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Case 195: The Costa Mesa Murders

2021-11-06 | 🔗
On the evening of May 22 2010, Steve Herr drove over to his son Sam’s apartment in Costa Mesa, California. The 26-year-old college student was supposed to be spending the weekend with his parents but when he never showed up, Steve decided to check on him... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Article – Get $50 off your first order of $100 or more OUAI – Get 15% off your entire purchase with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Noom – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today ZipRecruiter – Post your jobs for FREE For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-195-the-costa-mesa-murders
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reply asking what was the matter after making her promise that she wouldn't tell anyone. The sender explained that they were hurting due to some bad family. Trap a short while laid up Julie, so fine lit up again. Where are you? Can you come by? I dont want to be polite It was the approaching midnight when Julie pulled up to the canned in Martinique apartments in the californian city, coastal Mesa. The spring in residential complex, consisted of multiple low rise buildings centres with winding walkways and palm trees after parking, her car Julie, headed towards one of the buildings. While texting, hey Buddy, I am here I am working to your place then, she reached the rod floor. She message to her brother talker today
him. No, she arrived safely at her destination as Julie taught She heard a strange, sound from the other side of an apartment door. It sounded like a person sobbing signing off her message to talk of Julie. Road SAM is crying. It's not good. Hours earlier, twenty three year outer Julie, cable Wishy had been out with her brother Attaka and he's fiance in long Beach, not far from where she lives
in Irvine Orange County. The trio dawning at attire restaurant need talk is home. It was discussed. no occasion talker he's fiance had a very important request to make of Julie, Julie was born on Valentine's day in nineteen, eighty seven and others joking lay said that this was the reason she was a hopeless romantic, so when Julie was ass. Today, a bridesmaid at her brothers upcoming wedding. She was overcome with the joy of She happily accepted the offer GA handed her sister tiara. It was both a gift and the finishing touch her bridesmaid outfit Julie. Put it. at once. After dinner, the trio handed back to talk is home. To continue chatting
Julie, wasn't planning on staying long die during dinner, her Red Samsung EL phone had lit up with text messages from a close friend named SAM hair. The two mad orange coast. Community college, where they both took anthropology Julie, had cheated SAM in this subject, Helping him achieving a in that clause according to SAM's text, he was having a rough not after some back and forth we told SAM. She would leave her brothers house to visit him right away. She respected SAM's request to come alone and after a short Dr Julie, arrived at the Cannes in Martinique apartments in coastal Mesa where same lived. the following morning. Gene code Hey bewitching stood at the door to her daughter, Julie's bedroom. The ban
inside had not been slept in, and there was our son of Julie, anywhere else in the house. It wasn't like a Julie to disappear They are telling her parents where she would they feel I had always being of the utmost importance to her born into a close Japanese american household Julie was the third or fourth children and had two older brother, when Julie's mother June CO was pregnant. With her, she was told that her third child would be. A boy is well Julie. Was there or an unexpected, though happy surprise to her parents. They named her jury, but as their first grew older. She was more commonly known to her friends by the american eyes. Diversion of her name Julie now, unable to find a duly anywhere junker, followed up France, but none could share
any laud on where she might be when texts and calls to Julie, cellphone continue to go on answered with certain something was wrong and contacted the police. At the same time that Julie's family were worrying about her a couple who live in the Orange county. Neighbourhood of Anaheim Hills were during where their son my day, stave and kill her had been expecting a visit from their only child Samuel, better known as SAM. He spent many wakened with these parents, who were only a thirty minute drive away from he's coastal Maser apartment Raquel had spoken with sand. over the phone around launched on the previous day, and he hadn't,
in any indication that he intended to change these plans. The couple tried calling SAM periodically throughout the day, but he cell phone was switched off. Same Dodd. They had never known sand to turn off. He's fine I lied evening. Stave hair was standing at the front door to his sons. Apartment using a spare k seem had given him stay for let himself even to check that everything was all right. The lights were on, but all was quiet. Nothing looked out of place. Sam's apartment was a typical.
Lastly, furnish the bachelor pad his acoustic guitar was perched in its stand in a lounge. Some blankets were folded up at the end of the sofa and textbook sat on a bookcase, everything was need and tidy in the kitchen, some washed, the dishes are being left and drawing rack and Mayo sat stacked on account of top empty, be bottles were scattered by the barbecue out on the patio, despite the seemingly normal seeing in front of him, stay, felt strange as though some one else wherein the apartment with him. He called out his son's name, Sammy Dan. As Steve looked into seems bedroom. He was met with a horrifying. Alongside SAM's, messy and unmade bed was a young woman.
She was kneeling, her torso sprawled over the matter and her lower legs resting on the floor. Her James had been caught at the waistband hand, down through the same before being ripped down around her knaves. A message had been scribbled in black market across the back of a great talk. She was still wearing it read quiet. All yours, fuck you, the back of her head, was bloody, as were the shades beneath her stave saw what he recognised as a gunshot wound in her scout sitting on top of their head in her long matted black hair was the tiara stave new without a doubt that the woman was dead, panicked. He pulled out his cell phone and dialogue and no one one when the operator answered. He cried,
in a distraught voice. There's a body in my son's apartment, Steve, recognised the deceased woman. Has his sons, close friend, tend to Anthropology Cheetah Julie, Kabuki. She he had met Julie before And thought she was a lovely young woman, noting how well she got on with SAM Stew. for later ass. He saw if there was a romantic connection between them. Sam had dismissed the notion telling his father. That Julie was more like a sister to him, but it looked as though some sort of sexual activity had taken place in SAM's room. When police arrived on the same day made the same observation The way Julie's body was pose, turned the aggressive removal of her pants indicated that she had been sexually assaulted, then brutally executed.
