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Case 50: Jennifer Pan

2017-04-15 | 🔗
On the evening of November 8 2010, 25-year-old University of Toronto student Jennifer Pan was relaxing in the bedroom of her family home in the Ontario neighbourhood of Unionville. Her parents, Bich Ha and Hann Huei, were also home at the time. Suddenly, Jennifer heard unfamiliar voices downstairs, followed by thudding footsteps. She immediately knew that something was very wrong. ---  Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-50-jennifer-pan
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been wondering. Where are you man, your daily and calm down? What's going on good to thought? Oh, my, okay, yeah! Where are you two three eight? What avenue
we three Eighth Avenue road yeah he's southern Virginia. For me, please man, hello, hello, ma'am! I need to know your address avenue row. Can you be my dad's name ma'am? Can you stop the street address for me? Please game. He played cop. I don't know what's happening there and I think my dad died screaming okay you're up there is he thinks that I'm selling the house I heard them, leave I dunno. If they're still around hey, are you safe and can you lock your door? You upstairs. I said my hands are tied. I might double. They might call it that someone invaded your home in time and they have guns and they were holding me at gunpoint.
To him. How many were down, because you think your mother? If I do, what do you think your mom is downstairs to celebrate or any more, you can take it it's a parody You believe you know that they know your parents and, if my time with relation to them today to make it is It has come and tied you up and like all your money where your money went through, all that is it asking for money to do what yeah I'll keep your phone to me. Okay, then lots of help on the way. Okay. What's your name, Jennifer Jennifer you're, doing a great job? Okay, Really, Ok just stand, if only to see them. Ok,
Jennifer isn't, what is on the phone right? Ok, due you, anyone there hello. okay Jennifer there with you, okay, Jennifer yeah are with you right. I see. Okay, you want it's on me to see them bear their name. Jennifer gotta, hang up. Okay, take care; okay, yeah!
the. On November eighth, two thousand and ten for Non thirty p M twenty five year old, Jennifer PAN was in her bedroom. tv on and was chatting on the phone while getting ready for bed she had spent the afternoon practicing the piano and studying piano history for an upcoming test. in playing the piano since she was for his own. is that died, Jennifer's, mother, fifty three year old because went to visit. Then if his grandfather and run some errands around Malcolm in Ontario Canada, they car return time around three in the afternoon. Jennifer his father. Fifty seven year old hand had gotten home lighter than usual from work.
They were talking here away. I don't want manufacturer in Scarborough Ontario. It was idle tool and Doyle Derita, he forgotten to lock the toolbox and remembered when he was already halfway, my so so. The time back. when he got home. Just after four thirty pm, he called his brother Jennifer's uncle. save you wanted to join him shopping. They went to her data because cook dinner and ate with Jennifer before going to her on in class, which she attended. Every Monday they put Haines dinner, sought for when he got home from shopping anger, I'm around six fifteen pan he his dinner alone and then the study which was upstairs next to Houston because bedroom he looked onto his computer to catch up on the latest vietnamese news before going to bed to bed early, as you had to had to get up for work at DOT M about six thirty p M Jennifer's friend Adrian visited
They regularly had to Bay nights together and I join in body for the lightness of his eyes of gossip girl and help make your mother for them to catch up on. I went down to the beach. It's meant a room together, Adrian left about nine pm and Jennifer upstairs to her bedroom. Put the tv on in her room the amazing racism that normal It pay him. She heard a moment get home from lawn dating Jennifer downstairs and spoke briefly to her mom, who was also watching tv. Jennifer then went back up to her room where she continued watching tv and called her friend and old coworker Edward Pacifica do. Around twenty minutes later Jennifer. Could he movement against it and voices she didn't recognize, her mother, who nearly always spoken a mix of Vienna, maize and her native Cantonese Yoda for hand in English in it
the genuine you meant now it startled Jennifer. There were people in the House She had footsteps starting site layout. They got the space she needed. I could not pay her. Parents. I convey her younger brother Felix, a though he was live. Half an hour away at university Jennifer hung up the phone on Edward and sat frozen in her room turn the table there and she was too open the door. She was too scared to move. She had men shouting at Sawyer Room and then her dad yelling. He had been asleep, but was woken up by the commotion to say, mean wearing a baseball cap. Standing over him, but do it These glasses on and couldn't say, probably where's the fucking money. The man in the cap, screwing For he got a chance to act, he was dragged down stairs to where another man was standing every wife of thirty years, because with bearing and crying in her silky green. We approved the jobs. All the lights were off.
just the glove, the a tv loading, the first words you can to hand, but how did they get in? In reply? I was sleeping one of the men yelled shut up. You talk too much. Is Jennifer, got the courage to open her door a little I mean with dread. It's flopping around his face saw her. He walked toward carrying string. He got her hands and told them behind it back I have a gun behind your back. Do what I say: You do what I say, then no one will get her. Where is the money, Anyway. Your monies I gave the main two thousand dollars cash. He had saved, he didn't inter to her. show me where they take the money Jennifer, said she didn't know inside the main trashed. The room with the help of one of the other attack is The handsome money, because bedside table One of the men dragged Jennifer into the whole and down the stairs to where her parents were pleading.
He might renew on the greenhouse near the foot of the stairs, a wife from both her parents. This is when the first realized there were three attackers entitle all men, but she couldn't really say the third man there were all carrying guns The third attacker was yelling at her mother. I tried to get up off the floor, but the man was yelling at her to get back down, because poor English left to She didn't know what he was saying Jennifer to her mom to sit down. She didn't want her get her the main kept yelling where's, the fucking money. He said I have sixty dollars. My pants, upstairs from oppositions, are worth twenty one of the men dragged Jennifer back up the stairs towards apparent room again? He found the cash Jennifer remembered her mother had more money, stashed and told the man where it was in the bedroom.
It was around one thousand one hundred US dollars left. I left from a trip to the United States. I just type in to go to a wedding, This would be enough money for them to let her and her family go but the men had other ideas They taught Jennifer to the banister at the top of the stairs one of the and dance that started to look around the kitchen. He was looking. Because purse even looked in the fridge, the fucking money, Hendry said the hard blow to the back of his head and he watched his blood sprayed over the living room, sofa as he filled them. Flopping get up. Because we're forced down the basement stairs because with it start, withdrawing unable to control myself You can hurt us, but please don't, their daughter the spring there from upstairs to let her go with apparent, Thanks darling, he realized this wasn't just a breaking.
The basement was set up as a tv room with a large leather reclining chair and a to say the sofa blanket the scattered around the table stereo cabinet was in the corner with pictures, knickknacks and a vase fresh flowers, hand and with force under the sofa with one of the gunmen throwing blankets over their heads before well. He attackers in the face he was shot twice in quick succession. The first shot struck his face fracture. the bone in the unicorn corner of right on braising his brought it Ottery. The main artery which runs down your neck, the sick, shot hit in the right shoulder and exited down the back. car was screaming motion. What's wrong in one two: three, The first entered at the base of because neck the set and through her right, shoulder and
third entered and exited her skull, killing her instantly if was carrying at the top of the stairs she heard the shots ring out. She had one of the men say we gotta go now. Spain, too long The string which was toying I to the Bundestag, had a gap of about eight inches which allowed her to reach into the white band of her yoga pants for her fine. She, I would not want one But the call the start of the episode hand with solid, but it was not dead. Didn't serve him. He regained consciousness and turned to his wife slumped on the floor. There was blood everywhere He cried her name over and over, but she was gone, And was in agony his face dripping with blood he was unable to say a thing with their these classes He was moaning and yelling, as he crawled up the basement stairs to the main level of the house.
I was calling out to him from upstairs crying for him, but he ran to the front door trying to get help outside night. Peter Chung was on his way to work outside of his house just after the attack is flooding a waiting car. It was hunted by a friend. He, as he collapsed on the ground covered in blood police, as I approached the house. With hand when they arrived. constable marks Tesco and his partner Dark two of the first offices: on the same day, approach and who was covered in blood. For trial, leading from the house where he had fallen. Ten was moaning and wailing, but my niece decides what was shot and his dog. Doing so prophecy started to arrive. One of those was comfortable Mesa Bains the office. This had no idea where the gunman were. Therefore job was to check, saw up and clear the house they approached with their guns drawn
I could he Jennifer's Crosbie help upstairs people's discount bangs went into the basement. I will fall I therefore commend Turley went downstairs is Becker before going upstairs to Jennifer, You can hear approach her in the normal among coal in the base. When they saw the body of the car on the for those a large blood around her did they get a response from her, but I got nothing the parrot. Alex arrived and took over dark there's to way Jennifer was huddled at the top. The hands only loosely taught. Now, with the shoe lies, She was sobbing, as she hung up the phone from the norm on one operator Jennifer there. She didn't know where the attackers were their grip these weapon in the past. Said the check the other rooms at the top floor. There was no one there. The men were gone, dark walked back,
jennifer who was sitting on the floor slightly to one side, her legs underneath her and her hand centered in front of her the band with a long shoelace. After their admitted to find some scissors to cut the lights away, but loosely ask Jennifer could move her hands around eight inches away from the banister no bruising or redness on her wrists that he could say she was unharmed terracotta, is putting his iron jacket over her and walking her towards the paramedic If I called out for her father as he was being wheeled into an ambulance himself, the paramedics- Jennifer into the euro and accompanied by constable dark. She asked where her mother was. He told her that a mother had died in the basement. Jennifer put her head down and covered her face with her hands But now neighbors were outside wondering what was going on the name. who had found hand, was standing in shock relaying what he had seen to an officer.
None of the new because was dead summit It is for relatives and others were very close friends. once Jennifer had come down. Constable dark asked her what she remembered about the home invasion she said, there were three men, one with dreadlocks ox, but that's all she could get in. Constable mark says: Kyrie lighting his reports, what he witnessed at the same although he had seen a trail of blood splatter on the wine upon entering the house. He said quote: Everything in the house same to be where it should be. Obviously, we've done home invasions in the past, where the house had been ransacked, but nothing was yet a place. Nothing taken but upstairs was a different story. The bedroom had been ransacked dress, it draws had been pulled out and emptied all over the floor, just pulled off and tipped over on its side from that No furniture elsewhere in the house had been disturbed. Also, two hundred and forty Helen Avenue, Markham Ontario, was admitted
Class above in time, a Tuesday Free Brown, brick house with two white garage doors. I had a large front porch with pillars leading up to welcoming double front doors, in the suburbs of large homes. They didn't stand out from the rest most here, those were similar and most of the residents Bahrain, families, like the paint from me outside it The obvious reason for this has to be targeted over any others. The city of Markham, just north of Toronto is in the region of York. It's about as safe and as quiet suburbs getting the area the community was taught me a woman who lived in the pinstripe said, quote weeping He attendees table done understand why this house, there your homes in the area. Maybe through an easy target. They were a simple quiet, hard working family, didn't make sense, In a year prior to the home invasion at the panes two thousand and nine the
what region had a title of fourteen home invasions, which was if the amount they had in two thousand the night Markham had. Periods, six home invasion so far that he up to know them by two thousand and ten. Not. Which had ended in murder, home invasions were nearly always targeted attacks drugs. Our common motive but a random home invasion which ended in murder, was it's unheard of in Markham. almost every detective in the region was assigned to the pan case in some way within it, I hope security companies descended on the suburb, docking and selling camera systems, I thought and frightened community wondered who would be next? Can I statistics for the year prior to the attack on the pans. So I did a full hundred and fifty three soft, so it's two hundred and forty two by the hop what committed by Potnis Eighty seven were committed by a blood relative, forty, two Do I committed by an acquaintance, lady
eighty two murders in a year prior committed by someone unknown to the victim, including people caught in crossfire. and and become a pin had both been I used uneducated in Vietnam They arrived the Canada separately in nineteen, seventy thousand seven hundred political refugees. They met Toronto and got married not long after In nineteen eighty six, their first child Jennifer, was born folly, three years later by their son, Felix And because we're tired in their first jobs at an automotive parts manufacturer in Aurora, a town fast diver always draw from Toronto. They lived, a frugal, locking the Toronto District of Scarborough. I didn't what leaving them. There was a of neighborhood and our robbed hand, and become made the gall to move their family to a better area. But two thousand and four they had saved heart and moved to mock I bought a lot of time with a two car garage in a quiet residential street.
