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Case 183: The MacKenzie Family

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Karen MacKenzie resided in Greenough with her three children - Daniel, Amara, and Katrina. The 31-year-old single mother had recently gotten together enough money to rent a small house on the rural outskirts of town... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-183-the-mackenzie-family
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with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode involves a crime against children. It may not be suitable for all listeners. It was the scorching hot morning, on Monday February, twenty two nineteen ninety three when married couple run and data not their real names drove along. the brain highway towards the small, western Australia, town of aggressive ferocious salty winds from the nearby coastline will once again lashing the dry countryside, the same wines that had left some eucalyptus trays along the floodplains permanently ban set at ninety degree angle
leaning trees with just one of a few attractions the township had to offer, but was far from a tourist destination. Located four hundred kilometers north of the city of Perth few at the time would have even heard of granite or have any reason to visit the quiet and sparsely populated shape and wait. Farming community. run and Dana knew the area well. Having spent on their with their friend Karen Mackenzie. Karen resided in Grena with her three children, Daniel Amara and Katrina. The thirty one year old single mother had recently gotten together enough money to rent a small house on the rural outskirts of town, where landmarks in homesteads were few and far between their modest crane cut And where the board House stood alone
among the wind, swept wild grass partially framed by dense Bush land. this spot the isolation of the area. Karen was working hard to build a good life for herself and her kids. Run and Dana had set out for the Mackenzie property that morning to help Karen with some home repairs. They drive Long Grena main street before turning down Georgina rode along unmarked stretch that cotton, inland between ages of paddies. Soon run and Dana reached that turn off to the Mackenzie Property and pulled up to the house. They could hear the families pet dogs barking wildly from inside the house, but other than that everything was eerily quiet
the wind bedded, several lines of washing strung up in the back yard, but there was no movement from within the house, and nobody came out. The great them the state of the house seem to inconsequential to what wrong and Dana spotted upon arriving some was lying motionless on the driveway. It looked like Daniel Karen sixteen Year old son. This seeming attain Marty playing some kind of prank wrong, got out to see what was going on run cold out for Karen, but there was no reply He tentatively walked towards the person lying in the driveway as you, got closer. A wave of her washed over him from inside the car. Dana became hysterical and screamed for her husband to get back in
run, ran and leaped into the drivers sake slamming the door behind him. He grasped the wheel and depressed he's foot there on the accelerator. The couple sped off back beyond the driveway, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake, The closest neighbour was a few hundred meters away. Ron parked on the road jumped the fence and erased towards the house Frantically yelling and waving, but nobody was home. He did the same at the next property, but no one was home there. Thou Braun rushed back to his car and sped. the main gravel rode to the first house. He came across only to find that it too was empty. The couple then headed to the closest business, the Greenwich music
I am wrong, rushed in and asked to use their phone to call the police he needed to report a murder, although he suspected the body on the Mackenzie driveway was Daniel. He couldn't be sure the person was so badly named that death face was unrecognizable. Although Grena is considered to be a bit of a ghost town, the major city of general term is just twenty four kilometres north. As the law
the city north of purse and Gerald and has many features that put it on the map, including a thriving fishing industry, stunning spring wild flowers and sprawling surf beaches need sixty what matters Offshore Pell sought a star and Willoughby Islands K locations of the deadly Batavia shipwreck they didn't episode. One hundred and thirty eight of case file any travellers Gerald her their main destination with isolated towns, locker Grena, affecting as stop places along the way. However, in the light summer of nineteen. Ninety three Greenwich would support the city in making headlines the unassuming and a little known tat ship was propelled into
national spotlight for what came to be called one of the worst crimes in western Australia. For that reason, Greenwich was put on the map It had been a typical morning at Geraldton Criminal Criminal Investigation Bureau on February twenty two nineteen. Ninety three, when detectives received news that a brutalized by He had been found outside a residence in sleepy Greenwich forensic in back to bring giants and detective move cousins along with a team of uniformed offices, immediately made the sixteen minute drive down the Bruce highway arriving at the Mackenzie property. Around eleven? I am, as reported a blood soaked body lay in the dust just outside the homestead. Having being so savagely attacked that that face was indistinguishable
