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Case 182: Freda Burnell & Florence Little

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On February 5 1921, eight-year-old Freda Burnell went missing in the small coal-mining town of Abertillery, Wales. The unusual disappearance reached a tragic conclusion when her bound and beaten body was found dumped inside a sack in an alleyway... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-182-freda-burnell-florence-little
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February. Five. Nineteen twenty one was far from a typical Saturday afternoon in the valley ten of avatar Leary wiles, locals header. I together to undertake a desperate search, shops and rest thence along the main straightway checked as but the narrow alleyways between them men and their sons ventured off into the surrounding hills, while others tracked, the Thanks of the railway tracks and they need, by about river, their efforts. Where, in vain but they didn't give up as the d skies, gave way to not people were still searching They were joined by the town crier, who paraded and down the main street shouting the name of the eight year old girl who had vanished from town that morning, Frida Bernal for
I dunno. Hours earlier, free No had been skipping down, Somerset straight into abbot delirious, bustling TAN, Santa this I'd of little Frida in her black button boots, red cap and Brown code, all by herself. Didn't raise any eyebrows the cold, One in town she called home was small and the locals trusted each other.
Frida was running an errand for her father, who was in need of some fade and poultry great for the chickens they owned. He had promised his daughter a penny. as a reward for buying. This applies on his behalf. At around nine- I am the bill at the top of the front, Door of modem is stored. Jingled as frayed oriented shop specialised in livestock supplies and while they had the chicken fade, Frida requested they weren't any sacks of grit only loose grit. Frida said she would get home to ask her father. If that would suffice, and if so she would come back, but she never returned. By late afternoon, I bitterly He's the locals were assisting police and the burning family In trying to locate Frida somehow
during the journey home from Modem store, she had vanished without a trace the following morning. A local coworker finished. He shift in the mines and began the walk back to his home ass. He approached avatar theories TAT centre, he headed down a narrow, saw Dally where he stumbled across the hessian sack discarded in the mud. It clearly held something The call work are examined, the sack closely inside the body of eight year old, Frida, Bernal her room said being dumped just anointing made is, from her house
Frida had sustained on violent blow to the head, but who was the cord still wrapped around her neck that had caused her death? A piece of cloth was stuffed inside her mouth and her wrists and angles would tied behind her back with the robe her attack, I had also attempted to write her the shocking murder rattled, the typically care free townsfolk freed his feet, was held on the straight outside her home to facilitate the large crowds of mourners that wished to attend, They circled around her small coffin, their sense of loss teams with fee they wondered who among them would carry out such a violent and disturbing crime in a desperate bid to identify afraid is killer goals carried out a science nineteen twenties. That was,
widely believed that such acts allowed communication with spirits who might be able to provide crucial information. According till one participant, the silence succeeded with the spirits offer a description afraid his murderer. This description just happened to match that a man. Saint loitering need the alley shortly before her body was found. There, He was an outsider and not known to the townspeople. Between thirty to forty, years of age, approximately five fate, six inches tall with dark hair and a heavy mustache. He was wearing dark breaches, a lounge card in carrying a stick. the information obtained divide. The science was taken seriously at the time, but local authority sword further evidence. This
of crime was unheard of in arbitrary and was being and their expertise, so they requested assistance. I'm London's experienced and well Equipped Scotland Yard police force. Two detectives soon arrived in town to carry out an investigation. It was Determined that freedom was murdered between nine thirty I am and one p m on the day she went missing. Her body was found in close proximity to what shared used by more than a store which contained stock too large to fit on the shop floor. Multiple witnesses said that, shortly after frayed I left modem is they heard screams coming from the direction of the storage shed but assumed it was just
drew playing a resident who lived in the building heard what she described as a muffled funny standing argument between nine twenty the non I am. She thought it was her son in the back yard, hurting one of their chickens. but when she had it outside to check she found her son playing in Nearby lying on the floor or of the modem is shed with loose paces of corn chaff match. Shots recovered from Frida's skin and the sack she was found in a small handkerchief that Fredo was carrying the day. She was attacked was also discovered in the shed, as was enacts. It was hidden under a sack and while the blade itself was claim, the handle was covered in wet blood.
