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Case 202: Moira Anderson

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On Saturday, February 23 1957, 11-year-old Moira Anderson set out in a blizzard to run a quick errand. When she failed to return home, locals in her hometown of Coatbridge, Scotland began searching the area for any sign of her... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: The Detective’s Dilemma – New podcast from Casefile Presents Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free The Jordan Harbinger Show – Learn the stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most brilliant and interesting people Noom Weight – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today Sunbasket – Get $90 off and a free gift with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-202-moira-anderson
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the best feigns free today on the app store or Google ply. That's friends without the are best feigns era. Besides do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your work across a centre for suggested phone numbers becomes central support place. The shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website today, step aside, involves crimes against children and white, be sued. Both ferule listeners, thirteen. you're old scottish girl, JANET Anderson, hurried along the foot path, she had
on home over her lunch break, which was due to end shortly as she need her school. Janet passed, a small black car part to the side of the road. Its bonnet was up and its whole manning overrules was peering down at me. Cause engine noticing JANET. He called out to her and asked if she could help him by holding the bonnet up for a minute. While he looked under the vehicle for signs of a fold JANET and been brought up to respect her out is, and the man looked pleasant enough, so she agreed they cause Bonnet was heavy JANET had to use both hands to keep it raised, while the main crawled under the car Before long, JANET was startled by something the man had reached out from below and was groping her beneath her skirt JANET screamed. Let go of the bonnet and fled.
after running a short distance realized that she should take down the license. Plate of her attack is vehicle, so he could be identity. I'd. Are she turned and looked back at the car memorizing, the mix of letters in numbers stamped onto its Since plight, before rushing off to the safety of her school Moment she arrived she jotted down the plates. Details then went to inform at teacher of what had happened. The police were notified and school administrators warned students to traveling impairs as a bad man was lurking in the neighborhood. The assault couldn't have happened at a worse time. JANET and her family were already dealing with a terrible trauma. Just a few weeks earlier,
Regular Saturday afternoon, JANET sister had vanished without a trace a blizzard hit. This call town of Coatbridge Scotland on Saturday February, two thousand three hundred and nineteen fifty seven that light afternoon, Moira Randerson trudged through the full and snow towards the lad straight the eleven year old, had been sent by her uncle to purchase them thought I needed for her grandmothers, Dana that nine Moira was b to oblige. She often
ran errands for her family and made a little pocket money doing the same for an elderly neighbour. The second of three what is more. I was industrious and mature shaven had up time, job delivering milk, which was hard work? She had to push a heavy caught stacked with milk bottles door to door. She had become a recognisable and much loved presence within her close knit community. The walk to the co op store on the Corner of alleged straight was only about five hundred yards from my wrist grandmothers home, but she had to move quickly as the shop was due to close in less than half an hour, her blue coat was buttoned up tightly to protect against the icy yeah, while a dark, Blue
scarf and a Navy blue wool. Pixie stall hat with red bands kept her neck and head warm. The straits was silent and deserted due to the terrible weather with the very few vehicles on the road. By that not the Andersson family was overcome with worry Parents, Andrew and Maisie had spent the past few hours making inquiries as to the whereabouts of bad daughter, Moira. No one had seen or heard from her since she left for the co op head around three hundred and fifty p dot M she hadn't wound up at a friend or relatives house. Nor could she have gotten. Lost on the short journey ass. She knew a local straits like the back of her hand, the whether weather also made it unlikely that she'd grown distracted and was playing outside somewhere. The local
library was checked in case Moura, had gone there and lost track of time rating, which she had a habit of doing bunch He wasn't there either Myra had missed the five p dot m screening of the film gods and dolls at a local cinema that she had planned to say with two of heraldic cousins. It was an outing that she was very excited about, but her cousins is Jean. She had chosen to do something else until I when she failed to meet with them and didn't raise the alarm hours passed. before anyone realized. Something was seriously amiss as the straits grew darker and called off any plausible explanation for Moira Abstinence same to less and less likely. Just before midnight Andrew Anderson contacted CO, breach police to report he's a little girl is missing.
The following day was Maisie Andersen's, fortieth birthday celebrations. What cancelled has she spent a desperately looking for her daughter? The search grew in size and scope over the next few days with local volunteers, helping to check a band and buildings yards and sheds rumours that Moira was a difficult child, led police to consider the possibility that she'd had an argument with her parents sisters and ran away. Some but the eleven year old might have travelled as far as the London, a family thought they had seen Moira had a fun fair in the nearby city of Glasgow. Others, sightings arose in West, Scotland and the North of England, while police,
Instead, it is probable that Moira had vanished willingly and would turn up. Sooner or later, her family felt very differently Maisie Anderson told the daily record newspaper I know My daughter has been taken away against her. Will she would never speak to strangers. Andrew echoed his wife's thoughts stating I feel she is being picked up. the car and taken away somewhere up. Moira, never like to leaving the town Haven T go to Glasgow. She spent. Almost all spare time playing around the house. A woman came forward with a story that same to supporting Andrew and Maisie Anderson's belief that they had thought. I had been taken.
she lived in the area of Moira last name whereabouts and recalled hearing the stand of screeching breaks on that Saturday afternoon. She that when she looked at her window, she saw a cost fading away. The woman suspected that motorists had accidentally hit Moira has she was walking, then bundled her body into the car in a panic. Office is followed up on the report by visiting the woman's home after pier out of the window that she'd indicated they dismissed. Her theory omen. immediately. It was impossible for her to have seen the straight from that location
They also noted that the amount of snow on the dying question would have muffled the noise from any vehicles passing outside, despite co, bridges, relatively close proximity to Scotland's largest city of Glasgow, the town, small and safe community felt worlds away. Nobody was a stranger least of all Miranda Sin who was often acknowledged wherever she went. Her trip to the collapse door had been no exception. MRS Twa Cross was clearing away a heavy layer of snow outside her house on the afternoon of February twenty three when Chase. Miranda send walking past on her, but applying mission. She called out a grating to the little girl who shouted one back in return.
