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Case 41: Mr Cruel

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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Melbourne was gripped by fear when a masked assailant began breaking into suburban family homes and abducting young children. The attacks were particularly callous, earning the assailant the title of Mr Cruel. ---  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-41-mr-cruel
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Well, you live in a shattered world, straining the family home or her cause of help, bringing your ease her eyes, pleading for release. Do you feel her mounting fees cause only you can give her life, please, MR cruel. Let her go safely without harm. Please mister cruel sent her back into her family's arms, please mister crew. When you reach deep down inside you and find some good within your soul, let her go back to society release her from your hold place, Mr Cruel. please, Mr Crew, plays MR cruel. Tuesday, the twenty seventh of December, one thousand, eighty eight.
Wills was inside his house on your press them any Ringwood. A working class suburb of noble Astraddle, located twenty three kilometres of forty miles, east of the central business distance, Johns walked, Julie was embarrassed, sleep asleep as well. His four young daughters. John was having trouble sleeping himself, so, instead of tossing into meaning in bed. He decided to stay up and uncompleted jigsaw puzzle drawn relax. And for I am John, had had enough of the jigsaw puzzle and went to bed curling up next to his wife. The wheels family went away at night, there was somebody outside watching and waiting. About five thirty. I am thirty minutes after John had gone to bed I mean wearing ski mosque and Blue overrules broken through the back door of the White House. He walked straight to Jonah, Julie's Bedroom Julia.
a cop and saw the man standing over pointing a gun, Julie, started screaming and cried out to her daughters to run out of the house. The main tell Julie to shut up and stop screaming. He then pointed the gun at John's Temple and said: are you going to be a hero? John shook his head the intruder, John and Julie Life face down on their bed and then taught them up with copper wire, He tell John that he wanted all of the money in the House John noted, to the bedside table, and the intruder took thirty five dollars cash that was like I today he didn't, walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the kids room. Child will was ten years old shade like an up to her mother screams, and saw the intruder walk into the room shut
It was described by neighbors as a quiet well behaved go. He played several musical instruments. She was a quiet, go with the victorian children's choir and had appeared on a television show with them only weeks earlier. The entry to cold Ed Sheeran by nine he covered math with masking type blindfolded. Her then picked her up and carried her out into the night. About fifteen minutes later John and Julie manage to cut the copper wire that had been used to toil them up. John ran through his kids bedroom to find that Sharon was meeting, the intruder had cut their fight. so John ran to his neighbor's house and yelled at them to call the police before frantically search in neighbouring yards and streets, hoping that Sharon had managed to run away from the intruder, but he search was in vain. Police were cold and cord and off the Wills House, the major RON Squad was instantly alerted and arrived on, saying to take charge. A search was conducted,
Ringwood and the surrounding suburbs, but those nice it's Sharon and no witnesses were found. Initially, The thing was that Sharon my being been taken for ransom, given the intruder had demanded money and stolen what cash there was but now ransom demand had been made. One night, told the age newspaper. Why look for money? He it's not like. It's temples that naming a more rational and suburb of noble than Ringwood. Police, a great they didn't believe. Sharon had been adopted for raising the belief was the treaty, was trying to throw them off by stealing the cash another neighbor commented on never thought anything like this could happen. He is such a quiet place. The early description of the intruder that was circulated was mile. Twenty years old, wearing blue ivy and a black ski mask as that morning turned into knot
CALL John and Julie that had to expect the worst the office. charge of the case, detective Chief Inspector DES Johnson, said publicly we're still as much in the dark, as we were this morning, the fees again, all the time. fifteen p m that not a w coming by case again, was seen acting suspiciously in Bayswater about eight kilometres, so five miles south of Sharon's yes in Ringwood The Commodore had three blue stripes running down the sword. as the Commodore was turning from Jersey, road base border into Hampton road at Millie collided with another vehicle the company had its headlights off and the however, the other vehicle had the break and swerve to avoid a collision to draw the full light Tacoma door and pulled up next to it. When I stopped at any bar red lot, the other job that was all right and yelling at the mile driver of the Comedor, who is the only person visible inside the car
the driver of the Commodore. Didn't want anything to do with the other driver. He turned his head at each forward. Looking anxious to not be saying when the It's turned green. The Commodore continued for a short distance before turning right into church street, headed towards Bayswater High School, the other job I didn't get the registration plate. Less than forty five minutes later. Sharon was, wandering along orchard road at so advised what a Horoscope A passing motorist saw her and stop to check if she was at K time. I was raised, Sharon was taken, a hospital and police were notified. Sharon had been held captive for eighteen hours, she data
The extraordinary lengths pick up the win to in order to avoid detection. He sorely claimed by the shower nineteen self, brought down to the scribing of their fingernails and the cleaning and flossing a bit tape to get rid of any potential day, and I evidence he didn't. The garbage bag up to Sharon's neck put a man's should over the garbage bag, then put another garbage bag over her head. He drove her to orchard road and let her out of his vehicle near baseboard, a hospital John Wills fronted a press conference where he said he was grateful for the return of Sharon, but he would never be able to forgive the man responsible. He had increased the security of his home and he, his wife and four daughters had spent the night since Sharon's return, huddled together in the laundry. Too scared to sleep alone during the intruder would return police performs regulus of violence and patrols of their house. To ensure this didn't happen, don't
then said quite the whole experience. If somebody bursting into your home and torn you up, is terrifying to have your daughter taken and not know where she is. Is indescribable. I honestly believe this man has done this before. He came well prepared and covered tracks. I've run his voice over and over in my mind, to try to remain but whether unlike nagging but that police checked reports of similar offences to safe, they could make any connections to pray. cases within days I reviewed it was possible. Sharon's attack would be linked to as many as eight previous unsolved attacks across moment in the last ten years to change it to take. These were put on the cakes, detective chafing back to those Johnson told the media. The crimes of this nature are often harder to solve than armed robbery matters as the affair.
