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Case 88: Stephen Hilder

2018-07-07 | 🔗
Most people who try skydiving do it just once – it’s something to tick off the bucket list. But for a small minority, skydiving becomes an obsession, a way of life. While accidents are expected, skydiving deaths are uncommon. On the rare occasion that a jumper loses their life, a universal toast is given: “Blue skies, black death.” --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Eileen Ormsby, author of ‘The Darkest Web – Drugs, Death and Destroyed Lives: The inside story of the internet’s evil twin.’ For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-88-stephen-hilder
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on Europe or on our website accidents city to be expected in skydiving eddies. after all, an extreme sport. over ninety nine percent of people who jumped out of an airplane we'll. Do it just once attached to an instructor those people around likely to come to any hard disk. to Professional who is performed thousands of jobs and who makes all the decisions for the majority of participants. Skydiving is a once in a lifetime through just taken a bucket waste. They never do. It again for the twenty fraction who go on to jump solo. skydiving becomes more than just a thrill. It's an obsession. A lifestyle, some rather than merely something I do those starting out get used to the elements of the sport freefall. Canopy flood into waning they banned,
to experience, scrapes and bruises, perhaps even a broken bone or two school of his do what I can to minimize risks. They look out for each other check their Angie and that of the people that jump with looking out for anything amiss, frayed loops, not how to closing painting, probably flaps that have become on talked webbing, that he's wearing it This close knit communities build on equal parts, adrenaline and trust events are to be expected in skydiving, but deaths are rare most, is it prepared to encounter a fatal accident at some time if they stick with sport for long enough A jump loses his or her love
a universal traditional toast is given blue skies. Black death. Twenty year old, Stephen Hughes was embarking on what he hoped would be a solid wakeup skydiving. His girlfriend redwood has often Stephen would get withdrawal symptoms if he hadn't jumped for a few days, but. thousand and three he had become obsessed with this boy. He missed an exam I'm in favor of going, jumping and out credit cards to buy expensive equipment
he jumped as often as possible. Even Other parts of the world when the weather in Britain became too cold in mid two thousand and three Bruce had taken her first jump with enthusiastic support of Stephen. She was not yet sure the sport was for her. Stephen hadn't been able to jump on Saturday June, twenty eight two thousand and three. He spent the day at a bon Jovi concert at Heart park, he took his father along, is an early birthday present, though it was the site, whether they give was more varies dad both at him. the following day to getting a couple of jumps, said he's home parachuting drop in the village another raven healing oneself, Monday June 31st even visited a theme park with his girlfriend Ruth that evening. The one hundred and sixty kilometer drive to the drop out at he would stairway food in Lincoln Lincolnshire.
Cabled Stow airfield was hosting the upcoming collegiate nationals, a competition twin college skydiving Clubs, Stephen was dissipating as a member of a three man team, around three hundred jumps state level score, both nineteen years old age and David wicked debts with Stephen at the Royal Military College of science. Shrivelled em both were on a military course and would be driving tabled stairway filled for the comp later in the Wake Steven hoped to get a few practice jumps in before then. There were bunker rooms where jump is good, hire a bed at the drop sign. If they wanted to that few did that they preferred the peach tense. throw down a mattress in the corner of a hangout, was sleeping. They cause a as Stephen did The money they saved on accommodation was better spent on jobs. There was
Why not? When Stephen arrived to the ethical, he had a couple of drinks, drops iron bar and then went to his car and retired for the noise, the weather, was threatening debate on calling to score of. Is that wake the playing? Couldn't I got it all on Tuesday July one and shaken struck the pool low, soon announced that jumping was for the day so Steven drive eleven miles to a gas station where we bought some snacks on Wednesday July to they were just two or three jumps before the skydivers were again granted. Stephen was on. One of these within was his coach wearing a camera on his home, so there Stevens teammates arrived later that evening. They could watch the footage and could take stock. Nobody knows by the state and packed up he's parachute himself after landing or if he hired one of them. professional package, to do it for him, but it was likely to be the former most of his pack. Their main parachutes
themselves, but there was always someone else ready to do it for five quid, after he's parachute, was packed. Stephen left it in the kid room, the kit rules were lined with Iraq's a parachute kids hanging on by the shoulder straps, the racks kept them of their grand and made it easy for. God of, is to identify and grabbed the kid when it was time for a jump page not his parachute harness was distinctive Stevens was black white and gray unusual in its lack of broader colors Kit rooms are not usually monitored and accessible to anybody on the drop zone to come and go as they please to keep room. it would stairway filled also doubled as a lantern Scott. This could hang out a watch tv there when not jumping that Wednesday evening even healed. His teammates Adrian and David arrived Welcome party was held at the drops out by the treaty,
drank enjoining games like pass the parcel most of the seventy eight competitors for the collegiate nationals had arrived. They all hope to the competition would be starting the next day. But the weather on Thursday, two or three had other plans thunderstorms last much of the United Kingdom signalling the begin The heat wave Skydivers were advised early that there would be no jumping that day and quite likely, none the next with skydiving, not an option. The competitors drop zone staff and other skydivers known as fun jumpers, had to find something else to do. Stephen Huta went shopping for something to wait for the fancy dress party that was to be held that evening. Whilst these teammates went to the cinema, in the great college tradition, scavenger hunt was organized in the afternoon with porn and fair I wonder where, on the list of items, competitors had to come up with bonus points were away.
