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Case 135: The Santa Claus Bank Robbery

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On December 23 1927, the streets of Cisco, Texas were full of festive cheer as residents prepared for Christmas. When a man dressed as Santa Clause entered the First National Bank of Cisco, customers chuckled that even Saint Nick had finances to attend to during the holiday season.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode written and researched by Eileen Ormsby Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-135-the-santa-claus-bank-robbery
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Join planet business now to March sixteenth and guess appear blackguard four year old woman in twenty two. Ninety nine a month still enjoying upgraded experience, could tons of works like access to more than two thousand locations worldwide, YAP superseding hydro, massage chairs. Yes, can I bring a brand every time shore? Can my friend be a horse, nay get the pay of black garden filth, ejaculate, zero, Roma. Twenty two: ninety nine among the alliance March sixteenth, see club for detailed. Arab besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested
I know this for confidential support. Place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. From its reagent, family gets gets to a tumble, close knit community of several thousand residents, the tangible Sisco Resemble a medic of traditional Rural Texas, it's quite correct hasn't changed much over the decades, except to break during the night and Twentys when the population more than triple to nearly eight thousand people at the time. this guy was arrested on the edge of one of the United States, most productive oilfields, prompting in info Save newcomers hoping to make a fortune from the blackout lower taxes tee ass. It was known the oil being brought prosperity to Cisco and its residents and the tens. In boasted a city charter and a new rail road.
Though. The heart of the boom had passed by the light nineteen twenties, but which point. He had obtained the richest. I sought others continued find new and innovative ways to keep making money. It was the year of prohibition, but in Texas, Instead, the alcohol been wearing control of the government and refused to enforce its policies. The south became a major producer and distributor of illicit whisky. Better known moonshine and bootlegging was favourably tolerated. At the heart of this goes. Business set up was a wide paved boulevard, lined with sturdy red brick architecture that hast typical small town, fair, a post office hotel and take stores and a bank in December nineteen, twenty seven, the boulevards, good in green red and gold for Christmas festive takeovers
Prominently displayed Install France and the streets were filled with Chile who had been released from school for the holiday brag on four by December twenty three two days before Christmas, Sisco Children were alluded to a very special arrival when Town Santa Claus and he's ready Silvery, hair and matching curly bead was making his way down the main street children. Did the beloved character. While some adults noted this Santa was significantly thinner than usual he's trademark. Red rose looked shape. It was clearly homemade and barely covered here great cloud Sunday night. He carried Neda swayed to give the children nor collection team for charity inside he held an empty brand burlap sack with Idaho Potatoes stencilled across the from Santa paused. For a young boy and shook his head asking
Well little man. What do you want for Christmas? I wanted to become a football player when he grew up and requested a football from a store across the road. He grabbed sent his hand and Cried the dragon towards the shop. They see it as shook him off explaining he could. Davy aid from his path, he told the boy to point to give tat to his parents and the father. Christmas would surely leave it under the tree for him Santa hastened to steps, but couldn't shaped the crowd of children that was now following in some expressed their disappointment. that he wasn't handing out, candy or small gives, while the The children declared that he wasn't the real Santer at all. as he entered the front door of the first, the National Bank of Cisco, which sudden corner of main straight and narrow, while away the growing
struggle that even Saint NEA had a banking business to attend to during the holiday season when the bell the bank's door rang cassia relics, bees looked up from tending to a customer than to coordinate a cheery hollow Santa. Without a word, the man in the red suit. Maybe so to the desk in the middle of the lobby, ignoring them Children still following behind thinking, perhaps Saint Nick hadn't, heard him Alex kept up the Christmas tree with another call of hallowed Santa Claus. Again, there was no response from Saint Nick, the other bank patrons were paying such close attention to him that barely noticed when the bell above the door rang out again as three men entered the tree. Quietly drew pistols out from beneath their bogey coats and yelled stick em up.
