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Case 206: Julio & Candra Torres

2022-04-09 | 🔗
On Tuesday, July 27 1976, 16-year-old Candra Torres and a man named Tom Brown showed up in an Oregon sheriff’s department to report a terrible incident. Candra’s husband, 21-year-old Julio Torres, had been accidentally shot and killed while the three were on a camping trip deep in Mount Hood National Forest... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: ZipRecruiter – Post your jobs for FREE Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Noom Weight – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today SimpliSafe – Get a free indoor security camera and save 20% on the security system when you sign up for the interactive monitoring service The Detective’s Dilemma – New podcast from Casefile Presents For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-206-julio-candra-torres
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Air episodes deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local crisis center for suggested phone numbers for confidential support. Please see the show notes for this episode on your app or on our website. Oregon City attorney, James O Leary was in his office on Tuesday July twenty seven nineteen, seventy six When a man and woman entered wishing to speak to him, the Chevaux DE and exhausted, they had just emerged from the man who did national forest after awakened spent camping and fishing in the wilderness. They planned to speak to the police regarding a tragedy that had happened there, but we're reprehension about doing so with the US taking legal advice. First after hearing their incredible story- James.
Delirious corded, the distraught pair to the county sheriff's office. When detectives dust wide. I hadn't come forward sooner the man remarked. I have criminal record, and I didn't want her face authorities always afraid they wouldn't believe me, It was getting lights on Friday July, twenty three nineteen, seventy six.
When he nine Year Old Tom Brown was driving, he's old red jam, say pickup truck deep into the man who had national forest. By the time he reached the north fork dam on the clock in this river daylight was fading and there were very few people around tom brought his car to a stop near our boat launch area into left his engine running as he hurried I've at two. I need buy fish ladder, and narrow canal large structure ran parallel to the river and was built to help fish migrate easily Upstream Tom was standing alone, observing the water when a young man approached and started talking to him, his name was Julio Torres and he was camping in the forest, with his wife for their one year, wedding anniversary, an avid fish
Julie. I've had been struggling to catch anything in the area and was seeking any possible advice from Tom. Tom was the last thing used by the interruption and made this clear by a in his gaze and giving Kurt responses Julio persisted, always found where a couple of seconds he told the disinterested Tom minutes later Julio's, teenaged, wife, Candra, repudiate repeat joined in the conversation. Her presidents loosened up the stand or fish Tom who manage to crack a smile. Turning back, Julia he finally offered some insider information to help the struggling couple. Earlier that day, He'd been doing some logging work in the forest when he saw a truck load of fish, paying floated into the river nearby other
and Julie had spoken to throughout the day had also mentioned a fish dumb and Julia was in trade. That's where I'm headed Tom told him. Julia was king to go there as well, but it driven, he said, damn Dan to just half a tank of gas travelling further into the forest. To did insane was Tom reassured him, the fishing spot wasn't too far away and half a tank should get them. There If Julio and can draw wound up, Stranded Tom was willing to drop off gas in the morning to get them moving again, the I headed back to their respective cars, Tom drove, In the direction of the fishing spot,
Julio, having weighed up the risks followed behind when Tom pulled over for a brief stop, so too did Julia The advance emptying fuel tank remainder concern, so Tom offered to rob Julio and can driving his truck the remainder of the way to preserve what little guy. They had the couple declined the offer ass, they had been using their car to sleep in where is it Spot Julio last, just beyond bag, be hot springs. Road Tom explained before returning Please try and continuing onwards the city and told him once more By now, the road was curving deep, into more isolated areas of the forest once on bag be hot springs. Road. The two car convoy
Another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction, with the father and daughter inside they incur no one else, Tom and down and unpaid bumpy logging road that snake through the looming pawn and fir trees. This dance followed suit. By now, the sun had all now sat and Tom pulled over to set up camp for them. Julio and can draw joined in the cup who were also travelling with their pet dogs, a colleague named Rusty and, as the sky darkened, the group's settled around a fire to wait. Their dinner thumb drank some liquor which he offered Julio and can draw who wage took a sip after Rating Tom. collected a rifle from his truck and set out to take a night walk in the surrounding woodland Julia
