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Case 53: The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (Part 5)

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[Part 5 of 5] In 1979, the East Area Rapist’s three-year-long crime spree came to an abrupt halt. Residents of Northern California could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Although the perpetrator hadn’t been captured, the nightmare was finally over...  --- Researched and written by Anna Priestland Download the map of the attacks here Download "The Homework" files here For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-53-original-night-stalker-part-5
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Sacramento County, Sheriff's department, Detectives, Richard Shelby and Carol Daily, Daley the county, Sheriff's department, Detective Larry, Crompton, Contra Costa Can he d, I called case investigator, pull halls and candy d, I investigator Erika Hutch craft. The series deals with her if exceptional assault, offenses and there's a lot of them. We feel it's a very important story, but at one suitable for all listeners. So please use your discretion if so the cape listening, we will be releasing a map with HIV decided to help as you go along or feed to refer to afterwards. you'll will find a link to the map in the show notes on our website, or you should be able to access the link from the shy nights in Europe when powerful begin. It was August nineteenth
Seventy eight sergeant Jim Bevan send to Lieutenant right route from the sacrament. I taskforce held a special meeting with law enforcement agencies. In contrast the candy. They believed EAST area rapist was heading sale, possibly to Southern California, and I felt it would in Contra Costa County on the way. They advised contrast the law enforcement agencies to form a taskforce and work together, but there was pushed back The general feeling in the room was not in the county. When Benson Route were proven wrought. A task force was formed, headed up by detective Larry Crampton. Crampton consulted a criminal psychologist, Doktor Emily, who warned him The story ripest wanted to kill. He just needed justification during a search after tat. Forty three, the first attacking Danville investigators, found pages torn from a spar or not book known as the homework. The general customer aside, the sea,
it's grey into the punishment map a hand drawn map of housing development on July Fifth, Nineteen, seventeen on the stereo ripest attacked the coupling Danville, but I had a plane in place, husband stood over the ripest, then yelled at him, while his wife rang outside and screamed for help. The ripest took a few steps back, he didn't attack and he made no move for a weapon. He didn't say anything. He just stared at her husband through jacket, halls of his mask, the husband made a run for it into the stereo area escaped police. for the same minutes in tracking dogs picked up. He said, but he slipped through, they think is again. The file Danville attacked ruddled, the stereo ripest. He never showed up. In contrast, the candy again seventy nine detective said twelve thousand persons of interest.
Suspects who had many characteristics of a stereo rapist was huge. Every second suspect seemed like a sure thing. one by one. They were eliminated. The Easter, right. This wasn't the only wall and criminal law on the Lusaka. According to detective Larry Crampton northern California was a melting pot for disturbing criminals by October. Nineteen. Seventy nine three months had passed without any sign of the stereo rapist Every area that had been set up to that point was on tender books. The ripest taken breaks before just when I thought he had disappeared. He always rabies. somewhere else, it was only a matter of where and when They know the three years and almost fifty attack since the stereo ripest started, not one More enforcement agency had a solid or clear and complete description of the ripest. He had. Time and time again.
It was easy to believe in the beginning that many of the nuances, the little phrases, voices and behaviors painted a picture of who he was. because these went on it became accepted that many of these details will likely deliberate attempts to throw off survivors and police. they stereo ripest. With someone who luckily didn't standing out in everyday life, he could have been anyone if he was in fact, the same man who had attended open house inspections acting strangely seemed to be the only time so consistently stood out as someone Creevy and unusual theatre after Sun and, after dinner, showed his increasing confidence, his bursts of multiple attacks. In short space of time led by retraining for a wall was he's dig in retreat method of attacking the circling predator waiting for the right time to struck. took an interest in the press coverage and attention he's Crohn's generated. He started attacking couples when the
my special mention of the fact he never attacked when a man was home, one of them and he targeted had stood up and created a scene about the ripest at a town meeting the attack after this was close by to a dentist's office in Seattle, Sacramento The dentist had at one of the civilian protection groups and had personally contributed to the reward for the right this capture. It was the furthest the exterior right this had attacked up to that point, he seemed to respond to people challenging him when he I physical violence that always seemed to be after failed attack. When things didn't It is way the law. the attacking Danville danger of just that. Not only please try. Victims get away, the husband challenged him got the better of him hey, stereo ripest, didn't seem to know what to do It's been three months since that Danville attack many agencies, It just saw her life but crumble. It disease open the way.
It's from sergeant bevans and lieutenant route burned in his mind, the stereo rapist was heading south to southern California. Compton had the sinking feeling things were going to get worse. The words of Dr Emily never left him, he better catch him. He wants to kill and he will, six hours south of Sacramento enter two hours. Northwest of LOS Angeles is the city of the later. It's it's fifteen minutes West of the city of Santa Barbara and is home to the University of California, Santa Barbara Campus very few people from
California heard of the stereo ripest law enforcement. Since can see busy dealing with their own crime in their own jurisdictions and we're concerned with what crimes were being committed in northern California. The later had its fair share. Burglaries in this but fallen crumbs work common one October first, nineteen, seventy nine three months after the law, Stay stereo right, attack, Santa Barbara Police, ended the saying of a burglary and attempted right attack one for this episode. It was too I am
The couple who lived in the house were asleep. When the rear, glass sliding door was brought open, a foot rested on the base of a bed tapping up and Dion wake up, wake up a flashlight shining, narrow us get on your stomachs, don't move motherfucker or I'll kill you don't move or turn your head are going to have money. If your shoelaces, the animate, the naked woman to her husband, up, toy toy or I'll, kill you after the woman taught her husband, the intruder Ray taught him. He then taught the woman up, but only very loosely. He constantly threaten them with the line or kill you motherfuckers. In fact, everyone that came from his mouth used. The word kill.
After rummaging around the kitchen for the woman's purse. He came back and dragged her from the bed down the hall. He threw it down to the ground and retired her ankles. Now I'm going to kill you I'm going to cut your throat. He walked away and paste the kitchen muttering over and over I'll kill, I'll kill, I'll, kill him. He then walked off down the hall towards her husband, muttering to himself.
The woman got up naked and still beyond, with her head covered, she couldn't see, but she knew the direction of the front door. She got to the front door and opened it as she did her ankle bindings loosened enough for her to run. She ran as fast as she could and started screaming, but she still couldn't say, and she came to an abrupt stop when she slammed into the side of the house a gloved hand grabbed a face covering her mouth. I told you to be quiet. He dragged her back inside and shoved her to the floor. After hearing his wife's screams, the husband was sure she was being killed He flung himself off the bed, made it to the bedroom sliding door and got out outside the intruder, heard the door open. He ran outside and banged his flashlight into the darkness, trying to find him. The husband was hiding in the bushes. The intruder couldn't find him, so he walked back inside to finish what he was there to do.
