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When American couple Tom and Eileen Lonergan set out to visit Australia, they were particularly looking forward to putting their diving skills to good use. On January 25 1998, they took advantage of the perfect weather conditions and boarded a charter boat at the Port Douglas Marina for a day out exploring the Great Barrier Reef. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill and Milly Raso  Episode researched by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-133-tom-eileen-lonergan
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support place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. The weather conditions in Tropical Far North Queensland on Sunday January, twenty five nineteen ninety eight were ideal for a day on the great barrier reef, it was hot and sunny with blue skies, and the glass lock water was still went. Plea shortly after right. I am the twenty six passengers who had booked diving expedition with China. Both company outer edge, doth, gathered at the Moraine Import Douglas, apply resort town located sixty five kilometres from can't the region's largest city. Nine were certified. Others eleven were student divers and six were day trip is all were excited to experience
one of the seven natural wonders of the world and explore three of the twenty nine hundred individual coral reefs that stretched over the three hundred and forty four thousand square kilometre area, five crew, members from adder edge doff. Wherever saying the days activities, including the businesses color Jeffrey Name, better known as Jack who was acting as relieving skipper the passengers were asked to store their shoes in rags by the dock to be collected upon their return, and at eight thirty I am, they boarded the M yeah, I read to commence their journey, they visited Three different dog sought throughout the day arriving at that no destination of Saint Crispin Rafe, just after two p m. Like added thirty, eight nautical miles off the coast on the east. in border of the great barrier reef, Saint Crispin is a popular, diving and snorkeling spot. It contain.
The spectacular abundance of marine life and Karl formations bout with only full boat mornings. It is typically quiet. outer edge. Dogged seldom visited the site as it didn't offer much protection and was known for its chameleon, like quality, where the calm waters could quickly give way to fast moving tides, The visiting David wanted to say it around two hundred and twenty p dot m, with the warm twenty nine degrees celsius, water, leading some to forgo their wetsuits in favor of swimsuits Although the water was only twenty made, his date, the outer edge crew members advised the dog is not to go. Any data than twelve made is after forty minutes of exploring the Rafe
Passengers were called back to the boat to embark on their ninety minute journey back to Port Douglas. They departed Saint Crispin, three, twenty p m with the crew serving food and chilled beverages today, happy and relaxed guests. The boat did the moraine error at five p m and after everyone had departed, the crew discovered a dive bag and a plastic bag had been left on board. This wasn't unusual. This passage is often left belongings behind by accident. The bags were set safely Assad with the expectation they would soon be claimed by their rightful line is the following day of Monday January, twenty six contain year out at a red crew. Member was working on another two when he came across, seeks loose dogging whites on a sea bed not far from Saint Crispin Rafe whites have worn by daughters to counteract the buoyancy of their bodies and diving equipment.
Making it easier to move around underwater and remained submerged. It was odd for so many white to be lost in such a remote location, but the crew member didn't think much of it and returned the items that account Many current Jackie, Nan called the find a bonus at seven. A m on Tuesday January twenty seven, nay. I noticed that the bags that are being left behind And two days prior still haven't been client. He peed inside the dive bag, discovering contained a wallet, some papers, a teacher and die glasses, while the plastic bag contained more clothing, the owners diving equipment, including snorkel, sweat, suits and Finns, were nowhere. To be saying. Nan then checked the infantry and realised that to rent a letter
Thanks were also went, accounted for, feeling lucky had quote being hit by a ton of bricks, name called another crew member and said on can and that we may have left to divers on the Rafe. It looks really sauce. News concerning discovery spread to other crew members, prompting them together. There at the outer edge offices to discuss the matter
Man had arranged the unclaimed contents of the diving, bad gonna catch and kept repeating to his stuff. This is all very sauce, The wallowed identified the items as belonging to an american couple: thirty three year Old Tom alone, again and he's twenty eight year old, Wi Fi laying their shoes were still in the rack said the dock and staff recognised. The clothing is having being warned by the couple prior to them changing into their wetsuit dive. Companies were required to Kate details about all their passengers including the addresses of whether I was staying and alone against accommodation was listed as the walk about hostile in Cannes, and told the hostile and enquired about the couple only to be told I haven't been seen since leaving on their diving trip to the great barrier reef two days earlier.
