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Case 154: Steven Stayner

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When seven-year-old Steven Stayner fails to return home from school on December 4 1972, life changes irrevocably for the Stayner family. As the years pass by with no sign of their beloved son and brother, they do their best to adjust to life without him. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-154-steven-stayner
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Seven iconic housewives for different cities. They haven't again about a case in exerting agar subverting the real housewife ultimate growth episode streaming. Only on Flickr. Arab asides deal with serious and often distressing incidents, if you feel it, any time you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence. your support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode involves crimes against children at why be suitable for all listeners.
The small californian farming town of Miss said lies one hundred and thirty miles South EAST of San Francisco, providing access to the Sierra Nevada, mountains and California is central Coast. Surrounded by almond groves and page orchards, the town slogan is gateway to Yosemite, an eighty miles, Dr Lades ride into the heart of the famous Yosemite National Park. Irony area of ragged wilderness that spans close to seven hundred and fifty thousand dyke is Miss said community, his close knit with Russia enjoying the range of outdoor activities on offer, including skiing fishing hawking and swimming tray lined neighborhoods featuring numerous bark paths and parks. Make Miss set an ideal place to raise a family from contains sixty seven to nineteen. Seventy one this day
a family lived on a twenty acres farm ranch just outside of mess said county parents and Adele had married awakes after they first met and had gone on to have five children carry Cindy Stephen Jody and Corey, Dell worked as a mechanic at a local page, cannery and also comments on the family farm. This. I know where a loving family as pray. Dissing moments they enjoyed it the church services twice awake and in their spare time the children loved exploring their large property once a month, the family woods and the weekend camping at a nearby like. middle child Steven loved the great outdoors and would explode farm for hours with his dog daisy, hey Andy's Father often went fishing together, but
It was a running joke that Stephen couldn't keep quiet long enough for them to catch anything. This More of nineteen seventy one was hot and dry and Dell's almond crops struggle to due to poor, irrigation, hay and Kay. I to sell the ranch and move their family to suburban. Miss said they purchase the three bedrooms ghost story hung in a low and middle class neighbourhood that had a swimming pool in the back yard to provide relief from the sum I hate. The move was difficult for seven years: Stephen, who missed the rural laugh at first he struggled to adjust to his new school of Charles Wrought Elementary, but by September of nineteen. Seventy two he was settling down and making friends. On the evening of Sunday December three, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two Steven attended a birthday party of his friend Sharon, giving her a
Oft Koala bear has a present when he returned time. Stephen raved tease parents about how much fun he had had at the time and told them how much he was looking forward to Christmas in a few weeks time. He was so excited tat. He had trouble falling asleep that not the next morning December. Fourth was a regular die in this thing. I have stalled after breakfast K inspected her for eldest children to make sure they would presentable for school, while the youngest Corey wasn't yet old enough to attend. Carrie Cindy Steven
and a Jody, then walked the twelve blocks to Charles Wrought, elementary together with six greater carry keeping watch over his three youngest siblings. Stephen finished school at two p m, which was an hour earlier than his brother and sister, is: he usually walked the a mile home with friends, but it was raining and cold. So K decided to pick.
knock on her way home from running some errands. She arrived at the school at two hundred and ten hoping Stephen had anticipated that she would pick him up and was waiting for her. However, there was no sign of him Hey drive home, keeping an eye out for stave and along the way she didn't spot him on the streets and when she arrived home at two hundred and twenty, he wasn't there either. at three o clock, K and Del returned to Charles Wrought Elementary to pick Cindy and Jody up from school carry wasn't there as hate typically wartime, with friends, both sea DE into Jody told their parents. They had insane staving since a lunch time. This wasn't an immediate cause for concern as Stephen heads
recently banging trouble for going to his friends house off to school without seeking he's parents. Permission first Del had punished him with a belt to the backside, as at the turn, but there were certain he had disobeyed them. Again, when they arrived time, K phoned several of Stevens friends in an effort to locate in his friend Sharon said she and Stephen had walked side by side until Sitting at their usual spot on union Avenue just before the Yosemite Parkway Stephen, usually walks the rest of the way with a boy named hectare, but hectares mother had picked him up. Firms. Google that afternoon to go shopping this day is drive around town checking with any of Stevens friends that I passed on the street when there was still no sign of him by five p m. They phone the miss, said police station to report him. As me,
An officer arrived at their house shortly after and took a statement regarding Stevens appearance he's parents described him, has full foot eight inches toll weighing sixty pounds with shaggy light brown, hair and brown eyes. It was, last seen wearing Blue jeans, a lot tat, colored code and cowboy stall boots luck, Stevens parents, the police officer, was an overly can Signed missing children, in my said, usually turned up playing at a friends house, boring someone's back yard and fair play almost unheard of. Additionally, the officer hadn't noticed anything until war at the Steiner residents the Palais search The neighbourhood, while tracing all the possible rats and may have taken home from school. Dyke focused on yourself
Eddie Parkway, now known as the Central Yosemite Highway, as it was then hence usual path. I am an employer at a petrol station, recalled saying Stephen walking a band towards he's home some time before three p m, But hadn't noticed anyone suspicious in the area at six p M Reserve lace offices and members of the local boy scouts troop Join dean on the search in the cauldron. An announcement about Stevens disappearance was also brought. On the local radio station down London K left their other children in the care of family friends and headed out to a nearby junkyard to scale up through the darkness. For any sign of this on. Just after midnight Del was summoned to the police station, give
that most missing children cases end up involving one nor both that the parents, the police captain blatantly asked Adele if he had killed. Stephen Del was furious at the allegation and volunteered to participate in a polygraph test. Tube movies innocence. The station didn't have one on hand, but the captain agreed to send for a polygraph examiner from the new boss city of Sacramento within the next few days. The following morning of Tuesday December five, the police arrived thus Steiner residents to install recording equipment in case someone Old demanding a ransom by Stephen Save for a time. The F b I offered the mess, said police use of their low bar tree in Washington if needed, but because there was no evidence that Stephen had being too.
In Cross state lines they were unable to become actively involved in the case of bulletin, was sent two other californian law enforcement agencies, while the media picked up the story and started reporting on Stevens disappearance, state wide police continued a thorough search of message. The caddy with assistance from members of the moment. Church of this is on foot and in flat bottomed boats, sir. the ever growing shore line of the nearby Bear Craig, while a search and rescue by dragged through the waters. But and nothing more than an old tire, the They were working on an early theory that the Steiner's may have been in debt and had sold their son to by all the man like that. That day, the pie
the graph equipment arrived in, Miss said and about K and Adele were tested, the results into I did that the couple had no financial issues and that neither of them were involved with Stevens disappearance. This search efforts continued for days with no results and on Friday December right, the community band together to conduct a wide scale, search. The police announced that would likely Clay bade the last major search of the area unless any evidence was discovered. The weather, still cod and rainy. With temperatures the previous evening falling below thirty, degrees, Fahrenheit, O money One, the gray Sosius causing puddles on the ground to freeze over police health concerns. if Stephen was still alive, he could die from exposure to the elements.
Over one hundred off Judy Police officers and firefighters were joined by Anti jail inmates and concerned citizens who had taken the day off work to hunt the mess said a candy area that any sign of Stephen. They checked fields, drain pots and other people. You'll hiding spots and door locked in a one square mile area from West David, was lost. Sane. The neighbouring sheriffs department in Mariposa County search, the fifty miles Radio seen their district Del searched night and day checking empty buildings, abandoned houses and garbage dumps for any evidence that might lead to. He saw nothing of interest was found, prompting the mess said. Place to wish you a state what bulletin confirming that were now considering the possibility that Stephen had been kidnapped or had met with fair play.
they created a list of all known sex offenders living in Miss said and surrounding counties, but were unable The link. Any of them to Stevens disappearance, given message proximity to you, Seventy national park police theorized that Stephen may have been abducted and taken there. The park was indeed a tourist thoughts. Bought featuring twelve hundred square miles of date, valleys green. the meadows giant forests and a vast wilderness. This.
It has participated in a range of outdoor activities there, including hawking horseback rotting, picnicking rock, climbing and fishing. A search for Stephen had been conducted by. U S. Forest service ranges throughout the pox, campgrounds and meadows, but had failed to uncover anything of no police requested a list of all the pox employees, including those working within so lodges and hotels, the least was provided, but the park ranger was uncooperative. Hey didn't feel that Stevens disappearance had anything to do with the park and didn't want posters of a missing child. Put up in case deterred. Tourists
By Monday December, eleven one wake had passed without a single sign of Stephen and the search was officially called off. This Dana family were devastated and struggled to come to terms with Stevens disappearance. Dell told reporters that K was handling things better than he was and that shit
had been reassuring their other children that Stephen would return home Del added quiet but light it not after we have set our prayers. I can hear her crying three weeks passed and Christmas came and went without any further sign of Stephen K. Infidel trot their best to make Christmas day a happy time and several townspeople, including one dress. The Santa Claus stopped by with presents for the stain of children in an attempt to achieve a mom transfer Stephen were left under the tray with these parents deciding they would stay there until he came home. Disdain is believed that Stephen had been kidnapped on his way home from school. All had accepted a rod.
