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Case 49: The Moors Murders (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 3] Ian Brady had fantasies about committing the “perfect murder.” After sharing his secret with his girlfriend, Myra Hindley, the fantasy soon became a reality. ---  Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-49-moors-murders-part-2
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dead of November nineteen sixty three. They and the twelve year old John by victims, junk worth more when I killed them and buried them. police were investigating both disappearances and there was a large amount of major interest in both, but the two cases had not been linked. The families of Pauline and John were doing everything they could to find them organizing their own searches and door knocks Brady Hindley visited the more often on what they called reconnaissance trips. They had stopped taking what they called sudanese photographs of themselves being on the Christ which were put into albums to everyone else. the photos blended in with other pictures of holidays and family gatherings. Only and Hindley knew the sacred. shortly after pulling rage mode on Friday, Bolt Kingsley Irregular the same to the wages. Last patrol boat can form and he's orchestra.
Morning of junk you'll rise Brady bought her the record twenty four hours from Tulsa by Jane Pitney Brady, call days anniversary gifts for the anniversary of the perfect crimes, either of them the songs. It would be a prophet reference to the notice. It was near the 16th of June, one thousand nine hundred and sixty full seven months out for the Motor of John Kilroy Brady had told him tat, he was ready to do another one and he if you're another anniversary gift, it's over by Roy Orbison.
That evening of June 16th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty four Angela Horton her new car cameras mini travel at two Station wagon she drove to Brighton, caps on Westmoreland Street, stopping on the way to put on her black week, CHI rho up at seven hundred and thirty Brady was waiting, so I fear he jumped in the back seat and told Hindley. He would tap on the glass the border between the front and back to indicate a potential victims this time that travel far. They didn't even get out of Western Wall Street. There are several children out playing brightly, spotted one on his own and tapped on the glass. The water Hindley pulled up next to the boy and wound down her window The boy was twelve year old came back, he turned twelve, Only four days earlier,
the twenty, no one s them straight with his mother, Winnie he stepfather Jimmy Johnson and five younger brothers and sisters case stepsister Susan was closest in nice to him and they went everywhere together. Watch on Cuba case love going. To the cinema and would often ask for money from his mother. So he and Susan could get Katie, the youngest sister Margaret who is three adored him and followed him around everywhere way. He loved point bull with these brother Alan and they had painted goalposts on a brick wall at the end of the street. Kate's mother, Winnie separated from his father when he was young and married Jimmy, you Nothin sixty one case, had good relationship with Jimmy and called him dad, physically more for his age. He had seen the brown hair and war glasses as he suffered from acute shortsightedness. Here's a quote from Winnie talking about case There was no harming him he enjoyed.
And was very interested in nature. He used to pick up, leaves and caterpillars and bring them home, and he collected coins. Daddy's birthday. He participated in a school swimming gala where he swung the length of the old, Victorian Box for the first time, winning a certificate lighted. They yak sedately drop these glasses and broke one of the lenses when he said she would fixing score says, still hadn't gotten around to it by June sixteenth, when he arrived, It's for the children to spend that naught June. Sixteenth, sixty four thousand nine hundred house. While she went to the house, while bingo session, to going I lived in Morton Street, which was known in the neighbourhood as the concrete since the grand was flat while the rest of the streets were cobbled. There was a popular straight. children as it was much easier to ride Box and Skaters Morton. Straight was located only three straight away from western Morland straight a few me it's before seven thirty p m when he left to house with case.
the other children were already at their grandmother's house that I had of Winnie. He was struggling to keep up. She was only a few weeks away from giving birth Kate started chasing after some girls from school. He knew and winning I to be careful. Kate turned around and smiled at her. he kept on walking and crossed Stockport Road when you, The vigilant around him as she was concerned, he wouldn't be able to say cars coming with the added when he crossed the right safely. He turned and waved is his mother before heading down a side street which would take him to Westmoreland Street on the way to his grandmother's. when Hindley rolled down her window, she looked at case with a small and asked if he would mind helping her carry some boxes from an off Lawson store, Keith immediately looked at the back seat, where Brady was sitting sensing Kate confusion anyway said bride. He was there to help carried boxes to
Kay thought about it for a moment and ended up a growing and going into the front passenger safety and Hindley drive off the Lady yet very far, before Brady told her to stop when Hindley pulled over ready, asked Cape to join him in the back seat case again, and Brady started, telling him a story about Hindley losing a glove, he said the glove was of great sentimental value to her and she lost that need Greenfield. We talk case. I would really appreciate it if you would help them look for case a great when I reach the mall Friday talk case to walk with him, so they could start looking for the golf Friday had a new addition. This visit he's camera. Kay, Fulla Brady on the Moor and Hindley grabbed a pair of binoculars before locking the car and walking after them. As she watched them, walk ahead, she thought taste, look like a little lamb to the slaughter. Friday turned around look to English and pointed towards the slide
and we went to where he pointed and watched from a binoculars, but she single sort of them. So she sat down on the ground and why did she climbed to not hero, say a thing just the black Iraq's that were ahead of her after about forty minutes, Brady returned with, despite which has come the end we asked what happened and Brady said that after he solved case, he strangled him with a length of cord time is, he had done with John, except this time he took a picture of Kate's body before we burying. brainy started walking back to the car and hinder we followed Brady buried. Despite on the way. They drove back taking Hindley, Gordon and once again, Brady came up with a list to get rid of what he called forensic. Brady Sponge, the car inside here he cut off his clothes and gave them to Hindley who threw them into the fire Both of them also through their shoes into the fire, along with the court, when I finish
into a jars Brady Friday back to Westmoreland Morland straight. I didn't spend the night together. They saw each other again millwards the next day, casement. I didn't realize he was missing until the next morning. Chasing never grandmother's house must have stayed at home and neither he nor when he had a phone. I couldn't check in with each other at eight hundred and thirty. I am pleased friend, mother, walk the other children high end when he said ways out case text grandmother explained that you never rocked by swimming started, Kate school, but when there is no sign of a man, she called the police Kate's younger brother, Alan Bennett was devastated. He saw the case wasn't coming back yes and went to the end of the straight to the wall where Hayden case it painted go post. You stayed there taking the ball against the wall for a long time,
four pm that afternoon, when Brady Hindley Finish work, they went, The English yes, we're Brady clean the car again, just Casey me something afterwards. Prepare to dock room in the house, but he could develop he's on peaches the pizza he had case and showed it to Hindley He told her. He was going to destroy it because it was out of focus I didn't went to the Manchester Central Railway station to the suitcase left in the luggage. Storage containing what he referred to as incriminating material, Hensley said she never knew what was inside the suitcases and could only assume she never And the two open them, because Brady placed here over the locks, a tricky address in a James Bond novel which work as a warning that someone and opened it under the headline tracker dogs, joint hunt for lost boy, the Manchester news described alongside Longsword City area of Manchester Way case disappeared from as a dangerous area.
with several motors and missing persons, cases occurring in place, like us search around long sought and again went door to door. He searched dogs and did everything they could to like cake. They, particular attention to railway buildings and tracks as cave loved trained. the other cases, room started spreading and false sorting reports were made. Two children said they had seen caveat solid long, sought library the morning after he disappeared. Other said They said runaway the case. Parents were adamant. He hadn't just like pulling John there's no reason for Kate to run away. police went making the link publicly winning. Had no doubt cakes. Disappearance was linked to John Kill, Broad's disappearance and she the a Sheila Johns mother. the media was waiting in the picture This meeting appeared under the head on missing boys and the two mothers who white
After their first meeting when and Sheila continued to made up with each other, occasionally when he also met join Re Pullings buffer when he went into labor prematurely and gave birth to a healthy son case Mother constantly blamed herself, not saying anything sooner about case. Never arriving at a house they ceased is kept asking where case was and crawled themselves the slight case that Father Jimmy was targeted by place just like Jones Father was they inspected the house tore up floorboards boards checked everywhere for signs of foul play Jimmy Taken in for questioning repeatedly. Jimmy said he understood and wanted to cooperate. However, after a while. It became too much and started to put a heavy burden on his marriage when he confronted the police telling them, Do you think I'd have stayed with my husband, if I thought he had anything to do with case splitting my family and if that happens, you'll have more death and the death of
kiddies on your conscience, because I'll kill myself and take them with me. The police did back But soon after this, when he was stopped in the street by a woman who said your case, mom aren't you do you know what happened to him. He's been chopped up and fed to the pigs Those words haunted Winnie for a long time, and it wasn't long before she started to lose all hope along with a house to house inquiries, police dragged a nearby brook but came up empty Nineteen sixty four when you would quoted in the Gorton and Openshaw reporter. She said, I'm very worried now for the longer. It is a few days less chance of him being found one way. Flight, the same newspaper ran an article about pulling read on the front page. The headline read one year ago, going dancing and disappeared. Newspapers ran a new appeal for information about pulling together with a tv broadcast by police, while still
coverage to the disappearance of Kate Bennett, but now use information was gained another quite from winning my senses told me he was dead but I'll. Just Believe it and then one night when one you baby was about three months old. I was feeding him and falling asleep. While I was doing it any more drowsy state or her case call to me as clearly as anything mom he shouted, and then I knew for certain. He was dead. on Saturday, the fifteenth of August nineteen sixty four two months after Ace Moto Maureen, Hindley, Mars sister married David Smith,. David Smith was born in Manchester on the ninth of January nineteen, forty eight, his mother, Joyce Hall was in her light teens when she fell pregnant to John Smith, a twenty year old. Anthony. they never married, and when David was around twelve months old, he was left in the care of his grandparents Annie and John Smith. Segno
As a little boy, David was spoiled rotten by Annie, and Father John saying again would allow. Is Father John's school very little of him in trouble for what constantly and when he was high, he did spend quality time with David, but never got it quite right into their relationship was a strange one. David attended Ross place. Probably he spent most of his time with any who we called mom. and he told David. She was a nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary, but when he went to sleep was visiting their one day. He found out, she was a cleaner and he was ashamed, but David didn't care. He was still in his mom. David love will with his grandparents, but at the age of eight David's father I repeat in the middle of the night and took David to live with him in Gordon. While living with his father. David was abused him.
