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Case 11: Anneliese Michel

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First came the seizures and sleep paralysis. Then came the hallucinations and violent behaviour.

Anneliese Michel made endless visits to doctor’s and specialists only to be either referred to another doctor or placed on medication that wasn’t helping her. Her condition became so bad that at times she started to growl and speak in a horrific deep voice…

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If you ve been diagnosed with breast organic logic, cancer, you need an entire team of experts by your side, empty Anderson Cancer Centre at Cooper. The Anderson Cooper understands no to women and no to women's cancer. Experience are the same. That's why they're approve just both personal and team directed comprehend Such care means more than treating the cancer is about caring for the whole person at empty Anderson Cooper. No one fights cancer alone. First came the soldiers, the insight paralysis, then came the hallucinations and violent behaviour analysed, Mikhail made endless visits to doctors and specialists. Finally,
the eight referred to another doctor or placed under medication that wasn't helping her her condition became so bad that it Tom she started to grow and speaking a horrific date, voice, destroy religious subjects and complain. Religious saw sort churches but too painful for her to go knee. She convinced her parents and several priests. She was possessed boy Damon's that led to the catholic Church, making the unusual decision to grant to priests permission to perform an exorcism Rachel and analyse on I what you're thinking this story must be from the dark ages. But it's not had happened in Germany in the nor named seventies, but was analysed really possessed by the devil. The medical community doesn't think so after death. They were certain of what Annalise was suffering from. They just couldnt organize her. While she was alive, four people were eventually charged with negligent homicide after a death. The troll that followed was described as the biggest
criminal trawling. Germany, outside of the Nazi WAR Chrome trials, the story of analysed, Kelly's is heartbreaking, as it is horrific. Incredibly, some of the excess is enriched We're actually recorded the types whenever earlier fighting court, but you he's some of them in the sure I'd always. Macao was born on the twenty September morning fifty to her parents and our incisive Mikhail what devout Catholics from Klingon Bergen, Germany, Jason, banana had an elder daughter, Martha who died at just I use of age due to complications that arose during an operation. She had to remove the tumor from a kidney.
Along with analyse and our enticing gave birth to three other doors. Churchyard, Barbara and Raw sweeter by Joseph in and I came from a strict catholic families. Joseph mother actually hoped he would become upraised instead Joseph would go, and the forty mobile to where he actually became a prisoner of war when the war was over, he went on to take over the family, saw mill business by all accounts. Joseph was loving and caring towards his children, but he had that cold hard emotionally vacant stare that many veterans hubs at times this left him being distant and unable to display affection or emotion. He was most likely affected by what now today is PTSD. Hannah was an extremely religious, strict and protective parent. Some has gone as far too describers overbearing and suffocating
The girls were controlling every aspect of their laws and were forbidden to mingle with boys. An orange ISIS. I determined what the girls would wear. What I could read what I could talk about and so on. There was a very controlled suppresses household. Having said that, it is important to remember. Energized grew up in and lived through. A different top posts will be one Germany was tough enough, but then in the rise and fall of the nazi regime and all the horrors that came along with that and it's something This will never be out. I understand Annalisa was described as a very good student who exogenous studies, choose friendly, happy playful sing and play the accordion piano, Tis well behaved generous, described there's just like any other normal girl. Her age he's snooping around always talking. How do you what she sang it in German, but it just gives you a snapshot of what she was like a normal. She sounded.