But the woman was gone. She had run down all way towards the better. The husband got up and try the thro his white against the fence to break it down, so we could escape, but it wouldn't budge. Hearing the commotion, the next door, neighbor turned his lot on to say what was going on. The husband screamed for him. Off the intruder gave up and ran out the front door. The neighbor was an Judy FBI agent. He saw the mosque intruder running down the driveway grab a book and ride off down the street. The FBI agent gave chase in his car, but the intruder lost him, nice and bushes, a few streets away, seen above
replace, attended the bicycle. The intruder, Skype Dome was found in the bushes, where they at the origin of sight of him. The bought belong to a. U S, parole officer who was stolen from his house near boy just off the seven p m that nor a black handled state nor was found with a bar was dumped police found evidence. The intruder jumped several fences and I believe he ran across the nearby school grounds. In the weeks leading up to attack one. The victims had noticed signs of a problem that kept finding this. I gave him and they were often footprints outside their windows. There were also reports in the neighbourhood of cruelty towards dogs just prior to the attack on the couple only the week before, a woman lead a man into her house who turned up at her door with an injured german shepherd. He wanted to borrow her fine, so we could call a friend to pick him up the next day the man returned to thank her and told her. His dog had been stabbed, requiring seventy stitches. The woman found a red rose and a thank you note left at the door
the following day, another resident was out walking his dog on the dog enough into a yard and when it returned, it was badly injured and had to be taken to the vet. This man didn't go into the to say what had happened to his dog Santa Barbara Police reports described a violent botched robbery, with intent to kill that we're looking for a white male suspect about four foot, ten or four foot eleven with dark hair above his collar, he was wearing a check, shirt and a dark ski mask. He had some kind of holster on his belt on the right saw it. He had stolen. Just three dollars from the victims had that happened in northern California. News luckily, would have made its way back to investigate is on the sucker mental or contrast the task forces. It had been three months since the hysteria right this last struck in northern California. Six hours away, the cinnabar replace, went aware what was going
nah, they had no reason to believe this was anything more than a one off attack although we wouldn't received the name until some years later, Southern California had just saying the first attack of the original, not stalker, Joshua three months after attack, one fought burglaries were reported in the later for them with pride, taught in glass doors on the nod of December, twenty, ninth nineteen, seventy nine, a family return time to say person will pass the window inside the house, the intruder, rainy at the back door and escaped over the back fence. When the family went inside, I found the poodle had been The death twenty four hours later seen a barber shares detectives, responded to a calling the later the Tec number two half a mile from the poodle, with hack and half of all from where attack and had occurred. A woman stood out the front of a condo crying that there were two people dead inside
the woman and her husband had arrived at the condo to visit their friends. Forty four year old, osteopathic surgeon, Dr Robert often, and his new girlfriend thirty four year old, psychologist, Deborah money. The two couples were planning on playing tennis together: They found the sliding glass door opened and when they coda they got no reply said I let themselves in their walk up the whole and saw there were in the bedroom. They thought our interrupting them, so they quickly turn Tanks at the house, the something didn't feel right about what they saw. They turned back towards the bedroom and found that Robin often endeavour money were both dead. When police entered the harm they found, the couple had been shot Robert three times in the back and chest and Debra a single shot to the back of her head Deborah was lying alongside the bed naked with her wrists and ankles bound. rub. It was on his knees on the floor, holding a
except what no longer caught. In his left hand, police believed he was able to get free from his bindings. His post suggested he had just done that when he was shot. There were pro marks on the doors and windows from what looked like a screwdriver, and I found tennis shoe impressions alongside the shoe prints police also noticed dog footprints. The dump prints were described as fresh and large. They also found bulkheads. The human shoe prints match those found that not before half a mile away outside the home, where the poodle had been beaten to death. A Christmas Turkey, carcass wrapped in plastic, was discarded outside on the patio. Two rings belonging to Deborah were found hidden between the mattress and the bed frame. One neighbour reported hearing a series of gunshots around three- I am the other neighbouring condo was empty. It shall be a sign of supporting a length of right was found in the bathroom of the empty condo.
The canvas of the neighborhood revealed that had been other break ins and times ransacked Folia that same not a neighbour one of the houses that have been broken into tall police of a young man and woman. He saw ringing the doorbell at the ransacked house. The couple would Scottie, namely to light twenties the main around five. Sixty five. Would I and the woman around for football The neighbor didn't recognize them and the homeowner wasn't expecting visitors that whenever I can arrested for the Brighton,
tell you. The same right was also found along the trail of uneven Craig, not long after attack to detective Larry Compton, attended a seminar in Santa Barbara. He got talking to a detective and heard about Robert endeavours murders, as well as the first attack three months earlier after hearing about by the tax company said. That's him on know it, but, according to content, after you spoke to the cinema, recanting sheriff's office, They felt the attacks were unrelated to the a stereo rapist. They didn't think what had happened up north would ever happen on their turf, and they certainly didn't want the publicity that would come with it. ten a barber sheriffs argued, there were too many differences between the stereo ripest and the to the latter attacks. In like January,.
acts were just coincidence, or maybe the stereo rapist had changed his ammo and had finally escalated as they feared. He would Bevans found quite a few similarities to the east area rapist in the later attacks, but there were also enough differences plus Santa Barbara Police, weren't even sure The two the later attacks were connected to each other, a woman who lived in the boy the delayed or attacks reported. I'll shoot at work, someone Jumping over her fence and releasing her german shepherd dog. Was the original nostoc at the funding dogs with dont bones or food, gaining their trust and taking them out for works without on his knowing. but don't walk a dozen rise, much suspicion with this.
range murders and attacks on dogs that occurred in the area. It seemed that could be linked, possibly not all dogs to calmly to the original nostoc and they met with fair play. The next two and a half months required in the later no unreported any similar attacks on much third ain't nothin. Eighty depressing Sacramento reported again about the possible link between the delayed or attack and the stereo ripest lighter that not forty minutes, I stipulate their regional nostoc. I was getting ready to struck again attack three aced of guilt. On en route to LOS Angeles laws. Ventura tightly hugging the Pacific Coast, Ventura he's in a different county to Santa Barbara, with a different police department and different press. Charlemagne and woman Smith's immaculate Upper class Heine sat upon the hill in an up and coming subdivision called clear point at overlook the sea and the city of venture and
Those days were surrounded by rolling land and vineyards, the palace, all on cargo ran at an angle to their property heading towards the nearby hallway. Shelling Smith aged thirty. Three was an interior decorator and also soldiery and top away her then the warm and Smith aged forty three was a prominent local attorney, who was reportedly. The consideration for a position on the superior court. Charlie. Mormon were found lying under the covers as if asleep, but they had also been banned and bludgeoned to death. They had been there at least two days before long and twelve year old son from his first marriage stop bottom alone. Bottles of milk in the daily newspapers sat at the front door step and when he walked inside the alarm clock set for two mornings prior was still going off. He found the bodies of his father and stepmother.
When woman didn't turn out to his law firm on the fraud, I two days earlier, he's law partners just assumed he had an asylum and elsewhere. The house had been ransacked, but nothing was taken. Nor was there any sort of forced entry. Woman son had found the front door unlocked, which he said was unusual there struggle whatsoever. The newly unable to ascertain the bombings were placed before or after death when he checked their dream or glance. He found them completely, nor when someone dies under stress that usually have shrunken adrenal glands, surely Charlene and lemons adrenal glands showed a normal size and state this led to the union The theory that shine and woman were killed in their sleep them. There are then toying them up and rain sacking the house afterwards to stage the crime scene. Charlene and woman had bites suffered one blow to the head hot enough to kill them.
