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Case 20: Stoni Blair & Stephen Berry

2016-05-21 | 🔗
The details of this case are extremely difficult to hear. Extreme child abuse and child murder are involved. This episode won't be for everybody. There is far more courtroom audio than narration. It is a one-off for this episode. It is not something that will be a regular feature in the future. The courtroom confession is detailed and horrific. Listener discretion is advised. For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-20-stoni-blair-and-stephen-berry
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Are involved. This one might be for everybody. There are far more audio eclipse the narration in this episode. It is a one off and won't be a regular thing in the future. The court room confession is detailed and horrific listener discretion is advised his number fifteen five, six, eight eight one, the people of the state of Michigan versus Michelle Angela, where Miss Blair is charged in this phase, count one child abuse, first degree, felony, lifer and a term of years count to child abuse, first degree, felony, life or any term of years called three child abuse, first degree, felony life or any term of years. Now, for solid years first degree
library term of years, found five child abuse first degree committed in the presence of another child, felony life or any term of years state. Your name, please thank you. This story takes place in Detroit Michigan at Martin Luther King HOMES, a low income public,
I think complex, containing three hundred and twelve units located on St Alban street at eleven. Thirty am on Tuesday, the twenty fourth of March, two thousand and fifteen, an eviction crew from the Wayne County, Sheriff's office, attended unit. Eight hundred and four in the Martin Luther King, Complex, the bailiffs were there to evict the tenant mature player, who today, with her four children or two daughters aged seventeen and thirteen and her two sons aged nine and eight Michell was described as a nice friendly person. The kids were described as polite and respectful sometime around two thousand and twelve Mitchell had pulled all four of the kids out of school, opting to home. school them. Instead, it was around two thousand and fourteen when navies started, to notice that I hadn't say Mitchell's thirteen year old, daughter, stony blow
or her nine year old Son Stephen bury for a wall. We shall explained that there had been spending a lot of time the naughty and that when they were back at home, they didn't like going out and being around people they preferred to stay inside. We shall have been living in a unit for the last ten ease shoes, unemployed, receiving a government benefit She had money, shoes and she hadn't paid a rent. That's why she was being evicted. She owed two thousand two hundred and six dollars was shown you she was getting a bit. It should be said. The notice and at Saint dumpsters deliberate out the front, but the eviction crew plan d
stop, we shall didn't really want to be there when you picture grew, arrived so share range to stay with a friend who also lived in the same has in complex. She took her eldest daughter and the youngest son with her to her friends. Yes, explaining that her other two children were with their on prevention through arrived and knocked on the shelves door. They got no answer Sunday forced entry and started the eviction prices that were met with a disgraceful mess of a unit with rubbish in foods, gaps, eleven the floor items of clothing and other junk, trend around everywhere. The conditions were described as barely livable. The eviction Korea got to work, clearing out the furniture of the house, and I came across a chest freezer. I opened it up to see what was inside.
One thousand one hundred and thirty. The call of the club Bayless who resumed his current place a month conducting eviction, and it was during that eviction process that they discovered two young children in freezing further investigation revealed that appear to be cool male. What we're saying is approximately eleven years old and a female. the inside of the plastic bag appeared to be frozen. The eviction crew opened the chest Fraser and located the frozen body of Michelle's thirteen year old, daughter, tiny black.
When they called nine one one. It wasn't until shortly after that I realized there was a second party underneath the chills one year old Son State Barry, Bill Blair was also well. It is a noise friendly person bought a neighbor's, a facebook profile read loyal to my babies and there is no greater blessing than being called a mount. Mature player had some serious questions to answer and it didn't take long for police to catch up with it. We were fortunate yesterday that a member of our community stopped our investigators and lettuce. The location where we found and arrested the mother of the two. Found dead in her apartment, our homicide team can. And you store diligently to bring some closure to both family and their friends
The medical examiner will be performing autopsies in the next day and at that time, but now the cause of death of these two children. As you can imagine, this is a very complex case, Are we all understand you. Desire and desire to know more about what happened in the home. I will ask you to be mindful of the to chill
and who are also in their home. They are still alive. Put two surviving children were taken into protective custody, while police got to work trying to find out what happened. A background check showed that between the years two thousand and two and two thousand and five Michell Blair had been investigated on two separate occasions for allegations of child abuse. The abuse claims were substantiated, the punishment was canceling. She was allowed to take custody of her children.