Is he still browser church was a big part of the families loss they visited church every Sunday and sometimes again on weight days. There was one for the entire family, deprived together home and the girls riddle. I saw a morning and evening pray when Analyse was sixteen years old she experienced so first seizure. She was in class and completely black tat. She went into a transport state for a brief period by giving her friends scare analyze quickly, laughed it off and blinded on buying over toward didn't think too much more of it until it. I'm not that night at midnight, Analyse, describes waking up in bed but being unable to move it felt ass though something was pinning idea she struggled to breed. She couldn't speak. She couldn't cry out,
He couldn't move at all. The frightening incident didn't last long and many sought. This is the first signs of analysed becoming possessed, but, as somebody who is experience, somebody out of slight paralysis before I can tell you. That is exactly what analyse was describing to exactly how it feels analyse, didn't go to school the next day, however, it appeared to be just a one off the next day and not we're on a vengeful, as were the following weeks and months. She slowly forgot about the incident in law for turned back to normal for almost a year when she was seven aim annulled. experienced a second seizure. There was identical to a first where she blacked out and momentarily Wendy, nor transport state and again there, No, she had another frightening episode of slight paralysis, but she was awake. Everything going on but unable to move or speak as it was near the second,
this had happened analysed, went to visit of Hamley doktor doctor, but he made it. We refer to a specialist doctors, Lucy who was in Euro largest Doktor Leslie performed the number of tests, but they all came back negative. The age, a test which is a test the tracks and records brainwave? Patents should analyse, had normal brainwave activity, Doktor Lucy couldn't determine anything wrong from a neurological or psychological perspective. Doktor Leslie suspected analyzed was suffering from cerebral, sages than was possibly displaying symptoms of epilepsy. Doktor Lizzie didn't prescribe any medication as our daily bowing to incidents and our spreading out about a year a pot soon after they suddenly his physical health started to go down hill. She suffer bouts of tonnes, Alatas Pleurisy and the Mona the illnesses without enough they for certainly school away from a school friends. Analyse was confined myself to
dream with her rather bearing strict Paris. Looking after at home, Analyse was unaware that disagree with appearance or express any individuality. Whenever there was a decision women, her mother and I would simply ignore and just pray latterly over the top of her analysis, helping improve and on the twenty eighth of February, nor nine seventy she was admitted to hospital doctors soon discovered Annalise was also suffering from heart and circulation problems and she was transferred to a the hospital phase, where environments completely different to what she was used to at home, she struggled to interact with other teenagers in the hospitals and she felt isolated, became depressed and withdrawn. Other teenagers in the hospital started giving her a hard time and making a lot of misery. Some referred to her as snot nose on the third of June Noname. Seventy she suffered her third sleep paralysis, episode when it was over. She screamed causing nurse
the come rushing to ride, but as far as I could tell she was born. This little episode didn't go down well with a fella patience. They already didn't, locker some started making fun of saying she was possessed by the devil. I always rely on her fight together. Through these tough times she was extremely religious and still pride. he times a day. Once when praying the rosary in hospital, she reported smelling a sweet odor and having a euphoric feeling, she became convinced she'd been touched by the Virgin Mary on the six They do not seventy and always refer to another neurologists, Doktor VON higher. doktor one high Lorraine, another series of tests, including another age, a test he fail. irregularities in analyse his brain wife patents. He proscribed her anesthesia medication, the same medication given to people with epilepsy.
All in all, I wanted to do was experienced the same feeling sure just gotten back when praying derisory, but she couldn't get that feeling back to rationalize spot, saying no, Mary was busy helping other people, but maybe the medication Tuesday taking has something to do with it. But several
He saw the same directive on highlights and taking the medication. Other symptoms started to develop, to reported, sing, demonic, looking face when saying the rosary, then I started to develop to the point where she would say: demonic faces regularly, not necessarily just when she was price. It's important to know she did not start saying these faces until after being placed on the anesthesia medication, also medication and stop the sages and slight paralysis, episodes shoes near starting to and say, demonic faces. The medical explanation is that analyse was experiencing epilepsy related hallucinations, despite these new symptoms, developing her actual physical health, the heart and circulate, the problems have improved and analyse was discharged from hospital, one sent home on the twenty ninth of August nine. Seventy everybody noticed the changing analyse when she returned high. She was now
irritable and always unhappy should despise display sudden outbursts of anger. And no apparent reason. Then they got more freedom. Now more violent as time went on choices. Distant and moody. Analysts also started experiencing seizures again. She would phrase up in rigid positions with an angry contorted look on her face along with a hoodie the nations of Saint demonic faces, analyse, was near complaining about rotten, smells describe like burning fatal matter, but no one else could smell anything.