Mrs Twa crossed, though she heard Moyer, ask, is the boss away yet as Myra continued on her way. Mrs Twa cross went back inside her home. My were Anderson was next sided boarding Abbas, neither collapse door. It was unclear why she decided to catch a boss, hole where she was heading, but a man waiting at the stop recognised the girl ass, he knew A family. from a window of a nearby residence unnoticed. Women also spotted spot admirer at the bus. Stop Moira had been playing in the snow. When suddenly she slipped and fell, she seemed fine and quickly got A cop then began rummaging through her pockets bag in the snow as though she dropped something
the elderly woman thought more ramrod have lost money for her boss, fair ass. She kept glancing up as though checking for the bosses arrival Boss appeared moments later and when it drive off again, the woman saw that Moira was gone. Myra boarded the boss. She took a seat at the front of the vehicle, as the driver grated She locked eyes with a woman she knew and the pair exchanged a smile, woman carried on down the aisle towards that back. they thought Moira was still on the boss after she herself disembark via the re door. The boss was banned factor could a neighbourhood on the outskirts of town there was no reason for more ready to go there and she didn't know anyone who lived in the area, but one
local residents did raise police suspicions. They were dead, whether Moira had crossed paths with mentally disabled man named an Simpson, Hey lifting Kirkwood, but he sister around a house. Next to it led straight co op, that Moira was headed to police, questioned Simpson and discovered He had a solid alibi for the afternoon of the twenty third hate being away. That way can with the territorial. Allow me the each armies of volunteer reserve force, despite this at least one cow, bridging Spectre remained suspicious of Simpson. Others felt that the answers I saw what club
said: a home, prompting them to search a holiday property on Scotland's EAST Coast, which was owned by the Andersson family. Nothing of significance was found. suspicion also fell on my resemble Jim, who had sent her to buy body in the afternoon she went missing. As the last point, than to see her alive and and a married man. Some investigators considered him sauce, backed police questioned him repeatedly, but he stopped to his story and adamantly denied harming he's Nace, despite the lack of any evidence against him, Burma's, if he's involvement, persisted Moira disappearance was disgusted, Angelus lay at shops, pubs and other mating places throughout town,
Cambridge residents waited for news that might explain what had happened, believing that investigators must be making progress behind the scenes. but no news came. The kept children, I'm staying out light as they coms lay worried that whatever happened to Moira Grandison might happen to them as well. Janet Anderson missed her youngest sister, terribly although she and Moira, where two years apart, they looked so alike that they were often mistaken for twins. Myra confided in JANET much as a twin would telling her things that she wouldn't tell anyone else, one such stories shared with the JANET occurred awake before Myra vanished more Iran had been walking alone in the same area. She laid at disappeared from where
a young man stopped her. He held a knife and threatened Moira with it, demanding she go with him in exchange for money, terrified Moira fled JANET questioned whether this in Canada was significant to what later happened to tomorrow, It couldn't be proven JANET soon had her own frightening experience with a stranger wake softer Myra vanished JANET had been. Returning to school. After spending a lunch break at home when she was sexually assaulted by man who asked for help to fix that car Jenny ran away from the man but remember to take down his cause, license plate details which she laid out passed on authorities. She was interviewed by two female
police officers, but her family never heard anything more about what was being done to catch the man who had attacked her. Andrew Anderson was devastated, one of his daughter was missing and, to the other had been assaulted in public, he brought down line pay no longer had any faith in local law enforcement to protect his family. The innocents believed the coat breach police lacked the necessary expire Hence to handle a case like admirers Paypal, let alone children. almost never went missing from CO bridge and the local police force one equipped to deal with it. Eventually, the innocence Painting led to gloves goes criminal investigation department taking on their case closed, go detectives, turn their attention to a man named paid a man you well. It was
play. The Manuel had murdered seven people across southern Scotland between one thousand nine hundred and fifty six and he's a rest. nineteen, fifty eight, while most of the victims were RADA. He did kill attend. you're out boy most, if he's not as with shootings carried out during break ins, but he did stalk ripen murder a seventeen year old girl whose body he buried in a field it was believed He also did the same to another seventeen year old, but this murder charge was dropped due to insufficient evidence Manual was active around Atlantic Shop, the canny where CO bridge lie and hadn't. Yet being apprehended when Moira Grandison vanished the Glasgow say all day thought I might be able to link manual to her disappearance, but soon discovered he was in prison.
