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Case 200: The Zodiac (Part 2)

2022-02-12 | 🔗
[Part 2 of 4] On December 20 1968, teenagers David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen were gunned down in the middle of the night on a deserted road in Benicia, California. Six months later, another young couple, Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau, were shot in a parking lot in nearby Vallejo. When an anonymous caller informed the police that he’d committed both attacks, the hunt was on. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Jess Forsayeth and Milly Raso Writing – Elsha McGill, Erin Munro, Milly Raso and Jess Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Crime Interrupted – New podcast from Casefile Presents Article – Get $50 off your first order of $100 or more Noom – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free Sunbasket – Get $90 off and a free gift with promo code 'CASEFILE' For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-200-the-zodiac-part-2
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off the old thirst. Purchase of one hundred dollars or more arab decides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place. They too shy nights. The December summit on Europe or on our website. The night of fraud, I December twenty nineteen sixty eight two years after the murder of sherry, Joe Bates, Indonesia, California,.
It was between nine thirty and ten o clock. When a small sports cars slowly came to a stop on the gravel turn out. Half a mile, Down the road from like Herman behind the wheel was William cry. The car belonged to his girlfriend, who was riding beside him in the passenger Safety Although the car was knew, it was having some troubles so William had taken it for accrues to test out the engine. He's rude. Let him down like Herman Road, a five miles stretch that curved through the countryside to them bring city a valet huh. Traffic along, like Herman Road, was sparse during the day to me non existent or not? It was a lonely, quiet road framed by fields, trees and ranches, that stretched over the rolling hills with no straight lines to eliminate the scenery, the area
become a lover's lane of sorts young couples seeking privacy would pay their caused. In the numerous turn out that launched the road William Cry poured into one such turn out situated at the I did in number ten entrance to the banana. Shall water pumping station hey position today car so that its red faced the guide and the head lights illuminated the road soon he's it attention was drawn to a growing lied, a vehicle. was travelling down like Herman Road towards Vallejo. Rode along in the pitch black darkness until it reached the gate. Number ten turn out. Williams headlights swept over the car as it passed and he called a quick, a glimpse of the driver. He was Mayo with short, hair and glue,
Ass, it is the car itself was a light colored for door. Shove rely Impala, a classic light. Nineteen fifty model with a hard top and title fan the Chevy had daily cleared the turn out when it stopped abruptly in the middle of the road, its tail lots laid up and it began reversing something about this sudden move made William uneasy. Hey immediately felt compelled to leave so he I back onto like Herman Road and headed in the opposite direction of this chevy towards nature. Keeping an eye on the review MIRA. William watched this shabby reverse into the turn out within seconds. It turned around rolled back onto I, Herman Road and sped up until it was right behind William, the shabby
drive out then started flashing. He's high beams William, was tempted to pull over and confront their driver, but he's terrified girlfriend convinced him not to. Instead, he sped up to create some distance between them vehicles. The other driver matched his spade and then some William glanced back The chevy wrought front fender was closing in on the sports cars required. A panel irritation turned to dread as William shifted to allow a gear and slammed the gas pedal to the floor. Up ahead was a fork in the road Chevy remained hard on Williams title as he sped towards it waiting So the very last moment William gave this
hearing, we'll a sharp turn sending he's car flying down the turn off the chevy. Far too heavy to make such a taught turns quickly borrowed on woods. After travel two hundred yards William bright to stop, he turned to look back towards the intersection and was shocked say, the chevy sitting, audible in the middle of like Herman Road burning with rage, William Yoda, explained eaves and threats in the direction of the other driver, The shabby waited in the darkness, its engine quite Lay rumbling in response off
a short while the Chevy finally began to move William watched, Enerve, asleep his foot resting against the accelerator, the Chevy performed, a? U turn and to William Surprise, drive back towards valet high. The chase was over the impulse to go after the shabby and face its driver was soon overwhelmed by the instinct to do the exact opposite. Following he's. God, William Drive home.
A short while later a two toned nineteen sixty one AMC, rambler station wagon poured into the gravel turn out that gate. Ten. Seventeen year old David Faraday had borrowed the car from his mother, so he could take sixteen year Betty Lou Jensen out for their first died, the pay had recently met while serving on a decorating committee for an upcoming music festival. David was the quintessential good natured, all american youth who split his spare time between the ego scouts and he's hospital wrestling Tame Betty lose a popular student at a neighbouring school was smitten by December. Twenty nineteen sixty three
Betty Lou had only known David for one wake, but all signs pointed to him becoming her first boyfriend at eight o clock that night. David arrived at the Jensen House, two formerly made Betty loose parents after he'd, made a good impression. The tanks laughed with day promising to have Betty Lou home by eleven. The trains were cutting at close to curfew they parted the turn out at around ten fifteen. reclining in their seats. Betty rested her head on David Shoulder and looked out the windshield at the dark into fields to the east. She had never been on a date before, but the fact that done up on, like Herman Road meant that things were going well, they had they turn out to themselves.
