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Case 117: Hannah Foster

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At 11:00 PM on March 14 2003, an emergency services operator in the United Kingdom answered a phone call on the nation’s 999 helpline. The person on the other line was silent. As was protocol, the operator transferred the call through to the ‘Silent Solutions’ department, where the call was ultimately disconnected. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill Episode researched by Erin Munro For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-117-hannah-foster
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say the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. At eleven p M on Friday March. Fourteen two thousand three, a cool was placed to the union. kingdoms, emergency services, telephone number, nine, nine, nine, as per standard procedure, the operate oriented by requesting which Emergency service department the kola required via police or ambulance. But they received no. Why the operator repeated the question multiple times, but the line remained silent. She then asked if you are unable to speak but need an emergency service tapped the hand said.
There was no tapping, and, after a minute of failed attempt to elicit a response from the kola the operator transferred the call to silent solutions disorder Made it service was introduced by the London, metropolitan police in two thousand to after the widespread use of mobile phones, to an overwhelming amount of accidental cause being placed two: nine: nine, nine soil solutions and to keep the emergency law on freight from congestion, but filtering out the UN. intentional pocket dials from their legitimate crosses calls from those who needed help, but would In a position to speak out loud when a call these, to solid solutions, an automated response. Instructs the call to dial five five if they require emergency assistance, if they comply, the court has been transferred to the relevant police respond to unite if no action
he's taken by the call on the line is terminated as per protocol, the unreasonable a phone call to nine hundred and ninety nine. At eleven p dot m on March 14th was transferred to silent solutions into the system, requested the cooler to Doyle fifty five, if they needed help still, there was no response an automated message advised nothing has been from the Kola exchange, please disconnect lawn almost
Two minutes after the call was initially placed. The fine line was disconnected. Seventeen year old Hannah Foster was in good spirits on the evening of fraud. I march fourteen to the Essen three as stupid, pad for annoyed out with her best friend Helen detail had returned from an exciting diet college, where Hannah received the good. use that she was on track to receive straight age. In her upcoming, I levels a fastidious and dedicated student
Hannah had recently been accepted, this study, medicine had to prestigious universities, and her talk grades She was well on her way to fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. According to head down town that nor to celebrate, hangar and tell him mad This family home in Southampton a port city in Hampshire, on the South coast of England,. Hannah lived on a tree lined residential straight with her mother, Hilary Father Trevor and fourteen year old system. Sarah, the fosters were close, knit family and gay. Their full support beyond her academic pursuits. She had many other interests, including rating drawing and music, with a particular love for Californian Rock band. The red hot chile peppers passionate about the environment and community. She helped out with a load
girl guides organization in her spare time, relishing the opportunity to help teach the young members valuable new skills. she studied ballet as a child and was regarded as a graceful dancer, but was forced to give up these hobby half the developing new problems in her adolescence. During hospital, she participated in the Duke of Edinburgh towards an international youth programme that aims to help young people further, develop their skills, fitness levels and community involvement. achieving a bronze and silver award for her efforts. Despite having a both scheduled, the laid up to her I levels had, I didn't, take laughed too seriously, always taking the time to socialize with her many friends.
As she prepared for her. No doubt on March fourteen two death and three Hannah who was five foot seven with short caught brown, hair and blue, was dressed in a lot bran long, slaved, Paula jumbo jets, weighty brands, good, nay hot boots and an overcoat, she put the pre paid mobile phone. Her parents had previously given her as a reward for her good grades into her cocky colored satchel pride departing for their new idea Hannah and her best friend, Helen, put music on and danced round the fastest kitchen joined by his mother and sister. Had remarked that she couldn't wait until fourteen year old, Sarah was old enough to join them on their Nigeria, telling her It would be a lot of fun to have around. Connor and Helen left the house shortly after with Hilary faster
being her his daughter off at the front door, making sure too late a lot on for when she returned time later. In the nine. An hour and tell and made the one mile journey to Southampton University area of Davis Valley, a lively nightlife hot spot popular with students. There first stop was to apply because the bent brief, where Helen met her mother to collect some money for the night ahead. ed and walked around the corner to the habit acquaint fantasy thing to palm named after the Tall Kane novel of the same whether each ordered a double vodka long into lemonade and watched the live band that was playing the game get. The harbor would turn out to be their only alcoholic beverage for the noise by ten thirty p m, they switched venues to a pop across the street, called so by only two lave. Soon, after
during their walk to the fourth destination, a bar code, Lenin's, the pair lost them innovation and decided to call it a night restored Helen to the Bastille upon ports would roads commercial strip where Pair waited for Hellenes boss home, The stock was only a five minute, walk from the first time and Hannah planned to war, short trip alone. After saying off, her friend, the boss arrived at ten fifty p M and Helen climbed a board and took his say as the Legal drive off she made contact with Hannah, who was walking towards the Hartfield, a Alain intersection and friendship A final goodbye wave. as far as I am the next morning, Hilary Foster arose to get ready,
Bernoulli shift at Southampton General Hospital, where she worked as a cardiac nurse. ass, she made her way through the house. She noticed the daughter and his bedroom was open and to the lots that had been left on in preparation for her return. Home was still on. This was odd, as Hannah always turned the lights off upon, arriving and slept with her bedroom door closed. upon realizing Hannah wasn't home. Hilary was hit with a wave of panic and she hadn't received the text message. Your phone call to indicate she was spending their gnawed at a friend's place. Hilary sent her a text message asking why she was and whether she was I, but by the time she arrived for her shift at Southampton General. There had been no reply.