Malcolm had a large asian community and I will close the relatives and friends but the light to thousands him. A Mercedes Benz and become Alexis. because lost her job in two thousand and nine. When the company had cutbacks. She found it hard to find employment, but her hand continued to make it work, especially for the of their children. but has happened in ten. They had saved two hundred thousand dollars in the bank included. but to support the two children through college they had condemned dedication was very evident. That was strict. France, who seemingly lived for their children, They wanted to give their children all the things they were. Unable able to have growing up. They seemed happy but for two years leading up to the home invasion? I slept a nice noise in separate rooms. According to They hadn't been getting along very well at all. They had Spain, tension attention, but lately that had gotten worse, lots of arguments in yelling would occur codon days,
Jennifer sometimes had the mediate and by the common ground between them. Jennifer felt that if she could be good for them, they would be happy. Hand and become push kids academically wanting the best for them in the early days before moving to Markham Jennifer than four years old was playing the piano, by the time she was in elementary school. She had a room full of awards. She, is guided from a young age, but not for fun. She trained hard in the hopes she would make it onto the two thousand and ten canadian Winter Olympic team even as a young child Jennifer, orphan train until ten p dot m then got home and do homework to midnight If you started to the me out in skating competitions, she tried the heart, her devastation from her, not wanting to add worry to their disappointment. Some must be covered comfort. Her saying you know, All we want from, you is just your best. Just do what you can
that Mary Ward Catholic Secondary College in grade eight Jennifer worked hard. It's expected that she would receive valedictorian that you, the top honor her great as well as receive a bunch of awards for her academic achievements. You didn't win valedictorian, She won no awards. she put on what she would lie to describe as her happy mosque. In spite of this and in the proud owners of her parents, Jennifer went on to do well there. The was that both the pan children would go to Toronto University. Here, Because also had very said, ideas about Jennifer's extracurricular activities she was allowed to biggest guy as long as she worked towards our goal of nationals, the olympic team? could pursue music, but she had has, a card on music theory and pass exams. She was not allowed to go to parties, dances and most important she was not allowed to have a boyfriend Focus in life, where her studies and her goals she never
Sleepovers and she never went on trips away with anyone, She was, however, really have to go on a two week. Binge trip to Europe towards the end of high school in two thousand and three. This is where Jennifer and her friend Daniel won't became more than just friends that some I they started seeing each other, but Jennifer dare tell her parents. Jennifer had met Daniel in grade eleven at band practice. Daniel was also the son of asian immigrants had a okay now and showing his background during the your school Daniel's parents moved him to the Cardinal Carter Academy. School in North Yoke was falling behind in his studies at Mary Ward and he was starting to get himself into trouble dealing drugs. end of school. He had been charged with trafficking cannabis. After half a pound was banned in his car. Jennifer, didn't lock the drug dealing. She wasn't instead in drugs and didn't really want him to deal Daniel refused to stop, but he kept her.
and Jennifer was spent with Daniel said nothing I was going to stop her him naughty drug dealing and not her parents. when her parents eventually found out she had a boyfriend. They immediately put an end to it, but If I didn't ended she kept her relationship with Daniel Sacred and snuck around behind a parents back to keep saying. Jennifer grades were high enough to get her accepted into rice in university on early admission, even though This wasn't Toronto university. What thrilled, when I learned into sin, if I had received a scholarship to ricin The porter her decision to do to ease their studying science. Her plan was to then transfer to Toronto University to study. Pharmacology supported her financially depositing money into her bank account, and I often drive there to university. They even allowed her to spend a couple of knots awake at a like classmates. Yes, so she wasn't so exhausted.
There was a time during university which end of his parents found the actual thing Daniel again, there were fewer and made us stop saying. Jennifer, understood, She knew they just had her best interests than hot, and so she told them. She had cut off communication with him and continued on with their studies when she got away replacement at the hospital for sick kids in Toronto, Jennifer's parents, but their dream, for they thought I had been realised. After the home invasion, Jennifer was taken to hospital where she was saved by doctors in cross his words she was too But her father was undergoing lifesaving surgery and was in a critical condition. She has given had occasion to combat them ass. She was badly shaken and suffering shock, but physically she was unhappy. at one thirty one. I am M when Deltas felt she was stable enough to be released. She was taken by Constable Derek to Markham police station, so she could make a statement.
Once there police seized her phone in case, it could help them with any information as to why her family was targeted Major case management unit was quickly put together, three Experienced investigators formed what is known as a command triangle, having three had investigators- gives the timely billowy to have three sets of oz on all aspects of the investigation and was the strategy for managing the large team of officers who were working on the case. Detective sergeant, Larry Wilson, the most experienced of the three, was named the senior investigating officer responsible for the direction of the investigation, detective Bilko This was put in charge of running the day to day tactical strategy. had previously led fog, homicide investigations and had been involved in a total of eighty outlets, including one of Malcolm's nice things famous, involving convicted murderer Chris little It was harsh, but had an excellent track record,
they ve Constable Alan Cook, a former drugs invoiced detective, who also worked in the intelligence unit, was placed in the file coordinator. Cook was known for his undercover cover expertise. Veteran York regional police, detective Randy Slide was on duty. Judy Jennifer at the hospital Jennifer was shaken and in shock but slide Explained that giving her statement now was going to be their best chance of finding the people responsible. By the time he sat down in the interview room with Jennifer. It was two forty five I am. She had just lost a mom and her dad was in hospital fighting for his loss. Jennifer twenty four, but could easily pass for sixteen Active slide explained the forms he needed her to sign the standard procedure if it giving a voluntary statement, he was very careful. The put Jennifer Days- and he explained she Didn'T- have to give a statement if she didn't want to or wasn't ready.
Do you understand the criminal consequences of making a false statement? Do you understand that it is your choice, whether or not to give a statement. Do you understand the importance of telling the truth? He said it with In fact to this investigation. If you spoke and any port, a police officer person and authority in connection with the investigation, I wanted clearly understood. but I do not want it to influence you in making others making a statement to understand. Do you have any questions clean and starting. So what What I just explained to you is you're here voluntarily to help us, but you don't have to talk to us if you don't want to, but the importance of talking to us and if you're talking to us the importance of telling the truth and if
tell the truth: there's criminal consequences for not telling the truth. That's all that stuff how to deal with He can't point the finger at someone else. You can't tell us to go off in a different direction. You just gotta tell us the truth, you know exactly exactly. do you have any questions with respect to what I just told you, sometimes like hearts. I didn't remember when I know when there's a match the process. This is going to be a lot long, as this is an initial statement from you. We may, then you know, as you remember, other things you may be asked. You may want to come in and tell us things. Okay, No one is going to tell you how to give it to give a perfect day, but you just do what the best you can give given what you're dealing with okay any other questions. At the beginning of the interview, Jennifer's started to realize the enormity of what had just happened to her and her family
She sat nervously in the chair, pulling the slaves of a sweater over her wrists and went between rubbing her thoughts to covering her face with her hands crime at the first mention of her mother's death. Jennifer put her head down and started to cry: White told Jennifer. He would get some tissues before saying You have nothing to apologize for Jennifer, it's going to be tough. The importance of the statement you have nothing to apologize to me, for I am here to help you. slide, left the room to grab the tissues Jennifer. Sat with her head down and her hands over her face. She appeared to be crowing. and slide open the door to walk back in Jennifer, jumped about half a foot in the air, Detective slight ass Jennifer. They tell him as much about the day she could. Then they move. Don't do what happened during the home invasion I told him the story start to finish.
Slight asked her to tell him again, but in a different way, he asked for the record the invasion, but this time as if she was looking down on the event, This is a technique which helps witnesses were cool part of what I saw that I may not necessarily have recalled before it can also show investigators if there is any change or inconsistency in the witnesses story. Jennifer described the men as best she could. One was of african american appearance with dreadlocks that was shorter at the front and longer at the back good maiden build and between twenty eight and thirty two years of age he walked leather gloves. Second man she described as taller with a smaller frame wearing a dark colored bandanna, which covered the bottom half of his face and avoided sweater The third man didn't engage with Jennifer at all. She couldn't scrub his appearance, but she recognized that maybe he had a jamaican exit.
This new technique enabled Jennifer to remember details about the home invasion that she was unable to recall before. She remembers that the man with the dread locks Yoda out to the cinema in to tell Kazi, who was the third man to get. Two more string. That was how she was why can the banister upstairs shows? describe, saying the cylinder of a gun and remembered more details about the third me. While Reed the story about the gunshots she heard, while Todd to the banister Jennifer recalled the man with the dread locks same that's enough, Arthur few gunshots, after hearing the words, that's enough. If I could one more shot, this would be the shop I killed her mother. About one hour into the interview, Jennifer remembered more detail, she was able to clearly differentiate the three voices of the attackers is tell which of the three men was saying what but here the words the men were saying to her parents in the basement. She clearly but the third attack aside
Just had to do what we said he just had to cooperate. Do you know which way they go out. You can't do that, I'm pretty sure front door, but I'm not hundred. I didn't get to see anything like my arms are my back and I was against the benefit and twisted, so I can't see the front door. Now you hear your dad right, and what's going on? So what do you hear next after the scrambling they're gone. Did you hearing no more, I gather that's how you soon they're gonna kill you don't hear, and then you have your dad and image from a phone company. and you call nine when one: ok, okay, and then you what happens after your own I heard my dad go out and I
won't be damaged his throat. So how did you hear your death is what this is a kind of importance, because if you he did, he go out the front door? How did you how did you know he went out the front door because I heard him open the door Did you hear that door open when these guys were scrambling to leave Is your house husband an alarm system You know the alarm system on the front door was often those chirping. We don't we don T know. Is your house alarmed at night, when you guys go to before bed, as goes to bed. They will learn it prior to that it doesn't get alarm okay. So, you hear you from your when your father exits, he you hear the door open The issue here you die here like outside night. Ok, like the wind, come in. I just remind our attention.
You think that he sustained some kind of injury cause he's not. You can understand what he say. Ok, what about the idea here. Can you hear your mom okay? Where did your dad go? Do you know where you never see your dad again until we're more at the hospital that's what you said right when you was ending greeny but the officers in your own maiden. taste for now: you're, upstairs you're on the form of the name. When one operator ok Do you remain on the phone and told the police arrived and be officer is the one who catch did you free here? He first had to secure the place yes, it took me awhile to get somebody upstairs okay,
he went to my bedroom and I have a purchaser's. I cut my hair with yes, and he said that the cut it for me. It was still a while longer interrupted strengthen. It can be Do you understand the babe, important to clear that they what they were doing, it wasn't to leave you in any kind of trauma or anything like that it very tough question, considering all the things that you've gone through tonight. Jennifer is, Any of the tying up any of the binding any of the things were you sexually assaulted in anyway,. It, wasn't that this was Ricky they were The money I thought they were after money. They wanted it now, How much money did you turn over. My personal, I had twenty five hundred twenty four,
and where was it was that in my nightstand, underneath the tv And that was from work that you had done What do you do for a living now? What are you doing rang? I heard your saying about piano. Are you in school? I'm I'm how to feel for a while they gone to university just last September, I didn't have any more students Prepare was struck. Yes, oh catches, here and there also my family needed me be home for a while summer, kennel classes with very good teacher of mine. and I'm going back to school in January. biotechnology engineering.
