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Case 114: Elisa Claps & Heather Barnett

2019-06-15 | 🔗
When teenager Elisa Claps mysteriously disappears after going to meet a friend in the Southern Italian town of Potenza, all possibilities are explored. Initial suspicions are cast on 21-year-old Danilo Restivo, but when reported sightings of Elisa begin to come in from across Italy and as far away as Albania, the investigative waters are muddied. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Elsha McGill Researched by Mike Migas and Paulina Szymanska  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-114-elisa-claps-heather-barnett
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they say the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. On September, twelve, nineteen. Ninety three, the collapse family were prepared. Caring for a relaxing Sunday ahead. It was a sunny day in their home town of potential Manton City in the Basilisk Carter region of Southern ITALY, parents, Antonio, and Filipino we're looking forward to spending the day off from the tobacconist. They ran in the centre of town and had travelled, the family's rural property, twenty seven kilometers southwest of potential in the small village of Tito whilst there was only a basic into modest about their country. Provided a haven to escape the hustle and bustle of the sea and the family cherished the quality time they were able to spend together their day at forward to their Sunday lunches filled with lively.
Conversation and home cooked meals, Devout Catholics, the collapse well locked within that local parish warm and loving family who supported each other at every turn. This tequila Sunday and by their second born son twenty year old Luciano data were preparing lunch in anticipation for the arrival of the remaining two collapse: children, eldest son, twenty four: Rudy Judo and the baby of the family Sixteen year old, Elisa AIR, but due to a rock just off the midday, along with One of these is friends Ellie Anna distillers backing pretends Elisa Club, stressed in blue trousers, a what's what are needed by her mother and her too. Trademark thin rim designer glasses. She kept her
the dark, hair out and flowing below her shoulders. The bubbly take Niger was popular amongst her peers, who were one to her warm smile, sense of humour and kind hearted personnel Eddie. As the youngest of the clubs, children, she was doated on by her family, which contributed to her caring and Compassionate nature, though some noted Elisa, could be a little naive at times actively involved with her church, Elisa sang in the cathedral choir and studied hard towards her passion of becoming a doktor with her dream To one day, working Africa for a not for profit organization,. At eleven. A dot m. The doorbell rang at the claps flat in Potenza, It was a lasers friend, Eliana. The two had arranged to attend a Sunday morning, Mass together at the church of the Holy Trinity in the city centre. They planned to
turned to a lasers home afterwards, before departing to the country from launch with the remainder of the collapse family Elisa told her brother Judo. That would be back soon and the two girls headed out towards the church. When an hour passed and the teenagers still haven't returned to the flat Judah started to worry, he ceased was known for her punctuality and always find time. If she was running light, then the doorbell rang and would all found only honour standing. There alone, the team told him. She and a laser had become separated at the church Elliot resumed Eliza had returned home without her and was surprised to and she wasn't there concerned. Judah walked towards the city. Enter, whilst keeping an eye out for his sister before around to the church of the holy Trinity.
The surrounding area was busy with crowds of people, but no salon de Belleza. As two p dot m approached into Jewel Doll hunted laser still, hadn't arrived for lunch and tato the rest of the class family. Decided to leave the food they had prepared and make the brave journey back to potential to see what was going on when they returned. There was shocked and distress
to learn that our laser had gone missing, doll head already recruited a bunch of his friends to skate. But the area, but their efforts had failed to yield any results. Juno oppressed Ellie honour for the exact details of a laser last benign movements that morning Elliot eventually admitted she hadn't been completely honest. The two. Together. so, a laser could meet with a friend One year out, a dental student, Danilo these are Eliza was reluctant to be at the meeting as she knew Stevo hadn't, reciprocated romantic feelings for her and He found him quite odd, but he is being persistent as he wanted to give her a gift for passing her recent exam, a laser agreed on account of feeling. Sorry for him, although he can,
from a prominent family with his father, serving as director of the local branch of the National library. Stevo was a loner with few friends. He was often taste. For he's a feminist voice and manner resumes and he lacked Paypal skills. He frequently behaved strangely towards girls bragging that he could convince women to sleep with him for the Philip Morris cigarettes he constantly had in. Possession Restivo and Eliza had arranged to meet inside the church at one thousand one hundred and thirty. I am just as mass was finishing El yonner waited outside where she ran into another of the girls friends. Angelica A girl saw a laser leave the church record. He had ever heard his youngest sister talking tourists Deva on the fine the previous evening, Judo didn't lock restivo
found him odd and was suspicious of his interest in laser disease. had run into him during a recent holiday and the Santa hat on nerve, does laser who suspected restivo? followed her. Then, despite her obvious dish, it. She had reassured her protective older brother that risk Deva meant no harm. You Who, though, wasn't convinced on aid? to shake the feeling that there was something shady about Restivo Hazra EVA was the last person believed to have been with a laser judo cold. oh, yes, demanding answers. We're staves. I told him that meeting had only lasted fifteen minutes during which the peer sat by the altar and chatted Elisa had seemed a little troubled as she She had been harassed by a man in town earlier that morning. Afterwards she left the church and
they very stayed behind to pry, which is the last time he saw her as the hours passed by and there was still no sign of a laser. Her brother, John. I paid a visit to restate our family home to question him in person, risks hesitated to answer any questions and started over his answers. Appearing sweaty and agitated, The Luciano observed he had a large plaster on the back of his left hand and asked what happened Val explained here tripped over in a building sought and caddies hand requiring a visit to the hospital insisted. He knew nothing about a laces whereabouts, hallway He went after leaving the church The channel left their restate our residents and return a few hours later with Judah. In turn, the clock back
is were greeted at the door by restivo's parents who advised the siblings that their son, the left for the one hundred and fifty kilometres westerly journey to Naples to undertake his dentistry exams. The next day, overwhelmed with concern the collapse attended. Local police station to report a laser is missing. offices on Judy recorded the details, but advised the panicked family not to worry reassuring them. Elisa was a teenager and was largely just out with friends. This was frustrating for that clapped, he knew a laser was an obedient and well behaved. Go who would never stay here without letting someone in her family no first diverged the poet to question the new low risk Deva, but their request was dismissed with The office is suggesting the collapse, return, home and white fur Elisa to show up instead
sure of what else to do. Judo returned to the church the holy trinity. This time, finding the door was locked, he track Someone who had access to the key saw it. search the area once again, judo scale at the empty pews and ass. He approached the altar noticed the wooden door that gave access to the upper levels of the church was locked. Judo ass to gain entry, but was informed. that the young person who had a key to the door was the praised Father dummy. He goes to be known as Don Mimi. Dont Mimi had left after mass that afternoon to attend a spar retreat for the next few days that nine Judo Luciano. and their friends stayed up until the early hours combing the streets on foot and in cars desperately searching for any sign of a laser. Meanwhile,
Antonio and Filomena, sat by the phone desperately willing their daughter to contact them. The phone rang off the hook with calls from concerned friends, relatives townspeople and journalists But there was no word from a laser upon. During the phone on several occasions, the collapse was simply Met with a long eerie silence the following day, Monday September third saying police begin giving a lazy disappearance more seriously but remained convinced she would likely show up soon. At least his family and friends took to the streets of patterns are asking passes by. They had seen the dark, haired dark, eyed sixteen year old,
whilst police, inquired with local hospitals as to whether anyone matching lasers description had been admitted the collapse printed alive. post is of a laser smiling face along with plays for information and distributed them across the city. As her disappearance began game, media attention on local radio and television stations as the search intensified. The collapse began saving, all kinds of tip offs from members of the public, with alleged sightings in from all over ITALY, numerous witnesses recalled saying someone who matched lasers description in a what Fayette. At you know, Vigo, Anonymous was claimed. They had a laser with them on harmed police. Smith, the majority of the dubious tip off as now aligned with the times or location Liza was lost, saying applause.