Tom and I laid met and fell in love while attending the Ways Vienna State University in their home town of Batten Rouge. They had a lot in common, both were raised in catholic families and what dedicated regions. They shed a love for the doors and enjoyed spending time together, hawking and camping with their families describing them as inseparable income, age. They both the joined, the AIR Force Reserve Office, a training course and after graduating they moved to Jefferson Taxes, where Tom got a job as a chemical engineer for the air force. While largely began working as a teacher on June, twenty four nineteen, eighty eight- they surprised their friends and family by eloping. Quietly in a private ceremony, seven years later in nineteen, ninety five they fulfilled,
I flung dream of our lanes by volunteering teachers for the United States pace. Call they moved to the South Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu, where they lived without electricity or a telephone, food and mail was delivered by bow once every six weeks and although the world, in the loft star was challenging. The couple embraced the adventure. They were, both passionate scooby divers With variety dives age on their record and they took to the warders whenever conditions were right. they loved learning about coral and fish with their most unforgettable doth occurring in Fiji in ninety ninety seven, when they swam with Wiles Tom, wrote about the experience in his personal door. Stating none of our other dogs have been comparable. I just type that we haven't been spoiled after completing day,
to use dent in the peace Corps the loan against plant, to return to the United States and to move to Hawaii said it could study marine biology. They decided to spend three months travelling around the world beforehand visiting a Indonesia and France stopping at some of the world's best dawning spots along the way. Queensland was their first destiny and they are in Cannes on January fifteen. Ninety ninety eight, where they checked into the walk about hostile, they were, You get to go dotting right away, but tropical storms had stood up the sea resulting in murky waters. The loan again attempted one dive, but were dissatisfied with the conditions and decided to extend this day in the hope that the weather would improve. When the water finally cleared up, they built a tree,
through the outer edge dive company and on the morning of Sunday January, twenty five they go back to the port, Douglas Marina for the boats, eight thirty departure on age boat. a member of staff was designated the role of dive master. It was dead. To maintain a written log of when each diver entered and exited the water, the role of dive master for the loan against trip had been assigned to Cathy Traversing But it was an unusual for crew members to swap jobs throughout the day break what's taken on January. Twenty five show that at the first to dive sides, Tom darling had been ten to fifteen minutes alight to return to the boat at the voyagers final destination of Saint Crispin there. recorded in the log book is entering the water at two twenty pay em around the same time,
as everyone else, but there was no record of them. Returning to the boat, it was the skippers responsibility to do a funnel head can, after eight dive to keep track of the number of passengers on board, but it was unclear exactly that this had occurred. This realization, two days later sparked immediate fees for the couple safety after Identifying Tom and our lanes abandoned belongings. On Tuesday January twenty seven jacket, Nan notified the Palais said, eight fifteen p m we arrived at the outer edge offices shortly after senior constable stave, Burgess assembled the panicked staff and told them now is not the time to protect. Your back sides to people's lives may depend on what you tell me. Honesty is the best policy
see regulations required that all scuba diving be alighted into different groups based on experience with a separate girl for snorkel. Is the crew called that torment, Eileen had turned down and instructor and had instead requested to dive together as a body tat, given they were experienced and competent divers. They were given permission to do so. Unlike most The other divers who adopted two went to the waters of Saint Crispin Rafe in nothing, but this swimsuits. The couple had Joe
into where full five millimeter thick wetsuit, gloves and caps, and today chanted the warder carrying at tank containing sixty minutes of ass, apply when the boat prepared to leave at three p m. None of the crew recalled seeing anyone left behind in the water, nor were any micro bubbles which are released by submerged divers visible on the surface. Mokroe Bobo's could typically be saying within two hundred feet of the race and one against were expected to swear many further than that. The boat was anchored only ten fade off the reef and at the end of the expedition diving instructor colleges, ASCII had cleared the anchor himself to avoid damaging the rafe. As far as he was aware, he was the last person to exit the water that day
Carl said the boats engine had run out of the ten minutes, with the exhausts clearly visible underwater, even if them on again said swam in the wrong direction. This alone should have alerted them to return, although Carl admitted they may not have been able to hear the engine, as the sand may have been marked by the Rafe. police asked the crew, whose responsibility it was to maintain the passenger log. Cathy traversing, who acted as dive master on the day of the trip, said it was the responsibility of diving instructor, Harold, closer Herald a great but said Cathy also had a responsibility as she had taken the law thought. For the day Cathy was unsure whether the law against returned to the boat, recalling
would I remembered somebody I didn't focus. I just can't remember the boats manifest recorded twenty six passengers when asked about headcount had been conducted before returning to Shore Harold closer said. I think someone might have done one, I'm just not sure he lighted clarified. The skipper told me to count the number of passengers. I told the skipper twenty four just then he said to me: there are two people who just jumped off the boat, so I can't those two people, twenty four plus two equals twenty six after the expedition Abbas, had been scheduled:
type two hundred and twenty six visiting daughters from the port Douglas Marina today at various places of accommodation, went to almond Joy Lane failed to show the bus driver looked for them at an ice cream. Parlor cafe, send a pop, but was unable to find them the remaining twenty four passengers off and upon returning to the bus company office in full, Da Pereda Corinne ants carnival of the situation there Company had an agreement in place where, if they failed to collect their passenger, the two abode open It is what liable for their alternative trouble costs. According to Korean, she found the outer edge and spoke to a man she couldn't identify, who confirmed it was ok for the boss to have departed without them on against mass visitor
to Australia. There would have been no one else to raise the alarm when the couple failed to return to their hostile that nine, the United States till it in Sydney was notified. That alone, again were missing, who in turn break the news. Tom and die lanes, families informing them that they shouldn't get their hopes up that the couple would be found Ten twenty p m, the national headquarters of the Israeli in search and rescue service, were informed and a wide scale. Sir was organized to commence at first lot. Do today. to day delay in anyone noticing Tom in lanes absence. The search grid had debate quadrupled by six. I am the following:
Morning of Wednesday January twenty eight the had been lost at sea for sixty three hours: seventeen aeroplanes to helicopters and numerous boats. Man with police and divers comment, the search they were joined by the envy outer edge with Jack Nan at the helm. Dozens of volunteers also assisted with private boats, global charters and fishing vessel scouting the borders. Navy divers focused on the area around sank, Crispin, Rafe known as fish city, where another door had last seen, the couple swimming twelve made his day. Twelve hours of intensive surgeon. That's covering a vast area of sea and sky uncovered know, try surveyed the Tom or I lay that same day, authorities.