This is a robbery in the United States. The nineteen twenties had been deemed the golden age of crime by nineteen. Twenty six many parts of Texas showed the early signs of entering into a depression and desperation from those who have lost everything caused. The rapid increase in the number of bank robberies between. Ten, twenty and nineteen twenty nine insurance companies reported that property crime from bank robber
Two drugstore out ups increased by seventeen hundred beside. Banks in rural areas were particularly vulnerable. When robberies to a frequency of three to four awake, the Texas Banking Association established the popular yet controversial dead bank Robber Reward Programme. As part of this game. Anyone who shot and killed a robber during the active holding up the bank was rewarded with five thousand dollars cash. No questions asked. The anti would not be paid in the event the robot was merely injured. Graham garnered considerable media attention and while some be that, as an extreme measure, many celebrated it as an effective remedy where the culprits got what they deserved. Justice Ben Lindsey a progressive job
social reform are based in Denver. Colorado was firmly against the dead bank Robber Reward Programme and stated I am amazed that such a conservative group in Texas, as the bank is, would lend themselves to a practice that is so fraught with consequences to the orderly processes justice. The danger lies in the possibility that some grotesque mockery of justice may result, especially if some police officer in his zeal to collect. Five thousand dollars should treat down an innocent man. I see no reason why the bankers should set themselves up as Lord high executioners just Does Justice Lindsey predicted wasn't long until flaws in the system began to emerge. Few robbers were killed during banking hours or in the actual
sure of a robbery. Instead, most of the shootings occurred at not and under suspicious circumstances. Many were carried out by local police officers, who arrived at the same after receiving alleged tip off in one incident. Full mexican laborers were picked up by two men, including adapted. Sheriff under the pretence of offering them work, the work is driven to a rural tat, and they were told to white by the local bank branch shortly afterwards, the church across the street mysteriously caught fire capturing the attention of the townsfolk indian shoeing panic. The deputy and his friend rushed upon the four Mexicans workers and started shooting killing two and seriously wounded the two gunmen alleged that the workers were preparing to rob a bank. The surviving victims testified.
The entire scenario was set up concocted by the deputy and his friend to collect the five thousand dollar bank robber bounty. They were prosecutor, for the crime, but there were many more thwarted robberies where the bandits did not live to dispute. The shooters version of events, The introduction of the rewards programme losses faced by the banks had decreased significantly, even after factoring in the bounty payments. As such, The text is bankers, Association refused to withdraw the programme, but an immense And was made to the policy wording to clarify the rubble, what was only available in the case of the lawful shootings which occur In daylight, during the year Your commission of a robbery.
Shortly before the main in the scene to closer working to cease goes first national Bank, he caught the attention of six year old, Frances Blessing Game, the child begged her mother. To take her, made him. Then, though, Missus Blessing Game was reluctant, Francis watered down and the pair headed into the bank by the time they entered. Santa had filled his burlap Zack with cash and had taken possession of the bank's cult. Forty five automatic pistol, which was stored on the premises for protection There were also several other handheld firearm secured in the black built around his waist. Upon realising what was happening. Mrs blessings, and turned to exit the front door, but saw it was. Now guarded by one of Santa's armed assistance She was somewhat familiar with the lay out of the bank. She took advantage if the commission and dashes her daughter through the bookkeepers room
she knew of a door that lead onto the neighboring alleyway there They wanted to stop, but she showed it Francis with her own body and the pair managed to escape once safe. The outside MRS blessing game screamed at Francis the wrong and take cover she. Then stop the alley and through a vacant lot yelling that the bank was being robbed. She headed straight to the police station, where chief of police G Bit Bedford wasted note I'm in collecting a riot gun than to offices. Artie Reddy's and George Car Marco, when local men spotted the police racing towards the bank. They too sprang into action
the scenario presented an opportunity that fit within the terms of the dead bank Robber Reward programme offering their potential for someone to one twenty thousand dollars should all for being debts be shot dead. The local man retrieved fire arms from their vehicles than to those who were run armed raced too by hardware store buying. It stores, stock of guns and ammunition, Chief Bedford, a veteran police officer, who was tall and strong in stature, went to the front of the bank and directed he's deputies to cover the back door. He was cool we joined by such a large number of armed citizens that the tens postmaster began marshalling them to an orderly lawn brokering deals to split the loot. If anyone made a kill inside the bank, Santa had finished loading up more than twelve thousand dollars in cash and started gathering up the Czechs, bonds and other valuable
held within the vault. When suddenly, a gunshot rang out, nobody was quite. sure who fired the first shot. But why? But it set off a chain reaction. Bullets flew from the straight into the bank, the sharing of walls and furniture. When a bullet straw, one of the robbers through the front window? The four offenders quickly gathered the terrified costs. Those children around themselves and offered their human shield towards the rear door they merged into the alleyway, exchanging gunfire with police as they when choosing to hostages the late with them. Twelve year old, Levant, Coma and ten year out, and then they Robertson they made Away into their get away vehicle that was parked nearby, a Navy Buick with wood trim and sped off.