user was the nephew of another tenant. He rented the house with David's, follow after that, David started rebelling He ended up in magistrates court facing a charge of assault and wounding. After stabbing another boy he was given probation same year he started at Stanley Grove Secondary School where he entered the boxing club, the headmaster, Oh great potential in David's boxing ability you want several matches but after wall wanted to quit the headmaster. tried to talk out of quitting and during the The he talked negatively about David's Father, David stood up for his dad and punched the head. Ass, the straight in the night. He was expelled and attended all saints school, but that didn't last long either a fellow student called David, a bastard. in responded, popping up a cricket, bat and breaking the boys fingers. Image probation officer found out about this incident and once again he was summoned to the magistrate court. This com
I sent him to rose, who remained home here. We stayed there for a short time, but when he got out no school wanted to having he finally got accepted at St James and Gordon. He was thirteen years old he soon met a girl who had seen off than on the streets of Gordon Moraine Hindley. Maureen was two years older than David, and their relationship is a casual one. At first. David remembers one time during the early part of their relationship, more said he had come to her house to intervene in a fought. Her she's tomorrow is having with their that Bob David a great to help, but when you got there he saw Mara heating both peacefully. She didn't navies home In nineteen sixty three and he died from cancer, she'd been battling it for six months. David was fifteen.
It was actually on his way to visit her when someone stopped him in the street and said: do you know your is dead David ran to her house and saw that it was true David heating and cooling started crying Maureen found him in controlling him. He realized at that moment that Marine was now the only person in the world he cared about David and I went to any future because it was too much for him that summer, David, a B in school and joined a local gang. The tailor street gang, I locked to break into people's houses On July Eighth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty three David appeared before the magistrates court again charged with breaking into and stealing from both homes and local stores. It was put on probation for a of three years. It was the talk of Gordon, but the talk about David lost in less than a weight, because, four days after his court appearance, Pulleyn Trade disappeared.
New pulling he met her when he first move to Gordon when he was eight years old, pulling saw David sitting alone on the sidewalk one day and started talking to him a few years, I shared a brief kiss David away thought the world of pulling. He considered her sweet ending this and like many others, he couldn't understand how she vanished here. They leave the few doors away from polling. So he was interviewed twice by police, but he wasn't much help. He didn't know anything. After leaving school, David became an apprentice electrician that only lasted six or seven months before he left them became a labour But I didn't last long either in It's not a sixty four marine told him. She was pregnant Davidson. We would be there for her and I decided to get married since in those days having a child saw. The marriage was frowned upon moraine me
then, with David and his father and on the fifteenth of August nineteen sixty four. They taught that not at all saints Registry Office in Manchester the only people in attendance with David's, Father, uncles, aunt and cousin. None of marine relatives approved at the marriage, not even Mara who she was so close to Morrow didn't locked David call Lorraine. Her marriage to him was a mistake. The woods David and Maureen celebrated as several pops, those was no. no honeymoon, since all very scarce, on money Lorraine was eighteen years old and seven months pregnant at the time, David with six ping. after they finish celebrating at the pubs that no one Marines David made their way home. I wasn't long before those a knock at the door. There was more Hindley, he said and would a drink with. You, though, surprised at the invitation, since they didn't attend. The wedding and Hindley was very much against the marriage and David from the beginning.
it was dining worrying, Hindley told him. I've tried explain what an asshole you are, but for some reason she still wants to be with you. So I'm telling you now, if you ever ever in any way, you're a dead man. Do you get me a dead man. This thing between you will be tolerated, but you better image it back because every The way I'll be watching you, David brought every fucking step. You take Marine and David a great to the invitation They made their way to English House now surprised things seem, Hindley Brady were friendly towards them. David had only officially met Brady once before a few months earlier. It was very brief and I didn't really speak now at Hindley. gas that were welcomed with a bottle of wine Brady had reserved share with them, along with whiskey, Indians was relaxed and David summarised the knight with the following words: everybody dressed up, but no one was going anywhere.
It was civilized and that impressed me Hindley and danced in the living room, while David joined them occasionally and bragging sure everyone's glasses state. one point during the night Brady said to David. Maybe he's got a record the next day we at David and moraines, those that she invited of the for a diet. The light of the several pubs on the way there and on the way back David and Ambrady got very drunk on the way home, Brady rambled David about capitalism and the nonsense in working for a living. David listened, but more than anything, he was impressed the brightest generously that day and the previous noise and was thankful for the wedding present. This trip it represented, and when I am, I right the english House and continue drinking until daylight from them on the four of them started. Getting together regularly Saturday's became fishing, cheap noise
when it started getting like Hindley and Marine would go upstairs to sleep, leaving Brady and alone in the living room. David stuff closely observing Eanes Wayne, Brady ended their relationship First thing he noticed was how much they loved animals, especially dogs, He also noticed how bright he didn't have any sort of fun towards anyone, not even really Kingsley who dive it. So he just seemed to accept once already put an armory on seem to lie when he was drunk. but that was the only time he saw any public affection for me. As the Hindley David believed. She cared for Brady very much He also knew how much into a cared for moraine and how close they were, but person Hindley never cared for was David, during their regular get togethers. She would be civil towards him and even friendly at times, but she was I very jealous of the forming friendship between human and in September. Nineteen sixty four many Gordon residents were re like headed in
We can do in grim who she still lived with. They move two hundred and sixteen Waterbrook Avenue in Hattan Sli. Ten km east of the city Friday. I ve often, and he placed a lock on the injuries to India, was happy about the move and decorated the house boring, I saw him to do it up between Brady and Hindley earned twenty four pounds a week with that they paid for rent fuel for the car and motorcycle new finisher and other items for the house and that were always going away for troops to the country saw it or the Scotland. I also precious deal of alcohol I need to fund all of it is unknown, but now a living a more upscale off than most in the area When Hindu, when shopping, she'd speak in a posh accent, through the straits of had his leave should be select it's about what people she spoke to. One hundred and ninety Byron Waterbrook Avenue, Hindley and Brady, made friends with with Patty monster.
an eleven year old girl she stopped by Hindus House. for her mom, since the two houses were almost next to each other, kindly insane among, but she invited Patty and sword petty immediately, took the puppet ITALY's dog and two Lassie grains doc English asked. If she liked to go with her to get writing putty agreed. When I got to Brady's house. They had the why the outside made kindly why they him since the start of their relationship he'd, never introduced her to his mother was stepfather When Brady got in the car, he we introduced him to Patty into the three of them quickly. came friends party, often go to hinder. These has to watch television since she didn't have one at home. Daddy wasn't the only child bride in Engli were friendly with a though that would and to several children in the neighborhood and bridled also got along well with his foster nephews. He would visit them What money in their rooms as present
they even took some of the kids in the neighborhood to the moors. The one I took. The most thought was Patty once when walking through the mall brightly told her. If you thirsty, have a drink from that broke its north. to a water. The broke his neck the junk your broad burial, Elsie mastered him. Paddies mother said this about Hindley choose the top. I could have imagined forging anything, but no to do any harm to children, because of The person who loved animals as much as shaded would be incapable of that, and she made such a fuss of children. neither Hindley nobody ever explained the forming of friendships with some children while taking the lives of other children. Brady stated that some comes out. I'll talk to become friends with the young to escape the serious at our world.