again and investigation into why it took two days before anyone noticed the couple missing detectives were called in, and the queen's land state government launched its own urgent investigation. It was difficult for investigators to establish a clear time line of events preceding the disappearance, as records kept by outer read were big. You, and some appear to have been altered, timings recorded in the crews, personal logbooks didn't aligned with the vessels official log, nor with witness statements estimate just when the envy add a red departed, sank: Crispin, Rafe, a very within half an hour of three p m and its arrival to port Douglas was reported as any time between four thirty and five p m the full scale. So
resumed at first lot on Thursday January twenty nine. But this point news of the couples disappearance had been picked up on media outlets in astronomy and the United States. Distraught family members told reporters about the failure of the dogging crew to ensure that couple had boarded the boat. With our lanes grandfather asking it sounds pretty ridiculous. Don't I can't head so check names, Tom's, mother, Elizabeth alone, again stated we are devastated, that it could be a mistake and accident is why thing, but if it was a failure on somebody's part to do what they should of its even worse, the families felt helpless being so far away and unable to participate in the search bar lanes. Parents said all they could do was pray with her father, Johnny Haines tell
the media. We don't see how God can refuse our prayers. He has the mean he's hands, ADA you'll, bring them back to us or who bring them to him himself in Heaven. Aid away, joy will be found. Detective speculated that the envy, how to read, had left Saint Crispin quicker than usual in an attempt to make up for lost time, as the expedition was already running. Forty minutes behind schedule. the outer edge diving, instructor colleges and ASCII told reporters that ahead can't had been taken before the boat left for sure, but the couple quote somehow fell through this system. He explained further. They asked specifically not to
dot with a dive master said that were driving on their own, which is cool, but if they didn't die the plan, then all of a sudden I come to the surface and there's no boat there. by Friday January thirty. The aeroplane search was called off. Queensland Emergency Services helicopter remained in operation. It had been for days Tom and Darlene were reported missing and the strong currents could have carried far from their last denying location. In addition, several store
hit. The Coral sea area on the days following the disappearance of police spokesperson told the media the couples chances of survival when now almost non existent. That evening, the air and sea search was officially called off, while police and volunteers continue to scale the coastlines. On Sunday February, one and inflatable buoyancy. Life fast was discovered, Kelly Beige, a crocodile infested area, roughly sixty five kilometres north, of where Tom Darlene were last seen. written on the left hand side of the vast, where the words Tom Loan again Peace Corps, Fiji. Police initiated a search focused around carry badge but didn't find anything else of significance.
Exactly one way player on Sunday February I a scuba diving fin, marked by laying l Was recovered on the Remote Northern Ireland of Indian Head eighty kilometres north of where Tom's vest was banned. it's all into agent sparked hopes that the couple may have reached the land and could still- alive over the following days, other items were recovered. including an underwater camera to dive tanks and a dive who'd into buoyancy, life fast with island name on them All items wherein knee perfect condition and both like best said Beynon Barcode, indicating they had been deliberately removed around the same time, an employee of another diving to accompany ninety Quicksilver found a green and gray women's wetsuit matching our lane saws
snagged to upon two scientists from the University of Queensland examined: barnacle growth on the zipper and determine TAT had likely being submerged in the ocean since January. Twenty six, tear marks along the bodies and down PETE area were room it to have been caused by shocks but well. Lighted determined to have resulted from contact with Carl. Considering our lanes. Wetsuit wasn't custom made. It would have caused terrible chafing around the back of her. Eggs and under her arms within several hours, likely delirious from prolonged exposure to the sun experts believed she likely removed it in a desperate attempt for comfort. This act would have required her to remove her fins, explaining what I had washed up on shore without either of these items. It wouldn't have taken long for a lane to reach.
Point of sheer extortion and day and fall into unconsciousness. Eddie said, maintained a tight lipped approach throughout their investigation, but in light February a police spokesperson disclosed the most basic and most beloved thing we can say is that it is quite clear that they were left behind at sea and will, though, we cannot prove this. The day have perished the rest Is quite a mystery on March seven nineteen. Ninety eight, it was announced that the outer edge that company would face charges for alleged breaches to Queensland Workplace Health and safety legislation. I lanes, parents and brother arrived in Australia later that month and on April one day
held a memorial service, the Tom and Darlene at Saint Crispin Rafe, placing too big of flowers in the ocean. As a minister, Red Babo passages aloud. I lanes brother, John Junior, told the media, we came to Queensland and fully realising that we will never see a lane and Tom again to go to Saint Crispin, was very important for us We will return home with memories of a very beautiful place where I lane and Tom lost their lives and of the generosity and hospitality of the people of coins. Land. Theory surrounding Tom and Door lanes mysterious disappearance where abundant and don't you In twenty seven Brisbane, Mayo newspaper suggested that the couple may affect their own deaths. Supporting this
Harry whether ideal say conditions at the time of the dive which some fell would have made it easy for the pair to make the six kilometres swim north to the nearest brightly lit upon two that was permanently moored at Agincourt. Rafe. There was also another diving bout, anchored: six kilometers south of Saint Crispin, a fishing boat to the north and sorting of a third bird in the area. A channel market bacon, a partially submerged device used to identify safe water channels to navigate through was also situated on the western side of Saint Crispin and the North westerly current led to a nearby sand bank. In addition, the couples decision to dawn full diving g was viewed by some that they would Prepared to navigate the ocean for an extended period of time, the lack of damage to their recovery diadems suggested I may have.
