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Case 153: Anni Hindocha

2020-08-15 | 🔗
Newlyweds Anni Hindocha and Shrien Dewani were looking forward to celebrating their honeymoon in South Africa. After a traditional wedding in India, they set off for a luxury stay at Kruger National Park before making their way to Cape Town. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd Written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-153-anni-hindocha
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say the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. in the light two thousands life was going well when he seven year old, any him don't the engineering graduate had a good job in Stockholm at the headquarters of Multi National Telecommunications company Eriksson and had recently purchased her own apartment, with some help from her parents, Annie's closeness, Hindu family were of indian Heritage Entity migrated to the southern swayed. town of Maria start before she was born although any had moved away. She returned to her family home, often maintaining a close relationship with her father, mother, older sister and younger brother. In two thousand nine, any GMT who was the families expert matchmaker, introduced
to a young man named Sri in the. Twenty nine year old shrank was two years older than any, and it was from the English city of Birstall, like any hey, had hindu parents and was one of three children. with an older brother and the youngest sister Train had an economics degree from Manchester University and worked for his family. Successful business running nursing homes throughout England's West country. Although Annie and free and lived in different countries, they soon struck up a long distance. Friendship, jury, a visit to London and he went on her first date with train. They attended a west and performance of the lion king. Before having dinner, I did not market fusion restaurant. The cup had a wonderful time with training Take your early locking the way any made him laugh. Despite the long distance
their relationship blossomed over time in February, two thousand and ten, and he decided to relocate to the United Kingdom a move that would help develop her connection with trade. her father been odd and mother. No Lamb gave her their blessing any quit her job Eriksson and on March one. She moved in with her cousin in Luton, a large town about fifty kilometres north west of a London shortly after The move any called her parents to announce that things were going well with her and train and that shit. had been welcomed by his family. Several weeks later, The nod into new Lamb travelled to the UK to mate trains, parents That was a whirlwind visit that included often Ain t a tour of Bristol and Dinner indian restaurant by the end
The evening everyone agreed that the meeting had gone well on June, ten train until Ganny to Paris on a private jet. After giving any had design address and Christian DE your shoes, Sri took her out for dinner at the Ritz hotel instead of dessert, Annie was presented with a diamond engagement ring worth twenty five thousand pounds. The cup began planning their wedding danish. They wanted to get married in Dubai, but after an impromptu, is it to India, they fell in love with Mumbai and decided to have them wedding there? Instead. Annie and try and planned to have or traditional hindu ceremonies, but because these wouldn't be legally binding. They would make
Marriage official at a UK registry office after their honeymoon on Thursday October twenty eight two thousand and ten, the wedding festivities began at Mombasa Renaissance Hotel The lobby celebrations lasted for three days, costing the him don't ya and to want Families around two hundred thousand pounds altogether. The wedding concluded on Saturday October thirty, with a reception held by the divine ease. those captured, the newlyweds beaming, with any dressed in a blue and grain. Sorry, and try and wearing a silver outfit with the scarf that complemented he's broad clothing after their reception, the couple farewelled their loved ones. With any and her family weeping as they said they goodbyes tree
and had intended for their honeymoon destination to be a surprise, but before he could tell any where that were going he's mother, let slip that he had booked a trip to South Africa. Annie and arrived in South Africa on Tuesday November nineteen thousand ten and the media
they travelled to choose what you want game large, a luxury, five star resort, located inside Krueger National Park. The couple spent three days visiting the parks, faint sites and animals on Friday November, twelve Annie and training Quota from Johannesburg to Cape Town, where they would spend the remainder of their holiday. Cape town is the second largest city in South Africa located on a peninsula in the countries south western corner. Today, it's nine for its busy harbour white sand beaches and the imposing table mountain that looms near by tourists can ride cable cars to the top of the mountain or travel a short distance to visit the world famous wineries. Just Side of this city, despite Capetown natural beauty and popularity with wealthy travellers, it has a complicated history.
These also home to significant poverty and inequality. as a result of the group areas, act of nineteen fifty non white citizens of South Africa where praise the dead from living. In the municipal limits of any of that country cities. All people of color in Cape town were forced out of the city's established, a neighborhoods on the slopes of table men and into the Cape flats, a sandy baron stretch of land on the cities, yachts, goods where they established their own makeshift townships, some managed to build them selves break bungalows on the tawny plots, but most residents who lived below the poverty line with both the living densely packed squatted camps that lacked electricity, running water or sewage systems. Over the years, the Cape flats, popular Shouldn't grew beyond that inside Cape tens, municipal city limits,
that the area gained notoriety for being that dumping ground of the apartheid when the South Africa, apartheid ended in the early nineties, nineties, residents of the Kite Flats No longer restricted by segregation laws many remained to band to the area by language, history, economics and ethnic politics. Kate, towns, international airport, is located in the middle of the cape flags. Visitors to the city trot all along the end to highway, which passes by the spring wing shanty townships to rage, k, towns, wealthy Santa upon arriving at Cape Town Airport, Annie free and exit at the arrivals hole to look for a taxi to take them to their accommodation. The cape, Gryce Hotel,
and found a friendly young taxi driver named Zola Tom GO who worked the time as a limousine drove out for a local to accompany, but use designed go to shuttle passengers in his spare time. Tonga loaded, the newlywed sent their luggage into his grey folks, bargain shiraz minivan and drive them that twenty minute journey to their hotel there. He gave them he's phone number in case they wanted to use his services again. after checking in train and Danny, had a drink at the hotel bar followed by dinner. Had it Gee Restaurant located a short walk away. The next day they spent most of their time relaxing by the hotel pool before getting ready for it. now at ninety six one. Every road and not market restaurant low guided in their held a bird valley, one region about fifty kilometres east of Cape Town Shrimp
Cold taxi drivers, Zoloft home, go whom the couple had locked to arrange for him to take them to dinner, Annie dressed up for the occasion wearing a black dress, a shawl and blackened Silva high heels. She I her blackberry phone in a small purse and wore a Giorgio Armani Wristwatch a what gold and die and a bracelet and her daughter pending engagement meant ring, train dressed in a dark suit, with a watch shirt, Tonga collected the couple and took them on a brief tour of this Did he yet not before heading onto the into highway towards the ninety six one We re the restaurant as they drive, Annie and friend, Cited that didn't feel like eating a large lavish meal, so tango suggested they trod. The surf saw it