In October, nineteen sixty four marine gave birth to a daughter, Angela DAWN David proved to be a great father, making a fuss of her every chance he got same month in Manchester. Juvenile court David was put on Good Behaviour, bond for twelve months and fallen six pounds for two cases of common assault but he was also able to find steady work to support his family, David look back on is being happy Friday, Ainsley didn't seem interested in Angela at all one that all Angelina or paid any attention to her and Friday same seemed uncomfortable around. One fraud I nor and Hindley visited David and Marina their home in Gordon Radiant David were outside getting some fresh air after having drinks together while there SOD David, so Joan and aim of red Pullings parents, they say when they leave the few doors from him. David wish them good night Ryan said the same to him.
up the and aim or spoken so said, then the and so that missing go David, nodded Brady, said: So what's the story behind that? What do you think happened to her. David told him, the room is heard that she had run off with a fairground worker or going to a stranger. Right got very interested when David mentioned the police at asking questions about it, you wanted to knowledge Actually what I asked him David finished. but telling Brady. He didn't believe the rumours about pulling because she wasn't that talk to run away. He said the bright he she was quiet noise, not that sort of go at all. November, twenty third nineteen sixty four was the one year anniversary of John Kilbride disappearance and detective Chief Inspector Joseph Nancy renewed the investigation. Nancy was promoted to detective chief Inspector in Ashton and underline earlier that he made
We started checking the backlog of unsolved cases to see there was anything worth looking into again. Came upon Jones case and Court Sheila John's mother. Wasn't before he Gregg with her well what happened to John and Patrick. Her husband had nothing to do with it. Manzi started a campaign to save you could cover any new leads. He re printed. The posters with Johns face made pills on television and the newspapers asking for anyone with information to come forward. He also organized the reconstruction of Jones disappearance at the market. John was played by Danny his brother. As I looked a lot of luck, However, no one came forward with new information. He was so determined to Foreign John, the John became known as Hence his led to the other offices and Aspen underline police station. On Christmas day, nineteen sixty four Friday in Hindley took their eleven year old neighbour, petty too subtle worth more to celebrate,
afterwards that I drive petty home, but then until the more and spent the night while there they play in the new model, and this time they wanted to do things differently. They wanted to take the victim back to him to his house. The next morning, boxing day, nineteen sixty four six months after the murder of Cape Bennett, righty gave Kindlier new record girl, don't come by side issue. Injury dropped. Her green at her sons place into his uncle the boxing day. Celebrations. Well, Henry. We dropping g there Friday night preparations. He set up his camera and lost him. So I didn't delete room and placed a reel to reel tape recorder under her bed. Ensley had given Brady the record of
Christmas Hindley returned after lunch and Tal Brady that she had arranged to pick grain up at nine. Thirty pay him that afternoon, while at the store, they saw posters, advertising, silks, wonderful,. which is exactly where there were headed, but first they went grocer shopping and filled up a couple of cardboard boxes. Then that drove the Hume who, weighing New Manchester City Centre in part the car in an empty side street. They took the cardboard boxes, overloaded, his groceries with them. They walked through the fair. Until I saw a girl by herself staring at the bumper cars, she seemed enthralled by them. Writing Hindley stood behind her for several minutes at a distance to make sure she was alone. When no one came for her. They made their approach The girl was ten year old, Leslie and Downey
we lived in a new council flat at twenty five of walk in encodes, close to Manchester City Centre, She lived with her mother in her mother's partner. Allen, West and three brothers. Marriage to Leslie's, Father, Terence Danny, didn't work out and they split up in early nineteen, sixty four Parents remarried, but still saw his children, often in my Allen, West, a truck driver or she was working as a waitress in Manchester Center They fell in love and moved in together. Isley had wavy dark hair in a bob stall. She was an extra we should go but showed her true colours when singing and dancing He had attended her first dance a few months prior with our oldest brother, Terry, who was fourteen and she had it. crush on one of the band members who played that evening. Terry noticed and I was for a lock of the boys hair Leslie kept safe inside a box in her room Leslie had a clay.
group of friends at school and was very fond of animals, especially her dog rebel. On Christmas, more Wesley had gotten a nurses costume, but though several or games and her favour a small. electric sewing machine Methodist Church children rough, but the chance to have their presence blessed and after breakfast, Leslie took the sewing machine with it that boxing day morning, when Leslie woke up, she found it. You pair of presence on top of a dressing table, a necklace of what bait and a matching bracelet. They were from Terry, who had visited silks, wonderful and at one and for at the shooting gallery, the fair, was less than one kilometer from their home. Personally, put it they play some bracelet on straight away. Then spent the morning playing with a new toys, her mother,
promise she tried. Her had a side dresses for her two favorite doll's Patsy and win lighter that died shortly before four p dot m Leslie put on a cart and left a flat with our younger brother told me he was Dana range together, silks, wonderful, with Missus Cluck believe downstairs. Leslie, good friends with MRS Cox, daughters in particular, wind the clock. But when Leslie and told me he knocked on the door. Mrs Clark said she was too tired to go sewing. All of the children went on their own. but I had to be back home about five p dot m. I thought they all of the children and run out of money plus, as I was at,
be back home anyway. They left the fear and started walking home, but on the way, Leslie stopped and said, I'm going back, she turned around and ran back to the fit before any of the other. Children could say anything at six pay him. A boy who went to school with Leslie saw her at the bump because he didn't notice, Brady and Hindley, who were at a distance watching waiting a few minutes off the six Brady and Hindley Approach to Leslie. They are still carrying the box is filled with groceries and deliberately spoke. A few autumn's next to Leslie, busily turned around and looked at them in Dili gave her a small, and ask Leslie if she wouldn't mind helping them, carry the boxes back to their car Hindley top the reward for hoping and Leslie a great when I got to the car
Hindley asked Leslie. If she would mind helping them tight, the boxes, Hunt, Leslie agreed and got into the front passenger seat easily and bright. He carefully put the boxes Oriental Leslie. We she was blocked from view. Then I drive to English. had unconsciously when I walking inside the house at sixteen water broke Avenue in Dewey, told Leslie to take the boxes upstairs Brady was already up there waiting in english room. Brady turned on the tape recorder to lots of footsteps were heard, entering the room Wesley Hindley. They tried to get Leslie to put a handkerchief and I may have to gag her. Leslie Oster got HUN. She told them she didn't want to get on dressed, though, put the hanky chafing of mouth right. He said I just wanted to take some photographs and as soon as he did as she was told, as soon as she could get a gun,
Leslie knew something awful was happening and kept. Refusing the gag Hindley can be heard on the type saying, shut up or I'll forget myself and hit you one. Keep it in Friday's heard. Saying put it in. If you don't keep that hand down I'll slit. Your throat quitting The recording ended with little drummer boy playing in the background and three loud cracks. the cracks were from Brady opening up the tripod and setting up his camera. The tape recording was I because there was only one socket in the room and Brady needed it for the photography lot. When that was I enjoy ran a for Leslie at Brady's request he wanted to you have any dog cares or other fathers, brainy carried Leslie to the bathroom she'd been strangled with the pace of cod.
Though he claims Leslie was killed by Brady. While she was running the Bob Bradley's, you can he's different in his version. He says, Hindley is the one who killed literally using the pace of court to strangle her. He said Hindley then kept the cord and pulled it out and played with it in public, enjoying the secret knowledge of what it had been useful. After washing Leslie's body Brady, wrapped her in the blood stained bedsheets and carried her to the car, it was like pant pain, Hindley headed for the mall but the weather had turned. It was snowing heavily, and I noticed car slaughtering on the road they decided to turn around and draw back to how to sleep. I still had to pick up grand to Friday, couldn't believe believe. Hindley wanted to pick her up. While I still had Leslie's body
car, so Hindley came up with another idea. She knocked on her uncle s door and told him she couldn't take grand home because the roads were too bad. Her uncle was unhappy but usually left without brain. She drove back home and Brady carried blessings body into the house and put it back on taking the least bad. He set up his dark room and develop the photographs. They listen to the tight together. When I looked at the photos- English begged Brady Destroyed- or once he was done, they finished the north caught up, gathering. The sofa bed in front of the fire. Hindley stated quote that Christmas became the anniversary of many bad memories, not least of all the killing of Little Leslie, and which gives me the deepest shame. Meanwhile, lizards family was becoming desperate. When Leslie turned around and went back to the fair at lone, hey brother Tony continue. Don't I'm secretly, he was high
Leslie changed her mind. What was playing a joke and should be back there waiting for, but she she Their mother even asked tell me what happened when he told her in her partner. Alan immediately went to the fair to look. The They started running back and forth between the fair and the flat looking for her everywhere shouting her night, they search for aliens. They stopped in the clocks flat where he screamed at MRS for not going the children play then went to Mill Street police station to report a disappearance. Only the next morning, Brady carried Leslie S body back to the car. He Hindley drive the subtle worth more brightly got out and cautiously looked around, checking to make sure no one else is present. He then walked off with Leslie the drive home the English Ambrady wash the spade before making breakfast. They then, when picked up great men evening
if the news was reporting, Leslie's disappearance and detectives were searching. The fair the feeling every single, visitor and fairground work worker. They also checked empty houses, abandoned factories and farms in the area two days after the murder, the mansion the evening news ran an all too familiar headlong tracker dogs join joint search for girls. We always open back up the business on Tuesday, the twenty ninth of December Hindley returned to work, and they both Tom found a strange that Brady repeatedly asked him about his door. Her name was also Leslie AIM. Funny you save. Six thousand posters with Leslie spied out had been printed in five thousand flies were handed out in pubs, cafes and shops. Leslie family helped distribute opposed. This implies Neither are we spent very differently for Brady and Hindley. They partied with David Maureen and hinders parents of Nelly.
