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Case 37: The Yorkshire Ripper (Part 3)

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[Part 3 of 3] With the West Yorkshire Police no closer to identifying The Yorkshire Ripper, the department came under intense scrutiny. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher offered to take over the investigation, while the media and public demanded that Scotland Yard be called in to find the killer.  --- Research for this episode by Victoria Dieffenbacher. Co-written by Victoria Dieffenbacher and the Anonymous Host. For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/yorkshire-ripper-part-3
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being let at not. The area was completely deserted, but it was a popular place for sex workers to take clients two police officers on patrol past the vehicle they believed, only be there for one reason they stop. It the Choctaw next to the rival. One of the offices are parched to dot my asked the driver. If it was his vehicle, the driver replied, it was He gave his name and address as John Williams. Sixty five just the right concluding brother. The draw the had a woman in the vehicle with him and. Officers asked who she was. The driver replied she was his girlfriend, but couldn't give a name, as he hadn't known her, that long the woman gave her name is Olivia Ravens The office is radiating the two names and ask the details on the registration plight of the river. There was no. For me about the name of John Williams,
and yet that Olivia was twenty four years old and a nine six, but they found out the K. Lite was registered to someone by the name of Aslam Khan, and it was registered to a completely different make and model of vehicle. we're in the mail driver with both arrested on suspicion of fifth. When they go back to the police state, daylight, the male will his name wasn't John Williams. It was paid out William Sutcliffe, and this wasn't his first encounter with the police, In fact, his name had come up several times before in the Yorkshire Ripper investigation. The
play. The Sutcliffe was born in being late, ten minutes north of Bradford on the second of June, one thousand nine hundred and forty six he's first convictions with a draw Seattle losses when he was eighteen, he was charged with trying to steal a car. He was fond. And to official records for these nine hundred and thirty birth address and information about. The offense was submitted to West Yorkshire and abandon. When he was twenty three. He was seen sitting in a car late at night in Manningham the engine was on, but the lights were off a police office turn on patrol when to speak with stock leaf, but he took off it was later apprehended and when they searched him, I found a hammer. The police described this in the report as being equipped to steal. He was fighter graft and that photo appeared on his record, yet darkly curly hair, a bead.
mustache when Sutcliffe was twenty nine years old, the 15th of October, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. That's. Why company you work for reported him to the police stealing and when questioned, give me that he done he court finish dealing for February, one in February nineteen. Seventy six. Cliff was a married man and lived in Bradford circulation. and came up numerous times in the ripper investigation vehicles. did the humor on the tracking inquiry list. His name was on the list of two hundred and forty one suspects that Ridgeway came out with off at Willie's work on the fourth p on note Destruction and being recorded in the red light districts in numerous times, but H, Tommy, was questioned and cleared as though When storing information on computers, clerical errors meant that when other police went to question Sutcliffe they had
and what is his name had come up previously and he had already been questioned lock. On the twenty ninth of July nineteen, seventy nine Sutcliffe was visited What two detectives, because he's car had recently been seen and recorded, going through three red light district areas, Bradford Blades and Manchester. The detectives the visiting this day had no idea. This was actually the fifth time Sutcliffe had been question during the ripper investigation. Always to take these new about him was that his name was paid to suckle. If it was a truck driver and he's car had been flagged for a trip, Larry. Sorry, there was a Saturday afternoon and Sutcliffe let the detectives into his front Landry that were joined by his wife, Sonya detective Andrew. Let you went through the routine questions, name date: birth. What he did for a living.
to wework full. When let you suck leaf say he works for one of the companies who would come up in the fog pee on Nardin quarry. You had a really close look at him, He suddenly realized, suddenly felt very similar to the fight I fit Marilyn more had provided after her attack the wonders robbing the Jason King stall mustache. He also noticed he had a gap in his front teeth. Although he didn't have a geordie accent like the main on the river type. But you also noted Sutcliffe, Andy's wife Sonia seemed a bit strange. I didn't seem to have much of a reaction to any of the questions or comments made by the detectives. and I wanted to ask him about sex workers bless. You did what I want to text you so used to doing these situations. He asked for a glass of water. which resulted most times in the wife's same she'd, make tee. That gave the detectives at least five minutes alone, with a husband to ask questions without making things on company.