the victim was identified as sixteen year old, Daniel, the oldest of Karen Mackenzie, three children. Her rather to you, Dron daughters, seven year out, Amara and five year out, Katrina were nowhere to be seen. Karen too was missing. The detectives turned their attention to the house before them. The families pet continue to back from within towards a real door. The detectives were: rattled was Daniels Killer still at the same unwilling to take any chances. They raised their hand guns before entering the property. Nothing could, pay them for what they found inside the Landry was incomplete disarray among them, loathing and other items that had been strewn about Karen Mackenzie, like
face down on the floor. Her head covered with blood soaked blanket. it was clear that she was distaste having system the numerous blows to her head and body similar those unleashed on her son outside she does. Being positioned in such a way that indicated she had been right, post mortem. The detectives continue data into the house upon reaching one of their bedrooms, they found the these have seven year out, Amara and five year out. Katrina block their brother and mother before them both had been hacked to death Amara had also being sexually assaulted across the country in the state of coins land Evelyn pressed the phone or save out to hurry. She had allowed
can of how many times she dialed her sister currents phone number, but each time on the lawn rang out or occasionally baked to signal that was engaged earlier, that day Evelyn had received a word from her brother who had ever heard some shock news on the radio, a woman and Three children had been killed in Greenwich. Although the Dems, weren't named their ages, correlated with that of Karen and her three children into stay all levels What do we try to reach out to her sister via phone and hope for the best, but as her calls continue to go on answered her feasting crazed, she went out with her husband setting the television up to record the news, while Thou were gone when they returned
they watched the footage. The quadruple homicide, making waves in western Australia was reported, but the details were scared. At this point, Evelyn had no reason to believe the victims were her sister, nephew and tenacious, but her instincts woods. Killing her. Otherwise, her husband contacted authorities to get answers. Evelyn studied his expression as he made the cool when tease started, to fall down his face. Her worst fears were confirmed. Evelyn later stated. I still remember that as clear as day. Nothing can ever prepare you for that moment.
Inside the begins his house. The juxtaposition was confronting on one hand the recently seen was a living nightmare. On the other hand, it was full of all the small details that make a house a home. Toys were scattered throughout drawings by the children were this light on the fridge and to do lists captured the families daily life. A Christmas wishlist from Katrina assured Ceuta that she had been a good girl who hope to receive a troll rollerblades or a radio for her bedroom Karen. proudly held onto a hand made card from Amara that wished her a happy mother's day. It was clear that we're a loving and warm family, but things have and always been easy for Karen Mackenzie as a child growing up in Queensland. She had a great curiosity,
for the world and how things work she loved and nothing more than exploring outdoors and was eager to learn everything she could, but when she hit adolescence needs curiosity, led her to experiment with the drugs and at the age of fifteen. She unexpectedly became pregnant Karen, gave birth to Daniel and was determined to make it the single mother she moved out of home and rented harangue flat, but the channel just as a young parenthood, wherever welcoming Karen Fee She couldn't give Daniel the life he deserved, so When he was two years old, she made the difficult decision to let her mother have custody of Daniel full time shade made the move to Western Australia Ease later Aaron fell in love with a man named Andrew Alan and today,
Mara and Katrina. She adored her to go but her relationship with Andrew didn't lost once again. Karen found herself as the single parent This time she was older and wiser and committed to making things work. She moved with her girls, they're good if and reached out to her now teenage son Daniel, inviting him to come and live with them as a family. Hey a grade and Karen was beyond excited, she was thrilled. have all her children living under the same roof for the first time. It would also give her a bit more independence, as You'll was also old and responsible enough to baby sit. His youngest is. Annual was equally looking forward to the change for his birthday. He asked his grandmother for a bus ticket to Western Australia and made the move the following day,
While Daniel had never really enjoyed school and often didn't attend, he in Rome, high school in general ten and gave it he's best. Things had been looks brought for the Mackenzie family, and they had plenty to look forward to further family afford to be, just lay struck down in the midst of building a vibrant and positive aloft together, made very little sense. Inspector bring Jones turned to his team and said I don't care what we do, but we must find the person that did this the major crime, Squat arrived in Granada from Perth and had to work fast. The sun, was blazing down on the crime scene, and the accompanying strong coastal wins risked disturbing evidence.