we finally, the occasional car passing by and detained soon lost track of time. It was minutes after eleven p M when their solitude was disturbed by brought lied. It was emanating from a pencil sized flashlight that was tied to the barrel of a hand, gone a neo, voice ordered Betty, Blue and David to get out when the teenagers to follow his order. He started firing bullet ricocheted off the roof above the ramble. As back passenger door, punctured, the left to re we'll well, the third piece the right rear window causing the glass to crack these just warning. Shots Betty, Loo and David did, as they were told, a frightened Betty,
unlocked the door and stepped into the cold denied David, followed closely behind scrambling over the bench sate from the drivers side. He had barely lifted himself out when the gun was pressed to his head and its trigger was pulled. David tumbled from the car and fell on his back by the Ramblas RE, we'll Betty Loose sprinted towards the road, The shoot I raised his weapon and fired off seeks quick shots. One bullet flew ride by her the rest borrowed into the right side of her back, causing her to collapse on her side. A few strides shy of the road with both stains down the attack. Our fled here
hidden pass. Stella boy has who was driving along like Herman Road to pick her son up from a movie theater Indonesia. It approaching eleven fifteen p m. When Stella raged their gravel turn out leading to the water pumping station as she never guided the turn her cause headlights swept it On the area illuminating attain colored station wagon, it sucks alone in the dark. Its passengers saw door wide open.
A young man was lying on the ground, Stella Stomach lurched. Then she saw the body of a young woman sprawled closer to the road too frightened to pull over Stella sped onwards. Tunisia. She turned down a second straight and spotted police. Crews are in the distance desperate to get the office is attention Stella, frantically, home, Ter Horn and flashed her headlights word of Stella Discovery spread quickly with police and paramedics converging at the turn out ass. They approached the body of Betty Lou.
Johnson, it became clear she was deceased. Lying closer to the rambler, was David Faraday as office has moved in, they noticed a fleeting misty cloud escape David's lips. He was still breathing. He was rushed to hospital but died along the way. hours earlier, David Faraday, marched across the grounds of hope in high school, where Betty Lou, was an honour raw student. But David wasn't looking for Betty Lou witnesses. Why
does the typically mild mannered David, confronted sixteen year old, Richard Burton the pair exchanged some hated words, though they were discreet enough not to draw the attention of any nearby teaches fearful that he'd soon be spotted and getting trouble. David left before the altercation became physical word of this confrontation, enraged, detectives investigating David's murder. They visited Hogan High where they examined Betty lose locker in her bonnet for English class. They found a note she had written You know a kid named Richard Burton it read. Always going with him until two days before the installation. He still finds me and is threatening me to keep away from Dave. He said that if he's ever
close enough to Dave. He would punching one in the teeth. I told him. To leave me alone. If he knows what's good for him,. Police were familiar with Richard Burton who was also known Ricky. He was currently on probation for stealing stealing outside outsider with few friends, Ricky was often seen, walking the school holes with the Betty Loo and was rumored to be pursuing a relationship with her when Betty Lou started, saying David Ricky was jealous, he'd been harassing her ever since, sometimes calling her house every few day minutes, Betty Lou was convinced, Ricky with spying on her and advised her sister and mother to cape the curtains closed at all times on several occasions. They found the side gate to their house, mysterious,
Open, although they had no evidence to prove it, the Jensen family suspected Ricky model Being prowling around the evening before she was killed Eddie Lou confided in her system melody that she was afraid of Ricky Hey, had threatened to tell Betty loose parents, some of her sacred, such as the fact that she was Mocha and had started a relationship with David Ricky had also threatened to bait David up using brass knuckles. melody, advised Betty Lou Debate Ricky to it and tell their parents about David herself. Betty Lou, followed her sisters, advice and introduced her parents to David before they left for their died. When questioned Ricky said the law,
last time, he'd spoken to Betty Lou, was around four hundred and thirty p dot m on Thursday December 19th. He hadn't been at school that day, so he called her at home to see if there was anything he dismissed, he did Exchanging hated words with David on the day of the murders and insisted he'd never made any threats to David's face. Ricky was surprised, but not ops. to hear about the note Betty Lou had written about him, Ricky maintained, he was home, not when David and Betty Lou were attacked. He was he sister's birthday and the family a cake and watch the movie together until eleven p m. Ricky said he went to bed at around eleven thirty and learned of the shootings, the following day, he's parents confirmed he's alibi.
