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Case 59: Amy Lynn Bradley

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In March 1998, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley joined her parents and brother on a weeklong cruise through the Caribbean. While the rest of her family was excited about the trip, Amy was reluctant. She had an apprehensive feeling that she just couldn’t shake. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-59-amy-lynn-bradley
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This is serious. Riley Otto Fort Story, driving cross country with two young children is ambitious, to say the least, then our Czech, Engine light came on, we pulled into O'Reilly, auto parts and they tested it turned out. It was a faulty sensor. They referred us to a great mechanic just down street and we were back on the road in no time all the auto parts, the air episodes deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a sample for suggested phone numbers for confidential support. Please say
knights for this episode on Europe or on our website in the autumn of Norton. Ninety eight times Three year old, Amy Lynn Bradley was told by her parents that they had been gifted a caribbean cruise. Amy was an excited by the news, like they were shade, only just moved into her own apartment after graduating from her the green physical education, and she was just about to start a new job. She was busy But more than that, the idea of a cruise across the sea gave her the creeps. she didn't really want to go. She would be just as happy settling into her new place, which was NE by her parents and brothers home in Chesterfield Virginia Amy was really closed with a younger brother Brad, who was twenty one and hay and their parents over undrawn and were eventually I wanna talk. I mean to joining them. RON had been given the trip by the insurance agency, he worked for, and he believed it was a great chance to spend some quality time together, seven days of sun
John cruising the caribbean cocktails and I know sunset it wasn't long before any sort. I have to cruise wouldn't be so bad. After all, it was starting to sound like the trip of a lifetime. Amy was born on May twelfth nineteen seventy four and grew up with a family in the Craig, with subdivision interest of fuel for genuine she loved sports and excelled, particularly in basketball and swimming. When it came to the college, she tries to study close to home and attended Longwood University shows a star basketball player and at the time, was the only students in the schools
free to attend on a full athletic scholarship by the time she completed her degree in physical education, she was trained to off guard a strong swimmer and had a teaching certificate. But the spot, though, is that true, it ain't he couldn't help but feel nervous about going on occurs. The just didn't sit wrought with her the day before they left for their crews. Amy adopted an english good old poppy, which he Davy Daisy would be ready to pick up the day. She got back from the crews. The Bradley flew to San Juan, put a rake. I wear on Saturday March, twenty first naughty naughty, the crews would depart the seven noise. They would crews the waters of the southern caravan to a robot Curacao onto Sink Barton and back to put a raker. The royal caribbean rhapsody of the Seas was a brand new luxury ship. At the time, with its first voyage less than a year earlier,
it was owned and operated by royal caribbean cruise lines of Miami Florida, and all It has been registered in the Bahamas since two thousand and five back in nineteen. Ninety eight it was registered in Norway at two hundred and eighty made his long. The sheep carried close to two thousand passages and I the seven hundred crew, with no wages, offices and crew members from over fifty nationalities block many cruises. The artillery was it makes of days docking port for day troops, as well as those cruising the sea passing Orleans and watching sunset in a new place. Occasioning itineraries were planned with former dinners. Casual maiden great the crews. Experience was enhanced by personal service crew. Members are encouraged to be friendly with passengers. Many addressed My name. The allure of cruising has been at the heart of american vacations. For decades with tv shows like the love boat, painting, a picture of luxury fun and adventure
The eighties and none saw the cruise industry become the fastest growing category in the leisure travel market, continuing to consistently grow approximately seven per cent per annum since naughty Cruises are a loyal top of vacation with many returning year after year, passengers are drawn to the Fun party atmosphere. in nineteen. Ninety eight, the cruises Caribbean, what am I off the voyage and now almost twenty years on thirty, four percent of all cruises world water on the Caribbean and Bahamas routes. When it the traveling install and luxury close to american soil people, love The idea of days wondering exotic places crystal blue orders, please cause and quaint, charming tropic allowance and gave them a taste of the online loss without having to stay on the islands themselves as they could return to their luxury cabin on. What was it actually a fighting city in ninety? Ninety eight few people question tat. Things were
run aboard a luxury cruises. Most. Passengers received information from their travel agents and then read the branches listing all the perks and offers available to them cruise ships. Cabin by century out marathon laws, Something went wrong about an international groups on international waters. U S. Passengers were not protected by any. U S! Laws. instead that were governed by the laws of the country of the ship's registry and all of. Was it the country of the port of call even the FBI. I often had their hands tied many Ass injures, who went on luxury cruises at the Tom, believes that were boarding an extension of their own country, especially in the case of Americans, boarding ships locked the rhapsody of the seas where the crews company was based in full, do, but with offshore registration and ancient laws of the horse says that will actually
entering an almost lawless flooding sitting with regulations specific the country's many passengers, had never been to and knew very little about and the tropical paradises better. Why did them had their own dock and sacred underbelly, not advertised in the coffee versions? Many destinations were raw for the Lego trading of drugs. Money sex in the papal all islands of great on nine. The Bradley travelled to put a brake on the board, the rhapsody of the seas on Sunday March, twenty first nineteen. Ninety eight pride of boarding Amy send some postcards to friends in one she wrote I go, let's go just he we lay for Ruby tomorrow, Tyco CARE. Tell Madison and Noel's hello I'll be home Saturday at ten, so you one another. She wrote: hey it's beautiful
yeah old San Juan, has got some amazing buildings. While I am taking pitches, maybe you can save the Modesto wish you were. He Amy. Seeing the new sheep in the blazing Sunshine crew rushing around and thousands of passengers ready to board, gave a nervous passenger like Amy Comfort. The excitement of other passengers was infectious. It was an exciting experience approaching a large ship about to hit the open sea and the she saw us of the rhapsody was a comfort itself. It felt safe had the ninety Exp she started to relax. Everyone received their onboard cards and room case as a the family prepared to walk the gangway under the cruise. They had their photo taken to remember the special occasion. set to be a memorable wake and with checking either the Bradley's border, the rhapsody of the seas, a moment that would never forget
As a mother, I looked at her family. She thought her special. That moment was the at least were given a junior swayed on deck. Eight cabin number, eight five six ball, which was half idea on the starboard side of the ship, close to reality. is that we're all together in the same room they had their own private balcony, where they could sit and enjoyed the view, and they room had floated slanting glass doors, so IRAN and other could say out from the bed They twin beds for alien Brad and all the other amenities of a hotel swayed Amy. Pack. Your bags, including non pairs of shoes and fifteen rolls of film. She planned to take plenty of pictures to make a collage for coffee table for her new apartment as they departed, dark shadows formed over the forts of Puerto Rico, run alongside the ship and as the sunset they left, the twinkling lots of the city behind them.