One of the many tourists who passed through town during trips to Yosemite several psychics contacted the family to offer their services. One said: Stephen was love, in the trunk of a car, while another said he had accepted a rod on a motorcycle and had been thrown off and was buried under some leaves. Although disdain as though this theory sanded foolish, they follow Up on every single laid possible in late December local newspaper, the Sacramento Bay offered a one thousand dollar reward for information, leading to Stephen, safer recovery. On December twenty eight the police announced they had followed up on several lathes, but none that had delight anywhere. They can
and to the press that they still had an uncovered any evidence to indicate that Stephen had been kidnapped or had met with fair play. the new year passed by with no breakthroughs, then, in Early nineteen, seventy three, a child's cowboy boots, similar to the one Stephen had been wearing washed up on the Bank of Bare Craig. He North must said offices recommenced their search of their Craig in anticipation of discovering Stevens remains, but that was determined that the boot didn't belong to, Stephen at all, in a bid to keep the case in the news. This danish contacted numerous television
and stations across the United States. The safe, they would run Stephen story, thought would told it was now old knees and no channels where interested on May fifteen nineteen. Seventy three Dell and. I announced a five thousand dollar reward was available for staving, safe return, all for the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for his disappearance. the reward money was raised by members of the community and not for profit organization, the Oaks Club but no credible, Lades emerged, Stephen School friends had difficulty comprehending he sudden disappearance with one friend telling k that he's birthday wish was that Stephen would come home.
Over the following months, Miss said: police received the occasional phone call from citizens wanting to report small details, but nothing substantial came to light. Whenever a child went missing under similar circumstances in California or surrounding states. The police checked for any parallels to Stevens case, but failed to find a connection. As the one year anniversary of Stevens disappearance approached case, Dana told the press, no Bay newspaper, we, No, that some day we will be a family again. Of course, it gets rougher as Christmas approaches.
I don't know what I'm going to tell the other kids. When I ask about buying gifts. First Davy just lost, not Corey asked me if Stevie was going to bed. I told her yes he's going to bed somewhere. Kay told the mercury newspaper that Stephen got along well with everyone, regardless of their age, and that he Take your early loved babies, dogs and kittens she fondly recall. Stevens habit of writing his name on everything in this Dana residents from the outdoor offences to his bedroom wool. Laving constant reminders of him threw out their high. When asked about her hopes for her sons, return Kay said
I know there is a fifty fifty chance that Stephen is dead and that any time they could come and say. Well, we found him it's not good, but we found him. I pray that if he is dead, please let us know because this not knowing his enough to drive You insane Del was adamant that the family would never relocate in case Stephen ever came looking for them. By one thousand nine hundred and seventy four, the police continue to receive an average of three to four potential, leads per weight and was still dedicating around six dollars each week to the sun. Their presiding theory was that Stephen had met with fair play with the perpetrator from outside the mess said area on the second anniversary of Stevens disappearance. Kay
he told the Indiana Gazette newspaper that her belief that Stephen was still alive was stronger than ever. She said we know he's alive, there's no the way after two years of body would be found every group of children. We see every child walking by check in light nineteen. Seventy five, just after the third anniversary of Stevens disappearance them said, police were summoned. One hundred and sixty miles South Base, to a mental health facility in the city of Bakersfield, a patient in his mid twenties named Tom Wilson, who had along his
free have mental illness wanted to confess to participating in Stevens disappearance. He told the attending offices that he had been motivated to do so. After recently, hitching a ride with Stevens Grandfather police looked into Wilson's claims, but concluded he was lying and wasn't involved in any way The false confession left Adele, Stana, completely dejected, as he was already struggling to cope. He often took state and old clothes out of these covered, hoping to remember what he smells like Del was convinced. Someone in Miss said knew the truth about what happened to her son, but would choosing to remain silent. One day the stain of family were driving when Del spotted suspicious looking man standing on the roadside next to a man of dirt, he pulled
over and stared at the man until the man. Eventually walked away. Del became convinced that Stephen was buried under the mound of dirt and played with the police to dig it up, but with no evidence to support he suspicion. No further action was taken. By nineteen eighty eight years had passed since Stephen went missing. At one thousand, one hundred and thirty, a dot m on Thursday February 14th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five year old Timothy. What finished kindergarten day had you Kayo Elementary School in Ukiah, a picturesque wine growing region too more than thirty seven miles north of Mamma said known by friends and family as team.
He had spent the morning making Valentine's day cards with these classmates, which he had tucked away in his lunchbox. The young boy was just three fate: six inches tall with platinum, blonde hair blue was freckles, had cheeky, grin and a faint scar on his chin. On this particular day he was wearing brown pants along slave check. It should blue jacket and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Blocky usual Timmy was expected to walk the three blocks from school to he's babysitters house, which he had done. Many times he walked the majority of the way with a classmate, then the two potted ways when I were less than a minute from Timmy Destination, at eleven thirty, I am Jimmy's. Babies
Diane and several of the other young children. She looked after stood on the front porch waiting for to me to come into view. As the minutes past there was no sign of him. Diane began to worry, And at twelve thirty she called Timmy mother Angela. Why to let her know that her never arrive. Angela immediately called the police and two officers were despatched to search the area between you, Kayo Elementary and Diane's, Heine, similar to Stevens Dana's case the police, weren't immediately concerned, as they were sure to me had wandered off, always just playing with a friend when there was still no sign of him by three p m. The police became concerned that Timmy may have gotten lost all met with fair play.
They ran up their search efforts in listing the help of reserve offices and police cadets to canvass the town and rate trace Tunisia. Last nine steps. Two days later, on Saturday February, sixteen tracking dogs were led between Diane's House and the elementary school, however, and had been raining heavily for several days and they weren't able to detect anything. The rain also hinders police efforts to search the mountainous terrain by helicopter and the air searches were cut short. This. Continued on land with offices checking nearby Craigs amid concerns Timmy may have drowned the Watts plaster missing person, flyers around town and that community band together to offer a fifteen
thousand dollar reward, Fit Timmy, safe return. As with Stevens case there wasn't a single piece of evidence to indicate what had happened to me and two weeks passed with no breakthroughs. Then, just after eleven p M on Sunday March, one nineteen eighty office a bulb, I was on duty at the Ukiah police station when he saw a small boy with he's in his eyes, peering through the stations glass door before quickly walking away. aware that it was very late at night for a young boy to be out of a someone. I followed the child outside and saw him run down the straight towards an older boy concerned that the pair would flee. If he tried to approach them. Office are worn out cold for back up.
Shortly after officer, Russell Van forests arrived in a police car and pulled up beside the two boys asking for their names. The younger one replied Timmy. What office a vain Boris was so shocked. He had to ask the boy to repay himself to make sure he had heard. Probably the older boy then said my name is Stephen, and I've been missing in Miss said for seven years. Angela wide was cold with the news that there was a boy at the station claiming to be her son. She rushed to the station, but when she saw the boy she didn't recognize him, he was filthy dirty with dark brown. Hair unlock Timmy, who was platinum,
blonde Angela painted on the spot and when she came to she realized TAT was Timmy after all, but he's here. They died and he clearly hadn't bathed in wakes the two hugged in silence for twenty minutes, after which Timmy cheer up and asked about he six year old system and their cat, the older boy, claiming to be Stephen, told the police that Timmy had been kidnapped by the same person who had been holding himself captive for just over seven years. He said he wanted to banks
Jimmy didn't go through the same thing: hey himself went through and had been planning to bring him home for awakened. Aha, but he's plans had being delayed by the stormy weather at first. He refused to provide any information about their kidnapped by whom he referred to as he's dad, but he eventually broke down and told them the person risks, possible was Kenneth Paganel who worked at the palace hotel in Ukiah, less than half a mile from the police station. Stephen vehemently denied that panel had subjected him or Timmy to sexual abuse and officer from Ukiah, telephoned the Miss said police station to confirm if they had a missing child named Stevens, Dana on their records. Another officer then called this. Dana household
okay until k until they would be over shortly with some news about their son. At the time their eldest son Carry was a white camping with friends in Yosemite National Park, and disdain is assumed. The news related The officer arrived at approximately three. I am and delivered the news that Stephen. Being found alive. The family worrying shock, but overcome with joy with Del sitting down and weeping. They were informed, they couldn't say Stephen immediately, but the parents, children stayed up all not talking excitedly. In the morning. Staving siblings ran up and down the street
knocking on their neighbors doors to let them know that good days that their brother was coming home. Do you call the police had Stephen right a brief statement about his life with panel it began. My name is Stevens. Dana I'm fourteen years of age, I dont know my true birthday, but I use April 18th nineteen sixty five, I know my first name is Stephen. Pretty sure. My last name, Steiner and. have a middle name, I don't know it through these state and future interviews with law enforcement and journalists and a man that, on the afternoon of December for nineteen, seventy two Stephen had been approached by two men, one of her Was then forty one year old, Kenneth panel
men were giving out religious pamphlets and asked Stephen. If he's mother would to make a donation to the church. offering him a ride home. So he could ask her staving, agreed and got into a car they were driving, but the men drove straight past. He straight telling him they were gone. to their place for awhile and would call his mother from their Stephen thought. The two men seemed nice, so he trusted what they said. He recalled old sitting back and enjoying the car rod. In the new scenery as they drove further out of town than he had previously. Bang. At some point during the drive, panelled stopped the car to use a pay phone upon his return. He said he had spoken to Stevens parents, who agreed that staving could stay with
In the night, the men drove into the Cathy's Valley area of Yosemite National Park to a small trailer park whereupon no rented a redwood cabin. Unbeknown to Stephen he's own grandfather lived at the trailer park at the time and was only two hundred fake from their rental cabin much too Stevens Delight pot know had a selection of toys waiting for him, while he played with them. NL began asking Stephen about his family as well as he's locks and dislikes. honey worked at the Yosemite Valley, large and the next day they moved to the A dome building where he had a small private room when he went to work. He drugged, Stephen, with sleeping pills. This continued for several days with Stephen, given a bucket
to use as a toilet. The other man involve didn't kidnapping stopped by to bring Stephen food toys and to keep him entertained. Stephen found this man to be friendly and call and he locked having him around awake later. On Sunday December TAN panel drove Stephen back to the cabin Cathy's valley. In MID December, he brought Stephen a six week out Manchester Terrier Poppy name Queenie whom Stephen adored panel used Queenie to soften the blow as high. Delivered the news to Stephen that he's parents could no longer afford to keep him and that a judge had therefore granted Parnell permanent custody. Stephen started crying Saying he's family needed him at home, but Parnell replied well
I don't think they really need you right now that not panel died, Stevens, hair, dark brown and cut it into a different style. On December seventeen nineteen seventy two Pennell quit his job and traded his com, for a run down rambler American. He drove Stephen and quantity, two hundred miles to the California. City of Santa Rosa where they spent the next few weeks checking into various motels On January to nineteen, seventy three Parnell Lane. Road Stephen had still lying elementary school the name Dennis PA now telling the faculty he was Stevens. Divorcee bother.