Will report from a lasers friend Dan Jellicoe, who had run into Alyosha outside the church. The previous day, claimed another of a lazy admirers had been hanging around the city centre. That day, twenty year old, Aries, Geiger. Gay and his family had recently moved to off from their home country of Albania meeting there at a church, can the clapped contacted gave to see if he had any information about a lasers whereabouts. But he didn't being anywhere church on the day of her disappearance and insisted. He hadn't seen her that often Noone has Danilo Restivo returned from his dentistry exams. Police brought him in for formal questioning. He told them Elisa, was unhappy at home and had plans to run away to Naples. A densely populated
city in southern ITALY, with a reputation for crime and mafia activity, Davao claimed he had attempted to talk a laser out of this plan warning her The danger is a young girl face dead on the streets of the greedy and horse city. He made hey he's a regional story that she had left the church following their brave conversation and that he had stayed behind to pray, He made no mention of the present. He allegedly wanted to give a laser for completing her exams instead, stating the purpose of their meeting was to ask her advice. about another girl. He was interested in dating named Paola. Afterwards, he walked home traversing through a building saw which he had Did it with pallor of a few days earlier, where he fell and cut his hand. The cot was bleeding, so he wrapped his hand in his jacket.
When were Steve, I returned home and showed the injury to his sister. She insisted he go to the hospital to have cleaned up accompanying him. There had around one p m: He was seen by a doctor shortly after receiving Single stitch for the one centimeter long laceration invest. The gate is noted rusty. Those thing done usually precise in his answers, which aroused bear suspicion. They were also dubious of his claims that Elisa had an unhappy home life as there was nothing to support this theory with brains attesting to the closeness of her loving family police requested risk. Deva has led them to them holding, saw where he sustained he seemed injury to Reign ACT, he's movements he complied and at the sought described bowling head first down a full flood of escalators that were currently under construction. This seemed curious to police
as receiver war, glasses and today had miraculously remained intact during this lengthy, full and also It didn't make sense that the only injuries sustained out the such a tumble was just the small caught on his hand. Davy. It is risky vows residents and requested his parents provide them with the bloodstained clothing. Their son had been wearing at the time a baseball. His path and well connected Father Meriti. A rusty, though insisted on saying a search warrant. First, has. Such worn had been obtained. Police left. The property empty handed can Vince the new low risk, diva was hiding. Something police ran us journeys name and discovered he had been born in a violent attack in the past. In nineteen nineteen. On the den
Fourteen year old was playing a game of cowboys and Indians with two adolescent boys when he told them he would take them to his secret hideout. he proceeded to tie the hands up, blindfold them and locked the mob before inflicting the younger of the two with a small knife wound to his neck, the cot required stitches and the families of the two boys pay. The charges which will later dropped when the rusty very family settled the incident outside of court with a small financial sum. It wasn't the only criminal behaviour risk David had exhibited a few months earlier. He had been, accused of harassing three female students who lived in an apartment complex directly across from his family's home over the
We have several months the women reported being subject to harrowing fine calls in which receive out, under the guise of anonymity, attempted to scare them by describing the clothes they were currently wearing. He would play music into the fire from horror, movie, sound tracks and the classical I'd have in some fur lace. He would also send pornographic drawings, twisted love, letters and death threats or written under false names. The early stages of the investigation into a laser clapped disappearance continued to be marred by. Inaccurate false and conflicting information, sightings kept coming in from local residents, who recalled sing a laser. After her meeting with restivo, the police were unable to determine whether witnesses were confused with the timings
We provided providing misleading information to store the investigation, one witness clay. And to have seen a laser being forced into a Red Vigo by two men? But she liked retracted, her statement and tylee Investigators circulated details of the case to other police stations throughout the country. Although wary of verse device claims they alone. officials in Naples to the possibility the missing teenager could have travelled there. With so little viable information coming through and to no proof that a crime had occurred, invest guide, as was starting to believe. A laser had simply run away from home and didn't want to be found. Possibility was vehemently disputed by the class as none of her clothes so belongings were missing. A member her family said she no go anywhere on her own free will.
Wherever she is she's been taken by force. We should not rest until we have her home on September, twenty two, Day since a laser was lost, seen her albanian friend areas Geiger was brought in for questioning about the witness sightings the place Near the church of the Holy Trinity on the day of the teams, disappearance. I got denied being in the area. That day saying he never left his neighborhood and gave police the names of friends who could vouch for his whereabouts. When police made contact with these friends They disputed gauges story confirming He was in fact in the city centre near the church that day. Gallagher also drive a watch Faye. I do know the same car said. Witnesses had described, seeing a laser rain on the day of her disappearance. Suspicions that guy could be involved were hardened
when a lazy story was recovered and analyzed revealing debts. RO pages had been ripped out. Scientists were able to reconstruct segments of the torn pages. And discovered that some of the words had been written in albanian Gago. was questioned again in October and early December, with he stood the changing h time at one point, he claimed new Irish Deva had approached him and told him to deny to the police that the two new one another away who claimed to have seen a laser in the what they had no was shown a photograph of Geiger and accepted. He shed some. physical similarities to the vehicle's driver. On December twenty two,
areas Garriga was placed under arrest for providing false statements and held in custody pending trial. Meanwhile, investigators perceived the tip off from a concerned citizen urging them to keep looking into the new low risk Deva claiming he had exhibited some other disturbing behaviour according to the cooler Restivo had a reputation around town for cutting the hair of unsuspecting young women on public transport, whilst that was true a police had received a multiple reports of such incidents. In the past there was Whether it is to suggest rusty, though, was the perpetrator of these bizarre racks in December None of this phone call was placed at the police by a female who claimed to have spotted a laser in ITALY's Capital city of Rome. Three hundred and fifty kilometres north west from potential
Elisa, was allegedly sided being beaten and forced into a what they are now at the end of the poor. The voice pleaded help her and help me a reporting, If the was sent for expert analysis and the results were surprising, the I'll call, I was identified, the Bayer Lasers friend, Eliana distillers. Investigators had been suspicious devalue since the initial stages of the investigation, as there were elements of her story that didn't poured out up and she changed her version of events, often one witness said pointed seeing a laser riding. Passenger runner Leon is mopeds, neither claps home that approximately twelve thirty p m. On the day she went missing and even described the berry clothing. The two teenagers had bay wearing.
