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Case 76: Silk Road (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 3] Pennsylvania State University student Ross Ulbricht had been fascinated with mathematics and science from a young age. During his college years, he developed a new fascination with libertarianism, a political philosophy that values individual freedom above all else. For Ross, this became more of an interest – it became a way of life. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-76-silk-road-part-1
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The silk road was an ancient network of trade routes that started in China in the second century, base a or a combination of roads and say rout goods like silk paper and spices were transported from the producers in Asia to Marketing Europe event. Leave. It wasn't just goods that were tried it there also what these customs religions and even diseases this road, expanded throughout different continents and civilizations for several centuries Today's Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle EAST, a marketplace across the world. Two major expansions can be traced back to the silk road. One of these was the introduction of Buddhism into Toronto. The second was the black death then and accompanied some of the goods along the silk road and upon the vermin with flights, These flame carried the bubonic plague, also known as the black death and as the
scented Europe, so the plague. It says, demanded that in the fourteenth century, between one hundred and one hundred and twenty five million people died from the black death reducing the world's population by somewhere between thirty and sixty percent. The silk road is recognized as the very first true globalization that the world experienced. The free trade of goods in the passing of ideas and customs from one society to another. The changed everything there would be many centuries later that a very different kind of marketplace would open up on a modern platform and you I grant using.
the same name, silk road. Ross, William Albert who was born on March twenty seventh nineteen, eighty four in Austin, Texas,. Describe the social, curious kind, helpful and resourceful. gas and go to the rank of Eagle scout just like his father had after school roster. The full scholarship to study physics at the University of Texas in Dallas he felt in love with a girl at university and at the this graduation in two thousand and six he proposed to her but he's
friend confess that she'd been saying various other men on the sword and all plans for a wedding. Look old off. to figure out what to do with lost, watch out for the amazing race television show with a sister and when didn't work out, he decided to continue with his studies. He applied for as degree great Pennsylvania, State University and once again he got, a full scholarship is focus. on material science and engineering. Up to that point, Ross was deeply interested in mathematics, science and nature, but at Penn State His interest shifted dramatically The club that exploded a subject that fascinated him no end libertarianism, libertarianism is based on the concept that everything a person does should be up to them, nor anyone else, essentially
it advocates minimal government intervention in the lives of its citizens was especially interested in the theories of Ludwig VON Mises and the austrian School of Economics, which support the view that below their own rulers and don't need a government to regulate them. adopted a very different lost all because of his new interest. got a free and he got his clothes for free from friends as I was to say, if he could live with nothing more than the necessities unless Materialistic loss. Ross was also a part of other clubs at Penn state. One of them was an african drumming club during one of the Bob's get togethers amid a fellow student by the name of Julia Julia was. I don't use out at the time She is younger than Ross Julia and Ross's TAN together is outlined in the book. American kingpin
She remembered saying Ross and thinking he looked homeless. With his torn up clothes and unkempt bead, brush I up a conversation with Julia and one week later they saw each other again. This Ross. It showed the speed whom we stressed more presentable. ask Julia out and she agreed they went out for dinner, after which I ended up back at Russia's baseman, where Julia saw how we lived He asked him about. His less materialistic lost all Ross explain. It was part of a libertarian club and he was experimenting. Julia didn't quite understand what Libertarianism Woods and Ross explained the basic concept Used drugs as an example A person decides to pudding today. Body should be their decision and no one one else's, especially. The process, fascination with libertarianism continued and he participated in a debate about whether drugs should be legalized. Bono, Rostov,
I ended the position that every person should have the free will to decide whether to take trucks. He said Many problems would stop if drugs were legalised, such as violence In turf wars and the issue of poor quality drugs being with poison and dangerous chemicals process. Belief was If drugs were legal, it would be safer for everyone. After graduating from university, Ross decided that he had no interest in pursuing a career in science. What he wants. To do was become an entrepreneur and develop our business for couples these had been thinking of ways to put his libertarianism ideals into action. The close sitcom, with the design of a space that a permanent twelve I still see the outside regulation of any government. as much as he liked the idea it would be how to turn into a reality. It always been. A king computer user
even when he decided to leave a less materialistic life. He always had his laptop close by most of these income came from computer generated work, he'd search for all jobs on Craigslist, in a partnership with a friend to run a used book website called good wagon books. Ross was always on his laptop and it was, his computer that he found a way to turn. He do idea into reality. At the end of two thousand and nine roster, with someone on mine that had the pseudonym Otto Rosville but I want to form one a libertarian website and they said chatting for email, if he could create these free trade market id or on the internet and make it untraceable saw the control and regulations of the government. Here Gus. These idea without her
and arteries holding that there was a way to create a website that couldn't be traced by the government and the way to do it was through tool. Tour allows you to enter the deep web. Web is essentially the internet in it's entirety. The deep web is about what the internet that is difficult to access, No one really knows how much content is available in the deep web, but a lot remains hidden You can't use a search engine to get there. You can't use a normal web browser and conscious talking normal web address in to access the day. When you do it through tool, which is software that works as a web browser. Tool was originally created by the: U S: Navy: its function was too. That communication inside the government. They wanted a way to communicate that couldn't be traced, so It was created. our explained to Ross. Provides anonymity. Once you
the tour he can't be traced because your ip address and browsing history a hidden. and what address is basically the identity of your computer whenever you, next to the internet you computer is given a unique ip address. If someone knows your address, then you can be uniquely identified. go to determine your location the date web. You need to know where you are going. It isn't not browsing. Google it helps. If you know the exact name and address of the saw it where you want to go and they aren't regular web addresses either. steady saw it in the date web uses mostly a random set of letters in numbers for its address. So it complicates matters even further. Whilst the date web has a reputation for being a place only used by hackers, he'd man in child pornography is. There are many legitimate reasons for its use. Some of those our privacy to work websites giving your daughter away to marketing companies.
