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Case 156: Shergar

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In Ireland in 1968, a period known as The Troubles began. Years of extreme protesting and violence culminated in low morale and widespread despair throughout the country, and the economy struggled, resulting in high unemployment rates and mass emigration. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-156-shergar
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Financial support place a destroyer nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. In nineteen twenty, the country violent consisted of two self governing Territories- Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, both of which belonged to the United Kingdom, Following the war of independence and the Anglo Irish Treaty of nineteen, twenty one. than Ireland declared independence from the UK and became the Republic of Ireland while Northern Ireland remained under British. Through this politician, caused great conflict between the two regions. With irish nationalists in the republic wanting all of Ireland to be raised, no five as an independent country unionists in the north didn't agree.
many inhabitants of Northern Ireland, where descended from english ancestors and identified more, is british instead of Irish, hence their loyalty to the UK. The fact that the unionists were mainly of protestant background, while the Nationalists were predominantly catholic, only further that divide in nineteen sixty eight appear known as the troubles began, marking a battle for control between, though, Who thought Northern Ireland should be returned to the republic and to those who it should remain under british rule, Leading the charge was, the Irish Republican Army I already also known as the provisional Irish Republican Army. de I was an illegal paramilitary organization whose primary goal was to force the United Kingdom too. She ate a withdrawal from Northern Ireland. They sought to bring about unit
of violent through any mains include violence and terrorism. When the troubles began, Fighting between the irish and british soldiers from Northern Ireland was at an all time high over the years The IRA bombed political and economic targets across Northern Ireland and England, using guerrilla tactics in both And rural areas is of extreme protesting and violence. That culminated in low morale and widespread despair throughout Ireland and the economy was in trouble. resulting in high unemployment rights and mass immigration. Yet One industry that continued to thrive was horse racing which provided twenty thousand jobs and attracted large sums of money from overseas. In nineteen eighty minority,
shhh racehorse named sugar, took the industry by storm becoming a racing champion and national treasure. The Irish public adored, sugar and watching him achieved great success, provided a much needed distraction from the troubles he became. A symbol of hope and possibility in another was bleak and trying time.
Sugar was born on March three nineteen. Seventy eight at Chechen, a private stud farm in the irish County of killed air. His father was a british born thoroughbred racehorse name too great nephew and his mother was shot In a thoroughbred who had produced many other successful resources throughout her braiding curie sugar. was a quintessential thoroughbred. He was told when dealing with an athletic build ideal for rising, he had a light brown coat with a black mane and tail and full white socks on his legs. Running down his nose was a wide watch strive known as a blaze, and one of these eyes was blue.
A phenomenon cold, a wall, some horse racing professionals, believed that horses with a war lie have predisposed to bang skittish and temperamental, but trainers who worked with sure got dismissed this theory. Finding him laid back and easy to train the machine. Stud farm was owned by Prince Karim. A Muslim laid off better known in the west does his highness saga com, the fourth as the body, ninth spirits. later of the Shia he's Miley Muslims, the egg com is believed to be a direct descendants of the prophet Mohammed share. Islam has an estimated fifteen million followers, and the egg com is considered to be their king and spiritual guide in nineteen. Fifty
Heaven. He inherited his position from his grandfather. I get caught the third at the age of twenty and grew up to be a business magnates humanitarian workers and rice horse breaker. During his time as later, the agriculture has been celebrated for he's exceptional contributions to human, develop, and has received numerous awards into honorary degrees from institutions throughout the world Hey is also a billionaire who has been described by old magazine as one of the world's ten richest royals over there is the Agora com has a mast assets such as valuable stud farms hunt of Award winning rice, horses and exclusive italian yacht club, a private island in the Bahamas. Several states and two jets.
Sugar was trained to buy a racehorse from a young age and grew up to become one. The gay cons greatest success stories known for he's nice temperament and for having a certain elegance in the way he moved He was more relaxed and affectionate than the average thoroughbred, which appealed to he's owners and the public who, nicknamed him Islands, Pegasus, one of share gauze most endearing pages was that when he galloped at full pace, he's tongue low down the side of these math, which one racing commentators said. Maybe Look like a ten year out solving a tricky maths problem. Sure trainer was mako stout above Adolph Native hired by yeah I get caught in nineteen. Seventy eight rigour that does nothing. Comma Michael had worked as an assistant, the famous british horse, trainer, Pat Robin and already
Had some big wins under his belt. He began training sugar had the bakers tables in the english text Of new market, but initially saw nothing special about him, viewing him as somewhat immature. In August nineteen, eighty Choky less that pig it began taking shape gallery out for morning rides and the too quickly formed a bond star was one of only two jockeys. Whoever road share got the other being Walter Swinburne. When racing sugar, the two jockeys dressed in there, I seen colours of the egg con an emerald green cap and jacket with a red epaulettes. Sure. Gauze racing Korea began at the crazed plight in new brie on September nineteen nineteen, eighty
when he was two and a half years old. He was the favourite to win at odds of eleven to white and after initially keeping the Han he ultimately one by two and a half links. This style of rising became his signature with sugar, often, sitting in third or fourth place until he sped up and ultimately overtook the winning horses in the final straight between nineteen eighty and ninety ninety one he went on to win six of the eight major races taken painted in colluding the guardian newspaper, classic trial, chest of the Epsom Darby, the Irish Dhabi and the King George, the sixth and Queen Elizabeth Stags. These collective winds were considered to be a tremendous achieve men in the rising world and as sure gauze reputation and per stage grew so duties, popularity
racing enthusiast, Richard Barillon described his appeal in the guardian newspaper riding say sugar typifies the perfect right horse would not be over stating their case. He's powers, Acceleration are exceptional, one or two experts have told me. They consider sure got the best horse. They ve ever seen. In nineteen eighty one sugar was named european horse of the year and he soon became a household. Name in Ireland and England, even amongst those who didn't follow rising. On July nine, ninety ninety one, the Agora Con announced he would become
Being sure Gallery in Ireland in order to use him as a stud, unlike rice, winnings, which can be inconsistent and unpredictable, putting a racehorse, the stud provides a steady income and the yoga con expected the brain. Ten of these masters a guy h, breeding season, the Agrican wanted to syndicates jirga, which meant shares so that ownership of the horse would be split between several individuals with body shares up for grabs the Agora con revealed, hey would be keeping sick shares and selling the remaining thirty four had the price of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds age the equivalent of around one and a half million australian dollars in today's money One who knew anything about horse racing wanted in on the action and the shares what quickly snapped up in total this
Syndicate invested ten million pounds, ensure got, which was a record at that time. First stallion at start. It boys report today that the agriculture could have made more money by shipping should go to the United States, where some braiding syndicates were prepared to pay up to forty million. U S dollars. However, there has been a recent outbreak of a highly infectious SEC, one venereal disease, known as contagious SEC, one metropolis resulting in international travel restrictions. In addition,. In the agro con wanted sugar to remain in Ireland because he was so well loved by the public and provided arrest bought for the tension between. the Republic and Northern Ireland. owning shares, ensure guy was considered to be a great privilege, and it was up to wait
shareholder to organise their own insurance age of their individual policies. Insured sure got a death caused by accident, illness and disease, but only some of the policies covered theft. Trainer mako stout and the con wanted to write a guy in the October nineteen eighty one French prayed to lock the train of also nine, simply as the Yok To gain entry shook off burst, donated to succeed in prep rice, so it was decided he would can paint in the Saint Leger stakes Doncaster. In England it was the fawn or race For this reason, and to the last time sugar would raise a three year old, although he was favorite. He finished in fourth place with these poor performance attributed to the fact that it had brain heavily the previous evening.
