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Case 165: Nicholas Barclay

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In 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappeared after playing basketball with his friends in his home town of San Antonio, Texas. Years went by with no sign of him. Just when his family thought all hope was lost, in October 1997 they received a call from a police officer in the Spanish city of Linares. Nicholas had been found wandering the local streets, alive and well. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research and writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-165-nicolas-barclay
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do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the show notes for this episode on Europe or on our website. Carry Gibson caused the sideways glance at her sixteen year old Brother Nicholas Barclay as they sat in a spanish airports awaiting their flight home. He appeared on edge and didn't make eye contact, nervously, jiggling, he's leg up and down leaning over Nicholas whispered to his elder sister that he was anxious about their impending long fly to their home and seen in turn. Yo Texas Carry tried her best to comfort him.
As the loudspeaker advised, the Whiting passengers that it was time to board she playfully elbowed Nicholas in the ribs, are you ready to go home? She asked Nicholas nodded. Well, let's get the fuck out of here. She replied. Following a fifth day now, a flawed playing touch playing touched down in Texas on October 18th. Ninety ninety seven, carry waited while Nicholas grabbed. The small suitcase which contained he's. Only belongings from the planes overhead compartment carry codes to younger brother from the plane. explaining that their whole family was that the airport to welcome him home Nicholas's mother Billy dollar in waded. In anticipation, she watched from the jet bridges passages disembarked from playing craning her neck to spot, Nicholas and carry other family.
Members stood back one with a video camera in hand to capture the momentous occasion after nearly three and a half years Nicholas Ah clay was finally home. more passages emerged from the jet bridge and gradually the crowd began to thin. Carry was amongst the last disembark when Beverly spotted her. She pointed and waved walking up their jet bridge Nicholas who ambled, along with a slight limp as they approached their whiting family, carries fourteen year old Son Cody rushed up to them to help Nicholas with ease, case, while the rest of the family gathered around in the the studied her son Nick
lest his shaggy blonde hair fell around his eyes, which were concealed by he sunglasses he's math was covered by a handkerchief wrapped around his face. He looked older, but he's knows was still the same. Just. lucky Sancho Pats, Beverly went up to her son and embraced him tightly. She failed him bristle and told herself that, given he suffering over the past few years, he might be resistant to human touch. I loved you. She told him. I love you too mom Nicholas whispered.
Three years in four months earlier, thirteen years Nicholas, Barclay left his family San Antonio home in frustration with a reputable for being a troubled, Tang Nicholas, frequently skipped school and when he did attend He was often in trouble for being disruptive he's home life was equally unstable, single mother Beverly dollar hard was a high functioning heroin addicts who worked seven nights awake at a local donor store to Burma, for her family Nicholas, often lashed out at Beverly heating and cursing at her and Police had been called out on a number of occasions to break out bog in an attempt to trawl. Nicholas's outbursts Beverly asked her eldest son Nicholas's brother Jason to move in
having Jason their initially diffused tension between Beverly and Nicholas, but, as time went by Jason, who was in his early twenties and also struggling with the drug addiction, became up in the family, fighting thereof, immense, could be heard from neighbouring properties. On June The attack. Ninety four Nicholas decided to blow off some steam after a fight with these mother by shooting a few hoops at the local park, He had a lot on his mind. He already had a juvenile record and was due to face a sentencing hearing the following day. This was too
addressed a recent events in which he had broken into a convenience store on stolen, a pair of tennis shoes. One possible outcome of the hearing was that Nicholas could be placed in a group time, a prospect that greatly distressed in the full and Nicholas left Beverly Press, the fog dollar bill into his hand. Her only instructions with him to be back home for dinner. She then retired, to bed to sleep in preparation for her not shift at work later that afternoon, the phone rang at the House Jason answered that was Nicholas asking if these mother could picking out from the park
Jason told and Nicholas the Beverly was still sleeping and he'd have to walk time. Nicholas Barclay never made at home for dinner that now the next morning, following her not shift at the door, not store. Beverly reported, Nicholas missing to local police ACE Nicholas had a history of running away from home and the officers were initially unconcerned by his disappearance. They speculated that Nicholas was avoiding. He sentencing. Hearing and reassured Beverly that he would likely show up after a few days ass. He had done in the past. Beverly couldn't shake the feeling that something more was a meal She and Nicholas as Oda, siblings, Jason, insists that carry when about the neighbourhood. Pudding flyers than door knocking in the hope. Someone had seen the blood
had blue wide slim obtain police interviewed Beverly snake who told of the many arguments she heard coming from the house, particularly after Jason, had moved back in with Nicholas and his mother wakes passed with no less. Nicholas his disappearance gained little media attention. He's family felt that a third Ladys had minimal, minimal, interesting, trying to locate the missing tain diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and naturally trusting of strangers. Beverly thought that Nicholas might have accepted a lifetime with an unknown in person and met with fail why she spoke of her sons, loving nature to anyone who would listen, hoping to sway the local perception he was an unruly teenager.
she remembered. How affectionate, hey good Bay and thought about he's taught warm hogs, often. Three and a half months after his disappearance, a small group Or of hope that Nicholas Barclay was alive and well presented itself Jason was returning home. One afternoon when he saw Nicholas trying to break into the garage of their low set modest to break family home when Nicholas caught sight of Jason, he ran disappearing down. The street Jason find the local police and don't officer, was despatched to the house.
