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Case 217: Kathleen Marshall

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In March 1998, members of the Cat Protection Society in Brisbane, Australia were shocked at the murder of one of their own, a 52-year-old Veterinarian named Dr Kathleen Marshall. An outspoken crusader for animal rights, Kathleen seemed an unlikely target for such a brutal assault... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: DoorDash – Get $10 off and FREE delivery for your first order of $20 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILEAUS’ Beam Dream – Get up to 35% off of Dream Powder with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-217-kathleen-marshall
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Do you have questions about covert nineteen? The arc of pennsylvania wants you to know about an important resource. The p. A health hotline helps people access, vaccination, testing and information resources call one eight, seven, seven, seven too, for three to five eight paid for in part by the pennsylvania department of health era. Besides with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential. support placing the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. On Sunday march, one ninety ninety eight crime scene examiners gathered at arrest
events on main avenue in the upscale queensland suburb of wills. Then the two story cream colored, whether board home, sat on a slow till that overlooked, brisbane say bay day, which was five kilometres away. It was far from a remote location, yet the properties possess Against the odd and he'll reservoir granted at a bush land a backdrop akin to a rural homestead, there, Ass itself was barely visible from the street, practically hidden amongst a thicket of trees and shrubbery that define the front garden path Why, between the forest, the lock surrounds to a set of timber, stairs that led to the front door of the upper level in outside the house. Boxes and paperwork were strewn across the carpet, which was also covered without newspapers, cat cages and up ended furniture.
And then take back time, piano took pride of place in the lunchroom. A music book was open, known at stand when I detect the soul which composition the page was turned to a chill ran through him was the message. The famous pace by polish penis federate Chopin was taught owed. The funeral march.
Fifty two year old, doktor, Kathleen marshal, was a well respected veterinarian in Wilson. Renowned for her device sure to animal welfare. She was Out of her main avenue home, having convey at the lower level of her two story house into a small clinic that was completely independent from the living space on top situated between two single car garages. She used the space to do. occasional vaccination all health check for friends and acquaintances, but it mainly served as a centre for her to care for her own pats. Welcome they loved all animals. She had a particular affinity: fat cats. She and sixteen of them burning the reputation of wilson's catwoman with three dogs as well
and was in a constant state of disarray, but she was comfortable there. Planes front garden was in a similar state. Equally passionate. now the environment Kathleen had turned. This into a small overgrown forest. Yet the above Sense of foliage couldn't obscure everything that went on behind it by four february. Twenty seven nineteen. Ninety eight witnesses hadn't just a lot emanating from Kathleen veterinary clinic that never and off that noise kathleen had organised a dinner in the city for seven o clock. As a means of expanding her social circle. She had found it. A group named lepage, cure for professional singles aged thirty five and over time
Ass monthly members would made at an upmarket restaurant in brisbane Ben fur, nod of fine dining and conversation catholic an orchestrated the group's events meticulously and agony. data every detail with a ten days, two hours they pay and pay for the meal in advance. Therefore, members were left confused when catholic seat at the table of that not remained empty. They dialed catholics phone to say where she was, but their calls went straight the answering machine. This was an unusual for Kathleen, bought her unexplained apps and certainly was. No one saw kathleen over the weekend, then just after three, I am on sunday three members of the cat protection society of queensland arrived at Kathleen's home.
The organization was one of the many charitable ventures that occupied kathleen spare time as well. Of its directors Kathleen had been expected to attend a name, orton meeting earlier that day, but never showed us. Second, smaller mating between directors was then scheduled to take place afterwards at coastlines house, which served as societies headquarters as the other cap per day Jeanne society mendez exit at their car and made their way towards Kathleen house that afternoon. they were immediately struck by a foul stanch. Several outside beans, wherever flowing with rubbish, which they assumed was tabled for the other down there, yeah I made their way up the driveway noticing that sir ro deliveries, including three newspapers and two cartons of milk, had been ignored.
They ascended the stairs to the front door an envelope with stock against it with brown packing type laving at bay. They knocked and cold outfit kathleen, but there was no response Kathleen suffered from a medical condition known as cushing disease, which often caused her to fill tired and I'm well her friends. Why aid that she might have fallen severely ill or had some other health emerging See and was unable to answer them, one of the women rushed to the rear of the house when I knew Kathleen kept a spare k ass. She approached The fao smell wafting around her intensified and flies. Stud buzzing around her head. She moved past the frosty, last door that led into Kathleen van clinic and paused blow.