An autopsy later revealed Julie had been shot twice in the head, the message that had been scrolled on her back or yours fuck. You seem too pointed as those directed at a particular person investigators suspected. I love triangle nicely likely. Sam had been campaigning for Julie's affections with another individual upon search. Seems room. They found what appeared to be a sex manual as well as the soldiers handbook. The latter made since prior to enrolling at college, when he was twenty six years old, same hair heads
In the United States armies, one hundred and seventy third Airborne brigade combat tame. He had been sent to Afghanistan and spent much of his time their fighting on the border with Pakistan in a particularly dangerous region that was constantly under fire when he returned to the. U S: SAM exhibited symptoms of post, traumatic, stress, disorder, suffering from regular, not mass where he was trapped in a Fox hall. While insurgents bore down on him eager to move on with these laugh, he enrolled in college, so he could obtain a degree in addition to the books. Investigators recovered a clean knife with a wide, partially surrounded blade. Julie's handbag was found in the kitchen with her.
driving licence and cell phone inside. An examination of Julie's phoned revealed how SAM had repeatedly reached out to her the previous night in a series of text messages he begged her to come over to he's place, while also insisting that she come alone and tell no one. Investigators noted how SAM had reassured Julie that he's desire to see her wasn't. Sexual. riding in one message: please: no sex, SAM cell phone wallet and passport when nowhere to be found his car a what Pontiac was also missing Investigators ran a background check on same here to find out who exactly that would dealing with.
as well as learning that SAM was an army veteran with extensive combat experience. They maiden Other more disturbing discovery used earlier in two thousand to same hair, being charged with murder at the time. So was eighteen years old. He had been friends with another young man named Byron, Benito who had gang affiliations Authority, Sir that, after some gang members suspected Byron of shooting one of their friends same hair, helped them buzz luring Byron to a secluded. Industrialists died according to police off Sam and bar and arrived there. A group of silence attacked Byron, studying and debating him to death but he's role in the plot same here
was charged with murder and spend almost a year in custody before going to trial in two thousand for the prosecutor, she argued that, while SAM hadn't physically hurt Byron, he had taken him to the side of his death. With full knowledge of what would on followed unconvinced that dazed actions proved SAM guilty of, DA a jury ultimately acquitted in relate and determined to start a new life, saving stood in the army and went on to become a decorated veteran. Despite he's full exoneration seems history was notable to the detectives investigating him for the murder of Julie, cable wishy. Almost a decade later,. similarities between the two crimes were clear BAR and Julie were close friends of SAM and both had met a violent and
after SAM lowered them to a predetermined destination. At this point, locate soon became a matter of public safety physically fit and strongly build SAM was more than capable of defending himself. If necessary. Then there was his military combat. Experience As well as the likelihood that he was armed with a gun, investigators had to move quickly though I interviewed everyone who knew SAM leading a number of neighbours who lived in the Canton Martinique apartments do too most of their residents being college students around the same age. The apartments had a throbbing social sane and many of the people who lived there were friendly with one another A man who lived a couple of flaws below SAM, said he'd seen him the afternoon before
Julie was murdered. Sam had helped him move some heavy items. Then he D left can't in March Make with a man SAM's neighbor had never seen before the man was white and wore a black baseball cab. The neighbors fiance confirmed this siding adding that the man didn't live at the apartments and she had never seen him before Meanwhile same has father stave was struggling with this sudden disappearance of his son, determined to tracking down he began carrying out his own private investigation. Sam had previously provided He's father with all of these online banking details and passwords in case of an emergency On Monday May, twenty four, when SAM had been missing for two days, Steve logged into his sons, bank account
almost the right away stave noticed that there had been lots of activity over the past few days same had repeatedly we, drawn funds from an atm in long beach. Each time he opted to take out four hundred dollars, the maximum a man he's bank. Mitted him to withdraw or in a day over all these increment said up to almost two thousand dollars Steve, then drove along Bay in the hopes of cash, the same in the act. He staked out the city's eighty aims, but didn't say he son, then he drive around the areas, straits and roads, keeping a lookout for SAM's. What Pontiac there was no sign of it Suddenly, a notification came through one staves, fine from seems bank seems bank
he had just been used to order. Some pages long badge. Pizza, Paula, named, echoes, Steve, rushed to the restaurant. set along a busy six lengths thoroughfare with Tables DA umbrellas set out along the pavement fur outdoor dawning, stave parked in front of echo, and alternated between watching its glass door. Entrance and keeping an eye out for SAM's car. He will did for anyhow, although patrons came and went. He some never appeared the case. tactics said also gained access to seems banking records and were also being a watch on account activity luck stave. They had noted the repeated with the drawers being made from long beach. They had been for separate withdrawals from two different
chase bank. Eighty aims the machines had cameras fitted in sod, investigators were able to obtain the surveillance footage from both on examining the footage recorded at the exact time seems cod had been used. Detectives were perplexed, standing before the machine was a teenage boy. He was wide and looked very young, dressed in a haughty and a black baseball cap Was this the individual in the black hat that SAM's neighbors had seen him with on the day of Julie's murder, the detectives didn't recognize him and nor did SAM's. parents, when they were shown a photo investigators, contacted echoes pizza, Paula, where SAM's cod had been used to make a purchase and asked for the delivery
address provided for that particular rorschach once they had it, a full swat team descended on the property and to help them There was dispatched for an aerial view if same here, was hiding inside the investigators didn't want to take any chances. The last thing dynamic, it was a hostage situation on their hands. Judging from the noises emanating from the House Party was in full swing when the occupants were ordered to open up the teenage boy who had been called on the two aims camera opened at the front door he's Name was wisely and he was seventeen years old. He lived there with his mother, who was a drama teacher, Wesley was ordered out of the house, along with these friends whom he invited over.