Murder weapon was a log of wood taken from the bedroom patio. The pace of wall above the bed head was cut out and taken to a blood split. Our experts to save he could determine who was hit. First, the twenty eight inch like the cord was left right out at the foot of the bed. Lama was in the running for position on the superior court and was involved in various moneymaking projects. He had many investments. is involved in a land development company that ran into trouble. Charlene was described as vivacious by those who knew her with some even calling her a femme fatale. When police discovered, Charlene had become long and second wife. After being you secretary, they started the dog data into both their backgrounds. To save, I could find a connection and possible motive for them, It was several possible melodies including Charlene, having an affair with a deputy sheriff, the deputy And he didn't know she was married when neighbors,
who that Charlemagne and woman were arguing in the lead up to their debts. Police Haven briefly considered died, moated each other. do not use the toy shot line in laments wrists, where the elaborate ten step dorman, not the signed, not that detective should show we had found in the early days of the east area rapist, but it's seldom been seen again. given that the diamond not was commonly used in macro, may venture detectives believed it was a symbolic gesture used on an interior decorator at her notice, ought Ultimately, they determined that the murderer was known to shine in London, forensic group, the forensic. I also find it was hardly likely there were in fact, beyond prior to their murdered the car industry. There was a chance. The adrenal gland report was incorrect, given everyone's bodies at different
So the new theory was that I won't killed in their sleep at all. There were taught prior to their motives. Shine was right, then, right before being mooted that will put back in their beds as if that were sleeping stay, the same detectives looked into the sheriffs deputy, who admitted he was still longing Fisher Lane after their affair. He admitted that on the night of the murders he had used binoculars to see if he could see their house from the sheriff's building. He admitted to drawing by the house the night after the motifs before their bodies were found and that each calling her the next morning law business partner from filed land development venture was Joseph also also had lost the money in this file venture. So he was looked at closely. He was looked at even closer. When I found his finger print on a glass in the kitchen, he was questioned and told the tactics that on the night before shining and MOTA, he had gone to their place for a drink
First, deputy was eventually cleared and detectives Herendeen on Joseph back in Sacramento sergeant Bevans heard about the double homicide in Ventura. He had continued to look The two the later attacks- and he was now convinced the first attacking the later whether victims Escaped- was the work of the eight stereo ripest in attacks To the robot often endeavour mining noticing the later deadened, tell that had Robert not put up a thought, the killer would have right, Deborah but the struggle and murders was the raising no right was committed. There was no time is the killer had to flee in attack three, the use of the dawn and not got the attention of benefits
Although it was hard to find too many other hallmarks of the east area rapist in the motives of Charlene and Lana Smith, that Dorman not nagged at him, then there was the coincidence that the same day, the Sacramento press reported again about possible links to Colada and the a stereo rapist. This double homicide occurred in Ventura forty miles, east of Kaleido, a different county and different jurisdiction Bevans considered that all three attacks in southern California were linked but Santa. bra adventure. Detectives weren't having a bar venture detective, So I can finish the shoreline in Lorman you than Ezra resting Joseph also when a local minister came forward and stated that also confess to him, but during pray trawl, it was fun. The minister was not of sound and noticing they too hasty in line charges, it was There was not enough evidence, the titles of the trial and he was released. The original nostoc I had now committed three attacks to double
I and a attempt, but no one knew it opera and ventured invalid. The motives of Charlemagne Alarmin Lorman, linked to the murder of Robert and Deborah, or to the first filed attacking the. There were no other attacks linked to the original nostoc until five months after the Ventura Motors Dinah Point is in Orange County. That's it our between LOS Angeles and San Diego Dinah point. about a hundred and twenty four miles. South EAST event, Europe, the impasse LOS Angeles The point is a small harbour city, nine for surfing to generally middle class. the whole area had a more upscaled air about it. Twenty four year old case. Harrington was a thirty medical student and they ought to begin an internship he was. recently married to Patti Harrington, a registered nurse who was four years older than him on August.
The nineteenth nineteen eighty that were being watched through their bedroom window, house was in a small gated community with a security guard, so it was him the drive in and out unnoticed but it was easy enough to walk into the gated community unnoticed after what through the bedroom window. The original night stalker walked the case in Patty's, unlocked front door and let himself in to commit attack for, Kate spotter arrive for dinner to not slighter. He found a case and petty in bed that were covered over with a blanket both have been bludgeoned to death, with blows to the back of the head. Orange County sheriffs apartment responded, the forensics tame determined that the blanket was pulled over their heads before now, obliged him to death. Bruising on they re seemed a kind of double both beyond totally but the legal, his were removed after their deaths. Three paces of twine were found on the bed, but I believe the killer must have taken some way
as he would have needed more than what was there to talk hate them, Paddy Jake examination showed the petty had been right. No weapon was found, but walk. Missing the local area about across glove site with blood was located a few blocks away. The security guard didn't see or hear anything suspicious. No one unknown to him had passed through the gate. An Orange county deputy set quote Senseless and apparently unmotivated crime There would be a degree of comfort if we could say this was a robbery or that I had enemies but there were warm and compassionate people there's nothing in their background that can help us. There were no late. family members put up a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information, leading to an arrest, but no rests came and the case went called the dynamo
double homicide of case and Petty Harrington was not linked to the murders adventurer Holger later. there were similarities between Charlene a moment, Smith's mode as in Ventura. Both couples were in the early stages of marriage and were bludgeoned to death in their beds, two hours from each other along the pacific coast. The couples had been banned. The women write, those lack of forced entry and nothing of the Are you was stolen from the crime scene, but invent Europe? Police were still chasing Romans, business partner, Joseph also that were close to a resting him at this point, so in their minds, the case was as good as closed. Robert Offerman and Deborah had been shot in the glade. A double homicide said. There was no obvious link. It would be seven months until Southern California was hit by the original night. Stalker again attack fall. Twenty eight year old man, while awaiting lived on Columbus in a new sub Above all Orange County,
if one had seen huge residential growth in the late seventies, which made it an easy commute to LOS Angeles, which was just forty miles north as this would bring everywhere in the air. surrounding Manuela. His house was full of a newly built homes or homes still under construction. The house, the wreck, the behind. I was newly built and was still empty. And while I was born in Germany and had immigrated to California, with her parents who lived close bought her, she had gotten used to living in America and felt uneasy the crime, in LOS Angeles, worked at a mortgage brokers and had been married to David with you, an American of german descent for five years
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When she got home, she wrote at his sleeping bag and placed it on top of the bed. She felt safer in the sleeping bag. The feeling of being more enclosed gave a comfort, She went to sleep sometime around eleven p. The M day men, while his parents received a call from David who had been unable to contact is worth when her mother went to check on her. She found her daughter, dead. Police found Manuela had bruises on both her wrists and ankles. Indicating she'd been taught, however, no sign of any ligatures the killer had taken them with him. She had been bludgeoned to death. No weapon was found, and well, as backsliding door had been pride, open the prime Oxfam matched or Flathead screwdriver founded the same. Strangely, The prying was done on the inside of the latch paint and I'm a screwdriver was sent for an in depth analysis who was found to be consistent with a particular paint brand, but I didn't really tell them anything else:
even if more information was banned from the pain the screwdriver was luckily stolen, anyway, burnt matches were founded by the garage and the house There were some unusual autumn stolen a lamp and a crystal display feature both Y know and parents and the tight from answering machine these items were never recovered. Outside investigators found the bedroom tv dumped at the back fence. The theory was that the killer staged the crime scene to look like a robbery. Autumns in the house of high value were not touched. The autopsy showed the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of men while his head, she had also been right brutally. She was scratched and appeared to have been gagged. Although no gag was banned. neighbors came forward and said that Cinema in running from the direction of them, while his house only on the morning she was killed today,
later, the LOS Angeles times reported on the motor stating over and to the sword and eight men taskforce to investigate quote police said Miss. We ain't death does not appear to be related to other crimes in the area. In recent months, however, police patrolling the area has been stepped up, on police spokesman said: the department had received a number of calls verging increase time, security. believing the killer, with some unknown to memoir. Irvine police did the murder to the double from a sort of Kate them, Petty Harrington in Dinah Point twenty four miles away, but have on police suspected memo s husband, David They looked into his memoirs backgrounds extensively as well as everyone close to them. Nothing came of it in the case, went called. The police were the only ones who suspected David, family and friends did as well. He did his best to get on with his life and he eventually remarried.