Brady supplied the alcohol and seemed especially happy you in this, I was kissing Maureen on the trach to wish her good luck in the new eat and the agent striped baby. the angel adorns head is diagnosing six thousand five hundred and twenty nine control record. I dedicated most of its front page to Leslie. With the headline have Usain ten Year Old Leslie be search for lost girl, pulling raid, don't kill broad and Kate Bennett, the real sign. In the same article, Hindley bought the newspaper and lighter that morning there are eleven year old neighbour, Paddy visited them. Hindley, handed the newspaper to Patty and asked her if she'd like to read it. Paddy saw the headline and mentioned that Leslie Leave, Dinera friend of hers, they're, Leslie and Brady had his type recorder on during the conversation Hayden Hindley kept the type one more of this Sudanese Through the first weeks of January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty five
search, continued police officers went to goals and want children about stranger danger. Like the Father, since their partners in the other cases on West was interviewed several times. They flat was turned upside down. but he was eventually ruled out as a suspect in kept Leslie exactly like a daughter had left it. She also went to the police station at least twice. Wait to see if there was any sort of breakthrough. She told the press quote. That is annoying me. I can't sleep or rape. If I close my eyes, I can see her all the time
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Leslie's older brother added, whoever he's holding out Leslie. Please look after her because she would be very sad and ill being away from mom. Former prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill thought on the twenty fourth of January nineteen sixty five Brady hated him for helping putting an end to the third Rock, He bought a bottle of dream buea to celebrate with Maureen and David Hindley fully agreed with Brady stating the best thing Churchill did for Britain was Doin. Maureen and David didn't exactly agree, but they still celebrated with. David found Brady's intellect impressive, but he still teased him for being He called a real square when it came to musical tastes. Italy was get increasingly jealous of David and how he could make Brady laugh and relax in white. She couldn't. In February North end, sixty five Maureen mentions that aim less of you
I offered think reward were one hundred chance to anyone who could provide useful information about Leslie Moraine ended with a lawn. Mother must think a lot of their child into a cracked up laughing. during the investigation into Leslie and the disappearance police would have actually interview six thousand people and falsehood: Leslie came in from everywhere from Blackpool to Belgium in April. Sixty five in doing so, the car and bought a mini countryman which had the same pages. A previous car folding back seats, the guy behavioral space in the region. that month handling Brady Troubled Scotland. Again they invited Patty with them. The pennies mother said no When I returned from Scotland Friday movie The hinges place at sixteen water broke Avenue had permanently a few excited. He saw Patty climbing over a wall at the side of the house. He kissed her of trying to getting to the garden and told her that,
the quarter again, he break breaker back how of a never spoke to bridle Hindley again after that. on April twenty fifth nineteen sixty hundred and five Angela DAWN Marine and David's daughter, daughter of bronchitis. She was six months old, David was working when he was told to go to hospital because Marine was there, he didn't think they could be anything serious, You got there, he was ushered into a room and told his story. the dawn David couldn't understand it. Since he had been playing with her that morning, Angela DAWN was laughing and seemed happy and healthy David was left alone in the hospital room in the ended up destroying it. And then went home pact a suitcase full of his daughter's clothes and belongings and throw it down a railway environment. David and hinders mother Nellie, went to till radiant Hindley the news that were watching tv They had the time writing
reaction, was complete, annoyance at having he's viewing interrupted so, secondly, guacamole out of the house so bright. He could continue watching tv in pace. Maureen and David knew. They couldn't stay in the house when I raised the of DAWN David went to his grandfather's house. He not weak where we spent part of his early childhood and Moraine moved back to Nelly's house in Gordon Hindley and Ambrady attended the funeral, which was held with an open casket when he They saw into a tea spilled from her eyes. she made ITALY clean them up and Morena David not to tell Brady, I couldn't understand why he knew it crawling at her. Niece's funeral would be a problem sobriety he left his sisters alone and walk outside so at first cigarette Friday, yeah. I sitting in the car. David was even more confused when Brady completely ignored him today.
After the funeral, though Brady and Hindley picked up David and Maureen and took them to the mall, but I spent the day drinking when it got dark Friday off asked I have to go for a walk with him. While I gone I told marine to stop crawling about losing Angela gone and the boy sofa dog. Brady took David for a walk and after a while, I told him to stop and stare up at the moon. David did so and I remained at that spot for about ten minutes. and break the silence and said they should get back to the car. The spot I was standing was where John COBRA was buried. Brady and Hindley continued taking David Moore Rainy out, often including more trips to Ceta worth more, David. We're thankful for the ac to help the struck them from losing Angela DAWN I often wondered why Brady got so angry if other people were at Saddleworth more but why he always had define specific spots every time they went
on July, twenty third thousand sixty five and sixty turned twenty three Boring and David moved into a new council flattening how to A few hundred meters away from English, Bridie and Grand Diver Dan Brady became even closer Brady started giving diet books to rate the same ones he chaired with Hindley, except with David at work differently. David, would read the books and write notes about them either. Quoting them making his own assertions from the philosophy shared in each one, it would then chair his knights and thoughts with Brady. David was only seventeen years old and he looked up the Brady. He saw him as Oda following to intellectual and someone who could teach him. David said that before the death of angel at the one right he's, Rance never got to him He was forever going on about. He lost the Nazi Party politics and society in General David. Listen to him talk, but he never took any of it in. But after that,
death of angels dawn. He ate up every word of what Brady said. David visited Brady almost every day at sixteen Water Brook Avenue. Sometimes anyway, would refuse to let him in telling him. Brady was busy how to tell if she would make him wait across the road into brandy was available when she flicked the lots on and off. That was the song that David could going in August. Sixty five Brady Ost David. If you would like to rob a bank at wasn't first time Brady had made this proposal, but it was the first time David listened previously David had ignored, Brady entrench the subject, but now united Money but I might have planned to rob the Williams and Glenn's bike like I did on Ashton, all growed full tank. what, as away from the head, is Leigh play the driver and Brady and David would take care of the rest. David Solomon was the Titan nights of arrivals and departures from the bank, paying particular
to win the cash vain arrived David spent, An entire diet saw the bank taking notes when he gave them the bride. He barely glanced at them. He then put them aside, like I wasn't important. That was as far as bank robbery got. one night soon after though, having a drink together and drink session. Friday pointed a gun at David. He said This is how easy it is to kill. Look at me then, look at the gun. Look at the fucking young David was petrified and looked at the gun, Friday continued Talkin look into the hall with the gun you're not going to say it coming blink and you won't even know of you. Look at the fucking gun you're about to die. A second light, a bright pulled the trigger, but it wasn't loaded Brady said, That's how easy these days, you just have to press the fucking trigger.
at the end of August, Maggie and Patrick Brady's, mother and stepfather moved from their house in Westmoreland Street and on September, Eighteenth Brady, Hindley traveled back to Scotland In Glasgow, he would walk through the straits and try strangers for no apparent reason at one point that crossed tall walking alone and Hindley looked at him and asked. Don't you want to do another one Brady replied, he'd, never kill one of these. Henry was worried. She felt bribing had been acting strangely, revealing too much the David slyly, letting him into their inner sanctum. Nineteen sixty five during another drinking session rightly said to David, what's wrong with killing somebody. If you're to accept responsibility for your actions. He continued. That the victim's family had a right to kill you afterwards if they wanted, because that was only fair, he told them
I bet that God doesn't exist, because if he did, he wouldn't have let Angela dawn dawn. He then said, listen to me off killed. I've done it. I know what it's like Brady could say, David, didn't, believe him and said Do you think I'm lying? Don't you you think, I'm a line cut, but it's been done off killed more than once, but you don't believe me maggots there all fucking maggots. David raised his eyebrows ambrady tried again taken beating I've got photographing proof Can you set on one of the graves started rambling, that the right way to do it was to choose. People live the age of sixteen, because police didn't give as much importance to them and, if possible, try and choose victims who are jewish or gay. Brady specifically mentioned targeting Manchester Central Railway Station, along with gay bars to find victims.