Officer, Reddy's carouse cease goes men and boys and formed an impromptu, posse jumping into egos and on horseback. They started in pursuit of the Buick initiate the largest manhunt in the history of taxes. Several of the robbers, were nursing injuries and one was bleeding profusely all over the Buicks plush gray upholstery the groove yelled at one another has there too. Young hostages remained silent. Of the pair Laverne Coma had reason to be, especially before she had visited the bank. That day hoping we draw some of her heart and money to buy Christmas presents for her family and all He was still wearing he scrappy disguise. She had recognized Santa Laverne mother.
Had bought a cafe from his mother, I e prior and he still dined at the establishment regularly. say it is real name was much. Rapidly Ratan It had been a troublemaker since childhood. He was spoiled His mother, who dismissed his misbehavior, has youthful hijackings. Even when he's actions led to him being expelled from school. In the ninth grade, he went to work on a farm ploughing howling and pulling cotton. The quickly became resentful of the back. king work, he then joined forces with these out a brotherly and turned to the bootlegging business. Although rightly reputation as a troublemaker preceded him. Many couldn't help Bobby Charmed the twenty one year. Old, good, looks sense of humour and impressive singing voice. He's friends found him to be fun and
address and always happy to share a bit of homemade liquor with them rattling after his mother and sisters but lost all pleasantries, rounded those he didn't like, although he found the boot in business to be easier than farming rattling yearned. To make more money with less effort he aspired to bay. Lucky. Neighbor old man, you who always seem to be flash with cash. Despite having a job when a young rightly fast, the old man, how he did it. You can find it that and his brother had successfully rob a bank when that what young setting them up for life? Inspired by? U story in nineteen, twenty six marshal and delay rattling held up a banking Valera common candy. They fled with more than three thousand dollars, but will later apprehended
by their police. One of the office is responsible for the young man's capture, conviction and imprisonment was police Chief Bedford who elect into action upon learning that the first the National Bank of Sisco was being held up For their involvement in the Valencia Robbery, the rattling brothers were rage sentence to waitin used in the HANS Phil State Penitentiary, the oldest state prison in Texas. Citizens who believed the boys deserved a second chance made an appeal to the governor, which was Sweden's by a donation from their mother, and that was subsequently granted a pardon upon their release from prison, marshal and delay rat if went straight back the bootlegging lease wore off rubbing banks, but he's brother had gone over everything that went wrong during that. First, the tent and thought he had it all figured out.
He had a new target in mind possessing secret knowledge about one particular bank that would allow him to pull off a smooth, lucrative paused for those in after all, he needed worse and partners Looking for work in the Wichita falls oilfields Marshall Rat if MR residing in a modest bunk house, where he bumped into a familiar face from his time in Huntsville penitentiary, Robert he'll, who was often did aged ten, being convicted for holding up a Tyler shop. He insisted he had taken the full for others involved in the crime, as he had no walk or family, depending on in relevant he'll, had bounded in prison and as free men They found a casual work together in the oil fields. The pair, soon encountered another Rex, HANS, filling, Might Henry HOMES page studies
was considerably older than Ratcliff until the sun. The Reverend Hey had gone off the rails during his childhood and never manage to get back on the straight and narrow With a long criminal record and intimidating physical presence, most people went out of it the way to avoid homes he had for children. with another on the way and had been working in the oil fields to earn a living, but was out two other ideas that would increase easing come the three men became friends and moved out of the basic Comcast. I shared with the other royal field workers and into a much more comfortable boarding house in Wichita, falls. the house was run by one of Helms's acquaintances and easy going. Woman named image tell it, who was warm? daddy and not at all, intimidated by the Ex convict. Although her husband disapproved of the men major traded them
though there were her sons. Marshall Ratcliff, soon told hill and homes that he had a grand plan to rob the First National Bank of Sisco during the busy Christmas period, when the bank held a large sum of money, Ratcliff Whisper, oh with the buildings layer, and knew what had a re door that opened directly into an alleyway which would make for a straightforward escape route. He believed that the robbery would be quick. daisy is all they had to do, was going through the front door point. A gun at an employee until they handed over the money, then switch quietly out. The back. The other men We're not quite as enthusiastic about the idea, considering that rattling had previously been court, rob a bank and was only afraid. Man, thanks to a timely financial, broad produced by his mother
he also reminded him about the five thousand dollar reward on offer for anyone who killed a bank robber but rattling remains convinced of his plan, pointing out that all banks were ensured and that real professional bank robbers rarely got shot. He believed that regular citizens, weren't brave enough to mess with armed bandits saying it get Smart Bank Aaron's poke again at him. He won't argue huge shovel idea to yell quit after some convincing helms agreed to participate in the Koran, kill remained hesitant,