This loss meant that rising in the yard was out of the picture. The egg com didn't want any further losses impacting on shore gods desirability as a start, and it was therefore decided that Hey Bay retire at the peak of e short. Yet illustrious racing career. to celebrate sure Gaza achievements of public celebration held in the irish ten of new bridge with the Agora con parade sure got in front of crowds along the main street, while a pot band played The time of sure got retirement. He was the most valuable stud horse in Ireland, making Diego com the leading breeder it was expected that sugar would produce many offspring. Who would be equally successful horses. He was taken
to the Bali many stock Farming Newbridge, where he was kept in a forestall stallion, Bonn LAW, most other horse dogs in Ireland. At the time. Bali many had very few security measures in place. The entrance consisted of a five by wooden gate that could be unlocked from the outside and to lead to the stables where nine plates identified each of the horses The staff noted sugar was a very agreeable horse with a good temperament. He was mainly looked after by fifty three year old horse, groom, Jim bits Gerald. He lived with these wife and children down a quiet tree, lined straight a short walk from Bali. Many Jim's proximity to the stud farm was intentional, as he's role required him to be available to attend to the horses,
any and all times he had a lifelong love of horses and had started working for the area Khan as an assistant when he was just sixteen Jim Turkey's job very seriously and spent each day talking to the horses, immaculately cleaning, their stables and grooming them. Thorough When the nineteen eighty two breeding season arrived, sugar was started out at the cost of seventy thousand pounds per day, the equivalent of around one hundred and eighteen thousand australian dollars in today's money. By the end of the year, he had fathered thirty seven falls and was built to break with fifty five mass in the nineteen eighty three season, which was due to commence on February fourteen.
One week, prior on Tuesday February, ate a large horse auction hosted by Gulf sales, took place in the village of kill located twenty two kilometers South West of Bali, money. The auction attracted visitors from all over Ireland, with the typically quiet and peaceful area becoming a hive of activity as Paypal trap. Egg and horse flights milled around well into the night. As was also nearly the breeding season there were. right. A number of horse flights around than usual, as man, were moved to various stud farms. February. I was one of the coldest dazed Ireland had experienced that ye, but was otherwise.
a regular diet for sugar at the stud farms. In the morning he was taken out for exercise and later returned to his stable in the afternoon by Jim Fitzgerald. That evening, Jim went home to wait dinner with these wife. Madge ended their six children, the youngest of whom was five years old at eight p m in Jim, returned to the Bali many stables to check that the horses were comfortable and settled the not was cold and foggy, but everything seemed to be in order. So Jim walked back home At around eight, forty in Jim was upstairs when he heard knocking at his front door, which was unusual for that time of nine Jim headed down stairs to see who it was, but he's pretend Sun burned had already opened the door.
Standing. There was a tall man dressed like the God of the name, the irish police service with a balaclava pulled over his head then how cold was outside it wasn't. out of the ordinary to see a God or office are wearing a balaclava. The man asked the burn. It is a year in which burned took Demain his father. He turned to call for Jim, but ass. He did so. The man hit Bernat across his lower back striking him. Today.
round by the time Jim made it danced stairs. Demand had painted burned to the floor with one hand in the other. He held a pistol which he pointed towards Jim. At this point to more Bela Clodagh, Clad, pistol wielding men entered the house and pointed their guns at the family. Another two was silence, then burst through the door and dash the children to a bedroom
While the other bore to Jim and his wife Madge to the Kitchen Jim noted that the men were all very calm and organised and referred to one another using the code word Cresswell, it was obvious to him that the attack had been carefully planned. One of the men told a gene. They had come the sugar and demanded to be taken to him. They told you Jim to get his coat and then marched him over to Bali. Many had gunpoint, while the other two armed men stayed at the house to keep an eye on the family at eight fifty p m in Jim and his attack has arrived at the stables. Jim believed that horses could sense the emotions of people they were familiar with and did his best to stay calm. So as not to alarm sugar. It seemed to work.
