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Case 69: Gary Patterson

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On the morning of May 3 1997, 33-year-old Gary Patterson woke up early at his home in Waco, Texas. Gary was excited, as he was flying out to El Paso to complete the final stage in a series of job interviews. He had an appointment with the company’s CEO and by the end of the day, he hoped to be the new head of a large housing development project. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-69-gary-patterson
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safest, the nights for this episode on Europe or on our website, on the morning of Saturday may serve nineteen. Ninety seven thirty three year old, single Father, Gary Patterson, woke up before dawn in his home and wake up Texas, he got dressed in black jeans and a boots It didn't need to wear a suit to his formal job interview. He had already met with one of the business partners and they had got to know each other pretty well over the previous three weeks. That morning, the seven hundred and thirty I am flight from Waco to El Paso. With the last step in the process, he would make the company ceo,
would hopefully return home that night, the new head of a large housing development project. After a tough you use, things were starting to look up The majority of the July, when deserts, two hundred million acres last year of the United States border in the central mexican highlands as us those north into the. U S across the far west and Corner of Texas into the south in New Mexico, and I resign it is vast and its landscape ever changing
one of the most biologically diverse desert in the world, long sweeping valleys of sandy scrub, a Garvey and Yucca trees morphine into huge expanses of flat and draw late dotted with desert grass in character. Virtually no rainfalls until the summer monsoon season between July and October, habitat is resistant to extreme conditions. Only the strongest survive. that you're, while it is well known for its rocky mountain ranges, which form long and sometimes I but lacking silhouettes searing I turn temperatures drop away to phrasing, not due to the lack of humidity in cloud color, and it can hot day in the lowland regions, while the serene mountains are kept in snow Does it you'd have no luck coming across a native wild animal? Then you would another human being who don't stay out in the desert at there is nothing out there.
For the boarding temperatures and the animals who used the cover of darkness to cross the desert planes in valleys in order to stay hidden from predators. The two while in desert, contains over two hundred and fifty spaces of butterflies, twenty and phoebean spaces, one hundred mammals, two hundred and fifty birds and one hundred reptiles. snakes, slither. Why, in the lot line, desert scrub wizards in school. and harder on the rocks and crevices it's a mix of extremes, its harsh. It's not a place. You can survive on your own. Hundreds of miles east of the West Texas Desert in Waco Patterson was starting to feel like life was getting back to normal. a only recently gained full custody of his daughter after a long and stressful divorce and custody battle with the zip to be speedily and friends. He was through the worst of it.
hey endless a year, had married back in nineteen. Eighty four when Gary twenty one having their daughter for these later for most of their Mary, Gary invoice outlook for Laces Father Cm Urich. including a marina and insurance agency. every now and then seeing would appear, take the profits and disappear again, often for weeks or months, the time, leaving Gary and later to deal with the customers. They never seem to basically business model and things. One sitting right with Gary. It was after an incident at the insurance agency in the early nineties. The Gary got fed up with the lost all until later. He wanted out, he was sick of, seems, get rich, quick schemes. Lisa was working the reception desk holding that baby. Men stormed din and demanded to no western Europe was that were angry and threatening and walk away.
Same was nowhere to be found. Following that incident same Europe returned and abruptly closed the business only to open a completely new company, a tracking business called southern sales in Congo. Two and a half hours shall faced of way Gary told LISA. He didn't want to work for her father anymore. He wanted It is only in the world. He suggested that should distance themselves from her family. and get on with things a lot, a wife from the wheeling and dealing of SAM. Gary took a job as draftsman, with Brazos Environmental and engineering, and soon after his marriage, with LISA Breakdown Same here It had grown critical of his son in law and a rift was created in the family. same began suggesting to his daughter that she should fall for divorce lace.