Was made on the glass alarmed the woman called out to the others, and they gathered around the door. It wouldn't open. Beyond the obscured glass, they could make out something on the floor inside. It was an outstretched arm. The police were called and officers arrived within minutes. It appeared as though a struggle had taken place right outside Kathleen's clinic blood was spotted onto some following age, near the door and the rub. A doormat was also heavily blood stained, but no one. Oh bloody shoeprints, leading to or from the area more police was summoned to the house. And just as they were about to begin, a thorough examination of the property's exterior and automatic bring collar, activated, washing away,
possible evidence from the driveway and surrounds the clinic below If catholics home had to access points, the frosted glass door, checked it as a century and a sliding store at its rear. There was no internal access point from the upstairs residents and the frosted glass door was sealed shod as enough. they circled the property. They came across a small window in the garage that looked into the clinic it for she had a series of horizontal glass slats that could be opened and shot in unison to control a fly. Some of this that said, baines snapped off as though someone had broken in but Paces lie at the office is fate. Someone had actually broken out
Looking through the window, the officer saw Kathleen marshall lying face down in a pool of blood. She was busy and beside the consultation table in the middle of the room. With her head turned, one side and her hands clutching at her shoulder length, brown, hair. A blue and white stripes son dress was gathered around her chest, exposing a stab wounds that peace, the back of her bloodied to bra Office is soon realised that the clinic doll was actually unlocked, but a heavy cat cage had been pushed up against it. a crime scene examiner manage to forces while in and found so much blood that stepping equipment had to be placed on the floor to preventing the guy is from contaminating the area. It appeared. The allocation that it started outside the clinic had continued in doors with defence way
indicating that kathleen had put up a five hour. What bucket Dante nathan sink contained, bloody ward off a dish, cloth, catholics glasses. One running shoe. The matching shoes sat next to the bucket. There are also droplets have watered down blood on a plastic bag. Next to the sink, it looked as though the killer had I declare themselves and the crime saying before flame. A collapsed cardboard box was prompt against the wall beneath the broken window, depicting their eggs at root. It who had blot on it, leading investigators to wonder if they kill. I had injured themselves during the attack, a total of Twenty six swabs were taken throughout the space, in the hope that I had left their dna. Yet the same.
Kathleen had been stabbed with a sharp tipped north fifty two times throughout her up a body. Her abdomen chest and head had all been struck with her face brutalized in such a manner and left her features unrecognizable yet wounds themselves were shallow, with the data measuring roughly four centimetres investigative speculated that cut aids attacker had a the bay, no woman or a physically waken man. In fact Only one wound was fair and to obtain fight all the suffering of catholics. run it artery in her neck, resulted in her bleeding to death. Had she received into vent prior to losing consciousness. She might have survived. Kathleen didn't cape any opiates, our side and none of the prescription, medical I or other veterinary supplies had been touched ruling out the possibility,
that the murder was motivated by theft. The focus turned to cast. Things up, a level residents which was inside Disarray that police initially thought it had been ransacked and was part of the current saying. Catholics. Friends clarify that this Just how the house always lord. There were no signs of forced entry into that area of the home and to nothing had been stolen. Amongst a cloud our own katharine's dining table was heard daily, planner the last entry was made on thursday February twenty six nineteen. Ninety eight three days before her body was discovered. Kathleen had jotted down at twelve thirty p m veterinary appointment for client, Matthew, thompson and he's dog jazz.
investigators spoke to Matthew, who noted nothing out of the ordinary, with kathleen that day, It is, though, she was attacked soon thereafter, with the day composition prick I sure of her remains showing that she had lain undiscovered in her clinic four days. professor Russell luke, the head of the paris, Psychology reference laboratory had queensland health scientific services examined, maggots that it infested kathleen swains based on the state of their development. Hey estimated catholics was killed some time between nine p m on thursday and three I am friday, so I love kathleen's beloved cats were locked in cages within the clinic unable to access food, Well, water: over the weekend, one suffered a kidney design As a direct result, and subsequently had to be youth and the
those whereon fed and distressed upstairs Kathleen dogs, and secure outside on her balcony, which led some to believe Kathleen had placed them there Prior to her murder in preparation for company this theory, so did the nature of the crime itself north basis Tax are considered, intimate and personal violence, and the fact that kathleen was, get it in her own home meant the killer You she lived there alone. Fifty to stab wounds was a particularly frenzied overkill, hinting at a perpetrator who harboured deep hatred for kathleen. Who that person could bay was an easy to answer, as it was no secret that kathleen had robbed many people the wrong way described as having it. Dominant personality kathleen also,
had incredibly high standards and wasn't afraid too. Speak her mind. Some members of olympic, you were unhappy with her selective membership criteria, which required mayo. participants to have a university degree and female members to have two. Kathleen had also drawn the eye or of a neighbor who petitioned the brisbane city council to cut back overgrown trees in catholics, front yard that were restricting access to the foot path. Firstly, protective of the environment, Kathleen had to be simply restrained by police, so that workers could cut down the offending foliage. Kathleen had also fallen out with her family. After being the sole beneficiary to her fathers will, after his death twenty years prior. siblings had tried to mend their rift that Kathleen had refused.