and candor accompanied him on the short hike Tom was. Familiar with the area and headed to a nearby meadow explaining that he hunted d there as they approached the clearing, I'm off the couple he's binoculars said they could observe several d foraging up ahead. no further away from them. Several bear Cubs were playing. Tom Julio and can eventual returned to their camp where they slept in their vehicles. Tom work first, the following morning at roughly five I am He wandered over to the Sudan and Bang doughnuts hood to wake Julio and can draw then the tray. I decided to try catching fish for Breakfast Tom drive, the others to another area of the forest before
leading them on foot along in over grown trial that led to the river bank once their Julio and can drop. Urged themselves on a rock tom fished by himself, for little further away time slipped by and do nothing seemed to be binding. Eventually, the group gave up and returned to their campsite empty hand, it. Tom and Julio came up with a new plan, they'd head back into the woods and try their luck at hunting. Some deer instead. Hunting was illegal in Oregon during the summer months, but that didn't dissuade them Tom. Had two rifles on him. A window As the lever action and a twenty two caliber savage, he handed
wanted Julio and kept the other for himself. Three days later, Tom Brain, arrived at the office of our against city attorney James. I Leary where he announced that Julia Torres was dead explained that hey and Julia had been hunting in the man who had national forest? When a terrible accident took place. Julia was scoping out the area with a pair of binoculars when he spotted a deed Tom handed Giulio his rifle to free up his hands. So he too could have a look through the binoculars. After observing the da for himself, Tom decided he'd take a shot at it. He returned the binoculars to Julio who, in turn handed tone back his rifle as the Winchester was being passed
between them, Tom grabbed the firearms balance point with one finger on the trigger, although he didn't pull it. The rifle fired me to exchange the single bullet, penetrated Julio's had head killing him instantly. Tones shocking story was supported by the only other person with him. That way Sandra Torres she had a score to Tom to James Eye Leary's office, to ensure he wouldn't be charged for a crime he didn't commit between. Sobs Kendra revealed that she had witnessed the shooting, with her,
eyes ass. She was standing a couple of fate behind the two men when it happened. A penny to screams had startled her pet dog rusty, who turned aggressive. As Tom Brown rushed back to the camp thought Rusty ran at him. Growlin. Certain the dog was about to attack Tom scrambled, he's rifle into position and fired killing the animal in self defense. Light that day Candour cried and did not along as Tom repeated their story. Two detectives said: the Candy sheriff's office, when asked why they hadn't come forward sooner
admitted that he was initially reluctant to go to the police due to the previous run and heat had with the law. Tom had a string of offences listed against his name, most of which were petty and related to robbery. After accidentally, killing Julio Torres Tom, studying shock at the group's campsite mauling over what to do next. He was convinced that, with he's criminal record offices would try to charge him with murder I finally knew I had to split that no one would believe me Tom told detectives I told, can she could do what she wanted, but that I was, Going to head to the mountains, she said I couldn't leave her there that I had to take her back to civilization, but I said no way I'm going, I tell
she could go with me if she wanted, but you'd better hurry and get her stuff together. Unable to navigate out of the sprawling, unfamiliar and dangerous? For us alone can draw our opted to stay with Tom, hoping he would come to his senses?. Tom Covet Julio and Ross. These bodies with shrubbery to deter animals from scabbard. Thing. There remains then, over the next three days he trudged deeper and deeper into the forest, with cancer ring toe. They dressed under the stars in a sleeping bag and at a certain point, Tom, tossed the rifle that killed Julia, into the surrounding brush along with a bag.
Munition sensing Tom had since calmed down, worked to convince him to return to town and tell the police what had happened, that assistant paid off and Tom finally agreed By then, the pair were well and truly lost. It took a while for Tommy find his way back to a familiar trial, but once he did, he managed to get them both back to the camp side. He then drive can draw some
it's a Oregon city to say James O'Leary, an attorney who had represented Tom in his previous criminal matters. This was a precautionary measure to ensure Tom wouldn't be tricked into facing any murder charges. By the time they met with police Tom and can draw were distraught but cooperative. They agreed to provide foremost statements separately. This gave detectives the opportunity to check for inconsistencies in their story and determine if anything was afoot, but nothing raised their suspicions. The pairs it can, even when told individually, was consistent and matching, while obviously upset Kendra was lucid and rash.