When left you I'll swan you for water, it went to plan, she said she might take giving them time to line Sucklet told the detectives he didn't have anything to do with sex records. He passed through Bro frequently to go to work and the red Light area was on his way for wife eight siding. He said he had taken Sonia to an art club and to get to the club. I had to pass through the red light area, but Sutcliffe to know I'd ever pausing through Manchester. The detectives didn't have the terms in which softly pass through which area said. I couldn't ask more specific questions and they couldn't confront him about being in Manchester, because confrontations were prohibited during these loans questioning they didn't want to break up marriages. That was an
from the boss when Sonia returned shall abide sharply for several dates that ripper murders had occurred. When asked about his blood group, Sutcliffe said he didn't know what he was, but he didn't mind providing a sample He also provided a handwriting sample by giving them a letter he had written to Sonia. The detective says: these car and garage, but feel nothing. They spoke to suck flicks boss, who described him as a model worker they learn. He had been too Sunderland for work, but not on the dates. The ripper letters were sent. The vehicle that had been recorded through the red light areas was a sunbeam rapier via Its insult that car and was needed, Following the reversal in the detail,
its track down the new owner of cyclists writer, but again found nothing. This fifth interview with suckling took two hours by the end of it. Let you was more suspicious of cyclists than it was a beginning He said I had bad feelings about the man he had to the uncanny links with what we knew and the thing that struck more than anything was the striking resemblance to the Maryland more photo fit. before leaving elect you and the other detective bite it about arresting softly on suspicion, but in order to rescue him or even question in further, they needed express approval from outfield watch You need a check on cyclists and found out about his previous convictions, for stealing toys and being equipped for theft, but he didn't get specific details about the crimes so lucky,
was never informed. Chocolate was found in possession of a Hema when he was arrested for being equipped for theft, but you can play Report regarding the suspicions he had about Sutcliffe, it was dated the second of August nineteen, seventy nine he ended. The report by saying the reporting officers are not fully satisfied with this man, but you took the report directly to the call and say he'd rate it straightaway, instead, HOLLAND, who left it in a tray with a whole heap of other paperwork. Let you insisted with HOLLAND and told him I'm not happy with this bloke. We have another look through He specifically mention the fat I feed resemblance hollings. There was any.
but he who mentions fight, I feed to me who drew uniform, indeed, traffic for the rest of their service. Let you let it go. Holland mark the reporting greening with the word fall because Sutcliffe handwriting didn't match the river letters. Sokolov was in a view for six storm only too slide on the twenty third of October. Seventeen on the index cards in the internet room where a complete mess only for index cards existed for Sutcliffe relating to his previous following of ease. One was missing, but on those for cards to read, paid a William suck cliff and to read William paid a Sakharov, each one had a different data birth. so it saint like it was two different people. A few weeks earlier in inspector had found an action report from what had been cycle exporting of you, suck clicks, mother and his wife Sonia had.
wanted, with alibis for the murders of Jane Jordan and Vera Millwood. During this fourth interview, the inspect, that wasn't happy with the other boys and wanted another interview with softly. So he ordered what was actually cyclists. Sixty Navy take these you conducted this interview had the papers from his fourth and fifth interview, but no other information like Cheese data report he had written to monitor that was marked fall, had been lost the cards for me. These foreign five contain daily bear basic information. When they knocked at the door, so new answered and said: oh no, not again, she said softly Visa and they don't even question three times before.
The office is left and returned later that evening, when software was home, the office is our Sakharov to produce a handwriting sable due to the poor record, keeping they didn't know he had already provided one while one of them dictated Sutcliffe a paragraph. The right Sonya said my husband is not the river to which one of the officers replied. I think he eats Sokolov stop drawing looked at the officer. Then go back to writing again when asked about sex book. Is he didn't know I'd? He had anything to do with them. He said he stayed at home with his wife during the evenings because being a truck driver, he was often a y. so when he wasn't working. He walks spending time with her.