Every family gathering invite and had never met any of her nieces and nephews, and her reach had ended in divorce seven years earlier. Yet there was nothing to suggest that any of these people were out to kill her. fourth rod and straightforward and her claws. Kathleen was a selfless and generous person. Nada came as a shock to all her eyes, No, it fell on the crime. Saying members of the cap protection society gathered in Kathleen sphere. Yeah to console one another as I spoke amongst themselves one office I heard a loud a gasp. They approached the group and ass to what was wrong. Glenda Whittemore one of the three women who discovered the crime scene, told the officer
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a little surprised that the pair initially hit it off when the gene I found out that Kathleen was a veterinarian who loved cats. She invites did her to join the cap protection society of coins, land, virginia, was one of the directives and also the treasurer. The society had been slightly degrading due to members fighting and accused Agents of money going missing and vision yeah saw kathleen as a valuable ally who could help investigate the alleged corruption that was plaguing them kathleen exe captain virginias offer, but there are I shouldn't cheap, soon soured Kathleen Last lost sight of the reason why she was brought into the followed and focused our attention on advocacy stead of mediation. She used her. Position to implement changes that would benefit the local stray and injured cat population, as opposed to set
like the groups in a conflict sent financial issues. Virginia was disappointed and bind nineteen. Ninety seven: this society had splintered into two factions, those who pointed Kathleen and to those who support virginia flame supporters were appreciative of her efforts to steal the ship back to promoting fail on welfare. While her critics view, hers, rude, abrupt, insulting And demeaning cost lane and virginia fort constantly and made no effort to hot dislike of one another. and in august nineteen. Ninety seven junior was asked it as director and treasure. I had a vote of forty two to two. kathleen, on the other hand, rose to the role of director. Virginia was devastated by her demotion and set about reporting
the society to the australian securities and investments commission on allegations of vote rigging. Meanwhile, tens Within the group heartened wakes before castle, murder. The junior arrived at her doorstep, wanting her to review some paperwork that Kathleen refuse to let her in the two got into a sky. For pushing shoving and pulling each other's hair kathleen called the police to report that she quote had a man, The woman in her house. She claimed to have her her hand in the altercation but declined to The charges against the virginia afterwards castle Began looking over her shoulder and told a fellow society director that she was certain she was. Banks thought one day she
smelled cigarette smoke while out on her back verandah and suspected a smoker had been trespassing at the rear of her property. Catholic in total those that she was scared of virginia houston and had even expressed her belief that virginia was capable of taking a knife to her in the words of Kathleen they had to quote get the bitch. On the day, catholics body was discovered, an envelope was found stock to her front door with brown packing time. It was from Virginia houston and contained information for the cap protection society meeting that was due to be held that day hell at a local school hall, there was pitched as a talk fast wherein members could address and resolve issues impacting the group as a director kathleen was expected to attend and her com
linked with virginia would no doubt have been discussed despite being one off One of the groups major conflict, Virginia Houston, and had no desire to attend the talk fast Then her demotion. She was also not invited to the directors mating planned immediately afterwards at kathleen house, yet that gnawed The junior was spotted driving by the crime saying when speaking with Poland eggs virginia houston was frank about her dislike of kathleen but maintained. She would never kill her. In fact, she intended to sue kathleen for defamation So, according to virginia calf Untimely death had lost her a lot of money.
while she denied stalking Kathleen. She openly admitted to often driving passed her house to say if the cap protection society was meeting, fellow society, member vouched for virginia's whereabouts on the thursday night was estimated that kathleen was killed. The pair were together from five. I am organizing, a male out for society. Members. Virginia left at eleven p m and had no alibi. for the remaining hours Kathleen could have been targeted. She said she It had catholic residents with a friend at around for ten p m on friday to drop off the information pertaining to sundays, mating she decided to type documents in an envelope to the front door, because she knew Kathleen would never open the door to her later that nine Virginia had driven pass to save the envelope had bank again, but it was still there she,
and drive by again until sunday evening expecting to say Mating underway, but instead funding, catholics, house cord and off by police. Virginia Houston's confidence and honesty led detectives to believe that she had taken time to consider rehearse and perfect her responses in anticipation of being questioned, Virginia maintained quote because of the type of person kathleen war, She created a lot of enemies and it could have been anyone in any of the compartments of her life. A fierce supporter of the juniors told the korea mayo. The police have but all wrong, virginia and do it. Kathleen was a. Very strong woman would have taken a man. Police interviewed seventy other members of the cap protection society, nearly all
of whom were certain that the junior Houston could have murdered catholic marshall sick. daisy into their investigation. Detectives arrived at Virginia s, home with a search warrant. the car was say, sent her property thoroughly examined, the state of emergency services, volunteers also scour the odd and he'll reservoir, as detectives believed virginia could have crossed the bush land to gain access to catholics property from behind A suspicious staying in virginia s home hinted at a possible breakthrough, but luminal testing the term. That wasn't blood investigators, are unable to uncover anything, to link virginia to the murder of kathleen. The bizarre kay said garnered significant media attention with members of the press, comparing it to an Agatha christie, murder, mystery.
virginia houston, didn't shy away from the attention often given in our from the front of her home, which he kept locked up with the curtains drawn, the junior held report, is that she gone into hiding believing Kathleen was targeted because of money. As the former treasure off for the cap protection society virginia held, concerns that she would be next she's and she knew too much about the group's financial affairs and feed for her life because of it. Her assertions weren't without merit. Sixteen years earlier in october nineteen. Eighty two, a cap protection society, member named frank, custom, Yola, was shot and killed. While sitting on his front porch he'd only Owing to the group earlier that year and six months, but for his murder, he left the society. Entire a state in the event of these death, which amounted to just
over two hundred thousand dollars in his coming book. The history of the queen, land cap protection society, a story of In fighting money and murder, author ted dues explained that frank had been encouraged to life is a state to the society by one of the groups acting chair persons, glinda wit, Glinda was one of the three people that discovered catholic marshals body and had also what then a virginia houston has catholics killer secretary realistic had also persuaded frank to hand over his money say it realized the societies potential as a business. Rather A charity and his inquest into frank custom ya'll as murder failed to identify the person or persons responsible. A k It was made against francs neighbor, who wasn't associated with the cap protection society.