on the fifteenth of June nineteen. Ninety one, the Sacramento a printed, a retrospective feature on the east ripest. It had been too since the last confirmed a stereo rapist attacking Danville and three, since it confirmed attack in Sacramento, many residents have come and gone from Sacramento, and there were Paypal rating. The paper that day that had no idea who the stereo right this once for others, memories was the role and I likely would never forget the fee, the grip, their city during noses. The article mentioned that some detectives from Sacramento and conquer caustic candies believed the stereo ripest was responsible for the delay, the motives of Robert, often and Deborah money, but admitted it had divided law enforcement, Sacramento police, press spokesman, Bill Miller, said in the article. Quite in the end, though, stumped detectives know little more about the east area than I did when he
First emerged from the drainage ditch in Rancho Cordova. Some believe that, This is now dead, or at least the. Why imprison? The official, exe nation for the extra right. This disappearances nonexistent there is now Way of knowing Can you say about him, he's going to be guesswork and your guess is as good as mine. So much time has passed in fact that the statute of limitations has expired on most of the crimes of the thirty attacks in Sacramento Canny, which included breaking in the thirty homes. Writing his many women assaulting it doesnt husbands and some children only two possible kidneys, in charges could be prosecuted if he was caught today, although there are a total of eleven, a stereo ripest cases elsewhere, that is still within the three statue suck. meant I would only be able to prosecute the two possible kidnapping charges from attacks and no one when the right to strike the females away from home.
When the east area disappeared from Northern California sergeant Jim Bevans from the romantic sheriffs taskforce Became the only officer with an officially active fall on the ripest, almost six months after Manuela He was murdered in over on the original nostoc struck again. The city of delayed at work on the morning of July 27th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one so then use another couple with Begnaud It had been eighteen months since the double murders of Robert Offerman and Deborah Manning and with similar murders in the area since Blough had gone on. Cheri Domingo aged thirty, five and Gregory Sanchez Age, twenty seven had gone. The bed. Luck any other, not on July twenty sixth 26th, here thousand nine, his daughter Debbie one Of June and July
mom and I were arguing just just for personally, I was a teenager that they didn't like rules and so she had some some basic guidelines, like you know, come home when you say you're going to come home and- and you know, don't smoke cigarettes and go running around with boys, and I mean just basic stuff. You know, but I just had. I really had to push the envelope, so I was challenging her quite a bit that summer and- and so we just and argue, like you wouldn't believe, and at length. Wait. I am. We fought one day and I I said you know I have had with this out of the polluter and more, and I some clothes into a backpack, and I got on my bicycle and I just took off and I ended up. Staying with a cup, well the different girlfriends for a couple of different weeks. I would I would stay at a girlfriend's house for a couple days and then, when her parents got tired of me, Echo funded by the friendly with them,
I had been away from home for probably got three weeks at the time she was killed. we have talked on the phone a couple of times a b c sugar apologize, but those pretty pretty explosive, and just we were each other all the time the morning that the bodies were discovered at our house, and we happen to have a friend, my well. My mom's best friend actually lives just kind of around the corner from us just a few. now so the morning that the bodies were discovered, the police showed up and worse course they put yellow everywhere and- and You know the news, the news came, the crews started showing up all the neighbors were out looking around at the house and trying to figure out what was going on and, of course, by my mom's best friend,
you know. I haven't talked to her about the details, but she obviously she put together the pieces that debts that there was something that was right so. She started to look for me If knew that I had been away from home for a couple of weeks and she knew where I, where I worked. I had a little part time job at a movie theater, and so she called the movie theater looking for me and Some one of my coworkers ended up. Calling me in your head is this woman, good for you use. You should give her a call, and I I progressed in either the little because I thought how she's just trying to trying to happen at Euro Hell moment. I bury the hatchet shoot. You know she's, trying to make peace. and now I followed her and she said she said Debbie. She said I'm so glad you called you need to come home and- and I said now, I come and go and see you got real serious. I've never heard that song the voice with her before, but she got real, serious and, and she said
You don't understand how important this is. You need to come home and I don't know something about the tone of her voice- just convinced me, Maybe there is something that's that's important, so so I agreed to go home and I I had a friend drop me off and of course you know, we pulled up into the neighborhood and noticed that that I was just of police everywhere and and- will stand in a round and and and looking at this house that was there's that yellow crimes, everywhere. I thought about this alive in a most people. Here are you watch tv? You watch movies, everybody take me to in the pictures. Everybody knows where that leads.
For me over the last thirty five years, data that image of yellow tape, means so much more to me than what you see on he be. It means that I never got back in the house. The. The police sat me down as soon as I arrived, they all just kind of swooped around me and and scooted me off to to my mom's friend's house and sat me down and and and they told me that. There were two bodies in our house and that they believe It was my mother and I thought well duh. one of them was, my mother, who else would it be? But kind of the further along they got into that? I kept saying you don't when when can I go? When can I go in the house I want to? I want to go in the house They have a real democratic than me and said. Are you can't go in
and I thought you know well, you know I just don't have permission. No, they said you can't go in it's too messy. You can't see it and, and that just hit me like a ton of bricks, and so the EU is a course. You know there's all always this unknown of you know what what did it look like? What's what were those? What were those last moments like those are the questions that haunt me I don't know if that perpetrator was but then my mum Craig's bedroom for ten minutes, or three hours? I don't know. wonder about what and feeling and saying and doing during that time, and you can imagine the house was untold tech. Why go later in a quiet corner
tack on the morning of July, twenty seventh nineteen ninety one, a real estate agent, found the bodies of Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez Sanchez. Had a bullet wound to his face and multiple blunt force trauma wounds to his head. It appeared that he had given a very good fought. Cherry was found face down on the bed. She too had been. Joint and delighted covered with some bearing a crowbar was believed to be missing from the garage which investigated fell was the murder weapon? They both showed signs of being banned, but no ligatures were found. The killer had taken them with him. The headline in the Santa Barbara NEWS Link, Sherry and Gregory's Motors, with the murders of Robert Offerman and Deborah money. Eighteen months earlier, the headline read to fiancee.
Flying in Galena case, similar to one in seventy nine. What no one knew at the time was that it was actually the sixth attack of the original night stalker, his fourth double murder, nine motors in total spending. Eighteen months in southern California, an officer informed Debbie that dog footprints were found at the ST and one to know if they owned a dog. They didn't. A woman, came forward telling police that she and her daughter were near Sherry's house around eleven pm. They noticed a man standing on the pavement behind Cherry Taos. He was a
white male in his twenties or early thirties, approximately four foot, ten with neatly cut blonde hair. He had a german shepherd dog with him. No arrests were made and the case went cold police looked at the connections between the two Galena double Metis Bevin, still felt. There was a link to the east area rapist, especially when the following year, the stereotype is made himself known again on October twenty first nineteen. Ninety two, he called a survivor from a Sacramento attack that occurred forty years earlier in nineteen seventy seven caught. It's may again remember me on going to come over and fuck you again you're going to suck my cock again as the years passed. All of the attacks in southern California turned into cold cases.