People living in countries whose governments sensitive internet can use it. Journalists is it to speak, the sources and whistleblowers to ashore and Enmity Rostov the deep webs sounded like the perfect place, to create and anonymous website fairies, free trade marketplace idea, but he still had a problem. Even if he created a website where every person that entered was untraceable. He still won did an anonymous way of pain if they had to pay with credit cards or Paypal, they could be easily traced and the whole point would be lost. Ross ass Dato about this couldn't provide him with a straight up solution, but he did tell him a story. Where was the plot of a novel called a lodging of wife airing men in the novel? There is a group of libertarians that one complete freedom from the government so they create a virtual society and create there Digital currency. The online society grows quickly to the point,
The government becomes afraid that a virtual society will destroy the norms of the actual society that live in found the story interesting and inspiring, but he didn't know how to create designed digital currency. it wasn't long until he found efinity solution. Almost at the same time, that Ross was having these discussions without a doubt that the web becoming was being created. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, a digital aren't you that exists only online block Ross, the creator of becoming some on going by the name or pseudonym cetacean neck about I wanted to get them back and the government out of the way so that people could freely my transfers of money with one another Sakamoto started working on the creation of Bitcoin in two thousand and seven and into As a knight the- U S,
suffered its biggest financial crisis since the great depression of the nineteen thirties wall, street crashed and essentially lost everything collapsing completely. shortly after that happened Satoshi I cannot, I declared that a new currency was coming next posted on an online forum on February eleven, two thousand and nine on the p2p account in the website, quite the route problem with conventional currency is all the trust that's required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fear, Citys is full of breaches. Of that trust. Banks must be just at the hotel money transferred electronically. credit bubbles with Bailey. A fraction in Reserve with our privacy trust them not. Identity thieves drain our accounts, a massive overhead costs, make micro payments impossible
nakamoto said the Bitcoin would solve all of these problems: the transfer, becoming Bitcoin is made between one person and another, no third petition. and central figures required to control. It there are no taxes and no credit knock em idea from the beginning was to make something straightforward. A transfer without all the hassles that most currencies have nowadays swear that would be simple as a person having something and giving it to another, because managed to Bay exactly that Bitcoin was exactly what Ross needed, not only is becoming created with similar ideals as his own, but it worked in a straightforward way good bye, begins and manage them anonymously. It so block cash for the internet. how to trace cash back to the person who spent it and Bitcoin first appeared in two thousand ten Ross had been work
Entirely in the creation of his website for almost a year, he taught himself programming and coding and made them website from scratch. He didn't want any one else to know about the sun, because the first thing you wanted to sell their was drugs. The only person he chaired anything with up to that moment was Richard. If he's from the University of Texas, rigid programmer and even though Ross it tried to learn as much as possible. He was only self tool, so many stuck with coding. He called Richard when he shed decoding with Richard, he told him it was for a top secret project and he didn't want any. Questions asked about it. Richard respected the request and simply fix the problem. No idea what it was for. Rusty did eventually Sherry's website. With these girlfriend Julia
tat. I started their relationship at Penn, state, university and Julia remained together through thick and thin. Julia, didn't share Ross, his passion for libertarian ism, but she respected these views. When Ross finished his master's degree and decided to become an entrepreneur, Julia left, Penn State with him and to get the rented an apartment in Austin, Texas, his home town, while Did several jokes Julia had her own photography, business, Vivian's muse. Thereupon, it was her photography, studio. In November two thousand ten Ross blindfolded joy. She understand what was happening for a while before coming to a star. Rustling Julia by his shoulders and when he found it took off her blindfold or she saw was darkness, He realized the only source of law, was a small window in the place
small and had a strong odor. It was confused but soon I stood what was going on when Russia or a large shelf that had long trays of mushrooms, magic, mushrooms Russia, her rage of the trees and explain that this was the place he had been disappearing too recently the place A small apartment he rented that was danced days from the landlords house Ross was able to rent it without too many questions getting asked. He said and keep it to himself any longer. He had to tell if someone in the blood thought was for Julie's our protection. What it was planning was big and if he got caught, he didn't want her involved. After testing the quality of these mushrooms, rust felt it was torn in You married two thousand eleven. The website was ready to launch it done the coding, the programming, the design and he created the first product. So.
The choice of mushrooms debate, the first thing to sell wasn't a surprising one. Ross was approach. Our guide forget his. Of choice were marijuana, acid and socket Alex, and he believed that it was caught selling mushrooms. He would receive a lesser penalty than if he was caught. Dealing heroin or cocaine. The last thing Ross needed for his website was a name at one. When he was leaning towards underground brokers, but at the the moment he had a change of heart and went for a name. described not only the market, so emphasized the ideas behind it? That name was silk road. When Ross launched the website, he shared it with only one person. His girlfriend Julia It already showed her that magic, mushrooms and I'd given her a very quick summary of the website, so I did so when you opened the saw at the business that made sense to show it to Julia. He trusted her
As outlined in the book, american kingpin by Nick Bilton Ross gave Julia a step by step guide on how to enter silk road once they had toward am lighted on Julia's Macbook rust talked in the following address. They won T J, say say why k I Ex pay bay. You six, you said D Artagnan. This was so grudge web, because it was on the tape web. There was a bunch of random letters and numbers and ended with do instead of dot com. Now that the o silk road, Russia, where Julia time to take it all in here. The website was mostly a blank page with the name: silk road written in grain along the green logo, with a kennel. The camel was a reference to the actual silk road merchants which through the silk road routes on camels, because many were located in deserts and places with very dry weather. But other than saying that Julia
and to show how to navigate the website so Ross continued explaining. Ross acted like a regular boy and went to one of the links and saw the saw the red drugs once in About the drugs classification, there was another link that Red Soccer Alex done that link- and there were his magic mushrooms, the first and only product available on silk road. At that point, as a pitcher, showing what I look like, and the price. Julia, asked Ross how she would go about buying the mushrooms and Ross explained to He gave her the example of buying tokens in an archaic. He told her should go to the arcade and pay for tokens which he could then use to play in the arcade. it would be no way of knowing which type she used Julia. Instead the concept but wasn't sure where to buy so Ross, went to bed when it's strange sight and asked for their credit card, he ended
details, and just like that, she had been going to use. the explanation seemed simple enough to Julia, but she'd received got an explanation from Ross. The creator of the sun. So the next question. What how would anyone else who entered the sought know what to do. Russia her how to step by step God that he'd written for that purpose said the boy in cellars wouldn't get lost. Question on Julius mind was How would anyone else now about the existence of silk road Russians Julia by showing her two posts it written on different sites. The first one was a posted written on January. Twenty seventh, two thousand and eleven he'd gone to MAGIC mushrooms, forum, cold, the shrew Murray and registered in it.