For another offence at the time, delayed reached a dead end, just like every other one. That investigators had pursued months turned in two years and soon decades had passed without Moira Anderson's family ever learning. What had happened to her on the afternoon of February twenty three nineteen, fifty seven. Sandra Brown was eight years old and living in car bridge when the town was rocked by Moira Anderson's disappearance as Sandra was, years younger and attended a different school. She Had known Moira well that she was familiar with her like other children in Cambridge Sandra was permitted few freedoms after Moira vanished Shit
waited play, areas that had previously felt safe and began looking over her shoulder, frequently fearful of whatever forces had taken My right away. Sandra was also dealing with a rocky home life. Her father was staying in hot with all due to illness, leaving Sandra her mother and her two younger brothers to fend for themselves. Sandra, helps her mother carry out cleaning jobs to support the family and also was did in raising the two boys, the absence of dangerous father, Alexander God sure was felt throughout town. He was a constant presence in the day to day lives of coat bridge residents He knew many of them by name just before Christmas, in nineteen, be six. Some men had arrived at the got your house and taken away
Zander away after that The other adults in the family would whispered to one another in hushed times, always stopping when Sandra walked into the room. One day, Sandra Paternal Grandfather explained to her Her father had been hospitalized from mental illness, the significant stigma. And mental illness at the time meant that Sandra couldn't visit her father and he situation was rarely spoken of when her father finally returned home in nineteen. Fifty nine he settled back into the community and resumed his position behind the wheel of the Basi Drive for the back stairs coach company. Alexanders treatment was shrouded in mystery. Sandra didn't understand the extent of it.
Whatever the entitled she came to find it hadn't changed him much once back home, he returned to his old bad ways. He continued trading on his wife with multiple women. Colluding a lengthy affair with a coworker half his age. This was the catalyst that led the strangers parents, separation and eventual divorce in nineteen. Sixty five. Alexander started a new family and a new life in Leeds England, effectively ending he's relationship with these daughter Sandra many years past. Sandra eventually married and had two children of her own, while also pursuing a successful career in teaching In the early nineteen eighties Sandra. the family relocated to the scottish islands.
Sandra most herself in her new neighbourhood, by participating in community theatre productions at an after party for one such products Sandra was surprised to run into a form a neighbour from coat bridge. The two began to chat and the neighbour told Sandra she particularly remembered Sandridge, Father he's hard good, looks and dark hair meant that he'd been easy to notice before Sandra could explain. At her parents had divorced the neighbour remarked, I always felt Sorry about what happened to him as. a former continued speaking. It became clear to Sandra that she had been lied to.
Casada had never had an extended stay in a mental health hospital during her childhood between one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven and one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine Alexander Godchaux had been in prison for raping his children's thirteen year old babysitter. Sandra remembered her out baby sit a well. She was the sister of one of her fathers colleagues. Sandra had never locked away her father looked at the Bali Blonde young Tang. The discovery that father was a convicted ripest rattled Sandra to the core. Although he cried had been covered in the local papers. At the time Sandra had been too young to read the articles and her family had withheld the truth. Sexual assault was it to do so
Jack and Alexanders positive reputation in the community shielded him from backlash. Many co bridge alive those rallied behind Alexander believing he was on unfairly judged and delayed. Some of the blame on his thirteen year old victim. This mentality carried on into subsequent court proceedings? The victim claimed Alexander had covered her into having sex within then paid her. So she wouldn't talk about it that who had met repeatedly over a six month period in Dumbass Park, a large public reserve popular with the children, the defence. It's worked to paint the ongoing abuses, something more like a love affair, while depicting the victim has Machu, offer her age and promiscuous. They claim
that their client only continued saying that same, because he was scared that if he ended things, she would tell his wife about he's infidelity. The judge was unconvinced by the defences attempt to victimised client saying nothing. Could minimize the seriousness of Alexander got chores offences? He was sentenced to eighteen months in prison. The news that her father was a writer was shocking to Sandra, but she had always felt something wasn't right about him. She My bad, how he would to at young women and make crust jokes while grabbing at or stroking their bodies, sometimes he'd, pin them to the ground. If they struggled then lift their clothing and rob. He stumbled face solo over their skin
dubbed this that beady game and insisted that women love dead, he's inappropriate, Tavia, wasn't limited to wipe out. Alexander locked to take Sandra and her friends out in his black baby. Austen car on one particularly hot day, he drove them to a remote like when they arrived. He gave Sandra some money and asked her to go and buy Oscar creams for the group. Sandra got out of the car and headed back to an ice cream van they had passed on. The way was a fairly long walk and the OS creams, one melting by the time Sandra returned to her father s car. She noticed its windows were fog, DOB and the doors were locked. Peering inside Sandra saw some autumn's of her friends, clothing scattered about she wondered if the group had been
playing the beady game. On another occasion, Sandra watched her father, lay Nova from behind the wheel to tickle and pincher friends in the back saying Sandra had been sitting saw him in the front passenger sate and when she turned to see what he was doing to her friends she's. all he had pulled their underwear down and was touching their chests. He also locked to joining on their games of hide and seek telling the girl that he knew of excellent hiding spots. If anyone have wanted to hide with him. Eventually, Sandridge friends began telling her that they couldn't play with her anymore when she asked why they replied where just now two and were not allowed to say why. Then