it for completing random gross tasks. Stay invaluable scoff, dancing dog food in an effort to win the prize which was sewing. sequential. Nobody could remember what it was after a barbecue dinner, Stephen Adrian and David spend a couple of hours. Im ready for the party they arrived at. The drops, I'm Barbara around nine p m. The party was already in full swing with many people having started drinking in the early afternoon ass, you paid inside the shed where the ball was house insured. Everyone was thirsty the pie. He had a fancy dress thing to come as any character, starting with the letters Bay say pay or I, the acronym of the British Collegiate Parachute Association, the organizers of the competition The truly lazy turned up in their jumpsuits is parachuted among the key
cheerleaders, punks, pilots and angels. Several and dressed in drag claiming night come as beaches. Stephen Hilda was one of the beaches wearing a lie, the address he had found at a thrift store earlier that day, God, or of his party hard at the best of times, with a bunch of keys judge competitors who had pent up frustration of not having jumped many of them to partying to the extreme the body of roaring trade. That night Stephen the Carry Oki microphone to build out some of his favorite bone, Jovi change. It was a natural performer whose other hobby was amateur dramatics. He sang deliberately terribly to the delight of the crowd throughout the he was joined by Adrian and David. The group hailing progressively cheesy achaeans into the microphone together.
The party broke up at two: thirty am. If the weather cleared, there was still the chance of competition jumps the next day. There is a strict rule. God, office and pilots must adhere to eighty hours between bottle and throttle when weather permits helping start soon. After sunrise, if Officer source goddaughter drinking at two, a dot m that wouldn't be allowed to board the plane until at least ten a dot m in a competition that could mean full fitting around and scoring a zero Party go as memories were hazy the following morning: fraud age, a lot for staving Hilda, slept light, as did a good number of people at the drop saying, knowing that once they started moving, the hangovers would kick in. There was no hurry to get up, the day was overcast and parachuting through cloud is dangerous and in most cases, prohibited. after emerging from his car Stephen joined a game of
in the drop zone. Cafe. Competitors waited on word from the chafing struck that they give the all clear job there was touch and go. But finally, the competitors were told that if the break in the weather hold on that good jump off the lunch. Stephen Adrian and David will more than ready to be on the first floor of the day that were particularly excited for this competition, as they attain called black reign, was doing well believe that year they came third in a regional competition and first in another, they grabbed they d from the keep room. The first step pride and boarding the plane was the turn on a twenty electronic device known as a Cyprus. The Cyprus was file size that automatically released the reserve parachute if its owner was stealing freefall at twelve hundred fate than is far lower than they should be. If a scar daughter had not release their parachute by then
There were only around six seconds from impact. most scarred always had a circus, including staving Hilda. They are up to the sky, other gets distracted and forgets to deploy they shoot or if they get no, will somehow incapacitated in freefall. In that case, the sawhorse flies it cut through the loot that holds in the spring lighted reserve polish shoot and releases it? Giving Scott over the best chance of landing safely. Even if unconscious. Once the little screen confirmed that the Cyprus was activated, staving gave his ear a quick check over to ensure nothing looked amiss no flaps on tat, no frayed closing Lou and ensuring the pilot shoot was snugly talked in its slave. The pie Alex shoot is a miniature parachute. It's an elastic slave at the bottom of the parachute container, with just the padded cushion sticking out when it's time to deploy
this God or other groups. How the pad and pulls the polish shoot then comes here once it hits the air in flights. It then poor the pin that allows the main parachute out of the container stay his team, donned their jumpsuits and parachutes and performed the daughter of a ritualistic dance. Making the formations they plan to do in the score. Each new formation would count as a point in the competition they laughed and ribbed each other and he ended up for the camera man. Someone drawn from the competitions, camera pull and whom they didn't know, particularly well. The camera man's job was the sore a little above their team and make sure every formation was captured on film so that it could be judged. People considered Stephen a little coffee, but that was par for the course for young men involved in extreme sports, especially when they were doing well at them.