a strong, an Asian inspired. Eighty in the nearby town resort town of strand the couple agreed and Togo dropped them. There had not thirty p M Annie and free and dawned on carry and sushi with trade and coal link Tom go half an hour later to request a pick up in twenty minutes by ten fifteen p m the couple: what back in Tom Gates, minivan returning to Cape town along and two highway. approximately one hour later at eleven twelve p m. As thirty three year out, a government, yea named symbol, Neil I met a cause. He was returning to his home near the Cape Flats, township of coyly chow, Symbol nearly had driven a friend to the airport and was pulling in
he's garage when he noticed the stranger addressed, namely in a dark sued standing on its doorstep. As visitors to the area were rare symbol, NEO lay was baffled by the man's presents. The strange approached symbol near lay and said. Excuse me is. near by police station, where I can report to hijack, because my wife and I were hijacked man. I tend to find himself a shrink. The wanting in SIMPLE Neil, I placed their coal to the police on his behalf, as simple Neil, I spoke to the dispatcher he asked Sri and for further information such as the location of the vehicle and its make intermodal shrimp was unable to provide any answers. He paced back in for the outside symbol. New lays garage crying softly until the
police arrived fifteen minutes later. Three in regained his composure and explained that his wife had suggested taking a data through the cake flats as the area around their hotel felt to similar to her home in Sweden, and she wanted to see quite the real laughed God the tourism industry offered to visit is official tat. She too was through Google, led to the largest of the kite flights townships, accompanied by God. Tourists would make locals, say historical salts and ate at a ball Becky Shack named Mazowiecki, which was made famous into thousand nine when celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver Doin there and described the food as Heaven Who is of Google eye to only operated during the day as the air
was plagued by violent crimes at nine, including rights assaults. Carjack kings homey, Visions and murders which occurred approximately. every two and a half days. Despite this daytime tours were considered safe No major crimes have been committed against tourists, Although the area was known to be dangerous off the dock, Annie and shrines taxi driver had agreed to take them. On a late night, tour of Google led to a coup. To try and as they were passing the international Airport Tonga minivan exit at the end to all away, burst, turning laughed and then turning right under Cliff Fontaine, Road, one of the main thoroughfares through the Google led to township. They then drove past the Google. Let you cemetery before making a few turns to drive past
as always, the barbecue restaurant made famous by Jamie Oliver at that point It was almost eleven p m and the streets were quiet. Then justice tango was about to turn right back onto clip, contain road, a man let down, and violently bang the handgun against the minivan windscreen another man suddenly opened the drove his door and forced Tom go out of the vehicle and into the back, where the couple sitting. The man then jumped behind the wheel, while the car jacket with the gun took the front passenger, say as they sped off down there and he began to scream and cry shrank attempt. To shoot her with these body, but the gun wielding Carjack pressed the weapon against Schranz Temple and stole his watch, which was valued at two thousand pounds
three, and also handed over between five and six thousand south african ranting cash or the equivalent of four to five hundred australian dollars. Annie was forced to hand over her Georgia, our money watch and what gold diamond a bracelet after handing over their valuables Sri and begged the college's to let him and his wife go a destroyed, He spoke in the indian language of Gujarat. He to let him know that she had hidden, her engagement into wedding rings: train attempted to hide he's mobile phone in his trousers. So he could later call for help, but one of the their carjack is noticed and confiscated the device. the car jack. I then held his gun to Schranz Temple and stated, lie to me again and all will kill you both
the driver continue to north for several minutes before pulling over to the side of the road and forcing Tom go out of the van with newlywed still inside the driver then continue down the street ad hoc spade smashing I've a spade bombs and swerving a radically boss that he drove the louder. Annie screamed the carjack is too. Gunny, industry and back onto the into highway and headed away from Cape town deeper into the kite flats. After about seven minutes, they exhibit the highway, had bought, impel, drive and headed into the car later town chip. The armed carjack I continued to press he's weapon against Schranz head british
with him they had no intention of harming the couple and only wanted the minivan shrimp clung to Annie and repeatedly begged to be released. Approximately twenty minutes after the car jackets had thrown Tom, go out of the Van Sri and was forced to gunpoint to climb out the back passenger window of the moving vehicle, leaving his wife behind he found himself. Nearly twenty kilometers from where tone go. Had been rejected tree and stumbled along for about three hundred meters. Until he came to an intersection, the streets were quiet, so he knocked on doors looking for help. which is when he encountered symbol, new light matter. Cauzee
and was driven back to the Cape Grace Hotel by the police. While a search was initiated for the many van at the hotel Sri and found his family in the UK to inform them what had happened and that any was still missing. Soon after another police car arrived at the hotel carrying tone guy, the cow jacket had left the taxi driver. A proxy Lastly, one kilometer from the Google led to police station and he had made these Why there on foot to report the car jacking Togo told Palais, seek. And remember the name of these passengers, but knew that was staying at the Cape Grace Hotel. So the officers had driven him there in a bar. to find out more information shortly.
the midnight on Sunday November, fourteen trains, father per cash d, want a cold day. He don't ya household in Sweden, Twin formed them. What had happened and his father they're not asked for more information, but per cash said. He knew nothing else and would call back when he did through he's Annie's, mother, no Lamb told her husband, Annie is never coming back. The northern idiot began making plans to travel to Cape town. He was looking into flights when training cold sobbing. Has he told his father in law? Sorry dad! I could not take care of your daughter.
This was followed by another call from Schranz Father telling the nod he had found a flawed slaving from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Later that morning, both men planned to fly to Amsterdam and then board the flight to Cape town together at six. I am Venus DE boarded a two hour flight to Amsterdam from the swedish city of Gotham Burg. This was incredibly difficult, him, as he was out of contact with these family for the entire duration. When be not finally landed in Amsterdam, he found a pay phone and called his brother. How shock he heard crying and wailing followed by a shock stating they shot any earlier, that more
in Cape town. The police had received a call from a resident of the later park, township, not far from where Sri and had been forced to exit the minivan. The resident had noticed the gray folks, Login minivan part that Jason to an empty wade covet field the vehicle Was an unusual side in the area and curious neighbors had paid through the windows and noticed there was a body inside Had I am police had arrived at the same end, Mediately noticed that blood had saved out of the re wrought hand door of the minivan and was pulling on the asphalt below they opened the door and found any indulge. His body sprawled on her back across the bloodstained back saying, with what appeared to be a bullet wounds in her neck.
A bullet was lodged in the back of the rear, right, sate and gunpowder Residue was found in various parts of the minivan Van Fannys Body office is found. Her wedding and engagement rings, stuffed into the small gap between the states any had been killed by a single gun, shot fired at close range between five and ten centimetres The way the bullet had entered Annie's neck and had grazed her and, along the way, indicating she had been in a defensive position at the time of her death. Although there were no signs of sexual assault marks from someone's right hand, found on her lower left leg. A pathologist report concluded that unease had occurred in a matter of hot Bates.