By six thirty, I am, she had tried calling had our on her mobile phone. Several times Betty took the coals rang yeah Hennis. Sister Sarah had gone away for the weekend undertaking activities to complete her own Duke of Edinburgh Board when she received a concern phone call from another asking if she knew and his whereabouts Sarah hadn't heard from her own, assists the radar and contacted Helen to check if the two friends were still together. Helen advice, She hadn't seen or heard from Hannah since they parted way said the ports would road a bus stop at ten thirty, the night before Hilary round time from work and began, making fun calls to hand his friendship circle, but was unable the locate her her husband Trevor oft home from work at ten thirty. I am in the media
they reported eastward as that of care and disappearance to the police who swift we arrived to the fosters higher with sniffer dogs in time, a thorough search of the resident was conducted while on his family into neighbors were questioned, but there had been no sightings of the seventeen year old since her no doubt on the town. Hannah's mobile phone was still on, which was good news for police, as it meant the device was capable of meeting a signal to any telecommunications towers within its vicinity, enabling its location to be traced. After instructing the fosters to stop calling the divorce to preserve its battery life investigate is used to telecommunications data to trace the location of Hannah's phone whenever it received the text message or fine coal record showed. The wall Laurie Foster, was attempting to contact Hannah earlier that morning. Her phone
made it a moving signal travelling down the m to seven five motorway from Southampton to the nearby city of Portsmouth, where it has since become stationary, indicating it was somewhere within the area. Phone records also revealed annoying unknown call had been made from his phone at eleven p M the night before. Investigators obtained a recording of these coal, which captured the emergencies this operator, making multiple unsuccessful attempts to elicit a response from the soil in person. On the other end of the line, the operator therefore transferred the call to the sullen services division, but as the cool, I did not dial the necessary five five to alert the service that they required assistance. The call was terminated body I technicians were able to enhance the fifty eight second along audio fall of the cor.
Revealing a muffled conversation occurring between two people. In the background, a fearful female voice identified is Hannah. Fosters was heard conversing with an automail mail with the south asian accent who spoke in broken English. Traffic and mechanical noises indicated that were travelling in a large vehicle. Possibly a van some parts of the coal were inaudible the technique and were able to construct a partial transcript of the conversation during which, I lied to the man telling him she was fifteen years old and her name was Sarah. She was then heard saying that's my road, that's where I live.
In response, the man ominously instructed her to quote: hold your head down place. It was at this point that the call was transferred to silence services with Hannah Tyner, ignoring the system's request to dial five five. This failure to act along with the fake identity she'd, given the man and their muffled foreboding conversation made apparent to invest, guided. The Hannah had made the nor nor pool inconspicuously hoping to raise the alarm that she was in danger, with the other the man she was doing so at approximately two p m, the following day of Sunday March, sixteen to the US and three a woman and her fourteen year old son would having three West end, a village on the northeast in the outskirts of Southampton. As they
traveled along Ellington Line, a rural road just off the M to seven motorway. The teenagers spotted something in a ditch fifteen feet from the edge of the road. His mother pulled the car I got to have it close to look into talk beneath that seek under grace and brambles that boarded one of the neighboring postures depere discovered the fully closed. The body of a young female police were called to the scene where they identified the deceased as Hannah Foster. The subsequent or topsy concluded that she had been beaten and sexually assaulted before being strangled to death with talks.
a legit tests, revealing she had no traces of alcohol or other drugs in a system. Although she was wearing choose her fate were Kate Inter and her clothing was in disarray, suggesting she had been stripped and then re dressed by her killer. Scratch marks on her neck with alive today, defensive wounds sustained while attempting to loosen her attack its grip. Traces of seamen found on his coat presented the most promising laid. However, when the sample was run through, the police data base no match was banned as the perpetrator,
had no prior criminal record. Meanwhile, detectives bird, the devastating news to the foster family who were overcome with brave and his parents, Hilary and Trevor were required to formerly identify their daughter with Hilary. I stating believe what I was saying. There must be some mistake: the cold, bruised and battered body certainly looked like Hannah, but where was the sparkle in her eyes, the radiant smile, the warmth and tenderness, of her touch Hannah was vibrant, graceful, gentle and so alive. I felt none paralyzed by grief and pain.
Why Hannah she had so much to live for so much unfulfilled promise, so many talents so much humanity and compassion to share police Appealed for any witnesses who were in the bathers Valley area laid on Friday March fourteen to come forward with a widespread media campaign in chewing the Palais spokesperson, warned. There have been no significant incidents reported in the area today that can be directly linked to hand his disappearance, but we would advise the public to exercise caution We would advise loan females walking in this area, not to go out alone at night and to stick to brightly lit public roads until we have determined exactly what happened to Hannah.
