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Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink

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When newlyweds Gail and Rick Brink failed to show up to their respective jobs on the morning of November 23 1987, the alarm was immediately raised. The couple’s bodies were discovered at the ranch house they had only just purchased. Both had been shot multiple times in the head, execution-style. The slayings shocked the quiet community of Holland, Michigan, and everyone had a theory as to what might have happened. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-175-gail-rick-brink
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with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. Four newlyweds gale indirect brink finding dream home where they could settle down and start a family was at the top of their agenda. The couple met work in nineteen. Eighty four, when Gale was nineteen years old and Rick was twenty five with her long. wavy, dark, hair and athletic figure, Gale immediately Court Rick's attention he knew right away. That gale was the one and told his mother later that day, I just met the woman going to marry before
long the pair were an item and were planning their wedding on April. Twenty five nineteen, eighty six, the day after gales, twenty four the birthday they were married in a simple church service in front of their closest friends and family, Gale wore an elegant, what dress with a fled skirt and spaghetti straps, while Rick wore a broad blue suit jacket and matching bow tie. Their reception took place at a late front country club, where guests danced all night long, after it was over the broad and groom departed for their honeymoon, a romantic crews weather would be able to spend a lot of time on the beach soaking up sunshine after Gale and Rick returned to their home town of HOLLAND. Michigan They turned their attention to buying a house, one Eventually, court there are located on the outskirts of town
was a small whether board ranch House that sat on twenty acres of land. There no doubt the property had seen better days inside cabinets were falling off. Their hinges, paint was peeling and the rooms were in desperate need of an upgrade, but it had great potential and Rick was confident. Turn it into their dream home, he's job vault training, carpenters at a furniture company, and he was a talented handyman with some help from his father. Rick negotiated a deal and was able to buy the house and land. First steel after moving into the property in October nineteen. Eighty seven, the newlywed said about transforming it. Went through the house, room bar room, scrubbing them from floor to ceiling making repairs ray painting, the wolves, Rick documented their progress with the camp Quota
he trotted about the house as a film day true and checking on gale who paused her work to smile and wave it in, on November. The couple had been married for a year and a half and were ready. This renovating one room of their house in particular a nursery in preparation for the baby. They hoped to have seen everything seemed to be going perfectly. Gale bring had an office job at an auto parts company where she was well
regarded as a diligent and hard working employee. So, when she didn't show up for work on the morning of Monday November. Twenty three, her absence was a man greatly noticed there No sign of rake had he's workplace, say: thou. Knowing how responsible Rick was his employer decided to check in with his family. Garrett and died Brink was surprised to receive a cool informing them that their son hadn't being saying that day break into gale. Attended a friend's wedding over the weekend, but they had no plans that would have kept them from work Garrett and died. I decided to drive over to their house to check that everything was all wrong. They arrived at the sprawling property North of HOLLAND Garret and died. I noticed something: Rick's Suv
a shiver lay blazer was parked in the driveway that men he must be at home. They went over to inspect the vehicle and saw something shocking. Brick was inside slumped across the driver's seat. With these head, Preston and the passenger door. Blood was visible from at least one head wound. He was dead When officers from the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department arrived, they secured the scene before wool into the home upon entering they headed down. Along the whole way that led to the master bedroom. The room was toddy aside from some clothing that were strewn across the floor,
lying in the couples. Water bed was twenty two year old girl brink. She looked as though she could be a slave, except for one thing, a blood stained killer had been placed over her head when police lifted at gales. Less and bloody face was exposed. She had been shot in the head three times initially Mrs wondered: if that were dealing with a murder suicide, perhaps rickety killed his wife while she lay sleeping. Then gone out into he Chevy Blazer to take his own life, but winning Thus the guide is moved Rick's body there was no gun find Denise in Newell Their one anywhere else in the car, brick couldn't have been the killer. Lock, a gale,
He'd been shot by someone else, execution stall with two bullet wounds in his head Judging from the position of his body had been sitting the driving say when he was shot from the left side, then he fell to the right. He's head coming to rest on the passenger say, the job side window was wound slightly down a bullet hole through the passenger window had shouted the glass The killer had largely stood by the drive his door and ain't that gun through the opening Indy, aside from the two victims and the few items of clothing lying on their bedroom floor. Nothing in the house was out of place.
There was no sign of forced entry. All of the furniture was I brought and two drawers. What closed cash was found throughout that time, cables have been left on, the kitchen counter has had to Rick's wallet, but I told that contents, including credit In their driving licences, gale and rig were still wearing their wedding rings and other jury and two watches were also found in the home. Clearly, robbery hadn't been the killers motive. The entire crime scene was unsettling, lay claim. There was little physical evidence to go on and underrated both been shot with a twenty two gauge revolver, but there was no, one of the murder weapon anywhere in the house.