Thought it with her father and he naughty naughty too. After eight years of marriage and when their daughter was to use all the divorce was settled place, it was granted custody with Gary granted Liberal visitation rights, but this time seeing Gary had completely fallen out, and SAM was not happy that he son in law was granted any visitation rights at all. They didn't want carried to have anything to do with these family in the autumn of ninety four place, it disappeared with their daughter You just got up and took off her father same had been in hurry, You got it into laces head that. If she Indies granddaughter one went around then Gary wouldn't be able to save them same wanted to get it Gary. and he seemed like a strong message and good pay back for the next two years
laser and their daughter moved from Texas to Nevada, to Alaska and onto California along the way I later with tell different stories as to why she had to escape Texas to some Told stories of abuse and to others she said Gary was dead. People bought the stories. at never stayed long enough for any real questions. To be asked. In these family, hot, a private investigator in California to track lays sit down and. the bang on the run for almost two years, found living in Oregon. She was arrested in August ninety six and returned to Waco, where she was charged with parental kidnapping. After three court appearances Gary was granted sole. city with later being allowed supervised visits focused hard on getting his life on track as a single father and hoping his daughter settled back into a normal routine and a normal life I'd months later in early April. Ninety seven, the month but
Gary Patterson's life. Changing interview, LISA was sentenced to four these probation for her parental kidnapping charge and she was ordered to pay child support. It was an amicable, but when lay sick, old, Gary's parents and asked if I could give her a fighter Gary, so she could put it in a locker with daughter. It seemed like things were going to be. Ok the stress of the court proceedings and custody battles over Gary could finally focus building a lot. He had a new girlfriend and he was happy to be following moving on just eyes: lighter the opportunity of a lost content, Gary's way It was a normal diet, the Brazos office until engineering company had a strong team and a respected presence in Waco that morning a man arrived at the front reception desk, he'd Iraq by taxi said the receptionist knew he must have been from out of town. He was tanned grain in smartly
asked the man introduced himself as NED right. He was a realist I developer from Florida and he was in Waco to look for engineers to partner up on a multi million dollar project. They were starting at large development of modular homes in Waco. He said in these partner. Had her great things about browsers and seeing as it was in the area, he fell to a job. And introduce himself met with the engineers and explained a little more about himself in the project he was for one of Florida's fortune, five hundred companies so joining forces. We caliber of property developer would be an extremely lucrative partnership for Brazos Ned right thought, Brazos seemed like a perfect fit. He asked if he could. viewed the teams resonates had made everyone in the office saying a like. This I can and look in the rye before a while. There was a
in the office that something big and exciting was about to happen, but it was followed by disappointment. A few days later, NED found Brazos and said the bank wanted them to partner with a bigger firm, so he wouldn't be able to While I threw within negotiations liner, that wake A man phoned Brazos and asked to speak to Gary Patterson when Gary answered the call he found that it was actually net growing. On the other end, had given the receptionist the false night, as didn't want anyone to know it was him calling lined that, although they wouldn't be able to partner with browsers that were in the past to hire someone to head up part of the operation- and I wanted to speak to Gary about coming on board net, had been impressed with him they didn't one other staff a browser tonight until I couldn't go, she had something over the next three weeks. Gary took several calls
night at his desk and became a bit of a joke with the receptionist. She knew it was same person, but she couldn't, get why he was giving a different name: age, Tommy Cold. She does through two Gary saying Gary. It's that strange man from Florida, He doesn't want me to know who is NED Rod explain and to carry that there were willing to offer him a high position with a better salary. If he joined them. There was a it operates, unity and Gary was excited, but he kept these cool. It kept the offer on the download only telling his girlfriend his parents and a few of his trusted work might ned. returned to Florida, and he wanted to know if Gary would consider flying out there for a few days to make nets partner. The ceo, the company Gary said he think about it. When they next spoke very great to go to Florida and he was thinking he would take his girlfriend and I'd make a troop of it. The getaway, after all, the stress of the last couple of ease,
Ned explained that I only had a quick back and forth tripping marked and we're hoping it would just be Gary, as things were so busy with the company but he said he would try and work something out and get back to Gary when you did. When net go back, he said there was a change of plans. He could not make Gary at Waco Airport NED had to fly out unexpectedly for the development project and he was actually there right now. The garret couldn't make it and the planned fell through, but NED found. Another opportune He explained to Gary that the CIO was going to be in El Paso in early May to survey a new developments whatever there over there, and it would be the perfect opportunity for the three of them we made it. Ned offered to fly Gary to the far West. it's a city where they would finalize his employment contract and get acquainted I I was happy and Gary was still interested. They were planning to.
The head of the new operational, if Gary of great to take the job, good evening arranges new company car straight away. The shipper lies a burden and he could draw back home to wake up if it decided not to take the job. There would be no hard feelings and they would fly him home a company jet that would even make the meeting on a Saturday so as not to disrupt his current position Gary He had absolutely nothing to lose. It was the talk of opportunity, they didn't come around every day and he was prepared to say what came of it. If you didn't get. It would always wonder what, if. Gary's family and the few who knew about the job offer were happy for him. He's dead, a little sceptical, but he knew the Gary was wrong. If you didn't I would say what it was all about. He would always wonder he's only advice to Jerry was don't give them any money.