Cctv. Footage obtained from the area captured the two friends walking along the street during their no doubt, but little else of interest speculation arose over the possibility. Hannah may have been picked up by a taxi driver off the waving Helen off at the Boston, but this same done locally. Given the stop was a me five minute walk from her home, regardless police appealed for any taxi drivers who may have picked up a teenager matching and his description to make contact they obtain ten, his home computer and began analyzing her online history and mobile phone records to determine Whether she may have arranged the super rendezvous with someone after leaving her friend but was no evidence to support this theory. Just twenty four
hours after his body was found an employee at a recycling plant imports mirth the coastal city, where mobile phone lost, pinged off nearby telecommunications towers was looking inside a bottle recycling been when he spotted cocky colored Sacho with a mobile phone inside both items were confirmed to belong to Hannah. This discovery added a third cave location to the crime. In addition to see our captain Wegg had disappeared
and the West Andy Outskirts, where her body was found. Two days after the discovery of her body, a candle lit vigil was held for Hannah Red Southampton. Hartfield church with hundreds of ammonia is gathering to pray, lay bouquet of flowers and saw a condolence bull with loving messages and deformed memories. If the t decide where her body was found was marked with flowers into notes from graving, members if the community, with one hand, written note rating. You are all in our thoughts, said this very sad time. What a cruel world. We live in.
The following day, Wednesday March, nineteen investigators had received over two hundred phone calls from the public. The case made national news headlines with Southampton Shops, bus stops and straight signs plastered with posters. If Hannah and a description of the future was last seen wearing requesting witnesses, to make contact with police Hilary and travel faster held their first public press conference to me, can emotional play for information regarding their daughters, murder. With Travis saying we has a family, a devastated by the loss of Hannah Hannah was a warm kind, hearted girl, who could always say the good in others. She was gentle and graceful go. What is important now is to catch the person responsible for this cruel and brutal last
so that no other family will have to suffer the trauma we are going through and the numbing emptiness that is today, our lives and destroy the family investigators collected Cctv. Footage from the various locations Hannah's mobile phone was pinged on the night of March. Fourteen. As the audio reporting of her nor non non coal had indicated, she was being driven innovation. There were on the lookout for any matching bigos travelling in those areas. At the exact time, Henrys Mobile phone was position. Today, a total of seven different vans was cited in the sea, say tv footage, prompting investigators to begin the task of identifying age of the vehicles zone is Given the suspected killer had what sounded like a south asian action, they were confident demand that we're looking for
was not originally from the United Kingdom on March twenty six ten days after his body had been found, baby say television. Joe Crime watch here to signal about the case, bringing acting the teenagers last and movements and appealing for assistance to identify her killer. Hilary and travel faster made an appearance on the show to voice their torment with Hilary explaining quote its than not knowing what she's been through and just knowing how frightened she must have been at some stage. and we can't get beyond that. After the episode of Cromwell Chad Clay, the ninety members at the public find the police, including Southampton resident Change Dennis who worked as a superpower,
a ready made meal producer, Hazel would foods James had noticed that one of his employer s thirty five year old delay redraw via men in the palace seen Kali had been acting suspiciously around the time of his murder. Furthermore, on the night of my fourteen Kali had been in possession of one of Hazel. Would food distribution vans and he's delay? We re not passed through the K locations of the crime. police noted the registration number of colleagues Van was already on their list of seven vehicles of interest having been captured on traffic cameras travelling from Southampton, along both the M to seven and m to seven five motorways at the exact time and his phone, which tracked moving on the same course
In the early hours of March, fifteen petrol station security, camera captured colleagues Van travelling three times indifferent therein since ran the area where had his body was eventually found at three fifteen. That same morning, he entered the pit. station and initiated he scheduled deliveries before travelling to Portsmouth, where had his phone and bag were later recovered. Deciding was particularly significant as Portsmouth was not part of call delivery route, and he therefore had no legitimate reason to be in the area after completing just half of his deliveries, he returned to the hazy. Would foods Deborah telling his boss? He had a sore back and needed to go home to rest
Which, in one hour, reverse saving James Denisov phone call police arrived to Hazel, would foods to seize the delivery vehicle in question? A white van with a distinctive refrigeration unit? On top and the word rock filled written across the bonnet forensic analysts found traces of seamen on their seats and a crime Paul covered in blood spatter and several strands of hair has forensic testing. If this evidence combined detectives made their way to colleagues home on broadens road in Southampton, which was less than one mile away from the fosters residents. upon their arrival, they discovered there were no curtains in the window, saw furniture inside indicating the house had been completely abandoned. A chance
If colleagues background revealed, he had relocated from India to the United Kingdom in ninety. Ninety three as part of an arranged marriage to a UK based indian woman named, shall Linda the couple had two sons a six year old and for your own, it didn't appear to be a happy marriage with neighbours overhearing the couple fide often describing Kali as a drunk and self First, gambling added police were able to locate colleagues wash cylinder and there to children who were staying at her parents house nearby. She explained her husband had travelled back to India. look up to his mother, who was in a coma after being hit by a bus, while she refused to believe her husband could be responsible for such a height
his crime cylinder allowed police to extract dna samples from one of her sons to test against the forensic evidence on covered from the delivery vein. police, examined Cctv, footage from London Heathrow Airport and spotted Kali in transit. On March eighteen to day after hunters murder, dressed in a light white sued, and carrying only a small backpack Kali was film. Does each. into a direct flights to India's capital territory, Delhi. with a population of over writing million people. Delhi is the fifth most densely populated city in the world. In a country that boasts and overall population of one point, two billion finding Kali was compared to looking for a name