Oldest discarding is well aware of the problems of being too cocky and Sure young jumpers, dont forget their safety checks, the highest risk the serious injury is young. Male skydive is with around two hundred to five hundred jobs using a fast high performance parachute. Stephen Adrian and David had all pump out jobs at a much faster rate than average age. and David had gone through training together the previous December since then vote All Viola Briscoe had been together and the two had become close. Many of them I'm secured in the United States where planes were bigger, drops zones busier and jumping was a year round sport. Previously, the team had candidly talked about different ways of doing Stephen tell the others that if we were going to win design love, he would want to jump out of applying the other two agreed.
For all these Larkin behaviour, Stephen took safety seriously Adrian and David often found he's rigid adherence to safety manuals annoying. As a result, they plight pranks on the Oda Cadet blocked, You mean for student jump that he was ever qualified for all. Hiding places of sky, diving, gay, These pranks were designed to annoy Stephen rather than endangering pride boarding the plane, the men performed a flat line check on each other. Once again, they make sure everything was. it should be safety. Conscious, Stephen performed the check on by these teammates David performed. The check on Stephen.
David had a patent followed when conducting checks of his tail night gay. He did so in a methodical order that he stopped to every time he believed if you change your system. That was too lazy to me. Something once finished. Each man firmly padded backpack of the other code for your good to go. Black rain shared the lot single engine aircraft with one other tee, a total of eight. I'm bored jobs are in planes. Have no saints said. The skydive is set on the floor facing the re. Each person was between the lines, except the skydiver behind them two cameraman note at the back of the group said I could everyone on board hell, I fired up for the first load of the day and black rains first jump The competition as the plane took off
black rains. Video Griffith turned on his camera, the footage cord Stephen holder, laughing and Jackie as the planned go near. The competition heart of thirteen thousand fate paying these teammates did one last day check They performed a ritual handshake before climbing into position in the door of the airplane. The three then launched on the edge into the open sky, Their exit didn't go completely too plain had funnel scarred over space Meaning they didn't come off cleanly, but they require but after a few seconds and started their prey plaint formations of the ten seconds they reached terminal velocity speed at which the body stops accelerating. At this stage, there were falling at around two hundred kilometres per hour toward the earth.
For the next forty five seconds, the detained continually changed their hand and led groups to maneuver in the score with age new formation. They earned points for the competition for an intermediate team, ten points was good. Fifteen points was excellent, that day black rain, were saved a competition winning nineteen point. It was the best The team had ever done together I knew that I stood before their freefall was even finished. Barring Rico from another ten. There would be National Champions, the three exhilarated men made eye contact and screamed through their huge grins at each other, even though it was impossible to hear anything through the rushing wind, at full, doesn't fate around a minute after they had exited applying the three team
it's turned away from each other again horizontal separation before they deployed their parachutes. The camera no longer needed to stay on them, but in any case, the camera lost sight of them due to cloud after the playing their parachute. The first thing is: God Offer is trying to do, is to look around to say wherever one Elsie's to Paypal colliding media spells disaster. as he descended the big What fabric swept past Adrian division at registered as out of place, but he didn't make anything of it at the time He was still buzzing from the amazing jump and was focused on preparing these landing, usually the most dangerous part of the skydive. Chief instructor, pull hollow, was on the ground on, sky the cloudy weather in cornfields
Anyone making such a transgression would be made the boy case of be that noise and ring a bell above the bar, alerting everyone that there was freebie to be had that looked. Look There would be free, be that nine hollow now in the cornfield. One of to retrieve them. struck the returned with a bundle in his arms. There was a war parachute The main parachute may be many colleagues. But only reserve parachutes. Why ease of x, Rience men hollow only had a glance at the stray. Why parachute to know something had gone seriously wrong. accidents are accepted as being an integral part of skydiving Saran death by double malfunction by both parachutes file is almost unheard of
really some sort of error on behalf of the sky. That causes a photography they made. Parachute too close to the ground. really cool landing that Miss Charge and hit too hard they may do badly with the malfunction of their main parachute and appoint their reserve parachute into it, causing the two to tango, skydivers might collide midair either full or under they parachute, rendering one no both unconscious and unable to land safely. But never and pull hollow seen nor heard of an incident where a reserve parachute break away from the rest of the sky, Dobbin KIT and the person wearing it? a main parachute has special release rings, so a skydiver can detach it. If it's malfunctioning, however Is a parachute is permanently attached. There's no good rid of it unless you with a North Oakland
of the harnessing media pull. I climbed under the roof of a car and scanned the surrounding fields he spotted a I urge unnatural wind annotation in the tall stalks. Of course he climbed down and headed into the field towards the end impatient. He found Stephen Hilda having hit the ground and almost two hundred kilometres per hour, the court, I done nothing to break Stevens. Full He was still wearing his skydiving on us, but neither parachutes. What billowing around him as he would normally expect a singer. Glances Stephen Shoulder area tone Holloway needed tonight. Stevens gay had been tampered with. His parachute, sabotaged chafing, struck. Nepal Hollow called the police
Detective superintendent colony injuries of homicide police arrived at the airfield pull hollow, took him up, and told him immediately that this was no ordinary skydiving accident. The dead man's equipment had being a feed with. skydiving experts were able to piece together what happened along civil webbing wedding, called the bridal connected the polish shoot to the pin that opens the container where the main parachute is Stevens. Broader had been cut the cut brought all on the pilot. Shewed had been stuff back into the elastic slave. There would be no way of telling of his temper with without pulling the polish you two out of the slave. And there would be no reason to do that unless you suspected something was wrong. This meant the polish shoot was no longer attached to the pin wins
You can put it out at the plume in hot and let it go. There was nothing to pull the pin and dragged them parachute out of the container, so it stage lodged in their impossible for Steven to do anything to get it in when he realized these main parachute was malfunction. Stephen pulled the handle that deployed he's White Reserve shoot at launched, but all full paces of wedding that attached the reserve canopy to his harness called the roses had also been cup. There is a parachute simply full away. Stephen had no more parachutes left. All this would have happened between four thousand two thousand fate about the ground, plummeting at terminal velocity, at least ten to twenty seconds of knowing he was going to die into. That was nothing you could have done about it.