But when Ratcliff told him the job wooden at least ten thousand dollars a pace, he's interest grew. The trio spent many evenings planning their attack. They put their trust in me to tell it by asking her to purchase applause. They didn't wanna, be witness the boy, including bandages. I a dime and snack foods for the road. Without asking any questions me, support. Everything day requested rattling knew exactly where everyone needed debate during the robbery in order to secure the entire bank, while he collected the whole from the safe and evolve they just needed. One more person Helms had the perfect man for the job another Rex con, who was it, areas with firearms. Although the men didn't plan on shooting anybody, they wanted to appears
though they knew what they were doing when carrying their weapons as their chosen data approached the would be both. Member of the crew became bed written with the flu helms until to this as an omen suggesting they delay the robbery until the new year, but rattling for is adamant, as he had determined that the bank would contain the most money. On the last Friday before closed for Christmas, Helms Suggested he's in law, Louis Davis might fit the bill. Davis had now banning trouble with the law before, but the young man and had a large family to support and homes with certain he would be eager for the opportunity to provide for them for years to come. Ratcliff until where hesitant about Davis's lack of criminal experience, but does we're running out of options. They agreed to meet him Davis same degree bull and dependable enough to get the job done and so was brought
being on their plan on this they December twenty two nineteen twenty seven the day before the robbery rapidly, if had to final issues, the Saudi out. while the other three men had never had any business in Cisco before rattling, space was well known around town, including by the police Chief Mitch tell it had been sewing Santa costume for the holiday season, and rightly fast, the borrower Meech, happily obliged. The final part of the plan was the source of get away the eagle None of the mandate and a car, so they roamed the local neighborhoods until they found a Navy Blue Buick with the case in the ignition and a full tank of gas, they drive it back to the boarding here.
and spent the remainder of the evening, bolstering their courage by getting drunk on electoral lightning, a powerful bootleg, whiskey. In the early hours of December, twenty three nineteen, twenty seven, the poor man set off in a Buick for the one hundred and fifty miles journey to Sisco avoiding driving through large towns where they like John her attention, has done need their destination Ratcliff. Whenever the plan in detail, once again, he knew the name if the first, the National Bank employees likely to bay on duty that day and presumed Alex Speed, would be at the cashier S desk and Jewel Code would Bain saw the first tell us cage
he didn't anticipate. There would be more than a couple of customers inside the bank upon their arrival, Davis was extremely uncomfortable with the number of pistols and ammunition they had brought along the rattling. a him. The guns were mostly Fisher and it was highly. Unlikely that would be required to shoot the Bank Kashshi Alex Bees was known to have said he would never risk being injured just to be a hero in a hold up the group of rotting Cisco, a little before MID Day, Ratcliff directed Hill to park, the Buick near the end of the Alley way and pointed out the door they would escape through after obtaining dead lewd Helms Hill and Davis lurked in the shadows of the alley, dressed in ordinary clothing, while rattling Don T seem to suit disguise.
For all his intricate planing rattling had infected in the attention that suit might attract from local children ass. He strode from the getaway car to the bank. They filled the dust Guys would allow him to blending with the Christmas shop is, but instead it was a lot of unwanted interest. Several of the children followed him into the bank, which was significant, busy busier than he had anticipated still committed to his plan. He awaited the arrival of these three accomplices. He refused to respond to the grating given by the Kashshi Alex bees atrophy. He would recognise his voice. When the others arrived, the horse began and rattling quickly got to work stuffing he's burlap sack with cash in bonds, while the others to God
He'll yelled at a woman and her young daughter who were making a break for through the bookkeepers office. But he was soon distracted from their escape by a noisy outside. A crew of local men had formed an orderly blockade in front of the bank, with guns drawn when the a gunshot rang out the mob rule to laugh and descended on the building, he'll find a volley of shot into the ceiling, hoping it would signify that the robbers were round and dangerous he's warning. Shots were met with a barrage of gunfire Davis were struck multiple times, as the bank descended into chaos helms, but it too young girls twelve year out, Levant Coma and ten year out Emma Robertson carrying near the counter he motioned for them to accompany him into the bouquet. This room behind the tellers.
the girls put their hands up as thy Rice Dover, while the other is used several of the bank's customers to create a human shield men. The civilian sustained gunshot wounds when they were rushed to the rear door, as did rat, live with the bullet. Having such a strong impact that caused him to spin around in order to protect the innocent people, What, in the crossfire police awarded the vigilante moment to cease? Fire helms emerge from the rear door, shielded by he's too young hostages. He brandished gone in a chain shooting both weapons at wants Bradley. at Laverne, endemic may from homes and bundled them into the Buick. He soon recognized the odor of the pair as Levant came up and realized he would have taken can you wearing he Santa Costume, to avoid being identified. The full rubbers climb.
