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Case 25: Prue Bird

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“If any bastard ever thought about going to the cops about us, they’ll be killed and so will their fucking families. And if we don’t get them, our mates will. It would be a shame if anything happened to your sweet little Prue, wouldn’t it”.

Those words were allegedly said by one of the men convicted for the Russell Street Bombing that we covered the last episode.

The person he said those words to? Paul Hetzel…

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Everyone has moments in their life where they need help real help from a real person. A true human connection tell me what happened an original pod. Ass created by Onstar is a new series that tell stories of those exact moments. Every episode, features, a person needing assistance and a stranger stepping up to provide it. They are stories that will leave your heart racing and your spirit lifted join me for tell me what happened to stories of people helping people if any bastard ever thought about going to the cops about us, though we killed it, so they fucking theories and if we don't get them now, my tool,
his shame. If anything happened to your sweet little preux, wouldn't it those words were allegedly said by one of the men convicted for the rustle straight bombing. The purse. He said those words to pull heads that's. It was the main arrested, turned crayon witness and whose evidence was instrumental in the conviction of the Rustle street bombers. Provides case is related to the Russell Straight case. So if you haven't yet listen to those two episodes
Does she do so before? Listening to this one. What's the title, a separate investigation, it's corned of a Russell straight pot, three. Pre bird was thirteen years old and the eldest of three children. She lived with her mother Jenny, bird on just an Avenue England Roy Victoria Glenn rallies just outside of the milk and cd area about thirty kilometers, eight months Cruz Father died when she was only one and Jenny, Wren married and had to other children to her new husband, Benny Bird Benny adopted Preux and became a father figure to her, Jenny eventually separated from Benny, and she was kneeling. A relationship with a woman, Isabel Preux hated the fact that Jenny and Benny had split up and Isabel had moved in. It was causing friction in the household crew, resented Isabelle.
In the summer of nineteen, ninety two prove and when Sarah, which isn't her real name. We're at proves House I mean knocked on the door who prove didn't recognize. The main said is that Daniels Car prove had no idea who Danny was on what this man was talking about. She replied. No, the man said a usual. printed know what was going on. She said, and then slammed the door in his face. Sarah didn't I to the door, so she didn't say the man Approved was really shaken up and had turned pile. because she said the man was really we'd. Sarah left proves house a few hours later, as she was walking down pretty straight and main drive passed her in a blue car and wife. Sarah didn't recognize him or the car, so she kept walking.
the main too in the Caribbean and started dropping slowly at walking pace next this year. The smaller and waving and didn't take his eyes off her. Sarah was right down and started running, she ran to a nearby friend's house, the man in the blue car took off Sarah called and asked her to describe the man who had only a knock down her door asking about Daniels Car, but they weren't there that the man who knocked on the door and the man who, sharing the car with the same person, not long after that incident. On the second of February, nineteen. Ninety two Jenny Bird proves mom early in the morning, still asleep and what she didn't know was that He had arranged fit Isabel to move out that day, not to and their relationship, but just things less intrusive for J.
he returned time about. One p m proves actually still in bed, asleep Isabel was waiting for friends to turn out to help him move. In the meantime, Jenny asked if she could drive it down to the local pool, so she could go for a swim on. What was a very hot sun is day. Isabella grade and she was gone for only about twenty minutes, she rose high and her two friends had arrived to help improve the one are having a cup of coffee before they got to work through I cup and walked out of the room she said highlight that Isabel went to a friend's empty the tune of creamed corn on to a plight, put it in the microwave and then walk back to her room about one hundred and forty five p dot m the same ring Isabel.
And said there was a teenage boy asking for proof, brooded type cool, but Isabel, didn't he the conversation, because she walked out and started lighting up the trial of the news Thirty minutes light the phone rang again: Isabel was still busy out in the garage she is she which crew answered the call, although she isn't sure about two thirty p m fifteen minutes. After that. Second phone call Isabel had finished packing. The trailer and her friends left the house dropping off with the stuff. will had a few things to finish: shopping saw it as she made her way inside. She noticed the front door was wide open. The tilapia It was on the plight of cream corn was sitting on the coffee table in the laundry room untouched and prove was gone.
