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Case 236: Sophie Lionnet

2023-02-25 | 🔗
When residents of the affluent Southfields area of south-west London notice foul smelling smoke coming from a home on Wimbledon Park Drive in September 2017, firefighters arrive to make sure the house isn’t in danger. Nothing could prepare them for what they find instead – the burning human remains of French au pair, 21-year-old Sophie Lionnet. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger – Grab your copy of the book  Rocket Money – Find and cancel subscriptions you no longer use BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist In the Shadows – Listen to a new podcast from Casefile Presents (available exclusive on Wondery+)  For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-236-sophie-lionnet
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If this episode was originally released on case falls patriotic apple premium, hence butterfly premium fades as an early bonus for our paid. Subscribers these episodes, are designed to be slightly shorter, allowing us to cover a broad range of cases. Tourists, If these episodes early and dad free, you can support case file on your preferred platform,. At around three p m on Wednesday september. Twenty two thousand seventeen a resident the south fields district of south west to london was disturbed by a fair, louder, pier outside they noticed the blacks Most emanating from their next door, neighbours reigate garden from what appeared to be some kind of we'd barbecue. the concerned resident, went and knocked on their neighbors door to check. If everything was ok
there was no answer shrugging it off. They went about their day as the repugnant smoke continued to spiral above the neighborhood, three hours later, the resident Could no longer ignore it, they found and emergency services and reported the strange fire burning on wimbledon park. Road. Firefox is arrived at the address at six twenty p m, in voting man with a skin and grain. Facial hair opened the door. He was forty year old way, some meadow, nay, nine, two friends as San we some tilled the firefighters. There was nothing to worry about. He was simply having a barbecue, but Firefox firefighters wanted to check it out to make sure it didn't present any fire hazards. They walked,
three way, some small to bedroom flat and add a set of french doors into the required garden just as waste had described several pieces of chicken were grilling on a small barbecue. long at blazed in open bonfire, which was the source of the thick foul smelling smoke. The fire was remarkably close to the door so firefighters day, did a hazard and extinguish the flames. One of them thomas hand then turned to waste them and asked what he was burning. Waste him said it was the carcass of a shape which he purchased earlier, from the wimbledon market thomas eyed, the charred remains among too blackened logs were human fingers.
And a nose. upon realizing that he was looking at the remnants of a human body firefighter Thomas hand wanted to confront wasted matinee. But he wasn't sure how the man would react and didn't wanna put the rest of us aim in danger, thomas paused for a moment in sports to waste and claim that he was burning a shape carcass thomas Finally said bullocks ways, him seemed unperturbed,
He calmly shrugged off the comment and went to sit down. It was then that thomas detected, a look of resignation on waste and face as though he knew he'd been cod. while waiting for police to arrive, the firefighters sifted through the ashes and found items of clothing, jewelry and a pair of bad he trod eyeglasses pieces of cold chicken, also being thrown on the burning body in a crass at tend to disguise ed was something else adding to the disturbing nature of the discovery the body looked pretty. Hello, a small and frail for the fire crew. This indicated one thing It was the body of a child the police soon arrived and assess the same the body was so badly burned that I couldn't determine the person's age or gender.
I asked the ways him who what was a simply Splendid it not a child thirty six year old, sabrina quint dad was a glamorous woman born in algeria but raised in paris. She took great pride in her appearance with long dark hair. All leave skin had a keynesian of style. She was often mistaken. The reality tv star Kim kardashian having established herself as a success. full fashion designer and make up oddest sabrina award awarded with invites to trendy events where she mingled with the kinda famous soup. In many ways, a meadow, nay at a parisian fun. Fair in two thousand one way Had been immediately struck by her beauty, and it wasn't long before he was completely besotted with her.