twenty one year old student who live on less than a hundred metres from the spot, where any body was discovered later came forward to contradict the findings that any hadn't being sexually assaulted. She said she had gone look at the mini van when the police a rod and had been standing just five major away when office is open to the vehicle door. The student claimed that unease head was by the door and her knees were bent top with both the legs. Apart Her dress appeared to have been pulled up around her waist and The underwear had been dragged down below her knees. The student told the telegraph newspaper quote. It looked to me very strongly that they had done something to her. I couldn't say they write her, but she had definitely been attacked,
that I am sure about Capetown police denied that any had been found in such a state. The crime was described by Kate Towns mare as below two wool cake Tonia. And South Africans, while tourism officials, the urge to visitors to be vigilant and only travel with two a guides, local tax drove. His queried was all a had taken his passengers to such a dangerous part of the city so late at night, with one telling media. It is a dangerous place at night and every driver would know. Did he get lost, because if he was, it was the wrong place. The bay. And Father the nod and Father in law, Prakash arrived in Cape town nine, p m. On that day, her body was found with a nod
having cried throughout the entire twelve l, a flawed from Amsterdam? They were met at the airport by officials from the swedish and british consulate who drive them to the Cape Grace Hotel where strain was waiting. In a book of in delight, Aurora Third titled. need Ahwahnee, bothers story. He said he was struck by shrank strength, and how he was able to hold himself together when we not himself couldn't stop crying. The following afternoon of Monday November fifteen. The police took very odd to see any. He thought it looked as though she was sleeping peacefully and might wake up at any moment the nordic.
these daughters forehead told her tat. He loved her and stated poppies here poppies here, I'm so sorry. I have come to take you on the arrangements to transport. Any body back to the UK were made quickly and if a nod, shrieking and per cash Was scheduled to fly home the following day on Tuesday November, sixteen, the three men sat in the hotel reception waiting until it was time to go to the airport. The not noticed that France, Spain, The majority of the time on his laptop or phone disappearing once for about ten minutes with envelope in and newspaper when they flew that afternoon. Train slept
a majority of the flood, leaving the nod without the chance to speak to him about what happened in total twenty five bingo France were banned throughout Zola, Tom Gates, minivan and was gained through the south african police services. Automated fingerprint identification system, a left palmprint on the right front, fend off turned ten possible matches which were manually compared to the original, resulting in a positive light day. Twenty six year old unemployed, a labourer coldly lay among guinea had been arrested. Five used earlier in two thousand five on suspicion of killing a man. About five. The charges against him What lighter dropped on the morning of Tuesday November, sixteen investigators,
fact among guinea, down to a shack located just a few hundred metres from West Allah, Tom goes minivan had been abandoned. Non Guinea had spent the previous, not partying with friends and was found a sleep in bed with three other people Police work among guinea and read him he's rights before placing under arrest and conducting a search of the shack stuffed between their beds. Mattress and its frame They found a Nokia mobile phone when asked who owned the phone Munch any replied: it belongs to the taxi driver. hidden inside the shacks roof police disco that unease Georgiou Armani Watch and what God bracelet. mom, Guinea was taken in for questioning and soon.
Admitted to being present for the college acting and murder of any. He don't ya. Haiti not being responsible for any death instead placing blame on a man named Uzi woman, Dodo Qua Bay. Non Guinea agreed to accompany the offices to various scenes of the crime and taught them through the events he pointed out the location. where the minivan had been hijacked was all. Tom go and trained. Ahwahnee had been rejected and West An items that being hidden the police, then drove guinea through the car later township in an attempt to track down his alleged accomplice. The woman data Qua but were run. able to locate him afterwards
Non Guinea was taken to the holding cells that the directorate for Priority Chrome investigation in Belgium. Two days later, on Thursday November eighteen police, local dead, alleged gunman Z, one the data Qua Bay, the twenty seven year old, married father of three had no criminal record but was known within it. I later township as being a small time drug dealer police took Qua by in for questioning where he quickly confessed to he's involvement in the fatal car jacking He also revealed the location of seven point: six to millimeter, nearing co pistol. He had seen self loaded to a friend,
the drain, where he had disposed of the cartridge from the bullet that it killed. Annie in Georgia, police were able to recover both items and confirm Clodagh his pistol debate, the murder weapon. Despite confessing to a number of aspects relating to the crime, Clodagh insisted that hey hadn't shot Annie and that it was His accomplice Kali Lame on Guinea who had killed her in a surprising twist Quebec, I find that hey and mom Guinea had being recruited to carry out the crime by a man named Monday bloodbath and the taxi driver who had vainest according the foreign couple throughout the city, Zola Tom Guy, Thirty one year on Monday and blown both worked at the reception desk of a luxury hotel called the Protein Colosseum hotel Hay and why they had first met
a decade earlier when they were both working with an educational projects. The youths from the Cape Flats townships did men had fallen out of touch in two thousand and six, but suddenly ten to one another again on November, one two thousand and ten, they shouted for a while and exchanged phone numbers. With Quadi, instructing them blonde bow to call him if anyone was ever bothering him almost two weeks later on Friday November, twelve while they claimed blunder had called to say he had a job that needed to be done and subsequently put Qua Bay in contact with Tom. Go. On Thursday November eighteen police tracked him Dayton Blonde bowed down and placed him under arrest. Hey quickly confessed to he's involvement with the college acting and investigators then turned their attention to Zola. Tom go.
Thy initially believed to have been a victim of the crime that same day, Togo retained the services of a lawyer, claiming he did so out of fear that the police planned to assault in. On Saturday November, twenty under advice from he's loyal Togo handed himself in meanwhile trained Ahwahnee had requested that his wife's funeral. behold in England said that his family and friends could attend, and the Hindu Kush agreed In the lead up to the event, several of them these loved ones noted that train was behaving strangely, Father been odd, had noticed the peculiar behaviour since Cape Town, where straighten had this blade little great for tease over Annie's death and didn't voice
the desire that his wife's killers to be cord instead train had spent almost all of his time either on a laptop or mobile phone. The day before any funeral strain formed the him dodges that a pizza party would be wholly nannies. Honour that not which offended Vien odd. Another clash, also occurred at the Funeral home Hindu custom. Diktat It's that only women contrast, the body of the deceased female, so Annie, he's the army and her cousin snail planned to undertake this wrong any had been particularly close to snap, who was The one year younger than her the pair were best friends since, hood and when any moved to the. U K she had lived with snail.
When snare dummy, arrived to dress, Annie in preparation for her funeral shreck, and was already there with these mother and dont, which highly unusual during the dressing process. Train through Attemper tantrum show being even his own relatives. Annie parents had hoped to spend a few moments alone with any before her funeral. But the army asked Sri, and if this was possible, hate refused. Amy later addressed the matter with the funeral director who said they kindled his were welcome to visit Annie's body thirty minutes prior to the ceremony at Non Thirty, I am on the day of the funeral. A number of unease relatives arrived to place letters. They had written inside her coffin and the family then held hands around her taking it in turns to offer blessings.