The first notes before the cruise dock in Aruba, the Bradley's enjoyed everything promised by the rhapsody. There was a full moon. Nowhere Amy abroad pose for a photograph taken by the ship's resident photographer. Braun had other insurance colleagues on the ship who they caught up with, and everyone talked excitedly about. The places that were heading to three waiters who were stationed at the Bradley's table began to flirt with Amy Lava thought it was a bit forward, but she was happy that her daughter was getting attention However, quite after dinner one evening, one of the white is approached us and ass for emu by name the widest. did. I wanted to take me to a by Carlos and Charlie's, while docked in Aruba when Amy and bread with us a short time later. We told me about why who had asked whether by name she responded I wouldn't go do anything with any of those crew members. They give me the creeps.
Carlos Charlie's was a hot spot for parting for crews, crew members and holiday makers. This is the same location where seven years later, The ten year old, Natalie Holloway would disappear while on a school graduation. True, when the ship doctor a rule the following morning: the Bradleys broadly together and pose for family photo on the gangway with the ship. In the background, Everyone was relaxed and all were looking forward to an eye of shopping inciting there. J D to the island and Amy bought some gifts for her friends to take back on. as the Podiatry, when they return to the cruise terminal to reboot the ship that evening, there was colleagues, I dinner Party on board the rhapsody of the Seas, the Bradley setting joy. They die off the boat in a robot, but we're looking forward to a relaxing evening and some fun n attainment
Amy and Brad had no intention of going partying with the crew members off the ship in Aruba that were happy just to stay together on board later that night, The ship would lay the for the island of Curacao, which at the time was a small always territory of the Pullman Netherlands Antilles, another top destination of the crew circuit, and I only seventy malls. I used to They got ready and headed up to the other deck where the House band was entertaining guests. A danger troop had boarded the shipping Aruba temporarily to perform and with them. They brought a group of locals who were standing alongside the ship's railing, the Please think the only passengers to notice the group. It seemed to be weird to them. They weren't paying guests, and I went there to perform themselves on a quote. How could they be allowed to board a ship and just stand around watching the performance with paying passengers.
During the party Amy and I went to the fourth day to look at the fires that have been taken after dinner, that aid me as well as the evening before local cruises. There will board set up where passengers photos, but despite every table had grew into shots taken and the photographer had also taken other fellows ran the ship. The funders within put up on display for sale. I have quote, we asked the person in charge of the gallery where Amy's pitches would be posted. He said he remembered Placing them with the other photos taken at the same time, but acknowledged he couldn't find them either. I asked him if he could have them re, developed and hey agree. claiming that would be available the next day. I have a wondering why anyone else on board the ship from outside the family would want to take the photos of Amy. The Calypso Party continued on, and I Brad went a limbo contest
during the evening. Amy met the basis from the ships being toward the basest Alice. The Douglas also known as yellow, had taken particular interest in her, and I enjoyed a few drinks together after the being finished plane. They danced together with a large group of other guests and some of the crew at one thirty, I am on March twenty four over and wrong retard to my family's, wait on the Ipad Stack, leading Amy and fried dancing on the Callisto potty off to the potty Amy and Brian continue. Jonathan ART club.
Amy and yellow was slow dancing on the dance floor. Three, I am Brad Life back for the cabin just before three thirty and few minutes later Amy was saying approaching the left and the sort of the dance floor alone do not club had around thirty to forty people still dating by the time you left the ship's computerized door. Locked system recorded Brad's returned to the swayed at three thirty five Amy's arrival was fought minutes later. Barbara and RON were asleep so bright and Amy sat on the balcony and chatted for a little while bread started to fall asleep. So he went inside the bed. Amy stretched out on a lounge chair on the balcony and fell asleep there around five. Thirty am RON woke up as he looked. He saw it from his bed. He saw Amy's lakes on the lounge chair, he couldn't say a face, but
doomed because she was so still. She was asleep. Amy cigarettes and Lauda lie on the deck next to her chair and the sliding glass door was closed. He thought it best just to leave her Amy and Brad had had a big night, and it wasn't long before they would have to wake up. the ship was already heading towards port at Curacao and after an breakfast, the ship would dock. Run down a little more himself just before six. I am wrong things. You may have heard the cabin door quietly close at six I am a RON woke up and saw that Amy wasn't on the balcony and the sliding glass door was now a jar about sixteen inches, he looked around a little one saw that issues was still out on the balcony cigarettes and lighter were gone.
she was nowhere in the cabin, so we thought that she must have gone up to one of the decks to have a cigarette and watch the ship coming into port. He thought it was a bit strange that she hadn't taken his shoes, but perhaps she had only popped out for a moment. Wrong, got dressed and headed out to look for her father told me and the other decks. The cruise ship was approaching. The dock after looking around the urban areas of the ship and finding no sign of Aimee runs concern turned into panic. He didn't have a good feeling when his way back to the cabin run ran into the ship security chief, Lou costume. but he told Costello. He was unable to find his daughter and he asked him if he would look out for her to the security chief of a two thousand person cruise ship, a twenty three year old, who left her cabin with a packet of cigarettes less than an hour before was
What a great concern Castello believed Amy was luckily standing somewhere watching the view of the island as they drew nearer with thirty five pages on such a small island. The view was a memorable one and many passengers, often one the rails, to watch just before seven. I am Rome went back to the cabin and woke up over and bread by the said that from the moment she saw her husband's face. She knew that something terrible was going on. He was frantic and in turn that made or the panic the Bradley left their cabin and walked the entire life. If a ship deck by deck passengers were busy getting off the ship and onto the island RON and Oliver went to the captain and requested he make an enhancement over the speaker system for Amy, the captain refused He said it was too early in the morning to use loudspeakers the broadly requested that the gangway spacey cured to stop letting people off the crews until they fear.
