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Case 186: The Bowraville Murders

2021-08-28 | 🔗
When 16-year-old Colleen Walker suddenly vanished from the New South Wales town of Bowraville in September 1990, her family and friends knew something was terribly wrong. But local police dismissed their concerns, suggesting that the Indigenous teenager had simply “gone walkabout”... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-186-the-bowraville-murders
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Said beside involves a crime against children. It may not be suitable for all listeners. aboriginal regional Untarnished straight on to peoples should be aware that this episode contains the names of people who have passed away and I saw it in the hinterland of MID North New South Wales is the town of Berryville which sits about twenty kilometers in land from the coast. Tal lands in the surrounding area led to a booming agricultural industry over the years with Farmers raising cattle and growing produce such as bananas, macadamia knots, and cod bear reveal itself was constructed around the timber industry. the areas. Natural beauty is equally notable character. To buy rugged Bush land locked around a barrel has often been described as sleepy with local,
was more or less keeping to themselves but eventually city dwellers started moving to the area in search of a trade change. It was easy to say what drew them. Their driving through barrels, town Centre had looked socks something out of a pitcher book quaint heritage buildings along the main, ranging from an odd deco, IRAN, Movie Theatre to victorian era, pubs in nineteen. Ninety, the towns population numbered around fifteen hundred bucks, There were really to their reveals the true and was home to about one hundred and fifty indigenous residents who Walter often experienced racism most of lived around an area known as the Mich sprawling along a straight then code, cemetery, road, now re named Gangbanger road. The me
She was a row of houses on the outskirts of town away from a genteel looking buildings that was so attractive to tourists. Name came from the unofficial aboriginal mission that had been there between the eighty eighty and the fifty's during a strategy is civil rights movement in the nineteen sixties activist Charles Perkins lead us freedom boss, rod through Bower to protest discrimination against the strategy, is first the nations peoples back and barrels. Indigenous residents were barred from the cinema, the IRA, so the local school and even the hospital by nineteen. Ninety desegregation wasn't this extreme. Yet there was still one pub for what people and another for indigenous people
Those who lived in the community at the time have described the racism as palpable but long before, All Baraboo was ever known as Berryville. The area was home to the groom, bang, your Paypal, they the traditional custodians of lands, sprawling across more than six thousand square, kilometers and have their own distinct. Language, traditions and stories One of this stories has been passed down from elders, two children as a cautionary tale. It involves a goober, an evil spirit, prows along the banks of a river looking for children to steal, the Gothenburg resist shape shifter, so he can disguise himself amongst others. This way he doesn't look suspicious and can prey on his victims when they least expected
or he'll sit up in a tree. Looking down and plodding he's attack. It says that he most often whites until night time to strike late parents to warn their children that they must always be quiet after dark. Tap tap tap Muriel Craig heard a gentle knocking at the window ass. She bustled around her kitchen cleaning the mess left over from that evenings meal
It was around nine o clock and completely dark out. Muriel looked up, it sounded like someone was wrapping on the window from outside, but she couldn't say anybody standing there. The experience was almost on settling Until Muriel realised the source of the noise crouching out of sight outside was her ten year old, daughter, Colleen. the little girl was tapping against the glass trying to scare her mother into thinking. There was a ghost outside the mischievous Colleen had a reputation for being a practical joke on she, particularly law playing tricks on her mom much too Muriel amusement as she got older, calling kept her sense of humor low so growing up into a responsible young woman. She helped
After her youngest siblings, in particular, her brother, who was in a wheelchair and had special needs class, Lane hoped to become a pre school teacher. One day a profession that her friends and family thought would perfectly suit her caring and playful nature. More than see, she's off after calling first played a prank on her mother by tapping on a window. Miriam was once again in the kitchen when she sudden I heard a familiar. Sound tap tap tap this time, the noise up at her Muriel entered the lounge where her children had gathered and told them off. For the practical joke, explore meaning that they must and tap on the window, because it was One thing that Colleen used to do miracles, other children insisted that none of them had been outside diet.
obeying the lounge, the entire time. Their faces was serious, and Muriel believed them yet could of being Colleen Asia Colleen who was now? Sixteen years old had recently disappeared, her destroy family had sir Tyler Sleigh further to no avail, as it was. please no one else was responsible for the tapping. Muriel felt certain of one thing: it was her what is spirit reaching out letting her. No. She was there. Calling Craig had been excited as she pact her bags in preparation for a holiday d Niger was eager to start exploring the world and embrace lie as a young adult she lived
her mother and siblings in the New South Wales, town of sorts hell, but recently she'd taken a couple of trips to visit family in bear avail almost fifty eight kilometers away now She was going one step further by travelling with friends, Colleen and Three other girls planned to leave Berryville on the nod of September thirteen nineteen ninety to catch a three I'm Tryin to Sydney they were headed for the town of good do need the coins land border. It was a long journey with a light start after she finished packing. lane handed over to a party at the mesh where most of bearable, Indigenous residents lived across the road was the small park where can't fire had been set up for the party at ten is mingled around the file and over the road in the home.