Any was be, and in their lambs second child born between the daughter Army and the Son, a NASH. In the Hindu, five or and were considered to be the embodiment of the God S Lakshmi as such, Lord Antony Lamb considered Annie a blessing she followed have found this footsteps, but this issuing a career in engineering and took a break from her studies in two thousand and six take care of her mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. as I need. Parents and system was saying: Deaf Barn, farewells, fair suddenly Burst shouting what you guys doing. You are not allowed to do this. an argument ensued and Torres reigns. Brother forced him to leave, but there wasn't enough time left for me to say goodbye to her sister,
more than one hundred and fifty mourners attended the service during with chinese family noticed that the letters they had placed in her coffin had been thrown onto the floor. It took some convincing to get trained to agree to return A second memorial service was scheduled for the following day, but hostilities TWAIN's train and that he got continued when strain threatened to cancel the event He later agreed to let it proceed on the condition That army not be allowed to address the mourners, as he was upset by her behaviour at the funeral. on Sunday November, twenty one Annie family were informed that, in addition to the arrests of among Guinea, Qua by The blood taxi driver
Basel, let tango had also been detained that same day, Ryan's brother criterion phoned VIII, gnawed, urging him not to make the text messages that any had sent a snail public. Then had no idea what priority was referring to and was left a baffled by. The call later that day, an article in the independent newspaper quoted a south african Palais source saying that would soon be an explosive revelation. In that case Following any funeral train hired the services of renowned british publicist MAX Cliff id who had previously represented high profile clients, including former NFL ass light and convicted Phelan O J
Simpson, television, personality and record executive Solomon, cow and English stand up. Comedian, Freddy STAR. On Monday November, twenty two, it was requested that any other vineyard attend a meeting that MAX clip its office. Scherin wasn't present for the mating, but he's brother praying was praying recorded. The mating on he's mobile phone during wait. She asked a very odd such questions. As do you, like your son in law, Venus, defend the entire experience to be strange and absurd. The next day of Tuesday November twenty three, the promised explosive river. Nation in any motor investigation, was published in a number of english newspapers according to rip
Only when the data Qua Bay had told Capetown police that hey call me let him on guinea had been hired because quite There was a husband who wanted his wife to be killed, Most immediately after schranz possible involvement was made public and, Nickel ran in tabloid newspapers the daily mail with the headline Father of shot broad, I love shrank like a son, it was clear to Vinodh that he's recorded conversation with praying had been used for the pace, free and defended himself publicly
telling the sun newspaper I searched high and low for my perfect partner and he was the one who looks her laughter, her personality, her spirit, everything about her was right for me. Why would I want to kill her people who suggest today. could not have seen us together. Saying I was somehow involved, defies the logic. Annie wasn't on any locked insurance policies, and we had. They ve been made a will had no motive financial, or otherwise I loved her and still love her. Train also amended some of the details he had previously provided about the knight of the car, Jackie. all he had initially tall police that it was unease idea to visit the cake flats. He knew claimed that it had been Tom goes suggestion explaining
We were on our way home to our hotel, when our driver asked whether we d like to see some african dancing on our way. It was the light and we were hugging each other on the back seat and going through photographs from the Safari trip with just bain on we weren't, really thinking of anything body shall other and sort of said. Whatever. Although shrank had told police that he'd been forced out of the window of the moving Van twenty minutes after Zola, Togo was a jack. Did he told the sun that the vehicle had actually pulled over more than forty minutes after tongue goes relays? When the car jack is realised, the child locks were activated and the back doors couldn't be opened. He had been dragged out of the window kicking and screaming.
Training claimed he was then thrown on the ground and could do nothing but look on helplessly as the minivan disappeared with these walked inside. Annie's parents headlong harboured concerns about their daughters relationship with Tran beginning with the couples engagement which vinegar data date out in his book. I need to Juanita bother story. When we nod and no Lamb were leaving Bristol after their initial meeting with trains family, the DE wannabes had presented them with a large silver dish, known as Attali, which was stuffed with fruits, into knots, had a bronze statue of Danish in the middle in hindu culture. This gave this tradition They presented to symbolise and engagement agreement between two parties vetoed was confused about the guy
as he had only met Tran twice and would have preferred the young man had approached in the traditional way. He would have also locked to have spoken with any first to see what she wanted not wanting to, and that the waddies, hey and Lamb accepted the gift and departed for the airport. Any had been equally caught off guard and spent wakes deliberating over what to do Billy? In early May she decided She did want to marry train after for no wedding. Reception, Annie had told her parents he had been trying to convince shrank to take her to the indian state of Kerala for their honeymoon. So he's choice of South Africa had seemed strange.
when train had been implicated in unease, murder, Annie's, best friend and cousin. Snare revealed to him dodges that any Free and had been having relationship problems for some time. She claims to that during the months they were in. By planning their wedding, they had started, arguing, frequently, Annie had accused shriek of being possessive and controlling and in turn, shrimp. Had consistently Rep reminded her of a minor issues such as how she placed her dirty clothing, in the laundry basket prior, the couples engagement sum of any spam members were told that train had health problems and it was receiving full nine treatments for infertility. However, snail told that he dodges that any suspected this was a lie. Constructed Bosh ran to deflect from the fact that he had no six
interesting since the Big meaning of their relationship. They had slept in separate bed leading Annie to worry that train didn't find her attractive according to snap any had repay ITALY confided that she regretted getting engaged to train and to try to call off the wedding on three occasions. Each time train persuaded her to change her mind any expressed concern that she wouldn't find another partner and felt pressured by the amount of money her parents had already spent. Shortly before the wedding. She sent sneer a text message that red. I don't want to marry him. I'm going to be unhappy for the rest of my life. One cannot even hug him, we have nothing in common.
When the wedding ceremonies were on the, why any told snake that she and train had decided to whack Tapie. Even though they weren't. He showed no signs of returning to the funny and loving person he was when they first met instead criticising unease, appearance and saying that one of her sorry didn't look very proper. any hope trains behaviour would improve after the wedding and agreed to sneeze suggestion to get a divorce if it did in. When any learned that shrank would be taking her to South Africa but their honeymoon, she sent a text message to scenario that red. I don't want to go anywhere with him. Snow had urged any to go in an attempt to resolve the couples issues and off at the centre of money for a flight home. If she was still on happy a few days into the trip,
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early December Vinos in received a phone call from south african police requesting that he returned to Cape town. As a matter of urgency, see upon his arrival. Investigators revealed that you, two admissions made by taxi drivers, Zola Tom Guy. They had raised to believe that train had indeed orchestrated Annie's murder a coup leading to Tom Guy when he first picked the couple up from the Cape Town Airport and dropped them at the cape. Grace Hotel, Annie, went inside to the hotel lobby shrimp stayed behind and asked Tom go if he knew anyone who could help him take a client off the same. The pair had a brief conversation in which shrank said he wanted to kill a woman who was arriving robbing a that evening. He was willing,
pay a hitman, fifteen thousand rand or the equivalent of to day and one hundred and eighty five australian dollars at the time. In addition to paying a fight, thousand Rand bond is paid to Tom. Go he also, often The pay using american dollars, if that was preferable,. Although Togo had virtually no criminal record, with the exception of one conviction for driving without a taxi permit, he had agreed to put train in touch with someone who could commit the crime. Investigators, checked security, footage monsieur de outside the hotel and confirmed that train had spoken with Tom GO during this time period, while line he waited at the lobbies, checking desk, tray and then went inside to join his wife, but soon came back outside where he spoke to Tom. Go for a further nine minutes.