Guy repeat relaxed and was these they lead from he stable, still holding Jim at gunpoint, the men than demanded that he load sugar into a horse flight that was attached to a nearby car. At this point, Jim noticed that the men carrying shortwave radios. He also noted that one of the men seemed to have experience handling horses ass. He was more confident with these. Meant and less wary of sugar than the others by nine o clock. Jim had successfully loaded sure got into the flowed. Some that Dave's then got into the car and drove away as Jim watched, helplessly the remaining men Toby Jim back to his house, and kept him on the watch until ten p m, at which point three of them loaded him into the back of a vein
And drive off Jim was ordered to lie down with a coat over his face. His captors then drove over there rough country, roads at high spades, repeatedly warning Jim that hey and his family would face of violent ramifications if they went to the police. After approximately two hours, they dropped a GM off at the side of a road about forty eight kilometers northeast of Bali. Many and gave him directions to the nearest town called kill, cock the thieves told Jim. They wanted to million pounds for sure God save for a turn and would be using the code name, King Neptune, for upcoming ransom negotiations after telling Jim not to look back, they drive away into the nine terrified Jim walked to kill cock arriving just before midnight
and pounded on the door of a chinese rush drawn until the owners Letty mean they allowed him to use their phone and Jim called his brother does Fitzgerald who drive out to give him a live to back the belly money by the time he arrived time, the armed men had left and his family were waiting up shaken but unharmed. At one thousand two hundred and ten, a dot m on Wednesday February. Ninth as Jim was trying to come to terms with what had happened Belfast based horse. It is in Germany and Judy Maxwell were awoken by a phone call, Judy answered
and a male on the other line, he introduced himself as King Neptune, saying we ve got sugar. If you want proof will send you easy thinking, it was a prank call. Judy somewhat facetiously asked the man to take good care of the horse. She then hung up and went back to sleep without giving Nicole much more thought. Twenty minutes later at twelve thirty p M the phone rang at the baby say Television office in Belfast. The employee, who answered, heard the voice of a well educated sounding man with a southern irish accent. Eight told the employee that sugar had been kid and to the captives were only willing to negotiate with Britain's three best erasing journalists, Derek Thomson, Jonah C and paid a complaint.
hey you're, did that the Trio Bay at the Europa Hotel in Central Belfast by the evening of Thursday February ten and said that on future coals, to identify himself bizarre coal, which was then Of another famous rice horse, meanwhile, at belly, many Jim Fitzgerald was contemplating what to do next, At one fifteen, I am, he called his boss, Gilad Audrey on who was the start manager for the icons, Irish Dodds and told him what had happened. Jill, I wanted to find the garden, but Jim warned him not to so Gila called the Agora con in Switzerland instead unable to get ahead,
of him. He then called sure Gaza, vat and shareholder stand cosgrove. The two men drove the Bali, many to speak with the german person and to confirm that sugar really had been stolen, stand Cosgrove soon, And his friend captain shorn bury the manager of the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association and told him what had happened. captain very light, told all thought Milton say: Toby that in his business the telephone call from staying Cosgrove was quote. Equivalent of the director of the loose in Paris being told that the moon LISA had been stolen at one forty five I racing journalist, Derek Thomson. How to a phone call in here. London Hotel Room, it was a report
from London's press association, who advised Derek that sugar had been kidnapped and they kept is had asked to speak with him. Personally. Derek didn't believe this at first, but the reporter repeatedly told him that it was not a joke. Derek eventually agreed to accompany the other two racing journalists Jonah see and paid a complaint to Belfast the following evening to negotiate sure gauze release by four. I am Gill, Audrey Yawn had managed to get hold of the egg com in Switzerland. Jill aroused the whether they should simply pay the ransom quietly without getting the police involved. But the big con instructed him to notify their gotta.
Hey raised and that there were too many shareholders involved with sugar for him to make a decision on his own, and it was inevitable that God are and press would learn about the theft anyway, yeah good, can also said that there was no guarantee that sugar would be returned safely, even if they paid the ransom and that paying could set a precedent for further thefts of irish resources. By the time they gotta, when notified sugar had been missing for all state aid was this was enough time, but the thieves to have taken him anywhere within Ireland or Raven abroad. Tracking him would be especially difficult as the Goths sales horse auction. that was held. The previous day meant there were a large number of horse floods travelling through the country because of the tensions, but Weighing the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland all them
Gotta stations had a radio contact with one another. This meant that if officials had Notified earlier stations or a way could have put up roadblocks and possibly found shirk. We ve been hours of the kidnap, yet by the time the kidnapping was boarded. The area was too large to cover leading many to believe that the search was doomed from the start. Chafed superintendent, James Murphy, was assigned to lead their case nicknamed the spot. He was a tall slim man with a strong. Irish accent and dark sense of humour who always wore a three pay suit, with a black fell. Toby had similar to a fedora by midday the media had gotten hold of this story and news reports.
sure gauze death, what being broadcast around the world. Journalists flocked to new bridge and the small town was soon swimming with report is speaking on. The steps have been Newbridge gotta Station Chief Murphy told the gathering report is that Hey was an overly Insert about the case, because quite a stallion cannot be kept by people who are not well lab in the horse he feared and who do not know how to keep. The animal here, lay admitted that the police had no late, but order that all irish stud farms and stables be searched immediately. Forty detectives was sent to new bridge to work on the case and help with the search, while the head of the Goddess murder squad was also assigned to the investigation, the intern, National Criminal Police Organization more
commonly known, as into Paul, contacted due to the possibility that sugar had being smuggled out of their country. Investing It is enquired about any possible security footage, but the union, The belly many stud had considered installing a security system, an unnecessary expense, as it didn't seem possible that a racehorse could ever be stolen. Bali, many did have one say said: David Cameron saw the main stable where sugar was housed, thought it was broken and didn't even have a type inside initial search efforts uncovered no sign of sugar. but the God did find caches by our re weapons hidden through The irish countryside, which result in the eye, are re, losing many of their safe houses at
Five on Wednesday afternoon, one of the thieves phone to Bali, many stud. Jill Audrey on answered that, as he was french and not flowing in English, he struggled to understand the coal as demands, The caller eventually became frustrated and hung up. Stay over an hour and a half later at by forty five, the thief phone to back this time. Gill aroused him to speak slowly, which he did The cold are introduced himself, has King Neptune and demand two million pounds, Fisher Gas, save for a place with the ransom to be paid in twenty fifty and one hundred pound notes. He also requested a phone number in France that he and his men could contact instead of making calls to irish landlines
could be traced. Gila gave him the phone number for the Agri Collins Office in Paris word of the ransom demand, raged sure gauze shareholders. They It was odd that that they even had demanded to be paid in one hundred pound notes. As such a notes didn't exist, this some of them to believe that sugars theft was more a publicity stunt than a genuine kidnapping for ransom rigour. Bless the shareholders hired accompany named control risks were limited to handle negotiations on their behalf and in it she ADA was sent to the icons office in Paris in anticipation of the incoming calls. The following day of Thursday February ten race,
journalists, Derek Thomson, Jonah C and paid it can't playing, were taken to Belfast Europa Hotel, as the thieves had requested. At the time the hotel was informally used as a home base for foreign journalists which, coupled with its central location, had made it the ideal target. But bombings by the eye array. The building had earned the undesirable reputation of being the most the bond hotel in Europe. A fact that made the three journalists wary is they entered at to lobby? Other reporters who had caught wind of this story had already gathered outside the building Within minutes of their arrival, a message The loudspeaker announced that there was a call for Derek Thompson: Derek took the
and the coal or, on the other line, told him he was being watched He was then instructed to go to the farm house owned by horse breeders. German and Judy Maxwell. The couple who had received a phone call from King in June, in the early hours after sugar was stolen, saying that sugar had been kidnapped and that easy could be sent as proof. The Maxwell's farmhouse was located forty eight kilometres south of Belfast in the town of down Patrick After hanging up the phone, Derek immediately updated the garden and the Europa Hotels chief of security as well as his fellow report is Jonah C and paid it can't playing. The three racing report is discussed how they could lay the building without being noticed to prevent the other journalists from following and possibly compromising sugar safety.