Eliana strongly denied deciding insisting Hadn't taken her moped out that day. In addition, there was tipped police off to Danilo Restivo's alleged. Vesta gaiters when they are considering the possibility to claim, was a ploy to deflect attention from El Yonner, just like the false signing of a laser in Rome. if the witness starting of a laser riding passenger on Eliana's moped at approximately one thousand two hundred and thirty p dot m was correct. This meant Eliana with a laser after her meeting with Rusty, though at the church for the mission Waiting phone call, Eliana was charged with providing false information and scheduled to appear in court. The following year with police, confirmed
They weren't ruling her out of the investigation. The case languished for months with the class family. In vain. The laser was lock we no longer alive and that the new law Steve I was responsible for her death but to their frustration. The I still haven't Rudy out the possibility she had run away from home and taken long for the clubs to suspect there were high A power supply protecting the reputation of their daughters killer, given Marie T over was a prominent man in withstood Talk to the social elite and church officials, they were convinced here used his position of power to protect his son and ultimately he's families reputation. In addition, they felt the church of the Holy Trinity praised Father Don Mimi, was purposely obstructing the investigation and siding with the risky very family
He had to know that the clocks access to search the upper levels of the chair and had refused to let them place a box in the church where people with information could delay, but not notes. What all other churches in potential warmly allowing this service. Dont Mimi had also denied, and knowing the new Irish Deva, which was quickly proven to be a lie when a photograph surface of the two standing side by side in celebration ever stay very citations birthday party. The least family spoke of their pain in an article with southern italian newspaper, like as ETA Della message, Yonah in which fill a minor claps voiced her disappointment with the police
She blamed the corrupt systems, politics and churches that the Basilisk Carter region for the lack of action in helping find her daughter, saying I am a simple person and I ask for simple answers, but there's nothing simple about the way this region is run the grieving mother said she just wanted closure and a final resting place for her daughter somewhere. She could go to place flowers and sit beside her quote. I miss her sitting at the table. I miss her. Hugs She was always so happy always so loving. I often talk with her. we have conversations in my head as, if she's in the room with me. In fact, she is, he an know it which makes
sad because it means she can only be here in spirit and will never walk through the door. Again, I am lost without her. She is my first and last thought. Every day. A hopeful laid came through when police received a tip off that someone matching our lasers description, who spoke. A Taliban had been spotted across the Adriatic Sea in Albania. The lead gained credibility when the witness claimed that the month Eliza went missing. Sexting Because returned to well by India from ITALY in possession of a dark, haired teenage girl in the gate is ended. News crews travelled to the balkan country in search of her, but the whole story, they ought to be a ruse designed to gain money and publicity for the false witness. By June nineteen, ninety four, the investigation
what lasers disappearance had hit a dead end the case was reviewed and an eight page Interim report was prepared by the head of the police Force Luigi Grimaldi conclude. in that Elisa was a well behaved teenager who would never put her mother through the torment of running away from home, given family wasn't well off the possibility need that she had been kidnapped for ransom was also excluded, as was the theory. She had been abducted and forced into sex slavery, as it was unlikely so Gangs would operate in broad daylight on a Sunday in the vicinity of a busy church promoting report I met Lee concluded that Elisa Claps had likely been murdered by someone she knew and her body was hidden somewhere in potential. He spotlighted the new irish diva and areas Geiger as the main source backs with risk devices vicious hand, injury and the fact he was the last
want to see a laser alive, making him the most likely perpetrator he reckoned and Danilo Restivo be placed under arrest, but the request was denied I'd buy the magistrate leading the investigation. in early September, nineteen, ninety four as one year on a birth rate of a lasers disappearance approach, the residents of the tens are planned. Depressed session in Hirona. Then, on September, at ten two days before it was scheduled to take place. The new law were stable was once again question by investigators determined to catch the inconsistency in his stories. They put it to him that the full he had described the building site was inconsistent with the injuries he had said. asking him if there was any other information he wanted to come clean with
EVA maintained. He was being truthful and had nothing to hide, but the investigators were unconvinced and placed him under arrest for deliberately providing false information with the to the same cell as Aries Garriga, which had been fitted with a covert listening device in the hopes, the two suspects would discuss, unleashes disappearance and divulge information that could be of use to the investigation. Following the arrest, the hate with temporarily taken off First Deva, when Aries gauges, loyal, went straight to the media with the new information that a laser had once again been cited in Albania. This time in a remote village, many viewed. It is odd that the lawyer would actively draw attention back to his clients, home country, and the announcement did nothing but Hoddan suspicions that guy I was involved in a lasers disappearance law enforcement. load up the claims. As television
rushed to the albanian village to interview local residents, but the supposed adding a laser turned out to be a look alike. Furthermore, police attempts record risk Deva Wendy Geiger, providing incriminating information were unsuccessful. During that time, either in jail. The two men never discussed a laser or the case at all, In January nineteen, ninety five Danilo Stephen appeared in the potential criminal court to face the perjury charges against him. Tension was palpable between the collapse interests, Deva Families, but the accused presented calm and confident. As he's a lawyer reminded the cord, his client was simply on trial for deliberately providing false information and not the he's involvement with a laser claps disappearance. the trial was lengthy, hindered by interruptions in them.
Please comment mean ITALY's legal system. Various witnesses took the stand, including the doctor, who had treated the wound. Unrest Devos hand The doktor stated was unlikely received. His injury had been caused by a full at the building saw and more likely, it was caused by a sharp cutting object. Paola the young woman risk data claimed to have visited the building site waste in the days before his injury testified tat. She had never done any such thing she told the court restivo, had once told her. He had the potential to harm others when he was provoked and that he knew all the local churches inside out. At the same time, his perjury trial was taking place where Stevo
also based court for separate charges relating to the three female students he had been harassing via phone and mail for this crime. He faced punishment of up to eight in days in prison, but was issued with a fine of four hundred and fifty thousand lira instead, the equivalent to around four hundred and fifty dollars in today's currency. In early march, nineteen, ninety five Danilo Steve I was found guilty of deliberately providing false information and sentenced to twenty months in prison outside cod, Da Claps told reporters. He couldn't understand. Harris data could be found to guilty of being deceitful about what happened on the morning of a lazy disappearance without being required to then provide the truth. Quite
Clearly this isn't enough for my family. I don't believe that its enough and the city of potential for civil society to ass a verdict of this sort is of no use. Areas, Garriga and Eliana Alyosha were both found not guilty for the perjury charges against them. With the judge, Doing L Yonah had not blood to deflect attention from herself, but out of b that her own safety was in jeopardy. Following the court proceedings, reports continue to come in from people who believed they had seen a laser collapse with some witness. Sightings come from his far away. Is Africa by the time the two year anniversary of her disappearance approach? Every possible rumour had circulated through the tens are including
that Elisa had been caught up with the sicilian mafia that she had been in a secret relationship with a praised and that she had been solved into the sex trade. The collapse, wherein indicted with people seeking money for information, wild claims from clairvoyance and tip off that continuously lead. Painful dead ends. Danilo Restivo was released from prison after serving just ten months of his twenty month sentence and no further action was taken against him in relation to Alicia's disappearance. Received more reports from young women who claimed to have had their hair mysteriously caught. Whilst the travelling on public transport, several of whom worked with a sketch out, is to create an image of the perpetrator, The resulting image, bore a striking resemblance to restivo. When photograph of him, women are
five risk. Deva was the hair cut off and agreed to participate in a police lineup, but change to them at the last minute, after questioning the accuracy of their initial identification vacation over time. Laser claps K started to fade from the headlines, although her family went to great efforts to keep it in the public consciousness they appeared on television and radio shows at every opportunity and plastic posters of a laser smiling face around the city. Her father Antonio became withdrawn. Whilst her brothers and Mother remained vigilant, looking into every and go led to ensure no stone went on turned by ninety. Ninety eight five years had passed since a lasers disappearance police declared the case was still open, but the investigation was no longer active.
Meteor interest, dissipated with the case only receiving Rare mentions upon approaching anniversaries, whilst the leads anonymous tip off and hoaxes had long since a baited. As the internet emerged and growing prominence. The collapse created a website where people could find in for me about a laser and the investigation on April. Twenty three: ninety ninety nine, a name I was sent to the website attesting to bay from a laser herself. It claimed she had left it answer at her own free will and was safe and well living in Brazil. She apologized for causing pain family and assured she had meant no harm but had been unhappy and had to get away She said she had no intention of coming home and had only decided to get in contact to put our families mind at ease explaining it would be the first and last time she would be in touch.
The email ended hello and goodbye forever. Desperate to believe it was real. Philomena. to the hopes her daughter was living happily in another continent, but her sons, weren't convinced knowing their youngest sister, had left the house with no money and no passport.