Congo claimed that, after leaving the cape grace, he called the Protein Colosseum Hotel, where he's brand Monday blonde worked at the reception Desk Cctv, fully it showed blunder, had answered. The call followed Tom goes arrival: let the protein Colosseum approximately twenty five minutes later there tongue, grated and blubber by placing both hands on top of his head. A gesture that indicated cause for celebration and the two left to spake together. According to Tom Guy, he had informed blonde bow of trains, request indian blood those said he knew a suitable person who could carry out the crime Conversation lasted just two and a half minutes. Then blunder, put tango in touch with these out friend, whom do you wanna data
qua by that evening, tango had found Qua Bay to ask if he could do the job. Qua Bay, was with these friend coldly lay among Ganny when the call came through and the two an agreed to participate in the plot the same night that Tonga conspired with Quadi Annie. France had dawned at a waterfront rush drawn located a short walk from their hotel. A white dress, told investor guidance that she had approached the couples time around nine hundred nine twenty p m was sitting there alone and explain that her husband had left to make a business. Call say tat. They footage from this time captured Tran walking the short distance back to the couples hotel room where he It left these mobile fine he's phone wrecked
was revealed that he had received a text message from Tom Guy, though its com. Ants are unknown. In Cold Tom Guy, and the pair spoke for five minutes and twenty six seconds Togo told investigators that, during the call pay up dated tray and on the progress of the head and confirmed that they hit men wished to be paid in Rand He then agreed to help Sri and exchange him. U s currency into south african Rand. The following day. eleven, fifty six- I am on Saturday six November thirteen Cctv footage from the cave grace. I tell hotel, captured Tongo picking shrank up in his minivan D then drove to a jewelry store called golden touchy jewellers. Where stray and exchanged fifteen hunt U S dollars for ten thousand two hundred Rand
police later confirmed. This exchange with the stores are now Tom told investigators that, on the drive back to the hotel, hey and free and discussed the plans for the murder and determine the order in which the two of them would be released from the hijacked minivan. With this. new information from town go south african authorities intended to prosecutor, Tran Fannys murder day our studies father. They nod whether he would agree to play deal for Tom go in which he would play the guilty and testify against Tran. In exchange fur reduced sentence. Venus DE agonized David, the decision. Hey believed that if Tom GO was responsible for hiring the men who killed his daughter, then he deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison. However,
the much consideration they not agreed to the request and tongue play deal was alma on December five. Two thousand and ten on Tuesday December seven Zola Tango appeared in the western Cape High court to make his play stating on you that Non guinea and club. I would not harm shrined Ahwahnee and that he would be dropped off at some further point. I also knew that the deceased would be kidnapped, robbed and murdered by club I and among guinea Congo played a guilty to kidnapping robbery with aggravating circumstances, murder and drafting the administration of Justice as he's a great play deal. He was sentenced. Wait. Ten years in prison,
immediately after Tom goes testimony the south african police service. Forwarded, an arrest warrant fishery and wanting to the foreign assistance division of Scotland Yard in London would about the warrant. Aged train at ease family home and by the end of the day, he handed himself into police and was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. Three days later, strain appeared in the United Kingdom's high court. He was granted by all on the can nation that he, where an electronic tag, comply with the curfew and report daily to police pending extradition hearings, which was scheduled for early two thousand and eleven Train maintained his innocence. These Loya issuing a public statement that read my client is
devastated by unease, murder and the false allegations that have been made against him and welcomes the chance to clear his name through the courts. Trains arrest was major news in South Africa, where the name and media accused him of trying to explain the country's high murder right by having his wife killed there. Almost six months earlier, South Africa had hosted the world's most prestigious international soccer competition, the Deva World CUP, prompting over three hundred thousand tourists to flock to their country. Annie's murder, reignited old concerns that South Africa would be perceived by foreigners as a dangerous place. Some of the nation's public figures share their concerns with a representative from the Congress of South african trade. Yet
in stating any in Georgia's murder appears to have been planned on the assumption that hijacking and murder are believed to be so commonplace that it would be Easy to stage a murder and then claim, another normal criminal act. Wednesday December fifteen. Another twist in their case emerge When a german man who lived in England Midlands Region came forward claiming to have had sex with Trey and Diwani on three separate occasions,. Lay about Eliza of thirty nine year old sex work are known as the german master alleged that train had paid eleven hundred pounds in cash, but he services between September two thousand and nine and April two thousand and ten one.
before shrank and Danny got engaged according to lay. A pod train had told him about his forthcoming wedding too, any stating that, although she was a nice girl, he needed to quote Find a way out, I was worried that he's family would disown him if he called off the wedding. These delegations led to speculation that schranz sexuality could have motivated him to order Annie's murder. he's the Loya label Delay, appalled, claims as completely false and ridiculous and he's publicist MAX Cliff. It stated, Train the one he has never had a sexual relationship with a man in his alive in Cape town
prosecutors negotiated with the suspects they already had in custody and struck at play deal with one of the two accused car jacket. Only one data Qua Bay. While by had initially pleaded not guilty to one s, murder claiming hey hadn't been the one who shot her. He chain do you mind upon learning that on the south african law being a co conspirator to the crimes he authority confessed to making equally guilty of unease murder in exchange for a reduced sentence of twenty five years, with the seventeen YE minimum club, I agreed to testify against shrank and play the guilty to charges of kidnapping illegal possession of a firearm robbery with aggravating circumstances and to murder Qua they confessed that on November twelve, two thousand ten Hayworth
Saved a phone call from his old friend Monday blunder who said that a job that needed to be done. He then Spectre, directly with the Zola Tom Guy, who explained that someone had ordered, I hid and Qua Bay subsequently Rick who did his friend coldly lame on guinea to help The following day, the tray. Madame and Tom Guy TOAD Club. And among guinea that a husband wanted he's was killed in a staged hijacking in extra age for fifteen hundred rand. They agreed that the husband would be unharmed and two that the wife would be kidnapped, robbed and killed payment for they hit was to be left to inside the Glove Box of the minivan Quadi told investigators that, during the course of the hijacking he drove them
Ni Van Walmart Guinea setting the from passenger say brandishing the gun. After rubbing the newlyweds and a force Togo and shrank from the vehicle Long Guinea shot and killed any from the front passenger, say Clodagh and mom Guinea then dumped the car and club. I gave the gun to a friend for safe keeping. Monday blunder confessed to acting, as intermediaries between Tom and Quadi, but prosecutors believed he's Roger had been minimal and therefore he wasn't charged with any crime in stead. Blonde bow was offered immunity in exchange for testifying at Schranz trial, as well as that, currently lame on guinea. Thea One of the south african suspects, who had refused to play deal and elected to played, not guilty.