If they ever went out at night, it was always together when asked for alibis on different murder dates. Sutcliffe would aid the site he was with his wife or that he couldn't remember once more. The detectives considered him strange, but they didn't go as far as writing. A detailed report luck left. You they looked at. Each handwriting sample saw that it didn't match the ripper letters noted each voice didn't match the ripper type so that completed the field, add an index card in fault. It was only a few months later December, one thousand seven hundred and one when a list of six thousand and nine to two hundred and forty one names in relation to who could have received the new fog pen. Note is part of a payroll, send it change. Jordan's crime scene Sutcliffe was on that list two hundred and forty one names rejoined detectives to do a search on all two hundred and forty one men to save that had come up before in the ripper investigation,
or, if they had any other relevant information about Sutcliffe Name, had of course come up before he being viewed six thought an important facts had come here in some of those in views. He match the fund. I feed of Maryland more he's, eagle, advance, auto at numerous times cruising red light areas, but when detectives completed the search, eighteen men came back as no trace, meaning they hadn't come up before in the investigation. Somehow suck leaf was on that list of eighteen men Click was still interviewed about the note in total. He was interviewed on a further three separate occasions. These interviews occurred in January and February, one thousand nine hundred and ninety, It was noted as strange, but nothing more in the second interview, detectives inspected his truck, but they found nothing in the thirty, which was actually he's, not all role
he's had managed to dig up some of that background info on South Cliff, and I will order the gal question him further about his vehicle sardines in the red lot areas Tom. They wanted to question him about. He had Corsair being sorted based, Starting said occurred earlier in the investigation. they were also wanted to get a proper alibi out of him for the murder of Josephing Whittaker, then, to take these myths softly for work in relation to his vehicle being cited in the red light areas. He said he was out with Sonia and another couple, but he couldn't remember the other couples. Last names Sonya backed up the story so they ve said that he had taken his Ford Corsair. That was cited in the red light area to a correct. When detectives visited the record, there was no record of that car, on the night of Joseph Faint murder. He said he bring home with Sonia, which she again confirmed.
When I go back to the incident room, the detective said it was difficult to eliminate Sutcliffe and recommended to start afresh on him. If another motorist could be inspected. I felt like gone as far as I could, with the information and on the tenth of March, one thousand nine hundred and ninety he recommended. With no further action at one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m on the 26th of June, one thousand nine hundred and ninety Sutcliffe driver Rytikal. You need ride to saloon and pause to offices in my name, but didn't actually stop him until he was already parked. I drove by they arrested him for drunk driving and took him to Bradford Station. They ran a route, in check on him and found he been interviewed and eliminated from the river investigation said. I didn't question in any further on the twenty fifth of November nineteen. Eighty I mean
but the name of Trivett Birdzell wrote an anonymous letter to the police incident room. It said to whom it may concern I am writing to inform you that I have very good reason to believe. I know the main you're looking for in the river case. It is an incident which happened within the last five years. I cannot give any date or place or any details without myself being known to the ripper or you It is only until recently that something came to my notice and the nail a lot of things feeding the place. Can only tell you one or two things that fit. For example, this man has had dealings with sex workers and always had a thing about them. Also he's a long distance truck driver collecting engineering items, I'm quite sure. If you check on dates, he might find something his name. And address these pages Sutcliffe five garden line cheaply Hayden Bradford.
The incident Trevor was referring to was annoyed on the fifteenth of August nineteen. Seventy five when he went out drinking with Sutcliffe after visiting several pubs, they passed through booth, town, Halifax and Sutcliffe, suddenly stopped the car and told Trevor. He was going to talk to someone. He returned twenty minutes later and said: he'd been talking to a woman, but that's all he said he then kept caught Trevor found this odd and the next Is he reading the newspaper about olive smelter tech in boost him Trevor had also vignette with Sutcliffe six years earlier, when he beat a woman. However, He decided not to press charges against him. After sending the anonymous letter, Travis Gopher and told him he hadn't, given the police enough information. So on the twenty six of November he went to breastfeed police station and told offices about what happened. The noise of olives smelt. attack. The junior officer, who saw him took notes- and these were then forwarded to the late incident room.
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devils in the dock is available right now, with the new episode yacht every Monday, so search devil. In the dark and click follow, so you never miss a nap aside with that tree will now got it back to where we were at the start of the episode, the arrest for suspicion of theft with the stalling number place in Sheffield second of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. The officers who had Sutcliffe at the police station in the interrogation room were not aware about any of these previous facts or dealings that softly had with the river investigation, but they had a feeling something was unwitting. He had fight plates on his car. eerily similar to the Fidi feet of the rebot. I had this flag in the station. He was from Bradford Woods, but now that specialist team of detectives had made clear that's where they believed the river resort, it
and they found a pace of red and blue nor long ripe when they searched in that was three feet long and had not said the end and in the middle, when questioned Sutcliffe said he used to repair cause the office's looked again confused. Had he uses pace of right to repair car, sir, I couldn't answer. Sutcliffe seemed to be extremely nervous about the situation. He avoided a lot of questions and when they offered to call his wife to let her know where he was, he gave a false telephone number. One of the officers officer ring then took Sutcliffe out to his river and searched and ring saw that there was a hammond missing from the toolbox. Sutcliffe then.