so brainer eventually moved from paris to london and awaits him also Rancho algerian, happily followed her. they called england time ever since the couple had p. We of separation throughout their seventeen year long relationship during which sabrina had two children to two different men, but she and waste them always wound up back together. They buy living in the rented wimbledon park road flat. Since two thousand thirteen follow the discovery of the bird human, remains at the couples high wasted. Meadow, nay, was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the police. Station police attempted to interview him but waste remained silent when questioned whence about in a quite dare returned home with her two young songs, there was a collective
sense of relief that her and her children were safe, but the question remains whose body was found in the pile. Sabrina was stunned by the police presence and asked what was going on an office I told her that waste them was found burning, a body in the backyard. These key, as a huge shock to sabrina she said she'd being out all day and that things at home same to completely normal. When she left in the afternoon, she picked up her children from school and took them to off to school club, at which time some endeavoured to burn the unidentified body in their back garden subject. I couldn't believe what she was hearing. Meanwhile, police questioned the couples neighbours if they noticed anything out of the ordinary south fields was enough,
fluent family oriented suburb labelled as one of the best places to live in london and crimes of this nature were unheard of. Those wherein disbelief that new, the residents of the house to be a relatively normal family that mostly kept to themselves. They weren't very involved with the community and didn't attend a straight bodies. But there was nothing much No, no, I had seen or heard anything unto ward in the days leading up to the fire when they thought about it. Help are they realize they had seen the couples young nanny in wakes she is often cited out and about running errands for her host family and picking up the brain is children from school, but not lightly. What's more names, he had described her is wearing eyeglasses similar to those found in the fire when
asked about her nanny, sabrina, queer claimed. She had resigned to die earlier and return time to france. Palais sauce for the nineties name. But sabrina could only remember the first name Sophie she had I had sophie eighteen months prior to help with the children, while waseem was away for work. This immediately struck the police's odd. After employ, and living with sophie for such a long time. It seemed absurd that so rain, I didn't know her last name. They suspect, dead that sabrina knew more than she was letting on and took her to the station for further questioning. Given the level of destruction. Dna testing would be required Confirm the identity of the body ways him was attempting to destroy, but The lace was certain. It was the couples who nanny too
one year old, Sophie lay on nay when food, faced with this revelation. Sabrina caved hey revealed that sophie was incompetent at her job and didn't do any of their tasks. She was hired to do it. She lays the round on the couch glued to her smartphone sabrina said she was waiting for us to serve her It was as if we were working for her and not her for ass. She said that sophie had fallen in with the wrong crowd and had been drinking heavily. The brain are also suspected that she had been stealing from her as a diamond depends had gone missing from the house, so This behaviour soon took a sinister turn sabrina, covered. She had begun a relationship with submarine his ex boyfriend. A man named mock walton, who was the biological father.
of submarine his youngest son, sabrina revealed that mark had sexually abused their son and that sophie Had been allowing it to happen not only allowing it but facilities. the meetings by bringing the young boy to mock without sabrina knowledge when some found out what was happening. There was. The final straw days earlier at around midnight on Monday september, eighteen sabrina sleeping when waste some came into the room and awoke arab. He told her. He had confronted Sophia the meetings with mark and the abuse against said son. He lost his temper and hid sophie closing her to fly back and hid her head against the bathroom all her body. Stop moving. It was obvious that she was dead. We summon sabrina panicked, they were soon
of what it might mean for their family. If they told the truth, they couldn't risk They decided to cape Sophie's death, the sacred and burn her body, so no one would ever find out If anyone asked where she was they'd simply say she had decided. to return home to france, they dashed her belongings in her suit case, which they hid inside their small garden shed. When pressed, Waste meadow, nay, backed sabrina claims. Said that, in an effort to extract information about mark wolden and the child abuse, he had sophie sit in a full bath and would periodically her head under the water to compel her to answer these questions. He was eventually so overcome with anger. He punched sophie in their face, causing her head to strike the tiles she lost consciousness.
and her body than slept under the water waste tried to revive sophie explaining that he had no, intended to kill her or cause her serious injury. He had simply lost control when it was clear she was deceased, he agreed to burning her body temperature. factories, family police work I followed by the story, but The brain had evidence to back up her claims. She produced again russian, allegedly penned by sophie one pod red mark walden asked me to come and see him. He started to touch my breasts and he kissed my neck. mark offered me some money and he asked me to come back. With the brain is youngest. Child experts can feel
the handwriting was indeed sophie's. Sophie's body had been so badly burned that the exact cause of her death couldn't be established. her lower jaw ban for of her ribs centre. Sternum were all found to have been fractured. The timing of these injuries were particularly noteworthy. Forensic experts concluded that the jewel box, fracture happened hours before safie was killed, hinting that there was more to her boss Stop interrogation then than waste them just holding her head underwater. The chest injured these were even more suspicious. They were found to have occurred day. he's before she died in The gate is examined, awaits him and the brain is mobile phones and what they found was shocking.