He also told David, you should place a plastic shade in the car tight, Youtube everything and kill the person in a place where you have full control, Brady finished with the words it will be done again David didn't believe a word of what he said on they are Toby. Six. Nineteen sixty five ten months. stopped in the Motor of Leslie and Danny Brady gave him to lead a new, regular, its whole life in you, baby, Boo, By Joan Baez I went to work finishing at four When I got home, Friday walked the dogs, and then I got ready to go way up. I left I'm at eight p dot m. Hindley joined them interest, the Central railway station and let Brady out she stayed with a car but didn't pay for parking. A police officer knocked on a window. Hindley explain that she was waiting for her boyfriend who was inside at the bar and she be leaving soon. The officer gave her a warning,
said that she wasn't gone, but it's only came back in Booker at the station Friday went to the bar. He tried to open the door a few times until a teenage boy approached him and told him. It was closed. The boy was seventeen year old, Edward Evans, Edward LIVE fifty five Addison straight you not week, which was due for demolition. The following me I lived with his mother Edith, his father John and a brother and sister since May that year had been working as a junior machine operator. He worked hard and after work, you ought to get a Abbas with friends. He was tall slim and had brown hair, a friend of Edwards, described him as sociable with a smart sense of dress. Edward Was also very keen on football and was an avid fan of Manchester United going to watch them an adult traffic. The teams homestead you and me- parents often worried about him as he went out nights, but he reassured them but can handle any trouble,
Edward was at work during the day of Wednesday October. Sixth, when he finished, shift. He went home and told his parents. He would be going to a pub in town with a friend he had dinner. Then went to his room and changed into a watcher. Janes grants, white shoes and his favorite jacket before leaving home at six. Fifty nine p m Edward went to aunties bar on Oxford rode his friend, turned up, so we had a drink and then left he had neither the central station two kilometers away, he tried into the bar there, but found out it was closed. Hungary, Andy aside for a little wall into that's when he saw Brady trying the door. after Edward Tall Brady. The bar was closed. They got chatting Edward said there was nowhere else to go to get a drink sobriety invited him back to he's. Placing had his leave Edward accept that he's invitation.
Brady walked Edward back to the car and introduced him into Hindley according Eddie. He told Eddie, Hindley was a system. English then drive them back to sixteen water, Brook Avenue When they got inside, briny told Hindley to get David to join them for a drink. fifteen p m the buzzer went off at Marine and David's flat level. Both in bed in Marine got up to answer Maureen. Let him gleam and David got out of bed as well. Italy said she come to give Maureen a message to tell mother, Nellie she'd, say her on the wakened not before, because she didn't have time. Mooring was totally confused and asked why the fuck she had gotten a man bad to tell them that we said she just wanted to make sure she pass the message on before she forgot. She then asked I the Walker Home, since it was so dark and light David agreed and took a stick with him that had string tawdry on the end.
When I got to sixteen Water Brook Avenue, ITALY tell David to stay on the other side of the road and white for the lot and at the freak twice before going into the house, David agreed great and waited A moment later, the watchword twice and David went to the front door right. He answered and asked in an unusually large voice. Do you want those miniatures David was confused but nodded his head. Right. You let him inside and walking to the kitchen, which was directly opposite the front door right. gave him three miniature bottles of one and ASP. Do you want the rest, David again noted not exactly sure what was going on Friday then disappeared from the kitchen and David whited two minutes light at It had a screen seconds later. There was another screen then another before. when he heard Hindley you dive help him
if it ran to the living room, where the screens were coming from. It's crazy how it came from Edward Evans, who had his legs sprawled out on the floor and he's back against the size of it. Looking up Friday, standing over him hitting him with an axe for an over again while screaming at him. I can dirty bastard, Edward tried to crawl to a nearby table to hide underneath the bride. He grabbed his legs and dragged him back out. He kept hitting him with the axe. during the attack. Their dogs walked in the living room. Brady screamed at keenly get the fucking dogs away from the blood writing
I knelt down and strangled Edward when he was done. Brady stood up, looked at his hands covered in blood OOP at Hindley and said: that's it the messiest one. Yet David couldn't move, he was paralyzed with fear until Brady suddenly walked over and handed him the axe he said, fill the fucking way to that. How did he take it? David grabbed the axe and smiled Fuck me out on a Friday small packet David before a new scream interrupted them. There was grand goodbye. Sleeping upstairs in her room she, but then I would all the noise was about. Anyway, oh dear, that you got something on foot, then she now The brain his ankle was actually badly hurt. She asked it was over on Friday, he was born and he must have accidentally hit himself with the axis some point. He told him to lead to bringing the cleaning stuff
While he knew he was gone. He told David. There was a hole in the wall by the fireplace that had been left by the axe after it hit Edward's head. He asked David the gallant feeling A moment later, Brady knelt down on top of Edward again and went through his clothes while he was doing so David watched A Edward pants were open and unseen. Brainy found a wallet, opened it and started reading aloud David Edward Evans Apprentice to associated electrical industries, limited traffic park. The fuck his name was Edward Evans, Eddie do you know him Dave? same age as you when he's from Ardwick as well denote David said he didn't enjoy. He returned with a plastic sheet and a blanket. The three of them firstly sent for any commotion, your sword from neighbours in case they heard Edward screams when they didn't hear anything like covered it with body in time.
Edward, had received for blows from the acts. Brady said he wanted to tie up Edward but didn't have any robe David off. in the string that was attached to a stick, Brady grabbed it and got diver, They help him time up. Bright, instructed David on what to do. They put his legs up against his chest. So are you? the fatal position they then running in the blanket when they finished they stopped for cigarette all Hindley prepared everything to clean the room. rightly said the David who finish up in here and then get a cup of tea and say how does that sound he said that have to live with body in english room for the night. With the help of David, they have lifted. Half dragged Edward up. The stairs while Hindley made sure grains door stay close by, doing sorry sign.
And we started laughing and all that we didn't find it funny David Thodey, betel off to. In Hindus room, they placed Edward beneath the window, brainy stared Deanna these body before placing some books on top of it. Three of them cleaned up the blood from the living room with wet pieces of cloth David couldn't get past the smell of death that covered the entire place. He knew he playfully hit David with one of the wet blood soaked cloths at one point, Bribie started Playing with the axe again before putting in a way in its carry a back once they finished they sat together and had a cup of tea, just as Brady had said they would Brady asked Hindley Mara. How did he take that will? Do you think.
Kindly answered that one. I love, but you could say the blow register in his eyes, Friday asked how they would carry the body to the car since he had hurt his ankle pretty badly. David came up with a solution. He said they could put him in angel adorns, praying Brady and Hindley both laughed at the idea. but consider that a good one and we often david another cup of tea, and he said now you should get back home for marine suspicious. Before leaving David said in Canada. Be off but say flight around a Hindley responded with a small. Yes, you will I ve been left sitting water broke avenue. What three I am, he believed the bright in doing more still be watching him, so he remained calm and walked casually. Until I got out of sight, he then sprinted David had been acting. Telling Brighton
really what they wanted to he. He said the only reason he helped them clean up. That card is because he believed he would be murdered but she went along with it. it wasn't wrong. Eva righty had said, the killing David only one month earlier rightly said We thought of David's domestic problems, David and more rain had been falling because more rain was pregnant. Again, David thought it was too soon after Angela Dawns death brain. Show David's relationship with more rain as a floor in his character and something that would eventually ruin his plans. So we told him to lie. I should get rid of him. I don't play until we would do it taking for a draw and blow his head off however, there was Hindley, you told righty out of it a shade and want to do that to a system David go back to his flat that morning he ran straight to the bathroom and threw up Maureen heard him and no boy sword, assuming he had drunk too much alcohol, but David told her. He hadn't been drinking
He walked to the living room, untold moraine, to sit down. He told the story it in going to the fauna details, but just enough to let I know he had witnessed the matter was confused and started asking if sister was aura. David said she's all right, but she's part of it didn't he. He me go she's part of it. ring was still very confused by what she was hearing and began. Crying David waited a few me. Its before telling her medicine as it was daylight, and there is movement in the street. They can't find the police from the nearby phone books. They left their flat just off the six. I am October seventh. Nineteen sixty nine David took sixty four in the screwdriver with him for protection The nearest telephone box was a block away on here, he'll road diamond dog triple nor And the call was logged at six or seven. I am
The operator asked why one of the police David answered That it was an emergency indeed explain when they got there. The operator great, descended David and Maureen hid behind a fence while they waited David called again, You mean it's like. I d, make sure, though, still coming when the place can't turned up the offer. It was shocked when David and Maureen sprinted towards him and made a frantic attempt to open the doors. The doors were locked said I couldn't get in. The officer eventually come them down and allowed them into the car to kill the north in the Screwdriver David was carrying before drawing than to hide police station. At this time So now, given a cup of tea, the office of you pick them up I'll stay with what happened David at first, I quiet unable to say,
I think until he was able to get the words out, it's murder. He started telling the story to the officer and when he was done, the officer asked him. If the body was still that David nodded and said it was upstairs. The officer, unless the room they also medical to be supervisor, he Superman so a range for detective sergeant, Alex Car and Superintendent Robert Talbot to speak the David and mooring they took him, of David and although they had their doubts, about a story. They went to Head league to check it out, Talbot winning one vehicle to take you, car and officer in fairly went in and other vehicle to us because we use the block of the Strait David was taken in one of those I write that Sixteen Waterproof Avenue about eight I am red delivery. Vain was driving through the straight as they arrived and tell it stop it.