there was the incident when Sandra was seven years old, tasked with delivering Father he's launch, while he worked Sandra headed too, nearby bus, stop on main street that she knew he poured into every thirty minutes. The boss was already waiting dad when Sandra arrived, so she bordered with sandwiches in hand, father and three other adults was stated in the back Sandro moved down the aisle towards them. She sense something wasn't right. Her father, grappling with the young woman who worked on his boss as a conductor air of women's underwear was sticking out of his trousers pocket next to them was one of the companies other drivers who was locked
engaged with another female employees, a Sandra struggled to process the sitting in front of her. She spoke to them all and answering her arrival and the four adult scrambled to cover themselves in a furious voice, her father bellowed, get the hell out of here Sandra fled from the boss and ran to the home of her aunt, who comforted her ass. She sobbed Sandra was terrified that her Father would be angry at her a leather, Bell that he wore around his waist doubled as a weapon. If he thought he Children had misbehaved, then examined, I would remove the bow and with them with the buckle land. He also thought it was funny to punish Sandra by digging a taste bearing in freshly made t before
a pressing against her bare leg or leaving burns on her skin And he tell her mother that Sandra had hurt herself by carelessly spilling the hot drink. Has there Of the household he's word wasn't to be questioned. Sandra Tsar reassured her that she wouldn't be in trouble, but also cautioned her against telling her mother what she'd saying it would be best if Sandra forgot, the whole thing her father took the same approach and never mentioned the incident. Instead, he started to doubt on his wife more taking her out on dates, despite alexanders sudden shift into becoming a kind of person Sandra struggled to trust her father. At the theatre production after party many years later. She finally
to learn that her feelings had been entirely justified, he would I another decade after learning, her father was a convicted ripest before Sandra could address the matter with her family head on. Nineteen. Ninety two following the death Of a relative Sandra made her way to their house to help with funeral arrangements to shock her father was there. It was the first time she had seen him in decades. by now Sandra was in her maid Fortys and Alexander Sure was almost seventy one: taking the opportunity to confront him about what she had since discovered Sandro ass, to speak to her father in private. The two went through a bedroom and sat side by side on the
Alexander was smiling, but he's expression fell as Sandra began, to tell him how disgusted she was by him when she brought up his conviction for ripe. Alexander became defensive. He insisted that he tried to improve himself following his release from prison, but struggled He found not. Everyone was willing to forgive him, although he said, life and mother had given him a second chance. His father never trusted him again after a tense moments, silence Sandra aroused. Why? Wouldn't you father, forgive you. her father waited a long time before speaking. Finally, he said he
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But your trial at an oh, oh, am dot com, slash case file. That's an Oh, oh, am dot com, slash case file to sign up for your trial. Alexander Gauchos Father Sunny was horrified when he heard that more european decision was missing. Hey immediately suspected that he knew who was responsible here. Own son. Was well aware that in the previous month, Alexander had been around didn't charged with Khan knowledge of a minor for writing, he's children's baby sit on. Alexander, had been quickly released on bail and the company. He worked for
allowed him to resume his boss driving job while awaiting trial when used that eleven year Old Miranda Sin had vanished Alexander mentioned to his father. Had the girl had boarded he's boss on the afternoon, she went missing. Witnesses had the boy around his boss, with one famous passenger recalling how Alexander had said hello Moira when she boarded aid being the last person to say or speak to her that day, sunny was instantly suspicious. He knew about he said, HANS fixation with little girls, as evidenced by his race in charge. For writing. One sunny feared that he son had abducted and killed Myra and demanded that Alexander tell the police where he had put the little girls body he was.
certain of this tat. He used a crowbar they're up, Alexander's kitchen, which had recently been renovated, sunny put up the floorboards sent abroad through the fog paneling behind the brand new sink just to check that Moira hadn't bank I stand there. Then he stormed through the rest of the house searching every room. He didn't find any sign of the little girl, but he's nibbling instincts remained in the days that followed Sonny examined the vehicles he son drive and other areas where someone could conceivably hardest small body. These efforts, also failed to uncover anything to mount slide are in April, Alexander, was convicted and sentenced for ripe, at which point he left his family, for what
He's children by town was an extended hospital stay by the rest of his life Sonny. I continue to believe that he saw was responsible for Miranda. Zens disappearance now decades later in nineteen. Ninety two Alexander spoke of his father's suspicions to his own daughter, Sandra Brown. He didn't confess to have done anything to Moira, but Sandra knew. He was fully willing and able. Miranda send was exactly the type of little girl Alexander used to pay attention to her family. Had squads her as a tomboy and she'd banks
Linda Rent, a lively with a striking and mischievous smile in an effort to discover the truth. Sandra spoke with other family members to save. They could recall anything from the afternoon of Saturday February. Twenty three contains fifty seven Sandra had been just eight is old at the time and was home sick with the flu Mary, had been looking after her, while her father worked an afternoon shift from two to ten. Yet he didn't return home until midnight Mary noted how exhausted her husband looked and attributed It's a long hours driving the boss, coupled with the bad weather. The following afternoon, a relative visited the guy It's your home and informed the family that Miranda Sin was missing. The next