They were worried that if someone had her, they might carry her off the ship. The captain refused. They requested that they post the picture up of Amy. But again the captain refused The captain remained adamant that any enhancement or formal search would disturb the passengers. now I'd, I am and and being looking for any for almost two hours after more plating, some of the ships offices finally agreed to make an announcement, but not that she was missing. The message simply said: Amy Bradley, please contact the purse, his desk. The breathless with frantic the crews personnel kept telling them that Amy must gonna shore over quite Amy. Would just now
think of going ashore or to some secluded part of the ship without telling us, because she knows how we worry, the Bradleys continued to search everywhere and the security chief Lew Costello and the captain told them that they were conducting a thorough search themselves. While searching and internal deck Bragg grating to yell at the bass player from the ship's beings who Amy was dancing with the night before Yellow said, he was sorry to hear about Amy, but he didn't offer to help look for her. By lunchtime, the Bradleys were literally begging the captain to make an announcement that Amy was missing either quite a rant lunch Tom again, the captain of the cruise ship told us that he would not make it.
the incident that she was missing or post a fighter for other passengers to view, as this would allow the other guests- and he was not prepared to do that. He told us that every nook and cranny of the ship had been search for any old, ten decks and no one hundred and ninety nine rooms. There was no sign of Angolan Bradley anyway. It was then that the captain made the comment that Amy may have fallen overboard, but the Bradleys were in having it in order for her to fall, she would have had to have been climbing or flung in rough sex He was calm that morning and the brothers were adamant that there was no way Amy would call the railings. She was nervous enough about stepping on the boat, they also knew that the railings were designed so that people didn't just stumble them. Even after a night of drinking.
the railing on their balcony also had a shelf below it, so any following the board didn't make any sense to them, but the captain felt it was a possibility and Hey contacted the. U S coastguard to organise a say such it was at this time that a member of the crew suggested that the broadly disembark Answers for Amy and Curacao, as the Bradley said, already done, a thorough search of the ship. They felt this was a good idea into they prepare disembark the cruise I dunno at the pier and Curacao is an open area, thousands of passengers disembark and go through the formalities of customs and are then free to go, but the ship is docked, staff come and go and do laundry carts and garbage beans, irregularly will paste costs, officials. Baku minutes in nineteen on eight regulations were not a strict, as in a year that followed not eleven, there was hardly post
Will that someone could travel will be moved through the customs area without being checked when run over and broad got off the ship. They immediately contacted the Curacao authorities and the Us S embassy fell by was soon in touch with the FBI, but that would tell that investigators would not be able to get there for twenty four hours They were completely lost. I didn't know where to look or had to ask anyone for help. They woke the straights and bases, but there was no sign of any anywhere on the island. The Bradleys then had to decide whether that would get back on board the rhapsody of the seas and head on to the next destination. Since Martin was thank yer so and keep searching for a knee while waiting for the FBI. In the end that decided to stay in Curacao,
they watched as the rhapsody of the seas pulled out of port. At the time Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared. She was four feet: seven inches tall, weighed one hundred and twenty pounds and had short brown, hair and green eyes. She had a Tasmanian Devil cartoon, with a basketball tattooed on her left, shoulder blade edge on a symbol tattooed on her right ankle. A green and blue gecko lizard tattoo around her naval and naval ring and multiple ear. Piercings Easter is here and the Easter baskets are out. They are and they're filled to the brim with goodies from Marshall's GEN got at a fantastic price. The Easter bunnies outdone herself this year, there's gourmet chocolate, plush toy bunny ears, books hold up babbles, we have bubbles, we do- and I must say
Get a loving these baskets, how you feel and Bobby didn't set it better myself. Body fabulous brands feel good prices every day, and I shall Curiouser was and still is, one of the most anti supported destinations on any caravan curbs the all the small and build up with quaint colorful that stall architecture. It's a sword off the spot. Four dollars and snorkel is with a real. Sixty dorsal surrounding the island is known for its relaxed and fun at Miss Phoebe, but there is a dark side: the busy tourist market, the constant comings and goings of aircraft, crew, ships, crews and tourists providing infrastructure in which illegal activity flourished, drug trafficking and money laundering, mainly at the time of Aimee disappearance. U S
officials estimated that forty percent of all drugs reaching the- U S, mainland, pass through the Caribbean, that figure was four times what it had been a decade earlier. The noise were very busy time for illegal activity in the Caribbean and a very busy time for tourism, including sex tourism, On the majority of the caribbean islands, six work is illegal, but the duchy to lease provided a unique opportunity for the sex industry not legally available in the rest of the carbon. according to Aaliyah Walker, a racer chair for the cancel on hemispheric, if it is quite, as present My territories of the Netherlands, the document he's fall under many of the same general laws as their mother country, including the in legalization of sex work on the six Dutch speaking Orleans being regulated arguably makes the work safer than other caribbean locations
c Mon, whom and Curacao particularly prong locations for sex tourism as they house. The two largest brothels in the dutch curbing the largest Campo Alegre is located on Curiouser, while the smaller Siemens Club is located on sink. Although the regulations were stringent, it was ugly, nine, that much of the sex trade was being running outside the parameters of the law. With the demanding crazy, a huge influx of women were brought in from other parts of the Americas. Many without appropriate permits. A new type of sex holiday emerged whereby men and women will call it. I package's linked to Brussels and, with that came a dark and a world of sex trafficking kidnapped people, mostly women with solid intersects ranks that were often drugged and tortured and threatened. That value.
they. Families would come to harm if they didn't do what. I would call the broadly felt. This is what happened to me while waiting for the FBI to arriving cure, so they wandered helplessly how Amy could have disappeared in the space of half an hour. Bread photo of drawn more about yellow. and I mean had been dancing together. Nothing seemed to make sense and with such a short time frame of her going missing. That seems like a bad dream, in nineteen. Ninety eight, the royal caribbean rhapsody of the seas was registered in Norway. But being known as a flagship it was governed by, maritime rules of Norway rather than the USA. And though the owners were and still are situated in the U S. This is the same for most cruise ships, often flying the flags of Panama, Liberia and grace. Just the name of the
Cruise ships are rarely registered to the USA because, if they were, they would be beyond by the? U S: marathon wars, but building regulations, crew, members, national, Ladys and work permits, minimum wages working hours and also certain laws when things go wrong. The crews lawns being registered in the USA is just too costly in two straight: the crew restrictions, ship construction and ownership requirements to flag a vessel in the. U S are among the most restrictive at the maritime nations by registering a ship elsewhere. Crews lawns pay shape our own. No taxes get cheap. Labour and can essentially sidestepped blows. The freedom and the same law allows a ship to move freely on the ocean as long as that follows the international law and remains governed by its register country.