I explained that Ricky wasn't allowed out. After nine p m and even He was, he didn't, have access to a car. His mother had a Moraine Pontiac, a grand pray, but Ricky wasn't permitted to drive it. Nor did he have access to a gun, detectives accepted Ricky alibi as I clad, but didn't cross him off the list completely. As the new year approached thy explored at different theory, the crime scene had he yielded a few clues the night of nowadays was called had just twenty two degrees. Fahrenheit and the ground had frozen solid this and there were no traceable, shoe or tie prince at the turn out. Neda victim was robbed. There was no sign of sexual assault, a struggle hadn't taken
wise. It was also need less detectives thought they began to consider. The possibility that crime was carried out by a motive, less murderer Maniac, who didn't know David or Betty Lewd twenty two caliber long raffle bullet casings were found around the rambler stamped with the Winchester Super Exe, and a logo. the majority of the casings were scattered on the ground by the passenger sod, indicating that after the kill us shot David Faraday Haven ordered Betty Lou to IRAN, or she did so instinctively while he fired at her, has sheriff sergeant explained to the press quote The killer needed no artificial lobbying in shooting the girl said She was running on a platter and her body was silly
whether against the sky, while the top of gun used in the shooting was unknown. Macroscopic analysis of this spent bullets determined. They were likely fired from a hand- God possibly adjacent Higgins Model Lady, a high standard all one eye one or some other semi automatic pistol locals were willing to cooperate with authorities surrender in their guns for testing of. He handed in all were who doubt as the murder weapon with little evidence to go on investigators had to run I heavily on witness recollections this war, into ideal, given that human memory is inconsistent and easily influenced, but they didn't have much choice.
although no one had seen the shooting several people had passed through the area enabling detect is to put together a relatively accurate timeline. It was through these witness statements that are crucial finally emerged. Before David and Betty Lou arrived at the gate. Ten turn out. A suspicious vehicle was saying crew Up and down like Herman Road intermittently police in and out of the turn out descriptions of its make model, and color varied as it had been too dark for anyone to get a good look. Some thought it was wide, while others said cream Blue whole gray. The number of occupants sane inside varied, but I, like fifty Chevalier Impala, appeared in three independent witness reports, including
of William Crow who claim to eat, had chased him from the turn out. Just over an hour before David and Betty Lou. What killed. Had William and his girlfriend crossed paths with the killer and manage to allude him forcing him to find new target. witness James Darwin was the only person who drive by the turn out around the time of the shooting. He was on his way to work the night shift that he's job in Benita when he passed the gate ten and saw them, Faraday families rambler. He recalled it with accuracy. Another vehicle was parked alongside it closer to the gate. James didn't take much notice of these car. Only noting that it was made sized lacking in chrome finishes and was a dark. Color
This contrasted with other witness descriptions of the Chevy Impala James, said didn't see anyone in or near either vehicle but described hearing, gunshot shot once he was a quarter mile down the road. while James Ellen statement, Saint significant, it wasn't party, lily, reliable, whatever the case Nay, that the owner of the vehicle James allegedly witnessed nor that of. Chevy Impala came forward to police Sixty miles north of delay. Hoe in the city of Napa Eighteen year Linda, heard, a knock at her front door. Her husband, twin you're out Larry was working than not shift at a nearby gas station leaving Linda, I am alone she paid out
and saw a man in his light? Twenty standing there? He was about five foot eleven with black hair and enact niece God face. Linda recognized him right away. It was paid form a neighbor who had once lived in the same apartment complex as the couple paid hadn't inside for long when he abruptly ass, the Linda. What would you do. If I write to you, Linda was terrified. She knew that paid carried a fishing knife in his pocket And also possessed a rifle and a hand gone without missing. A bait Linda replied that she would bang on the wall and her neighbour would find the police, undeterred by this response, paid
ass to window. If she was happy, she replied that she was happy Paypal. Piss me off pay compliant he began telling Glinda how he'd been arguing with his wife and how all the people and he's new neighbourhood where stabbing him in the back. He decided to go south to Vallejo, or maybe readying a city. One hundred and ninety miles North Linda did her best to remain calm when paid finally left forty five minutes later, she could hear someone walking around the outside, but didn't look to see who it was Linda subsequently told Larry about the distressing encounter. Hey was shaken paid had visited him at work about fifteen minutes before handing over to the couple was home
as though checking to make sure Linda would be alone. The couple reported the incident to police paid to mention a valet ho and the fact he owned, multiple firearms seemed suspicious in the wake of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, murders exactly one wake earlier. Neither Linda nor Larry could recall paid surname, but they knew he drive, a blue nineteen, fifty to shove, rely coop and so. I found a cream and Moraine Buick Pay was just one of many suspicious in vigils to emerge in the Faraday Jensen, murder investigation and not ideal Five prowler in a blue car who roamed by nature at night, was another and invested. It is also examined the suspects from other violent crimes, yet as the waste
and two months with no arrests, it seemed freezingly unlikely that the killer would be apprehended and their case slowly faded from public attention. After questioning more than one hundred people and amassing a full range thick case file Lace were at a loss, as were the victims, families who collectively shook their heads during an interview with the Sunday Times Herald when asked. If they had any idea who the killer was FIFA perpetrate on might strike again. Betty loose far Remarked, I feel noddies on the loose David's mother, a grade adding and he'll find it easier. The next time.