As part of the investigation, the chill surviving children were interviewed. What they detailed was a real life house of horrors. Both of them were physically beaten by mature that were regularly whipped with an extension cord and hit with a piece of wood both had also been burnt with annoying at the time that were taken by child services, both kids had numerous scars and injuries. Her son had twenty five different scars on his back alone. That was clear medical evidence to back up their story. But they were the victims of prolonged physical abuse from my mother, Michell was initially only charged with child abuse. This is because the police had to wait for the results of the autopsy to determine exactly how the children died and the autopsy was delight as they had to allow the bodies to theory out before it could be conducted
We shall was arraigned two days later, those like the twenty six march. She was charged with bull cancer. First, a great shout abuse, which is punishable by fifteen years in prison, should also charge with one can of committing child abuse in the first, the great in the presence of another child that carries a life sentence. A bond was set at one million dollars within await the autopsies had been completed. The conclusion there was no doubt, study, Blair and stated very had been murdered by Charles charges were upgraded to to cancer felony murder, to cancer. Premeditated murder, at one can of torture stated very, was killed around the thirty eight, the bogus two thousand and twelve standing by
Was killed about nor months later, in May, two thousand and thirty both had been left in the phrase up until the picture creepy on them in March, two thousand and fifty. Got it in anybody noticed standing stated missing Wilson I just did notice that I hadn't seen them for a while, but when I asked the question that believe language story that I spend a lot of time, I went to knot and when I were, I didn't want to go out. So I now Bob bills will rise the school because I didn't go there. In the first place they fathers hadn't seen them for several years said I didn't notice either. Sadly, Steinitz David were able to go missing for two years and nobody did anything other than ask a passing question is the way they were. Nobody asked any real questions or looked closely at all. It took an eviction crew to fall on them in the freezer before anybody realized that what really gone.
And the whole time the kids were in the Fraser Rachel continue to accept government benefits for them. but she was subjected to numerous evaluation, spot doctors and psychologists to make sure she was competent to stand trial and that she could be held criminally responsible for their actions. I might lean back with my feet on the desk to look calm, but in my head I'm wondering how do I deal with the business side of my new sneaker business? Hey. It's me your voice of reason telling you to get Quickbooks something's telling me I should get Quickbooks, so you can get paid, run payroll and know where your business stands from the start. So I can. paid one payroll and nor my business stands from the start. Now focus on adversary, which is new business, no problem success starts with into a great books, would put sparrow quickly experiments in quick fix, I'm on account inquired, but my children, a white for those reports show just wanted to play guilty. She tried numerous times.
Play guilty and have them Metafolin the lost, but the court would know a out straight away. coordinated, make sure everything was done properly. They had possible future appeals in mind. They wouldn't except the play until all doctors. Evaluations were officially on record understanding is to get to the truth. Right, You saying that I did it and freely give them myself and accepting life in prison. I'm already giving my steps to look at. I did this. What's the problem, I'm not going to come back like I didn't understand my rights not not get. What I'm saying. I don't have that. Second report from the shiner, yet one is not good enough. No that's why we requested an independent or now
My understanding is that his evaluation is complete, but we just don't have it yet. These are very serious charges and various understand all that. Y'all give me give me an hour to profess three times, not stop saying what I mean. I understand what I'm saying. I understand these are very serious charges, with very serious consequences. If you were to plead guilty to first degree murder charge, that is life in prison without the possibility of parole, I notice I'm happily fan
I will take that. I don't care, that's my baby period, I'm not gonna change my mind, I'm not changing anything. I don't eat the leak to think about it. When old doctor's reports were eventually placed onto the record, the court made a ruling that Mitchell was competent to stand trial and she could be held criminally responsible for her actions as such. If she knew I wanted to play guilty, the court would accept that the show wasn't insane. She knew exactly what she was doing and understood the consequences of her actions, Michele pled guilty straightaway during her guilty plea, she described the hail and why of what she did. Just a warning. The following clip is very graphic in detail and may not be suitable for all listeners. We're here today to plead guilty to the counts.