Detective slide was able to ascertain a lot about the evening from Jennifer and said he was happy with the information he got, but he thought he needed to find it a little more about where mother was that even the exact glycation of the lawn dancing class, and if you went elsewhere off the lawn dancing Before slide left the interviewing he asked of her, she consented to her fine records being examined said. I could check Tom Stamps, for when she was speaking to Edward on the phone to match the exact time of the home invasion. Jennifer a great Slide than invoiced Jennifer not to read the papers or watch tv, He didn't want her saying or writing things that would cause her distress. I was about one and a half hours into the interview when Detective slide left the room to get the fine record consent forms. Jennifer sat with her face in her hands to remain. Still not crying, She sat like that for every ten minutes before she reached her tissue Jennifer. then stood up, stretched away
and paste the little while holding the chair in the wall. She was agitated. A noisy I might jump, then she now that emotion with her hands as if she was conducting music She sat back down and again covered her face with her hands. She walked her eyes. you go back out and rock back and forth on their face rubbing his stomach. Light startled her when he opened the door and told her to have a say. slide mentioned that her brother Felix was being interviewed next door Jennifer seem surprised. slide bend it that he felt because I have been followed home off. The lawn dating spotted by her attack is driving an expensive car. When detective slide was filling out. The fine record consent form he told Jennifer. He was going to go back and check and no one day period. My question
The foreign deep into this world from my phone, just like comments like regular phone calls to people just really This is the time standing of of aid in a way we're putting nine days down because it may come back to you that I spoke to him and a may be able for us to be able to identify people that we may need to go back and interview. the interest of us is obviously tonight between. Nine and ten right. but we're just asking for this were not asking for months and months and months. It's nine days there were asking for an generally is because we may come back to you and say: okay, we want to interview. this person, and you go off I don't know where they live, but I spoke to them or we got the phone records. Is this the same person and will have their address at least what is registered to their phone? So
The only reason we're asking for a nine day period is not an investigative leafs. It's it's not have no real significant value other than today right you can sometimes I phone you. Teachers know we're not going go back and interview all those people, that's not our intention rate. So I need you to shell out this portion for me So owner subscriber it's the same person, such you, and you. your address, the telephone number the M in today's date. Your signature, and what it is before we go into it. It's all. This is all being record again, so it's just that you can send to giving us the records for a cell phone number, six, four, seven, nine six, five to one one aid and you can send to allow the York regional police to access the phone records
the sun sailor phone company not rise Rogers. For the following billing records in coming and coming numbers dolled registered owner information, including credit and payment history, this is really how we link phones to people, how we confirm the cheerful The tower site location, if requested for the above mentioned times and dates indeed towers now become. just drop and towers become relevant in this case because of where you are, when the phone call comes in on the on today, right is at it firms? Her story to saying that I was in my room when I made that when the calls came in and that will show up on the terrace information. That's the relevance of the terrorists and information and also may turn out that, maybe during this time period you were targeted. and you were in an area and
It enables us to go back and try and look for cameras and other things through the towers, but saying it's going to happen in your case, but it's why we ask for tower sites right towers. It's always shown you're on the phone. You show you where Europe, where you are when you're on the phone making calls And at the above mentioned records to be released for the your grief to the York regional police for the purposes of investigation of murder, of your mum and for the time period, as stated no member first, two November night, this is Part of that consent I am volunteering tearing giving it said, and I know that I you don't have to you- don't have to do this. This is your view. This is U Volunteering to do this. You may withdraw your consent at any time. I understand that these records may be used as evidence against against me and may become any part of the criminal proceeding. Now, if you are relying on this as a part of this whole process that I explain telling us dictators information? It comes back now. The records can also be used against. If you tell the truth,
Really point three is means nothing, ok, but we have to let you know by law that we could use these against you if you're lying to us. Some of you will we be in will I be informed of who am I If anybody, if they contact it on the chances are you're going to be so. You can almost guarantee that Adrian and Edward are going to be with an Anita speak to them right. beauty rooms in your house, remember when If they're doing forensic testing in the house to try and get dna and anything else in there, they're also going to need stuff to eliminate people, So Adrian was in your house So we need to try and if you win, when we shut this down, I'm going because we're doesn't need to be disclosed on video about their personal information. I need to get it. Contact information: I need to get Edwards contact information.
I don't know if we are going to contact him to tonight or this morning, but sometime today, they're going to be spoken to okay and Our priority is: who is with your mom, our priority right now, but I Just twig me back how many cars dear Dear Fisher family, the Mercedes and the, and where do your parents purchase cars inside the garage and when where did they enter the house when they when they park in the garage? Is there an entrance through granted, that's the normal course if they park, I'm going out somewhere DR based and having to win we left today, but left tonight after this incident had happened? Did you see the cars in the garage I did not want to leave of one of the officers went and the
this time, the garage doors were closed. Ok. is there any video equipment, video cameras, Ernie's video system on you in your house to no hey, is there anything else that you can think of that might help us right now. investigation, the top of my head, The interview finished at four. Thirty am the day following the home invasion, Tuesday November ninth Jennifer stay with her cousin Michel along and her aunt and uncle, whose home was less than a mile away from her own her. it was a crime scene and there was no way she could go in and get any of her belongings. She forced to borrow clothes from my cousin, a fine received text off the text from friends asking if she was I came for exploiting
Then you're, one heard the news, a senator. said no- and I am, if you know it home, he for you just hanging there and try to eight although tell by detective slide, not to look at any media reports? It was hard not to hear about the reports and subsequent room is starting to unfold. With a pan family code up in a legal gambling where they link the gangs or drug crime. The waiting media. What came to us all the relatives times as well as the hospital waiting for a glimpse or possible statement from the only survivor able to speak Jennifer faced lots of questions from both friends and family. the family held a vigil at hands bedside, as he lied in an induced coma in the intensive care unit. They listened, as the doctor explained how miraculous it was that he was able to survive the shooting he still had bullet fragments in his face, but the fact that the bullet missed the main artery was what ultimately saved him. but he wasn't out of the woods There was still unsure or when he would come out of the coma, but there was hope he would.
pull through It's the horror that we're confronted with the family, we're very hopeful and may have the clue to solve this horrific crime. Jennifer asked the doctor if the bullet fragments stealing her father's neck could cause an infection. The doctor said not At this point, Jennifer borrowed some change from her uncle. explaining that her cell phone had died and she needed to use the payphone. They offered for her to use ie so fine, but she refused and again ass the two quarters he handed them to her and she walked out and headed for the pay. Fines like headed just up the whole Jennifer Cold. Her ex boyfriend, then you won't The day after the invasion police held a press conference, the media scrambled to the new market police headquarters to obtain a glimpse into what the police were thinking If stage was erected and York regional police Chief almond la it was less than a month away from retirement addressed the waiting press, he said quote:
given the very brutal nature of this crime. That goes without saying that the individuals that are responsible for the home invasion and the mood, alas, not pose a very real danger to our community days, for all intents and purposes, residents that were just enjoying a noise. Not when suddenly three individuals burst into their home and terrorize them in other home invasions, there's some criminal activity involved, but in this peculiar situation. absolutely no evidence of criminal activity, this is a very lucky man Often for the grace of God. We could have been dealing with two homicides. He does an innocent woman and to shoot an innocent man. I mean that's troubling. Police stated that I believe to the motor is may have been attracted to the home because of the families high and vehicles, however, I also noted that NATO vehicle was taken as part of the robbery, their release, descriptions of the attack is provided by Jennifer with her father
but still in a coma, but all the information they had to go on. Police had already made some progress, saying as a neighbor had a security camera installed at the front of his house. The footage to the car driving away from the penthouse. Behind the scenes, police and forensic teams were combing. The house retracing steps. attempting to get into the heads of the three attackers I couldn't, the key reason why a hard working family is talk, in what they could only describe as a random brutal attack. Detectives, canvassed almost four hundred homes in the neighborhood. their job was to establish anything seen or heard, but also The phone dad information about the pins that might help them solve the crime, while sitting in a vehicle during the canvas, someone quietly approached them and told them that Daniel won't Jennifer's Ex boyfriend was a drug dealer, considering there was a chance that the invasion was a targeted attack and many
invasions, have a drug connection. This was an important tip after a quick system check confirmed that Daniel had prior drug convictions, they got to work looking into him, It was nice sacred amongst offices that the case had divided them off Then felt something just didn't he right about the home invasion the other half saw it as a random brutal attack for money on a very unlucky family. Information that police were privy to, but had not been released to. The media was the fact in the house. I had found the two hundred and forty dollars in because purse the dollars in hands wallet and he dollars in Jennifer's willing Four intruders hell bent on finding wallets in money I had left some horn. On Thursday November 11th Jennifer went back to the police station for another statement, it is hoped she may remember more about the home invasion, her father it we're still in a coma
Any interview room, she told the Tec slide. She was a little nervous She was wringing her hands constantly. He replied Don worry the tree. is always the best way to relieve anxiety. He told her. She might need to be a witness in court and Jennifer visibly upset What we're going to do now, as I said, what education level do high school, have you got any other crick after to a higher level of education? Have you been working towards aiming? I'm about to school, and I have no idea there's no other education that you've sought like you have gone to university this point in time. Okay, so I want I want you to forget,
The first thing we talked about: ok, okay, This is going to be where I'm going to ask you to start from the day. Ok, on the eighth leading up until when you The police become involved in an incident that takes place. You have to want you to tell me about your day what you do: you're interaction with your parents, so what we are as we're dealing with the incident were not dealing with your history right now. We're dealing with the incident get see. If anything else comes, forgetting what you ve already told me breathe yourself through that day and through the event We'll see if what we're we're gonna see if we ve learned our view remembered anything else and there questions with respect to that statement that I'm going to ask you about. Ok,.
If I'm going to, let you start again and and let's let's move forward from any time in that day, where you want to start of his time. You woke up orifice of time that your first interaction is your twist and just. I'm very nervous, and I. Why don't you let us? Why are you why on earth tell me, but why your nerves behind? I don't I see the one thing all you soon, as that day was a lot, you're right and I've been scattered. And so bits and pieces are here and some pieces aren't here and I'm just so. I want you to sit back in your chair. Just sit back in your chair. Take a deep breath, close your eyes just follow my line. Just sit back in the chair for second sit back. Relax is the best you can, close your eyes.
Is it free for me? Okay,. We're not in any type of danger, were nowhere. Weren't very safe place, gay. And we're going to work through that and don't worry about what you forget or what you mixed up or whatever you're doing, is. you start and pluck pushed the play button for that day and if you stick to. Everything that you remember happening that day, it will come out and see. Okay. and I'm going to show you a technique after we go through this. That was double short to came. So, let's just are you ve taken a brass? You relax you're in a good position right there, let's from the beginning of the day. When you wake up. Let's start moving forward from there,
describe the diegan. She was wringing her hands. Constantly her face was completely Void of emotion, chicken. Broughton. Among going to visit her grandfather She laughed. Your pick up my aunt in going to my grandfather's and I went up to a computer to do, though, studying taking a break in. In some games, yeah, you remember speaking to anyone during the day on your own. The phone on the on Facebook. Huh. Later on in the day as I spoke to a long time for an Andrew who I went to elementary school with them, but just the usual he asked if we could hang out anytime soon, but I explained to him that I wasn't able to leave the house- and I couldn't: I became so. I asked him
how his life was with his girlfriend, how his job This going on. I believe that was later on in the day, though, that wasn't in the afternoon will go in later in the movie. When we talk about your past about why you couldn't leave the house okay, so that isn't that hasn't gone unnoticed, but we're not going to talk about that right now. We're talking about that day! So continue on that. the absurd knew what Jennifer was referring to. They already knew. Jennifer's parents had ordered her not to leave the house because she had more to them about what she had been doing, what she had been doing for the past decade. interview continued Jennifer, Fought through the evening again dinner with her mom, her friend Adrian coming over to watch tv, this Jennifer mentioned that when she went upstairs to her bedroom to watch tv show to her friend of Andrew again, the old school friend she had taught to earlier in the day This is the third time she had recounted the story of the evening, but the
this time she mentioned this called Andrew. She then described the call to Edward Edward was the Frenchie hung up on when the home invasion started. I'll, go back up my stairs and call it again, and I have used Wash incited put him on you for a quick second and then I came back- and I was just watching tv and talking with it How long are you now which there is on the phone with it with Edward that timeframe not sure. Ok, Your cell phone records are going to give us the exact time, so you talk to anyone else. Is it, you stairs call Edward, use the washroom on the phone with Edward still have you: I,
have you text message. Anyone know how many please I didn't. Do you have more than one phone? I had one, but I think that I just keep this impaired. again we were going to let the history sure what I myself one gets taken away from me, sometimes and so I had a friend of mine, Daniel E. here are some hard for me to you sometimes, but I take this incredible knife? Initiate an ideology in my pocket and the parents when find it is good, I don't remember the last time I I used it. Ok, but you didn't use that's incurred that day. I did not know you didn't I don't want that? Alas, I mean to you in a few days before that it was the latter may remember using it was when my boy father, I was in the hospital and I had
messaged him when he asked me how my grandfather was and how long one is that timeframe that your grandfather when he was in a hospital for about ten days ten days? Okay, so that's the last time you remember using that sim card associated to from what your friend had given year was about ten days earlier or even twelve days earlier, because I believe you said your grandfather had come out of the hospital or was still in now was in the house of attending is yours on Saturday, he had gone back to his nursing home, and this is my name so it's about time. twelve to fourteen days earlier that this app that you use you use the sim card. You're guessing Polly was within a week within a week. As a matter of getting island days is obviously an hour, message when my grandfather was in the hospital where's that sim card. Now, I'm not sure I don't remember
I had it in my jacket pocket I don't remember where it is now: Jennifer's story of the home invasion changed from her first interview. detective slide, was aware of the changing a story and continued to aspect. Clarity is Jennifer recalled different places. The three men were in the different things they said. Jennifer's started to solve, slight handed her tissue. He pushed her to keep going with their memories. You wanted her to feel at ease he was on his own. He was listening. It's not uncommon for witnesses. To remember more data also have changes in their story, especially in highly stressful and traumatic situations such as Jennifer. First, it Jason Room, other detectives were watching the interview, as it happened via video link detective. Cook watched carefully is Jennifer sought and water face. He couldn't see me tease.