Eventually, they snuck a boy, the hotels kitchen and into awaiting car. When they arrived at the farm House, the Garda were. Already on sought, Judy MAX well advised that she had just received another phone call from the thieves who this time changed the code name to whack Balko referencing, another well known right ass. They had also reduced the ransom to just forty thousand pounds, equalling one thousand pounds for eight share in sugar. At eight thirty p m the phone rang at the Maxwell Farmhouse and Thompson answer that the call I used the code word Balko and repeated the forty thousand pan to ransom demand he had given to Judy earlier. Hey, you
that the demands be broadcast over the BBC evening news before abruptly hanging on leaving the gotta within sufficient time to trace the call Captain shown very who had been contacted by vet. Staying Cosmo in the early hours following sure, gauze kidnapping was a to help in any way he could pay contacted members of he's organization, the Irish Thoroughbred Brady's association and today agree To sponsor a reward of fifty thousand pounds, Fisher, God save for a tan there Board was advertised in irish newspapers alongside us. Number for the office of the irish check, one centre, which the public could call with any information cap. In very said, he's organization was prepared to pay a higher reward if necessary, although he didn't
blah size, a specific amount stating Our association represent soul, horse breeders, and we do so. did on this course of action as a gesture on behalf of the entire breeding industry, it is vital that sure, gotta be banned, safe and well. the God or agree to captain berries plan on the condition that they were allowed to tap the fines in his home and office. In case someone decided the contact him there instead within hours of the reward bang publicized coal started to come through. Some were from animal lovers concerned about sure gauze welfare with one call are asking if specific information on how to feed and care Fisher Guy could be published in a local newspaper in response them very organised for a veterinarian.
Though, appear on irish television to provide data, child care instructions directed at sure, gauze captors. In addition, today's well meaning coals captain Bury received several threats. with one call are threatening to burn his house down if they continue to search for sure got. These pulls were usually terminated quickly. After kept them very told, the kola that the funds were being recorded by the God. I changed. Superintendent, James Murphy continue to provide update to the media from the steps of the new bridge Goddess station Jude he's doc sense of humour and the vague answers he gave. Many members of the press believed he wasn't taking the crime seriously. The truth was that Chase Murphy New more about case than he led on and simply chose not to shed
information with the media, but he secrecy added to the speculation that he didn't know what he was doing. The press dovetail inspector road clue so after the bumbling detective from the pink Panther movies, and so. Report has turned up the press conferences wearing a similar hat to he's trademark, true, be as a way of poking funded him. At one hundred and fifteen, a dot m on the morning of Friday February eleven to phone rang at the Maxwell's farmhouse in Downpatrick, it was answered but journalist to Derek Thompson who was still there with the guy the cold are introduced himself. Is King Neptune and told Derek that if he didn't come up with the forty thousand pound ran The money by Now- and I am sure God would be shot- derek- had been advised by the garden
To try and keep the coal or on the line for as long as possible said they could trace the coal and he managed to drag out the conversation for roughly three minutes. This should have been enough time to I said that when Derek hung up, he was told that the office are responsible for tracing coals had finished. He shift at midnight laving nobody to fill his role. This era would turn out to be one of the biggest mistake the God made during their investigation, and they received considerable Backlash as a result, sixty hours late had seven. I am the phone rang once more at the Maxwell's farmhouse and dairy Ganz it. Yet again, this time the coolest said that,
There had been an accident, and sugar was now dead when ass to where he's body could be recovered from the kola hung up. The gotTA had been dear rising whether to different groups had been making the ransom coals they suspected those made. to the Agora Cons Office in Paris when legitimate, while the calls to the Maxwell's entered the journalists, were intentional hoaxes designed to confuse the situation, and by time for further negotiations and more, media attention. This latest call strengthened their theory and the body
thousand pound ransom, demand and unused of sure. Gauze death were considered to be false. In a press conference, Chief Murphy told reporters that he was regretfully no closer to solving their case than he had been the previous day horse groom Jim Fitzgerald was still reluctant to speak to the police, At first he had been in such a state of shock that he was unable to recall any of the details of the attack, but by this point he was simply fearful of the threats that thieves had made against these family. Although Chafe Murphy did and push him to spake Jim did have one message for sure: gauze capped is, he asked them to fade sure gas and carrots as they were his favorite food, and would she Emma at nine o clock tat evening.
another call was placed TED, the Agora Cons Office in Paris. The kola demanded the two million pounds ransom again, but the negotiators said he didn't have the money, because there were thirty five shareholders. He had to consult with. The negotiated are also asked for proof that sugar was still alive, which the cooler agree, to provide the full ordering them may be ready by non. The following night or sugar would be killed. an hour later at ten p m. Another call came through to the Paris office Boy This point the media were reporting on the claim that sugar had been shot made during the. Called call to the Maxwell's house that morning to call I told them go. She IDA that the news was false and that he could prove show
I was alive. He gave instructions that someone who wasn't associated with the Bali many starred needed to travel to the Crofton Airport Hotel in Dublin Once they arrived at the hotel reception, they were to you the Alias Johnny Logan, the name of a famous irish pop sing out, at which point they would we're safe, proof that sugar was still alive decoy, Allow wounded negotiator not to tell the Garda about this plan, ignoring the Dave's request to send someone who wasn't associated with Boeing. Many, the owners syndicate chose sure guys. The vat staying caused growth to attend the Crofton Airport hotel. They also tipped off the gardener, who sense
Alarmed officers to surround the premises at nine o clock on the morning of Saturday February, twelve stand arrived at the hotel and dost. Have you good to me? sit here for Johnny Logan, the staff, a perception said no I'm sure of what to do next stand eight breakfast at the hotel, while waiting for further news. at eleven fifteen. I am one of the thieves cold. The Agora Cons office in Paris furious They had been unable to deliver their proof of life to the Crofton Airport Hotel, because the building was surrounded by police officers to call threatened. To kill sugar as well as the negotiator. If they were caught by the Gaga.