wake Alexander arrived home to find his wife chatting with her sister who had stopped by for a visit. He told the two women that he had to head back out again to speak with the police. as he was already out on bail for raping the families. Thirteen year old baby sit up. This news upset Mary and she demanded tonight. What was going on. Alexander explained that someone had mistakenly reported that Moira Grandison had boarded ease boss on the day. She went missing and heard him great. by name he had to tell them lace that it was all a mix up the passenger he'd picked up that afternoon was another little girl named Moira Adele got your left for the police station and was back home within an hour while lighter Mary, receive
if an anonymous letter crafted from lead is cut out of newspapers. you oughta, wanted that the baby sit, I wasn't Alexander's only ripe victim and Mary. She should take her children and move away to Australia. The letter concluded Why don't you go if you know what's good for you? You think you know what he's done, but you don't know the half of it. He won't stop with the Lassie Anderson Mary, Took the letter said the code breach police when no one followed up on the matter married disregarded the letter and forgot about it altogether. Curious. no with her father, had been ruled out of the investigation into more european distance disappearance Sandra rate
dare to an old friend who worked as a police inspector. Hey put her in touch with a colleague who worked in the co bridge within a few days too plain clothes detectives who visited Sandra at home, one of them who introduce himself is detective. Inspector Jim Mcewen was carrying a large file filled with case documents. Detective Mchugh Uninformed Sandra that there was no record of any interview with her father in relation to Moira disappearance. He's claims that he had driven a girl called Moira Adele, not Moyer Andersson. On the afternoon of February twenty three nineteen fifty seven was also disputed, as there was no child a living in the area by that name at the time. Surprisingly, despite having been on dial fast sexually assaulting a child when Moira disappeared,
Alexander got shores, name didn't appear once in her entire case file. There was a line that made reference to a bus driver, refuting the sightings of Moira IRAN he's boss. It read. The driver indicated that neither he nor that Conductress, where aware of any child, answering Moira description, the bosses female can doktor had not been spoken to at all. Although what had been thirty five years since Miranda Sin disappeared, her case was only ever classified as a missing person file. had never been upgraded to a murder investigation, meaning. received fewer resources. though it had never been closed, and being actively investigated either detective Jimmy
human was genuinely interested in everything that Sandra Brown had to say about her father. He was convened that Moira had met with fair play and Alexander Gaucho was a promising person of interest. Detective Mcewen began looking further into gauchos history. After he's released from prison, sure, hadn't being charged with any further sexual assaults. However, Moving to England, he was arrested for trying to obtain a mortgage under false pretences detective Mcewen tracked down retired police Inspector John Mcdonald, who would oversight in the original investigation into Moira, ran distance disappearance Macdonell, we had a clear memory of Alexander got shore as a local bus driver, but no recollection of his conviction
raping a minor when detective Mcewen raised the possibility of God shows involvement in Moira CASE Mcdonald. Replied. It couldn't have been him. He stopped he's boss for all the outer Ladys and dropped them that their gates and the kiddies all gave him sweets instead, Mcdonald still suspected and Simpson the mentally Sable Kirkwood resident, who had a strong alibi for the dying question. Detective Nick when didn't get much further, with most of the other Rex offices who'd being involved in the Moira Sin Investigation either, but one did confirm that God, shore had a reputation for predatory behaviour and lots of complaints said being filed against him. He was suspected of being a flash out who exposed himself to chew
in Dumb Beth Park than the nearby area, though this was never proven. Guy sure was also well known to local cinema rhinos. He had a habit of going to film screening, since next two children do young women harassing them throughout. The showed the women would often move to another seat, but the children typically state where they were too scared to do anything. Some parents, like those of Sandra Brands, friend, told their children. They want to go near God. Shore dots Social more raised at the time meant they didn't really discuss. Why detective Mcewen stay in touch with Sandra Brown over the following months. The two updating one another on new information that came to light
your revealed that she had started speaking about her father to her six fame, our cousins, some of whom had some very troubling things to share. Rebecca. Not her real name was sixties. in nineteen sixty two when she went to a family tea party at her Grandparents House was a warm some as day, and everyone was sitting in the God and enjoying the sunshine. Everyone accepts Rebecca uncle, Alexander God, shore. Hey was alone in the garage working on his baby. Austen car Rebecca was planned with her four year old system when her attention turned to her uncle, who was summoning her to the garage gaucho was sitting behind his black coffee
wearing a pair of Navy Blue Iver rolls over the top of his regular clothes they cause Bonnet was up. The gauchos was focused on something else. A one bar electrical Haider that was lying across his lab. It looked as though He was repairing, add gotcha called out to Rebecca to come closer, but she was hesitant to venture further into the dark garage. Something just didn't feel. Brought sensing. Her hesitation got sure, said come he hand, there's something I want you to hold for me here, Rebecca moved to her uncle side. He spoke again stating come on hold it just for a minute. That's all you have to do it's a cave
Rebecca, looked down at her uncle S, lap to say what he was referring to when she saw that he's painless was expelled. through his overalls. She browsing shock suddenly back. I heard her four year old sister behind TAT. She had followed Rebecca into the garage curious about what she was doing, Rebecca grabbed her hand and cried run. The two girls flood back outside to wear the rest of their family was gathered When Rebecca quietly told her mother what had happened? She sworn to not to tell lies but Rebecca. Never let her daughters have much contact with their uncle after that