He listed Yosemite Elementary as Stevens previous school, but nobody, it still lying, contacted the former school to ask but Dennis panels records. Nor did I ask panel to produce Dennis Birth certificate. The dynamic had actually sent a letter and a copy of Stevens missing person posed to every elementary school district in California bought. Minister, ideas that the Bellevue Union School District West The line elementary was located had thrown it out with the passing it on to the local schools. Had a copy made it to steal. Lane Stephen might have been recognised, Ha now got a job at the front desk of the Santa Rosa holiday Inn and also made Extra money as a door to door Bible salesman. He,
used a local agency too high a baby sit is for Stephen threatening to spank him if he ever said anything about being taken from the said so and became accustomed to his new life, as Dennis PA now, and slowly accepted that PA no was his new father, on February twenty four nineteen, seventy three they moved in. What dilapidated try law had the man Tyler Trailer Park in Santa Rosa and Stephen changed schools took away Springs Elementary, Stephen Lock the daddy's new school and me Many new friends, including Kenny Matthias, who became his closest he's too,
I noted that he was adjusting well and was well marked by his classmates on April eighteen nineteen. Seventy three Stephen turned to eight years old, one. Nine after upon now fell asleep. He snuck out of the trial with the intention of finding he's real family. He made it a few blocks but became lost and scared and returned to the trial before Paganel woke up later that year, Stephen fell ill with the months. and in particular, guy too highly contagious infections, common among schoolchildren Pineau had no choice but to take him to the doktor who didn't pick up on it. thing out of the ordinary, between that pair ha now answered all questions on Stevens behalf and wouldn't let staving spake at all. In November nineteen, seventy three parts
rented a house in Santa Rosa with their backyard for Queenie Stephen locked, the new house, but was upset that he had to move schools again this to dial Park Elementary, which meant leaving behind his best friend Kenny, regardless he had become used to moving schools and quickly settled into Doyle Park, no became more relaxed and would sometimes takes David to the local Dennys restaurant, which was often filled. Donors from all over California due to its proximity to the freeway, but no, whenever recognised Stephen. In February nineteen, seventy four paganel quit his job The holiday inn, when new laws dictated that he was no longer allowed to smoke at the front desk. He took a job delivering newspapers, but it didn't pay well, so Hay and Stephen moved
in the sinner roses run down. Motels staving returned. Havana elementary to attend fourth grade he was re united with Kenny and soon after Paganel started dating Kenny's mother, Barbara Matthias. In June nineteen, seventy four Ya know resumed his job at the holiday Inn and Hey Stephen and Barbara, moved into the North STAR trailer Park. Kenny and he's other siblings continue to live with their father. Only saying Barbara on occasion. In December nineteen, seventy four paganel attempted to convince Stephen to help him kid another young boy to join their family. They drove to the Waddington shopping Mall in Santa Rosa, whereupon
made Stephen approach, any boys who were on their own and try to convince them to come with him. Stephen deliberately foiled, land lying upon now about the conversations he had with the boys and saying they refuse to go with him after two hours, no gave up and they finally. Went home. in May of nineteen. Seventy five partner, in order to Barbara to try to coerce a boy from Stevens Boys club to come home with them the boy ran off, leaving partner Furious to escape detection, they moved Well, it's a remote area in California, Mendocino County Westhaven. Once again changed schools, Ha now was unable to find work so a month Why are they moved to the run down harbour trailer Park in Fort Bragg, coastal
in Mendocino County. Ya know used his mother's money to open a bible, store, cold, AAA Bobo's books and gifts, which was a financial flop. Ten year Stephen still living as Dennis Parnell enrolled in the fifth grade at Dinah Gray Elementary School and was free to walk around And on his own, during his spare time at one point, he was caught shoplifting and was escorted home by the police, but it didn't occur. to him to tell them who he really was. Porno, was furious about the shoplifting telling Stephen he had crossed the line into becoming a criminal. in the spring of nineteen. Seventy six Barbara gained custody of her for children and Stephen and PA. No, they moved out
the trailer and into an old converted school bus containing a wooden box. The Bible shop went out of business and in June Barbara left ah no for another man and she and her Children moved out of the boss. in July panel and Stephen moved to a mobile. Home in the small rural tan of country, Westhaven was thrilled to have these thine room. He said Hoddan making friends at the Mendocino Middle School where he joined the football team and went on his first day with a girl he spent most of his time outdoors and helped PA no grow vegetables and raise rabbits pigs. And chickens calm. She was a very liberal town with easy access to cannabis, which Stephen began using alone. with alcohol and cigarettes, one
not when he was drinking. He told his girlfriend at the time that he wanted to go home two he's real family, but she dismissed the statement as drunken nonsense. In July of nineteen, seventy nine panel and stay then moved fifty miles south of country to an isolated cabin on the unoccupied. Matt, Inv Ranch in the mendous scene. I can't he can of Manchester the owner of the property grew in abundance of cannabis crops and wanted some on their to guard against trespasses. As a bonus paganel realized he could take small amounts of cannabis from the crop owners without them noticing Stephen, devastated by the move. Not I Did he loved country, but the I've been in Manchester was small, with only one room: no electricity and out House
Now, though, a shower No, I got a job fifty miles north tasting Ukiah working as a desk clerk at the palace hotel. while staving enrolled at point area high school, where he attended classes sporadically. On February fourteen nineteen, eighty Stephen was horrified when no showed up to picking out from school with Barbier out to me why, in times when they returned to the cabin staving, did his best to take care of the young boy playing with him and taking him to feed the farm animals. When Timmy said he wanted to go home, Stephen promised Take him on his first attempt. It was raining heavily and he tried to piggy back to me away from the cabin, but Timmy was distressed and asked to go back.
On the evening of Sunday March, one porno left for he's not shift at the palace hotel Stephen may dinner for himself and to me and then dressed them both in warm close. Slipping Bowie knife into he's right boot. He said goodbye to his beloved, don't queenie promising to come back for her at approximately seven p m the pair did they cabin. Although the area had very little traffic, they managed hit your ride with the mexican drawback, who spoke very little English from Stevens Limited Spanish. He under stood that the driver was following another car all the way to Ukiah. He spent. The whole journey with Timmy on his lap worried that part no would find them before he could get Timmy to safety approximately non pay em. They would draw.
on the outskirts of Ukiah Stevens Plan was to take Timmy too he's babysitters DAS, but when they arrived there nobody was home team, he tried to remember the directions that he's family high but was confused. So stay The news the nearby pay bound to find the address of the local police station to get there. They had to walk past the palace hotel, whereupon no was working at the time when they approached the police station, staving encouraged to me to walk the final three quarters of a block by himself, but when Timmy reached the door, he was scared and ran back the staving. That's when the police approached them and Stephen made the split second to see
and to tell the truth about who he was office, arrived at the palace hotel and placed upon L under arrest for the kidnapping of Timmy. Why and Stevens Dana was taken to an interview room, but they Ukiah Police Department, so that Stephen could identify him through the safety of a glass window. Stephen quietly confirmed Paganel to Bay, he's capta, but the officer then opened the door to the universe, room and pushed staving inside putting him face to face with I, the officer, asked Stephen if he was sure panel was the perpetrator, closing Stephen to scream to be taken from the room.