Meanwhile, in England per SE, these were under way, to determine whether shrink the would have to return to South Africa to face the accusations levelled against him shut up can authorities argued that trans alleged involvement in the Koran explained why he had employed a local taxi driver instead of using he's hotels. They had poured shuttle service and also explained how he had escaped from the high jack is unscathed in response strain support. As stated, it was ludicrous to believe hey. It asked the first person he met in Cape town to kill his wife. A preliminary extradition hearing was initially scheduled for February two thousand and eleven, but train failed to a key, citing mental illness. For was told that Hey had consumed forty six different pills, though shrine
doktor denied. This had been a suicide attempts to mount slide off. On April, twenty two thousand and eleven train was detained at Bristol Psychiatric Hospital hunted, the mental health fact he's defence tame continued to fight the extradition process, climbing that their client was mentally unfit to stand trial Also argued that train would face violence, sexual assault and the risk of HIV infection in a south african prison. Nevertheless, on Just ten two thousand and eleven british judge, how would riddle That trend should be extradited stating that he had confidence in the south african justice system. The paperwork was sent to the Uk Immigration Minister and then Home Secretary Tereza may Buffon Ola wherever there
dot. Your family presented a petition featuring more than eleven thousand signatures. The Tereza may urging her to agree to the extradition on September. Twenty eight two thousand eleven may agree. That the extradition order was a valid and that free and should be sent to Cape Town despots ass. Ever Can officials making assurances that Trans health would be protected? He's legal, Tain continued to insist. He was not mentally fit to make the journey. Ultimately England's high court agree that training should remain in the? U K until he's health, improved. The journey up process took an emotional tall on that Kinda family on November. Thirteen too, as an eleven they hold a candle lit vigil in their home town of Maria start to commemorate
the one year anniversary of unease, murder All the extradition hearings continued on March, twenty nine two thousand twelve baby say current fears, programme panorama broadcast. the now along feature about the hijacking case, toddled the honeymoon Murder in the episode experts examined the evidence collected by south african. Lace and discovered. A number of inconsistency in particular In relation to the states, forensic evidence, unease autopsies. I did that she had likely bank carrying in a defensive posture at the time of her death. But when you Kay Home Office, pathologist doktor, Richard Shepherd, viewed the case file,
found no evidence to indicate such a thing. Instead, Doctor Sheppard believed that the lack of blood spot on the back of the passenger, Sate suggested, Annie had been sitting up and leaning forward. time she was killed. Additionally, the two hijackers had age presented a different story as to how any was killed, upon Curly, lay moon, guineas arrest. He had claimed that Uzi woman The choir Bay had approached Danny via the RE passenger door and shot her during atossa her hand bag club. I this version of events Claiming that moon Guinea had shot any while he was sitting in the front passenger state a claim. that was delighted, deigned to be incompatible with the forensic evidence. South african investigators had concluded that any had been killed by a bullet fired
from between five and ten centimetres away. This was content dead on panorama by Mark mistakenly out a lady firearms expert. At the UK forensic Science Service, hey found that the size and patent gun, shot and residue indicated current position of less than five centimetres mistakenly, I suspected that the gun went off when pressed the ride up against Danny, perhaps during a strong Angela sure one of the UK. the leading experts on gunshot residue tone. Panorama that this african police had failed to test the hijacking clothing and much of the taxi for gunshot residue this man she was unable to determine where the shooter had been position at the time when he was shot. Several
since all the Congo story were also pointed out, including he's claim that train had said he wanted a client killed instead of simply naming Annie. As he's victim, commentators from South Africa's criminal justice system has expressed concern over they quickly. Tom guys play deal was arranged with a former acting high court judge, stating it seemed to me that the National Prosecution service was under some political pressure to get some result as soon as possible. William Base chair of the country's criminal LAW Committee said in South Africa. Things are not happening as they should. I don't believe the prosecution of thought. It is checking up on their evidence beforehand. It's like we ve got to NEO somebody, so let's just go for it.
Panorama also spoke to witnesses who had encountered any enshrined in South Africa. The waitress who served the couple on their first denied in Cape town stated that they showed little affection to war. Another, which was unusual compared to other honeymooners. She had waited on. simple near lay matter. Cauzee the law the man who had helped shrank coal police after the hijacking said that he believed shrines distress after the crime had been genuine. symbol nearly had been surprised when he found out that train was accused of being involved with the motor plot, His family were upset by the Panorama rep aside, viewing it as a trial by media before strand had had he's dying. Cod.
While call lay moon guinea awaiting trial in South Africa, he was diagnosed with a malignant. Brain. Tumor court proceedings were delayed, as he underwent, surgery and re commenced in August, two thousand twelve by then MOM Guinea was significantly under way and require the use of a walking frame He's lawyers client the confession he had made during his first police interview shouldn't be admissible in court as it was made. Under duress of the moon. Guinea had been tortured by the police. The trial Judge Robert Henny, found no evidence of assault, Boca coercion by the police and ruled that the confession was admissible Only one data Quadi and Monday blonde, though both testified at the trial that day
And among guinea had come to be involved in the hijacking via a taxi driver, Zol Tom Guy Qua they said, he And mom Guinea had first met up with Tom, go on the afternoon before the murder to discuss their plans for the hijacking. This was confirmed by two eyewitnesses who saw the three men sitting in a car together on the dying question. Quiet. I told the court that on the night of the hijacking mom Guinea had shot Annie after Togo and train had been thrown out of the minivan, hey, the guinea than collected that payment from the passenger say only to find that was five thousand rand short of the amount they had requested. The two then retrieved the spent cartridge and throw it down a drain before abandoning the vehicle. A long time friend of long genies named LUCA Marcella, testify.
that in the early hours after the murder, Montgomery, had arrived at his house with Tonga, stolen. My ball. Fine, lighter that day, mom Guinea confessed to low Kyle that he had robbed and shot a woman too. Later the police Band Moon Guinea in low cost time unease, Armani Watch and what God Bracelet had been hidden in the roof. Monk any claimed that the This is what lying and denied being any involvement in the crime instead. Avoiding an alibi for the night of the murder Judge Henny, ultimately rejected the alibi asserting that it didn't matter. The evidence presented by the prosecution, hate Van Moon, Guinea, T of all charges, except kidnapping, citing that kidnapped I was part of the murder plot and would therefore be a dupe location, conviction.