The murder remained unsolved. Still I could of suspicion lingered over the society. Although catholics Marshall, haven't left any of her own estate to the group. It took over a month for the twenty six swabs taken from kathleen clinic to be fully analyzed data I couldn't be extracted from eleven of them, and one of the samples had gone missing of Remaining fourteen nine were found to contain kathleen dna. Five swabs, which works. Elected from blood standing on the cardboard box under the broken window, a wall, the flaw in the plastic bag by the sink featured the in a profile of a second individual, a male stunned investigators. Plainly shuddering who they believed to be their main and only suspect.
The discovery removed Virginia houston from saying, but didn't. sincerely rule around wonder. If she had enlisted the help of a mile accomplice, invested I desire idea on the men in Virginia s, life their efforts took them. Hundreds kilometers into stay and by the end they had collected forty two Dna samples, though also collected samples from the men who kathleen marshal was known to day. nay testing in australia was still in its infancy and the law scale. Testing effort was a lengthy and costly endeavour. Body in the alps, of any other leads. It seemed the most likely way to catch kathleen, kill all this search led to the inner brisbane suburb of fortitude valley, just a few kilometers from wilson. Alas, said tracked down an ex boyfriend of Virginia Houston's named shine.
he's real name who resided at a boarding house their shape. Became combative when asked about kathleen marshals murder and he refused to provide a dna sample, give and that he wasn't legally required to provide one investigators surreptitiously followed shine through the straits to save and opportunity would present itself when he spat on foot path. The detective seized their chance and swerved obtaining a saliva sample for testing. Whilst awaiting the result, investigators were alerted that shane had abruptly lefties boarding, ass, carrying pact suitcases and gotten into. A taxi concern. that he was trying to flee a detective phoned the taxi company, revealed. Shame was on his way to the brisbane, transit santa detective rice to the sun,
and spotted shane waiting for a train to sydney he was promptly taken into custody and once that police headquarters, shine complied with all requests providing fingerprints and a blood sample He's belongings and clothing were also confiscated for testing when there results of the dna tests came back. Detectives will, once again shocked. Jane wasn't a match to the simple fact that the murder saying no when any of the other men known to Virginia Houston. Nor Kathleen Marshall, who provided samples. There was a significant man and catholics life that police had yet to find catholics. Daily plan are listed. Her final vat consultation dated thursday February twenty six after the twelve thirty appointment with Matthew thomson catholic,
was scheduled at one p m to say John Wilson and he's unnamed cat despite police appeals, effort. To locate John Wilson had so far failed. Nowhere by that name had come forward, leading, invest, guidance to assume it was a fake name Identifying John via he's cat seemed an impossible task until police spoke with cap protection society. Members married couple And pulling literati victor and pulling had paid Kathleen a quick visage shortly before one p m that thursday, as died, I did with her out the front of her house, a man approached carrying a white and fallen colored cad It was a sale point, soya, maize, braid and the man was holding out against his chest. Not one to win paid on kathleen work victor
The poor lane immediately laughed based on the timing in together with certain this man was the John Wilson Kathleen had been expecting the fact. that he was holding that cat in his arms indicated that he was a local going. A long distance with an unrestrained cat would have proven difficult detectives, her door. knocked the local area on the lookout for owners of sale. Point so amazed cats, but it wasn't a toolbox or a photo of one such cat, published in korea, mayo newspaper that their intrigue paint The cat was featured alongside an article titled occult joins hunt it. screw tell various clairvoyance were trying to identify catholic marshals killer through techniques such as automatic riding.
One clairvoyant named in the article was ruth, then add a reverend organist and marriage celebrant for this spiritualist churchill, windsor She was also a member of the cap protection society. The spiritualist church was founded on the belief that spirits of the dead want to communicate with the living. It was a popular play. Amongst the members of the cap protection society, including virginia Houston, who attend the church regularly to receive spiritual direction. in the korean, my illogical reverend bennett had offered her opinion on kathleen murder, saying she picked up indications that it was motivated by money or outstanding debts. A photo ruth, was featured in the story in it she was holding one of her tat cats, assail point siamese.
Although it was the brave cat detectives had been searching for ruth could not have been john Wilson still the invest Get spotlight was now on the spiritualist church investigator collected dna samples from men who worked with full well known to the institution. During one such visit, a detective bumped into a frail looking bespectacled, a man who walked with a hunch he introduced himself is forty. Nine year old andrew feeds her that a profession palm radar who carried out ratings at the church. Most significantly, he was the de facto pot reverend Ruth bennett according to all accounts, Andrew was a mild mannered pacifist. Those oddly yard and eccentric. He had many friends and no history of violence, so prior convictions.