No, she was adamant that the shooting was not Tom's followed. She was also appreciative of Tom. Had he not helped her, she would still be lost in the immense forest all alone later that not Tom Bran, escorted investigate days into the man who did National Forest. it was almost eight hundred and thirty. When the group arrived at the location where Tom, Giulio and Kendra had set up camp. Waiving the area with high powered torches, investigators, spotted the trio's burnt out cooking fire and the Torres is said Dan. Two hundred yards away beneath the friends of some funds was the body of Julia Torres. He lay face down about thirty fatal.
the road and down an embankment. There was blood on the ground higher up by the edge of the road pinpointing the location where the shooting had taken place due to the hot summer. Whether Julia S body was already in an advanced stage of day composition. But a gunshot wound was clear: we visited when he's had rusty had sustained a similar wound. His body was, and further along the trail, also haphazardly covered with delays Tom. since willingly surrendered the twenty two caliber savage rifle. He had used to shoot, Rosti. the following morning. He led investigators through
heavily wooded area to where he had discarded the Winchester rifle that killed Julia, they had to go on foot trekking through thick vegetation as they followed. The color Wash river rob strain they walked for through the forest across the river and then along another stream. The forest had become a dense disorientating maze, but there was, one clue that indicated that we're heading in the right direction. Investigators noticed a set of Tom's footprints that had been previously crashed into the earth. A smaller pair believed to be cadres tiled them. As detailed in the book empty promises by true crime all saw and rule after ten hours of Hawking Tom, eventually stopped pointed and remarked there. It is dad's
Rifle they had arrived at the side where hey and Kendrick can't on their second night together in the wilderness, although Tom said he'd thrown a plastic bag. that contained about eleven bullets into the underbrush nearby they were able to find it detectives did recover a sleeping bag that almost looked like it had been shredded due to being dragged through the rough terrain. Tom said hey and can draw had thrown it away once they found the trial home again Over the coming days, Tom remained obliging and eager to assist with the investigation he willingly provided a second statement and underwent a polygraph test which he passed. with everything aligning with Tom and can't raise version of events Julia
The Torah says death was ruled. Accidental, Lola Bates was deeply worried about her daughter can draw Add just sixteen years old candour was too young to suddenly find yourself a widow, the weekend. Camping trip into the man who had national Forest was supposed to be a celebration of Andrew and Julia S, first, the wedding anniversary candor. Had been a young bride having married The Julian who was five years older than her when she was just fifteen cancerous family, was religious. Her father had encouraged cancer and Julio to marry before their relationship, became to physical wedding photos. Show
can draw in a slave to lace, dress her long, dark red hair parted down the middle and hanging over her shoulders in one picture She fed a cake to a beaming Julio who was tall and broke shouted with thick dark are matching sideburns and a mustache again based couple lived in a small apartment in the small city of can be with the rusty, their rough Kali dog, who had been cancerous pat since childhood Following Julio and Rusty sudden violent deaths can draw stayed with her. Parents said they could look after her. Lola watched her daughter closely in those first few days. She couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right, cancerous voice when describing the shootings didn't sound like her usual self.
As La La told, the television programme, forensic files, it was ass, though, can. his words, were coming out of a stereo being replayed or something. Perhaps this was simply the way she was processed. In her grave, but it still gave Lola pause. It. And until can draw returned to the apartment she shared with the Julian that her demeanour changed. Her parents went with her and ass soon ass, I can draw stepped through the door she broke down in sobs can draw suddenly began begging.
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and Giulio didn't have much money, but they still wanted to celebrate their first anniversary with a triple y somewhere. The obvious answer was to go camping, Just that they travel to the coast where they had their honeymoon. Julie loved fishing and wanted to share the hobby with his wife, so he asked if they could instead head into the mountains Contra grade when herself they could always visit the you another time. The night before I left for the Man Hood National Forest cancerous slave was disrupted by a nightmare. She was terrified, but was unable to remember the exact details of her drain- or she knew was that it had something to do with their impending trip.
Kendra told a friend about her bad dream. The next morning have Thursday July 22D. I advised her to take a bubble with her. The spiritual protection Andrew, I talked to run away in amongst her clothes and other belongings. She also throw brought up her not to Julio thinking. He would it'll, her nerves, tat cancer. Surprise Julio admitted that hey too felt inexplicably anxious about the trip but peace of mind. decided to invite one of Julia friends to camp with them, but he wasn't time when they arrived to extend their invitation. They left a hastily scribbled note for him to raid upon his return. We were obliged to ask you to go to the mountains with us. Sorry, you missed the fun.