They employed the services of a private investigator. He traced the ip address of the male, revealing that wasn't sent from Brazil at all, but from an internet cafe in patterns are the family inquired with the cafe and obtained a list of all the registered users who loved onto their computers that day lobbying at the exact time, the aim out had been said was the new low risk Deva. The collapse immediately inform police and demanded risk Deva. They questioned over the years Convinced he had crafted the law to encourage them to give up on the search, but they were bluntly Toda lasers case said now being shelved and there was nothing more investigators could do. In an interview with the journalist, Tobias James for his book blood on the altar,
at least his mother filler, may not later said prestige With a wild beast that grew up in the forest, if I could only Terry out his eyes, I could never forgive him, never there's no saint, they could forgive him. I can't leave the tens are. This is where a laser and this is where all die and when I die, I want to close my eyes serenely and say I did everything for a laser. One thousand four hundred miles north from Potenza across the English Channel Laws; Bournemouth a relatively quiet and peaceful, Cesar Dam located on the southern coast of Great Britain. with a population of approximately one hundred and ninety thousand residents. It is the largest town in
at West England, Dorset County, given itself says to the heritage listed Jurassic Coast, a one hundred and fifty five kilometre long stretch of coastline. The area Accessory around seven million tourists per year. The nineteen ninety two foundation of the New Bournemouth University continues to attract students from all over the Uk Europe and the rest of the world accounting for a vast amount of the chance population. Forty eight year old, Heather Bonnet, was born. And raised in Dorset County growing up small agricultural town of Newton and AIR known for its love, stock and dairy farms. young go dancing with. Heather was considered shy and quiet, but she came out of her shell, as she grew up singing in the church choir and performing in local pantomimes
as we're drawn to her feisty and joyful personality, and she was popular within the town. Her father worked as an iron monger and Heather often helped daddy's shot to earn an extra cash before deciding to move to Bournemouth inherit out hood. over the years. The tender and during animal lovers, worked as a veterinary assistant and no pair and a waitress before undertaking a curtain making course at a local college. Heather soon fell in love with a man named David Marsh End to the two were married, giving birth to a son Terry in nineteen. Eighty seven followed by a daughter Caitlin in ninety ninety one. Soon after the birth of their second child, the marriage, he Rocky grants and Heather and David suited to force leaving head. That's a raise her two children, predominantly as a single
mother. The tree I moved into a ground floor flat in a red brick. Building on capstan road, a quiet working class neighbourhood situated off one of Bournemouth main streets thus supported her family, but putting her seamstress skills to use selling a range of items for clients around Dorset County, including curtains table, cloth, cushions and clothing. She worked from home, enabling her time to focus on raising her two children, who were her pride enjoying with limited income Heather lived a frugal, but happy life often gushing. to friends and neighbors about was of her kids and their performance at school. The morning of Tuesday November, twelve, two thousand to started lacking The other ring had this household forever. The
Early bird she arose early tending to the family, seek cap before preparing breakfast for fourteen year old, Terry and Eleven year old, Kagan The bonnet children usually walked to school, but it was a great Drizzly Day, so Heather agreed to draw them returning home from the drop off shore after eight hundred and thirty I am dissipated, a normal diet head, which typically consisted of a morning cup of tea, followed by making a few phone calls to clients before. sitting down to begin her sewing commissions. Elway's later at three hundred and thirty p, DOT M Terry and Linda Raw time from school. Finding the front door unlocked which they noted as odd as their mother was known, to be security conscious. They walked inside, throwing their backpacks down and calling out imo
Heather usually met them at the door with a hug and a kiss, but strangely she was nowhere to be seen. The kids knew them. They couldn't be too far away. His car was parked outside and to the radio, was playing. They looked around the small flat and noticed that her sewing machine had been knocked on it and there were some other signs of disturbance k on timidly knock on the bathroom door, pulling out to ask if her mother, then, when there was no response, she slowly pushed the door open. Funding had a lying on the floor in a pool of blood, After seeing the terrifying saint for himself, Terry frantically called the police telling them My mom is being murdered. This is not a joke. The distressed, siblings,
dead of the house and onto the street waving their arms. In a panic and desperately screaming for help a couple who lived across the. Were pulling up today house when they notice the two frantic children and quickly climbed out of their car, to ask what was wrong. Due to the sheer scale of their distress, it was difficult to understand exactly what Caitlin and Terry was saying. when the couple realized what was going on directed the siblings into their flat to wait for the police to arrive I reassuring them that they were safe. The police, soon arrived and accord and off the entire straight declaring at a crime scene. They recorded the names and contacted
of all the gathering onlookers to follow up the routine questioning in due course, forensic pathologists were called to the site to determine the cause of Heather's death, who soon discovered the mother of two had sustained ten forceful fatal blow to the head, with a heavy instrument thought to be a hammer before having her throat slit. Her trousers were open. turned her. Brow had been cut from the front exposing her chest. Her breasts had been removed with a sharp object, thought to be a fourteen, centimeter long, north and carefully placed alongside her head. The less the rations when Nate and precise, with the killer, having been careful and controlled in their actions, a lack of blood from these injuries indicated the dismemberment had been inflicted post mortem,
a refill mutilations imply. The attack was sexually motivated. Although. Traces of seamen were found in both her hands. Heather was grasping several strands of human hair. Detective superintendent feel James The head is to children to come home and find their mother. This way is horrific, not only have they been deprived of their mother, but the killer was so Alice to allow them to see her this way, this is the sort of thing you done. They expect to see in the godfather. the temperature of Heather's body indicated she had been killed shortly after returning from dropping her children at school. With her tom of death, estimated as.
Thirty? I am. This was further supported by telephone records, which showed for incoming calls had come through to the bonnet flat between ten fifty six I am, and for fifteen p m, all of which went on he answered. Scuff marks and overturned furniture revealed a desperate struggle in which had had tried to run for her laugh blood spot. I found on the door near an upturn, stool in is sewing room marked the location where she had been violently struck. The bloodstains also indicated she had sustained the head. Injuries whilst close to the floor ass, though she had already been not to the ground before being hit from behind further blood patterns. The perpetrator headed and dragged her unconscious body to the bathroom where they inflicted the northwards luminal attend
so dense fog trace elements of bloody footprints made from a size non to eleven Nike brand men. Snake are distinctive prince started in the bathroom, then led back into the sewing room and stopped by the time they reached the front whole way. It was suspected. The killer had largely swap their blood soaked shoes for clean appear. They had brought with them before setting the flat investigators conducted a thorough search of the crime scene and declared nothing had been stolen ruling out the possibility. The attack was made of aid by theft. In addition, Heather's front door case was sitting in the internal lock and there were no signs of
or dangerous, suggesting she had known her killer and willingly let them inside her home, several fathers fanned on had his body, where believed to have come from gloves to kill a war supported by the fact. Not a single foreign fingerprint was uncovered Coupled with the apparent change of shoes, this evidence led police to the conclusion. The murder was a carefully planned, ritualistic attack, the killer had likely arrived to the scene armed with a full change of clothes, anticipating the amount of bloodshed. However, they had left behind one clue. Draped over a chair in hedges sewing room was a green hand. Tell that didn't along to her family. It was staying with, have his blood.