Jenny, Budd Rock time sometime after six p dot m, not knowing she saw cream corn on the coffee table. It was still untouched. It was nice one to Pruitt all if going somewhere. She would always like a note, but there wasn't one still, Jenny, assumed crew would better friends, friend's house or with a relative, and she started calling around. no one had seen or heard from it or not. We pay 'em. Jenny was in a panic and she called the police the first time she called she was tall. Teenagers, go missing overtime and usually turn up soon after that was all the help she go the only thing missing was preschool back and a pair of paint. Pru schoolbooks had been empty it out of a bag and was still at home the rest of the
clothes and belongings were left untouched. No money had been taken and the cream corn was the most alarming thing. Crew never went anyway before she ate. Jenny didn't believe for a second that prove had run away. She called the police again after the second Cole place, to adopt and took a report, Jenny bird was the eldest of four children and grew up in a flat in West Brunswick Victoria, a suburb it's their of the Melbourne City Area a mother Julie had a very bad temper and was capable of extreme violence. They were a lot between Julie and Jenny's, Father, Jim and that in turn, would be taken out on the kids. The household generally wasn't a very pleasant place to live. Jenny plain
the movie I as soon as she could. She was gone when she was seventeen. She moved in with her boyfriend, Terry Crews, Father but Terry was tragically in a car accident. Light on Jenny met unmarried Benny Bird, whom she had to other children with, and many also adopted proof. It was around this time that Julie split up with Jenny's father, Jim Julie, hooked up with another man, it was soon sent to jail for shooting Julie was at the violent men and she didn't let the prison sentence, Alba from seeing her new boyfriend, but while visiting him in jail that Julie met and fell love with another inland pull Hansel. Julie became infatuated with Cole, who is serving a twenty two year, jail sentence for armed robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer
you recall from the rustle straight up his sides that it was while serving Miss jail time. That pull also became best friends withstand Tyler, one of the main convicted of the rustle straight bombing. Pull hits it was released from jail in ninety. Ninety one and Julie was waiting for. You. To madly in love and got married soon after pole into Julie, heads Jenny, bird was near pull step, daughter the door to prove was now pull step. Granddaughter Julie was in the only person waiting for Paul had so when he was released from jail. He's good night stand. Tyler he got released before poll was also waiting.
And it wasn't long before pool was a part of Steens crew, committing a string of violent armed robberies, starting with smaller country, hotels, before progressing up the banks, a random open, the robberies were vicious. A number of people were badly beaten smashed over the head, with guns, Keith. While our on the floor there, I was to instil as much fear into Paypal as possible said I would do whatever they wanted, the other people instincts crew. You will remember what cried Managua he's brother run me manoeuvres and paid a rate. The other men arrested for the resolution. people meeting Jenny Bird obviously knew her stepfather pull Hetzel had a criminal past and mother had met him in jail. And she never really locked him. She says she was actually scared of him. Crew. On the other hand, absolutely love to Julian Pole, bread,
I grandpa she always wanted to visit and would spend weeks at a time with them. Jenny was comfortable with this. She felt it was important that Pru had a healthy relationship with a grandparents and thought she would be safe with them. Of course, that meant Peru was in regular contact with Cole's classmates stained tile, Craig and Running Minogue and pay the rate they met crew can't let taunts she was always visiting. Paul never saw a problem with this. He believed in the criminal code, no matter what you never heard, women or children. This kind is what Paul believed would keep precise poll, says: Tyler had been talking about blowing up Russell straight since he was in jail. Paul believed It's just stand: talkingshit child dot talk a criminal who hates cops, nothing shocking about that