The team spent the remainder of the day and not painstakingly combing the property determined not to let anything go unnoticed. He was an exhausting task, both mentally and physically The crime scene was one of the most brutal that attending officers had ever seen, closing several to become physically sake. Others would delight I changed. Departments will leave that sort of police work entirely. All would struggle with the memories of what they witnessed day. This extreme reaction offers an explanation as to why the specifics of what happened at the Mackenzie House of being withheld deigned to traumatic for public knowledge. A rare court issued suppression Oda has banned the exact details from ever being reported.
The information presented in this case far left aside his collided from the widely publicized facts. Three days before Karen Mackenzie was found murdered. She had attended a house party in general then Daniel had a great to baby sit his two youngest sisters affording his mouth. or a rare and welcome to night out. The party was held at a friend's home and, according to some gas that was relatively uneventful Karen turned high met around five. I am on Saturday receiving a lifetime from a friend a neighbor, happened to witness currents friend driving a wife the house on Saturday, but they didn't see anything suspicious. The following hours. The fan, was targeted on Sunday night. Karen was asleep
mattress in the lounge room when she was struck, her daughters with them confronted in the bedroom. Who is unclear how Daniels Body came to Bay outside, though some speculated he fled from the house and was chased down by his attack on before being fatally struck in the driveway, the The weapon was nowhere to be found, but based on the victims, injuries, it appeared DEC had been wielding a there and acts a tomahawk or make Leyva. Many foreign fingerprints were found throughout the house but the challenge was rolling out who they belonged to salmon was also detected button. dna technology was still in its infancy and this could be used to identify who was responsible. Greenwich community were left shock.
By the murders, although Gerald and city and its surrounding region had its share of drug and theft related offences. Crimes of this magnitude were unheard of without a clear motive or suspect for the slayings. The township was gripped by fear that the unknown sadistic killer, which struck a and no one could understand why anyone would want to hurt Karen and her kids, especially in such a violent and arrange the way the police didn't say to me such as they didn't want to cause any unnecessary alarm. They simply want the community to take proper safety measures, All it was possible that the killings were a random attack. This didn't appear to be the case to get through the Mackenzie ass. You had to exit the highway
and travel affair distance down a remote side straight. There was nothing out there. Besides, a few houses spread throughout there draw rural flatlands Theo. Raisins in the area was to visit one of these residences that wasn't the kind of place and opportunistic killer would have stumbled across in their everyday travels they had to be familiar not only with Greenwich but bought at the. It seemed that and set out on Georgina rode on that Sunday gnawed with every intention of attacking the Mackenzie family phone records from the Mackenzie property revealed that a coal had been placed to the house at eleven. Fifty
in the north of the killings. The kola was identified as a man who had previously lived at their property, hey admitted to speaking to Karen at this time, but for innocent raisins. He claimed he went to bed straight after making the coal after police established a tip line. The pool of potential suspects quickly? There was currents former partner, Andrew Alan, who was the Father to Morrow and Katrina. Hey had contacted lights off to hearing about the murders on the news and was tracked down two holes, Craig, a small outback town of two thousand kilometers northeast of fair enough Andrew maintained that he'd been stock in holes Craig during the time of the murders due to heavy rainfall that had flooded the roads waiting in and out of town there.