The Cyprus he had so carefully set prior to take off did its job but fine, but there was I reserve parachute, for it to release from moments Stephen exiting the aircraft. He was a dead man. Nothing could have saved him to ever subatomic these kid you exactly what they were doing both in terms of guaranteeing. the sabotage would killing and ensuring that was done in a manner that it would not be picked up by a regular pre flight gay check. The damage to the region.
Of roses would only have been made evident by family pulling on them. This action is not part of a regular check and he's not recommended from a safety perspective, as it could disturbed the backdoor. Whoever tampered with Stephen Hughes parachute knew exactly how to hide the evidence from even experience. God of is therefore it could only have been done by somebody with intimate knowledge of Scott offing equipment. The scar daughter article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct ticking She met company combines the curator of a boot. Take furniture store with the comfort and simplicity of shopping online articles. Team of design is focused on beautifully crafted paces, quality material and durable construction data,
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what a medically they applauded check here. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars off your first, address of one hundred dollars or more It's one was officially declared a crime scene, detective Superman and any injuries, but certain whoever killed Stephen Hilda was present and watched. Him die they set to work in a viewing everybody on the attitude the seventy, competitors in twenty or so others repairs. Person willingly agreed to submit to a dna swab as soon as they were allowed to all of the scope of his check, their own parachute, the police. Insisted everyone poppy out their reserve parachutes. This was a big deal, Reserve parachutes rarely deployed, and they have to be right by therefore resist. Packer nice guy No, it is not full afford to pack their own police,
wanted to determine whether Stephen had been targeted specifically or if the perpetrator had targeted. Other skydrive is the parachutes were checked. However, it is sending out a rake had been tampered with policing the experts from the British Parachute Association John Hitchin ticket, Emma staving, Rosa Webbing said that it could be sent for dna testing. They prefer kitchen, with a pair of kitchen scissors he was unable to cut through the wedding so he can ask for hope North, which was the way I want to cut through cooking. Is there a standard part of a squad of his kit that have a protected blade? A compact easily stowed and removed and attached to the harness They are a last resort used to cut through any. a functioning or hazardous equipment such as a parachute called wrapped around a limo home. Every skydiving carried one. This meant police had a random
hundred potential murder weapons on the drop zone that day police. One addition some light on the events leading up to statements. Death specifically the party the night before party go as were asked to hand over video and photographs from that not to police who spend hours poring over them old, I found was a rock, is party There was no sign of any tension, arguments or fought when asked for apposite for the murder. Everyone came out blank It was not stavens. Usual drop. Sign as well known as if he were a local everyone who You know him who had interacted with him repeated the same thing. Stephen was popular fun, loving and enthusiastic. One friend stated it was a good blood funding, the air and on the ground,
The time frame of these parachute being sabotaged was believed to have occurred some time between Stevens last jump on Wednesday. the Paoli hours of Friday morning. A what number of suspects had the other who was at the drops site over those days which came to I see them. One hundred people, police left the Crow same with over two hundred paces of potential evidence and they dna samples from everyone present to compare against Stevens equipment that were confident wouldn't be long before a suspect was identified. less than forty eight hours later on Sunday July, Sixth Scott Office, including statements teammates Adrian and David, were back in the air in trip. They all had added an extra step in their pre flight checks. The sabotage Stevens, had been expertly carried out to avoid detection from a standard check. So Sonia