Into the vehicle and took off police Chief Bedford planted himself in the middle of the Alley way and shot at the windshield, as citizens also gave Chase Helms hoisted himself half way out of the blue. It's window, aunties gun, had Chief Bedford and pulled the trigger hitting him five times, as the Buick sped away. The shooting along cease goes main drag, came to a stop and witnesses surveyed. The damage police chief, Bedford, and officer. George car Mako lay mortally wounded and six citizens were badly injured, including Bank Kashshi, Alex bees who had received a gunshot wound to the Jaw Marian also who in part of the robbers human shield and customers Pate rather FED Brady Beaks, and ask a clay, had all sustained gunshot wounds
the bank was riddled with more than two hundred bullet holes, making it impossible to determine whether the bandits, the police or the bounty hunting mob had been responsible for the injuries. When so much of life is about the big moment, it's the details in the all new twenty twenty two grand wagon ear. It makes the small moments truly special, take joy in american premium design with available walnut trips and technology like he available twenty three speaker, Mackintosh reference, entertainments seeding for up to eight no detail is overlooked because it's the details that make every Journey Grand Grand, Wagoner brand adventurous, return wagon areas, registry pregnant and see a u S. Policy given attend,
start, the Buick would normally have outrun most of the vehicles that were pursuing it at every one of them. Ass windows had been shattered, except the windshield and the front bumper had come loose and had GMT under the actual. Two bullets were embedded in the back seat and one toil completely flat in addition to the damage the rub? soon realised that there were basing another major problem. having already driven the vehicle for a couple of hundred miles. The fuel tank was now close to empty they reluctantly pulled over to the side of the road and hatched a plan to steal another. driving in the opposite direction was a brand new Oldsmobile that contained the Harris family, who were returning to turn off the complaint Some last minute Christmas shopping, Ratcliff. Still any sand astute waved frantically from the side of the road
In the spirit of the season, the heresies pulled over when the beagle came to a stop rightly raised the barrel of a gun at its passengers and ordered them to surrender The Harris family did, as they were told, exiting a car and running from the same, the robbers piled that loot and two hostages into the automobile Davis badly injured and had passed. Tat in the Buick said the man carried him into. Then you get away vehicle when here went to turn on the ignition. He realized the case were missing before escaping these family fourteen Year Old Woodrow Harris had snatched the case and stuff them into his pocket. Without the carjack is noticing none of it Rob is new. Had a hotwire wire brand New Oldsmobile said I hastened returned to the Buick. They didn't have time to carry David back to the original car and
leaving he was near death they took off without in this way robbers hoped there was enough gas remaining to allow them to intercept another passing vehicle. The vigilante group called up and surrounded the abandoned, Oldsmobile discovering Louis Davis bleeding in the back seat, officer already decided to call off the police tissue to tend to the traumatized terrorist family and to place This under arrest Davis, was taken to Fort Worth Hospital and play by the window of in a grand blow room as crowd gathered to go? Get him he regained consciousness. The police them ended. He revealed the names. If he's accomplices warning, he would be put to death the electric chair, otherwise, but Davis, remained taught lit.