racist behaviour caused the mother and to become even more controlling analysed, return to school, but she was near behind a friends. She missed any toy school you she tried to reach out to a school friends about her experiences, but they were more interested in teenage girls stuff. This goes analysed despoil down even further. She became more withdrawn and her depression got worse. As a result, her grindstone But the suffer teaches noticed the changing her due to are experiencing sages again and saying ever increasing hallucinations, analyse or another specialist doktor Rocco doctor. I killed the scum some more circular tree irregularities and referred to another specialist. Stop the pack hails doktor pack, jails are expressed, concern about the
stages only guys with Annalise his family doctor doctor walked about them. They decided cannoli, should go back and see Doctor Lucy Doctor leave. He changed her medication and put her onto a central pool. Is another anticonvulsant drug? The side effects of central pill- or it may affect the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. It can also cause headaches, insomnia, rashes and it affects the gums and liver. And always went back for several check. Ups with Doktor Lucy lasted a series of tickets was in June, nor named seventy three I supported the new drug, seemed to stop the seizures. However, she was still experiencing hallucinations saying, demonic faces have adopted it. The main concern was that decisions that start, so he felt the medication is doing its job.
He performed another J tests, which reveal Donnelly, said normal brainwave activity, but the hallucinations got worse analyze started, he knocking sound. She reported days were coming from inside a closet. from the floor and from the ceiling. This resulted in yet another visit to another specialist. This time it was a hearing specialist hearing some tests, but couldn't find anything wrong with analyse. Borneo, analyze suggested I've had it with the medical community, Disport constant doctors visits. All doctors The thing to be able to do was data referred to another doctor or put her on. any convulsive medication which was doing nothing. I hope hallucinations. Nobody seemed to be able to give her a definitive diagnosis and remember analyzes, all assisted dawn when she was just died,
Died as a result of complications arising from a medical procedure, Solana listening, family already had a certain mistrust of doctors and their recent experiences. When exactly restoring the fight, then I started to become convinced. There was a great apparel work and the raising doctors couldn't help. Her is because she is being made to suffer a great, a spiritual, raising. Throughout this time, and I started to behave strangely- around Holly objects, she displayed the first signs of resentment towards the catholic Church and towards religious symbols. This is unusual for the extremely religious devout Catholic GO. her mother and reported that one's home she walked in on and allay staring at. A statue of the Virgin Mary Ann described analysis having jet black cause
look of extreme hatred on her face and I started to complain about praying and that she couldn't attend church as it was painful trying to get through the entrance atlases Father Joseph organise the trip the same dummy honour. It is a wholly sighed, deeply sacred to the catholic Religion located in ITALY. It attracts thousands and thousands of visitors every year, And many report experiencing can, as with the virgin Mary at the saw when they got there, analyse, was unable to enter. She said the soil burnt, his face I support her holly metal, however, and Allay said she couldn't where, as oppressed against a chest, stopping her from breathing, despotic
worsening condition analyst graduated from high school and commenced college in Noname. Seventy three she was studying to become a teacher, but the ones who brought energetic student really struggled with the work she couldn't pay attention in class and shave and struggled to get out of bed to attend class. True sparling into a severe bout of depression and started to contemplate suicide. Analysts were still suffering from hallucinations. The demonic faces and extreme smells in September morning. Seventy three Emily spent with Dr Lucy again, not at least tall daughter Lucy. The devil was in sought. Her and judgment of fire would be visited upon everyone.