There was ever a hammer in the toolbox. Back inside the station, there was a chart with information on the Yorkshire River at detective, upright shock cliff and said. Have you been questioned by the ripples? Would softly for blood everybody has been questioned by are always question and makes you seek Sutcliffe with shifting around and glancing indifferent reckons he looked very uncomfortable officer. Ring then said: if you were the report, what I knew admit it all you have to do is admitted I cyclic started breathing heavily, but didn't reply so ring got closer to it. He placed both of his hands on such shoulders and said I think you are at one. I am satisfied the third of January, eighty one officer ring called the incident room at late and talk to a sergeant. The sergeant checks uplifting out and found some of the prison
His interview falls. The sergeant said that, apart from not having matching handwriting, there was some details that matched up with report on subtler swamps, even though he had we ve been eliminated from the investigation. seven hundred and am to West Yorkshire to West for further questioning. I asked him. Ten questions about a sloth and then jump to the race and why he was in Sheffield the previous not suck live, tell them that, after he's drunk driving charge back in June in the previous, he he was scared of losing his job as a truck driver because of Thorat he's with tities law since away, and pointing trying to renewed need short say. So we had the idea of stealing number plates from a scrap yard. After he stole the plates and put the monies vehicle, he met three people who offered to paying ten pounds to drop them off at Sheffield softly for great to do it and while he was in shifts.
a woman flagged India. He thought him on aid assistance of some sort. Instead, she offered him business to which supply explained. I was surprised I thought about things and realized. I had ten pounds burning a hole in my pocket and thought: oh might as well use. This skill then disappeared. So I drove on and saw another girl and stopped. She asked me if I wanted business. She got in the car and told me where to draw up a paid ten pounds. I didn't want sex or just wanted to talk about my problems at home. I didn't want sex at all. They then wanted to know a suck. I've had sexual problems with his wife, which he denied they asked for an alibi for the night. Tereza socks was attacked. He said he was at home with his wife. I took another handwriting sample and took a blood sample sakli for his blood group B, non secretor.
The letter writer was blood group Bay, but as a cradle banya, that specialist team of detectives that were hand selected and brought in to assist the investigation had declared the letters and type a hoax. The detectives then found out that suck cliffs beagle at being sought in red light areas. Previously they focused then on the signing in Manchester softly for them. Thought of it being in Manchester when he was first interviewed about that Saudi and he stopped to that story in this interview. But this time the detectives could confront him about it. As his wife wasn't Ariana
Eventually Sutcliffe said his car had broken down in Bradford and he had to leave it for the not so someone must have stolen his car driven to Manchester and then returned it to the same spot. The next day, the detective just stared at him and asked the obvious question added someone do with your car. If it was broken down, Sutcliffe had no answer. They then got to the diet. Jaclyn Hill was melted. Chocolate again said that he was at home. With these washed Sonia, the interview went until ten p dot m if you led the questioning, detectives, boil plan to say Sonya the next day. He wanted to pressure her and say what he could come up with. Meanwhile, officer ring who had arrested Sutcliffe at Sheffield the night before was bothered by something
Clifford said that he needed to go to the toilet before he was taking it so ring. Let him go with everything that had come to light since ring wanted to go back and check out. The area saw had gone to the toilet when he got back to that spot. He found a hammer and the north he hear Eddie Adelaide's Incident Freeman and detective. I boil some real had some real questions. The next morning, Sunday, the fourth I boil went, went to say leaf in so soccer been on suicide watch or not, they didn't want to take any chances with him. I'd boil asked him how he slept and Sutcliffe said he had. a boy said neither hey or the other police, because they had been in Sheffield online. I boil let's cliff no thy tree on the hammer in the north without coming up directly in saying. Oh boy will then left to let that plants