Ali discarded their equipment to create the illusion. They had been lost at sea. Reports emerged that in nineteen eighty five, a man named Milton Harris who also came from alone against time. Tat of batten Rouge and was a fellow member of their church had staged his eye disappearance from it in waters of New Zealand for the purpose of making a fraudulent insurance Klein? Some believed this. Or he might have inspired the law against two stage. There ain't deaths, but it seemed unlikely as deck and blind laughing Europe's policies only amounted to forty five thousand. U S dollars, neither policy had been paid out and the couples bank accounts remained untouched in the weeks following their disappearance. Twenty six alleged sightings of the couple were reported across the strata, none of which would danger
reliable authorities also felt. The couple would have encountered great difficulty trying to hide when their faces, but please said Oliver National Newspapers and Television Reports- Graham Cornet, a member of the poor. Douglas Moraine Tourist operators. Association who ran the local dive centre believed they can do Since were mild enough- and there was ample a man of lot remaining on January. Twenty five to enable too in to reach the pontoon or other boats in proximity. He told the age newspaper. there is no indication at this stage that they have been killed. It say there are no bodies. The equipment found has not been shredded. It is almost impossible for them to be taken by a shock. There are no big shocks in the re very aware they were. There won what be grateful black deprave shocks, thy a dose of two
they D shocks, I've never heard of an attack by any of days, and if there had been won it would have been remnants of what suits and body somewhere. There is absolutely nothing. Graham also set, an unidentified boat had been decided at the reef. The day Tom and Darlene went missing, implying that had picked up the pair and brought them to shore. Unsubstantiated theories pertaining to the couple survival were rumoured to have been started by those within the dive industry. in the mid nineties nineties. Approximately one point: three million dollars in snorkel as flocked to the great barrier reef rate, the resulting in four million day trips to the Rafe annually, the dog. the street provided employment to roughly fifty thousand people and generated four point: three billion dollars per annum. If it was determined,
alone against death was the followed of a professional dive to accompany the entire. The street would be negatively impacted. The guardian newspaper claimed that tone cholera come on her of adder edge. The company at the centre of the scandal, was predominantly responsible for spreading the conspiracy theories. In contrast case investigators was certain Tom and dawdling where the safest, led detective sergeant Poor praised called Karen to fish, show two thousand and twenty this by simpler and safer ways to stage your own disappearance, then to get on a boat jumping. The sea have some expectation that there's going to be a flawed headcount you're, going to be missed on a dialogue or hearing collaboration with the skipper and crew of that vessel bore you, ve got submarine somewhere in the neighbourhood it didn't take.
much to realise that this wasn't a case of a staged disappearance. It's quite simply that they'd being left at sea, regardless the public obsession with uncovering the truth bled to bizarre and desperate acts. Channel ten report is conducted an interview with Bob shame at Divina, who claimed find missing people as they filmed him, overlooking the Queensland Coastline and making he's predictions a car. Dr past, the filming location with a couple inside that unused grew believed with alone again they chased the vehicle down. Only to discover the pair were Australians Other experts were certain tormentor laying never left the coral say this, Ro kilometers swing to the nearest pontoon surrounding boats, so chunnel market bacon would have been a far more demanding venture than sceptics issue
and the pair only had five hours of daylight remaining to make the journey him. Blistering thirty five degree hate against strong currency that would have been pushing them both area to say. Professor Roger, he is an expert in oceanography from the University of Melvin, explained that, from a total viewpoint, the great barrier reef could be described as a gigantic bathtub quote as the toy it comes in at fills quickly from the open sea de ocean flows into the Rafe, like water river, flowing from tab on the air baviaan going toward a messy volume of water empty only into the ocean, across race and and RO channels called checkpoints.
the area where the loan again had been diving was wrought me. One of these checkpoints and the tides had already started to turn birthrate thirty p m, moving spades of up to one, not by seven fifteen p m. There was estimated The couple were likely carried three nautical miles west towards the coast, with no choice but to tread water. The entire time when night descended the rising tide would have flowed to the east, taking the loan again towards the outer wall of the reef and into open it is an article featured in the age. Newspaper explained that, in order for Tom and die lane to stay together, they would have needed to weigh the hold hands or used there now wifeless darting belt to bind themselves had they managed to survive the first night. They would have been severely dehydrated and disoriented by the following morning. Storms,
days following may have given them the opportunity to collect fresh water, though country to some reports, there were indeed deadly. Sharks present in the area posing a lingering danger in the months preceding the incident. Local fishermen. Reported saying more shocks than ever in the surrounding waters off the Rafe one said. There are twenty shocks ya out their targets. Do not just rushing and bought they take a couple of hours to make up their minds, and that is very frightening You lose your loved one to a tiger and you witness it and to know you are next.
police had conducted a search of the law against hostile room and found their personal diaries in the safe, along with their passports and travel as checks. Both diaries included several countries that indicated the couple may have been going through some personal trauma with Tom's writings noted, is particularly interesting, active and somewhat morose compared to those of his wife, investigate Is withheld the diaries contents from the public be clarified that neither contained anything that suggested the day. That's all, moreover, Lane intended to went their lives. Nevertheless, the press circulated a new theory. couple. Today they carried out a joint suicide or that Tom had. I quote: death wish and orchestrated a murder suicide plaudits, say. Some believed tat may have wanted to die alongside these was that we held this from her and alive.