doctor with United in his visit, the analyse, appeared obsessed with sight and banging sought her chip, he disorientated, indecisive and all over the place. With the thoughts he believed. Her condition was so bad that she was incapable of making decisions for herself. There are a couple of contentious point t the first pairing and a sway, as Dr Lucy suggested, to them that Annalise may be suffering from demonic possession and he suggested to go and say appraised this climate, only to know about the lazy, the second point and one that is often overlooked in the story of Anna Louis Michel. Is it not Seventy one was when the excesses novel was released. The novel it was then made into uneasy non in seventy three they're gonna relations. Many in mourning? Seventy four, which has wrought around this time,
This was in a small town novel or a movie with just a small cup following there was a worldwide smash, hit the book assault over thirty million. copies than the Navy was nominated for ten academy awards, and at one too, there was the first a horror, maybe to be nominated for best pitcher. Some sites report that you can adjustment was made for inflation. The exorcist would actually be the northwest gracing movie of all time Did you not familiar with the story briefly revolves around a young girl who start showing signs of demonic possession but to get any help from the medical community, her mother, six, a hope of a price and they perform an exorcism. The timing of the excess released is important and suddenly you to keep in mind as we move forward, analyse contain. To get worse. Her mother and I started to become worried what our neighbours and other people in town with thinking and saying about them. The never ending medical visits and repulsive hallucinations restarting degenerate room is around ten
the laughing I wanted was analysed to be suffering from a mental illness when one of her friends at church suggested that may be analysed with suffering, demonic possession, I like that. I do much better than mental illness analyse and- and I decided to start Singer- praised as the doctors when hoping her As I said, the medication is doing nothing but making a fuel depressed and toy hallucinations remained and we're getting worse, analyse in appearance met with Father happier and his associates Father Ross. Father, having concluded that Emily's seemed entirely normal, maybe a little bit sure, but definitely no suggestion she was possessed. He actually referred her back to a doctor's, not satisfied with this. They contacted a priest who is an expert in Position Father rugged week. They became interested in analyze his case when he heard about what happened on a visit to San Damiano
he believed that position is definitely a possibility. However, he was near seventy nine years of age, so he said it was too out to get involved. Hereford analyze to another praised father, Vermin, Father amendment, we then at least ten times you six binding. In the hallucinations, demonic faces and behavior around Holly objects scenario, holy places. father home and found no evidence of possession ADA Thy pride together. Several On this, during the meetings and each time analysed, remain calm, and, despite now, what behind, during prayer or towards any of the holy objects after meeting with her hey suggested, should go back and saying neurologist an ice was unhappy with this shit or anything several neurologists and no one could seem to help her father all was a friend of Father, Roth, Father, Rafik. Banana case, Coastal Father out immediately became interested.
upon hearing about analysis case. Father all claims experienced several strange occurrences. He said suddenly Without warning. Without explanation, he knew everything about analysing a family, the spot, the fact he had never met any of them before he also finally started to experience the fail smell. And started hearing the knocking noise. Is it not time.
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so doktor liner referred and always to yet another neurologist. This time she saw doctors, schlep doctors, schlep performed all the usual tests. Scabbard irregular brain patents in the left temporal area of analysis, brain doctors, schlep, was convinced. This was definitive proof of epilepsy and changed analysing medication to tag recall territories also any convulsive medication with side effects of fatigue, nausea, dizziness and it can in fact, the blood around this time, Emily started having physical meetings with father. All she was still saying: demonic faces the medication change, didn't help. She did go back and say doctors slip again where she reported having severe headaches and that she was struggling to get out of bed now than she was always slow and lethargic. She also said that she started to feel as though one sort of a body was developing paralysis, luck, symptoms to swaddle. They stuck to slip.
Instructed her to keep taking tegor tall and its Ariadne's tormentor. Laces behaviour really started to spiral out of control. Her angry outbursts when you outlawed, It's a violent and rage. She destroyed all the objects such as rice raising crucifixes. She smash peaches of Jesus Then the virgin Mary? She threw objects at a boyfriend, painter and assistance and tried the bought punching, kick them at times. But when she wasn't behaving voluntary like this, she would be an extremely rose. She couldn't get out of bed severely depressed. I know they said several more visas. Reductive slept the next time he told her to keep taking Tegor tall Finally, I was no longer able to visit the church at all. She said it was too painful to get past. The entrance analyse was starting to lose all touch. Reality. She started to behave as different personalities, but who listen
Since when they are all too frequent, as were her intense feats of rage during the rages, she wouldn't slippers, She would, despite bizarre behaviour, lock kneeling the unfortunately on the grand than standing straight back up the new Indian violently on the ground again his heart. She could she would repeat this four hours she ran through the house screaming she started dating flaws in sport. Is she continued had a crucifixes in razor blades and any other holly object. She could form she started to growl and make horrific springs the. I I
Yeah. Father I became convinced, Analyse, was possessed with the permission of his bishop. He started saying exe it is a praise over analyse this wasn't a full blind, exorcism ritual which would come later. These were just prayers described as like a trawl exorcism during these prays father out, says, analyse gray out. She was burning and then tried to knock the book of prayers yet and then I started to mention the diamonds were controlling the medical community has since described. This behaviour is epilepsy, with extreme episodes of schizophrenia, Psychosis Father all described it as demonic possession.