On the morning of Saturday night's third thousand, ninety seven Gary left his daughter with his parents and took a seven thirty in american Eagle Flight from Waco to El Paso. The flight took him the two women desert touching down into the fourth largest city in Texas, just before noon,. El Paso is located in the far western corner of Texas in a region, the desert known as the Trans Pecos, El Paso Borders, New Mexico to the North and West and Mexico to the south. That's close proximity to Mexico brings a mexican flavor to everything, from cuisine to the landscape and the architecture Compared to many other parts of the state, the El Paso region, is arid and mountainous. The Franklin Mountains loom over the city like a wave the Rio Grande River run smoothly down towards Mexico, where forms part of the border between the two countries outside
so. The two while in desert is sparsely populated. They mix of dry desert conditions in mountains, make for some of the harshest whether extremes imaginable. It may is usually the beginning of the most severe weather of the year. El Paso has always been associated with its high levels of poverty and dilaudid median income level, a factor which statistically can contribute to heart crime rates, but I'll pass out as default the yard and remained one of the safest cities in America. So has been ranked in the top three site to slide cities in the US, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. The wind, the safest city for years in a row in more recent times. El Paso area code, to let him know he had arrived safely. He got his the answering machine, so we left a message.
the following day, was when Gary was either due to fly back to weaker or if he had accepted the job drove back in his new worker. But no one had heard from him. As not fell on that Sunday evening, Gary's parents were worried. He wasn't the sort of person to not stay in touch, especially given every when I was waiting for the Big NEWS on whether he had the new job or not after everything Gary had been through to get his daughter back. They knew that it was totally out of character for him not to contact them and let them know what was going on he was due back at work on Monday morning and he wasn't taught to not show up without calling in. when Monday came round and Gary still hadn't been in touch. His father followed a missing person report with the Waco Police Department. He knew something was wrong
He told the officer on duty that he was sure something had happened to her son. At first it was locked most other rattle missing person reports. They were concerned, loved ones, Adam There'S- something must have happened to Gary and there were the police officers who are looking for more logical explanation. after their cursory checks on Gary came up with nothing like our investigators, detective stave January and to take these Christina Woodroof went to browsers to find out more about. The job carried was going full and the fortune five hundred company, who was Jimmy when staff at browser is put together all of the information they had on the mysterious ned wrought. It became clear that I didn't know very much. They had his description.
some brave infer when he's companies intentions- and I knew it was from Florida that was about it back at the station. The detectives put together what I had and began to look for NED right. He was described this Sunday and what male approximately fifty years of age, five fade out interest or one hundred ninety to two hundred pounds. The receptionist had seen NED draught come and go in a taxi and detective Christina Atwood. Knew there was only one taxi company in the area: Yellow Cab, Waco, Texas, And they had seven cars at the most operating by law tax. Drivers had to keep a logbook detailing where they picked each passenger up and where they dropped them off down at the Yellow cab office. A lot I showed that rod that went to Gary's work, the dinette ride arrived had come from a hotel,
going downtown Waco called the Fairfield Inn. When I spoke to the driver, he remembered picking up the FED but he couldn't really give them any further. Reeves I about be out said the detectives went to the hotel. They asked the the records of people staying there. In the dice surrounding NED's arrival La Brasa, there were plenty of checking records But no one registered under the ninth NED right. The next thing I checked was the hotel's phone records. for outgoing caused either Gary's home or work after searching Pages and pages of records they finally got a hit room. One to Show the series of coals to Brazos Environmental and engineering room one to and five was paid for in cash. The room was registered to a man from Florida named TED Young.
Ted young had to like a photocopy of your passport with the hotel, stuff and detectives realized the similarities between the description of that grow in the possible side out with TED Young detective Jen. We took a copy of the passport photo and made a federal law up to take to the browser is office, one of Gary's I work is immediately identified. The photograph of TED Young as being NED right. With the mystery business may not benefit, they got to work tracking TED Young down there was no surprise when they found out that he had no toys to any fortune. Five hundred development companies in Florida. For the past two and a half years, TED Young had actually been a federal fugitive. He had been evicted in South Carolina in twenty six million dollar fraud case, and he was sentenced to fifty two months in a federal prison,
Only TED never showed up to serve his sentence. had been on the run ever since Like oh police had no idea what TED Young would target a single father with no particular wealth. There was nothing to extort. What did he have the game? I didn't make any sense They began contacting everyone close to Gary hoping for some answers. they found Gary's Ex wife laser uric issue. turn that cause. They looked into later further and learnt about the the complex custody battle she had. Gary. They also learnt that just a few days after Gary went missing, LISA hide an attorney and followed for full custody of their daughter It was clear who is trying to use Gary's disappearance to her advantage next on the list with Samuel Rick, Laces, father. The detectives where aware of his falling out with Gary and also of his possible shaggy business deals
gave him a call with his trucking company two and a half We shall face the boycott it to save. You could That's a lot on any shady deals. His ex son in may have been involved in did January, picked up the phone and set up a tape recorder to type the conversation detective state January. It's quoted on the investigators tv show. A place to go to him: it is tracking company Conor in hopes of setting up an interview or tried to persuade him to come to wake up to talk to us, but he insisted on common he made it clear. He wanted me on his turf and then toward the end of the conversation. I began to say some really strange things he started talking about my kids. My boys even knew their names of had you checked out, said, and I know how much you love your kids and then he hung up
January had no doubt that same year he was trying to intimidating January hung up safer and re ran the type in his record to play back the threat. But when you press play, he realized the type hadn't recorded. He kicked the rubbish bin across the room in disgust something wasn't right. It was obvious that same year wanted to place to back off, but they didn't know boy. Detective January, sought the advice of local Texas, Ranger sergeant, Matt Coffin, excess ranges are a law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction. They fulfill the role the State Bureau of Investigation and can assist the local law enforcement agencies.