whether any bullet casings detectives didn't recover any suspicious clothing or any strands of hair. Only six usable prints were recovered from the crime. Saying, for fingerprints belonged to the two victims Another print was found on a toilet and there was also one on the telephone, but these did. match. Anyone in the police database faced with this dearth of physical evidence detectives knew there would need to dig into the victims, lives. The last time anyone had saying, Gale and Rick Alive was on the nod of Saturday November twenty one when they attended the way, of one of Rick's high school friends, it seemed ass, though they had a good, not break, had a few drinks and gay or became rather cheap before they left at around eleven p M the following day: Gales Brother
Ryan, one garden tried to call her at home, but there was no answer. Ryan had thought nothing of this at the time, but investigators Becky, alighted that the couple had been killed in the early hours of Sunday morning after arriving home from the wedding. The couples family and friends were left in shock over the brutal slight with the Ryan Wine Garden, telling local newspaper the HOLLAND Sentinel there, with a noise is to people in the world. I've never seen a couple get along better than they did. Gale had been one of eight children per family was close, but they struggled financially, which led to gale dreaming of the day when she could finally be self sufficient. She used to tell her big sister Cheryl how she play
and to work as hard as she needed to so she would always have enough money to buy herself whatever she wanted. Her first job was white. Trusting at a restaurant, she earned excellent money to spot the low wages. Gale was safe any friendly and charming that her customers always tipped generously. and when she met rig. It seemed ass, though everything was falling into place. not only whether young couple head over heels in love, but they were compatible to both wearing ambitious and didn't mind hard work, Their dream was a simple one. They wanted to run. A family and create a home where they could live for the rest of their lives. Rick swept a gale of her fate Boiled her and giving her whenever she wanted the young couple love to travel,
And during the summer months they would visit Rick's parents house on the shores of Lake Michigan Rick kept the boat out there. and introduce the gale toward us gain he's friend bill waitin later told the television Programme, a wedding and a murder that gale was locked liquid sunshine to rig. She was the kind of person who could a lot upper room in just by entering it, but despite the idyllic laughed the pair had together, the beginning of their relationship had an exactly bain smooth sailing. Prior to meeting Rick Gale had another serious boyfriend named laws, she'd moved in. With him when she was eighteen years old and they build a house together. They being led together for about a year when Gale met Rick at work. She quickly
ended her relationship, so she could bay with Rick, but the laws didn't take. The news well she was packing her belongings to move out. Hey slander, drool club It's done her hand. He also hit gale in her a black eye. After hearing about the assault gales Prince active big brother Ryan came to her rescue hate punched laws. Breaking he's knows then warned him. Don't you touch my sister again when police started looking for a sauce, Bat Ryan suggested that Bake with gales ex boyfriend, he believed laws was still in love with gale and was furious that she married some one else. Investigators quickly tracked allows down. He admitted to assaulting sounding gale, but strong.
Denied having anything to do with the double homicide when detectives ass. If he would be willing to sit up polygraph test laws grade, he passed. The test. He also provided an alibi for the time of the murders and checked out and laws was dismissed. As a sauce, backed investigators went back to the drawing board, gale and Rick Brink were fair world in a joint funeral and delight to rest in a shared plot. The detectives working the case spoke extensively with the couples, friends and family But nobody raised any red flags, even tracked down every person who had been a guest at the wedding. The couple attended on their lost not alive. They couldn't find anyone who held a grudge against the young newlyweds
They had no criminal histories or connections whatsoever by all accounts that were well locked, abstaining citizens who had no bad blood with anybody In fact, there was only one thing in their lives that seemed could be the source of some tension they newly acquired home, the ranch house Sat on the Irrawaddy name to ransom straight and before the couple had boarded had belonged to a black who went by the nickname, shot gun seed. Sid was somewhat notorious figure throughout Michigan criminal circles. He trafficked illicit drugs from the city of Detroit to the western part of the state for a blocky gang named the highway. Men but see degree disturbed after he saw deal, is selling drugs, detain ideas that local high schools he began
life as an informant providing federal agents with the names of individuals who was selling to children One word out that seed was working with the authorities. He's loss was threatened. Was shot out on multiple occasions. One time three people turned up with a shotgun at ease, ransom, straighter, dress, seed, pulled out a firearm of his own and convinced the intruders to drop their weapon. It later turned out. These individuals have been looking for a car that seed was holding as collateral for a drug debt dishes to ensuring physical threats. Shotgun Sid was struggling financially and fail to make the re pain and Sony's has eventually the bank for closed on mortgage and seed was forced to vacate.
Property. This was the reason Gale and Rick Bring had been able to buy it. For such a bargain. Investigators began to wonder if the couple hadn't bain the killers targets at all, Perhaps the person who murdered them happen. Realized that shotgun see it no longer lived there. Maybe it was a case of mistaken identity. Detectives looked into the Detroit Blackie gangs. That city was connected to the spot, all that digging they couldn't find anything that Todd the double homicide to a gang fron see you to try to help as well, but placing some phone calls asking for information. He couldn't find any evidence that anyone had actually been trying to kill him
the seemingly promising laid reached a dead end early on the morning of December twenty four. Just over a month. After a gale and Rick were murdered, A man named Rock Wilson was making his way home rock worked it scented, metal products, Michigan, city of Zealand and had gone straight from a shift to his work. Christmas party, before going to the party He told his wife thirty year out Deborah Wilson, but she was planning to stay at home.