play video games and instructed to get down on the ground As he lay on the front lawn office offices filed inside to conduct a thorough search determined that they would flush out SAM, from wherever he was hiding after exam a true it was clear. Sam hair wasn't in the house, but he's debit card was when confronted with SAM's debit card, wisely denied. Having used at all even knowing anything about it. you sure about that. One of the office disaster, this cods tied to a homicide. Wesley demeanor immediately changed, he looked a visibly scared, as he repeated the words a homicide. It didn't take long for him to spill what he knew wisely. Didn't
Sam hair. He had been with the drawing the money on behalf of someone else. Twenty. Six year old, Daniel Wozniak lived at the Canton Martinek apartments. A couple of flaws below same has residents. He had held a few different jobs here and there, but he's true passion was acting. Daniels performances in community theatre productions had been positively received, and he was currently starring in the lead role in several month. Long run of the musical nine had an alternative theatre company in Orange, county hay and say Herr became friendly after Daniel and his fiance Rachel Buffet, a fellow sparring. Acta had moved into the complex romance solely out in February. They. A circle of friends at Cannes and Martin Ache and socialist
The regularly Daniel was the din stairs neighbor, who were dimension to seeing SAM leave with the man in black baseball cap on the day of Julie, cable wishes murder. Initially, this had appeared to be a helpful clue in the search for SAM now. investigators viewed Daniels story, far more critically. Seventeen year old Westley had since accused Daniel of supplying him with SAM's bank cod, under the order to drain the account was Daniel, helping SAM, evade authorities if so was hail, where of what exactly his friend was running from detectives, cold, Daniel Wozniak cell phones seeking an explanation. He answered that said that he couldn't spake with them that not because he was at his bachelor party
In two days time on fraud, I may twenty eight Daniel was getting married and he had gone to a japanese restaurant with a few friends to celebrate investigators didn't care with the same has still a threat to the public. They needed to speak with Daniel right away, Detective Jose Marilla surprised the beige single story, building that housed tsunami sushi, like created on the Pacific coast, tore away in Huntington Badge, the restaurant often hosted parties with its Tappin Yankee Grill, a popular attraction. Detective morale us entered the establishment alone in his plain clothes. He wouldn't attract much attention. The detective walked through the. Door and strode around at the bar area scanning the room, but
annual Wozniak. He couldn't see him then, towards the back of the restaurant in a private banquet room. He spotted here Daniel was dressed in cocky, PAN Centre Hawaiian should laughing ass. He drank soccer with these friends. detective Marilla S, radioed for backup and more office. Soon arrived at the same. They waited until Daniel had paid for the meal then entered through the restaurants rate or and fired into the banquet room when Daniel looked up and saw them all of the blood drained from his face, the detectives flushed their badges and petted Daniel down before snapping a pair of handcuffs around his wrist
then he was scolded out of his own bachelor party and in two awaiting police car once annual was seated in an interrogation worrying that coastal Mesa police station. He say two more relaxed. Then he looked at the restaurant, but for questioning began Daniel ashore. The interviewing detectives, I'm going to tell you everything, I'm sick, of covering four San. He said, knew nothing about Julie, cable wishes, murder thought had been duped into helping supply. Funds for SAM has escaped He also admitted that the man in black baseball cap had never existed. He had invented him to cover up the himself Daniel explained that SAM had called him, the previous Friday
morning. Hours before he later attacked and killed, Julie, cable Wishy SAM had offered to pay Daniel if he helped him out with this game he was planning to drain he's. I'm bank account using a third party and then intended to fall. A claim that he's debit card had been stolen. He's bank would have to re fond what had been taken and he get double the pay out. The author was tempting Daniel and he's fiance Rachel had a little money, the community, Data shows they loved performing pay, did nothing and they both worked odd jobs to get by somehow they wound up severely dad and months behind on their rand. What SAM was
jesting was illegal, but Daniel desperately wanted some cash. He agreed to participate and Samson He would stay clear of the items being used to make with the drawers that way. No one could say they had seen him there and he's face, wouldn't be captured by the machines, cameras You Daniel last he's teenage friend Wesley, whom he met through their shared interest in theatre, to make the withdrawals. Daniel told Wesley, he was working for a bail bonds I join and that the card belonged to. One of the agents can. And so it goes on the run after posting. By all he wants. Wesley's help to drain the clients it can and had shown the train, I had to use the cod and withdraw funds in four hundred. Dollar increments. He did so.
It was vital that Wesley always wear a hat and sunglasses when he was at the atm, because what Lee was under rage done believed he was less likely to get in trouble. Leafy was CORD Daniel insisted. Tat. He had no idea where same hair was now setting the credit fraud story, Assad the interrogators changed the subject back to Julie key. But we see did Daniel know anything about her, Madame after initially saying he didn't, Daniel admitted that he did SAM had told him all about it. on the evening of fraud. I may twenty one Daniel and he's fiance Rachel had performed on stage in the community data musical. They were both in before returning home.