Of a local residents named Marjorie Jarrett, they also spilled out into a lane way that set alongside Marjorie s house. Calling was spotted numerous times throughout the often And evening sometimes she said inside the land, dream and chatted with friends. Other times she was saying, with a group other beneath the lodge gum tree in the park. Opposite they were drinking B and Colleen appeared somewhat intoxicated at around midnight Alain was spotted walking down the alleyway alongside Marjorie S, house. I was lighter Collins three trap look, companions were preparing to lay for the train station Jerry Jarrett had offered to draw the group and searched for cod
Laying in and around the party with no success in the end Collins, friends left for their holiday. Without her the story. I am trying to Sydney departed without calling on board. As soon as word raged Muriel, Craig that her daughter hadn't gone on her trip as planned and had inveighing sane since the party she knew that something was terribly wrong. Muriel travelled from her home in, saw, tell to Berryville, so she could report Colleen missing all of the Office says that Berryville Police Station were wide the two who Miriam reported to wear dubious when she showed them a pitcher of collating, noting The teenage girl had a lot of skin than her mother. The office has remarked she don't look at me. Regional, too, ass and ass
She was really Muriel daughter. Then they suggested that perhaps Colleen had simply quote gone. Walk about In Australia, indigenous cultures walk about is a rod of passage in which adolescent males live alone in the wilderness. For a period of time the term has become twisted, And misused by non indigenous people who see Aboriginal Paypal as living transient nomadic Olaf's styles, some used the word walk down in a derogatory sense to imply indigenous person has just taken off on a whim without warning. Miriam was devastated by the policemen comments. Andrew retorted, I wouldn't be silly enough to come in here and reported missing. I am not that stupid about the
Officers remained disinterested and unwilling to take a report. Remarking That Colleen would probably turn up soon enough. Muriel handed over a photograph of calling for their reference then left the station with no help from law enforcement. Colleagues family took on the responsibility of fire. In her Muriel moved her other children down to Berryville, so she could keep searching for Colleen, while keeping everyone together with the help of some relatives, mirror searched the surrounding areas and spoke to everyone they could find who had been at the party. The police never made any attempt to contact her exactly three weeks after Colleen vanished. Another party was in full swing at the may wish list.
they get together. Was that Patricia stadiums House three doors down from where the previous party had been held Patricia daughter, Rebecca who was in her early twenties and lived. There too took her young Children over to her Ex Partners house, so he could mind them while she was at the party. Rebecca and Billy Green up had a four year old daughter, named Evelyn, as well as to younger boys, Aden and Erin Rebecca was dismayed to discover that Billy was too drunk to look after their young children, so she took them back to her mother's house. After socializing, with the Party guests Rebecca decided to go to bed, she slept in the same room. Is her three children. With four year old Evelyn nestled
beside her Rebecca, fell, asleep, fully dressed and didn't wake at all during the nod, which was unusual as She opened her eyes the following morning: Rebecca felt extremely sick in an unfamiliar away. She sat up her to see Hence I didn't Darin were awakened quietly playing together, but there was no sign of Evelyn. Evelyn and Darwin were very close and rarely left. Each other's sides saw her absence struck Rebecca as particularly strange. She asked her boys if they knew where their sister was that I just looked back at her wide eyed and silent.
wondering if Evelyn had wandered off to visit her father, who lived just a few doors down the street Rebecca Burst, checked at Billy Green OPS, House Evelyn. Wasn't there Nor was she at any other house in the Miss Rebecca expanded. Her search to the centre of Berryville no one. She spoke to had seen Evelyn since the previous, not before the little girl, who had gone to bed alongside her mother and siblings, Rebecca panic grew by mid morning. She was back at home, scouring the surroundings for any sign of her daughter, Suddenly she found something lying in the front. Yard was the single pink censure. It belonged to Evelyn,
As word spread about the missing child, an incident that had occurred. The previous nod took on a sinister new, tired. Rebecca S, mother Patricia recalled that shade being woken at around three. I am by the sound of Evelyn crying. She got up to check on her walking down the hall to the room where Evelyn, Rebecca and the two boys were sleeping. The door was closed, so Patricia went to wipe in it, but it wouldn't budge. Then she heard a thud almost like a window, Bang shot and Evelyn stuff. two crying assuming the little girl had gone back to slave Patricia returned to her own room by evening Rebecca and her
the Michel had arrived at the bower of a police station to report Evelyn missing there was Just one officer on duty, Michel, explain the situation and handed the officer referred. I had showed Evelyn with her blue eyes and a map of light brown ringlets, which many people had compared to the hair of famous child actress. Shirley Temple, the officer replied. What do you want me to do on the only one here and I'm just about to get home stunned? shell repeated that she wanted to report Evelyn missing, explaining that she was just four years old, but the officer Wooden badge, and it took several more days before Evelyn's family successfully filed and missing persons report,
Just as they done when Colleen went missing, the police suggested that Evelyn might have quote gonna walk about. Yet They also questioned her indigenous heritage by pointing out her fair skin and the blue wise. Despite taking statements, the police didn't send anybody out to look for Evelyn, and initially her family were left to search for her alone. They called everyone, they knew plastered the town with flies, and so tie and allow, through Bush land, as so. Many people had been drinking and partying on the night. Evelyn disappeared. It was difficult to paste together what it Actually had gone on that night. Nevertheless, they you that she hadn't simply wandered off somewhere.
one was a shy child who stayed close to her family and was scared of strangers. Three days after Evelyn vanished, the police finally began searching for her alive with the volunteers from the local state emergency services- they look, in the nearby name Bucker River and the scrubby Bush land that surround bear avail. There was no sign of her when investigate is final. started interviewing people in relation to the case. It was clear that their suspicions fell. Exclusively on those closest to Evelyn, her grey, mother Patricia, was interrogated about money that had been transferred into her bank account with police, implying that shit Int Rebecca, had sold Evelyn. In reality, the payments Patricia had received where, from her war, widows, pensions, it
was also evident that the police had no understanding of indigenous family dynamics, which a man Community focused because Rebecca had been drinking on the night. Evelyn vanished, they assumed her children. Weren't bang looked after in reality, a wider circle of odds would always help young parents care for their children. Some news outlets began to pick up the story of the missing four year old when Spain, king to journalists, the bare avail, police sergeant was adamant there, absolutely no connection between Evelyn Grain up and the recent disappearance sixteen year old, calling Craig by December of nineteen ninety summit, had arrived and brought with a new resident Clinton's,
Baby Jura was a sixteen year old boy who had moved from Queensland to bear avail to live with his father, Thomas Jura, a shop dressed up who loved forty and had a kind happy go lucky personality, it didn't take long for Clinton to make friends in particular, he be close to Kelly Jared. A teenage girl who had been good friends with calling Craig claim. An Kelly soon became an item and were rarely seen out of each other's company, not of January thirty one. Ninety ninety one, the young couple attended upon that was being held around the corner from the mish in a public housing flat situated. on her born drive, Other than go to their respective homes when they were ready to leave Clinton and Kelly decided. the slate in the yellow via Count caravan of a friend Clinton, took off his shoes and the couple watched amused.