Under the shooting him L toyed after registering, he posted the following message: quote I came across. This website called silk road. It's a tor, hidden service The claims to allow you to buy and sell anything online anonymously, I'm thinking going off it, but wanted to save. If anyone he had heard of it and could recommend it. That through silk road for twenty dot, wordpress dot com, which, if you have a tool browser, directly to the real sought. Let me know what you think Ross play the part of being someone who was casually browsing, the big wet and came across the site by accident, so be known as the creator. But at the same time he left every piece of information. One needed to enter: silk road. as outlined in the book, silk road boy or lay norms. Being the linked to the word press but he created located on the regular internet, redirected, Paypal,
in the actual link in the deep web for anyone using a tall browser in the press saw, he created rust, use the name, silk road four hundred and twenty For twenty refers to April twenty two, the official name Marijuana when a person entered the word press on a message appeared saying this is not your crowd, but your father's. Then there was a god on how to download tool and access the actual silk road side on the day when Rob made a second web post about silk road. Two days later January, twenty nine two thousand and eleven. The second. post was on a website called Bitcointalk dot. Org Bitcoin. was very new at this point, and people were discussing the viability of it and it's possible uses one useless. Faint attractive was to pay for things on the deck web. The particular form threat that Ross
Posted in was a discussion about using Bitcoin to buy and sell heroin crosses post red quite. what an awesome thread. He A ton of great ideas has any, I'm saying: silk road yeah, it's cool, luck and anonymous Amazon dot com. I don't think I have heroin there, but they said the other stuff they basically. Bitcoin and taught to broker anonymous transactions. Not familiar with talk and guide the silk road for twenty? Don't word: press dot, com, furnished Actions on how to access the dog on the inside, let me know what you guys think, is to form posts by Ross attracted people to silk road. On its opening day, however, no one board anything but it wasn't long before they were soon They were people visiting, so cried the boy, and so they themselves. Promoting this travesty
it'll appear on forums and even on one online radio show on the radio the host I that Trains actions had occurred on seal crowd in the first two weeks, with thirty listings have different drugs, and one hundred and fifty one register juices. Silk road continue to grow into less than one month later. On April, eleven two thousand and eleven, the nun, registered use. It's a grind to one thousand The way a transaction was made was that the boy would enter silk road say the products available. used what I wanted to add it to a car clay lucky would on any normal website like Amazon, then I would check out and make they purchase once the this was made. The funds of the boy would be retained by silk road in an escrow account until boy, I was satisfied with the purchase once the drugs got them. Boys house or other place of choice that relates to the full from the escrow account to the seller. The wife
the crowd made. Money was by acting as the third person in the transaction, because the Jackson was made through silk road and the funds were retained for the safety of both buyer and seller. Silkroad charge the commission for its services, at the time, the commission was six point, two three percent per transaction, one of the biggest breakthrough- silk road of change, was allowing people to get drugs delivered limited at home, any other online purchase they sell a different method of hiding drugs, so they wouldn't get detected by the authorities. Some woman Better at it than others process method for his magic mushrooms was the first wrap them up in a plastic z, blocked bag. Then he put Second, wrapping on them from his good wagon books on Launge Store said the drug delivery was discussed but they're booked.
Print out the name and address of the boss, rather than he drawed it. They believe that this would look more business, for I can professional ended. Us would attract less attention. By April, two thousand and eleven Ross was starting to make money. in order to get so cried running, including. Creation of the magic mushrooms, the rent of the apartment to grow them, the cost of creating Website and everything in between Ross said vested, seventeen thousand dollars he'd be made that money back and a few extra thousand on top. Julia was getting worried about the growth of the sort. She was making an oil and noticed Some sellers were starting to so hard drugs during the first few makes of operation sellers But mostly marijuana psychedelic. What brought himself was doing with this mushrooms, but now
so I was starting to off his spade. Cocaine and Heroin Julia believed that the consequences Ross would now be much more severe. Something happened to one of silk road uses or if he was caught by the authorities. The book american king, pin details and argument Julia had with Ross. She asked what If someone overdoses Ross answered, we have a writing system. So if someone sells bad drugs, they get a bad writing and no one will from them again Ross. referring to a new feature: he just added to silk road. When people bought or sold, they got good or bad feedback, just like a by Julia Resp. How are they supposed to give someone about writing if they are dead. Julia also raised her concern about who was actually visiting the website. neither her nor Ross expected so bright to grow as fast as at, and it was The getting bigger by the day Use
we're discussing silk road nonstop. The discussion It's a grind from equine forms and move to websites lock for and read it at the end of, two thousand and eleven journal Adrian Chen stumbled across several of these posts forgot a well known New York based blogging and news media aside this What's my tagline was today's gossip? Is tomorrow's news. As detailed in the book. Silk cried by Elaine Norms, be Chen was on the going toward form when he stumbled across a number of posts. Talking about silk road. At this point, because advocates were worried that silk road was giving Bitcoin a bad name, as it was Promoter is the currency to pay for drugs on the dark web. The more Adrian Chen read the more skeptical he became beyond it, hard to believe that there is a website where drugs could be solved so comfortably online. It seemed to waiting.
ten decided to follow the steps to enter silk road and as a brass, through the sought so that there were exactly three hundred and forty three differently stings of drugs, with all sorts of variations, the poor. says varied as well. There were drugs, it was very expensive. we're the same as straight liberal prices and others that were cheaper if there was definitely potential first story, but he still remain sceptical? He wanted to talk to someone who had actual bore drugs from the site. he posted a message on the Bitcoin Talk Forum stating he was going to write a story on silk road and he wanted to. You someone who had bought drugs there, several people Responded to Adrian Post detailing their experiences using silk road, but he also got a response. He wasn't expecting. He got a response from Ross. Ross never revealed his true identity. He made an
account on the Bitcoin talk form under the name: silk road to message, Chen Ross asked tend to hold off in the story, because silk road wanted to get bigger, but and ready for the attention quite yet chain Said he couldn't hold off, the story was going to be written now. To get the story shot down. Ross decided to contribute to it. He said that he was very proud of silk road and its community and he believed silk road. Was definitely making the purchase of drug cipher, he ended with the following quote:. The state is the primary source of violence, oppression, theft and all forms of coercion. Stop funding the state with your tax dollars and direct your productive energies into the black market. At four twenty p m on June, first, two thousand and eleven. In chains article was published on Gorka dot com. The total of the article was the underground
where you can buy any truck imaginable has making small talk with your pot dealer socks blank a kind can get you shot What if you could buy and sell drugs online, not books or light bulbs? Now you can welcome to silk road training, colluded FED eyes at the various drugs available in screenshots of the website itself, the article exploded It was read by millions. According to many, it was changed article with brought silk road to the masses. One of the people who read the article was New York senator Chuck Schumer within three days of tens, article being released Senator Shoe Mega a press conference to address silk road. He was sitting in front of a computer visiting so bright himself, pointing at the pictures of the drugs for sale and naming them
Senator Schumer quote Usually it allows boys and uses to sell illegal drugs online, including heroin, cocaine and meth, And uses so by hiding their identities through a programme that makes them virtually untraceable. Its assent Baba. One stop shop for illegal drugs. That represents the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen. It's more worrisome than anything else by light years. But and on the website immediately. We can help stop these drugs from flooding our streets today I'm calling on the DEA and the Department of Justice to immediately shut down the sought before more damage is done, The person who gave a public statement was SEN Joe Manchin from West Virginia, who also called for the so to be shut down immediately, but
senators has joined forces and write a letter directed at US attorney General Eric holder, who managed the Department of Justice. In the day. I. In response Roscoe, a public statement of his own in the silk road forms which had existed since the beginning of the sword. Ross posted a messy under the name, Admin, which was how Road uses knew no one knew his actual identity just that he was admin. The messy dread quote As many of you know, U S, senators are aware of this sort and aiming to take it down the door. I have been cost. now, we will say how they land. Attacks and making this possible We may not be as responsive to messages for a while, I'm sure. this news was scarce. Some off We win the fought. A new era will be born
even if we lose the Genie's out of the bottle and I are fighting a losing war already. It's better to live one day as a line than one hundred years as a lan Ross handed encouraging and fearless. On this on the theme but different in real life, the gold go and the subsequent public statements by two. U S. Senators brought a lot more attention: the silk road. In a few days. Number of registered users on the saw it jumped from one thousand to ten thousand and the forums were filled with endless posts. Many users who are already using sought were pissed off at Adrian Change article because silk road was supposed to be an underground sacred Ross was also having problems with Bitcoin. Return. There was a new purchase on the sword. He lost because out of his own again, and he had no idea why. Was also concerned that the service would be up to handle the increased traffic to the website.