other cousin told Sandra that Gaucho repeatedly molested her when she was seven or eight years old. He had shoved her in What Cuba that he used as a workspace in his time and assaulted her. in the dark. Her sister was also assaulted between the ages of seven and ten. Though Sandra was never sexually abused by her father of her seeks cousins at least four and possibly five had bain. God, shore offered money and swayed says away debate he's victims other times he used his car. Not many people in co bridge could afford a vehicle. In the nineteen fifties and going out for a ride him, one was a rare trade. Gotcha would off. To entertain his nieces by taking them for a drive and their parents happily accepted this abuse seem
Acted Sandra cousins well into their at all, is resulting in depression, anxiety and traumatic. Flashbacks sum of Sandra School Friends spoke bang tormented by her father is well once when he took a group of girls out on a fishing trip. he cornered one child by a river bank and press these white on top of her, while reaching under her dress. She avoided got shore after that, refusing to wave and catch a boss in case she saw him, but one day she went looking for Sandra at home and her father. He answered the door Sandra was out so got shore in the girl inside a white for her. He pushed her into it. dream and locked the door behind them. Then molested her before leaving he handed the girl some money,
then told her. She could earn some more if she stopped by again when no one else was home. by MID March of nineteen. Ninety three detective Mcewen fell. He finally had enough information to interview, Alexander God, shore Hay and his superior travelled. To leads to speak with got shore in person They showed the elderly got shore, a photograph of a young girl smiling broadly from behind a desk when she was reading a book when ass. If he recognized the girl gaucho looked shaken and began to tremble in halting voice. He said Moira Then he added she looked so lot older, their god sure said. He'd first learned that Moira
was missing when he overheard passengers on his boss. Talking about at that very evening, despite the fact that more is father, hadn't reported missing until almost midnight. She was a regular passenger, got shore explained, but he insisted he had nothing to do with her. Outside of that. This was predicted by a friend of my raise who'd reported that Gaucho had once. Called out somewhere out, while the two of them were playing in Dumbass Park and he was working on his car when the two girls approach to go ashore, he exposed himself to them. God Shore eventually admitted to police that Moira had boarded he's boss. The afternoon she vanished, Their interaction had gone beyond the simple hello with Moira experts,
leaning her intention to go to a larger supermarket in town, because the color had been closed early due to the bad weather. She I've got sure that it was her mothers birthday the next day and she wanted. To buy her a cod as a surprise, God sure told detectives that he had made an unofficial. But the supermarket Moira wanted to visit. She disembarked the boss wave to him and then he drive off. Gotcha was correct February, twenty four heading fact being more as mothers fortieth birthday, but this was the first time they said heard of Moyer is planned to buy her mother a birthday cod. Is she hadn t Anyone else about it. The only person who new, this information was Alexander, our chore detective Mcewen was more convinced than ever.
That the man held many more secrets. In the meantime, news had spread that investigated, where interviewing a man in relation to the decades old Moira Grandison case word of the, Update was re lights and Moirae sister JANET, who had since re, located to Sydney Australia where she build a new law that herself cobra child too many painful memories, all of which were now. Bang dredged back up, while China was placed progress, Finally, being made that was also bidder swayed moire, his parents had longed to know what happened to her, but it since died. JANET and more, whereas others just Marjorie still awaited closure of the enduring painful mystery upon
learning that a person of interest had recently emerged. Janet contacted scottish police find out more hasn't happened. Detective Jim Mcewen was in Sydney visiting family. He made plans to make JANET at her home to speak with her direct Clay during their conversation, JANET spoke of her disturbing encounter. She had with sex past wakes after her sister disappear, thirteen year old JANET had been walking to school when it's all Manning Overalls called arrive at to his car. Under the guise of aiding help. He got it. it into position telling her to hold up the cause bonnet. while he crawled, underneath to look for a fault. He then groped her journey
ran to school in a panic, but remember to look back at her attack. Is black car and take mental note of its license. Plate number the car was a black baby Austin. It belonged to Alexander They got shore when JANET laid eyes on a pitcher of God sure she recognized him immediately. The man question about her little sisters. Disappearance was the very person who would sexually assaulted. Her case file will be back shortly. Thank you for
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To find more is remains, if God, What was her killer, then detectives speculated that he wouldn't have driven far to dispose of her body. The blizzard that consumed CO bridge that day would have made travelling difficult and dangerous. Nice, too likely gotcha had done to Moira's buddy body somewhere close to his boss, rude. There were any number of places he might have chosen Lenny she had been, the Centre of Scotland's call industry and car bridge was dotted with the mind Charles. There were ponds like marshy areas send canals that cut right through the town during their search efforts. Detective Mcewen drive around town with a psychic named William, who found himself embroiled in their case after being visited