her to pass away unaware of these intentions due to their release just believes that those who wended their own lives would be denied access to Heaven. on April, twenty two one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. Almost three months after the Lonigan's went missing police confirmed that they were extending their investigation into the couple's disappearance based on new information that it come to The day after torment, Ireland vanished about run by the Quicksilver Diving Company took a large group of italian tourists out to the re fur diving session. The skipper claimed to have heard american accents on board, which stood out against the italian voices ahead. Can't was conducted when their vessels and to shore revealing three more passengers aboard than when the group departed. A month later, the owner of a port Douglas Bookstore
the press that, on Tuesday January twenty seven an American cup wanted her store and purchased six postcards and two maps of the northern territory. Unlike other american tourists, who were typically chatty. This couple were timid and quiet the males, said they had been working in Fiji and finally Bain in Australia. For a few days the store. I had reported the incident to police shortly after hearing of the loan against disappearance, but it was wakes before they to occur. Official statement, a police spokesperson, stated, they had included her report in their investigation but believed there was a quiet. Brazen about chance. She was mistaken if people are going to fight their own disappearance. Why would they go back to the town you disappeared from and declare yourself as American? From page three weeks later,
Fraud. I June twenty six. Ninety ninety eight to fishermen. patrolling mangroves swamp near out your point, one hundred and seventy five kilometres north of port Douglas when they came across a weather to divers slight. The divorce, similar in appearance to a small whiteboard was used for communicating underwater That red Monday January twenty six, ninety ninety eight eight I am to anyone who can help us. We have been it and don't Agincourt Rafe by envy outer edge. Please help to rescue us before we die help.
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Testing of algae on the divers slight reveal that had been in the water for several months and handwriting experts concluded. The message was written by Tom alone. Again, the discovery contradicted the theory that Tom had carried out an active murder suicide with acquired in the age lighter Stating it is not a message from a man who wanted to die but occur from a man and woman who were desperate to live by this point. The police had already closed the investigation and submitted the case that the car not to conduct a formal inquiry according to their report, A team of nor in offices at thoroughly and painstakingly investigated the case for six months. They concluded
Tom and Darlin one again had been left out at sea due to one satisfactory safety measures carried out by the outer edge doors company, the Koran you'll inquest to placing cans on Monday September. Seven. Ninety ninety eight in deigned to determine who was culpable. for the law against fight several ladder. Edge staff exercised their right to remain silent, including Colonna, skipper, Jack, Nan and two other crew members who had important roles on January, twenty five dive master, Cathy traverse I and the instructor allegedly responsible for the botched headcount George period. If it was revealed,
that senior constable stave Burgess had taken covert recordings of his initial conversations with the outer edge crew. On January twenty seven, when the police were first informed, the couple were missing. The recordings were plating core during which the crew members sanded penitent confused by the possibility they had left to die visit, say at one stage, Nan reference to the couples belongings. That debate, Behind on the boat saying tonight, I looked in the bag and thought Jesus Christ, it's gotta woollen papers in it Christopher cops in acting senior inspector with the department Employment, training and industrial relations spoke critic. We have had a register operations concluding there was enough evidence to show that company had a history of leaving dive thoughts with they are conducting proper had gowns, in contrast against local who, it.
participated in the January. Twenty five diving expedition gave a glowing review of the two accompany stating it was the best of forty dogs. He had ever been on. He hadn't Modest whether I had can had been carried out at the end of the day, tests many was given bukharin ants, carnival all the operators in the bus company responsible for transporting the twenty six member to a group to and fro. The port Douglas Marina on January, twenty five her original statement to police Corinne said she The outer edge that evening explaining the loan again said, failed to return to the boss a man on the other line indicated it was fun for the vehicle to have left without them at the time Karin denied, knowing who she spoke to on the phone in court. She admitted this was a lie and that she had really spoken to Jack. Indiana
She withheld his name from police at the time had of a misguided desire to protect in explaining. I thought he must be feeling absolutely terrible. I didn't want to hurt him on now realise that wasn't up to me to make those judgments wrote a pension and diving struck. Tour operator and member of the coins land governments task force on recreational diving, told the court that a stranger diver would likely discard their lot best because swimming in one was difficult and ineffective. He explored and the longer you have to swim. The worse you become awaits you would chafe, particularly under the arms. Eventually, you might think about taking the wetsuit off. Cow, just a nasty one of the crew members on board
then they had a also testified. He had cleared anchor at Saint Crispin. A day Tom and Darlene disappeared and didn't see any sign of the pair. During the ten minutes. The vessel whited before departing for land upon Returning to the dogs call noticed the couples abandoned shoes in the racks, but thought they must have belonged to crew members who was still on the boat. He described the headcount process as a valuable and inadequate system, hiding passengers are constantly moving around you thereon nowadays there chatting and drinking wandering around he vaguely call that the miscalculated headcount. On January, twenty five was carried out by diving instructor George period. The testimony provided by other witnesses questioned whether the headcount had been carried out at all.