The Brussels learn very quickly that the? U S, government had virtually no jurisdiction over whatever happened, to a mean they waters just off the coast of Curacao, because the rhapsody of the same was within twelve nautical miles of cures. I, when I me, went missing it wasn't international wards said the situation was technically in the hands of carousel police and governed by the Maritime was of no one in the event of death of an american citizen at sea Being a relevant death that occurs beyond three nautical miles from shore worldwide, the death on the high Seas act applause. This is a United States, Admiralty law, which was created in one twenty, twenty ensure that the widows and children of seaman could get a share of their husbands or fathers salaries if they were killed at sea but for it to apply at all, shipping companies need to be charged with negligence or unlawful actions. At this point,
The Bradleys didn't know if finally was alive or dead, and if she fell off the ship was it beyond three nautical miles from shore. They had no idea, and the only people who are willing to help where they are pure and even NE had their hands toward the rhapsody of the Seas was self regulated. There were no investigators or police on board. No policies in place for dealing with an incident of this nature and no legal responsibility to investigate a situation that could very well have been an accident or suicide. At the time US federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Navy and coastguard, had to obtain permission from a cruise ships. my country before beginning a criminal investigation. U S agents couldn't just bought a cruise ship that maybe the scene of the crime. If the ship was located beyond, U S, waters Getting back aboard the rhapsody of the Seas, the Bradley's had the.
Need a coal and gain the assistance of the FBI, but I lost all control of what was happening aboard the ship security foot, Egypt. I had it access to the cabin and other rooms prince. having evidence that was all left in the hands of the ship's crew, who had no two thousand passengers left on board to Cape happy.
the following day, Wednesday March twenty fifth, the Bradley sat helpless in a hotel room and cure, so the FBI found an informed them that they would meet them. In Sync, Martin, the following day, the plan was for the Bradleys and a half beyond aboard the rhapsody of the seas together. While it was docked in St Martin, the FBR would then mate with the captain and other personnel and conduct their own investigation. While on the phone, the agent told the Bradleys that they had been in touch with some of the ship's crew already when they asked the crew about the search they had conducted off, the Amy went missing. They learned that the search hadn't been as extensive as what was originally made out to the Bradleys. The Bradleys listened, as the agent told them that only a cursory search of the common areas and
S. Rooms had been conducted, the Bradley fell upon back on board. The rhapsody of the seas. Room is began to circulate than a young woman had committed suicide. Chris Fenwick was a video refer and editor who had been contracted. The work aboard the Kurds he's. Job was to create an entertaining video of the crews and that on board the video with them is showing the guests on the last night and be made available to purchase a momentum, one of Christmas team members asked him that morning. If he had heard about the young woman who ended her life, Chris's team member had heard about it upstairs from another crew member. These got Chris wondering if he had footage of the woman. He tried to find out more information.
On Thursday March twenty six over forty eight hours after the last sighting of Amy, F B, I agents boarded the rhapsody of the Seas in St Martin, together with the Bradleys who had met them there, they went directly to the captain, the chief of security, you Lou Costello, and the ship's risk management representative. This risk management representative was in fact an attorney for royal caribbean International. While they appeal I met with this attorney. The Bradleys were not allowed to be. Present. Agent spoke with the coastguard, who were two days into what would eventually be three diy air and sea search to split the captain's belief that Amy had gone overboard quite close to port the coastguard and found no sign of her and nobody had been found washed up along any of the beaches of Curacao. The Bradleys felt that the lack of cooperation from the ships
personnel extended to that day in front of the appeal when members of the crew started to grow hostile, one defensive, the F b I conducted their own search of the ship, including the broadly cabin and other areas. They survived the railing of the cabin and looked for evidence of aiming the falling overboard, going out the board by her own doing or fail play. They then commenced separating views with each family member and during nasal views. The ship's attorney was permitted to be present, thus allowing the royal caribbean personnel to lie to be made aware of everything that was sent by the broad links band members, including yellow, had their room searched by investigating is nothing was found. Yellow himself was also interviewed. Ron. Bradley said outside the room, while yellow was being interviewed when he left his interview. Yellow walked past RON small at him and gave him a thumbs up
Yellow had been given a polygraph test, so IRAN assumed this thumbs up was a sign that he had passed these test. During his interview, yellow. Intend that he didn't know what happened to Amy find that I mean how to drink in the disco with a bank that about one again and then he didn't say her after that. Other crew members, including the white, is who had been in contact with Amy, were also interview that afternoon Chris Fenwick, the video file was with his colleagues, staving editing. Room stave mentioned decrease that the ships purely had, instructed him to make sure that there were no images of the missing girl in these crews. Video may more new whispers started circulating around this
It may be Amy Lynn Bradley didn't commit suicide. Maybe she had been abducted. It didn't take long for crew members to start talking about, yellow lots of people had seen Hayne Amy flirting and dancing at the disco just a few hours before she disappeared. The Bradley stayed on board the rhapsody of the seas and returned to their cabin. The last few days had been a blur and the whole thing felt like a bad dream that kept turning things over and over in their heads, trying to make sense of it all they couldn't get any sleep. Many passengers had no idea what had happened and continued on with a citation sipping cocktails and watching the sunset, while the Bradleys we're leaving annoy me about three, a dot m on Friday March 27th Chris Fenwick took a break from video editing
he was standing on the deck looking over Central Bannister down through an atrium to the lower levels. Two floors down. He watched as two young women ran towards a group of people. As he looked closer. He realized that the group of people where the Bradleys and they were with someone from Royal Caribbean, the two young women, seemed stressed him or explaining something. as Christless and on he overheard the two women till the broadly that they had seen Amy just before she went missing, hoping to come across the broadly sooner, but I couldn't find them anywhere on the ship. This must have been when the Bradleys disembark, and so the women said they saw Amy around six. I am coming. and of an elevator me. The disco and she was with yellow at this point, are the became frantic. It had taken almost three days to heed this information:
The women explained that they were waiting discount was the ship came into port. Around six am dot, then I saw a yellow and Amy get off the large glass elevators and walk to the bar in the disco, yellow, turned up the music on the sound system and then got Amy a drink containing a dark liquid, which they assumed was a coke or a coffee then moments later, Amy and Yellow were gone. I was and this time when Rob was getting dressed to go and look for any ten minutes later. Yellow exited the elevator again this time he was alone, not thinking much of it. The two women left the disco after that and got ready to disembark and cure, so they both pass polygraph tests, the Bradleys were furious. Had the ship's personnel helped conduct a proper search of the ship early on and made a proper noun
that would likely have found out this information days before after hearing misinformation, Chris Fenwick went back to his cabin and pulled the types he had from the Monday night. After all, Estonia of watching party. Go is enjoying the Calypso Party and Disco he found when he was looking for. He had footage of any the torn. The footage was shot was just after three. I am Chris had three different sections towards the end of the type we we could be same dancing. There were around thirty to forty other people, also on the dates for the time. Firstly, I knew dancing with yellow, quite close to the camera, along the edge of the dance floor that were separated by a couple of faint but facing each other and clearly dancing together.
send the video cut to yellow dot and Amy further into the middle of the dance four dancing close together. That would, b by seeing the same direction smiling and their bodies were touching a few men in Slidell. You can say that they are holding hands The last section on the type there was a shot of Amy standing by the elevators on the side of the beans, for it appears she dancing, while waiting for the elevator to arrive. The time was three thirty five. I am the saint on that. The computerized door system recorded her brother Brad returning to the families cabin. It was bought minutes after these final shot, that the computerized those system recorded Amy returning to the cabin he said that Amy had joined band members for a drink at the ship's disco off to the bean's performance in departed with her about one. Am he headed to the staff? Hello, Vita and Amy went off in another direction. Cruise fin week's video footage told a different story.