So he decided to do what the Senate has had asked. He shot silk road down. It happened on June noise, I days after the Gawker article was published. Ross started, checking all the coding and programming he done until he found what the problem was when he designed silk road. He had connected his own bitcoin account to the interface of the website. In order to fix this, he rewrote the code and he was able to stop his bitcoins from disappearing. Every time there was a new purchase because of the fact Ross was so inexperienced and hadn't done programming locating before he realized. There was a number of other potential problems on the side that had to be fixed as well. He re opened he'll crowd on June, seventeenth, but disabled the possible. woody for any new registrations. This gave the other mistakes in his programming and coding.
Existing members of silk road took advantage and sold their memberships off at different, for they went to read it for chain and bitcointalk and offered this silk right. Seller accounts to whoever beat the most. On June, twenty six Ross reopen registrations and silk road, but he made a change. The seller accounts when they are put off for auction. Previously a user could simply purchase a seller account for five hundred dollars. But now the seller accounts were auctioned off one. Every forty idea was to the highest bidder Ross released a post It's to explain this change, saying that he hoped it would mean only the most professional and dedicated sellers would have access to seller accounts. the auctions generated a lot of action and silk road continue to grow.
With the release of the ghoul chronicle and all of the attention of broad things started to turn for the worse between Ross Andy's girlfriend Julia. What he's Bitcoin account started draining due to the coding problem. Rustin ladies Computo In fact he had barely left his computer at all. Since your crowd launched he dedicated a lot of time to his website and a very little time to anything else. Then things got worse: Julia Rob Schneider in new product on silk road introduced, guns, Julia completely, disagree with guns being available to boil until cried. She couldn't think of any good reasons why someone would want to buy a gun anonymous, it's believed in a person's right to defend themselves and believed that if the government could have guns, then so too should the people. Communication between the couple lessened until lessons:
decided to lay for a few days to visit her friend Erica in New York. you couldn't stop thinking about Ross and surprise. It played a thought to such an sent that she ended up telling her friend Erika about the saw it Erika swore should never. to anyone about it I returned to Austin in the beginning of September, two thousand and eleven she gave Ross an ultimatum. Her or silk road he chose. Silk. Road He moved into a new apartment in Austin. The still remained on relatively good terms with Julia they still sore other occasionally after the break, Julia, invited her friend Erica to move to Austin and live with her Eric and made. The news but the living arrangements didn't last long. Erica and Julia wanted to score some acid for a new idea, so they went to a swear. They knew they could get it easily. Silk road,
I had a really bad trip which landed her in hospital. Julia didn't go with her and when Eric. Huge fart, Debate Julie's apartment visiting at the time and he got in between them. he ended up grabbing Erica and pushing her out of the apartment, can return to New York in the next morning. Ross checked his facebook account There was a post on his wall for America that read I'm sure the parties would like to know about Ross Ulbricht Drug website, bras panicked and deleted the message as fast as he could. He called Erika and told her that it is very sorry for what had happened. He was in tease and played with her not to tell anyone else Erika grade and then hung up on a rock was angry. He told you ll hear that she had betrayed his trust, and now he had to leave Austin because of her.
Russell is pickup truck in to then get as far away from Austin as a court. He went to bond or in Sydney, Australia,. Add progressive, you can get twenty four seven protection, even if you break the space time. Continuum We time travel to yesterday. Weight progressive covers us twenty four seven, but we just created an eighth a week and it's twenty four seven coverage, not twenty four eight we got to go back. Are you joking right now, I'm calling hi. I have a question about time. Travel progressive offers more than a great brace when you let a woman on. We have a round the clock protection, which literally means anytime coverage, will reschedule the entrance company deleted third party insurers and subject to policy terms middle distance. Not available in all states or situations, so grades create a rough albert was leaving Austin headed for Sidney Strata and new person started working on silk road it all started in June two thousand and eleven around the
I am that the goal Chronicle came in the customs and border protection Officer the work that I hear international Airport in Chicago was going through the mile when he came across known the life that had a pill of ecstasy and so I'd my stuff is just would have ceased. The pill fall to report into not much more would have come of it. best vacations with were costly until time and resources wouldn't be committed to a single ecstasy pill. Need to be a lot more pills for the case to be taken seriously that this particular Customs officer decided to call the homeland Security Investigation team in Chicago the home. Security officer that answered the call was Jared dirty. Eighteen. What most Homeland Security offices would do if code about a single pill of ecstasy found in the mail would be to say someone who cares, The giant was very new, it is job he done they at it for a few months. So we into what the customs officer had to
Indeed that the ecstasy pill was just passing through Chicago. It was actually Added Fellini Minneapolis four hundred miles away so investigated that single pill he'd have to try allow the way to Minneapolis to speak to the person. The mail was addressed to Gerrard thanked the customs officer for the call, but explained he couldn't travel to Minneapolis. For one pill, however, did tell him to call him again if appeal or any other drug came through the mile. That was actually headed Fisher Cargo. This happened to form on site on one October, fit two thousand and eleven. The customs and border protection officer, came across a small underlines that had the name and address printed from a computer Ross Printing names and addresses from a computer, than handwriting them, but on this occasion it was actually the reason. The border protection office thought the umbrella look suspicious. There was the small and the like.