The shared with two hundred and seventy five made from modem is store which was owned and operated by its namesake. A local man named That modem. I had a strong alibi for that I have freed as modem with multiple witnesses confirming his whereabouts said the time she was attacked as fair. He storage shed further revealed that it was kept locked at all times and that there were only two case that granted access, Her they carried one the other was held by one of his employees. Fifteen year old, Harold Jones. Harold was that the front Canada when Frida visited the modem on February
every five. She arrived shortly after nine. I am, and only spent around two minutes in the store harrowed didn't notice, which direction she headed in upon exiting the shop Herbert Mortimer vouched for his young staff. Member telling TAT gives the Herald joins. Was that the store? Nearly all morning, hermits wife, supported this assertion. she had been in their apartment above the shop and could he have the banging his foot against the wood paneling of the counter something he did constantly ass. He walked a coup To her bed, Harold, finally left a once for a short period at ten, a m. Almost any hour after Frida Bernal had stopped by he'd been tasked with retrieving some stock from the shed.
but the teenager didn't go alone. Herbert's ten year old Son, Frances joined him. The pair made the short walk together collected. A sack of potato from the shed and delivered them to a nearby address before returning to the store later that day when work, spread that Frida Bernal was missing. Harrowed slid his hand into his pocket. Only to realise that he didn't have the key to the shed on him realisation dawned that he must have left it in the shed door after running the errand with Francis Moldova. Air was earlier, harrowed kept The news of the misplaced came to himself avoiding the fast that would arise if his employer knew of his mistake. Light IRAN, while hoping looked for Frida harrowed, went back to the shed with France, Mortimer and another local tame and was able to
retrieved. They K, hey, didn't notice, anything suspicious around the building at the time old story of leaving the k in the shed door opened the investigation up too many potential sauce backs. Anyone could have taken Frida into the secluded building upon realising that was accessible. Yet, despite having a strong alibi, Harold John How was I to buy Scotland Yard as a prime suspect? In that case,. The fifteen year out new frayed Burnett. Personally, as she was friends with his little sister flossy. Consequently, a level of trust existed between harrowed unafraid, on which meant he could have easily convinced her too go to the shared the alleyway where she was lighter fan had been searched the night she vanished, but the sack.
Turning her remains was not spotted. At that time. Investigators suspected Harold Had returned to the shared in the early hours and removed freed his body under the cover of darkness, but bored dumping at in the alley where it was discovered the following day, but none of these made sense the abbot, delirious residents, Harold employers vouched for his whereabouts at the time Frida was attacked. Furthermore, heralds parents insisted that their son had been home or not. as a means of obtaining additional income, the joints family hosting a border who, due to a lack of space, actually slept in heralds bed alongside him The border maintained that harrowed had remained
And in their shared bed, all mine, despite the town coming too he support Harold Jones, was arrested on suspicion of freedom, Nels murder and held at the abattoir Larry Police station to await an inquest into the eight year olds. Death. Hey, adamantly denied any knowledge of the crime. The grave that had washed artillery following the murder, was quickly replaced by outrage over the arrest of Harold, who was an exemplary young lad. Like many others in the community. He came from a coal mining family. The working class giants is Make do with what they had and were immensely proud of their eldest son, Harold, who was intelligent and well
he was very much loved by his parents, Philip and Eleanor, and neither Hey nor any one in his family had any previous running with the law. Harold, was an inquisitive used and had done very well at school, with these former principle described, him as a model of student. He loved to play the organ and practice regularly at home, Harold left school at age, fourteen which was common at the time he avoid taking up work in the physically, demanding and dangerous coal mines. By securing a job as a for modem is Turkey's new employment harrowed had a photo taken of himself standing outside the store. It showed the slight tain immaculately dressed in a suit, can play with pocket watch and cap.