Over a twelve day period, the couple had, accorded over eight hours of audio and video footage in which they subjected sophie to harrowing interrogations. Using violence and coercion. Thy relentlessly tried to get her to confess to a range of offences. They accused her of being a spy, a thief: a heavy drug user and a pedophile At the heart of the interrogations, lay one person mark walden. Sabrina into waste. Them applaud immense pressure and intimidation, trying to make sophie admit that she was having a sexual relationships with mock and that the two wearing cahoots to sexually exploit sabrina his sons. the couple claimed they had evidence that Sophie had brought marked that flat. So he could drug and sexually abused the family that
impaired sophie to a nazi collaborator and told her She was worse than a murderer. Sabrina said. made a huge mistake. You deliver a boy you're out into the hands of pedophile mark page you Sophie. I have evidence you can look home without telling us everything, sir. I told safie that she had friends in high places include Then you s, president donald trump, and that could easily have her locked up. She. Threatened the sophie with forty years in prison, saying close your eyes for one minute and imagine yourself every day in a cage like an animal with other people inside that not a laughing matter from the Quoting so was clear that sabrina was the main instigate up
during one interrogation. She said my mother's life, I am not to leave you alone. I will not touch you, but. I will not leave you alone until you tell me the truth. Is this clear you understand, you will not get to france until you ve told me the truth, I am. Going to spoil your life. As you have said, the old mine have you the stood that. But way some also played a significant role in recording. He called Sophie liar anti her. She wasn't allowed to return back to france until she'd revealed the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It was clear that sophie was terrified She rarely responded to the couples handing, but when she did her voice was make and barely audible
first stand for a long while she denied everything and safe The genuinely confused about what the couple were, accusing thereof, the extent of The physical violence wasn't clear, but loud dumping. sounds indicated that sabrina hit sophie multiple times. The final video was filmed shortly before midnight on Monday september. Eighteen, two thousand seventeen investigate I couldn't believe what they were watching in stark contrast to the healthy happy young woman who had left france eighteen months earlier so the lay on nay was a shadow of her former self. Her body was gone. Wanton skeletal as though she had an eight mean wakes. She looked frail and broken her once taken and wavy brown hair had become a thin and flat.
This explains why there remains in the fire looked child like it was hot wrenching to watch. The amazing aided sophie, sat in front of a fireplace in the wimbledon park. Road flat I needed blanket dry, across her lap. There, the month, but you abuse and violent interrogations, came to a head Sophie finally broke. She can, ass to having an affair with mark walden. In an even more shocking revelation, she admitted that she dragged away some so that mark could come over to the flat and said Surely I him as well. So brainer and away some intended to hand the footage they had taken of sophie's confession to police as evidence of her crimes. However, just stay out
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mark wolden, was going about his morning in his new home of los angeles. When he received a phone call from the police in london, he was shocked to hear that sabrina quid day had just accused him of child molestation in collaboration with her nanny who had just been killed, mock, couldn't believe what he was hearing, although he come to expect extreme behaviour from serbia, Not this was beyond anything he had so far endured hey vehemently denied the lurid climbs telling police hidden, very often met Sophie Lyonnais or communicated with her He wasn't even in that country. During the date sabrina claimed, the child abuse took place, mark insisted, had nothing to hide. He offered to provide he's passport
And anything else the police required to prove his innocence. The mark walden he's I've changed forever in two thousand and eleven when he walked into a bank in london. Mark was a well known figure in the music industry. Having been one of the founding members of the wildly popular irish boy band boys, I'm here Chile left two boys I to pursue a career in music production and had gone on to work with such artists as jennifer lopez and enrique. iglesias. It was in the bank in london, when he first laid eyes on sabrina, quit their. He was immediately attracted to her and they struck up a conversation with good looks I'll find a common interest in the high life. The too quickly became a pitcher perfect couple. It wasn't long before they moved in together and sabrina
Eventually became pregnant the early days of their relationship were happy, but once marks I goggles wore off. He saw sabrina she really was she had a wild temper and her mood could dramatically switch over the most trivial of things. She often acted irrationally without explanation. During some rough patches in their relationship, she called the police. The report them was hiring male sex workers, which was untrue. She also took Firing any nanny, the pair hired to assist them, accusing them stealing from her being romantically interested in mock. She gone as far as installing hidden cameras throughout their home, which my was unaware of until he stumbled upon them himself. The couple split for good in two thousand fourteen after
