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*** Warning: This case involves a child victim *** By late 2016, Jason and Brandi Worley’s marriage was crumbling. Regardless of what happened between them, they promised to always put their two children, Tyler and Charlee, first.  Meanwhile, a user going by the name of JasonInHell logged onto Reddit and clicked on a forum titled: relationship_advice. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Hello Fresh – Use code ‘CASEFILE60’ for 60% off and FREE shipping  BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Zocdoc –  Find a doctor near you For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-240-jasoninhell
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I deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the show aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. If this episode was originally released on case falls patriotic apple premium, hence butterfly premium fades as an early bonus for our paid subscribers. These episodes are designed to be slightly shorter, allowing us to cover a broad range of cases. Tourists If these episodes early and dad free, you can support case file on your preferred platform,. Nice episode involves crimes against children and wild beasts. Double ferule listeners, In late two thousand, sixteen, I use our going by the name of jason in hell logged onto redder, ranked one of the twenty most people.
he'll a website in the world. Bread eddies social news and discussion saw that features over three million forums dedicated to a wide variety of topics called saw bread. Jason in Hell, clicked on a subreddit titled relationship advice since its creation in june, two thousand on the subject: as a mast, six million members with a community that boasts whether its romance friendship, family, coworkers, saw a basic human interaction where he had a help. Read: it has used the forum to post about their real life relationship issues with they use is offering their god and support in the comments. Posts vary from small. sometimes comical misunderstandings, two more Serious situations, one use
events about he's partner who thinks she's a cat in a human body. Another questions how they can move past the jealousy thy feel towards their successful sibling. Others express devastation, all relief over a breakdown heavy sigh jack's are sometimes broached and commented symbol, and by anonymity, often adopted tough love approach when providing advice. In some cases, is the original postal will return to the sovereign debt to provide enough died as to whether or not the advice they received from the community was successful. Jason in Hell, published opposed on relationship advice titled on heavy. A hard time coping with my wife, having traded on me with their neighbour a specified that he was thirty years old but as with standard practice on the he didn't disclose any personal identifies
The names of anyone else involved. jason in Hell explained. I called My wife cheating on me over a year ago. I stayed with her for the sake of our children, but haven't been able to get it off my mind since. Jason in Hell revealed that he's plot had unravelled four hundred and seventy six days prior to posting about it on read it. He knew the exact number of days, because every time he caught himself thinking about he's wash infidelity, he would tell him so
of its only bain x number of days. Maybe you won't think about it tomorrow. jason story began in may two thousand fifteen. They adjust not at a new, more demanding project at work that had in putting in upwards of sixty hours awake during. This dress time. Job so noticed that he's twenty nine year old wife had added a password to her mobile phone pay quest and her about it- and she explained she was planning a father's day present for him. And didn't want to ruin the surprise about a week later, Jason's wash said she was feeling guilty for keeping a secret from him She revealed that she had high a day neighbour fifty one year old contractor to build jason, a home office.
It struck adjacent zogg that he's why felt guilty as they being together for six years and she'd. Never once said she felt guilty about anything. Ass time went on things, didn't feel right since wife began using her password protected phone, more often sometimes willing to herself, while doing so jason, asked what she was doing. She'd respond. Nothing then quickly put her fine away one morning. De Jason's wife got in the shower. He managed to grab the phone four adored I locked and required the password to access he scanned her messages sent discovered she had sent attacks today, contract a neighbour that red I am covered in frosty. You wanna, likud off, There were no other messages between them, which jason
I d learned was because his wife had set up a fund to dilate messages after a certain amount of time, while the two The maid jason uncomfortable he was aware that his wife had, I quote, perverted sense of humour and was convinced She wouldn't actually do anything to hurt him. their neighbour began spending more and more time at jason's house, but the construction of the home office was too King longer and longer able to shake he's paranoia, jason and checking his wife's location via mobile phones, inbuilt J p s that, when active, kept a detailed record of every place, the device had gone. Hey no, There were large gaps in her J p s history because she kept turning off the function. In July, chasing
and access to his wife's phone under the pretence that he needed to download anti virus software onto it. Instead, He downloaded anti theft, software, which allows him to remotely turn on the phones. J, p s, while sigh rating all that sense and received text messages from his computer. The next day, J. and monitored his wife's fire from his computer at work. She message neighbor asking to made up, but he couldn't It was busy at another job side, that night jason, his wife and two children. when you have for dinner with the neighbour he's girlfriend and his son. The two women had a good time drinking laughing than joking around after dinner, jason offered to look after the kids so that the two women could go see a movie together. They headed off, while Jason, he