By the time Julio and Chandra arrived in the mountains, the weather was warm and the sky was blue. Amidst the bright light and picturesque setting the couple's face melted away a wrong turn. And led them deeper into the forest on a road they had never been done before. There was something about the road they gave Julio. The crates Eventually, they realized their mistake and turned around that. Not the past slept in that car Julio spent the next day fishing, but he failed to catch. Anything.
the couple moved on to a different location. To save Julio would have better luck there. They followed the clock on the river downstream, stopping periodically to cast a line during one stop. They spoke to another fishermen, who'd also being struggling he'd. Her dead, a truck full of fish, had recently been moved to the Collar Wash River, a twelve mile tributary of the clock on the river and suggested that the couple checking with the park. Ranges to save that was true, Julio and can draw sure what to do. They filled up their car with gas when they left, but now Tank was getting very low. They only had Twenty dollars left,
to hang onto it in case of an emergency after talking their predicament over the couple decided to try one lost location before giving up and returning home The sun was setting when they reached the north for damn their job I spotted a lone man observing the nearby fish ladder. Meeting Tom Bran was Crystal clear in Kendra's memory. She remembered how he lit up and flashed her a wide smile when she approached it was sleazy If he were undressing with these eyes, she never shook. the uneasy feeling he gave her that around the camp.
Tom retrieved, a milk carton from his truck and showed it to Julia, went, can draw it contained a dead bird picked it off on the way here, Tom bragged. can was unimpressed. She didn't believe Shooting animals for sport, Unless you have to for food. She told Tom. He told her not to worry and said he planned to wait the bird on the walk Ai2 a kaleido that not tell him on settled can drop further when he raised his rifle. Let several bear Cubs playing in the distance she turned away in disapproval, fearful his actions would attract the best mother And put them in danger. Tom Flash
can draw yet another unnerving smile and a lowered. His weapon can draw struggled to sleep that night. She didn't like I the way he seemed to enjoy killing for a own sake. She expressed her concerns to Julio who regarded Tom as eccentric, but harmless, although he did tell, can draw It's button up her blouse to hide her bikini top. Kendra's anxieties only increased the following day. She noticed how Tom Play carry his rifle while keeping its barrel pointed at Julia. Then he made a disturbing joke about her beloved dog. There were only two things wrong with Rosty Tom said. Has he patted the collie. He's alive and walking.
Despite remembering all of this laid up to Julio's death cancer realised that she couldn't actually recall the exact moment he was killed. She Jim You only believed she had witnessed the shooting, as she told detectives, but she couldn't picture it in her mind. All that cancer could remember, was the sound of a lad rifle blast. Then the side of Julio's body covered in blood. She tried to recall more, but her mind was blank. Over the course of a few days. Another picture arose from cancer is subconscious. She could clearly say Tom Brands face plastered with a wide smile. It wasn't until Chandra returned returned to the apartment she and I shared that something was unlocked within her after begging her parents, not
eight her and being reassured that I never could can made a confession. She didn't. No, we ve Julio death was an accident or not because she had an actually seen it for herself. In shock her mother law law replied, my God can draw, Don't you realize that man murdered your husband six days after candour, Torres than to Tom Brandon had emerged from the wilderness can draw pay Another visit to the county sheriff's office this time she was accompanied by her parents. I want to tell you what really happened. Candra said It wasn't an accident On the morning of Saturday July, twenty four Kendrick,
Julia were quick case before he left. The camps ought to go. Hunting with Tom Brown Cancerous died, put with the rusty who was resting in the sun s sense of full boating. Wash dye the air was extremely still and quiet. Suddenly Canberra was startled by the unmistakable sound of a gunshot ringing through the forest. Split second can draw? Was I've come with the impulse to run into the woods with Rusty, but then she told herself to stop being silly. She had no way to know Gate the forest and would only end up getting lost, which would worry Julia. there was no need to run Julio and Tom must have found a deer. Can draw remained where she was sent waited for their return,
A little while later she saw Tom walking towards the campsite There was no sign of Julia, as reported in the book empty promises. Tom called out to can draw. We got us a deer He added that Julia was still in the clearing cleaning, the caucus. Kendra was immediately suspicious. It made no sense heard that Julia would remain behind with the deer. As he wasn't a hunter. And wouldn't know how to had an animal gripped with fear it had been bubbling since she first met Tom Brown. Cancer got up. and ran towards the clearing. Another gunshot rang out cancerous one turned around Rusty who
beside her a moment ago had fallen on the ground, his legs jerked and his head was stained. With blood Tom stood a little distance, behind holding a smouldering rifle, he then pointed out I can draw you shot my dog. She cried a broad green appeared on Tom's face ass. He replied yeah. I know I shot your husband to at that. None Kendra Torres was certain. She was going to die, barely able to comprehend the enormity of the situation. She was in Kendra begged Tom, not to hurt her.