If you're identified in the information since much of today's proceedings, will be a dialogue between me and you. The first thing I'm going to do is swearing. Perhaps Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony about to give today will be the truth? Yes, thank you. What is your name ma'am, the temblor choir. How old are you? Are you united Yes of the? the information I have before views is that you want to plead guilty to talk to the premeditated murder of stony Blair. Yes, health read the felony murder of Stephen Berry. Yes, I am I correct that you want to singles into those counts. Yes, you understand that if I accept a guilty plea, you'll be subject to a mandatory sentence of life in the Michigan Department of correction.
without the possibility of parole for bookcase honesty, you understand, Michigan does not have enough. I do now have the flour. What did you do this Tony Blair guilty of premeditated? She wrote my son, I intention We killed her. How did you do that started from the beginning when I found out about this? when he was to Matthew it was nightmare. Later after fine out about Steven the whole nine months we were in the house. She was still weapon. My child did not know that when I first found out. After Mary told me, I took a minute because I was not understanding. What did she did that to him, but are repeatedly punished? on many occasions. My son, I told him to tell me
every single thing she did to him. She was telling me You saw me more and more things that she did. I thought at our every time he told me what she did to him by assault. I mean I punched her. I have put a bag over her head, so she's lost consciousness I too have water on her scalding hot water, from the faucet you Yes, I had already on multiple times over and over before she died was actually
In the day before she died and the day she died. Okay and I hit on her back like well her tailbone and I kicked her spa. I don't know, but did this happen on or about may twenty fifth, two thousand and fourteen May twenty fifth is actually the day she died. What did they with her. You said you killed her by putting a grocery bag over her head. Yes bad day. Matty would tell me different things cause he was doing this to him for years. I did not know that. You, I'm saying, and I didn't find out tonight later. She has started with
ruined. My five cases thought it was Stephen before he even started so yeah. I put a bag of her hair, but on a got worse that day. Yes, I did it got worse that day, because let you would tell me how she would take her paired. Her minstrel pair squeeze her beloved out in his mouth Okay, then it was just it was over. After that it was all go away. You meant to kill him. I definitely meant to kill her. Wasn't an act. No, not at all If I had a chance to do it again, I would when you went bag and suffocated her. That was earned. Yes, times you fell in the bathtub. I was throwing hot water on her, my son standing in my right. outside the bathroom door, and he was telling me everything he was I looked at her and this I so
state, and I was getting her and ahead of time. He told me something tat. She had her very hard. in her head, and I was still in hot water on her and when I actually took her? But the bathroom her back in her room? Now just kept staring at her and I said, excuse my language from a lot of folks to do this to him slight. You know. I'm constantly asked how she keeps saying. I hate him. I hate him. You know he had made to me that she career got real. She heard everybody and I'm asking her why she says there. Nobody always think Matthew so cute and I'm like So you your brother, because you get what I'm saying so I meant to. I definitely mental and I do not feel any remorse. I bet you saw me. She had no remorse what she did to my son, not only raped him with Stephen
while sitting on he was telling me this. I found out about do it together, gather those two late, but Matthew told me that Stoney would actually make instead there why, in his words him and stony stony gave a nasty stuff needed at the helm. It was bad way of inflicting punishment. Definitely ok! Okay! Where did that happen? When we do
not for actual death. Yes, I like the location of the house. Where did you live at the time? Oh hmm, a fourth man on the street that the city of Detroit? Yes, God the Spirit he ever stolen, something yeah did it did you ever actually see any of any sexual abuse of any kind between Either Stephen and Stony and Matthew, I reject her question, but I will answer it because no one will say that this did not happen, because they'd actually just want to have a clear record, because so far all you've told me was that just hurting did you earn that they admitted it. No, I did not look at what I'm saying yeah no, but, as I went back in my head and thought, Are there many things?