On the fifteenth of mine on seventy five with all these going on Annalisa grandmother, dog analyse, is very close to a grandmother, I was yet another traumatic event. Analysts didn't always act out, involve fits of rage. Often she would calm down, but even when she was calm, she would still talk about demons and how they were controlling her and that all she felt was despair and hopelessness. And on top of that she would say she was not mentally ill. She made sure to constantly stress that point: In fact, she went on the comment that she feed being diagnosed, dismantle you and that's it. want to go to a mental hospital. Bosnia analyse had lost her appetite and she was hardly aiding at all. Father. All being convinced analysed was possessed by demons, started to make arrangements to perform a full blown exorcism ritual. He listed the hope of Father Rennes.
Father Rennes paid several visits to analyse, but he wasn't entirely convene shoes possessed during these visits analysed, despite none of a voluntary code of behaviour, and she didn't mention Damon's at all. In fact, Father instant fraud. There is seemingly normal reserved and Poland, which is unusual because the cancer Father all in the family members say that she was constantly violence are quoted, can when she wasn't your severely depressed and still talking about demons. So there's a clash of accounts there, but father out himself was convinced that analyse was possessed and on the twenty third of September, known in seventy five, the Bishop Green permission for a full blown exorcism ritual to be reformed and analyse the first exorcism Rachel was performed. The die. After permission was granted on the twenty fourth of September, known in seventy five farther and farther rents perform the ritual along with analyse his parents and are in crisis a boyfriend, Paita and assisted the sir
finally begun began by sprinkling holy water and analyse she reacted violently. He roared with rage and spring put away that shit. yeah. What do you mean Mr Scott, Thirteen, at the time, though, I at least had to be held down to try to kick and board everyone present choose growling and hissing, making horrific screams
All the prayer ratings were dining Latin, which analysed was actually flowing, analysed the sky, This first ritual is being like a spectator. She says Body in her voice, but she had no control Over either of them, she could We look on while the demons possessing her controlled her many more action His enriches were performed after this first one. Many of them were recorded. Analysts would go on to say during future sessions that she was possessed by six daemons Lucifer Judas, Nero Cain Hitler and Fleischmann Lucifer, in fact, is the only demon so to speak there, what humans treatise was a disciple of Jesus who ended up betraying him near I was there. I'm an emperor from these fifty four to sixty eight he's right.
It was one of tyranny. He was responsible for motoring design, feeling members any had Christians burnt laws. Caning is another person from the Bible and, along with his brother, able lie with the sons of Adam and Eve. Kane ended up, murdering able Hitler doesn't need an explanation. Fleischmann was a catholic priest in fifteen hundreds he was accused of murder and excommunicated by the church. There is actually a german crazed. Not only was Annalisa Devout Catholic chooses, very well read, showed great all kinds of books, both religious and other, was and would have had a great deal of knowledge about Lucifer Judas, Nero and came at source. I thought she would have learnt about praised Fleischmann in studies, particularly as it was german and then there's the Hitler Goal which is obvious in Bosnia, the excesses, novel and movie will worldwide smash, hits.