Its sabrina rekindled, her relationship with the waste, a meadow, nay mock me, move to los angeles and continue to help support, sabrina, financially even paying their rights. To her new south fields flat regardless, she seemed determined to make his life difficult. Over the years sabrina reported knocked to the police service thirty times for a range of bizarre and baseless offences, including that he'd once tried to kill her head. Phone and day miles and was trying to kill call her using black magic. Things only escalated when mark completely cut sabrina raw financially amongst the many other outlandish accusations she accused him and he's free of hiring a helicopter to spy on her. Some of the brain is claims were plain ludicrous locked the times she
ported mark for sexually miss trading, her cat, when she never even owned a cat in the first place. The most outrageous was when sabrina created a fake facebook profile to publicly spread ally's alleging mark was pedophile. Mock had been put Up with this issue, privately for some time after sabrina, falsely complained to so your services, that market sexually abused their son, but this was the first time she had accused him publicly Sabrina was arrested as a result, and she reluctantly accepted a cushion for sending malicious communications. The The recent incident had occurred just one month prior to safety, lay on death in august, two thousand, seventeen sabrina
had called police to report that sophie had taken her son to mate with mark against her wishes. There mock threatened to kill the boys family. given submarine his previous history of false reports. Police didn't believe her and therefore no action was taken. The following month, sabrina recorded at the jack, and exhausted sophie at eleven thirty two. I am mere hours before she died. She pressed I ve, to admit that mark wolden had been at their house despots. Sophie telling time and again that she had never met him. Sabrina then told her. I hate lies. I hate I hate I It lies so stop telling lies and tell me the truth.
The locals of south field, so was common to say Sophie lyonnais out and about with submarine, as children often holding hands it Clear that she was a hard work and their children, seemed to adore her contrary to what some bring a tall police about safety being lazy and useless. She had been doing us. The india job with the children a kind and gentle saw with unlimited patients so He put enormous effort into her work, which took its toll on her. It wasn't in her nature to hurt anyone, especially not the very children. She had been employed to look after at one point chief and helped the kids not many stand on the straight to sell sweets and biscuits, but in the weeks leading up to Sophie's death neighbors had seen less and less of her.
During one visit to the local fish and chips shop. Owner Michael could tell by sophie's body language that something wasn't ride. He'd suspected the nanny wasn't doing well, as he noticed often had teasing her eyes. Michael last I see what was wrong and she confided that sabrina had bait Michael was shocked. He was friendly with sabrina quota and recent meadow, nay. As the trio wherein talks of doing business together, he asked Safie what happened to cause the debating. The reason was preposterous: she had dropped the bottle. Michael's heart went out to safie he'd once sabrina yelling at her on the straight, but she was speaking in french, so he didn't know what she was saying, Michael
offered to help Sophie, find a new job and place to live, but he knew I saw her again. Sabrina was also wrong in telling police that Sophie had been mingling with a rough crowd. Truth was. She had ellie socialized, with anyone outside of submarine his home south builds was full of other foreign nannies, many of whom bonded together, but Sophie mostly kept herself. Some noticed that sabrina took advantage of sophie softer nature by making her work long hours and take on additional duties. Luck, cooking and declining Sophie was particularly shy and quiet, which made her vulnerable to exploitation. A family friend named stephen, witnessed so brain screaming at Sophia. In french on several occasions, safie looked scared. And hungary, as though she was
in some kind of trans, stephen Was so concerned that safety was an aiding enough that he once brought food over for further hey, confronted, sobering. About her aggressive behaviour but sabrina said, that safety was lazy and didn't do enough cooking a form A friend of sabrina is named nicole, once visited the home to find sophie on the floor and sabrina are attacking her nicole, had to into vain, as sabrina tried to kick sophie and hit her with a chair. Afterwards. Nicole, was so worried about safety that she took her into her own home with the intention of helping her get back to france. Sabrina found out about it and turned up on the calls doorstep quote. screaming like a mad woman. She stole dean and demanded safie, get her staff and return to the flat nicole
ass, a brain out to calm down, but she was so livid that even the call was terrified of her. The extent of what Sophie Lyonnais was enduring in london was a sacred she never revealed to her family in any of her correspondence to them back home, safe. He was from a modest family in twa a small provincial and in northeast france. It was the lack of employment opportunities in twa that had brought her to london in the first place a qualified child care worker. She believed that attempt every move, would kick start her career and give her the chance to improve her english. The prospect of law. In the big city excited sophie. She loved the yard. And soda life, surrounded by cinema, dance and theatre, she risk on the two and I had to work as a living nanny and was thrilled to be higher.