And normally envelopes, and that saw us at the name and address handwritten said. That's what The office's attention, initially, then he saw the envelope came from the Netherlands, a country known for drugs. Lastly, when he felt the envelope he felt a small book. He followed a report that authorized him to open the envelope and inside he found a pink ecstasy pill just like he had four months earlier. The dist on the pills destination was Chicago. I so the Customs Officer Code Chart from homeland Security again jarred, drive to O'Hare Airport and seized the pill in to attend the address. The pill was headed to you'd have to go with the supervisor. A job the supervisor, authorized the visit and awake lighter they drive to the address. The appeal was headed on the north side of Chicago
they knocked on the door and a young man answered it with David. Since that's who the envelope was addressed to The young man said David was his roommate and he was at work out the envelope with a pill David's the roommate tell jarred that he knew about the pills he said they came from a website silk road. John had never heard of silk road and he asked the roommate what awards the room. I gotta basic explanation of assault and how it worked. He said that just marijuana, myth and ecstasy from it. In the past jargon If the house confused, he didn't The state has. Such a website could exist. He returned to the office and search for open cases on silk road, but he found none. He didn. So crowded into Google, to say what he could find. He found the guy karate cool and read all about it. He also fear instructions on how to into silk road the sought fastened
I did and petrified yard. At the same time. He couldn't stop thinking about it, and if Days later he made a decision. He was going to build a case against silk road. He went to his supervisor and presented him with an o that a single pill would never be taken seriously. But what if he collected a large amount of drugs, then it would have to be taken seriously. Chaired supervisor allowed him to take on seal crowd as aside project, so jarred started, collecting drugs, he went to say the customs and border protection officer at O'Hare Airport and asked him to cape every go on the left that had drugs inside every night, jarred drove to the airport and collected whatever drugs had been found. in about two months, he had one hundred envelopes at the end of November, two thousand and eleven jarred fairly had enough to make a case and, together with a supervisor,
they met with an assistant. U S attorney in Chicago the following stay out in the book. American kingpin by Nick Gilder. Jared entered the office, opened a backpack and, through thirty on the lips onto the floor, assistant, US attorney. Just looked at him. Confused charred picked up a jumbo and place them on the desk. This one had a rest day. This one had amphetamines this one ketamine this one heroin This isn't: U S. Attorney was astonished at all of those. Drugs have been bought on mine and then delivered through the mail. It still, he thought they might be. Big fish to fry guard was ready for that response and had prepared speech. Job said this isn't about the job This isn't about that one little pill. This is about the site overall and what it stands for its about the people on this side using our internet built by the United States government,
to run an anonymous web browser also built by the United States government. And using the United States postal system to circumvent the laws of your country and there's nothing, we can do to stop them. This is just the beginning: it's drugs now that could be used for, next. Imagine a worst case scenario where grew block out Cotta uses the sun or the exact same set up to coordinate attacks against America. All with tools built by the United States. The word sunken with the assistant US attorney. Of consideration. He told jarred that, yes, he could do it. He could open a case on silk road jarred mighty plan and that December he got into silk road and registered an account. He started what he called profiling.
He's ultimate goal was to find out who reigned silk road, but in order to reach that person, he had two first out with the community to be. In with he decided he would pose as a boy and purchase drugs. But doing this he expected two things one was that you would be able to stop profiling psoas by then it flying at least things on the side that communication through messages and their packaging techniques and s. He would be able to gauge how much drug trafficking actually occurred on silk road. After completing a lot of paperwork to get authorization to buy the drugs, Jarred was given one thousand dollars. He went on mine to become Bitcoin exchange and traded the dollars for bitcoins. He bought it elevating different drugs from eighteen, different sellers in six different countries, including ecstasy ipmt in synthetic marijuana, John, had the drugs delivered to a secret post office box that I hear rapporteur he needed
drugs were sent through the Nile, but he didn't know how many package actually made it to their destination after he made his purchases. Job got answer out of the eighteen packages that he bought only one was intercepted by customs and border protection. Another package never arrived and one other. Sixteen sixty safely waiting for you in his post office box. Before he left Austin and headed to ponder Ross Albrecht to take care of a loose end Richard. Richard was his friend from the University of Texas who he had called to help with the programming and coding of silk road in the very beginning, Bross said used to tell him what the programming coding was for granted a great to help and it ask any questions, but when. asked for more help. Richard refused He said he wasn't going to help him anymore unless he knew what the project was Russell.
Handle the coding and programming on his own. So we have. No choice. He told Richard about silk road, Richard found it interesting and agreed to continue helping Ross gave him. Access payment for his services, and Richard also bought drugs on his own from silk road. But after a wall, Brigid started to fear the consequences of being caught and he stopped helping. Ross New Richard was a loose end and he paid him of his. Before leaving. First, rather, he told me What about Eric is moved to ask them the fight that happened with Julia and the post Erika had written on his facebook wall. Rigid sphere increased tenfold off the hearing, none and he asked brows to shot so great deal He told him it was worth going to prison for but Rostow Richard. He couldn't shut it down because it so proud to someone else. He didn't run it anymore. He was lying so great Bristol
but this was his idea of tying up the loose end quote He no longer ran the website. Since everyone's identity on Sooke Road was anonymous. He told me should he didn't even know who the new line was rigid believed him Ross, then made the move to Australia. Brush lived in Bonn, though I with his sister, he continued, silk road under the cover of doing online freelance work and detracting so people went Ambitious as to why he was always on his computer. It was wild living in Australia that it was called. I could buy new user on silk road. ah said: people who helped him with a supra forms as moderators and he had new programme is he had found on the side working for him as well. We still had a lot of problems and security breaches and it took one person to point them all.