Although he had been aiming he's rifle at her Tom didn't fire at instead, he forced can draw to drag Rusty's corpse off the trial and cover it with foliage, As she moved around the body, Kendra noticed that he's paws was still twitching. He might be merely injured and able to be saved. Cancer Ass Tom to let her look after him. Tom refused. Those are his reflexes, he told Kendra I never have to shoot anything more than once. I don't like to see anything suffer. Once scanned recovered, covered Rusty's body Tom bound her wrists and took her to the clearing where he had shot Julia. He won't her not to look at Julio's S body has it would distress her and left her standing near
While he retrieved a watch that Julia a wearing when Tom returned he said to can. You're not allowed to cry I'm going to tell you a story. His name wasn't really Tom, he told her. It was Kent and he wasn't a logo, he was a hidden and for an organised crime groups, he'd, murdered five or six Paypal and was wanted across several different states. But now Tom was on the run from the mobsters he'd worked for because he had killed quote one man too many. The reason he shot Julia was because he wanted a female companion and can draw looked strong enough to live off the land with him after he finished explaining all of this. He said now you can cry
The wept uncontrollably before telling Tom that she had No idea how to live off the land Tom just smiled and tried to hug her instead. After a little while Tom made candour pack up some belonging said they could begin Hocking through the forest claiming that the criminals who worked for after them, he ordered her They change into a pair of army pants, as Camouflage Tom said that if the mobsters manage to find them can draw should run in the opposite direction as him for survival. The people pursuing him wooden harm her if they separated. they heart for four hours. Tommy insisted that can draw only step on rocks and stones to avoid relating footprints.
If an aircraft flew by the she had to duck as they walked, Tomah Asian away, discarded items by tossing them into the brush can draw suspected. He was trying to throw people love their path. They eventually stopped bud. river. While can went into the water to wash up Tom lay on a sleeping bag. Then he demanded she join him. And threatened her with a knife before raping her as she cried after hawking throughout the rest of the day they set up Camp Tom constantly told, can draw disturbing things. He said he could have killed Julio with these bare hands if he wanted, but he chose to shoot him instead, because it was quick and pain.
Was he also revealed that he'd initially planned to murder Julio the previous evening, but decided to let the couple have one final, not together out of kindness. Kandra Rost why he hadn't just left to Julie I tied up somewhere before abducting her. That would have been Mean Tom replied. Likewise, he said he had killed rusty as an act of mercy because the dog wouldn't have been able to survive. The journey Tom told Kendra stories about his violent past and the many murders he had committed. He was a big fan of adult Hitler and said he hated his family when he wasn't ranting Tom would ripe, can draw she. Struck by how nasty looking his eyes were
Chandra was led further into the woods whenever Tom paused to take a break can draw pulled out the Bible, her friend, courage, heard a pack and read aloud from it. Taking note of her face, Tom told can draw that. Hey too had been a Christian once, but he knew that God had given up on him. Can driver that God didn't give up on any body. As time went on the pair continued to talk, they had long conversations about a wide range of topics from films and books to data subjects such as that. A true of humanity. At one point Tom, told can't I had the human mind held multiple doors that one could open and close that will, when he needed to kill a person he simply opened it.
door and he's brain that allowed that Tantra found herself gradually forgetting about the terrible things Tom had done. But he's mood could change In an instant, he would go from being caring and considerate to angry without warning. On Monday July, twenty six two days The murder of Julia Tom woke up with a bad cough and told can draw but he thought he had pneumonia. He asked her for some paper, so he could write letters to France, explaining that you would probably be dead soon. At the thought of being left lost in the forest, all alone can drop up again her cry and for the first time so did Tom, then he told candour something. He had an actually meant to kill Julia, but he was worried and
one would believe him as described by can draw in the forenoon files episode head games. Tom said I didn't, kill your husband on purpose It was an accident. The reason that I brought you up here is because I'm afraid to go back to prison. Andrea asked Tom if he was sure it was an accident. He told her over and over that he was slowly Cannon, I began to believe him armed.
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For listening to this, episodes adds by supporting our sponsors, you support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Tom Brianna grades take candor Torres back to the campsite, where Julio entrust these bodies still lay down. He would head back into the forest while can draw, could make her I back home through repeated conversations, can't remain managed to convince Tom to join her in reporting the accident to authorities that the thought of having an ill man alone in the woods, made her uneasy when she promised to vouch for him with law enforcement, he agreed to join her. They made it back to the area where they'd left their vehicles and got into Tom's truck.
By the time they arrived at he's lawyers office the following morning, Chandra had heard Tom describe how the rifle had misfire had so many times that she truly, but believed she had seen it with her own eyes. Tom also insisted that he only shot rusty in self defense. After that dog attacked in camera was convinced of this. Two detectives was stone. Does Listen to candour. Relate this entirely new version of events. They had believed a story that she and on Brandon had originally told them and considered the case now more than an unfortunate accident after hearing Chandra is amended account. They asked her to sit a polygraph test.