Is often alone loner maintaining the impression of normality in his everyday life and is somebody who wouldn't boast about the crime to family friends he revealed that Sharon was kept born, followed for the entire eating. I wish he was held captive even said. Quite we can and the dread. What the man would have done if the girl had pulled off the blonde, followed and saying his face, it is that close to being a homicide, it is only an extra step. On Monday, the second of January nineteen. Eighteen on six days after the attack, the victorian State government announced a one hundred thousand dollar reward for information on Sharon's abduction. It's believed this was the first ever reward offered in an abduction case in the state's history. Detective they ve superintendent, cabin holiday said quote
Nobody can be son, the monstrous nature of this offense or the danger to the community. If the offender remains at large, there is a real possibility that there will be a repetition of it. On the fifth of January Plaisted, a large pamphlet drop, it houses me Sharon's home and around the area she was peeing on play, soul, soap Italy, despite a car similar to the wort Commodore seen acting suspiciously in Bayswater just prior when charm was found. Said they had considered Sharon's description and version of events before releasing information about that Commodore and doing the public. The spice, Many calls were saved from the public and many lades, which I still place even had a few potential suspects in mind, but nothing concrete, no arrests were made. Eighteen months later, Tuesday, the third of July, nineteen naughty.
thirteen year old, nickel Alanis was that hung with a fifteen year old sister Fiona. He lived on Wanna meet having you came to bury seventeen comedies or just over ten miles west of Sharon's here in bringing Kinda berries and our foreign suburb, I'm to several high ranking former politicians, many of the properties Some are worth every million dollars at the time. Niccolo is described what had principle as a hard working very balanced and stable girl. One of the schools bestirred The lawn is family were quiet and mostly kept to themselves. They had moved to Australia from England full years earlier I call his father. Brian Linus was partner in the accounting firm Cross Waterhouse and he was on succumb to work at the firms office in Melbourne, but it was only days before their stay in Australia it was either Brian's. Work had been completed and the family's bags were packed ready for the move back to England
Nicola and swipe their parents, Brian and Rosemarie, we're out for dinner with friends at one thousand, one hundred and forty pay in a man described as being dressed in dark clothes and wearing a black ski mask, and every win the house he crept inside armed with a north and a hand, come intruder made his way to the girl's bedroom and like them up threatening to harm them. If they didn't cooperate. He tied up Vienna then said to her tell your father. I want twenty five thousand. Was he nickel or into another room and told her to get his school uniform nickel, I was a student at Presbyterian Ladies College, in Melbourne true to put Nicholas School uniform and some underwear into a back before taking the car case to a rented car that was parked in the driveway and Navy Blue Billina sedan. The intruder force Niccolo into the car, then drive off.
forty minutes later Brian and raised me right time to Foreign Fianna taught up and nickel missing they made it was called the police to police. This is kept God at the house and monitored all incoming telephone calls, waiting for any further contact from the kidnapper on how the ransom is to be paid this initially considered the abduction might be fight. It was well known that Nikola wasn't all that came to Labour, Australia and moved back to England. However, It didn't take long to rule that possibility out. The abduction was very real. The kidnapper had not said how the ransom should be paid or when he would make contact again. He simply said I want twenty five thousand dollars. run in rise me tonight at nine to place that I would prepared to pay the ransom, but I made it to nag at it. Do it bro, inlaw, gnats, We would very much like to have making back with us whenever
can be done to get her back. We would lot to be done. anyone in this room who has children. What will understand the stress when you say one of the rain family taking a wide lock that we have to sit and be patient and hold on that there's nothing else. You can do. The family feels no anger towards the me just a feeling of confusion really as to why some, would do that to such an unprotected happy young child. She, normal thirteen year old, she's well sort of kid she's not straight was but resourceful in a situation like this. Who knows one of the things we have loved about. Australia is the safety of the children on the streets on trains on public transport. It was fantastic, a guide that
during a freedom which certainly their eyes- and this goes, we would never have let them have in London, head of the major chrome, squat, detective inspect the rumble actual pleaded with kidnapper to make contact with either the police or nickel is family. Quite we are prepared to discuss any time anyway. Anything he wants to talk about. You can draw your own conclusions with annoy thirteen year old girl in the hands of a kidnap, the mind boggles with what could happen. We are very concerned rumble actual went on to say that the kidnapping had been carefully planned and police believe the man responsible observe the has for some time before the attack, possibly several weeks, working at the patterns of the law on his family All residents in the street were questioned, but nobody heard or saw anything suspicious,
will they could offer with similar to what the neighbours of Sharm Wilson said? We never thought this sort of thing would happen. He. Police visited Presbyterian, Ladys College and interviewed Nicholas classmates yourself. As the guiding. The possibility that nickel is adoption was linked to the adoption of Sharon Wills. The car, the kidnapper stall from the lawn his house was found dumped at three m the next day, Wednesday, the fourth of July, in Tulsa Straight Canterbury, only few streets away from the longest time. Forensic police were immediately called and dusted the vehicle for prints. The early description of the kidnapper was a softly spoken mile, possibly in his thirties, wearing a black balaclava dark, colored jeans and a dark sky
the big Torreon state government announced a one hundred thousand dollar award for information leading to the capture and conviction of nickel is of Doktor forensic psychologist team Watson manner. I said he was puzzled by the abduction. The sum of twenty five thousand dollars sing too small for a plan to kidnap I didn't look like money was the issue said the motive was unclear. He told the age newspaper quite whether it was impulsive or planned. The person is a disturbed individual. It is someone who can't empathize with the family of the victim and he's very directed to resign demands, but he seems to be in touch
With reality, there is no indication he is suffering from a psychotic influence. That's probably a good thing. If he's in touch with reality, he will probably calm down and released the chalk. The important thing is for him to make contact social dialogue can start happening to establish some are poor and take the edge yet of the situation At two, a dot m on Friday, the sixth of nickel Was driven around in a vehicle by her kidnapper, he stopped the car and q and told Nikola to get here He was a suburb of six kilometres for three point. Seven miles west of nickel is Housing Canterbury. She was born folded and wrapped in a lot brown blanket, the kidnap, a maiden. If I sit down and put her head between her legs, he then left.