Once a heavy photo taken. Often Harold stood awkwardly before the camera, which captured he's blank expression. Herbert Mortimer said Harold was an obedient and trustworthy employee, which was why he gave him a k to his storage. Shed Harold took great pride in his appearance where, A suit and clean white apron to work every day and his friends Nature insured. He was well large by customers outside of work. The power pillar, Harold, was never shorter friends and had started dating a girl just pay to his arrest. Still, the investigators from Scotland Yard, with certain they had freed, is killer in custody. Local police supported their decision much to the fury of the public. They knew an outsider
was to blame. A car is inquest into their death, afraid, bono, formerly begin My mom thought that she was found. Its purpose was to determine what the Frida's death was caused by willful murder and, if so, what the Harold Jones would face. A criminal trial due to a lack of scientific, staying at the time. The evidence against harrowed was largely circumstantial. Harrowed had spent the past month in a prison cell avatar Leary Police station. Upon taking the witness Box, he looked nervous and had difficulty answering questions, often giving contradictory evidence. The prosecution. Turkey's anxious demeanor as the Son of guilt and
four hours they continued to barrage him with questions. Multiple Paypal testified in heralds the fence, including his employer, he's parents and the border who shared his bed, all in turn providing crucial alibis. So putting his innocence, whether reported sidings of a stick bewildering. Stranger with a mustache put it on the corner of the alley where freedom was the light I found this was the same man allegedly described by spirits during a silence that townsfolk held after the discovery of freight is body. This same spirits had also apparently provided they kill us name which was written on a piece of paper Folded and given to the coroner for he's, always einlee the jury.
The centre of the inquest were left on certain by their varying cans and returned an open finding the coroner refused to it This result and the jury were made to re. Consider they returned with an amended verdict, concluding that freight is cause of death was willful murder by some person or persons unknown I offer Harold Jones was refused and was remanded in custody until April five, when he would be brought a magistrate to determine whether he would go to trial when asked We had any response to the charges against him. Harold replied. I know it looks black again,
Smee, but I never done it. On April five he was ordered to stand trial. Afraid is murder, harrowed pleaded not guilty. In the lead up to the trial modem. I sought to investigate some of the circumstantial evidence that had implicated he's young employ a this included freed. His handkerchief, which was found on the floor of the storage, shed sided as evidence that she was killed. There according to the Manchester Guardian, Herbert discovered that, if hailing through one of the windows, he could drop a hand. the chief that landed very needs aware free days had been found, although this failed to address the bloody dax. The corn
chaff or multiple reports of a commotion from the shed. After afraid, I left the store her that still believed harrowed to be innocent That also recalled that when he first bullet, they shed its prey. Its owner, had told him that she was missing a k and he would need to have a The spare made this meant a third unaccounted for. K was still out there, which would grant its Hada access to the shed. On June twenty one, nineteen, twenty one, the trial. Against Harrow Jones for the murder of Frida, now commence harrowed received a glowing character, references from his family, his former school headmaster and he's boss, her that more drama Her that stood by the alibi he had provided for harrowed from the outset maintaining that the team,
was in he store at the time. Frida was attacked. When Harold took the stand, he appeared com and performed much better. then at the inquest, answering questions without hesitation or contradiction, he's cross examination was rigorous and lengthy, but Harold remained composed throughout the persecution, labelled harrowed as heartless, and someone with tremendous ability to control his emotions. The trial only lasted one day, after which the jury of seven men and five women retired for five hours they returned with a unanimous decision willful murder, afraid of her now fifteen year Harold Giants was found not guilty.
The town of about two Leary rejoiced Harold walked free from the court and into the arms of his tea, for parents to celebrate old and his family went for high tea at a local motel Alex Reserved for the most especial of occasions locals that count. we need him to share in the celebration. Some reports say that they presented him with a gold watch with everyone who knew him to be innocent shipping in Harold Thank Tee supporters, despite his ordeal, which he described as horrendous. He said that he did and hold a grudge against. The townspeople He then jumped into an open top vehicle decorated with fresh flowers and was driven through the straits of artillery support is lined the footpath waving flags as harrowed receive
the heroes welcome they blamed the Scotland Yard detectives for implicating the teenager through circumstantial evidence, the spot, so many pay for providing evidence that he could not have committed the crime, as made his way home, he's nay by George Little clapped him on the back and said well done lad. We knew he didn't do it. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct to consume a company combines the, duration of a boot take furniture store with the comfort and simplicity of shopping online articles. Ten, of design is focused on beautifully crafted paces quality material and durable construction. They take riding every item. They designed to ensure that giving you a pace that you'll treasure and proudly display
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the discount will automatically be applied at check here. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars off. Your first Chess of one hundred dollars or more. On Friday July, eight nineteen, twenty one seven year old Florence Little completed her homework ate her dinner and did her. nightly chores at nine p m. She asked her that George, if she could go outside and play for awhile. With he's permission, Florence met her good friend, fusty Jonesy, outside Honduran Straight Habitable Erie. Has the two young girls leave to just a few doors from one another they played together often that night they skipped along playing hopscotch unaware that someone was watching them.