Quiet, not watching tv. On the couch. The next morning Daniel was woken by a steady, knocking at ease front door. He opened it and saw same hair standing outside looking nervous when Daniel last. If everything was all right, SAM replied, no good. We're in trouble seem big. Daniel to get him out of coastal Mesa and handed over his laptop for safe keeping Daniel told detectives where they could find the device in his apartment. The two got into SAM's. What Pontiac with the Danube and the wheel as they headed southbound down the into state, four or five freeway, see him suddenly made an admission that a body in my apartment, a shot. Somebody always
not happy about it. There was a fit of rage and honestly she had it coming she Daniel last seen told him. The victim was he's good friend, Julie but we he had gotten drunk and high on ecstasy, the night before and started scarlet through photos of Julie on social media becoming up said, ass. He looked at the images he started, texting Julie, asking her to come. I saw when she arrived at his apartment. He propositioned her and she refused so he shot and killed her Daniel was shocked, Julie from their social circle like Camden Martin Ache. She often joined the gatherings there. As a friend of sand and now SAM had made him
a partial accessory to her murder by asking for Help Daniel pulled off the highway and began to shout what the fuck would have. You got me into what are you doing, SAM Audit Daniel, not to tell anyone and threatened on know where you live. Let me out on going to fuck and kill you and better. Yet I'm going to start with your wife, the two struck a deal. SAM would give Daniel the entire contents of one of these bank accounts a sum that total sixteen thousand dollars if Daniel would help him conceal these crime and escape Daniel adamantly denied that he helped salmon any the way aside from getting him cash and driving him out of town when os
where exactly he had taken SAM Daniel said he had dropped him off at the loss, Altos shopping Centre in long Beach, say took off somewhere unknown, while Daniel Dr Sam's car to a quiet straight need and abandoned dead. investigators informed Daniel Wozniak that they needed one more thing from him a day and I test Just said they could eliminate him as a suspect. though Daniel was happy to oblige and allowed the detective to swap his mouth he's suddenly added another new data. I to his story. He had been in SAM's apart, and on the afternoon of fraud, I may twenty one here, The gun in their briefly to use the bathroom and he might have also quickly, doktor out to the patio. If the detectives
and he's dna in those locations. That was the and why. With Daniel now admitting to visiting SAM's apartment on the day of Julie, cable wishes, murder, the detectives began to push harder had he assisted SAM in cleaning up the crime scene. Was there a chance he had seen Julie's body did see, tell him what is done with the murder weapon annual answered no to every question he's time growing. louder and increasingly belligerent, h time, having cooperated with investigators. Every step of the way Daniel seemed confident that he would be allowed to go home. He stood up, as did the detectives
But he's the latest admission meant he was now being charged with accessory to murder. After the fact, when the detectives informed Daniel that He wouldn't be going anywhere shock washed over his face. Suddenly growing in it. He blurted out I'll talk to you about anything. If it gets me to my wedding on Friday, that's what I will promise. He repeated his earlier claims but continued to deny, having seen Julie, Body in SAM's apartment the detectives kept pushing adventure, Lee Daniel yelled in a dramatic and booming voice. I don't What else you want me to say, I don't know, I don't know he Hobbes hand briefly in front of his face as though shy
can then anxiously began running at through his hair. One of the detectives calmly replied tell us the truth. You not that good of Acta after shaking his head, several moments. Daniel finally declared yes, I saw the goddamn body. Is that what you wanna hear? He explained that SAM had an actually confessed to him in the car. Instead, he had told Daniel about the murder wall that was still at can't in Martinique. Sam had asked him for help cleaning up the crime saying so Daniel, followed SAM to his apartment. Upon entering the bedroom, he saw Julie's body lying by the bed moving in for a closer look, he leaned over Julie and examined her.
When asked, what did you say? Daniel replied saw too in in her head Daniel Wozniak was taken to a holding cell older, he had hoped police would release him in time to attend his wedding There was no way they were, allowing an accessory to murder to walk free by now. That was Thursday. May twenty seven and he'd Beynon custody since, like the previous, not he was supposed to be getting married. The following day inside he cell Daniel had access to a telephone. He placed a call to his fiance, twenty two year old, Rachel Buffet, tool. Hadn't had much sleep the night before a detective.
the visited her at home to let her know Daniel was being interviewed and asked her to answer some questions as well. Rachel, a great to accompany him to the station and it was released within a couple of hours realizing how serious the situation was she a dream? into her parents house to let them know that the wedding wouldn't be going ahead. Then she paid a future in laws visit informing them, that Daniel had been arrested. Her cell phone rang a little while later she had Putin at a gas station, hi baby Daniel graded, her in a flat voice. When actual demanded to know what he had done. Daniel explained how he had helped SAM cover some stuff up. he said he had also helped SAM acquire some quote hard core ecstasy, which say
had been high on when he murdered Julie, Daniel New he's actions were wrong. That said that Did the money Rachel reprimanded, Daniel, telling him we never need money, we need to be good Paypal and adjust have each other. Then she added something else. Rachel mentioned how she had spoken to Daniels older brother TIM snack that morning, she'd bumping to him when she was leaving Daniels parents house and told him how dying who had been arrested upon hearing this team seemed agitated and started fiddling with the cell phone. He blood it out. Something about. Having evidence realising the significance of this statement. Rachel told danny-
that she was planning to report it to the detectives investigating the case as soon as possible. Daniel was silent for a moment before, stating then on doomed at midday. One of the detectives who had spent the previous, not grilling Daniel Wozniak received a phone call. It was from the jailer who was currently watching over Daniel in custody. Apparently Daniel wanted to speak with investigators. Again, the detective these way to the holding. So where Daniel Wozniak was being held, Daniel looked distraught and nervous, he had dropped it.
blanket over he's head and shoulders which added to his bereft appearance without hesitation, he told the detective. I need to talk to you about something Once again, Daniel was escorted to an interrogation room where he was Reddy's rights that this time he waved them daring directly at the detective Daniel said, I'm crazy, and I did a case far- will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors, harsh winter or windy weather can wreak havoc on your hair.