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and drive away from the festivities into fireworks. Searching for someplace quiet, he headed inland, where suburbia soon gave way to the peaceful countryside after passing, lichen, Herman Road and the sprawling grounds of the Blue Rock Springs Park, a golf course he who these car into an unsealed unlit parking area of shadowed by trade, covered hills. The area was deserted, with the exception of one of the car, a brown to door. Nineteen sixty three Chevalier call their faced the park glance towards the southern corner of the law. It's said Jane and lots were off, but its radio was playing loudly sue. Figures were inside They were a young couple. Twenty two year old, Darlene Farren and her passing
yah nineteen year old, Michael my the pair had met at the restaurant, where Darlin worked as a waitress and became close over the course of a few months. Darlene take to Michael Lop that not and had taken him to Blue Rock Springs park because it was secluded. She said there was something important she needed to tell him before long. Their privacy was interrupted by the rumble of an engine. And the sound of tyres, crunching, unloosed, gravel, another car role to stop less than eight fade away from the core values left side, where Darlene side in the driver's seat cause were very similar in appearance brought down to the California licence plates, though the call of as brown paint job was slightly doc. Ass, shade
Darlin and Michael. I did the other car behind the steering will was a line mail. He switched off he's vehicles, headlights and sat silently in the dock. Michael often teased Darlene about her wide circle of friends, so hate Jokingly asked if she knew the guy brushing him off. Doll He gave a vague reply. Oh never mind. the mysterious stranger didn't stay long within minutes he's car rumbled to laugh and he drive away five minutes later. He was back this time. He talked about ten fate to the right of their core of air.
The man stepped outside gripping the handle of a high powered flashlight. He walked up to the call of as open front since your side window and ain't, the flashlights directly into echo and the darlings eyes. Blinding them Michael assumed. The man was a police off. saw wondering what they were up to and raged for here today, as he did so, the man pulled out a pistol without saying a word. He began firing into the core of air Michael, was struck in the right arm. Another bullet penetrated, he's right, Jake went through his tongue out the left side of his neck and into Darlene the passengers a door handle was broken, preventing mako from escaping the car. He try.
To scramble over into the back seat, but was halted by agonizing pain as the shoot casually unloaded he's pistol at him, then, just as quickly as it started, the shooting spray was over. darling slumped against the steering wheel bleeding from her arm. Shoulda chest and back Michael had sustained similar wounds. The shooter began walking back to his car when he abruptly start turned around and marched back to the core of air, unable to conceal he's paying Michael, my Joe had already out an anguish to yell, revealing that was still alive. Looking inside two way he's victims light bleeding.
the man shot each of them once more Michael thrashed and was hidden. The nay Darlene didn't reacted all satisfied. He finished what he started to shoot a drive away. From the same slowly so as not to draw any attention to his car was just after midnight when three chains arrived at Blue Rock Springs park. The trade had been driving around looking for a friend. There searched led them to the parking lot adjacent to the golf course where they noticed a single vehicle in the southern corner shrouded in D Agnes, it's radio was blaring, but everything else was eerily. Quiet detained paused wondering if their friend was inside suddenly
the cars headlights, foot dawn and a means of voice cried out, detains flashed their vehicles high babes. In response illuminating a brown chevaler light curve. Ass flooded with blood a young man, tumbled out of the car and raw down the ground he's black hair was a mess and his clothes were stained red. He pleaded for the trains to get help Then he called out the name: Darlene belonged woman sitting in their vehicles. Drive is safe, the outer pained movin. In reply, the team, raised the alarm and police raised to the same. They found Mako met Jos
broad alongside the call there still clinging to consciousness. He winced in pain. Has he told the officers he'd been shot? Darlene Farren was still sitting behind the steering wheel. Her head was tilted and pressed against the drivers side window her pulse was weak and her breathing was shall I she tried to say something, but was only able to utter the words. I hope my before passing out. Half an hour later at twelve forty, I am the phone rang at the vote. Hi Police Department Dispatch, our needs the Slovak answered.
