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Case 196: Boy A

2021-11-13 | 🔗
*** Warning: This case involves a child victim *** In March 1997, residents of the city of Kobe, Japan were horrified when dead and mutilated cats began appearing at random along sidewalks. The public’s horror intensified when two children in the area – Ayaka Yamashita and Jun Hase were savagely murdered within a few months of each other... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid – New podcast from Casefile Presents Wine52 – Get 3 bottles of wine for free – just pay the £5.95 postage Aura Frames – Get $30 off a digital photo frame with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ SimpliSafe – Get 40% off the entire security system  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-196-boy-a
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but everyone will he next and receive all case fall content, earlier than non patrons sign up to become a patriot supporter at patriotic dot com, slash case file and thank you to those who have and currently support the show era. Besides do we serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence, the support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on website this. beside involves a crime against children. It may not be suitable for Bro listeners. on May five Agee Japan celebrates a national holiday cold children's day. It's a day for families together
the honour of the children in their lives and to wish them a lifetime of health and happiness in nineteen. Ninety seven in city of Colbert located on the southern side of Japan's main island. Hans you choose turns day had added significance to use prior Kobe, experienced a devastating earthquake that killed four thousand six hundred of its people. As the city re build, its residents looked towards the children as a symbol of hope for their future dating back thousands of years. Children stay, he's buried deep in ancient tradition, large colorful, cop strain, Is a hung outside houses of those with children to symbolise strengthened success while stalls
Famous samurai warriors are displayed indoors, families trait themselves with cash a one month, Ross kegs filled with sweet Bain paste some families on children's day bathed in a tub, sprinkled with irish slaves and roots. It is ballet. now that the Irish promotes good health not only that but having in irish slaves. He said to ward off evil spirits approach
at five hundred and forty kilometers South West of Tokyo on Osaka by the city of call back is divided into nine different areas. Cold boards, the Summa Ward, situated along the coastline of call back is in a delicate spot with a white Sandy Beach Board walks CAFE. And cherry blossom trees visible on the surrounding hillsides. However, even the beautiful scenery could not conceal the awful saw that was presenting itself residential straits of the area. In March nineteen. Ninety seven dead cats, some strangled- and others mutilated, were found on the sidewalks, the horrified and stress locals we're at a loss to explain the attacks. On Sunday March. Sixteen ninety ninety seven ten year out how Yucca Yama Sheeta left her home in Summa Ward,.
although she was by herself the side of the little girl. Walking amongst the crowd raised no concerns from passes. By known Worldwide for being a safe country, it is common for young people a run errands in Japan without parental supervision call back this seventh largest city in Japan and is regarded as one of the safest No, it's too, I got she was being watched by someone as she emerged from the crowd and walk down a deserted straight, the perpetrator saw his chance upon Returning home afterwards, the who tried. I wrote the following entry in his story, I carried out sacred experiments today. to confirm how fragile human beings are, what brought them
I'm a down when the girl turned to face me. I think I'll hit her a few times, but always too excited to remember. Yeah yeah yeah machine was found unconscious and taken to hospital she succumbed to her injuries? Seven days later anymore, The geisha into our yak is death failed to on earth any backs authority suspected her killer was all. Responsible for stabbing a nine year old girl that day is well Syria sleigh wounded, but not fatally. The girl could not describe her attacker. Only her immense surprise as an unknown mayo approached and dry, the knife into her stomach. The community were appalled as homicide in call. That was nearly unheard of, let alone the murder of a child children's day passed without celebration,
for a yak alyosha sheet is parents. Investigators was still no closer to catching her killer. day dear aroused the murder may be related to a similar attack where a group of girls had been so upon by a male yielding a hammer earlier that month, although with nowhere near the severity encountered by our yoga De Group of girls did not recognise their attaka and could do little to shed blood on who he might be. Meanwhile, dead cats stopped appearing on the sidewalks. on Saturday may twenty four nineteen. Ninety seven just over two months after the attack on our yucca yeah machine John Eleven Year old June, Hosty left his home in call back just before six p m, although
intellectually impaired and only able to say his name, the acceding. Lay friendly and happy June was more than capable of making the five hundred made a journey from his parents. House too, he's grandfathers house that not some If he's friends, will waiting at a nearby train station and called out to the popular June as he walked by the perpetrator watched on pay approach to join because of you and trusting nature. He was easily led into the hilly and deserted woodlands when June file to appear at ease grandfathers house. His anxious family found the local police after conducting a search of the local area, they failed to find any sign of the young boy. Suddenly, dead cats began appearing on the streets of Summa Ward once more
Three days later, a janitor, the call back municipal Tommy got Orca junior high School, where June I say, attended as a student arrived for a day's work, six forty, I am. He approached the law, giant, front gate to the school and recoiled at the side in front of him that a cabin I did head of June hawser- was affixed to the gate.