afterwards. The pair headed to philosophies home but Flossy, soon left to visit unarmed in a neighbouring strayed. She bid farewell to her friend before heading out that door Florence didn't returned to her own home instead state at the joint house, she wasn't alone. Also present was foresees elder brother. Fifteen year old, heralded Jones, it had been seventeen day since he was acquitted for the murder of frayed a to the the relation of his town according to differing reports harrowed either voided Florence to stay for a glass of lemonade harassed her to assist him in running an errand since heralds trial. Florence said bank she's around him, but she
ultimately accepted, he's off all the rest of the day Answers were round at the time, leaving Florence alone, with harrowed, hey, shot and locked the front door. around a nail laid on. Florence is mother see arrived at the giants residents she knocked on the door and after about two minutes, herodian said he was sure it less than smiling. He told Elsie that he had just been taking a bath. She asked if he had seen Florence has she hadn't returned from playing with Flossy. Harold said that she had been at the house, but left early via the back door, with the intention of going home. Elsie looked a daughter throughout the surrounding straits, but failed to find her
Iversen scared. She find the local police who commenced thereon, search at eleven fifteen p m word quickly, spread and just ass. They had done with Frida now five months earlier locals, gathered to look for another little girl. Coal mining, So would you to start work had five? I am left their warm beds to search in the phrasing code. among the many locals looking for Florence, was Harold Jones, who returned home that three thirty I am Harold climbed out of bed the following morning, indict breakfast The wild seeming he's normal self short, while later policing This arrived to question
In relation to Florence, little disappearance, hey calmly, smoked a cigarette while telling them that Florence had arrived at he's doorstep the night before, but then ran off after the interview, harrowed strode, outside to visit some friend a few straight away, given that he had just been involved in a murder trial involving a very similar incidents. The police want convinced that Harold had nothing to do with Florence is disappearance. Offices spoke with Heralds Father, Philip Giants and advised him that they wanted to search he's here. Ass, he replied very well come along a rudimentary surge of the giants home uncovered nothing that raised suspicion. However, it looked as though the kitchen
rules had been recently claimed, with what marks straight across them. An examination of heralds clothes revealed, seven ladys handkerchiefs stuffed into some trouser pockets. These discoveries prompted a more thorough inspection of the home at check under the kitchen sink revealed. A bloody pocket knife heralds father, laid. It claimed that the blood on the north was he's, as he had caddies finger slaughtering a chicken awake earlier. But this didn't explain a saucepan filled with bloody war that was found alongside the knife or a bloodstained clank of wood discovered behind the kitchen call burner. rooms upstairs were re examined. Skin
the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. Constable noticed what appeared to be Ballade Smee it across the hatch that led to one attic Realizing that harrowed would have needed to stand on something to gain access to the attic space. They constable searched his bedroom and found a small table with a cloth lying across it. He lifted the cloth revealing a table top straight with bloodstains hoisting he's up a body into the cramped added catch. The constable shown a torch into the darkness lying spread out. On top of the babes was the partially clothed body of Florence little lying in a pool of blood.