A man on the other line immediately started talking. I want to report a double murder. He stated a matter of fact. Lee needs. He assumed he was a local law passer by who'd overheard, the goings on Iraq Springs park. Police were already on saying that she continued the coal as per protocol and the man for his name and location. He caught her off speaking loudly over the top of her enough lot, unwavering manner, not as though he'd rehearse what he was going to say. If you go to one mile lay Stone Columbus Parkway to the public park, you will find the kids in a brown car. They were shot with a nine millimeter luger. The call is tone shifted in a deeper and more taunting voice. He ended the call with the word
goodbye needs. He tried to patch. They go through to a desk. facade, but the man hung up before she had the chance. She hadn't detected anything distinctive about his voice and didn't have the equipment to record the core, but at was able to be tried, Three offices rushed to the corner of Tula me straight and Springs: Rodin Aced Vallejo their destination was a ten minute drive from the crime same via Columbus, Parkway, Position on the street corner was Jos Union Gas Station on the curb in France was a fine booth. It was empty, but the time police arrived.
Over a blue rock Springs Park, this search for evidence was turning up dry. Only to partial fingerprints were lifted from the Kosovars right side door, hand the opposite problem arose with the phone booth it had far too many fingerprints making. It implies Civil too was delayed any as belonging to the Anonymous Koala, who claimed responsibility for the shooting. At the time the call was placed, the gas station was closed and no witnesses came forward to say they seen anyone that the pay fine all police had to work with where seven nine millimeter bullet casings Fair and on the right side of Darlene Varens CORE there. They were western brand and fifth LUCA pistols. The guy
the coal are identified as being used in the shooting. What prompted the attack remained a mystery. A lanes, hand baggage, Michael's wallet had not been taken. There was no sign of sexual assault or a struggle why the person believed to be responsible had found police in it. aftermath. If he's crime was equally puzzling, it was clear from his manner of speaking that he was an apologetic upset or frightened. He hadn't tried to justify his crime or shift the blame. All he wanted was to let the police know what was him, but who was he. Within three hours of the shooting, a man arrived at the valet who police department enquiring about Darlene Farren, hey,
heard she'd been heard and sought further information. The man was darlings, husband Dane. He said he The last seen Darlene at ten thirty p m when she visited him at the restaurant, where he worked as a chef Though Darlene was alive when first responders arrived at Blue Rock Springs Park, she had. on route to the hospital when informed of his wife's outcome, Dane Farren crumpled to the floor sobbing He was aware of his wife's close friendship with Michael my joy. That said, he didn't how any animosity towards the young man I've read well
Meantime, robbery, jealousy heartbreak or revenge all seem to lack promising motives. Dane was at work when the shootings took place darlings first husband, whom she divorced two years prior, was also ruled out. Uncovering sauce back from them. Damn social circles proved difficult. There was a general consensus among those who knew Darlin and Michael that NATO had any enemies. Nor were in any trouble. two days after the shooting investigators visited them. Joe Family home and spoke with Michael's loved ones, but left without any breakthroughs. Once they returned to the Vallejo police Station, the phone rang On the other line was Stephen Magi Marcos, twin brother,
though he had been able to think of anything significant when he spoke to detectives earlier at the store being memory had since emerged from the back of his mind, it came with a name. George warders months before she was killed. Darlene had told Sir and about an incident with a man named to George warders. Stephen, had initially dismissed Darlene story. But since her nada it had taken on a new. Nick against Darlene revealed. That word is who was known to pass to her work had shown up at her home and broken in once he was inside. He threatened to write her Darlene told stay, then that she managed to talk ward
stay out of hurting her twenty nine year old George warders didn't have a criminal record, but he had a reputation at the restaurant. Where Darlin worked, he often taste Darlene, whom he referred to Day Day, Darlin hated, the nickname and off it was rolled up by George to the point of becoming angry up until bad a month and a half earlier George Vision, did the eighty almost every night after that, the staff didn't see him any more. Lord is was taken in for questioning where he admitted to teasing Darlene but denied, threatening or, In her, in any way, hey maintain, and that he lost saw her about six weeks prior around the time Others said: he'd stop the visiting the restaurant at the time
Orders observed that Darlene was quiet than usual, but Interaction was otherwise. Unremarkable has he's whereabouts on the nod of July. For what is said, he went to a fireworks display with his wife. They returned time at around eleven p m and stay there for them, remainder of the night. What is denied having a gun or rather visiting Blue Rock Springs Park with Darlene. He owned three cars, none of which were deemed relevant to the case. As the investigation progressed, it seemed less and less likely that Darlene and Michael knew their asylum turning directive John elsewhere investigated. Noticed that a peculiar figure seemed to appeal
you're in multiple tip off from the public. He was described as a heavy said what man with curly hair, who drive a brown car, a main fitting this decision, Jane allegedly approached a couple in Vallejo saying: he'd been involved, in the shooting of to paypal- and did a ride to Santa Maria a similar and was named in an anonymous letter sent to the valet who police department with the letters both are claiming he owned a suspicious vehicle and was quote about twenty five over two hundred pounds: brownish thinning, hair, sloppy fat and strange acting by, the most compelling witness statements regarding a curly head. Heavyset man came from Michael my job.