Several alarmed citizens continue to chase after the Buick, prompting Ratcliff, Helms and Hill Three roofing now without the car window to puncture the ties of any vehicles following behind the three and then decided. They would have a better chance on food and feed off into a pasture when they brought the car to a halt by a wall of scrub, oak cactus and Miss gate. They ordered their young hostages to carry a satchel from the back seat, which was so full and heavy that girl struggled to lift it. They whispered to one another that it might contain. Stolen gulled, when in actual and held hundreds of brands of ammunition as Rightly, films until scrambled around the car gathering everything they needed. They said, and I realized they had left their stolen loot, including twelve thousand four hundred dollars in cash and one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars in securities in the back seat of the automobile, with Davis, They ve bought that Laverne Adela night to get back into a Buick and along the floor with their hands over their eyes said I couldn't see which direction the three men fled into the scrub. He warned that he would shoot them if they pate, regardless the girl, snuck a glance and to watch does the bloodied into limping Santa disappeared into the night, with these two companions, through yeah and citizens of the vigilante group came across the wrecked Buick and through its broken windows, they spotted full raised hands. They lifted their guns. In anticipation, only to hear the panicked, of Laverne and Emma crying out for me inside the car, the pair with care, lying on the floor of the blood soaked vehicle, but how they did no
physical injuries that were taken to the police station, where van revealed. She had recognized saying, as being Marshall Ratcliff, she was told to keep her suspicions to herself So that the officers had a better chance of trapping the fugitives, yet the rooms, started almost immediately after she returned home. Many residents of Cisco had known Marshall Ratcliff and were not surprised to learn of his involvement in the Koran. Authorities, determined that the Buick had been stolen from Wichita Candy and, upon speaking, the local sheriff daisy Riding on Henry HOMES, as being one of rattlers to accomplices at large on Chris,
the save the day after the host. The story of the Santa Claus Bank Robbery hit the local papers in the neighbouring ten, a baseline journalist, the boys ass, described the incident, as quote the most spectacular crime in the history of this year, the West, surpassing any in which Billy the kid hold the James Boys had ever figured. The crime had a profound impact on the local community, especially at I'm just members who were left terrified the idea that scene TAT was capable of competing murder. When a man in a cynical assume entered a crowded, Eastland Church that same day, the collective gas but rose from the congregation and a young boy asked in a tea for voice. Santa. Why did you rob that bank that evening Louis Davis succumbed to his injuries and died
the Santa Claus Bank Robbery had been his first and last brush with the law. the armed vigilantes, who continue to seek out the now fifteen thousand dollar bianti valid ticket new their heart until the other three fugitives were brought to justice Rattling Hill and helms its and the night after the robbery in the thick scrub, neither location where they had ditched the Buick just came within a few hundred feet of their hiding place, but failed to find the wanted man in the moon they stole another car and headed in the opposite direction to the search bodies managing to avoid them for another day. On Christmas day, Members of the vigilante group took a break and headed high to join their families for the festivities. The hunt resumed don't Christmas, not with the group now joy by journalists and report is including boys
ass. You had initially broken the story when you're. A surrounding towns heard that the fugitives might be heading in that direction. They assume Boat armed mobs to protect their communities. By Monday December, twenty six more than a thousand citizens were participating in the search rattling hill and homes, crushed their stolen vehicle near the small township of platinum, thirty miles west of Cisco there, they call it the attention of a father and he's teenage son who were driving passed in a dodge and calm. Indeed, the vehicle. Overcome with pain, exhaustion and feed. The tree I forced the teenager, call wily to act as their driver ordering his father out onto the road. As Carl drive off his father put out a concealed pistol and shot at the car.
an attempt to hit the assailants only to shoot he saw in the arm call attempted to converse with his doctors who had fallen quiet due to their deteriorating health, when the dodges tank was almost empty call, The tree I find another appropriate car to steal. They settled on an old, poorly maintained Ford that was stocked with plenty of petrol once they secured the vehicle they released. Cow Ratcliff advised him to seek medical attention for him And to make sure he told the authorities his own father had shot him and not then, at this point rattling. Hill and homes were under the impression that they kept true to their original plan by not killing anyone. They didn't realize that chief bed, that had died shortly after the robbery or that his colleague office adored comical was in hospital mortally injured.
Call agreed to tell the truth, including deadline and had treated him fairly and bid them farewell and good luck. As far as I am one December, twenty seven call walked into the Cisco police station and asked for a doctor. He told offices that the robbers were heading towards Wichita Force and that Ratcliff, until what badly wounded. The former to the point the mobility he gathered degree Would last another twelve hours, the sheriff was unimpressed that car didn't take the opportunity to kill the waken bandits while they slept, but as they had been good to him, the teenage I didn't feel it would have been fair, Ratliff Hill and Helms was penniless and considered robbing a store that thing that too risky helms was a guy, but the fable stay to be two accomplices meant they would have little energy to run away
as they need the browsers river. The tree I did to the Ford and stopped up on fire Arms and ammunition before me, king their way on foot or occasion. hands and knees across an oil field towards the woods by the river. Police set up an ambush itself band and on incorporated unity in young county located near abandoned Brazil, River, certain the fugitives, would soon ass, through the area Excess Ranger saw Bradford was now involved in the Hon He had a legendary reputation and Turning to some reports, stood in the oil filled with one country, Genie, Shutdown and another. Two These hand certain death is all he needed to halt the offenders when he caught sight Awake and exhausted Marshall rattling across the field, Bradford aimed and pulled the trigger
he reloaded then fired at Henry homes he's final cartridge was spent at Robert Hill. All three shots hit their targets. Carrying six pistols and described as a walking or snow Marshall Ratcliff was badly injured and easy to capture in total. he had sustained six gunshot wounds, including one said the jaw after being. Shot by Ranger Bradford Hill and said, manage to stagger into the nearby woodland by the river and disappeared out of sod Spot wounded and without food, the pair survived and heat from search parties. The two days leaving slowly under cover of the woods while in aeroplanes gathered for them from above, Eventually, searches were able to attract their footprints.