Ross was contacted by someone who called themselves Variety Jones. He told her that he stumbled upon so crowded. After reading the goal karate go, he found it hard to believe that such a website could exist without being seized by authorities. So I just walked into the silk Road service award and he checked the false of a saw it to make sure it wasn't actually being rotten but Lauren force. Karate giants his suspicion was that if the site hadn't been seized, then perhaps it was a trick by the police or the day. I but when hacking the sword scabbard. It was actually genuine, so that led him to contact Ross or silk road administrator is variety giants, knew him when he first introduced himself, variety giant said there is Anyone who knows me even a little bit that would ever dream of crossing me if they did dream of it. That would wake up and call to apologize this, the Scott his attention
The first matter variety giants wanted to address was the security of so broke Ross already knew. Security was his biggest weakness and he was more than I get to listen to what variety giants at the se, but before he got into security for Eddie Giants wanted to make sure Ross knew what he was dealing with. He said not to, Dan, her anything but understand what we are doing falls under. U S. Job kingpin horse, which provides a maximum penalty of death upon vision. The mandatory minimum is alive. Ross had done his own research and already knew what was at stake. So his answer to riding giants was balls to the wall and all with my friend and with that, the two men formed a friendship, even though they had no idea with the other it really was a giant striper, all sorts of a boss and act it all nice blocking mental. He seemed to have fun
experience and knowledge in almost everything then Ross their conversations. We recorded in chat logs and highlighted in the book american kingpin gross asked giants. What am my strengths giants answered? You play your cards. close, you really do get that it's gone from fun and games to a very serious, lawful death lost. All you've created rust than asked what a my weaknesses giants answered. Your inability to discern between a goddess, a snake and a copperhead head and the gaping holes in your knowledge of security. Ross didn't understand the reference about the snake, so giants explained recognizing something is dangerous when you think it's harmless, it's first Ross variety giants talked every few days, then every few hours, then every few minutes.
Sorority giants between making joint decisions with Ross regarding silk road in d dot c We started to ask about his personal life. In one instance, he asked Ross In real life, is there anyone with a clue at all that you, whoever you are started, the silk road girlfriend boyfriend, Bunny Talk to online buddies, who you've known for years, Grandma priest Rabbi stripper process reply was unfortunately, yes, there. To one person or probably never speak to again and the other drift away from Never making the mistake of telling someone again some after that conversation, variety giants came up with problem. He always seemed to know what to say and when to say it. He asked Ross. Have you seen the princess broad
Princess bride is a fantasy family orientated film from not a ninety seven based on a book by William Goldman Russ said that he had seen it there already giant said so. You know the history of the dread. Pirate Roberts. The dread pirate Roberts was a character in the princess brought. It wasn't one man, but a series of individuals who passed the name and reputation onto a chosen successor once they are wealthy enough to retire because of that, no one if it knew for the original dread. Pirate Roberts, W variety giants, told Ross. You need to change your name from Edmond to dread Pirate Roberts. He said
doing so Ross could maintain a story that he had given. This ought to someone else, and all he knew was that the person he gave it to went by the name dread. Pirate Roberts Ross left the idea, and on February fifth, two thousand twelve, so bright eyed mean announced tat. They were going by new name dread. Pirate Roberts. The name became a quick success. The silk road community understood the reference to the princess bride and believed that it was indeed a perfect name on so many levels most of Ross's employees, none of whom knew his real identity started. Calling him captain, this programme is told him. We really, can change the world. We are really lucky. This opportunity is on a scale of a few times in a millennia all of his Employees said that I had the same name is Ross to legalize drugs and two
or that future generations wouldn't spend their lives behind bars for selling or using drugs one year after opening silk road was continuing to grow, but a rapid right into similar two thousand and eleven drug sales totaled five hundred thousand dollars per month, Threem Slight in March, two thousand and twelve drugs, Setting Christ increased to five hundred thousand dollars per week, was making a lot of money with six point. Two three percent commission, but not everything, was perfect. There were problems in the community itself between boys and sellers, involving loss packages and disputes with transactions and it wasn't a secret that silk road security was lacking on one occasion, a hacker stalls five thousand dollars worth of bitcoins from the site Ross struggled to cape com. He had a few panic attacks and constantly be these nails. He went on a holiday to Asia, but he told
Lady giants that he was unable to enjoy the trip at all. He had to constantly check on so bright, no matter where he was, and while I was in the best where he visited not only that Most of the places that had wifi were extremely busy and Ross had a rule someone could peer ivory shoulda, he would move location. So no one could say what he was doing. something else that I did to his nerves, was that some asian countries had the death penalty for drug offences. So, it wasn't a very relaxing holiday. returned to Australia after a month in Asia, after which he had a discussion with variety giants about the money that went making Variety giants was estimating how much they would be making by the end of the year. but Ross, interrupted him and said that he will be worth much if way, behind bars. Burundi Jane said that I needed to come up with a plan, one of them first things they decided had to happen was for
The still lead a healthier lifestyle. He basically lived on his computer, so variety recommended that he take long walks and you healthy and meals and have longer meditation times? Ross also decided to lay the strata and head back home on April tenth, two thousand and twelve. He returned Austin Texas,. While Ross was returning to Texas the investigate, in the silk road Bush cargo based Homeland Security officer jarred, their european, was going slower than he would have liked. He was worth on profiling, the sellers, but it wasn't easy Every Tallman on the light with drugs was found by customs and border protection, charred wood
to O'Hare Airport. To get it no matter what time of day or night it was, then you would photograph everything fill out a seizure form and stack it up in his office. By now he had over five hundred different envelopes and he had pictures of the safe drug stucco lever, his walls once says the joke, he went on silk road and searched the drugs on display from a seller to say they could match them to the drugs intercepted by customs and border control This took a long time and on top of that by Alice and boys, it so growed we're getting smarter when it came to boys many would use page encryption which turns any text. The person enter into an undecipherable block that can only be opened insane by the person it's addressed to it by using a private k when it. Going to sell us. They used every imaginable trip to send a drug said. I wouldn't be found. One syllable pill
inside a hollow mark in another book. Cocaine inside hollowed batteries another. drugs in the glue behind a shampoo sample inside a magazine heroin. was often sent folded inside some shades of I four paper in an envelope disguised as coming from either a real estate agent, a bank or a travel agent. It couldn't be detected when touched. as outlined in the book: silk road while away norms me most package's got through customs but somewhere intercepted, This was known to soak right sellers and one of them slipped to note So it is on the lips which read if you're the intended recipients please use responsibly. If you were Lauren, Foresman go fuck yourself. Sell as on so crowd had their own secret section in the forums called the vendors round table in order to become part of the vendors round table a seller needed to have proven qualifications, which meant they were
I had good sales record over certain period of time. in the windows round. Table form so escape. tips to one another and he had a hot drugs and which method worked best for what they would also. I discussed ways to make sales more swiftly and other things to make life easier for them all. They understood that they were competing with each other, but at the same time there were also part of a community and when one of them one everyone one said I didn't want hoping each other out. Another issue that disgusting of indoors round table was the presence of suspicious boys boys who threatened sellers. questing more drugs. Do they give bad feedback and boys He gave off what they called bad law enforcement for, despite the fact that sellers helped each other out on the form they So I took cautions if a seller wanted to make a purchase of their own from silk road. They always created a separate boy again.