Different jurisdictions investigating the different cases, the crimes weren't linked. No one knew there was an original night stalker. Yet, while the Tang nineteen ninety six came, there had been nine new crimes or links to the original night stalker or to the a stereo ripest all at been quiet. It had been four years nine months and seven days since the last attack the murders of Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez. It had been ten years since the first attack of the EAST area rapist in Rancho court it appeared to be over some believed he was in prison. Some believed he was dead. Some believed he had moved. For those investigators lock reach a chubby Carol Daily, Jim Ben's Re Route, Larry Compton and a few others deeply affected by the unsolved and the thought of the east area rapist rarely left them
many of them were still constantly checking crime reports up and down the state for any sign of him. They knew this. Serial offenders rarely just stopped, they had better reason. No man of leg works, tips, arrests, undercover surveillance or private consultants had gotten them any closer to solving the case. The murders committed by the original, not stalker, showed the hallmarks of the crimes committed by the EAST area, ripest some more than others. There was a short canal nearby the Gallagher attacks in Ventura. The pale Paul on cargo was close. Me man well as home in urban, there was a large part in the vacant past behind her, but as for the stocking I view the digging their trade Emma parking. Far away. Targeting numerous people in the area with hang up calls and break ins before circling closer towards his chosen victims using vast canals trials and open spaces. There wasn't a lot of evidence of that
On the evening of Sunday may fourth, nineteen six, the thousand nine stalker, did something different This time he would utilize the geography of an area more so than any of his previous attacks in southern California. Attack seven also occurred in over an orange canny less than two miles from, Motor Manuela, within five years old, the house targeted for attack seven was vessel that sat one has from the end of it I a row of trees and a hedge separated, the house from a large road. cost over. The road was a long and winding canal upon, alongside the canal, connected to many other parts and roads allowing for multiple escape auctions. The geography mimic many a stereo rapist attacks in Contra, Costa and Sacramento counties on my both nineteen. Ninety six. It had been almost five years since the last time the motives of Sherry Domingo Sanchez, but that evening
the pair pile laws were watching the house in know. eighteen year old. You know, crews who staying at home on her own while another. Instead Father were in Mexico, a young, system. A shell was a white working. A mammoth ski resort to know was very close with us. Is the machine to nobody. extrovert and they show the internet. You noted all the time Infamous show and stuck up for her every chance she got EL was inside with a male friend the original A couple good friends. You know never enjoyed staying home on her own, so she had a friend over for company There were hanging out in her room when she heard some noisy outside dunno took a look out the window, but there was nothing there. She thought it was just a cat. A little while later they heard another noise, it sounded like the gate, shunning or possibly the garage door this time I both had a look at the window but saw nothing.
Two knows friend, left around ten forty five pm dunno left the house as well hoping to get something The neighborhood I returned about one thousand one hundred and fifteen. The recognize the sand of Genoa, car and she heard just one car door at four p, the following day, the real estate agents selling the house had a planned inspection. She walking side and found your note body, the crime scene. Analysis showed, you know, had been hit in the forehead in the kitchen. Luckily, with a pot wrench missing from the backyard, her wrists and ankles were bound, but the ligatures had been removed by the killer The blow she received in the kitchen incapacitated her enough that the marks from her bindings didn't show a great deal of struggling. She was taken to her bedroom and brutally right grass from the back yard, with a pot behind was located on the bed.
medium. Blue colored link was found to be four Mccagg Lockley a tail, but the gag wasn't found the kill. A heifer The evidence there was no ninety six and word was At the crime scene, forensics had taken a huge jump. Dna evidence could now be taken by forensic investigators from a crime scene and used to match to the offender tennis shoe prints were found outside by the House, Jenelle sister Michelle, You spoke to us. Actually, when I heard about announced tat, there was through my girlfriend who She call me when I was working up at the skiing resort at the mammoth, and as she saw you sitting down and I sat no and she says, as you need to be sitting down- and I said okay, I what's going on and she said your sister was murdered and I thought that she had said
Your sister was married, so I said why- and she said Her sister was murdered and. I said mattered and it was really hard to process. I don't think I even really processed it. I think I kind of went numb. I didn't know how to react. Just a very very strange time. I walked around the dorm, the employee dorms, it's kind of in a release. strange, you know kind of bubble just trying to process what she had told me. And I took a couple of days were in a snowstorm, so it took a couple of days for vehicles to the snow to thaw out, so we could leave go back home. So as a really rough couple of days, I'm just trying to hear what she had said. parents? They were in Cancun. Mexico hum, I believe, the YAP, the police. To call every hotel and try
Down my mom and my stepfather Alan too ass, he would hotel they were out. Let him know what had happened and my mom she she really was SAM but a straw over. She lost a lot of her hair from the stress and just a really rough time. The initial investigation- I remember them taking me into the law office room where they asked me a bunch of questions. You know who my sister was hanging out with your friends are, and you know, probably something to the fact that you know that I know anybody. who could have killed her, and my answer was no. I don't know who and names of our friends and said I mean it wasn't like an interrogation. They just asked me some questions: and let me go- and I I don't even remember- leaving to be honest- I just don't remember that just start
I remember being in the office with them asking me questions now. As far as my mom on my stepfather, I don't know what happened. They never told me and we never talked about it. They didn't, I often tell me I used to just almost like a closed subject for awhile because we are all trying to figure out how to live without you now. You know, crews went through many of the rough patches. Other thing I just go through she had recently, return to Avalon how to spending ten months in Utah at the center that provides free, academic training to teenagers and young adults. She was getting back into the swing of teenage laughing over and was very close to her youngest sister Michel. Their mother felt really confident things were looking up fit. You know she just started a pot on job at a local paid to Paula and they had recently taken a family trip. The palm springs
On that trip to know about a white dress, she twelve around the storing dreaming about her wedding day. There were times tat at our friends over and we would sit around and right palms, just ride out different palms, and this is one come to know about how she was about fifteen sixteen years old when she wrote it. I am a bird with a broken wing, my heart Before but I still sing A lion, my nasty. Why high in a tree wondering it's trying best for me. I am unique in a special way. Made dreamer am, I thought will always stay. I know some someday. The time will come when I a sore and be so happy if ever more generally, to crush a couple
months after journalist motor a man who knew her confessed to killing her He was a patient in a mental health facility at the time he was a and held in the Orange County jail for eight months until it was discovered he had provided a false confession. His attorney teddy falsely confessed to your emotional problems. The main still face charges in connection with an attack on a former girlfriend which happened the not before modem. however, results of blood and semen tests excluded him from being Janelle killer. Where again was any attack linked to the a stereo rapist or the original night stalker. The east area rapist disappeared off of that last phone call he made to us of Baba Ninety two, the original nostoc disappeared after the murder of Juno crews in nineteen. Eighty six. The prior to jealous murder, serial killer, Richard Ramirez was captured he was known as the night stalker is crime spree
through LOS Angeles and San Francisco, occurred for none. Ninety four to ninety. Ninety five. He was given thirteen death sentences, but he ended up dying from complications of basil lymphoma while awaiting execution, the unknown suspect in the southern California motives we've covered in this episode game known as the original night stalker as he was the original stalker of the night having started his chrome spray in nineteen. Seventy nine. in nineteen. Eighty six, when DNA evidence started to be used in crime investigations, the statute of limitations changed the following article from the Sacramento Bay explains. Quite the statute of limitations on rape in California has changed with the introduction of DNA evidence there is a six year statute of limitations on non consensual, sexual battery or right. However, there's a slippery slope that, because