It was around five. I am one rock arrived at their residents, which sat three miles north of HOLLAND. The house was ablaze with delight when rock walked inside. He found every single lights which had been turned on. There was no sign of Deborah, as rock made his way to the sliding door that lead to their enormous back yard. He realized it was open rock peed outside the large field, doc space that set behind the house had a swimming pool, a garage, a trailer and vegetable garden, but rock couldn't see anyone out there worried about his wife, rock courtiers father and asked him to come over his father a grade and soon the two men were searching together for Deborah finally rocks
father spotted her. She was lying fully closed outside neither vegetable garden, her throat had being slashed, police was summoned and it didn't take along the comparisons to be made to the brink case. The couples houses were approximately half a mile from each other and could be reached on foot within five minutes. If you cut across the fields between them like the brink murders, there was no sign of forced entry, nothing had bank stuff.
and from the property and Deborah hadn't being sexually assaulted. The Wilson's were regarded as upstanding hard working citizens, just as the Brinks had Bain Deborah had attended the same high schoolers Rick entered the couples. Shared mutual acquaintance says he wasn't long before the victims. Neighbours began to fear. There was a serial killer amongst them Terrified locals, began petitioning the Ottawa Canny Sheriffs Department for a stronger police presence on their straits, brutal it is like days one common for the Peaceful HOLLAND area
They no longer felt safe in their homes in the wake of to violent crimes taking place so close together in such a short space of time, detectives considered whether the cases could be related, in addition, two days to cry which occurred within a month of each other. There was also an odour homicide that remained unsolved. Ten years earlier, in nineteen, seventy seven twenty year old, Deborah Pauline Ski, had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death shade to leave to less than half a mile north of the brink residents. Given how quiet and safe auto county tended to be having three brutal homicides take place within a stone's throw of each other seemed more than a little suspicious. However investor
God is found nothing tying the brink murders to those of Deborah Wilson or Deborah Polanski. The exit You should style slaying of the newly whether convinced detectives that they d been deliberately targeted. Yet without a motive discovering why they D been killed, was nearing possible. The case remained front. Page news threw out West Michigan for Months tips came in from the public steadily averaging around four or five day, but none Ever lead anywhere, one of I hope colleagues reported that old though she had always been a happy go lucky person, her demeanour subtle. they changed about two weeks before her death, she's suddenly seemed reserved
though she had a lot on her mind. Behavioral experts from the FBI and Michigan State Police work insulted, but no breakthroughs, followed months turned in two years and eventually the case one called Gale and Rick's loved ones began. Grappling with the upsetting notion that their case might never be solved on November. Twenty nine. Ninety ninety seven a decade after L and Rick were murdered local newspaper Marshall Chronicle published in Article reminding rate is about the unsolved crime. counties under sheriff food. Vainly investigator on the case described the double homicide as coal. and lacking emotion, Rick's mother audits, also gave an interview stating you're thinking all the time
is that person around here? Does he look ass in the face, and I know that he killed our son It took more than another decade before there was further development in the case in two thousand, and seven Yoda County Sheriffs Department launched a new code case unit, but seem of him first, the guy those who would dedicate one hundred percent of their time to solving old crimes, detectives Dave likely and of Venus Ripa would delete the union. The two detectives first started working on the Deborah Wilson case, which also. remained unsolved day, honed in on a prime suspects, but when he died before and arrest could be made, they turned their attention to the brink murders.
When news broke that the case was being reopened, gales, mother Dorothea told reporters how she kept hoping the person responsible would be found. I would try my best if they had a trial to be their detectives. Politely and rapid threw themselves into the case. Some of the paperwork from the previous investigations have deteriorated over time, so they take them back together and handled H document with care as they examined them They began conducting hundreds of interviews with individuals connected to the brings occasionally travelling into state to speak with Paypal. They scale at every stage. Keeping an eye out that anything that seemed suspicious very beginning of the investigation. Detectives had made sure to speak with those closest to the victim's checking.
Alibis and motives. No one had seemed suspicious at that time two decades later, as detectives Blake cleaned upper examined the old case nights. They started to notice a pattern some of gales. Family members mentioned that after the couples murder, one individual who was close to Gale had Said some strange things in one instance Family had been gathered together just three days after the murders in the middle of a conversation about their tragedy, one gales relatives told another how he could pitches some on war. Down the hallway of the couples, the purse saw guile lying in bed in turning on her left side, then told her I'll be right. Back
He described the chilling seen as though he'd seen it himself and then he so remarked, you know terms, I wonder if I could have done this. The person who made days comments was Ryan, one guarding gales, Older brother investigators had no idea why gales own brother would say such things. According to the case nights, Ryan one God and said that on the night of the murder is a and he's then girlfriend named PAN had been doing laundry.