Although Darlene Farren had succumbed to her injuries on route to the hospital, Mako miraculously survived following lifesaving surgery, detectives who visited he's bedside as he recovered in hospital and were able to obtain a first hand account of the shooting Mako described the shooter as a heavy set man with light curly hair aged in these twenty an evening in February or March, nineteen sixty nine three to four months before Darlene Farren was murdered. Karen stood at the window, her attention drawn to straight beyond alone. Mayo figure was sitting outside in a stationary. What american sedan Karen couldn't see March.
Only managing to catch a quick glimpse of the man whenever he lit a cigarette or switched on the vehicles dome live Karen was a baby sit on that not she was at the home of Darlene Farren to look after her daughter D, clean and her husband, a Dane were both bowed and Karen had no idea who this angel loitering outside their home was. He remain seated in the white copper about two hours by the time Dane Farren Arrive time at around midnight. The car was gone when Karen returned to baby sit again the following night, the present of the strange car lingered. In her mind she told them
lane about it. While she applied her make up in the bathroom outlook of fear flashed across Darwin's face, she said I guess he's checking up on me. I heard that he was back for Out of state, he doesn't want anyone to know what I saw him do. I saw him. Murder, someone Darlin had mentioned the man's name, but by the time investigators spoke to care. In relation to darlings murder? Her memory had faded. She believed. The name was something short. Maybe three or four What does the long Darlin had also said that the man sometimes checked up on her work in the hopes of joy being Karen's memory, investigate. It is arranged for her to say a hypnotist, while Karen
still unable to remember the man's name. She recalled more of his physical features. He was wide middle aged with a heavy set, build and around face, framed by dark brown, curly hair. The heavy said sauce backed had re emerged, but he's identity remained a sacred. Now what seemed Darlene had known her killer and her chile. remark. I saw him murder. Someone became a mystery in and of itself. Just whose murder Darlene was referring to was unknown, but speculation ran rife. three miles down the road from the Blue rock springs. Parking lot Where Darlene was murdered was the like Herman Road from there?
was the format drive to the turn out of their guided number ten entrance to the banana shall pumping station where David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. What gunned down six months earlier. when Vallejo Police Dispatch Nancy Slovak received their coal from an anonymous mayo, taking responsibility for the Blue Rock spring shooting he had made it killing remark before hanging up after providing key information about here, attack against Darlene and Michael. He added. I also killed those kids last year. The similarities between the fire day, Jensen and the fair and mature shootings were obvious. Two investigators them they arrived at, the Blue Rock Springs Park. A young couple
remote location with award a base to name a hand, gone lack of a motive or sauce backs, the randomness of the attack. While the cool I could have been lying, investigators were open to the possibility that this same offender had gone down to all for victims. In the aftermath of the Blue Rock Springs Park, shooting an anonymous letter was sent to the case detectives it cast. Suspicion on the occupant of a house near like Herman, right near where David and Betty Lou were killed according to the nameless source. twenty two year old man named Charles lived there, and he was quote off balance by things that he has done in the past and a very.
Capable of committing the murders in that area, and a blue rock led detective, If, on the fair and my Joe case sergeant John Lynch awry that the north shore of, like Herman on the look out than this sauce backs House Interesting Lee Charles, had a criminal history. detective alliance should already tried calling the phone number police had on file for him? The line was disconnected side, the detective decided to say Charles out in person he's here, shouldn't have been hard to find, given it had a unique characteristic. It was pink eventually Lynch Spot The pink property it looked as though it belonged to a caretaker understood alone, with no
the houses nearby that several hundred yards lane she approached the building only to discover it was padlocked shod Lynch peered inside the house, was clearly vacant. As detectives for both murder investigation sifted through, array of sauce backs known to the victims. It was never far their mind that the person they were King for was not a jilted classmate or crash. He would the serial killer. On Thursday July thirty one. Nineteen sixty nine one month after the Blue Rock Springs park. Shooting strange envelope arrived at the editorial Department of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. He was postmarked from this.