Jennifer solve this, she recounted hearing the pops up the gun down in the basement pop pop pop. She said she thought the men went out the front door. The father then came up the basement steps: moaning is she called nine hundred one she we ought to hear that, but he didn't go to her hearing at the front door down into the street where he collapsed on the ground and was seen by the neighbour going to work detective. cook was still watching in an adjoining room. He This tat, Jennifer was describing the way her father ran from the house screaming. cook found it interesting that hands daughter was yelling for him. He knew she was. upstairs instead of running upstairs to say if she was at kite, arranged right out the front door. Detective slight, listen! This Jennifer struggled to re, told the story when she was dead. he made her till it backwards. He continued to tell her what a great job she was doing and not to worry when she thought she said something wrong.
Jennifer was then asked her account exactly how she made the known one, one cool slide, got her to stand up and acted a slide. It's obviously very relevant. We know you made the phone call. The questions are obviously going to be raised and if my hands bound and homage is the railing. How do I talked to annoying want one operator? The screwed her eyes up ass. She looked at the tactic, slight slide: and how did you manage to talk your phone into the weisband without Looking down or without the intruders noticing it and if it took a large super water at the breadth and removed her sweater, she said. the fight song given to her by slide into her waistband, While keeping her wrists together in a display of being bound Jennifer twisted herself trying to terrain ACT, the cool sheep, The buttons and then attempted to lift the fine up towards her. He was still keeping her wrists together.
the fine didn't rage. She said the slide on yelling at the phone like this, the phone was about a foot and a half from Harry detectives, had heard bits and pieces about Jennifer's past. I had spoken to family members and friends and knew some of the answers to questions slide was asking, but they needed Garrett from Jennifer. What I want to do now is: I want to go into your path. Okay,. and start talking about things that have been going on with you in, in relation to your life. Okay,. You're? Not I'm not going back to child her. That's not my interest is Obviously, in the last few years, is what's going on. Do you have a boyfriend? I had a boyfriend with which what was your boyfriend's name Daniel? What one
tell me about your relationship with you and in it. They really tough one. Went to Highschool together. Help me surely difficult time in high school Have asthma, but they The concern was only concern younger but when I went over to Europe, I want to People were smoking cigarettes in it acted up over there. He took care of me over when did you go to Europe. Two thousand and three. How long were you there? okay, so this is two thousand and three when you and Danny were started dating. But later on, we were friends,
What grade were you in So how does your relationship with due Danny Computer develop where it worries about? How long does it last must not? Six years it again in summer. Two thousand and three before my of you. Oh, we were just really good friends and I guess it just happened like we just started going out. saying that we were going out on to see how much starting, why can you get a chance to see him. I wasn't allowed. Have a boyfriend and that was when you were eighteen. Seventy seventeen. Turning in your return here, the you are going rinderknecht going to be for. and so who is against you having a father
How was your mother in. She took a back seat to his opinion on She would, tell me how you're going to find someone who was devoted to me, but at that time she just father was the one that enforce the rules. What were the issues your father had with a voice was at Danny in particular a day or was it just a boy just any boy, so. What happened? How are you saying that you're not allowed to see this? What what I know, I know that, There are certain ways that you can still get around your father, not allowing you to see it when Altogether he transferred out but he'd come over. I too are a rejoiceful and he'd come see me. And once a wide going skip clashing, go see him.
So you were seeing your dating him essentially without your parent's knowledge and consent. What would they have done to you if they found out and did they find it in high school, so you finish high school and then what do you do when you finish high school? I wanted to do. Kinesiology, but my My father was very adamant on you. Thing in local field, that was a little bit more. In his opinion, more like a more successful. I guess in say on. He knew I didn't have the stomach for being a doctor. I'm so he wanted me to become a good did you. School for pharmacy to get any university for pharmacy.
If you're being finish your great wall before why Euro I see here, twelve years. You finish your I see here. I don't have all side in our assessment bitter and then were. Where do you? What do you do for the next few years, while your dad's want you to get into the medical field? What do you do I was trying to get in I was still taking classes are concerned. With I got a school they still recognise in the community as teachers through the roof, Conservatory. How is this interaction? How does this go on with your dad? How is the? How is your homework with the If you're not, now not living up to his expectation. You didn't know I liked. What did you like him? What did you tell him that I was going to school, for not monetary finds sites.
You would have had bills for school. How is how is that coming up? How are these bills being paid for for university that you weren't going? I was working at the five miles and I took care of myself. So my father was never he never and in those so he didn't know anything about tells you must know that you were going universally so both your parents thought you had gone to university, ok, and. How long did that hell on today still to this point in time, think that you had gone to university fur for firms to four sciences, and How do you feel about that? How did you feel about having a lady, your parents, I thought guilty, but every time I tried to bring it up. There was so much
expectation. Germany resentment towards him. For this I told you what I mean but in the end I chose my family okay, so no you're not allowed to see boys. How do you continue earlier relationship, while you're supposed to be at university working at each side? Marios? Are you working during the day these ignorance and sometimes, though, not all the time. So how did? How do you maintain this relationship with within down to see him from appearing to drive me down to travel They thought I was getting going to school but she had men had come back? What's folded, they figure going to rise. We Daniel aware what was going on in with the issues in your life with your parents, not
it's. But eventually he found out- and What would your parents to find out? They were, finally that you were dating dim eventual me how long into their relationship with the five years in years? So that brings you up to two thousand and eight or two thousand and nine Chesney, two thousand and seven ten, a And how did you find out. my mother saw him dropping me off at the This is a more when they come to pick me up. That goal not well? Explain to me what not well welcomes my mother. she. Said at first, she was like
not supportive, but she said you need to tell me and She basically gave me the and the talk, which basically was one more can ruin your entire life but once my father found out Even knowing him, he automatically put judgment what kind of judgment did your father passed on him. He blamed my lying and even racial, I'm profiling on him And what does that mean? I don't know about the racial for them. He is half latino half Chinese and my father, associated him with Filipino and said that you know he wasn't a good match for me, He wasn't going anywhere in life and that
He wouldn't be able to support a family so tell me about about Daniel We've interviewed. Daniel One had been called in the day before and interviewed He was already on the list to be interviewed, but after the Tipp about he's drunk convictions, he moved further up at least. dressed in a black sweater and glasses, he looked tired and a little Unkempt he said at a cold. He had The report with Detective Robert Milligan, who was interviewing him started the interview by saying just so. You know we interview everybody, everybody who is not in the same way at some point in the lost one thousand and fifteen he's. So we can say we interviewed everybody, so you know anything special compared to everybody else Daniel was twenty five years old was calm and relaxed throughout his entire into EU, even when asked
pointed questions about he's drug dealing history. He ain't calmly and confidently. Daniel relay these past with Jennifer. He told Milligan about their on and off relationship which ended about two years prior. When a it's beyond and delivered an ultimatum, they were for the part by June of his parents, and he said he respected that like I don't know whether who was who is behind it right. I just know that parents, don't us to be her. Family didn't want us to be together and That decision and I move on now. Why didn't I? was something different like I asked her the first time and she said it was because I didn't make enough money like I was working. I bought pizza and she told him. I finished engineering like, oh well, why you finish engineering and just look at Boston Pizza? Why isn't he going make sixty seven thousand? being an engineer then-
and then after that, the next time answer she's like it's not even about how much money you make it's the fact that you're filipino how is that possible, when your cousin just married a filipino guy she's, like one of my nobody in the family, like some Baba, blah blah blah. So there's a a reason why we couldn't be together like that, her parent, I don't know what their reasons. There are other reason now those reasons, but what is it? What is what do you think cause you ve been in the industry. You shall with town How can you won't see you go though over and I won't have to go there, but. in the industry. What are you I think people would kill somebody over. Give me a number. If someone were to have to be around ten thousand dollars, someone would like. A famous picture for about ten thousand dollars. Coming with me to do something like that.
Daniel described the seven years of he's in Jennifer's relationship behind her parents backs and started to unravel the twisted ball of bizarre behaviors and laws that Jennifer used to keep up the charade to her family. Daniel said to detective Milligan that when the final ultimatum came from Jennifer's parents to end their relationship, he knew it was for the best he knew had no long term life together. Never spent more than a few minutes with hand and because, in all that time, never shared a meal or raven had a conversation with him. He accepted it and moved on. He said she was a prisoner that was hot Then you said, since they break up in two thousand and one by had more or less been estranged scrubbing their infrequent conversations. He said she trial The call me before I answer I answer or I'll call sort of thing. To say: yeah she's doing. He said Jennifer never had any involvement with his drug dealing He told her never to touch it.
To take. The mill again was interested in the reason why, in a strange ex couple had been in quite a lot of contact in the previous few months, then you said lately. It's just been happening more and more another will call, I know the answer and it would just go quiet for ten seconds and then they hang up. It would happen over and over and when I would not answer it would get worse and worse the governor divorce. four hundred tonnes or not Daniel says he began receiving text messages of a more threatening nature texts, lock, ha ha ha. Bang, Bang, bang, he said, Jennifer had contacted him, complaining that she too was receiving similar messages. So that's why I had been in frequent contact in recent times. Daniel admitted he was worried that he would be targeted next. He said yeah? I am worried for my safety. I haven't slept because if it's because they call my house. They call myself, I said I had my address. It's pretty obvious.
They got access to funding her address through her final, but they can find my address through my phone on my mom slight beta going through my head, who could pay? Who is it Is it really just a random of breakin enter its actually, find calls and the other stuff. I think it's related to. The following day in Jennifer's interview she told detective slide. She was given the ultimatum by her parents a year and a half earlier when she was about twenty three. I caught her the last time same Daniel. She says her father told her. She must stay the tubes, Daniel or choose. Then she said, she chose to stay home with her family hands. Words to Jennifer were cease your relationship with Daniel won't. If not, you have to wait till I'm dead. Even as an adult in a twenties appearance, parents was still controlling every aspect of life there reasons why we're starting to become clear.
after being snub valedictorian in great. I am not doing as well like a Democrat, as she had hoped things started sparrow for Jennifer Karen, how a journalist who went to school with Jennifer right in article four Toronto, both the follow When is taken from that article quote, A close observer might have noticed that Jennifer Saint off, but I never did Also you behind her Mary, Mary Ward Catholic, secondary in North Scarborough, as I can like schools go. It was something of an anomaly and had the usual high academic standards in strict dress code, mixed with decidedly bohemian bought. It was a it affords your tribe, bright. Kids are naughty. Misfits hung out together across subjects, grades and social groups. If you three instruments took advanced classes, competed on the skating in starting the school's annual international, not a shocking. the various cultures around the world. You will cool, It was the perfect community for student lot. Jennifer a social
but a fly with an easy, high, pitched love. She mixed with guys, girls, Asians occasions, jocks nerd people I ve been to the arts At four hundred and forty seven, she was taller than most of the other rising girls at the school and pretty applying. she really will make up. She had small. Round ground frame glasses that that were the stylish nor expensive. After his straight and on storm. Jennifer and David B play the flute. Dheisheh was in the senior stage beings and always in junior. We would ensure in the band room at dozens of mutual acquaintances and what friends on Facebook in conversation, she always seemed focused on the moment. If you had, attention you had it completely. And quote from the article that these torment Jennifer's law that she started to turn away from studying hard and stop dedicating herself a school instead of stride eyes. She was averaging. Seventy percent in know her classes and barely achieving base
what the hell. I marked she needed to get into the farmer college programme at the University of Toronto, her father expected his children would be the top of their classes to get the best college, which would lead them to high paying careers. Going to cut. It I started a decade of laws that would spin so deep, even Jennifer got confused between what was it law and what was the truth? of telling her parents about her high school grades. She decided to forge her poor caught she he's templates from old reports. He seizes glue and fight. I copied them to create new ones. Jennifer also started cutting herself small cup. for arms. I was a kid, the hidden torment behind the happy mask she was wearing at the time were proud when she brought home eyes that were thrilled when she graduated high school and that was so proud when she received scholarship letters and the newly admission of interference in university Toronto University, but she sheep.