however, to ask him if he could borrow his white coat and a basket of bread. The driver, great talent, This caused himself as the bread delivery man and walked to the rear of the house and knocked on the back door. Hindley answered. She gave him a strange look since you didn't bother particular brand of bread. Cabin asked tingly. Does your husband in ITALY responded? I haven't husband, Talbot put down the breadbasket, took off the white coat, said on the Palais, superintendent and I'll have reason to believe that there is a man in this house injury nor those any meaning thought tat. Said. He had reason to believe she was lying and walked in the soon as he walked in Hindley, gave up his story and said in the other room car and fairly entered the house through the front doors tablet walk through the back door by fear already sitting on the sofa in the living room. Writing a letter in
He had this to say about that moment. Never forget his face. When I took the police to the living room the morning after the murder of Edward Evans, it was expressionless, as it often was. but I saw him all my shrink before my eyes: hopeless and powerless. That was all live. Tell the Brady that were investigating a report of an act of violence that had occurred in the house. The night before radio and silent and at them it was Hindley who spoke saying, there's nothing wrong. He Talbot said he wanted to inspect the house. Hindley didn't object. Italy led tab it upstairs. I first went into grants room brain wanted to know what the police were. There. Henry said she would bring her a cup of tea, lighter and explain. Tab and nothing out of the ordinary in Gran Torino, ITALY, then
the tab it into the bathroom way again found nothing. When they got to him to leave the door was locked, he'll explain she kept the locked because she stood far out in there and she couldn't open it, because the key was in office at me. They walked back down stairs. Tell the said I couldn't live until they expected him to his room. He asked brighter you ve had a gay pride, he remained silent. volume, it's at work, told him to put a on. She was going with them to mill to get the cake he refused tell, would it fairly to escort him later millwards but fear. We had another suggestion, just kick the door and tablet sobriety off the Philly suggested this Friday still said nothing Phillies it again. Chicken the door Hindley saw they weren't getting out of it. She looked a bright. He said you better tell them.
Rennie stood up and spoke for the first time he explained that he had fought with Eddie the night before, and things got out of hand. His body was in english room he told Hindley to give them the case she had in her purse. Car entered into his room and saw Edwards bodies the wrapped up in the blanket with appalling books. On top the acts was next to his body in the carry a bag. they went back to the living room until Brady they'd seen the body and he would be going with them too hot police station for further questioning cost. Caution brady that he didn't have to say anything but bright. He interrupted him, yes or no. He was then officially placed under arrest Talbot inspected Hindilinks room further in fancy gowns, which were fully loaded Brady had always playing that if they ever go court that have shootout with police, but the police had caught them off guard and the guns were locked away when I turned up
enjoy wasn't arrested, but she wanted to go to the police station with Brady Talbot That would be unnecessary, but Hindley insisted. So but a range for her to be taken in a separate come around Many were also made for grain to be sent out where, with adult glassy, while the police continued their investigation, ITALY took her. The pop up with her and walked outside with writing, Brady was able to whispering hurry. It's also the wall now. Brady was handcuffed around one wrist and the other cuff. The curate around office of families, wrist neighbours at a gathering at so to say what was going on, a car drove past. It was the place that David was in Finally, by saw him right smiled and nodded. Hindley gave David a hook of hatred, inside the car. One of the officers us David is that end David nodded. That's them.
Right. He was taken to an interview room with current fairly rainy repeated. What he had said at the house. It was just a fortnight got out of hand a great to make a full statement. He said he my Edward in Manchester, when I had a few drinks before returning to his house in how does leave things got out of hand. And they ended up in a fought David five to allow fighting and he ended up hitting Edward with a stick and kicking in bright. He had heard his ankle during the thought and when Edwin went to attack him again, he picked up the axing HEAT Edward with it to protect himself when he reeled, was tat. He had killed Edward. I taught him up im upstairs and then cleaned up all of the blood I planned on getting rid of his body that next morning, but the place or and he made sure to emphasise that Hindley didn't participate at all. He stated we thought of the body. Diving die. Nobody else help. That afternoon, Hinsley Hindley was taken into an interview room. The first
question I asked her was this morning Man's body was found in your house. Who is that person until he responded? and I'm not saying anything asking in my story. The same as aliens. The police continued asking questions Italy told them that I had all gone to the moors, the previous night, which was already the Bradys Manchester story police. would you care to tell me what happened at your house last night Hindley all I'm saying is that I didn't do it and I didn't do it. we're involved in something we didn't. Do we never left a cello? We never do. What happened last night was an accident. It should never have happened. Police an accident. If what you say is true. It's in your interest to tell the truth of what it happened anyway, she'll go ahead, I'll scan, My story is the same as he's to do within because what he has done. I have done police
Do you understand how serious this is Ensley? but on this allegation came from David Smith, who is a lawyer and probably testified. He saw everything but didn't police How did Edward come to be inside your home? Hindley I've told you but for I'm not saying anything. Italy's interrogation ended at four thirty pay him by that time. Its mother Edith. Was it hard police station to identify his sons body she left in tease, she could parts with Hindley on the way out, detective, as we seem to lie at the time and said, she was totally lacking in emotion. She never, read any remorse at any time. When I spoke to her, she was hard and evil. but follow just Charles Saint Hill, first inspected, Edwards body in English room the books that body placed on the body where the Red brain a collection of horror, titles,
among women, only a collection of post war, tiles from ITALY and the road ahead, a collection of children's poet, That all had been distorted beyond recognition. his trousers, we're on fastened any one of these pockets. There was a letter from a girl named windy, Wendy did written. A friend of hers was interested in a friend of Edwards like a place off came out for her. She, I told at she missed him and hoped he would be visiting sometimes soon above his signature. She gave lots of kisses. An entire team of offices kind through the house looking for evidence, I fancy What's a lot clothing to type record as with types hundreds of photographs and negatives at Autzen Photo album to lighted guns bullets in a cardboard box and do they carry a bag containing the app but it killed Edward. The letter that bride he had been riding in the living room when police entered was addressed, the Tom Fridays and English boss at Millwood,
It was rotting that he had a bad ankle after an accident on his motorbike, and you would have to say it. At six thirty pm, detective chief superintendent, Arthur Benfield, arrived at the house. Filled with head detective of Cheshire County, which haunt a station with pot over the tone Benfield had already been at the house that morning but returned to make sure nothing had been overlooked. Other offices, still coming through the house and hadn't gotten to hinder these current Penfield searched, car and found a wallet inside the wallet with ratio sheets of paper written on the paper were bright instructions on how to clean up after the murder to get rid of forensic. Right. He had used the privations and code word but Ben fields to recognise that as a blueprint for murder, Ben Feel, took the sheets of paper with him back to haunt police station and showed them to brighten brightest Once was the ask about Hindley but Benfield
going about what was written on the paper Brady admitted he'd written it but said he did so after Edwards Motor Benfield ask him about the abbreviations in coats? Bright include some of them up. lot about others. Ben fields. Last question was why Brady had written guns on the list when the murder was committed. With an Ax Brady said, for if anybody had seen us bearing the body the guns with a self protection Ben field ended his interview with bright. He had a twenty p m and eventually with the murder of Edward Evans. Friday was given the charge form on which he wrote a stand on this Made this morning he signed it and was and taken to the basement cells for the note after charging, Brady Benfield went fittingly. We have been waiting stations contained since her interview, Wendy doorway. That afternoon she'd been visited by her mother Nellie and her uncle, who played with her to tell the truth and early police theory.
was the injury was a sex workers and bright. He killed Edward because he refused to pay. They took her clothes for inspect. as well as samples of her saliva blood and hair, the sample, show did. She shared the same blood group is Edward Ben fuelled entered the campaign and approached Hindley. He was straight to the point: would you locked the science about the motor industry. Not until you, let me say, aim Penfield. he's been charged with murder and will be in court tomorrow morning anyway, then I'll be in and I'll see you after of scenery, Penfield gonna go I told her? She couldn't return the sixteen border Brook Avenue. Since the house was still being examined we asked way brandy would be spending the. When and fuelled answered in a cell. There was the first time injuries. Hot expression changed. One of worry. As Hindley left the station with Nellie that cross parts with David and mooring knowing They gave them by the look of hatred. Now we can see
at what Maureen had done to her sister as betrayal to the family. David a morning had been questioned the entire day and night. David name actually paid as part of brightness disposal plan. On the three shaped Paper David said, He had no idea why Brady included in it never saying the sheets of paper before. I don't know this house into a read the Manchester Evening NEWS and saw there was a column on the front page that already talked about her. The heads on red, fountain hills, murder,. I mentioned her and grants name, but they didn't mention Brady's name, at ten, a dot m the next day, Friday October, eighth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty five Friday, a p that hard magistrate's court. The main thrust of evening news reported the event as follows: at a threat, Hearing a man was charged with the murder of Edward Evans, as they left the dock and noted that the blond woman friend thought the Brady's first Break court appearance and we went to high police station with adult puppet. She asked
sobriety and I'll spit. She could have a car back by four quest for the knot. Wallow. This was going on. Detectives were trying to find out more Talbot and benefit concentrated on Edward trying to work here We had a connection to brighten. They spoke to. With family and friends, showing them a picture of Brady, but no one recognized him. Detective fairly, went to know what's to search breeding in the least office and Tina he then coworkers He didn't learn much from them. Other than Brighton Hindley, kept mostly to themselves any statement David Smith said that Brady bragged he had killed before the murder of Edward Evans and had specifically mention that taking people from Manchester to the MOSS, Manchester police search through missing person, cases and found three that jumped out of them pulling rate casement and Leslie and Danny Jung Killbros.