And there were two witnesses who said they saw them together again around six am brought at the time. Amy went missing. security, According to royal caribbean security action, they knocked on yellow door, some torn between seven thirty and eight. I am. given that RON Bradley, didn't alert security officer Wrong Castelo until around seven there's no way security were knocking on yellow door. Six am, as he client. Sometime during the morning, search carried out on the ship Brad stated that, bringing to yellow and yellow said some along the lines of I'm sorry to hear your sister is missing. Bread took pieces as odd.
they believe that yellow shouldn't have known that Tom. That aim was missing. According to the Brussels, only the ship's captain insecurity, chiefly Costello New Amy, was missing at that stage But according to Royal Caribbean, they had already begun searching bought in this after the gangway had been lowered and passengers with disembarking. And word had already spread mostly through the crew that Amy me Bradley was missing, presumed overboard. so, according to royal Caribbean yellow, You have no name, it was missing at the time he made. That comment to bread when Crispin Weak found Amy on these types. He copied the foolish to a blank better
Hey take. He write his name and room number on the tapes label and then had a daddy's door to the location. He had seen the two witnesses talking to the broad lease the tone was now, for I am the broadly in the witnesses, were gone, but a mean was standing there. This mean was marked. Mccord runs boss, mock tall crease, who is a good friend, the broad lease and he would give them the type after hearing the take over the mark. Chris went to bed. Around a known, I am lighter that morning, Friday March, twenty seventh, the broadly, was sitting at the breakfast table with Mock Mccord. They looked destroyed and boy now more passengers knew what was them. His daughter was meeting the room
were rough, but the question of suicide had clearly now moved on to adoption or maybe even murder. Chris Fenwick Approach mock Mccord light on that day and one tall, Greece that the type was now in the hands of the FBI. Later that afternoon, Chris received a call in his cabin. It was Lou Castelo the chief of security I wanted to know if Chris was the guy with the video Chris Fenwick Fehn at that when he told me that he was going to have to get that tight for me Informed him that there was no way I was going to give up. My master types are never give days away and that, besides that, it was on a tight format that I'm sure he didn't have access to and that I would be glad to make a broadcast quality doubles if
Lord. He then informed me that the FBI were involved in this and they would want the original types. Why told him that? If that was the case and the F B, I wanted my master types, the night would have to contact me Chris, never heard from the FBI and he never heard from Lou Castelo again by the time the Rhapsody Disaze Doc back it put a radio, the broadly said, answers and they had no support from the crews on the crews. Lawn was adamant, nothing on toward it happened to me and they were in the process of doing whatever they could to protect their gleaming reputation. A royal caribbean spokeswoman, said that the company had cooperated with investigators and didn't believe foul play was involved. They said
added that they believed that Amy had accidentally fallen over a railing and drowned. Perhaps while intoxicated after the Calypso Party, they quoted numerous cases of cruise ship passengers going overboard, but the majority of these cases involve people recklessly calming railing. committing suicide, although regulations for hearts have changed since eight investigators didn't believe Amy We feel over the railing obey the one of the main topics
or on her own balcony, which actually had a small shelf below the. U S, coastguard completed a three day: air and sea search and found no trace of aiding the same conditions were com. I me was the loft god and a very proficient swimmer and the ship was believed to be very close to land at the time of its disappearance, making it seem less likely that she would dream. There was a change, however, that she hid her head and entered the water injured or unconscious, but in that case it was believed that the coastguard would have found some sort of a body the water that morning or washed up ashore or another vessel in the busy poor would have seen some sign of her from their unborn investigation. The f could find no evidence to directly link yellow to Amy's disappearance, and it was not the. Nor was it consider this aspect. nay, there were any of the other crew members, the broadly wouldn't it
The idea that I mean fell overboard and they didn't believe she committed suicide. They said you would never abandon her family or her dog they appear. read with a bright books. They didn't believe Aimee had committed suicide background had lost backing Virginia with a new job and a new home and her making plans for when she returned or pointed to someone who didn't fit. The general criteria for someone wishing to end there Amy had no history of running away. Hadn't had in a family disagreements or issues with anyone back home. They found no reason for Amy to cause harm to herself. Yellow, was fired at the end of the crews for front analysing, with passenger the broadly returned home to Chesterfield County Virginia without Amy Friends and family was shocked and seen the breathless had a large support group growing around them.
They decided that I needed to do something to get answers. They set up a hotline and websites in the hope that someone will come forward with information with their phone hotlines set up. The broad leaves barely left at home office, which had once been a dining room. The walls were filled with bodies by me. Notes and a map of the world. Friends and family were often around the hope for days after they returned home. A spanish speaking, man called the hotline. The bridle he's got a spanish speaking neighbor, who was a good friend of theirs to translate for them. The color was a puerto rican man who was studying to be a police officer, he addressing a user what about chinese disappearing? Some puerto rican television and he realized from that five dollars that it was her he's or just days before.
He believed he saw Amy being forced into a taxi cab boy man in a baseball cap at the terminal at San Juan Puerto Rico. Shortly after the rhapsody of the seas docked back the air on March, twenty eighth after the cruise had finished. the accordingly. I because he felt it looked like a policeman forcibly leaving a person into a cop car. The woman, He saw didn't, appear happy and she looked disorientated. He thought they looked like they were fighting or at least disagreeing after hearing this RON Bradley find the FBI agents investigating amish case and gave and the witnesses statehouse. With this new information run, Brad made plans to go back to Curiouser Bronze boss, I fund search and helped put up a reward that was posted on their website. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars reward was off at for any information leading to a nice safe return, as well as a feather 50s.