Actually when their jurisdiction over issues or the investigation is complicated, they have certain pull them pallor that local law enforcement don't have together range. Of course, an indicative January decided that the best thing to do would be to make us across visit to same year, Gettys Trucking company in Conrad, but they drive three hours to find the way ass, empty senior. Had cleared out and disappeared. The trucking company showed little evidence that it was a legitimate business at all the business name. Southern sales, it on under six different names and company bosses. There were no tax listings the only activity on the phone records with thousands of long distance phone calls to El Paso Mexico and on since in Central America, as well as numerous other locations. The investigation with the help of the Texas Rangers, now focus
I'm seeing uric? They had absolutely no idea how we could possibly be linked to TED Young or even the disappearance of Gary Patterson, but it seems like the right direction to go. Gary's father told investigated. The room is in stories. He had heard about seem yuruk how he would sometimes brag about the old days when he was say I heaping. There was a Sam Sam went to White Guy Bank with one hundred thousand dollars in cash, wanting to open an account. The bank requested a disclosure agreement sorting. I the money had come from, but rather than tell them SAM Lester, the bank furious. If you're waiting for a liver transplant, you should know that the best outcome happen when you go in healthier stronger sooner. That's why the Penn Medicine Transplant Institute offers Living donor, liver transplantation, which decreases wait time an survival with experts.
It's an l comes unmatched in our region. Pen, medicine transplant institute is completely transforming the liver transplant. Experience is another reason why your life is worth pan medicine. Learn more At Penn medicine, DOT, Org, slash liver transplant. the Euro, was eventually coding for questioning. She had Why do you her father was, and she had Why do you wear Gary was either didn't look word at all about carry, but the detectives didn't know if that was because they went on speaking terms or she knew something night in detecting January. Do you have any suggestions of thoughts on why he might have disappeared by I really don't
I can imagine what has happened to it. What do you think happened to him? What I said before I don't know. I mean it's just totally out of character. Do you think your father could be involved know? Why not because my dad is not like that. That's why. Gary's father pasta that they tiles with the prophet investigated, I had hired to track my sedan typing that they might have some information for the pool lights and it was wrought he did. The San Diego private investigator told detective January that, while trailing later, he had a hunch that I've. The same was involved and it turned out, the same had actually been funding later to stay hidden for the two EU. She was on the run. It was clear to the pay all that Europe hated is for my son in law, because the custody battle- and it was not a man to forgive or forget, very easily
The pay I confirmed that Europe was involved in money laundering schemes and different business scams. Any sniffing around these business by the cops was a sure why to get him to run, because he wouldn't want to jeopardize his money over an investigation into the disappearance of his Ex son in law. The I also disclosed that head managed to get his hands on a leather band a day planner owned by uric. It was sitting on the floor, state of Europe's lincoln- and I just hope the fall into his hands and get photocopied the pay. I gave detective January a copy. When January received the pages he saw it was a large list of contacts. They went in Africa. Lord, like a fine book, there was just a list of And if he hasn't names and finance as written randomly January, go to work going through the list and after getting through a round five hundred names, he finally found the one he was looking for. Ted young.
Both seem you can tell Yuh, had vanished and detectives from, wake up. Police department didn't have the capabilities to track them there. There were faced with major jurisdiction issues. Gary Patterson was from wake up in Mcclelland counting, but he disappeared. You know Paso, which, as you know, Passer Canning, TED Young was a federal fugitive. Who could be any and seeing Europe got around further back. checks on him revealed? He had been charged in daughters or search pawn in twenty two different states. Texas, ranger coffin, went to the White Guy Police Department and went over the entire case with detective January. They spent a whole afternoon outlining everything I knew before a court and suggested that the only way to help with the jurisdiction issues was to get everyone in the same room. He a meeting of local state and federal agencies, believing.
What we have to put together some sort of strategy. The meeting was attended by the Mclennan County district attorney assistant. The attorney for the western District of Texas Representatives from the FBI. And members of the Eu S Marshals Office Whenever all the details of the case and decided that and we can they had a finding out. What happened to carry Patterson was the locate, the last no person to have seen him alive, tat young. What the White House detail he's didn't know was that the Eu S marshals had been following tat: Young already, the? U S, Marshall Debbie. who was present at the meeting, the excuse that sells to make a phone call when she returned she sat down and said: we've got him, we know all about him and where he is. She reeled off an enormous catalogue of details of the surveillance of TED Young finishing with he just crossed over the border from El Paso to Juarez, pulling a trailer.