Videos for a little while, before falling asleep on the same double bed, some Well, I'm after three I am Kelly slept soundly when she woke up. It was eight foot in the morning. There was no sign of Clinton. Perhaps it woken up earlier and already gone home. But then Kelly saw something on the floor of the Van Clinton's Reebok sneakers. Clinton always took pride in easy outfits and paid particular attention to his shoes. he never went anywhere barefoot. His father had in him the re Box as a Christmas present and Clinton loved them in his family.
That was a source of amusement that he wore them at all times. If Clinton had left already at made no sense that he delay these reeboks behind Kelly picked up her boyfriend shoes and exit at the caravan heading. Four Clinton's fathers House Thomas Jerome was surprised when he opened his front door to say he sons, girlfriend toting Clinton's RE box out in front of her Clinton. Wasn't it and the sight of the shoes he was never seen without was made lay alarming Thomas phoned the police to safe. They could do anything to help find Clinton, but they said they couldn't get involved until he'd been missing for at least twenty four hours. So Thomas said
by himself to search for his son as he didn't own a car. He instead walked all over town. First, he went to the flats where the party was held the night, but for then he visited the caravan. Where Clinton had spent the night there was no sign of him anywhere Thomas checked the towns pops, and other social areas, but nobody. He spoke to had Saint Clinton. Since the party as the teenager had only just moved to Berryville. He didn't know many of its residents and today was nowhere obvious. He would have visited eventually Thomas decided that all where do we go home in the hope that Clinton would turn up he? Why, and waited but Clinton never arrived The twenty four hour time limit had passed Thomas tried, calling the police again to report he son missing
They were in no hurry to respond waiting another full day before they paid Thomas a visit at home as clear was sixteen years old and strongly built. They suspected he'd simply taken off by himself he's. Only try to explain to them the significance of Clinton's shoes being left behind, but the offices couldn't understand how they syndicated fair play. All they said was will keep an eye out for him, Clinton's aren't began, making calls fining both the local people Ice and law enforcement in the nearby largest city of Kafka begging for assistance, of her messages went on answered, but eventually Elisa Officer was sent down from Kafka to help Clinton's family search the tan straits. Then Sir
finding areas, nothing turned up just lock. calling Craig again Evelyn Grain up Clinton's de Jure had seemingly vanished from Berryville. feel spread through the local indigenous community. Although the police didn't seem to think the three disappearances. What linked, children's friends and family was certain they were. There was a common thread tying the cases together over the course of just five months, all of their children. had vanished after attending or being in the vicinity of a party at the Midge. They were sure that Colleen, Evelyn and Clinton had been attacked and what merely missing persons in documentary innocence, but trade.
Collins are aligned, Walker told filmmaker, recent Berend, that resin Surround the mission changed their behaviour in response to the disappearances mothers started sleeping in the same room as all of their children, so they could keep an eye on them throughout the night, where resin, and had once felt safe. They started, locking the door Doors and windows at all times when she and wanted to go into town, their parents would go with them and they walked close together in a tight group. Awake after Clinton's disappearance, the community's grief and frustration led to group of indigenous residents and several what townsfolk watching on barrels police station in protest. They d under that action be taken and their children's cases be taken seriously behind the scenes. Baron,
Bill police had according colleagues from the child, mistreatment, mutating Kafka they D initially suggested that the missing trio had just quote gonna walk about. They were starting to suspect that the families themselves, loves and the indigenous community more broadly, were involved on February. Eighteen, almost three weeks since Clinton, Speedy Jerome had deceived he'd two men, while hiking through some rugged Bush land just outside Bower they will. A final word in a rough and tangled area that ran alongside Congo, Rainy Road, a dirt road that headed south, the out of town as they searched for logs amongst the lifeblood of scattered across the ground. The two men saw something
It was the badly decomposed remains of Clinton. Speedy Jerome Clinton was barefoot, but still dressed in the clothing he'd been wearing on the naughty vanished. He had been dragged through the Bush land and the animals had scavenge these body. Lying near by was a blanket which it seemed. He had previously been wrapped in the area where he had been dance was also close to a crop of cannabis. An autopsy revealed that Clinton had died from a severe blow to the head. He's jaw had been broken and had also been stabbed. Multiple times now, investigators had to accept that the young man had met with fair play.
Three months later, on April, seventeen a man was fishing in the name Buck a river by the southern end of Congo, Rainy Road and adjust down a slot slope from way Clinton had been found Something snagged he's fishing line. He reeled it in on the end, was a pair of James and a belt heavy and soaking wet, as they hung off the line. these items were identified as belonging to calling Craig Had been wearing them on the lost, not anyone had seen her police divers subsequently searched the river by April twenty. They had found for plastic bags that had being weighed down river. These contained more of Collins clothing, including cable, Knit jump out she was last seen in, but there
no sign of calling herself awake later. On April, twenty seven, the police were saved a phone call from some concern, locals. They had noticed an unpleasant Oda in the Bush land alongside conquering he rode and were worried, given the recent this Governments in the area, the location was three km away from where Clinton Speedy, Jerome was found. When searches went out there, they. Sk the skeletal remains of a small child. He was Evelyn growing up Sand shoe was recovered. Knee her body a match.
The other shoe her mother had found in the front yard of her home after Evelyn disappeared marks on Evelyn Skull, confirmed that she too had been killed by a heavy blow to the head. The discovery of Clinton and Evelyn's bodies and the clothing belonging to Colleen left The bearer of ill reeling, the indeed in a community, in particular with certain that all three of them had fallen prey to a serial killer, There were too many similarities to ignore from the circumstances of their disappearances right, aware, there remains and belongings were found, and both Evelyn and Clinton had been killed by fatal blow to the head.