by Sandra Brown. Hey knew nothing about Moira disappearance, but had told sand. Ah, he believed the girls body was lying near a quarry not far from her. My home in CO, bridge detective me Here one was willing to explore this on conventional laid and, as you drive, with William around town, the psychic Build more information. He said. Moira had trusted her killer because he wore a uniform. Then suddenly asked. Where is a bus involved in all this on clearly picking up that she got on a boss. William then led detectives to our remote area without mine periods and quarries and made them stop at a pond. He go out of the car and walked towards the marshy area where he became visibly sick. He
spoke of Sensing Moira all around and asked to leave. location was near a boss terminal that Alexander Gaucho was familiar with investigators. Had the pond searched, but nothing was found. Although he hadn't succeeded in finding Moira's body detective, Jim Mcewen remained certain. She had been murdered, he'd accumulated seven boxes full of documentation relating to the case, including new statements, provided by a range of people who knew Alexander God, shore from former colleagues Turkey's Ex wife. On my eighteen nineteen, ninety three more than thirty six years, After Moira vanished, detective Mcewen arrested God. Shore on suspicion of murder, he was
Also charged with five counts of lewd until a bitterness behaviour for abuses against four businesses. Gotcha was immediately released on bail, while Scotland's Crown Office reviewed all the evidence to determine whether the case would go to trial. They reached a decision, they wanted. The abuse, charges dropped stating that it wasn't in the public interest to pursue them. How raised as to why wasn't given without these charges, in Stu gaiters had no way of forcing God Shore to return to Scotland. The crown office also advised that further investigation needed to be carried out before any murder charges could be laid. the words of the public prosecutor known in Scotland as the deputy proxy right off fiscal
There is no murder without a body The Miranda in case is still officially on missing persons inquiry pure and simple. I noted that, while Alexander Gotcha had said some incriminating and suspicious things, the Palais saw much further forward. Then in nineteen fifty seven. The Miranda sink case remained open, but without a body and with Alexander ouch or living in England, there was little that scottish detectives could do. Sandra Brown was devastated to learn that her father wouldn't be held accountable for his crimes against her cousins. The fact that more case stored as a result compounded the blow, but she wasn't done with him
Sandra arrived in Lades, accompanied by a journalist from the sun, Mayo named Marian scarred the pay visited Alexander Gauchos home, and he welcomed them both in accepting sand. As word that Marian was just her friend the women dying. questioned God sure about Moira Sin, hey maintained that he had left her at the supermarket that this time he insisted she was with a friend whose name he didn't know. Hey yeah, that he had got enough the boss, at the same time as Moira, a new You and incriminating detail he hadn't shed before Sandra pressed him on this, which led to her father quickly correcting himself hey decent barked, so he could go home for an hour long break in the middle of his double shift. A rally
driver had taken over his boss during his absence. However, Sandra knew that her father never used to return home between double shifts. No matter how many different ways Sandra pushed him gaucho would not admit to killing Moira, but he did can ass to abusing one of his nieces, stating I admit that I did torture, but it was never the full thing. Everything out block. But she was a relative and alive to Morrow, so it wasn't it whole hog. He began to rant about how it being cast as a black shape his entire life. He was sick of police looking for things to pin on him and children, accusing him of things he hadn't done. He had kept Canon of old
Times investigators had questioned or interviewed him over the years in total he had being suspected of committing sexual offences against one hundred and twenty two children unbeknownst. to God. Shore Marian Scott had hidden a tape recorder in her back and recorded their entire encounter. She, the full page article about the visit and what God Shore had revealed this it wasn't a not the Sandra draw, so she began to write a book could detailing her experiences with her father and the case against him Over the years she had come to suspect that Coatbridge Bridge one thousand nineteen, fifty seven might have actively covered up for her father.
Gotcha was a member of the fray Masons Organization as where most of the towns, policemen and they all attended. This same lodge Sandridge Childhood Home had also Bain just across the street, from the police station and she had observed how her father seemed to know all the officers. In nineteen. Ninety nine Sandra Bullock was published. She taught dead, where there is evil in reference to a biblical passage which states that, where rival resides it must, because they are following its publication, new witnesses began to contact Sandra to share information. One woman was a teenager in nineteen. Fifty seven recalled how she had disembarked got boss in the town centre on the day of my wrist disappearance. She big
and walking along and also right to a family friends. Farmhouse trudging through the snow, as the road gradually became an unpaid track ass. She walked. She noticed footprints in the night shield I heard a scream. The area was removed and there shouldn't have anyone else out there, so what Miguel girl raged her friends house. She told them what had happened. They didn't think it was anything to worry about and told her not to bother reporting it to the police. a different witness said they had seen a man in what looked like a Baxter's boss, uniform dragging a little girl into a field near a pond. The girl was wearing Clyde similar to a Moira had bay wearing when she was lost, saying their individual, contacted the authorities to reports.
Thing, and now deceased family member heads, lean on the night in question, a farmer who lived near the neighbouring towns. A kite bridge had noticed an empty boss parked in a way that was poor. Lee blocking the road it Engine and delights we're off, but the farmer noticed condensation on its windows. The following day the boss was gone. The farmer had reported the deciding to police, however, they never followed up on it. The initial investigation into Moira Anderson's disappearance was marred by many instances such as this, in which police work was lack, lost or botched fur. The outset there was an unwillingness to take the case seriously with Paul Some more willing to suspect the eleven year old girl had fled all the way to London than before.