Ryan had been living in an apartment at the time and typically ditties washing at a laundromat, but hey in PAN didn't have enough change on that particular day. So they go to a friends house to use her washing machine and also helped out by babysitting. Her kids PAM had confirmed this alibi, but as detectives brightly and rapid went through their documents days and lay noticed the discrepancy. Pan statement supported Ryan's version of events, but during the course of the investigation, she'd also a great to sit for polygraph test. When asked about the polygraph examiner. If she had been with Ryan on the night of the murder is pain had answered. No, the two detective Decided they should pay Rhine in Japan visit back
in November nineteen. Eighty seven, the couple had being dating for a few months. At the time. Was a single mother to a six month outside. M and Ryan married in nineteen. Eighty nine and delight I went on to have three children together by the time detectives, blankly and rapid went to speak with them. They'd been married for twenty three years that Turkey pulled up at the trailer whether couple resided. They were met bar Ryan, who explained that pan wasn't home death
three of them chatted for a little while, but Ryan seemed to have difficulty recalling much detail about the time of his sisters. Murder, detectives likely and wrapper explained that I also wished to speak with pan, so they arranged for her to attend the sheriffs Department for an interview, Ryan, escorted her. There hey, also insisted that hey be allowed to see being on the interview. The detectives refused to permit this, explaining that they needed to speak to PAM alone, once they were seated an interrogation room. Pan repeated the same story She'd originally told investigators and Ryan had been together on the nod of November twenty one nineteen, eighty seven
doing laundry had a friends house, but the investigators didn't believe her feeling as though there were finally on track to cracking the case, detectives blithely and rubber begin going into Rhine and PAM One Gardens backgrounds, data given that in November nineteen eighty seven Ryan's life had been somewhat difficult, he'd been making money by dealing drugs but was struggling financially. He, also being juggling multiple relationships having started dating PAN, while he was still involved with a long term ex girlfriend named Crystal crystal and Ryan Garden, had known each other for years and remained friends. Even after splitting. Up for a few months, she
In Japan was saying rye and at the same time, though, crystals relations It was waning, while pans was just beginning investigators realised that crystal might be able to shed some light on Ryan situation at the time of his sisters, murder, they called her. for an interview crystal was happy to speak with the police, but didn't provide them with anything of much interest. She said she had remained good friends with Ryan over the years. Nothing new came up detectives clearly and rubber were disappointed. They'd hoped that will finally making some progress. Now it looked as though they were stalled. Yet again The pair of them again wrapping up the interview and prepared to call it a day as detect
you out later told the television programme a wedding and a murder. They thanked Christopher her time and was starting to rise from their sakes when crystal blood it out, well, there is this one other thing: the two detectives exchanged a glance then sat back down. What Crystal Said next set the investigation on an entirely new trajectory,
today. What business needs most is creativity, so, let's create a guy with integrity, not bias cloud management that requires less management and new ways for business to do business, let's create at scale right now to gather. Let's prototype: let's tweak, let's test, let's adapt, let's create something that changes everything IBM, let's create, learn more at IBM Dot, com. in the wake of the Gale and Rick Brink were murdered, Ryan, one God and paid a visit to his ex girlfriend crystal. He invited crystal to getting these car suggests
thing that they go for a drive. He explained that he wanted to go by the house where he sister had been killed to take a look at it. This scared crystal shaded and want to see the place where two people had been brutally murdered. Just a few days earlier and refused to go. Ryan offered a compromise saying they could drive somewhere else. Instead, they will die heading two, the northern side of HOLLAND and pulled over upon them Ryan spoke. He said he had something terrible to share. He hesitated to speak further at took another five minutes before he found Ellie proceeded Ryan told Crystal that. He'd had sex with his sister gale. It had stopped
as sexual curiosity, when he was twelve years old and gale. Nine initially, they had just been some touching bought. During their adolescence, progressed to intercourse. Hey was adamant that it had been consensual, though became tearful when describing the lost time. He'd been intimate with gale she being sitting on a bench behind the garage at their family home when Ryan walked up behind her. Hey, tried initiating sexual contact and the Gale refused Ryan. Wouldn't take no for an answer. In crystals words, he pretty much forced her to do. Brian had also shine Crystal a photograph of human guile that was taken while thou were out on a boat with gales. Husband rig guy. Was wearing the Cainy and right
remarked. Look how hot she is Crystal was taken aback by this comment. Rhine continued staking while they bain on the boat. He had been so captivated by gales appearance that he openly stared at her in what he described as the last full way at one point. He tore his eyes away from me sister only to realise that he's ogling hadn't gone unnoticed. Rick was watching me. This was the breakthrough. Investigators had been looking for. Finally, they suspected they had a man gave for the double homicide. Despite Ryan telling crystal that he's encounters with gale had bank in central detectives was certain they hadn't bang,
If IRAN had right he system during their childhood and adolescence, then perhaps he resigned, Did her marriage to another man more, he may have bank fearful that, as guy all grew increasingly comfortable with her new life and her husband, she would confide in rig telling him the truth about the abuse she'd enjoyed the. Fact that Rick had noticed the way Ryan looked at guile suggested. He may have already had some idea, but crystals The worry wasn't enough. Detectives likely and rap on new that if they were ever going to solve this case, then they needed testimony from someone even closer to Ryan he's wife. Pan further Payments were made to interview payment, Ryan.
the two arrived the sheriffs department, together, though they driven in separate cars while he's why came across as mild mannered and somewhat make Ryan seemed abrasive and controlling convincing him The white outside, while his wife spoke with detectives, was a difficult task. Pam seemed reluctant to open up the minutes, dragged on turning into hours Finally, she made an admission. The alibi She provided for her husband for the night of the murder is had been false. They had gone to a laundromat together on Saturday November, twenty one leaving between five and six p m, but they were home.