There was Shane Aced. If I may, Karen had been saying shortly before her murder hate all police that Karen had recently broken things off between them out of the blue then a few days, but or the murders chain received an anonymous valentine's day. Cod featuring Karen's handwriting eat red. What did I do care too Much too being your arms ain't, so rough being yours could obtain enough. What happened? Babe scare you off, like a diamond you just too tough, In the bottom left hand, corner of the cod Karen had signed off with the word by in height,
SOD Shane wondered whether these indicated that current knew something bad was about to happen. Then there was the siting of two vehicles. Lavie The Mackenzie property on the night of the murder is the witness hadn't saying either of the cause before. didn't know who they belonged to. This was just one of many unsubstantiated tips that sir, Two further muddy the already perplexing investigation there was, so the suggestion that the crime could be drug related, as Karen was known to use recreational early and associated with other drug users sent individuals linked to the cannabis tried. The city of Gerald Turn was unknown, say passage that facilitated drug trafficking from Asia to Australia. Furthermore, the party currently,
Handed on the fraud, I not before her murder involved to drug use, those affiliated with the illicit saying, typically kept a safe distance from police, but the murders had rocked the community so much that most people were willing to talk Black and other gangs that work in the area was looked into, but the police couldn't find anything worthwhile. So their investigations. However, they couldn't rule out that the crimes could be drug related in some way, then a witness came forward. Having seen Karen in Puritan on the Sunday morning before they attack she had been speaking to officially
who was working in the area around the time police, looked into the fishermen and discovered that he had left the Sheraton for the City of Darwin in the neighbouring state of the northern territory. The day the bodies were found, they tracked him Only to find that he had no alibi for the night of the murder is by now seven persons of interest, had emerged throughout their grena fan. Gerald turn. Regions and into state police continue to speculate possible motives, but they were plagued by uncertainty. The she brutality of the attack using a handheld bludgeon indicated that the perpetrator was compelled by something personal, such as revenge. Yet the necrophilia
and child sexual assault indicated something else entirely. While a motive and suspect alluded them, police did on cover one major clue while carrying out the crimes. The Mackenzie family killer, pressed his right hand. Again. than interior wall. He's palm was made with an oily substance which left a partial palmprint In the same room, there were three oily fingertip prints on the edge of a door. These markings appeared to have been made as the killer closed. The door behind them The section of war containing the Palmprint was cut out and taken away for examination. The finger prints were less viable as the door had originally been painted with a course paintbrush using rough strikes still in
the guy is removed the entire door, so it too could undergo forensic testing. At the Western Australia came Centre in Perth at chief research chemist and he's tame got to work testing the oily prince, given that they weren't full fingerprints. Their best bet was to identify what the oily substance war The team concluded the print had been made using a sober lane like substance, which is a common type of hand elation, but they couldn't. Sure exactly what the product was. The camp Santa kept a catalogue of approximately eighty different hand and body lotions alongside the substance was tested against each one got no match was
The team then gathered all the various lotions present in the Mackenzie household and tested the substance against those, but they couldn't find, the match there either the last time and Gerald and resident hey me. Shall Lang FED not he's real name sore Karen Mackenzie was The House Party hate hosted three days before she was killed as the murder investigation gained, pays Amy's returned home to find a ghastly saying. He's house had been broken in
and there was a significant amount of blood on the floor. Panicked Hamish phoned the police who quickly arrived. At the same time, men of blood indicated some one had been seriously injured and police feed. The Mackenzie family murderer had struck again As they considered this, the back door of Hamish his home flung open sky, ending in the doorway was a naked man with a blood soaked tell wrapped around his waist. He was frantic telling police He arrived at the address earlier to visit Hamish when he knocked on the door. Three men, appeared out of nowhere and dragged him inside. a trio were convinced that Hamish was responsible for the Mackenzie murders and.
Mandate to know where he was said they could confront in the main insisted that he didn't know, but he's a silence didn't believe him. Suddenly one took out a filling knife and attempted to sever the man's pain, ass, the man Ford for his life and break free. He raced into a bathroom. Before locking the door behind him. The offending trio finally laughed, but fearing data come back the injured man dotted outside and hidden some bushes. He waited there until he saw the police arrive, the man, was rushed to Gerald in regional hospital and traded figures injuries, while police wanted to give him time to recover
They were also eager to get as much information about his three attack is, while his memory was fresh, they pressed him for any details asking for a description of the trail. The man was hesitant, but the pressure soon got to him. He admitted he had made. The whole story are struggling with the drug addiction and personal issues, inflicted the northwestern seen a suicide attempts gone awry. This was not the first time police had spoken to this. Individual he's name was Bill Mitchell and he was one of the seventy persons of interest that had emerged
investigation. Having being one of the last people to say Karen alive remind you ought to hear I'd like to carry more part by barely have linked to think my garage. Luckily, Ebay Motors has all the right parts at the right prices in twenty two million up can imagine stocking that many parts we're gonna get. Although shelves Ebay Motors, let's ride, pay me slang, fits House Party was in full swing. On the night of Friday February, nineteenth he's guests were mingling, alcohol was flowing and some weapon taking in recreational drug use, for the most part, was an enjoyable evening. That was until a drunken argument broke out between Karen Mackenzie and her friend Bill Mitchell.