Jones Eyes had been gagged. Dad and his mouth had been cut open from ear to ear. A piece of paper was wedged between June has set his teeth, retrieving the tents and a major piece of paper police discovered a note written in red ink excerpts of the no taunted police reading. This is the beginning of the game. Try to stop me: if you can you stupid police and I desperately want to say people die. It is a thrill for me to commit murder. Nothing makes me more excited than killing. A bloody judgment is needed for my years of great bitterness. I have gone through with my long held revenge catch me. If you can,
also written on the night. What to english words, school misspelled as s hedge hello, double l and kill off the note signed with the Alias vetoes, cocky, Barbara, a combination of six countries, symbols for the word, soccer devil rose sacred and fine at the very bottom, Written in blocking was a symbol not used in the japanese language. It consisted of a shape similar to a t drop above, which was drawn a circle divided into four quarters. The active ending the police, its haunting message via hand, written letter bore a striking resemblance to another infamous crop spraying, the Zodiac killer having been active. I do me non tales kilometers away in California, Japanese
Authorities knew they weren't dealing with the Zodiac, bought a copy cat. schools in call there were closed while police, the area, this seeks can't you lead is signed at the bottom of the note was found to grow faded on out a wars of the school grounds and two dead cats were found nearby. When search a secluded woodland area, approximately five hundred metres from the school, the body of June Haase, was found an autopsy revealed that he had been strangled to death before being decapitated and that the strangling took place soon after he had gone missing three days prior. Over four hundred local police question to nearly everyone in the middle class neighbourhood,
they learned that, in the wake prior to June Hossein murder, a man age, Denise thirties had been set by a number of witnesses staring at the school from a parked cars. The hunt began for the man, who could only be described as wearing a Navy jacket and glasses authorities believed that the killer of June ha say might have been a former pupil at the school
diet theorized that he may have been inclined to carry out such an attack in retaliation for being mistreated or bullied during these school years. Detectives fervently checked school records of past peoples in the hope of identifying a person of interest. Nobody stood out. Meanwhile, anxiety swept the straits of call back a city completely unaccustomed to such a brutal murder. Parents accompanied their children to and from school and forbade them from going out doors on supervised
Two hundred and fifty extra police officers were despatched to patrol the neighbourhood. Japanese, Prime Minister Raw you to row. Hushing motto called for the killer to be found as soon as possible, yet he eluded police housewife Takako me. Oh, she told the Washington Post my fill resentment towards the police, who have not been able to do anything to months have passed since one girl was stabbed and one killed and as time passes, it becomes more difficult to solve the case. Although detectives were struggling to come up with a soft back there,
have some clues behind the method of he's. Killing linguists and psychologists suggested that the killer may have been influenced by a television series that aired in Japan, the YE prior in the popular thriller. The. To try to stop the rose into the mouth of age of these victims has a cooling card once again, the killing, Cats in the neighborhood ceased case. File will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode sponsors. If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that connection to the people we love most is what really matters
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dot com, slash case file for forty percent off your entire system. On the evening of July eleven nineteen, ninety twenty three year old, Sarah Mcdermott, stepped off the top can an ogre railway station and headed towards her car in the dimly lit adjoining car park. She was never seen again. True, Cromwell thought, Vicki betrayed known for her case. Ball present series. The vanishing Vivian Cameron became fascinated by Sarah Mcdermott's case, while researching and writing a book on the franks than cereal killings.