The detective told andrew while he was there and ask, if he'd, be willing to provide a blood sample when Tom, it was voluntary, Andrew abruptly refused. As the only witnesses that had crossed paths with the mysterious join wilson victor in poland, shoddy were handed a photo line up that featured annoying men. The couple immediately recognized photo number nine. As the man who had visited catholics house with a sale points. Armies cat before her murder, thy gotten Would glimpse of him when they drive out of catholics driveway as they had to wait for him to move out of the way the photo? The couple pointed out Was that of injury feeds. Her bed throwing their sights on andrew investing this alone that hey and Ruth bennet had met in nineteen. Ninety had that they sophocles society an organ
I that promotes the idea that a deeper spiritual reality can be established through techniques such as meditation. andrew dedicated his time to advancing he spiritual awareness and learn to detach himself from it. Cereal possessions. Only Doing what he needed to live comfortably through their share, spiritual beliefs, Andrew and ruth grew close. They ran attain shop together that also offered terror ratings. It was the pan virginia houston, who became a regular customer and frequented the shop almost weekly. In nineteen ninety five andrew Ruth began working at this spiritualist church in winter and the following year. The junior urged them to join the cat protection society of coins, lad.
Ruth supplication was processed after the six month waiting period reasons unknown andrew it was not. Detectives who visited the entry feeds her bed at his home and noted he's physically wake. Demeanor suited the shallow stab wounds that were inflicted on Kathleen Marshall. When Andrew refused to accompany detectives to the station for an interview. They were was the place him under arrest in custody, andreasen. he'd, never even met Kathleen marshal and had no idea where she lived. He only knew who she was because Virginia Houston complained about her constantly in blue with a emotive investigators wondered if Andrews rejection from the cap protection society had prompted him to violently confront kathleen.
Hey vehemently denied this allegation, deeming it ridiculous Those who knew both Kathleen and Andrew weren't aware that the pair had ever met andrew. Supplying. He wasn't John wilson because he was doing ratings from his office in brisbane at the time Jonah arrived for he's one p m appointment at kathleen clinic and reschedule for thursday February twenty six, which was filled out by his ruth featured than rose and a friend at one p m for now, a rage when asked to provide their contact details Andrew couldn't he claims and to win the cape limited details about he's clients, because he didn't want to know any of their personal information prior to give Never rating. Andrew and Ruth were provided a partial alibi by roots ex husband who visited their home
the afternoon of thursday february. Twenty six hey remained there until eleven p m, when he said The andrew and Ruth went to bed Kathleen could have been confronted, as late as three I am, but Ruth maintained that andrew was asleep Entire time she questioned that, if catholic, and had led andrew into the clinic in the middle of the night. Why wishes and murdered in a blue and white sondra S and to not hurt. The John is. although he continued to profess his innocence, Andrews still refuse to provide a dna sample. in the sixty hours he was held by police. He avoided going to the bathroom mode king, any water detectives applied for a court order that would allow them to forcibly obtain injuries blood, but their request was denied on the basis that there was insufficient evidence against him.
However, they were granted a warrant to searches. Home three months said since kathleen marshals murder, when detectives approached andrew fits herbert's residents with a search warrant in hand the appealed to him one last time, calling him a reasonable man and insisting that all he's trouble could be solved in a matter of seconds. If you just gave them a blood sample. Andrew remained the fires. He was then, ass. If he had ever spoken with Kathleen marshall on the telephone Andrew answered. No, the detective made a surprise revelation fine wreck what said shine that a sixty four second call place to catholics house on the tuesday before she was killed, had originated from Andrews residents the following day
calls had been made to catholics house from the spiritualist church at a time when Andrew was the only person present detector believed andrew had made. These calls to stage a veterinary appointment with kathleen using the fake name, John Wilson, although Kathleen only offered her veterinary services to friends and acquaintances, her phone now, was readily available, as she listed at. the korea mayo newspaper H. Wake when advertising her lepage a social dinnah group andrew feeds her that turned pale and started to tremble, but he maintained that he'd, never called catholics. He then changed his mind can stating that he had called her to check on his application to the cap protection society. Detectives carried out
a search warrant, specifically on the lookout for anything that could be used to obtain andrew. It's her that's dna. They confiscated he's toothbrush, airbrush pillow case coffee, mug and anchored save all the while being screen dat by a visibly angry ruth bennett thing of Andrews. Dna samples were fast tracked, allowing the results to come back. The next day, samples taken from his handkerchief and one of his socks were compared. The profile of the male dna found inside Kathleen clinic, it was a match case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting,
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Thank you for listening to this episode, sad boss. supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Andrew feeds Herbert was placed under arrest and investigated. Were finally allowed to obtain a sample of his blood, it reinforced previous findings that it was he's dna in Kathleen clinic Investigators concluded that danger had likely injured himself during the attack. Closing his blood to drop. Throughout the same, he attempted to clean it up afterwards, but during this process a few droplets have watered down blood had splashed out from the scene can't onto a nearby plan, The bag, he then bled onto the cardboard boxes to prop himself up and out of the window.