The other guests weren't sure what the fuck was about exactly, but it brought down the atmosphere and some left as a result although no one knew what bill had done to upset Karen There are issues seemed to have dissipated by the early hours, as Karen had accepted bills, offer of a ride home. arrived at her house around five. I am on Saturday morning. Bill hung up until eleven Levin. I am before driving back to Gerald in this was verified by name who saw bills car leaving the Mackenzie property at this time when initially questioned by police bill TAT. He had nothing to do with the murders that occurred the following night. He showed great concern for Karen and her children there.
when Bill Mitchell stage to an attack on himself at the house where Hay and Karen had fought in the days before her are police. What baffled he was charged with making a false statement in relation to the knife attack and left to recover from these injuries Green head caravan Park is around a two hour drive south of Grena, the most direct. The road is along the brand highway, which connects to the scenic Indian Ocean Drive the road office, endless views of Western Australia Coast on one side and its jagged tat, colored countryside, on the other, a turn laid down to the coastal town of grain head a tourist hot spot for those seeking some sand and surf many opt to stay at the green. Had a caravan
Park as it's just a short walk from the page in the early nineties. The park was, run by a man named Bernie MECCA, although what was some distance from where Mackenzie family was murdered, Bernie was a meal. he rightly reminded of the case when one of you Employees came to him in a shaken state. I had entered one of the onsite caravans to do a routine clean when they were greeted by disturbing saying large amounts of blood and salmon was splendid, threw out, along with a ripped up pornographic images In, although there was nothing to indicate this incident had anything to do with the Mackenzie murders, Bernie couldn't shaky suspicion of a possible connection.
like other locals along the coastline. He'd been rattled by the crimes and was anxious for the perpetrators to be cod, hake, cold, the local police who came to assess the caravan and bag. The evidence When the task force fronting the Mackenzie family investigation was notified of the disturbing discovery they decided to withhold all details of it from the media. By now they had a narrow there lay down to twenty five persons of interest. Each individual was tracked down and asked to provide hair blood and saliva samples. Forensic inspector bring Jones had been one of the first offices that the Mackenzie family crime saying and was working hard to keep his word about finding the person responsible
He's tireless endeavours led him to the small agricultural town of moral law. One hundred in forty nine kilometers aced of Greenwich there He met a familiar face. The Mitchell. Bill had since recovered from he suicide attempts and had regime he's job as a farm hand. When asked the volunteer to have he's fingerprints taken bill agreed inspected, Joan, set up, he sinking equipment. as he began. Taking the prince bill remarked, I'm surprised you're. Still going on with the investigation, I thought you caught the blog I heard in the press,
that he was behaving really strangely in some caravan park and you call up within Jones froze the caravan incident. A green had a caravan park had been withheld from the public. No one outside of the task force knew about it joins kept his cool. He calmly finished, taking bills prince and left the farm before rushing them to Perth for testing At the camp Centre in Perth, chief research chemist, Doktor, John Chaloner and his team was still working to identify the mysterious lotion left behind the Mackenzie crime say having worked on many sexual assault cases during his career doktor chow
all was aware that perpetrators sometimes used handle ocean as a lubricant wondering if that could explain the oily palm and fingerprints, he requested that the mysterious lotion bake impaired against swabs taken from Karen Mackenzie body. If there was a match, it would prove that the oily fingerprints belonged to the perpetrator of the same substance was present on Karen's body, confirming that the oily hand and fingerprints set the crime scene absolutely belonged to her killer bill. Mitchell's prints were compared to those found that the murder saying when Inspector Jones received the result he raced into the office if he's called,