a spate of brutal murder is that some believe may be connected to Sarah's disappearance, joint Vicki. For her second case, while presents podcast ass, she tries to solve the mystery of what happened when Sarah took those final steps towards her car more than thirty years ago. Searching for Sarah Mcdermott is a case while presents podcast available for free only Spotify from November fifteen stay tuned until the end of today's episode to heed the official trailer and follow searching for Sarah Mcdermott on Spotify. Thank you for listening to this episodes adds by supporting our sponsors. You support case file on doing so
Ex ninety. Ninety seven, two weeks after the murder of June ha say a brown envelope arrived at the offices of newspaper calabash inborn. It was postmarked June three and had no name or return address. A rambling fourteen hundred word, a letter inside was signed by saying, though said capybara them. of June Hasta had dominated news headlines since the young boys death. In their haste, to publish a new data. on the crime, including the note that had been shelved. In June, the mouth, the media, how to Rony a sleigh mentioned that the note had been signed, Ani, Barra or devils around seen English. This letter sought to clarify this mistake with, say it also cocky bar our rights. from now on. If you miss
If my name or spoil my mood, I will kill three vegetables awake if you think cook kill only children. You are greatly mistaken detectives, understood his use of the word vegetable says: disparaging turned the Paypal or for those with an intellectual or physical disability. The letter went on if all was the same as I was when I was born, I probably would not have taken the trouble to places semi head at the front gate of a junior high school. anyone who tries can enjoy killing people furtively as one who has the lead and continues to laid an invisible existence I have gone out of my way to attract public attention because I want to be recognised
does a real person at the very least in your fantasies? At the same time, I have not forgotten to take revenge on the compulsory education system, which has created me as an invisible existence, and the society which gave birth to they said creation system. However, I would gain nothing from me: revenge save unburdening myself of the load. of carried until now. So I discussed this with a friend who, alone in the world is invisible. Like myself, he said for revenge studies worthy rather than miserable makes your revenge with murder. Change your hobby for murder to revenge and you will come a new world, which is you alone, moved by dies words. I have started this killing game
But even now I don't know why I enjoy killing? I can only say It is, in my nature It is only when I killed that I can be freed from daily hatreds and feel a sense of relief. It is only other people's pain that can ease my pain. The arrival of this led off both the detectives belief that Sarajevo, Saki Barbara, was influenced by the Zodiac killer. hey was well known for sending messages to authorities through newspapers. They speculated that killing and mutilation of cats, pre, empted, h, murder, other than that they had few leads to go on The man in his thirty's that they were chasing, who is not identified on June. Twenty seven
Three weeks after the letter arrived at the newspaper, calabash inborn, someone came forward with information to the police. They knew of a person who was particularly cruel to animals and two had confided that he killed a cat for fun and buried it detectives who went to investigate the next day. The late detective on the June Hossein murder case held a televised press conference after apprehending the mayor Person for torturing cats, hey confessed to the murder of June ha, say the bludgeoning murder other yeah yeah, my sheeta. The hammer attack on the group of girls and stabbing of the nine year old girl who survived the ordeal gave no motive. Two detectives other than saying. I simply wanted to try out various methods of killing.
He also admitted to being inspired to kill by comic book. Here are Barrowman, who used by heading as one form of killing his enemies. The public was stunned, as the detective announced they would not be releasing the name if they kill all. This was because the perpetrator who had the entire city of call back living in fear for over three months was not at all. He was a fourteen year old school students to protect the killers, identity, was given the name boy ay searching boy eyes. Bedroom detectives found a book. The nineteen nineteen New York, Zodiac Killer, copycat, violent comics and horror movies,
as well as he's diary in which hate documented he's killings. One week after the death of a Yak Yama Sheeta, he rode. This morning my mom told me. Poor girl, the girl there was attacked, seems to have died. There is no sign of me being cod. he then went on to thank an imaginary god. He named Burma. We dorky issue in that keeping him safe, also taken into evidence was red tape. I don T go to the type he used to seal the envelope sent to the newspaper bar and a north, which boy ay admitted to using two Behead June asset. Along with a hacksaw neighbours, was stunned.
the arrest telling the media that boy I came from a regular middle class working family. He could often be same playing table tennis with these two younger brothers or gardening. These family in their backyard boy eyes, father worked Fern established company and his mother did. Community work he seemed to them like a normal and polite teenager classmates. If boy, I told a different story.
At the tall me got Olga Junior High School, where boy I was in the third grade, he's classmates told of his love of cutting up frogs and torturing cats. Shortly before his attack on June ha say, he was expelled from school after bludgeoning, a fellow student who bullied him with an iron pot. According to his classmates boy, yea would talk to June, I say in the playground the discovery that these horrendous murders had been carried out by a fourteen year old, with a hatred towards the education system caused Spare amongst the japanese population, Prime Minister, Were you to row? Hashing motto asked on television: where do we go wrong? Government officials
and members of the public alike, were quick to blame violence depicted in Manga, comics video games and on film. The nations construction Minister said Maybe he's lacking any literary or educational merit made for just showing cruel Sainz can easily be watched by adolescent children. Adults should be blamed for this. In response, the Education Ministry announced a study into the relationship between violence in the media and its effect on young people. They also valid, to create a new curriculum in schools to focus on spiritual education and teaching the preciousness of alive. Japan's education system also came under scrutiny for the pressure forced upon students without care. Given today,
emotional, well being some speculated that the stress of intensive examinations became too much for the boy and he lashed out in violence A mental health Council, Erin Colbert was reported in the guardian as being particularly struck by a boy s claim that he felt invisible in his letter to the newspaper. He said he At our pinpoints, a basic social problem to Japan, These are not good at communicating on an individual basis. The boy wanted to communicate. He wanted to connect, but, unfortunately, he couldn't and his anger and feelings accumulated. because of his age, boy, ice
the time in a medical reformatory for juveniles in western Tokyo to receive psychiatric treatment and cancelling due to the seriousness of these crimes. In the year two thousand and japanese legislature was amended to lower the age of criminal responsibility from sixteen to fourteen on March, Levin, two thousand for the japanese Ministry of Justice announced that twenty one year old boy, I was being released on a provisional basis with full relates to followed in January, two thousand five, as reported in Japan Times the head of the Parole Board, who decide it on his release, said the boy What has interviewed the man on various occasions and closely examined here.