Hey conducted a search of the premises and the straight blocks surrounding their home, but could find no sign of Nicholas. Despite this promising laid, there were no further sidings ended. The case turned code, as the months indeed went by Nicholas's family came to conclusion that he had a most likely died. Had he been alive, they was certain he would have reached out to them. Jason's cocaine, The action spiral out of control off to his brothers disappearance and he checked himself into a re, have facility Nicholas his sister carry, who was twenty seven when her little brother went missing, told the media.
It came to the point where you know you're not going to find him alive. You just want to find out what happened to him on October, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, the San Antonio Police Department in Texas, received a phone call It was from a police officer in the bustling city of Eleanor S, three hundred kilometers south of the spanish capital of Madrid. He introduced himself as officer Jonathan Dorian and told the police. He had some important needs. Nicholas Barclay had been found a law than dwell wondering the straits of Lenore Rise, Jonathan Dorian advised the police that, after questioning Nicholas, would be transferred to a local homeless, shelter, fetching Dron outside of Lenin arrests in the spanish countryside, while he waited to be re united with these family. He
gave the same internal police department. The contact details for the shelter telling them that hey was over saying Nicholas's case there. And office off from the scene and Tonia Police Department phoned that does not shop. Why Beverly dollar hard work to tell her The news Beverly wasn't working at the time, so an employer scribbled down the contact data, because of their children, shelter in Llaneros, comprehending the gravity of the situation. The employer fund the Beverly immediately and over the next few days, Beverly tried desperately to contact officer, Jonathan Doran, however, every Tom. She called the shelter she was met on the end of the line by someone who spoke. No English caused Beverly to hang up in frustration. After a few days, Nicholas's sister Carry tried, calling
The phone was answered by officer, Jonathan Dorian, Hey told, carried, hey actually had Nicholas sitting right beside him. However, he was too scared to talk to her on the phone in his strong french accent officer Dorian explained to carry that Nicholas, had confided in him that He had been abducted from his home town in San Antonio and taken all over Europe in secrecy. He had been sexually abused as part of a pedophile sex ring. Nicholas didn't recall much of his life prior to the abduction, carry began to cry opposite Dorian held out the phone to Nicholas, so she could tell him how much she loved him in response Nicholas whispered. Take me home.
Nicholas his family, wasted no time in organizing to get Nicholas back due to Beverly sphere of flying. Carry volunteered to go to Spain to be reunited with Nicholas Money was taught in the family, so carries workplace paid for her ticket allowing her to Bay with Nicholas as soon as possible, it was the first time carry had left the country one way. After the initial phone call from the San Antonio Police Department carry Gibson arrived in Spain, she was met. the airport, by employees of the shelter and driven of Liner S, Remote and winding road into the spanish countryside carry was nervous to settle eyes on Nicholas after nearly threatened half years. She wondered what he had gone through. Two went up:
far away from home. having at the shelter, carry graded the staff and was escorted to a concrete courtyard. She watched his children ran and played around her surroundings, a courtyard were tall stone buildings that accommodated the children at the shelter. Looking up, she saw the curtains Russell to one of the rooms and a Nicholas's face peered out. She waved him calling for him to come down, so she could say him. Ten minutes passed before Nicholas arrived in the courtyard wearing baggy clothes, a scarf sunglasses and a cab. He walked up to his sister apprehensively ass. She studied his face and touched his nose, commenting that it was just like he's uncle pats
They hugged and Nicholas whispered to carry how much he loved her The two worst goaded to acquire visitors room where carry showed and Nicholas photographs of their family that had been taken in the years he had been absent, Nicholas Dick lined to reveal how he had ended up in Spain and carry didn't push him, sir. He would open up when he was ready. carry held Nicholas's hand as they sat side by side studying the familiar small tattoo of the letter tat he had between his thumb and forefinger. Once they had spent some time re acquainting themselves, Carry Gibson along with the employees of the shelter organised, getting Nicholas home to you s, soil carry found,
San Antonio FBI, agent, Nancy Fischer, who listened in this belief as carry explained their situation in all her years, working in the investigation of child abuse, the special Jim, had never heard of a child going missing in the USA to turn wandering the straits of a european country years later. Although a spent. George had cleared and Nicholas to return to the USA Immigration, Wouldn't allow it because he didn't have a: U S: Passport, working with the? U S State Department and the Eu is embassy in Madrid. An emergency passport was organized finical us the same day in return for her assistance, special agent Nancy Fisher requested that Nicholas being to promptly after he returned time. So he's of doctors could be investigated by thirteen.