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County jail, where he placed some phone calls to friends trying to source funds, so he could be released on bail, Money was an issue for Daniel. He had to bank accounts, both of which were overdrawn, and I had a couple of months. Rent Turkey's and Rachel's landlord. Now here finally going to be more trouble with Bio required and the criminal charge to defend one of Daniels. Friends tried to help him find the cash by phoning other acquaintances, who might be willing to contribute some bio money. He gutting with Daniels Neighbour, same hair and asked, if you be willing to assist. Sam refused, although he had about sixty two thousand dollars. Thanks to his meticulous saving of these combat pay, he wasn't I close to Daniel didn't want to get make stopping he's criminal charges
annual, had to spend a nodding custody that manage described. Together enough to pay these vile and was released the next day, that I'm not behind bars had been enough. He subsequently told his friends. He never wanted to. Go back there again when he bumped into same hair out one can't in Martinique Jacuzzi. He shared his experience with him. Come mining about how warfare jail had Bain SAM incredulous. He had spent more than a year and allied canny men's jail while awaiting trial for murder. When he was eighteen years old, one not was nothing. I know all about being in jail. He told Daniel before explaining how he had been charged in relation to a friend's homicide. It was the first to Daniel had heard about seems passed before he became a soldier and college student
around the same time same learnt that Daniel Aunt Rachel were behind on their rant and facing eviction Hey offered to help hey what diode, although he didn't want to be responsible for Daniels, Bio money. Rent was a different matter he took Daniel to a nearby atm to withdraw some cash, as he punched in he's, pin number and his accounts total balanced flashed on the screen. Daniel watched closely, the southern California City of LA seldom NATO cease home to the joint forces training base a military facility that is featured in Hollywood films over the years. Its proximity to the Centre of american filmmaking has made a convenient backdrop familiar
they d movies in nineteen, forty to debase opened their liberty data. Where shows where staged and films were sprained for service men and women. Daniel Wozniak was well acquainted with the Liberty Theodor it was close to his family home in long Beach and he performed on its stage. Multiple times. Hey struck the theme Iran. Is this a charismatic and cheerful person who loved to tell jokes and bade the centre of attention that the liberty, where Daniel struck up a report with the younger cost member wisely and became something of a mentor to detain teenager. On the morning of fraud, I may twenty one two thousand and ten Daniel ass. He's neighbour same hair to help him with something he knew
did a hand moving some items that was stored at the liberty, see it all. Sam was all too happy to assist when his mother called him at one thousand. Two hundred and twenty five p dot m. That day Hey mentioned how he was in the middle of helping someone out and would call her back soon. He never did Daniel and SAM drove to the theatre ring seems car once their day. Headed backstage and towards a lotta that lead upstairs to a small laddie, where the theatres lots were the two men climbed the ladder and Daniel directed SAM towards a piece of furniture stating. I need you to help me move this soon began to lift the item as SAM Noteworthy back to him,
Daniel pulled out a thirty eight caliber semi automatic pistol that he had previously stolen from his parents house. Daniel ain't, the gun it SAM and pulled the trigger shooting SAM in the back of the head, SAM fell to the floor, shocks and confused looking up at Daniel. He said I need help something he me it felt like an electric shock, Daniel pulled the trigger again, but the pistol jammed. He rejected the stock round, re loaded, the weapon and with SAM still staring at him. He shot him once more in the temple after killing SAM Daniel grabbed his victims, belongings, including he
case bank cards and sell fine. Then he went back home, leaving seems body in the attic of deliberately Theodor that evening. He headed to a different data where he was delayed in production of the musical nine he's fiance Rachel Co Star I saw him one review. I had previously described Daniels performance as the best thing about the show that that night he seemed slightly less polished than usual. Sometimes he paused before delivering lines causing other casting crew members to worry that he might have forgotten them while Baxter age, Daniel used SAM Cell fine to tax, the Julie, cable, wishy, pretending to be SAM, he rose,
you come over tonight at midnight alone, very upset need to talk. Seemingly wanting to reassure Julie, that seems, motivations were pure. He twice clarified that he was and asking her I've to have sex Julie, who was replying in between having a meal with her brother and he's fiance seemed to find this suggestion absurd. in writing EL. I well San we're locked brother and sees no sex. She agreed to come over to seems apartment at midnight by herself after the performance concluded Daniel headed home and waited sitting on the couch with these fiance Rachel. He watched the film and then some a lot harder television at close to midnight. He talked a blanket over Rachel who was dozing snuck out of there.
Pop men and headed upstairs to SAM's. He claims he was standing outside the front door when Julie, cable. We see a raft concerned about her seemingly distraught friend Daniel explained that he was worried to SAM, had just call him upset and said he was going through. Some staff may too said Julie, Daniel told her. He had it. Spare K and suggested that go into SAM's apartment together to check. He was all right. The two walked inside. Daniel directed Julie, too seems bedroom. Asking. By the way, did you say this in SAM's bad.
as generally Lane dive, ought to say what Daniel was talking about. He poured out the pistol and shot her in the back of the head just ass. He had done with San off Firing twice Daniel posed to Julie's lifeless body by ripping her James and scribbling accrued message on her back. He wanted to look as though there had been a sexual assault. Following morning Daniel handed back to the Liberty Theodor where SAM's body Still lie in the attic he caught SAM's clothes off with a pair of scissors, then using a sore and hatchet that he had borrowed from he's free on size, brother, Daniel removed seems head one of these hands, and one of these four,
I'm, which was tattooed Daniel, hoped that removing these body parts would prevent. There remains from being identified, as he dismembered he's for my friend. Daniel began to laugh allowed to himself. He couldn't quite believe, What he was doing, interviewing detectives were runs, prize by Daniel Wozniak chilling confession. They had a long suspected he's involvement in Julie's murder went far beyond what he'd originally claimed and I want the only ones stave, hair, SAM's father had started to wonder about Daniel when he began looking into his sons, disappearance on his own. Another friend of SAM's had given stave Daniels contact details, so he could ask whether he had seen here
son stave, noticed that Daniels phone number had a long beach area code, the same neighborhood, where withdrawals were being made from seems bank account when stave checked the nuts of SAM's other friends. He realized that Daniel was the only one with the connection too long Badge Daniel had further provoked staves suspicions. During a conversation they had over the fine Wednesday vast. If Daniel knew of anything that had been troubling SAM done, you replied that he mentioned having some girl problems as well as Family issues, though I raised a huge red flag. Fist Dave, hey and his wife Rico were extremely close to their only child and SAM had no family problems to speak of
stave shared his suspicions with investigators. Who'd also noticed some strange day tiles survey in Julie's murder and SAM's disappearance. The crime scene, suggested Julie had been right and her killing was sexually motivated. Her autopsy revealed no evidence of a sexual assault Moreover, there was nothing suggest that SAM had ever harboured romantic feelings visually or that the two anything other than close friends once the withdrawals from seems bank account were definitively linked to Daniel Wozniak. It looked as though Steve has instincts had been correct. Throughout their lengthy questioning of Daniel in the early stages of their investigation. Detectives was struck by the way he story kept changing their group.