Four hours later at three twelve p m: that Dave's phoned Paris. Once again, they accused the negation of stalling fatigue and said he had one hour to get the two million pan ransom together or sugar would be killed. When the negotiator said, the shareholders were concerned that sugar was already dead. He was told that proof of Olaf could be found at the Ross. Neri hotel in the town of Draw Hoddan Forty nine kilometers north of Dublin, a God or office. I went to the Rosner a hotel reception where he was given a Polaroid photo. It was a close up short of the horses had taken next to a copy of the irish needs
newspaper dated the previous day of February eleven nineteen eighty three vet staying Cosgrove, was called to the Newbridge Goddess station to examine the photograph. Hay was certain no horse in the picture. I was sure got, but as it didn't show, the horses body he couldn't tell ashore whether or not it proved that should go. still alive. Furthermore, as the newspaper was from the day prior, that was possible that sugar had been killed after the photo was taken. Details of the photo were withheld from the press, with their god are denying that any such Polaroid existed at five p m the thieves once again called the agriculture
Paris office demanding that the ransom be paid. The negotiators said the shareholders wanted to see a full bodied photo of sugar standing up to prove it. Still alive LISA, get the kola leading him to threaten quote You may not pay for these horse, but you will definitely pay for the next one. When you say what we do to this horse before hanging up, the agriculture still wanted to buy more time, as it was against these principles. To give in and pay the ransom. The irish and british governments agreed with these decision to withhold payment confirming that under no circumstances with thy assist with facilitating the money
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Will automatically be applauded check here. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars off. You first purchase of one hundred dollars or more days passed without any further contact from the thieves or any developments. In that case, on Tuesday February, fifteen one week after sugar was stolen. A man named petty may can was walking through Candy Torone in Northern Ireland when he came across the horses dismembered hind leg that had been crudely severed, the hip join paddy was a horse
the easiest and could tell by looking at the limb that it belonged to a thoroughbred that had been wearing professionally short haul shoes. He immediately thought of sugar and reported the discovery to police authority, seized the leg, but does it didn't have white sought markings on its who flock all four of sure goslings did? It was confirmed not to be he's that same day, they, God are released. A description of three of the sauce backs Oh Jim Fitzgerald hadn't seen their faces due to the ballot club as they'd been wearing another groom at Bali. Many had witnessed some men hanging around the stud farms entrance and was able to provide further.
formation on their facial features, one of the suspects was labelled as a jockey taught being five foot three inches taller and having a slight build. Hay was aged in he's, meet twenties with a dark complexion, hair combed down across his forehead and was wearing Jane, send a Denham jacket based on this description, some journalists, surmised that he may have previously worked with sugar at the stud farm adding to Jim Fitzgerald.
Theory that one of the thieves had appeared provision at handling horses. This second suspect was in his early twenties, was five point: seven inches toll and had a medium build. He had dark hair pot it to the left, a large prominent knows and was wearing a brown jacket. The third suspect was five foot. I of medium, build and done determined age and had been wearing a dock jacket and as with a hat that had a shiny, Pake hay was described as resembling, a God or officer old boss driver based on these descriptions. The press referred to the three sauce back, says the jockey the nose and that God they gotTa Technical Bureau, used the descriptions to create.
vote. I feed images of the suspects, although they were only intended for use by the gotta two of the three photos but late to the media the one published in the Irish Independent newspaper. the rapporteur, asked the chief Murphy whether the release of the images had resulted in any clues. Hey responded. We have got a good description, but what we haven't got is a clue. Journalists who used these quite repeatedly to highlight how botched the investigation was As part of their investigations, the God are followed up on a two way. Radio call that had been intercepted on Sunday February seeks two days before sure got was stolen de coal had taken place between
Men in county go away on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland. One of the men spoke with a cultured English acts and while the other three spoke with irish accents, they used short phrases says that was speaking in code and dimensions and orange car, and Road that was bad for a box Presumably meaning a horse flight suspecting Nicole, might have had something to do with the plans to transport sure got the God are conducted, a thorough search of county go away, but to no avail. On Wednesday February, sixteen they gotta released a witness description of a horse flowed that was spotted leaving their badly. Many Staude had eight thirty p m on the nod of share gauze disappearance.
It was described as a there are lot blue or lot grain to horse try law that was possibly manufactured by a company called arise. It was in rough condition with no license plate. Bull working life and was being tied by eight there. A brand Hillman Junta or Vauxhall. Following the release of this information, investigators were optimistic that the float would be identified, but their hopes work. washed when no Lades arise later that day, Chief Murphy stepped down from handling the press briefings instead assigning the task, the superintendent, Norway, Anderson and experienced spokesperson and sing. Your press officer, although he never confirmed why it was likely that Chief Murphy stepped down due to the media's constant ridicule.