Following the third day at the inquest, proceedings were adjourned to. Now, the coroner and other gourd officials to visit and swing the rafe to get a sense of the conditions faced by the law against court resumed on October, one during which experts debated the couples outcome, Based on the relatively intact state of their work Belongings Dane done locally, that torment Eileen were attacked by shocks, but rather voluntarily disk dead, darling equipment after succumbing to delirium as a result of dehydration. Without the buoyancy provided by day again, the couple would have been unable to tread water along and would have drowned soon after. when petty office Abrek Daniels of the royal australian Navy, so late clearance, dogging division appeared in court to discuss the search efforts
I just legal counsel asked him. If you have to do is both working with the usual diving g into one of those divers wished to kill the other. How would that be achieved? The hated back and forth in shewed between the various legal systems, with the prosecution objecting to the query, on the grounds that quite Navy divers and not assassins they labelled reports that the law against had a death wish as wild and unsubstantiated objectionable in it, miserable nonsense. Adding that investigators had these proven this rumour outer edges legal tame, pressed the matter, prompting the prosecution to call the allegation disgusting and slanderous The coroner allowed the line of questioning to continue within a limited scope, petty officer, bread, Daniels suggested
on way for a dog at to kill another was to remove the breathing valve from their mouth and then hold them. On the water until they drowned. over one wake. Eight hundred pay Jesus statements and nearly sixty exhibits were presented to the court with the age newspaper describing the inquiry is one of astride. The is most extraordinary courtroom dramas, the prosecutor, and concluded that alone again said, died as a result of the outer edge and jack finance quite slipshod. Devil, may care attitude, both at sea and the shore. They said the lack of systems clarifying who was responsible for what led to a tragedy of errors and that the only mystery surrounding the case was why the crew had failed. The white for the loan again return, the prosecution recommended Jackie name, face criminal charges, saying he added decay,
He's responsibility for his passengers on Friday October non the coroner presented his findings. He called the speculation that the couple were still alive had fight their own debts or carried out a suicide. Why ugly, inaccurate and based on misleading information. He criticised the fifty one hours it took four jack again to realise the Americans were missing and committed him to stand trial for the means. We are of Tom and Darling one again by criminal negligence. There were no adverse findings against The remaining at a wretch staff who were described by the coroner as inexperienced relief, Kurt Queensland State government, also announced that name would be facing separate charges for bridging state health in the workplace. Safety laws outside core Nan appeared, visibly upset
and proclaimed his innocence. I lanes mother. Cathy welcome to the end of the painful inquest telling report is: we hope, the government Queensland will formulate some laws to govern the dive industry, which is a dangerous industry. Right now, following the inquest, a government task force was assembled to look into coins lands, dive industry on November Five draft report found that the voluntary nature of the current safety guidelines had proven problematic and called for all basic safety standards to be made compulsory, The proposed regulations included mandatory had cats, individual logbook signing upon entering leaving the warder trained, looking out on all boats and the employment of more diving inspectors. Taskforce chairperson
Clark Bob recommended that operators who fail to comply with the new regulations be prosecuted stating its time. The door industry to look at the fact that there needs to be something done about the deaths and the incidents which have been occurring. In November nineteen. Ninety nine Jack Indians trial commenced in the CAN Supreme Court where he, I did not guilty to charges of criminal negligence causing two cats of unlawful death. If found guilty, he faced the possible prison term of twenty years. presiding Judge Justice Stanley Giants wanted the jury to ignore the publicity surrounding the case. Because much of it was irrelevant or inadmissible. He clarify that it wasn't a question of whether name acted with intent to kill the law against, but whether he failed in his duty to keep these passengers safe.
The outer edge crew members testified that, while headcount were routine, no one in particular took responsibility for conducting them a trance ripped of an early police interview with Nan was read to the court in which he said. I will accept full risk. Ability, for I am the master of the vessel, it was my understanding that the instructor did it can, but it is all a bit sketchy by to George: did he can't those to Paypal? And he said yes, I did. Daintily, remember saying: did you get those two people who jumped in the water the prosecution stated that any confusion, rigour, The but whether a couple had jumped back into the water could have been easily rectified if a crew member had simply checked the dialogue which would have revealed the London's hadn't returned
defence lawyer, tiny, gleam, relied heavily on the theory that the couple had ended their own lives or fight their own deaths Tom and Darlene were prolific direst and he used excerpts from their countries to suggested was developing an increasingly Blake view of life and to looking for a quick and peaceful death tell the jury that Tom was discontented with these future Elaine had Aren t height teaching and that country to well would appearances the key who were unhappy in life much Pain of Tom and die lanes families he ready out excerpts from both diaries, revealing that personal one private content publicly. For the first time in one country,
Tom was highly critical of his personality, describing himself as of noxious overbearing, presumptuous, intrusive, irrelevant to the point of insensitive self centred and offensive In another dated June, sixteen nineteen, ninety seven Tom right, that he was quote in deaths, waiting room Appearing to address these writings directly to god- oh Jesus, he explained blackish student whose finished and examined these merely waiting. Two handed in and go up here. Though my life is complete, and I M ready. To die, however, that and to some one else. It is I feel in my heart, on December we ve day naughty naughty. Seven Tom right away. the joys of making love to his wife, but added a passage that red.