The constable carefully removed the deceased eleven year out from the attic handing her tiny body to another officer below Heralds Father, Philip watched on in disbelief. Then he went to find he son harrowed giants was chatting to a friend approximately three hundred and twenty made is from he's time when he saw his father approaching. As reported in the Manchester Guardian, Philip said to harrowed sunny come here. They found that body in our house. How, replied. I have never done it dad Philip said in response. You all. We will have the blame do come out and face it: Philip Giants,
then perform the citizens arrest, a visa son, a sporting him home without resistance ass. They walked down the street. Harold called over his shoulder to his friend goodbye another holiday when Harold walked through the front door. He's mother told him be brave. My son, they found the body in the house. Florence died of blood loss caused by a slash to her throat, with almost all the blood in her body. Having drained away an analysis of her stomach contents, determined that Florence
start between nine thirty and ten p m. The previous night, coming siding with the exact time period that she was inside the giants home, but before her mother stopped by looking for her when Florence is mother, Elsie heard of her daughters, murder. She collapsed and was bed written for weeks report. It asserted that she remained in a state of unconsciousness FED day he's on end crowds of curious onlookers. Their doubt saw her home wanting to know the status of the police investigation. As my group also lingered outside their genes, residence schoolchildren even solved without a rubber neck is Harold Jones was formerly placed under arrest by the local police. A doctor physically examined him and to know
this slide. Abrasions too, he's left and right for arms and a scratch on here Right wrist, her to maintain he received the injuries from falling from a bicycle left few days earlier and said this was say they caused of bloodstains found on a pair of his trousers, but the TAT was of the opinion that the wounds were fresh and nowhere near severe enough to cause the heavy stains found on heralds. Pants, hey, put the abrasions, to herald squeezing through the ADI catch to hide Florence S, body and he's trousers were bloodied from carrying her body, town and angry mob of five hundred local was descended on the abattoir, Leary Police station demand. Harold. Some media release this support for him on wavering, despite the taint employees,
in the murder of yet another young girl song was so convinced that he was being stitched up again, that they threatened to kill The officers involved in his arrest this nations superintendent was tasked with trying to calm the mob and told them I have found body of the child in the attic of Heroin Jones Valley murdered, and I have arrested Harold Jones, I think big all, I can tell you and I would hope, ass if you disperse. go to your homes following the ordeal the superintendent likely I become with stress, spent the rest of the weekend in bed on doctor's orders. A car is inquest, began on July Levin
three days after Florence was killed to determine whether Harold Jones should once again stand trial for murder. Harrowed professed these innocence, just ass. He had done with the Frida Bernal case halfway. Through the inquest he's bodies, mother on the balcony, and he held out to her hello mom. She replied hello, Sun and was promptly removed from the courtroom to prevent further interruptions. As reported in the Manchester Guardian, Harold Sister Flossy had to be dragged in by her father to give evidence. She cried constantly hardly able to speak of her close friends. Murder, Harold did not even glance at her instead staring straight ahead with an emotion.
My sixth brush in the inquest was adjourned until July. Twenty three, at which time the coroner summed up he's findings. He told the jury. It was customary to look for some motive in such crimes, but this was a case in which there appeared to be no motive he reminded them that, although they might consider Harold Giants, are mad men, they had Jurisdiction to inquire into the mind of a person. All thy name do was determine whether he was guilty or not. the inquest. The jury deliberated for thirty minutes before fund King Harold Jones Guilty of the willful murder of Florence little meaning that he would face it criminal trial for her murder, hey display.
No emotion upon hearing the verdict and when asked, if he had anything to say he jumped to his fate and allowed loudly exclaimed not guilty. road was sent back to prison to a white trial. While awaiting trial for Florence little murder, harrowed, put pen to paper and road. I Harold Jones confess Why did wilfully and deliberately murder Florence little on July, eight causing her to die without preparation to meet her God? The reason for do so being the desire to kill her
he's written confession, went onto detail how he strangled her before cutting her throat and placing her head over the kitchen sink to drain her of blood. He then described how he hoisted her body into the attic using some robe and off the woods cleaned himself and the kitchen quote as always having a bath. Mrs Liddell came to the door just dissolve washing my head in my body. Why denied Florence was in the house and went back and finished my bath. On November, one nineteen twenty one Harold Jones repeating in and played a guilty to the murder of Florence little he's written confession was read aloud before the director of public prosecutions made an announcement. Another statement was to be read to the court
in order to put to rest any worry remaining amongst the families of artillery this one began. I Harold Jones wilfully and deliberately murdered afraid of her. Mr Modem is warehouse on the fifth of February. Harold later explained that Frida had not left good morning, Miss Store to check without father about buying the chicken grid, rather harrowed had told her to accompany him to modem is shed. Where he had this applies. She required to us, Them being seen together, he told her to walk on ahead and that he would catch up with her after he strangled and sexually assaulted, Frida harrowed left her body in a sack in the shed he
then returned to modem is to continue. He shift at around ten, I am harrowed, was tossed run an errand to the shed together some potatoes and deliver them to a nearby address. He was a company by ten year old, Francis Mortimer, who provided a statement that contradicted he's fathers and instead, hi, lauded Highroad has a sauce backed usually France This would we'll a trolley into the shed to help Harold allied to goods bought on This occasion Harold told Francis but the trolley was unnecessary and had him Whitey outside Harold. Then opened the sheds door just a fraction. or she meaning he's why you Francis assumed, there was something on the other side preventing the door from being opened fully.