egg detective, remove cousins who had also been working their case since its inception, cousins triumphantly slapped his hand down on the desk and said we got in for the next two days. Bill Mitchell was kept. The closer violence he continued to go about his daily life. Ass though he had nothing to hide at one point. He was chatting with these boss, while the two worked in the farms shearing shed and hey even raised the subject of the murders. Then, on Saturday March, twenty seven senior detectives travelled up from Perth and took a bill Mitchell in for questioning. They told him that he's
the prince had been linked to the hand lotion used in their rape of Karen Mackenzie Corpse and that they knew he was responsible for the murders when faced with this evidence, Mitchell didn't denied. Instead, he spoke coldly and candidly. He's statement took detectives back to just over a month earlier in light February, when he attended Hamish Language House Party in Gerald in following this spot. He had their with Karen Mitchell, convinced Karen to let him drive her home upon arriving at her place. Mitchell tried to have sex with current, but she turned him
Down Mitchell was infuriated by the rejection. He left the house and spent the following day of Sunday February, twenty one in an angle: feud Benda, consuming alcohol, prescription, painkillers, cannabis, amphetamines, but by two thirty I am, he was in any intoxicated haze. It was then that he made the decision Karen and her family had to die. He got in his car and made them twenty five kilometre drive to Greenwich, F C
Stay near our Daniel was awake inside his home when he caught sight of a pair of headlines travelling up the driveway. The unexpected arrival prompted him to head out into the early morning, darkness to investigate, as Daniel approached Mitchell emerged from his car, with an axe and unlaced he's fury on the unsuspecting. Taking this explained how Daniels Body came to Bay outside once he had killed Daniel Mitchell headed into the House where Karen Mackenzie was asleep in the lounge room. He turned the acts on her striking her multiple times like he had done to her son. He then went into her bedroom and ruffled through her drawers until he found a bottle of handle ocean which he used as lubricant to sexually assault. Her body.
Afterwards. He headed into their children's bedroom, where he viciously assaulted and murdered seven year Old Amara. He then killed five year old Katrina. While she slept. Mitchell, then went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up determine tonight. To leave any evidence behind. He took the axe and the hand lotion with him when he drove away from the property ass. He made his way back to Gerald turn he pulled over and through the acts in the grena forever. He disposed of the hand lotion in a rubbish bin. This explains why the forensic tame couldn't link the greasy substance to any of the product's found inside the Mackenzie Home Mitchell took investigators through each step. If he's action, Sink
Nicole callous detail, although he admitted going to the property with the intention of killing the entire Mackenzie family, he claimed he couldn't remember what motivated him to do. So. The detectives couldn't believe what they were hearing. Nothing could prepare them for Mitchell's detailed play by play of how he single handedly cut down and entire family, including two. Young children, even as he described the worst elements, if they attack Mitchell, remained stoic and unaffected. The forensic inspector bring Jones Bill Mitchell was so void of emotion that he might as well have been describing how he watched these car following Mitchell's confession: a team of police.
Divers entered the murky shallow said the Grena forever, while the expansive Waterway ran three hundred and forty kilometres into the Indian Ocean, they knew exactly where to look. If nothing else, Bill Mitchell was accurate at diver recovered the murder weapon to the applause of those watching on bought. The jubilation was momentary once they saw the acts the full weight of what they don covered hit. Despite being submerged in the river of five awakes, the axe was still stained with blood and covered with bits of hair On March thirty nineteen ninety three William Bill Mitchell appeared at the Gerald and cord and was formed.