after a Wall Nicola my device when he bought a house in Austin You, the phone she called a father Brian place. When I depart and nickel with taken to hospital, it was Nicholas, foldings birthday that Friday and she been held captive. 50Ft Alice, she's been kept band one founded during her captivity. She had nobody who kidnapped her away. She was taken to nickel are reported that the kidnappers meticulous when it came to cleaning and destroying any potential forensic evidence. Despite this, the police and the answers I had several pieces of forensic evidence, believed, could provide a breakthrough. The evidence was found in the law on his house and in the rental car. The kidnappers star, although there in specify what exactly the forensic evidence was frantic psychology, it's TIM Watson was interviewed again by the age newspaper he said quote,
it's sort of the modus operandi quite well. The parents were real. He might in watching the house, or that could have been a coincidence. He took the parents car and then use his car There has obviously been quite a deal with cleaning. On the side that it is possible. The same mean had been responsible for adopting Sharon will citing months earlier. Quite if that is true- and I suspect it is, suggests he's able to sit on his urge is fairly well. And maybe now is a good time for him to seek some help before he starts acting at again and said that if the offender did struck again the time before his next defense would likely be shorter police learned from nuclear that the kidnapper was aged between twenty and forty and war, doc rain. He needed Bela Clodagh with Chris stitching around the eyes and mouth He had a serrated kitchen knife with a twenty five centimeter black plastic handle.
Nicholas said she was driven around for about ten minutes in her parents, rent a car for thy stopping choice, a straight. Only a few straight away from her house She was then put into another vehicle, a blanket was placed over her and she was kept underneath the dashboard She was driving around four about another forty five minutes before she was taken into a house in the suburban area. There was no one else in the house that she heard during her captivity that kidnapper watch the press conference given by Nicholas Father and commented to nuclear about it. Police set up an information caravan caravanning straight in the somebody might have seemed to me. They also set up a caravan. The location where nickel was found in real in today's displays Detective Inspector Maloney said we're not following any specifically but some investigations look promising and set up a roadblock in Canterbury, every car was pulled
and people were questioned if they were in the area. The not Nicola was abducted if they were there. asked if they saw anything suspicious traffic was banged up. Four five hundred made is at times. Some accused the police of resorting to this tactic, because that would getting desperate, detective inspect them alone. He d, nor this saying he was confident the case would be solved. It wouldn't be solved in five minutes, but it was a solvable case. Given that the attack had told nickel to grab the school uniform police believed he may be keeping watch on her school Presbyterian Ladys College. There had been recent reports of several different suspicious men. Watering around the school grant reports then surfaced than another attack had been linked to the abductions of sham wills and nickel alone ass. These attack occurred in August nineteen. Eighty four.