Paul said he was always of the belief that stand would never go through with him. on Thursday the 27th of March Norte ninety six when the bomb went off in Russell Street Glenn Julie heard the news of the radio they looked at each other and new straightaway who is involved the day after the bombing stained Tyler bragged the pole telling him all about it fully implicating himself at least that's pull headstall story, pools of violent Korea, criminal, who is described as a very cunning, He knew the system knew exactly how to apply it and was only ever interested in looking out for himself Those that belief pull had a far greater role in the bombing than what he makes here to the point where some
Malaysia with guiding him, while he was on the witness protection, had a tough toll on his life felt he was just as responsible as the men who were charged with a bony, remember to He had already served a lengthy sentence for armed robbery and for the attempted murder of a police officer and after the bombing Paul Julie, had were actually living withstand Tyler Burchett. That's the small country town outside of Melbourne, Craig and Rodney Managua recycling by living and you're told you need a lung transplant. You've already felt your strength diminish, but the Penn Medicine Transplant Institute is transforming that experience. One of the top lung transplant centers in the country, with a strong history, if successful transplants and excellent outcomes. It's also one of the new places to offer ex vivo long perfusion, making more lungs available for transplant sooner. It's another and why your life is worth Penn. Medicine learn more
And medicine dot org slash lung transplant. The night before Then, in the Monroe brothers were arrested, the twenty ninth of May nineteen. Ninety six is the not the pole and Julie. Hetzel said Craig Minogue made that chilling threat about their grandpa would uproot if any bastard ever thought about going to the cops about else. They'll be killed and say: well they fucking families, and if we don't get them yeah mates will it would be shame if anything happened to Sweden, fruit wouldn't Peru was asleep in the next room when this threat was made now Craig, and I strongly the noise ever making this threatened and claims that had souls made up the next. I stand Tyler in the matter. The brothers were arrested for the rustle state. Balmy Poland, Julie It's all were also arrested, although
It was really soon after without charge, the police had enough evidence on pull hits or to implicate him in the string of armed robbery. The group had committed and they also suspected. He may have had some involvement in Russell straight as well for pull. It was very simple, shut up and say nothing and get charged the bombing and the murder of Constable Angela Tyler, or tell the police what he knew Paul was well aware. He would never see the light of day again if he was convicted for Russell Street. So I pulled aside to talk. He told the police everything he's. Evidence was described as the jewel in the prosecution's case, He denied any direct involvement in the bombing himself. The police say they couldn't prove otherwise. If they could actually put him at the same or preview was directly involved, it would have been charged as well, but they couldn't prove it.
Needless to say, pulls cooperation made stay in Tyler and Craig Minogue very, very angry. They were convicted in nineteen. Eighty eight and both received life sentences redeems and one was acquitted for being an accessory, but still serve some tone for the armed robberies. Padraig was found not guilty of Russell Street, but served no need for the armed robberies in the shoot out with the police. When he was arrested, pull and Julie were put into witness protection. I had to change their names and cut themselves off from everybody unable to let anyone know where they were
Jenny Bird was also told to change her name and move to a safe house. Jenny lived under a clout fearful for her and her children's safety, and it was four years after the conviction of the Russell Street Bombers. On the second of February nineteen. Ninety two, when thy speech became a reality, Peru was missing. Jenny bird was frustrated with police efforts. we investigate proves disappearance or they lack of it. Jenny knew Pru run away. The family knew that she hadn't run away, but the police initially insisted. That was my likely the case. It wasn't until many weeks later they started to take a bit more interest when they real What's the significance of who was or who are, grandparents were at the time of disappearance, Paul and Julie had to were living on the other side of the country in west.