that, was one with Matthew over the years, not like path. What was wrong with you should use the best. It was mama but hurts my poop Matthew, so I started giving him one hundred percent juice to make his stuff soft or maybe to help you used it that wasn't the problem. It wasn't the work that he would be in right. Ok, my firm look in my eyes he gave me a very detailed top. Everything may be met. It's not a violent boy, he's very sweet little boy for him to stand I look at me if they do it again, he was hurrying. You know, okay, at a certain point, I told him to stop talking. I say Stoney, you tell me what the fuck you did to my son, Is that Matthew? If the same thing? It's not right tell me she started telling me. Many things not also ask her tell me: next time to anybody. Do this to him. Why didn't he tell me that you did to him because Sony was going upstairs.
Beating Stephens, as threatening him, basically a certain point: what's his team, I didn't want to look at him. I didn't want to. I didn't want to look. I used to watch him go through his mind when it came time to eat. I didn't want to take no photos, so I sent Sonia violent peer, not no one at that time, the stony with writing either of them, but everytime. You went upstairs or I wouldn't have known if she hit them, not because I had put any boost on him. So every time she went upstairs, she admitted to me that she was hitting him, I have nothing to help him tell him. You bet my town, nothing get! What I'm saying I understand when she had been at these things to you. Were you always being visible the first I know we were sitting there. She denied denied denied it cost me. I'm like Sony, tells me trove, Matthew sitting here. He'll know nothing about what he constantly to get. What I'm saying?
who who would admit that they to basically the same thing So, of course, the first the people standing behind this one will just ask the question: is she trying to make it seem like this did not happen no! No! No. We just have to have a clear record, okay time to talk. While we try to make sure the orange juice too, right now, I believe this is a huge using the people do not have any yeah, because you know, or flying I'm willing to take a polygraph test in Cyprus. I understand People don't want to hear me. But I will have you everything you have you what happened to see them? I came home one day, my daughter every year my oldest met me at the door,
she's like mom, if you were married during his vows and I'm like is he was making. One day his libretto man, man, on top the other no like I was u dont, one that I said anybody ever do is to you. He said now. Doing? Yes steam. Indeed, and I was like first far from here about that. This is not a before Stoney. Okay, Sony wasn't downstairs and not the background I wish to God. I had questioned everybody yeah, but I didn't just two thousand twelve. No. This was before August. August studies, when he died, It was maybe a week a week and a half before yes, okay, so that fancy telling you that that's off Yes, I went upstairs because someone with upstairs in him his and Matthew Round, and I wonder if there is not stable You said you would have been on him stood up. he looked at me and right. I could tell,
I was wrong in his face because he was just like this normal kid. I know my kid would have been like what that's not what he did. He stood up and looked at me like he lost his mind. Okay, and it is here and that home hadn't fucked up in my head fury. But I asked my first even tell me before what you happen on earth? He said yes, but that was all- and I said couple him with the under where off they say no Matthew. Do you imagine were born, hallway, walking back and forth, and I walked back up you fucked your brother. So I'm looking then pull a at them like what I kind understand the last star punching in. my what Don't want him, I just I just our earth him questions. Matthew at this point is just feeling out he's just pulling out,
and he's doing. My best to do this thing almost every night, he told me how he was the reason I all the Stevens hit because we have many thought meditating a bit faster. Never a bad winter didn't know it was when waking up every morning, Matthew like their peace, I bought this stupid, get off the bed in the middle of the night, you'll break his own bed. You pee on him. Instead of going to the bathroom I'm waking up every morning. Thinking Matthew was a bed wetter, so we just wash them up. We got a bad winter, so what you get just the reason I put back I was thinking here because Martha and told me that the plastic on him because I believe the bathwater. Sometimes mom. I couldn't breathe feebly. I plan on me and he had my face down in the plastic on the bed. I couldn't breathe and he was hopping on my butt, like basketball fast, when I got garbage bag and start putting Stevens here, and I thought I had him pitch
you don't understand you feel like you can't breathe the top. You could not breed on top again review ready. He was six years old at the time you get what I'm saying so put a bag over his head. He lost. I did a couple times You tell me that Mary Mary We'll be phased out, he has stuff around his neck, so our gravity, then I grabbed put a belt is met and I lifted him up like do you like how this feels meant to put a belt? So I dropped. up until he lost time stations. Where have you been? I did not intend to kill Stephen, I'm not listening to the question you weren't planning to flex your serious physical harm, but not kill, definitely have the.