And early on the morning of fraud. I December thirty Robert here and Henry homes were finally captured in the North Texas City of Graham and taken into custody. By the time they were arrested. One wake had passed since then. and had entered the first national banking, Sisco, Cisco, just mean in Texas, had finally come to an end officer. George COM, Marco, succumbed to his injuries awake later on Saturday January, seven, the press wearing through by the great Santa Claus, robbery and journalists boys, houses, coverage of the Koran propelled him to fine. He moved to Fort worth Ass in North Central Texas, where he built an illustrious re writing, books as syndicated column and hope, he's on radio programme. Here.
twat nominated to run as the democratic candidate for Lieutenant governor of Texas but lost both campaigns, Fourteen year Old Woodrow Harris the teenage who slipped the ignition keys to his family's Oldsmobile into his pocket before they fled from the robbers was presented with a gun. Pocket watched by the first national banks insurance company to commemorate he's heroism. The swift act, it led to the perpetrators accidentally, leaving their loot behind and ultimately allowed the to recover rolled the stolen money. The cashier Alex bees made a fool how from he's gunshot wound and eventually be President of the Cisco first, the national bank. He worked at the bank, will. He passed away in nineteen forty five. Ratcliff Hill and homes were rage, tried separately Robert Hill represented himself and was
sentence to ninety nine years in prison for armed robbery through his incarceration, he managed to escape three times on his third attempt. He left behind and know that red. If you want me, you have to come to Paris, France,. He made it as far as Houston, Texas, before he was re, captured back behind bars, he decided to life would be Asia if he became a model prisoner and worked towards it. During his release, some more on us the way Marshall rattling was identified as the group's ring later, but given that no he had seen him virus single shot. He couldn't they convicted of armed robbery hate to listen. Hence the ninety nine years in prison. Having expected to receive the death penalty rattling was delighted. and felt he could do his time easily. Now
That a model prisoner could be released from aloft sentence in as little as twenty years he told Texas Rangers So I brought FED that's no he'll for a hoss, Deborah lock me. Henry homes was identified as the shooter responsible for killing cease, goes chief of Police Junior Bit Bedford and his colleagues As a George Car Mako and was sentenced to death by the electric chair in an attempt to avoid the deaf panel He immediately said about trying to convince everyone. He was insane. Meanwhile, the public was incensed that Marshall rattling appeared to be so pleased with his sentence and unrepentant for his crimes. They demanded he be tried again did
already agreed during Ratcliff second trial, the prosecution was still unable to find any witnesses willing to say they had seen him fire a single round. Regardless they found him guilty of involvement in the murders of police chief, be Bedford and office. A George cow Mako Ratcliff was sentenced to join homes on death row Despite Helms, putting on a convincing show for the cord he's insanity play fell on deaf ears on Friday September, sixth, one thousand twenty nine. Nearly two years after the Santa Claus Robbery, Henry HOMES was dragged, kicking and screaming to his execution in the electric chair. once again, Marshall Rattle mother attempted to come to her incarcerated sons aid by submitting that he was criminally insane. Ratcliff spent his time in prisons.
Studying the behaviour of the mental eighty sorted and became convinced that he could succeed in convincing the authorities that he was not a sound mind and thus unable to be put to death While awaiting his insanity, hearing rattling complained of paralysis in the prison guards had to physically lift him up out of bed to fade in fifty three year old Deputy Sheriff Tom Jones was the father of eight who took on the responsibility of caring for rapidly if bought, baiting invading him as well as this seeing him to use the bathroom by Monday November, eighteen, nineteen, twenty nine rattling had remained completely motionless for ten days. Convinced he was unable to move. The gods became sloppy in their security measures that not his deputy sheriff giants and his colleague Pack Kilburn prepared to fade Ratcliff. The pair left the door to hear
EL open. In reality, he had been thinking the symptoms of paralysis all along and slipped out of his cell and snuck downstairs the sheriff's office, where he found a pistol on the desk Ratcliff than attempted the bright free, but was soon wanted by a locked door. He returned to the office to search for case and along the way he encountered Deputy sheriff giants coming down the stairs Bradley. If raised the gun and shouted the deputy three times once in the stomach, once above he's left the nay and once above the hot, causing loft threatening injuries. When Pack Kilburn heard the sound of gunfire, he came running and Ratcliff shot at him to the shots, mist and.