while police ran. With this theory, Andrew refuse to if any explanation as to how these blood wound up in kathleen clinic. He stood ah, he story that he had never been there nor ever met her. He kept quiet and appeared on emotional as he was formally charged with catholics, murder he's partner, ruth bennett, so I chose to remain silent. Injury pleaded not guilty and faced the brazilian supreme court in July nineteen. Ninety nine in the absence of any witnesses, murder, weapon or clear motive. The presence of andrew fitzherbert dna at the scene of the crime was fundamental to the prosecution's case. they argue that the day and I alone was enough to implicate him as the killer as such Didn't feel the need to address the cap, protection society and its internal conflicts, or the mistake
the circumstances surrounding John wilson of primary importance. Was this. Ample of Andrews blood found on the plastic bag by the sink it. the only sample that also contained catholics. Blood. This combination could have only occurred if both were injured at the same time, ruling out the possibility that injury had bled there on another occasion, prosecution asserted that the chances of the dna at the crime saying matching someone other than Andrew fits her bed was one in fourteen. hundred million that affect Its highlighted, the lack of motive, is a major flaw in the prosecutions cakes. They also pointed out that excessive, a man of blood at the crime saying meant the killer would have banks. soap to read, which would have shown attracted attention deposit.
Reality that Andrew had fled in his car to avoid witnesses couldn't be proven, as it was now Forensically examined in his testimony jerry said: he'd, never attacked anybody in his entire life, and it was responsible for kathleen murder, hey man, and he had no explanation for how he's blood came to be in cats lanes veterinary clinic the prosecution emphasised that this mystery only seemed to implicate him further They argued have would have been a smart move if Andrew had just admitted to being in the clinic and come up with an explanation from there. Instead of avoiding the indisputable evidence. it took the jury four and a half hours to reach a verdict by the motor. The catholic Marshall Andrey feeds Herbert was found guilty it.
The first time in Australia and only the third in the world that someone had been convicted of a crime based solely on dna evidence. Andrew Was visibly devastated, a victim impact statement from catholic siblings was presented to the cord. It read in part Kathleen was estranged from us for some years after the death of our parents, we went our separate ways However, we never wished her any harm or unhappiness. In fact, we pray that shit in fact achieve a very happy and harmonious life, although- Flame seemed to have been a difficult woman. She had also champion to great causes and, like any person, she deserved to have lived. Full and a rich life free from criminal violence her murder was savage and brutal,
person responsible, deserved a hefty punishment. during sentencing: the judge, the andrew fitzherbert. This is a crime of which you would not have been convicted, but for the race, an explosion in knowledge in the field of genetics, hey added that the motive would remain unknown unless Andrew chose to reveal it throughout the trial Andrew had shown no remorse, and he would quote now suffer the consequences of a conviction, if not your conscience, for what you have done to refuse herbert was sentenced to life imprisonment, witching, queensland, carried a minimum term of fifteen years, catholics. friends and fellow members of the cap protection society spoke of their relief that justice had bank served, but the
wada reaction to Andrews guilty verdict was mixed, some believe that he's blood at the crime saying made it an open and shot case. Others word so sure arguing that dna evidence alone wasn't enough to convict on a voluntary supporters expressed disbelief that he's mild, mannered and gentle friend could be rude of violent killer, saying it would be laughable. that wasn't so serious that Question was raised as to why Andrew was so reluctant to voluntarily provide a blood sample if he was innocent and We maintain. This was simply because he didn't trust the police. According to enter professor Russell luke, Kathleen ma
who was murdered some time between thursday February twenty six at nine p m and three, I am fraud- february, twenty seven percent so luke later adjusted this timeframe after six independent witnesses claimed to have same costs. Lane eleven separate times going about her business in wilson throughout friday bearing the blue and watch striped son dress. She was lighter, killed in now Of these witnesses, new andrew fits her that professor luke accepted Day, composition of catholics remains and the developments of maggots found in her wounds could have been affected if the temperature inside her clinic was ah than he had originally estimated. Even biasing will degree it could also bain impacted by the light in the surgery ass quote,
flies, don't normally over posit in the dark. Therefore, he ultimately concluded that she could have been attacked some time on fraud. I bought by three p m at the absolute lightest. However, there was something It didn't fit this time line Warren smith, new kathleen marshall, very well, the pair lived across the street from one another for two decades, and Warren had been I'm so accustomed to catholics present. Then he recognized her car by the pop pop sounded omitted. He could even tell when someone entered or exited her front door by the distinctive noise of its knocker at full force. Five on the friday afternoon, Warren heard Kathleen Toyota, station wagon approaching as Hey collected, he's been and a male at the front of his house. He turned toward said noticing
a flame ass. She drive towards her home stiver, now later at around six p m Warren heard Kathleen front door slammed shod this time. Several other neighbours were standing out in the strait chatting to one another, all of a sudden to screams peace the quiet night air. It sounded as that they came from the direction of catholics house, but nobody full up on the noise. There ned, I pay em warrant smith heard Kathleen front door close again by this stage. Kathleen had failed to show up to the dinner planned for her lepage cure social. rubin, the city. Two days later, she was found murdered.