who, in a haystack as India, shares borders with Nepal, China beaten me and my Pakistan and Bangladesh investigators also couldn't rule out the possibility that Kali had already fled to one of these neighbouring countries. Despite the challenges british police Antennas family refuse to give up on the search for her kill on with Hilary Foster later explaining. As parents, we had this absolute drive that nobody could ever get away with doing this to Outdoors from England shall Linda contacted her husband's family enchained, a guy, a city in the pool Job region, approximately one hundred and fifty miles north of Delhi Colleagues family, confirmed he had recently in staying in town. Although admitted his arrival was completely unexpected, as his mother
Ready being in a coma for three months- and he hadn't mentioned any previous plans of visiting her, there was a collective sense of denial running through the family with colleagues police officer brother Each pray refusing to consider he was a murderer. The morning after cylinders phone pole Friday, twenty eight Kali shaved, his head and think, beat and fled his home town. Allegedly leaving his family with no indication of where he was going next, Subject: denial of colleagues possible guilt was also voiced by his wife in England, Shall Linda told police that someone was attempting to frame husband revealing that, on the day after his disappearance, he returned home noticeably upset with a visible scratch on his face When she asked him what was wrong, he explained that the night before he had been
drinking at a pop and when he returned to his van someone had gained access to the vehicle and stashed the body of a teenage girl inside he panicked and drove straight home. I'm sure what to do after telling showing that this story Kali slept for a couple of hours before getting into van and driving off both window show how the general secretary of Shell Cantons good wore a sick temple told police the two days prior to his overseas escape Kali called him several times in tease requesting a meeting ball window was reluctant. Has he had lent money to call
in the past and was nervous. He was going to ask for more, but he visited the destroyer man regardless, as anticipated Polly wanted to borrow money this time to travel to India to say, he's sick mother. Before she passed away, he was acting a radically all his belongings were poured into Gaza. bags and there was a distinct scratch under his eye, fell window ass to what was wrong and coolly explained his parents in more had arranged to have someone baby MOP Bell Window refused to hand over the cash and the next day he received a call from Kali telling him not to worry, as he had borrowed money from his father in law. Instead, he asked for a lift to the airport. The bow.
In refused, as the evidence mounted against Kali, the results of forensic testing came back. Review the seamen fanned in his delivery Van was a match to the dna profile found on Hannah's code. The blood's better and has found in the van were also confirmed to have come from the teenager Certain I had a dinner for the man responsible for hand, his murder, on Thursday April three international warrant was issued for colleagues arrest, charging, the fugitive with murder, manslaughter kidnapping, false imprisonment, ripe and perverting the course of justice In England, a person can be charged simultaneously with both murder and manslaughter with a jury lighter deciding which of the two. The defendant is guilty of.
Whilst Britain had extradition agreements in place with India, bureaucratic red tape, coupled with the fact that Kali was hiding in one of the most densely populated countries in the world, men carrying out the rest would be no easy task.
On the morning of Fraud April, eleven a statement was released by the foster fear, my head of his funeral service, which was scheduled to take place later that day. The statement read today family and friends and joining together to give thanks, but the law of Hannah nothing can bring out beautiful daughter back to us and today will not be easy for any of us, but we will find a strengthen each other and strengthen the continued support given to us by members of the community and see how the andean and beyond Sate Inside Hartfield Church were reserved for hundreds of hand. His friends relatives schoolmates changes,
Entered the detectives working around the clock to self her case, while the service was also broadcast via video link to an adjacent church centre for the many others who were unable to feed inside loudspeakers outside the building transmitted the service to the crowds of media and community members who had gathered to pay their respects, the service was I've seen by Reverend Grandma Chow. He told them regulation quite publicity surrounding can his death has elevated her to almost celebrity status, but. If you knew who knew her as a friend or a family member should not let anyone rob you of your memories, how you remember her your memories cannot be taken away. They upon her legacy to you.
Today, the memories will have a painful ledge, but they didn't when they happened, so don't be afraid to talk about her and those precious memories. A killer has already taken one life in your hand, feeling of your responses make sure he takes no more. Hence as Eco friendly woven bamboo coffin, was carried out of the church by members of their family adorned with a rate of pink flowers, especially provided by a local florist where she had once conducted work. Experience She was permitted in a private service, as students at her former high school gathered on faculty grounds to release two hundred. What balloons into the sky. On Wednesday April, thirty, a trio
Hampshire investigators flew to India to liaison in person with indian law enforcement. The British are commission, ended. national Police Organization, Interpol, their the locate Khali when he ended when the Ministry of External Affairs refused to grant the british law enforcement team entry into the Punjab region, rendering them unable to speak to call his family and to gather information Although indian police understood the urgency of the investigation, they their own Nova warming case like to take care of and were unable to prioritize the murder of a foreign national that occurred for thousands of miles away. This restrictive bureaucracy, coupled with the lack of resources available to the british investigators, cast serious doubts over whether this aspect would but be found by early may, with investigators
India struggling to make headway. Colleagues, what I shall Linda released a public statement pleading for her husband to return to the United Kingdom and surrender to police for questioning at red for my sake and the good of your children and your family. I urge you to hand yourself into police and come back. I said these can be sorted out. Wherever you are, please just go to the nearest police station and give yourself up. If you are in and this is the only way you can click your name. So please just come home following this. The Hampshire detectives were finally granted permission to enter the Punjab region and headed straight to colleagues, hometown of change.