Tom had already taken one after being interviewed twice and he had passed with no problems at all. Candour agreed to their request, but to her dismay she failed the exam. despite this investigators wearing trade by cancerous new story. The truth was TAT Tom, whose full name was Thomas lazily Brown had an extensive Chris in all history that included a number of violent crimes at the age of sixteen. he acquired a rifle and ammunition from a friend then went out looking for people to rob. Hey and another teenager drove towards the city of Canby and spotted a woman also driving on the same road. They ran her off the bitumen, then raced up to her
while wielding the gun and demanding money. The woman locked her vehicle's doors, so Brown fired the rifle twice believing he'd hit the woman he and his friends ran into a nearby forest I emerged a little while later the woman, Car was still parked by the side of the road, but there was no sign of her. She, flared unscathed from the vehicle Tom and his friend got back in their car and sped away in the hopes of finding another victim. Suddenly, a police car appeared in front of them had lights, flashing. realizing it was coming for then, the two teenagers veered towards a turn off and hit a truck their car flipped over.
Tom fired at a window, but the pursuing police officer, but missed he crawled from the car and fled on foot spotting a male passer by he went up to him and demanded his carcase. The man said he had none. So Tom tried his luck at a house. Instead, a teenage girl answered the door and, when Tom threatened her, she ran across the. straight to a neighbor's property noticing the neighbors pickup truck parked outside Tom, decided to steal it he Ain T rifle. Let a young man standing in the window of the house and fired this time he shot. He did mark the young man was wounded in the stomach Tom Goody
to the pickup truck, but immediately discovered there wasn't enough room in its cab. They him to aim he's weapon. He hopped out again, just as sheriffs deputies arrived on the same. When offices lighter interviewed Tom and asked if he was responsible for shooting the young man, Tom replied yeah, I wanted his car and always willing to kill to get it. Luckily, he's victim survived Tom Brain, and was sent to a reform school. The picked up his criminal career again upon release.
Or a while. He mostly engaged in petty crimes before developing an interest in a woman who had two young children after a short period. She ended their relationship furious at this Tom adopted the woman and her children then took them up to the mountains. He held them, Hosty JIVE annoyed. Before releasing, then the woman declined to press charges, sad, a fear that Tom would come after her Hey openly spoke of the incident with police stating always going to have her one way or another or would have burned. Use the gun whatever Talk, so no one else would have her either after this Tom relocated to the midwestern state of Nebraska and started working on a farm, his employer,
Tom he's red jam say pickup truck one day Tom told his boss. He planned to drop the truck into town. He had two of his employers rifles with him at the time. An entire day went by with no sign of Tom or the truck went on play. I realized he'd been robbed. He filed a stolen vehicle report with the police There was a warrant out four terms, a rest in Nebraska, but more enforcement. There never caught sight of him again. It turned out that he had driven the stolen pick up all the way back to war again. Tomes history of violence made investigators inclined to believe candour. Torres is second account of events. Despite her Let her polygraph task, although polygraph say used in some jurisdiction, says an interrogative tool and are sometimes referred
Who was the lie detect is they cannot detect lies. They measure physiological responses to different questions and in Visuals results will depend on many factors. Counter measures such as controlled, breathing and thought exercises can help someone pass a polygraph Likewise, a person who is nervous and emotional may provide responses that the examiner, cuz they've says dishonest. As Contra his mother later told forensic files Polly Graphs do not measure truth or lie what they measure he's an ocean and if you wear a six when you're a girl that had been raped, marched up in the mountain. you're. Talking about your husband that you loved that was shot by this matter, would you Emotional. I think so, however,
investigators knew that they needed more information. If they were to proceed with a murder charge, they referred can draw to a forensic psychiatrist in the hopes he might be able to shed further light on what had happened. Doktor Joseph true Levin worked at Oregon State Hospital as head of the psychiatric secure. The unit he spent several hours interviewing Contra Torres about her ordeal, talked to Trell Evan sort to determine. Why can't Vincent LI defended and supported her rapist and kidnapper, who she had the guns down her husband. He noted that canned result lead defense of her captor reminded him of stories. He had read about American pows during the korean WAR in situation.