lives more at ten. I am that morning, Dick HOLLAND went with another detective to search suck cliffs Housing Bradford when Sonya into the door. Owen told her the suckling was being held for questioning and that she would have to come with them for questioning this well inside suck Cliffs house, they found a set of norms in the kitchen that match the one they found in Sheffield. They also found the pace of right, forfeit long in the bedroom and actual through the entire search son. You didn't seem surprised, Oregon remotely curious about what was happening at twelve p m that day. The second in view took place with suckling. It was conducted by detectives boil Smith, Smith's boy different to the one who conducted the first interview. Detective, oh boy, they started the interview with the same questions that Sutcliffe got asked in his first interview. Again, he said raising for being in Sheffield was dropping off. He talks
We all told him that he was lying. The only reason he was. There was two: a sex worker and the reason why he changed his number plates was to hide his real identity. Then they had the following exchange. Boyle, do you understand what I'm saying or think you're in serious trouble Sutcliffe? I think you've been leading up to it boil leading up to what Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper Boil when it brought him Sutcliffe. Well, it's me. Boil ass suddenly ass if he wanted a lawyer softly said no, and I made one, I just want to tell you what I've done. I'm glad it's all over. I would have killed that go in Sheffield. If I hadn't been caught,
but not to tell my wife myself. I don't want her to hear it from anyone else. It's her. I'm thinking about in my family are not bothered about myself. Some cliff admitted to halting the hammer in the north in Sheffield. He said it was hoping he be released after the first line of questioning, so he could go back and picked them up softly confessed to the murders, but strongly denied being join Harrison's killer. Impressed in seven I thought Boyle asked him if he knew all of his victims' names and Sutcliffe said he did when asked. If he kept press cuttings or something to help him remember, he said no, they are all in my brain, reminding me of the based. I am.
Poland was staring at softly through the two white mirror of the interview. He really couldn't believe this was the main I been searching for for so long. He looked normal in his words, he looked like the sort of person you made on the way to church on a Sunday morning, but he did meet how, astonishingly Sima he looked to Marilyn Moores photo shit at eleven pm. Sutcliffe was allowed to say Sonja. They had the following conversation Sonia. What on earth is going on Peter Sutcliffe? It's all those women have killed all those women Sonya. What do you mean Sutcliffe? It's me on the Yorkshire ripper of killed all those women. Sonia. What on earth did you do that for pea? Even a sparrow has a right to live. After that
He asked him if he had sex with any of these victims. He said he had only with one, but it meant nothing. The six was just mechanical detectives went with Sutcliffe to his house in Bradford, chocolate pointed out all of the clothes she wore on age attack Song, you is there and said that save the pace of Christmas cake for Sutcliffe, insisting he could he taken away before aiding the piece of cake in drinking a glass of wine milk Sokolov asked the detectives if that would be a k- and they said yes, Socrates, eighties cake and drinking milk- all handcuffed, One of the detectives during his interviews, Sutcliffe, said his hatred for sex work is started because of a wilma. Can he picked her up hitchhiking and she asked him if he wanted to do business. Sutcliffe said he didn't know what she meant, so she started mocking him saying do I have to spell it out for you when Sutcliffe real
was what will my men here your great, but then you said, Wilma started mocking him and taunting him when he couldn't get a rest, so he decided to hit her in the head with a hammer He said that when he realized what he done, he knew he would be in serious trouble. So he stabbed her to make sure she wouldn't live to tell anybody. That's how he says. He's high trade for sex wedges. But it was only the next day when he changed his story. The next day he said, he's hatred started in nineteen. Seventy four, when a sex workers stall ten pounds from him, but his story changed again. He said no. Actually that happened in nineteen sixty nine. then it changed again stating a dull started around one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. When he had an accident in the Heebies head in relation to pulling up his victims clothes to expose their buddy. He said he did. It quote, set up when they found that will look as
His day, he also said it satisfied a sexual revenge for, as he committed his first murder on women. That can he said he became completely unhinged and felt nothing but hatred for sex workers The intention was to hunt down as many as he could and get rid of them. The more he killed. The more became an obsession Cyclists said he felt bad about the Jane Mcdonald Matter, because he had no idea. She wasn't a six worker. And it was this murder where he first felt like an inhuman based Helen but he soon realized he had the ability to easily detach himself from the motives and talk openly about the rip to other people, joining them in conversations about the crimes and speculating who was responsible, He recanted how he had come face to face with Moraine long only a few weeks prior to his arrest. He was at issue.