to interview his family. They maintained that were not hiding him and insisted TAT. I had no idea where he had fled to with his father, jogged Jade telling the press. I say if he is committed, this crime hang him. I will be the last person to protect him. If he's done this brave crime, he should be punished and he should face the music. He should face the consequences, but I will not protect him and if he is innocent- God will protect him after two weeks in India, the Hampshire law enforcement team returned to the United Kingdom with greater support from both chained to God. Detectives ended the Punjab Authority
who were now actively searching for the suspected killer. However, the case moved slowly with changing our police criticized for what the public, perceived as a lack of action, detective inspector dink, a goop die who was initially leading the indian Inquiry explore and by the time or the paperwork was completed. This aspect had a big head start. He had a lot of time to play in these moves are feel confident. We should be able to find him, but it's difficult to say how soon Hampshire detectives continued to travel to India over the following months. At one point, coming up with the premier investigating agency in that country. The indian Central Bureau of Investigation, rumours circulating the collie had been spotted across
the border in the nepalese city of Katmandu, but there was no evidence to support this theory months continued to pass by with no major progress in the investigation and by early two thousand for Hampshire police announced the reward of seventy thousand pounds for anyone within four May, that led to call always arrest. This amounted to roughly five million repays had potentially loft changing payment bidding Patient attention from India's national media limited the populations. Awareness of the case, which prevented tips from coming in in February, Britain's home Secretary David, blanket paid a visit to the poor job Police Academy, where he appealed to the Punjab. People to assist policing
during Kali quote not only in the interests of justice, but because he wanted for questioning for the most heinous crimes. The tragic murder of young Hannah Foster shows why it is so important. We continue to forge close up policing links only through continued and even closer cooperation and a joint working can we catch those who believe they can flee. Uk justice by crossing an international border.
At the invitation to legs a sales event, amazement is your plus one. We ve discovered everything that makes Lexus Lexus. The emendation elects a salesman now, through March thirty, first available towards more notice of avian financing under two thousand wanting to our exclusively all we'll drive up to sixty miles. Experience amazing at your lessons, dealer called twenty two hundred USA. Letters for important, maybe are offering pricing details sixty monthly payments of seventeen. Seventy four over every thousand finance at all customers will call of our offer valid and Alexis Eastern Area only in its March thirty first, two thousand twenty two. the investigation languished for close to a year with cold remaining a free man whose whereabouts were unknown? If Hannah still been alive, she would have seen celebrated her right birthday and completed her eye level exams. Moving on to pursue medical studies at university
on Friday, much twelve, two thousand for two days prior to. one year anniversary of her murder. Hilary and travel faster, released, a statement via the media which read these. Can needs to be the worst time in our lives. We miss Hannah terribly then justice about death is intensified by the knowledge that her killer is still at large. We remain optimistic that the combined effort, if the Hampshire and Punjab police forces to secure and arrest, will prove successful on Sunday March for Turning to mark the one year anniversary, a candle lit morning, press was held in honour of her and her family at Hartfield Church assistant. Friend, Pole Harris told the one huh
strong congregation to send a special prior to the foster family during what he called a time of continuing pain and suffering and desire for justice. Three months later in June, two thousand for Hilary and travel faster front in a press conference and Nancy they would be travelling to India for the first time in an effort to generate media attention and raised local awareness of the search for their daughters killer. Regarding the purpose of their visit Trevor explained, I think there was at the start, an issue of vengeance, but I think now that view Lange is reducing if it wasn't, that would bring us down to the same level as him. What we want me always justice that will mean a lot to us and a lot tat. We are increasingly frustrated that the problems aspect has not been located. We
however, beginning to understand the difficulties of finding a fugitive who does not want to be found in a country as large and populous as India, The couple embarked on an eleven day visit to India on Saturday July TAN joined by Detective Superintendent Alan Bets, who had been waiting. The british investigation into had as murder. Travis employer, british multinational oil and gas company Bay, Jager, funded by lingual twenty four hour, fine line four witnesses to provide any information about colleagues, whereabouts posters pursue delighted around the Punjab rage and promoting the hotline phone number and the five million repays award alone,
with images of Kali, indifferent disguises Hilary and Travel spent. The first few days of their trip attending various meetings with indian politicians, Punjab, police and officials from the british Hock emission. They held to press France's where they shed Hennis story, promoted the hotline number and pleaded for anyone with information to come forward. Travis said this has been the first time we have felt strong enough for us. The grating process goes on and on that we now feel we can cope with all this. Hilary added. We just want people to hear our story, see us and he, while we have to say I hope and pray that they will use the hotline.