A homicide investigation was launched with detective sergeant Alan Williams at the helm, tat gave had no prior homicide experience but was to be assisted by local investigators and other detectives from them. What region major crime squad some of the time What residents queried the amount of resources? The investigation was being given with one person remarking to a journalist, from the age newspaper. I wonder whether three missing what children would get the same attention, although Detective Williams had no ex. IRAN's investigating mode, is clear It remains contained a pivotal clue, a pillow case that had been pushed today.
Into his shorts. Twenty five year old, J Thomas hard work that attaining factory and was reasonably toll at six fate with stocky but strong one hundred and five kilogram build. hot, wasn't indigenous. He was known to hang out at the mish and supplied alcohol and cannabis known to locals as Jani to the young people who lived there some, best of the indigenous communities. Viewed him with suspicion. It seemed to them that hard showed too much interesting young women and girls on the not that clear, and speedy Jerome had disappeared, hay and his girlfriend Kelly gone to a local party,
J Heart had also been in attendance and made two trips into town to buy B for the other party gallows, some time after midnight, hot big and trying to convince Kelly to come back to the caravan where he lived, which was parked at his mother's home, close by Kelly, refused to leave their party with the Clinton so hard suggested. They both joint in the teenagers agreed and left the party with at around three. I am they watched music videos for a little while before going to slave pod, said they could share he's double bed and that hey would sleep on a phone out dining table there was something about hot that made Kelly uncomfortable and she asked Clinton
to leave her alone with him. She slept deeply that nod and woke up alone in the double bad ticket. Lays confusion. She was no longer wearing her short sore underwear, though she was certain she'd been wearing them when she went to Bed Kelly, found her discarded governments on the floor and put them back on that and she picked up Clinton's Re Box, which were also on the floor and went to his father's house to explain that she couldn't find him. When Thomas Jerome went out looking for his son that day, he bumped into hard in town when Thomas Ass, if he knew where Clinton was hot, replied that he had gone back home
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They would be seizing his caravan to search for forensic evidence, but also out of fear that the towns indigenous residents might quote trash id. They agreed that hey could remove some personal belongings before they took possession of the vehicle and to ask to what he wanted. Hot replied Just me: whites the officers, let heart retrieved that bar bells and take them away. Forensic detective rob dwellings wouldn't learn At the suspected of being allowed to remove some of his possessions until some time afterwards, the small caravan was dirty and in disarray with detective dwellings. Later telling journalists to dinner, Box of the Australian, then that it was more like a squad, then a proper home.
though what was searched at the time, a proper forever examination, wasn't completed a few days later, Clinton's remains were found, detective dwellings was killed down to the same, and as he examined Clinton's body, he noticed the pace of fabric shoved down the front of these shorts, detective dwellings, carefully removed the fabric and on closer ants faction. He saw that it looked very familiar at looked like an exact match to a set of pillow cases. He'd saying J hearts Van, when he examined it a few days earlier. Detective dwellings immediately notified he's colleagues of the disturbing discovery and investigate is in viewed hard, again, hey Adam
Late and not having anything to do with Clinton's mud, ah ha technology to that he'd, invited Clinton and Kelly back to his caravan and had a few drinks with Kelly. While Clinton lie on the double bed, Then hot set his alarm, but between five hundred and fifteen and five hundred and thirty, so he could get up in time that he's six shift at the tanning factory before falling asleep and drunk When the alarm went off, heart was so hung over that he automatically hit the snows button and dozed off again, but he slept so lightly. He could still hear someone else in the caravan get up and leave at around five forty five heart woke and prepared for work though he had already organised for a colleague to give him a lift that day hot thought he dismissed him. Do too, I was sleeping.
So he went into his mother's house and asked to borrow the case to her orange radical ed. Then he headed off to work by himself hearts. A lake confirmed that he had arrived to pick up hot just before six, I am when he picked inside the van. He saw Kelly's fade sticking out of the bed, but no sign of heart will Clinton. The colleague decided to go to work without hot ass. He prepared to leave. He spotted heart, pull up to the property in his mouth
this car, according to heart, he'd, seen his colleague arrive or when he glanced in his review, Mirror he told his colleague to go to work without him, as he decided he needed a cup of tea to treaties hang over before starting. He shift about twenty minutes. Later heart turned up at work: he stayed there for a couple of hours before going back home to return his mother's car. While he was back at the property, he's voice, work Kelly, who was still sleeping in the caravan. Investigators want boiling hot story. It was refuted by other witnesses.