there's an additional one, new discovery rule, which means if the attacker is identified by Dana evidence than the attack it can be prosecuted within a year of discovery of his or her true identity. Even if its past the sixty statute of limitations, So another words Those who believed that the stereo ripest Dodd there would be proven wrong. Some Timing. Ninety ninety one, ninety ninety two, this of all other of attacks- seventeen comical received a call. You know who this is. The law then went there The Savannah had no doubt it was the man who attacked her fifteen years earlier, detective Larry Poole. marking the case in Orange County back in nineteen. Ninety six at the time,
it was working hard to link attack for Keith and Petty Harrington's murder. In Dana point with the two attacks in overland attack fall of the motor Manuela we tune and attack seven. The murder of Juneau cruise Pool. in the many suspects and thought he had the on more than once. When I took this quiet was so relatively fresh. If you will go to excite it about Paypal, Bokkis came ask ripest, imprison who match the description in the first YE five or six times or got really excited in the second year four or five times in ninety. Ninety four pull halls had just being promoted His deputy sheriff criminal is the Contra Costa County he'd been working in forensics for six years. At that stage he heard from pool halls in part four
king about the exterior rape is virtually staging chrome, saint and you're hurting discussed the punishment map, the sixth grade grant and the general customer aside, also known as the homeward babe. It's he talks to us again. He actually started up as a forensic scientist as I was working in a lab, I had been promoted up to what we call the deputy or a Kremlin, so I became a police officer, went to the police academy, but also oh, back in the lab doing the old work doing. As the geisha at where he was right in nineteen. Ninety four: when DNA was first started to come into the lab and so I ended up stumbling across the drawer in our library that had these folders that were marked with the Red e a r on m. I was like well what are these? open a mob and they were the case files for counter crossed county of the attacks that have occurred,
I I didn't know anything about. You know this case at all May I just coincidentally, was on a plane ride with by boss, former by Shortly thereafter- and I asked him about it and he was I'll be regional task force back in the seventies, and so each launched into this story and ideas. Why did you not? Let me see what I can do to stop. This does your case yet. using this new dna technology, we're trying to get gone as I ended up, tracking down dna evidence from three of the cases encounter cost and they all matched each other, and that's what I call Larry Crompton and I asked them hey I got this dna. Did you have any primest aspects in at this time all we know worth rate cases
and they are all past statute of limitations, so sort of like warm we're not even though we just want to find who this guy is always my go. I just want identify who this guy was. He was one at horrors, but he's never going to be prosecuted for this and Will Barry. prompt and basically said you know we never had that that real strong suspect, but we thought we went down to Santa Barbara, possibly killed somebody down there, but when he had gone, at Santa Barbara back in the day they really kind of just said no we got nothing related to your series up north and shut the door on him, so I decided to call: Santa Barbara I called Santa Barbara, and I ran a sort of the same thing up you. We don't have anything like this, but there's this city, the Irvine. I it like some dna. Now, this nineteen ninety seven saw- I call for a vine- and I speak with the detective watcher as long retired now
these again. We got some dna in our lab is has done some work and I call that lab, but unfortunately, ninety ninety seven the Orange County crime lab was doing a different dna technology, bad I was so weak. directly compare and ninety seven we just had one marker was the same, but it was like having the same ABC out now Taipei or type be it really was a very strong, as I told Org county I'll, be back and hot one We get caught up with you guys because they a little more advanced. What took for years to get caught up, but now two thousand and one I had. Put it up and I assigned DNA Anne was to work back that the peace, dairy rapers stood extracts. and told him.
Walking into my office. There was a batch, it's all about their home, it was yeah. I read this was now known to be the same person as the original livestock. There was now official the exterior ripest into the original, no Estonia, where the same person. when the statute of limitations rainy out on many of the east area right this crimes. Evidence in reports were thrown away. Apart from some files, detectives locked him Bevin, skipped the only physical dna evidence they had on the EAST area rapist was in three Contra Costa County crimes. The rest are linked by Emma. Those three paces of dna were what match the day and I found that the crimes of the original, not stalker. Ok, Larry. Poor was the lead investigator?
on the original night, stalker cases down in Orange County? So I called him up. I literally just we agreed him. Everything I had on the east area, and so this is now too and and why I thought it was a matter of time. He has fifty cases in order California, he's gonna catch this guy he had fallen and I got a walk away from the case at that point and in our course, I'm starting to get more and more heavily involved in the actual investigations are called cases and It was in two thousand and nine roughly two thousand and nine, and I now promoted up again I was cheap, but the lad. But I was we trying to work the old cases that I'm looking at draw my office at all the Easter rapers. Stop that I had. I was like you know what that is. Still
I'm sorry and that's what I've been star. I decided I was gonna get past the gate that seriously Saw that I've been working on a twenty four sad and three sixty five cents. Actually, the Galena murders of Robert Offerman and money and Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez weren't linked to the original night stalker. The Santa Barbara Sheriff's department took around fifty pieces of evidence out of storage relating to the double homicide, father, Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez- I studied wedding, hair and semen stains. there were able to create a dna profile from a stain on a piece of bedding the day, I was previously to wait for testing, but now with advances in technology, it was able to be tested further. That result is what linked their murders to the original night. Stalker Debbi Domingo spoke to us about that,
I want to say that two thousand and seven or two thousand and eight Santa Barbara County again, ans. I had always tried it. You know just. I would call every once in a while and leave them contact information just in case they needed me. so was contact by by the sheriff's, but again by this time, had moved half way across the country and John and they called me, and there were. There were two detectives, I wanted them call me and he sat down he said I remember exactly how he put it, but basically he said the same thing that the other guys had. Seventy thousand. He said you know we are. We want to let you know that we are actively pursuing your mom's case ends. and you know just getting that kind of a phone call just it just brings forth. You know. There were so many years that I would think
ok, maybe I should pick up the phone and call Santa Barbara, but I didn't want to deal with the discouraged I love having somebody say: no, we don't have anything new, you know, so I I really just didn't call very much so well. This guy called me, and I want to say two thousand and seven or two thousand and eight, and he said Couple a really interesting things. He said he was working with a partner that the two with them, furthermore, retired from Santa Barbara County and Department had chops them to come back in full time work specifically on cold cases and the thing He said that just made me go just just. Boggled my mind. He said they gave us a list of cold cases, so we can work on and they said pick one when you want to start with. They said it immediately; instead, they they looked at each other and they both went Domingo and Sanchez immediately.
And he said he said they just. There was no question they felt like it was solvable and if they felt like they could do some good. yeah so here. In those words from a detective after twenty five years, there's no way explain just how much hope that gave me and so that guy and I began just this- this email exchange, we we exchanged emails for. I a year a year and a half, and he would show me Genes, and I would even send back the answers that I would ask him questions and he would send back answers and just back and forth in these, we're working really hard. interesting thing about the work that they did is that, Instead of just going to a file box and the initial reports they actually, to the physical evidence. and they pulled the bedclothes
the crime scene with Initially, you know nineteen. Eighty one the technology to be able to extract dna samples and and those kinds of things, so these guys went back to them. no material and It's new technology, this they said they found really degraded samples of dna. we were able to extract them. They came up with a match, something. There I'll, be in two thousand and nine the currency. Today, nine or to those who live in carrying over now. I've got a year's mixed up. Apologized, call me in two thousand and eleven and said they said they had. They had come that match. My mom's case was linked to the rest of the original that soccer crimes, which was then, the name that had been given to the sky. No dna was available in the double homicide of Robert Hoffman and many linked by Manning.