The first is ordeal struck, a chord with the indian people, giving Hannah's motor investigation are desperately needed boost within the first twenty four hours of the hotline launch alone. One hundred and thirty four calls came through, and by July, fifteen police had amassed close to a dozen tapes. They believed could be valuable in the hunt for quality, One of the cause was placed by a taxi drove out. Ninety Jason lecture who lived in the city. Darjeeling one thousand an hundred kilometers northeast of change. A guy. He had seen the news reports about Hennis Killer and noticed the suspect bore a resemblance to one of these customers. a man he knew only is MIKE Mike, had tell Jake
And he was a delivery drove our on vacation from London and Daddy's family remained in the United Kingdom each morning without fail, Mark purchased the daily newspapers as soon as they went on sale and quickly skinned through the headlights before discarding the paper with Minutes, in addition to Jason lectures, witness accounts a till. I now called the two blind to report a previous guest who looked like Kali, but why, by the name MIKE Dennis. a bobber and a edging in Dodge healing, also recognised Kali is one of their customers and a police officer from a neighbouring state reported Lee bore a resemblance to one of his friends in new aspens. According to the officer he's thirty two year old friend, beheading
ass was carrying out humanitarian work at a vaccination clinic in the town of Callum Palm Fifty kilometres outside of Darjeeling there she met a doctor for the United Nations World Health Organization named market Dennis, and the two were married. Just three months later, the office. I handed investigators all the information he had on Dennis, including he's mobile number and residential addresses of his wife's family members when local police descended on Asia addresses they found no sign of Kali that one property, a resident, informed police. That market Dennis had departed on a bus to Nepal with his wife the day prior. This was bad news for investigators. As the United Kingdom
had no extradition treaty with Nepal. If Kali managed to cross the border from India into Nepal, there was every chance you would be out of their grasp, but good. police informed authorities need the border to be on the lookout for a remained feeding. Colleagues description, who would likely they accompanied by a woman Hilary Trevor Foster were still in the midst of the media, are appealing India when they were saved. The word The men in the passing Kali had been arrested after being cited by enough Judy Police officer in the vicinity of the nepalese border. The couple appeared at a Prescott immediately following news of the arrest, where the crowds of journalists chee upon hearing confirmation that Kali was finally in custody after sixteen months on the run.
The first is thank all those involved for their tireless work in bringing Hannah's killer to justice. With Trevor saying, however, he now wildest dreams did. We expect an arrest to be made while we were in the middle of this short visit we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the indian people. Not only have they come forward to facilitate the arrest, have taken Hilary and I to their hearts. In the short time we have been here before story of colonies. Evasion was soon revealed. The on flying England on March eighteen to death and three he hold up. his home town of chance cigar flame once he discovered the british police were unto him. He headed south to the city of bank the law where he operated under three aliases Mark Dennis mocked Davis and Denis Tracy,
After seven months of maintaining a low profile, he moved it. Dealing where he claimed to be adopted for the World Health Organization and doing the job at a Red Cross camp near Callum Palm where he administered Hepatitis vaccinations to children It was here that he met the hearty. Does the daughter of the camps director and the two soon began dating. Kali, who was living as Mark Dennis made. No. Mention of his wife and children back in the U K after three months The couple were married, celebrating the UK with a modest reception at a hotel, neighbourhood parties, family home photos, I can t event portrayed a happy and relaxed the collie. Has he danced in a circle surrounded by guests? Just three weeks later he received an anonymous phone call, after which he was noticeably on edge.
he told his new wife to pack it back in get ready to leave town but refused to explain why. As the media coverage of Hilary and travel fosters trip to India began to spread Colleen, and a he fled to the home of a relative in a village, just half a neo off from the border of Nepal weather. Reprehended shortly after the arrest came the profound shocked by hardy, who had no, I d she was married to an international fugitive wanted for murder. In an interview following his arrest. She told journalists, I loved him so much. I know what the police are saying about him, but I still cannot believe it is true. What am I to do? I have been married, but now I have no husband in our society, no
we'll never want to marry me now. I'm finished I am old goods. There was suspected that colleagues brothers, each prayed and Dahmer it had been in contact with him, threw out here time on the run harbouring him during his time in change, a guy in supplying him with money and a fight passport to facilitate his new life. Police also believed that each prayed, who was it constable, enchained God, sent colleagues mouse about the international efforts that were under way to find him enabling him to get a head start and evade capture. One month after the arrest, Kali made an appeal, and some indian Television Channel New Delhi TV saying he was two to unburden himself by revealing the truth about what happened to Hannah Foster. He appeared com as he made a full confession.
sparing no detail says he described the night of my fourth ain t there, some three, which started with a heavy drinking session at a local pub ass. He left the venue com He saw Hannah crossing the road alone and he climbed into his van conducted a U turn and grabbed her from behind threatening her to stay quiet. He forced her into his company Van drawing her to an isolated place and sexually assaulted her afterwards. She threatened to tell her parents and police about the attack which provoked Only to strangle heard a death, quite always out of my mind. I wasn't we lay down that are realised. I had destroyed my life.