no later than eight. At that point, Ryan went out by himself for a few hours, PAM didn't ask where he was headed. He returned to light IRAN and the two smoked cannabis then had sex Ryan, soon left again and PAN didn't say him until the following morning of Sunday November, twenty two. hate insisted that shape provide him with an alibi over the years before they go to their interviews that day, he reminded her yet again of where they had supposedly being on the nodding question, though PAN conceded that the alibi had been false. She remained silent on other matters. She said thing about an incestuous relationship. Her husband might have had with these sister. Nor did she
that she suspected him of committing murder. Detectives had been questioning pan the close to three hours by this stage, Lion who thought the interview was only supposed to take thirty minutes was enraged. He banged on the glass. Window of the interrogation room demanding that pan be let go It was Ryan's turn to speak with the detectives. Next that I knew his alibi was false. They were eager to interrogate him as data. in a television show, a wedding and murder detective likely was. The one who raised the subject of ruins feelings towards his sister guile when he
ass dry and about the siblings relationship. Rhyme gazed back at him with a hostile expression on his face. What do you mean? He asked likely stared backup, Ryan without saying a word for several long moments, then he replied You know exactly what our main sexually a long silence followed detective rather estimated that forty seconds went by with no one's speaking then finally, Roy and said well, there was just kids play, He claimed that as children, the two of them had mealy explored each other's bodies. Compare
Indian can as to a game of doctors and nurses, not that detective blankly nor detective, wrap up, believed Ryan. They with certain he had assaulted he system and was now attempting to downplay the abuse. The interview concluded and Ryan went home over the next few days. He started placing numerous phone calls to detective likely most of the time. These calls went to voice Mile, so Ryan would delay the message he spoke of his gratitude that likely was working on. He sees this case while also expressing feelings.
hatred towards him and he's policing partner on one occasion he greeted the detective by stating this is right and one garden. I don't know why. I'm calling you again by guess, because I hate you and appreciate you at the same time: Ryan described the detective says: sons of bitches, while conceding simultaneous. Lee that they were a necessary evil. Other men just one more direct in one. He demanded you go find my sister's killer. Barking up the wrong tree here I know nothing about it. Hey suggested that motorcycle gangs were responsible for the slayings another time he warned digging up the for female family history, childhood indiscretions,
that's not gonna, shed any more light on it. Brian accused both detectives, if harassing his wife and cold them ass halls for what they put her through. As the coals and messages contain you two stream in detectives likely and rapid, realised that right and was unstable and unpredictable. They needed to act soon can one God and had already shown signs of opening up at her prior interview. The detectives knew that if they could convince her to speak again, She might be the one to blow the case wide open, but
their efforts to reach out to PAM were being blocked by Roy and to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic at play. Blake leant, Ripa consulted a psychologist who was familiar with domestic abuse and color, if control. Finally, in January, two thousand and thirteen they decided to approach pan while she was at work. As detective wrapper later told the television programme, a wedding and a murder, they explained to pan that they were a cold case unit who worked exclusively on old, unsolved crimes that meant that they wouldn't be going away.
The only thing they wanted was the truth. Human resources representative had scolded pan to the meeting, but she asked that they not sitting on it. So she could speak to the detectives in private PAM was finally ready to speak. When Gale indirect had died, PAM had only been dating Ryan for a few months. She, He was a new mother and IRAN was supportive. Even though He wasn't the baby's father. Pam reiterated have Shane and Ryan visited the laundromat in the late afternoon or early evening of November twenty one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven off the woods they returned to her place. when had about eight o clock Ryan, went out alone. He returned briefly.
Before going out again PAN maintained that she didn't see him again. And saw nor on the next morning. There was a loud and knocking at the door when paying incident. Ryan was standing there crying and holding his head. What's wrong pair mossed Ryan replied that he just shot and killed his sister and her husband. Shocked and unable to believe what she was hearing pm, asked Ryan to repeat what he just said. He did pay him ass if he told the police Ryan said no Ryan claimed he'd gone over to the brings house to discuss some family matter and had had resulted in a heated argument. Rick had asked him to lay
Eve and Ryan. Initially did so, but then he walked back to the house. Complaining of car trouble. Rick went out to his own truck, so he could get something to help and that's when Roy and shot him, then he went inside and killed guile while she was lying in bed. He told a path that he done it, because the couple thought they were too good upset and confused by Ryan statement, pay and asked him to leave He did, but he called her later that day and asked if he could come over PAM reluctantly, agreed Ryan pulled up at pants and said he wanted to take her back to his apartment. Shaken
the car with her six month old son, but Ryan didn't drive to his home. Instead, he took them to the street where Gale and Rick lived. Ryan pulled over a short distance from their house, then instructed pan to get out. Pan walked with Ryan towards the brink residents. Rick's truck was parked in the. Driveway Ryan landed PAM over to the vehicle, and she looked inside. Rick's dead body was crumpled across the front seats. Then Ryan grabbed pans, wrist and marched her over to the house they walked inside and he led her up the whole way to the couples bedroom by this stage. Pan was crying.