mom. Guinea was sentenced to life in prison in England, trains defence time. Kent need to argue that their clients still wasn't well enough to be extradited to South Africa in July to and thirteen judge him a riddle again road that train be extradited but train appealed. The decision three months slide off. Several judges cos strand whether it might be unjust and oppressive to send the shrank back to South Africa before his mental Fisheries had cleared yet Another hearing took place on January thirty, one two thousand fourteen, but on this occasion the judges rejected trains appeal and upheld, judge, riddles, rolling and his father. The nod had flown to England from
Sweden to attend the hearing, while his wife now Lamb was forced to stay home as her health had suffered significantly following her daughters, murder. Venus DE later road of he's relief at the rolling in his book. I need the wanting a father's story quote: It had been a long three and a half year white, a wretched Tom fur ass. They had been upset after upset endless tease and the suffering, torment and pain. My wonderful family had enjoyed amounted to nothing in short of persecution. All we had ever asked for was the truth. The one person who could help us had remained six thousand miles away from his accuses for all that time. Now the white was over a third,
these. In South Africa were required to make special arrangements for schranz return. He was to be flying to Cape town on a private China playing at the cost of almost three million south african Rand or the equivalent of approximately two hundred and forty seven thousand. The australian dollars, rather than being held on remand, he would be staying at the Vulcan Burg Psychiatric Hospital, where a private room would be rate decorated. In anticipation of his arrival on April seven, two thousand and fourteen, trained Ahwahnee arrived in Cape Town, where he was arrest
And charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping robbery with aggravating circumstances, kidnapping, murder and obstructing the administration of Justice, he pleaded not guilty to war charges. Trains trial commenced six months later on October, six two thousand feet. The train with the judge, Jeanette traversed presiding in a highly unusual move. Proceedings began with trains, defence counsel rating, a statement prepared by their client, who to explain to the court why he was pleading not guilty in this statement. Schranz Of love, variety and his committee to their relationship while also acknowledging that they had some disagreements prior to their wedding. He
to the events of their honeymoon up to ending leading the night, there were hijacked and detailed, young going trauma he'd experienced following he's death quote as a core the coherence of the traumatic experience which resulted in the of my wife. I have been here: but, alas, for three years and suffer from severe post, traumatic stress, disorder and the resultant flashbacks nightmares. Anxiety, attacks have affair Did my memory and impact Dead on my ability to precisely and chronologically recall events concerning this terrible incident shrink statement also addressed his sexuality, which had been disk In a number of tabloid articles in the years following the crime, he explained that he was bisexual and had slept.
With both women and men, including german sex worker Leopold Eliza, who had previously spoken with the press about he's encounters with Tran as Tran had steadfastly denied these allegations for almost four years. This admission came as a shock to many, including that he don't show family The prosecution considered shrank sexuality as the motive behind Danny's murder. They pay and had evidence that trend had maintained a user profile. How dating website for gay and bisexual men, Nicole Decatur since August two thousand and four Yoda forensic analysts had found had to log on onto the Swat twice so November. Twelve two thousand and ten, hey and Danny, where at Johannesburg Airport waiting for their flight to Cape Town.
He had also accessed the sought for three hours I saw November fifteen two thousand ten less than The idea was off the unease. Murder. An examination of schranz laptop had also revealed fifty three a mouse between himself and me and who wasn't nineteen caught, some of which was sexually explicit, While this evidence was being presented, Judge Travers suddenly intervened and stated that train sexual melody was irrelevant to the murder charge. hey had already addressed the meadow in his opening statement. She banned the prosecution from presenting their next witness german sex workers, Leopold Eliza, who intended to testify about he sexual encounters with Tran. The prosecution then called Annie's cousin sneak out to the stand. Although judge traversing
had deemed most of her planned testimony to be inadmissible. Snyder discussed some of the text messages she had. saved from any in the months. Proceeding her death and spoke about strains strange behind, we are in the days following nannies murder in regards The strands initial claim that it had been any who requested the couple drove through the Kite flats snail stated that any would never ask such a thing, but this path taxi drivers, dollar Tonga had already served almost four years for his role in orchestrating unease. Murder in accordance with the play deal had struck with prosecutors. Tom guy testify.
That train had approached him about organizing a murder immediately after the couple arrived at the Cape Gryce Hotel on Friday November, twelve two thousand ten Tonga Alex wind that he's brand Monday blown BO had put him in touch with Uzi Woman Data Qua Bay, who'd, Tonga, How did then plan to the murder with he also told the court how he had helped to train and extreme cheese money to pay for their head. Congo testified that on Saturday November thirteen he was scheduled to pick up in and Danny had seven thirty p m, but was delayed by a half an hour and the budget. I did surrounding shrank, had called to ask where he was insisting that hit had to take place. That night. The original plan was for Qua and among guinea to carjack the vehicle earlier in the evening, but the two
What the due to a transportation issue when Tonga dropped train and Danny. At the surf side, restaurant for dinner, Annie had walked inside while strain had pulled. Tonga was so demanding to know why they hit hadn't yet taken place. He threatened to kill Tom, go with the planned, didn't proceed before following any into the restaurant. Three and then called Tonga during the meal and Tom a re assured him that the murder would take place after dinner. When's, train and Danny were back in town goes. Minivan phone records show that Tom GO had sent train a text message at ten forty p m, in which she claimed to have ass. The train where he had hidden the dangers and ran for the high jack is accordingly
Tom Guy Strain had text that back to say the money was in an envelope in a pouch behind the passenger, say and approximate Lee Eleven P M Tom GO texted Qua by to let him know they were about to arrive in Google led to the hijacking. Had taken place shortly after, and Tom Guy had a then walked to a police station to report. The incident. tell the court that it was only when the police were driving him back to the Cape Grace Hotel that he ever heard them mention that any was France. Was Tonga claimed I didn't know that the pair were married. A strain had told him. The murder victim was a client of he's at the cake. Grace hotel.
Tonga claimed that hey and try and spoke intermittently over the course of the knot, with train approaching to ask whether the job has been done. On Tuesday November fifteen train had asked him to come to the hotel to collect his five thousand rand find is vague. They met near car door in the lobby and training Tom go an envelope in a plastic bag Tom went into a bathroom to check the envelope only to find it contained, thousand rand instead of the five thousand they d great too, he claimed he tried to find a train, but never saw arose spoke to him again. During cross examination, the defence exam and a number of holes in Togo story. Despite his
I know that he had no further contact with strand after the financial transaction phone records indicates that train had made a fifty four second phone call to Tom, go one Ella and forty minutes after this incident say say. Tv footage also appeared to refute tongue goes assertion that train had called him in an agitated state. Around seven thirty p m on the nod: The murder security cameras in the lobby of the cake grace I tell had captured tray and making this call, but he appeared com and was standing right next to any the whole time. say, say tv footage. Also disproved Tom goes climate, That train had accosted him outside the surf saw addressed drawn after any went inside alone, security cameras had captured, train walking ahead of any who was trailing behind
and a wider had confirmed to baby, say panorama that train had entered the restaurant first. The defences he's dead, that shrank had only ever contacted Tom, go to book taxi appointments. As hay and Danny had locked his friendly personality and were happy have him show for them around the cape town. In regards to the? U S, dollars that Tom GO had helped training exchange that events Said that strand planned to use the money to book a cynic helicopter trip to surprise any which cost around ten thousand rand. Tom. Go was helping him arranged. The helicopter ride, which explained wash and had met with Tom go the night before the murder as well The various text messages sent between the two. Monday in blunder demand
Who had introduced Tom go to the hijackers was also called to testify on behalf of the prosecution, in Colombo stated that tango had told him that a husband wanted his wife killed, which contradicted Tom guys claim that hey. Didn't know, Annie and train were married. blood bow had been offered immunity in exchange for his testimony as investigators what he's role in the plot was minimal. However, While he was on the stand, it was revealed that he's involvement went further. Then police had initially believed on night of the murder, cctv footage from the protein Colosseum hope, tell wherein blown by worked recorded him talking on the phone to Tom Guy and making several statements that sounded as though he was in charge such as. This is how it's going to happen
During cross examination blonde those evidence unravelled and he started to contradict himself on every aspect of these early police statements and. testimony. He gave a coldly lay among guineas trial in the end judge trip Sir rejected in blood those immunity and declared him to be a self confessed. Elia, regardless South Africa's National Prosecution service, never brought any charges against him Rooms you wanna data Qua based testimony, resulted in further inconsistent ease. Quadi claimed that Thousand Rand had been stashed behind the passenger sate as payment for the hit J and among Guinea had split. However, Moon Guinea claimed Diane. They received forth there And read which they had stolen from shrank at gunpoint,.