where these hostages were also lighted, tortured and lived in fear of being killed. They sometimes began to identify, with their captors point of view, Occasionally they even went so far as to testify against the United States. Those who studied this phenomenon dubbed the brainwashing in nineteen. Seventy three three years before Julio and Contra Torres encountered Tom Brown. Time known as Stockholm Syndrome, after a bank robbery in Sweden, where hostages subsequently defended their captors. The term made headlines in the US at the start of nineteen. Seventy six, when heiress Patty Hearst was. Child for her role in a bank robbery Hearst had been a duck. dead in nineteen, seventy four by a left wing organization and was held hostage by then, but not ten months.
it is claimed her had willingly alone to self, with their captors and a great to participate in the robbery. Her lawyer insisted. She had been brainwashed. Some experts in psychology size, Call Keim Sandra, and I cuz when a victim stuff is a traumatic shock at the hands of a captor who then Isah lights them indoctrinates them and promise an eventual reward in camera. Torres S case the shooting I Julia went rusty along with being repaid ITALY right qualified as traumatic shocks. She was then, ass, the lighted and indoctrinated by Tom Brown, who repeatedly told her Julio shooting, was an accident, a reward who is being released by Tom if she went along with his story stuff I'm syndrome is not an official psychiatric disorders and does not appear in the day S M five, a diagnostic manual public
by the American Psychiatric Association. Some experts and commentators have criticized the theory of Stockholm Syndrome pointing out that psychiatrists and psychologists have been unable to reach a consensus on it. The FBI has described the condition, has extremely rare. The very case that gave the phenomenon its name is contentious as police actions in the Stockholm Bank robbery case I'll give Lee placed the hostages at greater risk,
This provides another explanation for why those hostages may have refused to testify against their captors, regardless of debate about the condition doktor. True, Levin and investigators came to the conclusion that candidate Torres had allied herself with her a doctor as a way to survive. The can draw the thought that her husband and dog had been killed. Just because a strange I wanted her to himself was deeply distressing. She wanted to believe it had all been a tragic accident because then she wouldn't feel guilty about what happened. Talking to produces a forensic files, Contra said I had nobody with me, but a murderer. Do I really want to believe he is a murderer, because believing that is terrifying?
do. I really want to think that my husband died, so that someone could write me and kidnap me. For me, denial was the best way to survive. Although detectives believed Kendra's accusations against Tom Brown, they had no way of proving them. Candor conflicting statements and failed polygraph exam could be used by a defense to one. Mine, her credibility and the label her and unreliable witness, plus she hadn't Saint Tom, shoot Julio. She had only heard it. They needed physical evidence to prove. There had been a murder, while can draw said Tom shot,
fifty from behind Tom, had claimed he shot the dog. Is the animal ran towards him? If this was true, the bullet would have entered Rusty's head from the front. Sheriff deputies had taken photographs, Rusty's body at the campsite, but didn't arrange an autopsy for the dog, with the rosti long since buried in a mass grave. They had no way of checking which version was true. However, they did have some forensics to go on in Julio's case experts found no gunpowder residue on Julio's face where the bullet had entered, which indicated that he hadn't been shot at a very close range.
In order to find out the minimum distance, he could have been shot from ballistics experts did some tests with Tom Browns Rifle when fired six inches from its target had left a visible gunpowder pattern. The experts tried firing at a gradually increasing distances and discovered that it was until the rifle was fired, at least thirty six inches from its target that the target remained free from gunpowder. This and Tom Brown had been a minimum of three feet away from Julio. When the rifle went off this distance, Combined with the almost horizontal entry and exit wound in Julio's, head and neck meant Tom story of an accidental misfire
while. The gun was being passed between them didn't hold up detectives, couldn't arrest Tom Brown as he had gone off the grid after their last interview, prosecutors instead took the case to a the jury to determine whether the death of Julianna Torres was a murder or an accident in December, not seventy. Six, almost five months after Julie, I was killed. The grand at URI reached a decision Giulio had been mudded.
An indictment was handed down charging Tom brand with murder as well as cough aft and forgery. Months went by then one day, sheriff's deputies were stoned to, say Tom walk into their offices. He looked cool, calm and collected, as he approached the front desk and explained that he'd heard there was a warrant out for his arrest. Tom said he came to get it all straightened down the sheriff's office wasted no time in arresting Tom Brown hand charging him with murder. Then he was transferred to county jail to a white trial. Investigators needed a definitive statement from cancer Torres that they could take to cod After encouragement from a criminal, investigator candor
I began writing down her memories of her ordeal as they came to mind when she was finally finished. She had written eighteen pages detailing everything that had happened meanwhile Umbreon was pleased to discover that he's county jail cell night was a man who would cravius Lee known as an adolescent at reform school. This individual was given. Pseudonym, Wendell Stoke bury by true crime or thought in rule. In her book, empty promises like Tom Wendell, had an extensive criminal background and Tom felt comfortable confiding in him. He began discussing he's upcoming trial assuring Wendell Quote: I'm going to be.