In two thousand and eleven while searching for further evidence. The contrast, the sheriffs Chrome LAB, discovered the homework pipe is found at the First Danville attack police release these to the public, hoping if someone would recognize them. Possibly the handwriting or the tone of the sixth grade rant would spark a memory. Laurie pull quote the right person is going to say it. Then again to get the right call that leads to the suspect it can be found in the show notes, as well as your upcoming magazine on this case. while the late two thousands detective Larry Cool, had investigated. Eight thousand suspects by his skin there was one suspect who was dead tat. He was so sure of he had the man's body achieved only to find there was no dna match. Larry pull quote, if he's in fact deceased. That does nothing to dissuade me for making a concerted effort
what then avoid? I think about this case. Every day and every night we'll have competent, sketches posted on my bulletin board. This day and age profile, Lamont wore their case born so my shelf at work and even next to my bed. I want to say this case closed careful. I do it or some other agency, but I won't rest until it's solved It's number one or more professional bucket list. Larry pool, wasn't the only one who was certain he had the right suspect only to be proven wrong. We show crews also spoke to us about this. There has been quite a few different ones. Appeal person, event chest peel eyes, though I have looked into, and I have helped other people with and turns out. Dna was not a match, so it is up and down emotion. Oh roller coaster, ride It's really hard because you really feel like somebody could be,
killer and then their dna comes back and it's not so stifling rollercoaster. A roller coaster ride five emotion, emotions holes also explains. Lily, absolutely you know, like I probably my first suspect I spent two years Well, I uh. He was somebody would literally disappear. He dropped off the face of the earth in two thousand and four he was, is on the original suspect list. From the nineteen seventies he the railroad worker, Nina and Crompton, even interacted with guy then, when I started digging into here, I was like wow. This guy really adds up and turns being in the right locations at the right time. It's suspicious behaviors and everything else we need to get this guy's dna from was couldn't find him. The two years to find the guy Of course, I just continue to dig the guy trying to
figure him out as whether or not he's the guy and he the pop up, Sacramento as a homeless guy using his identity. and we got his dna, he turned out to be he's very racist, so That's what I ended up stepping back, because I sure he was the offender that I, or reevaluated how I looked at the case and one the bangs, and this is that was enlarged and everybody has done this and they continue to do this to this day, especially the online investigators. Is it be there following a suspect, based investigation or identifying somebody how they It was that guy yeah it could be because he looks like a composite because he had a bad personality. He beat his wife or beat his girlfriend,
this afternoon or whatever, but then they make details out of a case here and the problem with this case. Is it some huge were fifty six case past the thing thousand pages you can pick and choose. with details and turn almost anybody into a suspect. You can make the case that and that's where I decided I had to follow in evidence based investigation that was, after doing some, research and where I went wrong and after came raw smile, it was a geographical but also is now in the University of Texas School system, sort of a researcher on seal offenders, etc. He has an article on criminal investigative failures and ask them what they meant. He really presses is be evidence based And so, when I looked at all the evidence in this case course, we the dna and we're doing everything we can with the dna outside of that,
What piece of evidence that I thought was unique enough to limit the population of potential was his hand draw a diagram that the offender had dropped back in December of nineteen. Seventy eight, and so I ended up focusing in on trying to figure out ultimately identify all those spoke to us about the stolen mementoes that is still missing hope is seen, and this would be something we want to put out. There is if you find something that has as he's stall drivers licences from his victim. He took borders. some of these women out of their photo albums. You know you find a box filled with jewelry items and and collectible
points and drivers licence for people. You have no idea who they are it now take it, bring it to the attention of law enforcement, just that in another cell is. If you know the jewelry, I think a lot of the jewelry that he took. He took for value purposes and he didn't necessarily keep some of that he kept. But I think there are a lot of it. Was he probably sold at some point, but the drivers with the victims, photographs of names and height and wait and everything else on their. The photographs He took out a photo albums, the apple we have kept those in June two thousand and sixteen the Sacramento can ensure the common issued the following statement the sacrament. I cannot shirk apartment and our allies agencies have continuously been investigating the stereo ripest, her regional nostoc, a series since is beginning in nineteen. Seventy six. We want to assure you. This investigation has not ceased and the
cases have not been closed in two thousand and eleven a working group was created consisting of all involved agencies from northern and southern California, in an effort to better communicate and work together in identifying the still unknown offender and bring him to justice. For so many victims, To that end, the anniversary date of the first nine assault is approaching. The Sacramento County Sheriff's department, along with several other agencies and with the assistance of the FBI, is claiming at scale. Media release on June fifteenth, two thousand and sixteen. At that large scale, media release on June fifteenth, two thousand and sixteen the FBI released. Three new competent sketches, His three sketches are the only official ones of the east area. Rapist original night stalker. All previous composites have been reneged. You'll find a link to the current sketches in the show notes. They also public
They confirmed twelve homicides, confirming the shooting matters of Brian and Katy Majority in Rancho Cordoba in nineteen. Seventy eight were linked. again linked on Emma, while not dna Two thousand dollar reward was an ass formation for information leading to the conviction of the east area, rapist original night stalker. The new initiative also included a national database to support law enforcement, investigating the crimes and to handle tips and information. the working group mentioned in the Sacramento County Sheriff's statement currently still going and dedicated to solving the case. It's made up of northern and southern California detectives investigators and case investigators, including The FBI has a representative at age, maybe the tape, then a kite, their own Taunton investigations following up late and made around once per month. They believed that will solve
Larry Pool, continues to follow and work with authorities in it on Larry, Poole thought revisiting things over the years, because you're looking for meaning in everything, sometimes you get that meaning. Sometimes you die it's one of those cases you want to say solved before you break your last. Larry Compton enriched show we have dedicated their laws to solving the case. Both retorted detectives have written self publish books on their side of the investigation. They are not directly involved with the current working group, but they both keep up to date and are involved in their eyes. Why detected Carol Daily is also retired. She spoke to us about her return after almost forty years to the home of the first of all, but she worked with This avoids is Jane, Carson sandal for you lost. here from lighter in the episode.
People that lived in the community at that time had never forgotten about it. So I went back out to you, Jane Carson House, okay, because that was the first rate that I worked and I just wanted to. see her out, and actually I was there with the film crew from on high Apologizing out of New York, so I of New York. I'm back to New York for the filmy it didn't. They were coming out here because they wanted to get on a set of different areas, and it's why I met with and at a And then we drove over to Jane Carson's house, and I have to tell you it was very, very strange looking at her house. I it just gave me the creeps. It looks like the house had stood still and frozen in time nothing had changed the whole neighborhood around you know. Homes were landscaped and I in
Nice neighborhood and everybody had updated and done everything nut It'll be attached on that house and we were standing outside, being up with a film crew. They who live to the house just to the that is where faith in the house came out and I wanted to know how I but that case he's I remember the fear in the community and he said, living in an apartment in the North area and my wife and I were both so frightened and we had seen this area on tv, and we said, oh, that would be a nice place to live well I've been known to them when they bought their house. It happened to be next door to where Jane Carson had been a victim, and this gentleman work probation at the time, and he said I remember he said driving down the street. I saw a guy walking had a ski mask on I
turn the car around to go back and stop him cuz officers were peace officers. He said I turned around two tried to get him identified, and from the time I saw him and I turned around. I got back to the spot. He would like disappeared into thin air. He said he was nowhere and it was it just for me people that lived in the community at that time. You know young people bring it up now. Of course you know they only know maybe stories or something other than that I've never heard of him, but you go back. The people that were in the community at the time and they all had remember the very rapists they might ever get it about. You know all of the other crimes that the murders and the things that happen that they never forgotten about the east area rapist in that community. I went to the department and read some of the cases again, just to refresh my mind on details and tanks and
I tell you: it gave me an eerie feeling that I probably did not have it the time I was investigating a and maybe because I am, sure why? But okay, I came home and I I check and double check all my doors and the windows at night were very, very safety, conscious, I'm so ah yeah there? Isn't anybody that lived at that time that hadn't felt you know the the same fear. Michelle Mcnamara was a journalist working for LOS Angeles magazine. She became involved in the case of in a series of articles for the magazine in two thousand and thirteen she became so interest that she began her own investigation into who the offender might be shaped,
leave the being labelled the stereo ripest original nostoc was both too confusing, not catch enough to get the attention of the public. She called him the golden state killer to some. This is what he is now known as. The show track down some leads which she was writing about in a book, but on April twenty first two thousand and sixteen she died suddenly at the age of forty six that wasn't until early two thousand and seven aim that her husband patent knows well learn from the coroner that she had suffered from an unknown heart condition that cause blockages in her address this condition, combined with medication caused the death, Patton Oswald revealed on the tv show forty idea was that Michelle had just come across a big break. What that big break ease? No one knows we'll find out when the book is released. Putin and researchers are currently working to finish. It.