By four hundred and thirty, a dot m on Sunday March to nineteen, eighty police had obtained a search warrant and a team of twenty offices headed to the Manson View Ranch cabin with Stephen in the media caught wind that something was going on, because the usually quiet police station had become Hi of activity, the police tried to create a diversion to prevent members of the press from following them. Not their attempts were unsuccessful. By the time they arrived at mountain view, ranch it wasn't long before news helicopters, circle, diver, head and to report is began arriving on the scene. The one room cabin was in a cold doc and death. A wide area with attending offices, noting that it was no place to house a child.
inside resembled a messy dungeon with dirty clothes and cooking utensils, scattered everywhere. Amongst the clouds investigated, found the outfit Timmy had been wearing on the day. He went missing, as well as the collection of Valentine's day cards in vain holding onto Stephen scooped up Queenie and returned to the police car to head back to you cry out where a press conference was scheduled to take place at midday, hey so dirty that the police had to wear their car out during the press conference Stephen Set, With Queenie and shyly, but calmly answered questions about why he decided to bring to me home, hey commented, I knew what panel was doing was wrong. I just gave him a whole lot ahead of him. With these parents Stevens
said he had initially considered returning to personnel after dropping Timmy at the police station because he was so accustomed to their life. Together. when one report, I asked how he felt about Paganel now Stephen responded. I feel sorry for him, but was cut off by an officer who advised him not to answer Timmy set on Stevens lap and told reporters that Stephen was his friend and had taken care of him and read him comic books. At seven that nine Stephen was finally re united with these family had their home. In my said, his parents had been warned not to expect the small child. They had Last, but an independent teenager on his way to becoming a man disdain is sent to
hundred and thirty of their friends and relatives gathered to Great Stephen with a welcome home party. While camera crews into news report is swarmed outside. The Virginian was extremely emotional for Stephen and his family, with many tears of joy shed. Stephen was shy and overwhelmed by the situation and had to ask he siblings to remind him of their names. Kay and Del presented him with the unopened Christmas presents that had been waiting. I came in that living room since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two with Dell commenting that he wished he had more presents to give. Stephen told the reporters and felt good to be
Again Del credit at his wife's, unwavering christian faith and prayer for Stephen, safe return, quote she kept the fight she prayed and am convinced that was the work of the good Lord that made this possible after seven years. A cold is nothing but a God, given miracle Kay said, I told everybody from the beginning that he would come back to us. I have faith they now heavenly Father Stevens. the brother, Carry had heard the news of his brothers return, while driving home from he's camping trip that not the two brothers slept sought. I saw it on the family living room floor. very light. A tall doth on market calls for he's book. I know my first name is Stephen.
I had a hard time trying to get the slight that night I stay. It up a long time just looking at stake, while he slept and listening to him bereave. I just couldn't believe that my brother was home again, I went out saw that not and I walked several blocks away and then looked up at the stars. and started to wish on one again, but then I remembered that Steve was back home, and so I thanked the star instead, the next day Dell told the Allied Times newspaper that Hey felt somewhat sorry for Kenneth Parnell Kay said I don't like what he did it was a very, very cruel thing to do, but now
that we have stave. I thank the good Lord. That panel had the sense to raise him well and to treat him right. I mean God so many kids, it killed and death. Stephen was saved. On March for Paganel appeared in the UK, I just this court, where he pleaded not guilty to the kidnappings of Stevens Dana and to me what they'll was set at twenty thousand dollars and he was held at the mess said. A county jail to a white trial when news of panels arrest circulated those who knew him wherein shock. Colleagues at the palace hotel describe team as a personal man who was well locked by other employees,
They recalled times when panel had brought staving into town and introduced him, as he son Dennis. One colleague said that David was a really nice kid and that no one suspected hey and upon no were anything but father and son. A security guard who worked the night shift with Paul recalled that around the same time that Timmy, what was kidnapped panel mentioned that he wanted to adopt a child. At no point did Stephen indicate twenty one. A desire to leave this Father of one of Stevens friends commented. There was a part of their relationship that I saw. That was supportive. There was a giving and a concern, but don't think that is something that you just put on, because you are with people. That is what makes this thing so parody,
Ago I mean this is going to be a challenge for people to accept. They don't want to see that side of it, Stephen seven the great teacher Mendocino High School, told all the market goals that one dying class hay and students had discussed an article about missing children off the woods. Stevens friend Damon approached the teacher and said Dennis claims that he was taken away when he was real young and he's parents said that they didn't want him any more. The teacher thought the comment was very Range, but he was then interrupted and didn't follow up on diamonds claim despots spending a lot of time. Thinking about it. Kenneth panels. Mother Mary told the San Francisco examiner that her son couldn't be responsible for the kidnappings, as he had visited her several times
a year over the past seven years and now had a child with him. Married scrubbed paganel as an honest fellow who loved children and animals and wounded harm anyone. However, she also recalled an incident that she referred to simply as the trouble Love is in the air, and you know who really deserves some extra love. You that's who so tree herself to a mental pick me up with best fiends unwind, with thousands of brain tickling levels in tons of Q collectible characters, because even in the shortest month, you deserve all the time you can get ready to boost
More brain power, download best fiends breeds today on the app store or Google play. That's friends without the are best fiends. The trouble Mary spoke of related to Parnell's extensive criminal, his hurry panel had committed a long list of crimes dating back two he's adolescence. He had a troubled childhood beginning with his parents, divorce when he was Bobby's out No he's mother and her two children from a previous marriage moved from there I'm ten in Texas to the city of Bakersfield in California panel was so upset to be leaving his father. Did he tried to pull for these Tate? They are using air of plies. He continued to have episodes of self harm and suicidal thoughts, and at the
You're right, he shown a torch into his eyes, but so long that he required corrective treatment. That nine years old, he intention They jumped from the shed roof onto a pile of timber boards that had nails poking of conquering his foot in the process. Nineteen forty five when and was dead news out. He was sent to a juvenile facility after it was discovered, a had performed oral sex on an older man. He was released after a few months, then at the age of fourteen he stole a car and it was sent to a boarding school for juvenile affair.
And is in nineteen forty seven panel moved back in with these mother in Bakersfield and was arrested for committing public sex acts with men in nineteen. Forty eight he stole another car and was sent to another juvenile facility, but escaped a few weeks later. He was re captured within days and send to the current county jail in Bakersfield, where he tried to take his own life by drinking disinfect them. After paganel recovered, he was sent to a state mental hospital in NAFTA and ninety days, but managed to escape returning to Bake is filled in a stolen car, so made a boy he had become infatuated with he was re, arrested and sent back to the juvenile facility where he stayed in. Oh he's relates in May nineteen. Forty, nine and moved in with his mother.
He then met a woman named Patsy, Joe Jordan and the pair Married shortly after on much twenty nineteen fifty one A ten year old, Paganel board of vague deputy sheriffs badge at an army surplus store and approached three young boy. Who were playing in an area outside of Bakersfield. He flushed the badge and convinced a nine year old, Bobby Grain that hey matched the description of a juvenile, less gay pay and he needed to take him back to his parents house to clear up the matter. Paul no, then drove Bobby to a remote area in their turn, river canyon and sexually assaulted. Him before dropping came back at the location he had picked him up from afterwards Bobby, ran home and told his parents and pond was arrested. Six days later in cod
Parnell casually admitted to the crime and was charged with child stealing a crime against nature and the active calculating the sexual Logan. At his trial, one April, twenty nineteen, fifty one porno plated guilty to the less they charge of elude and lascivious contact with private parts of a male child under the age of fourteen, Jordan, heyday examined by three separate psychiatrist, all three of whom conclude Did that pot exhibited characteristics of a sexual psychopath and recommended treatment in a state mental hospital around Tom panels. Wife, patchy joy gave birth to their first child, a daughter.
Ah no was sent the Norwalk State Hospital for an official diagnosis to enable the court proceedings to progress with a more detailed understanding of these mental health. He was diagnosed as a sexual psychopath without psychosis and was deemed legally saying. Medical staff recommended that he returned to call to be committed as a sexual soccer burn indeterminate period on June twenty two nineteen, fifty one paganel Was committed to Norwalk State Hospital for as long as treatment and rehabilitation took the him to be.