Play charged with four counts of willful murder: three counts of indecently interfering with the corpse and one can of sexual penetration of a child He also faced charges for three unrelated thefts that occurred in November of ninety ninety one, including armed robbery, with threats of violence and angry mob gathered outside the court. Ass and as Mitchell was driven away. They booed- and here is that the police man at the Perth Supreme Court on September right. Ninety ninety three Mitchell pleaded guilty to water charges. Is but Blaine Tease, actions on he's drug and alcohol abuse he's lay argued that Mitchell was in a drug induced frenzy when he decided to kill Karen
Daniel Amara and get trainer and that the crimes were completely without motive, bore premeditation, but the judge wasn't buying it. He pointed out that Mitchell had admitted going to the Mackenzie House with the intention. Hilda Family and therefore the murders were entirely premeditated. While the judge was prepared to accept that Mitchell might not have committed. The crime had he not been under the influence of drugs that didn't warrant leniency? The fact that he d manage to make the Twenty five kilometre draw from Gerald turned to Greenwich and back again, while disposing of the evidence was proof that he was still able to function with precision the acute gray coal he had of his crime spray confirmed that he knew exactly
He was doing, although Mitchell stood by his claim that he didn't know why he decided to carry out the matter is the judge believed him was my divided by rejection. The fact that current had turned down he sexual advances angered him. So much that he stood over at all. Why can't before deciding Karen and her children must die Bill Mitchell was sentenced to life imprisonment in his sentence. remarks the judge described. The murders is so serious that they almost defied description and were accompanied by sexual activity of the most deprived kind. The crimes against their children was so horrific that the full details of what they had enjoyed were permanently sealed, never to be released to the public.
In the astronomy and legal system. A person whose sentenced to lock in prison he still given the right to apply a parallel unless they are considered to be so irredeemable that there is no prospect of re abilities in due to Bill Mitchell's drug addiction he's sentencing judge said I am not able to say that you will always be a danger to the public that Depends on whether you will stay away from drugs. Who knows what the future holds. I can not prognostic twenty years or more into the future. Therefore, hey ruled that Mitchell would be eligible for peril in twenty years time. However, here explained so far as I'm concerned: you'll, never
they released if the Parole board looks in the same way as I do, it could be many many years greater than twenty before you would merit consideration. Mitchell remained motionless sent on remorseful throughout he sentencing at the time. He was only too ninety four years old. If he's peril was successful, he would only bay forty four when released Nada. lay did that lay visa freedom ahead of him, but it also meant that he too, ultimately only serve five years for each of the murders and nothing for the sexual assaults currents. Family were outraged as with the rest of the public. They thought Mitchell should lose
the right to peril and their government agreed. The ruling was appealed to the West in astronomy and Supreme Court and in a two to one vote, debenture great, that build mutual should spend the rest of his natural life in prison. Mitchell's legal tame appealed. The decision to the hall Would they acknowledged the magnitude of his crimes but argued he wasn't a serial killer, all repay defender. Instead, they once again blamed he's actions on he's drug addiction.
And argued that once you dive come the addiction, he would no longer pose a threat. The high court agreed once again Bill Mitchell was granted the right to apply for peril. After serving just twenty years, the straggling community were appalled and cried for the return of the death penalty, which had been abolished across the country by nineteen. Eighty five current system Evelyn responded to the upper all. Quite frankly, the death penalty would be too quick for him. If you hang someone, they don't suffer if they get a needle, they don't suffer. I want him to suffer for the rest of his life. I want him to think about what he did.
ever since the murder of her sister, nephew and nieces Evelyn lived in a constant state of flight or five. Knowing that Bill Mitchell could one day be free. Even when going about simple daily tasks. She is always on high. I learned She wasn't the only ones suffering many friends and family of the Mackenzie family. Faced some level of profound and permanent grief over the killings. Some endured post traumatic stress saw it on and required ongoing therapy and psychiatric care. They and understand why some perpetrators, who killed just the one person received lodge sentences when Bill Mitchell the killed, an entire family and only received twenty in two thousand and seven Karen's mother. Barbara said
fourteen used on and I'm still angry. My law is spent always wondering if he'll be replaced. For all. We know he could walk out and could kill someone else, and would hate for somebody to have to go through what we went through where's the scent, Senor laws. The things Mitchell did were beyond belief. I feel so much hatred. Why kill two helpless little girls and do what he did to her and to do the same thing to my daughter, She was dead for Christ sakes. Why would you want to write a dead body? The man has to be sick. He has disdain jail, go. the bid. If he comes out when he's forty four he's got plenty of time to do it to somebody else. Hasn t it frightens me.