neighbor and their children went back to jason's house. Kids gathered around to play. Video games, says jason and he's neighbour, sad on adjacent couches jason in can speak wesley kept an eye on his wife's mobile phone activity. She began tax the neighbour about the sex acts she wanted to perform within, she then send him an explicit photo of herself in a bathroom stall. They continue to message can for trying to figure out when they could made up to have sex. They, settled on Monday morning after jason, went to work. Jason was barely able to keep his composure as he spied on their interactions in real time, while his neighbor sat across from him, none the wiser when the pair texted that
loved each other. Jason was suddenly overcome with the urge to lay off the couch and knocked at the other man out, but he managed to contain Emotions. You're my girl, now he's nay about texted. He's was always have been his wife replied. Then she received the final text from him. Always will be. When the two women returned from the movie jason asked politely to sit down. He then sent sentence. children into his sons, room and shut the door. So you we love each other. He asked his wife went into jason described as food law. Denial night Jane. since waft annoyed that she had been texting. Their neighbour wendy
and showed her the text. Messages from that gnawed she'd barcode, admit. in that she did send them, but it was the first time Their interactions had gone that far jason then asked his wife if she had sent the man peaches. She said. No, so jason showed her the explicit picture she took of herself in the bathroom stall. Once again, his wife backtrack and accepted responsibility, though insisted I was the first fido she'd ever sat sand ice outright asked his wife if she was having sex with the neighbour. She said no and jason couldn't prove otherwise to jason, surprise his neighbors girlfriend appeared more forgiving, saying that the fling couldn't have been serious if their partners hadn't had sex.
She went on to say that jason and his wife were too perfect together to let the affair bright, the mob, shape in the name of soon left. jason told his wife tat. He was leaving her, which prompted her to threaten that he would. never say their kids again, jason wrote on read it. she planned on using the fact that I had attempted suicide in high school to prove me unfit to have their children. His wife then blamed him. The her infidelity saying it was he's, fall for being so busy and stress the out with work. She had just wanted someone, she could talk, Two, she then gave jason an ultimatum decide he was going to do next or she would decide for him.
The couple spent the night arguing and wound up in separate beds with nothing resolved the fight continued over the weekend until they ultimately decided to separate temporarily while they figured out what they wanted. Jason was going to stay at the family home, while his wife took decades to her mothers play that Monday Jason, was in a work mating when he received the text from his wife saying she had explain the situation to their kids, they were up said and she wanted jason to talk to them when he returned home both of the children were crying. His wife had told them that mummy had to move out because dad was mad at her there. Some wanted to live with the jason, but jason's wives
that he couldn't the boy had interpreted this to mean that jason must have been mad at him too. Jason realized that tat his wife was going to quote, dragged the kids through hell if hey left. Instead, he bottled up his feelings and begged her to stay Shia grey but he insisted that hey apologize to their neighbour for the sake of their sons, who were good friends, although jason hated the idea he did. it anyway, as they would inevitably continue to cross parts. He would do anything for his kids, even acting civil, Such distressing and emotionally crippling circumstances after them
This thing seemingly settled down, but jason was constantly plagued by thoughts of his wife's infidelity. I worry. How can I keep from making her so unhappy that she cheats on may again? He rode on read it Then, a year after the original incident jason discovered that his wife had sent the neighbour lewd. Days of herself again shape find it was an accident and that she had intended to send. Them to Jason, although He didn't believe her. He moved on. Jason concluded, he's read it posed by writing that things had been quiet on that front for about four months, but he continued to think about it. All the time this is going to see how stupid he rode, but I feel like I have
part of my brain that count shot off. That he's always thinking. I used to use that to solve programming problems, and at me be very good at my job, but ever since since it is the only thing it thinks about. these her and him, and if I did the right thing, my job performance has suffered and I feel like I haven't gotten sleeping months on afraid that, after this much time and effort that I begged her back that to say that all one a divorce now would only make her more vindictive towards my children, and I I just feel like I have to put myself so deep in a hole there. I can never get back out. I haven't really talk to anyone about this. I tried to Looking to one friend about it. But he's advice was to put my trust in god. Was not much solace for me as I am an atheist, so I have no clue what to do with my feelings or
to move on from this jason in health posed to the relationship advice, sub, read at received over two hundred comments from uses all around the world, offering their input and support. The top comment had upwards of five hundred up, though, signifying that a large number of uses had right, it positively rick. By some on with the username monsieur le dude and advised the jail In in hell not to navigate the situation alone and to seek legal counsel, as soon as possible, Won't be doing your children any favours by remaining in a marriage that is now founded on laws, infidelity and doubt rod, bullying they use a road other, meant as a grade that jason in hell should obtain a lawyer and divorce. His wife
many were outraged at his willingness to pull a kite her by apologising to the man she had an affair with than begging her to stay smack. Shit out of that man, one use it demanded. Those were angry that jason's wife was blackmailing him by threatening to use he suicide attempts fifteen years prior to get full custody of their children. One use our told her tactics quote incredibly low and fucked up. Advice was also given on how jason should navigate the legal system. Should he wind up having to fight for the custody of these children. They use twenty two of mustang J t road. This His kids will some day. I understand the sacrifices he's making in his own life to cape them. Ignorantly happy use, belly diet wrote to Jason.