Its clear to me now that not only does love not get much worse than this. That hardly, in fact gets any better I lanes writings, were directed more so to herself and expressed concern for her husband's wellbeing. She ride. you, Tom have a debt wish. I believe this way, My very well lead you to be in the right place at the right time to get what you want. I might get caught in that too, since we remained physically together. So much of the time, it's a risk. I take two weeks before their decision where is she explained? Tom, doesn't know what he wants to do with these life. He thinks he's ready to die. He seems too, Want to get out while life is good.
have my life and I m terrified by death. A couple of nights ago, Tom explained to me in great detail: He feels he lost his eyes and he is ready to die nicely he's afraid. She concluded a long passage with the question just as he formed his death wish to include may, and I thought it off in my dream: I formed my life wish to include him whose will is stronger. During closing arguments, the prosecution concluded, that was names, responsibility to bring the law against home safely from the reef and he failed to do so. In response, the defence told the jury. There are no bodies. The evidence suggests that they are not dead. It is a question
For you to decide, if you have any doubt about this issue, then you must have quit my client. On Wednesday November. Twenty four nineteen. Ninety nine, after less than Ninety minutes deliberation the jury found to Jack Nan not guilty for the dark it appeared, a stove, an enormous burden had been lifted from his shoulders names. Father burst into tears, Yes, well, I lanes parents sat motionless. Information Justice Jones, stated that in order to convey to the jury, had to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the loan against what dead, that means actions was sufficient to cause their death, and there was sufficient recklessness so grave Mauro, guilt on names, behalf deserving of punishment, justice, giants. Are that, as this gave out mean, was entirely
to rely on the headcount conducted by his crew. He dispelled deposit, Lady, that alone against disappearance, was a suicide plot or an attempt to fight their own deaths as they had no transport, belongings or money, and couldn't be certain that boat would leave without them or the headcount would be flawed. Justice giants quote. The absence of bodies leads to many theories, but it is a tragedy for Mr Mann and it is a tragedy for the families of the law against. Following the judge. Jack Nan Approach, guidelines, parents, Johnny and Cathy Haines shaking Johnny's hand. He said I apologize, I'm so terribly sorry Johnny gave him a hog and wish him luck and Cathy embraced him warmly. Nan left the
What's a random by his wife, father and other supporting family members and friends outside the courthouse. The Haines thanked the astronomy and legal system and expressed compassion, finance Johnny Light at all twenty twenty Nance LAW is never going to be the same. He doesn't have Schedule for jail for these, his life he's got to live with this for the rest of his lost. He told reporters. The defense attorney used those diaries to absolutely slammed off slander to absolutely destroy these two peoples. Reputations I was disappointed in the verdict about luck. The jury didn't believe that they were dead and to me that was the essence of the trial was to prove that they had died.
ah Lanes family struggled with what they call the defence tames deliberate, malicious, Miss quoting of Tom and die lanes. Diary entries I lanes brought, John Junior staunchly rejected the rumours surrounding he seized his disappearance telling the age. I know my sister What is there is not a corn artist. I know she would not kill herself. A former colleague of the missing couple tell twenty twenty, that the suicide theory angered in explaining that just wasn't Tom and die, laying in any way shape,
perform Tom's mother Elizabeth alone again said these were to people. He did nothing but good in their lives. Now in death there are those who would chip in them. I will tell you what the story is they were left behind. That is the story. They could have been picked up by a spaceship, and if that happened, it would still not be the story. The story would be that they were left behind in the first place. All this talk about them, wanting to disappear is just a bunch of garbage. The fact of this story is that somebody left them in the water and they did not reported the two and a half days to prove that defence attorney tiny gleam had cherry pick from the couples stories by taking certain quite out of context there
in favour. If he's argument, the families permitted the Sunday age to publish further acts of the countries that had been presented in court glean had quoted one instance where Tom was self. medical, but in another country he thanked God for all his opportunities to live, learn and serve he expressed these gratitude for he's, healthy, mind, emotional strength and well being and reference these profound, and allowed for. I lane his friends and family. Glenn had also spoken of tonnes, belief that he's lost wouldn't get any better, yet failed to mention that the entry concluded quote The trick now is not to dwell on how long it will last but to enjoy the blessings of the day and let them bring you closer to God.
Glean had read an excerpt from our lanes, Dorie, in which she said she hated teaching and hoped to never teach again but had intentionally withheld the rest of the passage it continued. but teaching has taught me how much I love learning. I am asleep curious. I love beady and I say beauty in well. Most things in logical patterns in bright colours, in the interconnectedness of things in creation, in destruction, I think really. That is why I love life and I love a living to witness beauty. I loved him, because in learning by discover, beauty or feed, are not just because of fear the unknown, but because of the beauty you I will never say this part is web in the damp forest, the Sparta, the sunset,
the tearing snow top mountains, the knowledge or power those mountains got there. The moon Jupiter and the sands of Mars. So much beauty to see in the universe. Sunday, age, journalist, paid a Patrick stated that by viewing the door Countries in their entirety, it was clear that and die lane both highly intelligent people, and that their comments on death were more reflection on life itself. He described Darlene as a shrewd observer of human nature, while Tom Vader losing
the things he loved most, including his wife, his intellect he students and diving the outer edge Doth company planted guilty to negligence in acquaints Land civil court and was fond twenty seven thousand dollars by the states, workplace, health and safety Department for failing to cape inaccurate logbook. The case left jacket, Nan, financially rule hey and these was lost about their house and laughed savings, and his father lost a substantial amount of he's assets to legal phase in an exclusive Interview with the Sunday Age Name said, I don't blame alone against. I don't blame the crew. I don't blame anybody, at present undergoing a healing process. I have a deep feeling of responsibility and remorse. He said
he wished. He could have known Tom and Darlene better as they shed his love for the sea and he hoped to one day, aren't I'm boat again. The loan again incident sparked a crisis of confidence in North Queensland, dive industry and tourism. I didn t mean to tree safety. Regulations for diving buds throughout a strategy of strict regulations were introduced by the Queensland Guzman with all captains and dive masters required to independently confirm age headcount. Despite the new regulations and inspection of fifty nine dive, companies was carried out by the coins, land, health and safety Department in two thousand to resulting in seventy. Six notices being issued for failure to conduct
proper, head, Ganz, old lookouts or to cape adequate dialogues in two thousand and three, a low budget film, said to be inspired by the law against story. Titled open water was right. Ace grossing more than one million dollars in its opening wakened. It received mostly positive reviews from film critics, but its release was unwelcome in Cannes, where locals was still unwilling to discuss the case people were concerned that the film would harm the local, diving and tourism industry, as has happened with the release of Steven Spielberg nineteen. Seventy five classic shock attack Navy Jaws, a dive industry spokesperson. Old jewels was a shock for our industry. Always work
at a dive, placing Brisbane at the time and the bones of literally stopped ringing Japanese, expressed his disappointment about the film saying the reality of it is that the thing creates emotional turmoil for all of the people involved, its incredibly unsettling and stressful. For myself and my children, and for us it's a terrible thing that open water. has been made. This is really very bad for the industry as a whole. Dive Queensland, spokesperson, call Mackenzie told report is that the industry found the film confronting on many levels boy I felt horrified for me it was an eye opener. This can happen and has happened and the loan again and not the only once we have left out there.