In dollar, reward for information that pinpointed a verifiable location within if he wakes the Bradleys had hired private detectives to bore the rhapsody of the seas under cover, but it turned up nothing in desperation that consulted psychics, which also came up with nothing. The appeal continued to look into Amy's background. After interviewing family and friends, coworkers and school associates, they confirmed once again that they didn't believe Amy had committed suicide, bread, RON and Orville all took polygraph tests and nothing
seemed unusual with the results. The Bradleys believed that Amy may have been drunk while drinking that coffee or coke in a disco area with yellow the drink that the witnesses saw them have together around six am then, I believe she was possibly putting to the nearby staff elevator in a drugged condition and then sent to a lower level of the ship there. She may be putting a garbage bin or a laundry cart and smuggled off the ship through a crew door. and through the crews terminal. Others believed that I may have willingly met with someone and left the ship of her own free will or she may have been forced off under duress, or that she may have witnessed an illegal activity and somebody for the broad leaves nothing would sway their belief that somebody had her. Quite somebody saw her one in her and had
I her she would have been a trophy Amy would have been someone that I believe could have been picked out and fingered to move off that ship she could have been held and hidden. She could have been possibly drugged and taken from that ship According to the. U S based international cruise victims, association, which was set up in two thousand and six by loved ones of several people who had gone missing from cruises between ninety ninety five, And two thousand and twelve more than one hundred and seventy people went missing off cruise ships in nineteen. Ninety eight, the bread we weren't alone in their situation, but they won't many records or investigations for them the drawn the murky jurisdictions and wars. My day case difficult, the broadly scanned it difficult to ignore the possibility that I missed disappearance, my being linked to say.
trafficking according to the U N Refugee Agency, the Netherlands Antilles is a transit and destination point for women and children who are victims of forced sex work in what is a multi billion dollar industry that, yes, the maid approximately eighty percent of all sex workers in the Netherlands he's a foreigners, the, U N Office on drugs and crime, which the Netherlands and never daintily says some of the top destinations for victims of human and sex trafficking. Women who will cover still kidnapped facing humane conditions, extreme violence and multiple rights to break their spirit. Victims are often threatened with death, along with the death of their family members. Should they try to escape enforced Drug dependence is also common when Ronan, or have a look back over there to him on the rhapsody of the seas. They realize the extent of the unusual behavior of some of the staff towards Amy.
Couldn't get past, the behaviour of the white is that first, nor the behaviour of yellow and aid in the disappearance of Amy's photographs from the fight I gallery to them. They felt she had been targeted on April, seventeenth, naughty naughty three weeks after returning from the Caribbean, the broadly put it public plea for help quite the family of Amy Lynn, Bradley who has been missing since March. Twenty fourth naughty naughty: eight from the cruise ship, rhapsody of the SE, says it arrived at potent cure, so would like to make the following play: please let Amy go blindfold her and leave her somewhere safe But no one unharmed, she doesn't know who you are and only wants to be with her family in her country. We will ask no questions. He will remain unknown. Please let Amy go. The broad leaves one hundred percent adamant she had been abducted
run and broad by their way back to cure. So as another taxi driver had come forward, saying that he had been part of the crews terminal occur. So the morning Amy went missing. He saw a woman, fitting Amy's description. Looking for a phone, she seemed in a rush, but she didn't seem frantic or scared. Despite the FBI eyes, intensive investigation, heavy publicity in newspapers and numerous tv shows like America's most wanted, vanished and Doctor Phil, as well as numerous news outlets and magazines. Nothing of any value had arisen. Amy had simply vanished
once again run in broad came home with nothing in November that year, seven months after Amy disappeared the F B. I confirmed during an interview with the New York Times that I had nothing quite. We pursued every angle from whether there was fair play, a suicide or an accident in the way of basically not gotten anywhere in December that ye, I months after the breathless informed the FBI. The phone calls I had received from the porter waken me. He believed he saw any being forced into a taxi They discovered that the FBI never interviewed him Bradley the providing proof they forwarded on the information. The f I denied were receiving the U S: Department of Justice, agents working within two Paul D, go on to interview the main in early ninety nine. He positively
in a fortnight me from a photo lineup as the woman he saw the previous April. It wasn't confirmed publicly if he positively identified the man he saw her with given the media saturation of the case by then, including Amy Spode, I being broadcast everywhere. It's not known how much White Dessau day was given. however, quite we had lost time because were not followed up the FBI, would leave no stone unturned. We were confident that they were contacting the witness following the late intending to everything set up with getting nowhere with the FBI, the Bradleys right to congressman foreign officials and even the president. They continued to me in a twenty four hour hotline and kept out the press and plot to find I m E. they still held the belief that Amy was alive and being held against her will that same month, Chris Fenwick saw the America's most wanted episode on Amy
He was surprised that the media type that he had provided MIKE Mccord runs boss, wasn't used on the show he began. thinking about the conversation he had with the chief of Security Lou Costello. Stella had been adamant that the FBI on one of the original types Chris had given the copy to RON's boss, who said he passed that onto the appeal at the crease, had never heard from the FBI himself. He picked up the phone and left a message for an agent, but he never heard Anything back. Another man was also watching America's most wanted that no one, Computer engineer, tin cure. So, in August of that year, approximately five months after Amy disappeared, David Comical, quote or notice three papers.
Walking along the beach. One of them was a young girl and she was faint, but two fellows she had to today's. One of them was of a ghetto. The other was of a testimony and devil. The girl walked towards me. She started to stare at me just ass. She was about to say some me. She looked frightened lectures about this. I suddenly, when one of the guys motioned her away and gave me a menacing look, I was stung the minute or so her pitcher and saw her face on the programme are realised. That was the girl on the beach. I am haunted by that in Canada, with Amy on now. What is it David comical- fleet- of a junior to meet the breathless. Although Amy's family had a feeling that she was still alive, they started legal proceedings in light naughty naughty aid. In order to have any declared
in June. Ninety nine, their wish was granted. This allowed them to pursue legal proceedings against royal caribbean cruises. The Bradleys filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, alleging negligence, security, defamation and intentionally twitching of emotional distress, but he November ninety nine, the judge, dismissed old lawsuits against the cruise on as the Bradley's were accused of perjury and committing fraud in court. When presenting Hence the broadly stated that I only had three witnesses who say, namely since she disappeared. All three said she was on the jurists, but what they withheld.