On November for ninety ninety seven Nancy Fisher stared at the teenage boys sitting across from her desk at the National Centre for missing and exploited children in San Antonio, he appeared very nervous and uncomfortable as Nancy. joined him about his ordeal. Little by little Nicholas Barclay opened up and shared the terrifying details of his abduction from the very beginning. On Gene thirteen nineteen. Ninety four he had been playing basketball had the local park when two young men approached in they began talking to Nicholas and the next thing he knew a cloth was pressed to his face and he passed there through the use of military plane service sane
A high ranking military officers Nicholas had been taken to Europe and constantly move to various locations. He wasn't alone. with him what dozens of other boys, who had also been abducted and, like him, were being shipped around european countries to be used in the pedophile sex trade. Lee every not Nicholas, was drugged with chloroform and write. His hands had been broken with a baseball bat. His left foot had been broken with a crowbar and he had been tortured and experimented on one such experiments involved.
his eyes being injected with various NATO's Nicholas detail. The tactics that he's capped is used to confuse, disorient and force him and the other boys to behave. He was beaten if he spoke English and was forced to wear. Headphones, that contained screaming voices saying you were not you in different languages. Over and over in to disguise the boys Nicholas BAR Plato,. Would have believed in Nancy Bisher that their hair was coloured and a solution placed into their eyes to change their call off. As a result, he's had changed from blue to a deeper brown Nicholas made. His escape
When someone left the door slightly ajar to the room in which he was being held captive, sensing and opportunity, he ran out the door and found himself in a long corridor. Praying he wouldn't be saying. Nicholas ran the length of the car or finding an exit door at the end that opened out onto a straight. He then ran fair he's alive after a few Where was he came to the realisation that he was in Spain Nicholas found a phone booth and called the police station who picked him up? Nancy Fisher was deeply shaken by Nicholas's. Recount of the events he had been,
objective. Two. She told him she was very sorry. He had been through such a traumatic ordeal and fair to him that they would find Nicholas's captors and worked afraid. The other children who had been abducted, Nancy, instructed Nicholas and his family to refrain from any meteor interviews, explaining that it could compromise hurricanes investigative efforts if word got out that they were actively searching for Nicholas's captors, Nicholas Barclay, Aunties family, a great Following the FBI interview, Nicholas's family decided, a routine approach would be the best way to help Nicholas adjust to his previous life. because of Beverly Long Working hours. He moved in with carry and her husband, Brian in their secluded trailer park on the
its goods of San Antonio, due to a lack of space Nicholas, slept on a mattress on the floor of carry son counties bedroom Hey in in the local high school catching the boss to and from school every week day, popular in his classes Nicholas quickly and easily made new friends after school, hay and code would hang out at the Logos Gate Park. long before Nicholas, had he spurs, crush a local go named Amy and the pair talked on the phone for hours. He's family were extremely supportive of Nicholas and did their best to accommodate he's every request. However, I wasn't long before Nicholas's unruly side began to show again two weeks after returning home, he stole carry
car and went on a road trip. Blaring he's favorite pop dust, Michael Jackson, from the cost bakers he was arrested. First, eating by local police in Oklahoma, who agreed not to prosecute Nicholas due to he's troubling history. He also got suspend From school and on occasion would fought with carry son, Cody, Nicholas's families, gave him every time. Blaming the outbursts of We are on he's harrowing ordeal while kidnapped following his trip. To Oklahoma, Nicholas, moved back in with these mother Beverly. the one family member Nicholas hadn't, saying he's first few weeks back home was his sought. Brother Jason, struggling with the drug addiction, Jason was in a rehabilitation center, but six weeks after Nicholas arrive time, he went around to say he's little brother
had a barbecue organised by the rest of the family. She regarded Nicholas sinner, stand off each manna, looking him up and down and refusing to hug him after a few minutes, Jason beckoned to Nicholas to go outside where they could have privacy from the rest of the family. He gave Nicholas a gold cross on a necklace and said good luck. He then walked away, leaving Nicholas surprised and confused. Used despite Nicholas's family, remaining tight lipped about he's return, it wasn't long before local media got wind of the missing San Antonio Sane, who had been found. Spain and re united with these family. November. Nineteen. Ninety seven, a producer from the tabloid tell. And show hard copy, hired, a private, investigator, Charlie, Paca,
do, some digging around in the whole pay could identify and made the teenager Fern exclusive Interview, Charlie Parka, a form of police officer with a special interest in tracing missing. Children was well and truly up to the task. Known around the area was gum shoe. The amiable Charlie Parker phoned FBI special agent Nancy Fisher to inquire about the child shaken burn too that the story told to him by hard copy was correct, however, refused to give out any details about Nicholas Barclay who his family undeterred. Charlie began looking through missing persons in the area of San Antonio. When he came across Nicholas he tracked down there
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climbed on the lounging Beverly House, Nicholas, sat while camera crew set up around him wearing a tan. Let thy jacket sunglasses and a wide brimmed fedora stall hat Nicholas, explained to the details of his capture to the list. The rapporteur, as well as featuring on hard copy excerpts of dean of you, would take and to play on that evenings. Local nightly news. Sitting behind the camera, crews, private investigator child Parker watched on aged in Fiftys, the well locked detective work does the interviewer asked Nicholas about details of the ripe he had been subjected to Charlie spent many hours of his own time working for a charity that dealt with unsolved children's murders and does he observed Nicholas before him. He knew that something was wrong,