if she met with fair play, example. God shore was completely overlooked. The spot he's previous interact Genes with Moira Anderson and the fact he was on dial for writing a thirteen year old go any clues that lead to guard sure as a sauce back toward disregarded who never pursued efforts were sometimes lazy and, in other instances, nonexistent. The towns canal wasn't surged, not because policing, Painted a relevant or unnecessary, but because there were too many wade's though? Televisions had been used in Scotland since nineteen fifty to investigate it didn't initially bother making a televised appeal until three months. After Moira, went missing witnesses who provided tip off,
so waited in vain for police to contact them and arrange follow up into views. One such person miss. Twa Cross had seen Moira walking on the afternoon of her disappearance, and I've heard her talking about the boss. Mrs Twa Cross assumed, invest Guided would door knock off the homes in the neighbourhood as part of their inquiries, which would provide her the unity to tell them what she had seen. When they never stopped by? She concluded that I must have known more than she did and carried on with her life multiple. This accounts that place the Moira Wrong GOSH Shores boss were dismissed after investigators spoke to one of their companies. Drive is presumably got shore himself. While the sightings did end up in police reports, they were never shared publicly
preventing others from coming forward with additional information that could shed further law on more is final movements. In two days. And twelve Miranda since missing person case was finally re classes five. As a murderer inquiry sky, lens newly formed called case unit took over the investigation and to use later prosecutors, publicly name. Alexander and shores the prime sauce back for the first time. I stated that he should have been charged with more is murder back in nineteen fifty seven, but clarified that day not labeling him as guilty. They were merely saying there was enough evidence against him to warrant an indictment and likely conviction. This declaration came a ease to light. Alexander Gotcha had died in two thousand and six at the
age of eighty five it lived in Leeds for the remainder of his loss and pasta in one of the city's hospitals there have been repaid it. Searches for Miranda sends remains in recent years. The group. Of one of Alexander got shores. Friends was accede, as he had previously made reference to the friend. Having done him, a big favor, the friend was to rest three weeks after Moira vanished, leading to the belief that got shore stuff tomorrow's body, beneath his friends, coffin before the grave, was filled in this theory, like many others, proved false As of early twenty, twenty two there is remains, have not been found. In August the ninety seven forty years
After Alexander Gaucho always jailed for raping he's children's baby, Sitter news broke that another pedophile had been convicted in coat bridge. Sixty six year old James gallantly, was a retired, a lorry driver and church Oda found guilty of abusing forego server a twelve year period. In one case, he D sounded a girl. In here bedroom after holding up a bottle and telling her. It is God's why the truth of days it uses only came to light. That guides. Light on after Gallegly was accused. Resulting another child, follow in days. Revelations parents in the car Bridge area asked there now at all children, if they ever been a victim of Galilee, and two sets of sisters admitted that I had. James Gala was an old friend of Alexander God, shore.
The two men were colleagues at Backstairs Bus Company and gallantly was responsible for producing got shore to his sister. The thirteen year old baby sit out who got shore went onto ripe, gallantly was finally convicted of heat Crimes in nineteen ninety seven and given a ten year prison sentence, Gallagher didn't bend along behind bars. He was diagnosed with cancer, died in prison a little over eighteen months later in nineteen, Ninety nine six months after his death, another convicted pedophile named Alexander Keel came forward, claiming have knowledge of further crimes. Fifty eight year old, keel said he'd been so made with gala glee and that he confessed to being part of a pedophile ring named the untouchable
how the members of the ring included police officers, politicians and notorious criminals. So just english serial killer, fried West and the perpetrator, The Dublin school Massacre had panda twenty six page Dulcea detailing supposed admissions from gallantly amongst them, was a reference to Miranda. Zen gallantly had said hey and Alexander God. Shore abducted and said dated the eleven year old before assaulting, IRAN, gauchos boss back at the Dep I men had left him or around the boss. I've a nod and she died from exposure. After discovering her lifeless body the next day, God Shore downtown in an area of parkland cold, the which would ponds keel, tried to sell his
see Austria to the Sunday Mayo Newspaper, the twenty thousand pounds the force suddenly handing it over without any payment at all. When Moyer is family. First learned of this dossier, they held high hopes that her case would be solved, bought off looking into the claims more closely investigate, dismissed the entire document as a cruel hoax, by keel as he'd, provided no evidence to support any of these accusations. Sandra brand hasn't given up hope that Moira ran distance case. Will one day be officially solved in the EU. Two thousand. She learned The more rare Anderson Foundation using proceeds from her book Zile says legacy to Moira and her family. The charity provides support to
Children and adults, obeying impacted by child sexual abuse. Sandra has saved in order of the british empire. The her services to child protection, Moyer sister JANET, has expressed her gratitude to Sandra for establishing the foundations telling a baby say, journalist, children I'll, have a voice and someone who will listen. Just over a month after she disappeared on March thirty, one more european descend, would have celebrated her twelfth birthday. She had been asking for the board game monopoly as a gift after she disappeared. Maisie Anderson honoured her daughters, request and purchased the gang telling the press that she wouldn't give up. Hope that Myra would one day play it on each birthday. In the years that followed,
Maisie would buy her daughter, another gift and set a place for her at the dinner table,
holding onto the hope she had in nineteen fifty seven and until her death. Twenty years later, speaking of her beloved sister, JANET told the scottish Son newspaper, I still think of her every day. I pray H, not that she's found and I still have not Nez, although not so often now. All we want is closure. In two thousand sixteen case file covered the disappearance of twenty two year old shown Callaghan. All you can say a headlights. Vodka
Flashing is blatantly obvious that she got an caught, whoever it take. It done it for criminal purposes. Now he burst hand from loved ones and laid investigator state butcher as way unravel how the case on pouted and the Monti, of legal and ethical dilemmas encountered along the way. Therefore, there's only one way to do this. It was at that point that stay fortune decided to take an extra ordering gamble. Her life is my responsibility. All I could do was pleased with him for her life when a killer confesses. Do you listen? He said you and I should have a chant. The fact to be killed was unequivocally, but what, if one interpretation of the law?
as you should accept the confession. When he got taken Swindon, he got a lawyer were conversation, was vital confessions disappeared of no value what they were doing. What were they do? What happens to the cop who believes he's making the right choice, reason we were there was losing saw. What was wrong in getting the confession From a murderer, you Don T rehearsed this line. The ended with which was it was a pleasure to ruin your career Boston, if it had been your loved ones, stay outta was looking for what would you Have wanted him to do so crucial, Somebody for trial His best get closer to farmers doesn't make a lot of sense case file presents the detectives dilemma available for free on March fourteen only on
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