Well enough for release on September 11th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one Pinellas Kate from Norwalk by soaring a lock from a closed room window. He was captured by authorities on September twenty four and placed in Norwalk maximum security wing. Toby fourteen he managed to escape again and was called for and a half months later he now bookie New Mexico. This time he was sent to a California in state prison to serve five years to live. Porno was granted parole in April of nineteen fifty five on the condition that he received the ongoing psychiatric treatment, which he never did hay and patchy divorced in early one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven without pain. One thousand one hundred meeting he's daughter in August to that sang
He panel married a woman named Emma, who was ten years. He senior and the two had a baby girl on August. He too, nineteen fifty nine PA now held up a service station in SALT Lake City Utah with a revolver and was sentenced to five years to live Emma divorced him and he was released in September of nineteen sixty one on the condition he never return to Utah in nineteen. Seventy two No applaud ver job with the curry company in Yosemite National Park, which was responsible for her, during employees to work in the parks, hotels, due to its isolated location Yosemite, was a good place for people with a criminal history to light love and they carry company was known to hire convicted criminals
Parnell's laud on he's application when ass. If he had any prior criminal whole mental health history and was does it not ordered all working that desk at the Yosemite Lodge. During the initial stages of the investigation into Stevens disappearance, the police had requested a list of all the parks employees. However, the pie Ranger, who provided the least had made a critical era employees, if they carry company, were paid fortnightly with half of them paid one way, and the other half paid the wake after Ranger had only provided police with a list of the employees who had been paid. The wake Stephen went missing. panel was paid. The alternative, awake, meaning his name wasn't included on the list.
in Stevens Dana's initial interview with police. He had refused to disclose the identity of this second demand involved. With these kidnapping. On March three nineteen eighty, he was interviewed again this time. revealing that the other man was open Murphy who had been work at the Yosemite Lodge Cleaning being Austria Lovins since nineteen seventy two he was described. Does, a simple and lonely man who was Easily influenced by others and very eager to please Leg said he was a hard worker who went above and beyond face friends, but was also gullible, naive and Asia. Let us try
If he was arrested without incident remarking to police that he was relieved to hear that Stephen was ok and hadn't been killed by Paul now he claimed to have cold. The myths said police department several times over the years to tell them about the kidnapping but had lost his nerve every time. Someone answered the fine recanting the event. Since December, for nineteen seventy two Murphy tall police that he had planned on catching the idea, I am bound to miss, said to do some Christmas shopping, but he fell asleep and missed the boss. He later awoke to patent, knocking on our door, who suggested that going to Town Murphy was through that the offer of a lift and went with partner to the Miss said to blossom Christmas, presents.
when he was finished. Shopping panel asked Murphy if he would help hand out some religious pamphlets as PA no claimed he was studying to become a minister Murphy again. Aid and the Jew O drove to the Yosemite Parkway, whereupon L hold Murphy to hand the pamphlets out to the children who were walking home from school. Parnell had previously told Murphy that he wanted to adopt an underprivileged or abused child. While they handed out the pamphlets. He asked for Murphy's in picking out a young boy to be. He son, as Murphy himself, had been abused by his mother has a young child. He said that panels plan made sense to him, so he stood at the front of a guy
station on Yosemite Parkway. Indeed, as he was told, when Stevens Dana walked by Murphy, told him he was from the church and asked whether his family might like to make a charitable donations as was raining. Murphy told Stephen that the minister would give him a ride. Home said that he could ask her mother no pulled up in his Buick and Stephen and Murphy got in. Panel then told Stephen: they were going to the Yosemite Lodge where Hay and Murphy lived in the employer, dorm building and would call his mouth
from there to ask if staving could stay. The night Murphy recalled thinking to himself that something wasn't what wrought thought. He found comfort in the fact that Stephen Saint relaxed and wasn't crying over the next few days, Murphy checking on Stephen regularly bringing him food comic books and a small battery operated motorcycle. to keep him aunt attained awake after the abduction. When Porno DR stave into his cabin in Cathy's Valley, they passed the volunteers who would draw having up and down the highway. Looking for the missing boy, Murphy continued to visit the Jew, oh at the cabin and looked after Stephen while panel went to visit his mother.
when part now decided to leave town for good, hey, threatened to tell the authorities that Murphy was the kidnapper unless he agreed to deposit some of these fortnightly pay into panels. Account Murphy reluctantly agreed but stopped the payment knees, light on in nineteen. Seventy four porno tracked Murphy down and once again attempted to blackmail him into continuing the payments but Murphy refused. On March five, nineteen, eighty Irving Murphy in my said, county court, where he pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping of Stevens. Dana veil was set at fifty thousand dollars thirty thousand more than the Ukiah court had set the Kenneth Pa Murphy
was held in the mess said county jail to a white trial. That same day, two officers took Stephen to the small red cabin in Cathy's Valley, whereupon no had first taken him after being kidnapped, staving continue to deny being sexually abused by porno, but now that he's extensive criminal history had come to light police doubted whether Stephen was being truthful, Miss said police also so spent five hours gathering evidence at the mountain view, range cabin and other buildings on the property Heaven had never been secured as a crime sane and a number of reporters had since walked through and contempt, I did the area with some even taking evidence for themselves.
the investigation- was complicated by the fact that Penelon Stephen had moved around frequently throughout the years, meaning police departments from multiple counties were involved officers from the differing jurisdiction and were struggling to fill one another region, while some were deliberately with. holding information altogether. A report off from San Francisco Chronicle presented, the Ukiah police with some Polaroid photographs he had taken from the mountain view, ranch cabin that shied, Stephen and one of his friends naked. They were handed to the Miss said police, but were unable to be used as evidence against Paganel, because it couldn't be proven that they had been taken from the cabin staving. Continue to deny being subject to any sexual abuse. Them said.
I spent three days in Mendocino County visiting H School Stephen had attended since synergies, kidnapping and questioned his friends than their parents. Some of the children had told their parents day had been abused by time, but because the abuse occurred outside of the Miss County District, Miss said, police had no choice face, but to hand the information over to Mendocino Candy District attorney rigid fin, whom they assumed would take action. However, been was seemingly disinterested in the sexual abuse claims and didn't bother to follow up the accusations. FIN had no formal training in psychology, but on March thirteen he attempted to hypnotize Timmy White to save he couldn't cover any information that could help with the
Es Timmy had already told police he had been kidnapped by panel and one other unknown man, but under hypnosis he described the accomplice in such detail that the police identified him has fifteen year old, shorn, Pullman Timmy also denied being subject to any sexual abuse a few days later, shown. Pullman was located and placed under arrest. He had gone too the same school Stephen, but the two were more acquaintances than friends, Pullman locked hanging out at Stevens House, because Porno supplied him with whiskey and cannabis. Hay was fully cooperative with police admitting that in MID November nineteen. Seventy non hundred said that.
He wanted another little boy, but adoption was too much of a hassle. Instead, he said he wanted to find a kid on the straight that didn't have a good time and offered Pullman fifty dollars to help him find a suitable child On February fourteen nineteen, eighty Pullman and PA no drove to Ukiah and bought some girls colliding and head die with the intention of kidnapping to me and then decide watching him as a girl eleven thirty. I am. They parked panels car on the curb Feed straight away from Timmy School and pretended there was something wrong with the tire dead plan was to ask vietnamese help and then throw him into the back seat of the car, but when Timmy walked by, he refused to Hell and kept on walking. Poorman ran after him and Timmy tried to save himself bikes.
Going to chain link fence but Pullman fraud him off, bundled him into the back seat and covered him with a blanket. He then forced the sleeping tablet. The Antilles, through and the trio drove upon else cabin where Pullman left Me and Panella alone, and had nothing further to do with the situation, Pullman was initially charged with kidnapping, but because he cooperated with authorities, the charges were reduced to false imprisonment Given he was a minor, he was released His parents custody to a white court proceedings April six nineteen eighty Stevens Dana was awarded. The fifteen thousand dollars of reward money offered for to me was safe return, a sermon
he was held in Ukiah City Park, where Timmy presented Stephen with a check for the money which was placed in a trust for him to access. When he turned eighteen of the woods, Stevens family drove him. The country, so he could visit with the friends he made during the happiest time these kidnapping from there the family and to mountain view. Wretch Westhaven picked up his favorite go to take back to Miss said with these family. Soon, after Miss said, police presented Stephen with the naked polaroids that the rapporteur had found in the cabin and he finally admitted to being sexually abused by upon now, he said that he was assaulted on the first night of his abduction and the abuse s goal did from their occurring whenever Urban Murphy wasn't around. But the time panel, moved Stephen to centre
Rosa the abuse had become an old I'm the daily occurrence in the spring of nineteen. Seventy four, when Paganel first started dating Barbara Matthias, the pair had sex in front of then eight year old, Even Barbara also willingly right, Stephen had panels insistence when Barbara moved in with even in panel, the three shed a bed and the abuse continued for the next eighteen months. Stephen said he didn't lock Barbara but put up with her, because when she was around the abuse hey received from paganel decreased significantly. When she moved out in nineteen. Seventy six, the abuse against Stephen once again increased in frequency. By the time Stephen was going through Puberty Conall
was no longer attracted to him the abuse networks Approximately once every three weeks, and by Billy January of nineteen, eighty that stopped altogether it was that this point that Paganel insisted on finding another young boy to tax havens, Place Stephen Lighter told all thought mark echoes from the start, recognized my situation as the life threatening and I knew that I had to do what panel wanted me to do. I knew that he might kill me if I didn't do it there's some times that you just have to go along with things you have to learn. Two never say never, because you never know when you're gonna have to do something just to survive.