Criminologist and forensic psychologist, professor pull wilson, would like to highlight this discrepancy in his book. Five drops of blood murder in the cap protection society. Injury feeds heard that was convicted on the basis that he could have carried out kathleen murder in the time frame presented by professor Russell luke. Yet if witness accounts were to be believed castle was killed. The following gnawed at around six p m, with her killer, possibly staying at her house until eight p m Andrew feeds Herbert had spent that fraud. I visiting thrift stores with ruth They returned home just after four p m, as confirmed by Ruth son, who lived with a couple. Hey said andrew didn't, leave the house again until six, forty five p m at that time: andrew and ruth left to attend a meadow.
patient and silent session with five others at the home of a friend. The couple arrived forty five minutes later. This time was consistent with the distance they had to travel. It took twenty minutes to drive from Andrew's home to kathleen's. Professor. Wilson didn't think injury was capable of data to confront and kill, Kathleen attempt to claim the crime sane and himself. Then get to his meditation group. On time. Also, ted dues spoke with a woman who hosted deal. And to determine if there was anything about andrew that not that was markedly suspicious, she said He was his usual com and cheerful self.
professor wilson, wasn't the only one raising doubts about the science used to implicate andrew feeds, her bed. Leading dna expert professor bury butscha, was no stranger to wrongful conviction cases he had provided expert witness testimony that helped exonerate lindy chamberlain in the death of her baby daughter resolve as covered in episode side. One three six of case file. professor butscha, disagreed with the prosecutions assertions that injury fits herbert's. Dna was matched to the catholic marshall crime, saint sample at odds of fourteen hundred millions, a wan. He said this, based on one scientists. Interpretation of the dog on other reports claimed the yards work. I said to one in one hundred thousand quote:.
There is just no possibility of determining the accuracy of the figures given to the jury, but it would have said highly impressive to them. Upon reviewing the laborious tree results from the crime. Saying professor butcher concluded that the mayo blood samples had degraded faster than the others taken from Kathleen clinic, hey theorized, that it could have been planted there only on, while also questioning. How you would pick five drops of blood from the amount of blood from a frenzied attack? I don't know in response the forensic experts, Sponsible for the original laboratory results said that the possibility of evidence having being planted could only be considered in conjunction with. extreme conspiracy theory in march, two thousand andrew feeds herbert lodge
An appeal claiming that the results of dna testing were falsified in order to convict in. In their ruling. The court of appeal concluded that the blood based evidence The andrew and catholics murder wall unexplained was enough to support the conviction They found no evidence that the recorded results of the dna testing were fraudulent or fight as such. The appeal was rejected. Four years later, in february, two thousand for andrew applied to have the crime scene samples re tested at another facility in western australia. He requested other items such as the shoes found under the clinics. Think also. They re examined the shoe were originally taken for analysis and dried blood was swept from them, but no further testing was ever conducted.
They were assumed to have bank kathleen shoes, but this has never been confirmed. The testing would be funded by a support group who believed in Andrews innocence. He was backed by the innocents project, unknown Profit organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through the use If dna testing Andrews request was denied by queensland's attorney general, on the grounds that Andrews supporters had failed. To quote. raise any justifiable doubt about the correctness of the sampling war, testing of the dna material. Andrew had also been given the chance to have they samples re tested at the trial and his appeal at the government's expanse, but failed to do so and he was not aware of this right here.
Roy I said that the attorney general had missed the point of the application stating that Issue wasn't with the testing of the material, but the analysis. Their results she also cited the improvements in dna testing since the trial. prior to injuries trial. Major shortcomings were uncovered in the handling of the catholic marshall murder investigation. They included poorly documented records on sealed evidence, unrestricted access to lab specimens and potential specimen contamination In two thousand to the centre that handled the cases, dna testing was worn to improve its and it's all risk losing its accreditation after issues were raised. Regarding record control methodology, handling of did and reports of results.
Then there was the matter of investigative, believes that were unexplored overlooked or ignored. they are detailed in TED deuce book, crucial areas in murder, investigations and included the following at two fifteen I am on Friday february, twenty seven nineteen, ninety eight kathleen was saying driving away from her house with a male passenger, her dog we are also in the car. Kathleen friends claimed that her dogs only tolerated two miles. One was and who lived with kathleen for a brief period of time in naughty naughty seven, whom she was still further. Only with the us. With someone who did or jobs around her place,. Upon examination. After her murder, Kathleen's car was noted to have been thoroughly cleaned.
Neither of these two men were explored as significant sauce back sing, kathleen murder additionally Two cars were saying parked outside of catholics home light on friday. One was a race bride, dark brown, nineteen. Seventy six forward falcon station wagon, spotted at four ten p m, the Other was a small blue car sided at six p m. Multiple witnesses saw these vehicles, but they were never questioned by police. Cause matching days? Descriptions were owned by other members of the cap protection society. Specifically, though, Who later discover the catholics body they not having any communication with Kathleen that wakened whatsoever. Ted dues road in his book quote.