On Saturday February nineteen a loaded magazine Cartwright, from an automatic rifle was fanned need the entrance of a ballet many starred. It was from a sigh I dine Le Pork, an Austrian. Machine Gun that was rare in Ireland, but nine to be used by the southern kin. The branch of the eye array, Atta were unable to lift any fingerprints of the magazine or linked to one owner and ultimately decided to withhold the discovery from the public. The days continued to pass without any further contact from sure gas capped is the sheer holidays tried to re, establish communication with that Dave's via the media, but their attempts were unsuccessful. They believed that Sugar would eventually be released unharmed, as they couldn't imagine,
that a fellow Irishman would kill and innocent horse and by love it and national treasure, however, wakes went by without any leads or breakthroughs in that case. And to the investigation and media reports started slowing down the path Blake worry get a help with one hundred and fifty thousand people joining the search to check fields, farms and stables. They gotta followed every tip off. They received searching canal banks, banks, travellers, caravans and properties only to find out that several of the tip off Swat hoaxes crafted by vengeful neighbours
in a bid to gather information. Detectives interviewed more than one hundred jockeys from Ireland and England, with the God at clarifying that these interviews had nothing to do with one of the suspects being described as a jockey. From an economic point of view, the theft of sugar was a huge, Problem for Ireland, not only did the horse racing industry provide twenty thousand jobs within that country, but it also generated lots of money from international sources with the crime casting doubt on the safety of the industry. The irish economy was at risk of impact. Chafe Murphy told them Press quote. If any harm happens to that horse, it is going do the industry and a man of anguish in this country and further
Reason alone, I would ask the kidnappers to return the horse safely. As the God I grew increasingly desperate. They sought the help of around fifty clairvoyance, which drew further ridicule from the press. A majority of the psychics believed sugar would be banned west of the River, Shannon in County go away, which investigated believed was too compelling to ignore. They searched this area with the help of several psychics, but nothing was done. In early march, a man named Patrick Kelly, recognised the description of the horse, flowed used, insure gauss kidnapping as designed flyer that was stolen in county
need the border of Northern Ireland. Hey provided photos of the flood and Jim Fitzgerald positively identified at as the one used by the thieves to transport sure got what seemed like a big breakthrough, ultimately lead to know. where, as Patrick Kelly, was unable to provide any further insight into who might have stolen afloat. The hot line that had been set up by cap then show and bury manager of the Irish Thoroughbred, Brady's association remained active, and on March seeks Dane. He received a call from a man with the culture to irish accent, who requested a two hundred, and fifty thousand
pound reward to begin negotiations Bashir sure safe return. Captain vary a great to get the money together and they call us said he would be in touch again soon using the code name. Rugby. This code name concerned cap very. His hay was a huge rugby fan and became paranoid that the kola may have been monitoring, he's personal life or watching these family. He notified the Gaza and on March twenty four rugby called again. Captain Bury told him. The reward money would only be paid if they received conclusive evidence that sugar, was still alive, to which Rugby said he would be in touch captain Berry and his wife was scheduled to them
for a two way holiday in the canary islands, but they told the God I'd be happy to cancel the trip in order to stay home to continue negotiations. The God of urging the coupled to carry on with their plans and while they were on holiday. No further calls came through decided to captain bury suspicion that Hey was under surveillance. the next phone call from rugby came on the morning of my two nineteen eighty three. This time he directed kept them very to drive to the K Dane Hotel in Newbridge me ballet many stud, so white burning, coming phone call for Mr Davies. Captain Bury did ass. He was tall with under cover God or offices
also positioning themselves inside the hotel at eleven? I am the phone rang for Mr Davies and kept him very answered as directed Rugby. Instructed him too returned to the hotel the following afternoon, with two hundred and fifty thousand pounds in cash, at which point he would be taken to say sure, got captain bury when time and at TAT the blood testing kid from a local. Like one dna testing facility, he returned to the hotel on afternoon of nice three, where the phone rang had approximately two o clock. This time rugby advised captain bury to trouble to pay fining killed there. At nine p m on my five, where arrangements would be made to take him to sugar, undercover office,
As noted, a man who had also been at the hotel the day prior was watching captain very closely, which confirmed their suspicion that he was under surveillance. They warned him to save the negotiations if he feed his family was in danger. The captain bury wanted to persevere in the hopes of sure gauze return at eight fifty seven p m on May five. He went to the phone booth and killed there and waited for the coal.
Rugby rang one hour later ass being kept in bury if they would be willing to be held with sure got while positive identification was made and the reward money was handed over. Captain bury a great but said that vet stand. Cosgrove would have to accompany him to facilitate the necessary identity testing. Rugby said he would check and call back shortly, but Captain Bury waited and waited no further the came through he never heard from rugby again and the reward remain tongue kind. Shortly after this
a member of the gotta named officer. Kenyans contacted staying Cosgrove wanting to introduce him to Dennis Monologue. A well known horse dealer with an interesting story to tell Dennis told stand that intermediaries of sure gas captives had shown him a photo of sure got there and placed the hood over his head and drove him to an unknown location in the irish countryside, where he saw a sugar alive,
Stan asked Dennis if eighty thousand pounds would be enough to have sugar returned safely with no questions asked Dennis a great to speak to the intermediaries, who, in turn, agreed to the deal through Dennis Dave's directed stand to place. Eighty thousand pounds cash into the Buddha Dennis his car, along with a ten thousand pound fond, is faith Dennis. They would then instructed to drive a car.
To the village of art, thou crusher in Candy Clare and leave it in a specified, remote location there. The thieves would remove the money and replace it with instructions on how to retrain sure got office, Achaeans agreed to accompany Stan and Denis in the hopes of catching that Dave's in a sting operation. The tray I follow the instructions laving Dennis his car in the specified location with ninety thousand the pants cash in the boot and then left the same. They returned a short while lighter and found that the money had been taken, there were no instructions regarding getting sure got back upon me Losing that the whole plot had been a set up stand was convinced officer. Kenyans had been involved from the dead Guy Office, a keen
and was investigated by the gotta and eventually sack the carrying out under the table Police operations Dennis. Man now remained adamant that the horse, he'd, Benninschein, was sure, got and opinions differ. The weather, hay and office opinions were part of the set up or had painful themselves. The months continued to pass with no major breakthrough By September nineteen, eighty three matters that had been lined up to bridge which A guy in the nineteen eighty four breeding season begin arriving at Bali, many starred, where they were to be boarded until definitive new regarding sure got a from the outset of the investigation.