The. U S, marshals made it clear that TED Young was a federal fugitive and they had soldiers jurisdiction him, but they said that would keep local law enforcement in the loop. The way I did take these had trouble reconciling that Eu S marshals knew at TED Young was that had my dearest, yet they kept quiet, but there were trouble. and, as the weeks went on and still no arrest was made, they became restless and decided to continue on with their own investigation Getting everyone in the same room hadn't helped their jurisdiction issues they weren't getting any cooperation from El Paso boys. they had no idea what the? U S, marshals plans for TED Young were, and I were no closer to in the same uric. Will Gary Patterson. help of Wiko based assistant US attorney Bill Johnston. They realized
that could somehow have Gary's disappearance viewed as a federal crime and a federal case that would gain power to subpoena witnesses as well as the cooperation of the El Paso authorities and the FBI. But the problem that I had was the Gary Patterson didn't cross. Iva state lawns help ass. I was doing tech Texas, Ranger coffin, recording the an interview with cotton stay hours from Dallas Observer for he's, article and book death in a Texas desert, quite fun. After doing some research assistant, attorney Bill Johnston came out with statute, referring to into sites lots of work to our advantage, what Gary had taken to El Paso had been scheduled to travel on to San Francisco that same day, they had found a loophole to get their federal link and soon after the FBI officially joined the missing person investigate and that when they are ready to utilise all the resources they had available to them since the marshal
insisted on bringing TED Youngin assistant The twenty Johnston call them and requested, I hope, like ice in Iraq as well. Was given a stern warning by the marshals. He don't know who you would dealing with. The Texan grandfather seem Europe's history went far beyond what local bore enforcement knew. There was a hot It classified FBI investigation, called operation circus, which ninety It is a known associated to road safety agency in the nineteen. Eighty eight Frank turtle and Edmund Wilson, Agents have been accused of selling stolen autumns to terrorist countries I believed senior cope, taught the regulations when thou around the run and that it, It also involved in the purchase and delivery of arms and twenty tonnes of plastic explosives. These explosives were salt of libyan terrorists, who would ultimately claim credit for the nineteen. Ninety six bombing of a Berlin nightclub frequented by american soldiers.
The bombing killed two US servicemen and wounded the two hundred others in retaliation to the bombing haven't Reagan, ordered air strikes on Libya at the time of the investigation into Gary Patterson disappearance, at least three. U S. Intelligence agencies had his ex bothering or seem Eric listed as someone who assisted in facilitating the shipment of explosives to Libya, So now local law enforcement new same year. It wasn't just a more time money longer with shady businesses. He was a sin criminal and there was every that he was involved in his ex animals disappearance with the threatening
music had made still fresh in his mind. Detective January stepped up his own personal protection. He checked his home and vehicle for explosives and he kept several guns close by in case he needed one at a moment's notice. When detective, Christina Woodruff found out about the dark past of SAM Uric, she feared for her life. They believed who is a person capable of anything. Then. Stage stage of the investigation involved, Texas, Ranger, Coolsan and Waco detectives January and Woodruff, going over every name and shame. Heurich stay Plano. They constantly flew between Waco and and Paso Paso, creating a roadmap between different people on the list everyone in the day plainer seemed to be involved with the undecided. The war in some way, fugitives, common and war break, is dotted across the desert plains of Texas.
people got wind, that police was knitting around and fled before they could be questioned. Other Socio SAM's, sometimes two or three times removed, gave t bits of information. One person told the text is the same year. It was actually with TED young in El Paso. The diary pedestal I flew there on a dusty rocky road on the outskirts of El Paso detectives approached ass of a made known to both seem you can tell young Ali Martinez all he told them that TED was living in Honduras in Central America and he offered to take them there. Personally, TED Young might have been in Honduras, That would explain the long distance calls from seeing your Ex trucking company to the country, but no so might have been a ruse by Ali Martinez to get back over the border himself. When way no investigators called through the info to the: U S: Marshalsea, no passer. They were warned that much
It was a hustler and called me, and he was luckily just plain. as the one you mark of Gary Patterson's disappearance came round. The lights finally started hating up. I interviewed dozens of your ex associates and worked through every name in his day. Plano, which led them to a man named Clark. Polson Clock confirmed that he knew both shame, uric and tejon and office and prodding. He admitted that TED had contacted him a while ago and asked to borrow his pickup truck on my third nineteen. Ninety seven, the diet, Gary Patterson, disappeared, clock pulse and delivered his pickup truck to TED Young at the red route. In El Paso Wholesome picked. His truck up the following day in the same way tells parking lot, but he wasn't sure what tat it used it for.