Harold emerged a short while laden with the sack of potatoes and told Francis to deliver them to a nearby address, adding that he would soon followed He eventually caught up with Frances and they delivered this stock before returning to the store. later that not as the search for free was well underway. Harold returned to the shed with Francis and another local Taine Francis explained that it was about one thousand and twenty p dot m. When the group headed down the dock, why I lay way when they were halfway. There, Harold turned to his two companions and said wait here. While I go down to the shed, he then
walked on alone. At one point, he turned back to the others and whispered the ladli. You lot keep quiet before entering the shed when harrowed exited he locked the door behind him and approached Frances and the other tame again whispering for them to keep quiet. Harold said he came up with the lie that he had left the shed door unlocked, thereby making applause that someone else could have killed freighter in there. He claimed to now about creating alibis and covering he's tracks from rating countless detective novels. When alone Harold returned to the shed and removed the sack that held Frida remarking that she was so lie, he could carry her body under one arm. He then dont her in the alleyway way
She remained undiscovered until the next morning. It was believed that Harold killed Florence. No, because he enjoyed the publicity and celebrity status he received after murdering Frida. Now Harold could often no explanation for the murder other than stating he had been commanded to kill following a blinding crash that turned everything crimson, he said he could not. this. The commands of a demon in his head. The judge was satisfied that, although Harold Giants was not normal, he was seen enough to understand that he had confessed to these crimes. He addressed harrowed passing the sentence that Hey Bay detained and his majesty's pleasure, meaning that he would be imprisoned for an indeterminate
Area the judge ass that nobody make a spectacle outside court as it was clear that Harold was vain and love to being in the public eye following this house, Jones, was escorted out with out without incident. Those who wondered why Harold Jones had played a guilty before he's trial even began soon had an answer. At fifteen years old, Harold was beneath the legal age to receive capital punishment has a sentence if the two I'll extended beyond her sixtyth birthday on January eleven nineteen, twenty two a guilty verdict would result in harrowed facing the death penalty. By pleading guilty to both murders before he turned sixteen Harold,
the saved himself from the Hang man's news. He appeared To show no remorse for his actions and was labeled a calculating psychopath the residents of abbot Delirious struggled to come to terms with the realisation that a popular local teenager whose innocence they had believed in was in fact a cold blooded killer in the aftermath of the fashion. Herbert Mortimer admitted that the alibi he'd provided for harrowed following Frida Nels murder, was false. He had said Harold was at his shop at the time of the attack, later confessing that he had made this up because he was certain harrowed was not a murderer fall
Knowing this revelation, the modem is became an outcast and were forced to close their shop and leave town heralds, family remained in artillery he's parents staying in their house until their deaths Harold Jones was shuffled between various prisons throughout the EU United Kingdom became known as a model in who had a cheery. personality and locked campaigning in prison sports. He was well locked by both fellow prisoners and gods and was known Two gloat about falling Scotland Yard detectives with his cunning despair, I d psychiatry recommending that harrowed remain in prison forever. He was released on parole at age. Thirty, five after serving twenty years according to the book a desire to kill the mystery of her
oh Jones by Kevin banks. Police, commissioner and prison reformer Alexander Patterson, approved his release. Saying one day he will be the Father of happy children. This sentiment was echoed by a prison chaplain who rode of heroin in nineteen thirty three He is a very nice lad. Who was a foolish boy he puts his. right down to reading too many thrillers. I think It will be a much more useful person outside prison than inside Following heralds release, his immediate whereabouts were unclear, as he was granted parole at the heart of world war, two some sources claim he was subscribe. did into the royal artillery as a gun, feed off or served in the merchant navy. Here, adopted. He's mothers maiden name going
Harry Stevens in nineteen forty eight hours, married a thirty six year old woman named Muriel, they lived. thou with Muriel, was elderly father a form, a police officer. in the London neighbourhood of full on it is not clear, whether Muriel, all her father knew of his criminal paused. He nineteen fifty Miriam gave birth to a baby girl. The couples only child Harold it is reported as having held jobs as the sheet metal worker caretaker and to night watchman he died. Bone cancer in nineteen, seventy one aged sixty four, surely before he's Death, he asked Muriel to ensure he's real name, Harold Jones IP
it on his death certificate. Following his release in nineteen forty one, Harold Jones Happy, To live a normal law abiding life, however, I'm historians and members of law enforcement have recently speculated that. Harold may have been responsible for a number of vicious unsolved murders in London during the nineteen fifties and seeks deeds. These would termed the Hammersmith, renewed murders and the perpetrator was dubbed in Jack the Strip. Ah, He was given this name because he's crimes bore striking similarities to those of a jack the ripper, whose stalled and murdered sex workers throughout London.