start, assigns the great and move either to Toronto. After a couple of ease, she Worked hard in her parents horse and was achieving what they had only imagine possible for her hand was so pleased that he bought her laptop. But there was one problem. Jennifer didn't graduate high school, She failed her last semester, calculus a high school subjects. You would have to repeat in order to graduate she felt or school and rice and withdrew their offer instead of coming clean, Jennifer Spiral of laws? Group data, She spent the summer up preparing for university. She bought secondhand biology and physics books and set the wheels in motion for beginning the academic year in situ. Now she pretended to attend her orientation, wake sheep, which papers stating she was receiving a loan that she would pay off and can the dad she'd want to three thousand dollar scholarship She pretended to make her way to the university campus half an hour away and David set the glyphs from my parents
of the she was keeping up. The charade should package bag and go to the library feeling notebooks full of pretend classmates and she said, the web for cost related topics Tom Daniel One was at York, innovation, taking classes, and that was saying each other and sacred appear to find out about their relationship and put a stop to it immediately. Jennifer This told them what they wanted to hear that her and Daniel had broken up Then she went behind their backs. She spent a lot of spare time visiting Daniel at York, she took on Part time job taught piano lessons and later on work, the Boston Pizza within your work as a kitchen manager. He knew she was fighting their studies and they helped her heart. The secret. Jennifer came up with a false acceptance, let out into the pharmacology program at the University of Toronto, with a made up scholarship for two weeks, She continued to tell the parents. She was staying with a friend a couple of not awake
the parents or she was looking hot sport, Segal's and vac support attack. then just a family. She was lying to friends too She over exaggerated her fathers control telling friends he had heard a private investigator to follow her so and thought Jennifer had no other choice but to live a lot. There's only one place to find the most recognized brand and carpet stainmaster, and that's it loaves right now get free basic installation with the purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad for ninety nine or more loaves home to any budget home. To any possibility. Install available in store only requires non refundable site assessment. Fee is credited in the final project price about three loaves. More charges may apply not available in all areas: the lowes dot com for details, exclusions and licensure, valid to nineteenth and four thirteen us in February. Two thousand and one Jennifer Right, two separate facebook posts the first
living in my house is like living under house arrest and the second No one person knows everything about me and to know to who put together, know everything about me I'll lot being a mystery. She wasn't afraid of letting people know about her parents controlling what and because I could not be more proud than they were when Jennifer came home and told them. She had been given a volunteer position at the Toronto Hospital for sick children in a blood testing lamp. They understood when the position started. Jennifer would be required for late night shifts and weekends. Jennifer suggested it might be better. She spent more nights at a friend's place because convinced him to let her stay away. when it came to him to graduate from the University of Toronto done. You helped Jennifer hire someone online to fake a full college, graduation transcript complaint. Straight eyes:
she told her parents that the graduating class was so large that they weren't enough seats for two guests age and say she was only allowed to invite one person, then she couldn't possibly choose between her two parents, so she would take a friend instead When her dad asked her where the pitches, where she made up an excuse, In September, two thousand just before the Highwomen vacation the Jennifer didn't have any uniform for her hospital job. Nor did you have any form of our day, which he knew hospitals required, the following day without saying anything to Jennifer insisted that and her mother drive her to the hospital they dropped her off and he park. The car gas, because, following daughter him to say where she went, Jennifer knew her mother was following her, so she went in the waiting room if the they and indeed for three hours until she was sure that were gone the next morning in cold topers, Jennifer's friend had been staying with
at the topaz told him. Jennifer hadn't been staying with her at all. When Jennifer arrive time that day, her father and mother were waiting for her. They wanted to know what the hell is going on. Janet He confessed, she wasn't volunteering at the hospital. She had never been in road at the University of Toronto and shit. Studied pharmacology for the four years prior it Why. I confessed that she'd been living three days a week with Daniel and his family Jennifer, never lived with. Topaz she'd never stay there. Monday through Wednesday. She stayed with Daniel and his family, shows up out of Daniel's family and meanwhile, her parents didn't even know that was still in contact. But had told Daniel's parents that hand and because we're okay with her living with him, half the They repeatedly asked the maid appearance, but she always had an excuse because all her to reapply for the University of Toronto to gain her degree, she had her
it's from rice and behind her. She would have no problem, but she did have a problem. she never went to rising but didn't confess that to them she kept this right going that she had partially studied at rising and university. She didn't want come clean about everything and if this mad about her lying about Toronto University. How would they react They found out she never finished hostile school and never went to rising. and because I felt like I didn't know their own daughter, shoes stranger in her own family handwriting, Jennifer out of the house. She was disgrace to the family. What it done was unforgivable. He never went to see her again because was devastated, but she was also devastated to think what might happen to her daughter if they kicked her out, She convinced him to let her stay for We wait Jennifer, we have spent their mother by her side. Nilly constantly,
she wasn't allowed to go anywhere on her own. She had a cell phone and laptop taken away and she was forced to quit all her jobs accept piano tutoring where they could keep an eye on her. forced to repay her parents for all the money that had given her for his studies. they eventually found out about high school to ensure if I was forced to go back to complete the high school calculus, coarse and start the process again for her future. She has given us because you have known p, dot M and every if her life was monitored?. over the months that followed her mother, occasionally wakened enough to allow Jennifer tonight where her dad had hidden her fine, allowing her to check her messages, because sometimes stood up for Jennifer during arguments she had with her father, because, sometimes said that he had to remember. She had already grown up. Let her be herself too much defence will not be good soul. By sticking by her husband and following his wishes, a pace of her understood put her daughters torment once
Jennifer started to gain back some trust with their parents by aged up and allowed her to have restricted Tom with a and into sometimes go places alone. They still check the messages and they are domitor on the Kaaba. Jennifer and Daniel, would snake phone calls and shoot often ask a mutual friend Gary to drive, headed Daniels and pick her up again. Still, tat appearance about where she was. She continued to visit Daniel in Sacred Haven. Thinking out overnight arranging her, add covers to look like she was in bed. She was grand, completely and now even her mother wanted her to be completely cut off from Daniel. in two thousand and nine Ray a year before the home invasion, Daniel I'm sick of a secret relationship by then Jennifer was twenty four and I was still thinking around lock. Teenagers. It was tired of the threats her parents constantly made and the fact The Jennifer wouldn't stand up to them and movie he broke
what's a good about February two thousand and ten, it was singing new girlfriend, Christine Jennifer, desperate to hold onto Daniel. She was at that I still needed each other and she went to streamlines the Ganges attention. In of his second interview. She admitted to detective slide that over the months that followed they break she at the Daniel to get his attention. early in two thousand, and ten Jennifer made up a story where she answered the door of her home to find a man posing as a police officer, She said that hey and other men then forced their way in and sexually assaulted, her I Daniel she knew it was Christine who had arranged the attack as a warning this they away from Daniel. She also admitted to lying about a string of text, message, threats and receiving a bullet through the mile as part of a death threat. And if I couldn't handle being without Daniel, so she tried to come up with a plan that we keep them together.
By the end of June. Of his second interview with slight he tell Jennifer, he was grateful. She had been honest to which he replied, there is also one other thing. We would getting private phone calls at my house as well. my brother, because he was at school when we picked That would always hang up. I said, Monday, my mother would go dancing and one time while she was gone, the phone rang object. It up. My father was already on the phone. was a woman on the other line. I don't know who it was, and I was speaking Chinese, a father didn't know always on the line, but this woman was saying have to come over right away right away? You have to come now My father kept saying I can't come now: the woman said, but I can't you have to come now Jennifer explained to detective slight that her father left the house in a hurry saying he had to begun fix a leaking tap at her aunts place, but she didn't I, like the woman to be her auntie.
After hearing this slide left the room. Jennifer started the brave heavily sugar, up and started pacing after twenty five minutes. An officer walked in and offered to take Jennifer to the bathroom and offered her candy Jennifer accepted. Afterwards, they both returned to the room and the office estate with Jennifer, barely audible. Jennifer's body outwards with no consistency, while pacing back and forth. just beating myself up. Asking me raise questions or push you to be more attentive, but it just happen so fast and it's parked in I can't give him the answers, and I don't know Thus, I would answer I want to be able to answer it, so it would hope if it turned to the officer and asked Have they been able to find out anything Did I have any leads or suspects? Does anyone know where the cow in Hasta. She didn't get an answer
If a whispered a little to herself and started rocking off to thirty minutes, detective slight returned Some cleaner. recent clean it up. Tell me what you're feeling right now. What's going on. You might want to use it as you gotta get it out. So tell me when you feel in right now I think it. Let me like a sudden, something called survivor's guilt. Ok, you're going to go through
you're gonna you're gonna. Do then this is the fifth of the stuff about the therapy and and getting to speak to someone because they're stages of grieving you're going to go through. And this is The only way you're going to go through this is with properly as is withheld, I think that observers is engage right. There they're, trying to help you you just stick with us. it's a long road, but it can be a very successful role who came. What you're feeling I to say is normal, but it is It's something that a lot of people who are in the same circumstance will feel ok, but When I want to do as I want to finish off on their so that we can let you go and get don't get out of the police station I appreciate your time. I appreciate your help. what is in the safe.
Time I opened it. Milan, Tibet and I. she that he has a combination. I don't have the communication, you don't have the combination for the safe, just your mom snow, so there was passports, no large quantities of cash in there. not that I know of sheep, asked me to help pay for our two trips and yours. And what did you get that? What did you have the two thousand dollars for what to do? Where did you make that money I had? I was saving up to do like very, I gave it to gain who carry out of other people, but you have a store. The blackberries in your name,
please give me the Daniel others. Friend gave it to him, and I gave it. Today. When did you do it to Daniel? I gave it to a friend are we mean? What's the pin come? for that you know you have a personal identification number for security reasons if he ever been given that five by blackberry, no there's no locked, ok, salt, Daniel Was unlikely still remains to be a drug dealer. Self admitted when he was in the air the other day
The stepping back from that is, I had asked you is prior to the incident when's. The last time you spoke to Daniel What I should have said to you is: when is the last time from today for back You spoke to Daniel Can you met with a misfortune? I guess today. Did you talk to him just briefly, You didn't see him or talk to him any other time other than right here in the police station. If I told you that Daniel says that you spoke to him, you did have a conversation with him somewhere else. She would be lying.
some. I spoke to him only aspirate blackberry. And that was a week ago. it's good. My grandfather had just using them. hospital and I snuck over and dropped it off for a friend. If people place and who is the friend that you gave it to. I only know his first name Hassan and where's the people place We have heard in the neck, retorted Bergen ignoble between still on the train. When. There's a lot of people member, I told you about the media. They're bad, they can be very bad when they If round me, they send something. and I can tell you that the media is Poor training
this was supposed to be some sort of drug related. But you guys weren't, a random target. But you were a targeted house because of drug activity. What would you say to that? I dont deals a job: okay, tell me more about that. You don't deal the drugs that are you involved in that transportation and just predict it to view. Have you ever been with Danny? Something is very important. Have you ever been with Danny when Danny's doing that. You know my leaves me with a friend and says he's going out with his friend the soul. when you go see him for once during the time. Once once a week, I I tell my pants- I was going to class yes before class after class I'd go, buy him lunch and bring it his work.
And sometimes I would see him, and sometimes I just give it to a coworker to give to and how long, when you see him, how long would you see him for ten minutes? Fifteen minutes cause he was working when you weren't, when he wasn't working, and you were able to get over to see him how long it hasn't happened in a long time and how long so long to him. Last time I saw him outside, That was when Gary picked up and I got caught by I hear a year and a half and why Why did he want your blackberry I he had sold his blackberry, so he needed a phone. that blackberry, what an unkind and confuses, was an act of foam. Now we're talking about three phones now or tell her that we got a card, we got the phone, your parents know you have and got a blackberry, Up until a week ago,
a blackberry. What I was using with my own Rogers incurred, the formulae now was an old phone I no longer used okay, so their the blackberry was your normal phone that you were using on a regular basis, and then you would switch sim cards if so, if you are going to communicate him with the other sim card for the simpler enough blackberry and talked to him through that, I Iphone often had enough of I kept my room. Then a profit know that and cause my brother. I had one then Houdini earlier, but it broke. So my brother, you what he did with t fix apart, You can have one that he used himself, but the one I had was it fully functioning. It was just able and he had no internet access on it. So I just kept it for phone calls and I hidden where is that phone now it should. He's still alive In my room, where.
I believe those on my laptop table or something from a counter and it doesn't have a sim card in it right now. I don't. This impact in just in case my group asked for so There's an Iphone and by your desk on your somewhere wearing in your room. the the Rogers. I mean the blackberry that you had had up until a week and it went to Daniel and and for what reason and Wednesday he had a black another, a new of I a, and he said someone wanted to buy it like a friend who wanted to buy it. and now he knew the fallen temporarily with took full for I had. Another phone is what I said: ok I'll engines So. It sounds as if you couldn't let Danny go figure still there you still hoping.