that I actually had a one hundred I witnessed sightings reported of Amy living on the island of her own free will not under any duress. These extra sightings could have indicated that the court that Amy, if it was her who the witnesses saw, may have left the crews on her own free will. The court ruled that the broad leaves misdirected the core in an attempt to portray that the only explanation for any disappearance was that she was abducted to spot the set back. The breathless continued to search for answers. The Bradleys had also heard from a woman in Curiouser a local cook. Ninety Judith, Margarita,
She believed the Amy was being held by heavily armed colombian guards in a housing complex, protected with barbed wire. She also said that she regularly saw Amy shopping at a grocery store and working out a gym and that she was often with a man with long blond, hair and tattoos. All the way down, one up Judith was able to give the Bradley he's an accurate description of tadeusz that I mean had, but it was when Judith hummed a lullaby than all other used to sing too I mean when she was a baby, that the broad leaves were completely convinced. She was telling the truth. Officials on the island told the the least I could do nothing with information, because there was no evidence of a current and the investigation by the FBI had made little progress. So it wasn't a priority for them Well run and all other were deciding what to do and how they should deal with the information they have been given by Judas they received an aim. or from a man named Frank, Chart Jones.
EL, the Bradley he was a former. U S, Army special forces officer with attain made up of exile me ranges and Ex navy sales. He might be able to help rescue Amy, Bradley's told him about the information they had received from Judith Giants of it to act as a private investigator in order to scope out the situation and then carry out a stealth mission to rescue her, however, but he told me that he put on your knees, I'm back and swim around of their his team had the experience and credentials to rescue Amy. The broadly spell that they prayers had finally been answered, and I agree too high a franchise In order to do so, they had to sell their car and runs boss. Also chipped. In the year that it pass, insanely disappeared, the broad leaves and may be, I continued to get laid, which all ended up going nowhere, but this information from Judith say
different and roman law. They got feeling told them. It was going to lead to any frank giant sent two of his men form a Navy sales Deanna Curacao to check out the information given by Judith shortly after Jain sent their bread. Laser report saying that he believed Amy was in a dangerous situation. It was under God. I had attempted to set up a violence points at the locations. is a given and I had seen Amy being driven by her kidnapper believed to be a man with long blond, hair and one arm slate with tattoos in a dark green Su Fei, but Jones and his men were forced to flee for awake after being fired upon by around ten men. Things have gotten serious, but knowing Amy was a lot of guys. The Bradley some level of comfort, the next few months were brutal. That constantly felt that I need was in imminent danger that might be killed at any
They want to join together rather mediately, but they needed to trust him in these men and was on the right time, who is too dangerous over the following months, joints and two more be so produce to the island and provided a series of reports to the broadly on the whereabouts of Aimee. The Bradley continued, the white, hoping that the next day would be the day. Amy would be rescued. and I would be a complete family again in nineteen ninety nine, there was another possible sorting by me and Curiouser This man didn't want any reward money, but his conscience had gotten the better of him. He was an american sailor who stopped off in Curacao and visited a brothel something he wasn't supposed to be doing at the brothel he claimed. He approached two women sitting at a table and one of them told him. Her name was Amy
and she began begging for help. He told her. There was a navy ship just down the road, but she said you don't understand. I can't leave help me. Please help me. He said he dismissed her play because he wasn't aware: Amy was a missing person and It's also worried his superiors would find out. He was there, but after he sold the.
Peter Van Mean people magazine. He recalled that off the pleading with him to help her, the woman was escorted forcibly upstairs by two men. When investigators went to check on the bottle that had burnt down it was around this time Chris Fenwick received a call from his brother who had seen a re run of the table segment, namely on unsolved mysteries. Once again, the Danes full video was amused by the sharp Chris. His brother took it upon himself to call the network and ask if thou are aware of the Danes full video. A few days later, Chris, his brother got a call from author bread, wait. He was shocked to learn that the Bradleys had never seen the video Chris immediately made a copy for them. That was almost a year and a half since he attempted to give it to them the first time the remainder of nineteen in the year. Two thousand was excruciating for the frank, continued use of violence and kept them up
He's a violence validated Judas information at Saint. What she had seen was legit the continued to violence and the additional operatives costs run another more money every month, but I kept going. They spend all their savings by this point and accepted help from donors and non profit organisations that were willing to help. Eventually, the broadly received word from Jones that he was ready to launch the rescue mission he just needed before Payment, so he could arranges ten with the financial help and the advice of bronze boss run. Another asked change for some kind of proof that Amy was still alive, so we sent them a photo, It was of a young woman sitting on the base with her back to the camera, the main next to it, had long blonde hair and a slave tattoo on his arm
woman was wearing a wide brimmed hat, so you couldn't say your face, but the tattoos were unmistakable that were all there. When all of us saw the picture she knew it was Amy author quote when I got the pitches on your way. Me was ok and it was just a matter of time. The bread. Please arrange the final payment and flew to Florida to widen a hotel room to heat word from James. He said he would call Neither rescue had been successful as a day nation from Rome, boss. The Bradleys had a private jet on standby, so that I could have made it like fly out that you were so it's made ninety when she was rescued. The Bradley said in the hotel room for a week waiting for the phone call. That was so anxious that I hardly left the room.
in cure, so one of James' men, a former army special Forces sniper TIM Buchholtz, had been noticing of a avatar. That Jones was telling the Bradleys things that weren't true when Buchholtz was on duty watching the house where Amy was supposedly being held. He never saw any sign of her. The residents of the house appeared to be regular, people and he hadn't seen anything suspicious. But he later overheard giants on the phone in a bar drinking telling the Bradleys that these people were watching the house. At that very moment, Buchholtz is hot sunk as he realized it was all a lie. Buchholtz contacted the Bradleys who was still desperately waiting in Florida for word from giants. He had to tell them that Frank Giants had lied to them. Some of the operatives employed by Jones were legitimate. Those that were were unaware until that point. What that were involved in the Bradley struggled
the coat with what had happened. They pay giants approximately twenty four thousand dollars of their own personal savings and over a hundred. Ninety thousand dollars from the aim we broadly fund at the nations missing children organization, a nonprofit that provided assistance to the family and hold a restricted fund, specifically for costs related to search and recover. Three: when they found out the Fido of Amy was fabricated. They literally fell apart. No one could comprehend how someone could pry on parents of a missing woman at such a desperate time later, Jonah sank, who had been working with Jones, admitted to prompt on that. He agreed to wear a blonde week and pose as the kidnapper he said, they staged the photograph on a beach with a young woman. I knew who resembled Amy a temporary tattoos made to match.
and Frank Jones took the pitcher Judith Marguerite. The sun Giovanni came forward to say that his mother made up a story here. She was just trying to still reward money, but Judith maintained. She had never lied to end these parents. She was paid eight thousand dollars for the tape in February, two thousand and two federal prosecutors charge, Frank change with the following the broad lines of twenty four thousand dollars and the nations missing children. Organization of a hundred. Ninety six thousand dollars joins, played a guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to re paid the money to both parties. He had never served in the special forces when the Bradley Foreign, always by publicly about the ordeal run, said quietly. If there's a chance, I mean what else do you do if it was your child?