Taken from Ashton underline that was part of a different jurisdiction. Lancashire can sustain just a place, didn't Lincoln. Detective chief Inspector John Terror from Manchester City police visited hot police station to learn more about. I Brady. On the morning of Saturday October, North Hindley returns God police station in another attempt to say Brady Penfield grabbed her took her into his office, he asked a more questions, but all Hindley would size and didn't do it and I didn't do it Penfield asked then, who did I'm not saying nothing to love, seen a solicitor. a meeting was arranged with a solicitor for Monday in Hindu. I left the station. You went to a loan and then to her office in Millwards Pebble, storm arrived a little later. He told Hindley bright it would never be allowed to enter mill woods again, but she could keep her job.
heavily actually requested to be let go since she could climb the doll. Why do that Saturday? The investigation changed for good fairly was going through a notebook belonging to Brady's, I found it. Sixteen border Brook Avenue the pages that contain the names of actors and other characters. He saw name that jumped out the him John Broad, Fairly immediately remembered John as the boy who had gone missing from Ashland market back in November, nineteen sixty three Ashton under and police were mediately notified. Detective chief, Spectre, Joe Nancy couldn't get a quick enough. He went through brides notebook and then asked to speak the David Smith we ve been questioned. I've a tenuous each day since Brady's arrest, David was, taken back and forth between hard police station and Manchester Police station said: Diana Reenactment of the killing and clean up at sixteen Water Brook Avenue.
David felt, no one believed him and he was being traded more, a suspect than as a witness that all changed man sees arrival diamond play the Mansi, listen to him state of having immediate suspicion of like the others. He, despite patience and understanding. After speaking to David Man's, he asked to inspect the photographs founded the house. He thought some of them didn't seem right is now a pitcher of mostly the one in particular to me ass. He was of hindering car next, the black rocks on the more here The David mentioning bodies being buried on the more so ass he said, will do what Brady did bloody will dig he's a period at us than on the lawn agreed, but better thought it was a needle in a haystack job. Since the moors was an area of four hundred square miles,. the search of the moors began on Sunday October, tenth
on thirty pm. Manzi entails took David and more rain and drive to the boys. They went to wood as they believed that was impossible, burial location since brightest disposal plan he had written w height When I go there, If David a selection of photographs, he picked out that he believed were At point is the burial sites David I did them, then pass them to marine to say she recognized something, but no There are at a point at a specific place, said added searching randomly He was determined to fawn John. As we know Joe. Play nicknames Nancy Slide, led by offices at Ashton on the lawn playstation. in order for John family about the discovery of his name in Brighton Night Book, Mamsie, Spam countless hey. I was searching the more he was trying to The fact is to the specific spot they being been taken, but it was now Crazy task, given the four hundred Square mall area.
What barely saw him during this period. The afternoon of Sunday October, Tent Hindley went to sea Grant who was thing with Nellie and nobody knew Lava Bill Meliot separate it from him to his father, the spot. the house during the modem and at other times when writing Hindley would cleaning up off the previous vote is Grand said she knew nothing. Henry's father didn't want anything to do with say to her or more rain, because they knew about Nelly's affair with bill and didn't tell him On Monday morning October, Eleventh Hindley met its Patrick Righty solicitor She told him she went along with what Brady said about Edward after this waiting police tried the question Hindley again, but she said It sounds and refused to say anything at all. was police for highlighting areas of interest with yellow paint. Manzi went through five negatives. He had found that he believed would point to at least one burial side.
I must search was organised that involved all police forces in the area. The joint tredick from up a meal, the largest which in Saddleworth was brought over to help since he knew the area. Well, Okay thanks. I am that afternoon Cyril and Manci question Friday about two of the missing children, John Kill, broad and Kate Bennett. He kept pressing Brady about John Brady said I've read about him. I think but I don't know anything of him. The two detectives focused on Brady's disposal plan and to specific words, It appeared on the sheets of paper periodic clearly unmoved if this term worked as a reminder to check that the burial sites hadn't been touched, Brady shrugged them and said it's only to do with Evans.
A three p m: that afternoon Hindley was charge being an accessory to Edwards murder. Hindley said she had nothing to say until she saw Brady Solicitor. Henry was escorted out of the interrogation room and into so in the basement where her mouth is taken. It was then taken back upstairs to have fingerprints them a policeman. And told her. She should confess, because it wasn't worth sacrificing myself for me, usually kept looking forward and didn't say brow. He was questioned extensively for the rest of that afternoon. At one point, Nancy said to him: But I think you have feelings at all my feelings, you got a for your dog will destroy your. and maybe you'll realize what it's like to lose, something you love he remained silent, Manzi stood up. And as he was leaving the room, he called Brady a Boston before forced The door shut The interview ended at eight pm and Bing.
Mr event, a richly remained centre shift. the calamitous west of hard police station heavily. Driven to Risley remained centre as well in a different car, buy the placing Separate rooms from other inmates. Word was already out that they were being investigated for the murders of children, and there were few I too wanted to get their hands on them. On Tuesday morning or turbid, twelve, a prison officers handed Hindley a letter from Brady in the list, Briny told her. He would be given life imprisonment and he wouldn't be able to bear it So he wanted had to be brave black Emmy Goering. the former wife of Herman Goering Good, a leading member of the Nazi Party, Emmy Hosted many nazi events and dubbed herself, the first lady of the third rock in north forty six. when was going to be hanged, but instead He took cyanide and committed suicide radios. killing Hindley? He would have the same destiny and that is dead. Is
once on, her, would ease and should be able to begin a new life without him on that ass long. He right he loved her in German. We asked the governor racially, she could say Brady before their first court appearance and her request was granted. they met in a room without separated by shade of class but he was wearing a suit he was arrested in and smaller twinning Talking Blake was imprisoned, clothes. She said citing their clothes for court. Briny told her to visit Riesling lobby to keep in mind of things before asking. if she was able to get rid of the receipt for the suitcases stored at the luggage department in Manchester Central Railway station English. Head and said she wasn't unable to go back for it, because police have been guarding the house the entire time. for the luggage story, ten bay found but police, I found the receipt for the rental level. What Ford register number ninety seven five Andy on November twenty third nineteen sixty three
same day, John Kilbride disappeared and of Manchester City police. John till got together with the head of Cheshire County out the Benfield and the head of. You should carry that compared they missing person falls and looked for possible links. The bright in ITALY. They usually came up with twelve cases which they narrowed down to eat those eight included junkie abroad, Kate, Bennett, pulling grade and Leslie at the MOSS offices were searching for pushing sticks into the ground. There would, then, if end of the stakes and if the end, the smell of putrefaction No, there was a body in that spot Rosa able to identify a few of the locations in the photographs, but no bodies were found in those spots. report is heard about the search and I started arriving in large numbers, Chester evening. News posted two articles that day one headlined police,
Mr De Gaulle, Moors and the other forensic men comb terrorist house of secrets, at sixteen Waterbrook Avenue. Forensic experts went through the house and found the blood on the skirt coat and shoes You won't the night of Edwards murder when twenty five I am on Thursday October following Manzi Interior, Is it a grisly, remain centre and question Hindley again Nancy I've been told you visit, addressed in market regularly forever to use, particularly on Saturday afternoons and it was there that John kill broad was lost same Hindley. It's not true males. a girl called Leslie and Danny? Who is ten has been missed and from her home since boxing day last year, she was saying on a fairground of human life in Manchester. About half past four in the evening ITALY stared at Manzi. For a moment before asking what are you suggesting, Manzi
do you know anything about her disappearance Hindley. I don't know. Anything about her. I've never been near a fairground, Graham. After questioning, Hindley Manzi Interior moved on their Brady. They some of the pieces and asked where whether were taken. He did name some of the spot. They then asked him about The allegations David had made about Brady bragging about other murders and burying the bodies on the more brightly didn't respond. Same day, Hindley write a letter to Elsie mastered her neighbor water broken you to ask her to take care of puppet Elsie, contacted the policeman. ideally not because of the letter because she realised through eleven year old daughter, Patty had gone with bright in ITALY to the more several times and she might be, to help them in their search
Thirty p dot m on Friday October 15th to detectors picked up Patty from school and driver to the mole, tiny, tell them to drop through Greenfield Pasta, Clarence Pub Guy ran the lost, bend and stop at the salon. petty than pointed at the rocks of HOLLAND Brown. Now she told the tactics this is. spot, Brady Hindley always took her to one of the detectives grabbed the map so that western than head was only a few kilometres away from the spot, and maybe that was the W H Brady, was referring to in his disposal plant Three p m: that afternoon research was moved from wood had to hold them brown now the spot, a twenty kilometers away from each other three buses filled with This is along with Bob Police cars arrived at Columbia now and re mock certain places to be searched. The following day ass. She was driven home, Patty told the detectives two more things. She said she then our with Hindley sitting in a car while Brady was in the more, is carrying a spite.