The hope, is much you're still hoping I still cannot you're not walking away from right. You haven't, walked away from him he's in with the comments that you've received these, from I had and then, but I had for a while. I disappear from him but he made me com, so I wish to him so If it is or is it you instigating all the communication or does he reach, but does he start each battle, though? Okay now. You have to face. As he said, the media can be horrific in some cases and I'd die. I told you not to read or appear tension to the news. I know for a fact that in one of the newspapers, the
Let's being portrayed a right now is that this was a drug that you guys were not a random but a targeted residence because of drug related activity. you and your family were engaged and drug related activity. Now, Is it possible The Danny. but you are being mistaken somehow, as being involved in his life and things I haven't been around his life in while going out with him, but I will, is completely out of the question, but I haven't I, don't go around with him. When he's doing that kind of I I like it and I refuse to be a part of that then they started talking about Daniels girlfriend Christine Jenny. Encourage the conversation when it states Wards Christine being involved in drug running the if slight asp
How would you feel if Daniel is the one through whatever activity who is brought? These back to you, Jennifer didn't reply. Counting both interviews slight had borne out in a view Jennifer forever. Five allies just over the he asked. You're telling me that you, you had no involvement in what happened. meaning, not saying how they all come came, but you you had no involvement and in any type of illegal activity that would have drawn you or the attention of you too, have bad people come to your house. Looking for large sums of money. You're not involved in this any which way, because the question obviously stands. Jennifer is your upstairs and their downstairs right. So it's. Natural concern. why would they leave you alone.
Why would they not do the same to you. You can't answer the question. He said I, but I asked take me the number one I the number one guy said your cooperative, ok. There's no, do you had no threats and again we're back to the fact that you immediately lied, It'd not to me right not to me now Your admittedly lied Why do your parents I'm going to school, you ve, lied. Danny about being Daniel, about being raped and about receiving a bullet. Who's to say. This whole thing is an alarming. that what you're telling me is a lie.
Because if you are lying, it's the most cold blooded thing that I ever faced in my life. There is nothing that you said to me today is a lie. I want to do you want for a little preamble. Not nothing in here that you might have mistaken because order of event I'm saying to you right now: Is there anything through the course. Your statement today Were you lied to me. From your interaction with Danny Daniel from your I'm not involved in drugs, and I don't have anything to do with them and we don't have large sums of money.
but a life insurance policies, the appearance of life insurance policies I think I don't know you they know they had had her. I have one on myself. my mom they used to have one for me when I was younger it houses. I went to education. Half went to life insurance and when they found out. I didn't go to university; they they asked for money, so hang on a second here: he told me that they told me that they never knew. You didn't go to university when it I find out that you didn't go to university. I told them that I graduated, but I never went to university, they went, for two years, but I never finished.
and they wanted the money back to my of that. So you did actually tell your parents some one of the treaty. You never went to university, but it's it's half truths. So back to this line is we're talking about the fact that of the line. I don't get the jobs. I don't. With that, I honest, I don't know. Back to another very difficult question, if I don't ask it obvious one The resentment that you had you may have had toward your parents, interference in your relationship in your life and essentially locking you down in your house. At the end of the day, I love my parents, and I chose to be with them. And if I
wanted to. I could have just left, but I didn't I wanted to stay with them and take hmm. So this wasn't some evil applaud that you thought up to whom I got now. No interaction, no! No! You didn't have anything to do with this thing at all whatsoever. You don't engage in illegal activity. No! did you know that I will be very easy to do, will be a very easy thing to discredit you right, we're we're the process of trying to add credibility to what you tell us and that's through the process of asking people and doing whatever through that same process? It will be very easy to find the flaws in what you've said Which again, then turns the focus back to you. I dont unnatural programme is a natural thing that investigators do we eliminate people or we
Draw our attention to emit a natural thing, it's of its not brain surgery and Kay. detective slide left the room briefly and when you re entered Jennifer told him he gave her fraud slight. Sit down. he said the interview was over. He told her, he didn't want her walking away thinking that he was able for asking some tough questions. He wanted her to know. He was going to turn out of every starting to help catch. The people responsible for her mom is Moda. She said, Sometimes we have to ask really difficult questions, but it's my job. I hope you understand. We understand that you take Have you lied to me now? you haven't lied to me about anyting, and whatever I could to help the,
if you've always told the truth, the truth, will never hurt you. It may get you in a bit of trouble. The truth, can get you into trouble if you've done some things wrong. but generally in most cases, if you tell the truth, You always be so, That's at the avenue that that that that's the avenue you have to think about it and what you I can always. I never do anything wrong by tell the truth, and if I've made life, I said some things that are lies or I've held something back, because I think it might hurt me. Those are the things that will as people to look at you, more intently, because question is: why would that person do that? To me? They've got something to hide right, so. you know the fact that you've lied to your parents over a long period of time. The fact that you've lied about to Daniel about those other two events,
those are disturbing. but I don't live in your shoes I would never judge you on that fact. But, from an outsider looking in to have to live under those conditions to have to I continually. You're going to ask the question why If that's the way that you have to live, that's the way you have to live People will judge you on your life. My concern lies in the fact you're. Your lie, k You come clean You ve never lied to me before rain I've never met you to be a liar, but the fact is is that you've lied about stuff to Daniel. You've lied to your parents, so.
Could you be lying to me, I can't Why couldn't you mean staring Does it mean that you couldn't be lying to me right. I don't know you, I've known you now for probably five hours intermittent. I hope you're not willing to that's all. I can hope for. but the fact of the matter is that those three things were sitting there saying in all like Julia ability to track your parents for a long period of time to stop very explainable, and I also weren't I wasn't living where you are. right and I'm still not going to prejudge you, because I, People do what they need to do to survive. So it could very easily be justified as a survival mechanism is the best avenue that you sought and you were stuck in the fact is is that my job is
he's, trying to get the root of a of a severe he serious crime, and I explore every avenue that we possibly can. so I'm going to do everything in my power to either prove us, as is our police agency, prove or disprove what you've told us, the more? We prove or can the more credibility you you have as as a witness? Okay, that's going to happen. We may even ask you to come back again again be not fer. You will not be explaining what happened In the grand scheme of things, because you've done that up and down backwards, it may be for points of clarification, candy, because again, were speaking, we're were gonna, be going. It's likely speaking to some. Your friends relatives and it's just point of clarification. May not have it. May you know I'm only saying that it me, I told you I didn't want to do the five and six and seven interviews with you
After today that's not going happen, but we may be contacting you to help us for some the points that we come across The hearing to view Jennifer went to visit her father at hospital with a brother Felix. She was choice through them. it's below by reporters Philly, help to shoot her from the press. Jennifer covered face underneath the hood of a jacket but was photographed when she, got to see where she was going. The following day. Can woke up from a three day induced the camera. Doctors were unable to remove the bullet fragments lodged in his face and he was fighting a long recovery from a shedded neck bone. But the emotional recovery would take much longer and remembered what happened instantly and rate lived. The shock of policing is worth. His brother sat by his bedside and told him that things that had been happening. The last three days, the first because Father,
his grandfather had passed away because family believed he passed away from grace. then he told him about Jennifer Borrowing, some change and making a phone call from a payphone pretending her phone ran out of battery. if his family knew she was lying and her fine wasn't a battery. after allowing him a brief conversation with his brother detectives interviewed him Jennifer was not allowed to say, speak to her father until detectives finished questioning him. That gives Marco by and David Mcdonald entered the hospital room. They found him. Propped up in bed almost done, I bought a having to break through a mouthpiece his face, I want, from his injuries hand I filled disturbing memories, etched in his mind of the home invasion. he recalled that, while one of the men was moving Jennifer, he saw his go to chatting softly with him fuck a friend
He revealed that during the time, because we're being threatened with guns and led away Jennifer his arms were not tied behind it back. He said she was and freely moving around the house. I told it's about Jennifer's own behavior. They talked about her past, They talked about her line. The office is new hand believed his daughter had something to hide. It looked like this if square in the eye and said, use your police tactics to find out. Who did this. Having said that, he did not want to see a daughter and Jennifer was told to visit him. even though his family had the white the same promptly they happiness cities. Recovery was evident as they gathered ready to help him through his grief and recovery. Jennifer, however saudi at the hospital therapist having a breakdown on how had this was all affecting her. She did not need, be grading, her mother and she showed no concern for her father. She was more worried about how she was being portrayed in the media
Her self absorption did not go unnoticed to those around. two days later. After hearing a baby interviewed for the second time, Jennifer snuck, There is room in the hospital in a re moment where she wasn't being monitored by someone had asked her She thought Daniel was behind the murder. She replied I don't know one hundred percent, but I don't think he was. And also ass Jennifer, if it was Daniel who she called from the pay phone right after she discovered, he was going to survive. Jennifer committed to the coal beside. It was only to share the Good NEWS, Jennifer. And asked her dad for twelve hundred dollars for college tuition that died, detect The Curtis officially my Jennifer, a suspect in the investigation. And if he started making arrangements for both her mothers and grandfathers funerals Jennifer complain to friends that her father left her to arrange the funerals by herself self. As the pays respects to his wife in profit and not attend her funeral
he was still awaiting surgery to remove bullet fragments from his face. Chapel Jennifer and Felix held each other Place were also in attendance. This gruesome murder happened in their community, and I wanted to Pay their respects but also there to say had a new suspect behaved he's, one officer said he's up their rubbing her eyes. Then looking it us then, a rise again, but never crying. That funeral really got to me. don't be looking at us when you're paying you respects to your mom, who was just killed, she wasn't crying her head was down, it was locked, she was crying, but with no teeth The funerals over Jennifer's family became vocal about their confusion over her behavior. It was confronted by her uncle. He told her. He remembered seeing her a few months earlier at a coffee shop with a blackmail, Jennifer brushed it off On Monday November, twenty second awakened: aha
After her last statement, Jennifer was called back in for questioning. This time she was being questioned by detective William Gates, he went with the formalities and mentioned that Jennifer that she had the right to a lawyer, but she was not under arrest. The tone was, different to the last two police interviews. There was more formal. Gates off Jennifer lots of personal questions about her friends, her hobbies and herself as a person. He then how did the dove into how she was treated by her parents? Jennifer quietly described their expectations. She described how during school appearance, parents compared her to other people and thanks you should be more like them. She can. There was never any physical abuse of any kind guy tossed did you ever feel like you weren't, a smart ass. They thought you were. It was pretty tough to live up to their expectations. Jennifer a great. He then asked
And their expectations were so high that few people could ever reach those expectations. Jennifer great. The interview continued on a much more personal note. They discussed Helen With Daniel and her family made, her feel thankfully, that Jennifer didn't really know where she stood with Daniel one? He said he saw a future with her the next day. He said the opposite. She was asked. If she felt This fear that at the age of twenty four she had to stay at home with a curfew of known PM, Jennifer said, Considering my past, I understood You talked about the coal Jennifer Major Andrew on the day of the home invasion by all sides at the time when she met injures Roommate Ricardo, a person. she hadn't yet mentioned and who we will get to in a minute. I got onto the subject of the attack, is guy said obviously we have spoken to a lot of people
and one of your relatives has told us that you said that these guys locked you. Why did you say that Jennifer? I didn't say that I said I asked him why, when they separated me from appearance in the house, why could not be with them, and I said you ve cooperated just keep on cooperating. Okay, so you made that comment to a relative, though that a I you you feel they locked you Jennifer know I had a gun to my head. Why did they not shoot you? why one. That's the way I have to go with them and shut up. But you must have thought of this must be I still do, and I I guess what have you come up in your mind? I don't think they could tell
shut up he poverty. you feel you like your parents didn't offering. Is there something that didn't happening with time like a really big popper, Agatha. It was no money to be found and told the truth that you had sixty dollars Soldier wasn't anything that he wasn't cooperating. I'm just trying to say you were there I'm trying to get a feel for. Did you think you wasn't operating wrong when a woman cooperating with the same moon get her I'm trying to figure out Where they didn't Barbara.
No, you think, there's any reason why they tied you up and entire parenthood. The hell does that seem odd to you by the team on I was aware of this approach. Does it make sense that they would leave a witness behind they're going to kill somebody that makes sense. Just thinking about it makes Some may that is going to tell somebody to leave a witness behind I can describe, Common sense, colors.
Gates whenever Jane. If previous statements and clarify a few points, he asked him it's the finer details than she had been asked previously. Jennifer I to answer. He scrutinized the evening and the moments before the home invasion in general. became visibly upset. She said would you get any words out? Her voice was timid. The questions were very a. I drew about the timeframe between when her mom came home from dancing and when the intruders, burking Jennifer said she went down to say hello and get a glass of water, the water was a new data. He asked her where exactly she got the water from. He asked her for any time when she was downstairs. Did you check if the house was secure? She said no that's what the last person you goes to. Bed does. Asked specifically. If you checked the front door, she said no gates then asked her. If it would be typical that if her mother arrived home late at night, what she had done on this particular point
that she would automatically lock the front door she went inside. Guy Gates asked question Jennifer without strike and looked at him, it's the most and she had given him throughout the interview Two hours into the interview detective Guide, stepped out of the room by these points. It was completely bent over with her face in her hands. She was whimpering and breathing deeply. take it back to walk back into the room. He had some news The reason why I am here today, okay, is that I'm an expert okay and we've through therapy vacation I'm not a homicide, I'll go and listen want to fight my job in any case Anybody, that's a witness. In this case, I have to speak to after they've been interviewed Ridgway by anybody else.