Did Tom openly told window how he had deliberately shot Julio in the face claiming that he had been hired to murder him? Then he bragged about how he had come. Vince Cantrip Torres to go along with his story about an accidental shooting and said she was an emotionally strong enough to go through with testifying against him. A jury wouldn't find her convincing either Tom said because she looked then her actual age and had a seductive demeanor plus he had passed a polygraph test he done at by simply choosing to believe in the lies. He had invented Tom said that when he was acquitted, he'd killed the cases prosecutors then go off to can draw on the off chance that
Convicted he sentence would probably only Bay around seven years and he could still get he's revenge against can draw upon relays. Wendell reported Everything Tom told him to prosecutors. They believed it And do because there were details in his. He story that no one knew, except those with an intimate knowledge of the crimes in exchange for an gave charge removed from his criminal record and a sentence in and out of state prison. Wendell. the great to testify against his old friend two days before Tom Brown's trial was set to begin. He managed to source enough money for bail and was released. Candra Torres was moved to a motel for her own protection and was kept under twenty four hour: police God.
the defendant, was given the choice of a jury, trial war trial by judge and opted for the latter he's former friend. The Wendell appeared as a witness, as did Doktor Joseph Troll Levin, who spoke at length about the phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome,. Despite her continuing fear of the man who did doctored her candle Torres, manage to testify at length. over one and a half days, Tom Brown. Also too, Stand in his own defense, he tried to demonstrate how the alleged accident took place how he handed over the rifle to Julia. But he's demonstration fell flat when it became clear that this hand off was incompatible with the wound that Julio had received.
It took the judge three days to Rachel ruling. He found Tom Brown Guilty and sentenced him to life in the Oregon state penitentiary. Tom Brown has applied for parole a number of times over the ensuing decades without success. As of early twenty twenty two, He remains incarcerated, but he's got to be released in August, twenty twenty three. He is currently seventy. Five years old, The case of Julio and Canada Torres was written about extensively by true crime or thought and rule she data the events of their camping tree Pending the investigation that followed in a chapter of her two thousand and one book empty promises,
although can draw kept a low profile for many years after her ordeal in twenty twenty. She shared her story with fellow kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted from her Utah home in two thousand and two at the age of fourteen The two women re visited the location where candour was abducted for an episode of the television series. Elizabeth, smart, finding justice was the first time can draw had been back to manhood national forest. Since Juliet is Ah, she said the visits made her feel empowered Cantrip Torres is grateful for the physical evidence that helped put her attacker and her husband's killer behind bars ass. She told the television programme, forensic files in two thousand, for I thank God for.
And six. I think that I solve a lot of crimes. The angle of the shot in the top of gun that was used and the powder burns, we're all proof that this did not happen. The way that he said it did so. I was very thankful for that evidence. Tangier, eventually, remarried moved far away and started a family. She credits psychiatry. We helping her recover and understand how her memories were able to be distorted and manipulated by Tom Brown can draw, has and comfort in knowing there is a logical explanation for her reaction to trauma and.
Having her name publicly cleared. In two thousand and sixteen case file covered the disappearance of twenty two year old Sean Callahan. All you can see the headlights of a car flashing. It's blatantly obvious that she got in caught, whoever it said could have done it for criminal purposes, now hear firsthand from loved ones and laid investigate estate full chart as way unravel how the case unfolded, and the month is
if the legal and ethical dilemmas encountered along the way. Therefore, there's only one way to do this. It was at that point, if stiff fortunate decided to take an extra ordinary gamble. Her life is my responsibility. All I could do was plead with him for her life when a killer confesses. Do you listen? He said you and I should have a chat. The fact of these guilt was unequivocal, but what if one interpretation of the law says you shouldn't accept the confession when he got taken to Swindon he got a lawyer. were conversation, is vital confessions disappeared of no value, while they would do in what were they do? What happens to the cop who believes he's making the right choice reason we were, there was losing sight what was wrong in getting a confession from
a murderer of the reverse? This line that you ended with, which was it, was a pleasure to ruin your career. Corrupt bastard, if it had been your loved ones, Steve Fulcher was looking for. What would you have wanted him to do somebody for trial. his best closure to. Farmers doesn't make a lot of sense case file presents the detectives dilemma available for free on March fourteen only on Spotify.
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