Tom and Darlene weren't the first or lost to be left behind while visiting the great barrier reef in nineteen ninety three, sixteen year Old Victoria Brown was left to me a great noise twenty, I kilometers east of cans and subsequently drowned. In January of two thousand idea, american tourists, Ursula Margaret Clayton, was snorkeling on the race during a tour with the Quicksilver Diving Company, when a head count of three hundred passages came up short, the Australian, to rescue covered, an area of six hundred and twenty five nautical miles looking for us along, but it was called off three days Later, when there was no sign of her in two thousand three queens Scuba diving industry received another blow when twenty six year old, american newlywed Tina Watson.
I don't know: Honey Moon while diving the young gala shipwreck, sought in the great barrier reef rather than a dive company, bang at fault, Dana's, husband, gate, what's in, was initially charged with her murder and delight applied guilty to manslaughter detailed further. He never sewed. Fifty one of case file in September, two thousand five to british tourists, became separated from their doth group after being caught by a powerful current between to raise the diving struck. Designedly noticed their absence when a headcount was conducted at the end of the trip. Planes and boats were called in and the day hydrated and sunburned pair were discovered. Sixty hours later, having drifted nor kilometers from where they first entered the water. No indication of misconduct was found in either of these cases.
In two thousand and eight, a couple became separated from their diving group after strong winds and waves, forced them to drift two hundred metres from their boat. The group immediately noticed they were missing and searched the race for three hours before night fell and forced them to return to shore decoupled taught themselves, together with the rope from a mark, a boy and were rescued. that eight forty, the following morning after nineteen hours lost at sea. In June, two thousand and eleven in american tourists with snorkeling on the re when he lifted his head out of the water. Only to discover that he's too about at the left. Without him panicked, he was able to switch to another boat How a staff member was fired for failing to get the snorkel is signature to confirm he had returned to the vessel before left the area. The loan again case was also
friends than the open world survival videogame stranded date by striving studio being games. The story for the plane crash survivor, marooned in the Pacific Ocean and he's efforts to return to civilization, diving slight. Bearing the desperate hand, written request by help by Tom alone, again can be found in game lying on a beach when placed in the play is inventory. The item is described as it was him. Despite an inquiry and trial ruling, otherwise theory still prevail that alone again say their ended, their own lives will fight their own deaths. Tom and darlings families vehemently reject these claims and maintain their belief that the couples tragic death was due to the
Checked: failure of the outer edge crew- I lanes Father Johnny hangs, does not hold any hard feelings against the former dive company. Accepting that it was an accident he's biggest regret is that no trace of Tom and darlings bodies were found. Tat, the guardian newspaper and leaves a be calling you to lose your kid. That's part of your life. I wish they had found them, so we had something. I suppose we have the great barrier reef their part of that In the early two thousands younger brother, John Haines Junior published a detailed essay online, reflecting on the case he discussed Tom and Darlene has warm kind, hearted people who had once welcomed him into their home and a very difficult time in his life and helped got him on a path to success.
John said. Anyone who thought otherwise should quite have their head examined, explaining Tom and Darlene were at a point in their lives that most people don't rage until they are sixty five, they weren't wealthy, but they didn't want or need more than scuba gay and a place to sleep. They could have settled down in Hawaii and spent the next thirty years, working just enough to support their diving and being happier than some millionaires of men to why Lane and Tom their life was just beginning. Their plans were coming to fruition. John urged people not to focus on the tragedy of their debts. Instead saying that would be bad
to remember, Thomas and Darlene, one again, not only as people who devoted themselves to making the world a better place for others, but his two daughters who lived and died doing what they loved in the company of the ones they loved. In what would be Tom's Follow Diary Entry, he wrote. I am reminded daily of my debt to my beautiful, faithful, devoted Wifi Lane, with whom, God has blessed me as we depart from one life And to begin the usually difficult transition into the next, I feel obligated a verbal express my deep rooted commitment to her from my innermost heart, I make this pledge of devotion to. I lay hid and dedicates a short prayer to his wife. Before riding
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