There were many inconsistency that struck Charlie as odd about the trains behaviour. He spoke with a thick french accent, although Nicholas explained, this was because he was not allowed to speak English while being held captive noticing a photograph of Nicholas Barclay as a child. Nearby Charlie picked it up as he studied it. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand. Charley was immediately struck by the stock difference in, I call up between the photograph and Nicholas sitting on the lounge in front of him Charlie, recalled nautical he had read. The pace was about how Scotland yard identified Martin Luther King Jr Assassin, ADA James Ill RE at London's
Heathrow Airport fucking pairing a photograph of he's? He since these are, as you has, a set of fingerprints lie Does that not on his personal computer Charlie, compared still taken from the days interview with a missing poster depicting Nicholas at the time of his disappearance using Adobe Photoshop, he alone, did the years for comparison, they were close but not a match. He had no idea who the person was who had given the interview earlier that day but Charlie Park, I was sure of one thing: it was not Nicholas Barclay. Charlie phoned special agent Nancy Fisher, shade. Send to his theory, but initially dismissed it as nickel.
his own family had identified him and was certain that the train was Nicholas, Barclay. Recalling the FBI interview with Nicholas now, She remembered that she was initially struck by his appearance. She was expecting attain a job with light features and was surprised as when someone who seemed much older than attain with Doc eyes and a five o clock shadow presented himself. Although his hair was blonde, he also had dark roots coming through as re growth conduct, Some research Nancy learned that there was one drug trade glaucoma that could alter our color, but certainly not today, Rain, where they would change from blue to Brown. Meanwhile, Dean The into Nicholas's kidnapping as part of an international sex ring was going nowhere,
though, going into great detail about the physical and psychological trauma Hey enjoyed Nicholas, could not recall any details that would assist the investigation, such as locations or descriptions of these chapters. In February nineteen. Ninety eight four months after Nicholas Return time special agent Nancy Bishop spoke with Doktor Bruce Parry She needed advice from the war Renowned forensic psychiatrist, who specialized specialised children suffering from trauma, Doktor Bruce Perry was the husband of Alice Perry featured in episode. One hundred and thirty seven of case file Nancy organised for Doktor Perry to interview Nicholas the hope was he could extract from him some useful information that would further the investigation
Doktor. Bruce Perry also agreed to assess whether Nicholas was an american and put to end the speculation that he was someone else Nicholas was flow into the Texas Children's hospital and met with Doktor Bruce Parry, as soon as Nicholas introduced himself along. Bells rang for Doktor Perry, Hey listen does Nicholas, recounted, he's ordeal noticing that he did not display any of the physiological all behavioral features commonly associated with those recanting traumatic events such as dilated pupils edginess and are not brought posture. Instead, it appeared that Nicholas was re, telling a story, one that has not happened to him
after interviewing Nicholas for several hours, the biggest red flag to Doktor Perry. That Nicholas was not who we claim to Bay was his friend Jack, said: Doktor Perry Phone to Nancy Fisher, explaining that Nicholas spent the years before, he's abduction in the USA. He should have averted to an american acts and not the thick french accent he was unable to draw up. He told Nancy that hey could guarantee the person presenting As Nicholas Barclay was not raised in an English speaking family as Nicholas boarded the fly back to San Antonio Nancy. Fish are caught, carry she told carry that the male person who returned to them could not possibly Bay Nicholas Barclay, because there was no way that these,
person was born in American. In response, carry screen and a Yoda out o my god. Nietzsche wound carry not to make Nicholas set the scene Antonio Airport, as she had planned to do at devising that he could be an extremely dangerous individual. Instead Nancy would make him at the airport and handle the situation Herself she can't carry and told her that on no one certain terms would she be required to take these person back home with her as Nancy shall organised her plan. She was left With one major lingering question, if the two Nigel, wasn't Nicholas Barclay, then, who was he.
Fbi agent, special agent Nancy Fisher, waited at the scene, Antonio Airport, for the man posing as Nicholas Barclay to land following he Saki outraging view with Doktor Bruce Perry. She planned to detain him for the purpose of obtaining a dna samples and fingerprints as a means of identifying him. To her surprise, she saw carry Gibson waiting for him to a rock, despite her warning that he could be extremely dangerous.
she approached them as the impostor and carry embraced, carry showed no signs of being frightened. Nor did she questioned him about his identity. She saved excited to say him and inquired about his trip to Houston. It was this, though. The whole conversation between herself and carry had never say complies after seeking advice from the assistant. U S attorney Nancy allowed the impostor to return home Beverly House with carry Gibson Nancy knocked on Beverly Della hides door. A few days later, the impostors voluntarily agreed to go with her to get a blood sample for dna testing. Once inside the clinic he became infuriated stating that the nurses were staring at him as if he were a freak. The impostor left the clinic refusing to cooperate with Nancy's request.