as well as the colleague who had seen him heading towards the property. Instead of away from it, multiple Paypal had seen indicators that hot was up when he said he was asleep. His mother's boyfriend had noticed the log on in hot caravan had around four thirty. I am just before, leaving for his own job, a neighbor sore heart, some others. Car drive away from the property about twenty minutes later an hour before heart said he D bar his mother Marlene had previously told the police. She kept her case in a handbag. at the end of her bed, leading them the theorized that heart had crept into her room and taken them. While she was sleeping Marlene had also said that hard used, the blankets similar to the one found New Clinton's body
this time. J heart wasn't allowed to leave his police into view as a free man, he was shot. urged with murder. Collins, clothing and Evelyn's remains were found in the same area as Clinton's body. In the weeks that followed some. Again wondering whether J hot would be charged with then is as well for months Residence on the mesh had been murmuring. His name in relation to the two missing goes. Used earlier, enjoy heart had being in a relationship with Collins, Aunt Allison their couple had a son together, but how was verbally and physically abusive towards Alison, so she left for Queensland taking their son with her. Calling Craig, who Nine years younger than hot was
familiar with him due to his relationship with Alison when Colleen visited Berryville in July nineteen. Ninety hot stopped by the mission spend some time talking to her and her friend Patricia pain. I did the two girls to he's caravan to watch music, videos and Stiva. He also invited another mayo friend. calling and Patricia agreed when hot said they could share, he's double bed and hey would sleep alone, but when the girls woke the next morning, heart was in bed with them sleeping soundly Colleen told Patricia that she'd been woken during the night by hot climbing into the bed and trying to have sex with her. She added He moved me all: not he touched
Down below and up the top as well this morning I had to pull my pants off when I awoke he d go them down during the night though Colleen had been exhausted, she'd managed so fought. Hard off Patricia had slept more heavily than calling, but she recalled that earlier in the night she had overheard hot ass convey. My friend do you want to have sex with the girls? Their friend had replied, no leave him alone. After this incident. Calling was weary of the older man. She went back home to soar. Tell then routes and to bear a veil a few months later in September, on the nod of September thirteen, she attended a party at the Miss Alice, both she was planning to border three. I am trying to Sydney J, hard work,
at the party as well colleagues friends, noticed how much attention he was paying her constantly asking her to stay. Another Nottingham Caravan calling complained about hearts behaviour others. He was harassing and pestering her. She was lost sing walking down the alleyway that boarded the house where the party was taking place. Hot was also spotted. At the same time, following her along the other side of the house, some of circumstances around the disappearance of four year old Evelyn growing up what chillingly. Amelia, like Colleen Evelyn's mother Rebecca had found herself for saving a lot of attention from J Hod. Hey had attended the party family home on the nod: Evelyn vanished after the pie,
he was over and Rebecca had gone to bed with her three children. Hot stayed on low in the House Rebecca other Patricia had asked hot to leave. Then to change into her pajamas when she left her she saw no sign of hot and assumed he'd gone home. Several hours later, Patricia was woken by a sharp cry from Evelyn. She got up to check on her granddaughter, but couldn't get into the room where she was sleeping, Patricia heard a heavy thawed. Then all went silent at that time. She didn't suspect anything on toward had happened. The next morning Rebecca work from an uncharacteristically heavy slight. Glancing down she saw that the genes she was wearing were unbuttoned and down around
her name's. Her underwear was also pulled to one side Rebecca had no recollection of undressing herself Clinton's girlfriend Kelly Jared, had reported a similar experience on the nod. Her boyfriend disappeared, while staying at Heart Caravan and Colleen told a friend that hard pulled her pants off. While she was sleeping was another crucial detail. Another woman had stayed Patricia House after the party and was preparing a bottle for her baby, just after Patricia whence a check on Evelyn moments. After Patricia went back to bed said the woman saw J heart leave the room where Rebecca and her children was sleeping. Hey hurry, down the whole way towards the front door.
Wondering why he was living in such a rush. The woman followed him, but by the time she reached the front door the outside. He was nowhere to be seen. A forensic examination of hearts Caravan had revealed a tiny speck of human blood on his bed, but experts were unable to Determine any more information than that the same Who was so small that it was destroyed during the forensic process? Though investigators had an abundance of circumstantial evidence linking hot to all three disappearances, there was Little in the way of physical evidence, and when it came to calling Craigs case the fact that they had found her body would make securing a conviction, difficult.
Almost six months after Evelyn Grain ups remains were found. Heart was charged with her murder on October, sixteen nineteen, ninety one, the director of public property Fusion's was hopeful that Clinton and Evelyn's cases could be prosecuted in a single trial. Allow evidence from age case to be presented side by side, but I hearts illegal tame sought to have the two separated arguing that their client would be unfairly prejudiced by a joint trial. ultimately the judge ruled in the defences favour ordering that hard betrayal separately for each count. Moreover, prosecutors wouldn't be allowed to present evidence from the other cases that trial Clinton's case had the strongest evidence and would run first.
prosecutors were barred from mentioning the murder of Evelyn or the disappearance and suspected murder of Colleen. In the early nineties, ninety four the trial for Clinton's baby Jerome murder began. Although the prosecutor, She was somewhat limited in what they could present Clint. his family, were confident that hot would be convicted the process Caution was arguing that hot head sparked Kelly's drink and attempted to write her. He killed Clinton after the teenage awoke, saw the attack and tried to stop him. Then he stood. All his mother's car case from her hand bag at around for forty five. I am after her boyfriend who left for work and placed Clinton's body in the vehicle. He drive to conquer rainy road to dump Clinton's body in the bush.
a neighbor had seen Marlene hearts. Car leave their property at around this time and hearts colleague sore returned More than an hour later Kelly, Jerry was able, to give first hand testimony that her boyfriend had gone to sleep in hearts. Caravan thought had vanished without he shoes by the time she woke to find her clothing removed. But the defence undermined Kelly's evidence by focusing on the fact that she had been drinking on the nod in question. Other indigenous witnesses, who were called to share their recollections of hot being at the party, was similarly scrutinised. The defence also cold to people who claimed Have same Clinton alive and well the morning after it was alleged, he'd been killed.
J heart testified in his own defence, telling the court how he had heard Clinton leave the caravan when he was half asleep a little while later at around five forty five- I am he'd borrowed he's mothers car case and left for work. Although hearts mother originally tell police, she kept her case in a handbag at the end of her bed, she told the court that she slept with them under her pillow early that morning, She was welcomed by her son coming into her room and asking if he could borrow her car Marlene said when she glanced at the clock she saw. It was five. Fifty
She also denied ever saying that hot used, blankets, like the one found me Clinton's body and claimed that police had incorrectly inserted, that into their records. The trial concluded on February eighteen three years to the day after Clinton's body was found, Clinton's family and friends sat in silence has done. waited for the jury's verdict to be read aloud. The jury who had no idea that others had been murdered, let alone that J Heart was suspected of killing them found heart, not guilty shock washed over Clinton's family and friends as they realised that heart had been acquitted. Clinton's grandmother, fainted ass. They left the court room in a day
members of the media, descended with cameras and mark refines clamouring for a response to the verdict. when the family was ushered into another room, so they could have some privacy photographers and camera crews, climbed up to the windows, trying to get footage of them. Clinton's sixteen year old brother, Troy was so traumatized by these events that hey light had no recollection of them. J Hearts acquittal through the prosecution of the two camps that they had charged hot with they'd thought Clinton. Was the strongest now that a jury had found in his favour. They didn't think they had a chance of successfully prosecuting him at another trial, especially
since they couldn't introduce any evidence used that the previous one. Ultimately, the director of public prosecutions decided to drop this second discharge Jake would not have to answer for his alleged involvement in the murder of Evelyn, green of the victims, families and their community were devastated the grave they had endured ever since the three children disappeared intensified as they grappled with the feeling that the legal system had failed them when they first lost their children. No one had cared now more than three years later, it seemed that was Bill all alone in their quest for justice unwilling to give up there, continue to fight for calling Evelyn and Clinton over the next few years,
demonstrations were held regularly in Berryville, has away. For residents to express their anger and the frustration in response to their grievances. The commissioner of New South Wales police met with the community and of Actually, a great array investigate the three murders. In January nineteen. Ninety seven, a new struck force, was established. experienced investigators than the analysts from homicide, major crime and to North region, local area commands would take over the case, led by detective Gary Jubilant A renowned homicide detective Gary Google and was known for his dedication to solving crimes and the strong report he built with the victims. Families. when he began working on the bare avail. Murders detective jubilant couldn't believe that a case involving two teams and one choice.