In further contrast, train claimed that the hijackers had robbed him of between five and six thousand rand. Of all days claims. The evidence supported more guineas version of events, as he was found to have spent just under two. thousand rant on shoes and clouds the day after Da the prosecutions case was also. indeed by issues with the forensic evidence. While by asserted that Mon Guinea had shot honey from the front passenger sake which the prosecution conceded wasn't forensically possible. A police, Ballistics Expert who had reconstructed the lay out of town guys minivan had made significant area. Is by using a different vehicle entirely, which resulted in the defence the rotting him during cross examination. The exact date dial surrounding any murder remained
mystery. On November, seventeen two thousand fourteen the prosecution rested decades and a strange defence tame immediately apply to have the trial dismissed on the section one. Seventy four of South Africa's criminal procedure act. This statute allows the call to return a verdict of not guilty at the end of their prosecutions case if its deigned there's no evidence that the accused committed a crime judge traversing considered that the commission and on December. I. She ordered that the case against the train to want he bade dismissed. Having found that there was insufficient evidence upon which a reasonable court could convict in. In explaining her conclusion, judge traversing
noted that Tom GO was the only witness you could directly connected strand to the crime, but he's testimony contain. And too many inaccuracies and allied to be deemed credible. She knew to that Tom go blonde bow, and while they were all intelligent individuals capable of twisting their testimony to implicate Tran. judge traverse I that a person couldn't be prosecuted without credible evidence, simply in the hope that he might incriminate himself while on the stand. In conclusion, she stated. Regrettably, there are many unanswered questions about what exactly happened on the fateful, not. I realise that there is a strong public opinion that the accused should be placed on he's defence. I have taken note of that.
I have also taken note of the plight of the him dodges. I have, however, taken an oath of office too. All the rule of law and to administer justice without fear or favour or prejudice that I cannot do if I permit public opinion to influence my application of the law, in the light of the analysis of the state case. There is no evidence upon which a reasonable cord acting carefully can convict the accused with the trial dismissed trained Ahwahnee was free to go. And his family were devastated by the decision in Vienna Hinder watches book. He rode
I had not been sitting down. My legs would have buckled and would have fallen to the floor. I looked at my family and saw their pain. everybody was beginning to move around me, but everything was silent in my head. I saw the one he walked towards the exit of the dark and disappeared down the stairs. Refusing to look at our says he passed they let him slip out of the western Cape cod without telling us what happened outside cod. Any sister Ami told the press. Today we feel as a family that the justice system has failed us and we are deeply disappointed. We can I'm here looking for answers, and we came here looking for the truth and all we got was more questions. We waited patiently for four years to hear what really happened to any
the hope of actually finding that out has kept us as a family going. Unfortunately, we believe This right has now being taken away from us because we never heard the full story of shrimp. we heard that train has led a double life and that. He knew nothing about it and we just wish this rain had been honest with us and especially with Danny. Not ever knowing what happened to my dearest little sister on the thirteenth of November, two thousand ten that's going to haunt me my family. My brother my parents, but the rest of our lives.
Prior to schranz trial. The hidden dodges had requested that an inquest into any death be opened in the. U K in February, two thousand fifteen, the inquest commenced in London's Carne as cod. but senior Carnea Andrew Walcott, determined that the matter wouldn't proceed. Any further, hey stated the fact that there are differing accounts of her MRS the one he came by her death does not, in my view,. mean that the matters have not already been sufficiently establish. Tim public proceedings, Carnea Walker said he was prohibit, from reaching a conclusion that contradicted the findings of the south african courts, but indicated that the inquest could re opened in the future. If new evidence came to lie.
Free and the one he returned to the UK, where he maintained a low profile he's family refused to speak to the media other than to say They were glad that Trans name had been cleared in trade. His home town of Bristol public opinion was divided as to whether or not he was innocent. Some members of the commission. Eddie verbally abused the journalists who gathered outside that Ahwahnee, family high in the days following the trial, while others shouted the word killer in the direction of the house, the driveway of them buddy was paint bombed and a monopoly inspired, get out of jail. Fray cod was left by the gates.
Call me lay moon. Guinea died in the hospital Ward of Goodwood prison as a result of these brain tumor. After serving just two years of his life sentence in September, two thousand and six Dane intended prosecution. Witness, lay appalled, Eliza. The sex workers who had previously engaged in sexual activity with strand Ahwahnee, died by suicide. A police investigation revealed that lay appalled had been suffering from Strasbourg out of the trial in two thousand and nineteen, it was reported that train was in a relationship with a man, and the pair while living together in West London on September September, sixty thousand nineteen dissolved tango became eligible for peril off the half of easy eighteen year sentence. He submitted his parole
application in May two thousand nineteen, with the board expected to make a decision the following month. As South Africa employs a restorative justice programme to help in full on parole, hearings, Annie's Father Vinos returned to their country to speak with Tom Guy. Details of their mating haven't being publicly revealed, but south african knees, bah. I well quoted VIN Odd. As stating we didn't get. What we wanted he's still not telling the truth: As of the release of this episode, there Spain. No news regarding Tom goes possible peril. Monday lumber has never been charged in relation to any murder and whom woman died
Qua Bay remains behind bars to express that Indonesia, families struggle with grief, bend to the criminal justice system in the years that followed unease, murder, be not hinder, Chart wrote a book tottered and he D Ahwahnee a bothers story towards the books. Conclusion venal expert tis relief that any's marriage was never legally formalised. Riding He remained in Georgia, one of us not one of his. The month after the book was published, vineyard was fixing an elevator me, his home town of Marius Dog, when they change slipped, sending him hurdling to the ground, the force of the drop was right arm to be ripped off just below the shoulder,
Venus was airlifted to hospital, where doctors managed to re attaches arm off the sixteen hours of surgery, Following the operation he underwent vizier, there repeat to aid. In he's recovery. Vineyards to the daily mail about the experience stating after the operation. I had a lot of pain everywhere, but I could feel somebody dressing the pain Maybe it is my imagination, but it was Annie. I believe
She was there taking care of me. I still believe she's here she's here until she gets justice.
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