given its location and positioning investigators, determine TAT had been placed on the chair after it had received the bloodstains the killer luck. We brought the tale to the flat and used it to wipe. Had this blood, from their face or hands before changing their shoes and clothing and leaving the same. The national criminal database was used to search for all sex offenders and people with a serious criminal record within a five mall radius have had this home, but all were able to provide solid alibis for the day of her murder. Investigators door. Not the area and discovered. No one who was home at the time of Heather's MOTA had witnessed anything suspicious or heard any screens, which was unusual, given her home was in a busy area surrounded by several other flats, given
Appeared she had willingly let the attacker inside her I'm investigated suspected Kyla was luckily someone close to the family and toned suspicions in Non Heather's, Ex husband, David, but could fall did no evidence to link him to the crime. Meanwhile, results of dna testing conducted on the strands of hair band in Heather's hands came back It was initially assumed Heather had ripped the hair from her attack, his head ass. She fought for her laugh with investigate is hopeful. They may be able to identify her killer through mitochondrial dna, but forensic tests revealed something unexpected the hare had not been ripped out at all, but instead, cotton Lee with a sharp instrument whilst the herring had his left hand was revealed the bay her own, the noise,
and tomato long strands of, namely caught hair in her right hand where I dunno Fahd, as belonging to another woman, further scientific testing of the hair, using a process known as stable lost. The type analysis revealed the young name, female lived in the United Kingdom and had travelled Spain or Southern France and Florida less than three months before her hair had been caught with Detailed analysis police were confident This hair would help lead them to Heather's killer detective, questioned had his children and discovered that a week before the murder. The spear Kate today has had gone missing, as she was on a tight income and couldn't afford to risk any of their possessions being stolen Heather At the locks replaced asked. If anyone had visited their flat recently, Terry explained one of their neighbors had stopped
a few days prior to his mother's death, to inquire about having some curtains made for his girlfriend. Who was, Saint neighbor, who had consult Terry and his sister upon the discovery of their mothers, mutilated body. An italian man. He knew as Danny the hell with Mickey these two for sixty one. You can go to fillet a fish. You can go to crispy chicken sandwiches. You can go to spicy crispy chicken sandwiches, but one thing you can't go: you can't go wrong when you get to Mickey D's faves for just six dollars, get the fillet of fish crispy chicken sandwich for spicy crispy chicken sandwich any two for six dollars, plus any size. Sprite. Just a dollar prices and participation may vary single item at regular price cannot be combined with any other offer. A proper meal. Sprite is a registered trademark of the Coca COLA. Company.
Danilo, Restivo known to neighbors, simply is Danny. Had I came to the United Kingdom in May of two thousand and two to live within. It Woman named Fiona, whom he had met on the internet, and was directly across the street from had a bonnet overlooking her bedroom and bathroom as restated I didn't speak much English. Himself within the Bournemouth italian community. Recording the restaurants and bars that gave him a sense of his home country. In Fiamma mostly kept to themselves communicating in italian and shutting themselves off from their neighbors. we're Steve. I had recently enrolled in a computer course at a local training centre where he was also learning English to improve his chances of gaining employment in his new country lay said already: question: dress data in the early stages of Heather Bonnets Matter; investigation as Hey,
The Fiamma, where the first on the scene to help her children they had embraced Harry and decay one and taken them into their flat for support, whilst they awaited for the police to arrive but didn't know. but any information that could help detectives with their investigation. Days after Heather's murder detectives visited her neighbors to request dna samples as part of a process of elimination. we're Steve, I went to fear my rubbed lodged providing fingerprints assembles and math swabs detective Dennis Say the pair of shoes risk David was wearing on the day of the murder. Although he hesitated at first, he led the detective to the bathroom, where a pair of size, nine Nike sneakers, was soaking in a bucket full of bleach, receive our explained the shoes with dirty with a bad smell, and he was attempting to clean them, but the detective was
immediately suspicious and confiscated the shoes for further testing, however, I didn't reveal a match to the bloody footprints in Heather's house Levi was brought in for police questioning and asked the baddies whereabouts on the morning of November. Twelve, the day Heather was killed. He And he had left the house between eight ten and eight twenty am to catch the bus to his computer training center, where he attended, attended classes as usual before leaving for the day a round three forty five p m. Police, looked into his alibi and discovered it checked out at eight hundred and forty four, a dot m And his car had been captured on Cctv footage returning home from the school run at eight thirty seven am meaning he and have been at her house at the time of the murder. Furthermore, reckon
was obtained at risk devised education facility, confirmed he had sought the invaders computer classes at Non. I am, as stated, in his police report. With his alibi in check and no motive, firstly, those who want to harm Heather investigators returned. They focus to other potential suspects including Heather's, Ex husband, detective superintendent, Phil James described the case as well. of the most traumatic mode. As you can imagine saying, this was a very carefully planned killing There was nothing spur of the moment about it. This was an attack personal to Heather, not the work of a random killer. By early two thousand three detective said: question I have a one hundred people known to Heather, but noticing, one could identify anyone who may hold a grudge against the mother of two bull have a reason to want to harm with
Very few leads to go by police set out to find. weapons used in America, they searched parks. Backyards sheds We spend and sewers around the ball in that area for the hammer and knife, but to no success Posters featuring Heather's photo book lost at around ten appealing for anyone with information about her killer to come forward boss to ten thousand pounds. Reward was offered by crime stoppers Anyone who had information that led to a conviction in May two thousand and three police three. Had this computer and discovered she had sent an email to a friend the week before her nada, in which I mentioned that her spare house keys were missing. She had been able to find them after a visit from a neighbor who inquired about her seamstress services, and she suspected he may have picked them up by mistake.
She left a note in that Little box asking to have the keys returned that neighbor was Danilo Restivo. Other than the suspicious bleach stained. Sneakers police had No reason to suspect rusty vote had any involvement in Heather's murder, viewing him as an organ and clumsy man incapable of such a sophisticated attack now curious sister, whether they may have missed a crucial detail, they ran an on line search for his name and made the startling discovery. This wasn't the first time or stay. There had been a person of interest in a major police investigation, More than a decade earlier, he'd been a prime suspect in the disappearance year old italian teenager, a laser claps. investigators re visited receivers, alibi at the time of had bonnets, murder and realise that wasn't it
tired, as they had initially thought. They double check. The sun in bulk and he's computer training centre where it became And that, on the morning Heather was attacked, he saw in time had been altered. Stephen had saw Indian at nine. I am the closer inspection. revealed the entry had been amended from its original time of ten twenty eight. I am furthermore I was devised, boss ticket had been stamped at eight forty four, I am. There was nothing to confirm whether He had travelled all the way to the training centre or simply disembarked at the next stop and walked the short track back. The Heather's house. For the second time in his life, Danila Restivo became a prime suspect and yet again the evidence against him was purely circumstantial
There was no motive motor weapon or forensic evidence linking him to the Heather Bonnet crime scene and today, at four, not enough to warrant an arrest, Police continue to appeal for information and the one year anniversary of Heather's death in November, two thousand and three. They released additional details about her murder to the public for the first time, including the killers Nike snake, a prince and the gruesome dismemberment of her breast. when the public appeals generated no further leads They re hound that focus on the new Irish Deva. International criminal police organization, Interpol, made contact with italian authorities in potential they notified, Then there were looking into risk data as a person of interest in how the bonnets, murder and requested it
information in relation to his possible involvement in a laser claps disappearance, they weren't the first day, those reported here cutting fetish and previous criminal behaviour, which only to highlight him as a likely suspect for had his death. He may two thousand and four police placed Stay VA, wonder surveillance where they soon. This The Italian had some disturbing habits. Several occasions he visited through Pineau Park, a secluded The isolated park just outside of Bournemouth that was frequented by female joggers. During his visit brisk David, made efforts to appearing conspicuous dressing in dark clothing. Sunglasses and gloves, with the hood of his jacket, often pulled taut around his face On my eleven two thousand for risk Deva apart,
these car, at the end of a quiet lane, lay me through Camille Park, where surveillance offices What in changing into a new shirt and shoes, his movements were stealth and he appeared to be attempting to go unnoticed as he crouched behind some talk, os and observed a female jogger go past. The next day may twelve years Deva returned to through Mill Park wearing waterproof trousers. He continued to act, suspiciously and fees increased that he intended to launch an attack, Lace decided that couldn't take the risk and approached risk Deva under the guys that were enquiring about some facts in the area he apiece when he and agitated has police commenced. The search of these meagre, where they discovered garbage bags, ceases gloves about clodagh and a bag containing a large north.