Talk on the reserve rises. Pride at jumping became part of the routine over the next week. formerly of you'd Stevens family friends. His girlfriend Ruth as well as squad officers who were at the drop sign that were to find a motive someone he had a bathed with jealousy or perceived slot. but the worst thing. Anyone could come up with was that Stephen could be. The saved is arrogant, his mother describe them as quite an extra an airy son, An ordinary infuriating lad, who, above all else, loved, skydiving The forensics lab discovered nothing noteworthy on the vast majority of Stevens items. The slashed rises had many. It day on them, so it was impossible. pick out individuals from the mix. This was not unexpected as well as Stevens DNA. There would have been
day and I have anyone who had packed his reserve. A statement was not qualified to pack as well as day, and I have the first responders and perhaps, though, who had been in the plane within given the close proximity in which the scarred office were packed together. One week after Stevens Death police had no firm suspects and when closer to making an arrest. They sent a message to all four thousand active Scott offers in the UK, the red. The investigation into the death of stay venetian Boeing? I am appealing for your help many of you will have known him and enjoyed his company socially and through his love of skydiving. Someone knows who committed this Wall ACT, and I ask that you contact me in total confidence. you may have opinions or information as to how David met his death was he killed? If so, why would he overcome
Implied taking his own life are needed. Speak to as many of his friends and associates as possible. Please contact the insight. Room, if you have any information that could assist us, I would also like to thank the many who already have sincerely and besought police. The mention of suicide seemed to be just covering all possibilities. Certainly, suicides were more common on the drop sign. Another hour Nothing in Stevens demeanor suggested he was in anyway suicidal witness. Men's and video evidence shade Stephen was in a good mood the night before and die of these death. He does. Blade. Actions to save his own life not ended. Is included, setting up his Sakharov pray flawed and go through lost saving emergency procedures, whilst boy these were not the desk.
The actions of a suicide or main changing his mind at the last second and frantically trying any method to save himself, though, with a responsible practiced actions of a seasoned scarred over. Media scrutiny in the weeks following Stevens death was intense. His parents made impassioned place for anyone who might know anything to come forward. They visited the airfield patrol, make some sense of what happened. Police hoped. The presence of graving family members would stir the conscience of someone who was keeping a sacred Stevens black rain teammates Adrian Blair and David Mason, wearing a viewed by the press. They we live. the day where that best jump ever became a nightmare. Their remarked Stephen, was brought excited. In his normal buoyant mood before the skydive David felt guilty, he had been the one do Stevens prior to the jump. He said
he didn't notice anything amiss and the experts are great. There was no way a standard. Preflight check would have discovered the sabotage on July. Twelve two thousand and three the times reported quote, the police have failed to identify any suspects and skydive is gripped by the fear that there is a murderer in their midst. A few facts are clear side. The police, the death of Stephen Twenty, was neither an accident nor suicide. This was not a prank. gone wrong and the killer is almost certainly a skydiver. He or she may strike again. Stevens case was a major topic of discussion because of the competition they had been God Office from all over the country is able to, though, that wake this meant. The culprit could be a jumper at any one of the two dozen or so drop signs in the United Kingdom
Many skydive is changed their habits in fear of being targeted by the unknown offended. Next parachutes were kept, locking cause when naughty news he moved. Stow installed block is to take the place of the pigs in the common dream figure. Some drop signs toyed with installing cctv cameras in the hangings and sales of tamper proof gay back sword. Three weeks later, the death of staving Hilda faded on the tv show on watch police believe someone other than the person responsible knew something they encouraged that person to come forward They also relates to video footage of the fancy dress party there, not before Stevens death. They hope would ten days, memories or that view would notice something that the police had not the appeal, resulted in several calls to police
I should be an argument that had occurred at the party before Stevens Death, but whether this was determined to be relevant to the events of the following day remained unknown.