By sabrina quit. Dare the most woman and her celebrity started. Lifestyle played perfectly into psyche dream image of what life in london would be like in two thousand six dane just days after her twentieth birthday, Sophie left, france and moved into the brain is flat on wimbledon park. Road case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode, sponsors in bakersfield, california,
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here, the trailer at the end of today's episode? Thank you fully. Adding to this episodes adds by supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. The job started off well Sophie got along with submarine his son centre looked forward, to earning a decent wage. Supreme A raven gave her a glamorous make over which Sophie proudly showed off on social media, but after about a year Sophie told her parents, she was bored and wanted to come home she said there were tensions in the family and it was getting harder to take care of the children. She was made to us in the same bedroom as the is songs which man she had too little.
Time to herself? She also I told her mother Catherine, that she was not being paid catherine voice, Today's concerns two sabrina who reassured her that safety was being paid into an english bank. Account police tried to and the english bank account that sabrina claimed safie was being paid into, but it didn't exist. It did an appeal that Sophie He was being paid at all. Sabrina also urged catherine to encourage her daughter to stay on explaining She thought of safety like a siesta and needed her around. It was clear, the feeling wasn't mutual. When Sophie suddenly asked her mother for money, so she could return to france, Catherine obliged but Sophie never ended up. Purchasing a ticket home sophie's parents were
the stated to learn the truth of what their daughter had enjoyed in london had died nine she was in any kind of trouble. They were immediately travelled to help her. Investigators remained unconvinced that what they were being told was the full truth of what happened to Sophie. they ultimately charged by the wayside. Imagination and sabrina quid dare with her nada and the obstruction of her body. The couple can Tenue to assert that waste him interrogated sophie alone and that her death was accidental the laid up to their trial waste them offered to plead guilty to manslaughter, but there request, was denied three I later he turned the case upside down when he retracted he's confession: Claiming he'd been lying all along to protect sabrina.