please, no, your worth and best of luck to you your children, almost awake after his initial posed. Jason in her ray appeared on the sub. Read it in a brief update, toddled on taking your advice, jason revealed that he's waft didn't want to attempt to fix their relationship and refuse to undergo cancelling hey road, I am going to get myself and my kids out on mate with an attorney next wake. Thank you. Everyone for helping me say how far I had my head up. My ass jason update received only twenty comments, all of which were As a woman lay positive, uses reassure him that he was doing the right thing, Monsieur le dude, who had encouraged to jail
and to seek legal, cancelling the initial post road good for you and good luck, remember, that life on the other side of all. This will be far better for both yourself and your children and to let that hope, keep you going when things get rough. Case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors They show is sponsored by better help. getting to know yourself convey a lifelong process, especially because, where always growing and changing, I know I'm a very different person from who I was ten years ago or even
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zat o c d, o c slash case file, zog doc, dot, com, slash case file, Thank you for listening to this episodes adds boss, supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content, jason and brandy, wally wearing gauge for two years before tying the naughty in two thousand nine, their first child her son named tyler was born that same year, then in two thousand and thirteen. The couple welcomed their second child daughter, they named charlie. Both the asian and brandy agreed that they would always put their children first above all else, including their marriage.
Family afore lived in the small midwestern town of Darlington Indiana, with popular issues of less than a thousand residents most knew the wally's and consider them good people. Wednesday november, sixteen two thousand sixteen was a typical day for the family. Jason went to his job as a software engineer, while brandy took seven year old, tyler and three year old, charlie to spend their day with their grandmother died evening. They all attended one of charlie's dance performances before returning home for dinner. Brandy, then ducked out to walmart to buy some pipe cleaners for a project. Tala was working on for school When she returned home, she joined the jason in playing with their children in the living room. Jason then bathed and put.
Tyler and charlie to bed before retiring for the night as it need five. I am jason woke to the sound of screaming. He rushed upstairs to find his mother in law, crying hysteria. Clearly in the kitchen brandy was sitting in the nearby living room bleeding profusely from a wound in her neck. Now you can't take my children from me. She told jason minutes earlier that full thirty five, I am a phone call- was placed annoying while one the dispatch. I was left speechless by what he heard and was convinced. The kola must have been delusional underlying.
I remember carrying on one where's your emergency street, the one town burlington it was going on there, Astana falcon. I killed my two children. You stabbed yourself and killed. You too, I don't want your name where they were their children at albanos them on your guard, german afore. And why cause you do this today that the voice on the horse? When I came on unlikely how old are you killed her.
Poland, three rotary thought, then savary, ok, or did you ever yourself that ok? Are you bleeding Well, ok aware you up is that a law rubbing on their living here, ok,.