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supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. A curious added I glanced at the envelope before opening at inside was a double sided, hand, written ladder, riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical areas. It read, Dear editor, is the murderer of the two teenagers last Christmas at like Herman and the girl on the fourth of July near the golf course invalid her to prove I killed them. I shall state some acts which, finally, I and the police know at Christmas, one brand name of ammo. Super acts to ten shots were fired.
we, the boy was on his back with his face to the car for girl was on her right side fate to the West fourth of July, one. girl was wearing patent slacks too. The boy was also shot in their name three in the name of Anna was western. Here is part of a saw, the other two, parts of this software rubbing mailed to the editor of the valet Ho Times and San Francisco examiner. I want you to print. They saw on the front page of your paper in this So I thought is my identity. If you do not print this software by the afternoon of fraud, I first of all guests sixty nine. I will go and kill rampage fraud. I not
we'll cruised around always canned killing loan people in the night then move on to kill again. Until I end up with a dozen people over the weekend, This final line was a hand drawn illustration of the Crosshairs circle, similar to a gun side. It appeared. The author was taking credit for the December nineteen sixty eight murders of David Faraday, aunt, Bettie, Lou Jensen as well. as the more recent attack against Mako my Joe and Darlene Farren, this source He referred to was drawn on a smaller shade of paper. It displayed A series of one hundred and thirty six characters organised in I need rose and seventeen columns. they range from letters of the alphabet to less familiar symbols and shapes such as.
Mathematical signs, naval figures and the same crosshair that the author had used to sign off he's the ladder across down handing nearby Vallejo near Identical arrived at the editorial departments of the San Francisco examiner and Vallejo Times Herald Day. Also can too the additional portions of the cryptogram withdrawals Ray combined, the soft featured a total of four hundred and eight characters which led to it In doubt, the for our light. Police examined day July off the latent fingerprints and sank copies of this ought to West Navy radio Station cryptographic unit. All they could to Jews, was that the rider may have been involved with the Navy and was possibly formerly train. Beaming encryption.
Edit is that all three newspapers debated whether or not to print this offer, as instructed some felt the public had a right to know that a murderer was threatening to go on a killing spree. However, they were reluctant to succumb to criminals. Demand Or cause unnecessary public distress as the city's head lines were already dominated by other violent crimes and the turbine Vietnam WAR, On the other hand, the soft headed right a chance of being solved if more people could examine it. The editors finally decided to publish the cryptogram but refused to meet the authors, Man's regarding the deadline or front page spawn this
Francisco examiner, also ran a naughty gold. Pointing out that investigators couldn't be certain of the earth is guilt until he disclosed more details about the crimes on August. for a three page. A letter arrived at the San Francisco examiner. It began. In answer to your asking for more details about the good times I've had in valet how I shall be very happy to supply Even more material by the way, are the police having a good time with the code, if not tell them to cheer up when they do crackhead, they will have me As the newspaper requested, the author gave me, details about the crimes, including some that hadn't being released to the public. He pointed out things that data
Dave's were wrong about lock their assertion to the press. That would have been able to say Betty Lou Jensen, silhouette ass. She ran across the turn out bull. He wrote. That area is surrounded by high hills and trees. He corrected them by explaining that he'd actually attached a small flashlight too he's gone in order to say he's targets better in the dark. He also took responsibility for the disturbing function All that dispatch on needs. You sly, VA received at the valet Hope Police Department, which he described as having some fun with the valet who cops the letter concluded. I was not happy to say that I did not get front page coverage followed by the same hand, drawn crosshair symbol featured on the previous letter.
The San Francisco examiner published an article about the lightest. The letter and include a lengthy accept due to the authors, self introduction, the police media. Public finally had a name but the perpetrator from this point. On he was known, has the Zodiac killer? Many people seemed to fit the zone act characterisation in some capacity troubled young man named David was reported after he's former fast. Mother realized, he'd, Beynon, Valet, hope that he's brothers funeral at the time of day with fire and Betty Lou Jensen murders, while their he'd been gifted a firearm that had belonged to his brother,
at twenty two caliber rifle most, notably of all when David was up, said he would suit himself by creating crypto grams. Some of them. Is what passed along two detectives for examination, but they dainty David and unlikely sauce, backed. A wife reported her Ex husband, as he was known to some he's letters with a crosshair, lock symbol. Another suspect came to light after a couple receive the letter from a distant relative, claiming he was a kid. now for the mafia and needed help I was sent for handwriting analysis with fingerprints lifted and compared to the partial prints on file. hey was ruled out of the investigation. Many suspects were interviewed simply because those who reported them thought they had acted strangely and door thy own the gun,
While each person varied in intrigue, the actual kill off looted investigators. Forty one year old, Dunwood Hoddan was a history and economics teacher off from the californian City of Salinas. In his spare time, he locked to create amateur crypto grants Pay and his wife Betty had seen the Zodiac killers for hundred, and so I published in the newspapers and decided to try to solve at their first Was the figure out which symbol might represent the letter ray the most commonly use the letter in the english language. However, they kill had apparently anticipated this approach and liberally used. Twelve different symbols to signify a to thwart would they code break is done
and Betty considered the matter for a while, then try a different tack. They ve. Get the author had a likely used? The word kill more than once said. I began looking for four let a patents that would fit with this for twenty hours. They painstakingly chipped away at the code. Finally, they cracked it decoded message red eye like killing people, because it so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all, to kill something Gives me the most thrilling experience it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl. The best part of it is when I die all will be re born in Paradise and all the people I have killed will become my slaves.