Those who knew the couple were aware. The relationship between sir brainer and away some wasn't entirely even handed some friends thought way. Some was quote punching above these white, which led him to accept to less than ideal treatment from the brain over the years when she left him or other men waste always welcomed her back the truth, according to We was that on the evening of Monday september, eighteen he'd been asleep. When sir brain us suddenly woke him off. She kept repeating. What have I done? What have I done? she told him Sophie was in the bath and wasn't breathing, Some got up and found sophie's a lifeless body lying in the tub spent over an hour trying to revive her, but it was too late. She
already dead, sabrina, refused to call the police suggesting they burn sophie's body instead of waste. Eventually, relented, because he wanted to protect sabrina and to keep her family together, he puts site. Body in a suitcase and agreed to lie to the police. in his written statement, ways him Said. I have always loved, sabrina and tried to protect her. This led me to make a very regrettable choices should have been more assertive with sabrina had I bane Sophie Lyonnais would probably still be alive. we some went onto paints a brain, our as the hard cobb, when dealing with Sophie one occasion sabrina had forced Sophie
Into the bath and held her head on the ward off in bid of extracting a confession about mark walden on another, she hit safie within a lead. cable so hard in the legs that she couldn't stand or work properly. Waseem admitted that he done nothing to stop the attacks or sake medical help for Sophie sabrina had fully convinced him. Sophie was helping mark, Walton, sexually abused, sabrina sons he maintained that he had never heard Sophie himself or being involved with Any of the acts on the night she was killed. Investigate is viewed way. Sims confession with scepticism. By this point they had said, Consists of brain as youngest son, the one at that
center of the allegations against sophie and mark walton for the sake of clarity case file, will infor him as gareth. The nod of Monday September eighteen, Gareth woke up to this. and of noises coming from the family bedroom. He got up to say What was going on and unnoticed was water spilling out from underneath the bathroom door inside Gareth could hear the voices of his mother and a step farther. He also heard the sound of water, splashing and sophie crying the next morning, He noticed his mother seemed happy and relaxed gareth asked what had happened and sober. I told him that sophie was gone and they wouldn't seeing her again. Erreth statements placed both sabrina and away some at the scene of the crime completely
shattering the narrative that one of them acted alone in assaulting sophie, while the other person slept with the couple refusing to tell the truth, investigators were left to charge them both with murder, Pace together their own conclusions based on the evidence, they believed that the cap pull had essentially held sophie prisoner inside their home for six weeks. During this time they confiscated her phone, so she couldn't contact anyone without sabrina being present withheld food until Sophie would say or a great with whatever they demanded just to wait. They also Forced her to sleep in a tiny dark room where she with away they interact. I did her so intensely and violently that they eventually warhead down enough to extract a false confession which they dictated to her ass. She write it down.
they likely aimed to use the confession to blackmail mark walton into giving them more money. Psyche said and did everything the couple wanted in an effort to survive, even if she knew but wasn't true. Exactly how safe he died and who had killed her remained a mystery. It also wasn't clear if she had been killed by accident during one of the torture sessions or if the couple decided she had to die either way. Police believe sabrina into waste some collectively put sophie's body in a suitcase and heated under one of the children's beds, while deciding how to dispose of it.
I then went about their normal lives for the next two days with cctv, say each capturing them going grocery shopping and taking their children to school. Like nothing had happened. The brain are underway sums joint trial began in march, two thousand eighteen, both pleaded guilty to perverting the course of joy. This by burning sophie's body, but not guilty to her murder. was an exhaustive trial that lasted forty three days during which by defendants continue to blame one another for her death. One. The stand sabrina said that waste them tortured safety in the bath. By putting her head underwater and by covering Her mouth with a water soaked soap tell sabrina, shocked the coup
by claiming ways him demanded, they have sex knee sophie's body to quote mark the occasion and she had obliged. Recent testified that sabrina had killed sophie and then asked for his help to cover up the crime he he didn't want to burn burnside these body but went along with the plan ass, a brain aroused him too. He said it felt disgusting and horrible. One of the brain is ex boyfriend, said unpredictable, unstable and obsessive behaviour was typical of sabrina. He described, whereas I quote fickle lunatic and said she took advantage of people weaker than her quote She would lie her back maybe it was strange. She was aggressive something She was violent and pulled the hair of girls on the straight just because of a look. She had a jewel face
jewel personality. She was meant collective. She, charm. Until tell lies, she could. B as lovable ass, she could be detestable. The prosecutes She pointed out that sabrina had a track record of calling the police for a range of minor complaints. Once she had reported that waste them was working too and another time she reported that a wooden toy was being used in their bathroom. It was revealed that in may of two thousand seventeen sabrina had been diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder, the I is characterized by emotional and mood, instability, insecurity and him. All seventy that can result in impaired social relationships.