And so what it's about is truth. Verification case call Basically, all my studies come into the interviewing and detecting deception. the permanent telling telling the expire into Jennifer that hate physically written out the entire two statements she had previously given to detective slight every word every syllable. He told her he's trying to notice when someone is speaking in a style of language which differs from the usual storm I don't even know that you're doing it software that helps them determine whether certain words or statements ring alarm bells. Jennifer learnt that the software that used to analyze the statement was event, probability analysis, statement was fed into the computer at analogues, what she said and told them areas of deception or areas of concern. Within her statement,
gauge then went into more new detail about the level of forensic examination that had occurred at her house. Can I knew exactly where and when people wearing the rooms of the house on the night of the invasion, then you'd which rooms people with nodding He then mentioned that door, locks and latches. as Jennifer nodded her head and told her hair gates, exe to that. I could tell with lies a fingerprint who touched the door locked last possum Way to unlock The someone else had already locked in over and over gauge drop? The hints and Jennifer took them, She realized she was in trouble gates continued Jennifer hung her head lower and lower I am well aware that anybody on this earth is capable of a coolest day I don't care who they there. if there a priest, characters, go figure. I don't care
what the situation is even a given. circumstances Everyone has the capability. Jennifer raking mistake, doing the wrong thing: the key though, when I talk to people is, when they made a mistake, okay, that's one thing right is not keep making the same mistake. Okay,. And to get that information others and get it off your chest. Okay, understand what I'm saying. So, at the end of the day, from this case- and I can tell you, I've spent literally a week on this case, going over information, not their formation. Nothing all these sources, speaking to every other experts on the case. At this point. Jennifer.
I know that you've not been truthful with the police. Okay, you Not told us everything that you know perfectly okay, and are you loved information out? Okay, the number of inconsistent in what you call the police, one of the things you have to remember is your dad was there okay, and your dad had a front row seat to all of us and your dad's, a very smart man. He has a very clear perception of what's going on. He tells a very truthful story. whole process within, and I he's being truthful, okay
The problem is that your story, when you're telling is not truth. Okay We have some thing you're. Rendition of what happened one, A lot of events, you say that happened, never did okay, lots of things. Are you all of the police happen, never happen, they never happened in the sequence. Are you okay,. You better remember that your dad was there. Okay That's this one part of it that tell me the truth. All this do what on top of it that yours doesn't match at all. It's up for me. few factors that you need to tell the truth, but you haven't told all the trees are getting into where you know your strength,
the concern of all about time and seven years telling how truth can understand why you ve got it away What happened to Tammy equates to abuse, okay, and all the stresses that you've had and forced to. I can understand why you did it, well you're in another situation there, where you're under another. The stress chances right brought on by those same factors that broad on stress before the number one thing that bring on stress to his when you're not truthful right Saturday, right, okay, it doesn't feel good inside of it. It breaks down. the person that you are. At the end of the day, you're a good person. I know that you've got a good heart. Okay,
in this case, all you made mistakes, and you are involved in an honor. There there's no question about it. Okay want right now is going to keep making mistakes. Are you going to go on the route that you've gone on over the years and try to pretend that having that never happened. Hey are you going to not face. Reality you are not go to the place in the state, we know that you're involved on our own, we, after resolve that now here today, okay, I need to know from you what really happened. okay and I mean whose, is involved in evolving because there's no doubt Jennifer that you are here. We know that pasta.
No Barton about it at all. And I know why this is happening. Okay, spend your whole life trying to live up to the expectations that you can't mate. Okay, and it stressed the hell out of you you're, twenty four old woman being treated like a fifteen year old? Okay, you ve never done anything that terrible in your life, but you being treated like you have, not being treated like the at all that you are here. You made some mistakes big deal another, First person that has gone the night. Their parents is there dating a guy? Do they dont, except that I understand, I thought people in here that have kept that secret for their whole life from their parents That's not abnormal, but that was a lot of stress on your Are you ready for you? Is it now?
now what we need to get down to be here today. Gin, What really happened. You need to tell me what went on. because you know who was in that house that night? Question about that no question about it. you have actually given an improper description of the person. You were dealing with number one, you off a fighter. full description of that. We know that We know that Yes, he did. Did you made a mistake? We gotta get to the bottom. Person did not exist in that House TAT night. I know that hey, we've done our homework. Okay.
You heard on the news that there was video right: okay,. Wasn't three black eyes about the house in order, and I know so we need to get down to why either purposely told us a false description number one. It's totally wrong and it was done on purpose, okay to mislead us, okay, because you're involved You cannot deny that you cannot deny that we know so, let's just get it out on the table. He made a mistake, I know, but you any longer than that your your your buddy nervous wreck over this thing. This thing If you could take it back, I know that you would, if you could go by that then by this all over again, it would be different.
We need to right now know that. We know that you're in home no question about none whatsoever. Okay, But what we also know is that you're, a good person, okay, that's made, mistake! You're right! You made some bad. you know how you made the bad decisions than not talking telling your parents what's up You don't want to do that with us. you I want to do that with a place You don't want to mislead me. Do you? Okay, so What do you mean take that night You got involved with the wrong people. Okay, you go involved in the wrong set of circumstance. Okay, but that's over with now for pasta. Hey, we know that I have okay, but you know what.
In all my years of placing doesn't matter what goes wrong with people Never too late to do the right thing. You know that, and I know that What you can do here today is actually do the right thing. Okay, you have to do the right thing: you can't go around continuing this. Okay. Remember when you said what it did to you when you went through those years of depression brought on by not being truth Living a lie: you don't want. keep living. This lie, everybody knows you know, and you're getting the feeling from everybody around you that they know surprise Okay, there's nobody surprised there after what you've been through Why this didn't happen? A lot earlier truthful You're, twenty four years old-
you're a prisoner in your own house. You had lost your own identity, You're one, nor yet for anyone, You were living for what somebody else wanted You weren't, you you were was somebody We all want in Europe Someone else's expectations, and yes, family's is important, but when family takes over you as a human being Take your identity. There is no margin. So no matter how good their intentions are. no matter how much they love you. They're, taking away again, okay and you have gone through this for years. In the middle of tension, tension that start to the point that it makes you sick, Stomach turns over you don't wake up a day that there's not some issue on the table? Not some straps in your household, okay,
Answer me, you ve been told to live up to expectations. You yourself years ago knew that you could not do taking away GEN There is no Jan. He took away gender disposed to be upheld here, why isn't that good enough I was not good enough. That was great expectation. why not just be allowed technician why the doctor? Why didn't it always have to be something bigger? Why just be what you want. And all bad has resulted in. What's happened. On November, eight. Tension, build up to a point that you know why, like an animal that gets corner at some point, the knight who thought when its cornered fight back.
Three months before the home invasion in the spring of two thousand and ten Jennifer A contact with an old school friend called Andrew Montemayor. Is it the same? Andrew Jennifer told the techniques slide she had spoken to the day of the home invasion. The same is true that, during a lighter account of the story, she remembered she also had a quick phone conversation with the evening of the home invasion. Andrew and Jennifer had gone to elementary school together and she remembered him boasting that he had rubbed Paypal at north point. She told him about how awful her home life was and how her parents controlled every detail of her existence. City understood her pain and that he had once considered killing his own father. Is planted a seed and saw Jennifer, and by the early summer, two thousand and ten she started to hatch a plan that included a world without her father. She went back to Andrew. Andrew introduced her to his room, I recalled I'd done. They created a plan for it. God I to motor her father in the parking lot of his work.
Jennifer had sight fifteen hundred dollars from her piano lessons she gave it. Ricardo and said she would contact him to make a day according to benefit story. Rakat. I stopped answering her calls and disappeared with the money. A diversion is that in July, two thousand and ten Jennifer find and often made him for coffee shoes. hysterical state asking him to murder her parents, his answer It was no way he said that After this, he stopped speaking to her record It was the blackmail that Jennifer's uncle had seen her with it, the coffee shop, He admitted that she did give him money once, but that it was only two hundred dollars for not air, which he paid back. Jennifer then went to her Ex Daniel Wong. Jennifer was the one in the household who always helped her mother with bills. She knew the extent they finance is, if a pair start thought, be. Set to inherit, half a million dollars her and Daniel could set up a house together. and live a normal life, I knew someone being in the drug.
Trade. It was easy to find someone willing to do anything for money. This when Daniel, introduce Jennifer to Lynford Crawford, who they called envoy. Daniel gave Jennifer a spare Iphone, so they could contact each other without anyone. Knowing Jennifer use this phone to call Daniel and Crawford or Homeboy sometimes removing the sim card, swapping it back and forth into her own phone with was in charge and Daniel as an accomplice. Crawford recruited to other friends David Mill vacuum and Eric Coffee would be in charge of arranging the car and driving in the three men to and from the same, He was five thousand dollars for aging parent, a total of ten thousand. Malta on payment was given by Jennifer, two thousand was to be handed over during the home invasion, and the remaining money was to be handed over when life insurance payments came through. The It was set for November second, but in the more Jennifer, received a text from Daniel. Daniel was honest with Jennifer.
He moved on with someone else. He told her that he felt for his new girlfriend. The white Jennifer felt for him Jennifer so you feel for her what I feel for you then call it With own boy, Daniel I thought you wanted this for you Jennifer I do, but I have nowhere to go. Daniel Philadelphia time boy. You said you wanted this with or without me Jennifer. I want it for me. Jennifer then received the text from profit on aid, the town of completion think about it, Jennifer, replied today's and I go dinner applying doubt I won't be home in tone caddy please the killing and being postponed as he was having trouble getting enough money together for gas, the net they Daniel text. Jennifer again, I did everything and londa all up for you even I Donno had pushed Jennifer away again. He continued to flirt with her and encourage her to float back.
on the morning of November rights, two thousand and ten Jennifer. They ve been other texts from Crawford after work. Ok, we gain time. between four hundred and thirty p dot m and one thousand and twenty four p dot m Jennifer and her old school friend Andrew exchanged Milly one hundred text messages they also. I spoke on the phone Injury wasn't involved in the plane, but she did tell him I was about to happen. They brushed it off. Even though only months prior hated introduced her to Ricardo someone, he thought could help her kill her father, he would go on to testify that he didn't really believe she had gone ahead with it: you had a crush on Jennifer. He said he had blinkers on the economy. their tax termite has Jennifer dilated them before the home invasion. At six, twelve pan lengthened Crawford court Jennifer. It was on off the Jennifer Watch TV with her friend I dream in a left you had a long text message conversation discussing in jokes about
chickens and monkeys at nine pm. Coffee and David Mill, vague and made up in a higher costs and collected rented Crawford. At nine thirty, four Pm David vague in those fine, was used to go Jennifer. He let her know about close after Jennifer hung up. She opened the door of a bedroom and walked in Is she said good night to another, walked to the front door and unlocked it? There was no one, forty five p m at two minutes past. Ten Jennifer walked in the dock study next to her parents bedroom where her father was asleep. She foot the study slow on for a minute, then switched it off. something which was caught on the security video footage from the house across the road. Two minutes later David, We'll vagabond called again this time, my son, It's a three and a half minutes within
Seconds of hanging up the rental car pulled up at the House and Linford Crawford David Mill, Vegan and Eric Kadi walked through the front door. All three carrying counts. The evidence the police had against Jennifer was compelling the messages and calls made from her everyday sign as well as have been if I'm led them to is together a clear picture of the planning that went into the stage time invasion, The push I just that little bit further to confess, but she didn't instead of in passing. She spent further hours in the interview, spinning a story of how she had arranged the home invasion, but the plan. the kill her, not her parents, She didn't want to bring shame on her family by committing suicide. It created an elaborate suicide plan for home invasion gone wrong. She said she tried to call. But somehow the wires got crossed and the men arrived and killed her mother and almost killed her father.