And in the suburb of lava plenty. Sixteen kilometers northeast of Melbourne Central Business District at four. I am the attacker removed the window, painting the lounge room and entered the house. was wearing a mosque and carried a small hang gun and lodge hunting knife. He made his way to the parents, bedroom forced them onto their stomachs at gunpoint and then expertly today, hands and fate with not commonly used by Silas Obama. I securing large loads. The offended then made his way to the kid's bedroom. He gagged a six year old boy and taught him to his bed then attacked an eleven year old girl. He didn't abduct the girl, but he was in the
hurry gave up, he remained inside the house for two hours even took the time to stop his attack, go to the kitchen and to make himself a meal afterwards, he searched the House install a box of classical records and a dark blue coat with a fight for color before leaving them. Yes, the attacker made a phone call. He referred to the person on the other end, this bozo and warned him to move his children or that would be in danger. police were called in. During that investigation, they found that no call was made from the fine at all. He was pretending, a red herring to confuse the police just like stealing the records and coat demanding money and stealing the thirty five dollars from the Willis House and making a ransom demand at the lawn. His house he was just trying to conceal
his true motive. Those three attacks had now been all went to the same offender and the media came up with a name for you, MR crew. The concerning thing for the lace was the torn patent between age attack was decreasing and the time in which he holds victims, whizzing Praising the Sun newspaper ran an article suggesting MR cruel, maybe be a former police officer. Unnamed detectives were quoted, is apparently supporting this theory due to mistakes. Was obsession with cleaning and destroying clues and is apparent knowledge of forensic science. What name detective in the article said it could be an ex cop on it could be a doctor. It could be a lab. Take me But, however, it is his bloody coming, in response to these detective MILAN. He said the
the looking at all possible scenarios and people from a variety of backgrounds. He could be anybody other senior police dismissed the climb. Mr crew was a form of all current police officer, saying he could be anyone Haben, someone who has just read a lot of detective books and knew something about procedures and forensic evidence. Let MR cruel was place. A closer to solving the case, and in September north. Ninety, they sought the help of the FBI to compile a profile. They were I would have come up with an extensive profile. What Mr Crew have in the detail. Work and mediately relates to the public, the police than it answer that they believe Mr Crew was responsible for at least six attacks entitled since nineteen eighty four
Although they didn't release any details about the other attacks, they did sign nodal. All the victims were children. At least one was described as being mature at night nine months later Saturday, the thirteenth of April nineteen Do you want to attain your outcome and chambers at home, watching television with a two youngest sisters, Kali Age, Nan and Karen age? Seven There were at their home in circles, road temple star- and I for one moment, suburb with in close proximity to the other, MR cruel attacks Common was a student at Presbyterian Ladys College. The same school nickel alone went to commons print. the boat described here is charming. Calot, enthusiastic and lively with a good group of friends, She was known as an extremely hardworking student who hoped to be a virus one day.
Common and his sisters were home alone as their parents, John and Phyllis chain, working at one of the chinese restaurants. They owned two in total. their parents worked extremely long meows at the restaurants, sometimes seven hundred and forty five a nail. This paradise So it was an unusual for the girls to behind a line about non pm. Mr Cruel tampered with an elaborate secured, Guy and was able to gain entry to the property that was surrounded by a fence he made. He's right, one of the chains vehicles that was parked in the driveway in what spray paint mister crew, road, payback more to come and asian drug deal. Another red herring to try and confuse the it is believed the Godin saw it through an unlocked door or window common colliery and Karen were in a bedroom watching a tv special on Marilyn Monroe.
Common and Cali heard a noise and walked down the whole to investigate there that were confronted by MR cruel. He forced it goes back into the bedroom where he found Karen Code up hiding behind the bedroom door Mrcool threaten a girls with a north and my child. I knew he was in charge, people calling Karen in a wardrobe and push the bed up against it to trap them in saw at mystic rules and grab the common and left the house. It was nail about nine hundred and thirty p dot m. Fifteen minutes later and Karen managed to free themselves from the wardrobe find John at the restaurant and told him a man with a knife at Titan Common John rushed time you frantically search for common but couldn't fall into it. He called police and a message was broadcast: I've, the police, radio, for a car to a tent
When the radio dispatcher said a thirteen year old girl had been abducted by a masked man, armed with a north police, immediately realize the possible connection between the previous attacks. All available units were called to attend, including a police, helicopter and sniffer dogs surrounding straits was sealed off, as the massive search got to why the police don't did pick up a scent which followed north to nearby church road. However, the scent suddenly ended its believed that this is where Mr Cruel had. These call waiting. Nearby residents were canvassed and nobody had seen or heard anything the suburban residential area and police. Couldn't believe me, The crew was able to carry a presumably struggling go that far without being seen. The latest description of Mr Cruel was male about twenty five to thirty five years old, slim to medium,
One hundred and seventy two one hundred ninety cinema is tool wearing gray. Snake is a grace, greenish track suit and about a clever based on the way the words were spray painted on the change car. They believed he was right, handed The officer in charge of commons case is Detective Inspector David Sprite He immediately appealed to the public for hope he said police wanted to hear anyone knowing of a workmate friend or relative, who want a can of bleed Issa peed at the time of Commons abduction. Another thing this through that it was currently the school holiday. The previous mystic attacks had a code a that Juring or rot around school holiday tone. police had. No doubt MR cruel had been watching the chain time and knew the three girls were alone was there
Zack details were released, police said Mister cruel, had become more vicious towards these victims with age attack. Criminologist, stop the poor, Wilson told the Sydney morning. Harold quote. I think that it He has caught a lot of people will be shocked. They will have known him as an intelligent, quiet, maybe even introverted man. He then said MR cruel personality could be similar to pay to suck cliffs the Yorkshire Ripper. It's believed, Mr Cruel closely followed his own publicity a lot to writing about himself in the paper and watching news reports on tv inspect. The Sprague appealed to him to release comment as she suffered from asthma and did not have a spray with it. So she had the potential to suffer severe attack on distress. John and Phyllis chain gave an emotional press conference on Tuesday, the sixteenth of April peace.
My daughter common bet, two home time lock. This are favoured dress You were a day last Saturday, you left at home You do it's waiting for you locked to much on the road My family friends, dogs I guess. some of the It's working the case had worked for as long as thirty six hours straight.
On Friday, the ninth of April common sisters write letters to their sister into Mr Cruel. I was near six days since commons abduction by far the longest amount of time Mr Cruel had held onto a victim. The police released the letters, hoping MR cruel would say them and release common. Seven year old, Karen wrote the comment I miss. You a lot of time, I'm very scared in the dark and mom and dad miss you very much Mimi sick, because she misses you too. from current Mimi was the family dog nine year old, Kali Road. Whoever has my sister, I would like her back because then she can help me with my homework and also take good care of my little sister in me, common alike. Up all the time I need you comment, please bring common back.