Why has an answer if it's her that being set free? The answer Simple fits her birthday. Was found at the murder sane and he can explain how it got there. Regarded as an exemplary prisoner in two thousand fourteen at the age of sixty five hundred feet, her that was right. based on parole after serving sixteen years for Kathleen most. Those murder in an attempt to get his life back on track, He resumed his regular activities, including palm rating. andrew said. He had no anger about the past but was still interested in during his name, current parole conditions forbid him from discussing he's case with the media. The only other person who was publicly suspected of killing kathleen had subsequently vilified by the media was her
nemesis Virginia houston angel. conviction had essentially vindicated virginia, but he's us sure of innocence prevented complete closure, ignore Doing it would take years to recover from the traumatic experience virginia stated truth. the daughter of time, and I think that will emerge with time. Injury fits herbert. has caused enormous trouble and traumatic dozens and dozens of innocent people. And I have not a flag of sympathy. There is one alternative theory that could exonerate both andrew and virginia. According to warfare, ted dues It was one possibility that hadn't been explored by investigated. Do sided. An earlier case include back where
Catherine are lost a point of blood after being attacked by their pad dues, pointed out that car planes. Cushing disease caused her skin to become fragile and tear easily hey theorized that, after attacking Kathleen, a cat could have done, doubt of the broken window left the blood on the phone e g outside and wandered off into the night. Explaining why no footprints had been found at the crime scene and why there an empty cat cage on the floor. This theory was refuted by the experience pathologist, who conducted a catholic autopsy hated. Meant that catholics wounds were caused by a sharp instrument, as a cats clause or teeth would have produced wings with the jagged edges in october. Two thousand they kept pretty
Since society of queensland went into voluntary liquidation, they had been plagued by further in fighting missing funds and the operable damage done during the trial of Andrew fits herbert disk Until the members soda probe into the societies financial affairs, claiming that two thousand dollars had disappeared in an eighteen month period virginia. Houston, opposed the liquidation, claiming that organization, still had a role to play in cat welfare. Eventually On february, seven, two thousand seventeen, the cap protection society of coins land was they registered by a supreme court order.
Catherine stevenson was on her way to work on the morning of Friday february, twenty seven nineteen. Ninety eight, when she spoke of her old school friend, Kathleen Marshall, They recognised kathleen easily, as she hadn't changed much since they went to school together thirty years prior thrown wrote about the chance, citing in her personal diary, unaware within hours. Kathleen would be dead. As one of the six witnesses to say kathleen in the hours before then katharine's reckon Actions played a significant part in extending the time frame of the attack it was around
Ten fifteen, I am when she observed kathleen story. I d station wagon pull up to a stop behind her own car at the wills than shops, while they didn't interact. Catherine watched kathleen as she headed into the nearby news agency, dressed in her blue and white stripes sondra ass, kathleen than a fixed up I to the front window, what the shop it featured the details of a missing pregnant cat Records would delay to reveal that, on the following day of sudden I February twenty eight reverend ruth bennet had placed the cold animal welfare organizations, the arrest pc I to report that her pet cat had gone missing. It was a pregnancy, your point. So I may named Zilla Andrew feeds herbert claim
that Zella had vanished from home two days earlier on thursday, the twenty six. said he had spent some time in the garden calling her name, but he search if it didn't an and beyond that. the days yellow, went missing was the day that John Wilson later identified as Andrew fits her bed visited catholic marshals clinic He was seen carrying an unrestrained seo point siamese cat. Was it Possible that Zella had run away while under kathleen care and a devastated Andrew then returned to confront her in retaliation. Although a missing cat seemed like an extreme motive for murder that wasn't Of the realm of speculation,. as a final active charity kathleen.
Sure bequeathed to one hundred thousand dollars to the university of queensland school of veterinary science. This sang civility. She herself had graduated from with honors in nineteen sixty eight aided by the funds from catholics estate the university unveiled? A new conference in debating venue named the catholic land born building, which was calf lanes maiden name. The modern break structure, seats in a leafy and quiet pot of the campus. it is a meeting place for students studying the veterinary degree, as Kathleen Marshall did before them. Two hundred and fifty mourners had attended kathleen funeral to pay their respects. Even though she could be a difficult woman, her acquaintances still admired her
She was, after all, a passionate campaigner and powerful advocate that animal welfare. During her funeral service music by her favorite classical composes, Johan, bark and frederick Chopin were played on string quartet and piano. Aside from her love of animals, Kathleen also had a love of classical music and her death, she studied piano, but the coins land conservatory him there. She, used her friendships with prominent musicians to organise fun raising concerts for promising young musicians to study overseas, As a young woman Kathleen leave to briefly in london, it was
that she purchased one of her most beloved possessions and then take batched on piano, unable to part with it kathleen had it shipped back to australia when she returned home, where it took pride of place in her lap
Dream it was never determined whether the song book on it's stand that was turned to Chopin. The funeral march was a clue left by her killer or just a morbid coincidence.
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