There's no evidence and always read the book or sold a movie, but given how big it was at the time and how much are they sought to read this ray possibility that Analyse had read the book wholesale, removing all bus. Did an oasis mental illness combined a knowledge of Lucifer Nero. Paying Judas Foresman, I'm here with what she had read or seen in the exorcist, somehow convincing itself that she was possessed as well. Why now to do this. I, Oh yeah to live. I
I the accident performed on, I always wear horrific she would scream have faced with contort her body would violently structure be up to then stopping I completely rigid and stiff ahead of time before violently explaining again he's an interesting conversational found during one of the rituals analyse climbs. She was actually Lucifer at this point. In the conversation
Emily says the snot nosed brat was cursed. She belongs to us. She is no longer alive, Father Alt says: is she down with you and at least says? No? I have to say everything. Therefore, the snot nosed has to pay for it. Father out says you have to get out of her and Ali says what I'm wanting out yet, because I have so much to say This is interesting because, if you remember back to analyse was in hospital was a seventeen year old. Other teenagers if we're giving her a hard time about her condition then referred to as snot nose. Some even made fun of her after the episode of sleep paralysis, saying she was possessed by the devil. So is this really the devil possessing analyse what was inhalation, deep, deep stage of psychosis and delusion conjuring up a stressful unhappy time in the past.
I thought I'd say owners. The exorcism rituals continued throughout the rest of the morning. Seventy four of an inch and one inch, seventy six. One thing this danger is that, when analysing in a rage, she constantly mentioned that things were going to get worse before they got better. She mentioned a few times about. Your law should be freed, the demons the July she was referring to restore law and order. Seventy six, During her rights, charms and during exorcisms finally started to solve ha tribute herself violently,
your head against the wall from their face up against the wall. They can be halls in the war causing it takes a chip and shaven smashed ahead through a window as the excess Isms continued analysis, physical cycle. worse and worse. She stopped aiding completely and was literally wasting away, despite her reflexes, equal condition. Her parents in upraised failed to Saint medical help. They persisted with excess is the last exorcism richer was before them a thirty two June nine. Seventy six analysis body was unnaturally skinny, her body and faced with that, it improves the lever. She had two black cause that were also swollen. Her physical condition was absolutely horror.
She's there wasn't aiding or drinking, and I am the morning after elastic this isn't Rachel and always Macao was found dead. The day was the first of July nineteen. Seventy six analyse was just twenty three years of age eagerly, just ass. She had predicted a few times. She was free of the demons by July. Ooh, almost immediately after my feeling, wasted on the father Joseph rushed out to try and get a death certificate issued saudi natural causes.
Thought the color was called unexamined analyse and there was no way he was issuing a desert, difficult, sorting natural causes. Analyzes physical condition was horrible. He couldn't say that she died of natural causes and he recommended a post mortem bay conducted a post mortem revealed. The analysts died as a result of starvation and day harder mission, possibly aggravated by physical exertion, her internal organs, including a brain rural, found to be healthy, given there is also. Post mortem. A criminal investigation was initiated. The investigation was extensive and took just over a year on the thirteenth of July, no name. Seventy seven Anna and Joseph Miquel and Father Rennes and Father all are all charged with negligent homicide.
Prior to the trawl Joseph and Anna applaud to have analyzed his body dug up. The thinking behind that was that they belief, Analyse was possessed would be proven if her body hadn't decayed, since it had been buried. Commission was actually granted to the galleys his body up. However, the police refused to let energized to view a body the police What are the analysis body had shine the usual size, it decay, nothing out of the ordinary. Trial began on the thirty March nine. Seventy eight the case receive significant attention not including the Nazi war controls. It was described as the biggest criminal trawl in the history of Germany. The trial was in front of a judge only now jury, both priests had top lawyers appointed by the church and energize have also had a top defence lawyer. Eric Schmidt
partner, who defended numerous people in the Nuremberg Nazi walk round Charles other than appointing the to praise lawyers. The catholic church was trying to distance itself from the case. The catholic church offered no cooperation in the troll and basically left farther out and Father rents, defensive themselves. Father all testify. First, hey maintain. This was a case of position. He testified, Analyse was unable to eight due to the influence of the demons. He said. There's nothing in the medical profession could have done to help her and that's why I didn't take any medical help. He also testified, analyse repeatedly said she did not want to say doctor analyse, refused any offer medical help,
They wanted to put herself in God's hands, but remember, analyse it. Also previously stated you scared of being diagnosed insane and scared being sent to a mental institution, don't delete the also testified where he vigorously denied ever suggesting to analyse and another analyse may be possessed, and I should say, a priest, an oasis boyfriend, paita sister rose waiter were also called to the stand. When rose waiter was in the stand. She was asked why a doctor wasn't cold. Her reply was: what would you call a doctor for position? Is not locker broken leg, you know, so it was clear what she thought. Analysts had been suffering from profess societies was cooled by prosecution, to give expert testimony, even though he had never actually traded analyse, although he was a psychotic
is that one of the neurological clinics are analysed had visited. Hater support, analysing sages had successfully being suppressed by the medication. Those reports I otherwise he said since the seizure of brain suppressed the disease. She was suffering from sword, another outlet and developed into psychogenic psychosis. He testified she was delusion. Hence our colleagues and also suffering depression, and eventually she totally lost control of annoying. Heard again, the most I.