Comment, mom died Karen and I are waiting for you we owe me, She very much with their hearts, love, Kali, taste, deeper, intendant, Kevin Holiday, said the concern of the investigators was growing. The longer common remained meeting quote cos. Obviously the longer the time the great area concerns we need. approaching awake. We have grave concerns. We are affected. It's the tragedies in life that we say all the time. I think this one in particular has probably affected far more people than we realise, and that would include many of the media. I think instead, describe again had to address questions and rumours about the occupation of MR crew. He said quite I could just as well be a policeman who is working now it could be a form of policemen. It could also base Elisa
if our stock or could just be somebody who is well read in forensic medicine, he could also they are criminal who has come unstuck before through forensic evidence. Any suggestion of occupational background is pure speculation with no basis. In fact, he also said that in the twenty five years he has been a police officer. He had never tried the truck a cooler more calculating criminal with such an extensive knowledge of forensic science. Given him, Mr Cruel had previously taught to throw police off with red herrings. The fact that both common and Nicola with students at Presbyterian Ladies' college could have been a deliberate tactic by Mister Cruel, another day, coy to focus police attention on staff at the school. It also could have been the spot that mister cruel.
His victims or it just could have been a coincidence- police, weren't sure which it was and had to consider all possibilities. Mister cruel had also tried to make one of his previous victims believe he wasn't alone. He would yell out ask questions and make demands as if he was talking to somebody else in the house, but Mister cruel, speak. never heard anyone answer never heard anyone else spake and got the sense that meets the crew was just pretending. There was somebody else present. Yet another red herring.
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play the 23rd of April, the beat Torreon State Government issued a one hundred thousand dollars reward for information, leading to the arrest and conviction of common change. Kidnapper. the one hundred thousand dollar award still stood for nickel are insurance cases its well making the total three hundred thousand votes on top of their award police commenced and extensive, don't knock around the area where common was adopted. More than two hundred police knocked on over three thousand doors. One of the most widespread police door knocks ever conducted in Victoria as well as speaking, To the residents police also delivered leaflets with information and set up an information caravan temples, the widespread public appeals for information had resulted in have a three thousand fine calls made to the police hold on. Detectives had hoped that MR crew would release common before the end of the school holidays when
The twenty ninth of April arrived the first I back at school. The hopes of finding common, a had severely faded police held gray fees for Greif safety, The students are presbyterian, ladies' college began the new school time with a special assembly praying for the safe return of common police. Also, where did the students fill out a questionnaire which asked about any suspicious activity than I have seen around the school or around their homes? Police had come. All the list of all the one hundred and thirty papal they believed could be capable of kidnapping children. Some names. provided by members of the public. Other names wear identified by going through police records. The background of all of a suspect's was thoroughly investigated, establishing their marital status, identifying what I drove their occupation and dusted. Any if their partners went away during the school holiday period. On Wednesday
the first of May. It was announced that a special task force has been established to investigate the MR cruel pace. The task force was called operation spectrum and the officer in charge was detective inspected, David Sprague, who led the investigation into comments, adoption their release, the color poster with photographs of common nickel urban sharing. I was taught old child abductions and was displayed in every police station in big torture and printed in all major newspapers, though, despite railway stations and on Chrome stop his notice boards in shopping centres. You'll find the link to view the post there in the shy nuts. The poster asks three questions: do you believe you know the identity of this man? Have you informed the police of your suspicions? Where was the main during the above Deitz.
On Thursday, the second of May Phyllis Chan wrote an open letter to MR cruel pleading with him to like calm and go at red to the man who took common Chan D, Mr Corned, We missed com and very, very much. Please let come and go We know you are a kind and caring person. We hope common is with you.
School has regime and it would be nice if common can return to school. Thank you for letting her free and we can rebuild their lives place here. I'll play love from the chain, family, father, mother and sisters of common, a family friend of the chain, faintly Jennifer Walsh, also write a song, the lyrics or what you heard at the start of the shot on Sunday. The faith of my it was first reported. The police near believed. Common had been murdered. Operation spectrum had started as a murderer investigation, an unnamed police source told the age newspaper. Quite we got no doubt the same person is involved. after three weeks, you've got the site. It's not looking good in the past. He has let them go, but this one has gone on too long. It has been three weeks and there hasn't been any contact. I would say display.
And he has a good knowledge of forensic science, but also of or topsy, which means will probably never find her crimes up. His cause was starting to type her off how the detective still remain. Hopeful of a break on Tuesday the fourteenth of May. They set up a roadblock near a bus, stop in mainstream Eltham. This bus stop is one that common got off after school as it is close by to her parents. Chinese restaurant detectives were working with the theory that Mister Cruz talked common. After he saw her getting off the bus, they questioned hundreds of motorists and he ended up late. Let's containing information about comments, adoption and in what was a first in the history of astronomy and policing leaflet, sauce copies of the poster that had been released, appealing for information we delivered to every home in Victoria and to some homes in New South Wales and shout the strata about one point: four million homes in total,
check the David Sprite said quote: this is unique in australian policing. Nothing on this. Kyle has ever been attempted before a gesture the fee, doing out there in the community. Someone knows This person is and that's who we're trying to get to a hope it will trigger the person to give us that phone call we're looking for as well as. leaflets close to one hundred billboards around Melbourne, despite the poster Phyllis Cain pinned another open letter to Mr Crew, a red. To the man who is with common chain. Now have you to release? My daughter comment immediately. I am learning for her safe return? Every minute of the day, I love her very, very much I am willing to offer my life in exchange for comments, release common sisters, Karen and colleague, miss her very, very much.