Beverly was also not cooperating, refusing to give a blood sample to Nancy, so she could confirm, The two were related. Instead, she threw herself on the floor of her time telling Nancy She knew he was her son and didn't have to prove it openly. Hostile Beverly accused Nancy of trying to take Nicholas away from her. For a second time, the impostor continued to protest that he was Nicholas, Barclay and unable to force the family for dna testing. While she waited for a search warrant, Nancy decided to employ a different tactic, to prove to Nicholas his family that he was. their son. She took photographs of him and other family members to a forensic goddess that the FBI to compare bone structures of the individuals so her surprise. The oddest concluded that the photograph
showed more similarities than differences. In addition, the impostor, whose case was still being pursued by private investigator Charlie Parka, a great to sit for polygraph test on television When asked. If he's identity was Nicholas Barclay, he passed. In early March, nineteen. Ninety eight Nancy fish. I received a search warrant enabling her to take blood samples and fingerprints from the impostor. with no other option, hey angrily, obliged and Nancy sent their results to winter Paul. In the hope that they would find a match. while waiting on the interpol results. The impostors shed some further information with Nancy Fisher about his abduction accords.
To the age when he had been abducted, he was held for a time with a teenage boy named till crash from Berlin who had been kidnapped to you you're after him in July nineteen. Ninety five: when Nancy checked their records, she found the missing boy. She contacted his mother who agree to fly from Berlin to San Antonio Tills, mother, sat with the impostor and pay I Charlie Parker Charlie drew the outline of a body to test the imposed on and asked him to me on the outline any distinctive markings or scars the boy had the impostor took the paper and marked the scars on various parts of the outline as soon as tills mother looked at what he had done. She knew it was lying till. Had a promise.
Scar on his forehead. That would be immediately noticeable to anyone who had seen her son. The next day the impostor met with Charlie Parker, in a local dawn on the private, invest data was of the opinion that the impostor was a terrorist tourists by sent to infiltrate the USA through american family Charlie asked me to discuss a phone call. He had received the night before from Beverly. She had called Charlie and tease explaining that a friend given Nicholas lifting her car and driven pass. The block of flats that used to live in four years Nicholas had loved to living there and new, nearly all the residents. To her surprise, he mentioned nothing about he's
there and Beverly admitted the jolly that she was having her doubts. That was Nicholas after all, they ordered hotcakes and took his seat at a booth, as Charlie explained, to the impasse that the details of this concluding your mother's real up said in response the impasse stared, Charlie in the eyes and said, Name's not Nicholas, do you know it Charlie felt his heart beat faster, as he asked the person in front of him who he was, he replied on Frederick aboard in and unwanted by into ball, lock and Nicholas Barclay Frederick. The board in also had a troubled childhood. He was born in northern France on June. detain nineteen. Seventy four December:
ten year old is useful on board in they algerian Father, whom useless met at the major rain factory where they worked when she slept discovered she was pregnant. She also found out that the father was married with children, so she quit her job and never told the man about the pregnancy, Frederick suffered a miserable child, Would he inherited his father's olives skin dark hair and Dark eyes and often dealt with the rifle insults for being the son of analogy. Erin living in France as a young child. Frederick did not receive much love from his mother and when he was, similarly for these out. His mother sent him to live with his maternal grandparents in Moose Shop, a region of France, four hundred kilometers South West of Paris. He would make up stories to ease classmates as to why he was fatherless, including that he's fine
That was a british sacred Adrian. At twelve years, old Fredericton boarding became difficult to handle and frequently misbehaved. Unable to look after him anymore. He's grandparents sent him to live at a private facility for juvenile seen not Frederick enjoy these time in the high and lived there until he was sixteen when he was moved to another higher for older children. In this time, Frederick again to repel running away Bashaws stance only to be picked up and returned to the home by local police. He began to lie to the police, telling them told tiles and watching how they would respond. dreaming of a laughing England Frederick, had talked to Paris and told offices. He was British teenager name to Jimmy sail the police officer discovered that Fredericks
both a little English and he soon confessed to the law and returned to the youth time. This was the star ten years of deception. Once Frederick turned eighteen, he was released from their children's home to build a life they himself Frederick amidst the comfort and care of the children time, so he began to pose as various children creating fake aliases and moving from shelter to shelter around Europe. Leaving before he's true identity was uncovered. He was called out multiple times and had he's fingerprints on record with Interpol for rays of future, Then, if occasion in October, nineteen, ninety seven Frederick Board in age, twenty three phoned the local police in Lenore, Spain