What would you do so? I guess we took a chance and I guess we lost in two thousand and four seven years after any went missing an anonymous sources one final word to the batteries that were from a six website, selling what was essentially sex holidays in the Caribbean. The sort consisted of mostly naked women in sexually suggestive poses the boys to choose for their holiday. The photo send to the Bradleys were of a woman named jazz, who resembled a slightly oda and harsh. Looking at and the aim our seem to suggest that she had been sounding the sexual slavery FBI profile, clink veins and who has worked on many kidnapping cases and top brains. Egotist experts looked at the pitches. They concluded that the woman in the photos, the aim of the following year in two thousand and five Judy more
Was on holiday in Barbados when she ended a public toilet in a department store in him wall in the tour but though she had heard some men coming and threaten a woman in another store, she heard them, citing quote the deal is coming through NATO. I bade not miss it up. After a few minutes, Judy more kept out of the stall and approached the woman who was carrying out in the basin Judy asked who she was the woman who she thought was in her thirties said she was from the genial and that her name was Amy moments. Later the men opened the door not saying Judy, who is standing to the side of the door.
grab the woman and dragged her am Judy, was terrified and went to the local authorities. She also lighter, provided the FBI with a description of the men allowing them to circulate sketches from her descriptions in two thousand and six. The international crews Victim Association was launched also known as the aussi vague that was launched to offer support and assistance to those affected by crimes committed against themselves or family members, while on cruise ships Kindle cover the company ceo in fanning president of the US. They re began lobbying for change. After he's Dona marrying Cava disappeared, aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship, the mercury in two thousand and four Kendall Cava. Quite we're not here to put these companies out of business. We just want to say that if a crime takes place, appropriate action is taken and people are prosecuted. Whether these can never be achieved. Voluntarily, however, is a deeper
question entirely in the time between candles toward a disappearing into the official set up of the USA Bay was one Billy Holloway disappeared at the front of Carlos in Charlie's in Aruba, the USA. They became the subject of five congressional hearings in Washington. They brought the crews companies to account of the ease of them being able to run. You saw a new s, laws in two thousand and eight the crews, vessel security and Safety ACT, supported by Senator John Kerry, was unveiled which pushed for stricter regulations and systematic change. Kendall Cava, quite the crews, lawns tell us they not equipped to investigate crimes and that they report everything to the FBI,
Meanwhile, the F B, I taught brass claim they lack the resources to follow up. Such reports nobody's assuming responsibility, said nothing he's getting done in two thousand and five ten million passengers embarked upon cruises. Fifty criminal cases were opened and only full convictions were made. That is scary. Until twenty seventh, two thousand and ten President Obama saw and Senator John carries crews, vessel security and Safety ACT, which increase security, law enforcement and accountability on cruise ships in international waters, old crews, lawns and passengers. Shipping operators are required by law to report to the FBI. Any criminal activity against Eu Citizens reports a mandatory even on incidents at say when vessels are international waters, the crews, Veso Security and Safety act. Willie
improve ship safety by requiring forty two inch, God royals peepholes in every passenger and crew members door on deck, video surveillance and an emergency sound system that will provide transparency and reporting by establishing a structure between the cruise industry, the F b I and the coastguard that will improve crime, same response by requiring right kits and a trained forensic sexual assault specialist to be aboard a ship, and it will establish a program designed in consultation with the FBI, ought to train appropriate crew members in crime prevention, detection, evidence, preservation and hoarding of criminal activities in the international maritime environment. Senator John Kerry quote we have On civilians to ensure the safety of the millions of Americans who aboard cruise ships this year, this law, finally do away with the murky lines of jurisdiction that have put american crucial passengers at risk. In the past.
Poured. President Obama Representative matter, we and my colleagues for helping to ensure the security, safety and accountability be strengthened to hold criminals a cannibal and end the cycle of serious crimes on these vessels can, cover quote today, marks the beginning of a new accountability for any crimes that are committed against passengers on cruise ships. This came about because a small group of victims joined together formed one half years ago to form or save ii from just a few. families or say they knew his membership in over twenty countries. The lesson learned from this
that no one should ever underestimate the power of organised victims, who are all volunteers to make changes. This legislation would not have happened without the dedicated support of senator carry and representative matter. We who joined our efforts to pass this historic legislation, this legislation will protect millions of passengers in the coming years and we are deeply indebted to all those who helped make it happen. In two thousand and ten, an american tourists who was holiday on the west side of a robot Santa human jawbone washed up on the beach after forensic testing, the jewel by which had a wisdom to the attack, was found to be largely from a quotation. Female for
The testing was able to determine that the jawbone did not belong to Natalie, Holloway or Amy Lynn, Bradley in two thousand and sixteen of the two hundred overnight ocean going cruise vessels owned by non cruise lines. There were four suspicious deaths. One of those on royal caribbean cruises: there were six missing: U S, passengers for those on raw caribbean cruises and of the sixty two sexual assault allegations made aboard cruise ships in two thousand and sixteen fifteen of those were aboard. Royal Karabakh increases in the first three months of two thousand and seven aim: the new ten crews, long companies worldwide reported to missing passengers, one kidnapping to assaults with serious bodily injuries, sixty seven ten thousand dollars and sixteen sexual assault in two thousand and seven aim
Stop that you just staying quiet on the case and despite the fact that Amy Bradley was declared dead in nineteen. Ninety nine CFP are released. The video relating to her disappearance quote he's offering a reward of up to twenty five thousand dollars for information leading to the recovery of Amy, Lynn, Bradley and information that leads to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for his disappearance or the Bradley Court. Our lives have been so drastically changed. Every waking moment is where is Amy. I just want people to know that when goes disappear outside of the country, they're disappearing for a reason and slavery and sex trafficking is
well alive and well, it would absolutely blow you away, we believe, with every fiber inner pain, that someone took her and we want it back, and I have tried to make deals with God if we find her to die. You can take me tomorrow when I say it's the worst nightmare. It is it's the worst nightmare.
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