Correctional state. We came to conclude that psychiatric care and correctional educational reform, a trees, have obtained a good results, Boy eyes Loya asked that he's identity and whereabouts Bay protected telling that Japan Times if people around him, make a big farce and put him on the spot. That would make it difficult for him to re, integral I'd into society by realising devalue of his own life. He now feels he wants to make up for having taken people's lives. He has grown up a lot in a short period of time, Not worried about the possibility of repaid offences. Boy yea, was released without incident and found work is day, laborer he's identity. Into whereabouts were protected.
Through her lawyer boy eyes, mother released a statement to the Japan Times saying. Our son is now doing his best to have courage to plunge into the world of anxieties and uncertainties. I believe there will be a long and tough road ahead for us and our son, but if possible, I hope the public will watch over ass quietly in June two thousand five. Five months after his full relays boy, a published he's a memoir Todd, odor Zack Car under he sued in him, say it also cocky Barra, some bookstores refused to stop the memoir, but quickly became a japanese best seller. The books
publisher defended at trolleys, claiming that it gave an important insight into the mind of a killer in the epilogue boy, yea rights. I couldn't keep quiet about my past any more, I had to write. Otherwise I thought I was going saying June Horses Father vehemently oppose the release of the book according to the Japan Times, boy I'll, send him a copy with a hand written a letter of apology inside Zachary,
Thailand. What had happened to join, including how boy I had a lower him into the woodlands to play before strangling and decapitated him and taking his head home in a plastic bag according to his memoirs boy, a who called himself finning, cordial sexual davy and then took the head into the bathroom locked the door and committed and act far more heinous than murder. As printed in the Japan Times, another erect served a visa raids. When I advanced to junior high school, I had already become board of killing cats and gradually found myself fantasizing about how it would feel to murder human beings. Like me, although boy I apologized to the families of he's victims in the book June HA says Father
thought the apology, shallow under false saying the book completely trampled on our feelings. It is clear that he's not sorry for what he did according to this Ah, the memoir also published the letters of apology that boy I had centre. Yucca Yemen shade his mother every year since her death. originally thinking that the letters worse and see the printing of days In his memoirs angered his mother Realized that were written to be shared in his book. After the release of Zaka, some members of the public questioned whether boy ay, Ray ability to it at all passages of tat This showed a man unrepentant for his actions in one except he described his feelings after place.
In June has his head on the gate to the school saying, let me confess something I thought the site was a beauty I felt like. I was born just the same: the theory of beauty of what was in front of my eyes. I thought I could die in two thousand. Fifteen boy yea launched a website about himself titled them bearable transparency of being in which she postage Gee images of an unclothed man with a black fabric covering his face. The man whom boy I claimed to be himself was then photoshopped onto a variety of images. One was the torso of the naked man photoshopped unto the body of a scorpion, Another was of a naked man lying on his back. Holding
alien, slug, lock creature, with teeth between his legs. in retaliation for the launch of the website, which say Two only to serve boy eyes own vanity tabloids His the shoe can post expose the boy He's real identity according to the shoe con posed, boy. I'm real name is shinny. Terror was Roma in two thousand, and fifteen here In this I e to my prefecture north of Tokyo into thousand twenty one. It is unknown if he still lives there or if he is changed. Location hey is not required to report his whereabouts to any Perrault boards and his fur to lay peace, laugh with no restrictions boy. A
be anywhere I've been writing about real place cases, the merely three decades now, and there are a few more tragic. Then the case of Sarah Mcdermott with serious disappearance. There is an element of patients being collected, curious, always have a daughter. If she recite someone going to be late, she would ring and. Snow. She was seen by several witnesses walking toward the car park and then ceramic dammit
gone when she's come down the bottom of the stairs and walked towards the cap actually virtually walked into the darkness. When Sarris fan I reported her missing police mounted and extensive search. I could see blood on the beach woman underneath the count was part of joy of sword of her car the blood on the ground. It sort of indicated to everybody that deadline fail, apply a couple of suspects emerge. Ahead of the rest, and he said well when I dig out you'll be one of the first take a look for, and I set myself instead because I should like to kill, gave she said. You know that murder that was up with Canada station. I will stay with two other blogs and I'm worried. the darkness, historic they who knows what to do if he killed Sierra and disposed of a body. Maybe he thinks I can get away with this. I don't know where she is that no, who do just how many other women were followed from the cannon o growl station, will never know cells,
walking along me, and I could he footsteps behind me. no getting closer and yell me Don tagged short cut, tagged breach. I think those men, but also by law, The evidence is out there so out a couple of the God and looked at the name, and it said SARA
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