And that's remembered visiting the exact spot she had just pointed out on Christmas day, nineteen sixty four one day before Leslie and Downeys disappearance that afternoon you're right that at embryo now and took out some of the photographs he realized but the black rocks in the area match the ones in some of the fire is that, according to the tension, he felt better in the rights spot. Meanwhile, detective car and fairly question David again dive compliant you'd already told them everything he knew, but at one point as he was going through the same story, He mentioned Brady had a thing for railway stations this last resonated with car at police station and feel was shouting wanting to run the entire investigation up as the HIM, the only victim was Edward Evans. And I already had not only his killer, but a person
acting as an accessory to his mother. As far as he was concerned, the investigation was done, but I didn't listen He may cause the different railway stations and asked each place to check their luggage department. While he was in his office. Making these calls been was screen. Man see that he added they more data search, the more than that was it. It was over, but one year later everything changed coffee and the suitcases In response to a call made from car, an officer from the british transport police found Friday suitcases in Manchester Central Railway stations, luggage storage, the office opened one of Friday suitcases and described what he I opened. One we're all sorts of things inside Jim Books, pornographic magazines, a gun and north a caution, and there was a type, a real to real type
replied a bit of it. I don't know what it was, but there was a Don't go crying for a moment we switched off. It was terrible. Cardiff until been filled his discovery at first, because he didn't trust him then fill with screaming that it was all the big wasted time and they needed to move on. went to Manchester Central and collected the suitcases and took them back to haunt police station car and fairly went through the contents. I found photographs of a little go in all of them. Scarf pulled taut way around her face and she wasn't wearing anything other than socks and shoes. They knew anyway and Brady won't going anyway said it, so did you call it or not and go back through the contents more thoroughly? The next day they didn't
who the girl was in the fight ice and identifying her would be that number one priority. I didn't have to wait. Long fairly went to Carl's house for dinner that North Halsted Skywatchtv Watch TV and a graph of Leslie and Downey appeared on the screen is part of a special broadcast about the case. They just identified the Girly Brady suitcase. Car review these findings and ex morning All the same. Detectives from the different jurisdictions argued that I should take possession of the suitcases and laid the investigation but Ben feeble. having none of it? He suddenly turned These two and declared he was in charge because he's offices appeared the suitcases and Brady and in kingly in his custody,. The suitcases were searched more thoroughly. The blue suitcase case, though the following books, the eighty six sexual anomalies and perverse. It's cradle of erotica, the sex jungle, the jewel in the Lotus
confessions of a mosque death row into camel werewolf in Paris, the perfume garden sexes, Paris, vision. Twenty eight satin legs in the letters are here Stockings the loss and do ideals of Marquis De Sade, which is wrapped up inside the daily Mirror Newspaper the kiss at the with the Tropic of cancer and another book wrapped up inside a newspaper morning, but a dolphin The are also soft porn magazines notes, papers and insurance and a text form of Brady's string and hasty type, a communion belt, a lottery ticket in the name of David Smith's Father bullets a black week and a diary belonging to Brady from that year. Nineteen sixty five, Inside the brown suitcase, there was another diary that belonged to Brady from nineteen sixty two Hindley
story from nineteen sixty four Brady's birth certificate, letters between Brady and Hindley, more pornographic magazines, a notebook that belonged to Brady A can a shoe lace. Another k, wrapped up in a cloth, a box that had a caution, saw it as well as a black mosque. Another Koch that had the word you Reiko written on it two knives, one of which was a Nazi ss know of a study on Jack, the ripper, a pamphlet
family planning that was addressed, taking these old house on banning street, but to another woman. Fifty four fight, I negatives, fifty four federal prince and two types: a real to real type quota, was brought into the office and the detective started playing the types. The first one kicked off with bright. Changing German, then marching music, followed with a green sketch, followed with a talk about him up from the baby, say programme any questions and then suddenly the lost track started with a loud scream of Leslie and Danny Pack Clayton, an officer who closely with Manzi said this about the type I heard the type many many times, and it was probably more horrendous. The more you heard them Well, you could understand what was being said. It got worse. Detective. car return time that not sat on a chair and started crying. He said I thought
at the little girls voice on the tape and about how I would feel if that had been more daughter. Hindley was a willing partner in the atrocities that were taking place. According to Benfield, that same day was supposed to be the last day of the search on the Moors Saturday. what time sixteenth, nineteen sixty. Fourth, the rest of the his forces had given up on finding anything but Nancy started. Searching ugly, believing it Saint John. He said my boys out there, Man, you organize the Gruber, told people from Ashton and, along with a few more joining in from a neighbouring station robot species, one of the officers who was searching kept looking up at the hills that we need more. He had a feeling there was something there, but he didn't say anything and he kept on searching where he was taught at midday. Manzi left the moss and another detective was put in charge of the search,
Two hundred and thirty p dot M equal to search off, and I started packing up fees realize that if you wanted to go with these guy, it was nail whenever you decided to go up the hill when he go, He was unable to say much because of a heavy missed, as he was heading back. He saw a sort of pond with something. What's sticking out of it, he went in to take about a look but couldn't make out what it was. So we got the stick. and poked. The water was too dirty to say anything properly, but there was an pairing smell. He ran back to meet up with the rest of the offices and told the detective in charge that he went up the hill to take a peace, and the advance only speak got a rod and headed back up the hill The detective in charge started following after him with the rest of the tank, all of them grumbling until speed shred them what he called the what we during team that stuck out of the water the office has started
It seemed to drain the pond as thou doing so. The detective in charge told speech. He was an idiot and I should have been heading back by now, but instead that was stuck there for what was probably a shape that wasn't the what withering thing as the scroll it was beat, was the mutilated forum of a child along with it, the officers came upon a tartans good, I could choose and their remains of a body. There was one photographer left of the same and Seeing the movement of the offices, he asked what they found, they told him. It was just the shape, but the telegraphic kept hanging around the world she's didn't want the news YAP Josh yet said they created version. I split up into two groups, the first reporting to avail. and drive back to Ashton under Lyne the photographer followed them. The second group stayed hidden inside a second bin waiting until the photographer was gone.
They then called Manzi from their clients pub and told him what I'd found Nancy drive back to the more and took him to the spot, Manzi, copper, pathologists and providing intense the pathologists who attended the same Professor Paulson head of forensic medicine at Leeds University and his colleague David Davidji, who would lie to become the head pathologist in the Yorkshire Ripper case. I had found the body of the Leslie and Danny she had her clothes piled on top of her face. There was the blue coat, the pink cardigan, the tartan, skirt socks, shoes and white plastic bait from the necklace her brother one. Jane? I did that the skeleton remains of the left arm, which was the arm speeded thing, was extended above her head in the hand, was missing, The right arm was beneath the body, and bite of legs were flexed too made her head just hear. Brady had instructed David Smith to tired with them.
Her entire body was naked and one of the detectives at the same was surprised at the fact that half her body was perfectly preserved and half of it was unrecognizable in his own words. One half was destroyed now features. Leslie S, Leslie's body was transported to the more training up an ill. as more than was conducted by G Paulsen and a third pathologist J concluded smothering was less least causing death pleasant. His mother was brought into a dinner for her body. Upon seeing her said. For some reason, the sheet had been drawn up to hide the right sort of her torso and face she looked beautiful. She seemed to be asleep her dark, curly hair spilled out over the protective shape.
I winced, as I saw the swelling around her lips. It was as if she had bitten hard on them. Leslie lie so silently. She had always been a quiet go, but the silent stillness was something I had not experienced before. This was the absolute and faunal stillness of death. My Leslie was dead, but I knew it now. I knew it, but could not accept that and asked the touch Leslie or to take a lock of her hair with her, but she wasn't allowed to when she got home. The press was waiting for her. Robert spears found out about the body's identity from the news. He said he couldn't sleep that night and added quote quite I couldn't get the sword of the hill and the protruding bone had a moment. I couldn't forget the smell once we drain the hollow death has a snow and on the mall it was distinct.
During that weekend, David Smith was out with his father when they stopped at a newsstand stand and saw the headline what he found on more. It was then that everything became an actual reality to David and he realized Friday, Bank drunkenly blooding old eyes, Knotts he'd, actually killed several times and buried his victims on the mole just like he said he had name all the police prepare themselves to re interview, Bridie and Hensley about Leslie and Downy to they continued. There goes another one: people have literally been falling.
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