detectives then made a plan to guide to an address that I'd come up in their extensive investigation of same year at candy's associates it was a ray. in the Chihuahuan Desert ACE of El Paso own a long time associate of Europe's the range was six hundred isolated acres of desert. belief that you recover visited the ranch, sometimes staying there for waste at the time he would Use the range to make tat young and others on unknown business according to Texas, Ranger Carson, We need to view for the Dallas observer for the book death in a Texas desert. Quite when we arrived at their this old dodge charger comes rising Ghana, hill spewing dust twenty feet into the air, The driver was head of security for the ranch Ex military and it turns out a real police. Buff when we gave him a general idea of what we were up to, he said it was glad someone was looking at the place because
it was pretty sure. Whatever was going on, there wasn't legal. To my surprise, he agreed to meet with us when he got off work. The security Guard told Courson and detective January that he had walked every inch of the six hundred Ike a ranch. They asked him if he added found any bones here there, and he said yes, many there were unease workbench. He collected the bones and blame them. He showed coffin in January. His collection, many will talk animal bones, but then he pulled one from the box. The made the office is stare at each other. The look human coffin explained that I would like to have a forensic anthropologist examined. They more guest
here too got replied Doktor Susan Mackey, while a certainly needed one quick, look at the barn, as it was pulled from coffins brave case. It's a human arm. She said after a few quick measurements. found it could very well be the bone of a mile in his early thirties. While they waited for a search warrant for the ranch, it seemed the perfect time to get. laser Europe backing for questioning and, as luck would have it place, it had failed to pay all the court costs and face in the aftermath of her son. So she found herself arrested for parole, violation. Active January and Woodruff the Deronda hast or rest her. She didn't argue as laces sat in the back of the police, car Woodruff turned to her and said he
Believe what has been uncovered in the desert outside El Paso? I looked at her with no, I did. A human on bone place sank down in say and according to the detectives she doubled over, as if she had stomach creams at the county jail house places. I solemnly when question detective January, explained to her in very simple terms that the window of opportunity was closing fast at that place, repeat the faded and quiet and within twenty four hours she started talking. her father same year, he had made a plan to lower Gary to El Paso, but according to LISA who was angry debate him up, not to kill him. He used an associate that he knew TAT Young to entice Gary away from Waco in order to carry out the plan.
Laser admitted that she knew Gary would go as soon as I offered him. Then you worker, the Schaeffer lies above and beyond they had asked her to help TED young or dinner for Gary. Just before her sentencing, which had occurred the day before the mysterious NED Rod walk into Gary's office, waistcoat Gary's parents to ask them for a photo of Gary to put in a locket for their daughter, Gary's Parents obliged, although they were confused, washers Bain caring enough to do so. The phone I wasn't for their daughters, locking the photo was to give the TED young Said that when he was taken around browsers to meet this thought, it would be able to recognise Gary immediately The white GO investigators approached you S attorney Bill Johnston with what they had a rest warrants were proved for shame, Yuruk and TED Young and a search warrant for them. And yes, I know passer by the ongoing was fanned was also approved that day and
We have volunteered from the military base the prison and the fire department joined to the team of police and police dogs as they searched the six hundred I guess it does it on the range to look the Gary's body, the huge team for the hot sun and tough grand over three days, every disturb piece of ground and every unusual gathering of rocks would prick the census of those searching. One of the officers came upon a neat Paul of rocks and beneath them just under the surface was a skull. a little more digging. I found more bones, even though the reality of what they had found hung heavy that were relieved to have like hated Gary's body, bringing some closure to the case, the search team rejoiced. It was a massive breakthrough
The body was sent to the El Paso coroner's office and detective Christina Woodruff waited for the medical and dental records to arrive when the records came through. She walked through the front doors of the coroner's office and sat waiting with a coffee. The coroner looked at the dental records for just a few seconds then turned to detective Woodruff. It's not him. Woodruff felt herself slipped to the floor. How could it not be Gary Pederson. Further investigation revealed the body belong to someone else, a homeless man from El Paso, a homicide victim, but not related to the Gary Patterson case, at all, with the search coming up with nothing on Gary, the investigation focused back on located
Same here it can TED Young, regardless of the: U S: marshals, jurisdiction over the arrest of TED Young for the fraud sentence. He faced with Gary Patterson's case now being a federal investigation, the Waco Investigation team could go off to him as well and it was in their best interest to find him first. They believed that they could get TED to spill, the beans on same uric and maybe even lead them to Gary's body, but without TED. The case was awake. Three weeks later, word came. Through that same year it could be apprehended by U S: marshals in LAS Vegas, apparently the? U S, marshals, had nine of Europe's whereabouts for three days prior to his arrest, but didn't informed investigation team back in like a Europe was holding jail awaiting extradition back to Texas. To take these new I had to find firm evidence on Europe by the time he was brought back to wake up. If I didn't they,