she saw gale lying in bed. Gale looked as though she could be a slave, then Ryan lifted the bloodstained pillow that covered her head and asked. Isn't she beautiful? Then? He added, if you go to the police or tell anybody what I did hear. This could have and to you. Pam ran from the house in fear. She was too terrified to call for help or make a sand, but she couldn't stand to being the brink home a moment. Longer Ryan took her back to his place and she stayed. there that nine pm work early the following morning at around six. She got up to fix a bottle for her son and noticed that one of
Lions friends, a man named Jimbo, make him was over. This was an unusual. Jimbo often stopped by before work for coffee pan the herd Ryan, tell his friend that he system and her husband had just been killed. The rest of you Emily, wouldn't learn about the slayings until later that day, after Rick SIMPLE yah alerted he's parents to his uncharacteristic absence from work. when investigators lighter queried Jimbo about this in Canna, he said he remembered it, but couldn't recall with it. Happened on Monday morning or Tuesday. after Jimbo left to go to work. Pan Right and if he could take her home, she needs
to get ready for her own job Ryan agreed, but before they departed, he pulled something out to show her. It was the twenty two revolver the gun. He too used to shoot. Gale and Rick Ryan also showed PAM, a bag filled with clothing, which he explained was what he'd been wearing when he committed the murders. He stashed the clothes and gone in the back of his car. Before getting in the trough PAM Her
as they headed towards pans residents. Brian again warned PAM not breathe a word of what he told her to anyone else. If she did, then what happened to Gale would happen to her Ryan instructed PAN to tell the police that night, being together on Saturday, not had a friends house doing laundry and baby sitting terrified pan a grade at one point she'd asked Ryan why he demanded his sister. He admitted that he had to say show relationship with guile and didn't want Rick to find out about it. Ryan also said: he'd been jealous of the couple
The rest of Ryan's family, soon learned of the murders, as PAN went through the morning process. Alongside them, she felt ass though she had swept everything she knew under the rug she attended. Gale and Rick's funeral with their graving relatives, keeping Ryan Sacred the entire time In December nineteen eighty seven investigators questioned PAM regarding earned Ryan's whereabouts on the day of the murders she repeated. The story Ryan had told her to tell and he was ruled out as a possible sauce, backed. occasionally Brian would remind PAM of the Alibi data great on and he's threat to hum her. She never told anyone the truth. Hey I'm married Ryan in nineteen, eighty nine and he became a step farther Japan's young. Some
Couple went on to have three children together. Pam was the family breadwinner working to support this, six of them, while Ryan Home School, their children, PAN wasn't happy with her children being educated at home, but Ryan was controlling husband and she had a little say in the matter. The more time that past the less PAM felt able to tell the truth, she did love her eye on the spot. What he done She was also terrified that if she revealed what had happened after years and then decades of lying, she could lose her. Children will want up in prison. So she stayed married to Ryan for twenty four years.
Finally, though, the pressure became too much to bear when the cold case unit started. Looking into the brain, Coma pan started to feel that she couldn't hold everything she knew inside any more. It was like a heavy burden on her shoulders weighing them down. After her first interview with the cold case detectives in October, two thousand of when she revealed that the alibi Rhine had given was false. Ryan was angry with her he could her after he's owning a view and yelled. I can't believe you threw me under the boss, then he started ranting that the detectives who must have bullied her pay. Him didn't agree with this accusation: Her distress was obvious: two detectives likely and wrap. She cried constantly. Wildest.
Robbing how Ryan had taken her to see gale and directs bodies. What was also obvious was the fact that Ryan was desperately trying to contact her Throughout the entire interview, pants phone had been pinging with coals and messages from her husband who was frantically attempting to reach her. It was decided that Ryan should be arrested as soon as possible. Detectives didn't want to give him any opportunity to flee or dispose of potential evidence. Offices were despatched to Ryan's place of employment and took him into custody that same Ryan insisted he was innocent. Yet, during an interview with police, he finally conceded one thing
said, there had been an instance of quote penetration between human Gale, Hey insisted was entirely consensual. Investigators didn't believe this all without guile alive to tell her side of the story, they could never know the full truth, but it seemed clear that she had been a victim of her older brother in more ways than one. The news that someone had been arrested for murdering Gale and Rick Brink was what their families had long been hoping to here for the wine gardens. The relief felled upon hearing that the killer had been apprehended was marred by the fact that he was one
of their own Ryan into gales. Mother refused to believe that her son could have killed her daughter, but other members of the family accepted the knees. gale had been particularly close to her older sister Cheryl, when He was alive the two. What best friends, in their last conversation together, Gale had complained about the fact that Cheryl lived so far away from her Cheryl received a call from the lace, alerting her to Ryan's arrest they also formed her that Ryan had sexually assaulted guile throughout their childhood.