Ty had trusted you on the night of third and I brew. They had cooperated with you because you are come and you looked gaunt. You had promised them that off that you would gone this Easter would open the door for them. You have broken your promise, They were very upset. They blame themselves for trusting you and did not help common. They feel very, very guilty. Neo currents birthday is at the end of May, and Carly's birthday in June both girls site, I want nothing but common for their birthday, present place and come back home, and maybe God bless you. Thank you very much love from Phyllis com. They had started sleepwalking. She would walk into the living room of the chain house. Saying comment: where are you have become home yet Inspector Sprague, witness colleague, doing this on one occasion and said of watched her, and she is definitely a sleep. It's a bit.
scary, the chain family decided to try something different and bypass the police. They write another open letter to Mr Crew telling him he could count. then by writing to a private postal address in order to get the address. Mr crew would have to decipher code in the letter by asking common. The name of family friends in Hong Kong Phyllis chain said: if we do it through police, he won't get in touch. Maybe he's at this stage to release her body is just too scared, but he I feel a little bit Asia. If he believes Us Detective Inspector Sprague said he was surprised by the Champion League's attempt to make product contact with Miss the cruel, but refused to make any further comment. As if the chain family won't gum throw enough on Thursday there
and of July, a prisoner pay to Ellen Raid and a federal protective services officer. Vince DE payola were charged with a sickening extortion attempt the spot being locked up serving a sentence of twenty one years for shooting dead, a police officer after a chase in a stolen car paid her a call. John chain on six separate occasions. He demanded fifteen thousand dollars from John for comments, or at least otherwise he would never see her again. He also threatened to kill John if he didn't pay. When John agreed to pay pay, the raid contacted Vince to go to the arranged drop slot and collect the money Vince, the guy to the location, but there was no money. The police were aware of the extortion attempt and had placed the trace on the chain's phone after the first
all that will both arrested and police conducted several search warrants. Neither of them knew anything about Commons abduction, where she was that we just trying to obtain money from the chain family. Their actions were described as a brutal psychological assault on the chance. The longest family had since moved back to England, detectives from operation spectrum flew to England to re Interview Nicola The thought was that nickel had been held the longest boy, MR cruel. She knew had more time to reflect and it was hoped she may have remembered more details that could help the investigation inspect the spray. said you are opening up old wounds when the family is just trying to get back on track, but the family realises we're trying to catch his black, the more we know the more chance we ve got in catching it.
Leading up to the one year and the best way of Commons adoption, the age newspaper ran a feature article about the case. A close family friend of the chains. Pull Williams said this about Phyllis. I think she's a lot more control of herself now. having been through a year of trauma, she's more or less resigned to believing that common may no longer be alive and she's trying to go about her loss, but certainly in a different way than she did twelve months ago. On Thursday, the north of April, one thousand nine. Ninety two only a few days show the one year and of course we have comments. Adoption a man was walking his dog along a track that ran through an isolated state. Electricity Commission terminal station sought in Thomas Tale about twenty kilometers or twelve and a half miles from Temple. Step. Part of the area had been used as a dumping ground for landfill it had
recently being levelled by earth works, causing a shallow grave to be disturbed the main fish and a human skull about twenty MI away from egg disc rake place with cold. In an extensive search uncovered a number of other bones in a shallow grave. The human skull had three bullet holes. Police were able to confirm that was the remains of common chain. The chains were actually preparing to hold a press conference to mark the one year and eventually of Commons adoption that press conference was cancelled. The police held their own press conference to announce the discovery. Detective Inspect Sprague said it is her reflect for a child to be cured in that fishing is just in comprehensible. We believe he can not control body
To add to activities urges it is like an addiction and he would not stop until he is caught. Although John and Phyllis may never hear the laughter of their daughter again, they can now say good, bought a common and put her soul to rest as she deserves. The family will now have the opportunity to start rebuilding their lives. Detective chief inspector paid a Halloran head of the homicide squad said the body had probably been at the site. Pro MAX twelve months and who wasn't buried, the body would likely have some knowledge of the area. Police believe common might have been killed because she saw me to cruise face causing him to panic level. is based on what Mr Cool told one of these other victims. My freedom is more important than your life. Phyllis had also previously told police that common was not the sort of go to accept being kidnapped without a thought shape. they ve common mayor, ripped off a blonde, followed and confronted with the crew.