Stephen Hilda was light to rest on July thirty, one full wastes after his death, hundreds of morn is attended, including Scott Office College, might military personnel and the detectives investigating his death. Stevens coffin was draped in the union Jack and carried into the church by polar bears, one of which was his team main and friend Adrian Bland Stevens. Girlfriend truth would have spoken the service she recanted Stevens love of visa and these many humorous antics. Her words drew laughter from the crowd, but there was a collective sense of unease within the three hundred strong congregation. Was there a murderer among them? A month later, detectives were still sure the answer to what happened to Stephen
among the Scoggins community. They suspected the overwhelming sense of loyalty within the closeness group stopped witnesses from coming forward with the investigation reaching a dead end, it was decided fresh eyes when needed on the case on twenty seven senior. offices from across the force, were called in to review the case in its entirety. In the hoped they would spot something that was missed. Detective inspector staved clayey, knowing child said, police would write once again to all four thousand registered Uk Skydive is in the hope of the moon. I had shared their secret. He was absolutely but if the killer was at the wake long parachute competition when staving fell to his death, he said quote now line of inquiry is that the murder- I could have told a feller scarred over that the dastardly date, the Post
and who committed these. This dreadful crime probably has no criminal history and is likely to be a well educated. Young man with a bright future There is little doubt that he will have shared the burden of what he has done with a loved one. We're getting close. all the time The answer lies among the skydiving community. when the UK. My way, I didn't have the desired response. Inquiries were taken worldwide police took out a full page advertisement, skydive the magic the leading magazine for the sport asking for assistance in tracing the murderer, Skydivers from the United States responded to the inquiry detailing who similar incidents from their homeland. The first. Incident occurred in nineteen. Ninety six, the sabotaged shoot belonged to champion Sky Diver Kirk Vernal Hell
The bird I happened to line these parachute to his friend carry hope, would lock staving Hilda homeward A double malfunction during these jump, video taken by hope, would sell. My camera showed him trying to deploys parachute he's polish. It floated away due to a cut in the broader justice. Stevens would have He then deployed he's emergency shoot, but it too malfunctioned upwards hands raged up the camera kurdish chilling shouts of my god, I'm gonna die before he hit the ground, but remarkably open survived only one riser of the reserve parachute had been cut. Would have been enough to kill him, but the parachute managed to catch enough it to slowing down before impact the full left him with permanent brain. as well as pins and metal down using Toya Roadside
the person whom had been targeting Kirk Verner was never identified, the allowing ye in ninety. Ninety seven Charlie Mullins son of a well known and controversial skydiving identity opened his reserve to swap it with a new one in doing so He discovered his reserve rises had been cut. If he had used it, there was no way he would have survived. There were many people who were envious, Charlie, as his father rounded drop. Sound and an aircraft meaning child He had been able to amass an astonishing six thousand jobs by his young age of twenty five, moved in many of the same circles as Kirk case person who cut melons reserve roses was never identified. U S police provided british authorities with the names of all those present at the time of these attempted murders
They also handed over the video footage of Carrie upwards, for giving real, shocking insight into what staving Hilda must have gone through the? U S, police hoped right through in this staving Hilda case might lead to a similar, advancing their investigations, which had seven years old, had gone code, but nothing came The similarities in the cases seemed to be mere coincidence. On October, twenty two two thousand and three three and a half months after Stephen Hughes, death police anew to a rest. They didn't realize their names to the press, but I eventually got out the two people arrested were Stevens black rain teammates, Adrian Blair and David Mason mused their rest ripped through the sky, those in community some condemned the pair immediately.
Stating they suspected Adrian and David from the beginning and unsubstantiated rumors spread about love, trying obeying the motive recalled David history of playing pranks on Stevens Parachuting gay. In one instance, David Protest, Stevens pilot Shoot, causing the pin today large and the main parachute the tumbled out in its bag Scott always had a mixed reaction to this prank, on one hand And somewhere angry anyone would mess around with another person's again knowing the risks. On the other hand, Stephen could noted but he's parachute on without replacing the pin and polish shoot. First. So it was more of a playful annoyance than an attempt to harm him David. These pranks were merely a joke, highlighting the hypocrisy. Stephen leaving he's kid on supervised in an unsafe area when he was always going on about safety regulations.
after the initial anger about the arrests skydive as adopted a wait and see attitude, one friend said quote these to a good friends, and I jump with the many times as someone who knows them on willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. For the moment, there was also the fact, the team had pulled off the God all their lives. That day it was an incredible fate, if the right you know David or both were focused on killing Stephen could they have also performed an intricate jump to such a sensational level. Two men were held over not the next day police applied to the call for an extension to hold the pay for an extra twenty four hours. The request was granted, however, after forty idea was both men were released on bail. Without charge, the lower in the? U K allowed suspects to be released on conditional police battle. In case
such as Stephen Hughes, where the evidence was very marginal and police won't shore for would get a conviction. They passed the file to lawyers who act for the crime prosecution service. The lawyers revealed the evidence and decide if it's sufficient to bring charges against the accused. No charges laid, and David found themselves under a cloud of suspicion, their home job, so neither Ivan told them not to bother coming back. Three weeks later, then the seventeen police announced another arrest in relation to the murder of Stephen Hilda and annoyed benefit, twenty four year old man from Lades was taken into custody. The arrest came to light after police interviewed members of Leeds University, Skydiving club they regularly used, tabled, Thou airfield and were present during the competition. When Stephen was killed.