The tv show, a wedding and a murder Cheryl described how she felt literally sick to her stomach. Upon learning this, the thought that gale had kept the abuse to herself and suffer in silence for all those years was devastating. Cheryl believed that gale must not have told her, because she D known Cheryl would have confronted Ryan strange things that right had said and done in the past slowly began to make sense. In one conversation he meant and how he'd gone through guiles personal papers after her death, he found some letters from men that he didn't want their parents to say so he destroyed done. shortly before gale and directs funeral right, Gave his own chilling rendition of the crime to Cheryl Wary
the killer walked down the whole way of the brain com before coming across gale in bed ended with the remark you know Sometimes I wonder if I could have done this Ryan had said something very similar to his art, Navarre gales. Funeral. He asked her. Do you think I could have killed them. never had received phone calls from both Ryan End Gale the day before the man is gale had complained that Ryan, I her money Ryan, was angry because Gale was refusing to let their parents park their camp event in her driveway they'd. Recently, sell their home and with temporary, a living in the camp. Ah detainees. Really pocketed at Ryan's upon them building, but was soon instructed to move it.
as they will violating local ordinances Ryan, wanted them to guide a gale was house, but shaded unlocked the idea, Ryan told his aren't that guy or thought she was too good for their family. a little while later after gales death row. And told Nava that Gale and Rick would probably still be alive if they D let her parents stay on the property. On another occasion he told his other system Lynne that he wished. He could apologize take I'll because he felt ass though he d write her. He said something almost identical to one of his nieces. He gave in disgust he sexual feelings, a gale with he steps on Ryan had described at their relationship as touchy feely. But sir
It was normal adolescent exploration, Ryan, told he stepped son. That sometimes guile would say no, so he would force her about thirteen years after the murders, Cheryl in chatting with IRAN on the phone hey mentioned TAT there had been a rodent in his yard. So quote. I pulled out my twenty two when short in Cheryl hadn't, been aware that her brother owned a twenty two gauge firearm, so shake queried the statement, Ryan quickly corrected himself and said: he'd used a different kind of gun, not a twenty two.
In two thousand and six Cheryl and Ryan had a falling out. Their father had passed away and the fight related to veterans benefits for their mother tongue. they are who was now a notably woman. They barely spoke in the years that followed, then, all of a sudden in October, two thousand twelve Ryan Cold Cheryl. He wanted to tell her that he'd forgiven her What Cheryl didn't know was that Ryan and his wife PAN had just been interviewed by the cold case unit at the Ottawa County, Sheriffs department investigators finally had him in their sides,
Following Ryan's arrest, detective searched his home and found a twenty two caliber raffle, but they never found the twenty two revolver that had been used to kill gale and Rick Brink Pain, told them she'd seen her husband place the same install of Revolvah him he's car the day after the couple were murdered. Investigators concluded that Ryan had disposed of it somewhere, along with their clothing, he'd been wearing that night. Investigators also compared Ryan's fingerprints to the ones recovered from a telephone and a toilet in the brink home neither were a match, but despite the lack of physical evidence, tying Ryan to the crime, they with certain they. Finally headache, Hillah Ryan Wine Garden was charged with two council first degree. Murder.
He's trial began in March two thousand fourteen at the Ottawa County Circuit Court in Grand Haven Michigan. The prosecutor She was arguing that Ryan had murdered his sister and her husband, because he was scared. Gale would reveal he's incestuous, abusive, the killings were also motivated by jealousy hey, resent.
Gale and Rick success. The prosecution has no physical evidence, but they did have sixty witnesses who were willing to testify. Chief among them was Ryan's wife pan. She looked scared as she took the stand, but spoke clearly and firmly about the things Rhine had said and done, pain denied ever feeling pressure to turn state witness against her husband. Instead, she said any pressure she experienced was doing entirely to her own conscience. It was difficult for her to testify, especially when Ryan began shouting abuse at her from her seat at the defendants table. At one point, he called her a black carded, evil, woman and added. I can't believe you're saying all these lies about me: PAN,
George had him removed from the courtroom. As well as detailing how Ryan had taken her to look at gale and two weeks bodies can describe to what life had been like with him. Ryan had been controlling it, Abusive hey had an allowed her to have friends of her own father had also been emotionally abusive and she thought that I'll, be why Ryan was able to so successfully manipulate after his arrest. He started sending a barrage of lead is sometimes he begged her to go back on her statement other times he threatened her with gods, wrath foregoing against him. In total he sent twenty none of these letters while he was on remand.
A fellow windmill claimed that, while Ryan was in custody awaiting trial, He D boasted about committing the double homicide. According to this endeavour, Joe Brian, also granted about one of these other sisters Cheryl. He was furious at her. Because over the past twenty years she constantly campaigned for forlorn force. went to solve gale and directs murder. Ryan supposedly said to the other inmate. If I'd known, she was going Cause me trouble like this or would have killed that bitch a long time ago. Then he mourned choking person with his hands,
The inmates testify that Ryan's trial in exchange for three years being taken off his own sentence. Ryan's defence tame argued that the prisoner had a history of turning snitch. When it benefited him royal was pleading not guilty in an attempt to argue for his innocence. The defence pointed at the possible sauce backs. They suggested Gale and Rick had been murdered by Bucky Gang who mistook rig fish, shot, gun seed. Dealing form Verona of their property dial, Sir theorized, that gale had been targeted by a colleague after she started investigating possible financial irregularities at work they claimed they had been file from gales work at the crime scene bought,
removed before it could be looked into an official from the company, where Gale was employed said he had gone to the house after learning of Guiles murder but denied taking or asking police for any documents. The prosecution dismissed. The suggestion that gale was executed by work may as little green men from Mars staff Ryan. One garden testified in his own defence he's test him. and he was rambling and often irrelevant. As he went off on strange tangents several times the judge had to remind Ryan and his attorney to stay on track. under cross examination, Ryan was grown He's relationship with gale the spot.