He remained anonymous, telling the police that he was a tourist who had come across a frightened teenager and a phone booth who wouldn't spake to him. He estimated that the boy was approximately fourteen he's old police officers arrived at the named fine booth to find Frederick boarding, posing as the terrified tain inside after being coaxed out of the five booth. Frederick was taken back to the police station, where he refused to talk to offices and barely may die contact. Dressed in baggy clothes with a basketball cat poured over his eyes, Frederick eventually confessed that he had been sexually abused but refused to elaborate or identify himself with no reason to keep him at the station. The police
Soldier nice for him to be transferred to a local children, shelter in on our as at the shelter Frederick boarding was questioned further about he's identity, refusing to name himself. His case was handed over. to a child welfare George, who told Frederick he had twenty four hours to prove he was a teenager or he would be photographed and fingerprinted. Given that Fredericks prints whereon record, he decided he needed to come up with a plan to prevent this from occurring as he would allow. Clay face jail time. He considered running away, but the staff at the shelter, but keeping to close annoyed him for him to make a break instead, Frederick
Bored in felt he only had one option he needed to become someone else. Frederick Bourdain had always dreamed of going to the United States of America in the land of the free. He figured he good reinvent himself and to live a life of opportunity. Frederick told the staff at the children's home that he was an American who had run away from home. He promised them that he would identify himself but ass if he could find he's family in the? U S? First, the concerned staff at grade and allowed Frederick to spend the night in the office he could use the phone over not to allow for the time difference between the two countries Frederick The word of where he wanted to live. Seattle was of interest to him, so
when he was alone in the office. He find local police stations of Seattle introducing himself as police officer, Jonathan Dorian Pay explained. He was calling from Spain. and TAT. He had found a teenager. He was sure, was from the USA, but was not cooperating with him, Frederick blistered off his own features. He was careful to keep them vague enough to match the descriptions of multiple missing teenagers short slim build prominent Chin brown hair and a gap between his teeth. He was put through to the centre for missing index. Splendid children in Arlington Virginia. He gave the same story to the woman on the lawn and waded while she looked through our records. After a moment, she told Frederick
that she had a missing child who might be to attain job. They were looking for. She read out the date. How's of Nicholas Barclay missing from San Antonio taxes for three years and for months Although not in his dream city of Seattle, Frederick asked the woman to facts through a photo of Nicholas and anxiously waited. As he's data, how's came through to the office fax machine, it was of poor quality and, as Frederick studied the photograph, he thought he looked similar enough to past as the tame. Later speaking on the documentary, the impostor, if he's been missing for three or four years guarantee one thing, there will be a change. If there is a change there will be down. If there is doubt, then I got a chance.
He told the centre for missing and exploited children that they attain he had in front of him was indeed Nicholas Barclay and he was given the number of the San Antonio Police Department who in turn contacted Nicholas's family. He also finally told the staff at their children's home, he's name Nicholas Barclay. The next day, Frederick, intercepted and urgent lead are sent from the centre for missing and exploited children addressed to Jonathan Dorian at their children's time. It contained a higher quality image of Nicholas Barclay when Frederick boarding first the light eyes on the photograph. His heart sank with blonde hair blue eyes and fierce gain rhetoric.
did not come close to resembling Nicholas. He was told by centre employees that U S. Embassy was on their way to make with him and in a panic, Frederick tried to run. He was picked up trying to hitchhike out of line as by the? U S, voice, consulate and staff. Member of the shelter and returned to the high north saying any other way out. A piece predicament Frederick said about trying to disguise himself to look like Nicholas. He died he's here. Blonde and noting Nicholas had a visible tattoo met with attain Shelter who did small tattoos she tattooed the lead at tea, on his left hand between his thumb and forefinger, The ink from a pen and a NATO. The final result looked just like Nicholas's.
Although it remains unclear how Frederick was present in the star office alone, when Nicholas's system carry phoned the shelter looking for him. He pretended to be officer, Jonathan Dorian, because carry was so desperate to speak with Nicholas he pretended to bay. Him whispering take me home to her within the next few days pro I was informed about the direct off that carry was on her way to the shelter to come and get him certain that he would be uncovered Frederick locked himself in his room.