Did you also punch him? Yes, I did most of the time. Yes, yes, I did talk about choking him. Did you also beard? Yes, I beg of you. How did you do that? Hot water, scalding, hot water, okay, okay, you knew you were seriously carving it, but you didn't intend to know your accent ultimate cost us. Yesterday Least, evens mother. Yes, using your custom, I dont clamour, my fine, I'm not lying standing at my daughter, I have to say, the owner or demons period. This is my flash at the time he died. He was in your custody or care. Yes, how old was he Stephen was nine and again this happened at your house in the city of Detroit is what you did to Stephen was punishment for Mattie. Is that right for what he did?
as for what Steven did. Yes, that was punishment and if I had used pavement intentionally, I definitely will be proud to say I did you weren't allowing them to treat your children like that? What do you mean? You are allowing them to sexually assault No, I wasn't allowing that. I never knew I you get what that's exactly what I wanted to know. You didn't know until afterwards, so I regret not only is I don't regret any of it. You, after that. My baby is no way that his brother is sufficient know what he feels like an incised. No way, I don't feel no remorse for it.
That entails OPEC, and I wonder if some life either he's satisfies us finally provided by his, where I believe that this impact for basing this, while the claims that both stony and Stephen was sexually assaulted, the youngest son, whenever substantiated the reason she says she reacted so violently was that she herself was sexually assaulted, which was younger cheer, boarded the assault to a mom.
A month, while the do anything about it, the mothers failure to protect her affected for the rest of her life, a light headed Celeron kids that if anybody ever touched them to tell her about a straight away, so she could do something. When a youngest son reported to her that there was a sort of Estonian Stephen, she reacted. Alexander Dorsey was the father stuff.
we play in the surviving seventeen year old girl. He hadn't seen either of these children for two years prior. He says that MID show bought him from the home. He had a prior criminal history and he actually, I thirty nine thousand dollars in child support. It was deemed that he failed to protect the children from an unfit home environment where the children were physically abused, tortured and murdered. It was not only our custody of his surviving daughter. Stephen Barry SR was the Father of Stephen Berry and to the supporting eight year old boy. He last saw his children three years prior. He also says that Mitchell prevented him from saying them: hey I'd, ten thousand dollars in child support payments. He also had a criminal record and it was also a Dane he neglected to protect these children
Have you seen him while he was not awarded custody ADA by supporting children, lived in absolute terror and will need extensive trauma therapy and cancelling the eight year old boy was displaying problems with these near a logical development. Due to the horror he experienced every day,. Although Alexander CC was not awarded custody unlock stating very senior, he actually retain these parental rot and the judge did this for good raisin. If hey removed overseas parental rod, then his daughter would only qualify for services until she was nineteen years old, but by keeping Dorsey's parental right intact. She qualifies for services until she is twenty bus services that are talking about hoping. I got to college classes to teach her to leave independently and obviously therapy the court ruled it would be in her best interest to qualify for they services for an extra year. She mentioned.
She wanted to go to college and become a veterinarian. The judge said it would be totally up to her what sort of relationship, if any she wanted to have those he would show blaze. Parental rights to her to supporting children were terminated. She was sentenced on the seventh eighth and July two thousand and fifteen. You won't happen to you when you were a child. You had the option, develop. True, you are the becoming adult you're. The You do The figure was respected. running your own life, you. Stories. Another point your hair, those same opportunities and when I think about the powerful joy is that they could be missing one the greatest tragedy here
They will never know what a life is like without experiencing hearing them. They will never know the joy of what then in their life, without having you in it, they lived in terrible fear. and I find that just so case after all said and done, the human who didn't have young children. I did. and you readily admit- and you want. You take responsibility of it. Do therefore sentence the Michigan Department of corrections for the rest of your life You will never get out.
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