or are you armed now with the knife? Still no carpenter, okay, where's, your husband at bastogne, tomorrow, okay and what's his condition I know how gospel and when you say downstairs, is he in a basement or or okay? What's his name and jason jason morely When police arrived at the woolly house, they found tyler and charlie deceased in charlie's bedroom Andy woolly was sitting on a couch in the living room, shape russia hospital, where she remained forever awake during her neck wind was successfully traded when power
These were finally able to speak to brandy. There was the first time the law flung Darlington resident, had come to the attention of authorities. She had no prior criminal history and there was evidence that her children wearing any danger prior to november. Seventeen, to the contrary, the woolly family was widely described, is happy and loving, yet brain Detailed investigators that, after seven years together on Wednesday november, sixteen jason had five for divorce citing retrieval breakdown of their marriage following brandy infidelity a year prior, he. No longer able to stay together for the sake of their children as If the divorce agreement he had requested custody and child support benefits with equitable,
the vision of the family assets that evening, instead of buying pot cleaners from Walmart brandy purchased at cape, ah stall, combat knife, which he here in her sons room once everyone was in bed. She consumed large quantities of the anti hasty main benadryl. In order to make herself drowsy. She then entered toilers bedroom stirred him awake, saying that we're going to have a sleep over in his little sisters room. She retrieved the combat not and followed taller out once inside china These bedroom brandy struggled her son and began stabbing him in the neck. Charlie woke up to commotion and asked her mother what she was doing through the darkness. Brandy responded: nothing go back to slave brandy than approach to charlie and stabbed her in the neck. Multiple times
and before inserting the knife into her own neck,. Leaving the knife in her daughters, room a bleeding Andy than made her way to the living room where she picked up the phone and called her mother to tell her what she done. Brandy mother ordered her to call nine while one brain did ass, she was told and was still speak, with the nine long one dispatcher when her mother arrived and entered charlie's room to find the two children deceased. It was her scream that woke up jason wally
who had been sleeping soundly in the basement. Brandy told the police that she had intended to kill herself but had somehow quote screwed that up matter of factly. She explained that she didn't want her divorcing husband to take decades from her, so she stopped. Then I just wanted to die with them. She revealed, I didn't, want them to live without. me, the outpouring of gray from the local community was a man's councillors were claudian to spain to devastated students at I'll as elementary school while neighbours. The wally's were left in disbelief. They couldn't fathom that such a horrific crime could Then, to a seemingly normal family, one that often hosted get together and bond, fires on holidays brandy appeared to be a doting mother
She was often seen walking her two children around the neighbourhood and photos of them featured throughout her personal facebook, page on which she wrote In the end, I am the only one that can give my children are happy mother that loves life. Some who knew brandy, regarded her as a great person. They couldn't comprehend the sight of her. That would compel her to kill her own children. An online fundraiser was launched, the support, jason wally and help pay for his children's funeral. Talk. Erin Charlie, were laid to rest under a shed tombstone that red rest well swayed. Babies, dad loves you act Aristotle s name was a reality I'll lock creature from the series pokemon Charlie's
was accompanied by the snow man. Olaf from the disney film frozen. This cleaning crew, having seen spain through the woolly haim jason, noticed his daughters, room still raked of blood. unable to stay there any longer. He gathered some of his possessions and threw them into the back of a van. But the murders of her two children brandy holy initially entered on, not guilty play with the intention of claiming the insanity defence, whoever she ultimately accepted a play deal and altered her play to guilty to avoid facing a trial brandy, defence attorney claimed. There was no definitive reason why the motors took place.
As others had described, brandy was a wonderful, caring, mother, but her lawyer said she simply snapped. He wanted to give the court an explanation but conceded I can't do that He said that brandy had been emotional during their first female dings, but time Warren she became more stoic as it's the only way she can deal with it at this point, her. Also revealed that since the murders brandy had been diagnosed with depression in two thousand eighteen jason wally took the stand during brandy. Sentencing hearing telling the core that he's children were his life
He described a seven year old toddler as a loving, energetic, first grader, who loved sports, the top of child who could walk into a room of strangers and walk out with twenty new friends. He wanted to work on computers. One day like he's dad Three year old charley was a big ball of attitude, who loved, getting dressed up and wouldn't leave the house without brides or a bow in her hair jason's forced to brandy had been finalized in march two thousand seventeen and they haven't spoken since the knight of the murders in regard to his ex wife's guilty play jason said. she appeared to be just as on remorseful as she did and annoying. While one call when asked what sentence he would like to say brandy receive.
Jason responded. All I want and have ever wanted, was to have her out of sight in mind so that I may move forward from this horror after sitting quietly. a full minute, the presiding jarred sentence, the brandy wally to a total of one hundred and twenty years in prison for the murders of tyler and charlie. Andy remained silent upon hearing the outcome. She was twice asked if she had anything to say, but she opted not to make a statement. The judge acknowledged that people entered an explanation as to how a loving mother could kill her own children but told the cord some arms. There is no explanation.