when carrier arrived, he don the bagginess clothes he could find, as well as sunglasses scarf and cap to try and disguise he's features too. He sought, as a prize carry Gibson, did not bull when Frederick approached her in the courtyard. Instead accepting he was Nicholas Barclay immediately as they sat together. Looking at family photos, Frederick made vague comments like mom looks the same. To the delight of carry Frederick couldn't believe he made it this far, but he still had one final hurdle before he could make it to the USA. The child
Well, FED George responsible for sending Nicholas Home was not convinced, Frederick was Nicholas, Barclay, he ordered Frederick, be shown five photographs from carries photo album in he's presence so could watch Frederick identified those in the images judge was unaware that carry had already shown the photos to Frederick and so he was able to correctly identify people in the first four photographs in the law Fine, I Frederick the Nera bought by that time, judge was already convinced the twenty three year old friendship. Jerry Man before him was sixteen years American Nicholas Barclay carry Gibson was equally as convey
believing that he's mannerisms, including speaking with a french accent and whispering, would do to the trauma he had suffered on October, seventeen nineteen ninety, seven Frederick was photograph ten, given an emergency. U S passport under the name Nicholas Barclay, he was free to go a robbing in Texas. Frederick was stones when the rest of the family accepted him. Isn't it The less, although life on the outskirts of Saint Antonio was not the straits of a bustling city that Frederick had pictured. He felt like he was living the american dream. He played their part of Nicholas rummaging through draws when he was alone studying photos of him. does it around the house and copying, he's mannerisms once he gave the into
the two FBI agent Nancy Fisher. He was certain he got away with the deception over time. Frederick began to relax, but was forever concerned that the real Nicholas Barclay would come home and he would be found out. He agreed to give the television interview with the hope that the media attention would further cement their belief. He was Nicholas Barclay and indeed the public to him after Frederick Board Dean's confession, not the diner Charlie excused himself and owned Nancy Fischer, who had also received the same information from Interpol. After he's, fingerprints were positively identified. She asked Charlie to keep him talking at the diner will share, robbed within arrest warrant, while he waited Charlie
stole Frederick by getting him to open up about he's alive and the previous identities he had stolen Frederick was taken into custody soon. after four and a half months after coming to America, he was held in the Wilson County jail in floors, bill taxes on council perjury and attempting to steal a passport while awaiting trial Frederick. He used the phone, the jail tickle, hundreds of families, of missing, children by using coal, collect he convinced today's families hey had info. nation about their lost children, information that was completely false. When asked in a television interview why he did this to such vulnerable families, Frederick, didn't answer instead, just shrugging his shoulders,
Nicholas Barclays family were bereft in the document we D impostor carry Gibson said her first feeling was complete sadness because, though, a back to square one per second feeling was how could she Bay so fucking stupid, as a direct board inciting he's jail cell. He had plenty of time to Moldova. He's law as Nicholas Barclay. Pay was surprised himself that he was accepted. So noisily into the family. With no questions asked, he thought back to his first mating with carry had the spanish children's high at the time he hadn't thought much about.
But looking back, he remembered how carry had spoon FED information to him about his relatives in the photographs telling him who they were and important facts about each person. He also thought back to the family barbecue when Nicholas's brother Jason had wished him good luck and said nothing further as if a new friend Rick was an impostor. Frederick could also never understand one Nicholas's mother Beverly was so against having blood taken to confirm a familiar link between the two especially when there was evidence that the person she called her son was not so.
If it were the other way around, Frederick would have had the blood test to put the matter to rest to once and for all after Beverly visited Frederick in the county jail one day, Frederick picked up the phone and cold the San Antonio Police Department. He knew that Nicholas was deceased and he New who was responsible, the San Antonio police officer, listened as Frederick explained, Beverly Della Hide had visited him in his cell and can best that she and Jason had killed, Nicholas and disposed of his body according to the new Yorker? boarding. Also alleged that one, not price. to his arrest. Beverly got drunk and screamed at him. I know that God punished me by sending you to me. I don't know who you are. What the fuck are you doing this
That, along with Fredericks other recollections of his time with the family, was enough to warrant the opening of homicide investigation into the murder of Nicholas Barclay, Nicholas's fan, We were outraged that law enforcement would believe the word of a con man. Beverly, angrily denied telling Frederick that she or Jason was in any way responsible for Nicholas's disappearance or death. Despite this Nancy Fisher and private investigator, Charlie Paca both believed that he's claims warranted further investigation. They were of the opinion that Jason, citing of Nicholas breaking into the family garage months after his disappearance, was a red herring, so officials would still believe he was alive.
Beverly took a polygraph test. The question asked was whether she currently knew the whereabouts of Nicholas Barclay. Beverly answered no and past Nancy FISH. I wasn't convinced so had the test were painted a second time, Beverly past that one to repeating the test. A third time with the same question. Beverly Della hide, failed the task, the bad DE the polygraph told Beverly that it appeared. She knew what happened to her son, causing Beverly to run out of the room screaming. She claimed that, if Jason had done anything to Nicholas Shape was unaware of it needs. He believed Beverly pass to the polygraph the first two times, because she was under the influence of drugs. While.
the third time she was clean when interviewed, Jason appeared apathetic towards his brothers disappearance. According to the new Yorker during the interview, Nancy Fisher developed a very strong suspicion that Jason had participated in the disappearance of his brother. Several weeks later, Jason died from a cocaine overdose, Having been of drugs for more than a year, Nancy and Charlie believed there was a suicide. When Charlie asked the Beverly her opinion. She simply said I don't know.