They got a suspected that the Irish was involved in stealing sugar throughout the nineteen said, Beneath the eye hour, I had started receiving weapons and training from international support is including sympathises from the United States, Libya and Palestine. However, their campaigns, what costly and the amount of money coming in via donations and illegal activities. Wasn't enough to fund their violent protests, equipment, weapons and explosives. by the nineteen Eightys, the FBI was inductive an ongoing investigation into american support of the IRA, which meant that had been a halt on weapons procured from the USA. Consequently, the irae was in financial strife and begin And resorting to kidnapping for ransom as a means of income, with varying
levels of six ass, you know How about nineteen eighty one, the Irish had kidnapped wealthy supermarket executive Ben done after he pulled over in his car to offer assistance at a stage Dax it and then was held hostage for six days. while negotiations were made for a one and a half million pan the ransom to be paid. His family wanted to pay the ransom, but were blocked by the God, are prompting bends property many job to pay instead to secure Ben Cipher lace. This kidnapping said a crucial precedent as the Irish and a lucrative ransom without any consequences in August nineteen. Eighty three six months after should,
was stolen. Seven on the irish members stormed the south. The Dublin has of Galen Western the wealth. The president of the canadian supermarket chains intending to kidnap him for ran, The God I had already received a tip off that Galen might be a target and were waiting inside to arrest them again, finding shewed with Bob of the perpetrators taken into custody for attempted kidnapping, while two westgate investigators believed at these were the same. Individuals who had stolen sugar, but they denied any involvement with the case three months slide off the Irae abducted one of gallons employees, a widow father for named dont tidy dawn, was driving he's teenage daughter to school in the dock.
one suburb of Wrath Bonham when I re members posing as they gotta, pull him over and shoved him in the boot of their fight police, car. After a twenty two day, long investigation dawn was found unharmed with these cap. is in a wounded area of candy. Later on and issued out followed, resulting in the deaths so they gotta, train, ay and an army profit. The general can answers was that the I re took sugar as they had the motive and means to carry out the theft. but when the irate didn't claimed responsibility, some people doubted their involvement, is they had always admitted to all their other kidnappings? Moreover, at the time sugar was taken a number
Of british intelligence agents had infiltrated the IRA, and it was expected that one of them would have surely heard about the plan. Those who suspected the I re was responsible have argued that british intelligence might have nine but didn't speak up. Fear of putting their lives in jeopardy. It's also being said after that, the Irish may have never round up to the crime, because the public outrage over sure gas theft with so much more intense than the reaction to I write. Kidnappings of people it was Given that the IRA kept at a sacred because they feed a huge backlash the irish community over the theft of the beloved horse. By the end of nineteen eighty three ensure
companies began to pay out sure gauze various shareholders for their losses. Most of the shareholders had taken yet insurance with Lloyds of London for over ten million pounds, which included coverage fisher, gauze death as a result of accidents, sickness disease twenty of the shareholders had also pay extra premiums to covet theft, which resulted in each of them saving pay out of seven million pounds. Those who didn't have coverage for theft didn't receive any pay out, as it couldn't be proved whether or not sure got was dead, and therefore the insurance companies were obliged to pay. Some of the wealthier shareholders to be issued to court, but their claims were unsuccessful, which
spread it had some lingering theories that sure got. There was an inside job orchestrated by the shareholders in a bid to collect a large insurance pay out by nineteen. Eighty four the case had gone code and on February six just price. to the commencement of the breeding season. The shareholders and dagger con released that first official statement that confirmed their belief that the I was responsible for the crime and that sugar had been killed shortly after he was stolen, describing his chances of being alive. As remote. Eighteen months off the shirt gauze disappearance chief Inspector James Murphy, told the Washington Post quote, you have to take into account more
serious things a person's life is involved in a murder, not a horses, but we kept looking. You can never feel dispirited, though you have to take into account the lapse of time. We follow up on anything. You can't called the case closed until it is theories, intended to a banned as too sure gas fight some believed he was held in a private farm until the story died down, at which point he was disguise, tend to rise under a different name in order to win money for his captors, this theory held a little credit, as there was no guarantee that sugar would have performed after several years without training, and nor could he have been disguise the well enough to prevent people.
Recognizing him. Another theory was the sugar had been stolen for breeding purposes. This too was easily dismissed as the prophets derived from braiding, with a famous right horse came almost entirely from the name attached to the horse with the attributes knowing that sugar was the father any offspring, he bore would be worth a fraction of the cost. Some believe the Middle EAST and shake had stolen sure got the brig design, successful resources. But this Mary was also dismissed, given the sheer effort it would have taken to secretly transport the horse internationally authorities did investigate this claim, but found no. evidence to suggest a horse had been trotted out of the country by sea or air around the time of sure got disappearance. It was also speculation
that the mafia may have being responsible in the months before sure gas theft of french blood Stock agent named John Michael candidate, who was living in the United States, had been in talks with the Agora con about purchasing a racehorse. It was speculated that John Mark didn't have the money to buy the horse up front, so he obtained alone of half a million dollars from the New Orleans mafia. The deal with the idea can then fell through, but Joan Michael had already spent the money and couldn't afford to repay the mafia. On December thirteen nineteen, eighty two John Mark who was shot dead in his car and the vehicle set alight. The theory was that he had been killed by the mafia, who then stall sugar as a means of re payment. However,
The police ruled that John Michael's death was a suicide and he had staged the crime saying to look like a nerd are so he's family could collect from these multiple life insurance policies, now that the authorities nor the Agora con believed the two incidents were alighted at one point, it was even so delighted that libyan political, laid Colonel Obama Al Gaddafi, was responsible and was holding sugar in Libya.