Believing MR cruel may have suffered NGO, Eddie stress, depression and despite signs of remorse off the commons murder, police writer every single one of Victoria's, ten thousand registered doctors asking them to consider breaking patient confidentiality. There feel ass doctors to consider whether their duty to the community wide their duty to a patient. Play beneath the may have sought treatment after commons death. The letter the backing of the president of the big Torreon breach of the Australian Medical Association, DR the pole, hemming. The doctors were also, I sent a cry, fall August accrual, the dates of the crowns and other information about the case. The moon was met with some criticism, as people dare to miss. The cruel would have made a full confession to a doctor So became a little murky for doctors. If I just had suspicions about a patient, it would be difficult
so now, if that would just being paranoid and overly cautious or if they were making a reasonable judgment, many doctors did respond to the appeal and police said there were saved some useful information, police. Turned to the United States and a convicted kidnapper and child killer. Richard Starrett, he was being Holding a hospital for the criminally insane and between police wanted to speak to him in the hope he could give them some insight into mister crew. The raising vain locking the cruel stare kidnapped. Several young girls held them for several days, then release them. However, he did end up shooting one of these victims dead, stare, it's free
Profile closely resembled MR crews. How helpfully was- or if he ever spoke to the Mc Torreon policies on nine and office. It did fly to the United States at one point, but it's not clear. If any contact was made staring said publicly, he would be happy to speak to the weak Torreon place if they wanted, but he doubted he would be able to provide any useful information. Instead, its case he was married and waited until he was busy at family believed interest He then hide a vehicle and drive to another city. He went door to door acting as a salesman until he found a young girl, I'm alone. So he's method was different to Mr Cruz. It wasn't until Wednesday, the 27th of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three that furthering from Jim was released to the public about Mister, cruel police release. Sketch Is it the bedroom and a bathroom at his house drawn by one of the victims On the wings to those sketches in the shower notes,.
They also released information that Mr Crewels victims heard large jets flying overhead when Thou held captive, bleeding police to believe the house was directly under Nathan Moment airport flight path, this information by police to check about thirty thousand houses in fifteen different northern suburbs of Melvin trying to find a match to the desk. Christians given by Mr Kross victims detective inspect the spread. I hope someone would recognize the bedroom and bartering based of the sketches debate. had by age or green carpet, page colored full length, curtains, a double bed with page colored bed head an orange lamp base and lemon shade within what vertical Stripes light: colored walls and a white door. There was a dog blanket over a bookcase or cabinet at one end of the room and a radio had been playing
constantly the interior design was believed to be dated between nineteen, ninety, eight and nineteen. Ninety inspect the sprite said quote description of the bedroom was drawn by one of the victims who actually to her extreme danger, had a pape and looked around the bedroom at one stage, even though she was warned. The bathroom was an unusual configuration. Someone would have to pass a wash basin to getting to the shell, which had a glass sliding door. There was also a bath the house had a roadside draw by, and there were only a couple of steps to the front entrance. The house was on a quiet straight with little traffic. Respect is Sprague said that I didn't want the tip off Mr Cruel, that I knew that much information about his layer. That's why I didn't release the information sooner. Mr crew could have changed the interior before police had a chance to find his house.
How are the police had now exhausted their daughter door search for the house said that were turning to the public for help detectives were convinced. The house was under a flight path in close to Melbourne Airport. They received a flood of calls from the public health. This press release around fourteen hundred additional pieces of information were received a check, yet number of houses, but all were eliminated.
In Jean nineteen twenty three just over two years since comments abduction, operation spectrum was scaled down to a core group of ten police. At one stage there were over forty working on the task force, inspect the Sprague departed as head of the task force to take up a job as officer in charge of the detective training school at Russell Street headquarters. He said quote: it does not work after wall, it becomes your life, he lived. The investigation die off the day, racking your brains for possibilities. You are constantly thinking. When is he going to strike
If we don't get him, some on the child will be victims. That's the pressure we deal. We feel that the decision to scale down the size of the task force was made after an internal review of the investigation. The assistant police commissioner said that, after the review he was happy everything possible had been done to solve the case and nothing had been overlooked. He show the public that the case would not be forgotten or neglected in the search for Mr Cruel would continue. If there was a major breakthrough, the number of staff from the task force would be increased again. It was then reported that the task force would be completely disbanded at the end of January. Nor to ninety four Phyllis chain said quote: the task force has been fantastic
They did take the use of a very hard working, but unfortunately they couldn't find or dinner for the main who took my comment on how they have worked very hard and they care for me and my goals detective sergeant Fontana, who is the second in charge under detective inspect this brave said the workload has been enormous. Everyone has worked extremely long, Alice, it's not through a lack of trying that we haven't solve this case is depressing and very frustrating. though the work we put in we haven't solved. The responsibility for the investigation, fell to the rape squad and to the homicide squad. The chain marriage had suffered enormously in the years since Commons, abduction, the speculation
the strain of meteor appearances and they never ending search all took their top fearless and John divorced. After which Phyllis went through a financial collapse. She lost her car. The house- and I mean just hold on- at restaurant in early nineteen. Ninety four Phyllis was viciously bashed Her guard dog was poisoned weeks before the attack in the police believe her attacker was watching her during that time after working. I was six thing I would dies at a restaurant over the weekend. She returned time about one thousand two hundred and thirty. I am on Monday morning.
She was carrying the restaurant takings. When she got out of the car she was clubbed from behind with a wooden object. She she plated common change. Mother, please don't that she was smashed on the skull several more times before her attacker took off with the money she she surgery, sixty stitches and and hospitalization for about one week to recover an Ex employee of Phyllis was both the attack operation spectrum had taken its toll on the health marriages. family lives of many of the place office is involved as well. Six ease off the commons death, a career, no inquest was hoped, the coroner ruled that common died of gunshot wounds to the head, fought by an unknown person, the date and location where common was killed could not be determined. The coroner said the case will remain open,
Operation spectrum was the largest task force in Victoria's history. Up to that point, incredible resources were thrown at it. The people of Victoria demanded that the cron be solved more so than any other at last then, for close to three years Twenty seven thousand people were interviewed, ten thousand eight hundred Ladys were investigated. No one hundred and ten thousand kilometers of five hundred and sixty five thousand miles but travelled investigating those late, the FBI in Scotland Yard, with both consulted thirty thousand houses which affect their police worth twenty five thousand hours in unpaid over time. There are still thirty two people, the taskforce benefit as possible the suspects that have not been able to bear women I from the investigation. The total cost of the investigation, was about three point: eight million dollars.