Colleague claimed he never told his wife in England shall Linda about the attack instead explaining he was home, light that not because he had gotten into a fight at the pop. These contradicted cylinders previous statements to police, in which she claimed Kali Heading TAT. There was a teenager body, any Van Kali claims. He fled to India because he needed his brothers support and wanted to change his loft tired of running and ready to face the consequences. Kali Remo I am unburdening myself now because one day I'll have to face God. I want to welcome my heart. I feel light unburdened when ass. If he wanted to say anything to hand his family Kali remained silent,
Up until this point, his wife in India, the hardy, had been convinced of his innocence, praying he would be released for the crime she believed he was wrongfully accused of committing of the saying that televised confession. She told the Times of India newspaper she felt cheated the door relieved the collie had not harmed her during their short relationship. Quiet, Now I have to learn to live with the fact that I lived with the criminal. Why did God have to make me live with a criminal. days after the confession was aired. Kali retracted statement claiming the Punjab police had forced him to provide the false confession.
Due to their retraction, media outlets in Britain were prohibited from publishing anything about the confession and the extradition process became even more challenging to the poor Kali to face trial in England began in October, two thousand for seeming he determined to make the process as difficult as possible. He accused the Hampshire police of being racist and you'd. He wouldn't receive a fair trial in England due to prejudice against Asians. He can and today unwell and failed to show up for court appointments leading to force the Germans ass. He had done so from the beginning. Colleagues, brother. Each prayed publicly spaghetti support of his brother telling the media he had been framed on account of ease race, color
First wife shall Linda travelled to India from the UK to attend the extradition hearing and testify on her husband's behalf. This bought him. Having seen married another woman. She claimed the statement she supplied to police during her husband's Tom on the run in which he came home the day after Hannah's adoption nervous with a scratch on his face, and talking about the body of attained. age girl. Being any ban was a complete fabrication, co worst by Hampshire police. She also followed an affidavit alleging british officials had hold her hostage, refusing to let her trap to India until they came under international pressure to do so The second was the hearty had another change of heart and once again, became convinced of his innocence. Speaking out in his defence. In a two thousand five interview with times
India, she said she hoped her husband would be cleared of the crimes and return to live with her. The extradition process can continued for several years with travel, aren't Hilary fall that returning to India on numerous occasions in an attempt to speed up the legal proceedings and ensure the case remained in the news, they said publicly about how emotionally exhausting and frustrating it was that the process was taking so long, but acknowledged there was little that could be done in the indian system to help bring them justice sooner in February to yes and seven as the four year anniversary of Hannah's motor approach, Hilary Foster told the southern Daily Jago newspaper. Everything is still focused on hand. His death, everything we and here is about the noise she died. We want to focus on the happy times and we can't do this into law. This is over
I need to get it all right out of my head and hope that lovely memories. Come back after more than one hundred court proceedings and thirty five appeals, Delhi's high court judge finally determined there was sufficient evidence the collie, to face try in the UK for Hannah's murder on today July, twenty eight to death and seven. Exactly three years after his arrest, Kali was extradited to England, where he was formally charged with murder means Florida right and false imprisonment of Hannah Foster, as well as perverting the course of justice. He was the first person successfully extradited from India to the UK Colleagues, trawl began on Monday October. Thirteen two thousand the night had the Winchester Crown cod.
Now forty one year out, had planted not guilty toll charges with the rejected confession he made on indian television, deemed inadmissible link cord depressed The commission had to rely on the physical and circumstantial evidence available, including the DNA and Cctv footage, pennies mobile phone records and the recording of heard, nor not north pole. Enhanced version of the call was played to the jury with Hilary and travel faster, telling the core. The fear in their daughters voice was palpable. Colleagues, defence tame attempted to pin their crime on their clients. Former Hazel would food supervisor James Dennis who and tipped police alphabet colleagues in the early days of the investigation in the year, he's beforehand, his murder James had lent Kali sixteen thousand pounds to help him Saudis last year, but instead
colleagues gambled the money away when, James demanded. He repay the money. Kali Did the dead be cleared, threatening to go public with a fictitious room that he had an affair with the James is was in response to this attempt at blackmailing Kali claimed that James these brother orchestrated and elaborate revenge plot against him, wherein he was abducted, bound and a blonde folded and then forced to write Penta Foster justifying why he seamen had been found in his van and on her clothing. James Dennis took the stand to vehemently deny these allegations with his wife. Also testifying she barely New Kali and had never been romantically involved within. Prosecution, Loya Nicholas Hangin accused Kali of being a self confessed Eliah saying he had
five and a half years to concoct this wild and elaborate story. Quite. Have told the jury what you did to Anna, but you substituted yourself. Instead of her on Tuesday November. Twenty five teeth: ass a night after six weeks of trial and five hours of deliberations, the jury, Grey. Diversity. Finding Melinda, passing Kali guilty of Hannah fosters murder. He showed in our motion, as the verdict was delivered slightly shaking his head, while had his family hope and lay wept prior to sentencing. A victim impact statement prepared by Hilary Foster was read to the court by hand his art moving several members of the jury. To tease Hilary spoke
if the pain of family had endured upon not only losing Hannah under the most violent of circumstances, but from the prolonged suffering Kali had caused by purposefully evading police detection, fighting extradition proceedings and arguing that he's human rights be respected when he had so carelessly disregarded her daughters, wrought tools, ass, she said: had it not been for her other daughter, Sarah, she would have lost the will to live Hilary statement. Red. when a mother gives birth, she has an immediate instinctive need to know each other and protect her child. I would give anything to change places with Anna to take away the terror and pain she suffered, that noise For the rest of my life, I will feel the guilt that I wasn't there when she needed me most. She died tat
fired and alone with a naval. Stranger appeal, as their Kali has ripped out my heart and stamped on it. Anna was a gentle peace. Loving girl, who was never to cope with raised their voices and certainly not any threat of violence. She would have been frozen with feel unable to run or fight the proverbial land to the slowdown. We cherish every moment we spent with China. We have so many happy memories
and see her now running along the beach with Sarah stopping to practice, heard ballet exercises so slight and graceful hardly leaving a footprint in the sand. I miss her quiet ways, snuggled up with a book in the garden or cuddling up with her father and the city to snake some warmth armies. Those intimate chat on Miss her so much the sense of loss, is unbearable, we're heartbroken and will always remain so Hannah. Your short life enriched the lives of so many people, you'll never be forgotten.