In California, at the time, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse with three years. Given Stephen, had been abused over a period of seven years. This meant that power no could only be charged with the most recent assaults that occurred between one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven and one thousand nine hundred and eighty. The pair were living in Mendocino County Stephen documented, a total of eighty seven sexual assaults that occurred within this timeframe. These were presented. The district attorney rigid fin, along with the report's taken from several children who claimed to be sexually assaulted by porno in he's trailer at county shortly after being, was replaced by new district attorney javelin, who ultimately decided not to prosecute panel, that any of the sexual offences can
did against Stephen. Alan, lighter told all thought my this decision was by stun a desire to protect Stephen, in contrast aside jump from the mender scene. I can't he shoved department told Ackles that county law enforcement at that time had a strange attitude toward prosecuting adults who were accused of sexually assaulted children. The sergeant said I worked sex crimes and I couldn't get the district attorney to prosecute. They wouldn't haven file case in the lead up to panels, preliminary hearing a psychiatrist for his defence, Dame injected him with thirty impact, that all more commonly known as truth, serum and then interview
come on. Video, while he was under the effect of the drug, did offence hoped to get testimony that good work in panels favour, but the answer he gave was so disturbing the videos but discarded to avoid doing any harm in court. On April nine nineteen. Eighty preliminary hearings for both Kenneth panel and Urban Murphy were hold in a closed. Miss said, court men were charged with kidnapping child stealing false imprisonment and conspiracy to kidnap while porno was also charged with child molestation. Ensure panel didn't face an unfair trial for the kidnapping of Timmy Wide a gag
what I was placed to forbid those in court. From talking to the press about the outcomes of the hearing, Stephen was the first of several witnesses to take the stand. Putting him face to face with panel for the first time he's a arrest. He told the court room that he had always remembered that he's name was Stephen, but panel had threatened to spank him if he ever told anyone he's real identity, it wasn't until he was in the fifth grade that he realized he had been kidnapped and not giving away by his family. At that point, he often considered running away, but never put them. And into action until to me what arrived. The defence for both clients referred to the three year statute of limitations that existed for the crime of kidnapping and argued that, as Stephen had been abducted outside this timescale,
the statute I'd run out and that bought another man. I should face charges in response: the prosecution to buy the death dance that the kidnapping continued for his law Stephen was being held by Parnell and Judge Philosophy, agreed on April seventeen, your data, both panel and Murphy, to stand trial that the kidnapping of Stephen as staving, didn't testify about the sexual abuse and because the eighty seven counts he reported would not admit it. The cord, the child, molestation charges against porno were dropped due to insufficient evidence. Disdain didn't pursue the matter as they were eager to get Stevens Life back on track.
The preliminary hearing for Timmy Watts kidnapping was held on April fifteen in a closed courtroom in the Mendocino County. Superior cod Cottonelle pleaded not guilty to all charges. Shorn Pullman testified against him. saying that panel never even paid him the fifty dollars he had promised for his participation in the kidnapping. When Poorman was asked why he went along with Panos plan. He responded. He wanted to build his family. He wanted a little boy judge James Allude thought concluded. There was enough evidence that the case against PA now to perceive the trial on April
Twenty nine Miss said can't he district Attorney Pat Whole third lodged a motion to have power no tried on cancer, sodomy and oral calculation against Stephen, say. He believed he had gathered enough evidence for the charges to be upheld. Public Fender John Celery wanted Stephen to undergo psychiatric testing to determine if this sexual acts were real or whether they were figment of his imagination, adjudged denied this request, saying here, find no compelling reason for Stephen to undergo such testing that events planned to file a motion to have the sex obese charges dismissed before the trial life returned to normal for Timmy Wide and his family, who were eager to put the kidnapping incident behind them.
To move on, Timmy returned to kindergarten and resumed his daily walks from school. To he's, babysitters house disdain is paid in some of the reward money they had raised when Stephen was missing and also gay imitation that red. I'm somebody special Timmy wore the shirt to school. pride and enjoyed the attention he got from his classmates and townspeople. Meanwhile, Stephen began north right at Miss said high school, the schools principle, Joseph Raves, told the mess said a Sun STAR Newspaper We are all going to turn ourselves inside out to help him, but one of the best things we can do is let the kid forget it. If he can handle this, he can handle anything taken, handled, live.
However, when the details emerged about the sexual abuse staving enjoyed, he was bullied by his classmates. Some accused him of being gay and a willing participant with only Stephen siblings and some other classmates standing up him. He had trouble making mayo friends but was very popular with the female students. Stephen dated many Women later admitting, he did so to prove his heterosexuality case Dana, her job as a cook at the local hospital to be home with her family. Despite the backlash Stephen faced at school, he continued to tell he story in the hopes that other Dron wouldn't have to go through an ordeal like he's. He became
the symbol of hope for parents of missing children and volunteered his time to helping missing children. Burps many people who followed Stephen story were curious as to why he didn't leave PA now, when he had so many opportunities to do so. Psychologists put forward multiple theory including that Stephen had become attached to Parnell on a parental level depending on him for food clothing and shelter Porno was also highly manipulative and maintained power over Stephen. Being constantly on the run PA successfully kept Stephen Selected and alone, with PA, now being the one constant in his life. In addition, some fear OZ, that Stephen was so ashamed of the sexual abuse that he decided to endure. It rather than
that publicly known. In he's evaluation of Stephen psychiatrist, that would be concluded even was essentially trapped and banned within the young, conscious mind of Dennis the name given to him upon now, when Dennis so the active distress of the younger child Timmy, why? He satisfaction with the myth of being Dennis, began to deteriorate when he saw that Timmy was traded with kindness and concerned by the office saw the mythic person was subordinated to the real person, and the young man spoke his true name. It is my absolute belief that, with the acknowledgement of he's too
Why density Stevens Dana frayed himself from his state of being kidnapped from a psychological point of view? He was still in a state of kidnap until he spoke his name, thus ending a saki captcha that lasted two thousand six hundred and forty four days. On June seven nineteen eighty one shown Pullman was convicted of false imprisonment for his involvement, with Timmy Whites kidnapping and sentenced to two years in a residential juvenile facility. The following day, panels trials. The Timaeus kidnapping comments that the superior court in Alameda County, where he pleaded not guilty. it had been moved from Mendocino County to ensure trial.
The trial ran for close to three ways when panel was cool. To the stand, hey blamed, Jimmy's, kidnapping on unshorn, Pullman and Pullmans Step farther Henry Media Junior, claiming they blackmail him into committing the crime Pa No claimed that Henry knew the truth about Stephen and has threatened to hurt panels, mother, if he didn't steal a young boy, that Henry could trade for money drugs panels,. Said he was home on the afternoon of February 14th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty when Pullman and his stepfather suddenly appeared at the cabin with Timmy saying they had kidnapped a child. On the stand, Henry many a junior denied ever mating, Porno Stephen or to me, which was backed up by Timmy himself, who testified that Henry was not he's kidnapping.
In closing arguments on June, twenty nine, the defence are There was enough reasonable, dare to acquit Porno loved the kidnapping charges and urged the jury to consider the lesser charge of false imprisonment. Instead,. The jury deliberated for two hours before decline: during panel guilty of kidnapping as the verdict was delivered, PA bowed his head and. On September twenty five nineteen. Eighty one job GM, oh so broad, sentenced upon l to the maximum of seven years in prison. The defence pleaded for leniency, given that Timmy hadn't being harmed, but Broad rebutted Jimmy had not been physically harmed, but we do not know the extent of the fraud
and anxiety. This little boy must have suffered. We can all be grateful for we saw hearing court. He appears to be a bright fancy little boy, and we can take comfort in that thought. Can not conclude that no harm has been done as the trial. The Stevens Dana's kidnapping approached Urban Murphy's lawyers attempted to have their client tried separately to Kenneth panel, but their request Denied on December ten nineteen, eighty one, the trial of both men commenced hey, would hole of justice in Alameda County running for several weeks. the defence maintained that the statute of limitations had passed and that after that, Stephen had chosen. Stay with paganel had his own free will decline,
and he was happy to be away from his family because his parents sometimes physically disciplined him and he didn't agree. With their move from the farm ranch to Suburban, Miss said AY and Del Steiner. Both took the stand and committed, they sometimes smacked their children obey We rarely, but he insisted they never used excessive force and believed any punishments. Thy dished out, where appropriate, to the situation Urban Murphy's defence argued that Murphy himself had been a victim of panels, as panel had manipulated him into the kidnapping and had gone along with it because he was so eager to please they are that Murphy only played a part in the initial kidnapping, not Stephen.