Out to all lived on the same straight and had gone missing from the same area within a five month period, hadn't being trade more seriously. The fact that the prime sauce back had been allowed to remove possible evidence from he's. Caravan was also alarming. Hot, had subsequently through in a way the bottles that hey retrieved from the van and they were never found. Forensic experts suspected that they could have been used to deal the fatal blow to Clinton's head. As well as re, examining evidence relating to the case and tracing down new and previous witnesses alike, detective jubilant and he's taking place. This strong emphasis on strengthening ties with the indigenous community real
Seeing the families trust in law enforcement was at an all time low. The detective sounded, took training in cultural sensitivity and awareness individual investigative work diligently to connect with the townsfolk grudges They they were able to form a more positive relationships with the victims, families and barrels. Indigenous residence in The guide was soon making new discoveries about their case. One per day. Equally interesting piece of information related to an incident that occurred after Collins, disappearance but prior to airlines there was a residence on the mission, nicknamed the women's house, as only women lived there long after Colleen vanished from a party nearby one of them.
I'm Zaki parents woke up one, not with a start. It was about to. I am and she sent something was wrong. Looking up. The woman saw the figure of a man standing in her room. There was something about he stance that looked threatening Though she was initially frozen with fear, the woman sat up her sudden movement prompted the man to flee. she had never told the original case. Investigators about this on settling incident. When members of this workforce asked her. Why not? She replied on the black lady? What's the point of telling the what copies. As far as Gary Jubilant was concerned, her story was consistent with the theory that in The guide, as were leaning towards
Colleen Evelyn and Clinton had disappeared as part of a string of sexually motivated attacks targeting indigenous women living on the mesh ever. And mother, Rebecca and Clinton's girlfriend Kelly had both woken up from strangely deep slaves to find their pants removed and their loved ones missing. Calling Craig had once Plaintive J heart moving her and pulling off her clothing during the night, her friend Patricia who had been with her that not said data both fell groggy and she had slept deeply. Some people who attended parties on the mesh said Jane hard, regularly supplied alcohol and was known for sparking people's drinks. Here also seemed to show by predatory interest in indigenous women.
in early nineties, ninety eight to force passed along their submission to the director of public prosecutions. They were recommending that new charges brought against a J heart for the murder of Evelyn, greener and took eighteen months for the day pay pay to respond they decided? They decided against depressing charges, citing a lack of evidence dissatisfied with this. The families, community and members of the strike force kept petitioning for action to be taken. It took six more years, but a Koran you'll inquest was finally granted in February. Two thousand for the inquest would focus on the disappearance of cod. lane and the murder of Evelyn. Unlike the previous trial, the car,
I would be able to examine all the available evidence. Seven months later, the car. I handed down his findings. Despite the day, pay pays previous decision that there wasn't enough evidence to press charges. Hey stated that there was a reasonable prospect, a jury could convey unknown individual of Evelyn's murder. Even now, calling Craigs body had never been discovered. The coroner and that she had died as a result of homicide. The consistency between the three case This led him to believe that they must be linked and where the act of a single individual, he added that there was a suspicion on the only person of interest the car now would be a the director of public prosecutions too tried.