The theory was that Colonel Gaddafi had struck a deal with the eye, our right to steal sugar in exchange for weapons, because he was opposed to the idea cons position as a muslim spiritual, laid off the position he felt he was much better suited to. It was argued that Colonel Gaddafi had decided to kidnap Europe's most famous force as a way to demonstrate the influence and power he held while causing Viagra con great embarrassment. This theory was rejected by authorities and sure got shareholders, as there was no evidence to suggest that Colonel Gaddafi Naval knew, who sure got was let alone had anything to do with these kidnapping. There were also theories that sugar may have been taken by someone who was jealous of his success. The egg
Hon had an ongoing rivalry with the Kentucky based Blood stock agent named weighing Murphy over complicated wholesale in nineteen. Seventy eight that had ultimately worked out in the Agro Cons favour Wayne had been view Yes, which led the media to report. He may have retaliated against the Agora con by stealing sugar. Wayne denied any involvement and, without any evidence, to link him to the crime. The theory dissipated over time in an interview Wayne admitted that he hated the agriculture enough that he would have relished pulling off sure gauss kidnapping, but emphasised he would never stoop that love. Years went by without any breakthroughs in that case
in July of nineteen. Ninety seven, the I re called a final ceasefire and on April ten nineteen. Ninety eight, a treaty known as Good Friday agreement was signed, mocking an end to the troubles over the course of the IRA. As thirty year campaign, approximately one thousand eight hundred people were killed, including six hundred and forty civilians, and one thousand one hundred members of the british security forces and an estimated at ten thousand Irae members were imprisoned at various times. The same year that the good Friday agreement was signed. An order biography was published that claimed to reveal the truth about what happened to sure got tired old dean forming the book was written by shorn Callaghan, a form
senior member of the IRA, who would also worked as a police informant for the Gaga in his book. Callaghan claimed. The Irish had been facing bankruptcy in the early nineteen eighties and desperately needed money to further their campaigns, So renowned, leading member of the IRA, Kevin Melon was tasked with the job of rising several million pounds. Oh Callaghan claimed that melon gathered a small team from Dublin to pull off. The theft include one. I re member named Jerry Fitzgerald to weeks after sure, got was taken Fitzgerald confided in our Callaghan that hey, responsible and said only a handful of other people knew about the plot. According to Fitzgerald just hours after the theft, sugar became extremely distressed and started thrashing about his captors
unable to calm down, and he eventually injured one of these legs, not knowing what to do the irish members decided they had no choice but to shoot sugar and then pretend he was still alive. in order to collect the ransom money. When I realized that this syndicate wasn't going to pay without proof that sure got was still alive, the group abandoned the plan and say stole communications. Oh Callaghan confirmed an ongoing theory that the thieves had made the mistake of thinking that Diego con was sure girl saw loner and would therefore bade the only one deciding whether not to pay the ransom. They also didn't think that afterwards,
tracked anyway, I need the amount of media attention that it did summarizing the kidnapping Callaghan said quiet. It was a total cock up from start to finish police documents from the time corroborate this story is. There were reports that a small group of men from the Irae suddenly changed their behaviour around the time that sure got was taken, but no definitive evidence exists and I Callaghan claims have never been proven. In nineteen ninety nine, a movie title sure got was released based loosely on them. then, surrounding the theft and went on
in the award, but best farm film. At the two Macular International Film Festival in California that same year, especial race named the sugar cop was held at the good would arise course in West Sussex. want to commemorate chagas memory. The rice was designed to be a light. Hearted competition, the unique racing format similar to the rider carping Gulf and the winners were presented with a silver statue of sugar donated by the icon. Sure got cop was so popular that it became an annual event, which today is called the Dubai duty Free sure, got a cop and is held at Ascot Rice, poor, seen England in the spring of two thousand. I can't So work I named Tommy Folly was clearing out a narrow valley in county, carry garland when he found a rotting coalsack, hidden
underneath a rock. It was badly disintegrated. Indicating it had been there for a significant amount of time. Tommy unwrapped, the sack and inside he discovered a horses skull containing two bullet holes. Thinking, it was sure, got. Tommy was beside himself and news quickly, spread throughout town that sugar at Bay found does Laden, and one veterinarian and clinical pathologist was cold to examine the skull. a detailed examination revealed the skull belonged to a two year old horse wearing God was five years old at the time he was stolen. Ruling out the possibility that it was him.
On January, twenty seven two thousand and eight this Sunday Telegraph newspaper published an article toddled the truth about Sugar rice horse kidnapping. the article expanded on I re member turned police, informant shorn Callaghan story that cabin melon had orchestrated the kidnapping. According to us, was close to a former. I remember the plan to kidnap sugar had banks, action by the I'll raise ruling body. The army cancel the kidnapping. Clot had fired from the start, because the vet, who too great to look after sure gal, pulled out on the night of death there Four days into the ransom negotiations, the Army Council decided it was too much trouble for little guy and told the I re to release sugar. But this point they gotta
Looking Fisher got all over Ireland and Kevin Melon was under surveillance, making it impossible to transport the horse without getting poor Alan instead, by allegedly ordered that you're gonna be shot and to handle, was opened fire on him using a machine gun according to the source. It was a quiet, very bloody death and it took several minutes Fisher got to succumb to his injuries. The article conclude did quiet, and so the greatest resource of the century was butchered in the same way. That the IRA killed many of achievement enemies. The source did not networks Actually wish sure guy's body was buried, but the fact that he's carcass was riddled with bullets meant the gang did everything to ensure sure gauze remains whenever found
Many in the republic, including broad republican sympathisers, wouldn't I have been given the I re and its political wing Shin fain from shame gunning back one pride of the nation in cold blood in two thousand, Seventeen, the royal mail, released a series of postage stamps featuring racehorse legends, including sure, got the back of the pack red in the summer of nineteen eighty one Sugar was the media that build the rising sky on August. Twenty nine two thousand nineteen sure Gaza that stand Cosgrove passed away
Hey never received an insurance pay out Fisher gas theft and had been forced to sell these one hundred and twenty. I get farm to recoup costs involved with he shares in the horse, as well as the eighty thousand pounds he lost in the failed reward. Money scan stand was remembered as an extraordinary equine veterinarian and for the work he did in trying to recover sure got. Many believe sure gauze remains the most likely hidden in county lay trim a largely. so did area that covers a land mass of one thousand five hundred and ninety square kilometers. At the time the area used for I re training camps and to him. Members of the IRA, who were on the run,
the nineteen ideas police secretly excavated some buggy areas in can t lay trim looking Fisher God, but with no success. Does Laden deck. One veterinarian and clinical pathologist says he still receives ladle remains from time to time that require testing to save they belong to show a God, in a profile for sugar has been completed and stored securely in case, it is ever required to make a positive identification in the future. It was able to Bacon played it because two veterinarian students had come forward following sure gas. Daft toward emit died, plot to hairs from sure gas tale to cape souvenirs. While studying at Bali, many stud.
To this day, the eye are, re has never claimed responsibility for stealing sure got, although they gotta be. I get Khan and damage already of sure gauze shareholders believed they were to blame in recent times that Spain suggests That former I re members still have acknowledged their involvement, because the troubles and Organised terror tactics are a painful loud wound that the people of Ireland want to move on from. the investigation into what happened to sugar is no longer active and form, then is that the Irish have no reason to come forward if they were responsible as they don't, they risk putting their fellow ex comrades behind bars prior to stand. Cosgrove
Death: hey commented that the I re silence only served as proof that they were responsible, hey leave that they chose to remain silent, add of shame, regret and the fear of bad publicity after realizing that day quote had done repulsive thing to the irish people.
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