Perceval explained that he found the knife at the park and had collected it to ensure Wouldn ta many children, but police surveillance had captured him conducting no such action. A subsequent search of surgeries has confirmed. The blade of the same description was missing from a enough block. Any kitchen. a month and a half later on June, twenty two Danilo Restivo was placed under arrest in relation to Heather. Barnett's murder. He underwent intense police interrogation over his whereabouts on the day of her death as well. They see suspicious behavior in through mill park. He was also pressed about a laser collapse disappearance, but he remained stoic and stocks. all of these are regional stories, the three days of questioning he was released after police, failed to obtain.
In any incriminating evidence to charge him. One detective remarked. I reckon he must have had his nerves extracted when he lost his milk teeth. The scale of not to ten, I never saw in his eyes rise above zero. Meanwhile, fourteen hundred miles away in the tens are Judah collapsing, never given up searching for he's missing youngest sister, he is prior had marked a decade since a lasers disappearance with all the low, go trudges, except for the church of the Holy Trinity common. The writing. The solemn anniversary, by similar tiniest Lee ringing their bows in the teenagers owner. When Judo learned that the new Irish Deva who had been arrested in the U K in relation to the murder of had a bonnet, he travelled to Bournemouth mate with the detectives in charge of the investigation.
Re lying all the information he knew about their suspect he's returned to patterns, are judo plastered posters throughout the city invading photos of Heather and a laser side by side atop the words we will remember them. The possible connection between the two cases quickly gathered media attention with a light his mother Filomena, commenting to the press, the person who took my little girl away from me. I Levin years ago, also took Heather from the children are wish. I could see them. When I heard of her death, my first thoughts were for the children. I can imagine what they are going through. A think. Ok, I understand how they feel having lost a loved one. Just like me, I feel a bond with them. Later in two thousand and six o'clock was erected
In the strait of laser had traversed on her way to the church of the Holy Trinity the day she went missing, it declared along this route on September, twelve or ninety. Ninety three Elisa Claps disappeared. I D, Thirteen years this Remember the laser and awaits the truth. Bournemouth detective started working closely with authorities in ITALY. convinced the potential connection between Heather and lasers. Cases was too strong to ignore as new. Reports circulated throughout Dorset County, several, women came forward to report having that has sniffed off all struggling on public transport and in Cinemas, with the incidents beginning in two thousand and two, when restivo moved to the area for the more several of these women identified, the Italian as the perpetrator of these acts
while the majority of this story simply involved risk Deva surreptitiously chopping locks of the girls, a more extreme reports alleged that he was also debating underneath EAST code, whilst doing so in potential began reporting similar incidents day had endured many years before, with twenty women in total. Coming forward across both countries, Those haircutting fetish was a major concern for Bournemouth detectives who suspected his obsession, had something to do with the mysterious lock of hair that had been left in Heather Barnett's hand each of the women who reported having their hair cut by restating agreed to provide dna samples to test against the mystery had been. None of their results returned a match. Bournemouth detectives consulted with
The FBI, who concluded had bonnets murder, was not random. The carefully planned describing her killer has a semi recluse but otherwise, seemingly regular middle aged man who exhibited store, Cadillac Behaviour in November, two thousand and six police obtained a warrant to search. flat inside a chest of drawers. They discovered a lock of hair tied with a piece of cotton hidden inside a plastic bag. The hair was tested for DNA, returned no match for risk Deva. a laser collapse, Bullhead the bonnet as the plastic. Bag also contained photos of his partner VM his family, who was determined here, most likely served as an innocent memento from a family member and was not associated with anything criminal. Despite the unwavering efforts of police, the invest
the Geisha into Heather bonnets, murder, languished. The case continue to be faded, inspirited news articles and on the baby say television, show crime watch which generated. New, blades and potential witness sightings, but nothing substantial enough to warrant low risk Deva or any other individual being charged with murder in two two thousand and six cc tv each was aired on crime watch, which showed a blurry image of an unknown man crossing the street towards capstan road. Where had to leave that nine? Twenty four I am on the morning of her murder. the tv show appealed for anyone with information about the man in the footage to contact police prompting shop assistant at a local pharmacy to come forward and identify the man as one of her regular customers. Danilo restivo. However, as this witness was already aware that restivo was a person of interest in Heather's murder police,
we're dubious as to whether this had influenced her identification. Meanwhile, in ITALY, in two thousand and seven, a thread was created. Italian community website APOLLO Day, cussing a laser collapsing. Murder. Over three hundred and fifty thousand people engaged with the soft tissue theories, rumors and speculations many posts defend the new Irish Deva and accused the collapse family of running a smear campaign to destroy his family's reputation, a profit. Vesta Gate, a hired by lasers being late infiltrated. The sought discovering that risk Deva himself was behind several of the uses, accounts. then in two thousand, I advances in technology led to re testing of the mysterious green bloodstained tail, fanned in Heather bonnets, flat.
The blood on the tale had already been determined to belong to Heather, but and had long since been speculated that the killer had used the. To walk playing their own face all hands. This time forensic experts were able the test for traces of sweat and skin flakes, whilst the results were able to determine with one hundred percent certainty whether the traces came from Danilo Restivo, There was only a one in fifty seven thousand chance that the dna belonged to someone else. Two thousand nine worse bleach Nike sneakers were also subject to advanced forensic testing tracing on the inside of the shoes indicating where If I had blood on his socks when he placed his fate inside the train is disappointing.
Investigators, initial theories that Heather's killer had brought a second pair of shoes to changing to following the attack. However, the exposure You're too bleach had rendered it impossible to obtain a dna profile from the blood restated his explanation as to why he was bleaching. His shoes was that he thought the bleach was so adding. He must have the italian and english words mixed up Evidence against the rusty vow was mounting, but police were determined to uncover concrete proof before proceeding with an arrest knowing a jury could easily deliver a not guilty verdict if presented with the evidence they had obtained so far, then, on March, seventeen two thousand and ten something unexpected happened in potential.
maintenance workers were undertaking repairs on the church of the Holy Trinity, which had been damaged by lakes throughout the winter season to maintenance workers. entered a wooden door by the altar and ventured upstairs to the buildings attic, which overlooked the city. Bring a torch to illuminate the dark area. One worker began searching the space for damage when he noticed something lying in the corner of the room behind a pile of rubble. He shone his light on the object. and realized in horror that he was looking at a mummified human body, police and forensic investigators book called to the scene where inspection of the body and surrounding area, revealed several items of well preserved, clothing and jewelry, including a
shoes and Nicholas and round rain dog losses. The items will shine to the collapse family. He confirm them to baby items. Elisa had borne the day. She went missing. The heavily decomposed body was taken for dna testing, confirming that after sixteen years, Elisa Claps had finally been found. An autopsy revealed, the teenager, had been stabbed nine times in the chest them back before being suffocated. The murder weapon was largely a pair of scissors with defence wounds to her hands, indicating a laser had fought against her attacker. Her parents had been cut down the front and sought, and her bra had been cut from the front Bruising around her pelvis indicated she had been sexually assaulted. Although No traces of semen were detected.
in her hands with two separate locks of neighbourly caught, hair and more bundles also lay alongside her body. It was concluded that a laser had largely been killed in the attic of the church on the day of her disappearance before her body was dragged into the corner of the room and covered with rubble. traces of another person's dna were found in Santa geneticist professor Vincenzo best Golly at the Catholic University of this sacred heart in Rome, Professor Pascal, had strong ties to the church of the Holy Trinity and his emanation of the crucial unknown dna had a laser clutched chrome saying, involved a quick analysis using outdated methods, he promptly rule the DNA did not come from prime suspect. The new low risk data. Seeking a second opinion, the magistrate
in charge of the murder investigation, sent the dna to the Department of scientific investigations who declared the DNA. was indeed a match to Danilo Restivo professor Golly was lighted, convicted of forgery and given an eighteen month suspended sentence. As news spread that a laser claps had been discovered in the very location she was lost, saying the people of patterns are flocked to life, flowers, plants and Teddy Bear said. The steps of the church of the Holy Trinity Citizens real over the reality that for close to two decades, Elisa had lying in the attic of the very place they had gathered to pray for her.