A stronger when Janni rang them to tell the news she says Paul had so was strangely aggressive, rather than sympathetic. His words were what the hell do. You expect us to do all the way over here. given how much they said they loved and adored. Peru junior seemed there It would have been on a plane that not to get to moment, but I want it took them away to make that choice. and when they did arrive. There were 90's nice, no sympathy genesis was acting extremely odd, his foot. ways to her when he arrived were what the fuck are you calling for another pretty disturbing com, He made to the panic stricken Jenny, whose thirteen year old daughter had been missing forever. Awake was she's problem, be out getting the Alice fucked up there. Of course, that's what Jenny alleges pull said and pulls annoys it. So I might give it
you will Paul and Julie insisted that Pru had just run away. Jenny was taken aback by their behavior and the lack of consent when the runaway theory didn't quite add up, Paul and Julie started to try and shift the blame onto Isabelle Genies partner insisting she must be somehow involved, the police did thoroughly investigate Isabel had of necessity. She was the last person to safer, but It's clear: there is no way she had anything to do with ease laid light up. Jenny said
The guy insisted on his alternate theories because it was easier to believe than the revenge theory. If it was revenge, papol giving evidence, then that would mean they were responsible. If I didn't want that on their conscience off the seven weeks that case my tits, why onto the desk of Office Chris Giants from the missing persons unit, the joint elephant in the room could no longer be ignored. Those were crayon witnesses on the witness protection. The papal pull Hetzel testified against, had allegedly made a threat. The Pru would be harmed if I have aspect to the place six years after that threat was made in full you.
It's after their conviction, prove is near missing. Chris Jones tried to get the homicide squad to take over the investigation, stating that the missing persons unit simply didn't have the resources required to thoroughly investigate that request was denied the head of the homicide squad till increased to cape looking at it and to let him know if he found anything Chris never did find anything weeks turned into months which tending to ease the case, went totally code the spot. What seemed to be obvious connection to Russell Strict Cruz case remained with the missing persons unit. another name amongst thousands of other missing people
Then he tried to do her own investigating she put up posters talk to people in the street, try to get media coverage of the case, but little was achieved until two thousand and eight sixteen years off, the crews disappearance, Jenny Bird managed to convince the government to offer a five hundred thousand dollar award for any information that could help solve proves case. It was after this reward was offered that the name Leslie Cavalier he popped up cavalier. He was in jail serving a life sentence without the possibility for parole he being convicted for meeting the moat is a fourteen year old, Lauren Berry in sixteen year old, Nicole Collins. Another well known is driving case otherwise known as the biggest school Gomez, which happened to Norte ninety seven fought years off the priests disappearance.
When proves case, and the new reward started, making headlines again in two thousand a night kind of confessed to the murder. freely admitting to police that he was the one who killed Prue beard. He's version was that he approached Pru in the strait because he believed proves father had sexually abused him when he was younger, Prue refused to tell him anything about her father, so he placed these hands around her neck until she was unconscious. He then holed taught her and put her in his car planning to ask her further questions about her father, but it was. sometime after that camera Leary realized prove his debt commentary was already never getting out of prison and he wouldn't be the first person to admit to murder. He didn't commit so police needed more than just he's word for it,
He story really wasn't: adding up either proves schoolbag, had been emptied and was missing from the house, along with a pair of parents, and she left the plight of cream corn on touched on the table, something she would never do she always I before she left it. Also, why would she empty her schoolbag? Take a pair of pants to just walk along the street, where she just so happened to cross paths with camel Leary who started asking questions about her father, who allegedly abused him when he was younger. No one believed Kennelly. just didn't make sense, but I didn't mean he wasn't responsible. He was in jail, The violent murder of two girls around presides. He was certainly capable.
But he's a virgin seem to be very self serving taking the blame but wrong to minimize it, but saying it was just an accident and he didn't mean to kill her. You just wanted to ask a further questions and Shido. I don't. Even after authority investigation police believed he was actually involved, but he was coming up the bullshit story to type the full rep, so nobody else would be implicated. I strongly believe camel eerie didn't act alone proves friend. Sarah became a crucial witness he says: Camel Eerie was the main who followed her in the car. That day, she left crews House the same man who knocked on crews door, asking about Daniel's cop.