A university newspaper didn't publish the arrested man's name but did reveal he was studying at late after hours of questioning. This man, too was released on bail without charge his identity, as well as his connection to Steven or the reason he was, the suspect, was never released to the public. On December five, two thousand and three Stephen Hilda's parents made another impassioned plea determined to keep these case in the mail one police officer told the press they had found out. Stephen Hilda had one or two disagreements with fellow skydive as in the wait before his death, yet they say revealed they had discovered. Several witnesses lied to them over the course of their investigation. One witness had falsely Jested Stephen had been involved in a love triangle. State His teammates Adrian and David were officially released from Bio, but humble
I'd police refused to eliminate them as suspects. The third area, the man remained a mystery. The Palais stated- Dossier on each man was prepared and forwarded to the Crown prosecution service. By the end of January, two thousand for Humberside police Setting a view, two thousand five hundred people and still had no concrete motive for stating hailed as murder,. Detective set up in a room at the british Parachute associations annual general meeting on January, twenty four and twenty five hoping somebody would come forward with fresh information, The a g m was a two day affair that included demonstrations of new equipment and talks from experts on different aspects of skydiving Being in the middle of winter, there was attended by a large percentage of the Uk Skydiving population, providing them with us. skydiving fix, while there were no drop zones operating yet no further
information was gained from the event. With all avenues for murder, explored detectives returned to a theory that had been briefly raised then discarded. At the beginning of the investigation, Stephen Hilda had taken his own life. Lace, reign of you'd, Stevens, family and friends. Except this time, questions were focused on Stephen, specifically. Not on others, whom I have had issue within them, if gave any indication he was suicidal? Did he have? problems in his wife How was he, in the weeks days, India was leading up to the jump Stevens mother had spoken to him at length. The Friday before the competition chamber, He was the same self had a good time. with his father at the Bon Jovi concert. The Saturday before
his father, said Stephen- was an energetic, enthusiastic fun, loving and confident young man planning for his future nobody noticed anything different in his demeanor before the job. They were adamant, Stephen, would never take his own life, however, Known Stephen Skydiving obsession had caused him to neglect. Some other parts of his life include Study and his relationship were no reports of what happened on the case over the next six weeks, but it was clear police. had not yet finished with Stephen holders teammates on March in two thousand for detective search. The rooms and by they dream, Blair and David Mason, without warning on David's personal computer I found a draft. A beach worry for staving written in a humorous stall, David said it was first skydiving magazine. Although
I did not publicly reveal the contents of the arbitrary they found it Durbin and Inappropriate David That was being misconstrued by police and it was merely the top document typical of Stephen and Skydive, as in general Lawyer, representing Adrian on David, stated quote: they were taken aback when the police turned up out of the blue. I don't know what the police were looking for. The boys had no involvement in Stevens death, whatever the place were looking for, it seems didn't find it two weeks later to their great relief Adrian. David Goodnight afford that there were no longer suspects. That would cleared of any involvement in Steven Hilda's death but the suspicion, uncertainty and relentless targeting took its toll.
Adrian quit his degree at the Royal Military College and moved to Canada. With all suspects officially cleared and now others on the horizon police, double down on the suicide theory. speculation. Why Stephen would stage such an elaborate suicide was varied, the question being why, if state, I had decided he was going to die that day. Did he we note the place parachute at all and just for some says, In his conversion to Roman Catholicism, a few years earlier played upon the church, suicide, is a sin, so perhaps hid the act behind the illusion of motor. speculated that it was to ensure his parents could cash in life insurance, Others wondered if he subatomic design G to ensure he couldn't back out of these plan.
Spanned, Stephen, sweat around the fright edges of material that was slashed on one of these parachutes. Assuming this referred to the main broader that had been cut. This discover He was meaningless the winner, in far more surprising to discover the Stevens DNA was not on. Then the sweat would be expected to transfer onto the main broido every time the parachute was packed. Further tests found that more need fathers from the cut webbing were found on Stevens clothing beneath his jumpsuit. This was more interesting, but still inconclusive. He may have done the gate check before putting on his jumpsuit. in doing so any fun. That were on the outside of the rig could have transferred. Then the smoking was a pair of scissors found in the locked trunk of Stevens Car determined to be the tool used to cut the roses of his parachute there.