ongoing captivity and they're. All this statute of limitations had passed when Murphy was called to the stand. He was so poorly presented with crazy hair, dirty clothes and broken glasses. That judge Brewer postponed the trial until he could have a shallow and clean himself up, when the trial resumed Murphy testify Open about he's involvement with the kidnapping repeating the same story. He had told police from the start. And insisted he had no idea that Paganel intended to sexually abused Stephen nurse said police, chief, Harold call birth, told the court Murphy allowed himself to be Used while he's not intellectual by any means, certainly I think
the man knows right from Rome and Hey participated in a very, very serious crime. He covered it up and did not both with information that was needed to help bond Stephen will clear the case up, Those ease Stephen testing I too, being ashamed that Hey had obeyed PA now and that hey himself couldn't comprehend why he didn't leave or tell someone about he's true identity. no said to Doktor Philip HAM, who had evaluated Stephen testified that he's parents had raised him to do whatever adults told him to do without question and he was therefore particularly vulnerable to respect the influence of adults, to explain Why Stephen didn't leave Parnell Doktor hand stated when first abducted Stana was confused, shocked and
fried. He began feeling enraged, emotion,. Blocking occurs, a sense of hopelessness, despair, giving up and turning himself over two he's a doctor follows Unable to understand he's feelings and finding it less painful to avoid them. He began to act and to respond as though he were Dennis part. EL the identity partner, assigned him as Dana becoming basically dependent on personnel. He became a cable. of forming another choice. From another point of view, we can ask why didn't he lave, but from a child's perspective, the question is, if motto parents want me: why don't you come get me on December, twenty two inmates found out about the sexual abuse Paganel committed against Stephen and
bade him in prison, resulting in broken ribs and an injured, nay. He was transferred to an isolated cell. But given the all clear to return to court The trial was put on hold for Christmas and resume on January, for nineteen. Eighty, two for closing arguments, district attorney, Pat whole food stated Any verdict- that's not kidnapping and kidnapping thick conspiracy, I think, would be a cruel joke on Stephen and it would be a sad and tragic day for just this in my said, county and Alameda County and any other canopy in this state. On January, seven, nineteen eighty to the jury found both Kenneth panel and Urban Murphy guilty of second, the great kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap.
Murphy was visibly shaken when the verdict was delivered, sighing loudly and chewing on his knuckles PA no showed no emotion but started blinking rapidly. both men were remanded in custody until sentencing the following month outside court case, Dana told reporters on very happy. The jury came in with a guilty verdict, but am anxious about the sentence panel will get it could be a very long sentence or it could be very short. It will be up to the judge, but we want to create these fellow off the street when the sentencing to play. Some February three. This Dana family chose not to attend, as I felt it was more important that their lives returned to normal judge. So broad told upon now,
A seven year old boy was taken from his home and allied to told that he's parents didn send him anymore, presumably Didn't love him any more Resulting psychological impact that this obviously had on this young boy. Yes, Sixteen years of age is something that he struck dealing with now and will be struggling with for the rest of his life. The impact that this head on his family is difficult to measure and difficult to perceive and to fully appreciate all this conduct was callous deceitful, insensitive. and as far as the court is concerned, fully justifies the imposition of the maximum sentence. That's available jobs abroad, sentenced panel to the maximum of seven.
He is but californian law at that time, dictated that two kidnapping sentences couldn't be served consecutively. Give That panel had already received a seven year sentence for the kidnapping of Timmy. What this and he only received an additional twenty months for the charge of conspiracy to kidnap Stephen. So broad acknowledged, this was an incredibly lenient sentence and clarified quote this is not in keeping with what the court feels is an a priori. It time, but it is in providing with the law required judge the broad then turned to Murphy and sentenced him to five years in prison He acknowledged Murphy's clean criminal record and the fact that he eventually accepted responsibility for his role in the crime that highlighted that he didn't come forward.
What are these earlier said that Stephen could be returned to his family? The public was, Outraged at the outcome, with one jury. Member telling report is that the trial was a waste of time and taxpayers dollars. poles were made for the legislation to be changed in order to prevent any From using this legal loophole to secure a lot a sentence in the future nautical they newspaper the press Democrat stated the maximum said since the judge was allowed to impose on piano was twenty months. There is something Very wrong with the criminal justice system, when a seven year kidnap is punished by a sentence of only twenty months. Stephen expressed his disappointment in panel sent and saying he would have liked to see him behind bars
until he was ninety years old and unable to hurt anyone else. In contrast, staving said he felt sorry for Urban Murphy and that he would one day locked to see him again. Six months later, in August of nineteen, eighty to this date, Assembly of California. Voted unanimously in favour of new legislation to increase the prison terms for multiple kidnappings? The legislation was signed off by the governor on September, thirty nineteen. Eighty two. Stephen lighter told or thumb mark echoes. People are always asking what would you say to Pinal? If you ever saw him? Do you have any feelings towards him? I told them straight out that are spent seven years with him. He traded me. Well, he looked after me.
I thank keeping me alive and I am grateful to him for that. But even also said he hated panel with a passion for stealing seven years. If he's law and for making Miss out on all the experiences and memories he's family had created without him over the years. Stephen had spent so much time away from school, testifying at both the trials and providing interviews to the press that he struggled academically heels I struggled at high now he wasn't new to taking orders, he found it difficult to follow his parents rules against drinking alcohol on smoking, cannabis this creative tension in the home and k and Adele for constantly.
They never addressed the sexual abuse Stephen enjoyed and the family refused to say cancelling one, not Stephen asked his parents if he could visit Penelon Prison but they acted as though they never heard the question April eighteen. Nineteen. Eighty three staving seller, I did he say, eighteenth birthday, giving him access to the fifteen thousand dollars reward money. He had sitting in a trust fund along twenty five thousand dollars he had made from selling he story to a production company who wanted to turn it into a movie. He allegedly spent the money within three months, including On drugs, alcohol, appall of stating tickets, he had amassed and by lending money to his sister for her upcoming wedding, Stephen Finish,
he's senior year, but failed several subjects, meaning he didn't secure his high school diploma. He moved out of time and rented a trial with these cousin David in the town of that border. Ten miles Both West of Miss said where he got a job at a mate packing plan and worked on completing his horse school equivalency diploma, On June, twenty one nineteen, eighty three hundred mirth He was released from prison after serving just over three years of these five year sentence in nineteen. Any for Stephen was hospitalized for several days after a drinking Benda off the woods he stopped drinking altogether and moved back to his family home. He focused on turning his laugh around telling off Mark echoes, I think that most
Survival has a lot to do with the while was raised the first seven years of my life, and I can't let what happened to me with PA now get to me. I bought too hard for those seven years to make it to give it up now. Nitro five, one nineteen, eighty five Kenneth Partner- was released due to good behaviour after serving just five years in prison. He's too YE Ralph stipulated that he wasn't allowed to lay Valla made a county and that he had to attend a regular cancelling session. And was not allowed in the company of children. He was assigned to a boarding house in the city of Berkeley. Where he's parole officer is checked on him up to six times awake. the public was outraged by Panos early release with many Berkeley residents, scared that a convicted child kidney.
By now walked, among them case, Dana told the Sacramento Bay Newspaper. Hey he's dangerous to kids, young boys and to the families of the children. I just hope the Paypal at Berkeley errors progressive as they are supposed to Bay and have taught their children to protect themselves. No said county district Attorney Pat whole.
Once again attempted to file sexual abuse charges against panel in Mendocino County before the statute of limitations. Expired wholesale, told reporters that if panel was convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison for every can't of malice station, meaning he could be behind bars for upwards of fifty ease. The authorities didn't contacts David to ask if he would be willing to cooperate if the prosecution went ahead, but it didn't matter because on April sixteen nineteen, eighty five Mendocino County district attorney vivid. Recall KISS announced she would not be prosecuting panel for the sexual abuse charges. Her reasoning was that authorities knew about these crimes prior to the trial, had chosen not to prosecute when they had the opportunity on
June twelve nineteen. Eighty five twenty year old, Stephen married he's girls And seventeen year old, Jody Lean Edmonson, whom he had met the previous summer through mutual friends, did who were in a private Mormon service. He not border with only close family in attendance. Six months later, Jody gave birth to the couples burst a daughter. They named Ashley. by the time Stephen turned twenty one. In April of nineteen, eighty six, both hay and majority, were working. Fifty hours, awake, ETA, Kentucky Fried chicken feed, food, restaurant and living in a mobile home with two of Stevens cousins, Stephen told the sacrament, a day that he no longer suffered any ill effects from the kidnapping or sexual abuse, while he was bid about the time Paganel stole from him. He said
that was almost as though those years happened in someone else's life. He also believed that, being ripped from his family at a young age, had instilled him with a deep desire the close family law as an adult staving said that the most devastating impact of his abduction was that he's relationship with a siblings it, as did the relationship between his parents who had since divorced, he explained We had a hard time staying together. It had sort of changed everybody. My dad became more moody and a lot more irritable, staving clarified pc spent with porno were not altogether unhappy quote I hate the God for what he did. aid for taking me away from my family and a kind of blame all the bad
things that happened off the wood on him. I hate him for it, but then he kept me a lot but died. Seven years I had the good times according to into trouble at school. I was real rowdy just like any normal kid. While he didn't think I should have been released from prison. Stephen if he was unlikely to harm anyone else. As the fifty four You're, had a heart condition and was unlikely to live much longer. no completed his parole on April five, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. After this, the authorities had no jurisdiction over him and he was free to go wherever he pleased. Paul no secured a job as a security guard for a boy's high in the California and City of Oakland. Where he's criminal history went unnoticed.