Forever. My darling little girl. May you now rest in peace, presiding, judge, justice case addressed Kali directly has he said it took a long time for you to be brought to justice, but the law Caught up with you in the end, the jury saw through your laws and you stand there exposed as a heartless, send contemptible man who adopted and write a seventeen year old, go with everything to look for and then callously and quite premeditated early took her life. So she would not be able to point the finger of
I'll. Take you for Hannah's matter: Kali was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum time of twenty four years to run concurrently with an additional twelve years for right and six years for false imprisonment and kidnapping, taking into account time served awaiting expedition. To the. U K the sentence: mains colleagues will be eligible for parole into the US and thirty at the age of sixty three. Yes, I'd call the foster family voiced their disappointment in the sentence saying they believed Kali should spend the rest of his life in prison. Travel faster, said
This sentence gives him the right to a second chance at life. A second chance he never gave Hannah to see colleague, laugh valued in this way when he showed such other disregard for Hannay's is hurtful beyond measure. The punishment should fit the crime. In this case, it certainly did nor the desk. and disgrace nor nor non core placed by Anna faster on the night of her abduction was discussed during her murder trawl with prosecution, Loya Nicholas Hag in telling the court cannot probably thought that the operator would listen to the conversation and work out that she was being held against her will and that the operator would contact them
life. Unfortunately, Hannah would not have known that there was a system in place to prevent accidently dialed emergency calls from blocking up the system. Pennies coal was disconnected after only a very short time, and so there was no response to her attempt to get help to avoid similar situations from happening again. The! U K lace watchdog launched a campaign to raise awareness of nine nine silent solutions. Feature instruction guide released by the independent office for police conduct, advice call is to tap the button civil coffee into the phone if they find themselves unable to speak directly to the emergency services operator, the solid solutions fade shot that required to call is to dial fifty five to receive. Assistance was also heavily publicized, a requisite that may have
acted Highness fight. Had she been aware, following colleagues arrest, the reward money was distributed between a dozen indian citizens who provided police with pivotal information that led to his capture Taxi draw by Jason left out was one recipient, receiving five thousand lb for alerting police to call his presence in Dodge Healing Jason had come from a poor family that had been. Dead from a quality education and it had always been he's drain to open a school that provided free education for underprivileged children using. he's portion of the reward money. He purchased the plot of land in a small village remote poor area in North EAST India and in two thousand five open defray school
and the Hannah Memorial that carry me Jason stated more than the money. It is the feeling of having helped the police nab such a dangerous criminal. That made me happy a year later, Jason picked up to british tourists who are visiting Darjeeling and told them about the school. The couple Christine Browning and Roger Micheletti visited the facility and were inspired to help upon returning to the UK. They tracked down the first of May. Way to tell them about the great efforts Jason was making in honour of their daughter. They began collecting charitable donations and books to send to India with the Hunter Memorial Academy, soon growing to accommodate one hundred and twenty five students.
The new road has since been constructed to gain better access to the school. With the mayor of Darjeeling, naming it Hannah Memorial Road, a local doktor visits the school regularly to provide free check, ups and treatment to the peoples with the school now serving as a polio vaccine nation Santa making it a fitting tribute to Hannah. He dreamed of one day becoming a doctor. A statement from Hilary and travel faster on the schools website rate losing Hanner in such circumstances has made our solely cynical and distrustful finding out that this group Jack Tis. A genuine philanthropic gesture from Jason has gone a long way to restoring our faith in human nature. We thank him for naming the school after Hannah, which has made us by the very grateful and very proud.
She had a huge appetite for learning where short but that will rub off on all those broad. I d get children who will benefit from this school in Southampton at the rear of half your church, an ATM inch bronze statue of dancing go toddled. The Spirit of youth has been erected in Hannah's. Ana account, we need to buy a plock which reigns. Hannah was a much admired and respected street in broad, friendly, intelligent and caring, not only What's her fellow students at all, I love and respect for the world. We live in as a talented, dancer herself. This figure brimming with energy and grace, is designed to be an inspiration to other young people,
It's the same church way he's earlier. Hannah was solemnly fair world by her family friends and the greater Southampton community. During the poignant service, her friend highly had delivered a poem which read Hannah Hannah softly dream of a gun.
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