One year later and unexplored does a letter arrived at barbarous, have seen Queensland it Red Angie Beach. Had someone look fee Got a photo of your little girl, short hair white shirt and a little scared. Nice. Say you when I get out, he was signed from William. Barbara was terrified. the description fit that of her eleven year old, granddaughter fearing that bill. Mitchell was plodding. Another attack against her family, Barbara reported the letter to the police. They checked Mitchell's prison records and confirmed that he was banned from sending any correspondence to Barbara. Furthermore, he hadn't sent anything
so anyone in Queensland the letter had been sent shortly. After the Fox Tell television Series Crime Investigation, Australia had an episode about the Mackenzie case. Police believed the lead. Was nothing more than a cruel hoax orchestrated by someone who had watched the shy in two thousand and ten another blow. Came to the family when Mitchell was moved from a maximum security to a medium security prison. Karen system Avalon then made the brave decision to face the man who single handedly walked out for members of her family. She didn't care to ask why he committed crimes chase, simply one
at him to know how much pain he caused Evelyn was accompanied by to mediate, is armed with panic buttons in case anything went wrong, while two guards kept watch close by Bill Mitchell nervously entered the small room with his eyes aloud. He sat just a few fade away from Evelyn close enough that she could hear him breathing heavily. She was taken aback by our normal. He looked Evelyn sat across from Mitchell and thanked him for meeting her Mitchell than apologized saying he was a change to man and a model prisoner. This meant nothing to Evelyn. She told him. I was too easy.
to behave when he was surrounded by people who could kill him if he stepped out of line she Dennis if he ever wanted to get out of jail Mitchell said yes, that the possibility was giving him some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Evelyn then told him. She would use every breath in her body to make sure that never happened. Saying I want you to know. I will do everything I can to keep you in jail. The moment of truth came in two thousand, and thirteen when Mitchell was able to up
life apparel for the first time the Mackenzie loved ones whereon edge, but were relieved when he's request was denied based on the severity of these crimes and the possible threat he posed to community safety. However, now He served twenty ease Western Australia LAW dictated that Mitchell's case would automatically be up for review every three ease. This was on settling news for those closest to the victim's Evelyn, said this system really hard to deal with, knowing that it's never going to end as if he's alive, it will never end, it's just something that we have to do every couple of years.
In two thousand and sixteen has been Mitchell second parole. Hearing approached Evelyn started a petition to have the laws changed said that he could never be released from prison over two and a half Asking people signed the petition, but attorney General Michael Mission said there would be No changes to the current parole review process. Hey explained was Nessus very to ensure that no prisoner got lost in the system. Evelyn said Jewel deserves nothing for what he did and almost say that to him a thousand times. He deserves nothing because he took so much away from so many precious Paypal. Each year on the anniversary of the murders, Evelyn takes a day off too.
Remember Karen Daniel Amara and Katrina She can never forgive Bill Mitchell for what he did. She refuses to let it make her a bit a person. Instead, they experience has taught her what's most important in life and she focuses on the love she has for her own family. She told Perth. Now I've always taught my kids. that everything in life happens for a reason. They even say it now, when bad things happen, they tell me that everything in life happens for a reason, it's up to us to learn what that is. The fact that Bill Mitchell has the chance to be freed every three years, capes Evelyn up at night, the killings themselves. never far from her mind, Evelyn has made it.
Key she will never stop fighting against Mitchell's relays and wishes that there was something in place that would stop other families from having to when you're watching their faces. She remain steadfast for Evelyn there The way this will end is if mutual these granted peril or if she dies. Whichever comes first. Appearing on the nine networks, a car in a fair programme, Evelyn spoke of her sisters. Killer quote, you can't call the person and animal, because animals have better decency than what this person has. How can you go in and attack and kill beautiful little baby girls? They are totally innocent. How can you do that
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