Fanny sprung up around town, blaming the churches form appraise the Father Don Mimi for covering up the teenagers death. Don Mimi had passed away too he's prior taking any secrets to the grave in a meeting with the journalist to boys giants he's book blood on the altar. Another of the tens is catholic priests. Don Marcelo Cati said the collapse. Family have been through great Offering they ve been violated in their emotions to find them Dollar of her daughter in the church has been a lesser racial to fill a maenas ha because He's a woman of faith. She went to that church when data prior to the eternal father that she should find her daughter and all that time in that church a laser was up there.
you can imagine the storm in the heart of her mother. On May nineteen, two thousand ten twelve detectives gathered outside Danilo, Christy vows red Brick home in Bournemouth and placed the thirty eight You're out under arrest for Heather, Barnett's, murder, outside covering his face with a towel and clearing his innocence as he accused the police of harassment during self when police interrogation, he was informed that he's DNA had been found on the Green towel located inside Heather's home, this led to night owning the tail but now conceded head. even to her as a collar sample for the curtains who commissioned heard so receiver was, fused bio and held in custody. Until the preliminary hearing scheduled later that year,
on hearing the news. Every day those UK arrest lasers, Lucy, Father Antonio gave these first ever interview to the italian media where he said with bitterness, I don't believe in justice any more It is a country of buttons of clouds and jokes. The truth doesn't count anymore of what interest is it to me? She Elisa isn't he today I want to go to her funeral almost He to mourn her alone, one we got, the risk data was taken into custody in the UK. At tell you anything. Issued a warrant for his arrest for the murder of a laser collapse.
Prosecution requested restivo be granted temporary extradition to face questioning he need to lie, but the request was denied pending completion of the UK legal process The preliminary hearing for Heather Bonnets case commenced on November right, two thousand and ten Dave. I went it he's play of not guilty members of a lasers family were in attendance, who held I hope the accused killer would receive a prison sentence in the U K instead of ITALY, where they feed he might be able to the wire round the system on me for two thousand and eleven restive I faced all in the Winchester crown toward the same bought presiding judge just the same Burnett any to Africa was pressed. and for the entire duration, translate from English to Italian, as television crews gathered from across the UK, Europe and the United States.
A lasers mother, fill a main up was granted permission to sit in the courtroom. Instead of the public Gallery Service data, would be able to see her face? The situation had been permitted to present evidence relating to a laser murder telling The jury that, whilst that were not replied to deliver a verdict in relation to that case, the evident served to prove that the killings of both victims were so similar that there was no doubt that were both done by the same person The evidence linking risk Deva too, had a bonnets murder was presented over the course of seven weeks, including the blade soaked naughty snake. Is the green tell the police surveillance videos that, through Camille Park and the Cctv footage of the man crossing the street towards Heather's house, which one witness had identified as restivo.
To highlight he's here, cutting fetish and linked to the hair placed in his hands. Various women from both Bournemouth and potential testify that risk Deva had given them on wanted here, cots during boss, rods and in cinemas, The prosecution worked to discredit risk devised, alibi, pointing The training centres saw him book had been dotted and arguing the acute It could have easily purchased the boss ticket and disembarked straight away to fabricate that he was commuting at the time they use I presented a new evidence that had come to light since Deva Arrest, and computer experts had searched the hard drive and the computer. He had used at the training centre on November twelve, two thousand to the day of Heather's MOTA, which revealed that no human activity was banned.
And the computer between Norway and ten ten. I am that day. Furthermore, in the weeks and months following the crime, Peter had been used to search for information and updates regarding the case, including any reported witness sightings and the ten thousand pound reward. italian witnesses than to law enforcement agents were cold to discuss the circumstances of a laser clapped disappearance. Intermodal with one forensic experts, including there were similarities in the white by victims, brows had been caught from the front. Danilo Restivo took the stand, denying being the figure Captured on Cctv, Putty John had strayed on the morning of her murder. When presented with the surveillance teams, findings that he appeared to be stalking. Women in through Mill Park, birthday, Thou explained it only gone there to enjoy the wallet life. He reasoned. The battle
Clodagh Fantasies car was to help, but he saw his problems and that he had changed clothes in the park due to thyroid issues who account for any discrepancies any stories he claimed he suffered. From sleep Apnea, which had a negative impact on his memory. Under cross examination. He did not bathing in public, but admitted to the hair, cutting incidents. Saying that happen started as a day when he was fifteen years old from there He lost he locked the feel and smell of hair and continue doing it, meaning harm and realising it was an offence to do so in a bid to gain sympathy from the jury presented himself as a misunderstood and lonely man. Man who just wanted to be loved he's manipulative tactic was obvious, with one italian report, our remarking That's always been his strategy. He appears to be
like the village idiot and people underestimate him he's very clever, very widely, On June thirty, two thousand and eleven the jury of seven men and five women deliberated for five hours before delivering that After nine years of intense investigation dinner low risk, Deva was found guilty for the murder of Heather Bonnet in sentencing. Had this daughter, Kalen presented her victim impact statement. which read I used to have nightmares and flashbacks, reminding me of the events of November twelve. I also don't like going into bathrooms. I used to think that someone might be waiting for me now. I just held a fear of what's behind the bathroom door. It was at that moment that
as if my heart had been ripped out. My mom is no longer able to help me celebrate my successes and pull me through the disappointment. I will never get the chance. and to tell her how much I love her and how much I knew me, sir. I feel a great anger at the accused without him she'd still Bay, he How could he intrude into our safe and happy family home and then take everything from in such a hurry, fake and callous way. During his sentencing remarks, Justice Burnett declared Seriousness of this offense is exceptionally high. You wanna Levin Year old girl and a fourteen year old boy would find their mother butchered on the bathroom floor. This feature of the case will those who sat through it?
Why you picked had abandoned as your victim. I do not know, but it's clear that you did so to satisfy a sadistic sexual appetite. Dna in this case shows you are a cold, depraved, calculated killer dinner. I risk Deva was sentenced to lock in prison with no minimum turn outside port. Had his brother Ben expressed his relief but the verdict saying now biggest fee was always that this might happen to somebody else Bristol. That has already had. I e the freedom that my sister never had a thought about the death penalty, but I think it's too good for him. It seems like the easy way out I think he's going to have a miserable rest of his life in prison. initially on July, one two thousand and eleven, almost eighteen.
He's after her murder, a white coughing containing a laser claps body was displayed at her former high school, along with an image of her smiling face, as the people of the tens are gathered to pay their final respects the following day, and yet the funeral was held in one of the ten squares? As the collapse family refused to put a laser back inside a church over seven Thousand mourners attended the memorial, including politicians, mass and officials from nearby towns with many local businesses, shutting down for the duration of the service. To one other thing, I just memory Father Don Marcelo Kati, who had provided unwavering support to the collapse family over the years delivered the service.
gave an impassioned speech about the unjust nature of a lasers death. Quite Lord was it possible that the life of a just blossoming flower was cut off and then left to rot in the dark corner. If someone threw away a wade and was it possible that all that happened in a church, your church, Lord, we would like to talk to you. With so much suffering in our hearts about those who prefer to whisper rather than shared following the service, a lasers lily covered, the coffin was finally laid to rest at the potential cemetery Her gravestone declaring my long journey in the dark, has finished on a warm spring day. I am finally home.
