any dark, haired boy with a ponytail who even slightly resemble James asking herself. You are always hopeful helpful you. You have to be.
amounting Paul of letters addressed the James during his disappearance sat in his bedroom untouched, with pig pause At the door every time she walked past overcome with the tormenting fee that her son I no longer be alive speaking to now retired, superintendent cloth small for his book inside Australia's biggest Mannheim, Deborah Everest's brother team, I explained, His father was already you. When nineteen year old, Deborah was reported, missing and passed away. Before her remains were found. Saving him From ever having to hear the name of her killer, Other Patricia passed away in two thousand and nine still consumed by the pain of her loss and haunted by the memory of having encouraged her daughter to go on the trip that ended her life. Had been helping out with her father's ailing health and to him
I told her that a break would do her. Good TIM Everest quote: I didn't believe what was happening when it first started. You always think had wine happened to me. I thought there would walk through the door one day What tended to deal with it, but not confiding in anyone choosing at times, not to believe what happened. On learning that all would be called to give evidence and facing Malott I had an unearthly feeling of rage, torment and disbelief that someone could absolutely no respect for innocent human life. My mother had to endure a life sentence of hell over this horrific event, having to hearing court. The detail of what happened to her daughter was nearly unbearable in itself
months after twenty one year, old, Simone Schmidle, his remains were found. A memorial service was held in her honor at the northern suburbs. Crematorium in Sydney the sovereign eyes out Moray Western told the gathering mourners these young. Maplewood not just headlines for a few days, buttocks de which has shaken our innocence, someone, His parents have honoured their daughter with her own memorial in Berlin, glow marked by a small cross with a jerk an inscription that translates to say, you live on in our hearts, we love you. Gabor nor Gabel, his father Manfred, told Clive small. He remained haunted by the fact that either Mellat never confessed to his crimes. being him to imagine the horrors that his son endured in the languor Christmas a particularly difficult time for the noise about family as the last contact they
with the ball was on Christmas Eve of ninety ninety one Manfred explained. every year it is still a time of great for us the days are short and the nights are long as the snow covers grand around our home in Germany. We remember the familiar sound good, boy's voice. Manfred other son named one of his own children after his beloved brother, ensuring the boy no Gebauer name leaves zone. Friends former classmates of the adventurous nature, loving german visit his grave side? Eighty to honor his memory, Montfort no you're, Bela told Clive small. Few days ago I met the mother of a classmate of Gabor. We spoke and she said to me that when she talks with me, she feels like she's. Looking at the face of the boy, she wrote It may of the saying
man is not dead until he is forgotten War is not dead, bull was buried. A five minute walk from his family and his mother, aka visited and cared for the grave on a need daily basis. she often made the six hundred and fifty kilometres journey to Munich to join and yet have shades. Mother Roma had the graves of her twenty year old daughter said, the two mothers could support one another. Olga, and her husband Kunta, found it incredibly difficult to talk about their daughter to people outside their family. In an interview for the book born killers by Christopher, bury day and stave Mars Carol, on clocks parents in and Jackie explained there were still anguished by either Mallette substance of remorse and believed he locked the feelings of a human being
an record being a little apprehensive. Whenever vases and optimistic twenty one year old daughter departed for the biggest dryly in holiday warning, against the dangers of hitchhiking and encouraging her not to travel alone and said I don't think we really into What later on, finally, faced up to the fact that they weren't coming back, then a different kind of anguish comes in when you no, they are dead. The clocks have remained resolute throughout the devastating ordeal wanting make sure their daughters killer never gets the satisfaction of their grief. The body of twenty two year old, Joanne Walter's, was identified her there, its re and Julian wearing consolidated with her father re latest dining demur.
We'd always hoped for just didn't occur. We have I had so much since she went missing now. Way too numb to take it in four years later, the couple, whereas a wound, with relief when the guilty verdict was announced with Ray concern, falling Julian. Has she broke down in tease, they lighter expense. their gratitude for the people of Australia and the police. Many Strong friendships, with quote, the unfair to name individuals for they have tremendous. There is only one monster responsible for this tragic case. in my lads trial, took its toll on onions who said I was naked mentally for ten years or more at pace now,
for providing authorities with key information that help to secure Ivan Molasses arrest. Paul was rewarded with a two hundred thousand dollar payment from the australian government. Yet he felt the reward was joyless blood money and was done but a cash it. Knowing that anything, he bore would always remind him of the seven blank victims he returned the money to the australian government and sought happiness by living. A full life enjoying his favorite hobbies, skiing and a yacht racing. in two thousand and eight he was a member of the winning team that took first place in the clipper round. The world yacht race. He hoped Visit astray there again, one day in two thousand five after public and political backlash. Local business
Album ghost tours was forced to cancel their extreme territory of Berlingo State Forest website in tossed visitors to come with asked the balloon: glow whereof in MILAN, buried the bodies of his victims and fetch it there. Grass warning Once you enter the Belanglo State Forest, you May Come here, who accompany with slant by supporters of the deceased backpack, his family's with new circle, Mark stating it's not only in bad taste, that's just terrible a renders the note arriv of Malacca crimes near eliminated. The practice, if he talking throughout a stranger with travellers, hating the warning of the dangers presented by accepting abroad from strangers. The legacy of the backpacker murders remains privilege,
part of the inspiration for the fictional lies the strive in horror, film and tv series of the same name: Wolf, Craig. Marketed as being based on true events, the revolves around a backpack is taken captive and hunted by main antagonist make dialogue who bears a strong, physical and behavioral resemblance to live in MILAN, now, waged in his seventies, five in MILAN continues to serve his life sentence inside the supermax wing of Golden Correctional Centre, with no chance of peril the language Forest remains relatively unchanged since the murders with campus park and trip is continuing to venture into the remote terrain. Asthma, tourists bypass the forest via the human way now called the him free way. The ominous
Sign at the entrance that once warrant a visitors to place be careful no longer stands, it is being replaced by buy a smaller, less foreboding forestry corporation sign today those who traverse the edges of the blank. I state forest pine plantations and surrounding rugged Bush land. Note the ominous link that emanates from the isolated, the tracks and large trees. The memorial plock, paying homage to the seven backpack, is still stands in a remote area of the forest. At the end of a long four wheel drive traffic as Journalist Roger may not described in his book the language, the next chapter Those who visit are consumed by a spine, tingling sense of death. It is clear in a military silence. There is, Little sign of animal life and David.
The birds are strangely silent. It's as though nature he's in mourning.
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