Leah, admitting to police that he'd once had sex with his sister Ryan now claimed. He dines said that onto giraffes. He was adamant that there had only been three incidents with guile that could be perceived as sexual. These incidents involved, comparing their bodies after bathing and touching and groping, while clothed as prosecutors, continue to pursue this line of questioning Ryan became increase lay upset, stating you guys are making it into a mockery and you need a motive and there is no motive. He began to cry and question. Why he Cistus, Cheryl and wife PAN had both testified against him. He accused investigators of convincing pan to lie and compared footage of her they seem to views to a wolf package,
going on an innocent land, then he suddenly out of nowhere do I feel God deserve to sue the county o absolutely. Ryan, also denied being jealous of gale and direct success. He loved his sister. She helped him out. a co signing a car loan for him and making one of these payments. He also said he had a good relationship with these brother in law, Ryan large two weeks or draw sense of humour and found him to be a super noise person, Ryan maintained that on the night of the murders, Hay and PAM had done laundry and baby sat for a friend. He denied ever going out by himself. In fact, he said that pain had gone out. The drinks with a friend and
time had about two. I am. Ryan said that on the afternoon of Sunday November, twenty two here, running low on petrol and cigarettes, so he stopped at a service station. He used the opportunity to try to coal gale from pay phone. He had been planning to discuss the issue of their parents the van with her Ryan, was angry. That gale wouldn't let them pocket at her property. But the nod wanting to kill her over the matter. Ryan dialed gales number no one answered the phone. He decided to go over to paint house instead, Hake
Ain't that he first learned of gale and drinks murders at five p m on Monday November, twenty three after he went over to his brothers house later that evening, Ryan headed over Japan's house. She was watching the news and a story came on about the double murder that was my son Stir and Rick Ryan told her. Then he lay down on pans bed while sobbing they killed. My sister. On March twenty eight two thousand and fourteen the jury delivered their verdict. They found Ryan one garden. Now fifty One is owed guilty of murdering, I'll and direct Brink Ryan kept his head down
as the verdict was read aloud, as he was scolded from the court room. He said I didn't do this Most members of the victims, families welcomed the verdict outside cod guy sister Cheryl, told reporters well done. We finally got him. Hey created, situation and now he has to pay for Cheryl, explained do that, although she still loved her brother, she hated who he had become and what he did The pain of losing her sister had tormented her for almost thirty years. Bricks brother bud.
Frank, told, newsy out let em alive. We are extremely pleased to have the justice my brother deserves. At least this gives us some closure as to how it happened and why it happened. Although he said he wished, PAN had come forward with the truth in decades earlier. He appreciated her strength and, finally doing so hiding it took a lot for her to come. forward. Ryan sentencing took place almost a month later when he was given the opportunity to speak. He rented and raved Ferny ALA. At times he stared tearfully up at the ceiling and addressed the God directly saying
Lord. Why are you doing this to me on the good man why? Why is this happening when it was time for his sentence debate, a livid Ryan constantly interrupted the judge. Finally, the judge these patients and asked the one need to bond you and a gag you, sir, we'll have the deputies gallon duct tape, you, if that's what's necessary, but you're going to listen. Hey describe the murders as a brutal execution and said, Ryan was a brutal, cold, blooded murder on before sentencing him said to life sentences with No possibility of per most were pleased with this conclusion, with Dick section of Gale and Ryan's mother Dorothea. She didn't believe her son was Guilty-
She was ever heard telling one investigator. I don't care what you say: you're wrong Brian one God and subsequently appealed he's conviction at three different courts, Cluding Michigan Supreme Court. He lost all three appeals and remains incarcerated. Pan has divorced him. In December, two thousand and six Dane a former Ottawa Annie sheriff declared the murder of Deborah Wilson solved debt. Braun had been murdered in December nineteen eighty seven and invite The guiding had initially wondered whether her killing could be connected to the brink case. I had to reopening the Brink investigation called case detective It had been looking at debars case
they hold dear on an acquaintance of devereuxs who was connected to them. Via some suspicious photographs. Unfortunately, he died. Before he could be arrested and charged, but detectives remained certain. He was responsible. Debars family received a detailed briefing about this. backed and the case is now closed. The nineteen said These seven murder of Deborah Pauline Ski, which was also looked at, drew The original brink investigation remains open detectives from the cap case. You know at the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department continue to investigate the case those who knew gale undertake brink of spoken of this sorrow at losing two wonderful Paypal in the television programme, a wedding and a murder, a friend of rigs, described the double
sod as the loss to their community and the future pay was saddened. That they never got the chance to be parents saying I can't imagine anything but Rick being the best that in the world and our car, matching guy, obeying anyone, but the most Fun in the world, sister Cheryl says she thinks about gale justice. every day, quote she'll flickr through my mind That's not always sad because she was actually a very funny person, and we had a great time together, but you don't forget
That's how you keep their memory alive.
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