Suspicions were cemented during a pivotal moment in the interrogation when Daniel described saying Julie's murdered body in SAM's apartment in an attempt to coax information from him. The detectives had allied telling him that the results of these dna swab, what back already he's genetic material Rio was found on Julie's body, trying towards playing this away. Daniel data Oh, how he had leaned over Julie, Walling, SAM's apartment, perhaps sees dna, had fallen on to her when asked to describe what he saw when he looked at Julie. Daniel said there were two gunshot wounds in her head, but one way was visible, stave hair
even the seasoned investigators who had attended the crime saying all thought that Julie was shot wants until her autopsy result came through It was only possible for Daniel to know she had been shot twice if hay was somehow in solved in her nada, Daniel, had only kill Julie to cover up he's true target. Sam he's hope was that SAM would be blamed for Julie's murder to Daniel Thinking seems previous criminal charge would make him a plausible sauce, backed in another violent attack. Hopefully, investigators would assume he raped and killed Julie then escaped to live on the run
Daniel had known his fate was sealed when he's fiance Rachel told him she intended to tell the police about evidence. His brother had after killing Julian SAM Daniel had given his brother team a box telling him firmly not to open it inside was a backpack containing money. Daniel had stolen from SAM's apartment, the pistol used to kill both victims show casings, seems passport and bloody clothing and the tools Daniel leg, used to cut up he's body. Supposedly team had looked inside the box, despite Daniels, strict instructions and subsequently cold Daniel to ask about the items,
Daniel knew that if the police learned about that evidence, then he was doomed when investigate disaster Daniel. What he's motivation for the Grizzly double homicide had bain, he replied. Money and insanity and he gave a strange high pitched to laugh.
Daniel, knew that SAM had a significant amount of money and he wanted to get his hands on it. He explained that he was a pathological lie out, who couldn't bear to tell his fiance Rachel that he was broke and they were about to bay. Evicted. Hey had also wanted to give her the honeymoon of her dreams. Rachel's parents were paying for the wedding, but Daniel wanted to take her on a cruise off the woods shorn off when he investigators check to Daniels Computer. They found internet searches for results in Mexico. Hey had also googled how to hide a body. and quick ways to kill people detectives found the same has body in the attic of deliberately Theodor. As done,
Wozniak had described. He was missing his head and portions of both arms, but was identifiable by a large tattoo on his chest that Daniel had apparently missed it depicts a large love, hot surrounded by rose, is with the words mom and dad inked across the Santa after Daniel dismembered same has body. He had placed her head and hand in plastic bags. Then he stashed today's bags in a backpack. Longing to SAM Daniel, told investigators that on Saturday may twenty two, while SAM and Julie's families were trying to locate them. driven to the El Dorado Nature Centre, a one hundred and five acre park in long beach. He dogs,
hello, holes in several locations then placed the plastic bags containing SAM's body parts in separate halls, Daniel covered each one with blue, stirred and leaves before leaving to get ready for a social event. He was attending that nine, the musical he was starring in was wrapping up. The next day said the cost were all celebrating. with a party search teams headed out, said the El Dorado Nature Centre on fraud. I may twenty eight. The park was split up into quadrants, with age tat Covering a different area by the end of the day, police had recovered SAM's forearm and hand.
The following day, Saturday May twenty nine would have been SAM. Has twenty seventh birthday on what should have been a day of celebration? He's father stay found himself in the position of having to pray that he sons head, the final pace of ease body would be found and brought home, but burial staves prayer was answered with searches. Locating SAM's head for the day was allowed Steve and his wife for a cow had never believed for a moment that their son had killed, Julie, cable, we see from the beginning. They had been certain that he was the victim of a crime, not a perpetrator, although Steve already suspected he son, was dead. Having his worst fears can fund was devastating he later
Kate Elliot Green bag. Author of the book, killing for you that he was haunted by Daniel Wozniak motivation for killing his son and Julie quote. I cannot believe that somebody would do something locked to a young man and a young woman just for a few thousand dollars. My boy he's gone and on thinking what a waste, what a waste He saved all his money, so he could buy a house go to college and get married, and this guy it takes it all away, Julie The wishes family found themselves rate living the loss not of her life over and dies out. Thinking of how things might have been different, Julie's brother, Ga wasted poured her more alcohol during dinner, so she would have gotten drunk and had to stay over at his place.
her mother junker had given Julia advice about avoiding traffic while heading out long badge, not realizing that she was in danger of anything else that night Fraud, I may twenty eight two thousand and ten was supposed to be the day Of Daniel Wozniak Wedding SAM, had been unintended guest with detectives fund being an invitation talking elegant font amongst the mail in his apartment. Instead, Daniel was charged with two council first, a grey mode off the killing, SAM and Julie. He attempted to take his own life shortly after confessing to the crime. And was taken to hospital where he made a recovery police recovered the evidence that Daniel, had given to his brother team for safe keeping and a team was charged with being an exit.