although most so cried sellers respected one another, giving your Tresa away to a fellow ideal, was never a good idea. In all the silk road community was becoming more professional as it grew it can, I need to generate more press as well, since that first article of. look one year earlier, silk road was now being covered repeatedly by networks such as empty, a basic and several others Only norms be describes in her book silk road that of journalists. Who visited the sought with surprise that the discussions taking place on the forms that wasn't filled with a drop, cakes and Charles they were expecting there were well thought out: intellectual posts, discussions, debates and even form threads dedicated to charity. There were discussions about ha minimization that a doctor participating. They were post from terminal cancer. Patients thanking the dread pirate Roberts for creating a place where they could get access to kind to help live out their out that died.
wait from people who said that use of drugs was much safer. Now, thanks the silk road that was begun, in a thriving community was by no means a place filled with just crackheads and criminals. Homeland Security officer chart the idea sorrel of this, and he was worried about the slow progress of his investigation. While silk road was on the getting bigger, broader and better by the day He also worried that if more people were finding out about the site, then more law enforcement agencies would want to build a case to shut it down And he wasn't wrong there were already other agencies trying to build cases on silk road. As detailed in the book american King pin. Dad found out about it one afternoon in June, two thousand and twelve, In his office going through some on lips, when he heard a beeping sound coming from his computer, it was, notification that someone was reading his case when he checked too,
so that it was two agents from the Homeland Security Office in Baltimore. soon after that jarred super was received. The name out saying that the Baltimore agents were travelling to Chicago to discuss the silk road case, and they would bring they. U S attorney with him Jared any supervisor great to the meeting. The meeting didn't involve much of a discussion. The agents from Baltimore explained that I had turned a dealer who had given them a list of names. that belonged to sellers on silk road they planned to go off to those sewers. The I was certain that one of the names they had belonged to the owner of silk road jarred, told the Baltimore agents that were making it sound way. Too lazy. they had no idea what our dealing with and they had. No respect for tool will for becoming. God was shut down by the. U S: attorney from Baltimore who told you that
Baltimore, would be leading the investigation, but he was welcome to help. If he had something important to add chard supervisor responded, it's what we're going to do. You guys are going to get you away, waking to go in LA and will take inflict when we have to take inflict meant having a date, Meeting, which was a mating with several representatives from the government. Listen to all agencies involved in the case and then decided who got calculated. The Baltimore Tina grade and by parties went their separate ways not before the bottom. What team said. There were pretty sure that would have so cried shut down in a matter of weeks, but it turned out that the list If so great, so, as the Baltimore agents had does nothing more than a dead end, they didn't have something going for them. Now will not something someone. The Baltimore investigation had originally started in January, two thousand and twelve.
the Baltimore Homeland Security Investigation team had their informant, who gave them the waste of sellers, but they weren't used to tat when drug related cases, so they asked for help, from the day. I. The day I offered them. One of their agents- cow force, most have caused. Work was done in an office. He done feel work and work under cover previously, but he developed a few bad habits along the way, including a drug happen, so we took some time off and when he returned, to work. He was put behind a desk in January, two thousand and twelve costs the water informed him TAT, the Baltimore Homeland Security team, we're going to build a case against the ground and he was asked to assist them. Call the Dakota Bell Silk Road. Before I need done some Google searches on it, which led him to the goal: Karate CO, written by Adrian chance, Call believed it was a huge case, but he had no specialized computer knowledge, so it wasn't something he could handle
but when the opportunity came up for him to assist Baltimore's homeland security team with a case he jumped at it First things: the Baltimore Homeland Security Agent Shag call was how to download tool and how to access silk road once come what was inside Silkroad his interest group further and further, every day after work closed Self up in the spare room and home and he searched the saw and read the forms to learn everything he could. the Baltimore Homeland Security team believed. Their best bet was to arrest dealers who is selling on silk road and eventually that would lead them to the sites creator. The dread pirate Roberts, the Caliph force, came up with his own plan. First call forth created if I got them and back story. The story he came up with was that he was originally from the Dominican Republic and he knew
people all over South America who could take care of trafficking, drugs laundering, money and any other dirty work. He earned twenty million dollars per year, smuggling, coke and heroin into the United States, and with that back store in mind when I brought when he first two thousand twelve day agent cow force registered on silk road with a username Norman. The fasting called date when you registered with send the dread Pirate Roberts message He said he was a great admirer of his work and he then introduced himself using the backstory he had created. He said he believed. Silk road could be the future of drug trafficking and he wanted to make a proposal he wanted to buy. The saw it. Car force didn't have authorization to do this, the gun rogue.
when the Baltimore Homeland Security agents found there, they didn't approve, but there wasn't much I could do about it. The message was already said: they just had the hope. The dread pirate Roberts didn't suspect anything Ross Ulbricht the dread. Pirate Roberts was busy with a number of things on folding, on silk, road You may see, Jonah saw it called the state of the road address and it caused the problem state of the road address from the dread pirate Roberts mentioned the meteor attention so proud was getting. He said The crowd was never meant to be private and exclusive, it was meant to grow and they are forced to be reckoned with, said. The attend and was welcomed and the more pay the the more prosperity they would be he called silk road, a revolution and said how proud he was of it
He then mentioned the escrow system and the fact that some new this will being lured into trading outside of S garden and formalizing early. This was being done to avoid paying the commission to Ross for sales on the side and number of schemes It's being pulled off this way so Ross had an idea to combat and he announced that the flat six point: two three percent commission on all sales was gone. It was too Why for transactions over three hundred dollars and that's what, trading outside of the S grossest himself tract of a cell who sold one ecstasy bill was being charged the Cyprus any just someone who sought a queue of cocaine so, instead of the flat Commission Ross, Now that silk road would now be scaling, make emissions orders less than fifty dollars had the highest commission ten and orders over one thousand dollars had the lowest at one point: five percent, and there were none. other levels in between bras
up with this new faces them in consultation with variety James. They thought it might have fair of her everyone, but I didn't anticipate the extreme right that came from many sellers. Soon after the state of the road address came out at debate, started on the forums Somewhere, I pay with a change, but most people want. Most sellers on so cried did not dinner for exclusively a small or big deal. Is they simply adapted to the maid if a boy or ask for a few kills that could get them If a boy, I wanted a shitload of pills, many sellers, could make arrangements to make that happen, but for the most part, silk road attracted recreational uses, so most of the transaction since we're at the lower level, meaning they now attracted white face? That's what the new face structure caused such an outrage, the silk road forums exploded with.