Jennifer never left us it interview on December 22nd you'll No police arrested, Jennifer and charged with first degree motor attempted murder and conspiracy. commit murder Jennifer hunched over sobbing, asked repeatedly, what happens to me. The day off the Jennifer's arrest police held a second press conference Continuing investigation police provided few details about the arrest of Jennifer or the potential motive Fucking phone to the investigation moved in a new direction when hand woke up from his and provided a version of events that different greatly to Jennifer's. If cook from the investigation team later said, he knew something was up from the very beginning. He was an officer who continually voiced his opinion throughout the investigation. He said I knew it was an inside job. I always thought she was part of it break into a house, shoot and kill two people and then leave a witness tie up. I mean they taught her up.
It's not like she hid from him. She tore it up but the people. Are subject to being shot yet not this person? Why not It goes against everything we know it just doesn't make sense. Jennifer was remanded into custody due to face scored a white glider. The police were tracking their other the suspects and got an interesting laid in the hours following Jennifer's arrest, often used, mark of Jennifer Geneva in custody. what Crawford. While he was at work when finished work. He headed towards Daniel Wong's house right here off at two, a dot m. He's in Daniels finds Ping to the same self for forty minutes leading police, believe that were in the same location, engaging in a conversation. The same thing happened to twelve hours later, just off the two p m Daniel I'm Crawford fat grin the same location. Again, if it wasn't happy if Jennifer had been arrested? Who would be paying them
your regional police, five months to Michael the arrests. They relied on so fine location and houses, cell phone calls and text to paste the elaborate MOTA plan together along with Jennifer or which are with first degree, murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. First to arrests, police made with David moving them and Eric Coffee Had since been arrested for another murder that occurred in two thousand and one and was already being held in a correctional facility at the time of his arrest Detective sergeant, Larry Wilson released a statement. we are continuing to investigate these things to them and are expecting further arrests, he's. The comment on the relationship between Jennifer and the two men accused other to acknowledge there was a connection, I'm not going to get into details in regards to motive but I'll, see the daughter involved in the conspiracy aspect to it. I think the motifs pretty clear. He went on with a message for those not yet caught
The remaining persons involved in this horrendous crime to seek legal counsel and turn themselves in immediately. regional, police, superintendent, Wayne, Clean Ski, also released the statement. This was not a random act. citizens will be relieved by the fact that we've made arrests in this matter. The target and residence on April twenty six, Two thousand and eleven Daniel Wong was arrested in front of his colleagues at Boston. Pizza two weeks later, when for Crawford, was arrested at his girlfriend's house with of people charged and awaiting trial. The prosecution got to work on a case. play, sweat commended for that diligent work and following the trial to catch those arrested, it was still full that other people could possibly be linked on the peripheral and it was still unclear who exactly pulled the trigger, but it was a in the case would proceed with all five charged with both the great murder attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
The date out. Analysis of fine records was described as second to none with Iver a million pieces of my ball find out. Ask, and you know what a tonight they arrest. The took three years to come. The trawl I'm in the court set on March 19th, two thousand and fourteen in the you might courthouse. It was expected to last five months. I would go on to last ten. The press was in knighted raw at the time of the home evasion. This case had taken over the news and was one of the biggest and most intriguing stories after Arrests were made, the story faded and it was only now gearing back up for almost another year of intrigue. Is the fate of Jennifer Payne and her co accused wherein the hands of the court headlines. Daughter from Hell trial begins he's a little insight into the sentiment at the time, port is descended from all over Canada, the United States, China, the Philippines and Vietnam. story transcended through generations of asian immigrant families to Canada. Hot
Think parents and grandparents felt deep sorrow for he and pin who had only wanted what was best for his daughter, other pushy target. Parents is appearances level, cold, felt for Jennifer, a then pushed with expectations. She could never reach tipped over the edge near twenty seven had aged in three years in custody the face no longer swayed child lock had three years to reflect on the decision she had made in her life that led her to that point. Four years without the love and support of a family decided cut off all ties with her following her arrest, for the keys were tried together. All of them pleaded not guilty. Judge carry Boswell, told the jury that just because all further keys were being tried together, I didn't mean they should all get the same verdict as packed courtroom held their breath. The father accused shuffled in their ankles shackled in a handcuffed
there were letting today individual bauxite, separated by glass, the walls, walls, shackles, cast removed before the jury arrived so as not to create bots against them, when fifty witnesses testified and the jury sore over two hundred exhibits, including Long segments of the ten hours of police interviews the police had with Jennifer I saw hundreds of pages of cell phone records, including phone calls, text, messages and location data. Given the nature of much of the language used in the text message conversations an expert in urban street slang took the witness stand The key witness was Jennifer's father who would the jury, with a sad title of how Haiti's deceased was had only one of the best for their daughter. Crown Loya Jennifer Holler Jean presented a well thought out made a plain concocted by intelligent and calculated daughter who couldn't get her own way. Saying Jennifer was the to get her way, no matter what? Even if it
droid her family to the couch used, then because money and, while they didn't know, pull the trigger each party's. I did in carrying out Jennifer Pains plan to murder her parents, the theory was the Jennifer orchestrated a stage time invasion in which both parents would be killed and she get half shared with a brother. Of a handsome insurance inheritance, at least half a million dollars each which he hoped would you're Daniel one, whom she was obsessed with back into her life it was about the money and it was about Jennifer's the loathing of her father in law, for the jury to have an understanding of Jennifer's motive. Prosecutors took them back and the beginning of his. They are the Geneva pains parents only wanted the best for their children to work hard. Getting first, the education and have a better life than I did Jennifer couldn't handle those high expectations. They took the
Europe, through the laws in the state that began in her early adolescents and continued to that day, sitting in court still telling a title so totally wiped them. Could no longer say where one I ended and another began. the prosecution alleged that, after she was turned down by Ricardo Duncan the first time she tried to have a father killed. She the more elaborate and more violin playing her high school sweetheart than you'll want to help. The planet calculated and considered and planned and deliberate Jennifer was on the stand for seven days She resembled the same character. Singing her policing of use softly spoke. In voting on shore, often with I had them. when not understand she sat most of the time with a head headline, something Covering her face with her hands it down in her policing of use. Waved her Hawaii around the damning text, messages with her accused used and desperately to to convince the jury that, although she had ordered a hit on her father in August, two thousand and ten three months
She had changed her mind the coup, heard that Jennifer only wanted herself killed and ordered the hit to not bring the shame of suicide on her family. She Then she never wanted her parents appearance debate the target there was her. That was supposed to. Jennifer defence lawyer pull Cooper painted Erika III as a psychopath killer. Who is not happy when Jennifer cooled off her assisted suicide and not happy he added. paid. The eight and a half thousand dollar cancellation Faye Cooper stated. The events of that night were never supposed to happen. Jennifer would never be part of any plan to hurt her mother and she the part of a plan to hurt her father. If this was a plain, the modem Why carry out the charade of Robert, Why didn't entry to shoot Mr Dot Mrs pain immediately? They called it a sloppy rubbery, led by idiots in a hurry and said recovery was the one calling the shots.
Cooper alleged that it was cardi who started shooting because he was angry. He wasn't receiving the money he wanted, although getting accused in his trawl? Eric Cati was now serving life in prison for the murder in two thousand and nine. A murder he was wanted for at the time of the pain home invasion, It was an easy job to paint him as a killer, with nothing to lose. It was present at the beginning of the trial. But for months in his work, became, seek and was unable to continue with these Defense which led the colonies exit from the troll. He was tried, so Italy at a later date We made it to the jury that Jennifer had a history of line but claimed her web site only showed her debate. Sheltered young woman with a social skills of attaining job He said they could not convicted of murder and reminded them. They had to believe beyond the reasonable doubt the she meant for her parents too. We ve carrying out of this role, the defence for Crawford will veganism and Daniel One told the court, there was little evidence to convict the three men other than the phone records
no dna evidence was presented at all. There was no four, And evidence gathered from the house no bloody Clyde's found and no weapons recovered, The defence argued that if it was such a sloppy job as alleged watch out of his defence than where was the physical evidence Don't you want defence lawyer said: are you going I can make more coin of a cold, blooded murder based on a couple of text messages. Are you kidding me. He described Daniel as a university educated, hardworking man who played the trumpet who somehow got mixed up with dealing marijuana. Fell under the spell of Jennifer PAN she's upset a logical boy who was playing games in the sickest possible way with Daniel's head, he said. Five months into the trial. It was revealed that juror number for his wife had sat in the courtroom every day watching when Jennifer's other took the witness stand it was joined. The two vietnamese interpreters. He did not look over at his daughter. They said the crime had shut, it is lost
adding that he was astonished. He survived the shot through his face and shoulder. He spoke with a deep sadness? As he told the court of the decade of lying, he and his wife enjoyed from Jennifer did. three to four days to reach its verdict. December 13th, two thousand, enforcing at one twenty pan, the jury informed just as possible than a verdict had been reached. he's. Those stood in the prison is Doc, while they verdicts were red one by one Jennifer David, no vacuum, Daniel, warm and landfill, Crawford role, found guilty of the murder be copied and the attempted murder of hand pan. Jennifer, as she always did- hung her head, low and sobbed. This time she knew if the teeth were real. She could be heard saying I didn't even give me a chance. One by one age was asked to sit down members were crying in some screaming as they left the courtroom
Hey interests not to deliver his victim impact statement in person, a witness protection it ready at red. When I lost my wife, I lost my at the same time I don't. good luck. I have a family anymore on that it became died. I feel What do I do at two I have totally changed that day. Some say I should feel lucky to be alive, but I feel like I am dead too I can't work anymore because of my injuries and I have given up when all the things I used to do like gardening working on cars, and listening to music There is no joy in any of that for me I'll miss model I've said much she You mean better than anyone and cared about me I'm so lonely without her way. married for almost thirty years, because was a good wife and a good mother. She always but her children first and rarely spent money on herself she loved music and love to guideline Daisy she took. about children. While I worked,
She had always wanted to go to Vietnam and I always said we have to spend more money on the children's education first, but once they have finished school we can focus. I'm doing the things we want, then. But that towing never came for her. I don't any join holidays anymore I am sad and lonely all the time, some Songs. When I see my friends I'll try to pretend. Oh and happy, but stressed We ve jealous of my friends, families and their happiness. Why only hope? the future, is that Felix will get married and let me live with him. Right now. I live with my two sisters and my elderly mother, as I can't stand being in my home because of all the bad memories of what happened there. Repairs that need to be done on the house, but because of my injuries, I am it, but I do anything, not going to my house, because my name is awesome me what happened and do I'm ashamed I can't sell the house because it is in a chinese neighborhood with superstition and no I would want to live there because of the matter.
Not sleep at night and have constant Norton is about what happened. They know what we were shot. I feel panic told at all. especially when I say a group of young man in the street. I am not ISIS that all but black men really scare me if I say them standing in a good. I mean lot of pain and take medication for pain every day. I'll have no. Avatar. This food is not pleasurable to me, because I know I would never be able to taste my wash cooking again. I am also on medication for diabetes and high cholesterol, as I cannot exercise, as it is too painful model has totally changed. I turned my wife's grave with my brother and sister in law, on the anniversary of her death and on others, two holidays and it is so very hard on me to remember how she died and what my life has become. I'm a very lonely person and have no one to share my feelings with. As my son Felix does not want to talk about what happened and just wants to forget it. Very hard for Felix, he doesn't want, He seized his name and doesn't want to know about what happens in court feeling.
Has become very separate and is a very different person he doesn't. I talk about the family and he's very first down distant into side He says he doesn't want to remember and white look for winter onto because he feels like he has a bad family name, because one knows where these mothers murder. I hope my daughter Jennifer thinks about what has happened to her family and can be. I'm a good and honest person someday just Boswell described the crime as horrific he said the circumstances faced by Jen of his father hand and mother, because, with that of stock horror, Those willing to go along with such a plan have very little concern for human life. These were crimes of terrifying violence,. All accused was sentenced to life without parole for twenty five years. For the first degree, murder because be copying and lofty for the attempted, murder, hand, pain The sentences would run concurrently. The
we asked Jennifer PAN will be able to apply for parole is two thousand thirty. Five. she'll, be forty. Eight years old, the judge ended with she lived the life of deception and they did not deserve death penalty she imposed on them. This was this transaction, the commodity death. Eric Caddy wasn't retried caught. He said he wanted to put an end to hand suffering by pleading to avoid another lengthy trawl, he'd made it in sport with the other case to have him and be calculated for ten thousand dollars. He was since the iranian prison to be served concurrently with a twenty five year sentence. He was already serving for the unrelated murder. It is still unknown who pulled the trigger. The case was summed up in the Toronto star by journalists. Rosy dimona, he said all this horror. A mother shot in the head performer words, a play that her daughter be spared a father Shot through the ot who miraculous
they survive these grievous words for the, Excessive love of a man who did not love her back.
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