Sir brain is loya, argued that he's clients, mental illness caused a rational delusions that led her I genuinely believe that safety lyonnais had been recruited by mark walton to facilitate the abuse of her family. He said sir brain is behaviour towards sophie was quote in time. I, driven by the brain, is mental illness in her desperation to obtain evidence of mister Walton abuse. The process you shouldn't describes a brain earned, awaits him as a truly toxic combination. Thereon, healthy myopic, Consuming and groundless obsession with mark wolden had deprived them of raising and turned sophie into something less than human They argue that safety was killed out of revenge and a punishment for mark walden, refusing to financially support sabrina.
while only the two defendants would ever know who killed Sophie the prosecution stated that were both equally responsible for coming up with a plan to destroy her body and escape responsibility for the horrendous crime. The presiding george accepted that sabrina had significant influence, I've away some, but that And matter in the grand scheme of things we soon was an intelligent and well educated. Man who knew Sophie was in danger and did nothing to help her or put a stop to the abuse. Despite the brain is bizarre behaviour wasted. also actively went along with the interrogation sessions without coercion. While understanding that a mental illness played a role, the judge concluded that her back maybe I was ultimately driven by cruelty and a desire for revenge against mock walden. He was convinced that, subject
are intended to use sophie's, audio and written confession. The blackmail mark for financial gain. Well, sir brain his mental illness could be blamed for her delusions. They couldn't explained a violent and brutal treatment of sophie quote. the suffering and the torture you put her through before her death was prolonged and without pity. sabrina quit day and away some that were found guilty of the murder of sophie lay on I. They were set turns to life imprisonment with a minimum of thirty years nine months after sophie's murder, her body was finally returned to france, her mother. Catherine would later remark.
I took away my daughter's dignity and finally, her last painfully abdel way until she struggled to take her last breath in that both the case haunts mark walden. was inadvertently pulled into the nightmare sabrina created in emotional interview with good morning, Britain mark said hardest thing for me, going to bed at night was knowing that sophie was telling the truth. Every time that she was answering those questions and interrogations she never met me. Many have quite Jen. How wastes imagination accepted sabrina quit dares implausible lies about sophie, given he was an inn. elegant and saint man. The couple case has since been labelled an example of bali adieu. A rare psychiatric
Syndrome where to individual, share and identical delusion. The delusion is typically shared from one person to another, in this case sabrina created the delusions regarding safety and mark and then transmitted them onto way. Son he's love the sabrina prevented him from viewing. behavior critically and honestly. Instead, he at himself believe in her twisted reality and by doing so enabled and emboldened her. Another example of the fully adieu phenomenon is the ericsson twins covered in epoch, Seventeen of case file, as for why. Sophie didn't, leave or otherwise seek help. It's likely that she didn't feel able to.
so brainer into waste some intimidated and bullied her to the point that she felt completely powerless, physically, mentally and financially police, never And her passport or the money her mother had given her for a return ticket to france, it suspected the couple took them away to prevent sophie from escaping While sophie's exact reasonings for staying would never be known, investigators did find ashore note that she had written shortly before her murder. It read
Why may I need help to stop them on a chilly night in ninety? Ninety one, a group of teenagers gathered in their usual, hang out a barren stretch of desert next to a busy highway near bakersfield california, a dismal spot littered with trash and shelter since by nightfall. It turn into a sort of lover's lane were high school kids drank and smiled when two boys laughter group and headed into the darkness
They came upon a horrific seen the body of a young woman murdered just hours before she had no enemies. Me says girls at school teenage doth, not any kind of control that somebody martyr her this ninety. Ninety one murder made news headlines for years as it shocked and divided a quiet working class community. Of course I knew about Maria's case. Everyone in bakers shall knows about maria case people will judge, they were glued to their tv sets. Read the paper everyday. There was a lot of speculation in alaska. Tat. He would not be all around athlete. People thought he might be He lied about being her boyfriend, diaper like he had something to do with it. Justice took its course in a twisted and controversial case that captivated many, but what is the real
Killer or yet to be discovered, is he wanted me many for me that I the detective that he was here when he was a really here? If you ask the sheriff department, and if you ask the prosecutor's office, they would say yeah, we solved that it's just unfortunate, how thing Ended up in this series, we will hear brand new clues in every people that have never spoken publicly before and discover family secrets that shed light on who may have killed maria rodriguez and why I kind of want all of her family's hidden secrets and all the dark past. I want it to Not tonight, I'm octavia MC henry for case our presence in this. As in the shadows, the story Of marie ever dress.
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