Following the two thousand and sixteen FBR press conference, Michelle Cruz made a public statement that read. I am the sister to no Cruz, the last nine victim of the a stereo rapist, the original night stalker, an aide to say it has been a horrifying thirty years since to know, was brutally raped and murdered in now home in nineteen ninety six August, if obtain- and she was eighteen years old. It is very hard for me to describe how this has affected Masaki, for a person to pass away is a sad event, but to live with a thought and vision of how my sister was raped and beaten to death and the struggle she put up in order to fought to stay alive is what really haunts me. She suffered. My poor sister made phone calls to friends just before she was killed because she was scared to be home alone. This one offender has over forty right victims and has brutally murdered twelve people, possibly more plus
all of the right dictum, since avoiding family members deal with the thought of this murder are still walking fray after forty years he's likely between the ages of fifty six and sixty six nail. Thus, there is every reason to believe he's still alive today. After Juno's murder at home with salt, for a while we were living with friends out of suitcases. Our family unit was gone and it has never come back. What I grew up. Knowing was no more. I lost my identity and for about twenty years lifting complete fee because of my sister's model. During those years, I've slept with the watch on and oh mostly, never home alone, however, when I am, there is always something prompt in front of the doors and windows for protection Similarly, I have installed surveillance cameras all around my home and window alarms, plus some other things in order to feel safe. I shouldn't have to live with fear,
every day. It is a very lonely feeling that off succumb to not many people, relate to having a loved one killed by a serial killer. Who has been framed for forty years. I'm tired, I'm tired of being afraid, I'm tired. hoarding. This is why I am finally reaching out something needs to change, and not just for me. While I am talking for all the victims and family members who are too tired and afraid to speak out, we need more people to get involved. We need more people to help research, because forty years of doing things, the same way is not working. There are so many people dedicated to researching this case in order to find the stereo rapist golden state killer. We need to let them hope, help pace together the information you have made the documents available after forty extremely long years of think. It's time to release all the information.
I was very happy to say the recent release of information and the publicity draw up by the task force of city, canny and federal agencies, of which the sacrament I pay day was upon. This is a great start, but does not go far enough. Unfortunately, there is no one here: stinging sketch of the Exterior ripest golden state killer. He's description is too hot white and features Earl fairly average. This generates tips, But not solid light. What some offices heated, I may not know, is that the EAST area rapist, sending writings to the police, the poem called Excitements crave is being released, but not a cop. We have the original policy or the anvil I became the envelope and the actual pine would reveal handwriting or at least talk broader form. The east area rapist sent a letter to the Sacramento City Council. There are reports, other letters and poems were sending All of these can and should be released,
the last of these items will reveal the word usage phrase, usage and unique that colouring of the east area ripest. They would show some, These views, opinions and thoughts, a family member, Randal coworker, my recognise these characteristics. This is exactly how the Unabomber was recognized then turned the by his brother. I've made a formal request under the California Public Records act. To obtain the release of these record, I also urge all law enforcement agencies involved in the case to release all information, evidence falls and record keeping them secret only protects the killer. are you a resident of the city and County of Sacramento to write an email or letter to the Mayor City, Council, County Commission and governor, stating your concern about the case and requesting that all documents be released victim and witness names can be blocked out for privacy.
The release of these documents must be the difference between this offend a foreigner we being brought to justice or him continuing to elude capture and statement Jane Carson sailor, who was the survivor from attack number five insidious hearts in October nineteen. Seventy six spoke with us she's gone on to support other survivors of bright, including sitting with women in emergency rooms directly following their attacks and providing support and guidance. When discussing her dedication to the support of other survivors, she said why one of the things I tell women that I meet with is on. to share your story report you know your crime to the police, but but share your story with a friend and just be able to do you not to get rid of So much of your anger in your grief,
sharing it just it just tells you. I think, he'll and we we know he whenever I forget: always going to have those scars. Physical and emotional scars, but. you know, through the grace of God, Debbie and Michelle and and Were you know, we're alive it very well Debbie and Michelle could have been home too. and been murdered so we are truly blessed. We are truly blessed when imagining what it would be like if the aged area, rapist, original, not stalker, was finally caught. She said. one day we're going to be in that courtroom, and he when I walk in, where they found him he's got
Can you imagine if one of us had known him but that would be like to oh, my gosh what is the guy that work in the garage restore or the guy that sat next to me in class at American River College one thing that my or he was my neighbor, because you know, even though he has not committed a crime that we know of since the team was nineteen, eighty six, That doesn't mean that he's. You know he's not running a neighborhood. He just started: waiting for your ring, for whatever reason now, it could be in jail, he could be dead at war we want. Is we want closure? We want it put to bed, we want this part.
I waited to be to be all were so we can go on and not wonder in old, seeking to be around the next quarter or going. I have to turn my my house alarm on again tonight. There are over sixty attacks that are known sixty different occasions where there is a chance that someone, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a girlfriend, a wife, a housemate. A coworker or a friend had the opportunity to notice that someone in that laws was not around or was acting strangely, if someone noticed something they feared for their lives or they ignored it, hoping it wasn't true, hoping that the person close to them wasn't the rapist and murderer forty years later. It could still be true. Was it someone you knew? Is that someone you know now?
If he's still alive, he could be as young as light fifties and luckily no older than seventy. Why didn't he removed your town, your state, your country? Do you know it now, or did he die taking to them right, the secrets of his identity and the knowledge of whether there were more victims here, some more words from Debbie the meagre. because you know over the years I've had an attempt to bring dreams. About this case had headed odds, Ipad different dreams about the night that my mother was killed, dreams about I've had dreams about the courtroom and sitting face to face with him, and people ask why
Frequently people ask what what would you say to him if you were sitting face to face with him? What would you ask him, or what would you tell him and there's a there's a huge variety of things that that kind of pop Into my head and back out again by right now. right now. In two thousand and seventeen. What I want to say to him is lookout. Your secrets are: gonna, come out. So you need to look out. Everything that you've done all of the all of the horrendous things that you've done to people that gives the secret forever. is going to come out sometime
so you need to get ready. If you have information regarding anything, you believe may be linked to this case. Please contact your local law enforcement or contact the Sacramento County or Contra Costa Sheriff's department. Alternatively- There is a fine and aim our people and you can find on the FBI website. There is a link in the shine out.
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