Points. They also weren't happy with the fact that the dread pirate Roberts seemed to be so proud of how silk road was working, but then, in the same message he was declaring that the commissions were rausing and more money would be taken out of sellers pockets. It seemed like a contradicting message: the outrage on the forum continued until the dread pirate Roberts respond. with this to those of you that are either supportive of the change will have faith in what I'm doing, regardless of whether you say the point will not thank you for your support. I've done I I can turn that trust and cherish it to them If you talking my actions up the pure grade and ignoring the context for the changes by say, shame on you whenever lied. when about shaded or stolen from anyone he went about traded anyone unfairly when of online strain
Do you turn on me now, when I have poured my heart and soul into this community and project ten percent on fifty dollar orders we're talking about an extra dollar and eighty eight cents. the ten dollar order, an extra thirty eight cents. Do you think besought build itself? Do you think it runs itself? do you have any clue what goes on behind the scenes to get this going? Do you have any? de the risk the people operating decided. Taking. Do you have any clue? What, through to get here today to have any clue What is going to take to get through the next year, you lock it or not. On the captain of the ship If you don't like the rules of the game we had. I trust you captain, you can get off the boat. It took some time, but most people accepted this message and when With this, I it wasn't not business was struggling. Some pulling in twenty thousand dollars per month. Sometime,
be making over four thousand dollars per day. Just bought nice telescoping, the new face on the chin and getting on with it rusts could send The matter was an he shared his thoughts with her. Why the giants in April, two thousand and twelve telling him or suspect that several were talking about making backup plans to jump ship or create competing swords, but don't want a mutiny, at this point. Variety giants was handling most sucrose program it and was essentially second in command. He Ross, he'd mingle, with both boys and sellers, to say what the general feeling was and to see. If there was any talk of a meet me at the same time, Ross thought it would be a good idea to run a promotion. He called it the great for twenty sale and give away on April, twenty two thousand twelve, the world's official
I wanted a the biggest ever Silkroad Soule record. The sale started at four hundred and twenty p dot m on Friday April 20th into ended at five hundred and twenty p dot m on Sunday April 22nd for those forty nine hours, a boy could win a prize every four hundred and twenty seconds. Four hundred and twenty processing total the big prize was a trip for two for twelve days with two thousand dollars included for expenses. every time the person made it precious that we're doing it ticket to be added to the jewel for the Big prize, so essentially the more drugs you board, the more chances you had of winning a holiday. In addition, rough side of the ten percent discount on every I thought this was made possible as Ross didn't charge commission for the duration of the sale and he encouraged sellers to pass that saving on to the boys. Seller, in particular, was very excited about the sale he went by. Named tiny. Seventy six tony
Have any seeks had the greatest reputation out of all the sellers on silk road he's really and writings were constantly one hundred percent positive, no one ever compliant. He was also very helpful and polite to everyone on this saw when wait for twenty sale and giveaway came Tony. Seventy. six enhanced several benefits. First, he offered discounts far larger than ten percent. Second, He was opening up these products to international boys previously. We sell to US boys and third, he started the sale lowly twenty four hours before the official launch, he only had one condition which he had learned in the following message: I can't afford to have so much money tied up in grow and have it affect my ability to reload on product if you're on do funnel. Ordinarily, I completely understand, but it's not optional, for this order, and do I bother you to know to order.
Tony. Seventy six was doing what the dread pirate Roberts explicitly told people not to do tiny, wanted people to deal outside the escrow system and pay him before they got their trucks in other circles, It says boys will defend this proposal suspicious, but it wasn't the first time that Seventy six had requested this endeavour I had gone smoothly on those previous occasions. He had an impeccable reputation and people. Happy to finalize early with within, seventy six thrived during the sale. He was the number one seller. By far, in fact, He felt so many drugs that on April twenty fifth, he released a message: robots that it would be taking this listings down in twelve hours storm, so we could catch up on the side of Lotus. So if you wanted something you had to get in quick. Boys scrambled to get their road. Is he not torn from one of the most trusted? Tell us on silk road, its estimated that tiny seventy six made a quarter,
million dollars in that one weekend of the sale, but no one ever got their drugs tourney. Seventy six had used silk, road's biggest sale to play the biggest scam. Anyone on the saw had ever pulled off when boys complained the response from the dread. Pirate Roberts was short and concise. He explained that silk road's escrow system avoid it's games like this, and it was the boy's decision to disrespect that system. Therefore, no one was getting refunded. May variety giants go back to Ross with some info. He had done some digging and spoken to several pay, and it seemed Russia's fees- were real. There was talk of mutiny settlers us won't what they're going to do yet, but I had three options in mind:
one, was the life silk road and moved to black market re loaded, and you saw that had emerged that followed the same idea or silk road, but without any libertarian ideals behind it. Also that was truly underground, it hadn't made the mainstream press yet, and the owners seemed more than happy to keep it under the radar. The second option being considered was us to build their rights, sought to compete with silk road, and the third option was to hack into silk road and take over full command of it. The option that scared Ross the most was the third one he knew. The security was still silk, road's main issue, and it was right, at least on that Ross received the message from a new user code knob offering to bother sought. Nor was the account DEA agent called force created Ross answered, knobs message, saying
On open to the idea, what did you have in mind? Not told him, then, in order to make an official lava, he would need to say so groves foreign agents, which included sales, upright costs, salaries for administrators and monitors, and any other costs with this info Sean Car thought it would assist the investigation or giving war enforcement clear, a pitcher of just how big so great was, but Roston share those numbers. He was the only person with access to them. Not even variety joins, knew the exact numbers and he was his main advisor. Ross's answer instead was a think offer for the entire operation would need to be known figures for me to consider. The figure Ross was asking for wasn't far from one billion dollars. Call
Was new, he fell off his chair, how many drugs were being distributed on sword? If that was the asking price he composed himself and taught the response. Awkward I know in figures, but I'm not sure silk road is worth that as of now. Instead, he off What he called a spin off the idea was to create a market for the major deal that would be called masters of the silk road in this market. The major dealers would get to selling hundreds of kilos. No, reminded the dread pirate Roberts that he knew a lot of smuggling routes all over the world. So he could help make it happen here the two million dollars to have twenty percent ownership of the masters of the silk road. The dear and trade for us, and he wanted to learn more from then on nor in the dread pirate Roberts started to communicate,
doing brass had no idea. He was really speaking to a day. I ate and count force had no idea about the true identity of the dread pirate Roberts, but it was a promising start to be continued. Repeat after me, I couldn't take you Susan. I Kevin.
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