Send it with Sonia when they cross parts he recognized straight away, but Moraine didn't recognize him. His intention was to kill Maureen when he attacked her and he was surprised to learn she had. He became war, it should be able to identify him, but when he heard she was, suffering memory loss he felt site, in relation to Jane Jordans murder. He confirmed the police theory was right after he had killed her. He realized he had left the fog down know so he returned and when he couldn't find it, he became frustrated and tried to soar off her head so as to make the killing. He confirmed a tiles about the Maryland more attack, saying he pretended to talk to someone on the straight before getting in the car. With her and telling her he's name is Dyfs,
intended to kill her. However, he noticed there were people walking about forty meters away when the attack started, so he became scared and drive off with the murder of Yvonne Peace, Peace Sutcliffe said he hit her with a hammer and dragged her to a spot about twenty it. Away from his car. Then suddenly another car turned up and park next to his car and he had to hard with a one's body until the car left. There was a man and a woman inside the car, Yvonne's body wasn't found until two months later, if she'd been found sooner, maybe the couple would have come forward remembering the car they'd park. Next to that noise Sutcliffe said he was in tears after this murder. as he hadn't planned that kill anyone that nor, after murdering veer a mood, suckers said the killings became more random and indiscriminate.
He now had the urge to kill any woman. He just happened to draw up past Josephine Whittaker when she was walking home from a grandparents, be approached her and started talking to her telling her. She should be careful about working alone, as you never know who you can trust. The bar relates in Jacqueline you'll notice by the site. It just happened to draw past. And had the urge to kill when he was questioned about moderate wolves, Meda, he knew Shelly said that. Wasn't me. The mystery on your hands without one, however, further questioning. He admitted it. He said he was in a rage and just happened to see Marguerite walking home. He didn't have enough within the so he strangled her with a piece of Brooke. he also admitted to strangling the page. I been DORA with the pace of work, as you didn't have any other tools with him at the time he said,
was either come with remorse during this attack, so he said sorry and left, but more likely. The headlights of the approaching police patrol car is what scared Sutcliffe off. He also admitted to the two raises socks attack, saying he followed her dinner popped and attacked her, but then somebody started yelling at him, so we ran off after these confessions, suck they've had the baby immediately taken. First court hearing, however, he hadn't been properly searched or had his clothes removed and given the usual prison clothes when they did. They found he had halls in Saudis cut so that he could reach for the weapons through the pockets without being noticed. Also he wasn't wearing underwear. He was bring a sweater as a night shift sort of on the way.
the arms of the sweat around cyclists legs and, due to the it was place admit these genitalia was exposed. Detectives asked him what he was doing softly said that will lead woman's. What I found there was that this meant his knees were padded, so it made it easier to put pressure on these victims and also men he could easily must about during the attacks. He is being questioned in relation to the Yorkshire Ripper methods. It is anticipated that Will appear before the court Joe is very tomorrow. can you tell us whether he has a geordie accent? I come up so do that I have not heard him speak. I can tell you that we are absolutely delighted with
Batman of this state it'll delighted. Can you also delighted for Sutcliffe spurs court hearing? There were fifteen hundred people outside waiting for him. There were yelling and chatting hang the Bastard Da the crowd was in a frenzy and softly was terrified. He was going to be killed. They managed to get him inside the court safely where he was charged with murder and then taken to prison in late.
On the twenty ninth of April nineteen, ninety one Sutcliffe had his first trawl in court number, one at the old Bailey Court in London. All the weapons that were found both in his possession. Any nice house were on display. There were Atenas a hacksaw, a long kitchen off eight screwdrivers, a knife with a wooden handle and a short rope. Peter was charged with thirteen counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. He pleaded guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was claiming he wasn't responsible for his actions. He had been seen by three psychologists before this good appearance and he told them tat. He heard voices and the reason why he killed was because God asking too he claimed he had to take sex workers off the streets, because a high power had ordered the psychologists, believed him. One thought softly for being a paranoid gets a friend.
since you was about twenty at the trial, the prosecution was ready to accept suckless play, but the judge stepped in. He said matter. That troubles me is not the medical opinions, because there is a consensus, but it's seems to me that all these opinions and I'll say this without criticism, all these opinions are by simply on what this defendant has told. The GOP is nothing more. Moreover, what he has told the DOP is conflict substantially with what he told the police. On the morning of his arrest in statements to the police, he expressed the desire to kill all the judge's conclusion was to have a second trial, this time with a jury, a Control started on the fifth of May one thousand, nine hundred and ninety one suck lease play, didn't change and once again he was backed up by the circle at wrist. Who is singing.
on the twenty second of one thousand nine. Ninety one, the jury made their decision. They, provided for seventy hours and returned with a majority verdict. Ten votes to two guilty they didn't accept is diminished. Responsibility defense. The judge gave cyclic 20law sentences and recommended a of thirty years before he could be given parole. But on that he said That is a long period, an unusually long period. But I believe you are an unusually dangerous mean. I express my hope that when I have said life imprisonment, it will mean precisely that in January, the following you a reporter the handling of the Yorkshire Ripper investigation was completed. It was called the buffet report.