hard again, the day, pay pay dies, a request. And a J heart was once again charged with Evelyn growing up murder. Data I'll began on February. Six, two thousand six as hot, had already been acquitted. Of Clinton's motor, none of them Evidence from that case was admissible and Once again, the trial George ruled that some evidence from Collins case would have to be excluded, as it could prejudice the jury. But the prosecution would be allowed to mention how multiple women hot showed an interest in had a to find them. Pants and underwear removed include. in Evelyn's mother, Rebecca the process, patients theory was that hot had been in the process of assaulting sleeping Rebecca whenever
woke and began to cry out of rage and a desire to silence. The little girl part had picked. Rob and throwing her at a wall before carry her limp body away and dumping. Her Bush land. new witnesses also testified that hot had made disturbing comments to them during altercations and indigenous couple from the mesh said that in April, nineteen ninety part had threatened to strangle them then dump thereby. these need the Jani plants on conquering. He rode. Jani was an indigenous word for cannabis and there had been a cannabis. I need the areas where Clinton and Evelyn were found. Another man testified that heart had told him. He had two bodies married in semi, Jani Crops,
and a prison inmates said that while Hod was awaiting trial, he had admitted to killing Evelyn bus slamming head against the wall, but to the restrictions placed on them. The prosecutor, she was unable to detail. Much of the evidence on covered by Gary Jubilant strike force thence tame undermined the prosecutions witnesses by claiming one was quite a drunk and that the prisoner who testified was previously convicted of perjury just as they had done during Clinton's trial. They describe town numerous people said they had seen Evelyn the morning after she went missing a bear reveal shop. Cave ah said the little girl had come into her store had seven. I am that day witnesses from
the victims, families were already confused by the restrictions placed on them in terms of what they could all couldn't say. The fact that fifteen years had passed it, even Asia, but the defence to cast doubt upon their recollections. At times Evelyn's relatives felt as though they were the ones on trial. Her mother, Rebecca God was grilled about her drinking habits and sexual partners. She couldn't fathom why there seemed to be more focus on her, Then the main charged with killing Evelyn this time hot, didn't take the stand on March three, one month after the trial began, the jury delivered their verdict. Not guilty. J heart had been acquitted once again. Evelyn's family, were devastated, as was there
RO, the community and the relatives of the other victims now that J Heart had twice been found not guilty the victims, families felt they the little chance of ever receiving justice. We'll jeopardy laws in New South Wales meant that an individual couldn't be prosecuted again for a crime they had already been acquitted of. But this changed in December two thousand and six Due in part to campaigning by the families, the new southward, it was parliament made an amendment said the States crimes appeal, Review ACT now someone who had been acquitted could be a trial. If fresh and compelling evidence was found, destruct force got back to and began investigating again. They established that witness
sightings have Clinton and Evelyn the morning after they went missing, were not correct and that people had EVA confused their diet. Big mistake, and all were miss remembering things as part of. a re investigation destruct force also uncovered a crucial pace of information that had been completely ignored until now At around five, I am on the morning of February one ninety, ninety one. livery drivers, Gregg in us than democracy, a fatty were driving towards Berryville I had a load of meat to drop off at the town butcher and the road stretched out in front of them in the predawn hours, the brought headlights of their truck cast a strong light across their Ah, while their surroundings faded into darkness travel,
At a speed of about eighty kilometres per hour, the men swung left as that came to a corner. On that side, a stretch of nine locally as nor go corner? It was then that their tracks, I deem illuminated something a young indigenous man, was lying on the road he had. The smooth and youthful face of attained nature and had a shirt Todd around his waist there, when no shoes on his fate Hand was stretched above his head, which was turned to one side, and he was completely still as Michael, lighter told the Sydney morning harrowed at looked like he was either they're asleep, drunk or dead,
watch out with some guy on the road he wants. Gregg the two men pulled over and parked the truck then pee out of the window. Had the person sprawled across the road they saw. There was also was stocky white man at the sane, and he was standing The boy is, though, to help him leaning across from the passenger Sate Marco last night. What's going on, We could have hit that guy he's lying in the middle of the road. The white man reassured Michael and Gregg that everything was fine. Dean Jonas boy was just a slave and he called the police to pick him up. go check whether the man wanted some helping carrying the teenager off the road, but the men waved him off, saying, hey good, manage by himself
Leaving the situation was under control that delivery men pulled back onto the road and continued on their way up ahead. They noticed what looked like a mustard colored station wagon part to one side its boot was open and its lights were off. When Gregg and Michael later heard that a sixteen year old, named Clinton, Speedy Jerome had been found murdered in some nearby Bush land they realized the significance of what they had seen them. Meaning that they had seen a seemingly unconscious indigenous boy lying on the ground was the same day. That Clinton was believed to have been attacked. Perhaps the boys killer had been hoping that a vehicle would run over the body making it look like an accident instead of murder.
The two men reported the incident to police when guy A jewel and tame will once again investigating the case in two thousand and seven I found a running shade from April nineteen. Ninety one that detailed the men citing bought the end a nation had never been properly investigated or available at the trial for Clinton's murder. The original detectives hadn't even obtained formal statements from Gregg and Michael in two thousand and sixteen Mako skiff eighty shared another detail with the journalist Dan Box. A cup lobbyists after he had observed the strange saying at Norka corner. He had been at work when some colleagues began past. sing around photographs from a community event in bear avail.
Michael, was looking at the photos when one person in a pitcher caught his eye. He asked his coworkers if they knew who the person was and they flew. The third, however, to rates of names that had been scribbled on the back. According the days annotations. The person go had noticed, was J Hard Mako was certain that hard was the man he'd seen with the indigenous boy. had no corner easily. Are Detective jubilant and his team believed that the nor co corner citing constituted fresh and compelling evidence. on behalf of the New South Wales police force. They may do so mission, that hot be re trod for the murders of Clinton and Evelyn, and indeed
for the murder of collating Craig bought on June for two thousand and seven. The day pay pay advised that the new evidence wasn't sufficiently fresh or compelling their application was denied. Over the years, the lack of it and resolution in the three Berryville notice, has attracted attention from the media. The case is, being fate. in a number of high profile television programmes and was the subject of a two thousand and thirteen document, Free by indigenous RADA, legal academic and filmmaker lorries, the Berend shade travelled to be our avail to interview the victims, families and her film titled innocence, betrayed one and was short listed for several awards. Three years later,
strongly newspaper released upon podcast serious about their case. crime journalists, Dan Box interviewed calling. Evelyn and Clinton's families as well. as various witnesses? Hey also spoke with J hard at length. In the conversation, Who has changed his name and no longer lives in bear strenuous. they denied having anything to do with the murders Haven stated that he wouldn't be opposed to being tried again, as Hey believed. That would provide him with the opportunity to clear his name once and for all. The series shown a new spotlight on their case and alive to a renewed push for action, as it turned out, The laws on the admissibility of evidence had recently been updated, meaning that data Of calling and Evelyn's cases would now be it
miserable in a trial for Clinton's murder. In February, two thousand and seventeen police charge hard with Clinton and Evelyn's murders. Yet again,. The New South Wales attorney general applied to the states cord of criminal appeal for a re trial on the grounds that these new laws effectively gave rise to fresh and compelling evidence the following year. This application was rejected with the court ruling that none of the evidence was fresh. The attorney general applied to Australia is high court for special leave to appeal this decision, but was denied to this day. J hot maintains he had nothing to do with the murders of Evelyn Grain, ah poor Clinton, Speedy Jerome or the disappearance of calling Craig, hey Us
that the evidence against him is purely circumstantial and he's the only suspect, because police botched their investigation neglecting to look at any other persons of interest. Hot recently spoke with indigenous filmmaker Alan Clock for a forthcoming documentary Todd owed the barrel murders And told clock police haven't, got a single witness. That seen me do anything. They haven't got a single pace of forensic evidence to tie me to them. Not one pace. case file, acknowledges J Hearts Right said: the presumption of innocence, Colleen, Evelyn and Clinton's families still fighting for a retrial them.