Nurses in this world and at penetrates minds and our hearts. In the wake after tyler and Charlie wally were murdered. Opposed was made on the sovereign debt. Indicated to american news commenter and youtube personality, philip Defranco titled, a message fulfil The author was already going by the username jason in Hell. He rode. My name is jason wally. I have watched phil for several years now and his words have always brought me comfort in times of great loss last thursday I lost my children, tyler age, seven and charlie age. Three in horrific tragedy. jason, didn't elaborated any further and instead went on to ride of his children. Love of fills work any key.
and words you can offer would be greatly appreciated, jason requested beforehand, Urging filled to hold his own baby son close the post, flew under Look, the franco's radar, but he's audience took notice and looked into jason's read at profile where they came across his previous posed seeking advice about he's trading, wife. Jason initially said he was staying with his wife for the sake of these children, but use is unanimously told him to divorce her. He expressed gratitude for the advice which he intended to follow. in searching jason wally, the frank His audience came across the outcome of that advice and informed the: u toolbar filmed a video offering his support in the ensuing publicity
the jason in Hell, read it profile was delayed. It one. I opposed appeared on the relationship advice, sub credit by a user going by the name, jason in code titled, an update from chastening hell that was jason woolly, who explained. delayed the jason in Hell account in a knee jerk reaction to saying my red at posts in the news. I guess the first question to answer is how am I doing and said that I would say I am doing well. He went on to describe that a fading bad days in which he had used alcohol to avoid nightmares of ease children's final moments. The support given by friends and family had been fundamental, enabling
jason to drop the habit before it caused too much damage. He had also received a treatment in hospital for suicide or thoughts that emerged following he's: children's mandates, jason road. From that. I learned that you should never be ashamed of your mental health and not seeking treatment will only make it worse, not better. It hadn't been easy: Jason hadn't sought, help initially, which led to him losing his job and becoming a recluse. He assured readers not to worry. He had since returned to work and had nearly regained his former position and salary.
However, he's in laws were an ongoing problem thy owing to the house that jason and brandy lived in, and it changed the locks shortly after the murders with the jason's belonging still inside. He try to negotiate the return of his property, but was accused of theft and told he had to pay to retrieve he's. But longings jason had to get law enforcement involved, but brandy family continue to make his life difficult. When jane, in visited he's children's grave on the one year anniversary of their murders. His ex watch families in their truck and watched him the whole time jason road? Because of that I don't visit the grave, as often as I would like to in regards to hell. we felt about brandy, sentencing jason explained,
It is harder to answer because, no matter what the sentence nothing will bring back my beloved children do. I think she should have gotten the death penalty, which indiana has no. I do not She wanted to die, and after nine years of giving her what she wanted when she wanted it, I was not going to give her another thing. Do I think the last sentence will have any appreciable effect on her? I don't know know one thing she always stressed for the entire time that I knew her was that she lived her life without any regrets. Even after I caught her cheating on me, she continued to say she had no regrets. Jason inhales read: history has been archived on relationship advice where
it remains a locked in time. The posts and original common threads can be viewed, but nothing else can be changed or added. The sovereign debt has since reflected on the lessons learned through Jason. Wally's ordeal uses whose god. He's original posts are greeted with a message explaining that those who contributed to discussions at the time, failed to consider the reality of the situation as best as they could have known coincide. Is twenty twenty and encourages uses to realise their potential for complications which might make any advice difficult to follow. It ends with the remark. something which seems obvious to any one of us is rarely ever obvious to someone in the waves of the relationship itself.
Reddit is have a rally behind jason in the aftermath of the murders. With these update posed, filled with comments expressing support and sympathy. Despite he's loss, jason express gratitude to the relations advice, community and the services they provide to those in need. Adding no one. Could have foreseen the tragedy that resulted from may filing for divorce. There is one thing in particular that continues to haunt jason on the night of the murders. Brandy suggested that hasty I ve been living were in an online post J Since lamented, I just can't help but wonder that if I had slept on the couch luck she had, Suggested instead of an air mattress in the basement, then maybe I could have saved my children or at the very least, died with them.
a father has one job in this world to protect his children, and I failed to do that in his final red, opposed to relationship advice, jason war we rode if I can in part on you something I have learned through. All of this is that you could always take the time to bay with the ones you love. It doesn't matter if they are asking you to read the poky little poppy for the millionth time or asking you to play smash brothers, even though you both No, they will want the floor with you every time. I just do it Because you never know what time will be the last time? Oh, make sure they know how much you love them. I had the fortune that last thing my children ever heard me say was I love you good night.
I will see you in the morning.
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