It was completed by Lawrence bothered the man who was consulted. Nineteen eighty after Margaret Thatcher threatened to take over the investigation and solving the self hey put into place. The group of five hain't big detectives from around the country that went too late to try and help crack the case. The idea of the report was, to be honest and critical, said the mistakes made in the Yorkshire Ripper case wouldn't be repeated. The what was that? So many mistakes have been made that if all were revealed, the report would seek the West Yorkshire police. So what's the report was complete and was edited before being sent anyway. The complete report tabled one hundred and fifty six page it, but it was reduced to far less
only about twelve hundred words throughout the EU. Very few people have read the entire report. In March nineteen, eighty four cyclic was transferred from prison too broad, more psychiatric hospital, three psychologist had seen him again and recommended the move. They relate suckling condition had to yeah. I did and he never suffered hallucinations. The hallucinations were him being re visited by his victims and him smelling their perfume. The public were far from impressed with this transfer and subtly didn't start taking medication for schizophrenia until naughty naughty three nor knees after the meal. Softly was continually questioned over the years to save that could link any more attacks to in its believed. Sutcliffe could be responsible for as many as thirteen other attacks, but which has not yet been charged.
Recent media reports state police in your currently considering whether the add further charges they have obtained fresh dna evidence and have taken you victims, statements leading people to believe further charges could be like to one of the victims. Of these. Other attacks linked to software is Tracy Brown on the twenty seventh bogus nineteen seventy five fourteen year old Tracy was walking home from a friends. He asked me Bradford, I mean started talking the Tracy along the way and she thought he probably just slipped close boy and didn't considering threat when they got to the entrance of Tracy's family farm. The main stayed behind her Tracy kept going a few steps towards a house and was about to turn around the thank the man for keeping a company during the walk.
but before she could, she was not done by hard blows to the head, a car with its headlights on approached and scared. Her attacker off when she entered the house and mother saw her and at first believe she had read paint trend over then she saw hauling Tracy's head and quickly rested a husband. She needed neurosurgery and bone had to be removed from her brain. Two years later, Marilyn more was attacked and a further feet was completed. Based on the description that she gave up her attacker, that thirty feet was widely If you like it and when Tracy Sort, she recognized the man is being the same one who had attacked her. She went to the police to report it. The response from the office. He saw her. That day was where all Fun and games that I outlined Tracy didn't think should be taken seriously after that.
He Rooney was attacked in the outskirts of late in nineteen thousand nine. She was hidden And with a hammer from behind she gave it to, Cristiano Para Tecca, which match suck leaf, and she said her attacker was dropping a dock, sunbathing right job Wichita Cliff drive at the tour. the attack was never linked is hope, Caused by the same top of henna used in the other river attacks, Suck cliff has since actually admitted to the attacks on AIM Rooney and Tracy Brown, but nothing is being done. He hasn't made charged because at the time the reasoning was that it wouldn't be in the public interest to charge him again and have another trial. Some other attacks believed to be committed by suck place that he is never been charged with a lot of mode late. She was attacked in nineteen ninety by a man with a hammer, and then she was stabbed with a
you draw them somehow. No link was made to the other report attacks at the time, the spot, bearing all the same or marks. The attack happened in late just before the murder of Jaclyn Hill. Gloria wood was attacked in November. Seventy four in Bradford by man with a hammer she was hit in the head and required hospitalized Avon missile, which was attacked by a man with a hammer in one thousand, seven hundred and one. She was also hit in the head and suffered a severe head injury. The description she gave up her attacker Match Suckley. Her attack was never linked to the other ripper attacks, as it was considered at the is being the work of a copycat
One journalist believes these attacks went linked previously because the police were already so I but Whelmd there was pressure from the forces manages to leave some of the attacks of the official camp, as it would only add to the mounting pressure of the case. Some believe that number could be closer to twenty three attacks and murders. The sock was responsible for, but never charged with. The police are currently using new technology to test a nice April's from old police exhibits. The writer of the letters and the of the type known as the Yorkshire Ripper caught wasn't the until the eighteenth of October, two thousand and five. His name was John huh.