If the parents or family could have said so, but forcing her to eat and that if the exorcisms were held and choose instead place the medical care she would still be alive. He said who traded her about tranquilizing her force, feeding her and training her with electric shock therapy to other psychiatrists testified, doktor longer Helen and doktor collar. They gave hence the analysts condition, started with paranoid, psychotic episodes and Barcelona Summit, for when they exorcism started. Her condition had developed into full blown delusional state psychogenic psychosis. They said the to praise, had acted at a religious conviction and basically encouraged analysis. Delusions. The exorcisms made things worse and contributed to analyse sport
totally out of control. I me Yes, I. The the ship Gay
safari Jesus, The The The the
did I on question that I couldn't find any answer to is that, all day, specialist same so sure what analyse was suffering from
why didn't I work this out in one of the many visit she made to doctors and specialists when she was alive, this diagnosis wasn't made back, then all the doctors seemed to be able to do was either refer her to another doctor or put her under any convulsing medication. Importantly, a detailed psychiatric evaluation of Analyse was never conducted by any of the specialist she saw while she was alive, but now after the poor girl had suffered horrendously and had since passed away, the specialist was so sure of a psychiatric state and what she was suffering from. As the case came to a conclusion, the prosecution said all four defendants be found guilty of negligent homicide. The charge is basically saying that they will file to act to save analyse they could have saved her by calling a doctor and forcing her to eat the process.
You should requested that if a guilty verdict grew is reached, then the priests only be fond and an orange I said for save no punishment as they had lost enough. The judge readies verdict on the twenty first of April nineteen, seventy eight, the expert medical opinions of the prosecution witnesses were accepted. The defences theory of position was not If you should farming with epilepsy, turning the full blown psychosis, the excesses of aggravated her condition and the parents and praised should have sought medical help had they done so, analyse would still be alive or for defendants were sentenced to six months in jail, which was suspended with three use privation, so they didn't have to serve any time. The two priests also received a monetary fawn said the judge implies the heaviest sentence than what was requested by the press
pollution. They all appeal that conviction but later withdrew their appeal, as I didn't feel as I would have a get a figure in the courtroom. Everybody was mostly against some. The church did not for any public support and actually distance themselves from the case. The general public and made european was mostly in favour of the prosecution. The fifty one type recordings of the ex isn't Rachel's were not allowed to be used in evidence to this day all the falls and documents on the case of classified. Analyse, was fluent in Latin and will read with the catholic church texts, so she didn't say anything during the exorcisms. That was unusual that she couldn't have light before. Not only that it's believed she was suggested to a lot by father, all that, basically, he encouraged analyse into believing she was possessed. One theory
Suggests that father all cut himself scene and read the exorcist and he wanted to try and make a name for himself in real loss base of the human novel success. Today we know a lot more about mental illness and how to traded than we did in the morning. Seventies analyse is like but just to be on everybody, including the medical community who couldn't say, I hope that when she was alive but was so sure of her condition after she was dead now, one from medical community was ever held accountable for an oasis death and shoe obviously let down by parents and priests who should have gotten a help when she was in such a bad physical and mental state towards the end of a loss, but instead
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