sorry to murder after the fact The spot Daniel Wozniak confession he intended to play to not guilty. It was expected that he wouldn't face trial for at least a couple of years, while the prosecution put their case together, but the process ended up, taking more than five years The prosecution tame had decided to crimes warranted a death sentence which contributed to further delays as the defence what to have that option removed from the table the prosecution ultimately prevailed. Daniel Wozniak trial would proceed as a death penalty case. The trial finally began on December nine, two thousand fifteen the prosecution in and the jury, how same hair and a Julie, cable we she had been brutally killed due to Daniel, wasn't
acts desire for financial gain day lot heavily on video recordings of Daniels Confession and also called upon several witnesses. One of these was SAM has Father stave who had to discuss. To the court, how he had gone to his sons apartment to check on him only to discover Jewel cable wishes, murdered body inside Prosecutor that Murphy said the double homicide was as ruthless as a murder gets that's his blooded as a murder gets It is unnecessary. Has a murder gets defence? Had no opening argument and cold and no This is to the stand within five days. the jury had retired. To consider diverted it didn't take long
but two counts of murder in the first, the gray they found dead. You'll Wozniak guilty. They also had to carefully consider he sentencing death penalty case, his were rare in Orange County only being sought by prosecutors in about four percent of eligible cases, the defence insisted that day, lion? Wasn't the worst kind of murderer and deserved a chance for redemption But the prosecution argued that if ever a killer deserved the death penalty, Daniel was did because he had traded he's victims, quote luck, trash addressing the jury directly Matt If he asked are they
SAM and Julie's. Parents also spoke in favour of a death sentence and shared deeply personal memories of their children with the cod. After deliberating on the matter for more than an hour, the jury he came to a unanimous decision Daniel Wozniak would be sentenced to death. the has ended. The cable wishes were given an opportunity to address you directly when it came time for June co- cable, we she too spake. She asked her daughters, killer, a question that had haunted her ever since she had learned that jewel. They had been used as a prop in Daniel Wozniak's game quote, you took a precious life and then you disgraced her. Why? What did she do to you? How could you do anything like that to my baby
reading he's victim impact statement allowed Steve Hair said you Dan, are a coward and oppose the boy for the need for an effective death penalty ink California, my only regret, is that this state white, let me killed these coward myself Although Daniel Wozniak was the only individual convicted of killing same hair into Julie, cable, wishy investigators and the victims, families with certain he had an acted entirely alone. Both Daniels brother to him and he's fiance. Rachel Barford were charged with being accessories to murder after the fact, but some were convinced that their involvement with the crimes went above and beyond that.
Like Daniel Rachel Barford was an aspiring Acta who performed in community theatre productions to earn money. She'd played the part of area, from the little mermaid at the Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, Rachel small Frame and why the blue eyes meant she was perfectly suited for the role of a Disney princess. But those who were close to the couple hadn't seen it as a fairytale romance. They claimed that Daniel had changed after mating Rachel. He dropped out of college and he's relationship with these family became strain to after he's, parents curtium stealing money. Nevertheless, there was clear that Was crazy about Rachel, it seemed to outsiders is as though she called the shots. And then you would do anything to make her happy detectives had taken Rachel in for questioning
almost immediately after first arresting Daniel name suspicious of the way shade initially repeated. He story about saying same hair laid the apartment. Building with a man in a black baseball cap. Rachel had said that shaded recognize the man implying she had seen with her own eyes. Despite die. You now wait emitting Hey had made them. men up one query about her early acclaim, Rachel amended her story to say that Daniel had merely told her about the individual, hey, supposedly saucy em with and trusting him sheriff did he's version of events of Baden Rachel Adamantly denied, knowing that she and Daniel wearing financial trouble, insisting that hate kept that information from her.
But investigators learned that the couple had already been evicted from another apartment building diluting previously and had been defied that defaced eviction from Camden Martinique. Named highly unlikely that Rachel hadn't realized they weren't paying their bills? A witness named Chris US a shed more light on the matter he was a jazz singer who met Daniel and Rachel through mutual friends. Just a few weeks before the mood is Daniel had tall Chris that he was broke and asked to borrow three thousand dollars Chris, a great to lend him two thousand but said he'd need to be re paid by France. They may twenty one when that date rolled around Chris handed over to the couples apartment to collect his money
Daniel and Rachel, were both their, as was their neighbour same hair. After about ten minutes that's Daniel and SAM left, together with Daniel promising he'd pay crease. When he returned Chris waited at the apartment for several hours, privately wondering what was taking Daniel, so long, hey, chatted with Rachel. While she sat at the computer and looked for jobs, on Craigslist. Finally, Daniel reappeared by himself. He handed creates a lot of cash that he said was four hundred dollars and promised to repay the rest soon. Chris noticed that Rachel was glaring at Daniel eager to escape the apparent tension brewing between the couple Chris left quickly. After pocketing he's money, creases still
Replaced same hair in the couples apartment me hours before, he's murder and indicated Daniel wasted no time in helping himself too seems money. It also suggested some hostile Eddie between Daniel and Rachel Rachel had told the pole It's about Daniel leaving with sand that afternoon to, but in her version They had only been gone for a break for windows time she had never mentioned Chris at all around midnight that not Daniel claimed he's next victim Julie, cable, wishy, Rachel told police She had been asleep when Daniel snugly out to meet Julie, bought record Of her online activity revealed something curious about an hour before the second murder. Rachel had sent a facebook message to none other
then Julie, Kobodaishi Message was the reply to a friendly message. Julie had sent earlier that day offering regulations for Rachel's impending nuptials at around one thousand one hundred and ten p dot m Rachel replied promising that the two of them would catch up after her wedding quote will hang out when everything settles in the summer Sun police suspected that the plot against unduly had only bank concocted off the same modem Daniel had been using seems phone after killing him and sent a message to early in the afternoon before he's a lighter messages, begging her to come over in the earlier text. He wrote, that he was helping he's neighbourhood Dan. Perhaps this slip up
linking Daniel to SAM, had to led to Julie, becoming the target that Daniels cover up police suspect Did that Rachel had been in on the plan? Perhaps her facebook message to Julie was a kind of alibi to profess her ignorance, friends and acquaintances of the couple had noticed both of them behaving strangely, in the immediate aftermath of the tuna is at stake. child in the book killing for you, one of their co star in production of Non said Rachel, Saint, sad and distance on the nod of fraud. I may twenty one. In one saying that required her to act up said Rachel actually cried onstage continued crying afterwards as well. She had never wept during that same before at the following night show