a day. Nay match finally brought him under the night. He made the call to the police to tell them the type was a fake. He tried to commit suicide by jumping off a breach. He was charged with for cancer, perverting the course of justice. His trial was held on the twenty first of March, two thousand and six He was sentenced to eight years in prison. Barbara Lage, his mother, blamed him for her daughter getting killed when asked. Why did it? He said I don't know why I done it. I must have been dust. I regret it, but especially them less? As you ve got, the copies were useless I thought I was doing them are favouring catching him because it intensified the hunting. Didn't it.
in two thousand and ten, a dna match showed who killed John Harrison impressed and seventy forth. His name was Christopher Smith. He had died of cancer two years earlier, but before he died, he left a not to whomever it concerns or would like to put the record straight. I can't go on with the guilt. I've lived with it for over twenty years. I am truly sorry for all the pain I've caused to anyone. Please believe me when I say I'm sorry. That same year, soccer started the campaign to be given parole. In March two thousand and ten, he had a preliminary court hearing where he asked the judge to give him a definite number of ease before he They released the judge made a ruling on July. Sixteen that ye Suckley would never be released. Sockless lawyers and doctors commenced in a peel.
I said his conviction wasn't fair, since he shouldn't have been considered responsible for his actions. The court of appeal gave a final answer on the fourteenth of January. Two thousand and eleven suck papers were marked, never to be released. On the twenty fourth of August this year, Sutcliffe was transferred out of a Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital and back to prison. Sutcliffe had spent thirty two years in the psychiatric hospital He stay. There has been heavily criticised with many believing it had been. Forty cushy, a trial. You know ruled that he no longer required mental health treatment and he was ordered to Franklin to prison. before heading to prison. He called his brother and said he was scared for his life. He had constantly received death threats over the years. His and he was savagely attacked during these first prison stint and he been attacked in hospital as well
brother told him that he thought he should have been executed anyway. Last month it was reported that suckling, who is a Jehovah's witness, was considering converting to Islam in order to try and get protection in prison. Franklin prison is known as one of the UK, toughest prisons and softly was terrified of being attacked in two thousand and twelve, a convicted child killer was murdered in decent bell by fellow inmates. At Franklin, prison cyclist. a similar treatment. According to the most recent media reports, Sutcliffe has taken steps to make the conversion, but it's not yet complete over the years Sutcliffe has received a large quantity of letters from women, some with provocative pickets, spelling, after that. The aim of many of these letters is to get a response from Sutcliffe, which then sell them on the whole process. in a recent letter cycling
said the media has painted a false picture of him and he's really a kind and gentle person, Tracy Brian, who softly attacked on the twenty seventh, the boldest seventy five had to have constant brains gains and require drugs to prevent sages. Afterwards, she had flashbacks and insist that the lots couldn't be switched off at nought or the door on her bedroom closed or her curtains drawn. She had panic attacks and broke into cold sweat for a long time now, Marcella Claxton, who sat cliff attacked on the north of May. Seventy six, not only was the child she was pregnant with, but also suffered from blackouts and to be headaches. She said it is not my brain is bursting and hitting me inside my head, sometimes all die moraine long who simply for attack on the tenth of July. Seventy six
suffered from feats as a result of a hate injuries and had to remain as a new patient to yes, she suffers from depression and count more anything on television that involves violence, Tereza socks who sought cliff attacked on the fifth of November nineteen eighty broke up with a boyfriend. After the attack she was convinced her attack. There was going to come back to her. She had constant, not maize and barricaded the door of a room. She had the slate with a knife under her pillow falling smell, who sought with attacked on the fifteenth of August. Seventy five became afraid of all men and she almost lost their marriage. She experienced be out of anger, depression and frustration. She said something.
I get so depressed. I almost think it would have been better if he had finished me all if passed away in two thousand and eleven the Yorkshire Ripper investigation has been one of the largest and most expensive investigations. There has ever been around two hundred and fifty thousand people were spoken to twenty eight thousand six hundred and ninety seven statements were taken. The failure to cross reference of auto pieces of information, the Miss falling avoidable information on index cards, West Yorkshire, belief that the ripple letters and type with genuine, ignoring the photo feet and many other missteps led to suddenly being interviewed and eliminated no one times during the investigation. Softly himself has said that it got to the point where he thought he must have been invisible. He believed he was never going to be caught.
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