their loved ones have no doubt that the case would have being traded very differently if they weren't indigenous from the start, police dismissed their concerns due to the prejudices about their community Michel Jarrett, the yards of Evelyn Green up, has said that if Collins disappearance was taken seriously, then Evelyn and Clinton might still be alive. Today. When two of the cases the lighter went to trial indigenous witnesses found themselves up against a legal system that was foreign to them, the jury selected didn't include any indigenous people and they at educated on indigenous communication styles, which possibly lead to witnesses being misinterpreted as untrustworthy for Example, some indigenous witnesses would say yes as a polite response to bang aspect.
Question. Before going on to give evidence that contradicted what jurors heard as their previous answer in today, In sixteen, the New South Wales Police, Commissioner, Andrew Skippy Yoni met with all three families to formally I acknowledge that institutional racism has hindered the initial handling of their case. Hey stated, I once a publicly again alleged that the New South Wales police force could have done more or for your families when these crimes first occurred and how these added to your pain as a grave in community, and for that. I am sorry. Calling Craigs family have never stopped looking for her body in two thousand and eleven. They thought they might have found. When some bones were discovered not far from Berryville, but these turned out to be
animal remains to this day Alain siblings, cousins, nephews, Indonesia is still search for her Fact that she has never been found has contributed to the grave as one of colleagues cousins told a parliamentary committee. It is something that is missing within. All of us not actually knowing where she is, and what has happened to her is something that we carry every single day those closest to Evelyn growing up, have battled guilt as well as sorrow, her grand mother Patricia has suffered ass. She heard Evelyn cry out on the nod in question, but was able to reach her Evelyn's mother, Rebecca has also been tormented by the fact that Evelyn went missing from the same room where she was sleeping.
In the years after her daughters, death, Rebecca directed her paying in woods and struggled with alcoholism, In her own words, my heart was ripped apart and I felt as a new Evelyn was never coming back to me. I would never be able to give her a hog will give her a kiss tell her. Everything is all right and all would never say more daughter grow up into a beautiful woman. I was always traded like. I had no right to Evelyn's information on updates of the investigation and all was always left out of everything, because everyone blame to me no one will ever know how. I feel because was Evelyn's mother and had that special bond with her, I carried her for nine months,
I her move and grow. When my wife and I gave birth to my first born child Evelyn, Clarice Green up. Even though Clinton Speedy Jerome was the first victim found later emerged, that the police had not done a thorough job in bringing him back to his family a year after Clinton's murder to bones below To him were found in the bush. his family learnt of this oversight, twelve years after they lost Clinton when he's autopsy report was accidentally shared with them. This was an extremely painful discovery. Especially as the burial of human remains, is a very sensitive matter within indigenous culture. Clinton's family members still struggle to speak of the boy they lost due in part to the sense of being
this they feel from their trials outcome. In nineteen nineteen for his brother, Troy has said he had difficulty even speaking to his wife about, captain and has never really learned how to deal with the pain and the loss of trust in the justice system. The constant battle with the police, the legal system and the government over the past three decades has left all of Clinton's loved. and feeling despondent, the younger generation has picked up the fought from their parents, but the loss thing they want is for future generations to have to do the same thing in Clinton's fathers words each time we think we are going to get justice. We are let down we keep going, but it is hard
those who knew calling Craig described her as vibrant kind well liked she had attained and a loving nature, as demonstrated by her care for younger children, a family, said she had a strong character with a clear moral compass, while still being something of a prank star who locked to make jokes at the time that she disappeared. Colleen had completed a certificate and some work. Experience in preparation for achieving her dream of becoming a prey schoolteacher before she left her home town of sore tell to go to bear of ill in the days before her death. She kissed her mother, goodbye. Colleen and her mom Muriel had a special bond and everywhere who knew them was sure Colleen would never go anywhere without telling Muriel of her plans. This
never being re united with her daughter, Muriel still feels her presence, not long after calling disappeared, myriad heard a familiar tapping had her kitchen window, although Colleen was announced, their material felt in her heart that the noise was her daughters, spirit reaching out. Evelyn Grain of was shy with the outsiders and scared of strangers. When her family went for a walk, stick about four year. Old Evelyn would cling tightly to an adult hand, but closer to home personality, Sean Evelyn, loved visiting her aunties and playing with her cousins and too little brothers swayed. and gentle. She always had a smile on her face and especially
to being outside in nature. Clean in Spain, the Euro was nicknamed Bobby by his family. Sometimes they jokingly called him pretty boy because he took so much pride in his clothes and appear his he's passions, whereat, music and dancing. When he hit the dance floor at parties, all lies were drawn to him He was also a talented football player, helping he's Tain T in the under six Danes, grand final bus scoring to tries Clinton, had a reputation for being friendly and kind to young, children with one of his aunts, remembering how kids would have trail behind him. Wherever he went a monument,
They're calling Craig Evelyn Green up and Clinton Speedy Jerome was built. It bear avails. Memorial pog seeks wooden benches full. My circle around three Paul's, each of which features apply, could dedicated to one of the victims. The three poles are linked by a triangular rooftop, creating small, sheltered area where people can gather color Evelyn and Clinton's families were role consulted for the memorial it was in vision as a place where they had to the community can reflect on the loss of their three children and Their memories the victims. Loved ones were overcome with anger. After their most recent application for a re trial was rejected by a strictly as high court to protest the rolling they plus
the windows of Sidney's, the law courts, building with what painted handprints in a voice thick with emotion- and Have Clinton speedy, Jerome told journalists we us in a twenty nine year wrought of injustice, We arrived. you owe us this justice. How dare you all.
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