the main released without charge. To get that evidence. They had track down TED young. the geisha had revealed that TED was in Honduras as they had been taught previously, and this. She was my to go there and get him Texas Rangers met coffin in these lieutenant bordered, applying with members of the secret service, who had a great to run into Ference with the honduran government in Central America, they would liaised with local police to, if necessary,. When I arrived in the capital city of Tegucigalpa Goosey, If the? U S, embassy were waiting for them never before The Texas Rangers been involved in an arrest of this magnitude that never traveled so far,
involved with so many different agencies open estate into an investigation. It was uncharted waters. The Honduras is nestled between Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, and remains one of the. Worse than least developed countries in Latin America. The economies by mostly on agriculture, One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven coffee and Ben ON is accounted for thirty, seven percent of the total legal export revenue. during the nineties, gnawings drug trafficking and kidnapping were an enormous problem for Honduras
The rise in violent crime had intensified, which government unrest in the murders, where I don't know it's on our between the years. Ninety four and in ninety eight eighty eight percent of the cocaine headed for the US is believed to pass through Central America S. Yours was exposed to the problems that came with that A strong violence and corruption senior military members were alleged to be involved in drug trafficking. Like elsewhere in Central America, private security out numbered police, corruption was wroth and Paypal protected themselves with Paypal. They knew that could trust. when the team pursuing TED Young arrived in Honduras at the end of July. Ninety eight. I had no idea that within just two months, the country
Entire region would be unrecognizable, it would be hit by the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record and the deadliest recorded hurricane in the satellite era. Hurricane Mitch. When the Texas Rangers arrived to their hotel in Tbilisi, Galva the sheet hit the fan, one of the sacred. Service. Guys came in and tell them that the? U S, marshals, were furious that they were there. The same U S, Marshall that had attended the meeting in Moscow, the one who had taken the phone call and told them to back off TAT Young, as he was the sole jurisdiction of the? U S. Marshals had just find Washington to get the white go. Investigators kicked out of Honduras. But while officials with disagreeing back in the? U S other, who had jurisdiction over Teddy arms arrest, the Waco taming Honduras continued tracking. You.
they got into a vain outside their hotel and drive for I was nor the same Pedro Sula. They had word that TED Young was bad. The right between Tegucigalpa in San Pedro Sula can be dangerous as a common, especially in the wet season which that we were in Traffic signs are often unmarked or inadequate, and the traffic is heavy with trucks and buses. Because of the high incidence of contracting international tourists are advised the job with locked doors and to be wary of traffic stops its advised not to drive it not. After driving over forty hours through the mountains and the dense pine trees which grow along the central part of the country, the White I tame, a rock in San Pedro Sula showed a photo of TED young to some locals. They told him
miracle man in the pitcher worked at a local junk yard and pointed in the direction when they pulled the van up to the run down junkie up. They all watched as the guy head TAT Young walked through a guide into the odd Texas range, of course, and record in an interview with common standards for the Dallas observer and for the book definite. text. This doesn't quite describe how I felt at the moment when I finally saw the man we've been chasing after four hundred and fifteen months. I wanted to run across the road and hugging, but I held back. They watched him. I've been on and first thing. The next morning, TED Young was arrested and taken to the local police station before being transferred to the San Pedro Sula child.
Coffin, told tat. He was from the Texas Rangers and he wasn't there about the fraud case he was wanted, for. He was there to talk about Gary Patterson. At that point, tat face, dropped. Coffin, Rudolf off all the evidence they had on him. They knew he had stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Waco. They knew he had posed as NED Roy. They knew he had stayed at the Red roof theme. You know Paso, they knew he borrowed the pickup truck from Clot Polson on the day Gary disappeared. They knew he had spent time in El Paso with same uric, cloth and told TED that if he didn't fill in the gaps and cooperate, then he would spend the rest of his life in jail. Protecting a man who would never protect him after sitting, silently staring back at the Texas Rangers TED Young, replied: okay, I'll give you what you want.
Ted Young told them they enjoy story. Ted fled his conviction in Chad Carolina and made his way to hunt years. He had been true. Going back and forth to the: U S on these twin brother, freds possible. Seem Europe contacted him in Honduras and asked him to come back to the? U S, to carry out a joking He recommends shipping TED out trucks do so There was the only way he was able to make a living at the time, so we felt he eyed, Eureka, Favor TED, went on to explain the failed attempt at luring Gary to Florida. Then he tried to. Im at the airport in Waco, with the intention of dropping him out near China Springs to arrange his murder when that also failed, TED and uric came up with the plan to lower Gary to pass out that day. Ted met
At the old Paso apple Gary was under the impression he was there to meet the ceo of the company, so TAT had to make excuses for the delight he took care to launch and they visited a few bars for drinks. While the tone Which was the arranged on that were made in the city of Gary was a little tipsy. They jumped in the pickup truck and said tell Gary that he had to swing by the desert development location to pick up a soil sample. As I drive out into the desert, the sun was fighting and Gary Big When I approached the like, I should have figured stood out on the road in front of the pickup truck.