in May that year Jody gave to her and Stephen Second child s son. They named Stephen Gregory Stain on the second, the following. Ye Stephen was employed as an advisor for a television. Many serious about his kidnapping, in which he also I d small role as one of the policeman who re United Stevens character with these parents. The series was Todd old? I know my first name Stephen and was right: by Mark Eccles author of the book on their case. It appeared on the em, they say networking may of nineteen. Eighty nine and was well received by the public Earning both enemy and golden Globe nomination for best many series afterwards ha no was uncovered and me
directly via from he's job, but the boys I'm in Oakland. I have ten by nineteen eighty nine twenty four year old Stephen was working as the assistant manager had paid too hot restaurant in not border at approximately five p m on September. Sixteen he finished his shift and hopped on his new cow Saki Gay acts by a hundred motorbike to begin the fifteen minute journey. Stephen typically wore a homeward, but he's had been stolen. three days earlier and he had yet to replace it as he drove past the mate packing plan where he had landed, he's first have a job a Plymouth Valerie said Dan put out in front of him and stowed Stephen.
was driving under the fifty five miles spade limit, but was unable to break in time he swerved and crashed into the driver, the side door, the Plymouth sending him forty five fate for me motorbike the driver fled the scene in the plenary and Stephen was rushed to miss, said Candy medical center. Having sustained savvy had injuries had thirty five p m. He passed away later tat evening. The driver of the Plymouth was identified. twenty eight year out a factory worker Antonia low era, who was known
There have been drinking alcohol prior to the crash. He had abandoned the plymouth at a nearby shopping center and fled to Mexico on September nineteen. Nowhere as was successfully convinced him to make the authorities at the scene, you say drawing border crossing south of San Diego, once he crossed the border back into the United States, lower, was arrested and charged with felony, hidden, run and misdemeanor manslaughter due to the amount of time that had passed since the crash. He couldn't Be tested for blood alcohol levels and therefore couldn't be charged with drunk driving. lower pleaded not guilty to wall charges. Stephen funeral was held on September. Twenty at the Miss said church of a latter day saints with over five hundred people in attendance, including many of
Those who had been involved with the investigation into his kidnapping over the years Stevens Casket, was inscribed with the words going home and a large heart shaped Wraith, with the word daddy on it was placed on top from the front row. Stevens two young children held along stemmed roses, while his wife Jody openly Stephen sister Corey gave an emotional goodbye saying that Stephen had brought their broken hearted family back together again, she added, Even though he has passed into another law were so very grateful that he went as Stephen Gregory's Dinah s brother,
We will always remember you and we will never forget you, but remember. This is not good by disease. Until we made again Christina said she felt ass, though her son had been on loan to her family, having been taken so soon after his kidnapping ordeal Timmy. Why? Who was now fourteen was among the pallbearers bears after the funeral pay said, obviously its tragic. I don't think we have any more to say Jody told reporters stave heard a lot, but he always seemed to get through it, no matter what Hey was a survivor now it doesn't really matter in the
up to an Tony, I lower his trial. Further investigation of the Iraqi revealed, the Plymouth had a defective carburetor and loose throttle to manufacturing follows that had to largely caused it to stall. As a result, the manslaughter charge against allow era was dropped. On December. Twenty one. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. He pleaded no contest to felony hit and run and was sentenced to three months in a county jail. Nowhere I said he was sorry for playing the same and hoped others could learn from his experience. Thirteen years later, on December, twenty two thousand to the Berkeley police were saved. The tip off that Kenneth panel was attempting to adopt another young boy,
The seventy one year old was in poor health suffering from emphysema and diabetes in light design. but he had allegedly often he's friend, Diane Stevens five hundred dollars to procure a child, for him prefer Billy, quite an english speaking black boy between four and six years old. He also wanted the boys birth certificate doyen accepted the offer out of B. That panel would find someone else to do it if she refused
But never intended to go through with it. Instead, Diane worked with the police to enact a sting operation are listening device placed on her telephone recorded a conversation between herself and pie now, in which he said that, if all worked out well with the boy, he would also consider buying a young girl. He was recorded. The saying quote: I can't handle, but one at a time. You know. On January. Three two thousand three die. Cold panel and said she was going to collect a little black boy for me to stay. They agree, did that Diane would leave the boy in her car while she delivered the birth certificate in exchange for one hundred dollars. She would then hit over the boy for the remaining four hundred dollars.
Diane wore a wire ass. She entered upon our apartment and made the first exchange. She then said she was going outside to collect the boy at which point the Palais storm, DIN and this panel under arrest in search of his apartment, revealed children's books, videos and clothing, stuffed animals, condoms, pornographic videos, sex toys and a bottle. libido pills panel, was charged with conspiracy to commit childs dealing solicitation to commit felony kidnapping and attempting to buy a person
As this was panels, attempted kidnapping, California's three struck law dictated that he could face life in prison. Stevens Dana's, Father Del told the Associated Press that man should have never gotten out of prison in the first place. He should have gotten when he talks Davy all those years ago, former Mendocino can't he district attorney Joe Alan told the UK I daily Journal that he wasn't surprised upon hearing. The news quote: I think it was in their cards once a pitiful, always pedophile. We don't want to think, people are totally beyond redemption at runs against our historic western christian principle, that everyone should have a final chance dean adequacy
The sentences that were handed down in the nineteen, seventeen and nineteen eightys I straight into nicely by Kenneth PA now. ah admitted to attempting to buy a child, but clear. And his motive was innocent. Hey told the San Francisco Chronicle. Time is running out on me. I wanted to raise him just like any child. I wanted to be loved. I guess it was wrong. I thought a child would love me for what I am and not what I was it easier for a child to become attached to me when they young. Panels. Trial was held in Alameda County superior court on February to two thousand and four, where he pleaded not guilty to woe charges.
He's lawyer try to argue that he's previous kidnappings of Stevens, Dana and Timmy. Why worry relevant and shit They allowed to be used against him, but the judge ruled that jury should be informed of his criminal paused Timmy who was twenty nine years old at the time, testified against the PA. Now, as did panels, co, conspirator, intimidate, kidnapping, shorn Pullman. in court. Poorman apologised to to me and the two and a hog the jury. Beef found Pinnell guilty of all charges and he was sentenced to twenty five years to live outside. Prosecutor. Tim Wellman told report is, I think, haze opposed the child for the three strikes law: hey his bank him
felony since who was nineteen years old, the defendant is a day John, at any age the defendant was looking for one last hurrah one last Stevens Dana one lost Timmy wide. Four years later, on January, twenty one two thousand eight seventy six year out upon L, died in prison from natural causes. Prosecutor, Wellman, remarked Kenneth panels. Death brings to a close he's long, criminal history of victimizing young children. In he's out all years Timmy what had grown up to become a deputy sheriff for the LOS Angeles, canny Sheriffs department.
He married a woman named Dana and the couple had two children in his spare time. Timmy gave talks to students about the dangers of kidnapping and shared he's personal experience on the subject. Then, on April, one two thousand ten Timmy suffered an unexpected pulmonary embolism at the age of thirty five, and to pass the way suddenly in a short statement about his death he's loved ones, remembered him as a man who was passionate about his family, his career and boating. They said we was so proud of him. He will be greatly missed. taken from us in the prime of ease, laugh Timmins, Long time brand Chris PO told the signal newspaper that to me was
one of the most a genuinely good people. He knew with a strong moral compass. Quite ten didn't preach. He was just a good example. He knew he was he was a beast friend and the strongest family man. I ever saw two memorialize Stephen and to me an eight foot tall bronze statue of I'm holding hands. As a fourteen and a five year old was erected in Miss said Sacho Gate Park, the life saw, sculpture, cost. Fifty thousand dollars and was created by a renowned to local loudest named pull a base. Light on the city of Miss said contributed. The one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in renovations to the park, adding
On ornamental metal, archway to the statue pull a slide. I told them said son Style newspaper bronze lasts Centuries said this will be here a long time many, Future generations will be affected by it. You will know of Stevens Courage and the message of he's alive. Even now, what was sure he did so much good disdain She was officially unveiled on August. Twenty eight two thousand and ten with disdain, family, declaring that was not only dedicated to Stephen and Timmy, but to war missing children case Dinah, told the Sun star that was staves, go to help missing children and to stop it from happening. During the unveiling ceremony, a crown
a family members and support is gathered and delayed. Flowers as a musician played amazing gryce on Bagpipes, Stevens Twin. He four year old, daughter, Ashley, told reporters. My father really inspires me every day, I really aspire to be like him, a plock Bennett. This statue provided a brief overview of Stevens Ordeal and concluded
May this memorial to Stevens Dana's, heroism and tool. Child victims stand as a beacon of hope to families of children still missing.
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