On November right, two thousand and eleven a laser collapse, murder was held in Salerno, a port city, South EAST of Naples. italian authorities had issued a warrant Ferris Devos extradition from the United Kingdom, but as they can the killer had appealed his conviction for Heather bonnets, murder, the. tradition warrant was rejected and the Italian proceeded in absentia. Chris Davies accepted the prosecutions case and chose not to enter a play, requesting a short and to write trial, which enabled speedy legal proceedings without any dispute against the evidence, the physical and circumstantial evidence against him was overwhelming the case against was strengthened when another woman testified that, prior to a lasers, death Britain
They had also invited her to the church of the Holy Trinity under the guise of wanting to give her a present just like he had done with a laser when he invited the woman up to the attic she felt uneasy and left to the prosecutors helped paint a picture of the fatal laser had likely endured back in nineteen. Ninety three. November 11th, two thousand and eleven Stephen was sentenced to thirty years in prison for LISA Claps murder. Upon hearing the verdict, her family burst into tease. The diocese of Potenza, applied to suit Danila Restivo, the murder and investigation had damaged the image of the church. However, a judge rejected the vacation on the grounds that the church of the Holy Trinity had failed to act responsibly.
since the lasers body had been discovered, the church had come under heavy scrutiny after it was, field that in January, two thousand ten two months before a lasers remains were officially discovered to cleaners, had come across the body in the attic, They notified the new praised in charge of the church, who had in turn alerted the bishop. However the grim discovery had not been reported to the police. When this revelation surfaced, the church officials, dignan. It's saying they had misunderstood the information. Whilst there was believed the cleaners didn't come forward to authorities out of fear, in another blow to the church. A saw had been used to I had a hole in the beams above the area where a lasers body like indicating someone within it search had been aware of the murder and fashioned a means for the smell of her decomposing body to escape.
A search of the attic, had also revealed a mattress stained with the semen of two unknown men. Whilst this dane done related to a laces murder had indicated the church had been used for intimate acts with rumours that former praised Father Don Mimi engaged in sexual activity with men, not there. following the exposure of the churches. Dockside. The collapse family released a statement to the italian media, which read once again. Silence entered the cheetah wage of interests that have nothing
To do with christian values prevail over the piety that one should have for a lesser righted corpse. We believe that these havoc definitely puts an entire community on its knees. In March, two thousand twelve birthday: those application to appeal his conviction for had a bonnets murder was rejected, but he was granted. Permission to appeal is life sentence. His lawyers argued that it was unfair to his client that the prosecution had been allowed to use evidence from a lasers, murder, Red Heather's trial, and that in turn he should at least be given the opportunity to have a sentence changed to include a minimum turn. On November twenty one, two thousand and twelve, the court of appeal, I return to risk data- is the last sentence
sentencing him to a minimum of forty years imprisonment. Instead, outside court, Heather's brother Ben expressed his disappointment at the decision saying I feel the original sentence was a just and to write one whilst forty years. Is this along. It does not preclude where Stevo killing again on release. Perhaps a whole life sentence would have given restivo the opportunity to reflect upon what he has done, but somehow I doubt that this would have ever been the case. with the new Irish Deva now convicted for the murders of a laser collapse and Heather Bonnet investigators speculated tat. He could be linked to other run self crimes.
There were several other murders throughout Europe over the years in which pay more victims had their breasts mutilated and it was theorized risk data may have been responsible, but no clear links were established. There was also the disappearance of twenty seven year old korean woman Erika Random men who had vanished from her. In the north, western italian mountain region, avowed stop on April, twenty two thousand three Erika was never found and following risk. Devise arrest in Bournemouth police conducted a search of his computer and found that he had saved the image of the missing woman. Most compelling was here potential linked to the death of twenty seven year old young Chin, better known as Oki a south korean student who was studying English in Bournemouth at three. I am on July, twelve, two thousand to just four months prior to Heather bonnets, murder, Oki was walking.
I am on a residential street after a night out with friends. She was just three blocks. From Danilo Restivo time when she was stabbed three times in the back. When paramedics arrived, he was still alive and was able to Her attacker is a man wearing a mosque. She was taken to pool general hospital was she succumbed to her injuries shortly after there was no forensic evidence, fanned at the saying the residents reported hearing, Oki screams, followed by the sound of a car, making a hasty? U turn and fleeing be area six way, softer ogier murder, an informant named Beverly Brown tall police that twenty seven year out heroin addicts I'm a banquet was responsible for the crime Beverly claimed she was driving banquet and two other men when he asked her to
Liver, he proceeded to jump out of the vehicle and attack Oki after she refused his offer to join them banquet was arrested and tried in court twice, but to miss trials were declared happen. the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The problem was that Beverly, brand was seen as an unreliable witness. She had made false accusations in the past. The stories were full of inconsistencies and some jurors noted she appeared, intoxicated when taking the standing chord. In addition, Cctv The footage obtained from the area revoke his murder failed to place Beverly's car at the scene. At the trial in January, two thousand and five Was eventually convicted of murder but having to subsequent appeals rejected many continue to believe banquet, isn't it
an event geese murder, with dinnerware risk, diva being the real culprit lackeys. Other victims, hokey was small, dark, haired and attacked from behind on the twelve day of the month, which some have theorized. May hold some significant tourists deva. There was also the twelfth day of the month surveillance, police and blue their covering through Camille Park. As they were concerned. He was about to launch another attack. Although the murder weapon used to kill Oki was never recovered. Forensic evidence has suggested the blight used was consistent with the north police confiscated from her stay vote following he suspicious behaviour in through penal park, police also confiscated gloves and abolish. Clodagh farmers deva that In addition, unknown strands of hair were found on the pavement me Iraqis body, but these may have come.
From a nearby hair salon. Although elements of bogeys murder did not coincide with Rick Devos, no Nemo her attack was conducted at the opening of a narrow, secluded passageway with Dearie, circulating that data may have intended to drag her there for a prolonged attack that was more bidding with his Emma, but he was scared off when Oki started to scream. I'm not banquet is currently serving the seventeenth year of his prison sentence for August murder and continues to protest. His innocence. Heather Barnett's family have made it clear. They do not intend to let the evil actions of denial over Davao tarnish their cherished memories of their loving sister and mother. With her two children determined to live a life that would make her proud,
during their stay very sentencing. A statement prepared by Heather's daughter came was read aloud, declaring. I want to be known for who I am not the door. the victim. What happened Smee to grow more quickly, I will never get the chance to say I love her. Oh hell, I miss her. My home being taken away and often never being back I have chosen not to be a victim of want my mom to be proud. following risk. Devos conviction had this system, the name. Is it an emotional statement to the press which read we had all looked forward, the loft getting a bit Asia Heather has the children into detains and left her more time that visits and activities away from home.
I just sadness for her family- is that through her early death, she missed the joy of watching Caitlin perform on stage, do well in her exams and develop her career, as Terry was a little louder. She'd been able to take. Pride in his men and by pricing and interest in the technical side of box, but missed out on you, he's career and interest in business, she would have been through. at the recent arrival of her nephew end of her nieces sun and would have been busy meeting for them. Have I loved her children very much? She was called. Did the honest with strong ethical principles which he passed on to tarry and Kagan She always worked hard at whatever she did and built out of business on word of mouth and reputation. Heather was fast. He had a deep laugh and a wicked sense of humor.
the years since November, two thousand and two has been difficult, but it has also been attacked. That is brought out the best in countless people strangers and friends of luck. we see ourselves as survivors, not victims. Church of the holy Trinity in potential is now permanently closed. Prior The discovery of a lasers body, interests, Devos conviction for her Nada journalist, Tobias Giants the latest brother Judah how we managed to keep going Judah replied, made a promise to my system many many years ago, a promise that would bring her killer to call when you, for With this beside long, it becomes a part of you. I have a what a fear about what will happen one day, if it's all over
having hunted and battled all those years. It will leave an emptiness when it's all over until you have certainty until you find a body there's no morning, you can't work through your bereavement you can never metabolize you're paying its assistance. June of life. Following years David guilty verdict. Years later, Judah the journalist I dont think after everything we ve been through, that will never be a pace.
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