As Gary's eyes adjusted, he focused on the man he assumed was his new boss, the ceo, but as he looked closer, he saw his Ex father in law, SAM Uric, walking to the passenger side door. He turned to TED, who was by then holding a twenty two caliber pistol in his face the same year, Rick opened the garage door, wrapped duct tape around his arms and legs and dragged him out of the car scene and turned to TED and told him to go back to town and pick him up the next day, because this is going to take all night TED went back to the red, roofing and retired. For then, on the next day, he collected uric and returned to the pickup truck to the parking lot of the motel, where it was allied to collected by its owner clock, Polson Uric, then drive TED out of town to a safe place where he could travel back over the border. When TED asked Uric Way, Carey was
he said he's in the desert. He recalled one hundred and ninety dollars from his pocket, apparently taken from Gary and gave it to TED for his troubles using his twin brother, Fred's, Passport TED Young crossed the border into Mexico and disappeared back to haunt years after hearing his story. Ranger coffin had one more thing he needed TED young to do. He slid a notepad in his direction across the table and asked him to draw a map of where he and Gary had met. Sam uric TED explained that originally he was supposed to take Gary to arrange. They knew which sat on six hundred acres east of El Paso, but security will walking around so they moved
into an area adjacent to that property cause they knew exactly. What ranch who is referring to? It was the ranch where they had found. The remains of an unrelated murder victim during their search for Gary TED drew a map to the spot. Uri could drag Gary from the pickup truck. From San Pedro Sula, the Texas Rangers got in touch with detective January, who is in El Paso that day January had arrested clock person from his prison, a felony which is the knowledge and concealment of a felony. Person was the man they questioned earlier. The man who had learnt TAT Young he's pickup truck. January couldn't believe what he was hearing on the fine course and said get a search party together on faxing your map and with it you're going to find Gary Patterson's body on the
at the August nineteen. Ninety eight, a search team driving convoy down the same long road east of El Paso that Gary Patterson traveled on his final day. Fifteen months before Gary thought he was going out into the desert evening to collect the soil sample. Instead, his Ex father in law stood ivory him him and beat him with a metal pot until he was almost dead. The killing him wasn't enough. He wanted Gary to suffer until his very last breath. He Rick dug a shallow grave and rolled his Ex son in law. He and Gary was still gasping. His last breath severe as uric shoveled desert sand over him. The following TED Young's map, the search party, walked into the desert.
The search, don't lead them to a spot of unsettled ground and a small amount of digging was all it took to know. There was something there detective January ordered the area be cordoned off, and the medical examiner was called in a helicopter hovered above taking aerial photos of the sword. A hydraulic mule was brought in and every moment of the
The excavation was filmed January, wasn't leaving any stone unturned and he wanted the same treated with the utmost care. Gary Patterson's body was lifted from a shallow grave still dressed in the black jeans white shirt and boots. He had been wearing the day. He went to El Paso, it had taken fifteen months and an excessively complicated investigation involving Waco police. The Texas Rangers, the FBI, a California, private, investigator, the Us Marshal's office, the secret service, the State Department, border patrol, the government of Honduras and even Interpol, but they had finally got there. They had found Kerry Patterson.
that day, detective stave January cried for the first time in his creed. In September, nineteen ninety nine clock person, the owner of the pickup truck faced him, his prison, a felony charge for his role in the motto The Polson adamantly denied he knew anything about the plan to murder Gary Pederson. He said he had no idea what TED Young was using his truck for. He was acquitted, Lacey Uric pleaded guilty to misprision of felony and received a three the prison sentence, plus the two year sentence. She was already serving for violating the terms of her parole. She lost all custody rights to her daughter who bought that Tom at nine years old was cared for solely by Gary's parents.
When same european TED young cases came to court assistant, U S attorney bill. Johnston made no secret that if the cases when the trial he would be seeking the death penalty, I both quite a guilty. Federal judge, Walter Smith, without pointing the finger at any agencies or persons in particular, made mention that he was troubled by the lack of federal participation in the investigation. Ted young played a guilty to being an accessory to murder and for carrying a firearm during a chrome of violence. He received a twenty year sentence, plus the four years and three monkeys delight in South Carolina for his fraud. Conviction seem. Europe played a guilty to the murder of Garry Pedersen and was sentenced to life in prison.
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