TAT will give to the ground. Does the two men struggled they both by the pistols at one another, but their bullets kept missing? Denmark's as the scuffle continued packs daughter, Mesa into the room and danger Janet Ratcliff other officers quickly arrived and restrain myself before she could take a shot and risk kidding. Her father pact struck rattling over the head with his gun, Syn. him into a days. Then press the neon his prisoner to hold him down. He Ain T pistol directly at rattling head and pulled the trigger. However, the gun was yet of bullets, sparing Ratcliff, who was taken back to his cell deputy sheriff Giants was beloved in his community.
When the new spread that rightly had caused him serious injury. The townsfolk was sent into a vengeful frenzy on November nineteen, nineteen, twenty nine, the date, After rattling botched escape a horde of proximately two thousand men, women and children, descended on the Iceland jail where he was imprisoned. the majority of the crowd came from Cisco, but people had. So joint from neighbouring and far away towns Pact, Kilburn didn't believe in more justice and stood at the door of the jail pleading with the crowd to go away and to let the courts do their job. and enraged them all, but two hundred men overpowered pack and seized Ratcliff stripping him naked and dragging him outside they carried him past the Majestic Theodor where production cold. The news was playing and came to Stop on a well lit main street one.
Man tied a hamper a new security around Ratcliff Snack, the length of the road was tossed over a nearby utility Paul, while it doesn't matter took out and hoisted rapidly if into the air the jerk. The rope was so violent that broke and sent Ratliff tumbling to the ground. Most of them all beheld him down until another road could be retrieved when asked. If he hadn't final words: Ratcliff mumbled income. Here only displays the crew started chanting string him up Bring him up rattling was raised slow at this time and just before his fate left the ground he offered his final words. Forgive me, boys in the nineteenth and twentyth lynchings were not
Plainly unheard of in Texas, however, haste and was considered a progressive area, and its residents claimed that this was the counties first winking since eighteen. Ninety eight, the law. One on record had resulted in the hanging of an notorious horse Dave three years prior to that. Two young men who were crucial witnesses in appending poor Kay, said also being launched in the county The rattling was hanged, he's. He remained on display for several hours until a justice of pace, ordered him to be cut down. It was then taken and on display in Iceland Furniture Store where several thousand people stop the boy to view it before his family came to take possession. when Pack Kilburn Tell Deputy Sheriff Tom Jones that he had tried his best to stop the lynching
James nodded and allegedly whispered. That's good! I'm glad I did it. Others have claimed they heard him say: that's bad. They shouldn't have at eleven. I am on Wednesday November twenty nineteen, twenty nine Deputy Sheriff Tom Jones died from the wounds he sustained at the hands of martial Ratcliff. He was the six than five No death arising from the Santa Claus Bank robbery that occurred almost two years earlier, Investigation into the lynching was launched. Didn't know. Arrests, are observing. The event was eventually placed on the utility Paul in Iceland Ganny. Where rattling was hanged, nobody was able to claim the bank is dead. Robert, the anti for Ratcliff, but several people came forward to declared they had been the ones to shoot. Louis Davis
Greenish, spread that the Texas Bankers Association was encouraging as many people as possible to come forward in order to muddy the waters, which would mean they could afford having to make any payments ultimately nobody was allowed to claim that the anti of any kind in relation to the Santa Claus Robbery, The only surviving Bandit Robert Hill succeeded in becoming a model prisoner, and it was really in nineteen forty eight after serving the minimum of twenty years changed. His name got married, moved to a small town in West taxes and went on to live a quiet, uneventful law. Until his death in ninety. Ninety six, at the age of ninety, the first The national Bank of Cisco remained the same location on main street for the rest of the century. It eventually
grew in size and was replaced by a more modern building. There remained next to the early way, whether nineteen twenty seven shooting out had occurred, the back door where the bandits escaped became. The drive through deposit window a euro of the robbery was placed in the lobby becoming a popular tourist attraction since August. Two thousand on the bank. Building has been occupied by Nord Ipod Store, but the Texas Historical Commission placed medallion not decide that raids,
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