I will not give you my name, because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves. For my off the following this A garbage string of eighteen lead is that could in bay deciphered using their code Donald suspected that a separate method would be needed to unravel this final sentence and that it might hold the key to this idea. Acts identity. He sent the decoded message to the San Francisco Chronicle, along with several sheets of paper, that each scribbled he's work, notes on the newspapers. Editors received the documents on all get state and immediately notified Vallejo Detective Sergeant John Lynch Detective lanes raced up to San Francisco to collect the lead, our and works shades.
as he cast his eyes over the decoded message, he was hit by a wave of disappointment. He'd hope that would contain specific information about the killers identity The message was also sent to the President of the American Cryptogram Association to agreed with the Donald's translation to him. It was clear that the person who I created this off, I was extremely adept at designing codes, the biggest clue in the message, was the killers description of humans as the most dangerous animal of all. This was, likely a reference to a short story, titled the most dangerous game in which a character kills people for sport. After growing bored with hunting animals, the decoded cipher was published.
Paypal soon started coming forward, claiming that could help to soften the gobbled attacks that the end. One though It might raid Robert and that they happy. another believed it could be a coded phone number. One tapes Dar informed the police that the killers reference to accumulating slaves for the afterlife was a spiritual concept found in parts of the film panes and that the Zodiac may have a connection to the area. Of these theories were investigated, but nothing came of then detectives. One, no clue saw to identifying a sauce backed and fees, grew that does Zodiac could soon struck again. Almost three months later, rookie officer David's
Flight was manning the telephone switchboard if they're, not the police department, when a call came through had seven forty p m, a NEO voice, was on the other line in a calm tone. He stated I want to report a murder, no a double Nada two miles north of park headquarters, they were now what Volkswagen Common gayer office, a slight thought, the coalesce, the young as though he was in his early twenties trying to coax. It more information, the officers, asked the man where he was in a quiet
Ellie audible voice. They call us simply replied, I'm the one who did it to be continued next week. The australian federal police, Australia's national policing agency, their work includes counter terrorism, serious organised crime, cybercrime, fraud, child exploitation, and human trafficking within human trafficking, its taught ripe to walk between prosecuting someone for human trafficking offence and
after the victim colonels was bleeding profusely, they couldn't hold in business or police Catania. What's gonna happen,. the money that she had. My during that work was eighty two and a half thousand dollars, and that was her worst wake in ten years. The case file, tanks, being given exclusive access to the I have case, evolved to bring you stories some of the most challenging operations, no right, By may you he, in debt interviews with I have pay federal agents and alone how they investigated and interrupted the most serious crimes. level of criminals just then a level of smartness that people didn't shoot you to what our job is in cybercrime is to make it we do. How about it, Jane and side into how the I s, pay disrupted. A major human trafficking seemed again and rested. A sex offender who talk
the children on line by the number of victims that he targeted, it wasn't just one child or two children. It was hundreds of children. The threat was always there. Always press like a dark cloud hanging over their heads. They kind of marks one of the boys where he says you think I'll, be cod from investigating counter terrorism and disrupting major drug importation chains to international kidnappings. We taken inside look at some of the biggest investigations and and how the I have stayed a step ahead I was led into the house and always met with some other to go one with him, my pistol mother one the machete there's sands. Aside, he's really in trouble. He doesn't standards If you give them money like Achillea or should I use the money like a stupid when you are talking about a twenty one, you out offender, they still lives at home. It's a fair shock to your dad when the place on only knocking
it all then breaking down crime interrupted is the latest release from case file presents the first episode he's out now with the new episodes. Dropping vertically. Listen for Frank: you, wherever you get your put costs and be sure to hit the follow gotten. So you don't miss an episode.
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