His fathers were found on the blades and only Steven's DNA was found on the scissors. During the initial investigation, the scissors were given a low priority due to a monumental misunderstanding between police and British Parachuting Association expert John Hitchin when he was unable to cut through the rises with this is who was supplied by the likes. It requested a hope north. the least understood this is meaning that citizen General were unable to cut through the tough material. however, John and lighter clarified. Only the scissors supplied to him at that moment were unable to cut through the stairwell loosened, didn't work properly, but another pair of working scissors would have been able to cut through just fine the pay Found in the trunk of Stevens Car were ordinary kitchen ceases in good working order. They could cut through the material
This is where, in the locked trunk of Stevens Car, then the king, These were in the ignition meaning anyone could eventually grabbed the case and access the trunk God I design gloves, and many were the maven when the weather is war even on hottest day it's very cold, a thirteen thousand fate. They also guard against Constance, grapes from bad landings. seeing someone wearing gloves would not be at all out of place even on a hot day investigators probed further into Stevens personal life. They heard about the time Todd friends that if he was ever going to take his own life, it would be by skydiving. There were so reports, he was not enjoying his time at the Royal Military College of Science. He admitted he was in a course. He didn't like. and he was also under the impression he followed his examinations. Although there college said this belief was mistaken
had wrapped up seventeen thousand pounds in debt and MAX Daddy's credit cards, much of skydiving he self inexpensive state of the art parachute, and then there are the jumps themselves you could. A hundred pounds on a slow day, and it was easy to I spend a lot more, especially when training for competition debts were bad enough that he had been to check in the mess hall which got him into straw with it. Military superiors. rule of Stevens friends knew of his debts and they stay He was not concerned by them, according to them, Stephen thirty That's would sort themselves out and he didn't dwell on them at all. There was also stavens unexplained eleven Morel Drive to a gas station on the Tuesday before his death. He claims to have gone there to purchase snacks, yet I suggest stations to the drops. I could have gone too. The one he visited was out of the way you would have to deliver
They say it out. He did put any gas in his car either as he's tank was nearly empty. When investigators looked at a later this week, to speculation. Stephen had gone to the gas station to purchase trucks, though there is no proof of this. Furthermore, the truth of Stevens relationship with Ruth Woodhouse was that it was strengthened. There were at the point of splitting up Ruth explained their relationship is a casual uni student affair. The grew from a mutual love of drama cedar, herself meant they saw each other twice awake, but they didn't have the gone for the relationship to develop more deeply routes, that neither of them were clingy people and bagel, a distress for me. The sword both were happy with what they had in the decision to split was mutual.
One friend posted on Skydiving Forum drop zone, dot, com quote Steve was the the person who worried about something only when it was absolutely staring him in the face. He shouted She was always it'll, be okay no matter how unrealistic that was splitting up with his girlfriend being in debt, and having possibly firewood exams. Wouldn't worry him until the point where he'd been declared bankrupt, they chucked out of uni and seeing his girlfriend within you, bloke Evans closest friend Non Skydiving, Jason Saunders, spoke to the independent newspaper. in claimed Stephen was full of plans for the future. In the last conversation night had just before Stephen left. For the competition
Stevens previous remark about wanting to die by skydiving those who knew him to save this comment as a reflection of how passionate he was about the sport. Nearly ten months after that fateful diet, stairway feud. Detective superintendent, Colin Andrews announced that there were no longer trading staving held death. Is MOTA police marked the case as an unexplained death The police may have been satisfied with their findings, but nobody else was Stevens family friends his girlfriend, nor fellow Scot of, is whether they knew him or not for the story committed. Suicide was staged. His own murder on sky divers, summed it up on jobs, zone, dot, com quite come on people We all know that no skydiver would ever take their own life in this bizarre way. This is total crap. The cops are stumped.
so they covering their ass in March. Two thousand and five, an inquest was held into the death of state, current steward Atkinson ruled out. No doubt is the cause of death, as no evidence had been found proving this God office equipment had been settled by another party. I can send added that he was unable to record a verdict of suicide because he could not be sure the scar diver intended to take his own life. That was thus rude and open funding. detective superintendent, colony, Andrews tilled, the baby say he was ass, comfortable ass. He could be that Stephen wasn't mooted. He said he was not complacent but confident into the investigating tame and left no stone unturned in the pursuit of the truth. In this God. I've in community of the United Kingdom were left uneasy. One jump has said quote the worst pities. If it was me
The person may still be among us that freaks me out a bit hearing the size of the active skydiving community, There's only nineteen drop zones in England. That means, gotta, one in nineteen chance of jumping at the same jobs zone is, however, did this and no one yet knows who did this or war? Nevertheless, as the new stories paid out, memories, faded and My job is, went back to their outweighs visit any job, Chief instructor polos, Van Stevens body in the cornfield after his fatal jump stated scarred, always trust each other. We have to. But as in any community that trust can be broken in November, two thousand and six twenty six year old, belgian woman. Those comments
was convicted of murdering a fellow Scot AVA and love rival Clements. Touched her rivals parachute in exactly the same manner as Stephen Hilda's had been. She was jailed for thirty years, in May two thousand and fifteen. At another, Ivan Steven Hilda's drop sign Army sergeant, Emile Cilliers was arrested for attempted murder. After sabotaging his wife's parachute. She suffered multiple serious injuries, including broken bones, but survived the ordeal silly. was found guilty in May two thousand idea of trying to kill his wife to pocket life insurance and start a new life. With a secret lava however, mystery continues to surround the death of Stephen Hilda. His parents remain hopeful that somebody somewhere knows what happened and may still come forward to give them closure
In the meantime, both God of his can do when they remember Steven Hilda is her, saw their well worn, refrain: blue skies, black death, the
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