As a result of the inquiries and leads generated by the task force, seventy four people were charged with offences such as conspiracy, improper use of telecommunications equipment, far on drug offences, ripe, insist and child pornography, Changes to child pornography legislation were made as a result of the investigation, as was strengthening of legislation regarding sex offenders loitering in areas frequented by children, but didn't get the man they most desperately wanted on the Fifteen averse ray of common change of direction in two thousand and six day, a new reward was announced. One million dollars for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of her killer. They also announced that the director of public prosecutions, my grant anyone with information on the case indemnity from prosecution form a member of the task force who is now in assisting.
Mission statement container said: we have always maintained that there will be some one in the community who is an associate. One knows the offender. In this case we have all I thought someone would know and be close to him and know it was him. He also said that he believed Mr Cruel was still alive and that he would still have autumns taken from the victims, as trophies Detective Inspector Sprague describes the case as the monkey on his back. That is still there. There were too many Suspects rather than too few, he believes it is possible. Mr Cruel was one of the tens of thousands of people policing to during the investigation in two thousand and twelve David right, told the Herald Son newspaper some issues that operation spectrum faced. This quote is referring to the common chain case, The crime scene was not preserved, as it should have been. We had a lot of problems with it. Unfortunately,
The initial police member in charge had set up the command post inside the house. It was a disaster with papal stumping alive the place they didn't seal, the crime scene off his. They should have. He also talked to the Herald Sun, about when operation spectrum first identified. Mr Cruel was almost certainly responsible for an early a series of attacks in Melbourne. now reviewed the evidence from nice cases. They discovered volatile evidence had gone missing. The type that Mr Cruel it used to bond one of these victims was no longer there. Mrcool wasn't as careful in that is earlier attacks that he was in the lighter attacks. So he thinking I might have been on that type able to be discovered by advances in technology. This is what time it strikes it. Quite we will never know, as the exhibit just isn't there any more in those days. Police didn't have the supervision I do now. We things like exhibits, people with sometimes led them in their life.
By the time we identified days, additional attacks used after they had taken place. Some of those exists, It had been lost and others had simply been thrown out. They had never been examined. operation spectrum actually changed the way all victorian detectives conduct investigations with the intruder. In a minimum standards, but things like exhibits, crime, scene preservation and record keeping Mr Cruel had an incredible impact on a strategy. In the light eighties and only noise, he was a strivings boogeyman, sparking unprecedented, fearing adults. Children, even hardened criminals were shaken and took measures to better protect their families. Unless you lived through it, it's hard to fully appreciate. Talk David Wells, head of the victorian Police Forensic Department, told the Sydney morning Herald in naughty naughty. One quote for old.
Children, their home, is a safe house. They feel secure there. They looked after there suddenly I have been confronted by the idea that that could be taken away from that environment by a man in a balaclava many parents have spiked to sign their children are feeling very insecure. Some are having not mess, can't sleep and a worried about the security on the house. The FBI profile of Mr Cruel has since been made public Information from the victims was analyzed and formed the basis for some of the prideful taping. A profile is only a god and not an exact science. Nobody should be discounted just because they don't match the profile.
MR cruel is intelligent. Obsessive about cleanliness has an intense interest in children. A steady job is creative and visually orientated, meaning he gets satisfaction from the way things look rather than the way they function. He is caucasian, with a slim to medium, build aged between thirty and fifty about one hundred and seventy five centimetres tall with a small pot belly fair to sandy colored, hair and at times was unshaven or sported a beard he possibly ways. Bosses he's toity in his appearance and dress his home, his native and is the type of person to claim his hands immediately if they become dirty. He could have had a low or senior management job or may have. The main self employed giving him
ability to remind around Melbourne during the day he would appear to be called genuine, interested and dedicated to helping children a good neighbour, possibly an interview. He would have access to another house during the kidnappings and wood I am very stressed. After eight crime he's behaviour might have been a radical round the terms of the crimes it could have taken Tom of work and appeared preoccupied distant and unable to concentrate. he used the words. Bozo worry, Ward and Missy a lot during the attacks. He would possibly show signs of sexual dysfunction if involved in a personal relationship, is sex. Rio and gratification would be dependent on these partner playing specific rules such as dressing up as a school go. The possibilities as to why Mr Cruel hasn't attacked again are as follows. He was sent to
I offer an unrelated case. He moved either interstate or adversaries. He may well have committed war crimes, but I haven't been detected. Will they haven't been linked to him. It was interviewed by officers from taskforce spectrum during the investigation, and that was enough to make him stop or he's dead. We end with a quote from forensic psychologist: TIM Watson, Monroe, there's a big, Question mark over Mister cool, in that there have been no further offences that we know of since common chain of funds. intriguing that he is not surfaced again, because people with this kind of problem have a very strong compulsion to satisfy their needs.
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