Nearly a century earlier Jack, the Strip ah had six confirmed victims, but it's likely that up to eight women fell victim to the unknown. Assailant he's targets were sex workers whose bodies were all found in a state of on drugs The most common cause of death was strangulation with their victims body. Is showing no signs of a struggle prior to then that is in most cases the women's T thought dentures were taken Jack. The strip are, would dump their bodies with seemingly reckless abandon but left behind. Little evidence. Despite an extensive and thorough investigation by Scotland Yard, the killer was never apprehended when specks of paint were found on the bodies of three victims. Investigators, why?
did whether the killer worked in the order, repair industry, but this laid went nowhere at the time Scotland yard was unaware that Harold Jones now go by the name Harry Stevens was living very near by, in fact, he's home was within a force straight radius from which to what the victims result. Did he also worked in the sheet metal industry and had access to an Indian Israel area where some of the bodies were found the murders abruptly stop seeing. Nineteen sixty five on Harold Jones is fifty ninth birthday. Some have Becky alighted that perhaps he was no longer able to kill due to suffering from cancer. That would eventually kill him
I we all thought Neil Millions is certain that Harold Jones was Jack. The strip ah has ceased. David Wilson, opera, faster of criminology, yet Birmingham City University, in two thousand and nineteen, the BBC add a documentary, toddled Doc son. The hunt for a serial killer detailing heralds possible connections to the Hammersmith Nude. it is. Their produces also tracked down his daughter, who had no idea about her fathers criminal past Harold, was known to leave his family on occasion choosing to board in a hostile for days at a time. Though he only ever did this on weekdays. Coincidentally, all reject a strip of murders were committed on weight days.
in his book, a desire to kill the mystery of Harold Jones author Kevin Banks, points to the women's handkerchief. Fifteen year old harrowed kept in his possession bank slackens this collection to the teeth than dentures stolen from the Hammersmith victims. He also argues that the Hammersmith victims, who were all small and pertain, had similar bill so afraid of her now and Florence little, but without any forensic evidence from the crimes, it's unlikely that they kill us identity will ever be known. Harold Jones continued to terrorize the people of Leary, even after his release from prison when organ music was heard emanating from the front room of the giants, family home rumours circulating that he was back in town in nineteen, fifty
he was spotted visiting the graves of free to bear. No and Florence little he was also known to pop into the local fish and chips Shaw. Upon occasion, I bet two Leary all thank Heaven. Bank said that when hey was little lunch. Misbehaved he's Nan would tell him to watch out or Harold Jones, we'll get you. Despite the passage century radar and Florence is murders, have not left the minds of Abbot Leary residents in two thousand and eighteen Local author, Neil Milkins, raised four thousand pounds to have the girls headstones restored. After years of neglect had caused them to fall into disrepair. Hundreds of people attended the unveiling of their repaired graves, including relatives afraid and Florence Florence, his niece, told the south.
I was the August a newspaper, it is truly wonderful what happened here today, the new group means my art can finally be it pays Another relative added these very emotional being here, but I think that will both be happy with their new graves. God bless them.
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