The homicide. Investigation was eventually closed due to lack of evidence. There were no witnesses, no dna evidence or Raven Proof that Nicholas Barclay was deceased. Prosecutor Jack Stick concluded that Jason's death had all but precluded the possibility that Nicholas's disappearance would ever be solved. carry Gibson who suffered a nervous breakdown after Frederick Cambodians, arrest, remained furious at him. She told the documentary the impostor. he put us through enough already and then for him to do this. While he's in jail for what is done and cause pain for our family fuck him.
Pay. I Charlie Parka went down a different investigative rude under the strict belief that someone in Nicholas's family was responsible for his disappearance. As filmed for that, he mentioned the impostor Charlie, arrived on the doorstep of Nicholas's form a home and spoke to the new residents. The owner took Charlie out to the back yard, indicating a spot in the corner against the boundary fence, explaining that when he first moved in he's, pet dogs would cost only dig at the area. He was mowing the area one day when he uncovered a pace of top Poland material in the ground, with the onus help. Charlie Paca dug up the area himself, but failed to reveal any evidence in Nicholas's disappearance.
Beverly dollar hired a great to speak to the new Yorker and tell them that when I soon was on cocaine. He became totally wacko a completely different person and it was scary whilst she believes hey falsified, the account of saying Nicholas at their garage months after his disappearance. She didn't believe Jason could have heard Nicholas. Frederick board then spent the remainder of his time in jail, phoning local media and offering stories of how he had been able to do. The family of Nicholas Barclay, coincidentally,
Also, a die hard fan of Michael Jackson, Frederick pass the time by copying, he's famous choreography in his cell Charlie Parker explained he had been able to pass the polygraph test on television because he was so good at lying that he had convinced himself. He was Nicholas Barclay, Frederick also confess he had seen information about missing Berlin teenager till crash. When had been interviewed by Nancy. Fish are at the centre for missing and exploited children seeing the limited information he constructed. The tie of knowing till in an attempt to solidify. Is failing, Alias, says, Nicholas Barclay On September nine. Ninety ninety eight Frederick Bull dean accepted a play bargain claiming responsibility for fraudulently obtaining a passport and perjury for posing as Nicholas Barclay,
The charge of lying to an FBI agent was dropped. He faced a maximum of twenty five years imprisonment and seven drug and fifty thousand dollars in funds. At the hearing carry said, hey has laud. you lied and allied again and to this day he continues to lie He bears no remorse. According to the new Yorker prosecutor, Jack Stick compared board in to a flesh aiding bacteria. On November thirty nineteen ninety eight Frederick bullet in was sentenced to succeed. Imprisonment in an american jail afterwards. He would be deported to France,
he was also wanted by interpol to face a full month. Jail sentence for insulting a magistrate. Frederick told the courtroom. I apologise to all the people in my past for what I have done. I wish I wish that you believe me, but I know it's impossible. Whether in jail or not, I am a prisoner of myself. Frederick bulletin was deported to France in October, two thousand and three. After serving his time and living only three months as a free man, he was court trying to pose. Fourteen year old, missing child LEO ballet on May three, two thousand
five thirty year old boy then approached the child Welfare Office in France, claiming to be fourteen year old, Spanish born Francisco Fernandez Fernandez. He was sent to a Saint Vincent De Paul Shelter, where he became most popular with the young children house to their Frederick was uncovered five weeks later after a staff members working at the shelter recognized him from a television show. She had watched the night before about the impostor according to New York are one of the police captains assigned to their case said. When he talked in Spanish, he became a spaniard. When he talked in English, he was an Englishman. Of course he lied, but what an actor.
Authorities were on shore what crime Frederick had committed, as it was not done for any criminal purpose, but due to Frederick wanting attention and affection from others, he ended up receiving a six month. Suspended sentence Frederick had over eighteen child aliases known to winter, Paul impersonating children in Europe from all love the world, including Mexico and Australia, his ability to speak five different languages, greatly aided him in deceiving others, Frederick, self claims to have created over five hundred different aliases in his lifetime on here wrought, forearm Frederick, bears a tattoo.
Car, mainly on Non today, chameleon from Non. When asked why he stole identities, Frederick told the young. I never really accepted to bear. Not all I am not a criminal. I am just a boy who will do anything that he's brain knows how to do to get attention and love. My work is to get love. This is my work. I don't do drugs, don't kill Paypal, ripe children I tell stories that will get people to care. For me, this is my job. On August I two thousand seven Frederick married a Frenchwoman named Isabella. She was studying to be a lawyer and tracked boarding down after seeing him on
Television in France, where he has since acquired a somewhat celebrity luck status, a court. To the new Yorker. He invited his mother and grandfather to the wedding ceremony. However, both the client to attend. King, that it was another one of these laws, Frederick, Candy Isabella moved to a small town. In France he became a father and now has five children
Videos on his Youtube Channel show him and his children dancing happily to Michael Jackson's. Music. The whereabouts of Nicholas Barclay remain unknown. Great news: children's Hospital of Philadelphia is opening a second hospital in king, a pressure for homes.
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