Jewels Coastal asked her how she was Rachel. Legibly replied. My friend is missing. I think she's missing, I think, she's dead. I think my friend did it. This conversation too place. Almost five hours before Julie, cable wishes body was found by stave hair when Daniel Wozniak Cold Rachel from custody less than a week later, their entire conversation was recorded. Rachel made it clear throughout The call that she was aware of this when sheen on the Danube that she was notifying detective that he's brother team was in possession of evidence. She made a point of stating on eight too call him and let him know before they catch me on this recording device, because it looks like I'm not trying
tell them right away. Daniel tried to convince her to stay quiet, to which Rachel retorted you realize their recording this fund conversation anyways, you being a nap Let us try and lie again in a dejected voice. Daniel said Now I'm really dead be you're already dead, Rachel replied, although detectives believed Rachel could be a co conspirator and not just in accessory. They didn't have enough evidence to back up their theory. Thou also suspected that team, Wozniak knew more than he was letting on. When same his father, Steve saw a photo of In the news he sudden They remembered something that had happened. While he was trying to find his son
had gone to the long Beach pizza Paula, where SAM's cod had been used and waited outside for any sign of San or he's vehicle, he never saw either, but he didn't know so agitated looking man inside the rash drawn pacing back and forth wall on he cell phone upon saying Third, I won T Wozniak. realized. He had been that man. Prosecutors didn't want to proceed with TIM Wozniak, all Rachel buffets charges until Daniels trial was done in February. two dozen thirteen, while court proceedings were still ongoing. Rachel accepted an invitation to appeal you're on the television talk, show Doktor Phil. She said that she was doing so two key, her name, but some believed
she was trying to boost her profile with a view to furthering her acting career through The interview Rachel insisted she had no nothing about their crimes until her fiance was arrested when confronted with the fact that she had told them same story is Daniel about seeing a suspicious individual in a black had she insisted she was only guilty of trusting Daniel Rachel told host. Film, a drawer and the studio audience that Daniel had been a pathological liar with sacred. She had known nothing about discussing the impact of the double homicide. Rachel stated It's absolutely horrific, but I think I know I'm not. The main victim. Salmon Julie, whether main victims and then I think, Cavan Secondary, would be their families.
I'm after all of that, I realize that. They. Ve hair was seated amongst the studio audience and given the opportunity to work, dress Rachel directly, he was horrified by her decision to appear on national television and told her is March quote. I was aghast when, get a call saying you're going on TAT, vague. My son is dead. He was caught up into paces and you come on here and go on the tv stations poor may that offends me Rachel told stave she understood his feelings but denied presenting herself as a victim, pointing out that she hadn't gone to Hollywood in an attempt to sell her story not yet stave Europe.
lied after Daniel Wozniak was convicted prosecutors. Finally, proceeded with taking Rachel buffet to court on two felony charges of accessory to murder. After the fact They accused her of lying to hand, misleading investigators about what Daniel had done and what exactly she knew Rachel contested the chart his body in November, two thousand and a jury. And her guilty. She was sentenced to two years ago, months in Orange County jail with credit for time she had already served while awaiting her trial. The vine or six months would be served on probation once again. The victims families were given the chance to address the cord stave hair, who was convinced Rachel's involvement, when above one
She was charged with stated. Rachel knew exactly what she was doing. She could have saved us ease and six months of grief. Julie cable wishes Mother June CO, the Rachel directly. All these years have you shown remorse nigh. None. Daniel Wozniak brother team had also been charged as an accessory. After that Fact, the holding onto the murder weapon and other crucial evidence that Daniel had given him hey, struck a play deal with prosecutors plating guilty in exchange for us sentence of ten days in jail, that authority being served and privation. He was also required to win role and participate in an angry management programme,
though prosecutors were determined that Daniel Wozniak received the death penalty. It is uncertain. whether this sentence will ever be carried out in two thousand and six, the state of California, placed a moratorium on capital punishment after a federal court ruled that a three drugged lethal injection may cause inhumane suffering in the years since the matter has pursued at both state and federal level, but the moratorium remains in two thousand nineteen collar bone a governor given Newsome signed an exit the vote on granting all death penalty inmates a reprieve. More than seven hundred individuals technically remain on death row. Throughout this day, despite the indefinite paused on executions, in July, twenty twenty one news broke that done.
Wozniak had been transferred out of death row in San Quentin State prison and was now serving he centre and SAD Salinas Valley. Allow us security. Facility. The train Fur was made as part of the pilot programme by California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Steve Hair. Was an officially notified of the re location. Hey learned of it, who remains in regular contact with Daniel speaking to the Orange county register stave described the decision as a kick in the stomach quote. It would have been good for them to at least to warn me if I could, I would kill him myself, but that won't happen. So I want the harshest punishment possible. due to his service in the United States Army same Harris,
the military funeral with full on it and lay to rest. The riverside national Cemetery State ventricle hair visit their sons grave sod. Every week, It was known to be the loss of their party. Some who was always smiling and laughing. He was also a quick to stand up for what he believed was right when friends, heard that he had been murdered. They knew that, whoever had attacked in must have done so from behind. They wouldn't have stood a chance if they tackled sand front. On but those who are close to SAM also knew he soft aside when you, He came away. She told her another about SAM. She described him as a big teddy bear. As well as being an aspiring fashion, designer Julie, K, bewitched
He was a talented dancer. It was a hobby. She had picked up at the age of five and she went on to pursue it. As a student, an Orange county school of the yards. One of her ages lighter said that dancing and music were deeply spiritual for Julie. Her before and says, were described with the same adjectives that people used to describe her personality, fun, bride and vivacious. Julie's remains were taken to Japan by her graving family, in accordance with the japanese tradition that unmarried Children be reunited with their ancestors upon passing prior to the party a family ass, the police. If they could have the tiara she was wearing on the night, she was killed. Her brother Attaka had given it to hours beforehand. After asking her to be a bridesmaid he's wedding,
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