Although it was many years later that she made this identification by saying Kimberly Reese picture in the paper. Another witness came forward, which confirmed the belief that kind of Leary was an acting alone. One of Peru's neighbors see him not her real name. She came forward saying the diaper disappeared. She saw two cars parked near Cruz House. One of the cars was blue and similar in descript into the car that followed. Sarah. During the incident before proves disappearance, two men were standing outside the blue car smoking and a third man. Was sitting in the second car watching lighter. A day seems says: she saw prove in the back seat of the blue card. Crew was banging on, the back window seem thought she was waving at first, but clearly she wasn't same kept that information to herself for sixteen years
reason. She said she never came. Ford was because she had no self confidence and she did eventually decide to come forward because she said she felt Pries presents and approve is telling her to do something. Kind of Leary wasn't from Victoria. He was from yes a country town in New South Wales, but he had a very close friend who he regularly visited in Victoria Mark Mcconville a well connected violent drug dealer. He just so happened to have links to the Russell Street bombing crew as well. He also owned a small blue car at the time of disappearance.
So this is how it all ties together. It is alleged that Pru was abducted in a plane to kidnapping, as payback against pole and Julie heads for testifying in the Russell Straight case. The bombers is making good on their threat to haunt Pruett Mock, Mcconville the fallen associated the bombers and he's good friend, child murderer, Leslie kind of leery we used to carry out the kidnapping. and motor perk in another twist Jenny Bird claims she saw running another can head straight. Only awake before is a PETE. Not only that she said some family members approved boyfriend at the time with lighted discovered to be close friends with Craig and run him a note again. That's all alleged it eased annoyed, but in the Negril There was a witness Laura, not her. Real name is ass. She was actually with Mcconville in camera Leary on one occasion when I drive to Glenn Roy looking for prude,
during the draw of camalier. mcconville mentioned that were looking for a girl that had to be bumped and if they didn't get rid of her. There were fought Laura also says that she saw Pruitt, Mcconville House tied up and asking for mom mum the day she disappeared. Now all of that is alleged can't be proven proven, and for that reason it was never pressed the the prosecution in court there's a difference between knowing something or believing something happened and being able to prove it to the report. I stained stand in a courtroom. There are a lot of probable sin, possibles and maybes surrounding proves case. Unfortunately, the full truth will most likely never be known. Mark Mcconville died in jail in two thousand and three. He was there for an unrelated charge, so he was dead before his name was ever linked to prove his case, stay in Tyler and
We know by strongly did not ever making a threat against proof and obviously did not having anything to do with her death. come illyrian sticking to his story, insisting he acted alone, an accident. He just wanted to question, prove about her fathers whereabouts. The judge said he didn't believe his story and instructed camel that that amount be taught to exercise his conscience, but he never did to this day. Commentary has never even said where I left group body he's given a couple of different stories, one that he placed her sought a fridge at francs than tip and another that he buried her and Bush. Lined searches of these areas, rebuild nitrites, approved Jenny, bird right, a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing pleading with chemical eerie. To tell her where proves body was so. She
be given a proper burial, but he refused kind of leery was sentenced to twenty eight years in jail for prove it's MOTO, which of course, he's totally irrelevant, because he was already sitting a lot sentence without the possibility of parole. During sentencing, the judge conceded many of the facts of the case where unclear as Kennedy areas, burgeon version was unreliable. However, the judge was satisfied, camel Leary, abducted and murdered Peru with the help of two other men. Kind of Leary is unreliable, stay in Tyler has a terminal illness and a severe hatred of authority. Mark Mcconville is dead, Craig midnight do four per all in a couple of months and strongly denies any involvement improve its case. Egg was question, but there was no evidence on him and he also strongly denies any involvement.
But pull Headstall has ninety out he's cooperation with police was the cause of proves death old. I there's not enough evidence to prove it in court to this day the case remains open and efforts are wrong. Going to try and locate proves body
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